August 29, 2014

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Excited to see Beebee!

  • At 8, we were all still in bed and the first words out of Robby's mouth were "aren't you glad your kids don't go to real school?" Indeed, I certainly am.  Once we were all awake, it didn't take too long for everyone to find breakfast-muffins that I had frozen.  They were still delicious and Anderson ate 3 and then reached for another 1 but I did stop him.  My silly Keaton and Campbell copy each other and neither of them have even tried my muffins-they are the ones missing out.
  • We didn't do school, but we did have quite a few morning activities and stayed busy all the way to lunch.  During lunch I read some and then we picked up and headed out to see Beebee and to the library.  
  • Beebee always wants to comb one of the girls hair.  Reagan will always get on to Campbell if she doesn't want Beebee to comb her hair.  But today Campbell's hair was up and looked nice, so Beebee told Reagan to get the brush so she could comb her hair.  Ha!  My Reagan just glared at me the entire time.  She was not pleased with this at all but sat politely.  When we left, I told her that next time she better make sure she had her hair pulled up so Beebee can't comb it.  
  • Then we went to the library.  I hauled in a huge amount of book to return and then we hauled out a huge load of books.  When you walk into the library, they usually have a mason jar filled with candy and if you guess the right amount then you keep the candy.  So each time we walk in, everyone has to write down their name and guess on the candy jar.  Keaton guessed 5 and Campbell guessed 70-90.  The number was somewhere in between those two guesses.
  • Next stop was dropping Reagan off to Grannymom.  She was the lucky and got to spend the night at Grannymom's house.  The rest of went home, Whitman had a nap and I laid down by Keaton and we watched movies with everyone else-of course, I was the only one still sleeping when Robby came in with supper.  
  • We ate and then loaded up into the car to drive around for a bit.  I've been wondering about selling this place and just living in a little shanty on a prairie somewhere.  Doesn't that sound nice?  So we drove around some looking for my prairie-10+ acres, not on the main road, no more than 10 miles from here, flat, with trees and basically free...all this because I am worried someone is going to build behind me.  Anyway, we didn't find the dream place until we made it back to Jacqueline Dr.  
  • Then the boys practiced their football, Whitman threw all of the balls out of the garage to watch them roll off the driveway and I pushed the girls on the swing.  Then they all played a bit on the swings and tree house before coming for showers.  
  • We watched a bit of Wipeout before putting the kids to bed-Whitman though still hasn't gone to sleep.  Guess we will have to check on him in a bit or get him out of bed for a few minutes so he can use up some energy.

August 28, 2014

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Chillin' at the pool!

  • School day for Campbell and Keaton was able to ride along to drop her off since Robby was working from home today.  After dropping off Campbell, they ran to the grocery store for a quick trip-but there are really no quick trips when you are shopping for us Dennies.  
  • Back at home. we were working on school-some of us were working well and some were not.  Whitman was one of those who was not working well-the kids are used to doing their work with him climbing all over them but not only was he climbing on Anderson, he was hitting the mess out of him (he did probably deserve it) so I eventually had to put him in his pack n play.  This is not a horrible thing since he doesn't really mind being in the bed-as long as his box of toys are in there and a cup of cheerios.  
  • Graham was also not doing very well.  He had a pretty good meltdown or two-but meltdowns that happen on Thursdays end differently than meltdowns on other days.  Because on Thursdays, Robby is home and quickly takes care of it.  Homeschool here would go a lot smoother if our principal could be around every day.  
  • I ran to pick up Campbell while my big 3 were finishing up their school.  When we came home, Robby helped me work on lunch and then it was afternoon time-oh, I love afternoon time!  Soon Whitman and Keaton were napping-except Graham woke Whitman up early so he fussed the entire nap time.  But nap time wasn't that long today because it was swimming day.
  • We loaded up and headed to the pool.  Sonic was our friend tonight at provided 50 cent corn dogs-12 please (enough for us and Dana, Lilly and Cash).  The kids love playing with their cousins at the pool and we loved an easy supper for everyone.  After 3 hours of playing, it was time to come home for showers and then bed. 
  • And this from the neighbors house: as Robby was taking out the trash, he noticed neighbor man and a huge ladder.  Neighbor man told Robby all about the bats that had invaded his attic.  Said that he had gone out last night at 11 to start sealing up areas (we even saw the ladder and their whole family on the porch tonight looking up).  Robby happily told the neighbor where all of his bats had come from-our house!  Glad we got our house sealed up too so they don't have a place to come back here!

August 27, 2014

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"I'll be here ALL week and then more..." 

  • Our little Keaton slept perfectly last night and woke up feeling great.  So that was a relief and everyone else also slept well. Usually Robby and I both don't set our alarm clocks (since we just turn them off as soon as they ring anyway) but today both of our alarms started ringing at 6:45.  They rang for a while until we both managed to hit snooze again causing both alarms to ring again at the same time.  All of our racket probably woke Keaton up sleeping in our room.
  • Today wasn't a Campbell school day so we didn't do school here either.  Having a routine, like school, really works well and keeps behavior in check but not have a routine and being free to do whatever we want is really good for me!  This was our last free Wednesday for a long time so we really did enjoy it.  CBS (Bible study) starts next week and all the kids are excited about it-to tell you the truth, I am kind of excited about it too.  
  • We spent most of the morning doing some chores-trash emptying, potty cleaning, laundry folding and putting away and straightening up after Whitman.  We have the huge pixie sticks that we take to the pool occasionally stored in our closet-Whitman loves carrying them around sucking on them.  I tried to wash one out that was in the trash so he could carry an empty one around-it didn't work, he preferred the full ones.  So most of the day was spent picking up his pixie sticks.
  • Campbell and I worked on her reading book today and it had been quite a long time since we had done that and it was obvious.  She was so distracted and couldn't remember much of anything that we had talked about so I am going to have to make more of an effort to make sure she gets work on her reading book even if it is a school day.  
  • Soon it was lunch time and we finished reading a few books and will soon start on a few more.  We still can't finish that Farmer Boy book-oh, my goodness I just can't get that one read.  After lunch, we pulled out a pinterest project-Balloon rockets.  A balloon, string, straw and tape can keep my crew entertained for a long while-it can also cause me to pass out from blowing up so many balloons.  (Don't worry, I didn't)  Poor Reagan blew up a balloon so big that it popped, when it did I squealed and Reagan was scared so that she started crying!
  • It was then nap time and Whitman went to bed perfectly but as Keaton was pottying before her nap, I excitedly told her about puppets and all the fun she would have at church.  This is when the 2 year old drama started-she started boohooing that she didn't want the puppets to bite her.  Seriously, what would make her think the puppets would bite her.  I tried my best to explain everything and calm her down-it didn't work.  So I had to call Graham and Campbell upstairs to talk to her.  Graham talked to her so wonderfully trying to tell her what to expect in puppets and to assure her that they wouldn't bite her.  Then Campbell told her that when she went into the puppet room she was not to play with any of the toys, she was to sit and listen like a big girl.  I guess their talk worked because she eventually calmed down and was able to take her nap.
  • Soon it was time for everyone to wake up-I don't usually blog about that the time between 2-4 because I don't know what I do during that time.  It just flies by so fast.  Seriously, I look at the clock one minute and it is 2:13 and then the next it is after 4 and I am scurrying to wake everyone up.
  • Tonight we had to hurry to get all ready for church.  This was the first night of Wednesday night church.  Graham was pretty excited to get to go upstairs to his class-but he was a bit nervous and stuck to Reagan as they went upstairs.  Everyone did well and the puppets even said Hi to Keaton.  It is good to know somebody.  When we picked Keaton up, she happily exclaimed "I saw the puppets!"
  • Once at home, it was late, it was bedtime and the kids were dirty and the kids were hungry.  We fixed one of the two and gave them something to eat and then put those dirty kids to bed.  Tomorrow is school day for everyone so they all need their rest!

August 26, 2014

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Slipping and Sliding!

  • Graham slept wonderfully well last night and so did the rest of the Dennies.  Robby was the first one up this morning-usually we are woken up by the kids.  Everyone was in a good mood and Campbell even had time to eat breakfast with us before leaving for school.
  • Everyone waved by to Campbell this morning-our routine was to wave through the big window and then hurry to the front porch to wave and holler at whoever is leaving.  We now just wave and holler while on the porch-it is a good thing that we don't have too many neighbors all of the "byes" and "love yous" that are shouted each morning from the Dennie driveway.
  • School was fine today.  I was a bit easy on Graham since I didn't really know how well he felt.  He was moving slow so I let him read some and then sit in the comfy green chair and do his work.  That worked well until Anderson went into the living room to do his reading.  As soon as Anderson came into the room, Anderson started telling Graham all about what he did last night at Big Rock.  Graham took it all in while asking questions about everything.  I let them chat for a while and then finally had to break them up so someone could get some work done.
  • Everyone was finished with school by 11:30 today which was really nice.  And why you ask was everyone done at that time...because I told Anderson that everyone could have a piece of candy if he finished his math in 30 minutes.  It took him 23 minutes to finish today (all of them correct-I had to use my calculator to check them)-I guess that I will be doling out candy every day-whatever works.
  • We had our lunch and read a bit.  Then we played a game while Whitman was in the exersaucer-I guess it is about time to put that up.  He wasn't too happy in the exersaucer-as in, almost climbed out of it even though he had a snack to eat while watching us.  
  • Soon it was nap time and then Nonna brought Campbell home.  Campbell and Nonna had spent the afternoon making cookies and brownies that everyone was delighted to sample.  Nonna woke Keaton up from her nap and my Keaton acted so tired from the second she woke up.  But the rest of the afternoon Keaton never perked up, she just laid around or wanted me to hold her. 
  • Robby came home and cooked up some hot dogs for supper tonight at the pool.  On the way to the pool, Keaton said her tummy hurt and Dana even said she looked pretty pale.  She was a bit warm and even spent the first hour cuddling with Dana and then me.  Then just as fast as she said she felt bad, she was fine-jumping, splashing and sliding until we left.  
  • Once we made it home, the child again said her tummy hurt, tried to throw up (a bit of drama) and then laid on the tile in the mud room until it was her turn for the shower.  So is it her tummy like Graham? Is it fever like Campbell had last week? Or could it just be that she likes all of the attention?  Either way, Reagan made Keaton to best bed tonight in our room.  Sweet Reagan worked so, so hard making Keaton's pallet just perfect-Reagan even used my bright yellow blanket and told me that you need something cheery to help when you are sick.  So who knows what the night will bring with Keaton but she and everyone else are all sleeping well right now.

August 25, 2014

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Football season begins with practice!

  • I can be asleep in any part of this house (though I was asleep in my bed-lest you start to wonder) and instantly wake up when I hear those dreadful two words: throw up.  I darted up those stairs looking around for the evidence but thankfully, no one had yet done anything.  Graham just thought he needed to throw up.  Since he didn't, I took him downstairs and put him on the floor in our room.  I had convinced myself that he was fine until breakfast when he started having bathroom issues.
  • Robby manged to get Campbell to school this morning.  As they were leaving, I  warned her that she probably would miss the singing at school and she said that was fine because she didn't really like the singing.  She told Robby that she liked to miss singing so school will be over quicker.  
  • As soon as we all woke up this morning, the house was way emptier than usual without our Keaton and Whitman.  They had spent the night with Grannymom and Grandpa.  Both of them had a blast and were pretty perfect playing together.  
  • When we started school Graham said that he didn't feel good.  So I told him to take his book and go lay down.  He did that and soon he was back in the school room working on his stuff.  I did make sure that I didn't use his pencil or get to close to him during the day.
  • The kids finished their work and we all read some before and during lunch.  After lunch, we started on our chess book-we are learning to play chess (well, trying from a library book for now.)  The kids loved it-well, mainly the boys.  I think that Reagan could probably care less about learning how to play chess-she may get that from me but I am trying hard because the boys are so interested in learning.
  • This afternoon I was able to do quite a bit with only 3 little people around.  Soon though Robby was home with everyone else.  And the first thing that we had to do was a few ice bucket challenges.  As poor Graham was walking out to see them, he got sick (though he did perk up for his challenge). Him getting sick meant that he didn't get to go to his first football practice and then he missed out on celebrating Cash' birthday at Big Rock (go carts and putt putt).  The poor guy was so disappointed.
  • Soon Robby took Anderson to his practice at 5:30 and while Anderson practiced everyone else ate their supper.  Then Jason played with Keaton and Whitman while Robby coached Graham's team and Campbell and Reagan went to their cheerleading practice.  Reagan said that she was the oldest and that Campbell wanted to sit down a lot during practice.  
  • When they all left for practice, I took Graham to Nonna's house.   I tried to drive fast to hurry and get to Nonna's house yet slow so I wouldn't bother his tummy.  But as soon as we got to Nonna's Graham spewed everywhere.  Poor guy, I already felt bad enough about leaving him (bunko) but then he was sick again and he gave me the biggest hug ever when I told him bye.  Graham was well taken care of by Nonna and Pops-he watched a movie & took a nap on a pallet in the living room and seemed to have felt better when Robby picked him up after practice.
  • It was a pretty busy afternoon and evening.  Now (11:30) everyone is sleeping peacefully and I am just praying that no one else gets sick around here!  

August 24, 2014

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All too soon, she'll be driving...just probably not the van!

  • Reagan who is usually our late sleeper has started waking up earlier and earlier.  That could possibly be because Campbell was in her bed from 1:30 on this morning.  The first night this happened, I think that Reagan liked sleeping with her sister but not so much anymore.  I should remind her that is how Laura and Mary probably slept.
  • The kids were all up early so we were ready about an hour before we needed to leave-that sounds nice and all but really, you can get ready too early.  I had to redo the girls hair since when you walk around with blankets on your head your hair usually gets messed up.  The boys had a brawl over their kindle game-something about zombies and closing the door.  And Whitman was into everything (as usual).  Today he found the bucket of magnet letters and dumped them over and over again-I really should learn not to pick things up because he will just circle right back around and make the same mess again.
  • We had no incidents in big church today (no one was jerked out of the pew and hauled out nor any vandalism on someone else's Bible happened this week)  This was our second week teaching our little 3rd graders-I can already tell there are quite a few different personalities in that class.
  • After church, we met Nonna, Pops and Jason at Cracker Barrel to celebrate Nonna's belated birthday.  The wait wasn't too bad-the kids busied themselves with touching every single toy in the store and Whitman and I made it our mission to run into the candy sample lady as often as we could.  And once we were seated, we really didn't have to wait too long for our food to arrive.  Robby had to divey up the kids food by himself since he was on the end but soon everyone was eating (pancakes is what the kids picked to eat.)
  • Soon lunch was over and we were all at home-we settled into our Sunday afternoon routine: Whitman and Keaton a nap, Reagan, Anderson and Graham movie watching, Robby and I snoozing upstairs and Campbell eventually joining me for a catnap before church.
  • Back at church and then Whitman and Keaton went home with Grannymom for the night.  And once the rest of us where home it was eerily quiet but we busied ourselves with supper and ice cream truck.  The kids really wanted to watch their Ninja show tonight but alas after our ice cream it was way too late so they will have to settle for Ninja-ing another night!

August 23, 2014

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Still having fun - even not being in the pool!

  • Anderson and Robby had to be the first ones up this morning because they had a Nutrition Center visit this morning.  For this visit, Anderson had to have a nutritious breakfast-so we had to go to the grocery store yesterday for it!  He had milk, cheerios, eggs and this was the exciting part-orange juice.  We never have orange juice except on a plane or in a hotel.
  • Robby said that Anderson did perfect during his test today.  They had to wait a while for the doctor to show up to do the test but when he finally got there, the test didn't take long at all.  When it was over, Anderson walked by and asked the doctor if that was his brain on the monitor. Indeed it was and the doctor showed him some pictures of it-Robby said that it was really neat and he wished that he could have snapped a picture of it.  
  • Back here at the house, we didn't do anything at all.  I guess our biggest activity was teaching Whitman how to stack and knock down blocks.  Everyone got in on that-my Campbell enjoyed building her own towers while I held Whitman back until she was finished and then we would let him go to smash her creations.
  • We then met Robby and Anderson at Nonna and Pops' house.  Keaton was so excited about seeing her baby Whitman and she was excited that Robby and I were leaving her at Nonna's house for a bit longer.  We went to eat with all of the old Thursday night crew at Bravos.  Then we picked up the kids and went home for a little bit.
  • The 3 big kids watched Wings upstairs, Keaton fell asleep watching a little movie with Campbell.  Campbell left Keaton and found me on the couch and joined me.  I had planned school for next month and then took an afternoon rest.
  • As soon as we mentioned that it was time to go this evening, the kids ran to put on their bathing suits.  We had our Sunday school class fellowship and even though the kids thought we would never get there, we finally did.  The kids loved swimming in the crowded pool and we were barely able to pull them out long enough to eat.  
  • We stayed until the pool party was over and then hurried home for showers and bed.  The kids were worn completely out today-I think we were too!