September 18, 2014

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When the real pool closes, we resort to this...

  • Each and every day that Campbell goes to school, Keaton asks if she can go with Robby.  Only on Thursdays does she get that chance to go.  Needless to say when she gets the "yes" that she can drop Campbell off with Robby, she is ready in a flash.  I think Campbell enjoys having a buddy in the car and Campbell helps Keaton gather her breakfast before they get into the car.
  • After waving bye to them, we started on our breakfast.  The kids soon went to the school room to work while I finished cleaning the kitchen.  Whitman was still in his high chair and seemed to be acting fine then but that didn't last long.  My poor baby laid in my lap and/or whimpered and cried all morning long. I was pretty worried about him-nothing would make him happy.  We tried to lay him beside me on a pillow with a blanket but he just wanted to be in my lap.  He would sit down then try to lay down and then roll in the floor-it was pitiful.  His tummy was fine, he did have a runny nose and didn't have fever.  I don't really know what was wrong, maybe he was just tired.  Because at 10, I put him in his bed for a nap and he woke up a happy baby!
  • Keaton ran with me to go and pick up Campbell.  On they way, I asked her what all she did with Robby after taking Campbell to school.  She said that they bought a lot of stuff.  I asked her how much money Daddy spent.  She replied "he didn't use monies, he used those little papers."-coupons. Children are so observant.
  • As I was loading up with Keaton to get Campbell, Keaton decided she didn't want to go.  That wouldn't work because Reagan and Graham were happily playing together (rare), Anderson was finishing his work and Robby was working and that left only trouble for Keaton to get into.  I thought quickly and offered her a juice box to drink in the car-and didn't even think of bringing my Campbell one too until I was too far down the road.  I knew it was going to be a problem and even thought of dropping be Nonna's to grab the girl a drink but decided to risk it.  
  • Thankfully, Keaton was finished with her drink but Campbell was upset anyway-everyone in her class was staying for Lunch Box kids.  We don't do lunch box kids because it doesn't really help us. We can pick Campbell up at 11:30 or pay 10 bucks more and pick her up at 2 something.  It is not like I am out running errands alone and need some extra time or even at home cleaning without a gaggle of other kids around.  But Campbell doesn't see it that way-no matter how I try to spin things. I say things like "You get to come home!" or "Those poor other kids have to stay at school." or "Ew, they have to take a nap?" or "Everyone can't wait to play with you." or even "We are going to have sandwiches for lunch."  It just doesn't work.
  • Today though we didn't have sandwiches but we had spaghettios and cornbread-on the patio. Cornbread just isn't that great to eat inside-such a mess.  The kids loved eating outside but they were noisy!  After eating, they helped me clean the kitchen-and we had a perfectly clean kitchen for about 2 hours!
  • We did some reading this afternoon and soon it was time to a few movies.  But the kids soon headed outside to play-or possibly they were told to go outside.  It is pretty nice that they can all entertain themselves outside.  Whitman and I went out to join the others after he woke up.  That boy may have felt bad this morning but not this afternoon.  The big 4 were lined up for a race around the house.  They had me shout "go" and when I said "go" Whitman was the first one out of the gate.  I don't know how he knew what they were doing but he ran half way around the house until I sprinted behind him and picked him up so he could finish in style.
  • The kids decided that they were hot and needed some water (on their heads) to cool themselves off.  Then they thought they needed the little purple swimming pool to complete their cool off. They even asked if that was fine-they were already wet so why not make their day.  Graham kept shouting "this is the best day ever."  I don't know if I would say that 6 kids in a tiny kiddie pool and about 3 inches of water makes it the best day ever but glad the thought so!  
  • Soon we stripped everyone down and showered everyone off.  We had leftovers again (taco salad-the new Dennie favorite) and then we watched some of Ninja Warrior before our Bible story tonight.  Robby was getting on to the kids a bit as they were getting into bed and he was saying that not obeying right away was disobedience.  I think he said that twice and then Graham whispered "and that is sinful."  At least he is learning something, somewhere!

September 17, 2014

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They still like each other!

  • Bible study today and unfortunately we hit snooze ten too many times so I scurried around before waking up the kids.  And even worse than that, I hadn't folded the laundry yet (Robby did later) nor did I start the dishwasher last night-oh, there is nothing worse than that!  The kids woke up well and some even started on chores before I had breakfast ready.  Reagan last night asked why trash and cleaning potties had to both be on a day when we are trying to leave early-that was a pretty good questions (and poor scheduling on my part) but since we even managed to get it done this morning, I will keep it that way for a while since ti is nice to have things finished.  
  • All that hurrying around like we were going to be late and we arrived to Bible study about 10 minutes early.  That was perfect because by the time that I dropped everyone off, it was time for Bible study to start.  Again this week in the car when we were going around telling what we learned or did, Keaton talked and talked and talked.  Reagan did her best to try to cut Keaton off or finish her sentences so other people could go and then they could start a movie.
  • We had our picnic lunch at Lilli's park and the Heltz joined us.  The big kids all sat together so Candice and I hung out with Whitman, Charlotte and Michael as we ate.  My kids just picked at their food but that was fine since we didn't pack me a lunch so I was able to graze from their leftovers. They had a bit of time to play before we loaded up and headed to see Beebee.
  • Beebee was fine today-in a good mood and ready to pass out candy and money to the kids.  We didn't stick around too long-Whitman was in a bit of a mood and ready to go.  When we were walking out today, the poor lady who tries to escape from the nursing home thought she would try to walk out with us.  I knew she was going to try this so we hadn't even opened the door yet but her buzzer went off and caused quite the panic at the front.  Everyone always know when the Dennies come to the nursing home!
  • When we finally made it home, Whitman and Keaton had their nap and Reagan wanted to play chess or Clue.  I told her that I would happily play it tomorrow-on Wednesdays, I just need some quite time.  Even if it is quiet time while emptying the dishwasher.  
  • Soon it was time to have supper before heading to church.  The puppet show was short enough for me to work on my Bible study some so that was good.  As soon as the kids were in the car tonight, they were asking for a snack-I guess Wednesdays are so busy that they have to eat more. Wednesdays are also so busy that my Campbell was so tired tonight.  She was actually pretty tired this afternoon too and would have fallen asleep if she would have just sat down.  

September 16, 2014

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Cookie in the Kitchen with Keaton!

  • I woke up before 7 this morning and Robby was already out of bed-probably should have gotten up and been productive.  I've really been thinking about getting up to exercise-I was trying to do it in the afternoon but when I stopped, I really realized how much extra time in the afternoon I have.  (Today we worked on our chess game and played Clue which I had never played.)
  • Robby got Campbell off to school with our breakfast of toast and yogurt in her tummy.  Anderson was very excited because today we had yoplait yogurt and it was in the little container-what a treat!  That is a big, big deal around here.  
  • We soon started on school and the kids did really well today.  I did spend a lot of the day changing poor Whitman's diapers.  Twice today I lost him and then found him sitting quietly playing with something-once putting markers in and taking them out of a bag and then playing with magnets on the magnet board.  Another time I lost him, I found him sitting in a puddle of poop-but that is another story!
  • After reading for about 45 minutes and then all through lunch, my voice was a bit scratchy during chore time.  The kids always do great with their chores and sometimes I wonder how I managed to get everything accomplished without their help.  Each of the kids all have the chore that they really like to do-Reagan likes putting the laundry away, Graham likes cleaning the bathroom cabinets and Anderson...well, he doesn't really enjoy any of the chores but does them without too many complaints and Campbell likes to avoid me during chore time to get out of work.  But my Keaton is the one who really wants to help out the most-she will gladly ask about her chores every single day. Most of the time she needs someone to help her but she is always willing to help.
  • After chores the kids played on their kindles until it was rest time for my little people.  Yesterday, it was 2 before I realized it but today it seemed that we had a long time before it turned 2.  After Keaton and Whitman went to bed, we did play Clue and the kids begged Robby to play tonight but we opted for Ninja Warrior instead and to save Clue for a night that the 2 littles aren't around.
  • Nonna and Pops brought Campbell home. Campbell had been cooking at Nonna's house and was so happy to deliver a plate of brownies for us.  And the crew here were very happy to taste test them. Around 3:30, the kids started watching their movies.  My Campbell and Keaton ended up in the school room watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood-which I love.  It is a cartoon based on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood which was one of my favorite shows.
  • Robby didn't make it home til much later than usual.  We had leftover taco salad and then the kids had a bit of time to play while the boys had their hair but-no, not Whitman...yet.  Then it was time to watch the Ninja show.  And then it was Bible story time and bedtime....and time for me to finish off Campbell's brownies.

September 15, 2014

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Are you ready for some football?

  • Robby's alarm buzzed and buzzed and buzzed again and again this morning.  We just laid there talking about how maybe we should have not sent Campbell to school this year-we could have slept in more!  Soon though Campbell was in bed with us and the first thing out of her mouth was "wonder what shape we will talk about today."  She was ready to go-even if we weren't ready.  (And they talked about rectangles.)
  • Robby and Campbell left and Graham and Whitman were the only ones awake to see them off.  My Whitman has had some pretty messy diapers today so I hope that he isn't getting anything and that no one else gets what he has.  He has felt fine though-maybe a bit more "in-to" everything.  Actually, he was such a toot this morning grabbing pop tarts out of the pantry after breakfast over and over again until I had to put him in his pack n play.  He was happy there so I didn't feel bad at all-and he loved it when Anderson put the blanket over the pack n play making a fort for Whitman.
  • The kids did well in school and only Anderson had work to finish after lunch-reading.  I told the kids that they couldn't play their kindles until all school work and chores were done.  It didn't take Graham too long to figure out that if he did Anderson's vacuuming then he could play his kindle sooner-I do love that boy.  
  • My Graham also did offer to help me with the laundry. I guess that he could see the overwhelmed look in my eyes.  We had at least 5 loads of clean clothes to fold and that is what I did while I worked with everyone during school.  Then the boys helped put up laundry in their room and even helped some with laundry from my closet.  I finally finished with all of the laundry by after lunch.
  • The afternoon was fairy calm-Grannymom had picked up Campbell and she spent the afternoon shopping and playing at Rock Creek.  And when Robby made it home with Campbell, you could tell that she was exhausted.
  • We had our supper and then quickly jumped in the car to head to football and cheer leading practice.  Anderson spent most of his practice being the center but did get to play other positions.  Campbell fooled around some during her practice but Reagan tried her hardest to keep Campbell in line (impossible task).  Graham always enjoys football practice and works really hard.  Reagan really seemed to enjoy cheer tonight-they learned a dance.  And Whitman and Keaton ran, rolled and flipped all during practice.  
  • Once at home, we quickly showered everyone and gave them a snack before putting them in bed-practice makes for a late night and tomorrow is another school day!

September 14, 2014

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Graham's highlight of the weekend!

  • Let's see, I left you last night after 12 as I was watching the movie with the girls and working on finishing the blog.  When the movie was over I played on my computer while waiting on the girls to all go to sleep so I could go downstairs, pick up and go to sleep myself.  It was well after 1 when I finally made it to bed and thankfully, everyone slept well.
  • Our alarms started going off at 6:30 and by the time I could get in the shower, I could hear that the girls were up.  They were playing the game of telephone and some hand clapping game.  My Campbell was right in the middle of them playing along-she did well last year so was aloud to stay this year.  She even slept upstairs with the girls last night and found herself a friend.  One of our guests was a bit spirited and Campbell immediately took up with her.  I guess she enjoyed playing with someone just like herself-she even told me that she was going to invite her new friend to her birthday party.
  • As soon as Robby woke up, we ran to go and get doughnuts-2 dozen doughnuts was just barely enough.  After 10 girls each had 2 and a half doughnuts, there was only one half eaten half left over for poor Whitman to eat.  He didn't mind-that child was enamored with all of these loud strangers running around the house.  
  • Before breakfast I had the girls get dressed and load up their bags and bring them downstairs.  Of course after they loaded up and brought their stuff down, I had item after item left unclaimed to find the owners of.  The girls played "sardines" (reverse hide n seek) until it was time to head to church.
  • On our way to church, Robby ran into Walgreens to pick up pictures for the girls picture frames.  That was a fun and useful (and inexpensive) party favor.  We did cause quite a commotion with 10 girls all walking into the church house.  Three girls headed to Sunday school (Kennedy, Kaleigh and Alyssa Kate), three stayed with us for church (Lilli, Campbell and Reagan) and four found their folks in big church (Reagan, Kennedy, Cate and Camryn).  
  • On the way home, I asked Reagan if she enjoyed her birthday party and she grinned and said "yep."  I guess that made it worth it but really, sleepovers are kind of like having a baby-you forget how hard it really is but then you have another one.  Last night while I was sitting and waiting on the girls to fall asleep, I remembered my Dad offering to give us money to elope and I wondered if I should offer Reagan money next year to not have a birthday party...just a thought.
  • Back to the day, we had our lunch at Grannymom's house and the kids worked incredibly hard on knocking down dominoes.  After a bit, we decided to head home so we could sneak a nap in this afternoon-Keaton and Whitman went to sleep first, then I was the next one to fall asleep followed by Robby.  And sometime during my short nap, Campbell came and joined me as she does most Sundays.
  • The boys had a big time with Cash last night.  Graham told me all about it and said that they played on their kindles.  And Anderson filled me in on church saying that the story was about Joseph and the famine.  I think they could have stayed gone a few more days but Keaton was ready to be home.  She enjoyed her day and night with Nonna and Pops but she was so happy to see us.  
  • It wasn't long before our naps were over and it was time for choir.  I would love choir a lot more if we could just do it by teleconference!  Anderson asked how long he was in choir and I said about an hour.  He kept saying "really?" so I asked him how long it felt like to him (expecting him to say 2-3 hours) but he said "like 30 minutes."
  • My Campbell couldn't sit still for anything during big church-it was bad enough that she might have to practice sitting still this week.  That girl kept pretending to grab the pen while looking at Robby during the sermon.  Gotta love her!  After church, we went to the playground to play for a bit before heading home.
  • Once at home, people had showers, had a snack, had ice cream and even did a chore or two.  And then it was bedtime-we should have gone to bed to but alas we wanted some chocolate cake more than some sleep!

September 13, 2014-Happy Birthday Reagan!

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Girl Power! Celebrating Reagan's birthday...

  • I was secretly hoping that it was going to continue raining all night long.  But alas, the ground was dry-ish when we woke up and upward games were on for the day.  Robby and I woke up first and got ourselves ready.  Then I went upstairs to wake the kids up-by the time I made it back downstairs, Anderson was sitting on the couch already in his uniform and was playing his kindle.
  • My girls took a bit longer to get ready but soon we were all ready and headed to the ballgames.  My girls cheered first and again my Campbell ran through the tunnel with her pom poms waving.  That girl is the best ever at running through the tunnel.  And my Reagan is the best ever at doing cheers.  Together they make one awesome cheerleader.  They both had lots of fun today even though the rest of us were freezing to death.  At one point, I even googled "signs of freezing to death" just so I should know if we should be worried-it wasn't that cold but close!
  • Next up was Graham's game.  My Graham caught a pass and even ran a few yards on that play and another play.  Graham's team won and he had a really fun time.  After the game, we headed to McDonalds to thaw out.  Last week, we went to McDonalds to cool off but this week it was to warm up.  We ate our lunch and then the kids played on the playground for a bit-well, not all of the kids-Whitman went home with Grannymom for a ballgame break, Keaton went with Nonna and we brought Cash with us.
  • After our break, we headed back for Anderson's game.  His game was a bit more exciting-maybe tense might be the word.  The coaches couldn't quite agree-the kids didn't really know that though.  I think it was a tie and so did Anderson.  He had fun but when we got in the car, he said "I hope they get my position fixed."  We asked what he meant and he said that he didn't want to be center the entire time.  I told him to tell his coach and he said that he did but his coach said he would work on it.  Urgh, my boy is a good center but if he wants to play something else, I think upward would be the place to give him a chance....ok, I will calm down now.  All that matters is that the kids have fun.
  • Keaton again went home with Nonna after the game and Whitman with Grannymom.  That just left us with the big 4 and I let them do their own thing while Robby mowed the yard and I worked inside the house getting ready for the big birthday party.
  • It wasn't too long before the party started here-of course we had the family here along with Lilli, Reagan D, my Reagan, Kennedy S., Kennedy M, Camryn, Cate, Alyssa Kate, Kaleigh...and there might be someone else but right now I just can't think of who it might be.  Pretty sure that is all of the people-at least hope so.  (I am trying to type and watch Parent Trap all at the same time)
  • The first order of business during this peppermint party was to eat Taco Salad.  Before we could stop them, the girls ran outside to play for a few minutes.  We wrangled them back in for present opening.  Reagan opened quite an assortment of presents and was very gracious.  Then it was cake time-peppermint cake (that caused me fits this afternoon) and brownies with peppermint icing.  
  • After that, the girls opened up a few of Reagan's presents while we waited on Lilli to arrive.  Then I had a canvas for everyone to paint-I let them paint whatever they wanted so that did take a while.   Next up was a fingernail painting game.  And the best game of all was blindfolded musical pillows in the driveway-good thing the neighbors didn't call the cops on us!  
  • Afterwards, I tried to calm the folks down some.  They had something to drink and then we headed to the bonus room to watch a movie.  The movie is still going on (12:10) and afterwards, it is going to bedtime.  Oh my, I sure hope it is going to be bedtime.  I am getting a bit tired now-good thing all of these girls aren't sitting with us during church-imagine a row of 8 sleeping girls!  

September 12, 2014-Happy Birthday Reagan!

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Happy 9th Birthday Reagan!

  • The birthday girl was one of the first ones up this morning.  She was ready to get this day of celebrations started.  The first order of business though was quite a bit of time in the toy room with everyone before we started breakfast.  Once we did have breakfast, her waffles had a candle and we sang.  We have sang Happy Birthday so much today (and yesterday and will tomorrow) that I have heard Whitman today singing "birthday" over and over again.
  • As soon as Reagan was finished with breakfast, she said "should I do my chores now?"  I said sure and she walked over to discover that her chore list of the day had been replaced with Happy Birthdays.  She was pleased-though the boys were not since they had been given her chores.  Actually, no one really had any real chores today-my laundry wasn't folded so not one could put it up, my dishwasher had pots, pans and lots of big things in it and not plates and cups and the toy room was already picked up.  
  • After breakfast, we started on school.  Today was a light day since it was a birthday so everyone was finished by 10ish.  That was nice-especially for me because I had a few pre-birthday party things to accomplish.  Some of their "light day" of school consisted of looking up a verse in the Bible and then finding one of the words from the verse in the dictionary, working on their fun phonics and both boys had to do something with their sisters (Anderson had to read to Campbell and Graham had to play fishing for letters with Keaton). 
  • My kids are funny because I can never figure them out.  I had a game for the little girls today-hide different colored popsicles and then they had to find them and mark the correct one off until they found them all.  I knew my big kids would want to help hide them for the girls but I had no idea that we would play the game multiple times with Graham and Reagan probably enjoying it more than Campbell and Keaton.  
  • I couldn't really think of a spectacular birthday lunch so I went with the standard-pb and j.  Reagan got to pick what we read at lunch so she wanted to read Grimm's Cinderella.  We didn't get to the part that she really wanted to get to today-when the stepsisters cut off their toes and heel so their foot could fit into Cinderella's shoe.  
  • We just had a bit of time before leaving to meet Robby.  Our first stop was the Nutrition Center-I had a few pages to fill out for Anderson's study.  Though I really have no idea why they couldn't ask Robby those questions-highest level of education, his occupation, and his current salary-I am pretty sure he knows all of that stuff too.  I did have to fill out a few pages for behaviors that have been a problem with Anderson in the last 6 weeks-sometimes a problem, often a problem or never a problem.  I know I am pretty easy going but I think we just have good kids-I struggled to really mark anything.  I mean he is easily distracted during school, sometimes forgets to pick up after himself and has started to use a new ugly tone occasionally with me but none of those are really "problems."  I mean they aren't great behaviors but they are corrected when asked so I can't really mark them as problems.  Hope that doesn't disappoint them!
  • Then we went to Sonic-we went to the one on Cantrell so we could eat inside.  Robby had a minute and ran to buy cookies for the birthday girl.  So we had slushes and cookies and again sang Happy Birthday.  Weeks ago, Anderson had asked me to buy Reagan some rainbow looms for her birthday.  Of course I forgot until the last minute and thankfully, Nonna was able to save the day and pick me up some.  Graham couldn't wait to give Reagan the ones from him at breakfast and Anderson said he would give her the ones from him at Sonic but once we got there, he decided to wait until her birthday party.  
  • After Sonic, we dropped Graham off at Grannymom's house.  The kids thought that we would never get there coming from Cantrell but finally we made it and before I could even put the car in park, Graham was out of the van door.  I followed him in but I guess he thought I was dropping him off because he tried to shut the door behind himself even though I was walking in to.  He could not wait...and if he had only known what he was going to get to do-his own trip to Big Rock.  Grandpa sent Robby a picture of Graham on the go-carts.  That boy must have been in heaven (he missed the trip there for Cash's birthday and was so disappointed about it).  
  • Our afternoon flew by at home with me working in the kitchen accomplishing not a whole lot.  We weren't really home too long before it was time to eat and leave again.  Our Sunday school class had a fellowship at church so the kids all went to child care there.  Reagan brought 2 dozen cupcakes to share with her closest friends.  Anderson said that they even sang to her tonight. 
  • Even though we picked the kids up after 9, they were still going strong and could have stayed for another hour or two.  My girls were so excited to be in a class together and loved, loved watching a movie.  And Reagan and Anderson enjoyed playing in the game room.  And Whitman, well, I think he is just so cute that his teachers spoil him rotten (I might be guilty of doing that as well!)
  • Once at home, the kids quickly went to sleep and Robby and I started on picking up a bit.  Since there are 3 ballgames in the morning and the yard needs to be mowed in the afternoon, there will not be too much time to get ready for the party!  So we did all we could tonight.