January 21, 2017

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  • Whitman was in our room before 7 this morning. He must have had to go to the bathroom because he tossed and turned until Robby finally took him. That did calm him down some and he laid quietly until he started asking for a movie.
  • Thankfully by then Campbell was also in our bed and we were able to convince her to go with him to the living room and start a movie. They watched movies until I climbed out of bed to make breakfast.
  • I made cinnamon toast but the kids spotted Robby's pound cake on the cabinet so that was put on the plates too. The kids ate and then they all migrated to their ipads and movies while Robby and I watched the prayer service in D.C.-well, I should probably say that he watched the t.v. and I went back to sleep.
  • Before I knew it, it was time to get everyone ready for our ballgames. Robby fed everyone lunch and then out the door we went. Graham's game was first and his team did really well. Graham only scored 2 points but it is pretty impressive how much the boys have improved in the past few weeks.
  • Then we had a break and the kids walked on the track upstairs some with Grannymom and we had a few snacks. When I watched Anderson's team and his opponents warm up, I was pretty afraid that Anderson's team was going to get beat by a lot. I was half correct-they did get beat. At one point, the score was 1 to 13 but they came back and only lost by 5. Anderson scored the most he has scored before-5 points and 3 of those were free throws.
  • After the games, we came home and the kids had showers while Robby and I heated up our leftovers for supper. They mostly wanted quesadillas and Reagan was the only one who wanted a crispy taco. 
  • We had a few minutes and then we headed to the Wilson's house to watch the basketball game. The hogs won but Shannon's cookies and muffins that she made was the real win. We ate them up-hopefully, she wasn't planning on having many leftovers. 
  • We stayed out until after 10 so when we came home it was time to hurry off to bed. It was still raining a bit which was pretty nice as we went to bed.

January 20, 2017

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  • I was the shower last night when Robby came to tell me that Keaton was sick upstairs. He headed up there and said that she had been sick but was very upset. By the time I was dried off, she was downstairs and I made her a pallet beside her bed. She calmed down some and was asleep before I was. I must not have moved at all last night trying to listen to her but she slept all night long. I guess that she just has a tender stomach.
  • Before Robby left for work this morning, he turned on the tv and most everyone joined us to watch the inauguration day coverage. We grabbed breakfast and headed back to my room. I let the kids watch a bit but then told them that they needed to bring their school work and work while we watched history.
  • We had already done a bit of school yesterday so we were a bit ahead. I did let the kids pass on doing science and history-we were already watching history happen. I don't remember watching 4 years ago and am not really sure why I didn't watch with the kids then. I guess Reagan was just in the 1st grade, Anderson in kindergarten, Graham in preK, Campbell a toddler, Keaton would have been 1 and I was pregnant with Whitman-I do understand why I didn't watch 4 years ago, I was just trying to survive!
  • The kids had a zillion questions about everything that was happening and who was who. It was just all so interesting-all of the pomp and circumstance. I turned off the tv for lunch and didn't turn it back on again-we probably missed something.
  • We had our lunch and then everyone stared on their chores. Chores took a long while since my 3 big kids spent some time in bed-they were fooling around and not working. I sent them to their room while Keaton, Campbell and I finished downstairs. Afterwards, I finally let them out to help with the rest of the house and their behavior was much better.
  • The rest of the afternoon went by quickly. When I did come downstairs from the treadmill, the neighbors were over and everyone was playing inside. They played for a good while and then the neighbors went home just as Whitman had put on his shoes to go out and play. I told the kids that they could stay outside and play with him or come in and help me out. The boys chose to stay out and play with their brother. They were sweet watching out for their baby brother and took turns pushing him on the swing.
  • The Wilson's came over for supper-Mexican. There were quesadillas, nachos, tacos, beans and rice. We also had apple pie, oreo pie and ice cream for dessert and the kids were able to play for a while. 
  • When they headed home, my people headed to bed after a bit. We cleaned the kitchen and then watched some tv before bedtime! 

January 19, 2017

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  • What a day this was! The first thing that happened this morning was getting Keaton and Whitman off to school. This was Keaton's snack day-apple juice, jello and cheese cubes. Whitman and Keaton put on their clothes and then helped themselves to breakfast-actually, Whitman's brothers helped him with his breakfast and then they all curled up on the couch with their ipads.
  • When they left, the rest of us started on school. I had told the kids that we just needed to work for an hour and I feel like they accomplished quite a bit-we will see tomorrow though. Then it was time for chores.
  • We had a bit of time to get everything neat here at the house and then it was off to start our day. Kennedy arrived at here just before we left and the next stop was the library. I ran in and then I ran into church to pick up Keaton and Whitman.
  • Whitman wasn't ready to leave and Keaton was telling Ms. Stacy that we were going to see the swans but she kept saying "swines" and Ms. Stacy was greatly confused. We then picked up Grannymom.
  • We met the Kamps, Heltz and Powells at the Heart hospital and loaded up. I had the big girls and big boys along with Keaton and Whitman on the way to Heber and it was a pretty quiet ride-it was a very quiet ride. 
  • It was cloudy when we left but by the time we were half way there, it became super foggy-like so foggy that we had trouble seeing the road in front of us. We pressed on and were soon pulling right up to the swans.
  • The trumpeter swans usually have been coming to Magness Lake near Heber Springs for a few years now. At some point, a storm probably blew them off course and they still come back each Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day. We had all read (or listened to) The Trumpet of the Swan book and it was about a trumpeter swan who couldn't talk so he was given a trumpet. It was a good story so today we were looking for that swan, Louis.
  • The swans were all swimming in the little lake and the fog didn't bother us at all. There were so many swans and were right near the fence. Some people there gave the kids some corn to feed the swans. 
  • The boys were able to use the restroom behind a tree but the girls needed a potty stop so the visitor's center was the next spot. I know that my boys were super excited that we were able to watch the film. It was old but still interesting. 
  • Then we drove to the spot where JFK dedicated the dam. On the drive over the dam, it was so foggy that we couldn't tell which side was the dam and which side was the river. After that stop, it was to the fish hatchery we went-we missed it by 7 minutes. Who closes at 3? 
  • Back to the visitor's center we went for a short trail walk. It would have been a beautiful trail if it wasn't for the foggy, damp, wetness that was surrounding us. We walked about half of it and then climbed in the cars to return home-we needed to make it home by 6:15 and barely did that.
  • We had one more potty stop at the visitor's center and then it was straight home. The traffic was fine even though we fought the mist/rain the entire time. But when we made it to 630-yuck, that traffic was horrible. We made it to the Heart Hospital and dropped off Sara and her people, then dropped off Grannymom and drove to Immanuel.  
  • Kennedy's dad was there and after dropping her off, Robby pulled up and took the boys into practice. So the girls, Whitman and I came home. They had showers and some breakfast for supper. 
  • I had just gotten Whitman into bed when Robby and the boys arrived home, They had their showers and I fed them a quick supper. It was a pretty perfect field trip day!

January 18, 2017

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  • Wednesday morning and Whitman was in our bed before 7. We snuggled with him until he went back to sleep so we could too-which was probably not a good idea since we had places to go.
  • The boys were the first ones dressed followed closely by the girls. I put Whitman's clothes on him while he was still snoozing on our bed. It was so much easier that way-I may start having everyone go to bed with their clothes on.
  • We were on time to Bible study but Reagan was not pleased because she was not the first one in her class this morning. Whitman was the first one in his class but he did not want to go in at all. I am not sure why but he was soon happily playing in his room.
  • It was wet after Bible study so we headed to Rock Creek. The kids played and played there until they were worn out. Noah came home with us and as soon as everyone walked in the door, they went to the bonus room and played on their ipads. That is pretty much where they stayed all of the afternoon long. 
  • Whitman was the only one not upstairs and he helped me with the laundry. When we had finished that, he told me that we could watch a movie and that we did. I sat down with him and he watched the movie and I closed my eyes.
  • It didn't seem like the afternoon was that long and before I knew it I was pulling out leftovers for all of the kids. They helped me clean out the fridge and I think that everyone left full. After everyone ate, we loaded up and headed to church.
  • It was stripe and dots night for Anderson, Graham and Campbell and pajama night for Keaton and Whitman. They all were pretty excited about this but they were most excited when they found out that we were stopping at Wendys on the way home for frostees. 
  • They ate their snacks on the way home and then once at home it was shower time followed by my favorite part of the day on Wednesdays-bedtime!

January 17, 2017

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  • Tara is out Bunko-ing tonight (actually, I don't think they've played Bunko in about 10 years but I do think they are eating out)
  • Whitman jumped in bed with us before we were able to get out of bed this morning so another good reason to stay in bed a bit longer.
  • School was calling so we all got ready, grabbed breakfast and then me, Whitman and Keaton were out the door and headed to preschool.  Soon they were picked up by Grannymom and Grandpa.  Keaton made a HUGE art project with Grannymom depicting each of the months and pictures to illustrate each.
  • Homeschool day here for the rest of the folks - I think the highlight was the Mentos/Diet Coke experiment. Of course, they've done this experiment before but Tara said it was part of the lesson today so no one complained about doing it again today.)
  • The kids are already busy getting their Valentine cards ready - today's major project was helping Campbell create her cards that involve her Crayola melting machine.
  • A few movies, some lego building and downtime before I got home.  Then we started on supper - mashed potatoes are a favorite of most folks around here so no complaints there either.
  • Showers for everyone and then we settled in to watch American Ninja followed an episode of The Wall (the current favorite).  We also managed to make sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles.  
  • Whitman headed to bed first without any fussing (he's pretty worn on school days and spending the afternoon with the grandparents.)  Everyone is in bed now @ 9:30 but not sure any of the girls are asleep yet - still hear quite a bit of noise. I'm sure they are trying to staying awake until Tara gets home.

January 16, 2017

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  • We were getting up this morning when Whitman joined us in bed so we certainly stayed a bit longer. All of my people used to climb in bed with us in the mornings-not so much anymore. So when Whitman or anyone joins us these days, we savor it.
  • We had breakfast this morning and then started on school. Campbell had finished her school for today on Friday so she had little to do. It probably did help since she played with Keaton and Whitman entertaining them both. Graham did do a little school work with Whitman and Keaton worked on some of her sight words. They do tickle me because while we work together, Keaton and Whitman were right there. Whitman will sit crazy still if you are reading-even while we were reading a chapter about Hosea in our history book.
  • I then had everyone pick up downstairs while I worked on lunch. When we had finished lunch, it was time for chores and that did take a while. Keaton and mainly Reagan did a load of laundry by themselves-well, I talked them through it and it is still in the dryer but they can finish it tomorrow. Reagan did say "wait, is this going to be my chore from now on?" Smart girl.
  • Anderson was still working on his school work around 3 this afternoon. Bless him. He doesn't struggle with school really-now his spelling is pretty rough and he isn't the speediest reader though he is a math whiz and understands and remembers most everything. He just isn't in any hurry to finish and takes his sweet time. It doesn't bother him that he is the last one so I guess that it shouldn't bother me either.
  • The girls and Graham made a store this afternoon. They found their own things that they wanted to sell and then charged their brothers and sisters. I was on the treadmill during this but was pretty surprised to learn that Campbell bought an empty Starburst box for 50 cents. Surprised that her sister would sell it to her, surprised that her brother wouldn't speak up, surprised that she was silly enough to buy it. I clearly explained that there would be no more stores in this house.
  • Soon Robby was home and we were working on supper. We had spaghetti and thankfully, it is one of the rare meals that everyone seems to eat every part of (no one has to pick out corn or tomotoes or any of the other silly things they pick out.)
  • After supper, we watched a movie this evening. It was a pretty cute little movie and even Whitman watched most of it. Robby passed out popcorn and this made Reagan incredibly happy (she wants to be eating all of the time) When the movie was over, we sent everyone to bed. I have not been upstairs once because Anderson was rattling the tags from his pillow while telling his brother that he was eating candy. Gracious me!

January 15, 2017

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  • Robby made cinnamon rolls this morning and that helped the kids hurry with their clothes. More accurately, I should say that helped the girls hurry with their clothes. The boys are pretty good about getting themselves dressed on Sundays before they come downstairs. The girls, not so much. 
  • The kids now clean up 2 cans of cinnamon rolls-we did manage to save us one to split. I left Robby half and then I cleaned up Keaton and Whitman's leftover bites. Once we were all ready we headed to the church house.
  • Robby helped with the sound for the kids so he headed up there to learn a few things. The rest of us went to see Grannymom and Grandpa. We were still talking but Whitman decided that he was done so he just walked on out the doors. It was still a bit early but their teachers were there and I was able to get to my class early (never happens.)
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house today and she had Mexican. My favorite was her corn dip-I could have eaten the entire bowl of it by myself. After lunch, we walked back over to Beebee's house to pick up my water bottle that I left there the other day. I have been thirsty since I left it even though I have been still drinking water from another container.
  • We weren't at Nonna's for too long because soon it was time for me to take Anderson to Owen's birthday party. They played Splatball and had a blast. Imagine 10 ten year old boys running around an empty warehouse shooting at each other-it was the stuff that 10 year old boys dream about. They had a few courses outside that the boys played as well but it was chilly outside and a bit warmer in the room that we were in so we didn't follow them around outside.
  • Graham stayed at Nonna's house this afternoon and had a big time. The others came home with Robby and spent the afternoon resting and watching movies. Graham arrived home just minutes after Anderson and I did. Then about 10 minutes later, Shannon came over with a few goodies to share. 
  • After watching the Cowboys, we heated up supper and then the kids ate cupcakes. Anderson had to have a shower from his splatball and of course when we don't need for people to take a shower, they all want to.
  • Whitman's shower didn't last long since he was throwing water so we took him out. Then as I was getting dressed he was mouthing back at me (I don't even know what he was saying) but I told him to say "yes ma'am" and he just stared at me. I spanked him and he said "that didn't even hurt me." So I jerked his towel off of him and spanked him again. After all of this, it was time for him to go to bed.
  • The others watched a show about catching catfish with their bare hands. It was a kind of crazy show but afterwards it was definitely bedtime.