February 8, 2016

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  • I hit snooze a few too many times this morning and woke up just a few minutes before the kids.  I had almost finished my Bible study when I heard someone knocking-it was Whitman knocking to get out of his room.  I opened the door and there he stood saying, "I can't open door."  He knows he can't open the door but he has never said anything about the door knob not even being on the door.
  • Breakfast included a word search for Reagan and Anderson.  They are taking part in Lilli's science fair project-seeing if they would do better on their puzzle after their tummys were full.  I do believe that all she will be able to see from their puzzles is that we are not that great on word searches here! 
  • School started off well and then it all just fell apart.  My Anderson is so easily distracted but he was the least of my worries. Graham and Campbell were in rare form today.  Basically it was a pretty ugly morning but I stayed Duggarish but that didn't really help.  Thankfully we were able to finish school (everyone except Campbell) by lunch time and things did begin to calm down...some.
  • After lunch was busier than before lunch.  We did our chores which did take quite a while it seemed.  Then I helped Anderson start to build a rocket (crafting is just not my thing) and then I moved into finishing the cinnamon rolls with Campbell.  We made many, many pans of cinnamon rolls and Campbell was delighted with them-they were pretty good (good enough that we passed out a panful tonight after supper). 
  • I always hear of interval training and that is just what I did this afternoon on the treadmill-run for 10 minutes, go downstairs to change pans of cinnamon rolls in the oven and then back upstairs to run.  This probably isn't the type of interval training that they talk about but I did learn one thing-I need a double oven!
  • I had supper ready when Robby made it home (well, almost) and then more crafting after supper-Reagan's valentine box.  It is really, really cute but goodness I am tired!  Whitman has just been all over everywhere today and though he has not broken anything today he did spill most of my cereal but the sweet little thing was trying his best to put it all back in the container!

February 7, 2016

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  • The girls were in our room first this morning and after Robby and I had both had showers, I asked him if he thought the boys were already awake.  I was sure they were just in the living room playing their kindles but nope, they were sound asleep.  
  • My Keaton had herself a royal fit this morning because I picked out her clothes, because I wouldn't change her clothes to what she wanted, because I wouldn't let her wear the shoes she wanted, because I had her wear her new favorite boots and because I made monkey bread for breakfast. This fit throwing continued and at church she was upset with me because I wouldn't let her wear her jacket in.  This is pretty much Keaton's norm now-everything that happens is not her way and worthy of a fit in her eyes.  But when I dropped her off in her Sunday school class, her teacher said, "Keaton is such a delight to have in our class.  She is genuinely happy all of the time."  At least she is a happy girl for other people!
  • Reagan had spent the night at Nonna's house and they had to get to church early this morning.  She hung out with them and even had a muffin at the coffee shop before we arrived at church.  Church lasted pretty long today so we were hungry when we finally made it to Grannymom's house.
  • Lunch was bbq and delicious lava cake.  The kids couldn't wait to get outside and start playing after lunch.  We all left Grannymom's house at the same time and all headed to the grocery store.  Robby and Dana both picked up a few Super Bowl supplies at the store and then we headed home.
  • I was on the couch upstairs and Campbell laid down beside me and Keaton laid down on top of me and we all had a wonderful nap. I woke up right before the game started and ran outside to spray paint my mirror project.
  • Then it was back inside for the big game-Robby had a score chart so we had a winner each quarter.  The prizes-huge gatorades!  Campbell won the first quarter, then Anderson and Whitman and the 4th quarter was won again by Campbell.  Everyone else drowned their sorrows with pizza, ding dongs and even kit kats!  The kids watched most of the game-Campbell and I made some cinnamon roll dough, Whitman watched his favorite movie over and over during the game, Reagan just kept her head down looking at her kindle while asking what was happening on the game, Keaton followed me around and the boys yelled, hooted, hollered, jumped, bounced and rolled during the entire game.  
  • And once the game was over, it was quickly bedtime at our house-the kind of Super Bowl party was pretty nice since there was very little clean up and we all wore our pajamas!

February 6, 2016

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  • Last Sunday was national backwards day and today was national ice cream for breakfast day (yesterday was national nutella day if you are wondering and this Tuesday is national pancake day if you want to play ahead) so we combined two celebrations into one this morning.  The boys had their clothes turned around backwards before we were out of bed.
  • We were not too far behind them and Robby and I were both pleased that we could put on and actually button our jeans when they were on backwards.  And I did think I looked a bit slimmer with my jacket and jeans on backwards.  Reagan and Campbell were a bit concerned that we were going to stay on our backwards clothes for the rest of the day.
  • Breakfast consisted of ice cream and chocolate syrup. The kids sat backwards on their stools at first and some even tried to eat with their spoon backwards.  We were going to make pizza but were out so we offered sandwiches to complete their well rounded breakfast but had no takers.  They did happily accept a cup of coke with their ice cream this morning.
  • Robby, the boys and Keaton left before we did this morning and headed to Home Deport to make a Valentine's day box.  Cash and Grannymom met them there and everyone had a really good time making their boxes but had the most fun painting their boxes.  And this was a win-win because now I only have to help 3 kiddos make a Valentine box-and I thought that by homeschooling we wouldn't have to do things like that!
  • Campbell, Reagan and I left soon after the boys and headed to Woven.  This year it was in different homes and we chose cooking.  It was lots of fun-out group had 2 other girls Reagan's age and one other family with a daughter older than Reagan and one Campbell's age.  The first thing we did was to make a sausage crescent roll mix, then we made a cream cheese pastry and then tried our hand at crapes.  The favorite of all of our creations was the sausage crescent rolls but the most fun to make was the cream cheese pastries.  Reagan was pretty pleased with everything she had made and was very excited to take some samples to Nonna.
  • At Nonna's house, we gave some of our food to Pops and Nonna.  Then Campbell and I headed home and left Reagan at Nonna's house for the night.  Reagan had packed her bag and was ready to stay over night.  I haven't gotten a report about what all they did tonight but I am sure that they had a good time.
  • The big boys stayed at Grannymom's house and went to Lilly and Cash's basketball games before heading home.  They even were able to participate in a kick off game-trying to kick their shoe off to land on a table (Anderson said he was close but didn't make it to the table).  
  • Back at home, the rest of us napped-well, Robby and I napped and the others just watched their movies.  We did eventually get up and work on my mirror for my mantle-we bought the stuff months (if not a year) ago and today we did really good.  Robby only said that it was a pinterest fail one time but I think that it is going to turn out okay.  
  • When Grannymom and Grandpa brought the boys back home, we then loaded up to go and pick up the Wilsons.  The last 2 weeks we have eaten pancakes on Saturday night but tonight we ate at Pie Five.  It was almost as good as I remember-I had thin crust last time which I liked better and this time I had to much bbq sauce.  But the company was good so that made up for my pizza disappointment.
  • Robby and Tony ran into Kroger to pick up ice cream and then we crashed at their house to watch the basketball game.  The boys watched the game and Shannon and I looked at cookbooks and planned a few things to do-crafting day, cooking day, Bible study, scrapbook/breadmaking day, and the list goes on.
  • Once the game was over, we quickly showered the stinky kids (all of them) and shoved them in bed.  They had a busy day and were pretty tired tonight!

February 5, 2016

"I see you!"

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  • This morning the girls were all the first ones downstairs and in our room.  While they were settling into our bed, we heard Whitman crawling out of his.  I got him and brought him to our room.  A bit later, I went upstairs to open the blinds and turn off the lights (you would not believe our electric bill lately!) and went to say good morning to the boys.  They were awake and had moved much of their furniture and were playing "ninja warrior."  I did the wisest thing I knew-told them to not get hurt and went quickly downstairs.
  • Breakfast today was monkey bread muffins.  Imagine my difficulty trying to explain to Campbell that the monkey bread did not have monkeys in it and was not blueberry muffins mixed with monkey bread.  We usually only have monkey bread at Christmas so telling the kids about the upcoming breakfast, they went right to work on their school work.
  • The morning went fairly smoothly and we were finished with school (most of us, anyway) at a decent time.  We worked together a bit at 11 and then I had about 10 minutes to get things ready for Monday before I started on lunch.  Every year I say that I want to plan ahead lunches so they would ready for us to eat on crazy school days but I have yet to do that.
  • The boys were in and out some this afternoon and the little girls did their best to follow me around.  I did sneak off upstairs to the treadmill while they were busy eating snack so they didn't notice that I was missing for a little bit.  At nearly 5, Whitman ran to me and gave me a hug.  I picked him up and we cuddled until he was sound asleep.  We snuggled until it was time to get some folks into the shower and supper on the table.  (I did read a chart listing the times per week that kids should bathe but seriously, after my boys have been outside they stink so even if the chart says 3xs a week for them, they still had a shower!)
  • Supper was nachos, beans and then popcorn and pie crusts twists during tonight's movie.  Tonight we watched Sister Act-hopefully the kids didn't pick up too many new words from that PG movie.  Whenever Keaton would talk about Whoopi's character, she would call her a "princess"

February 4, 2016

Puzzle Completed!

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  • Keaton had a pretty good coughing spell around midnight last night and after using Anderson's breather, a few sips of water, some essentials oils (hey, my rule for middle of the night is to try anything that might possibly work-if I had some plexus on hand, I would have given her that too since it seems to work wonders for everything else on facebook) and a trip to the bathroom seemed to help with her coughing and she didn't wake up again until this morning when Anderson (or Graham) almost stepped on her when they were coming into our bedroom.
  • We had to scurry (again) to get Keaton to school on time but on Thursdays I am not only concerned with getting Keaton into Robby's car to head to school but I also have to make sure that Whitman is dressed and ready for the ride.  That gives us about 1 hour of Whitman-free school and gracious me can we ever get a lot accomplished in that hour.  Today was also Graham's turn to go and he happily went since he knew there would probably be a Sonic stop on the way home.
  • Now at home, my people worked quickly and quietly while the others were gone.  Reagan even finished school around 9:45-I know that sounds like she didn't do a lot and she has taken a liking to telling people how early she can finish school these days.  Here is a run down of what she did accomplish this morning: 2 pages of math (beginning finding common denominators of fractions), math on the computer, reviewing Bible verses from Wednesday nights, reviewing multiplication tables (8s only), First Language Lessons (with me), Writing with Ease (with me), spelling (with me), writing a paragraph for IEW, handwriting, Bible study, a Draw Write Now page, reading 20 minutes and at least 2 other things (that I can not remember nor am I going to get up and go look).  So from now on, I guess that I should ask her to just rattle off everything that she did before telling people that she finished school at 9:45.  Now, I will say this in a few weeks her math will get tricky again and her speed will slow down greatly for a few weeks.  
  • Once Graham and Whitman came home, my hard workers stopped working hard and started fooling around.  I was thankful that they at least were all mostly finished with school by noon including all of science and history reading.  
  • Making lunch was crazy-a phone call, at least 35 text (my bunko girls were going nuts about a new podcast), a screaming Whitman and too many helpers-but we finally had lunch on the table and everything calmed down a bit. 
  • At some point during the afternoon, Robby and Whitman were both in our bedroom-Robby on his phone and Whitman watching his kindle.  Whitman was being quiet so when Campbell asked to go and take Whitman his milk, I said to wait a few minutes.  She asked why and I told her that Daddy and Whitman were talking.  A minute later, she asked me what they were talking about and I replied, "Whitman's behavior."  They were not talking at all about anything but Campbell said, "well, he has been bad lately." 
  • About 10 minutes later, I did let her take Whitman his milk and she returned and told me "I gave Whitman his milk and he said 'thank you'"  I could tell that she was so proud and believed that the "talk" that Robby and Whitman had really worked.  Later in the afternoon, I over heard her asking Whitman "Did Daddy teach you a lesson?"
  • Keaton came home with Pops and Nonna around supper time and she was so proud to bringing home 3 different types of rice krispy treats-we all had a sample and then saved the rest for after supper.  Manwich and potatoes were on the menu for tonight followed by showers (seems like we do this all of the time lately!) and then we all sat around watching an American Ninja Warrior before bed.
  • And I will close with this Campbell-ism from today.  We were cooking together tonight and she looked at me and asked, "can I have your house?"  I asked, "like when I am dead?" To which she politely said, "no, when you are just in a nursing home."  Sing along with me...Can you feel the love tonight?

February 3, 2016

Riding Pretty!

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  • Keaton was coughing last night so she slept in our room that child never coughed once after she went to sleep.  Hopefully tonight will be the same because Reagan has already brought her downstairs to us tonight and she is now sleeping in our bedroom.  I had told Reagan to call me or come and get me if Keaton coughed too much and maybe Keaton was upstairs coughing (though I couldn't hear her) or maybe Reagan was just ready to get rid of her for the evening.
  • I guess it was when my alarm went off this morning or possibly it was in the middle night that I turned off my alarm.  That isn't such a bad thing except on Bible study morning.  Thankfully the kids were up early but not just were they up early, they were up and loud!  Robby and I can quickly become in a foul mood when multiple people are laying on top of you practically shouting each time they say anything at all.
  • But we survived and soon the dishes were being put away (boys), trash being emptied (everyone), potties being cleaned (me), laundry put away (everyone) and the downstairs straightened (everyone).  I am noticing that the girls were short a chore this morning.  The boys were in a hurry to finish chores so they could start playing their kindles since Wednesday mornings are the only weekday mornings that kindles can be played.  Since they were so eager to finish I did possibly give them a bit more than the girls-but those silly girls take forever combing their hair and then I am the one that has to put it up!
  • Bible study this morning and it was my turn to work keeping the kiddos.  That is always entertaining and it did make the morning drag by! But the afternoon seemed to fly by.  We went to Rock Creek for lunch and the kids were ecstatic to see that they were passing out "free things" outside of the door.  A few kiddos came home with fancy dancy new Rock Creek t shirts.
  • The kids played hard this afternoon-so hard that Whitman was exhausted by the time that we left the church.  Then we headed over to see Beebee.  We had her new birdhouse to hang up outside her room and this certainly brightened her day.  What brightened my fussy Whitman's day was the candy that Beebee was passing out.  But my, Whitman was an exhausted bear today-let's just say that most people in the entire nursing home heard that child today.  On my way home, I drove slow enough for Whitman to fall soundly asleep so he could have a wonderful nap this afternoon.
  • You may ask who else needed a nap? Campbell needed one since she is always fussy and moody after Bible study (she was also always fussy after preschool when I picked her up) And Keaton also needed one since she was a as tired as she could be.  They didn't get a nap nor did I. 
  • Before we knew it, the afternoon was over and it was time for supper.  The kids ate while I read some and then it was time to load back up for church.  We did games tonight and the kids had to walk with a spoonful of goldfish crackers to fill up a cup-such a simple game but all of the kiddos including my girls loved it!
  • Back at home, we had a quick snack and then upstairs for Bible story time.  We have been letting Whitman go up for Bible story time to see that the others are really going to bed.  This is just the second night for us to do that but so far, it seems to be helping-he staye din bed last night at lesat!

February 2, 2016

Shooting Hoops!

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  • At 4 this morning, Graham was standing beside my bed and was saying something.  The first thing I thought that he said was that he was sick but that wasn't it.  I asked again and I heard him say "Whitman is in our room."  I flew up the stairs because I certainly didn't want for him to wake up everyone sleeping upstairs.
  • And there in the middle of the boys' room sat Whitman in the floor.  He wasn't playing with his trains right next to him, he was just sitting Indian style with the light on.  It was almost like he had gotten up there and then thought that he was tired or maybe realized that he shouldn't be up there.
  • I snatched him up and brought him downstairs.  I changed his clothes and held him for a good while so maybe he would go on back to sleep.  Before I could even turn my back and get back to my room, his door opened and there he was.  Robby was soon out of room to make sure that Whitman understood that he was in big trouble if he got up again.  
  • Whitman didn't wake up again and there is little possibility that he will be opening up his door tonight since the doorknob is off.  I don't like him out of his bed in the middle of the night but I sure do not want for him to be out of his bed and wandering around the house in the middle of the night.  Even though Whitman can open the doors to the house, there is no way that he would step foot outside the house in the middle of the night (scared to death of the dark) so that is one less thing for me to worry about.  But the lack of a doorknob should do the trick!
  • When I did make it back to bed last night, Graham was still in my spot.  I laid by him some and then asked if he wanted to go back to his bed and he agreed.  I happily hugged him goodnight and let him go on to his bed so we both could get a good nights sleep.  
  • Needless to say after all of this, we weren't up too early this morning and had to hurry around to get Keaton off to school and Robby to work. Then we all started on school.  During my work with Graham, he was in a bit of a mood and at one point decided that he couldn't do something.  This was something that he does weekly for me and is not hard at all-use 5 different words in a sentence or sentences.  I had had enough and told him to just write them out and put them on his daddy's desk.  Later in the day, I found 5 perfectly written sentences in the neatest handwriting that I had ever seen.  Maybe I should try that again!
  • We were able to do lots of our science right before lunch today and that made me happy happy.  Our science book seems to be taking forever but I plan to finish it all before school is out for the summer or at least before school starts again.  We read a bit as well and then I quickly made lunch while Anderson finished up his school and Reagan helped Campbell focus and work on her school.  Bless Campbell-some days she can knock out her school work and other days she finishes everything in the few minutes before lunch.
  • After lunch, we worked on our chores and then I tried my best to get Whitman to take an afternoon nap which turned out to be impossible.  The kids played outside off and on all afternoon long and the boys spent a long time playing basketball.
  • I had been stirring hashbrown casserole soup for supper tonight and it did not disappoint.  The kids ate as much as we would let them (except Whitman who wouldn't touch it).  It was very good and we will definitely make it again-I guess there is enough for supper tomorrow.
  • Graham had a new picture book with pictures of only him in it arrive today so we spent some time looking at it tonight.  Then showers and finally the kids all watched an American Ninja Warrior episode before bedtime.