Christmas Ornament Countdown 2016: 17 Days Until Christmas

We have been to Roosevelt National Park twice, once in 2007 (click here for the blog) and then again in 2012 (click here for that blog). We are a huge fan of the National Parks and this one did not disappoint. 

It seems like most of my ornaments remind me not only of trips that we have taken but also of trips that I want to take. I would go back to Roosevelt National Park in a heartbeat because I am yet to see a moose in a wild.

December 7, 2016

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  • The tooth fairy could have came last night but Campbell opted to keep the tooth that she lost yesterday (yep, 2 in week) until Christmas Eve. Her hopes are that Santa and the Tooth Fairy will bump into each other. 
  • This morning the boys were up first, as usual. I had to go upstairs to wake up the girls. I had already picked out the kids clothes today since they were singing at Bible study but couldn't find one of Reagan's shirts that she needed to wear under her sweater. I had already looked in her drawers yesterday so I had to ask her this morning. She said that she wore it two days ago and I knew that I hadn't washed it. I again checked her drawers this morning along with all of the laundry baskets and the dryer. I did finally find it-hanging in my closet. I had thought it was one of my shirts!
  • After I found that shirt, things started to go better. I got myself ready and soon everyone was eating. We were a minute or two later than usual when loading the car up but were still fine on time. I was herding kids to the car when a friend asked if I had any shoes that would fit her little girl. I was able to find some in my closet and then headed to the attic to find a better size. I managed to find some, get Whitman in the car (he was still at the bar eating) and grab my Wednesday morning bagel.
  • At 11, the grands and Robby showed up at Bible study to see the kids do their Christmas performances. Reagan, Anderson and Graham's group sang a few songs as well as the books of the Bible. Then Campbell and Keaton's group came and did their songs. Now the big 5 all did great singing but the star of the Dennie household was definitely Whitman.
  • Listen, we would have been tickled pink if he stood on the stage the entire time and not sang a word. For the most part, he did stand on the stage and sing some but when it came time to sing "The B-I-B-L-E" he commanded the stage. That child sang/shouted his heart out while dancing a jig. He was the entertainment for the crowd. Graham said that Whitman embarrassed himself but I definitely disagree-when you are 3, a little singing and dancing on the stage is as cute as it can be.
  • After everyone sang, I picked them up from class. I needed a second bag to carry all of their Christmas goodies and crafts. The grands all told the kids how well they did and then we headed to Rock Creek to eat with all of our buddies. The kids played hard and as soon as we came home, all they could think of was getting outside to play some more.
  • I did make them help me some in the house before letting them outside. I did give them one rule-do not get in the dirt. They weren't too happy about that but when the neighbors came out no one seemed to think about it anymore. What else they didn't think about-the weather. Those people were running around without their coats like it was warm out there.  When Whitman did go outside, I did put on his hat and gloves so at least maybe one Dennie wouldn't get frost bite.  As I was dressing Whitman to go outside, he kept telling me that he would "follow the rule and obey." He did-stayed in the yard and didn't get in the dirt (too much.)
  • Around 5, I called the troops in for supper and then it was on to church. I work in the preschool and was able to watch Keaton's group practice for their performance next week. When she saw me come in she just grinned and grinned. 
  • Once at home, the crew had showers and then we passed out ice cream before everyone went to bed. 

Christmas Ornament Countdown 2016: 18 Days Until Christmas

This ornament is so ancient that I wasn't even able to quickly find any information about it on the blog. Robby guesses that we went to Cooper Mountain on a ski trip in 2004. Just imagine, we were young, skinny and child free-well, Reagan was on her way but no one knew it yet except for us.

We went with the Thursday night gang and had a great time. I don't remember anything about skiing that week but I do remember that it was my first time to have sausage in spaghetti! Yep, that is what this Cooper Mountain ski bear reminds me of.

December 6, 2016

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  • When I walked through the house this morning to start waking up Keaton and Whitman, I noticed that Anderson was already doing his school work. Graham had completed some of his last night before bed and Anderson was catching up. By the time I could wake Keaton up, Reagan and Campbell were already working on their school work as well.
  • After waking up Keaton, I went to Whitman's room and was quietly talking to Keaton. That poor baby just jumped so high when he saw me. It didn't take too long for those two to be dressed and ready for school. 
  • Keaton complained last night and then again tonight that when Whitman is at school, then her friend doesn't play with her on the playground because Whitman is playing with them. I tried to encourage her to play with her friend but she said that her friend won't play with her when Whitman is there. So I tried to tell her to find another friend to play with-gracious, 5 year old playground drama!
  • We had our breakfast after the littles left and everyone started back on their school work. My people worked hard and fast today because they only had on thing on their mind-the hole! My boys can only think of digging that hole in the backyard. At 11, they begged me to fix lunch and let them eat while we did our work together.
  • I obliged and by noon the house was empty. I got to work on all of my things and only went outside a few times to chase our a few stray dogs, spray paint something and count the kids. I was also the door Natzi-not letting anyone come into my house with their shoes on. I was a little bit lax yesterday and my floors paid for it. 
  • After 4, I ran to meet Robby to get gas for our cars. Then he came home to man the dirt pile. I went to the grocery store and bought groceries for 2 birthday parties! When I made it back home, the kids had already showered. 
  • Once we put the groceries up, we made nachos for supper. Then we watched a bit of tv before bedtime.

Christmas Ornament Countdown 2016: 19 Days Until Christmas

I am pretty surprised that this ornament has never made it on my ornament countdown. I have mentioned my Santa riding a alligator but never highlighted my Santa riding a chili pepper. 

In 2013, we went through New Mexico with the kids but this ornament was bought in 2010 (or possibly even before).  Here is the link to our 2010 trip. In 2010, we weren't riding on chili peppers but we riding on sleds down sandy hills. It was a really fun trip!

December 5, 2016

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  • As I laid down in bed last night, I jumped up while saying "tooth." I guess I startled Robby because he briefly thought my tooth was the one I was talking about. Instead it was Campbell's tooth. She had pulled her tooth yesterday morning and the tooth fairy needed to visit her last night. The tooth fairy that comes to this house is getting a bit lazy-she doesn't even take the tooth anymore and often the money is just thrown nearby the tooth pillow.
  • Everyone was awake early this morning except for Reagan. She never wants to go to bed at night but she sure does sleep late in the morning-wonder where she gets that? (from me!) I dressed Keaton and Whitman-we are still working hard on him putting his jacket on but that isn't progressing as quick as I would like-mainly since he often rolls around on the floor while trying to put his coat on.
  • Once they left, the rest of us started on school. For a Monday, today went really, really well. The kids worked hard and were for the most part finished by noon. Even though we were finished on time, we didn't eat lunch until nearly 1. Campbell and Graham were cleaning the shower for me-I was surprised but they eventually scrubbed it clean. 
  • This afternoon was spent in major party planning mode-made a napkin holder out of legos for Anderson's party along with a cupcake stand. We made 7 more cakes for Campbell's party and even made brownies to take to Bible study for prisoners. 
  • When Nonna brought Keaton and Campbell home, everyone ended up outside and stayed there until dark. Well, they mostly stayed there until dark-people did come in to wash their hands or go to the bathroom-all of which I highly discouraged. They were playing in the dirt pile outside-though it is no longer a pile, it has become a hole. Graham said that they are trying to dig a foot each day and are trying to dig a tunnel to the neighbors house. 
  • They were filthy-absolutely filthy. Their knees and bottoms were caked in dirt and not to mention how cold it was outside. When the boys were back inside the house, I kidded them about frostbite and mentioned all of the different areas of the body that it could effect.
  • After everyone had been hosed down, we ate leftovers and then the kids had some time to watch tv for a bit before we did our nightly Christmas routine.

Christmas Ornament Countdown 2016: 20 Days Until Christmas

We have been to New Orleans twice-one wonderful time with the kids in 2010 (click here for the blog) and another horrible time before kids (sorry, I can't find the link). It was horrible because I had the stomach bug and was sick the entire time-couldn't even enjoy our cooking school and beignets at Cafe Du Monde. 

On both trips though, we did walk past the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. It was a fun city and I am reminded of our trips there each time I see the ornament-and I am reminded that I want to return and go to another cooking school there someday.