April 15, 2014

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Super -WHIT- man

  • This was Campbell's school day and she was pretty excited to put on her clothes because she had found a new shirt to wear today-of course, it was a short sleeve shirt so we had to add a long sleeve shirt underneath but she was still pleased with this.
  • We were moving along well enough that she was even able to eat her breakfast at home-yogurt and toast.  Some days my kids will not touch yogurt and others they eat it like crazy and today was one of those days.  After 3 bowls full I had to cut them off.  
  • We all waved bye to Campbell and then started our morning.  The kids started on school and we did have one meltdown today-Graham's not mine.  He holds his pencil wrong so I had him put on this little doohickey that makes him hold his pencil correctly and he was none too pleased about that.  I told him that he could stop using that when he could show his Dad that he could hold his pencil correctly.  That boys handwriting is awful but he is a boy, he is young and he is left handed so that is probably 3 strikes against him.  
  • It is kind of funny because I feel like school is going pretty smoothly lately (apart from today's meltdown) and we are nearing the end of the school year.  Hmm, maybe we will start doing school year around.  Just yesterday, Anderson said "I love summer because we get 3 weeks off of school-3 whole weeks."  I am not too sure where his 3 weeks came from but maybe we should only take 3 weeks off.  
  • We finished in time for Reagan and I to start on the clothes switch over.  We went through the last 4 bins of clothes that might fit her and Campbell.  And from those we ended up with 2 bins that don't even fit this year.  And you would not believe the dresses that we found for Campbell-dress after dress after dress.  She wasn't there so I don't know how many will fit her.  Oh yes, we didn't finish those clothes today maybe tomorrow (though my goal is by the end of the week)
  • Soon it was lunch time and we ate and then worked some more on the clothes.  Whitman was able to help us the last hour of our work.  He loved trying to pull things out of my bins just as fast as I could put them in.  He was also put inside of the bins, put underneath the bins and crawled over the lids.  After all of this activity, that child was ready for his afternoon nap a bit early today.
  • Before nap, Campbell came home.  She had a good afternoon playing with Nonna.  She even came home with a long strip of paper that said "Go to Disneyland on a motorcycle and car."  We have no idea what that means.  Our best guess is that it is what you wanted to do this summer.  She did say that she wanted her Daddy to drive the motorcycle and she would ride with him and I would follow in the white van.  
  • The kids watched their movie and then we read some of Campbell's book before Robby came home.  We had hot dogs for supper and my boys were still hungry-Anderson had 1 and a half.  He wanted more but we said that was plenty.  
  • After supper they went upstairs to play and were so happy playing that we left them alone.  Finally, we called them down to do tonight's resurrection eggs.  And after that, we even had an Easter themed scavenger hunt.  And to top things off, Robby even suggested ice cream and sprinkles for a snack.  Seriously, my kids could not have had a better night!

April 14, 2014

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Easter Eggs and Spelling Words All Together!

  • Campbell was up before 7 this morning and she was singing away.  Sounds sweet to you possibly but not at all to me.  I don't like early morning singing, I don't like early morning anything!  I called her downstairs and she did lay quietly beside me for a bit as the boys walked through the bedroom.  When they didn't see Robby, they just walked right on up to the bonus room to watch him run.
  • We were up and eating breakfast before Robby left.  The kids took their cereal-today was frosted flakes which seemed to get every where in this house.   Everyone started school and did really well today.  We had a few things that took a bit longer to finish but that was fine.  
  • My Whitman has been a bit off on his schedule lately-by 9:30 he is tired and wants his milk and to go to bed.  I held him off as long as I could and then sent the sleepy boy to bed.  And once the kids finished their work, the fun really started around here.
  • I had cut up letters from the kids spelling words and put them in color coded eggs for the kids to find.   I worked hard on this last night-I even told Robby that the kids would have fun but it would end in tears (I was right on both counts.)
  • We hid the eggs and then the kids each found their eggs.  You would have thought they were searching for candy opening up those eggs and not little cut out letters.  Once they found all their letters they started putting their spelling words together.  And everyone was enjoying it until Reagan tried to help Campbell and then they both got their feelings hurt and tears ensued.  Campbell didn't have spelling words but she had the letters to her name so she would open each egg and look for the C.  If there was no C she would put the letter back in, close it back up and look in the next egg.  Reagan thought this wasn't efficient enough so she tried to help her and it didn't end well.  I was able to calm everyone down though before lunch.
  • Lunch was eaten while I read a few different books and then Nonna and Pops arrived.  I had a dentist appointment so they stayed here with the kids.  I was gone for less than 2 hours but they played 2 games, made a marble track, played in the toy room and hid Easter eggs multiple times.  
  • When I returned home, I let the boys watch a movie while the girls and I started on their clothes switch over.  We just went through one of the bins of clothes that could possible fit Reagan and Campbell.  This bin had clothes that were not their size yet so it was fairly quick to go through.  Though Reagan did find a few things and Campbell found a shirt that she is so excited to wear to school tomorrow.  Clothes change over is really funny with those girls-most of the time Keaton and Campbell are trying on clothes just as fast as they can and most of the time those clothes do not come close to fitting them.  But they keep trying stuff on so I spend lots of time helping them get stuff on and off of their Dennie sized heads.
  • Robby was home in plenty of time for supper so we ate and then the kids finished their movie while I clipped a zillion fingernails.  Then we read a bit of Cambpell's book for her oral report-hmm, better get a move on that if I expect her to get up there and say anything.  
  • Next up was Robby doing the first 2 resurrection eggs-my big kids were so excited that they knew what was inside of those eggs-and continued to tell others even after we had asked them not to.  Whitman was none to impressed with the egg business and had to put to bed as soon as it was over.  
  • We gave the kids a bit of time to "play quietly upstairs."  It took some time for them to figure out what that meant but when they did, they played happily for a long, long time....until we said it was bedtime.  Ha!  Actually, bedtime went smoothly and we heard not a sound from the kids this evening.  

April 13, 2014

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Making a new friend!

  • At 7:30 this morning, Robby and I were the only ones awake.  The kids were exhausted from last night and probably could have slept longer.  But duty called and I went up to wake them up.  They all laid in the floor like it was the middle of the night.  Finally, most everyone was dressed and I started serving up breakfast.
  • The kids were more excited about eating one piece of candy from Nonna than eating the doughnuts that I passed out.  Keaton told me that her tummy hurt but then ate more of her candy so I didn't pay her any attention.  Nor did I pay her any attention when she said it again and then jumped off the steps. 
  • Though when we were on the way to church, we heard that horrible sound.  I leaped over two rows of seats and children grabbing a towel as I went.  I was able to save some of her car seat and even catch the next round.  Robby pulled in to my folks street and was about to turn around so we could just run him and her home.  We had time but would have been rushed so he opted to drop us off at church and come pick us up.
  • To continue the Keaton story, by the time Robby could get out of the church parking lot she was sick again and even once more on the way home.  Once at home, he got her all cleaned up and then they started working on the car.  Robby said that before they made it home, he could tell that she already felt better and after her shower she was bouncing around.  Robby ran and listened to the church while Keaton watched him and even took a nap.
  • The kids and I were able to see all of the grandparents before church.  The boys even hit up both candy men on their walk through the sanctuary.  We dropped off Whitman and Campbell in their classes and then went to big church.  It is from nothing that we have done, but our kiddos are just great in church.  I hear people talk all the time about wanting children's church so they can not be distracted by their kids.  I can't imagine sitting not near my kids-there is just something about hearing your kids sing praises with you.
  • Next up was Sunday school and I was in Keaton's class for worship care.  Oh, my!  That room was rowdy today.  I had one little boy that screamed for the first 30 minutes.  Oh gracious!  Thankfully, he finally calmed down and I was able to help with the other kiddos running around.  Afterwards, I picked everyone up and then dropped Reagan and Anderson off at choir.  
  • They had choir all afternoon long-Anderson wasn't too excited about this but Reagan said "choir is like play for me because I love singing so much."  They had pizza for lunch and plenty of snacks during the afternoon.  My Reagan has a tiny speaking part and she is so, so excited about it.  I am talking so excited about it.  She has talked, talked and talked about it-my gracious!
  • Robby picked me and the others up from church and brought us home.  We had lunch and then Keaton and Whitman had a nap while Robby, Graham and Campbell went outside.  They worked some and played some while I was inside working.
  • My mission today  was to start changing over the kids clothes-yes, I know it is going to be freezing this week but it has to be done.  I was able to finish Whitman's this afternoon and then when Robby took everyone back to church tonight I was left home with Keaton and we finished Graham and Anderson's clothes.
  • It was raining like crazy tonight so Keaton stayed pretty close to me due to the thunder and I was a bit worried that our lights were going to go off so I did keep her close.  She watched me, tried on shoes and played happily while I worked.  Then I had her sorting Easter eggs by color for an activity later this week while I reloaded the car.  Since Robby had cleaned it, that meant I had 4 floor mats, 3 towels and 6 car seats to reinstall!  Actually, I was finished before Keaton finished with her egg sorting.
  • Then we worked on the laundry and waited on the others.  Robby had wrote saying they were on their way home so Keaton and I tried to go out on the front porch to wait on them.  It was raining so hard and the wind was blowing that we couldn't.  So we waited from our big windows until the rain died down and then we went out and sat on the front bench and watched Robby and the kids drive right beside us never seeing us!  
  • I had a bit of supper ready for the kids and then it was ice cream truck time.  Everyone was very, very pleased with our new selections.  And then it was bedtime for my crew-hopefully everyone will sleep very, very well tonight!

April 12, 2014

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Super Soccer Star!

  • Way too early this morning, Robby was waking up the kids and calling them to come downstairs to get ready.  On soccer days, you don't have to call twice and everyone was downstairs in a flash.  Everyone was ready quickly and Robby made bacon and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
  • Breakfast took a bit longer so teeth were brushed quickly and shoes were put on in the car.  But there was no cause for alarm because we made it to the soccer field in plenty of time.  Robby had said that it would be warm today and I was convinced that the weather would be like yesterday...we were wrong. It was cloudy and windy and chilly.  I ended up borrowing Jason's coat and stayed cozy and thankfully most of the kids had some type of coat in the car (Keaton only had Reagan's coat to wear and it swallowed her but she thought she was a diva wearing her big sister's coat.)
  • The first game was Campbell's and Graham's.  Graham scored twice today and Campbell did even better.  She ran after the ball and I do think that little thing might even score by the time the season is over.  They did win their game and then we moved on to Anderson's game.
  • Anderson's team seemed to be in a fog today.  They all seemed to be moving slow-I really do think that they practice much harder than they played today.  My Anderson also scored twice and their team became pretty far ahead so their win was an easy one.
  • Then Reagan's game.  Her team was down by 5 at one point and then they turned it on and started scoring.  The official total was that they lost by one but the other team scored after our coach had asked them to stop while he was busy tying a shoe.  So unofficially (according to Momma Dennie's scoreboard) Reagan's team tied.  My Reagan never scored last year and she doesn't really care but today she was so close to scoring-so, so very close.  Oh, well there are at least 4 more games so she will have a few more chances.
  • After the games, we headed home for lunch of leftover pizza.  Whitman went down for a nap, Keaton and Campbell showered for their next outing and the others changed to go out and play.  Grannymom and Grandpa came over to help with some yard work and Reagan, Anderson and Graham had much fun swinging, picking up sticks, playing in the water, raking and playing ball.  They were still outside when we came home from our party.
  • Keaton, Campbell and I went to an Easter Egg Hunt thrown by Aiden and Ryan's grandma.  They had lots of kiddie food that the girls ate.  Then there was even a pin the tail on the bunny game.  And oh, you should have seen my Campbell take care of her sister.  She made sure that she was in line for the game, made sure that she had a turn and made sure that she got a prize.  She continued taking care of her during the egg hunt.  
  • Campbell would keep coming back to check on Keaton's egg finding progress.  Keaton would have collected many more eggs except that she only picked up the pink and purple eggs until she couldn't find anymore of those colors and then she moved on to other colors.  When the hunt was over, the kids were given a big party favor bucket and my girls were so excited.  They both even went over and told their hosts thank you.
  • We made it back home in time to see Grannymom and Grandpa before they left.  Then everyone had showers and put on pajamas before we then headed out for supper.  Nonna and Pops cooked supper for us tonight since Reagan and Anderson are not going to be around tomorrow for lunch because they have choir practice.  
  • They had hot dogs and hamburgers and all of the fixings.  The kids ate and ate and then we had plenty of time to play.  We finally left when the kids were fairly tired but they all had a bag of Easter candy from Nonna to dream about tonight.  That did help with bedtime tonight because everyone was thinking about their candy they they will be able to dive into tomorrow.

April 11, 2014

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Friendly game of kickball...

  • Early this morning, Anderson asked me if he could eat breakfast in 10 minutes so he could get an early start on school.  Well, I couldn't really say no to that so I got myself out of bed and got a move on things myself.  
  • We had ourselves breakfast and then started on school.  Today was not a scheduled school day but we still did school-I pulled out all of the odd school work that we never get around too.  And each of my big 3 had something to work on with the little girls.  Graham showed the little girls how to trace their alphabet with paint.  Anderson helped them fish for magnet letters and Reagan read the Chicka Chicka book and helped them move magnet letters as they read the book.  I didn't know how well all of this "teaching" would go but it went perfectly-so well that we might even just do it again.  I did have to bribe Campbell in the middle of the story saying that if she finished the story, then everyone could earn a lollipop.
  • Reagan was my straggler today.  One of her pages was adding and subtracting triple digit numbers.  She has gotten a bit used to her beginning multiplication so this page too her forever.  Some days she gets very upset if she is the last one but not today so that was good.  And since everyone was finished with school early, I had time to pull out the next few weeks of school for Anderson and Graham.  I was so very happy to mark that task off of my list.
  • Next up was lunch and then cleaning up around here.  The kids helped tremendously and before I knew it, it was almost 2.  I put Whitman to bed and then sent the kids outside to play.  While they were out I swept the garage and pulled a few weeds.  I did manage to take a few pictures of the kids playing kick ball.  Before they got started, I saw Graham bring a chair out for Keaton and then set it up for her so she could watch their kickball game.  Oh, sometimes they take such good care of each other.
  • The kids eventually were too hot and tired to stay outside so I passed out popsicles and then we all headed in.  I told some that they could skip showers because I figured they would be back outside tonight (they were) but they did have to change their clothes.  But before I could get back in the house, Campbell was already in the shower and Keaton was quickly stripping off her clothes.  
  • After they showered, they watched a few movies.  Soon Robby was home and he took Keaton, Campbell and Graham with him to pick up pizza.  As they arrived home, the Penningtons showed up and the McGuires were not far behind.
  • We ate our pizza and cheese dip and quickly sent the kids outside.  The grownups mostly stayed in and chatted away.  The kids were having such a good time outside that we even served their dessert at the picnic table.  When it was pretty dark, the kids were still out playing.  They ran and ran and ran and when it was time for everyone to leave, I had stinky, stinky kids.  
  • It didn't take too long for us to shower everyone and put them to bed.  Then we pulled out everything for tomorrow's game bright and early in the morning.

April 10, 2014

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Everyone loves Orange Leaf!

  • My Keaton slept perfectly well last night.  She did make a few things during the middle of the night and I would lay beside her for a bit.  After my second time on the floor, I did wise up and bring my pillow and blanket to the floor with me.  I am sure that she always makes that much noise during the night and we just don't know about it (probably why Reagan was so excited that she was not sleeping in their room last night)  Oh and Keaton was not at all happy to be sleeping back in her bed tonight-she kept telling me that she wanted to sleep in my bed.
  • Robby took Campbell to school and Keaton tagged along.  Campbell was so excited that Robby was going to get to stay and listen to her sing.  I never stayed and listened to the others sing, I guess that I did have to get to work-hope I didn't scar them.  :)
  • While they were gone, the rest of us worked hard on school.  The kids were on fire today and they were all finished with school before 11.  I was even pretty distracted today because I was pulling stuff out for the next few weeks.  I am hoping that this will be the last time to do that this year-but I am second guessing myself since the pool won't yet be open so why not keep doing school.  Who knows but I do know that I do not like pulling out school for 4 weeks.  I do not know how teachers plan things for 20+ kids.
  • Since we finished school so early, I even had time to do my treadmilling before lunch.  Whitman did wake up before I was finished but since Robby was home, he got him out of bed.  I then fixed lunch and read a few poems to the kids while they ate.  Then it was our chore time-you set a timer to anything that the kids have to do and they can usually get it done.
  • Soon everyone was getting clothes on to go outside and I sat down to work on my grocery list.  Then Whitman and I ventured out.  He rode around in the wagon while the kids played a game of baseball.  I helped Robby with some yardwork (no, we didn't burn today-it was windy and we do like to burn on windy days but we did pass on this day!-kidding!)  I did quite a bit of blowing with Robby's 30 pound leaf blower.  Seriously, that thing is heavy-probably as much weight as Robby has lost.
  • The kids had a blast playing with the water guns.  I am always so surprised that squirting water at each other can be so fun.  Nonna and Pops brought Campbell home and she had time to play with the water guns too.  We stayed outside until almost 4 and then we did cut all of the men folks hair (except the baby) 
  • We all cleaned up and then headed out for our night on the town.  As we were getting ready, Reagan said "this is going to be the best day ever"-school, playing outside, yogurt.  We picked up burgers for supper and ate in the car and then we went for yogurt.  
  • The kids love the yogurt place and it is a special treat for them.  Reagan ended up with the largest-most expensive-bowl of yogurt but she ate it all.  And poor Anderson had the smallest bowl of yogurt but he helped Campbell eat hers. 
  • Robby explained to the kids that yogurt was their treat but grocery shopping was our treat.  He added that we were good when they were eating yogurt and they needed to be good while we were shopping.  They tried their hardest but over an hour at the store is just a long time for those kiddos.  They were good-most everyone was able to ride and even push the buggy.  Poor Whitman was so tired-he had to have his milk and then he wanted nothing to do with the shopping cart.  It is probably a good thing that the whole family doesn't go grocery shopping often or we would end up in the poor house!
  • The kids all stayed up on the way home-we were surprised about that.  We quickly unloaded groceries, put them to bed and started work on tomorrows supper-busy yet fun days here at the Dennie house.  

April 9, 2014

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To the park we go...

  • I was up and in the shower before the kids and I thought that everything was going splendidly until I heard those words...."Mom, Keaton just threw up in her bed."  It was over the monitor so I prayed as I walked up the stairs that I did not hear what I thought I heard.  The information was correct and this began our 3rd Wednesday in a row that someone in this house was sickly.  
  • Last week Robby stayed home but this week I sent Keaton to Nonna and Pops who graciously offered to keep her.  That child had her shower this morning and then she was feeling much better.  Her day at Nonna's house was much the same-lots of playtime and a bit of napping when I picked her up.  
  • The rest of us are healthy so we went to Bible study.  The kids just love Bible study.  Today they made stick donkeys and thoroughly learned their Bible verse "Jesus is alive"  I was having quite a bit of problems staying awake during the lecture today-so I had to work on next weeks lesson so I would not lay my head in Candice's lap.  
  • After Bible study, we all headed to the park with our friends.  The kids loved playing and my boys felt so much better this week than last week.  We ate and played for a long time and then we all headed to see Beebee.
  • She was fine though I did have to track down her lunch.  She ate it up and tried to pawn it off on the kids-um, what kid is going to try a bite of fish when they are munching on chocolate candy.  After our visit, we did finally head home-Whitman was quite fussy and was ready to leave Beebee's warm room.
  • We picked up Keaton and all headed home.  She was quite on the ride and as soon as I got her inside and started to change her diaper, I realized why.  That poor baby got sick again and after that, she felt so good.  Keaton played, ran around on Anderson's stick donkey, followed me around the house and seemed to be feeling perfectly.
  • Everyone else watched some movies and then it was soon time to leave again for church.  I did church last week by myself and wasn't looking forward to it again so I begged Nonna and Pops to take my sick child for a few more hours of the day.  When Keaton was there she did start using that bathroom frequently but she still feels good so that is all that matters.  Hopefully, she will sleep perfectly tonight and this bug can leave my family alone.
  • Once home tonight, everyone had a snack and then it was time for bed.  Reagan was delighted that Keaton wasn't going to sleep in their bedroom tonight-I guess that Keaton is the noisiest of the crew.  It is probably time for her to drop her nap but I am sure not ready for that at all!