April 27, 2015

Washing rocks?!?
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  • We overslept just a bit this Monday morning and poor Campbell had to practically go from her bed straight to Robby's car.  She handled this pretty well but it did help quite a bit that I was able to get Whitman up in time to run out in time to say goodbye to her.
  • The rest of us had our breakfast and even read a few books during that time-like we weren't already behind enough!  We pretty much then stayed behind for the rest of the morning and this has all resulted in a new rule for Graham: Do his math and phonics first every single day for the rest of the school year.  The rule continues with "if you forget, if you do not or even if you ask to change the order then you will lose your kindle and tv privileges for the day.  
  • I was able to work on our 5 loads of clothes during school and that did help the afternoon a bit.  My Keaton and Whitman played hard today but around lunch, I noticed that I had wiped his little nose a zillion times.  I am probably more aware of that since I have his cold now too and feel pretty rough today.  
  • I asked him if his ear hurt, pointing to his left ear.  He said "no" and then pointed to his right ear and said "this one."  I know he is 2 but his answers have been consistent all day about his right ear hurting.  If he was making it up or didn't know what I was talking about then his ear that hurt would have to change, I think.  And he uses the word "hurt" so he knows that that means.  I actually tried to make him an appointment this afternoon but by then it was too late so I will try again tomorrow.
  • Lunch time and more reading here.  Then Reagan said that she would do all of the chores so the boys could continue working on their school work in hopes that they would finish in time to watch movies with them.  I let her do this for a while but then the boys starting fooling around again and not working on their work so they were quickly removed from school work and given chores.  Reagan was thankful that the boys finally did finish their school work but she was a bit put out with me when I explained our summer school plans (reading, writing and math of the computer-that was the part that she didn't like!)
  • The afternoon went by fairly quickly especially with me and Keaton napping.  We were cold and I tried to wrap her up in my coat and she said "zip me up, Momma."  I told her that there was no way that I could zip her up in my coat.  Soon though we were warm and snuggly and both asleep for awhile.
  • Robby and Campbell came in with supper.  Campbell spent the afternoon with Grannymom and had fun at Rock Creek and even took a walk.  Robby took everyone to soccer practice and I think they were all rather well behaved.  Whitman cried for about 10 minutes when the left since he wanted to go to and Keaton cried because Whitman was banging on the window with a rock and I had to put it up.  So a bit of our evening was full of people sobbing!
  • I did calm then all down with picking up some rocks outside and then coming into the kitchen to wash them off.  Of course showers had to follow that and then we all laid on the bed watching a few movies before the others came home.
  • When they arrived, they all had showers and a bit of snack before bed.  Hopefully everyone will sleep well tonight and then wake up bright and early ready to do school work and go to school with a smile on their faces-one can dream, can't they?

April 26, 2015

Solo Performance!
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  • There were enough leftover doughnuts this morning to make everyone happy and soon all the kids were sitting on the couch, fully dressed and playing their kindles waiting on us to finish getting ready.
  • When we told Whitman that we were going to church, he said "no" and then asked "Nonna? Grannymom?"  Even he has learned our Sunday morning routine of seeing everyone before taking him to class.  
  • After church we went to Grannymom's house for lunch and the kids were delighted that Lilli and Cash showed up after their weekend at Branson.  We weren't able to stay too long because choir practice was at 4 tonight-much earlier than usual.  
  • As soon as we came home this afternoon, everyone changed and the big 4 had a few minutes to watch a show and Keaton and Whitman napped.  Keaton happily napped because she knew she would get to go to big church after her nap.
  • I took the big kids to rehearsal and I sat and watched them and walked around taking pictures.  Then I sat back down in my seat to watch some more.  Campbell's choir sang first and then sat in the floor watching the big kids-she saw me behind her and came up to me.  She then asked "Where is Daddy and everyone else? Did he forget?"  My poor baby thought that no one else showed up to watch her-she had no idea that it was only rehearsal! 
  • At home, Keaton slept until the minute we left.  Then she went upstairs with Robby for a bit.  While he was in the shower, Keaton did her on hair and was very proud of doing it all by herself! 
  • Soon everyone showed up and we filled 2 rows-Campbell did good with her choir singing the first and the last song.  (We really couldn't see her thought but I am sure she did great!)  My boys stood on the back row and sang their little hearts out.  Of course, Reagan is the perfect choir member and she had her first solo.  It was great-she did so well and didn't seem the least bit nervous.
  • After a successful program, they deserved a reward so the kids got a few minutes to play on the playground and then ice cream when we finally made it home.  After putting the kids to bed, Robby and I avoided the 5 loads of laundry (3 to wash and 2 already dry) that we had to do!  

April 25, 2015

Gone Fishing!
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  • As I said yesterday, we weren't sure about soccer but around 6:30 Robby woke and saw an email saying that indeed the games were cancelled.  The continued rain throughout the night just didn't give the fields time to recover so no soccer for the Dennies.  Robby got out of bed to send a text to some of his soccer parents and he made sure that he moved all of the jerseys out of our room so no one could dress out before we stopped them.  
  • Everyone was pretty bummed about soccer so Robby felt like Shipleys for breakfast might help a bit.  He loaded Keaton, Campbell, Anderson and Graham in the car and they were off.  Whitman was still snoozing and Reagan was, of course, sound asleep.  In the back of my mind, I was a bit worried that Reagan would come down the stairs and find a completely silent and empty house and think that she had been left.  So I made sure that I left a light on in whatever room that I was in.  I told her about that later and she nonchalantly said "My game would have been later in the day so ya'll would have come back for me."
  • The doughnuts did cheer everyone up and after breakfast was put away, all of the boys (except Whitman) were given haircuts.  Actually, I take that back-Whitman did have a little trim.  He saw the boys taking turns sitting on the stool on the patio so when the stool was empty he climbed on it.  Robby turned on the clippers and gave him a tiny trim on one section of his hair and then Whitman quickly climbed off the stool!
  • Of course, haircutting led to showers for most everyone.  Then Robby and I started going through our huge tv cabinet in our bedroom.  This activity lasted a very, very long time but that was fine because it was a pretty big job.  (We still have a few more things to put away though.) 
  • Lunch and then we all headed outside.  The kids played for a while and then we all went on a walk around the neighborhood.  We only had a few minutes when we came home so we played a short game of soccer despite our own muddy field.  Reagan and I let the boys beat us today but we will be on our game next time!
  • Before 5, I left with Reagan, Anderson and Graham to take them to church for the evening.  Then we came back home to pick up Robby and Whitman and drove down the road to the Atwoods for supper.  
  • My little people were in a heaven-swings, a slide, a pond, a waterfall, a flying squirrel search and even some fishing.  Keaton got to reel in a fish so Campbell is determined that she wants to go back.  She did become fairly decent at casting (decent-was able to get it into the water)  Whitman loved watching the water and looking for "fishy"-of course this love of the water drew him to the water over and over and over again.  He would take off running to the water and would stop just at the edge-now, we never knew if he was really going to stop or not so we would have to go running after him.
  • Robby had to leave and get the big kids from church.  By the time they came back, it was dark and they could really only enjoy a cookie and drink which they greatly did.  Once we made it home, we did give the kids some peanut butter pie-doesn't everyone give their kids pie at bedtime?

April 24, 2015

An Andy Warhol Prodigy!
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  • Friday morning and the kids were in no hurry to get up at first this morning.  I thought we were going to have a slow morning and would end up starting school a bit later than usual.  But I was wrong, as I was changing Whitman's diaper after getting him up, in walked Campbell with her reading book ready to get started.
  • I have fallen woefully behind in working on Campbell's reading book with her.  She seems to be gone so much these days and when she is home, she certainly doesn't want to do her reading book.  Though I know I should do my best to finish it before she officially starts kindergarten because that is just one more thing we will have to do during school and our time is limited as is!
  • The others all did some work while I worked with Campbell and my Graham did pull out all of the breakfast items-pancakes, waffles, milk, cups and plates.  That boy can be pretty handy!  We had our breakfast and then started back on school. 
  • Before too long it was lunch time and we all ate and then did a bit of house work.  Then we made a mess-paint and lots of it!  Today we talked briefly about Andy Warhol and did some Campbell's soup can paintings.  Not everyone is finished but Campbell did finish and of course my Campbell was tickled about painting Campbell's soup cans.
  • After we had cleaned up the painting mess, the kids watched their 2 redbox movies from yesterday.  Then it was time to load up to drop Reagan off at Cate's house for a few hours.  The rest of us drove around a bit trying to find some place to eat-we settled on Dickies and it was very good.  The kids decided they loved the place as soon as they saw the ice cream machine!
  • We then did some speed shopping at Walmart before heading home to make crumb cake cookies, peanut butter pie and put the kiddos to bed.  Robby had to leave me in the kitchen to run and pick up Reagan.  She had a big time and painted a picture frame and tshirt.  She also came home telling me that I needed to put the game Twister on someone's Christmas list.
  • After Reagan was home and snug in bed, we finished cleaning the kitchen and then went to bed wondering if we are going to play soccer or not tomorrow.  The day should be beautiful but the rain may have soaked the fields!  Here's to hoping that we get to play tomorrow!

April 23, 2015

The kids all scream for ice cream!
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  • So we were all sleeping soundly last night, until about 2.  Screeching and beeping woke me up and I hopped out of bed knowing that it was the alarm but not really thinking.  If I had realized it was the alarm buzzing, I would have crawled under the bed and grabbed a baseball bat, not traipse through the house alone. 
  • We are in the middle of switching over alarm systems so each door has two sensors and that means double motion sensors as well as two alarm bases.  The new one has a sound that I am not yet used to but I still walked to the old base trying to turn it off.  
  • By this time, Robby was stumbling around too.  The noise was now quiet and we both thought that one of his new alarm sensors had fallen down (as it did last week as we were going to bed-imagine our surprise when the alarm chimes and we see on our phone that the front door has opened but the sensor had just fallen off the door causing the commotion)
  • Well, last night we quickly found a fallen sensor in the kids hallway but Robby then realized that was not from the alarm that was making the screeching.  This beeping was a sound from the old alarm that I had never heard before (fire). So he went back to his phone and really read what it said "Urgent Bonus Room Fire Alarm" so up we scurry to the bonus room.    
  • All was well up there and I went back into our room just as the alarm company was calling me. Thankfully, they were able to call off the fire department so we didn't have that to deal with but we still continued to walk around for a while sniffing and looking trying to figure out what happened.  Finally we decided that it had truly just been a false alarm and settled back into bed. Since I possibly have a pretty unhealthy fear of fires, it did take me a bit to finally go back to sleep.  And that is how we started the day!
  • As usual on Thursdays, Keaton and Whitman got dressed along with Campbell to take her to school. The made it just as they were lining up to sing.  They took the long way home - Keaton reported they stopped at McD's to get Robby a sausage biscuit and then Sonic to get them both drinks. The deal was for her to share the drink when she got home but they didn't work out so well in reality.
  • School was pretty uneventful and by the time it was time to get Campbell everyone but Graham loaded up to go get her. Graham stayed back with Robby to finish his computer math and then play his Kindle.
  • Lunch was leftovers from Tuesday and then some reading before we did a few chores and finished up the last bit of school.  It was overcast and a bit rainy so limited time outside today but most of the kids did got out for a bit to ride bikes, scooters and play in the dirt long enough to get dirty.  Then it was time for afternoon movies while I ran on the treadmill.
  • I guess Robby decided he had been cooped up in his office closet because as soon as it was 5:00, he said he was headed out with the troops since I was going to Bunko tonight.  He left around 5:30 and I headed out soon after for stops at Mardel's and Michael's before heading to Sara's.  Meanwhile, Robby ventured all the way to Benton (he had itch for Mazzio's Pizza). No play place there so the kids twisted his arm to stop at Burger King on the way back for some playtime (and ice cream!).  Back home, everyone took showers and then it was bedtime!

April 22, 2015

All Grins!
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  •  I hit snooze a bit too many times on my phone this morning so we had to scurry a bit.  The kids were happy about rushing around since it was Bible study morning.  But in the end, we even had time for the trash cans to be emptied while I ran around cleaning the potties.  We didn't really have to hurry until breakfast time but that was fine since what was left in their bowls was taken to the car.
  • Our first stop was to pick up Graham.  He had a big time spending the night with Grannymom and Grandpa last night.  He told us all about his evening and morning on the way to Bible study.  He is a bit like Campbell when he rejoins the group (grumpy!) but today he was in a great mood.  I was glad of that but had done everything I could think of to smooth his transition...as in I made sure that his seat in the car was empty!
  • The minute we walked into Bible study, Whitman started reaching for the door and saying "that way."  He was pretty adamant that he not go to class but he didn't fuss to badly when I dropped him off.  Whitman has been getting more and more upset when I drop him off at any class the last few weeks...he has also been getting more and more upset at nap times too!
  • After Bible study, we all headed to the park.  We just have 2 more weeks after today of Bible study this year so the kids are dreading not going to Bible study and not having our weekly park time.  I knew we were going to the park so I made sure Anderson did all of his medicine this morning and then Jodee remembered Anderson's attack last time we were at that park, so she had wiped down the table for my Anderson.
  • The kids played and played until it was time to head home.  We missed seeing Beebee this afternoon-she has some type of infection that is possibly contagious.  So we headed home and did some of our school work-well, first the kids played outside in the sprinkling rain while I unloaded the car and tried to put things away.  Then we started that school work-today was our last official day of science.  
  • The afternoon went pretty quickly by.  Robby came home with supper and we demolished a whole pound of bbq meat.  We started off giving the kids a half of a sandwich at a time but they were asking for more before I could even make my own sandwich.  
  • Then it was time to head to church.  Even when my Graham was in Ms. Stacy's class, he has always had a hard time memorizing things (though he can remember every single thing that I has ever happened in his life).  So he has really struggled with his April's verse (Romans 12:1-2-Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.)  I seriously, would struggle with that verse too but he finally said it tonight and I think that he was pretty pleased with himself!
  • Once at home, we celebrated that with cookies and some milk before bedtime.  Campbell snuck in a shower while I put on Whitman's pajamas.  He heard the water and started asking "shower? shower?" and before that when we walked into the door from church tonight he started asking "ice cream?"  It was pretty hard to explain to a 2 year old that ice cream night is after church on Sunday nights and not Wednesday nights!

April 21, 2015

Thumbs Up on the Brownies!
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  • I do believe that all of my kiddos could have slept another hour at least this morning.  But when I started stirring everyone, my Campbell was downstairs, dressed and trying to help me get breakfast ready before I could even get my oldest and youngest out of bed.
  • Campbell was so excited because today was the day she had a playdate with Adalyn.  Pretty early this morning, Adalyn's mom called and my heart immediately sunk thinking that they were having to cancel-my Campbell would have been devastated.  But no, Adalyn's dad was sick so she was just letting me know that they were going to the park and out to eat instead.
  • As Robby was about to leave, Keaton looked at me and said "Does Daddy have his wallet?"  Robby has gotten pretty bad about misplacing his wallet around here so I guess Keaton has noticed and started to help.  
  • Robby left with Campbell and the rest of us started on school.  On the way to school, Campbell found a hershey kiss in Robby's car.  She ate it and didn't really like it.  Campbell then said "Maybe it has been in the car for like 20 years."  I believe that we have only one and a half weeks of school left here plus we will probably throw in one more to tie up all of our loose ends. But Campbell has a few more left than that.  
  • My Graham is still crazy distracted these days and Anderson continues to be distracted! I do not enforce it well enough but if my boys would do their phonics and math first then they really would just fly through the rest of school.  Today my Anderson "thought" he was finished with school and started playing his kindle while I was making lunch like Reagan.  Well, he "thought" wrong-he still had 4 more things to do!  
  • We had soup, leftover beans and mac and cheese for lunch and when you added those dishes to our yogurt for breakfast, I completely used up all of my bowls in this house..well, all of my plastic bowls.  I am thinking of changing out my glass dishes for plastic ones-they would get a lot more use!
  • After lunch, Grannymom and Grandpa came to get Graham for his night at their house.  He was beyond excited and could not wait to get out of the house.  Then a bit after that Laura came bringing home Campbell.  While she was here, the others put on their shoes and ran outside.  My Whitman found his shoes and socks and came to me.  He kept looking for something and saying "sock" but he had a pair of socks.  Later when I went in, I noticed that he had dropped another pair of socks on his way to find me-I guess he knew he needed to socks so he found 2 pairs out of his drawer to bring to me.
  • And not to long after that, Nonna swung by to bring us cantaloupe that we had left at her house on Sunday.  She stayed for a bit and then the kids continued watching their movies, I handed out snacks and put Whitman to bed for a late afternoon nap.
  • We had chicken and rice enchilada casserole for supper.  It was pretty good-just not spicy enough.  Then we had time for a few showers and a Price is Right before bedtime.