August 31, 2015

Fruit Basket!!
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  • Getting back into the swing of things are always difficult on Monday mornings and today was no different.  We started off our morning a little bit slow but soon sped up.  Everyone spent quite a bit of time today filling and refilling their bowls of cereal.  This would have been fine except that bowl after bowl of cereal spilled on the floor.  At one point during the day, I probably had enough rice krispies on the floor to make Robby a batch of rice krispy treats.
  • Next week the kids have a project due along with our homeschool buddies and this has proved to be quite a project-for me!  Hopefully we can get everything finished in time-crossing my fingers.
  • We stopped school at noon and I made everyone clean up and work on our chores.  Thankfully vacuuming was already on the list for today so we were able to vacuum up all of that cereal. 
  • After we had finished picking up, we ate our spaghetti leftovers outside since Anderson had worked so hard on cleaning the kitchen floor.  While we were outside, I read a chapter of Galatians to the kids and it mentioned Abraham a few times.
  • This mentioning of Abraham really confused Anderson and he asked me again and again "who?" and "now what?"  I finally reminded him that Abraham happened in the Old Testament and Paul from the New Testament was writing this book.  Then Anderson sighed a big "oh!" and continued with "I thought it was talking about Abraham Lincoln and I couldn't figure out how Paul knew him."
  • As soon as we had finished lunch, Nonna and Pops were at the front door with a watermelon basket full of fruit.  My girls went to town on that basket and tonight it is practically empty.  Pretty much as soon as they came in, Anderson and I left out the door for a quick doctor's visit.  
  • During church last night Anderson started complaining that his ear was hurting and since he was pretty stuffy, we decided to take him to the doctor today.  I had almost changed my mind but went ahead and made the appointment and it was a good thing that I did since he ear was pretty nasty!  
  • This evening was spent taking apart our two sets of bunk beds.  Kind of makes me sad-I guess this boy and girl room is really going to happen and my people are getting too big for bunk beds (or some of them at least).  They can not be more excited and the fact that everyone is sleeping on their mattresses on the floor thrills them all to death.
  • After our supper, we loaded up for Krispy Kreme to reward the kids for their good behavior last night when we were out to eat (and to use an expiring coupon).  The doughnuts were good but we were pretty disappointed with the Krispy Kreme experience there tonight-customer service was not there at all.
  • Back at home, we brushed out teeth and then sent everyone to bed-but they are so excited up there about sleeping on just mattresses that it sounds like I have 5 kids on trampolines above my head!

August 30, 2015

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  • Sunday morning here and we had doughnuts.  Friday we had found some on sale at Kroger and the kids could not wait until today so we could eat those babies.  I am not sure why a doughnut with gummy worms on it can be such an attraction to everyone.  Robby had to go and find a bag of gummy worms to make everyone happy.  Robby and I were pretty excited to try the maple and bacon doughnut-it just tasted like any ole day old doughnut.
  • Then it was church time followed by lunch at Nonna's house.  She had sandwiches which is one of my favorite meals-as long as I am not eating it at home (those aren't nearly as fun.)  The kids had time to play before we left for home.
  • I don't know what it is about Sunday afternoons but I can hardly stay awake on the way home.  We tried for a few weeks to be productive on Sunday afternoons but I am just not good like that.  Today we hid in the bonus room and slept peacefully for an hour (peacefully is a relative term-I only had to go downstairs twice)  
  • Church tonight and poor Robby had to sit by Campbell through not just one but five sermons (a sermonette and 4 charges to folks being ordained)  All things considered she did pretty good but my, oh my, I think we will eventually have to get that child on some meds! (or get us on some meds!)
  • After church tonight, we went out to eat with a few folks and filled the restaurant.  I guess that was easy to do since there were 38 folks in our group.  And let me mention my kiddos, couldn't be prouder of them, they stayed in their seats and pretty much ate their food-or maybe just drank coke and ate ice cream.  But either way, it was nice to get to visit with grown ups while out to eat.  
  • Once at home, we rushed everyone into pajamas, brushed teeth and then took our pictures tonight while they were in their beds since this might just be their last night in the bunk beds (we might take them apart tomorrow-we will see!)

August 29, 2015

Pancake Breakfast!
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  • At 6:50, I heard Keaton coughing on the monitor and then Graham asking her if she was okay.  I then heard nothing else and went back to sleep as I was thinking how sweet her big brother was to check on his little sister.  I didn't know it but Graham soon woke up and headed to play on his kindle.  
  • It was well after 7 when we finally woke up again and it would have been a wonderful Saturday to lay in bed but nope, not today.  We woke everyone up and headed to support Brett's basketball team.  They had a pancake breakfast to raise money so we went to have breakfast there.  When Brett served Keaton and Graham both a plate of pancakes, Graham said "I will share with her."-My boy thought that he had to share his plate with his sister.
  • Next up was a quick run to Grannymom's house to pick up Anderson-we knew he wouldn't want to miss the next activity.  We met the Wilsons at Two Rivers Park and unloaded a trunk load of bikes.  
  • I wasn't too sure how well the kids would do on their bikes for a long ride.  I was quite surprised that they did really well.  Now, Campbell was still at Nonna and Pops' house so that did help-she would have given out at mile one and she isn't the best bike rider without training wheels yet.  My goal though is to go back there with her so she can get some practice and will be ready the next time the Wilson's want to go on a long, long, long walk.
  • Keaton and Whitman rode in their strollers and Whitman snoozed most of the time.  Keaton did walk for a bit but quickly realized that she couldn't keep up with Shannon (I can't either!)
  • I had not been to that Two Rivers park in years and years and was pleasantly surprised.  It was a really nice area and we just did one and a half loops but ended up walking over 5 miles.  Much of the walk was a big circle and we could see the kids pretty much the entire time but they stayed together and would stop and wait on us every once in a while.  Now, towards the end of the ride, they stopped much more frequently to wait on us.  
  • Two things I knew for sure at the end of our walk-we should have brought lunch because it was after lunch time when we were finished and we were hungry.  And I realized that my kiddos are all going to need new bikes-Anderson is going to need a bigger one, Graham could step into Anderson's but his bike has been a lemon since we bought it and Reagan also needs a bigger one.  
  • After our walk, we went to pick up Campbell from Nonna and Pops.  She had a great time over there and was completely spoiled and I do think that she would have stayed for the rest of the day or possibly another night.  On the ride home, Keaton said that it was her turn to spend the night at Nonna's house and then asked me if she could pack her bag when we got home.  I told her that Nonna would need a few days to recover.
  • Speaking of recovering, I needed a nap to recover from our walk but there were no naps to be had today.  Robby made a late lunch for us while I worked upstairs.  Then he took some pictures of the bunk beds while the kids and I cleaned the kitchen.  After putting the beds on facebook, the quickly sold so now to take them apart and get them picked up.  The kids are thrilled that they are going to get to sleep on their mattresses on the floor for the next few days (or weeks!)
  • Around 5, Robby lost his mind and decided to take everyone to the pool.  I stayed home and completed the boys new closet, did laundry and stayed busy the entire time that they were gone. They had a fun time at the pool and felt pretty lucky to have the entire pool to themselves-7 kids (Brett came along) and 3 life guards-pretty good ratio.  
  • Once at home, everyone had showers, a little drink and then to bed!  I know they are exhausted after riding their bikes for 5 miles and swimming for a few hours.

August 28, 2015

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  • At 5:15, Campbell came downstairs and said "I had a dream about Reagan murdering Anderson."  I guess I am more awake in the middle of the night than I am that early in the morning because instead of talking about her scary dream, I just said "crawl in my bed."  "Murdering" is a pretty strong word for my 5 year old to use.  It is not a word that we use a lot around here so I was pretty surprised to hear that come out of her mouth but that is Campbell-you never know what to expect.
  • Campbell laid down with us for about 2 minutes and then asked for me to make her a pallet.  Around this time, Robby took his ipad to go and read the news in the bathroom and when he returned, the pallet was empty and Campbell was in his spot so he spent the rest of the early morning on the floor.
  • We had our breakfast and did a bit of school work before leaving to go and see Beebee.  She was in the shower when we arrived so we had to wait a bit.  But as soon as she was done, the first word out of Whitman's mouth was "candy?"  He was talking to me so I said "ask Beebee" and he looked right at her and said "candy?"  He then ate piece after piece of candy until it was time for us to go.
  • When it was time to go, I told everyone to hug Beebee.  My Campbell did not so as we walked down the hall, I told her that she would not swim today because she did not give Beebee a hug.  This did not set too well so she ran back down to Beebee's room and gave her the biggest hug ever.  
  • Then we drove to the other side of the state to meet our friends and swim at their house.  The kids were all hungry when we arrived so we had our lunch and then the kids swam for quite a while.  Keaton was mad at me pretty much the entire time because I wouldn't get into the ice cold water so she could swim to me-I was setting on the edge watching her.  But turns out she could touch in the shallow.
  • After our swimming, we dropped Anderson off at Grannymom's house and then dropped Campbell off at Nonna's house.  If we just had four more sets of grandparents than we could have an empty house.  But my four this afternoon were pretty much like having an empty house-Whitman watched his Thomas, Keaton played dolls, Reagan and Anderson watched a movie.  
  • Then we went to eat BBQ and then did some grocery shopping.  It was a round of speed grocery shopping because Whitman was with us-he just seems to be so loud when we are shopping, it is a happy loud but it is still loud!  
  • After we had finished our shopping, we went to Kum and Go.  Months ago we went to a Kum and Go and bought milkshakes but Reagan wasn't there.  So we promised her that we would take her some night so she could get a shake.  Well, tonight was the night and that girl didn't even get a shake but got an icee.
  • Then we ran to the Wilsons' house after unloading our groceries.  The plan had been to walk but we just visited a bit instead before coming home to finish unloading all of those groceries.  The kids quickly found a bed to sleep in (2 empty beds tonight meant that everyone switched beds) and then they were all sound asleep!

August 27, 2015

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  • I hit the snooze button a few times too many this morning and wasn't able to walk on the treadmill.  Robby climbed out of bed a bit before 7 and was upset at me for not getting on the treadmill.  Upset, might not be the right word but he was put out that since I wasn't on the treadmill then he would have to take his turn!  
  • Everyone trickled down the steps this morning and after breakfast, Keaton headed to school.  Graham has really, really been wanting to take Keaton to school with Robby and Whitman on a Thursday morning.  Everyone else said that they wanted to go as well so we had to draw names-and guess which name was drawn last-poor Graham!  He didn't seem to care to much but Anderson knew he really wanted to go, so Anderson, who was drawn to be 3rd, offered to switch with G.  
  • Campbell was the one who went to drop off Keaton today and she even took some of her school work for the ride-this cracks me up since she can get her school work done in less than an hour.  School went well and then everyone was thrilled to be able to make their own English muffin pizzas for lunch.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over for some electrical, carpentry, and painting work.  Grannymom ended up helping us sort a zillion legos-the sorting was mostly finished this afternoon but we continued finding those silly legos for the rest of the day.
  • Most of the late afternoon was spent working on the toy room.  We are nearing the day when the kids will be split up into a boy and girl room.  The toy room closet is now emptied, things are off the walls and I have been moving things to the attic so we can touch up the paint.  We even moved a dresser from the bedroom into the toy room closet for the boys and of course, like all of our home improvement projects, we didn't take a before picture!
  • We ate our supper and then watched a bit of a Little House on the Prairie-that silly show was just getting good when it was time for us to leave!  We were just headed down the road so I guess we could have watched it for another minute-or maybe we should have finished it tonight after the kids showers!
  • Missing my treadmill time ended up being okay since the Wilsons called and we walked with them before rushing our kids home for showers and then bedtime.  I had laid out the kids school work for tomorrow (just a bit since it is a busy day) and they could hardly leave the table tonight because they were trying to do it now-maybe we should start doing school at night time!

August 26, 2015

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  • We don't have too many Wednesdays left where we can spend most of the day in our pjs.  Bible study will be starting soon and even though I am excited about it, I am also dreading it!  It just makes for such a long day on Wednesdays but today wasn't that day, so we woke up early and pressed on with school. 
  • For some reason, everything last night that we had discussed about school today was completely ignored.  Campbell finished her work quickly and then proceeded to set up a water bottle stand and Thomas the Train bookstore in the kitchen.  Needless to say that this caused quite a distraction.
  • Anderson finished his work today a little after 11 and raised his hands in the air and shouted "a new record."  I guess that he should have been proud-he put his head down and got to work which was wonderful...especially since Graham took Anderson's spot and had to work on his school work during movie time.  Goodness gracious these people are going to cause me to loose my mind-I can not imagine being a teacher and having a classroom full.
  • At 11:30, I had everyone stop what they were doing so we could pick up, get ready and then do our chores before Nonna came over.  She was bringing us lunch and the kids were as excited about pulling stuff out of their lunch bags as they are about pulling items out of their Christmas stockings.
  • After lunch, Nonna stayed for a bit and once she left, the rest of us started on our together work while Whitman napped.  The kids colored while I read.  One of the stories I read to the kids was Hansel and Gretel.  I had a story book of it growing up and used to love the book so I checked the original version out from the library.  The boys were enthralled with it and asked me to read page after page-it is a bit on the creepy side (step-mother leaving kids in the forest twice, witch caging kids and trying to fatten them up so she could eat them, witch being pushed into the oven and burned alive.)  
  • This afternoon was spent with snacks, another water bottle store ran by Keaton and Campbell, a few movies and then supper before church tonight.  The kids Wednesday night is back in session so everyone was happy to start that routine again.  Robby and I have our same old job of puppets so the evening seemed to fly by.
  • Back at home, the kids compared teachers while eating a snack and then it was bedtime for everyone.  You never know what will happen at night time-last night Reagan came into our bedroom while we were reading before bed.  She sat on the edge of the bed and mumbled something about reading a notebook.  That child never leaves the room except to come and get us for someone else but she must not have been completely awake last night.  This morning she remembered it but tried to say that the clock was wrong and she thought it was wake up time (the clock was not wrong).  I must have a sleep walker!

August 25, 2015

Homemade Pizza Night!
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  • I had to wake everyone up this morning.  Oh, I wished that they could have slept a bit longer but the cinnamon toast was coming out of the oven so it was time to wake up.  Keaton got herself ready and could not wait to go to school and again, Graham started working on his work as soon as he could.
  • This worked out really well for Graham because he was finished with school probably before 10 this morning.  Now on the other side of the spectrum was Anderson.  I try to walk around and check on everyone's progress between working with each kid and every time I would check on Anderson, I would end up saying something like this "it has been 45 minutes and you did 8 math problems?" (He understands everything but is so distracted)  Guess when Anderson finished his school work-during movie time this afternoon!  Amazing, how quickly he finished his work then.
  • We stopped school early this morning so we could have time to work together and do our science.  Then after chores and lunch it was time to take Whitman to the doctor.  It seems that he has something like what the boys had.  We were given the same medicine that the boys were given and my Whitman was so excited because he wanted to take medicine each time the boys were given some!
  • And speaking of the doctor's appointment-the appointment was at 1:40 and we were walking out the door before 2.  Love those after lunch appointments.  Then we went to Grannymom's house to pick up Keaton and since the day was nice, we ended up playing a game of kickball and having a popsicle before heading home.
  • Once at home, the kids started on their movies and I started on getting a few things accomplished.  When Robby came home, we started on our supper-homemade pizza.  The kids have gotten better at making their pizzas (less mess) and everyone enjoyed their pizza but mine was still the hit (cinnamon strudel)  
  • After supper, the kids watched some tv, played the wii and played some until it was bedtime.  We let them stay up a bit later than usual but that was probably good because everyone went to bed without a bit fuss.  Whitman was delighted that he was able to see 6 or so deer before going to bed-it made his bedtime routine complete!