January 31, 2015

All Aboard the Dinner Train!

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  • Campbell was sleeping well in our room when at 7:03, Keaton ran into our room this morning and climbed into our bed.  I guess that her brothers were watching the clock and helped Keaton get out of her bed and escorted her downstairs. They headed to the living room so they could play on their kindles and Keaton laid quietly by us for a while.  
  • Around 8, Robby got out of bed and made breakfast.  Last week, there was bacon and sausage but this week we only had a bit of sausage left over.  But breakfast was still much better today because we splurged and bought the fancy biscuits and not the store brand biscuits.  Last week we had those store brand biscuits and this week when grocery shopping, Robby was willing to pay more for the real thing and it was worth it.  
  • On days when you do 6 loads of laundry before noon, you become very thankful for 2 washers and 2 dryers.  It was sheet day so I kept both washing machines working over time.  Campbell was a bit disappointed to see her pallet in our bedroom floor pulled up and thrown into the washing machine.  48 hours of no fever and a mild cough means that she is shipped back upstairs with the others.  
  • Robby ran to the grocery store this morning and even forgot his phone.  He did bump into Dana so he quickly called me to let me know.  When he made it home, I helped unload his groceries and then went to the library to pick up some books.  Before Christmas I turned in 3 books when their computer system was down and they didn't check them in.  Thankfully, I was able to find those books and take them to the front for them to check them back in for me.  The librarian was very apologetic but their mistake would have cost me 75 bucks for "losing" those books when they were the ones that lost them.  Now, I have lost books before (2 actually) and have had to pay for them and now I wonder if those books are somewhere in the library too. We do check out and turn back in at least 10 books a week so I guess it is worth taking the chance.  
  • On my way home, I picked up Reagan-she had even been out shopping with Nonna this morning. They didn't buy anything but they went to look at scrapbook stuff.  Reagan is all into her scrapbook and so enjoys putting pictures in it right now.  I think that is a pretty good hobby to have and hopefully she will still be into it around her birthday and Christmas.
  • We made it home in time to see the hogs lose their game and then the kids begged Robby until he finally pulled out our "new to us" Wii.  We have been using it as a bribe for the kids for at least a few weeks and finally we consented to opening it up.  The boys were practically beside themselves waiting for Robby to set it all up.  We played until it was time to load up and leave again.
  • This time Whitman was with us too-Grannymom and Grandpa had delivered him to us between Lilli and Cash's basketball games.  When we left tonight, Robby and I both drove our cars (both on empty) so we could fill up with super cheap gas.  We made it to the end of the street when Robby pulled over and turned around-to go home and get his phone.  I think I might just have to duct tape it to him.  
  • We bought our gas and then I dropped Reagan off at Alyssa Kate's birthday sleepover.  I then ran to Hobby Lobby and Michaels before heading home.  At home, there was more wii playing and some cooking getting ready for the football game tomorrow and then it was bedtime for my crew.  I don't know why we let them stay up until 9-then Robby and I had to finish picking up the kitchen.  And once we had the kitchen clean we remembered that we had planned on making rice krispy treats also tonight.  So it was late when we finally sat down!  We better get to bed quick because tomorrow will be an early morning. 

January 30, 2015

Yummy Muffin!

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  • What a difference a day makes! Campbell (and I) slept wonderfully well last night and that was really wonderful. Robby did sneak off to the bonus room to sleep since he had work today but Campbell was adorable begging us to sleep beside her-I did until I woke up at 12:30 and then moved to my bed.  Soon Campbell was right beside me and she stayed there sound asleep (only once asking to take a shower-denied!) until after 8 this morning.
  • Robby left for work and the rest of us started on a bit of school.  The kids had done math and phonics yesterday so that eased their load quite a bit.  And since we were not doing spelling or language today, school was done in plenty of time for the kids to have lots of kindle time this morning.
  • Keaton started making snowmen with her paper plates.  The paper plates came in her box of art stuff from Grannymom for Christmas.  Next year she should just ask for paper plates for Christmas.  Keaton made snowmen for everyone for us to hang at Whitman's birthday. Campbell made a snowman and gave it to Nonna and Reagan made a snowman to hang on our front door.
  • Around noon, Nonna came over to pick Reagan up for the evening.  I am sure that Reagan convinced Nonna to take her out on the town this afternoon.  And in pictures from this evening, it even looked like they were making necklaces so I know that she was having a great time.
  • When Nonna left, we started a movie that the kids rented last night.  The kids loved the movie and I slept through it all!  Seriously, I guess that I am not as young as I used to be-one night of not sleeping has caught up with me but after my nap I felt much better.
  • The boys started a few more shows while Campbell, Keaton and I worked on valentines.  My Whitman slept-well, actually he didn't sleep much.  I think that he really understood that he was going to have a big night at out Grannymom's house and was too excited to sleep.  
  • When Robby came home, we dropped off Whitman and then headed to go and eat.  We had a groupon for a restaurant but the huge note on the door said that they were no longer taking the groupon.  
  • We decided that we weren't going to eat there if we couldn't use our deal so I suggested the grilled cheese place.  Robby knew right where it was and we headed that direction.  The traffic was horrible and just a few miles took at least 30 minutes.  We pulled into the shopping center and drove around and drove around and the grilled cheese place wasn't there.  We did find a plan B but googled where my first choice was and it was about 2 blocks away from the first restaurant that we were at!  
  • Plan B was Little Greek and it was delicious.  Campbell, who feels wonderful today, gobbled down her food like she hadn't eaten in a week.  The boys loved to eat the pita pieces but when their grilled cheese came out on pita bread, they were no longer pleased but they did love their fries.  
  • Afterwards, we walked around Fresh Market and it was quite the experience.  All my Graham could say was "the prices here are so high."  Wonder where he gets that?  We did leave with muffins but I could have found many more things to take home.  Once at home, we ate our muffins and then it was bedtime for the kids...except Campbell.
  • I think she enjoyed the extra attention from being sick and when I told her that she could sleep in our bedroom one more time, she was delighted.  Of course the first question out of her mouth was "can I take a shower?"  Since it was early, I did let her and then promptly put her to bed!  

January 29, 2015

Our patient is trying to escape!

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  • It wasn't exactly the best night ever around here.  My Campbell wheezed and wheezed all night long.  At about 3, we had listened to all of that that we could so I just got her up.  I suggested a shower and she jumped on that.  I made sure it was really steamy and after her shower, Robby headed upstairs and Campbell and I watched a movie.  
  • Then she decided that she would like another shower and really, in the middle of the night I am pretty much game for anything that makes you feel better.  So we had another shower (seriously, she has probably had at least 10 showers today-maybe the steam helps or maybe the hot water makes her feel better.  Either way, they make her happy and that makes me happy-though the water bill probably won't make Robby happy!)
  • About 5, I sat her in my lap and we tried to sleep some and around 6, we moved to our bed to finish the rest of the night.  My boys were up around 7 and started on their list of chores.  I had already written out their list for today when I thought we were going to have our school people over so I just added a bit of school work.  I could tell they were moving to swiftly on their list for me so I suggested playing on their kindles for a few minutes-so we could snooze some more.
  • It was a pretty uneventful morning.  The kids did really well working through their lists of chores and school work.  At one point, Campbell and Keaton were looking at birds through the window and they asked me to open the window.  And before I knew it, Campbell had crawled through the window and was at the front door trying to ring the doorbell.  I am not really sure but I do not think that most children with the flu feel well enough to crawl through windows.  Thankfully, this morning she really did feel well and played pretty hard.
  • I made a creamy spinach and mozzarella pasta for lunch and as you can imagine it went over like a lead balloon.  I guess I should be glad they tried it-I did even make Robby eat some. Everyone choked some down (I thought it was pretty good) and then I made sure everyone understood that there would be no drink or food until late, late in the afternoon.  They will learn to like it because I have lots of leftovers-picky people!
  • Of course all of this playing caught up with her so she crashed this afternoon.  Her fever was back with a vengeance and she and I had a long nap on the couch (I was pretty exhausted from our night!)  We slept and slept while Whitman and Keaton also napped.  The others watched movies and even left us alone the entire time (it helped tremendously though that Robby was here to help so we could nap peacefully.)
  • We had supper and for some reason it took me more time to make sandwiches than it did to make a meal for lunch.  I was quite distracted but finally served up supper sandwiches.  Then my healthy crew minus Whitman headed out.  
  • Campbell had asked for nachos for supper so she ate in my room while watching a movie and Whitman had some cereal while buckled in his chair to watch the movie.  I worked swiftly in the school room to pull out school for the next few weeks.  Campbell had a shower or maybe two while they were gone (seriously the shower stuff is almost out of control).  Whitman enjoyed playing some but he was tremendously happy when the others arrived bearing doughnuts and hot chocolate for me.  
  • Campbell and I did have a struggle on taking her medicine.  She has decided that she does not like the taste of the tamiflu which is the non-negotiable medicine.  I begged and pleaded and she cried and gagged.  At one point she sobbed "I wish Keaton could be sick."  I said "oh, you want someone to be sick with you?" and she said "no, I just want for her to be sick and not me."  Reminds me of that song..."can you feel the love tonight?"
  • She finally did take her medicine-later we added some more tylenol, Anderson's inhaler and possible some cough and cold later tonight.  What ever it takes to get my baby feeling better-she had been pretty pitiful tonight.  Her biggest complaint right now is that her eyes are watery. I guess fever can cause that but I didn't know how to help and she didn't have any suggestions either. I think they improved when her fever came down some. 
  • Robby took the kids to the store to pick up some groceries which he said was quite an experience.  But the real shock came when he was at Krispy Kreme.  We don't really go there that often-maybe once every other month.  But the worker lady, who we have never spoken with, asked "are you by yourself tonight?"  Robby thought she meant the kids and he pointed out where they were.  Then she replied with "you are missing your wife and a couple of kids." Wow, the Krispy Kreme people know who we are-that must mean that we need to start going there less...or possibly start using the drive thru more often. 
  • Once at home, the kids practiced their oral reports tonight.  Reagan had asked to do it and then Keaton wanted to and then Campbell wanted to and then Graham.  Anderson came down and saw what was going on and then he quickly high tailed it back upstairs.  I guess whatever he was doing up there was more interesting than oral reports. 
  • We tucked everyone in upstairs and then tucked Campbell in downstairs.  Last check she was snoozing away already.  Hope she continues to sleep well tonight and hopefully everyone else will stay well too.   

January 28, 2015

A bit under the weather...

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  • So this wasn't exactly the day that I had planned but it ended with Chinese food so that made it pretty good all things considered.  We all went to Bible study and right before we left the house, I almost had a panic attack (not really).  I had made snack for Reagan and Anderson's class and remembered as we were walking out the door that when I made the brownies, I was also making mac and cheese.  When I made the mac and cheese, I put almond milk in it and then turned right around and added water to the brownies using the same measuring cup.  But kids in their class have nut allergies so my cross contamination wouldn't have been good for them.  We never have almond milk here (Robby got it free) so I wasn't even thinking.  Reagan said that it was all fine and they had another snack for the nut boy.
  • When we did get to Bible study today, there was quite a bit of excitement in our car because I parked by the car they always want me to park by.  Imagine my big old van parked beside a little bitty 2 seater car.  The kids just walked around that car a few times looking at how tiny it was-someone said "I don't even think you and Daddy could get in there."
  • After Bible study, we ran to Grannymom's house to see them for a bit and to meet Robby who had been to a funeral. Then we went to Sams for lunch-they were selling hot dogs and hamburgers out front for a fundraiser so we filled our buggy with lunch for all of us.  We went into Sams and sat down and ate-seriously, that was the best hamburger that I have had in a long, long while.  Afterwards, we walked up and down a few aisles and even picked up some pictures for Reagan's scrapbook.
  • Then Robby took Campbell home with him because she might have been a bit warm but was acting tired.  She went home and had a 2-3 hour nap while the rest of us went to visit Beebee. She was in a good mood today and happy to pass our her candy to the kids.  My Whitman was happy to sit in Beebee's lap (briefly) and kiss and hug on her.  
  • My boys were a bit antsy about getting home to play their kindles-they earned a new kindle game yesterday raking leaves and were anxious to play it today (that is why they had cleaned all the potties and emptied all the trash cans before I was out of bed this morning).  
  • Once we were finally home, we did a bit of review for our oral reports and then the kids watched movies until all of my sleeping people woke up (Keaton, Campbell and Whitman).  I had called Nonna and asked if Campbell could spend the evening with them while we went to church.  And that was the plan for about an hour but soon Campbell start wheezing a lot. Nonna and Pops would have panicked if they had heard her wheezing like she was (we nearly did) and we wouldn't have been ok with her going to sleep tonight like that so I jumped in the car with her and we tried out a new after hours clinic.    
  • Let's just say that I was very impressed-by their Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and Keurig machine in the waiting room.  At the time, I debated eating a cookie-they looked so yummy but then again, had people with the flu been breathing on those cookies (hindsight-I would have eaten a cookie since I have already been exposed to the flu.)
  • We were there quite a long time but my Campbell was thoroughly checked out.  They checked her throat, lungs, ears and pulse ox.  They gave her Tylenol and a breathing treatment and we even had a chest xray along with a flu and rsv test.  
  • At first my Campbell looked sickly and felt sick but I guess after the Tylenol kicked in, she and I played a grand (and probably too noisy) game of play catch with her new bear around the room.  The clinic gave her a tiny bear and this was great encouragement for her.  But when it came time to do the breathing treatment with that noisy, smoking nebulizer machine-she was going to have none of it.  I quickly went into the spiel about the 2 nice ladies wanting to help her get better and could see I was getting no where with that so I went down another road..."want some ice cream when we leave here?"  And as you can guess, that went over pretty well and she did her breathing treatment as I held the phone for her to watch a movie and then talked to the doctor.
  • She does have the flu and the optimistic (not really) doctor said that we would all probably get it.  Hopefully that won't happen.  He said to treat her with tylenol, some cold medicine and tamiflu.  The breathing treatment helped her some but not enough for him to prescribe her any medicine for that-though I plan on sneaking her some of Anderson's asthma medicine.  
  • After leaving the clinic, we went to get our ice cream and then picked up her prescription. Then we called all of the grandparents so they could hear that Campbell was doing well-bouncing off of the walls would be a more accurate term.   Once at home, she changed, had her first dose of medicine and then planned her evening (sleeping in our room, going to bed with some mac and cheese and her diary beside her and watching a movie after the others go to bed-it is tough being sick at the Dennie's house).  
  • Robby managed with everyone at church but he didn't do my Bible study for me as I usually do on Wednesday nights.  The healthy kids were happy to see Campbell and even a bit concerned about her.  And in about 3 seconds, she was hugging on Whitman-I had talked to her for about 15 minutes about staying away from him but I guess old habits are hard to break. 
  • We put everyone to bed and told them that our homeschool day was moved back a week so we all could be healthy.  That actually works out perfect for Campbell because that also moves our Valentine's party back a week which was going to conflict with Campbell's school v-day party.
  • It is 10:27 and Campbell is in our room going strong-her movie has been watched, her diary complete and her mac and cheese gone.  My last walk through caused her to get us and show me exactly what the door did when the heater came on.  I am afraid it is going to be a long night unless I can get some benedryl in that girl so she will sleep!

January 27, 2015

Adilyn Comes for a Play Date!

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  • When Keaton gets in bed with us in the mornings, she will sometimes say "don't get up yet" if we start to sit up or try to get out of bed.  Of course, who could resist that so we probably stayed in bed a bit longer than usual but we managed to get Campbell ready so she could eat breakfast with us before heading to school.
  • She was so excited about going to school because this was the day that Adilyn was coming over.  Of course that meant that we had to hurry, hurry around here so we could finish our school work and pick up those girls.  
  • During school today, I sat right next to Whitman while he played with his toys and Keaton sat in my lap or next to me and I worked with the big 3 one at a time doing their school work.  I remember the story of my mom telling my brother when he was playing at her feet and she was rocking me that she wished she could stop time.  This morning was one of those days for me-if I could have only stopped time.  But that moment only lasted for a bit and soon things fell apart. 
  • The kids were pretty motivated and we even had time to straighten the house a bit and do our together work (speed version) before leaving to get Campbell and Adilyn.  As soon as they got into the car, they didn't stop talking and they went as fast as they could all afternoon long.
  • When we came home, the boys found their kindles and started playing with them and Reagan and Keaton started working on a craft project for Campbell and Adilyn.  Then we had lunch and the girls helped me make some cupcakes.  While those were cooking, Reagan led all of the little girls in her craft project that she created-a paper plate caterpillar.  
  • My Reagan stepped it up today and she was my mini cruise director.  She kept those girls entertained and was the one who lined up activity after activity for them.  The second big activity she had prepared was the hair salon-Keaton and Reagan let Campbell and Adilyn comb their hair and spray their hair for a long, long time.  
  • During all of this time, my Whitman wanted to take a shower.  I don't really like him taking one by himself so I asked Graham to take one with him and he gladly helped out.  Later during the day, Whitman was telling me to sit as I was trying to get stuff out of the oven and Anderson stepped up and sat down with him to play as I worked.
  • Then everyone came downstairs to decorate and eat a few mini cupcakes.  I was pretty proud of myself since the cupcakes were a pinterest project-those little cupcakes were made out of ketchup cups.  The kids loved decorating the cupcakes with icing and sprinkles-it was quite a mess.
  • Soon everyone went outside and played until Adilyn's mom came to pick her up.  My crew raked some leaves trying to earn a Kindle game and then we all came back inside.  Everyone needed showers so that was first on the agenda and then a bit of quiet time/movie time before heading to a party tonight.
  • When Robby came home, we loaded up and headed to Lily's birthday party.  It was a doctor birthday party and everyone brought animals to doctor.  They had bandaids, shots, clipboards, gauze, cotton balls and tons of other things to work on the animals.  Keaton, Whitman and Campbell really got into the doctoring of their animals and Graham was the most happy to find out that everyone got to take their clipboards home with them.  It was lots of fun and the kids had a really good time-though it took me forever to get the bandaids off of Keaton's animal. 
  • As soon as we made it home, it was bedtime for the crew-my people were tired tonight!  

January 26, 2015

Anderson made the most important decision in his life tonight!!

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  • Usually I start with the morning but let's start with the most exciting event of the day: Anderson asked Jesus into his heart!  A few days ago, after reading a Bible story Reagan said that she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart and Anderson quickly said that he wanted to as well. Graham also followed that up with he wanted to also.  And of course, Keaton added that she wanted "Jesus to be in her tummy."  
  • We had never really wanted everyone to do this at the same time like this so we have been careful to talk to the kids at different times.  Robby talked to Reagan first and then I did later but both times she has said that she thought about it and didn't think that she was ready yet.  That is fine with me since maybe she realized that true magnitude of the decision and I know that all of these things are in God's timing and not in our own.  
  • Robby told Anderson that he would talk to him on Saturday and things became busy but Anderson has not let Robby forget that they were supposed to talk.  He even told his Sunday school teachers that he was going to ask Jesus into his heart.  So tonight, we talked to him and Robby asked him question and after question and Anderson truly does understand everything.  So after our conversation, he asked Jesus to save him.  My Anderson was so excited and told everyone in this house (except Whitman who was sleeping) about his decision.  He said that he had to explain it to Keaton because she didn't know what he meant.
  • Now Graham said again tonight that he wants to do that too.  So we will eventually quiz him on what all of this means.  I am pretty sure that he knows all of the answers but he is still pretty young so we shall see.  
  • And now to the boring part of the day-we woke up and not only were Robby and Campbell leaving for the day, so was Whitman.  He always to wants to leave and he always wants to go someplace in Robby's van.  Today was his lucky day-he spent the entire day at Nonna's house.  
  • I think that he had a pretty perfect day and had lots of fun.  Reagan tried to ask him about his day but most of his answers were "no."  When Robby brought him home tonight, he was so exhausted and soon after supper, we went to bed and we never heard a peep out of him.
  • Here during the day, we did school and our together work.  Not having Whitman here allowed me to do a few extra things around the house so I had some free time this afternoon-I even did some treadmill time and started cutting out Campbell's valentines with my new cricut.  She has butterfly valentines and they have lots of holes so it took forever (about 3 hours) to cut all of those butterflies out-I still have some to do tomorrow!  
  • Keaton was a bit lost with out Campbell or Whitman here but she quickly took up with Reagan and they were pretty together most of the day.  I think that it is funny that the girls usually pair up together and the boys pair up too.  
  • Grannymom picked Campbell up from school and she had a big afternoon playing with Lilli and Cash.  And as soon as she walked in the door tonight, Reagan and she started getting things ready for her playdate tomorrow with Adilyn-they have turned the toy room into a hair salon.  Headbands and barrettes are laid out, drawings of different hair styles are shown, the combs and brushes are laid out and the couch up there has been turned into a waiting area.  Robby told me that I better hide my scissors tomorrow just in case!
  • We had left over BBQ for supper-Robby even bought him a bottle of McClards BBQ tonight at the store to enhance our leftover BBQ experience.  After supper, we let the kids play some and then we all sat down and watched a Duck Dynasty before ending our day. 

January 25, 2015

Sunday night means everyone screams for ice cream!

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  • It didn't take too long to get ready this morning and soon we were on our way to church.  I did manage to do a pretty awesome bun on Reagan's hair today so I went to church pretty proud of myself. It even stayed in a bun until we had to get ready for church tonight.  She did have to teach me how to do a bun before I managed to do it.  My strength is just not in doing hair-maybe I should take some classes!
  • Campbell was the most still she has been in church today.  That little girl had on a sweater and skirt today and she was so adorable.  But probably because I had told her how adorable she was she become pretty self conscience and told me she didn't want to wear that outfit tonight.
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house.  We ate and then the kids had time to play.  Robby did take Graham to Walgreens to pick up some wart medicine.  He has one on his hand and we treated it once but it didn't get better so we shall try again.
  • Even though Robby had wanted to stop taking naps on Sunday afternoons, he appeared in his pajamas pants so I guess he changed his mind!  There is nothing better than Sunday naps-seriously, nothing at all-even though it makes us a bit frazzled when trying to get back to church for choir, naps are still so wonderful!
  • I skipped my meeting tonight and hung out with Robby, Keaton and Whitman in the bookstore. The kids spent most of the time cleaning the chairs and tables with wipes.  Whitman was more interested in those wipeys than the cookie Robby had bought for him so I finished off his cookie for him!
  • Church and then home for ice cream truck.  The kids did help us with the laundry first-they were so excited about helping!  Ha!  Our Sunday laundry pile wasn't as big today as it was last Sunday but it was still pretty massive.  Thankfully with our many hands, our work was light-it would have been lighter if Whitman would have gotten out of the laundry basket or if he would have left the piles of folded laundry alone!  

January 24, 2015

Dennie / McGuire Kids Take Over McClard's

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  • Try as we might to sleep a bit later this morning, there was someone in our bed right at 7.  Yep, I did say someone because I really don't know who it was-wasn't Whitman, Reagan or Keaton and probably not Anderson.  And a bit before that, some stinker had set the alarm on my phone to go off at 5-last time I woke up at 5, I was probably catching an airplane or going to the hospital to have a baby.  That didn't bother me though because I quickly switched that alarm off and went soundly back to sleep until our early morning riser, whoever it was, came to our bed.
  • The kids trickled downstairs and soon everyone was up-even Whitman who will stay happily in his bed.  He will talk and sing and only start singing really loudly when he is finally ready for us to wake him up.  I let the girls wake him up this morning after he finished singing "let it go, let it go."
  • Robby soon was busy in the kitchen with breakfast-bacon, sausage, biscuits and eggs.  A fancy smancy Saturday meal here at the Dennie house.  Robby was all proud of his meal until he overheard Keaton talking to Pops on the phone.  Pops asked Keaton what she had for breakfast and she promptly said "a sandwich."  Her bacon and eggs were in her biscuit so to her it was a sandwich.
  • After cleaning up from breakfast, Graham built a train track in the toy room.  I often think about putting some toys away and then as soon as I think about a specific toy to put up, that is inevitably the one that the kids pull out and play with.  It was a pretty massive track all around the toy room-the train track is probably one of my favorite no longer played with toys.  I will probably even keep it for my grandkids (yes, I have already started thinking about which toys are keepers and which are garage sellers) 
  • I pulled out Sunday clothes-with Reagan's help.  Every Saturday, I pick something for Reagan to wear the next day and then she changes it on Sunday morning-that is just how we do things. It used to bother me but now it doesn't and is my running joke.  If she does indeed wear what I have picked out, then I do consider it a Sunday miracle.  She did spot me picking out clothes today so she quickly jumped in to pick out her own pick.  
  • Whitman had a shower this morning.  Actually a shower for him was not on the to-do list but he got in the shower with his pajamas on to play with the toys and since I had just had a shower, he became wet, wet.  So Robby decided that would be a good time for his morning shower and Whitman joined him so he could continue playing. 
  • And then it was time for me to take Reagan to church for Super Hero Saturday.  Keaton, Campbell and Whitman went with me.  Reagan wore one of Anderson's super hero shirts and some of her friends were there waiting on her when we arrived.  They took their pictures with the Incredible family and even with Superman.  I tried to get Keaton and Campbell to take their pictures with the super heroes but they would not at all!
  • Reagan had fun and when it was over, she went home with the McGuires.  We left our house soon afterwards and picked up the entire McGuire fam.  We all loaded into the van and headed to Hot Springs.  If you remember a few weeks ago, our crew went to eat at McClards and it was closed so we tried again today.
  • When we made it to McClards, we had to walk past the large front windows and we could see the entire restaurant turn their heads our directions and begin counting kids.  It was just about 4 and the place was packed but thankfully Todd walked right in and found a table beside the bar.  It took a few minutes but we situated the kids at the bar stools-Reagan, Kennedy, Camryn, Campbell, Laynie, Keaton, Graham and Anderson and then the McGuires, us and Whitman squeezed into a 2 man table!  (It wasn't really a 2 man table but let just say it was a tight squeeze.)
  • The kids were perfect-absolutely perfect.  Worker after worker commented on their good behavior-of course that just makes me wonder what the kids that usually eat there act like. They stayed in their seats and they ate-what else could we ask for?  One of the workers even gave the kids their own Peppermint Pattie.  Back at the grown up table, we ate and ate and hands down the best thing there is the tamales.
  • After eating, we drove downtown and walked by the Hot Springs.  Everyone enjoyed stretching their legs but my Keaton would not touch the water at all.  We were all saying that the water was hot so I guess she heard us and wasn't going to touch it all.  Then we walked around the Arlington, remembering the days that we would go there and watch the ball room dancers.  
  • And after we had walked off supper, we needed a snack so we went to Fat Bottomed Girls for a few cupcakes-a dozen!  The kids all picked out one and we ate them in the car.  It did make for a quieter than usual ride home since they were eating those huge cupcakes for a bit of the ride. 
  • It was quiet at least until Whitman started letting us know that he was wet, tired and ready to get out of the car.  He had missed his nap and fussed pretty much until we made it home but once his feet hit the ground, he was our happy baby again.  The kids quickly put on their pjs and then we even watched a Duck Dynasty before bed-a pretty perfect, yet tiring day for all!

January 23, 2015

Volcanic Explosions!

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  • My waking up early and exercising failed miserably again this week-I guess 1 out of 5 days isn't too bad.  Robby said that it was too cold to wake up early and get out of bed but I thought that was a pretty sorry excuse-until 6 this morning and then I thought it being too cold outside of my bed sounded like a pretty good excuse.
  • So we woke up a bit later than usual but everyone had started by 8:30.  One of the main items on today's agenda was finishing up those oral reports.  We did manage to do that and now all that is left is picking some pictures and gluing them on a board to show as they speak.  Now we just have lots and lots of practicing that needs to be done.
  • Fridays are just a different kind of day here.  Campbell is home which adds another element to our school day but also we don't have to do spelling or language so that also changes things.  But for some reason every Friday, the kids are struggling to finish their work-I guess that is all attributed to Campbell and the life that she brings to our day (I made that sound all nice didn't I?)
  • We had lunch and I have been pretty proud of myself lately-not serving sandwiches for lunch.  Yep, the kids hurt my feelings a while back saying that I only know how to cook sandwiches so I vowed that they would miss the days of sandwiches (ha, not really, I am sure that we will have some soon.)  Today's meal was leftovers-that meat that Robby didn't like last night, leftover mac and cheese from yesterday, leftover bread from bunko and finishing off the last of the grapes.  Later during science we ate the rest of the cookies that Robby and I made late last night-clean out the fridge day was deemed a success!
  • A few years ago, we went to a birthday party and the kids all did volcanoes so I had brought those home and saved them for a rainy day.  Well, this was not a rainy day but we still used them today-it was quite the experience.  Keaton was a bit terrified the first time her volcano exploded with baking soda and vinegar.  Whitman apparently liked the taste of vinegar mixed with baking soda so I had to keep my eye on him the entire time.  But my big people emptied my bottle of vinegar and would have used my entire 5 lb bag of baking soda had I let them.  
  • After I cleaned up that mess, it was late in the afternoon and the kids watched some movies and had a snack-I was kind and let them have some of my nutella.   Then it was time for supper-leftover soups from bunko and then more cookies for my people that made a happy bowl (though Anderson didn't eat any of his corn or tomatoes-he is so strange to me.  Dr. Martin made him promise her that he would try new things-I  made him eat a strawberry and grape the other day.  Today, I told him that if he didn't eat some corn, he would have to write her a letter and tell her why he wasn't trying new things!)
  • Then it was a pretty low key evening-kindles, showers, a game or two with Keaton and Campbell and then bedtime!  Now to find something to watch on tv or to finish my book-choices, choices!

January 22, 2015

Whitman's First Haircut!

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  • Campbell, Graham and Anderson were in our bed first and after a few minutes with them, Robby did get up and start getting ready.  I urged Campbell to put on her clothes and then went upstairs to wake Keaton up.  She was sleeping soundly until I asked if she wanted to take Campbell to school and she popped up out of her bed instantly.  (Wish Reagan would wake up like that!)
  • We had our breakfast and then told Keaton, Campbell and Whitman along with Robby bye as they went to drop of Campbell at school.  It won't be too much longer until Keaton will be the one going to school and Campbell will be here doing kindergarten.  
  • When breakfast was finished, we started school here-Reagan and Graham cuddled by the heater reading and Anderson in the school room working on math.  I had worked with Graham and some with Anderson when the others came back.  Graham was actually finished early enough to entertain Keaton and Whitman some upstairs but mostly everyone was right there with us.  
  • Robby ran to pick up Campbell and when she made it home, the kids went upstairs to play with the big legos.  They had everything laid out so nicely and it looked like they would have a wonderful time...but they didn't!  Reagan, Anderson and Graham were fighting in seconds of being upstairs.  I quickly worked on lunch and called everyone down before anyone was injured in their quarrel!  
  • Everyone calmed down at lunch and soon they were back upstairs playing happily with those legos.  (It probably helped that I told them they would play happily or they would nap the rest of the afternoon.)  They even played so much and so well that I just let them play and never called them down to do science or any of the other together school work that I had laid out on the table to do this afternoon.  
  • Around 2:30, I pulled Whitman out of bed and loaded him into the car along with a bag full of candy, drinks and goodies-it was hair cut day for my beautiful curly headed boy.  Tammy cut my hair first and Whitman silently watched and when it was his turn, I was certainly expecting the worst.  But I had nothing to worry about-that little angel set perfectly and let Tammy cut and cut his hair some more.  I tell people that he is the best baby and seriously, he really is.  He looks so grown up...and I will let you in on a little secret, I did something today that I haven't done for any of the other kids-I saved a lock of Whitman's curly hair (I am becoming one of those moms!)
  • We ran by the store to buy a bit of milk-10 half gallons since they were cheaper than gallons.  And since Whitman saw a box of fish and said "fish," we also bought a box of fish for him to eat on the way home...except I forget to get them out of the bag for him and only thought of it when I heard Nemo talking on the movie.  By then it was too late and Keaton and Campbell helped him eat them when we made it home.
  • The big kids were watching a movie as Robby worked.  They did take great delight in seeing Whitman and started calling him "Little Cash."  I did Campbell's reading book with her and worked on her oral report while Robby finished supper.  Poor Robby had bought some meat for supper and even though it was decent (turkey tenderloin) it wasn't his favorite.  He had a look of disgust on his face the entire time that he was cutting it with the electric knife.  Anderson kept asking "what kind of meat is this? is this turkey?"  Anderson is the only Dennie kid who might possibly grow up to be a vegetarian.  
  • After supper, the kids all stuffed blankets under their shirts and started slamming into each other-we do I even buy toys?  Seriously, I let them do this until I was too afraid that someone was going to get a head injury with all of that craziness going on.  
  • We watched the hogs tonight-the girls had their pom poms and megaphone out and did their best to cheer on those razorbacks.  It was almost bedtime when the game went into overtime-life was so much easier before the kids could read numbers.  We could have just told them that the game was over and sent everyone to bed but now they know better and insist on staying up!  

January 21, 2015

Hug or a choke hold?

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  • I guess after having Bunko guests hanging out at the house until nearly 12 and then cleaning up the kitchen, it is no wonder that I was tired this morning. The kids were just as tired-I guess they really did have a big time at McDonalds and then at Grannymom's house.  We did get moving in time to even eat our regularly scheduled breakfast item-waffles and pancakes.  
  • Also had time to empty the trash cans before loading up to head to Bible study.  We were just out of the driveway when Keaton asked about going to the potty.  I didn't remember her going this morning so we did make quick turn around and her and Reagan ran back in the house.  I offered to go inside with her but she took Reagan up-I was surprised because Keaton is the one always worried about getting left.  
  • Bible study was good and the kids were delighted and flabbergasted to learn that we were going to Larry's pizza for lunch.  My Bible study group all met there and even though it did cost a small fortune compared to our usual Wednesday brown bag lunch, it was lots of fun.  I made the kids eat their weight in pizza before I let them play the games.  I handed each of them 4 tokens to play with-that made most of them happy but Campbell wasn't too pleased when she ran out and I didn't pass her out more tokens.  I tried to explain that this was not a birthday party and 4 tokens would be all that she would receive!
  • My Graham was so sweet-he picked out his little toy and then got a tootsie roll for Whitman. My Whitman sat in his high chair by me eating away-he loved the cheese pizza and cinnamon pizza.  A worker lady brought him a ball to play with and he was so, happy.  He just looked at it and looked at it and would grin whenever he touched him. 
  • We then went home for a bit of work on our oral reports, science, naps and movies-I was one of those in the nap category today.  I could hardly keep my eyes open in this dark, cold house. I guess that I was lucky that I was able to get up and get supper for everyone.
  • We had our corn dogs and then headed off to church.  The kids had lots of fun and we could hear Campbell telling all of her friends and everyone that would listen that her momma and daddy were the puppets.  
  • Back at home, we quickly changed into our pajamas and then had our ice cream truck that had been delayed from Sunday.  Then it was bedtime for the Dennie crew!

January 20, 2015

Ringing up the sales!

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  • We went to bed a bit later last night so when the alarm went off, I kept hitting the snooze and didn't make it to the treadmill. There is always tomorrow...
  • The kids stirred one by one and soon there were 4 kids in the bed which meant it was time for us to get up.  It was a Ms. Stacy day for Campbell so she got dressed, we started breakfast and soon she and Robby were out the door.
  • Back here we got busy with school because it was another day to leave the house.  Everyone had a productive day of school.
  • Nonna picked up Campbell from school, we had lunch here and then packed up and headed to Nonna's where I trade Reagan, Keaton, Whitman and Graham for Campbell. She and Anderson had their annual doctor visit with Dr. Martin.  No major concerns and we were out of there about as soon as we had arrived.
  • We booked up back to Nonna's where we had time to visit with Pops for just a little bit as he was getting home from work.  But then we had to hurry home because we had lots to do around the house since Bunko was here tonight.  I let the kids do some chores in between their movie.  Just as Robby was getting home, it was one of the "chore" times and you would have thought I had had the kids doing chores for hours the way their faces were.  But soon they were back to watching movies, Robby quickly mopped the kitchen and I finished getting my food ready.  The menu tonight was a choice of chili or Zuppa Toscana along with apple cake or oooey-gooey.
  • Robby left around 6:00 so I could finish getting the house ready. He had told me to not get gas because he had a $1 off at Kroger. I told him he only had 4 miles - so he did put in a gas can just in case.  He said he got nervous half way because it said 1 mile left so he pulled over and put a bit of gas in. It didn't really register because he drove about 3 miles more with the reading saying "0" miles left. But he made it to Kroger and put 30 gallons of gas for less than $30.  Oh, it would be so nice to be able to fill the "bus" up for only 30 each time but we will take what we can get.
  • They ended up at McDonald's where Reagan had to go to the bathroom as soon as they got there - that was good because everyone was right there. Later, middle of the way through dinner, Keaton had to go.  So everyone had to get up and go - nothing like taking 6 kids towards the bathroom in the McDonald's - always funny to see the stares of folks (so Robby says).  The kids played and played and even got Whitman to go up the big slide 2 or 3 times. He was smiling each time he came down.
  • They packed up and headed to Grannymom and Grandpa's.  Everyone took a quick shower, played with the toys and watched a movie or too - probably meant Grannymom and Grandpa didn't get to watch their regular shows since Full House and Jesse were the kids selections tonight.
  • By 9:00, the kids were hollering for another snack so Robby decided to head home.  There was still some oooey-gooey left so they had quick snack, gave hugs, brushed their teeth and went to bed. It will be another early morning (well, for us) since Bible Study is tomorrow.

January 19, 2015

A trip to the zoo!
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  • I guess since we did go to bed a bit after 10 last night, it did make it a bit easier to get up at a decent time.  I didn't like waking up for some treadmill time and in fact, I was pretty mad about it but I put on my big girl panties and got on that blasted treadmill.  
  • When I did come back downstairs, the little girls were in bed with Robby but by the time I had finished getting ready, pretty much everyone was awake.  That was good since we needed to get our day started early.  We ate our breakfast and then everyone started on their school work.  
  • Things went fairly well-Graham did get a bit distracted but I took him to Robby's office (his real office-not his office in the closet) and sat him down to work.  He did wonderful there and knocked his school work out in no time at all.  I may just move Graham permanently-that is how well it worked.  This obviously helped Anderson with his work-my Anderson even was working on his work before we had started breakfast.  
  • We didn't have a ton of time at home and at 10, we started picking up downstairs and getting everyone ready.  Then we were out the door to pick up Grannymom, Lilli and Cash.  Lots of other folks had the same idea as we did about going to the zoo today but that was fine because even though the parking lot of crowded, we didn't see too many crowds inside the gates.
  • At the beginning of our walk through the zoo, the animals seemed to avoid our group-sitting very still (monkeys) or walking into their cage (anteater).  I wonder why the animals would scurry away from our group?-Ha! Our band of 8 kiddos was pretty noisy trying to woo the animals out of their cages or hiding spots with whistles, hoots and any possibly animal sound.
  • Robby found us at the zoo and the kids were happy to see him.  He stayed with us until we made it to the playground and then he ran back to work.  The kids played and played on the playground until they decided that they might be just a bit hungry-it was well after noon and nearing 1.
  • We then walked by the elephants and then to the tigers and lions.  And then back to the exit-Reagan and Lilli worked for the longest time trying to figure out the fastest way out of the zoo. Thankfully, they finally agreed that the fastest way out was the way that we were actually going to go!  We did stop back by the monkeys because they were making quite the commotion and pretty much as soon as we came, they stopped their show and went into their cage.
  • Next stop for our crew was the park for lunch.  The kids pretty much devoured their lunches and then went back to their play.  Anderson did bang his head pretty hard and immediately had a huge bump with a good scratch on the top of his head but he was tough and soon was back playing.  Keaton and Whitman loved the swings and Campbell really enjoyed walking up and down the huge log.  
  • After plenty of playtime, we headed home.  I dropped off Lilli, Cash and Grannymom and then we went home.  Whitman and Keaton were sound asleep when we made it home.  Whitman didn't even stir when I hauled him upstairs and changed his diaper.  Keaton woke up pretty quick and looked at me and said "I don't have to take a nap, do I?"  I let her stay up while the kids watched their movies for a bit and I worked.
  • When Robby came home, we started on our pizzas.  The kids loved making their pizzas and everyone was thrilled that their pizzas came out well-these probably were the best pizzas we had made so far.  Though the cinnamon pizza was a bit overdone but we sure did devour it!  
  • Before we realized it, the clock said 7!  Whoa, what happened to our evening?  We still had showers to do but they were done quickly and then it was bedtime for the crew.

January 18, 2015

The Razorback is tired...
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  • Sunday morning was pretty uneventful here.  Powdered donuts for breakfast and then church clothes for all.  This morning when I was in the shower, Campbell came by and asked "are you sure these are my church clothes?"  I asked "your black leggings and striped dress that I laid out beside your bed?" She replied "yes but they are dressy enough."  I told her that they were perfectly dressy enough but it took her a while to be convinced of that.  She sometimes is nothing like Reagan who rarely wears what I lay out for her and would be happy in her "Sunday jeans" each and every Sunday.  
  • We were at church in time to see both sets of grandparents.  I do believe that my kiddos make quite the commotion running from one side of the church to the other while seeing everyone but really, that doesn't bother me at all-I love seeing my little commotions running through the church house.  
  • After church, lunch was at Grannymom's house and my crew was ready to go outside and play.  They were only outside for about 30 minutes but still everyone needed showers when we came home.  How does that happen?  We don't smell like that after being outside for just a bit-or maybe we do.  We might could have fabreezed them but we opted for showers when we came home.  
  • Whitman was the only nap taker this afternoon.  Keaton and Campbell started out taking a nap in the bonus room like yesterday but that didn't work out too well so they didn't snooze.  I worked a bit and soon it was time to start back to choir.  All my kiddos love choir so I think they were glad to be back and Keaton loves getting a cookie with Robby everyone was happy. Whitman also had a cookie and enjoyed playing in the coffee shop and bookstore.  Hope no one was planning on being quiet while in there tonight. 
  • Big church was fine tonight and we had a pretty good bribe for the kids-a party at church.  We had a reception for a new staff member but all that really means to my kids is cookies and a drink and running around with the Stattons and Kamps.  And run around they did-we ran around until the party was over!  Once at home, it was quickly time to put on pajamas and head to bed-tomorrow is a big day!

January 17, 2015-Happy Birthday Beebee

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Celebrating BeeBee's Birthday!

  • For a Saturday morning, we had pretty big plans-painting the kitchen.  Whitman was the first one awake this morning but since he is the best baby ever, we just let him talk in his bed until he fell back asleep.  We were able to get about 1 wall accomplished (same color, same paint but 6 kids leave lots of marks on the walls) before we woke Whitman up. 
  • The kids all ate while we painted-Robby did the rolling and I did most of the trim when I wasn't attending to the kids.  Reagan didn't wake up until 9:30-I guess she was pretty tired from staying out late last night at the Monster Truck show.  We were on our 2 or 3 little wall by the time that she did finally come downstairs.
  • The paint was easier than we thought so we were on a roll and Whitman sat in his seat watching us paint while talking and eating.  Whitman stayed in his seat until we had finished most of the walls in the kitchen-leaving only a bit left.  The problem in this house is where to stop painting since every single wall in the every single room-the dirty/scratched up walls continue throughout the entire house but the some walls are tall, tall and others are over carpet which makes things a bit trickier.  
  • The kitchen was finished by 11 and that gave us time to get ready for Beebee's birthday.  The kids were already ready-I did put Whitman in the shower with me and then left him in the shower playing in the water until Robby joined him later.  We had to keep him contained someway or another-lots of wet walls.  Actually, Robby has banned all children from coming into the kitchen for the rest of the year! 
  • Yesterday I had said that Beebe was 91 but Pops and Nonna were pretty sure that she is actually 92.  Nonna brought lunch to the conference room today and she had quite a spread-bbq, slaw (with pineapples-I had never had that before but it was delicious), potato salad, beans and chips.  She had even decorated the table with Beebee's cards and to top it off, she even had carrot cake (Beebee's favorite cake and probably mine too-actually, Robby said that I should have gone over to their house tonight to get us a to go piece.)
  • We celebrated with Beebee-singing her Happy Birthday again and helping her open her presents (a blanket, a calendar (from us), a pair of pants and a jacket and some Dr. Peppers-she has to have her "doctor" each day.  Then we brought our crew home for the afternoon.
  • The first thing the kids did when we came home was play outside for a bit.  Robby was climbing ladders on this side of the house and on that side of the house-light bulbs out.  We had one to replace and another that was out that we needed to buy replacements.  When we were almost going in, I did ask where Whitman was and Campbell said "he went that way" so I looked that way around the house and he wasn't there.  By the time I took off looking for him, he had already made it around to the other side of the house and Campbell shouted at me "he is over here now."  That little turkey was just taking a walk around the house.
  • Then we came back inside the house.  Whitman needed a nap so he went to sleep and my little girls needed a nap too.  They came upstairs with Robby and I and Robby convinced Keaton to lay down in the pack n play-he covered the pack n play up like a tent and she was thrilled.  Then Campbell, who really wanted to sleep in the pack n play too, laid down under the table in the bonus room-we made the table into a fort so she was all snug and cozy in there while she snoozed the afternoon way (along with me!)
  • At 5, we loaded up to run a few errands-first to Kroger to buy a few gift cards to spent at Target on diapers for Whitman.  Hopefully, those will be the last diapers that we buy for that little boy.  Then we had supper at Arbys-I think that might be some of the kids favorite place to eat.  It is probably one of my favorite fast foods-except for the fries.  They have never been my favorite (one of my suite mates in college would have us drive her to Arbys to buy their fries but they aren't for me.)  
  • Next stop was Grannymom's house for a few minutes.  While the kids were playing there, we ran to Hobby Lobby with Reagan to look for some mirrors.  I plan on making a mirror for above the fireplace (wish me luck)-we are going to slowly try to start transitioning to a more grown up looking living room-that transition will be complete in the year 2021!  
  • Reagan and I could have looked at every row of Hobby Lobby and I know I could have found lots more things to buy had the store not been closing at 8.  I rarely get to go to a store like that without my gaggle of kiddos-I probably should just leave some night and go and do some browsing or just bite the bullet and take them all.  Reagan found about a zillion and one things that could go in the new girl room (which was to happen this September but may be put on hold for the Memphis Ikea to open!)  
  • We picked up the kiddos and then came home-the boys knew all about the ballgame on tv so they were anxious to watch it.  We showered the dirtiest 3 and then did let the kids stay up until halftime.  (If you are wondering, Reagan, Anderson and Graham didn't get showers last night so they qualified as the dirtiest 3.)  The boys ended up going to bed upset about the ballgame-Graham did have high hopes that the hogs would pull out a win but Anderson was pretty convinced that it was just over!