Christmas Ornament Countdown 2017: 12 Days Until Christmas

In December of 2005, we took off to Breckenridge with baby Reagan. I am not sure if you know this or not but day care for a baby is much, much more expensive than skiing. Reagan seemed to enjoy the day care though I was never nuts about dropping her off. We skied a few days and even had a day off of skiing.

The most memorable moment of the trip was me falling. I was standing talking to Robby and just feel right down. I didn't think anything about it until we skied on for lunch. As I pulled off my ski pants, I quickly noticed that my white long underwear was covered in blood from my knee. I had sliced my knee well enough that I had to get stitches. So off to the clinic I headed. I was very low priority that day, which was a good thing, but that meant that I had to wait for hours upon hours. I still have a scar from all of that!

The kids would love to go skiing and I think that I would be fine with that-of course, my people would all probably be wearing helmets and I would be back at the condo making soup for them!

Pictures from the December 2005 trip Breckenridge
Day 1 - December 15, 2005
Day 2 - December 16, 2005
Day 3 - December 17, 2005
Day 4 - December 18, 2005
Day 5 - December 19, 2005
Day 6 - December 20, 2005

December 12, 2017

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  • Thankfully, Whitman slept very well last night. He coughed some before we went to sleep but afterwards, he was pretty quiet. At almost 8, I woke up and quickly saw that Graham was the only one awake. I returned myself to bed and seriously debated cancelling school.
  • Whitman was going to stay home since he was still sickly. I had almost decided that I would just let the kids sleep when Whitman started to stir and soon Campbell came to join us in our bed. I gathered everyone and as they ate in the school room I read our together work.
  • The kids worked better today than yesterday and didn't seem to be as distracted. I was able to pull out Campbell's school work for next month before lunch so that was huge on my to-do list.
  • By lunch time, Anderson was the only one still working on school. He almost finished but I can tell that he has a few things left to catch up on. After lunch, we did our chores and then headed out for an afternoon of shopping.
  • Last night, we ordered most of the big things that the kids were buying for their person but they had a few things left to pick up. Plus the girls, all bought presents for everyone. So we headed to the Dollar Tree. Everyone in Little Rock was there today as well but we found what we needed each trip.
  • I took Campbell, Keaton and Graham on the first trip and left the others at Grannymom's house. Then I traded and brought Whitman, Reagan and Anderson shopping. While we shopped, the others wrapped their presents with Grannymom which was wonderful. Reagan did get a few ideas for her person. Now, Whitman was determined that the person he was buying a present for must have buttons. We did indeed buy buttons!
  • We were able to run home before basketball and the kids played outside until it was time to leave. Robby took the basketball crew while Keaton and Reagan stayed outside playing. Whitman watched movies while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to accomplish as much as I could while it was quiet.
  • Whitman did help me decorate Anderson's birthday brownie before everyone came home. When they did come home, the kids joined the girls who were still outside playing. They played for a long while and finally came in to eat supper.
  • Afterwards, there was more present wrapping, report practicing and monkey bread making (for Campbell's report tomorrow). It was a busy evening and even though I should pull out my sewing machine tonight, I again think that I will wait just one more night! Maybe we could eat ice cream instead!

Christmas Ornament Countdown 2017: 13 Days Until Christmas

In 2006, we traveled to Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. Reagan was just a baby and stayed back in the states with Grannymom and Grandpa. This is the trip that we bought a Jaguar in Europe (or at least some of it.) It is also the trip that we drove up a sidewalk to visit a castle-we did have good parking at least. This ornament specifically reminds me of when we were running late to a Mozart performance and just changed our clothes in the middle of a square. It was a really fun trip and I would love to return. 

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December 11, 2017

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  • We snoozed as long as we could this morning until it was time to wake Whitman and ship him off to school. When he left, we had our breakfast and then started on our school work for the morning. The kids were a bit (a lot) distracted today, and I felt like I had to stay on everyone-be quiet, do your work, leave this room and on and on. 
  • I am not sure how it happened though but I did finish my part of school work a bit before lunch time. This allowed us to have our lunch at a decent time. Everyone but Keaton had leftovers which was a win. I am not sure when we will eat all of these leftovers-they just keep accumulating. We even brought some home tonight.
  • Reagan headed to lunch with Robby this afternoon and then he took her to her orthodontist appointment (she had lost another bracket.) Meanwhile, everyone at home did their chores and then did some internet shopping. 
  • The kids have drawn names and I have held them off as long as I can on ordering their presents. I know everyone is different but it so surprises me how different they all are. Anderson quickly decided what he wanted to buy his person and has never thought about it again. Graham and Reagan have stressed and stressed about the perfect gifts. (Reagan is still stressing because she has no idea what to get her person-I don't either so I am no help.) Keaton jumped on the chance to buy her person a nicer gift when Robby had a good coupon. Campbell has spent hours looking for her person but has also spent much of that time looking for more things for her. 
  • After a trip to Michaels and the Dollar Store tomorrow, hopefully they will be finished with their shopping (except for Reagan). My list might finally be getting smaller. Now, I should be sewing tonight but instead I took a pass and will get to that another night-maybe tomorrow. 
  • Whitman came home around 4 with Nonna and Pops. He had a good time at their house but spent most of his time coughing. By supper, the boy was pitiful. A low fever but a constant cough. Under his nose was just as red as it could be and his eyes were constantly watering. He might have eaten 3 crackers since he has been home but didn't touch anything at supper tonight.
  • This afternoon I went out to play football with the boys. Campbell, then Keaton and then Reagan did join us. The boys are so serious and would tell me what play to run-it was like they were speaking Greek to me. I just nodded my head and tried to do what I thought they said. 
  • The neighbors always seem to come out right when we have to leave and tonight was no different. We had to call the kids in after they had only been out for a bit. We ate supper at Coltons tonight.
  • The kids loved the peanuts and the rolls. Keaton would not eat the red tortilla chips but she did enjoy the fish. The steak that Robby bought was large enough that it fed him, Reagan and Graham. We just split 2 and a half meals and still brought home a big box of leftovers. 
  • Once we made it home, everyone had showers and Robby put Whitman right to bed (in the floor of our room) since he didn't really wake up from the ride home. We plan on doping him up before we go to bed so hopefully, he will sleep well tonight and wake up feeling better.

Christmas Ornament Countdown 2017: 14 Days Until Christmas

In 2006, Robby, Reagan and I saw a bit of Texas and this included seeing the Alamo. It was one of the places that looked just like it's pictures to me.

I don't remember a whole lot about the trip except that Reagan's little blanket fell off the stroller and into a muddle puddle. So maybe, I should put going to the Alamo again on our list. I know that the boys would love it.

Here is the brief blog from that trip and unfortunately, the picture links don't work.

December 10, 2017

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  • We woke up to the sounds of Anderson working in the school room on his legos. Pretty much, other than eating or getting ready, if he has been home today, he has been building on his legos. He only had two things left to build. I do indeed think that child loves legos. I hope that he can find a career that he loves just as much.
  • There was a bit of getting dressed drama. Keaton wanted to wear what she had wore yesterday but her clothes were one of two places-dry in the dryer or dirty in the laundry basket. Just hearing this caused tears with her. Thankfully, they were in the dryer. Whitman told me that he was never going to wear blue jeans again when I put them on him this morning (He didn't mention it when I put them back on his this evening though). Anderson was wearing the same shirt that he wore last week and Graham had on a bright yellow shirt looking like it was the middle of summer. I didn't have the heart to say anything to the boys-they got themselves ready, without being asked and without complaints.
  • Everyone had breakfast and Whitman found his spot that he stayed most of the day. His biggest buddy in the house right now is Anderson, and Whitman spent all day watching Anderson build his legos. When Whitman wasn't watching Anderson, he was looking at all of the books of lego instructions or sitting right beside Anderson watching his ipad.
  • We had breakfast and then it was time to hurry out the door for church. Keaton sat with Grannymom and Grandpa. I do believe that this is her spot now because she loves getting extra attention back there. Whitman sat in between Robby and Anderson, and he did really well. I am not sure if he did better not sitting by me or if it was because he didn't feel that great. Robby helped Whitman catch a ride home with Grannymom so he didn't have to stay at Sunday school and infect all of his friends.
  • On the way to Sunday school, a man asked Robby if he had change for a 5 dollar bill. Of course, we didn't but Keaton was with us. We had her look in her wallet and she only had 3 ones. We just tried to give them her one but they insisted that they would take the 3 dollars and give her the 5. She didn't really understand what had happened so I explained to her that she made 2 dollars. 
  • A bit later, we saw the man in the hallway and Robby encouraged Keaton to ask. And sure enough, she walked right up to the man and said, "do you need any more money?" She can be the cutest little thing.
  • After Sunday school, the rest of us headed to Grannymom's house. She had lunch and afterwards, the kids played for a while. They played enough outside that the needed showers when we made it home. 
  • Everyone showered and as soon as they did, Robby and I fell sound asleep. When we laid down, Keaton and Whitman were climbing on our bed. I knew when we were sleeping that someone was between us. I thought it was Keaton and Robby said that he thought it was Whitman. When we woke up, we discovered that Campbell was the one snoozing with us.
  • Robby had to take Reagan to church early and then we had to get the littles there soon afterwards. Tonight was the Christmas Night of Worship at church. The preschoolers (Keaton and Whitman) sang 4 songs. Of course, Keaton did wonderful but Whitman was bribed with skittles and threatened with a spanking so he thankfully, did great as well. (To me "great" consists of standing still on the stage and moving your mouth occasionally.)
  • Then Reagan was up. Her preteen group led the congregation in worship. They sang two songs and Reagan looked mildly uncomfortable up there. However, she did very good. I probably would have looked very uncomfortable if I was 12 and standing in front of a thousand people singing into a microphone.
  • Once at home, everyone put on their pjs, and we all had leftovers for supper. Then we had some downtime before bed. We did do our Christmas ornament countdown along with our Santa before bedtime. Anderson is sleeping in his new sleeping bag in the floor so Graham decided to join him. I didn't think that the boys would be able to go to sleep up there especially since Whitman slept through most of church, but surprisingly, they are all quiet right now.

Christmas Ornament Countdown 2017: 15 Days Until Christmas

In 2007, Robby, Stephanie and I cruised around New England. It was lots of fun and one of the highlight stops was Martha's Vineyard.

I do remember that it was chilly that day in Martha's Vineyard, but finding a fudge shopped helped with the chill.

Here is the link to the words from half of that trip.