December 15, 2005

Highlight from today:

  • I took my first airplane trip today (actually two plane trips). It was quite an experience but I handled it great.  Our original flight was cancelled so we didn't get to leave at 7:10 in the morning rather 1:30 in the afternoon. Instead of getting into Denver at 11:40, we ended up in Colorado Springs at 8:00 Thursday night. I enjoyed the plane trip (actually slept most of the time!)
  • To see more of my trip to Colorado with mom and dad, click here

December 7, 2005

  • I'm participating in a nutrition study at Arkansas Children's Hospital
  • Today's measurements:  12 pounds, 2 ounces; 23 inches long
  • What's on my head?  It's like a hair net with little sponges that measures brain activity.
  • What's the bubble machine?  It's a fancy machine that machines my body fat.