October 21, 2014

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Even I have school work!

  • Two days in a row and I was the first one up again - it may be a record.  But if I get up and exercise and even have time to do a few items on my list like laundry or dishes. I'd rather be in the cozy bed but it does help start the day off good.  Robby soon stirred and that was before any kids made it to the bedroom.  In fact, I had to go wake them up because it was time for Campbell to head to school.
  • Often, we're running behind and she has to eat in a poptart in the car but today she really wanted yogurt and it was cinnamon toast day too.  But we had enough time for her to eat her yogurt and she ended up taking her toast in the car. We said bye to her and Robby, finished our breakfast and got started on school.
  • School was pretty uneventful and everyone worked through their boxes.  We did our together work, had lunch and did more reading. We're almost finished with James and the Giant Peach.
  • Nonna picked up Campbell from school and they went back to her house for lunch and to cook up a snack for the rest of the kiddos.  Soon, they came bearing their snack and Reagan said it was the "best pudding she's had. How did she make it taste so good?"
  • Campbell was excited to get home because she had picked out a movie with Robby yesterday from Redbox for everyone to watch.  While getting ready to watch the movie, Campbell banged her toe and let out an unusual screech....
  • Turns out she has a really bad ingrown toenail.  She seems to have picked at her nail and now it has turned red and it very sore for her.  She was in quite a bit of pain.  We've soaked it in warm water and Epsom salt, put antibiotic cream and taken some Tylenol.  It seems to have given her some relief.  At first Robby said we should make an appointment with a podiatrist (he had one as a kid and had to have surgery).  But after a little internet reading - it sounds like we should try treating it at home for a few days.  I hope Campbell can survive because it doesn't sound like any quick fixes.  Any one out there have any other suggestions?  All welcome.
  • The plan was for everyone to go outside to play and enjoy the nice weather but Campbell's toe's situation curtailed her and Keaton going out (so they followed me around!)  Reagan, Anderson and Graham played outside with their walkie talkies, a game of football and throwing the giant frisbee (which eventually landed on the roof).
  • Robby made it home from work and the grocery store just in time for me to head out for pajama Bunko (does it get any better?)  He cooked up some frozen pizzas, threw the football around with the kids (except Campbell who was soaking her foot again) and then came in for supper.
  • Showers for everyone were next, followed by making to-go lunches for after Bible Study tomorrow and then everyone, even Whitman, watched Wipeout and finished their candy from Keaton's birthday party.  Nothing like a box of sugar right before bed - but Robby did make them brush their teeth an extra minute.
  • They read the Bible story (tonight's story about the two golden calves ad idols - Anderson said, "Will those people ever learn to do what is right?"  Robby told him to remember that lesson.) And then it was lights out...and I'm still out partying!  

October 20, 2014-Happy (early) Birthday Pops!

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Celebrating Pop's 68th birthday!

  • I was the first one up this morning-actually, I was up for an hour before anyone else woke up.  But as soon as they woke up, 4 kiddos climbed into the bed with us and Robby quickly climbed out.  There was much pushing, shoving and whining.  Then I reminded everyone that long ago, many families only had 1 bed.  This did calm them down for about 3 seconds as they thought about all of us having to share a bed.
  • I ran upstairs to turn off their fan and when I came back down, my Campbell was already putting on her clothes.  I tell you, she does enjoy going to school.  Today she came home with the cutest picture proofs.  I can not explain how adorable they were and if she was an only child, I would have spent a small fortune to buy her pictures.  But since she is not an only child, I sure can't buy a big ole picture of her and have nothing of her brothers and sisters.  Beside, I took a pretty adorable picture of her on picture day-not nearly as cute as those pictures though. 
  • The rest of us had school.  Graham continues to finish before everyone else-when he is focused he can really knock his school work out.  Though him finishing first isn't always a good thing.  But my Reagan and Anderson have become the most distracted of the bunch.  Reagan does get her work done but she can so easily distract everyone else.  And my Anderson can be distracted by anything-so just imagine how many times he gets distracted trying to to work in the same room as a 1 year old, a 2 year old and Reagan and Graham.  I did let him just do one page of his math but told him that during the afternoon he would have to finish the other page-and he did so without complaint.
  • We had our sandwiches for lunch and I read quite a bit during lunch.  Then everyone set off to do their afternoon chores.  Graham's chore today was box mover and he helped me move bin of clothing out into their bedroom.  My plan today was to change over the boys clothes and just as I got everything finished in the attic and had sat down to start working, the power went out.  
  • The kids room is pretty dark without power-dark enough that I couldn't see the sizes on the clothes so I finished my pile and moved to the toy room where it was brighter.  I couldn't really do what I had wanted because of power outage but I was able to go through the boys boxes and pull out all their possibilities.  The lights were still out so we then started going through Reagan and Campbell's clothes.  Man, my Reagan is picky but thankfully, right now we have enough choices for her to be picky and I let her as long as it was modest enough.
  • Near the end of the afternoon, I started working on supper for Pops-I was sweating it for a bit when the power was out since I was using the crock pot to cook supper.  But it all ended up working out great.  The kids worked more on their perler beads which meant that I had to iron again.  And would you believe, that silly iron that is practically never used broke-the plate just came off during my ironing.  It just wasn't meant to be!
  • Nonna, Pops and Jason came over to celebrate Pops' 68th birthday. The food was good if I do say so myself and the dessert was even better.  I can say that since I didn't make it-my friend Marie Callendar did.  Pops opened his presents and his plethora of cards from the kids.  When it was time for everyone to leave, the kids waved bye and after a bit of picking up, it was soon bedtime for all!...and more pie for me!

October 19, 2014

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Sunday Night Means Ice Cream Truck Night!

  • Even though we had doughnuts this morning, my kids weren't moving to quickly.  I think this busy weekend has done them in!  Finally, they all started moving around (I was already dressed) and we were able to start on breakfast. Everyone is much more excited about leftover Krispy Kreme than the powdered donuts that we usually have on Sunday mornings but there is nothing that compares to the hot Krispy Kreme donuts yesterday.
  • After breakfast, everyone got ready and some even had time to play on their kindles before we loaded up for church.  Before church, we saw Pops who had candy for the kids.  Then we saw the candy man who had candy for the kid.  And then we stopped to see Grandpa who had candy for the kids.  My Keaton was so, so excited about all of this candy-kind of like trick or treating in the church house.
  • You may have noticed me sitting exceptionally still in big church this morning-Bro. Paul preached.  My momma made it very clear to me when I was a little girl that Bro. Paul would stop his sermon and call my name if he saw me not listening during church.  I wasn't going to take any chances today!
  • Not only did Bro. Paul preach but the pulpit was on the stage and Graham asked what that was.  And then when the choir came down wearing their choir robes-Campbell was very confused.  She had never seen those before and she leaned over to me and asked "are they wearing anything under those?"  I told her that I sure hoped they were!
  • We then went to Sunday school and my Anderson was called up on stage for a game.  That is great but my poor Graham so, so wants to get called to go on stage.  Now there are about 60+ kids in that room so of course, he may never get called on to go on stage but that sure is hard to understand for a little guy.
  • Lunch was more of those spaghetti leftovers from the other day.  The kids again complained about the leftovers and Robby made it very clear that they were going to eat sandwiches every single day this next week and there would be no complaints.  The other day I asked Reagan what she would eat if she could eat anything for lunch.  She thought for a long time and then seriously looked at me and said "candy."  That is what my people think is a meal and really, they are going to complain every time they are not served a meal of candy for breakfast.
  • At lunch, Reagan pulled out her perler beads and went to work.  I made it very clear that I was not going to iron anything during the afternoon but everyone still joined her and they just crafted all afternoon long while watching their movies.  Whitman and Keaton slept and so did Robby and I.  Robby mentioned cutting the yard some but I pulled him over to the dark side and convinced him to nap with me.
  • Soon it was time to scurry around to leave for choir-the alarm goes off at 3:45, I hit snooze for at least 10 minutes and then we have to be out the door by 4:15.  As you can imagine that leads to much rushing.  The kids quickly put back on their Sunday clothes and surprisingly we were able to be in the car on time and made it to choir early.
  • Tonight, our choir and choirs from other churches sang.  It was wonderful-at one point, I leaned over and told my Graham that this is just a taste of what heave will be like.  I know I have said it before, but there is nothing like hearing your kids worship.  My boys were singing their hearts out during the worship time.  And during the last choir song, Graham could not help but sing.  I could go on and on but man, I am so thankful for our church.  
  • Sundays are long days and Campbell does pretty well in big church.  And we do have to remember that she is just 4 (almost 5 though) but she was so antsy tonight.  That child could not stay still-eventually she was taken out.  Her daddy was probably kinder to her than I would have been.  But a bit after Campbell left, I saw Pops leaving too-I figured he was going out to rescue his Campbell.  Oh, that child!
  • Robby had a meeting after church, so the boys played in the game room and the girls and Whitman ran up and down the hallways.  Whitman loved, loved running and was pretty tired from running when it was time to leave.   He wasn't so tired that he fell asleep on the way home-no, he stayed up because I think he really knew that tonight was ice cream truck night.  
  • Once we made it home, everyone put on their pjs.  Then it was ice cream picking time Everyone liked our new selection of ice cream and all my crew went to bed very happy!  

October 18, 2014

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Rooting on the Hogs!

  • Maybe we should stay out until 10 every night-at least we would get to sleep until almost 8.  Of course, this Saturday we should probably have started our day a bit earlier but it was still fun to sleep in a bit.  When everyone woke up they first crawled into our bed and then they quickly put on their clothes.  My boys did this quickly because their football jerseys was what they were wearing and my girls put on their clothes quickly because the first stop of the day was Krispy Kreme.
  • Robby had just mentioned that this Krispy Kreme visit was to celebrate Keaton's belated birthday.  I didn't even think of getting out the candles since her birthday was 3 weeks ago and she had her fair share of candles during her birthday.  Keaton must have heard this because after she had eaten some of her doughnut, she said that she was going to save the rest for her candle.  Oops, so I started singing to her and that kind of appeased her.  Hope that event doesn't scar her!  
  • The other kids weren't scarred at all by the doughnut breakfast.  They scarfed those doughnuts down.  We have to buy 2 dozen doughnuts now (along with the frees ones you get when you walk in) so we can have enough for breakfast the next day.   
  • The next stop was long overdue-Baptist hospital to see our pictures.  My kids think they are something special but when you see your picture three times your size on a skybridge and on a box truck, you really know you are something special.  Everyone was so happy to see themselves but I was a bit saddened to see how much everyone had grown since last December-My Whitman isn't a baby anymore.
  • Sams was the next place we ran into.  We just had to pick up some medicine and then we had a few minutes to walk around a bit.  I love looking at stuff at Sams-though we never really buy anything and the kids loved looking at the toys.  When we left, Robby, Reagan and Campbell ran over to Walmart while the rest of us loaded up the car.  He bought a hat for himself (he was without a razorback hat), a laundry basket for me and football eye thingies for Graham.
  • Grannymom had appetizers at 11 this morning and we made it there just in time.  The kids enjoyed the "snacky lunch" as they like to call it.  She had empanadas and Dana brought dip and it was all delicious.  This day was a trifecta in my book-not a single meal was cooked or served at home/by me!
  • Robby helped usher at the football game so I dropped him off at the stadium.  I left the kids at Grannymom's house when I did this but once I neared the excitement of the tailgaters and the stadium, I was a bit disappointed that I didn't bring them.  They would have loved seeing all of the sights of the game.  But I am sure they were all having fun at Grannymom's house and they even seemed pretty calm when I came back to pick them up.
  • Nonna had given Reagan a Michaels gift card for her birthday.  So our main goal was to find something for her to buy.  We walked and walked and walked around that store.  The kids were excellent and Reagan knew exactly what she wanted when we had finished walking through the store.  She decided on perler beads-we have some but never use them.  She found some with different colors than what we had and I splurged and bought some new things to make the designs on so everyone was happy. 
  • I also found a wreath hanger and a bow for my wreath that I made.  I don't think the pictures really do it justice.  It is super cute and I totally copied it from my friend Alisa.  I was able to finish it tonight as we watched our movie.  It ended up not being too shabby for a 15 dollar wreath.  
  • Back at home, I put Whitman down.  He really, really wanted to stay up and let me know about it.  However, since everyone else had pulled out the perler beads (these tiny beads that you carefully place on a board and then I iron so they stick together) there was no way that Whitman could be up.  I really, really do not like the perler beads-they are tiny, they are everywhere and they involve me using my iron.  I don't think I had plugged up my iron in years!
  • The boys were also interested in watching the ball game.  The more Anderson is around football, the deeper his voice gets when he is talking.  My boys love them some football. Robby isn't a huge football fan-he likes to see the Hogs win but it isn't the end of the world if they lose. My Anderson and Graham screamed and yelled and jumped up and down as they watched their hogs flounder around today.
  • Even Keaton watched the ballgame today.  She was diligently looking for her daddy.  We knew he was in yellow and whenever we saw someone in yellow, I tried to convince them that it was Robby.  I really wanted for them to think that they had seen him since they were looking for him so hard.  At one point, Graham was yelling "get him, get him" as a Georgia player was running with the ball.  Beside him set Keaton yelling "get him Daddy, get him Daddy."
  • At halftime, we coasted to Nonna's house.  Not really coasted, we did probably have enough gas to get to Nonna's house.  Robby had told me that I needed more than "21 miles to go" when I got home or I would need to get a tiny bit of gas on the way home (he wanted to buy gas at another gas station so he could get a better price)  At the gas station, my car read "22 miles to go" and since home was another 5 miles, I pulled in to buy 5 dollars worth of gas.  When I pulled out, my car then read "24 miles to empty."  I don't know how that happened but I did know I wasn't going to have enough gas to get home, get to Nonnas, get back home and then back to the gas station.  After Nonna's house, we did meet Robby at the gas station so we could fill up both cars-there goes the grocery budget for the month! 
  • The kids were so happy when we pulled in to Nonna's house.  They walked in the front door and out the back door.  The boys convinced Jason to come out and play with them and apparently they played a game of tackle football.  All the kids, even Whitman, went out and played.  
  • Nonna had hot dogs and chili for everyone to eat.  The kids ate and then I convinced everyone to take baths or showers.  And when the kids weren't in the shower or bath tub, they were eating oreo pie!  At the end of the game, we loaded up to meet Robby.
  • Reagan took her medicine, Whitman went to bed, everyone brushed and then we watched the end of our Skylark movie.  The kids were so frightened by the fires in the movie but then so excited at the end of the movie.  It had been a busy, busy day and watching the movie was a great end to the day.  

October 17, 2014

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An early Halloween party!

  • The first thing that at least 2 of the kids said to me this morning was "I am starving."  Seriously, could they really be starving?  I don't think so but I crawled out of bed and eventually found them breakfast.  I pulled out breakfast burritos and pancake muffins-surely those would be enough to kill their hunger.  
  • Robby left for work and since it was Friday, Campbell didn't have school and she could stay home with us all day.  Just as Graham did when he was at school 3 days a week, she can't quite figure out how to incorporate back into our homeschool day when she is gone so often during the week.  At one point, she said that she wished she had school today.  But Robby said when he takes her to school, she always says she wished she could stay at home.  I am sure though she did enjoy her day because I worked with her first for a long time, she played well with Keaton and Whitman and even helped me (followed me around) all afternoon long.
  • School went well-nothing too exciting happened.  There is no spelling on Friday so that makes me happy, happy.  Keaton and Campbell keep busy doing school related things and Whitman also stays busy-mostly he stays busy walking to the pantry and pulling out cereal boxes and bringing them to me.  
  • At 11, Whitman went down for a nap-I am trying to wean him off of his morning naps (actually, I am trying to wean me off of his morning naps.)  We did all of our together work then and even read quite a bit of our many books that we are working on. 
  • Then it was lunch time-leftover spaghetti.  Those same children who were starving at breakfast turned their nose up at spaghetti.  They complain each day that we have sandwiches saying that we always have sandwiches.  So today when I pass out leftovers they complained that we just had that last night.  My Reagan was the only one with any sense and said "it is the same stuff we ate last night, just eat it."  Those kids didn't have any trouble eating the leftover cookies from last night!
  • This afternoon I felt like I was running behind the whole afternoon.  I went through 3 bins of clothes (I am trying to week down my kid clothes-my goal is for all of my bins to close completely).  I made some breakfast cookies with my two little helpers and soon Robby was coming in with groceries to be put up.
  • We thought we had plenty of time before having to leave tonight but before we knew it, we were scrambling to get all of the kids into their Halloween costumes.  We made it in plenty of time of the group picture (Campbell was afraid we were going to miss the picture-I tried to explain that they would probably wait on us.  I don't even know why she thought of a group picture anyway.) 
  • Indeed, they did not take the group picture without us.  (The McGuires were down 2 kids tonight.)  The kids enjoyed seeing each others costumes and playing outside.  Amber had delicious spaghetti and the adults were able to sit around the table and talk most of the evening long.  It was a great evening...and my Whitman was so excited when he found Laynie's toy car to play with.  
  • Back at home, the kids quickly put on their pjs and then it was time for bed.  After reading the Bible story, we tucked everyone in and I am know they were sound asleep soon-even though Keaton was doing jumping jacks during out night time prayer-she didn't seem to sleepy then!

October 16, 2014

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On the mend!

  • I had so been planning on getting up early these days to walk on the treadmill and oh, I had been doing well until this week (well maybe I didn't do too good last week either).  Oh, well, maybe tomorrow or maybe next week.  Robby just sold all of his big boy clothes at the garage sale last weekend but I may have to go and buy me some big girl clothes if I don't get back on that treadmill soon (still going to eat some cookies tonight though!)
  • All that to say when I do get up early, it is nice to have a few quiet minutes before everyone else does wake up.  This didn't happen today-people were up and crawling into our bed from all different sides as soon as the clock struck 7.  It is kind of nice to snuggle with the kids in the morning-just not all of them at the same time!
  • Robby loaded up Whitman, Keaton and Campbell to drop Campbell off at school.  As soon as they left, I started rushing the kids for them to get their work done.  I wanted them to use every quiet second that they had on their school work.  They did pretty good and just had a few things to finish when I went to pick Campbell up from school.  
  • Graham and Keaton went with me on this outing.  On the way home, we stopped by the library to pick up a few books.  And Campbell talked about her day pretty much the entire way home. She told me that they were talking about the letter P and they got a pumpkin picture and a penny.  And she said that no one wanted to play with her on the playground-that made me incredibly sad.  But I watched Campbell play on the playground yesterday at Bible study and she ran around happily, playing with the girls some but mostly playing by herself.  So I don't really know how much I believe Campbell's woe is me story but it still made me pretty sad!  
  • Once at home, I made soup for lunch-don't know why I didn't think of making soup when Reagan's throat was so sore.  Today she is like a different person and you can tell that she feels multiple times better.  Her throat is still a bit sore but still much better.  And Reagan was the only one who really enjoyed my soup!
  • The kids spent much of the afternoon going in and out.  Around 4, I did let Campbell and Keaton take Whitman outside (Robby helped watch him and I was watching from the kitchen windows).  I was busy making supper-spaghetti, sausage cornbread and cookies for supper (quite the Betty Crocker tonight!)
  • Finally, we gathered everyone inside and ate supper.  Then the kids had baths-bubbles baths!-and seriously, just doing baths for 4 kids was enough to remind us that showers are always the way to go!  Whitman and Reagan were the ones that had showers.  
  • Afterwards, we started watching the Skylark movie.  The kids stay so focused on the movie-well, for a little bit.  Whitman sat in his highchair eating cereal during the movie.  His favorite part was when the family danced in the front yard-he danced while he was in his seat!  Then it was bedtime for the crew and my Keaton was exhausted after skipping her nap this afternoon.  

October 15, 2014

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Are my teeth clean  yet?

  • Wednesday morning and even though we were hoping that Reagan would be much, much better today, she was a bit better.  I even thought just maybe she might could go today.  I touched her head and she wasn't nearly as warm as she had been the last few days so I took her temperature and it was a 100.  Hmm, so that meant she was a no go to Bible study but a go to the doctor.  
  • Robby fixed breakfast for the crew while I finished getting ready.  He left first after Reagan choked down some tylenol.  He dropped her off at Grannymom's house for the morning and then headed to work.  Soon the rest of us loaded up to head to Bible study.  Reagan was a bit bummed that she didn't get to pass out her snack today at Bible study but Anderson said that he could have his turn (sweet boy).
  • I kept kids during Bible study and saw Keaton and Graham in the hallway.  And then Campbell's class played on the playground outside of our window so I watched her play. Afterwards, we went to the park to play with people from our Bible study group.  We were there a bit longer than usual and it was a bit after 1 when we left for Beebees.
  • And then it was nearly 2 when Beebee finished with her occupational therapy.  I didn't know she was getting OT and I was about ready to bust on up into her therapy.  The kids were getting tired and antsy...and hungry for Beebee's candy which I wouldn't let them have until she was back.  We stayed for a while-and finally had to leave because poor Whitman wasn't happy with me just letting him eat 4 kit kats!  That child loves him some candy!
  • Back at home, the kids joined Reagan in watching a few movies.  Then it was time to scarf down supper and head to church.  As we were leaving for church tonight, Graham handed Reagan a note that said "get batter soon."  Actually, my boys have been so concerned about their sister.  When they found at she had strep they kept asking me what that meant, when she was going to get better and if they were going to get it (they heard us talk about it being contagious).  
  • At church, I had to be both puppets-this caused me enough stress that I practiced a few different voices in the car.  Of course this caused Campbell and Keaton to ask what I was doing!  My puppet voice ended up being a hit (well, it passed).  
  • When we all came home, the kids changed into their pjs and we had a quick snack before bed. Everyone was pretty hungry-poor Reagan has only eaten a banana all day long but she didn't want anything else tonight.  And we didn't insist that she had anything...except her medicine. Hopefully tomorrow she will feel lots better.