February 19, 2018

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  • Robby and I were waking up when the boys burst in our room to ask how many doughnuts they could have. I asked how many their were. 3! They had to ask to figure out how many they could have when they were the only 3 boys there. Now, Whitman was still asleep so I am sure that my big boys were hoping that I would tell them that they could eat his doughnut. I did not!
  • Soon I snatched Whitman out of bed and put him in our bed for a little bit. He was excited about his "playdate" at Nonna's house today. I had packed his bears, ipad, books and homework. He had a blast all day and even came home with some playdough that he made with Nonna.
  • Robby and I headed to IKEA for my birthday present today so the kids were at Nonna's house and Grannymom's house. Jason came over to Nonna's house, and all of the boys played most of the day long-watching tv, building legos and taking a walk.
  • The girls had spent the night at Grannymom's house. My Campbell and Keaton were up bright and early (way too early) and then Reagan, my only child with good sense, slept much, much later than her sisters.
  • The girls did a lot of eating ice cream, taking walks, ipad playing and hanging with their cousins. I know that they had a great time because when we picked them up, they were exhausted!
  • Robby and I dropped off the boys this morning and then zoomed on to Ikea. We found drawers for the girls' closet, scissors, pillows, storage boxes, a cabinet for the school room, a toothbrush holder, kitchen scrub brushes, a little Christmas present, and some cinnamon rolls. I probably left something out, but we also left with a good list of things we didn't find (or couldn't afford!)
  • Now we did take a break from our shopping to do some eating. I had also received a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory for my birthday. Gracious, it is a pricey little place. We had the gift card plus two free cheesecakes. I won't even waste time with telling you about our food, which was very good, but our cheesecakes were divine. I had peanut butter and chocolate and Robby had snickers. Now, unfortunately, we were so full from our meal that we couldn't finish all of them. We did eat most and didn't leave enough to take home.
  • From there, we headed back to Ikea and filled up the car with our purchases. Then it was home to Little Rock to pick up the kids. They were all tired, and I think that we were a bit tired as well.
  • Once at home, we emptied the car of the light stuff while the kids showered. Everyone did have half of a cinnamon roll before they went to bed. Tomorrow will be a rough day around here-a full day of school after the weekend and a day of being spoiled by grandparents!

February 18, 2018

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  • The girls were the first ones we saw this morning as they put their pajamas into our room. They seem to move slow on most mornings except for Sundays and Wednesdays. Now Whitman was not too happy about having to put on church clothes and then when he found out that it was "Big Church Day." So as I was getting him dressed, I told him all about people in China being scared to go to church and worship God. This conversation didn't change his dislike any for having to go to church.
  • We headed to church without Reagan, who was already there. She had spent all weekend at the middle school retreat. Our service was great with a full choir of regular folks and young people. After church, we found Reagan and then had to go and retrieve her bags.
  • Next up, was lunch at Dana's house to celebrate Grannymom's birthday. Dana had Mexican and all the fixings. After we ate, everyone sang Happy Birthday to Grannymom before having cupcakes and ice cream sundaes. She opened her presents, and then the kids all played outside until we headed home.
  • Once at home, I started to work on the laundry while everyone else unloaded the car and straightened a bit. Grannymom and Grandpa came over to help work on our ceiling fan in our room. It seemed to be an easy fix for Grandpa and Robby. The girls packed their bags and headed on home with Grannymom when they left.
  • We didn't do much at all for the rest of the afternoon. The boys spent a good deal of time watching Minecraft videos. Since the girls were gone, Whitman didn't have his usual buddies so he hung with his brothers like glue. He must think he is as old as they are.
  • The boys grabbed themselves supper, and we all ate different things while sitting in the kitchen. Then we all watched a movie about Jackie Robinson until bedtime. We let the boys finish the movie so they were up until almost 10. It was a pretty interesting movie but we did have to have a conversation about all of the words that they heard! Hope Whitman wasn't listening!

February 17, 2018

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  • Robby and I took full advantage of our Saturday morning. At one time, he wondered if we were bad parents for letting our kids fend for themselves all morning long. However, I suggested that we were fostering independence and self-sufficiency. Even though we were in bed longer than we should have, we were awake most of the time since Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were in the school room chatting away.
  • After we finally got out of bed, we worked on a few things around the house. It is amazing what you can find to do when you feel like being productive. I reorganized all of the hats that were downstairs and even made a spreadsheet of our gift cards. Those aren't things that you plan on doing!
  • We really didn't do a whole lot this morning, and the kids didn't either. There were some slime watching videos and lots of xbox playing. Graham was fine without Anderson but Campbell and Keaton were a bit lonely without Reagan so they spent a lot of time following me around.
  • We ran to pick up Anderson from Nonna and Pops' house. He could have stayed over there all weekend and wasn't in too much of a hurry to head home. Then we went to Grannymom's house for Robby to do some work on their computer. The kids played on their ipads, I read Whitman some books, the boys played outside, and we even watched some of the Hogs play.
  • Robby, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I ran to Walmart for look for a few things. Whitman needed a new cup along with some pants that I couldn't find. Campbell needed a pair of leggings which we also didn't find, but she did find herself a gallon of glue. We will soon be making slime all day every day around here. Keaton went in half with Campbell and her glue-those girls are still trying to spend their Christmas money. We even bought a few things for next weeks supper.
  • We then ran back to Grannymom's house to pick up Anderson and Graham. Then it was on to Chuys to eat supper. I went to town on the jalepeno dip which I thought was wonderful. Everyone had plenty to eat, and our waitress was exceptionally great. The kids even received Popsicles after our meal from the waitress.
  • On the way home, we drove by the new cinnamon roll place. We knew that they would be closed but we wanted to double check the hours. A worker man, actually the owner, opened the door to talk to us. We were just barely parked trying to read the sign when he saw us. Robby hollered that we were just trying to check on the hours. He offered for us to come in so Robby hopped out of the car! 
  • The kids and I were thrilled with this since cinnamon rolls sounded a lot better for our evening snack than the slice and bake cookies that we had earlier talked about. Robby said the man gave him a deal, and they even chatted for a good bit before Robby finally came back to the car. He bought 8 cinnamon rolls and the man gave him 2 apple muffin somethings as well.
  • Once at home, the kids showered and everyone waited not so patiently to eat their cinnamon rolls. We watched a bit of the Olympics, and then finally opened up our cinnamon roll boxes. The kids just had half of one, and Robby and I waited until the kids were in bed before we dug into ours. Robby said that he could have had another one which I talked him out of. He did say that the leftovers were going to set on his nightstand tonight!

February 16, 2018

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  • Everyone slept well around here last night, and I slept so well that I was still in bed after everyone else was awake. That was fine since we still managed to cook breakfast (4 people ate eggs) and do our together work before 9:20. 
  • Some days school works pretty well and some days it doesn't. You can never really tell which way the day is going to go in the morning. Thankfully, today went smoothly, and people finished their work early. Even Anderson finished early which is a bit my fault. One day he has to parse 10 sentences (write what parts of speech each word is) and then the next day he has to diagram those sentences. I don't do it often but occasionally, his work from the first day isn't saved but put in the trash pile by me. Yesterday, I must have gotten rid of his work so today, he was given a pass! 
  • Everyone had finished my noon, and I even had time to pull out Reagan, Anderson and Graham's work for next week. Nonna and Pops then came to pick up Anderson for his night at their house. He was anxious to leave which was obvious because he had packed as soon he had the chance.
  • After they left, we made lunches and everyone ate just where ever they wanted. I worked on pulling out Keaton and then Campbell's school for the next month. It just looks like I will only have to do that one more time before we start wrapping school up for the year. I can't believe it. The kids are already finishing things each week-most everyone has finished handwriting and there are only a few spelling lessons left in our books. 
  • The kids spent some time outside shooting hoops and even found the neighbors to play with for a bit. Reagan spent her afternoon packing because around 5, we left. We picked up supper for the rest of us and then dropped Reagan off at church. This is the middle school spring retreat weekend so Reagan will be gone all weekend long.
  • Once at home, we ate our supper and then settled in to watch some Olympics until bedtime. The girls have watched too much ice skating and spent most of the evening dancing, spinning and flipping behind my chair. I think that they did finally exhaust themselves because they did sit down quietly for a few minutes before we did send everyone to bed.

February 15, 2018

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  • I was up early this morning, but Robby dressed Whitman for school. Whitman wore a pair of pants that had a huge in the backside. In Robby's defense, the only other pair in the drawer did have large metal snaps on the backside, and Robby was worried about how he would be able to set on those all day long. All of the boys other pairs of pants were in the clean laundry basket. 
  • Whitman didn't mind because he was headed to school. Everyone had a light day of school which made things a little easier for everyone. When we do light days of school, I often think that our light days are probable still enough school work for everyone. They all had review math pages which was wonderful-especially when Graham worked everyone one of his fraction problems correct.
  • We had our lunch and afterwards, the kids worked on their chores, and I decided to snooze until Whitman came home. It was nearly 3 when he finally showed up. When he came home, Whitman was happy to cuddle up beside Anderson and watch him play his ipad for a bit. I eventually grabbed him and we did his reading book.
  • The kids played some basketball this afternoon. It was pretty perfect weather, and they enjoyed playing. I eventually started working on supper-manicotti. Campbell and Graham did help for a bit stuffing the shells, but it proved to be a bit difficult for their hands. (They both headed outside instead.) 
  • We ate around 6, and manicotti is a hit around here. Whitman even ate his plateful. Now, he probably would have given it a thumbs down if we would have asked, but we don't care if he likes it or not. Everyone else did eat it up and finding a meal around here that everyone likes can sometimes be challenging. 
  • After supper, we all sat around in the living room. Most everyone had a device in their hands (Robby and I included) and were all watching the Olympics. A few folks were working on their school work during all of this too. We laughed about having a house with plenty of space but everyone was still crammed in one tiny space, which couldn't be any more perfect!

February 14, 2018-Happy Valentine's Day!

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  • Everyone was awake early this morning. My girls had made their beds, put on their red shirts and were eating breakfast pretty early. My boys on the other hand had found themselves breakfast, put on their clothes and hadn't even thought about Valentine's Day or the 21 kiddos that would be at the house this afternoon. My Anderson didn't even know that we were having a Valentine's/100 Days of School party at the house this afternoon.
  • Once everyone was brought up to speed, we passed out Valentine presents. Everyone had a new shirt along with a box of Laffy Taffy and a box of sweethearts. The boys shirts were all Star Wars shirts. Anderson opened his and said. "this is the shirt I wanted." Campbell was pleased to have a Valentine's shirt since she had earlier said that she did not have one. I also think I might have found one that Reagan liked since I bought one just like one that she had bought before from Old Navy except in another color.
  • Before we started a last minute pick up around the house, Robby gave me my Valentine's present: a calendar filled with pictures from this last year. He has been giving me these calendars for probably a decade so not only do I love them but I also desperately need a new one come March. He also gave me the warmest and most snuggliest blanket ever. I think that it actually looks like a Star Wars Wookie. 
  • We left for Bible study, and my Reagan and Campbell were pretty excited about going. Campbell had made her class decorated sugar cookies which her cookies said were the prettiest they had ever seen. Reagan had angel food cake drizzled with pink icing and strawberries for her class' snack. All of the kids left with some candy, and by this point in the day, they had already had a great Valentine's Day.
  • When we made it home, some of the girls were already there. We had our homeschool get together this afternoon and threw a huge 100 Days of School along with a Valentine's party. It was so much fun (and work!) I had divided the kids into 2 groups and each group had 9 different activities to complete.
  • The big kids made a snack with 100 items, licked a lollipop 100 times, built a tower with 100 cup, built a tower with 100 index cards, worked a 100 piece puzzle, timed what all they could do in 100 seconds, put 100 drops of water in a cup, made a tower with 100 marshmallows and toothpicks and made a boat to hold 100 pennies. They worked so well together. It took them quite a while to complete all of these activities. I really couldn't believe how well they all did. 
  • The little kids also made a snack mix with 100 items, licked a lollipop 100 times, and made a cup tower like the big kids but they also stacked 100 pennies, wrote their names in 100 boxes, did 100 exercises, rolled a dice to 100, guessed which jar filled with Legos had 100 in it, and counted a 100 cans of food. Everyone brought cans of food to count, and then tonight donated it to church for Feed the Need. The little kids (first graders on down) did so well too. Their stations didn't take quite as long as the big kids but they did so great. Each group had a grown up with them, and they all had such a good time. 
  • When everyone finished with their stations, it was finally time to pass out the Valentines. The kids had been waiting not so patiently for hours. Everyone was so proud of their Valentines and could not wait to fill their boxes. And fill their boxes they did. When the Valentines were all passed out, we shooed the kids outside and passed out Traci's cupcakes. The kids then ate and played outside until church time which wasn't too much longer. 
  • The moms all helped me clean up the house since it was quite a disaster. Everyone started leaving to head to church, and the kids grabbed a bite of supper and picked up some. We left for church tonight exhausted but with a semi straightened house.
  • We drug in our canned food for the donation boxes along with Keaton's cards for Grannymom and Nonna and Valentine's cookies for Grannymom. It was then time for our classes. I know that Whitman and Keaton's classes had cupcakes tonight since I passed them out. I am sure that the big kids had some treat as well. I do know that after a week of eating pizza and even pizza for lunch, all of my kids grabbed a slice as it lay out on the tables as we were leaving church.
  • Once at home, we had a drink and the kids cycled through the showers. We had a bit of downtime before bed. I know all of my people are exhausted, but Robby just said that he heard the boys still going strong.

February 13, 2018

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  • At 7:05, Graham came in our bedroom and laid down for a bit with us. He then looked around and said, "where is Whitman?" We told him that he wasn't in our room, and that he was probably still in his bed. Graham said that he wasn't but that he would go and check again. 
  • This normally would concern me enough to get up and look myself, but then we remembered hearing some footsteps and doors closing last night. We just thought someone had gone to the bathroom at 10, but when we thought about it, it could have been Whitman running to the girls room.
  • A bit later, I met him on the stairs and asked where he had spent the night. He grinned and said, "In Reagan's bed." I asked her how she slept and she replied that she didn't sleep well at all. She told me that she had told him yesterday that her bed was monster proof. They said that he opened the door and then ran straight towards Reagan's bed and jumped in.
  • Robby took Whitman to school while the rest of us started on our school work. I wasn't around too long because I was soon headed to Whitman's school for his Valentine's party. He was pretty pleased to see me and thrilled to pass out his Valentine's to his friends.
  • We then ran to the library, and he picked out a few books to read at Granymom's house. Robby and I met for lunch at La Madeleines. They gave me the wrong thing. I had taken a bite of it before I realized but after I received what I had really ordered, I just wished that I would have kept the mistake. Their tomato soup was really good but other than that, I don't have to go back there for a while.
  • Back at home, I kicked it in high gear catching up on everyone's math. I tell you, there is nothing I hate more than coming home and having to grade everyone's math. Reagan might be getting to the age where she could honestly mark what she missed, and then see if she could fix it. I can see why my friends are moving to a math program that the kids do online.
  • The kids had already finished their chores when I arrived back home along with make a few last cards and Reagan finishing her Valentine's. I did help her decorating her angel food cake for tomorrow's snack. Alyssa Kate soon arrived for a bit.
  • Robby, Reagan and AK went to run an errand or two and pick up Kennedy. As soon as they drove in the driveway, I was in the car waiting. From there we picked up Camryn, Emma, Cate and Kaleigh. It was a van full!
  • Reagan had received a gift card for the movies for her and her friends and tonight was the night that she spent it. The movie was Peter Rabbit, and it was pretty cute. I am not sure if they girls could even watch the movies since they were so busy eating-popcorn, cokes, candy. 
  • Everyone at home, played outside for a bit, had showers and had supper. They did all settle down in time to watch some of the Hogs play. Everyone was awake when we finally dropped off all of the girls.
  • Reagan jumped in the shower and Campbell and Keaton helped me set up a few things for tomorrow. Once everyone was in bed, I grabbed the kids Valentine's from the attic and then finally sat down for a few minutes!