September 30, 2014-Happy Birthday Keaton!

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Celebrating Keaton's 3rd Birthday!

  • I woke up earlier today than yesterday but I still finished on the treadmill later than I had the day before even though I was on the treadmill for the same amount of time-I just don't understand how that happened!  Lots of people were waking up as I was making my rounds downstairs trying to get a few things ready for this morning.  
  • My boys laid in bed with Robby for a while and Campbell worked on getting her clothes ready for school today.  Today was toast and yogurt day so Campbell made sure that she was ready in time to have her some yogurt.  
  • We started our school and today Reagan was the last one to finish-she was not happy about this at all.  Now she did spend a bit of time playing with Keaton but her math has stepped up a bit this week (double digit multiplication ex. 24x19)  I tried to explain to her that it was okay to still have work to do in the afternoon but this did not please her at all-and she found a way to finish her last thing (just typing) while I read right before noon.
  • I read to the kids until noon and then the kids quickly put on their clothes and then helped me straighten the house.  We do chores every day and usually the kids have a decent attitude about it but on birthday party days, my crew are more than willing to help out with chores.  
  • We then picked up Campbell from Nonna's house-Campbell had managed to finagle a Sonic drink from Nonna so she was very pleased with herself.  We met Robby for lunch at McDonalds-he had a mystery shop so he had the food he had bought for his shop and then I went and bought the boys a hamburger.  We had 20 nuggets, 2 hamburgers and another burger for Robby plus 2 large fries-and I had to stop the kids from eating my 3 nuggets that I had set aside for me.  What in the world, I thought the kids would start eating a lot when they were teenagers not grade schoolers.
  • Next stop was the doctor for flu shots.  Anderson was the lucky one today-he was all prepared to get a shot since he can't have the flu mist (asthma).  I called to see what the office's flu shot times were and they said that they didn't have shots for over 3.  So my Anderson didn't have to go with us and went to run a few errands with Robby.  Hopefully, I can get him his shot in a few days.
  • The rest of the crew weren't so lucky-well, I guess that having the flu mist isn't that bad.  And when you take 5 kids to get their vaccines-you get 2 nurses to distribute them quickly!  No one would go first so Campbell volunteered.  Then went Reagan and Graham at the same time followed by Keaton who wasn't too sure.  Then poor Whitman got the real shot and not just the "flu sniff" as everyone else.  Whitman was about to scream after his poke but I quickly jerked him up as he was getting his bandaid and that boy didn't make a peep.  
  • Once in the car, I gave Whitman a drink since I do know those flu shots hurt but then I told Campbell that I was proud of her for going first.  I went on to say that being a leader was important and yada, yada, yada.  Then Graham said "I would have gone first but you know, 'ladies first.'"
  • Once at home, the little ones had a nap while I worked getting things ready for Keaton's party.  My Keaton was so ready for her party that she could barely sleep.  We had worked really hard before her nap about saying "thank you" for her presents (it paid off!) 
  • Soon all our guests arrived-Dana, Lilli, Cash, Grannymom, Grandpa, Nonna, Pops and Jason-and we stared Keaton's 3rd birthday party.  We had bbq and all of the trimmings.  The kids enjoyed eating off of their Minnie Mouse shaped plates.  The kids played Minnie Mouse bingo and even hid all of our Minnie Mouse toys and dolls for Keaton, Campbell and Whitman to find.  Then it was cookie decorating time-that is always fun-sprinkles and icing!  And finally it was present time.  Keaton was pretty adamant that she wanted sand, a doll and lots of toys and that is what she got.  She was so happy with all of her loot.  She told me that she wanted to paint tomorrow and take her doll in the car.  Then she added that she wanted to have another birthday party.
  • After the party was over, we all helped pick up and then it was bedtime for my crew and time for Robby and I to make lunches for tomorrow, do the laundry and dishes...wonder if we have any ice cream around here?

September 29, 2014

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Not sure this is alllowed...but it is her birthday!

  • Monday morning and my girls were the first ones down the stairs.  I met them at the bottom since I was already awake and putting toothpaste on their toothbrushes for later (go me!)  Keaton was talking to Reagan on the way down the stairs and that child didn't stop talking all day long. Her cute little now 3 year old chatter would be so much cuter if she didn't repeat things over and over and over again.  
  • Campbell had school this morning and she was in no hurry to go until she was reminded that it was the day that the fire truck came.  She did tell me that she saw the fire truck last year but she was still happy to go.  
  • Around here, the rest of us started on school.  It was all going well until I had to get on to Anderson during spelling-he was trying to climb up the wall and was doing more of this than actually spelling the words I was telling him to spell.  From that point on, he started spelling his words but he was missing many so he had to write them (I let them spell it out loud once but if they mess up, then they have to write it-not a big deal).  Today this was in fact a big deal to Anderson.  I tried to cheer him up and explain that we do spelling so we can learn and if he already knew how to spell all those words then we wouldn't need to do spelling.  Anyway, about 5 minutes later, he came to me and said "when you yell at me like that I feel like you are going to hit me."  What!?  I didn't yell at the boy at all-I did raise my voice but not as loud as I usually do!  And hit him? I don't even remember the last time that I have spanked him.  I was shocked but I was also nice and told him that I loved him and blah, blah, blah.  That child is so tenderhearted--gracious me!
  • We did all survive school-everyone was finished before lunch and we even finished all of our together work just in time for lunch.  And lunch today was spaghetti squash, sauce and meatballs and it was delicious.  My meatballs (I didn't make them) were wonderful but I was shocked at how yummy the spaghetti squash was-I could see Reagan and Graham quickly figuring out what they were eating when I kept telling them it was spaghetti.  Reagan shouted "It is that spaghetti squash."  Indeed it was but my girls ate it and my boys tried it (they would have eaten it if they didn't know what it was)
  • After lunch, we straightened the house and then the kids played as I worked on grabbing garage sale stuff and working on clearing out my attic (I could clothe 20 kids with all of the clothes in my attic.)  At nap time, I kept working and it seemed like it was just minutes until supper time.  We had to eat a bit early because of football tonight but no one seemed to mind.  My Anderson was so excited about his game-he has really loved playing this year.
  • Nonna, Pops and Jason were at the game and Pops hobbled to the middle of the 2 fields so we could watch Anderson and Graham was the both played tonight.  Actually, Pops and I watched Graham's team play for about 10 minutes while trying to pick Graham out from the other players-then we realized he was on the bench.  We did get to see Graham run to midfield with the ball so that was a big highlight for him.  But my Anderson caught a pass and made a touchdown!  It all happened so fast that I don't really think Anderson realized that he made a touchdown at first.
  • Once at home, everyone had showers and then it was Bible story time.  If the kids read the actual Bible verses that our stories come from and answer questions from that then they can win a prize. Tonight there was about 20 verses from I Samuel that they had to read-Robby did give easy questions to the girls this time but the 3 big kids had hard questions which they answered correctly-thus earning the prize of not having to use soap on their hair the next time they take a shower! Woo hoo!

September 28, 2014

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Celebrating Sept. birthdays at G-Mom and G-Pa's

  • Everyone sleeping upstairs were up much earlier than the ones sleeping downstairs.  I am pretty sure as soon as the boys woke up they all came downstairs to play on their kindles.  But my sweet girls, who slept in the floor of my room, could have snoozed until noon-we could have too.  Soon it was time for breakfast and time for everyone to get their clothes on for church.
  • We dropped off Whitman and Keaton and then all settled down for big church.  Cash sat in between the boys and he was perfect and was so sweet watching him try to help Graham find the verses in his Bible. We then went to our Sunday school classes.  I think that Reagan is warming up to us being her teachers. Tonight Anderson did say that he had never been in a class that we taught-I told him that maybe he would be in our class next year.
  • Then it was on to Grannymoms and Grandpa's house. She had spaghetti pie and Robby's favorite-Oreo delight.  My Whitman didn't touch his food until right before we passed out dessert.  He started eating a few bites and then he saw the dessert and was finished with his main course.  Keaton and Robby blew out candles to celebrate their birthdays.  
  • The kids went outside (long enough to have to have showers when we made it home-ugh!) and then they came in for present time.  Robby opened up a grill cover, something for his weed eater, a chair mat, t shirts and a soap holder-all gifts that will be put to good use. 
  • Once we made it home, the kids had really quick showers but unfortunately that didn't leave us too much time for a nap.  Robby put away some of his presents and when he unrolled his desk chair mat, it said to press it down so he and I just laid down on it to try to flatten it out-we were sneaking a rest in whenever we could!
  • There was hardly anytime before it was time to stir everyone to head to choir.  Anderson and Graham sang their hymn (Amazing Grace) tonight so that was good to get that marked off-now we just have to start working on next months hymn. 
  • My Campbell sat fairly still during big church tonight but she must have been working hard on fixing her hair (unnoticed by Robby or me) since we were told how precious she was working on her hair.  That child is becoming quite a mess-her and Anderson went with me to pick Keaton up tonight and then they forgot about Whitman and ran on out to the playground.  When the walked out the door, they realized that I wasn't with them and since they couldn't go back in, they just continued playing!  I probably should say that I immediately missed them and figured out where they were or that I saw them head that way but no, I didn't even notice they weren't with me!
  • We played on the playground until dark and at 7:30 it was dark, dark.  Tomorrow we will be finishing our football game at 7:30-hope we can find our way to the car!...with all of the kids!  Once at home, we quickly passed out the kids their ice cream and then it was bedtime.  Real school for Campbell, homeschool for the others, football and cheerleading in the evening-a busy, busy day!

September 27, 2014-Happy Birthday Keaton!

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A day of celebrating!

  • Today was Keaton's birthday-the big number 3 for her.  And since this is our third birthday in 2 weeks, we remember well how to celebrate.  Keaton was even the lucky one who used the birthday plate (that I just found in the kitchen while rummaging around for garage sale stuff.)  She was pretty pumped about it being her birthday and would flash her huge grin whenever we mentioned it.
  • Since it was her birthday, she got to pick out breakfast and her choice this morning was "pink yogurt" so strawberry yogurt it was.  And since Robby was passing out breakfast, he sweetened the deal literally with a tiny bowl of ice cream for everyone.  What could be better than ice cream for your birthday?  We may have started a new tradition around here.
  • The weather was pretty perfect during the ball games today.  Reagan and Campbell cheered first (8:30).  I really don't know what has changed but this week Reagan really seemed to enjoy it and Campbell really, really did well.  She only sat down for a bit of the game and not most of it.  They did their dance out on the field and Reagan has been making Campbell practice everyday and I guess it paid off.  
  • Grannymom had brought Keaton 3 birthday balloons along with a tiny present (candy bracelets) to wear.  My Keaton was thrilled with this and I am pretty sure that she felt that the whole football games along with Lilli and Cash being there was just a big party for her.  With all of this excitement, the first game flew by pretty quickly.  
  • Graham's game was next (10:00).  And I think that they won just by a safety.  But the highlight of this game was Graham catching an interception.  An interception doesn't really change anything in Graham's division (maybe just counts as a down) but we screamed and hollered and cheered him on like he was making the winning score in the Super Bowl.  
  • This was the best weather day we have had so far this year-the first and third game days were crazy hot and the second was cold.  But today was hot yet still okay-we did need an umbrella to keep the sun off and at least one Dennie has a bit of a sunburn-but it was still a pretty good weather day.  Despite the nice weather, we still left the fields to go and eat lunch-today's stop was McDonalds.  
  • After the kids ate and Keaton blew out candles on a cookie, everyone went to the play area to play.  At some point, Anderson heard a police car and said "we must be too loud, I hear the police coming."  I don't know what else was said but I walked out a few seconds after this when the police car was zooming by the restaurant.  But inside of the tubes I could hear multiple Dennies screaming and wailing.  I walked closer while saying "what is wrong?" and "I'm right here."  But that didn't help-Keaton and Campbell shot out of the play ground area and they were hysterical.  Keaton grabbed her shoes and was headed inside.  I didn't really get why they were panicked and tried to sit her down to put her shoes on but that didn't work.  Campbell was sobbing and shaking and Keaton's little heart was about to pound out of her chest-I could feel it as I was holding her.  Those two little monkeys thought that the police man were coming to get them and they were doing their best to get back inside the restaurant.  I think we need to talk about police men being community helpers.  
  • After calming my hysterical girls down, we went to Anderson's game.  Since Lilli and Cash were with us, my crew had plenty of folks to pass the day with-they played catch, played musical chairs, played duck duck goose, did cartwheels, played with Whitman, learned cheers, ran around the field and a multitude of other things.  Anderson's game was the last of the day (1:00) and his team did pretty good today-Anderson was the rusher a few times and did really well.  
  • Last week, when the game was over Allen asked for help gathering the pylons and the Dennies raced to get as many as they could.  This week, they didn't need anyone to ask-my kids were off as soon as the last whistle blew and worked up a sweat gathering those pylons.  
  • At home, we showered everyone in super fast motion so my boys (big and little) could get upstairs to watch the football game.  They laughed, they cried, they cheered and they booed during the game (well, some of those).  The last half of the game, Nonna and Pops came over to watch with us.
  • We had hamburgers for supper and then we let Keaton blow out the candles from her cupcake made by Nonna.  Everyone loves singing Happy Birthday at this house but no one loves it more than Whitman.  He just grins and laughs and sings away-of course his Happy Birthday sounds a little more like a cross between Jesus loves me and Happy Birthday but it is all unintelligible.  
  • After Nonna and Pops left, the kids all had another shower since they had played outside off and on during the evening.  They helped clean up the toy room and then had a long while to play on their kindles-with 6 kids sitting on the couch playing on kindles we should be doing a kindle commercial here (Cash is spending the night-he was the 6th on the kindle-Whitman was already in bed)
  • We read our Bible story and then it was lights out-the boys upstairs and the girls downstairs-we will see how quickly my boys fall asleep-right now it sounds like it may be a while!

September 26, 2014

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  • I had been good for so many days getting up to walk before everyone else (3!) but today was Friday so I took the morning off.  About 15 minutes after me hitting snooze, the kids were stirring and were soon awake-maybe I should have gone on the the treadmill.  No, I laid on the floor with Graham for a while when the bed was too full of other people for us to find a spot.
  • Robby went to work so we had breakfast-applesauce, cereal and leftover bread and butter from yesterday.  Then I urged everyone go move to the school room-this was Friday so their work load was a bit easier and they had all finished one box yesterday so you would have thought everyone would have finished quicker but nope.  That was fine though because we still had plenty of time to do our reading-we have already started on the next Sarah, Plain and Tall book-Skylark.  My Graham was the last one today.  He spent lots of time goofing off plus lots of time lamenting about his math-he just started subtracting 9s and it has thrown him for a loop.  
  • We were a bit late getting lunch so there was no time to cook anything and there was no bread that was thawed so it was breakfast burritos.  I was pretty sure that no one would eat them but the kids devoured them.  Anderson and Keaton both had two.  And my Whitman, who usually throw them and anything like that on the floor, ate most of his-though he was sitting in his high chair for a long, long time.  But he really has to sit there for a while since he is so distracted with his drink and all of the other entertainment that he has during meal times.  
  • After lunch, we started on our Van Gogh pictures and then I worked on pulling out Anderson's school work for the next month.  Soon Grannymom and Grandpa showed up to take Campbell away.  My Campbell started packing this morning-I made sure she had underwear, a toothbrush, pajamas and her uniform for tomorrow but I do not have any idea why her backpack weighed at least 20 pounds when she left the house.  That girl was so very excited-I hope she is decent since she has gotten quite the attitude with me lately!  
  • After she left, Whitman went down for a nap and I started on going through some clothes-I was able to find some for us now, some for us later, and some to give away.  Now I have decided that I am going to work on cleaning out my clothes attic-probably should just go ahead and clean out the whole house.  Stuff, stuff, stuff everywhere I look.  
  • Robby was home just a few minutes after I finished picking up my clothes mess and after we unloaded his groceries, the kids played outside for a minute and then we went to eat.  We grabbed supper at Taco Bueno and then walked around Home Depot looking for stain.  My big 3 lost their minds and didn't know how to act so we didn't get to browse as long as I would have liked.  Those stinkers!  Maybe we should take them shopping more often.
  • Next up it was bedtime at home-no one complained at all about going to bed even though it was a tiny bit early.  Football is early, early in the morning and it is my Keaton's birthday!  

September 25, 2014

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Bread making was just 1 activity at Home School Day!

  • Since Robby was out getting the brand new tire this morning, it was just me and the kiddos.  We quickly got the house ready for homeschool day and even had some time to read a Van Gogh book and movie. 
  • When our friends arrived, we started our day.  Everyone had read Sarah, Plain and Tall so our first activity was to make bread, biscuits and cornbread.  The kids were all split in different groups and each had a recipe to follow.  
  • Next up was a trivia game with questions from the book while they were all working hard at making butter in glass jars. Reagan and Anderson's team lost and they were not too pleased with me.  After that, it was lunch time and our dessert today was our biscuits, bread and cornbread-the 17 kids ate it up!  They lined up to get some type of bread and then I would scoop a huge glob of the delicious butter on top.  My boys went through the line about a zillion times before I cut them off.  Hmm, maybe we will have some of the leftovers for breakfast.
  • The kids then had some play time before it was time for them to perform a skit about the play.  And then we kicked the kids out of the house to play.  The weather was perfect today and the kids enjoyed playing outside.  After our friends left, I still made the kids stay outside for a while-they did manage to get a popsicle from me and then to get another from Robby!
  • When Robby was done with work, he decided he needed a night out with the kids since I was heading out to Bunko. Plus, Campbell said "she needed to go somewhere" since she had not left the house today (even though she had had a very full day of activity)
  • So off they went to McDonald's with a playground and I picked up a few things around the house. The kids played well at McD's and everyone helped out since there was no stroller and Robby was carrying around Whitman.  After eating, all the kids played and watched the other kids who were climbing everywhere except where they were supposed to.  Keaton kept pointing that out to Robby and everyone else who could hear her. (Didn't seem to phase the kids' mom though.)
  • They made it home in time for showers and to finish up Ninja Warrior.  It was the US vs. the World episode. The kids were disappointed to watch the US lose by just a few seconds.
  • Teeth brushed and soon the kids were off to Bible story and bed.

September 24, 2014

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Lunch at the park!

  • Bible study morning and everyone did great getting up and getting ready.  Most chores were done by breakfast and we were able to have a leisurely breakfast.  When it was time to go, I told the kids to put on their shoes and get into the car. They put on their shoes but somehow didn't find their way into the car but started playing basketball outside.  I strongly encouraged them to get themselves into the car-immediately!
  • We made it to Bible study on time-dropping everyone off was a bit of a big deal today.  Whitman, of course, didn't want to go and Keaton did not want to be taken next so she hesitated.  Graham and Campbell were the ones causing all of this madness by saying that they didn't want to be first so I made it clear that they would be dropped off when I walked to their room-gracious me.  That hallway is so long (and ill-designed) that I am not going to waltz up and down it dropping people off.
  • At the end of Bible study, my kids were thrilled to find out that all of our buddies would be eating at a park with us. This mean a huge game of tag for them and lots of time to chat for me-we were all happy.  After playing for a while, we finally loaded up and headed to see Beebee.
  • Pops, on his crutch, was there and thankfully, he had brought more candy to fill Beebee's candy bucket.  This made the kids very, very happy-made me happy too since I didn't pack myself a lunch today and was hungry.  Some days I feel like the kids are pretty wound up at Beebee's place and this was one of those days.  But tired kids that just came from a park sitting in a hot, cramped room can only lead to disaster.  I should be thankful that none of our visits have resulted in a disaster-I consider a disaster to be knocking an old person down or knocking Beebee out of her wheelchair.
  • Once at home-and yes, I am still taking the long way so the kids won't see Sonic during happy hour-the kids found some tree leaves for science and then played a bit of basketball.  Once they came inside, I put Keaton and Whitman to bed.  Then we finished Farmer Boy-finally!
  • We had supper and then the kids were told to put on their shoes and get into the car.  And just like last time, I had some that did and others that didn't.  I thought that when I closed the van doors or started it, I would garner their attention.  But no, they didn't even seem to notice when Robby and I climbed in the van.  I had whispered to him about them playing ball-again-when time to get into the car.  So he put the car into reverse and we started inching out of the garage (he was carefully watching them).  
  • We backed up about a foot when Campbell came running up to Robby's window with her ugly cry face on and waving her hands.  The boys were right behind her wildly shouting.  Robby rolled down the window and said "oh, we thought you guys weren't going since you weren't in the car."  Now Keaton was in the car almost hysterical that we were leaving people but Reagan told her that we were teasing and now she really thought it was funny.  Robby and I were incredibly tickled at our antics but hopefully my people learned a bit of a lesson (probably not!)
  • Robby and I both read during church tonight-trying to finish library books-we only stopped to be our puppets for a few minutes each time.  Each and every time Robby is a puppet, he uses a different voice-keeps me on my toes for sure.  
  • Once we made it home, we had a bit of a snack and then it was bedtime for the kids.  Tomorrow is Sarah, Plain and Tall day so my kids are really excited-I am too!

September 23, 2014

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Campbell's Open House!

  • Robby was gone before I woke up even though I did wake up early.  He took the van in to see about the tire-couldn't patch it.  So a new tire (and apparently tires for my van aren't cheap) and repairing the lawnmower has eaten up our "no spend month" savings.  Oh, well, easy come, easy go.  Though Robby would probably think that not much of our savings came easy!  
  • I even did my treadmill time early this morning.  A friend had talked about how she was envious of my bonus room where I could put Whitman down for naps and he wouldn't hear us-this made me question why I was letting him take his afternoon nap downstairs in the school room with us so nearby.  Anyway, I gave up my treadmill time for Whitman to sleep upstairs.  He has been sleeping much better during nap time and the rest of us can enjoy those 2 hours a bit more since we don't have to tiptoe around.  
  • Anyway, Anderson was in my bed when I came back downstairs and soon we went to wake everyone else up.  Campbell had spent the night with Nonna and Pops so she wasn't there but the rest of us were up and had started school before 8:15-that is almost a record for us.  And my Graham was finished with his school a bit after 10.  He was on fire today-he is pretty much an every other day boy.  One day he works really hard and the next day not so much.  At least he is consistent in that!
  • Whitman was into every single thing today and was pretty fussy until I put him in his pack n play. Maybe it was the pile of toys in there, or the snack or the cup of milk but he was happy in there. Almost like he didn't have to worry about the others bothering him so he could chill our and relax. Keaton loves watching her movie on the school room computer and Whitman loves standing in the pack n play watching over her shoulder.  Of course she has on earphones so he can't hear it but he sure does like watching it.
  • Soon it was lunch time and we had a smorgasbord of choices-this was clean out the fridge day.  And after lunch we quickly did a few chores.  Then the boys went to their kindles but Reagan played with her paper doll stickers-she did this off and on for most of the afternoon.  She would even let Keaton play sometimes.
  • Campbell was really missing us after being gone all day Monday and then spending the night and being gone most of the day Tuesday.  She made cookies with Nonna but she was still pretty antsy to come home.  Once at home, she didn't care about watching movies with the others, she just wanted to be with me.  So we worked on her reading book.  I finally snuck off to take a shower and she found me and asked why I was showering.  I told her it was for her Open House tonight and she decided she needed a shower too.  She got the little shower ready all by herself and even dried her hair after her shower.
  • Robby brought home supper and quickly ate before loading up for Campbell's Open House-this is our 7th open house (5th year of them) so we kind of know the ropes.  But we played along and found Campbell's pictures, looked at her room and picked up some of her papers.  On one of her papers, she said that her favorite food was pop tarts and that she wanted to be a mom when she grows up.  Both sound good to me!
  • After seeing her class, then we moved on to the cookies and punch-that was the most exciting part of the evening.  And since it was still early when we made it home, the kids quickly went in the house to put on their pajamas and brush their teeth so they could watch more of the ninja warrior show.  We watched it and they only have about an hour left of it-then we can branch out and watch something else.  
  • I think that my Campbell will be asleep in no time at all tonight-she was fading pretty fast during the Bible story.  Today was another good day-now for leftover rice krispy treats!

September 22, 2014-Happy 40th Birthday Robby!

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Celebrating #40 with Sonic Waffle Cones!

  • Monday morning and no one was stirring. Even though it was Robby's birthday today, he still had to go to work and still had to get Favorite Daughter #2 to school. Unfortunately, Campbell wasn't too excited about school until we reminded her that she was the snack helper-that means a special napkin for snack.  This is a really, really big deal to Campbell-maybe I should just buy her some special napkins for her birthday.  
  • We all waved as they did leave this morning.  Then it was school time for the rest of us.  The big 3 all ate their cereal while they were working at their desks.  For some reason, my kids were pretty distracted today and everyone wanted to stop what they were doing repeatedly to play with Whitman (who is finally feeling back to his normal self).  Of course all of this play, caused their school work finishing time to be pushed further and further back.
  • My favorite part of the school day has become doing language with Reagan-she is diagramming sentences (just subjects, verbs, adjectives and adverbs so far).  And I enjoy helping Anderson with his Bible study.  This is his first year to do it and he just needs a bit of help.  Then I also enjoy working with Graham on his spelling-kind of fun watching him "get" things.
  • Around 11:20, I stopped their school work and we did some reading together.  I do like reading to everyone but by then end of our reading time, I am usually pretty hoarse for a few minutes.  Then it was time to run around the house to quickly do our chores-Reagan vacuumed for the first time today (the boys usually do) and she did a really great job.  
  • Then we headed to Nonna's house for lunch.  The kids had a menu of choices to pick from and they were pretty pleased that Nutella was on their menu-that is what I had too (a nutella quesadilla).  Nonna showed me how to cut a cantaloupe.  And after my lesson, I decided to start loading up some clothes from my aunt in the car.  
  • When I walked to the car, I noticed that I had a tire that looked a little odd.  On closer inspection it looked almost too flat to drive home.  I text Robby to ask what to do-go home, stay or go to get it fixed?  While I was waiting on his return text, Nonna and I saw the huge bolt sticking out.  And then we heard the air spewing out-so I decided to go ahead and call my AAA folks.
  • Robby sometimes debates having AAA-though ever since we used them twice in one night (gas and then a tow from Memphis home)-he definitely sees the value.  About an hour later (we had time for a kickball game, a badminton game and drink to cool us off), the AAA man came and started on the car.  My boys (including Whitman) loved watching the man work.  And he had to work pretty hard to get our spare (full sized thankfully) out from the bottom of the van.  That is what took the longest but within minutes my other tire was on and we were good to go.  
  • This did cause us to get home a bit later than planned but I was able to make Robby's rice krispy treats-so it was a wonderful 40th birthday for him.  Keaton, Campbell and Robby were home pretty soon after I had unloaded our stuff.  We were home for a few minutes before leaving again.
  • I quickly threw some stuff in a bag and called it supper.  While Anderson was practicing, I fed my supper to the kids.  I was pretty pleased with my Andy tonight, the other boys were fooling around a bit but Anderson was able to have fun and still listen to his coaches.  After his practice, he left his friends who were still playing and walked passed me and said "I need to go and help Dad."  And that he did-practiced with Robby's team too.  And that is when I forgot to feed that boy-Robby did offer him a few crackers before bed.
  • Graham practiced and he just has lots of fun playing with his friends.  I think he might enjoy football just as much as his brother does.  Campbell though worked some during cheerleading but bless her heart, just bless her heart.  She tries, I guess but oh my, we probably shouldn't have let her cheerlead this year.  Now Reagan really seemed into it tonight and was excited that she was going to get to call out one of the cheers.  
  • After practice, we loaded up and met Jason at Sonic.  Tonight was half price cones so we had a few ice cream cones to celebrate Robby's birthday.  We sang, Robby blew out candles, he read his cards and we all had huge ice cream cones.  
  • On the way home, we dropped Campbell off at Nonna's house.  Robby is going to take the car in early, early in the morning so we thought Campbell might enjoy not having to wake up at the crack of dawn.  Then it was home for showers.  Some nights, Whitman does not like taking his shower but other nights, like tonight, he loves it.  When I told him and Keaton that it was time to get out, Whitman looked up at me and shook his head!  That little stinker!

September 21, 2014

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Why are you looking at me?  B/c you are so stinkin' cute!

  • After our alarms rang this morning, the first thing that Robby said this morning was "what day is it?"  I quickly answered Sunday thinking that he was kidding.  But no, he said he couldn't decide what day it should be-I guess the effects of turning 40 hit him a day early. 
  • We started getting ourselves ready for church and down came Reagan and Campbell fully dressed.  My Campbell will do this often but Reagan not so much.  Reagan is the one who is usually the last one out of bed but not today. They both even had on the clothes that I had laid out for them-that also never really happens.  Keaton came down with them but she was still wearing her dance outfit that she slept in.  She had told Reagan that it was a dress and she was going to wear it to church but thankfully she didn't protest at all about wearing the dress we picked out yesterday for her to wear.
  • Robby passed out breakfast to everyone while I finished getting myself ready.  The kids even had time to play their kindles some even though we had to leave a few minutes early to take back some library books.  I do love the library and would have a hard time homeschooling well without it.  But seriously, I don't like owing people things and with the library, I always owe them something-if it isn't books, then it is fines.  I am a bit paranoid too since over our trip, their text/email messaging to remind you of nearly overdue books was down and my fine accumulated to 20 plus bucks.  Now every Friday, I check to make sure my library books are not due soon-had to put that on my list.
  • Church was fine-I did almost laugh out loud and embarrass the family.  At the end of the service, a whole group of people came down front and set on the front pews.  I knew they were coming forward for prayer for an upcoming mission trip but I still leaned over to Anderson and said "they are a bit late, aren't they?"  He looked at them and said "they sure are."  This tickled me and the more I giggled, the harder I wanted to laugh.  Oh my goodness, tears were rolling down my eyes I was laughing so hard.
  • Sunday school was uneventful.  I pulled out my teacher voice today-3rd grade boys!  I tell you, they just needed gentle reminders about how to sit in chairs, how to walk down the hallway and what to do when you enter a classroom.  If I saw my boys acting like these kids do, it would not be good. Now, they are all good kids but too many boys in a room just creates havoc.  After our little meeting, everyone calmed down and Sunday school was actually enjoyable.  I might change my tune but I can see Robby and I teaching this age for a few years.  
  • Lunch was at Nonna and Pops house.  They had tenderloin-Anderson's favorite meat-he said that at least 7 times.  Whitman though was not at all impressed with Nonna's lunch and would have none of it.  But he did enjoy Robby's birthday cake and had his share of that.  Of course, he thought that we were singing Happy Birthday to him and just sat and grinned as we sang to his daddy.
  • At home this afternoon, we quickly hurried to put everything up and then it was naptime.  Just as usual, Campbell and I snoozed until the last minute when we had to get up and scurry around.  The kids had choir and Reagan sang her hymn (Amazing Grace) she thinks but the boys tried and didn't get it so they will have to sing them next week.  That means that we are going to practice 19 times a day until then.  I don't like homework hanging over our heads-wonder if we could sing them Wednesday and not wait until Sunday?
  • At the end of church, we walked around the sanctuary praying for different unreached people groups.  Reagan said she liked that much better than big church and Campbell thought it was a scavenger hunt so she really enjoyed it.  Then Keaton went home to spend the night with Grannymom and Grandpa and the rest of us went to the playground to play some after church.  
  • The kids played and played on the playground.  They had so much fun that they required showers when we got home.  Showers were quick because everyone wanted to hurry to get the first pick of our ice cream truck.  
  • After our ice cream eating, it was Bible story time.  Tonight the question was how tall was Goliath? Reagan had done her pre-reading and knew that he was over 9 feet tall. Pretty wild to imagine. Hopefully my Campbell who has started to have her nightmares/terrors/whatevers again won't be too bothered by reading about that giant!

September 20, 2014

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Anderson suits up twice...

  • Football morning but no one was really moving quickly. I was the first one up and got my shower and then started calling the kids down to get ready.  Soon clothes were flying, I was doing hair, teeth were being brushed and shoes were being put on.  It was pretty record time to get us ready. Robby quickly loaded the ice chest while I held everyone off on grabbing their own breakfast.  
  • We decided that the 3rd game of soccer deserved a special breakfast of doughnuts-or maybe we were just starting Robby's birthday celebration early-either way, nothing beats a Shipley's chocolate filled doughnut.  Now my kids wouldn't know about that because Robby and I quickly and quietly shoved our chocolate filled doughnuts into our face as we headed to the football field.  Of course we had to turn the movie up louder so no one would hear as smacking on those delicious doughnuts.  The line was plenty long in the store but Robby soon came out with boxes full of goodness.  
  • Once at the football field, we unloaded and then passed out doughnuts to everyone.  The kids enjoyed the doughnuts but I really think that they all liked the doughnut holes better.  Even Whitman who has really slowed down on eating lately (he has been sickly but also crazy picky) enjoyed the doughnut holes (now tonight though he did have half a banana, a slice of cheese, a handful of grapes and a cookie so he must be on the mend.)
  • Reagan had a bit more spunk when she ran through the tunnel today-still not as much as her sister. Last time Reagan did cheer leading, she really looked like she enjoyed it, she yelled and shook her pom poms with gusto.  Not this year.  She doesn't act like she thinks she is too old, it is almost like it just isn't her thing.  Probably if she had friends doing it with her she might be more peppy.  
  • But Reagan is 1000 times more peppy than Campbell.   That girl is so distracted-almost like she is a 4 year old or something.  I tell you she just stands there, looked around and that is pretty much it. Now I will give her this-after her daddy talked to her and said that she would not play on the playground at lunch if she didn't work hard, then she did pull out her A game and start cheering the best she could.  That is all that I want-just her to try.
  • It was hot during that game but it just got hotter during Graham's game.  Graham didn't have enough players to play and since Robby knew an extra player (Anderson) things worked out well.  Of course my Anderson loved playing this game too.  Graham's team won by a touchdown or two so that was good.
  • Then we went to Chickfila to cool off a bit.  First week it was hot, last week it was cold and back to hot again this week.  It was much more crowded there than McDonalds so it didn't feel like we had enough down time because we were soon leaving again.  The kids did have time to play on the playground.  I told Keaton, who was wearing big girl panties, that if she peepeed on the playground the cow would come out and spank her.  She said "maybe I will go and try again."   Listen, my motto is whatever works and that worked.  I guess that my Keaton has the pottying thing down-we just barely snuck that in before she was 3.
  • Next up was Anderson's game.  He was not the center the entire time-probably because he told his coach he didn't want to be the center the whole time.  Those are good lessons-learning to speak up for yourself.  Anderson had a good run today and made a few yards-man, I wish my boys were faster but they just are not.  And that is fine since they both really enjoy playing.  
  • Whitman was hot, tired and not feeling perfect during the first games so Nonna took him home and just kept him there during Anderson's game.  A nap, some food and air conditioner did that boy well and he was his happy self when we picked him up.  He came home and sat in his car seat while all of us worked together to clean the car and garage.  This seemed like it took forever but everyone that wanted to go was rewarded with a trip to Sams.
  • Whitman stayed home for a nap and Graham was the only one who didn't want to go.  Not really sure why-he even picked up the toy room like Robby asked (it wasn't bad and I helped), had a shower and played his kindle happily while they were gone.  At Sams they ate every single sample they could find-Reagan's favorite thing ever.  And they bought us a new wagon for our ballgames. Our wheel is now broken-if we knew a welder it could probably be fixed but we don't know any welders.  
  • Once back at home, all of them had showers. I woke Whitman up to join Keaton in his shower and that little turkey did his business in the shower.  The same shower that I cleaned from top to bottom on Thursday-I had just washed and put his shower toys back in that shower about an hour before he exploded in the shower.  So back all of those toys went to the dishwasher!  My mom wouldn't let me watch I Dream of Jeanie but sometimes I wish that I could just wiggle my nose and clean up around here.  But what would I do with my free time-I didn't know what to do when everyone was at Sams today.  I just sat down next to Graham and read some of a book I am reading (except that made me feel guilty)
  • Soon the Hogs were on and we all watched that.  We even ate our supper in the living room and at halftime we played the game of Clue.  Reagan received it for her birthday and we are learning how to play it.  The kids miss some of the strategy to playing it even though I think they understand the concept-so that does make it a bit frustrating.  But trying to play it with Keaton and Campbell also makes it frustrating.  We only tried to play the game because Whitman was strapped in his highchair.  Maybe next time we could strap Keaton and Campbell down in a high chair!
  • After the game, they watched the football game until 9 and then everyone was sent to bed.  My crew was pretty tired tonight-football game days are tough!

September 19, 2014

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Out on the town...

  • Campbell has really been doing well lately not waking up in the middle of the night.  But last night she woke up.  Robby told her to go back to sleep over the monitor.  But she said "I need to tell Momma something."  Robby said "she's listening" but Campbell replied back "I need to tell Momma something."  So up the stairs I stumbled and when I sat down beside Campbell's bed, she said "what time can we get up?"  Seriously?  I told her 7 and then she told me that she had a bad dream but by that time she was calm and it didn't bother her when I went downstairs.
  • This morning Keaton and Graham (I think) were the first ones up.  They are the best at cuddling with us in bed for a bit.  But soon the bed was too full and that means only one thing-time for me to get up.  Robby had bought cinnamon bread (on clearance) the other day so that was our breakfast this morning.
  • For some reason, I am off on my school planning so even though Fridays are usually pretty light and fun days, this day was not.  I assume that means that the Friday work will come around soon-I am sure that I could have switched things around but since things are already pulled out and put in order (even if it is the wrong order) I just thought I would leave it alone.  The kids didn't mind and soon it was a bit after 11 and everyone was finished except for Anderson needing to do a bit of reading.  
  • I know that I have mentioned it before lately, but we are reading so many different books that the kids are even getting confused now.  It is almost funny at all the different books we are working through-probably if I would just read 1 book instead of 29 then I could finish them sooner.  Oh well, we are all enjoying our wide variety of books.
  • This afternoon we played one of Reagan's new games and then we played chess.  We are slowly going through a library book and learning to play chess.  I never would have thought that the kids would have picked it up so well and though no one uses any strategy or plays with skill, they still play and I think we understand it.  
  • After this the kids watched a bit of movies while I finally had my shower.  As I was getting, Campbell was watching me put on my undergarments.  She looked at me, looked down in her dress.  Then she asked "is that for? what does?" (trying to ask what a bra was for) and finally "are mine going to get bigger?"  Sure are, sweetie!
  • Soon Robby was home and we were waking Whitman up from his nap. That boy was sleeping soundly and he didn't want to wake up at all.  He was a bit moody until I sat him down in the kitchen and he saw an empty candy box in the trash can...then he lay down and had himself a good old fit.  Seriously, that child just lay in the kitchen until Robby came to check on what was wrong.  We tried candy, we tried a drink, we tried hugs, we thought about trying a spanking but nothing helped-finally he calmed down as he sat in Robby's office with us watching him and went through Robby's trash can.  I guess he just likes trash.  But then we decided he needed a shower and this started his screaming all over again.  
  • Once we climbed into the car, he was happy that he was getting out of the house so he finished his fussing.  We picked up Nonna, Pops and Jason and then we headed to Newks to start celebrating Robby's 40th birthday coming up next week.  The kids enjoyed all of the food and Reagan ate almost a whole bowl of tomato basil soup.  She had the right idea ordering soup because it was cold, cold in that restaurant. 
  • After eating, we walked across the street to Gigis to eat a few cupcakes.  The kids loved having their own little cupcake-yep, little cupcakes were all we could afford!  Ha!  I want to learn how to make cupcakes like those.  After eating our cupcakes, we dropped everyone off and then came home.
  • Robby has been printing off the verses from the Bible that our Bible stories are coming from.  If the kids read the verses and then are able to answer questions they might win a prize.  Tonight's prize was getting to watch some Ninja Warrior.  The kids had read, reviewed and Reagan even read it to Campbell-they worked hard and knew all of the answers tonight so they all came downstairs to watch our Ninja show before bed.  Tomorrow is the 3rd football game so we will be rising early.

September 18, 2014

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When the real pool closes, we resort to this...

  • Each and every day that Campbell goes to school, Keaton asks if she can go with Robby.  Only on Thursdays does she get that chance to go.  Needless to say when she gets the "yes" that she can drop Campbell off with Robby, she is ready in a flash.  I think Campbell enjoys having a buddy in the car and Campbell helps Keaton gather her breakfast before they get into the car.
  • After waving bye to them, we started on our breakfast.  The kids soon went to the school room to work while I finished cleaning the kitchen.  Whitman was still in his high chair and seemed to be acting fine then but that didn't last long.  My poor baby laid in my lap and/or whimpered and cried all morning long. I was pretty worried about him-nothing would make him happy.  We tried to lay him beside me on a pillow with a blanket but he just wanted to be in my lap.  He would sit down then try to lay down and then roll in the floor-it was pitiful.  His tummy was fine, he did have a runny nose and didn't have fever.  I don't really know what was wrong, maybe he was just tired.  Because at 10, I put him in his bed for a nap and he woke up a happy baby!
  • Keaton ran with me to go and pick up Campbell.  On they way, I asked her what all she did with Robby after taking Campbell to school.  She said that they bought a lot of stuff.  I asked her how much money Daddy spent.  She replied "he didn't use monies, he used those little papers."-coupons. Children are so observant.
  • As I was loading up with Keaton to get Campbell, Keaton decided she didn't want to go.  That wouldn't work because Reagan and Graham were happily playing together (rare), Anderson was finishing his work and Robby was working and that left only trouble for Keaton to get into.  I thought quickly and offered her a juice box to drink in the car-and didn't even think of bringing my Campbell one too until I was too far down the road.  I knew it was going to be a problem and even thought of dropping be Nonna's to grab the girl a drink but decided to risk it.  
  • Thankfully, Keaton was finished with her drink but Campbell was upset anyway-everyone in her class was staying for Lunch Box kids.  We don't do lunch box kids because it doesn't really help us. We can pick Campbell up at 11:30 or pay 10 bucks more and pick her up at 2 something.  It is not like I am out running errands alone and need some extra time or even at home cleaning without a gaggle of other kids around.  But Campbell doesn't see it that way-no matter how I try to spin things. I say things like "You get to come home!" or "Those poor other kids have to stay at school." or "Ew, they have to take a nap?" or "Everyone can't wait to play with you." or even "We are going to have sandwiches for lunch."  It just doesn't work.
  • Today though we didn't have sandwiches but we had spaghettios and cornbread-on the patio. Cornbread just isn't that great to eat inside-such a mess.  The kids loved eating outside but they were noisy!  After eating, they helped me clean the kitchen-and we had a perfectly clean kitchen for about 2 hours!
  • We did some reading this afternoon and soon it was time to a few movies.  But the kids soon headed outside to play-or possibly they were told to go outside.  It is pretty nice that they can all entertain themselves outside.  Whitman and I went out to join the others after he woke up.  That boy may have felt bad this morning but not this afternoon.  The big 4 were lined up for a race around the house.  They had me shout "go" and when I said "go" Whitman was the first one out of the gate.  I don't know how he knew what they were doing but he ran half way around the house until I sprinted behind him and picked him up so he could finish in style.
  • The kids decided that they were hot and needed some water (on their heads) to cool themselves off.  Then they thought they needed the little purple swimming pool to complete their cool off. They even asked if that was fine-they were already wet so why not make their day.  Graham kept shouting "this is the best day ever."  I don't know if I would say that 6 kids in a tiny kiddie pool and about 3 inches of water makes it the best day ever but glad the thought so!  
  • Soon we stripped everyone down and showered everyone off.  We had leftovers again (taco salad-the new Dennie favorite) and then we watched some of Ninja Warrior before our Bible story tonight.  Robby was getting on to the kids a bit as they were getting into bed and he was saying that not obeying right away was disobedience.  I think he said that twice and then Graham whispered "and that is sinful."  At least he is learning something, somewhere!

September 17, 2014

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They still like each other!

  • Bible study today and unfortunately we hit snooze ten too many times so I scurried around before waking up the kids.  And even worse than that, I hadn't folded the laundry yet (Robby did later) nor did I start the dishwasher last night-oh, there is nothing worse than that!  The kids woke up well and some even started on chores before I had breakfast ready.  Reagan last night asked why trash and cleaning potties had to both be on a day when we are trying to leave early-that was a pretty good questions (and poor scheduling on my part) but since we even managed to get it done this morning, I will keep it that way for a while since ti is nice to have things finished.  
  • All that hurrying around like we were going to be late and we arrived to Bible study about 10 minutes early.  That was perfect because by the time that I dropped everyone off, it was time for Bible study to start.  Again this week in the car when we were going around telling what we learned or did, Keaton talked and talked and talked.  Reagan did her best to try to cut Keaton off or finish her sentences so other people could go and then they could start a movie.
  • We had our picnic lunch at Lilli's park and the Heltz joined us.  The big kids all sat together so Candice and I hung out with Whitman, Charlotte and Michael as we ate.  My kids just picked at their food but that was fine since we didn't pack me a lunch so I was able to graze from their leftovers. They had a bit of time to play before we loaded up and headed to see Beebee.
  • Beebee was fine today-in a good mood and ready to pass out candy and money to the kids.  We didn't stick around too long-Whitman was in a bit of a mood and ready to go.  When we were walking out today, the poor lady who tries to escape from the nursing home thought she would try to walk out with us.  I knew she was going to try this so we hadn't even opened the door yet but her buzzer went off and caused quite the panic at the front.  Everyone always know when the Dennies come to the nursing home!
  • When we finally made it home, Whitman and Keaton had their nap and Reagan wanted to play chess or Clue.  I told her that I would happily play it tomorrow-on Wednesdays, I just need some quite time.  Even if it is quiet time while emptying the dishwasher.  
  • Soon it was time to have supper before heading to church.  The puppet show was short enough for me to work on my Bible study some so that was good.  As soon as the kids were in the car tonight, they were asking for a snack-I guess Wednesdays are so busy that they have to eat more. Wednesdays are also so busy that my Campbell was so tired tonight.  She was actually pretty tired this afternoon too and would have fallen asleep if she would have just sat down.  

September 16, 2014

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Cooking in the Kitchen with Keaton!

  • I woke up before 7 this morning and Robby was already out of bed-probably should have gotten up and been productive.  I've really been thinking about getting up to exercise-I was trying to do it in the afternoon but when I stopped, I really realized how much extra time in the afternoon I have.  (Today we worked on our chess game and played Clue which I had never played.)
  • Robby got Campbell off to school with our breakfast of toast and yogurt in her tummy.  Anderson was very excited because today we had yoplait yogurt and it was in the little container-what a treat!  That is a big, big deal around here.  
  • We soon started on school and the kids did really well today.  I did spend a lot of the day changing poor Whitman's diapers.  Twice today I lost him and then found him sitting quietly playing with something-once putting markers in and taking them out of a bag and then playing with magnets on the magnet board.  Another time I lost him, I found him sitting in a puddle of poop-but that is another story!
  • After reading for about 45 minutes and then all through lunch, my voice was a bit scratchy during chore time.  The kids always do great with their chores and sometimes I wonder how I managed to get everything accomplished without their help.  Each of the kids all have the chore that they really like to do-Reagan likes putting the laundry away, Graham likes cleaning the bathroom cabinets and Anderson...well, he doesn't really enjoy any of the chores but does them without too many complaints and Campbell likes to avoid me during chore time to get out of work.  But my Keaton is the one who really wants to help out the most-she will gladly ask about her chores every single day. Most of the time she needs someone to help her but she is always willing to help.
  • After chores the kids played on their kindles until it was rest time for my little people.  Yesterday, it was 2 before I realized it but today it seemed that we had a long time before it turned 2.  After Keaton and Whitman went to bed, we did play Clue and the kids begged Robby to play tonight but we opted for Ninja Warrior instead and to save Clue for a night that the 2 littles aren't around.
  • Nonna and Pops brought Campbell home. Campbell had been cooking at Nonna's house and was so happy to deliver a plate of brownies for us.  And the crew here were very happy to taste test them. Around 3:30, the kids started watching their movies.  My Campbell and Keaton ended up in the school room watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood-which I love.  It is a cartoon based on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood which was one of my favorite shows.
  • Robby didn't make it home til much later than usual.  We had leftover taco salad and then the kids had a bit of time to play while the boys had their hair but-no, not Whitman...yet.  Then it was time to watch the Ninja show.  And then it was Bible story time and bedtime....and time for me to finish off Campbell's brownies.

September 15, 2014

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Are you ready for some football?

  • Robby's alarm buzzed and buzzed and buzzed again and again this morning.  We just laid there talking about how maybe we should have not sent Campbell to school this year-we could have slept in more!  Soon though Campbell was in bed with us and the first thing out of her mouth was "wonder what shape we will talk about today."  She was ready to go-even if we weren't ready.  (And they talked about rectangles.)
  • Robby and Campbell left and Graham and Whitman were the only ones awake to see them off.  My Whitman has had some pretty messy diapers today so I hope that he isn't getting anything and that no one else gets what he has.  He has felt fine though-maybe a bit more "in-to" everything.  Actually, he was such a toot this morning grabbing pop tarts out of the pantry after breakfast over and over again until I had to put him in his pack n play.  He was happy there so I didn't feel bad at all-and he loved it when Anderson put the blanket over the pack n play making a fort for Whitman.
  • The kids did well in school and only Anderson had work to finish after lunch-reading.  I told the kids that they couldn't play their kindles until all school work and chores were done.  It didn't take Graham too long to figure out that if he did Anderson's vacuuming then he could play his kindle sooner-I do love that boy.  
  • My Graham also did offer to help me with the laundry. I guess that he could see the overwhelmed look in my eyes.  We had at least 5 loads of clean clothes to fold and that is what I did while I worked with everyone during school.  Then the boys helped put up laundry in their room and even helped some with laundry from my closet.  I finally finished with all of the laundry by after lunch.
  • The afternoon was fairy calm-Grannymom had picked up Campbell and she spent the afternoon shopping and playing at Rock Creek.  And when Robby made it home with Campbell, you could tell that she was exhausted.
  • We had our supper and then quickly jumped in the car to head to football and cheer leading practice.  Anderson spent most of his practice being the center but did get to play other positions.  Campbell fooled around some during her practice but Reagan tried her hardest to keep Campbell in line (impossible task).  Graham always enjoys football practice and works really hard.  Reagan really seemed to enjoy cheer tonight-they learned a dance.  And Whitman and Keaton ran, rolled and flipped all during practice.  
  • Once at home, we quickly showered everyone and gave them a snack before putting them in bed-practice makes for a late night and tomorrow is another school day!