October 22, 2017

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  • I think that Robby and I slept in a bit too long this morning. We were at less than an hour left when we did finally get out of bed. There is never any panic when we do wake up late; I just went about getting myself ready while he stirred the sleeping kids. The big boys were already awake, dressed and playing xbox.
  • After I had finished getting ready, I made sure that Whitman put on his clothes and did the girls' hair. Again this Sunday, we had multiple different seasons happening-there were boots and there were also sandals. We will get it together one day but today was not the day.
  • We made it to church and were able to see Nonna and Pops before the service started but it was already beginning when we made it Grannymom and Grandpa's pew. Since changing services, we do have to arrive a wee bit earlier but gracious, we couldn't be any happier.
  • Whitman sat between Robby and I during church and he did seem to do a bit better. Once Robby told him to be still and he shot back, "but it is so hard for me." That couldn't be any more true.
  • We celebrated Pops' birthday at their house today. Nonna had made a big lunch which poor Pops' couldn't have any of because he is eating healthily right now. He opened his presents-a vacuum and gift cards. The kids had some time to play and then we headed home.
  • At home, Robby and I snoozed while the kids had themselves a bit ole time downstairs. We napped today in the bonus room and it is always interesting walking down the steps wondering what exactly you will find. Today, things were pretty decent and the only highlight was baking soda all of the kitchen floor.
  • When it was supper time, I read some school stuff to the kids as they cleaned out the fridge with all of their supper choices. Tomorrow will be a bit crazy during school time so we did what we could tonight. Then it was time to pick up the house and take showers. 
  • After that, we all watched one tv show before putting everyone into bed. It is now ice cream time and then there will be no more ice cream until next weekend.
  • Tonight while we were watching a show about two people getting married, Whitman told me that I should have married a different Daddy. Robby did take Whitman's ipad away from him for the day and I think that Whitman was still a bit bitter about this. He continued to tell me that our Daddy is too bossy.

October 21, 2017

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  • We slept as late as we could this morning which was later than I had expected. Well, I guess I can't really say that we slept later than usual because we were awake at about the same time. Everyone that was in this house came and asked about breakfast. They wanted to know if they could eat by themselves and once we told them that Robby was going to cook, then they wanted to know when he was going to start that cooking.
  • We had a few leftover cans of biscuits and cinnamon rolls that he baked along with some fried eggs. The kids were finally happy to have their breakfast. After the kitchen was clean, I started on my gift project for a bit. (I had much better success today-6 for 6 worked out well though I am not yet finished with them.)
  • I did go through Keaton's bins with Reagan and Keaton. Reagan helped me show Keaton clothes letting her decide if she wanted them. Everything that could possibly fit her, she wanted. This floored Reagan who only wants about 1/10th of what would fit her. I have changed over Whitman's clothes and now have out clothes ready to switch for Keaton, Anderson and Graham. So I still have a lot of work to do next week-my goal is to finish that project by November-maybe the first week of November.
  • Robby and Graham left for a day out. Last May, the kids all learned the Gettysburg Address and earned a venture out with Robby. It has been so long that I don't even remember what all everyone else did. I do know that some went to the movies but I think some did something else. Anyway, Graham ended up having a big day out-eating at Tropical Smoothie, putt-putt at Big Rock and a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. 
  • The rest of us picked up the house and then headed to pick up Campbell from Nonna and Pops' house. Campbell had spent the morning baking-she baked a cake for Sunday lunch, a birthday cake for Pops and cookies for us to eat. She quickly passed out her cookies which were delicious.
  • Our next stop was Micheal's. They had a slime event and the kids and I all made a bag of slime. It is supposed to glow in the dark but I don't think it does. It was fun (and free) but also unorganized which grates on my nerves...or maybe just craft projects grate on my nerves.
  • Once we made it home, the kids added glitter to their slime, added color and even made more slime. There is glitter ever where in my kitchen-I even think there was glitter in our taco soup tonight that we had for supper.
  • Graham and Robby came home along with a trunk load of groceries. After unloading those, Robby changed a light bulb on the eave of the house so I had to supervise his ladder skills. I had time to make our supper in the crock pot and then we put on costumes and headed out.
  • Tonight was Spook City in Benton. We went years ago and had at least 1 stroller to deal with (possibly 2) and all I can remember is that it was crowded and crazy. This year we arrived at least 15 minutes early and it was already crowded but manageable.
  • The kids racked up on candy. Whitman's bucket was so heavy that he had trouble carrying it to the car. The kids could hardly wait to get home to dump out their candy and inspect everything. Then the trading began. The louder Robby would turn up the game, the louder the trading became. 
  • We ate our supper and then watched the Hogs until we could watch no more. We did promise the boys that we would wake them up if they made a comeback. We won't know though because we are already watching something else!

October 20, 2017

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  • Since it was Friday morning, I wasn't in much hurry to wake up and get school started. Campbell and Graham were already working on their school-Keaton came in and gave me a report. She laid down with me for a bit and then Campbell joined us after a while. 
  • I let everyone pick their own breakfast this morning and read a bit as they all ate. Then it was time for school. After working together on a four day school week, I don't really have to work with anyone individually. I just have to check their work so by 11 I was finished with my work even though a few folks were still finishing their school.
  • I was able to put together a costume for Whitman for his book character day in November. I also did a bit of work on our teacher Christmas gifts. I did teacher gifts last year and I believe that was the first time I did Sunday school teacher gifts in many, many years. This year I am doing CBS teachers too. I tried attempted to make 7 but only came out with 3 that I could use. You would assume that 3 coats of paint would be better than 2 but apparently not! Ha! Oh, well, that is why you start things early!
  • Soon, Nonna and Pops came over to pick up Campbell. Campbell was pretty excited about leaving-she flew through her school work and packed as soon as she could. Maybe my kids need somewhere to go every day after school so they can get finished quickly. (Now, I didn't brag on Anderson yesterday but he did do 4 pages of math yesterday so he didn't have to do any today. It did help that his math was pretty easy this week.)
  • After Campbell left, I went back to work on my Christmas gifts and the kids were anything but quiet. I am not sure what all happened but they did this and did that. The house looked like a tornado had hit it. I would have thought that Whitman would have been more into his movies this afternoon since he didn't watch much this morning-he worked with me, he worked and read with Reagan, Campbell, Anderson, Graham and even Keaton read to him. He definitely got his school in this morning.
  • Robby and I went outside to play catch with the boys and ended up playing a game of football with them. I have watched football all of my life but I will say that this was the first time that I think that I have ever played football. The boys had fun but I think that I will stick to watching football.
  • We ate supper at ChickFilA and then ran to Home Depot and Walmart afterwards. Once we came home, the kids watched a bit of tv and then Robby even turned on a documentary about Hawaii. That was when I fell sound asleep.
  • While I was snoozing, Pops text and this is what I text him back, "Good bane. Glagolitic she den." I quickly caught my mistake and woke up but gracious me, sometimes I do think that I might possibly be losing my mind. I thought that today when I was having major contact problems earlier in the day and couldn't see a thing.
  • Around 10, we put the kids to bed and that is when I woke up enough to decide that I need to paint the baseboard in this room and even paint our tv cabinet....but probably not tonight.

October 19, 2017

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  • Whitman joined us around 3:30ish this morning. At first, I know that we were pretty close to my side but by morning, I think that we were both sleeping on Robby's side of the bed with him. I asked Whitman later why he came down and he said that he was scared and his glow stick had stopped working.
  • Keaton joined us in bed for a bit and then I could wait no more to get out of the bed-it is hot sleeping in the middle and I had to go to the bathroom. I did go ahead and get up-some days, I feel like I have done a whole days worth of work in the first 10 minutes that I am awake. 
  • The kids are always hungry in the morning time and were anxious to eat breakfast. We had waffles and pancakes this morning. I read a bit as everyone ate and then we loaded Whitman up to go to school. He had to take his homework, his show and tell and a picture to school today. He is just in preschool-I can't imagine everyone having to take a zillion things to school each day.
  • We did our work together and then everyone started on school. I was able to finish my part a bit early (just 10 or so minutes but that is reason to celebrate for me!) When Whitman came home, I greeted him at the door and he was quick to tell me all about his school day. He did say that Ryker was his new friend at school. For the longest, he hasn't been able to tell me anyone's names in his class. So glad he at least knows someone's name. 
  • We had lunch and I read a plethora of books to everyone. Then the kids worked on their chores and finished up school. I started to work on changing over Whitman's clothes. I am not sure how it has happened but the boy will have no pants this season. I wondered if they had gotten moved to another box but after checking all the way to size 7, he just has no pants. The only thing that I can figure is that Anderson and then Graham completely wore out all of their pants. 
  • After a while, the kids ran to Dairy Queen for their weekly Blizzard run. Whitman stayed at home with me-he doesn't like ice cream from Dairy Queen and I was busy with the big clothes change over. I finished Whitman's clothes and then went through the next boxes for the big boys. Their "next boxes" seem to get smaller and smaller. I am sure that my big boys will need more things than just a few pairs of pants. 
  • I had finished my project when the others came home. The played inside for a bit and then they went outside. Campbell stayed the longest outside and barely had her shower before the Wilsons came over for supper. We fed them in exchange for Tony bringing our flu shots. The kids are all upset that I have their flu shots scheduled for next week. 
  • We ended the evening with some leftover Blizzard cake. The Wilson's couldn't stay long and after they had been gone over an hour, Graham came down and asked where they were. We watched a tv show before sending everyone to bed.

October 18, 2017

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  • I probably hit snooze a bit too long this morning because I was struggling to get myself ready and make everyone's lunches. Again, I probably should have made those last night but I guess I was hoping that the lunch genie would just appear last night and make our lunches. It didn't happen.
  • The kids were mostly ready this morning and even had time to help around the house some before we left. I did make sure that I had time to toast my bagel before we walked out of the door. 
  • I helped in the children's area today for CBS. We have to once a year and I like to get mine over with. The class was small and cute-I will say that Robby probably doesn't want for me to work with those little bitties too often. I miss having a baby around here.
  • After Bible study, we headed to the park with our buddies. The kids played and played as the grown ups talked. They do have a fountain there and Whitman left completely soaking wet. I would have probably beat Graham if he had soaked himself like that but I guess I have softened some. I just ignored it until we made it home and made sure that he had dry undies on.
  • Once we did make it home, I did a few things around the house-read to Whitman, did his homework with him, unloaded the car, divided some meat, straightened the kitchen, cleaned the fridge and a few other things and the next thing that I knew, I was sound asleep on the couch,
  • Now, I am sure that the kids absolutely loved me taking a nap. I think that I was pretty agreeable to whatever would allow them to leave my alone-for example, I now remember Campbell asking me if they could make slime using flour. I said sure and when I did wake up, I had a whole other mess to clean in the kitchen. Actually, they did pick up most of it but flour is just hard to clean.
  • I made supper pretty quick and soon it was time to head to church. It was hat day for everyone but Reagan and Anderson. Graham wore a cowboy hat, Campbell made her own hat and Keaton and Whitman both wore baseball hats. My group was on the playground again tonight which was very nice since those nights are probably coming to an end.
  • After church, the kids changed into their pjs and I passed out cookies. Then everyone had time to play on their ipads a bit before bed.

October 17, 2017

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  • I woke up at 6:30 this morning and quickly went back to sleep. There isn't much better than a few extra minutes of sleep in the mornings. Campbell came in a few times before I did get out of bed. She would hand me school work each time. Robby said that she went to town on her school last night. She did and pretty soon this morning, Campbell, Keaton and Graham were finished with their school work.
  • We barely got Whitman's breakfast before he had to get in Robby's car to head to school. Now, poor Whitman was not happy about not getting to ride in the red car. He is a bit devastated that we sold the red car (and his scooter).
  • The rest of us worked together and then we all started on our school work. The kids went to town since we had a big afternoon. My goal was to finish school by 11:30 and we did make it by 11:45. 
  • As soon as we finished school, we started to work on Campbell's snickerdoodle cookies to take to her CBS class tomorrow. We were able to get the batter in the fridge before it was lunch time. I read some at lunch and then cleaned the kitchen as the kids picked up the rest of the house (Reagan had already done most of it-when she is motivated, she is really motivated.)
  • Before 1, we were walking out of the house and drove to pick up Nonna and Pops. Grannymom and Whitman were our next to pick up. Whitman came to the car and was asking Grannymom to ask "my parents if we can go to another pumpkin patch." He was so excited when he found out that we were indeed going to another pumpkin patch.
  • We zoomed on down the road to Schaeffer's Pumpkin patch in Mayflower. Even though it was just Mayflower, it was still 50 minutes from my house. The Powells and Kamps were already there and by the time we bought our tickets, the Stotts arrived.
  • The first activity was the hayride. Last year, some of the pumpkins were still on vines but I am not sure that these pumpkins actually grew were they were. However, there were rotten pumpkins around so possibly they were grown there. Either way, you ride a hayride to a pumpkin patch (a real patch) and then you hop out of the hayride and pick your pumpkin.
  • Whitman only cared about dragging his feet in the dirt. I had to pick out his pumpkin and after I did, I saw a white one that I really wanted him to trade for but he would have none of that. Reagan found a neat squatty green and orange pumpkin. I am glad that she found one so quickly because last year she was the last one back on the wagon.
  • Keaton was all about picking the biggest pumpkin that she could find with the longest stem. Pops even struggled to carry her monstrous pumpkin back to the tractor. Campbell was the slow picker outer today and honestly, I can't tell the difference between hers, Anderson's and Graham's pumpkins.
  • After the pumpkin picking, the kids played on all of the land. There were slides, tether ball (a favorite of the big kids), sand (Whitman's favorite), see saws and many other things. If the weather was a just a bit cooler, I think that my kids could have stayed all afternoon long.
  • As it was, when we did leave, we had to scurry on out of there and hurry home. We dropped Grannymom off at the curb and kicked Nonna and Pops out and drove home as quickly as possible.
  • Once at home, the kids changed into their Halloween costumes, Robby and I worked on goody bags for the kids tonight, I got myself ready and then we unloaded the car as the kids climbed in. My fireplace now has 13 pumpkins sitting on it. 
  • We arrived at the Pennington's house and shortly thereafter, so did the McGuires. Everyone took our customary Halloween picture out front. Jaymie came soon with supper and we ate. After eating the kids played some and the adults talked. No one stayed too late and on the way home, the kids asked why we left so early. We explained that they all had school tomorrow and it was like we were trying to explain a foreign concept to the kids. I guess my crew is pretty fortunate-tomorrow is Bible study for us tomorrow so we have an early morning too. 

October 16, 2017

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  • Most of the kids were stirring as we were getting up this morning.  We had powdered donuts yesterday and there were leftovers -- so that might have been why a few were up and eating.
  • Soon Whitman was dressed and he and Robby were out the door. His class was playing outside today in the 'garden' area which included some water playing too so he was excited about going to school. (But he usually is no matter what activity is planned.)
  • Back here we were on a mission to get school done since I would heading out for an eye appointment in the early afternoon.  We got most of the work done and I left them with the rest of their school work and chores to be done and lunch to be made.
  • When I returned home, school work was done and chores for the most part were done and most of the kids were playing board games. And Nonna and Pops were soon arriving to drop off Whitman.  They brought snacks too so that was a hit with everyone. 
  • Then we sent everyone outside to enjoy some of this beautiful weather.  I took turns with each kid to cull through shoes to figure out who had out grown what and who could fit into any hand me downs.  I managed to clear out quite a few shoes.
  • Robby went outside when he was done with work for some football throws and drone flying.  I left for a few errands before Bunko at Sara's tonight.
  • Meanwhile, Robby reports the kids trickled back in for showers and then a pizza supper. (Robby had me pick up a few mystery shops on my way home from my eye appointment so they would have supper tonight.)
  • They ended up the night watching a Shark Tank and a Toy Box before everyone brushed their teeth and headed to bed.
  • A bit of news -- we did sell our minivan today to a man and wife with no kids ?!?! They needed a minivan for their therapy dog. A lot of memories in the van... we bought it in 2008 when we knew were expecting Graham.  We took a few big road trips in the van including a West Coast trip to Oregon, Yellowstone all with a big Roof Bag with much of our luggage on top of the van.  It was a good car but with the kids legs growing longer and Robby no longer wanting to be a minivan soccer 'dad' - I don't think he was too sad to see it go.