April 23, 2014

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  • A restful night last night but an early morning.  Oh, never mind, it wasn't that restful!  Ha!  I forgot that Whitman woke up around 5 and fussed for the longest time before I went in to check on him.  He was pretty adamant that he wanted milk so I obliged.  Last night Robby said that he wasn't going to run this morning and sleep in a bit but I guess Whitman thought that he really should get up to run (he didn't though!)
  • The kids started stirring way too early-mainly Graham.  I don't know why his little clock is off lately but he is waking up around 6:45 every day lately.  Tonight he asked me if I could lay out his chore list so he could get started in the morning right at 7-um, okay.
  • This morning was Bible study day and I had to work in the nursery so I don't really feel like I went to Bible study at all.  Oh, well, I will get the CD of the lecture so I can catch myself up-I guess I could read ahead.  It is Revelation so I do know how things end up.  I was able to see Campbell, Anderson and Graham walk by as their class went to practice for their little program next week.
  • Afterwards, I took the kids too the park for lunch.  It really just works out better right now since we would arrive right at Beebee's lunch.  Her dining room is getting fuller and the other option is for us to eat in the activity room and that is just too much activity for me.  So eating at the park is a win-win.  We make it to Beebee's after her lunch and the kids get some time at the park which they love.  Of course today, there was almost a fist fight in the car over what park we were going to.  We voted and there were some unhappy with the results but no one seemed to complain once I let them out of the car.
  • We had lunch at the park and then walked some around the little lake.  And then it was back to the car to go to Beebee's place.  She was happy to see us and the kids were happy to see her crisp dollar bills and bucket full of candy!  The kids were fine today but Whitman was my fusser.  He was exhausted (as he should have been after a full morning) and he let everyone know about it.
  • Back at home, the kids rode their bikes while I unloaded bags and people from the car.  I even unpacked most things before I pulled sleeping Keaton out.  The kids all came in as I brought in my last load and they watched their movies while I did a few chores around here.
  • Soon it was time to get ready for supper and then to church for the last official night of Sonshine Kids and 3:16 Live.  The kids so love Wednesday nights-I think they may go into withdraws after church and Bible study are both over.  
  • Back at home, my sweaty boys along with everyone else had a shower and then a little snack before bed.  Tomorrow is the big oral report day so we will see how Ms. Campbell does on hers.  And speaking of Campbell-sometimes I think she is not my child.  The other day I heard her singing in the shower "I've got 1 mommy, I've got 2 daddies, I've got 3 mommies, I've got 4 daddies."  And her song went on and on.  Gracious me!

April 22, 2014

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  • Well, that silly stomach bug will not leave my house alone.  Last night it was poor Reagan who came to my room at 1 with those dreadful words.  Poor thing was just shaking as I made her a spot on my floor, covered her up and then went upstairs to clean up.  I told Robby that he could go upstairs but he was a bit too afraid that we would have 4 or more sicklies in the middle of the night like we did last time.  Thankfully, Reagan then slept all night long and was hungry this morning.  Now saw a prayer that this is the last of the stomach bug at this Dennie house.  
  • Campbell had school today and was excited about it.  We always talk up school but a few days ago she told me that she didn't want to go to school anymore and just wanted to do homeschool.  She continued that a friend of hers doesn't go to school anymore and she doesn't want to either.  I was shocked when she told me this but I reminded her about how much fun she has at school.  That girl likes to be at home with the rest of us.
  • School here was fine this morning, Graham was very distracted so he was sent to the kitchen but that didn't help.  Anderson did better today and was again the first one finished with school.  I noticed that Reagan does a lot of fooling around during the school morning but she always finishes her school work and doesn't care if she is the last one so I let her piddling continue.  But the boys are such a different story-if I don't refocus them they would still be working on their first math page at 3 in the afternoon.
  • During school and pretty much all day long, Keaton will disappear for awhile and then come back wearing only her panties and holding a new outfit to wear.  Seriously, she probably had on at least 6 outfits today.  No wonder I am doing laundry all of the time!
  • We have been reading Where the Sidewalk Ends during lunch and Reagan asked if I could put that in her box to read when we were finished with it.  I told her that there were other books by the same author that she could read and she was just shocked.  Man, we probably need to visit the library more often!
  • We had our lunch and are still in clean out the fridge mode.  We are making progress but still have a ways to go.  Afterwards, we all worked on our chores-lots of laundry today.  Then I started on changing out Keaton's clothes.  I started looking in the 2T boxes but will have to look in the 3T boxes to complete her summer attire.  She is just in between the 2 sizes-thankful that I have plenty of clothes to choose from.
  • Nonna and Campbell arrived and the kids were so excited to read their oral reports for Nonna.  And then the boys wanted to show her the marble track that we spent 45 minutes working on this morning-it seemed to talk twice as long as that!  But somehow they knocked it down so Nonna didn't get to see the track but she did see some other creation that they built.  
  • When Nonna left, the kids watched a movie while I did the treadmill and then they went outside to play.  Once I had heated up supper, Whitman and I joined them for their game of kickball.  Yep, kickball is all the rage at the Dennie house-kickball everyday all day long!
  • Robby arrived in time for the second half of the kickball game.  Then we came in briefly to eat our Mexican supper.  And then it was back outside for a bit of work-Robby worked on his leaf picker upper and I tried to clean up the garage a bit.  
  • I closed out the night with a quick game of football with the kids-they have no idea what they are doing (nor do I) and then it was shower time for everyone.  We all stink! Or I guess we could say stank!  The kids all had a bit to drink and a ton of medicine before bed-cough medicine for Graham, every kind of allergy medicine possible for Anderson (who has a bright red fever rash on his cheeks and arms) and probiotics for everyone just to hopefully prevent any other bugs!

April 21, 2014

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Candy consolidation night...

  • Before 7 and the kids were up this morning.  Most of them just walked through my room and ended up watching Robby finish his run.  Keaton was one of the ones in my room and she volunteered to go potty so I jumped up for that and then Whitman was already awake so she helped me get him up.  After that, Keaton and Whitman helped me get the house ready this morning-opening blinds, putting toothpaste on the toothbrushes and making (kind of) my bed.
  • Soon Robby's run was over and the kids migrated downstairs.  Keaton and I had pulled out eggs, fruit and cereal.  The kids (most of them-can't please everyone all of the time) were excited about the grub and they started to eat.  
  • Robby left for work and we all waved goodbye-waving goodbye consist of everyone out on the porch screaming "bye" and "love you."  You would think that he is going away for a week!  Then we came inside and started school.
  • Today was oddly calm as far as school goes.  Kind of strangeish-Campbell and Keaton even played upstairs for a while happily.  The boys moved a bit slowly this morning finishing their phonics and math.  I feel like they should just be able to get it done-not look around the room, pick up Whitman, sharpen pencil after pencil and anything else they can think of to avoid their work.  
  • Soon though everyone was almost finished with school and we read a bit a science-we just have one more chapter in our little science book.  That little book is probably a high school or college level (seriously) book and the goal is to just expose the kids to things-I do wish that they would have picked up on more of it.  I don't really know what we could have done differently though-slowed down, had less distractions (Campbell, Keaton and Whitman), more hands on projects, a lab book-I don't know but I hope they retained more than I think.  
  • Lunch was ham and cheese croissants-the kids absolute favorite meal.  I read a few stories while they ate and then it was time for our chores.  There wasn't too much to do so we quickly moved on to changing out the big girls clothes-yes, I am still working on that.  We only had about an hour today to work but we were able to completely finish except for the clean up part (moving 5 tubs back to the attic which I did manage to fit in before supper)
  • Then it was rest/movie/treadmill time-oh and snack time too.  Today's snack was edamame and apples.  Campbell who usually loves that snack came upstairs asking if she could have something else.  I told her that she could get an orange so she did and came back up for me to peel it-ever peeled an orange while running on the treadmill? I have!
  • Soccer practice was still in limbo because of the impending rain but finally we did get the note saying that it was cancelled.  So we put up the jerseys and started on supper.  While Robby finished supper, the kids practiced their oral reports-Campbell has practiced hers and can do pretty good so hopefully she will do it when the others folks are here.  
  • We ate supper and the kids played a round of kickball upstairs-yes, I said kickball.  They seemed to be obsessed with it lately and I figure the light fixture is the only thing they can break in their room and a few minutes of peace and quiet downstairs is worth that chance.
  • Then we called everyone down to combine and sort out their old candy along with their new Easter candy.  We put their money up and threw out yucky candy and generally just tidied up a bit.  Then the highlight was getting to eat some of that candy while watching Shark Tank....another good day here at the Dennie house. 

April 20, 2014-Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter 2014!

  • Easter morning and despite how tired the kids were, they were still up around 7.  They came downstairs with their puffy little eyes and bed hair ready to start the morning.  Robby started on breakfast with the kids.  We did the little croissant rolls and marshmallows stuffed inside to symbolize that the tomb and Jesus.  When you cook it the marshmallow disappears and then the crescent roll is empty-just like the tomb.  Or you can just "eat Jesus up" as Graham suggested.
  • While the rolls were cooking, I painted the the girls' toenails and Campbell and Reagan's fingernails.  Keaton did not want to sit still long enough for me to paint her fingernails.  My Reagan started asking me last night about her fingernails so I was glad that we had time for that this morning.  I really think that she wanted to cover her blue dyed fingers from the eggs we dyed last night.
  • While the kids were eating breakfast, we passed out their Easter baskets.  Now we don't do the Easter bunny and somehow the kids know the baskets are from us.  I don't know how they reconcile that with believing in Santa and the Tooth Fairy but whatever.   
  • This was Whitman's first Easter and he was pretty pleased with his basket.  All of the baskets contained a bottle of oj, 2 tiny boxes of lemonheads, 2 pieces of sidewalk chalk, a pack of cookies and a little debbie snack cake.  Whitman's also had a pack of squeeze applesauce, Keaton had a shirt, Campbell had shorts, Reagan's had new leggings and both big boys had a pack of boxer brief underwear.  No, they were not incredible pleased with their undies but they had been asking for some.  It even took me 2 trips to Walmart to work up enough nerve to spend that much (10 apiece) to buy their undies.  
  • Seriously though everyone was super pleased with their baskets and they all thanked me over and over.  And they all had their oj for breakfast-we never have juice around here so a bottle of oj is a special, special treat.  I guess we only get it at Easter in their baskets and on airplanes (which hasn't been lately) and of course if there is a great deal at the store!
  • We were already a bit late when we started taking our mandatory Easter kid picture.  The kids did fairly well-Campbell is typical Campbell-notice some of the pictures with her hands up in the air.  And poor Anderson's allergy eyes were pretty puffy.  I guess I get used to them and forget how puffy they get until I see them in a picture.  I hope that we did manage to get a decent shot or two of the kids.
  • Then it was to church in two cars.  I had to teach Sunday school in Campbell's class and there was a room full of kiddos.  But there was plenty to do and the kids were all good-even my Campbell who did sit and listen to the story well and didn't play with her nametag.  I did get a picture of her inside of the kitchen play sink just setting there-oh she is a special thing.
  • Robby took the kids to church while I was in Campbell's class.  They did well setting through the service and as soon as it was over, he dropped them off at Sunday school and came to get me.  We had worship care in Keaton's class.  There wasn't too many kids but there was one child that screamed the first 20 minutes.  Finally her mom was paged to come and get her.  During this time, I did leave the crying kid with Robby and snuck out with Keaton to go and hear some of the music at church.  I was afraid that their room was a bit wild while I was gone so I didn't stay for all of it.
  • Robby left early with a few of the kids and then I even had to leave my other worship care workers early to go and get the kids.  I didn't want to be them to be the last ones in their class.  Keaton cried the entire way home because she wanted to be in her Daddy's car.  We all tried to calm her down, explain that he was already home or distract her but none of our efforts succeeded.
  • Grannymom, Grandpa, Nonna, Pops and Jason were all already at our house when we made it home.  And soon Dana, Jenna, Alex, Lilly and Cash arrived.  Our table was full and soon so were our tummies.  Everyone brought a dish or two so we had plenty to eat along with my Mom's bunny cake that she has been making for 41 years and Grannymom's carrot cake which is my favorite (speaking of, I might just go get me a piece or two when I am finished with this blog!)
  • After lunch, the great egg hunt began.  Of course, Dana, me, Jason, Pops and Robby all had a walmart sack full of eggs to hide.  I would bet it was around 200 eggs-I had been working on filling a few each night this week.  We hid them from our swing set to the bottom of the yard-even though we hid them on over an acre there were still eggs everywhere.
  • Robby lined up the kids, gave them their instructions and then they were off.  Grannymom had Whitman and I do think that he knew exactly what he was doing.  Whitman and Keaton did get a 10 second head start but I don't think that Keaton even needed her 10 seconds.  Her and Pops took off and she was quickly filling her basket.  
  • About 10 seconds into the hunt, we heard Robby holler "CALEB, GET OUT OF MY YARD."  I heard him and knew exactly what was happening but all of the other grown ups were a bit startled.  Neighbor boy was at the bottom of the yard stealing eggs.  Whatever he had in his little hands were probably dropped when he heard Robby.  And of course they could have hunted eggs with us but you don't just take things (lesson we then had to give the kids!)
  • By the time the kids had found all of the eggs, they were exhausted and their baskets were overflowing.  Seriously, overflowing-Cash even had to trade in his basket for a Walmart sack.  Ha!  Once the eggs were all found (or when we thought that eggs had all been found-Reagan later found 3 and no telling how many more we will find later) we all headed inside for the kids to check out their loot.  It is funny to me how excited they can get over 2 pennies or a piece of candy.  I did have some quarters in the eggs and even a dollar in two eggs.  Reagan racked up with 3 dollars and 55 cents for some reason she wrote that on a post it note and stuck it in her bucket (I guess so she could make sure that no one took any of her money!)  
  • The kids opened their eggs, pocketed their money and ate their candy until they decided to go back out.  They played for a while and then quickly roped Grannymom and then Dana into a round of kick ball.  I finished the kitchen and then changed my clothes in time to join the second kick ball game of our Easter.  
  • This game must have been serious business because we moved it to the back (the lot behind ours-Robby keeps it nice and mowed and it is a pretty good little field).  The teams were Anderson, Cash, me and Grannymom against Lilly, Reagan, Robby, Dana, Keaton, Graham and Campbell.  Neighbor boy (egg stealer's brother did join us for the second half of the game-that was after our intermission-told you this game was serious)  
  • I can't even tell you which team won but I will say that Anderson and Cash kept taking mine and Grannymom's turns to kick-I don't think they thought we were doing a good job.  The would get poor Campbell out every single time that she kicked the ball.  It was pretty vicious but not as vicious as her daddy.  Robby would peg those kids with the ball to get them out-there was no love shown on this Easter day.  The kickball game was a success and was concluded with popsicles for all!
  • After that, Lilly, Cash and Dana left (Nonna and Pops had left earlier to go and see Beebee) and the kids stayed outside while we went inside.  Water guns, bikes and even the dirt pile were on their agenda today.  They were filthy and Nonna and Pops (they came back for supper) had to wait around for them all to get baths before we ate our supper.  
  • Once everyone was clean we all ate supper and then the kids played for a bit after telling everyone bye and then it was bedtime.  They were all exhausted again tonight and I will be too after I eat my carrot cake.  Actually, we have done good this evening-I have folded 96 zillion pounds of laundry and put the downstairs laundry up.  Robby has mopped the kitchen and is now at the story (yes, we are still desperately out of milk)  Another wonderful but too short weekend.

April 19, 2014

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Upward Soccer Week #3

  • My Grahammer slept very well last night. He coughed some and even called out one time.  Robby laid by him for a bit but I do think they he rested fairly well.  Though it was all too early that we had to wake up for soccer.  But when you mention soccer over the monitor to them, they were down the steps before I could run to the shower.
  • Robby fed everyone breakfast after they put on their uniforms while I finished getting ready (he had already ran this morning-that man is dedicated waking up at the crack of dawn)  Before too long, we were loaded up for another day of soccer.
  • First game was Campbell and Graham's game.  They did wonderful even though I think my Graham didn't feel 100 percent.  He didn't score today (he has a little ball hog on his team) but they still won.  But the first score was kicked in the goal by Campbell!  After she kicked the ball in, we saw her run back to Robby with her hands over her eyes.  We wondered if she had gotten hurt but didn't see it but tonight I asked Robby and he said that she was embarrassed.  I guess we will try to keep our hollering down next goal she scores.
  • Next game was Anderson's game.  And it was hot, hot during this game.  I did pull out the sunscreen and spray a few kids who were nearby.  I did spray Keaton but I neglected to spray her arms-mistake!  She might even have to wear a long sleeve shirt tomorrow so I don't get the bad mom of the year award.  Anderson's team won and I really can see his soccer skills improving.
  • But my favorite game of the day was Reagan's game.  The clouds coming out did make the game more enjoyable but the highlight was Reagan scoring.  That girl was on fire today.  She ran towards the ball more than I had ever seen her do.  Her teammates seemed to be moving slow today but Reagan was in high speed.  And her scoring was her first time to score this year (she actually never even scored last year)  She was so proud of herself and we were all too.
  • During each of the half times today, they dropped eggs on the fields for the players to pick up.  It was pretty entertaining watching the kids run everywhere collecting baskets full of eggs.  We had already talked about being okay with how ever many eggs that you picked up.  And we had discussed that Keaton wouldn't get any so they had all agreed to share with her.  
  • Keaton and Campbell went home with Grannymom and Grandpa after soccer and they went to Lilly and Cash's church's Easter party.  Campbell planted a flower, Keaton had her face painted, they jumped on the jumpies and petted many animals.  My girls had a big time and they were pretty tired when I picked them up from Grannymom's house tonight.  
  • We stopped at Walmart on our way home and then ate bbq for lunch.  Then it was nap time for Whitman and outside time for the rest of us.  Robby and I worked on the leaves and had a burn pile off and on during the day.  That silly wind would be calm and then there would be a breeze-and we would water that pile down until the wind would stop.  Even after I stopped working and went inside, Robby continued to mow and work in the yard until almost 8 tonight.
  • The kids had lots of fun outside-bikes, scooters, tire swing, water guns, ice cream, basketball, kickball and even more kickball with Robby and then a game with the neighbor boys.  After Robby finished playing ball with the kids, Graham was exhausted and ready to go in, so him and Reagan went in and took their showers.  They even started on the list of chores that I had left for them.
  • I eventually woke Whitman up and he ran with me back to Walmart (still didn't get milk!) and the tractor supply store and to get the little girls.  When we made it back home, Anderson was still playing kickball with the neighbors-possibly baseball by this time.  Campbell joined them in a water gun fight and Keaton came inside with me.  
  • I scurried around getting a few things ready and then the kids started coming in.  They had showers and then they ate supper.  I made them ham and cheese croissants and my big 4 all ate an entire croissant.  I couldn't believe it!  
  • Next up was the egg dying-it has become a tradition around here that we wait until the very, very last minute to dye the eggs and this year was no different.  I felt like I had boiled a lot of eggs but poor Whitman didn't end up with any and the others only had 4 apiece.  I remember growing up that we each had a dozen eggs to dye.  Hmm, there is now way that we could eat up six dozen eggs though next year!  
  • Then we finished our resurrection eggs.  My kids were able to tell Robby all about the Easter story tonight.  And after the eggs were over, it was time for bed.  My crew was exhausted-love days like this!   

April 18, 2014

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Sonic Treat with the Kamps!

  • This morning when the kids were waking up, I wasn't sure what day it was.  At first I thought it was Saturday but then I realized that Saturday wasn't any good because that is early soccer morning.  Then I started hoping that it was Sunday because we have a bit longer at home but then I realized it was Friday.  My grogginess was due to Whitman waking up at 1-he needed a clean diaper and Robby waking me up to tell me that it was raining.  He knows I love weather reports!  Ha, no he was disappointed because he was going to work in the yard today and thought the rain was going to mess up his plans (it did not.)
  • My kids though did wake up before 7 and Robby had already ran so he made them breakfast.  And it was a pretty good breakfast-leftover cake from last night, bacon, biscuits and fruit.  While it was cooking they started on school and then they ate and ate and ate.  
  • Today was a big day for my crew-Noah was coming over here and Keaton and Campbell were going to Lilly and Eden's house.  But first was school and since they had already completed phonics and math they were moving quickly.  
  • Soon we met Sara and had a kid swap.  I wasn't too sure how Keaton would do but she hoped out of my van and then walked to me and said "help me in the car, Mommy."  So I put her in the car and off they went.  Those 4 girls had a blast all day-there was painting, tv watching and even many, many Easter egg hunts.  Campbell did get a bit put out with Sara because she had no coke or juice or lemonade to drink-only water!  
  • At our house as soon as I pulled into the driveway and let the kids out of the car, they started the first of many kickball games.  They rode bikes and scooters and soon it was lunch time.  I had told them that after lunch they could play with the water guns so that was a highlight. 
  • Whitman had lunch with the big kids while in his highchair and then he sat in his wagon while watching Robby and I work.  And when I say "sat in his wagon" I don't really mean it-that child can wiggle out of his seatbelt like houdini.  At one point, he stood up on his wagon seat-we were watching him but too far to run and try to stop the inevitable fall.  He was lucky that he just fell in the wagon and not out of it.  
  • Robby spent all day long in the yard-raking, mowing, burning and blowing.  The entire bottom section of the yard looks great.  The only thing left down there would be too clean up the fence row but you just have to save something for next year!
  • I enjoyed watching Reagan play today.  She usually plays everything with the boys but when we added one more boy, she would play with them a bunch but occasionally she would not play with them-almost like she had had her fill of boys for a while.  
  • After lunch the kids played more outside and even had a tractor ride before going in.  They then watched a two movies and had smoothies for a snack.  I came in to clean the house some and while I was on the phone, I saw a huge turtle walking across the yard.  So I wrote a note and handed it to Anderson.  As he read the note, I was standing chatting on the phone pointing out of the window.  That child kept trying to read "bug turnle"-I must have been in a hurry as I wrote it.  Eventually they figured it out and all ran outside to catch the turtle.  Of course when they ran back through the house with their shoes on, I had to resweep the kitchen that I had just swept!  So much for cleaning!
  • Soon it was time to meet up and kid swap again.  Robby owed the Kamps ice cream so we met at the new sonic so we could eat and play.  The kids were more interested in the playground but they did manage to take a few minutes to slurp down their ice cream.
  • After dessert, we went out for supper.  Robby had a shop so it was Corkys for supper.  The kids were all exhausted and full from their sonic drinks so they ate practically nothing but that was fine since we expected that and boxed it up to put in our over stuffed fridge. 
  • We did have to make one more stop on the way home-gas!  Our poor van was completely out of gas-well, we did have 7 more miles to go before running completely out-we just like to live on the edge!  We probably could have made it home without that gas stop.  By the time we did make it home, we had 3 kiddos asleep and and 5 that needed showers.  
  • Everyone woke up well and quickly showered.  Graham was coughing quite a bit so he is sleeping in our room.  Hopefully, all of the meds I gave him will help him sleep and help him feel better in the morning-lots of soccer happening tomorrow!

April 17, 2014

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Easter Party at Preschool!

  • It was fast morning around here.  Kids were all stirring right at 7 and Campbell was ready to go to school in no time - she was ready to get there in time for her party (which she had plenty of time to get there)
  • Soon Robby and Keaton were off to deliver Campbell to school and the others were quick to start their school work. Graham started his math video even before breakfast was served.  Everyone worked fast because they knew Grannymom and Grandpa were coming over to do some work around the house.  They worked even faster when they arrived but were told they had to finish 2 boxes before they could go visit.  That lit a fire under them and they were all done in no time.
  • Tara and Reagan were soon off to assist with Campbell's party - it was her turn to take the party favors so they had bags of crayons, eggs, candy, ring pops and more.  Her class had fun searching for eggs (and Reagan had fun helping hide the eggs.)
  • They all come home and even had lunch (thanks Grannymom!) of hamburgers and nuggets from McDonald's.  Lots of work done outside including a new ball holder for all the soccer, basketballs, and more.  Pretty nifty thing Grandpa built (with a hint from Tara and Pinterest).  Will have to take a picture but think it's going to be pretty handy to hold balls and easily retrieve them.
  • Soon Grannymom and Grandpa had to leave in time to make it home to meet Lilly and Cash at the bus stop.  Everyone helped pick up and inside everyone came for showers and a bit of rest time and movie time.
  • Mom was busy scurry around for her bunko tonight - special bunko of bread making lessons from Louanne with Mom bring dinner and all the fixings including brownie batter dip, fruit salad, spinach salad, chicken salad and croissants, pound cake and more.
  • Dad fixed up a scrumptious supper of Chef Boyardee and even cooked up a batch of turtle cookies. It had been awhile since we watched Let's Make A Deal but before that we watched a Shark Tank.  We were 3/4 through Let's Make a Deal and was interrupted by a presidential press conference so everyone was a bit disappointed because that meant it was time for teeth brushing and bed. (But it was already later than normal so no one really complained)
  • Everyone was worn out because not a peep was heard after the kids went to bed.