November 29, 2015

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  • "Hello Momma!" was what Whitman shouted at me this morning when he busted out of his room and into our room.  At least it was after 7 but I am beginning to doubt our parenting skills with this one.  I guess we are just tired and worn out-I am even considering buying him one of those backpack leashes for Christmas!
  • Soon everyone was awake thanks to Whitman.  Then when everyone came back to my room, he looked around and didn't see Reagan so back up the steps he went to make sure that she was indeed coming down.  I guess he at least saved me a trip.  
  • Putting on Sunday clothes was fairly uneventful today-I did have to change Graham's shirt 3 different times as we were walking out of the door.  For some reason every shirt that I would pick out for him was way too big.  I am going to have to go back and relook at his shirts-I do not know what has happened because those shirts were all his normal size, maybe he just lost some weight over Thanksgiving (that did not happen!)
  • Church today-the kids had a going away party for the children's minister during Sunday school.  Robby and I kept the baby babies.  We had started off in Whitman's room but were moved to another class.  Initially, we were going to leave Whitman in his room but his little face-he was about to fall apart so I just brought my baby along.  He did really well and busied himself playing with all of the baby toys.
  • After church we celebrated Dana's birthday at Grannymom's house.  The kids played a board game after we ate and then we headed home for the afternoon.  The afternoon started off splendidly with Whitman napping upstairs and then he climbed out of bed one, two, three and four times.  After a few tears, he did not climb out after the fourth time and went on to sleep (and so did I.)
  • For supper, Robby made grilled cheese sandwiches and we have had a pretty restful evening.  It has been a few weeks since our ice cream truck has come and even though we are nearly out of goodies, the kids still had plenty to pick from and enjoyed the treat.  Then it was a few more movies while Robby and I played around on our computers (he is probably doing his real work and I am working on this and the master list of this week-my favorite thing about Sunday nights)

November 28, 2015

Sneaking some cereal!

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  • I guess since the kids have been inside of the house since Wednesday night, they were pretty wound up today and that started before 8 this morning.  I am not sure when that magic age is that they sleep all morning long or stop following you around asking question after question but it is not 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, or 10.  (And yes, I know that someday I will wish that my house would again be full of little people following me around asking questions)
  • We decided that we should end the Thanksgiving holiday the right way-with Krispy Kreme for breakfast.  Everyone rode with Robby to pick up the doughnuts and I worked on laundry, dishes and started on the tree.  
  • The kids all ate and then they helped me with my tree for a little bit.  I was able to get all 200+ ornaments on the tree this year and that made me very happy.  As I put the ornaments on, I would say the name of the place they were from or giggle about something that happened on the trip-most people would have thought that I was crazy.
  • After a bit, the kids started watching a movie and of course we had a few kiddos cause problems.  I went upstairs to see what was happening and then sent Graham to find his daddy.  Robby and I were working in an attic and Graham was told to lay on his bed.  After a while, Robby turned to Graham and said "can you go watch the movie and be perfect?"  Graham answered back "no, sir."  Robby countered with "99 percent of the time?" to which Graham replied "90 percent?"  Robby was able to negotiate him up to being perfect 92 percent of the time.  (This is why my hair is turning grey!)
  • Next up was lunch-breakfast burritos followed by the last redbox movie of the weekend.  The kids watched this one while Whitman, Robby and I took a nap.  Actually, we tried to nap but it didn't happen at all-maybe tomorrow!
  • Around 5, we loaded up for supper at the new pizza place-Pie Five.  Last time we had tried to go there is when Robby forgot his wallet and we had to turn around to go fetch money.  It was lost of fun and my pizza was perfect-bbq chicken, sun dried tomatoes, pineapple-delicious!  We all pretty much cleaned our pizza pans. 
  • Then the kids and Robby walked to Kroger and drove the car over there.  We picked up a few necessities-popcorn, hot chocolate, a pan scraper-and a few other things like milk, cheese and cereal.  Then it was home for pajamas and bed for the crew.  The poor girls got themselves into trouble tonight-my boys go to sleep perfectly but gracious those girls can not seem to lay down and quietly go to sleep for anything!

November 27, 2015

Movie time after a hard day of decorating!

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  • I do believe that my people slept for a good long time today and it was pleasant to wake up with the rain pitter pattering on the window.  The kids played their kindles some but did finally come to urge us to get out of bed when they started to get hungry.
  • Our Whitman did let himself out of his bed and came out of the school room this morning again.  I guess that he is now into the pattern and will continue to do this until we move him upstairs to a real crib.  I know that many almost 3 year olds are being moved to a big boy bed at about this time and not transitioning into a room with their brothers and into a crib.  But seriously, I am going to keep that boy caged us as long as I can!
  • Breakfast was cereal for some and pop tarts for others.  While the kids were still eating, Robby started pulling out Christmas bins.  After I brought a few things downstairs and we organized a bit, we began to put up the kids trees.  
  • Since this was the first year that we have had a boys and girls room, this was also the first year that we had two trees for them.  The one in the boys room is the one that we have had for a while for the kids but the one in the girls room is the one that we acquired last year.  The neighbors had set this tree outside on the curb last year and we snatched it up.  I did have to cut every single prelit light off of the tree which took a long while but the tree is perfect (maybe even a tad on the big side)
  • The boys were so happy to pick the train ornament for Whitman to see on their tree and Reagan had to have her tree just perfect (I do not know where she gets her perfectionism! Ha, she gets it from me but at least I have mine under control-she does not!)  Their trees do look really, really cute though.
  • That brought us to basketball game time and we watched the game and at halftime Grannymom and Grandpa came over with some of their leftover carpet for our attics.  They stayed and watched the rest of the basketball game.  
  • Then we started to watch the football game.  We fixed lunch for the kids and then Robby worked on some of the carpet laying and took a nap!  After the game, we did some more work and then Robby took half of the kids to pick up a movie and do a bit of shopping at Dollar General-the closest store to us.
  • While they were gone, Reagan and I finished putting up the living room tree.  After Robby came home, the kids all watched 2 movies while we fed them supper and put lights on our tree as well as cleaned up some.  (There is still plenty to do around here-hang the ornaments, hang pictures in the boys room, hang Christmas pictures, hang pictures in the bonus room, dishes, laundry and a zillion other things but we have all day tomorrow to do a few things off of the list)
  • Our tree is taking shape-we did put new lights on it this year and they are very, very bright-almost blinding!  Robby has already decided that he will not be using them next year but I think they might just grow on him some.  I have put my 13 new Christmas ornaments on the tree and now just will have to hang the others tomorrow.
  • The kids are in bed with their Christmas trees shining away and hopefully they will all sleep well.  I know that we will on this rainy night!

November 26, 2015: Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • The kids were ready to begin Thanksgiving Day early this morning.  We heard the kids upstairs working on their bedroom.  The girls are right above us and they were very busy stomping around getting their room perfectly straight for our Thanksgiving company.
  • It didn't take the boys too long to straighten their room (they really didn't) and Graham was downstairs at 7:15ish asking me when I was getting up and when breakfast was. Seriously, he was worried about breakfast on Thanksgiving day.  I had no concerns that there would be plenty of food today for him to eat.  
  • Robby headed outside to work in the yard this morning-he was able to move all of the wood chips so that is one less thing for us to do later this week...except it is going to rain so we won't be able to work in the yard (golly gee!)  Meanwhile, I worked inside doing some last minute straightening and getting everything ready.  The kids helped me some but spent most of the morning watching the Macy's parade.  At one point, I heard everyone screaming and looked into the living room to see what was the matter and Thomas the Train was one of the balloons in the parade and no one wanted for Whitman to miss it.
  • Everyone started to arrive around 11 and by noon we were digging into our Thanksgiving feast-lots of things to be thankful for this year and lots of food on our table: turkey, ham, dressing, deviled eggs, cranberry salad, green salad, black eyed pea salad, green beans, hashbrown casserole, corn casserole, sweet potato casserole and I am sure that there were quite a few other things that I can not remember.  And the desserts were just as plentiful: banana bread, pumpkin bread, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, pineapple upside down cake, pilgrim hat cookies, turkey cookies, coconut cake and cornflake cookies.  Again, I am sure that I missed something but I sure sampled it all on my plate!
  • After we had finished eating, we watched some of the Hogs basketball game as the kids played and then the kids and Grannymom played a few rounds of bingo.  She had prizes and everyone played until the won and who won the most?  My lucky girl-Keaton.  Robby had mentioned taking her to buy some lottery tickets but I guess we can do that tomorrow.  Hopefully her luck will not have rubbed off. 
  • The kids watched a movie after the game and the grownups read and re-read the sale papers and planned our attack for the stores later in the evening.  Kidding, no one went shopping but I did do some shopping online tonight and have a bit more to do after I finish the blog.  
  • Around supper time we started pulling out all of the goodies again and started having supper.  The kids were not hungry since they had snacked on their bingo winnings and the cookies that were left out all afternoon long.  
  • It didn't take too long for us to clean up the kitchen and then all of our guests headed home and then all of us picked up the house, the kids had showers and then after a bit it was bedtime!

November 25, 2015

Pre-Thanksgiving Baking!

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  • Last night before I went to bed, I wrote out chores for each kid.  Their lists were a bit long (10-12 items) but did contain things like brush teeth and put on clothes.  We were not doing school so I had imagined a bit of a leisurely morning but at 7:01 I heard Graham tromping through my room carrying 2 trash bags behind him on his way to start emptying the trash cans.  Anderson could be heard on the other side of the house working on his trash cans.  
  • By 8, most of the chores on the kids lists had been accomplished.  The only ones that were left were the ones that they needed me to help with.  I had also written out my list of chores and one of those included taking pictures of the kids with the items that they would take on the Mayflower.  They had given their little report last week with the homeschool buddies but I had neglected to take their pictures so today that was on my list.
  • Last night, Reagan and I both went to bed pleased that we had already made her cupcakes but today when we started to make the icing to top them, we looked at the recipe and quickly realized that we did not follow the directions closely enough and the topping was supposed to be baked on the cupcakes.  I tried to think of somehow to add the topping to our already baked cupcakes but finally just decided to start from scratch.  We were able to quickly make those cupcakes and made them correctly.  I do believe that Reagan is very happy with her Thanksgiving contribution.
  • Campbell made lunch for us-popcorn, the first batch of Reagan's cupcakes, a cheese stick, fruit, chips and I do believe that there was one semi-nutritious item as well but I do not remember what it was.  I was going to help her add a few more nutritional choices to her "snacky lunch" that she was making but I figured that since we were going to see Beebee and they were going to fill their tummys with candy, there was no reason is eating healthy for lunch.
  • We filled the van up with gas and then went to see Beebee.  She was eating lunch but was still happy to see us.  The kids stood around the table and some of them spoke to Beebee's table mates.  Going to see Beebee is not Campbell's thing at all.  Now Reagan, Anderson and Graham try their hardest to talk and listen.  Keaton busys herself with the candy but now, Whitman, he will talk to anyone that comes up to him.  And by talk, I mean jabber about Thomas or Mickey Mouse.  I am sure that my crew helped entertain the lunch crowd today!
  • After a quick stop to the library, we went to Grannymom's house.  The kids stayed there while I ran to the doctor so he could add some refills to my prescriptions.  I never have to wait long there and was soon picking up the kiddos. They were not too happy to see me!  
  • We then met Robby and picked him up on our way to the Shack.  The church has a ministry place and we took some canned food and crackers for them to hand out.  The kids had spent their money to buy some things for there last week and were pretty proud to drop it off.  
  • Next up was a stop at the bank for me to cash in some bonds that I had received when I was little.  It took a while even though I had less than 10 to deposit.  The kids should be happy because that money paid for their new beds!  
  • Then we picked up pizza and ate at Nonna and Pops' house (this was the day of grandparents-saw all 5) and also loaded up Pops' wheelbarrow before heading home.  We completely filled up my lacking flower beds with sawdust/wood chips/dirt from the stump removal.  It was dark when we started so we were only able to move one pile of wood chips but we were also able to roll the logs that were near the house to down near the others ones.  After we were done, Reagan asked "did we do all of that because people were coming over tomorrow?"  I told her that yes, we did because we wanted things to look nice but no, we also did it because we needed to move that stuff and we had a bit of time tonight.
  • The kids had showers next and then we all had a bit of downtime before bedtime for them.  Robby and I then made/ate cookies for tomorrow's Thanksgiving shindig.

November 24, 2015

Beautiful Fall Day to Be Outside!

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  • Thankfully everyone slept very well last night and we woke up to the sounds of my alarm trying to wake me up over and over again.  I try to be good and wake up early but I am just starting to like staying in my warm bed...until the minute the heat kicks on.  It must blow right on me and there is no escape to the suffocating, hot air.  If the heat would be on each time my alarm clock rings, I would jump out of bed.
  • We had breakfast-yesterday we ate doughnuts because we missed them on Sunday and that was okay with the kids.  So today, I pulled out cereal, which was Monday's missed menu item, but it did not go very well with the kids at all.  Everyone finally picked out their cereal and started to eat.  Though before I knew what was happening, people with bowls full of cereal were all around this house.  Thankfully the mess was contained in the kitchen-Whitman threw everything out of his cereal bowl onto the floor.  And of course, I had just finished sweeping the kitchen.
  • We finished school in time for us to load up and head to Tammy's place so Campbell and I could get our hair cut.  Robby met us there and he walked the kids over to McDonalds to eat and then we joined them to have our lunch.  
  • Once we made it home, we had a few minutes of time to play and then Lilli and Cash came over.  The kids all played outside for most of the time that they were here.  My boys really had the xbox on their mind (can we say obsessed) so they were really glad when Cash finally said that he would play it for a bit.  There was a bit of excitement when Graham was accidentally hit by a stick.  After he was cleaned up, he quickly showed everyone that he had lost a tooth in the episode (he had not and was just teasing them.)
  • After a bit of play time, we met Dana and dropped off L and C and then headed home for showers, supper and straightening.  We did have a few minutes to make a little pumpkin craft for the kitchen table on Thursday and then it was time for bed.
  • This morning Reagan said that Campbell and Keaton needed some music or something to calm down at night and I reminded her that we would play the same cd when she was a baby and even all the way until when Campbell was little.  We would play that cd every single night, even on trips and even in different rooms when he had a boy and girl room.  I told Reagan that I believed that she would still probably fall sound asleep immediately if she heard it.  Well, tonight that cd is upstairs playing so hopefully my little wiggle worm girls will quickly fall asleep.     

November 23, 2015

Friendly Game of Chess!

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  • Around 1 this morning, Campbell came into our room and told me that she was scared.  I asked why and then she said that she was afraid that a man was going to get her, Keaton and Reagan.  Well after I made her a pallet, she went right back to sleep but I sure did not!
  • And then around 3, Graham came into our room-he had gotten sick.  I cleaned up and got him situated and then stayed awake until he had gone back to sleep.  Earlier when Campbell had come into the room I set my alarm clock back a little bit but then when Graham came in our room, I just turned that thing off completely.
  • We all did finally sleep well and my Graham must have felt pretty rough because he slept until after 8:30 this morning.  I don't know if it was a bit of a tummy bug or due to the drainage that he has going on right now.  I guess that if it is the tummy bug we will find out tonight if someone else gets sickly.  
  • Graham moved pretty slow most of the morning so I let him hang out in my bed and do little school work.  I am sure that the fact that the he was having to do little school work was not missed by him and this probably caused him to stay quiet and still a bit longer.  He ended the morning feeling better and finishing over half of his school work before playing a game of chess with his brother.
  • Whenever Keaton is home during school, it is a battle to get Campbell to do any school but I have just learned to be relaxed about the whole thing and just let her get to it when she can.  She still finishes everything but just not quickly or not exactly when I want for it to happen.  Today I walked in on them putting on a puppet show for Reagan who had been quietly doing her school work in the living room.
  • Everyone ate a good lunch while I read and then we started on chores.  Graham walked back to my bed after lunch and I am sure that he thought this would get him out of chores-and it did.  He started bothering people as they were trying to work in my room and I reminded him that he felt good enough to pester people then he felt good enough to work-that quickly ended that.
  • This afternoon the girls went upstairs and put the new shelf in their room to good use-they turned it into a doll house.  I sent Robby a picture of this and he double checked to make sure that we do have a doll house and indeed we do but I guess the shelf provided much more room.  They were playing doll house all over their room and no, not a single sole was using the real doll house.
  • The boys spent the afternoon playing on the xbox and soon after Robby arrived home our lasagna was heated up and we all ate.  We let the kids stay up for a while doing their own things after showers and everyone did pretty good-they took turns on the xbox, ate candy and played more doll house.  Whitman has spent his time today watching Mickey Mouse on his kindle-he has watched his fair share of Thomas but seeing him watch something else is just plain odd.  
  • Haircuts tomorrow for Campbell and I so that is excited (to us anyway) and then we will begin our Thanksgiving break!