October 12, 2015-The Long Way to and from Disney (Day 13)

Home Sweet Home!

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As soon as the clock turned to 7, Graham started telling Anderson “it is seven, it is seven.” What in the world? I think I need to start giving him some Benedryl before bed each night.  But that wouldn’t have mattered either because moments later, Keaton climbed in our bed.  I laid by her until I had to go to the bathroom.  I hoped that Whitman was still asleep but as soon as I walked in there, he started passing me his toys ready to wake up.  

It didn’t take too long for us to go downstairs for breakfast.  Every hotel breakfast, I really want a bagel with cream cheese but when we are at a Holiday Inn Express, there is no way that I can pass up one of their cinnamon rolls.  Tomorrow I will have to reintroduce myself to the treadmill.

Since we were in Tupelo last night, I knew that we didn’t have too much time in the car and I better pull out the cookie butter from Trader’s Joes.  We all had cookies and delicious cookie butter as we headed back into our home state.

We stopped once for gas, once to pick up a movie and another time at a rest stop.  The rest stop was the favorite of the kids because the grass was like a golf course and they loved rolling all over it and playing some tackle football in that soft grass.  The movie stop was my favorite because we picked up Cinderella and I listened to it as the kids watched while I drove us all of the way home.

Once we made it to Little Rock, we stopped at Nonna and Pops’ house.  Anderson’s souvenir had been sent to their house and he was more than ready to pick it up.  Then we had one last stop before making it home (2,467 miles later) - icees at the gas station near the house.  We had told the kids that we would get slushies yesterday but we ran out of 7-11 stores before we realized it and then told them they could get something today.  That is probably what caused Campbell to ask “what are we going to do special today?”  I do believe that my little people are pretty spoiled.

Once at home, we started unpacking and putting things away.  The kids helped some but we also let them play quite a bit.  By supper time, everything was put away and we were ready to start packing again for our next trip (unfortunately we don’t even have one scheduled right now!)

We had supper tonight and then Jason came over for a few minutes to play with the kids. Campbell and Keaton dressed as princesses and made bracelets while Jason was here. They all enjoyed seeing him and when he left, it was bedtime for all my people.  Robby said that he could have gone to bed too that early but we still have at least one more load of laundry to fold!

Dennie Kid State Count:

Updated state count: (October 12, 2015)
  • Reagan (10 years old): 48 states
    • Missing: Alaska, Hawaii
  • Anderson (8): 48 states
    • Missing: Alaska, Hawaii
  • Graham (7): 45 states
    • Missing: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
  • Campbell (5): 44 states
    • Missing: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Vermont
  • Keaton (4): 34 states
    • Missing: Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington
  • Whitman (2): 33 states
    • Missing: Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington, Wyoming

October 11, 2015-The Long Way to and from Disney (Day 12)

Eating Good at The Varsity!

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We had planned to wake up at 7 this morning but the kids were still sleeping which made it pretty hard for us to wake up.  Anderson had already climbed in our bed and going from a double bed at the Disney house to a king at this motel-we hardly noticed him.  

While Robby was getting ready, I opened the balcony doors and everyone started waking up.  Campbell, though, woke up in a bad mood crying for me to close the windows!  But on the other side of the room, I heard a door opening and closing along with some giggling.  I then found Whitman standing up in his pack n play opening and closing the door to the bathroom.  For the last two nights, his pack n play has been shoved into the bathroom.  When it was time for us to put him in bed, I would have to squeeze through the 5 inches that we could get the door open with his bed in the bathroom and then Robby would have to hand me all of Whitman’s necessities-trains, pillow, Sully, Snoopy and some milk.  Then Robby would carefully squeeze Whitman through the opening and once he was laid down, we would have to close the door while pulling the bed towards the door so the toilet would not be pushing into the side of the bed.  The things we do so we can all get a good night’s sleep.

Once we did load up the car, we headed out...except we couldn’t head out at all! There was a car parked right behind us and even though Robby inched forwards and backwards for a while, we still were getting nowhere (literally and figuratively).  Thankfully, when he went in to ask, it was a workers car and they were able to move their car with out us waiting too much longer.

We have just about done everything that we could instead of heading the towards home.  I was beginning to think that Robby had no intentions of going home Monday or even anytime next week.

The first stop was at McDonalds to pick up breakfast for us all.  This was our first McDonalds breakfast on the trip and the kids were very excited about this.  Who wouldn’t be excited about pancakes, sausage, biscuits, potato cake and eggs.  I divided those breakfasts up and the kids dug in.  My Whitman wasn’t a real fan of breakfast but he held his breakfast in his lap until we stopped and whenever Graham tried to grab a bite, Whitman would holler at him.

I jumped out at a roadside attraction to check on pecans but they were still a bit pricey.  I plan to go and gather some this year so I decided that I could wait.  Then we have never been to a Trader Joes store and had recently heard people talking about it.  It was a fun little stop with lots of neat little groceries to buy.  We picked up a few things but the most exciting part was the cookies and cookie butter which was planned to be our snack later in the day but we ran out of time...there is always tomorrow.

We had to drive a little bit out of our way for that stop so what was a few more miles to drive through the Jacksonville Beach area.  We walked down a fishing pier.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see anyone catch any fish but we did see someone catch a bird.  Robby ushered us all on along just in case something not so pretty was to happen next to the poor bird.

The pier walk was a pretty walk but I am afraid that it just made Reagan more upset about having to go home.  She desperately wanted to return to the beach this morning and could not understand why we just couldn’t be gone for one more day.  Anderson told her over and over that Daddy had to go back to work and we had to come home.  His motives are not all that pure-he knows that he has a lego set waiting on him at Nonna’s house and is anxious to pick that up.

Back in the car, we passed out another drink to wash their snack of popcorn from last night’s food tour down.  Then it was listening to church for Robby and I with headphones on and I really have no idea what the kids said or did during that time...I do believe I love those headphones.  I am still wearing them now as I lay down to go to sleep.

After listening to church, we flew on down the road.  We only had to stop at one rest stop for some football and a potty break and then at a gas station for another potty break...and there might have been another potty break somewhere in between.

Of course the traffic near Atlanta really started to pick up and then it started to crawl and the kids, by this time during the day, had become pretty antsy and noisy.  We finally made it to the Varsity and everyone was starving.

Most everyone had hot dogs and Robby and I ate hamburgers along with a fried apple pie, an orange shake and a chocolate shake.  To top it all off we ended the evening at the Varsity with ice cream for all of the kids.  

Then it was on the road again...right into more traffic.  Early in the day we had chosen a hotel that would be a bit further of a drive tonight but help us out tremendously tomorrow.  We probably should have thrown in Atlanta traffic and a few potty stops into our hotel eta.  

The ride to the hotel was smooth but there were a few bumps in the road...we had 2 kids sleeping, had exhausted our selection of movies (not really but we had had enough) and the car was a pretty quiet.  This is when Robby found some music to listen to.  Whitman heard the first little bit and shouted out “I no like this!”  We ignored him but as Robby’s Gaithers continued to play, Whitman shouted again “I no like this!”  Sorry, Pops.  I guess this one isn’t a Gaithers fan.  

Once those Gaithers became a bit too slow to listen to late at night, we turned it to Prestonwood music and that really upset the boy.  Apparently he has a thing against Christian music.  “I no like that! I no like this!” over and over we heard as Robby and I sang along.  Maybe he was upset over our singing!

Most everyone snoozed on the way to the hotel.  They were a pretty tired bunch tonight but hopefully everyone will sleep well. We didn't stop any after supper which greatly helped with our time and everyone was bedded down by 11:40.

October 10, 2015-The Long Way to and from Disney (Day 11)

A day at the beach plus a visit to St. Augustine!

You would think after seven busy days at Disney, my kiddos would have slept in a little bit...maybe even a minute or two past 7.  But not at all, we heard Graham whispering to Keaton that if they looked outside they could see the ocean.  Then they both sat up and started peering through the window.

By 7, everyone was standing on the balcony watching the waves crash onto the beach.  A few years ago we left Disney and went to a beach in South Carolina.  That day was slept until 10 in the morning-of course the kids were smaller and it might have had something to do with Robby hanging a blanket over the window.  But this morning was not a sleep in morning, it was a beach morning!

The motel had a light continental breakfast but it was adequate and we all left full.  Then we were just steps from the beach and along with being steps from the beach, the motel had an umbrella, beach chair, boogie boards and sand toys that we could borrow.  This put our beach morning into the pretty awesome category.

The boys immediately started building a pool for Keaton and Whitman.  At first those two were a bit timid of the water but after a bit they were running around like the others.  My Whitman would get knocked down by a wave (in about 6 inch deep water) and I swear it looked like he was swimming his way out. 

Reagan and Anderson loved using the boogie boards and would inch closer and closer out into the water.  We had to be standing on guard saying “don’t go any further” over and over. The waves were pretty big (I guess) and made for a fun boogie board ride (I might have taken one or two myself.)

Campbell and Graham enjoyed the boogie boards but they also spent time in the sand.  They were my two that would dig and play with the buckets and hung for seashells. 

It was a good morning on the beach-even Robby and I enjoyed it.  After we had had enough beach time, I took Whitman upstairs and Robby took the kids to the pool for a bit.  By the time Whitman and I were ready, the others were back and they quickly threw on their clothes.

It was a bit after noon when we pulled out of the hotel to make our drive down to St. Augustine.  We drove along the ocean and Campbell said “when does the Atlantic ocean stop?”  We tried to explain that it didn’t stop until Canada but I don’t think she got it.

The drive was beautiful and our first stop was at 7-11 for icees for the kid.  Since it we had not had lunch we gave them a snack and an icee to hold them over a bit longer.  The goal was to find a restaurant and have a late lunch/early supper but that never happened (more on that later)

Fort Matanza National Monument was our next stop.  It was a Spanish Fort made to guard the back entrance of the city of St. Augustine.  It was across the inlet so after watching the film we had some peanut butter crackers and then rode the ferry across to the fort.

The ferry ride was short but who doesn’t love a boat ride on a pretty day (it is warm in the sun but other than that perfect weather.)  The fort was small but the highlight for my crew was climbing up a tall ladder to explore the top of the fort.  Imagine taking your family into your attic via folding stairs that were created hundred of years ago-that was us having to haul Whitman and Keaton up that ladder.  The kids will never forget all of that.

Then we rode the boat back over to the mainland and started towards St. Augustine.  Reagan jumped out at the lighthouse to take a picture and then we went over a drawbridge to enter the city.

We circled the parking lot a few times at the Castillo de San Marcos to find a parking spot but once we did, it was a perfect spot.  Then we toured the fort-this one was a big one with lots of cannons and hardly any railing on the second floor.  We all survived and walked towards our supper destination.

We could tell that St. Augustine was a pretty happening city but had no idea until we stumbled upon the pedestrian area.  There were shops and restaurants everywhere-it was like a family friendly Key West.

Robby read a few menus from a few different shops but it didn’t take long for us to find an appetizer and thus began the Dennie Food Tour of St. Augustine.  Our first sample was at a French Fry Heaven.  We wanted to order the sweet potato funnel cake tasting fries but they were out.  So we ended up with cheeseburger fries (ketchup, mustard, cheese) and garlic, parmesan cheese fries.  We sat on a bench and devoured those as the crowd passed us by.

After a sampling of popcorn on the street, the second official Dennie Food Tour stop was Pizza Time which was voted the second best pizza in the US by Trip Adviser.  Robby found us seats inside and we ate our garlic knots, grandma’s pizza slice and lasagna pizza slice.

While eating, Graham said “this is a big night” and then Anderson inquired “Daddy, is this in the budget?”  The answer to Anderson’s question was no but sure is fun!  The food tour continued with popcorn-we picked up 3 different flavors: white chocolate and pretzel, rice krispy treat and plain ole movie popcorn for the little girls.

The popcorn was good and by this time we were all pretty stuffed despite not having an official supper.  But the Dennie Food Tour of St. Augustine could not stop there since the first scrumptious dessert that we had seen was a waffle.

We opted for the plain waffle with powdered sugar on top along with a Key Lime shake for our final stop on the food tour.  We were all incredibly stuffed for the ride back to the motel.

Once back we cheered on the hogs, did some straightening then it was bedtime for these Dennies.

October 9, 2015-The Long Way to and from Disney (Day 10)

Last Day of Magic for Awhile

The alarm went off early this morning since we wanted to have time to get the house back in order and arrive at the park on time.  I started taking sheets off of the beds while Robby was getting ready.  Of course that meant I had to pull the sheets out from under the kids.  The boys were the first ones really awake and bounded downstairs-I believe they were afraid that Nonna and Pops were going to leave before they woke up.

 We had done quite a bit of packing last night but it is amazing how quickly you can load back up-it helped quite a bit that Pops was there making our lunches and talking out the trash.  Have a few extra hands on a trip helps quite a bit.

 We were loading up the car by 8 and pulled out right after that.  Nonna and Pops left moments before we did.  They started home and we started off for one more day at the park. 

 Our hotel tonight was about two hours away so we knew we would probably stay at the park most of the day since we can’t arrive at the hotel too early (really, what do you do at a hotel before 7 with 6 kids?) 

 It was a short drive to the park and after parking we headed to the monorail.  But the monorail was down so it was to the boat (again, my preferred method of crossing the seven seas lagoon.)

 We were still on the boat when they opened the park so we were a bit later than we had wanted but just by minutes.  The kids have the hang of things and wanted to know what we were rushing to this morning.  Today’s first choice was Thunder Mountain. 

 I do believe that this is the first day that we truly have the parent-child switch down.  If we would take Whitman up to the ride then they would give the non riding parent a pass to come back later with 2 guests.  So we used that to the max today-at one point, Robby had a pocket full of those passes for us to use during the day.

 So Thunder Mountain was first and then Splash Mountain and then right back to Thunder Mountain.  My Whitman wasn’t able to ride any of these rides but that didn’t really bother him since he is still eating craisins from Epcot. 

 From that area of the park, we hightailed it all the way across Magic Kingdom to the other side.  It was Space Mountain then except for Whitman and Keaton.  That was fine with them because we rode the people mover and finished the same time as the roller coaster riders.

 We had two extra passes for Space Mountain so I went on it with Reagan.  Later during the day, Reagan left her sunglasses on that silly ride-she didn’t remember until hours later when we were walking out of the park.  I told her that we would pick some up before we made it home.

 The others had lined up to see Buzz when we exited the ride so we ran to meet them.  I had been concerned about Whitman and the characters but he loved every single one of them and would have happily walked off with any of them. 

 Graham was excited with our next stop-Stitch.  It was fine and a bit more exciting this time because Keaton and Campbell were with us so that made things interesting-they survived the mildly scary show.

 Next up was a walk down Main Street to see Mickey.  I had told Reagan that this Mickey was different and she kept asking why.  I told her that she would be able to tell quickly.  Once we walked inside, Mickey came towards us and started talking.  Everyone was all smiles talking to him and Whitman was probably the most impressed.  When we walked out, Anderson said “a talking Mickey, that was awkward!”

 Reagan still had her spending money to spend so her and I ran into the store while the others looked for a snack.  She quickly picked out a Disney case for her kindle and I found an ornament for our tree.  Then most of our time was spent looking for Whitman a souvenir.  Heavens knows that we do not need another stuffed animal but guess what we bought him?  A stuffed animal.  He seemed to really love hugging Sully so that is what he got!

 Meanwhile, Robby had the others and was looking for cinnamon rolls.  He wasn’t able to find them but he did find some ice cream.  Reagan and I made it back in time to finish of their ice cream and then we all had lunch.  While we were eating, a cast member said that she had 5 kids and now had 22 grandchildren and she brings them all to Disney.  We told her that we could not wait!  This immediately became the kids math lesson for the day-figuring out how many grand kids we would have if everyone had 6 kids.

 As soon as we ate the last bite of lunch, we loaded up and headed to the Monsters Inc show.  It was fine but poor Whitman was a bit scared during the comedy show!  Afterwards, we saw a parade pass down Main Street and walked to the Swiss Family Robinson tree house.  Robby said that he had not walked through that in years.  The rest of us did it last Disney trip but now we all need to go back and watch the movie again. 

 We had a few minutes until our fast passes were due so we found a shady spot and hung out drinking lemonade icees.  Robby didn’t have to pay for parking yesterday since we entered the park for the homeschool thing so he spent all of his parking money on snacks today (he actually spent all of his parking money a few times on snacks today.) 

 Our next passes were the Aladdin magic carpets.  It has taken us this long to really get the hang of the parent/child switch and to fully use the fast pass system.  Robby didn’t know that he could get more after his were used until just the other day-today we used it to the max as well (though he still couldn’t get us one last Buzz ride!)

 Another round of Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain for most of us while Whitman had a nap. Robby then bought a snack of quesadillas for the kids and a rice bowl for us while we ate and Whitman continued his nap.  Pecos Bill is my favorite restaurant (but we really didn't eat at many Disney restaurants this trip.)

 Next up was running to beat the parade so we could cross to get to Small World.  I told the kids that dashing down the street and then hurrying across the walkway to beat the parade was some of the most fun I had! 

 We were able to get back to the right side of the street and hopped on Small World.  It was going splendidly until we stopped-like for a good 5 minutes we didn’t move at all.  I believe that Disney has once been sued for mental duress because someone was trapped on that ride-I can understand why!  No, not really.  I soaked it all in and loved it almost as much as Whitman (he could have sat there forever!)

 We were then able to find those cinnamon roll that Robby was looking for earlier.  They were at Gaston’s Tavern and they were huge and delicious.  The kids waited in line to see Gaston and afterwards, we had those scrumptious cinnamon rolls-Graham even asked if I could get the recipe.

 Robby told Anderson that if the line to drive on the Speedway was less than 20 minutes we would do it and luckily for Anderson it was.  The sign said 20 minutes but we really walked right on the ride.  Everyone was happy about this bonus ride of the day.  Some years we haven’t even been able to ride in those because of the lines-twice this year though we have driven around the track. 

 Next up were the tea cups and Reagan, Anderson and Graham were able to ride twice since Keaton, Whitman, Campbell and I were separated from them on the rides.  Graham was none too pleased about all of the spinning that they did! 

 The kids knew that Space Mountain would be the last stop of the day and it was.  For Keaton and Whitman there last ride was the people mover.  Everyone was pleased and the weather had cooled off some so it wasn’t as hot as we walked toward the castle for one last picture.

 We were able to trade pins a few times while Graham, Robby and Whitman watched a parade go by.  Then it was on the monorail and to the car.  The kids were a bit bummed about leaving the most magical place on earth.  But learning that we were not going to go straight home cheered them all up.  

 As we left the park this afternoon, I asked everyone what their favorite part of Disney was.  Here were the answers: Robby said that his favorite was Thunder Mountain and Everest.  I really enjoyed the Frozen Sing Along.  Reagan said that today, our crazy busy last day, was her favorite.  Anderson said that the Thunder Mountain Railroad was his favorite.  Graham answered with his church answer of “spending time with his family” was the best part of his trip.  I pressed him and he finally answered that riding Rockin Roller Coaster for the first time was exciting.  Campbell loved Space Mountain and that is also what Keaton said even though she didn’t ride it.  I believe that she meant Splash Mountain.  I would have assumed that Whitman’s favorite was Small World but when I asked him at bedtime, he said “carousel.” 

 When we filled up with gas, Robby ran in to grab supper-hot dogs.  The kids all ate while they watched a movie and we went on down the road.  Keaton was quickly asleep-even though she rode on the stroller most of the time, she still probably walked a zillion steps on her little feet. 

 The quickest route home is not the direction that we are headed.  Since Monday is a holiday and since the kids teacher is giving them another day off of school, we are headed to St. Augustine for a day before heading home. 

 We are at Makai Beach Lodge near St. Augustine tonight.  Doesn’t the name sound fancy?  When Robby told the kids where we were staying, Reagan ooohed when she heard the word “lodge.”  Later she told Robby that she liked hotels better than motels.  This place is an older hotel but it is right on the beach.  We even have 2 rooms-let that give you an idea of the price range of this place. 

 I am kidding.  It is perfectly adequate yet just older.  We were going to have a 2 bedroom suite but ended up with 2 adjoining rooms that are connected by a kitchenette.  We even ended up with a beach front room.  After unloading, Robby called the kids outside to hear the waves rolling in.  They ran to the balcony like they had never heard that sound before.  I had to explain that the waves were not going to stop. 

I believe that this is Whitman’s first time to see the Atlantic Ocean.  So that will be a new adventure in the morning.  Our day is already filling up-breakfast, beach, a fort or two, St. Augustine, back to the beach and maybe a few stores in between.

Dennie Disney Trips

Robby and I are the ones that probably use and read the blog more than anyone else.  We often reference it daily to look something up about what we have done, something the kids have said or even where we have been.  I recently discovered that even though I keep up with the kids state counts and our visits to National Parks, I do not have a list of our Disney trips, so here you go:

Disney World-11

Disney World-8

Disney World-6

Disney World-6

Disney World-5

Disney World-5

Disney World-3

Disney World-2

And now for the dates of our previous trips:
  • Disney World-Robby and the Dennie family (1982)
  • Disney World-Robby with a church group in high school (date?)
  • Disney World-Robby and his family at Christmas time (it rained their entire trip.) (possibly 1997)
  • Disney World-Our honeymoon (2000)
  • Disney World-With Jenna and the Dennies (possibly 2004)
  • Disney World-Reagan and Anderson with the Dennie family (2007)
  • Disneyland-Reagan, Anderson and Graham with the Dennies (2009)
  • Disney World-Reagan, Anderson, Graham and 2 month old Campbell (2010)
  • Disneyland-Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell (2011)
  • Disney World-Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell with the Brocks and Grannymom (2011)
  • Disneyland-Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton with the Dennies (2012)
  • Disney World-Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton with the Dennie family (2012)
  • Disneyland-Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman with the Brocks (2013)
  • Disney World-Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman with the Dennies (2013)
  • Disney World-Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman with the Brocks (2015)

October 8, 2015-The Long Way to Disney (Day 9)

Wild About Animal King
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The alarm clock went off at 6 this morning and thankfully the kids were all in decent moods despite our early wake up time.  We ate our breakfast and then started off to Animal Kingdom.  It really was surprising how many cars were in the parking lot even though we arrived 2 hours before the park opened.  It wasn't just homeschoolers, there was also breakfast happening and another group or two meeting.  I am always interested in the behind the scenes of these parks-just imagine all of those people going into the park hours before it opened-people are probably in that park all through the night for different things.

Anyway, twice a year Disney has a homeschool program and attendance allows you discounted ticket prices.  I think I mentioned yesterday that the one that we attended last was a snoozer but this one was decent.  It was about primates and they kept it to less than an hour so that made us all happy.  Three different ladies that are in charge of the primates at Animal Kingdom spoke about primates and their behaviors.

Whitman bounced up and down our bleacher row and was quite busy (and noisy) during the entire presentation.  That was fine though since he wasn't the only little one there.  After the program was over, we walked to the safari and waited in a little line to board.  The animals were really moving today and it almost seemed like we were on a different safari than we saw the other day.

The kids had never been on the train at Animal Kingdom so that was our new activity for this park.  (I tried to do something new-at least new to us-at each park: Magic Kingdom: Dwarf Mine train and Stitch (hopefully tomorrow), Animal Kingdom: Train, Epcot: ?-I need to think about that one, Hollywood Studios: Frozen Sing Along)

Next up, Campbell, Graham, Anderson and Reagan went with me to ride Everest again.  That is probably my favorite roller coaster in these parts!  I then sent the big 3 to go through the single rider line-Campbell would have really liked to go but she is not old enough to ride alone.  That was fine though since we browsed the gift shop until the others came.

Meanwhile, Robby took everyone else to ride the spinning dinosaur while they waited on us.  Then they found a great spot for lunch and once we arrived everyone ate.  Then everyone but Whitman and I rode the dinosaur ride.  I hung out in the shade with Whitman and soon everyone arrived.  Then we crossed the park for our next stop.

On our way there, we saw a cast member with a trash can full of pins to trade.  There were pins on both sides of the trash can.  Of course my kids went to town with all of this.  I do believe that everyone is coming home with different pins-the kids haven't really started trying to find a collection of pins yet.  Maybe someday they will all be more selective with their pins but until then, they just get what ever strikes their fancy.

Robby and I, along with everyone but Anderson, walked along a trail to see some animals while we waited on the Lion King show to start.  It was a nice shaded trail and not to crowded.  When we were finished, the sun was really out and it was hot but we then walked right into the Lion King show and sat down.

We were near the front for the show and Whitman really liked it but he also hated it!  He hid his face some and then spent time clapping.  I do believe that overall he enjoyed it but whenever I would feel his little chest, his heart was just pounding.  At one point, a costumed performer ran right towards Campbell and jumped at her.  Pops was sitting beside her and said that she jumped right out of her seat.

After this we walked towards the park exit and Reagan stopped at a store to see if she could spend her money but wasn't able to find anything yet.  Then it was to the closely parked car and on to the house-this house is really is in a great location.

All the way home the kids talked about swimming and as soon as we drove up the pool cleaner man did too.  He put stuff in the pool so we couldn't swim for two hours-that was fine though because that gave the kids some downtime and plenty of time to finish off some ice cream.

Robby and Pops ran to the store to buy some drinks and rice krispy treat ingredients for us to make it home.  And then the rest of the evening was spent with the kids swimming, while I did some packing and Robby did some work and also worked on our route home.

The kids swam until almost 7 and then we all came in to eat-what was on the menu for tonight? Well, anything that we could finish off-chicken spaghetti, lasagna, crackers, cheese, fruit, ice cream.  Then the kids did pretty much nothing until bedtime.

Now for some packing...followed by some ice cream!