July 28, 2014

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Has anyone seen my goggles?

  • Graham didn't start off too well last night but he did eventually go to sleep and slept all night.  That was so nice sleeping all night long and yes, I know that I just jinxed us for tonight.
  • I had planned on waking up at a decent time this morning but that sure didn't happen.  We all just slept well past 8.  We might could have gotten a few things accomplished this morning but with sleeping late, they just didn't happen.
  • We had our breakfast and then the kids made birthday cards for a friend of a friend who is turning 99 years old.  I was hoping that the kids would hurry and get their cards finished quickly but they took their sweet time which was fine-their cards turned out pretty neat.
  • It was pool morning and the kids were happy that the Kamps were there.  It wasn't that crowded today and most of the time it was just our kids and 2 or 3 others in the pool.  I held Whitman while I was playing ball with Graham and every once in a while, Graham would swim over to us and Whitman would just hug on Graham-it was the sweetest thing.
  • There was some excitement at the pool today-not nearly as much as Saturday and this excitement was planned.  The life guards did a drill which we were all warned about.  One of them jumped in and didn't come up and the life guards cleared the pool, dove in and got the guy and then strapped him to the board.  Keaton was the only one of my kids who didn't really understand that they were just pretending.  
  • After the pool, we headed home.  Whitman fell asleep on the way home and was put to bed in the bonus room.  Keaton was not too far behind him in going to bed.  Then the rest of us did our first day of science.  We are doing a new science curriculum so I wanted to do it a few times before school officially starts.  I can already tell that the kids are going to love it-and I am too. 
  • Then it was movie time for them while I did a few things and before I knew it, it was time for Whitman and Keaton to wake up.  Keaton went downstairs to watch a movie with the others and Whitman stayed in the bonus room pack n play while I did my treadmill time.  
  • Soon Robby was home and the kids were ready for the evening-tonight was the first night of VBS down the road.  We walked there and dropped off my 4 big kids.  Keaton was sitting with the others before it started and when the called Campbell's group to line up, Keaton just went right with Campbell.  Campbell was a bit dramatic as she was trying to tell her sister that she could not go with her.  Keaton didn't mind staying with us but I think that she might just have gone with her big sister-next year she can.
  • They were gone until 9 and while they were gone, I made about 100 breakfast burritos for a meal swap.  While Keaton sat on the cabinet handing me tortillas and talking the ENTIRE time.  She did tell me that I needed a "cage" for Whitman.  I definitely agree-that kid is in to everything.
  • We  drove down to pick the kids up and they all came out of their groups as happy as they could be.  I think they all had a really good time-Anderson and Graham are in the same group, Reagan is in a group with 2 other girls and 1 other boy and Campbell sat on the front row (that is all she told me about her evening)
  • Once at home, it was shower time for everyone and then to bed.  Tomorrow is Graham's birthday, Nutrition Center, Nonna's house and VBS-busy day!

July 27, 2014

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Everyone loves ice cream truck night!

  • Isn't it strange how we get into patterns?  Well, Graham was the one who again could sleep last night.  He must have been awake for over an hour before he called out for me and then started talking.  We both went up there but finally just told him to come downstairs.  I am sure that the kids are much more at ease sleeping in our room but letting them sleep in our room probably perpetuates them waking up but it also lets us get some sleep.  Again as soon as he was in our room, he went right to sleep and so did the rest of us.
  • We actually slept so well that we had to scramble this morning.  I heard Robby in the shower and didn't look at the clock but as soon as he was out, he asked me about the kids clothes.  I immediately knew that meant we were running late-late enough that the kids had to eat breakfast in the car.  My Whitman must not have liked all of our rushing around because though we did have time to sit him in his high chair to eat breakfast, he just threw himself a big old fit.
  • Same type of fit it threw when Robby handed him over to his Sunday school teachers.  They eventually sat him on the floor and he would cry if they would try to move him away from the door.  That little turkey.  He was actually a perfect kid in his class while we working in their during worship care but as soon as we were home and eating again, he got upset at us.  Who knows, the kid probably wants to sit on a stool like all of his brothers and sisters.
  • It was nice to be back in church this morning after missing 3 weeks-good to be home.  Reagan turned in her note that she read her Bible each day and received a bag full of goodies.  I realized that Campbell will soon be in big church with us-eek!  And Robby and I met someone who had been at Geyer for 35+ years-so wild.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa were headed out on a trip so that meant that it was McDonalds for lunch.  Robby and I ate in the car on the way home and then at home the kids ate while we picked up and unloaded.  And after lunch, we straightened the house and then the Sunday afternoon nap process began.  
  • Except that we didn't make Keaton take a nap-mistake!  She caused all kinds of drama with the other kids watching movies and eventually ended upstairs with Robby and me while we were watching a Henry Ford documentary (oh, the exciting life we lead!)  Keaton, Campbell and me all fell asleep in a big heap and when I woke up  towards the end of Henry's life, Robby was snoozing too.  I guess that means we will have to rewatch some of it another time....or I could just tell Robby the end-Henry dies. 
  • Soon it was time to scurry around and eat our supper.  Then it was to church-I do feel sorry for the folks sitting behind us.  Campbell was in church and she spent her time sitting by me pointing out the word "God" in the Bible after I showed it to her.  Every time she found the word "God" she would point, grin and loudly whisper "God."  And then Graham was on the other side of me snoring away-that is what happens when you don't sleep at night.
  • It had been so long since we had our Sunday night ice cream truck that Robby had to remind everyone about it.  The kids sure hadn't forgotten and they were so excited but then they were disappointed when they saw that we only had a few choices left-someone needs to go shopping around here!
  • And hive report-I haven't had any yet tonight but the night is still young-plenty of time to break out into hives!

July 26, 2014-Graham's Birthday Celebration #1

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Out for a swing...

  • Our day started off just like I figure it will end-with people in our room.  Around 5 last night, Graham came downstairs but instead of coming into our room, he just kept opening and closing our bedroom door.  Robby woke up and told him to come in and lay down.  He said he couldn't sleep but as soon as he laid down on the blanket we laid out for him, he was asleep.
  • Soon it was daylight and our bed was filled with people-lots of people.  Typing that made me think of Keaton.  She is always asking now "where is our people?"  I guess she gets that from me.  The kids watched a movie this morning as we slowly moved around and got breakfast.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa showed up just about the time that the cinnamon rolls came out of the oven.  Grannymom stayed inside while the kids ate and Grandpa and Robby started on hanging the tire swing again (3rd time-knocked down twice by neighbor kid-now moved to other side of the house)
  • The kids ate quickly so they could go outside and play.  Reagan did stay inside with me for awhile. She helped me make up a few recipes for an upcoming meal swap with some friends.  I got things ready and she pretty much did it all herself.  And then just as we were about to finish, she looked out the window and saw all of the excitement and headed out.
  • The kids loved swinging on the new swing but they just love playing outside when folks around.  If we are outside they will stay outside the entire day and they just about did today.  At some point in the morning, Anderson brought out popsicles for everyone.  As soon as Whitman saw Anderson, he knew he had something that he wanted.  And just like all the other kids, Whitman crowded around making noise until he was handed his popsicle.
  • We had lunch and after Grannymom and Grandpa left, the kids stayed outside for a bit more. Reagan asked if she could play her kindle and I said that she could not.  Then she said "if I read for 20 minutes, can I ?"  Well, that sounded fine so when people did come in the house, they started reading.  Of course after all that reading, the decided that they wanted to watch tv and I said that they would have to take a shower before that-they were nasty so they sure couldn't lounge around in my bed and and on my blankets during their movie.
  • Robby came in around 3 and we all relaxed a bit before 5.  Then we left to go to Krispy Kreme to kick off Graham's 6th birthday celebrations.  Unfortunately, the hot light was off and we didn't get our free hot doughnuts-that was fine but that meant that we ate lots more of our bought doughnuts so we won't have enough for breakfast tomorrow!...and really, if those doughnuts aren't "hot" then they really aren't the best.
  • Then we went swimming...here is why I said that we would end up with children in our room tonight...we were happily swimming away when we saw a lady looking around and then talking to a life guard.  There was so commotion happening but I was watching Whitman so I could only glance in the direction that it was happening.  I kept looking at Robby, Grannymom and Grandpa who were all watching everything happen.  Robby finally got out of his seat and headed to the commotion area.  Then he quickly turned around and said "call the police" just as I heard a loud thud/bang.  By this time the kids were coming closer to us but Robby was calling them over as Grannymom, myself and others were trying to dial 911.  
  • Long story short-domestic dispute outside of gate, woman and child hid in life guard office, shouting man jumped gate, he hit or body slammed man trying to tell him to leave, then man ran off.  The police (who took forever to come) came along with ambulance.  The pool was cleared as everyone was stunned but we stayed and watched the police come and go and interview and everything else...hoping that we could get back in the pool to calm the kiddos down some.  
  • There were lots and lots of questions asked.  Keaton keeps asking why we didn't stay at the pool and she keeps saying that Grannymom called the police.  And tonight at bedtime, Campbell told me that she kept thinking about bad things happening.  Gracious me!  
  • They eventually did decide that they were going to close the pool so we had to find something to do to get the kids minds off of this.  So we had ice cream!  We all enjoyed our Baskin Robbins treat-the kids couldn't get over our evening: doughnuts, pool and ice cream.  Yep, the doughnuts and ice cream were supper but I did hand the kids some peanut butter crackers as we all sat and watched the drama unfold at the pool.  
  • The pool drama bothered me some but not enough cause me to break out into hives.  But for some reason I do have itchy spots all over myself.  The same thing happened last night but I am just fine after some benedryl.  I am beginning to think that I am allergic to Robby, or being outside, or maybe doing laundry.  Yes, that is it, I am allergic to doing laundry.  

July 25, 2014

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One day his face will get stuck like this :)

  • My Campbell is still having trouble sleeping.  She just fusses some, calls for me and cries out occasionally.  Keaton (my light sleeper) or Reagan will holler that Campbell needs us and up the stairs one of us will go.  I didn't hear any of this last night but Robby did and he made the trip upstairs.  Guess tonight will be my turn!
  • Since today was Friday, we were in no hurry to get up.  Actually, we don't really hurry to get up any morning lately.  The kids wanted for us to hurry and get up to go and get doughnuts tomorrow-we suggested maybe doughnuts tomorrow night.
  • At breakfast, I did decide to go see Beebee before we went to Anderson's doctor's appointment.  We hurried around and quickly left.  Of course, it was almost 9:30 so we only managed to spend about 30 minutes with Beebee.  She was in a good mood today and freely passed out candy to the kids who gobbled it up.  She was in a hurry to get to the salon so my crew gladly pushed her there after telling her all about our trip.  
  • Then we jumped in the car and went to Anderson's doctor's appointment.  He passed!  She said that his ear was perfectly healed though there was still some fluid in it.  Dr. Martin said that it would drain out on its on.  I was glad everything was healed so then we headed to the library.  We survived the library without much drama-I love getting books from the library but I really don't like going at all.  I do need to take the kids to the children's library sometime-maybe that trip would be a bit less stressful for me.
  • Once at home, the kids worked on their chores and I quickly tried to get lunch ready.  It was nearly 1 when we ate so the kids were hungry.  Hungry enough that they ate and ate while I read and read.  I am not really sure what all happened around here from 1 to 2 because the next thing I knew, the clock said 2 and I started hurrying to put my little people to bed.  I had things to do...
  • Take a nap!  Yep, that was on my agenda for today.  My throat has been killing me today-hurts so bad that my ear hurts when I swallow so I just needed a nap.  I was good and almost asleep when my Campbell came to join me.  We cuddled up and slept and slept-I had set my alarm on my phone but I just kept hitting snooze.  Campbell and I were so comfy and cozy.  
  • When Robby came home, we all headed outside.  He mowed some-when his lawnmowers worked and we played the entire time-baseball and soccer.  (Yes, there was no kickball played tonight-shocking!)  I did manage to pick up some sticks but with Whitman you just can't leave him alone-he runs to the swings and goes everywhere in the snake filled yard (I don't really know if the yard is snake filled, I just imagine it being snake filled though when Whitman is walking by himself)  He even climbed on Robby's lawnmower tonight-gracious me!
  • We were outside until after 9 then we had our showers and supper-and can you imagine how hungry the kids were?  Keaton kept asking for more food.  We put Whitman to bed and then we all sat down to watch our last little bit of Ninja Warrior from the other night.  It was a late night but a fun day!  

July 24, 2014

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Slooowwww done sister....

  • Things are just different around here without Reagan.  It doesn't really matter who isn't here but when one child is gone, things are just strange.  Today, the day just seemed to drag on-of course all of this happens on days when Robby is here and he ends up thinking that we don't do anything all day long.  
  • The day started off with a lazy breakfast and then the kids helped me straighten the house.  Actually, they just kind of followed me from room to room while I did everything involved in straightening the house.  They did fold all of the towels for me but then they proceeded to spread all of my other laundry out around the room-this was partly Whitman's fault.  He loves to grab things-especially socks-and then run around the house.  I have a huge bucket upstairs with solo socks just waiting to be paired up all because of a one year old.
  • Then the kids and I read some and started to work on their science fair projects.  Yuck!  I can tell you that I am not ready for school to start back-I have just over 1 week to become excited enough about school that my excitement becomes contagious to the rest of the people in this house.
  • Whitman had himself a morning nap and Robby reminded me that his morning naps are probably soon coming to an end.  Those were words that I just wasn't ready to hear-no morning nap? no morning nap right in the middle of our school day? I just don't think that I can take that at all!  Oh, really it  should be manageable since he is such a good little baby (most of the time).
  • Soon it was lunch time and then we just didn't have anything to do until nap time.  I did let Whitman play upstairs with the kids-he never gets to go in the toy room and that baby had a blast.  The kids were being wild but Whitman didn't care.  It was like I had put the child down in a toy store-there was so much for him to see and pick up.  He is pretty good about not putting things in his mouth now so I can trust him a bit there but he would try to scoot down the stairs if he isn't being watched so I can't trust him too much.
  • At 2, I put the nappers down for a nap and then Campbell and I left to run to the grocery store.  She was delighted to get to go with me and chatted the entire time.  After our shopping, we picked Reagan up from Grannymom's house.  Reagan was super excited about her night and day-Lilly's painting party when Reagan painted a canvas of flowers and then she was able to go with Lilly to watch Lilly get her ears pierced.  
  • We came home for a bit and then soon we were all leaving again-our 3rd day in a row to go swimming.  I am trying to make sure that we get our money's worth!  The kids were so happy to get to swim again-that is one thing that they really enjoy doing.  And tonight, Robby let Campbell go off the diving board with out her floatees.  She did great and kept jumping (with Robby still watching her) until we made her stop.  We didn't want for her to get too tired.  
  • When it was time to go home, my kids didn't want to go.  But we all got to the car, made it home for showers and a bit more pizza and then it was bedtime.

July 23, 2014

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Making cookies!

  • It seems that someone is waking me up every night lately.  It wasn't Campbell last night but it was Graham who had a bit too much to drink last night.  He had already changed so I just pulled out the blankets from under my bed and made him a spot.  (Best thing ever is having blankets under my bed to quickly make a spot for someone)  Then I went upstairs to get his sheets in the wash.    
  • We did all sleep well after that and soon it was time to wake up.  Swimming was today so we had lots to do before swimming.  The kids had their chores and we all worked together to get the house clean (er, cleaner than is was.  Not yet clean since I don't think this place will ever be clean. Maybe when the kids leave home but by then I will be too blind to see the cobwebs and too old to clean this whole place.  So I will gladly take "clean-er" right now.)
  • Anyway, one of the chores was cleaning the potties today.  I had taught them last summer but never really let them practice so I refreshed everyone's skills today.  The only thing is I haven't looked to see if they get a good job or not. I will try to remember to report back to you tomorrow on the actual cleanliness of the Dennie toilets after I check tonight.
  • All too soon, we were rushing out the door to head to the swimming pool.  The kids were excited to be back with their friends though their behavior left a bit to be desired.  I like to think they are still in trip mode and getting back into the swing of things is hard but I just don't know.  Before we even got to the pool, Reagan and Anderson became hysterical about who would eat the pizza lunchable-and I said that was the last lunchable I would ever buy so Campbell started crying "I love lunchables."  Drama, drama!
  • Then at the pool, my boys had a hard time keeping their hands off of each other, none of my big 3 seem to be able to speak to each other kindly and Campbell fell apart when I told her that I wasn't going to get in the icy cold water today.  Oh, it all wasn't that bad-I do get frustrated about how they talk to each other.  I do lose my cool with them but I sure don't talk to the kids like they talk to each other-so I have started trying to be extra kind and sweet (and smiley) so maybe that will rub off...so far it isn't working!
  • After the first adult swim, I let Whitman into the water.  That boy is as happy as he can be walking around the water.  He would dive into any part of the pool if I hadn't been hot on his heels.  I get so tickled at him putting his face down into the water.  
  • Then it was lunch time and the drama over the one last pizza lunchable quickly subsided when Anderson said he would take the cracker lunchable.  Why wouldn't he had said that this morning during the great lunchable squabble?  The dessert into the lunchable caught is eye...from now on, I am only giving my kids salad to eat!
  • After the pool, we came home for a bit-Whitman and Keaton took their naps and Campbell sat by me and fell asleep as I worked.  The others watched a few movies and then at 3:15, I jumped up and started hauling sleeping babies to the car so we could go and buy Lilly her birthday present.  Robby ended up being able to meet us so he took most everyone back home while Reagan, Campbell and I shopped.  
  • Reagan really wanted to buy Lilly earrings and she really, really wanted to go and pick them out. Since she doesn't get to do much shopping, I thought I would give her that pleasure.  And when we walked into the store, Reagan said "oooh."  She was in heaven but we didn't do much browsing.  We quickly found lots of choices for Lilly and even a set of earrings for Reagan and since Campbell was helping us shop, we picked her out a set of earrings that had the letter "C" on them.  
  • Campbell and I dropped Reagan off for Lilly's party and to spend the night and then we fought the rain and drove back home.  Campbell pointed out each and every car that she thought was going too fast in the rain.  But the best part of the ride was when we saw an abandoned car.  We talked about where the drive could be.  Campbell only had one guess and she said "I bet they got shot." Say what?  We do watch tv but we don't watch things were folks are getting shot...and then I started thinking about some things we have talked about lately while traveling-Kennedy's assassination and Reagan's attempted assassination.  
  • Robby already had our hot dogs fixed for supper.  Then we all ate and needed some type of activity to fill the rest of the evening...so we made some cookies and watched Undercover Boss and some ninja show.  That probably wasn't the best show to watch before bed-the boys kicked, jumped and climbed on all of the furniture as they made their way to bed!

July 22, 2014

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Fun day at the zoo, topped off with swimming!

  • Yesterday when Anderson got Keaton out of her bed, he came downstairs and told me that Keaton was getting "too big for that little bed."  I tried to explain to him that I had no plans on getting her a big bed now since her crib is working just fine.  
  • Campbell didn't sleep well last night-strange how she doesn't sleep well at home but sleeps pretty good in hotels.  I guess if she keeps waking up in the middle of the night, Keaton can have her bed and Campbell can just move into our bedroom.
  • Of all days, I really wanted the kids to get up early (early to me means 7-7:15) but I was out of luck there.  They did come rolling down the steps after 7:30 and we finally had to call Reagan down after 8.  We needed to leave at 8:30 to go and pick up Grannymom, Lilly, Zach and Lilly's friend Meredith for our outings.
  • There was a bit of drama in the car this morning.  I had changed out the car seats last night after we had removed the back, back seat.  Graham and Anderson sitting together didn't really work out.  Campbell couldn't see over Anderson's head to watch the movie.  And Reagan wasn't happy about being in the back.  Again, you can't please everyone-I do think that Whitman and Keaton were pleased with where their seats were-or at least they didn't say anything.
  • After picking everyone up, we went to the zoo for the morning.  In comparison of the St. Louis zoo, when we pulled into the parking lot, we were about the 10th car there.  And pretty much there was hardly anyone there today.  We saw plenty of animals with ease-even though we were only at our zoo for about 2 hours, we saw double the number of animals.  (Nothing against the St. Louis zoo, there was just way too many people there.)
  • The elephants were walking holding each other's tails, the tortoise was walking around, the giraffe was licking the side of the building, the cheetah was standing on top of a tall tree stump and the rhino was out near the fence-pretty good animal watching day.  Soon we were back in the van stopping to pick up some pizza for lunch.
  • Once at the pool, we sunscreened everyone and let them play for the 10 minutes before adult swim.  Once they blew that adult swim whistle, we passed out our pizza, breadsticks and lemonade.  The kids ate up-they must have been hungry.  
  • Then they swam and played cops and robbers mostly.  I would have to break things up occasionally because they were getting a bit too rough but no one seemed to mind (only me).  But they had a blast playing with each other and all the big kids (Graham on up and occasionally Campbell) stayed together all afternoon.
  • They had huge pixie sticks for their snack at the pool.  My kids had never had pixie sticks like that and they were coughing and gagging on all of the sugar-and loving everyone minute of it.  It was a good thing that they had to get back in the water after eating so they could wash the sticky off of them.
  • Around 2:30, we headed home-kind of funny when it was time to leave-I walked over to all 8 kids swimming in the circle pool and told them it was time to go.  They all climbed out and then the life guard was just standing there watching an empty pool.
  • We dropped off Grannymom and her crew and then headed home.  Keaton and Whitman were asleep when we made it home but Keaton didn't stay asleep.  She managed to wake up in time to have a shower with Campbell and then help the others with their chores.  
  • The kids did their chores and then all had time to watch a movie.  But Reagan, Campbell and I were busy during the movies because we were working on their American Girls' dolls hair.  The hair on some of their dolls was pretty bad but hopefully we were able to improve it.  We are planning on working on styling their hair tomorrow-fun, fun times!
  • When Robby came home, we all got ready and headed out to Nonna's house.  We went out to eat and the kids stayed with Nonna and Pops.  They had a big supper and then played until Graham fell asleep.  Anderson loves going to Nonna's because he gets to watch some pretty wild shows that we don't have on our tv-like a naked man out in the jungle.  It was quite interesting Anderson explaining to me why the man didn't have any clothes on!
  • Once we made it home, everyone brushed their teeth and then it was to bed they went.  Graham woke up enough to get into bed and listen to the Bible story.  My boy gets tired during busy days like today...I do too!