February 22, 2017

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  • You know it is Bible study day when you the kids are all dressed before I have to ask them or even dressed before I get out of bed. As I was getting myself ready, my boys walked through with their trash bags working on the trash bags. I love people showing some initiative!
  • We listened to our book on the way to Bible study and I do believe that I have decided that I want to start reading all of the kids books that I have never read-no, not read them to the kids but just read them myself. 
  • My people had a great time at Bible study as always. Whitman's teacher told me how he really loved the markers that he used today in his class. (They are now on his birthday list.) Anytime his teachers want to talk, I always get nervous that he has not been nice but she just went on and on about how much he loved those markers. His two teachers are the absolute sweetest ladies ever.
  • We went to the park to play for lunch. My big kids barely eat anything while we are at the park-Anderson even asked me to not even pack him a lunch since he would rather play. The others eat just enough to appease me before running off to play. The ground was wet today so everyone left with pretty wet socks and shoes.
  • At home, Whitamn cried for about 30 minutes. He was just exhausted and nothing I could do would help. I finally just laid down in his bed with him as he cried and cried. After I had had enough of that, I left him alone to take a nap and he did lay quietly for about 30 minutes. He was still awake so I did let him come down and he was a different child-he just needed to calm down and be quiet for a minute.
  • The kids were inside until about 4:20 when they saw the neighbors outside. They all burst out the door as I was shouting that they only had a few minutes to play. At 5, I told them to come in to eat. We were able to scarf down supper and then we were off to church tonight.
  • Tonight at church I had to drop something off to Grannymom. They were already in their church service so I came in and headed to the back so I could hand my stuff off to Nonna to get to Grannymom. When we left, Keaton looked at me and said, "What are they doing standing up holding their Bibles?" My poor child doesn't even know what a hymnal. What is this world coming to?
  • After church, we came home for showers. Robby managed the shower takers while I served up snacks. Then Bible story, bed and a bit of reading!

February 21, 2017

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  • Last night before I went to bed, I checked on Keaton since I was afraid she was a bit warm. I felt her forehead and then uncovered her a bit. Then I went on back downstairs and climbed in the shower.
  • Robby was walking around getting ready for bed and I thought I saw his red shirt walk past again. A few seconds later I heard him make an odd sound and then laughingly tell Keaton that she had scared him. She said she didn't feel good so we pulled out blankets and she slept soundly in our room.
  • Robby and I laid in bed talking about how surprised we were that Keaton had came all of the way downstairs by herself. This morning when I was waking up Campbell, who was sleeping in Reagan's bed, she asked where Keaton was. I told her that she came down around midnight and Reagan quickly corrected me saying that Keaton came down at 11:29. I asked her if Keaton had asked to go down and she told me that she walked her down, heard me in the shower and even know that Keaton scared Daddy. 
  • This morning Keaton woke up and was ready to go to school. She was hoping that the helicopter was going to come back for Whitman's class-it did not. They both had a good day at school and stayed busy at Grannymom's house this afternoon.
  • We did our school work this morning and even had time to play a game before lunch. Reagan was the winner today of the trophy and was pretty pleased about it. We then had leftovers for lunch-Graham and Campbell didn't want leftovers so they had to make their own sandwiches. 
  • After we finished lunch, I made everyone get to work on their chores. Tonight was Bunko night at the house and I needed all of the help that I could get. After the kids finished their chores, I did let them go outside despite the continually drizzling rain. I made sure that they didn't track in a mess and let them do whatever they liked-Campbell came in a bit wet but Graham was so wet that he asked to take a shower.
  • I stayed busy in the kitchen most of the afternoon stopping only to do the three things that I seem to be doing often these days-sorting kids clothes to give away, working on our National Park Passport book and walking on that blasted treadmill.
  • Robby came home with Keaton and Whitman and I helped him unload the car. I didn't notice the salads that he picked up for me but assumed he put them in the garage fridge. Later I asked him if he thought my bowl would be big enough for the salads. He looked at me and said, "I'll be right back." He forgot my salads but was soon back with salads in hand.
  • Robby took the kids off and they picked up supper and then went to watch another movie. I think my people are becoming movie watching fans or maybe they are just popcorn eating fans. They returned and headed right on to bed while my bunko girls laughed and talked downstairs.
  • Everyone left around 10 and Robby helped me load the dishwasher and then we finally set down-I think I am kind of tired!

February 20, 2017

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  • Robby was off today since it was President's Day but Keaton still had to go to school. We went ahead and sent Whitman to Nonna's house for the morning like usual and decided to do school. If I had really thought about it, I probably would have skipped school all together and not sent Keaton.
  • But this wouldn't have been a good day for her to miss. A helicopter from Children's (or somewhere) landed for the preschoolers to see. They watched it land and then take off again and even were able to walk and go look inside of it. (If we would have known about this, I would have brought all my people to see it too.)
  • Not only did she see the helicopter, it was her snack day and she took real x-rays for her letter X Show and Tell. After school, Nonna and Whitman picked up Keaton and then they had a busy afternoon. It was no wonder Keaton was feeling a bit puny tonight, she had had a huge day and was probably exhausted.
  • The rest of us spent the morning doing school. We zoomed through today since Graham and Reagan did a bit of school last night (I believe some folks are upstairs working on their school now too.) I did skip our history and science today so I could work on some of my own chores. Bunko is here tomorrow so I needed all of the extra time I can get. (Don't worry, I don't plan on getting any further behind on science or history.)
  • We had our lunch and then started on a few more chores. Then I told the kids that they could all pick one movie and then they had to head outside. By the time I left the treadmill, all of my people were outside playing. The neighbors were not out today and every once in a while, my crew looked bored out of their mind out there! But they stayed outside.
  • Robby did go outside a bit and play football. Keaton and Whitman came home and they eve played outside until it started to rain. The kids then came inside and started on their showers.
  • We ate supper at Grannymom's house since Robby had to order a pizza. The kids played their ipads and watched Wheel of Fortune while eating pizza and cookies. We were able to see Grannymom for a bit when she came home and then we headed home.
  • The kids brushed and then it was bedtime. They had about 25 minutes to read or do some school work tonight. Keaton tried to read some but she was just too tired. The little one in the boys' room, Whitman, doesn't appear to be tired since we can still hear him talking away.

February 19, 2017

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  • After being out a bit late, we slept a bit later so we were scrambling to get everyone ready. It was a good thing that we had laid out everyone's clothes yesterday. Clothes putting on went fairly well until Reagan noticed that Campbell was wearing her shirt. Reagan worked her magic and was able to make Campbell switch shirts-she's a deceptive little booger. Everyone ended up happy. 
  • We made it to church in time to see our grands and the little lady that gives the kids candy. I had her and her friend a little package today. Then it was time for Sunday school. We have a pretty rowdy group of 3rd graders-18 today. By the end, I am a sweaty and hoarse and ready to sit for a bit.
  • But there is no sitting in big church and soon I was sneaking out to pick up Whitman. He was sitting listening to a book when I came to pick him up. Then it was off to Dana's house to celebrate Grannymom's birthday. 
  • Dana had Mexican lasagna and it was delicious. We all sang Happy Birthday to Grannymom as she blew out the candles on her cookie cake. The kids were able to play with their cousins and had a great time. They played outside but also spent a lot of time playing with slime that Lilly and Cash had made.
  • We came home and the kids watched some tv before going outside. When they came outside, I started writing out my grocery list. I asked everyone if they wanted to go with me and no one said they did, until I started to climb in the car. Then Keaton and Campbell changed their mind and jumped in with me. 
  • We shopped and shopped, while the others came in, had their showers, and ate supper. When we made it home, the girls quickly had their showers and supper before joining the others in front of the tv to watch an episode of The Wall before going to bed.

February 18, 2017

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  • Everyone was awake this morning and asking when we were going to leave. I am pretty sure that we had told everyone that today's departure time was near lunch time but they must have forgotten this conversation while sleeping.
  • The kids played some this morning and watched some tv. Robby made them fold laundry before they could turn on the tv. This did cause a bit of turmoil and after only a few shows, it was time to complete my list of chores before we loaded up to pick up Whitman.
  • There was lots of traffic on Nonna's street this morning so Whitman had lots to watch. I put him in the car as he told Nonna that we were going to Hawaii. I had told him Friday that we were going to watch a basketball game but I guess he was thinking it was in Hawaii.
  • We picked up Grannymom and Grandpa and headed on down the road. The first stop was in Ozark for a brief potty stop and then on to Robby's grandparents' house. The kids enjoyed walking around the pond and through the house. We have jokingly mentioned that we were going to move up there so Campbell made sure that she called which bedroom she wanted.
  • We walked down the road through the field and took a few pictures before heading on the Fayetteville. We stopped to get a bit of supper at McDonalds before Robby dropped us off at the stadium.
  • The trip to the game was Grannymom's birthday present and even though we were pretty high up, we had nice seats. We weren't too crowded and even arrived just before the start of the game. 
  • There was lots to see during the game and all my kiddos, including Reagan, enjoyed cheering on the hogs. It didn't take long for Whitman to learn how to call the Hogs and Keaton and Campbell had signs to hold up. 
  • About 10 minutes into the game, I could tell that Whitman was getting very heavy and soon he was sound asleep in my lap. He snoozed until I woke him up in the middle of the second half. I didn't want for him to miss the entire game. 
  • When the game was over, we pottied and then went down near the court. The girls found pom poms and the boys saw the players coming out. They were able to get 2 signatures and were on cloud nine as we left. 
  • We stopped only one on the way home which was surprising since I passed out food and drinks the entire time that we were heading home. Everyone was great in the car but they were pretty tired when we did make it home. We quickly moved everyone on upstairs and into their pjs. I am sure that my crew is pretty exhausted!

February 17, 2017

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  • My fort sleepers all slept until 7 this morning so that was a good thing. Graham reported that Keaton was cold so he had to lay by her with his blankets. Anderson and Reagan also said that they were cold during the night. I am not too sure why people would have been cold-they had every single blanket in this house in their fort. Reaga was sleeping by the front door so she is the ony one that possibly would have been chilled. Robby even kept the heater blaring towards the tent.
  • Everyone started stirring arond 7:30 and the kids were pretty calm. I think that they were trying to be quiet so I would forget about school. It would have been nice since everyone was happily playing their ipads in the fort.
  • I broke the news to the kids over breakfast that after school, we would be taking the fort down and cleaning up downstairs. They seemed a bit fine with that but people would lament each time part of the fort fell down. Graham or Anderson would try to fix it and I would remind them to start back on their school work since we were going to tear it down anyway.
  • Around 11:30, we started on picking up the house and then around 12:30, I called Nonna to let her know that we were about to bring Whitman over and I casually mentiond that we hadn't had any lunch. She took the hint and heated up some tortillas for our lunch.
  • We ate and then I and a few kids walked over to Beebee's house. We snopped around during the estate sale and I left with a new motivation to clean out around here. I tried to convince Robby for us to just move into an RV after selling all of our stuff. He didn't really go for my idea but did buy a lottery ticket for me so maybe the RV idea isn't complete out of the question.
  • Whitman spent the night at Nonna's house tonight and even ate at David's Burgers. He was pretty happy to see us go this afternoon when we left him with Nonna. Then we ran to the library to pick out a few books.
  • When we made it home this afternoon, the kids played some outside and then migrated inside to watch a movie. We loaded up and ate at Mexico Chiquito. It was pretty good and the kids were thrilled with the gallon of punch that Robby bought for our table. We were never brought cups to go with the punch and only had our waters. So the kids had to guzzle their huge cup full of water before Robby was able to pour them some punch-I do expect to be washing some sheets in the morning!
  • When we made it home, the kids had showers and then had a bit of time before bed. Anderson and Graham had spent some of the afternoon and a bit of the evening working on a video trailer. They were pretty proud of themselves and it is pretty neat. I believe that Robby has put it on the blog so you will see it near the pictures. Maybe they have a future in film making!

February 16, 2017

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  • On my first walk through the living room this morning, I was stopped so I could help construct a fort. The boys saw a fort yesterday at Noah's house and Graham was working hard on his fort early, early this morning.
  • Whitman had already claimed himself a spot in the fort and was planning on staying there all day long. I wasn't too sure if he was going to be happy about going to school but when I mentioned putting on his clothes, he ran as quick as he could to my room to get ready.
  • I picked Keaton up from her bed and soon she was getting dressed too. By this time, I was having a hard time getting anyone to do anything this morning since everyone was distracted with the fort. By far, this is the best fort we have had in our house-and I do believe that the current plan tonight is for them to sleep in it (wish us all luck.)
  • Robby took Keaton and Whitman off to school and the rest of us started on school work. Graham spent most of school time (and most of the other time that he has been inside today) in the fort. 
  • School went find this morning though my Campbell seemed to take forever. She was wildly distracted with the fort in the living room. We were able to do our history and science this morning while in the tent.
  • Then we played a game of Uno. Anderson was the winner and claimed the family game trophy from Campbell's desk. After the game was over, Keaton and Whitman arrived home and I was soon putting lunch on the plates.
  • After lunch, everyone helped clean up the house and finished what was left of their school work. Then the kids watched some tv until they saw the neighbors came out. Then everyone jumped outside and stayed out until almost 5:30. 
  • Whitman was inside most of the time and once he came to me and told me that he needed someone to lay beside him. I got up and followed him. Then I laid down beside him. He looked at me and said, "Not a big person, I need a little person to lay by me." I had to fetch his bears since he didn't want my company while watching his movie.
  • When they all came inside, the kids took their showers and then it was supper time. Robby made lo mein noodles which they love at pei wei but not so much tonight. It was just a bag of noodles but was definitely not a winner with them. I thought it was fine though.
  • Robby ran to the store to pick up some ice cream for a snack since Reagan traded in a tiny slip of paper that she received in an Easter egg last year. He was excited about the excuse because he was able to also get him a treat while out.
  • Robby returned with 6 cartons of ice cream. The kids had their choice of ice cream and then everyone settled into the living room to watch a movie. Well, Reagan opted for a movie in my bedroom. Afterwards, it was finally bed time-or might I say fort time.
  • Everyone opted to sleep in the fort-yes, it is a pretty big one. Reagan and Graham are sleeping on the tile floor but with the slew of blankets that they have under them, it is probably cozier than their mattresses. Robby left the heater on in there so I know that they will be nice and snuggly. We will just see how long it all lasts-I did lay down a few blankets in my room in case anyone shows up in here in the middle of the night.