June 30, 2013

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  • Church morning and this was doughnut day so they were quickly passed out and devoured by my Dennie crew.  After a bit, we had all loaded up and were on our way to church.  
  • Mr. Mike took Reagan to her class, Anderson must love his class because he always wants to rush off to it, Graham is the cutest and most polite little kid in his class (maybe a bit biased), Campbell didn't fuss going in (like she did tonight), Keaton played with a baby doll in her class and Whitman loves being cuddled by Ms. Georgia.
  • After church, we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch.  The kids enjoyed swinging after lunch and the boys even tied a rope to Grandpa's truck and tried their best to move it.  We should have just let them keep doing it until they wore out!  
  • At home, Keaton had a nap as did Robby, Campbell and Whitman.  Campbell had taken great care to cover up Whitman with her blanket on the other end of the couch.  Soon as my 3 loads of laundry were folded (all except for the one load that had to be done by tonight-Campbell's sheets-it didn't get dry).
  • Soon we were headed back to church for meeting-Keaton and Whitman went to class.  Robby went to the new building meeting with Anderson and Graham.  And I went to the new Wednesday night meeting with Reagan and Campbell.  Then on to big church for everyone but Campbell who went to her class (against her will).
  • When we left church, Robby told the kids that we could go to Chick Fil A.  The kids were all so excited until we remembered that Chick Fil A is closed on Sundays.  Ha!  Seeing a rainbow in the sky and a stop for snow cones and everyone was happy again.
  • At home, we had to have a bit of supper so pizza was quickly heated and then then kids all changed to their pajamas and headed to bed.

June 29, 2013

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Checking out the airplanes in North Little Rock!

  • Graham was in our bed crazy early this morning.  This pushed me to the middle which pushed Robby to the living room (don't feel sorry for him-he would rather sleep there anyway).  At 5, Whitman woke up even though he hasn't woken up in the middle of the night for days or weeks now.  At first I thought it was time to wake up but soon realized that I had to feed that boy and get him back to sleep quickly because I still had hours of sleep left.
  • At 7:05, the bedroom was filled with children.  Anderson said that he was "starving."  I mentioned watching a movie (to buy me some more sleep time) and that worked.  So apparently "starving" to Anderson means eating after a movie and after ipad time.  
  • The kids had breakfast and watched the ladybugs for a few minutes.  Yesterday, we did have a small crisis when one ladybug was discovered outside of the dome.  Reagan was ablet to pick it up.  I was about to call for Campbell because she is the resident bug ninja-that child must have some awesome reflexes because in the last few days Campbell has caught a live butterfly and smashed a fly with her bare hands.  
  • The kids soon moved upstairs to lego building.  Right now the toy room is covered in legos-big legos, little legos-like a lego bomb went off.  The kids can all maneuver pretty well through the mine field of legos but Keaton can not.  It takes her about 3 minutes to walk from one side of the room to the other.  It is like she is just learning to walk-so funny to watch.
  • Soon we were all ready to headed to the NLR airport open house.  We did tell the kids where we were going and just gave them a few clues-not to be fun but because we didn't want to have to answer a thousand questions.  Reagan got so into the clues that I had to write them down on her notebook.  
  • The airport was neat-like a big car show but with airplanes.  There was a car show as well and we were going to walk by it on the way out but after sitting in the sun for a bit, Anderson said "we don't have to walk by the cars."  The kids enjoyed seeing the airplanes and even watching them take off, fly over ahead and one did a few stunts in the sky.  For older kids, they even were able ride on a short flight for free if they arrived early enough.  
  • For lunch, they had free hot dogs so we had lunch there and watched the planes for a bit.  The weather could have really been warm but there was a pretty strong breeze that kept things comfortable.
  • Back at home, we headed out back to see the glider that Pops had brought over.  My grandparents had a patio set that they were no longer using so we are borrowing it.  Soon all the kids were playing out in the tree house and we were sitting watching so Robby dug out his hammock he received from Christmas.  That thing will get plenty of use-we all tried it out.  Most everyone was able to lay in it.  Campbell was too-for a few minutes and then splat she fell straight to the ground.  She will not be back in it for a while.  
  • Robby even caught a quick snooze in the hammock while I showered the little girls.  How can two little girls get a pint of sand in their hair in just a few hours outside?
  • After a bit of inside time for the kids and outside piddeling time for Robby, it was time to head to the pool.  Seriously, by 6:00 the pool was fairly empty.  Nonna and Pops joined us and we had hot dogs and the fixings for supper.
  • The kids all did really well tonight-Reagan even worked on diving.  She can do the diving board great without any help.  A lifegaurd even tried to show her how to dive-she will need some practice but did really well.  The boys hung near the shallow part but did swim some when we pushed them to slide down the slide or swim to us.  Campbell did surprisingly well tonight swimming-she is getting more and more comfortable in the water (not really a good thing-I want her to stay very attached to her floatee!)
  • Keaton even went down the slide tonight.   I helped her to the top, sat her down and gave her a push.  And she came down head first and did a flip into Robby's arms.  We then asked her if she went down the slide "uh huh" and then asked if she wanted to go again "no."  I am kind of glad she didn't like the slide or she would want to go down it all of the time.
  • At home, everyone had showers and then to bed.  We have all had a big day today!

June 28, 2013

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Hatching Ladybugs!

  • Up until last week, I have been pretty consistent in my making my bed every morning.  But this morning and like all the rest this week, I have given up on that.  The kids lay in, on, around, under and beside my bed during their daily movie time.  Seriously, my bed can look nice and pristine at 1:59 but at 3:01 my bed looks like a herd of elephants have trampled on it.  So I figure there is really no need to make it up at all.
  • Some of the kids put on their clothes this morning but most stayed in their pjs all day (Anderson, Graham and Keaton).  I am now having to be careful of my clothing choices lately since Reagan has recently critiqued my stay at home clothes saying "Mom, khaki and white don't really match."  I was quite surprised (sarcasm) that she would have a problem with my kahki shorts with stains all over them and my white t shirt that is at least 10 years old.
  • The kids helped me with my chores this morning and then we started our fun: fingernail and toenail painting, sticker mosaics, sticker book, lego cars, lego cows, marble track, paper dolls, Minnie bingo and lincoln logs....that got us through lunch and to nap time. Seriously, after today I should win that coveted mother of the year award!
  • During nap, I figured that Campbell might just fall asleep like she did yesterday but she didn't and watched every letter that I typed on my computer.  Robby came home a bit early and then left to pick up supper with Campbell and Graham.  Keaton thought she wanted to go until I offered her a lollipop to stay home.  
  • We had our supper and then watched our baking show.  The kids remember so many details about it and anxiously await for it to come on each Wednesday so we can watch it on Thursdays.  Maybe we should think about getting cable so we could watch the food network.
  • We played an exciting game of hide n seek before bed-Graham hid with me as much as he could.  We sat in the bathtub and then the shower waiting and waiting for them to find us.  Good day and good evening!

June 27, 2013

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Painting on the tarp!

  • Campbell must have been dreaming pretty good last night because she cried out a couple times. Decided on the 2nd visit upstairs to just bring her downstairs to our room and make a palette where she slept the rest of the night quietly.
  • Graham joined us before 7:00 but was pretty quiet until he and Campbell decided to get in bed with us.  Eventually Reagan and Anderson woke up and made it as far as the toy room.
  • Today was our day to stay home!  But that does mean a bit more "entertaining" around here but everybody had a good day and stayed busy.
  • After breakfast and a bit of play time inside - everyone headed out for painting!  We put the big tarp out out on the driveway with the watercolors.  Reagan drew the tire swing, Anderson drew a big fire coming from the burn pile, Graham drew the basketball goal and Campbell's painted an abstract and Keaton painted the tarp..  It was snack time before long and that pretty much meant everyone was done painting.  Bike rides, tennis ball hitting practice and capturing a turtle finished up the morning before heading in for lunch. (Well, then everyone wanted to eat outside at the new patio table Nonna and Pops dropped off so back outside for lunch.
  • Soon it was naptime for the little ones and movie time for the big kids while I worked on updating the baby books.  Reagan's book is done (kind of sad) and Anderson's will be done after Robby finishes writing in it.
  • Supper time and then the usual question of what's for dessert?  Robby said if everyone ate a good supper then they might make a special trip to Sonic for 1/2 price shakes since I would be going to Bunko. Not sure he realized he had to wait until 8:00 to fulfill the promise or that it would be 100 degrees sitting outside at 8:00.
  • I headed off to Bunko, while everyone headed back outside for my bike rides and walk down the street. Robby showered everyone and loaded up the crew for the short trip to Sonic. 3 oreo shakes, 1 chocolate shake and 1 vanilla shake for the 5 big kids and all were devoured (well, Anderson helped finish off Reagan and Graham's.)
  • They made it back home by 9:00 for a change into pj's, teeth brushing and quickly to bed. Then Whitman decided it was time to eat :)

June 26, 2013

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Swimming with the cousins, Grannymom & Grandpa!

  • Another early day, Graham was up again before 7.  Tonight, Robby reminded him and everyone else that getting out of bed before 7 is breaking the rules.  But really at 6:30 in the morning, we don't really have the energy or thought to send him back to bed.
  • A few minutes after 8, we were on the road to go and see Beebee.  She was in a good mood today and happily dished out candy to the kids-yes, candy at 8:30 in the morning.  Oh, well they say chocolate is good for you-maybe somebody said that or maybe I just made it up.  Sounds good anyway!
  • The boys were delighted to each get to push Beebee down the hall.  Graham rode in Beebee's lap the first trip and on the way back, Keaton didn't want to miss out on a ride and reached to sit in Beebee's lap.  I always give the kids a letter grade when I leave there and Graham started asking as soon as we hit the door what his grade was.  This was the first day in a while that they all earned As.  
  • Funny story, on the way in a man tried to roll his wheelchair out the door as we rolled in.  He asked if I could hold the door for him.  And I knew by the nurses running towards us that he wasn't supposed to be leaving so I just greeted him in my nursing home voice (that would be the polite, louder than normal Southern drawl)  He then told us that he was the Mayor of Arkansas-the kids eyes were huge!  And I then had to explain why I couldn't let the Mayor out the door.  Fun times!
  • We then met Grannymom and Lilly at the pool for the day.  I made Anderson swim across the pool one time and he wasn't happy about it and Graham swam some to me.  I wonder sometimes that if we don't push them some then they will just stay in the shallow end where they can swim some and still feel safe.  Then they will never improve (kind of like my swimming abilities).  Reagan did her best to keep up with Lilly swimming across the pool and Campbell swam further today than during her lessons.
  • We stayed through lunch and Cash came to join us and Robby stopped by to see everyone.  Around 2 we headed home.  The kids patiently drank their juice boxes while I loaded up the van and soon we were all sitting in the cool van headed home.  
  • At home, Keaton had a power nap while the others watched a few movies.  And before long it was after 5 and Robby was home.  We cooked supper while the kids played upstairs.  At first they were fussing but by the time that supper was ready they were all happily playing.  Why is it always like that-when they are happy and content is when we have to call them to eat or leave.
  • After supper we headed out for our nightly walk/bike ride and popsicles.  Tonight's walk was uneventful but last night, oh last night-sometimes I just wish that I could video tape my life.  Anyway, the big 3, Reagan, Anderson and Graham, were about 20 yards in front of me on their bikes-still in the driveway.  Robby was further back withd Campbell and I had the 2 littles in the stroller.  Across the street, a dog came flying out of a house barking away.  It shot through their yard and headed towards the kids.  Down went one bike with a kid running towards me, boom went another one and then crash went another bike.  All 3 of them were screaming, crying and squealing-Graham was doing all 3 and Anderson had the ugly cry going on.  The dog ran within 10 feet of us and turned around and walked home.  Robby and I could not contain our laughter at those chicken Dennie kids.  Seriously, it was hysterical-not to the kids but hysterical to us. 
  • Next up was baths and showers followed by bedtime.  Tomorrow we are going to take it easy around here-no swim lessons, no doctors appointments, no blueberry picking, no grandma visiting, no swimming-just bunco for me!

June 25, 2013

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Another blueberry pickin' day!

  • So this was a semi early morning for us-Robby and I were moving furniture before 8 and had already finished the laundry by then as well.  Robby passed out breakfast while I showered.  And today was the day that Anderson and Reagan had been waiting for-I bought them flavored yogurt!  I usually only buy the large container of vanilla (not the strawberry large container because Reagan doesn't like that).  Anderson devoured the key lime pie, Reagan barely touched her peach that she has been begging for and Graham was delighted with his orange flavor but ate more toast than yogurt.  Campbell and Keaton opted for the vanilla and Keaton as always gets her yogurt all over herself!
  • We left the house right after Robby did and then picked Nonna up for the morning.  We went to Roland to pick blueberries.  There were lots less people there today so the kids could spread out.  Anderson began strong and picked lots and then faded.  Graham and Reagan picked and picked the entire time.  And Campbell picked more than I expected as well.  My sweet Keaton worked really hard at picking blueberries and really wanted us to hand her a berry for her to put in her bucket.  At one point she took Anderson's hand and led him to a bush so he could pick some for her.
  • By the time we had picked Nonna's 3 quarts and my 2 quarts, the kids were hot and tired.  They inhaled the juice boxes in the car and then we headed to Nonna's house to drop her off.  She offered an early lunch so I took her up on it.  The kids played while Nonna gathered her food and then we all ate.  Afterwards, Nonna read everyone a book and then it was time to leave.
  • At home, Anderson was ready to watch a movie so I explained that the sooner I could finish my chores, the sooner I could put Keaton to bed and the sooner that he could watch a movie.  So before long, I had children cleaning windows, wiping down counters, dusting and putting laundry up.  Of course they don't do a great job (I really don't either) but at least we get it done and marked off the list (that is really what is important to me!)
  • When we finally finished our work, the kids started watching a movie and I started planning for the school year (yep, I'm a dork) and I also started hauling my garage sale stuff down from the attic.  Seriously, gradually putting a few things at a time in the attic for the garage sale is not a good idea-I had to bring all of those boxes down one by one.
  • Soon I was the one asking the kids to come outside-I had a few things to work on out there.  Usually they are the ones begging me to come out with them and not me telling them to come out with me.  We were still outside when Robby came home and the kids continued playing-tennis, dirt, football, bikes, swing and butterfly catching.  Tonight's interesting thing was that Reagan, my girly girl, said that she might just play flag football this year.  Hmm, I was shocked-we shall see.  
  • While we were on a walk, Jason drove by (he was out picking up rocks).  I put Keaton in his car for the ride back to our house and she was so happy to get to ride in the car.  He worked in the yard picking up rocks while we all sat on the driveway enjoying our popsicles...hmmm, maybe we should have offered to help.  We can another day since he will be back for more rocks.
  • We showered everyone and then had supper.  Next up was reading a few books before bedtime.

June 24, 2013

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A little dirt playing never hurt anyone!

  • Graham was up before 7 this morning but the others slept a bit later and so did we.  Graham just sat in front of Whitman and grinned and smiled at him.  Soon everyone was up eating breakfast and getting ready for the day...last day of swim lessons!
  • Robby left at the same time as I did with Keaton and Whitman.  Whitman had his doctor's appointment today and Keaton went along for the ride.  Whitman weighed 13 pounds and 10 ounces.  And was a little on the short side with a big head!-just like all my other Dennies!  Whitman did good even during his 2 shots.  Keaton was quite the big sister and pretty concerned about her little brother during his shots.
  • I took everyone else to the pool and they had some time to swim before lessons.  The big 3 were jumping off the edge, going down the slide and swimming their little hearts out.  Then it was swim lessons-Graham did excellent today with a good attitude and swam almost all the way across the pool.  He has almost mastered taking breaths as well.  My Campbell even swam about 3 feet.  I was shocked when I looked up and saw her do this.  That is so much more than I ever expected from her swim lessons.  
  • Next up was Reagan and Anderson.  Anderson had a melt down and decided that he couldn't do anything.  He was just crying away.  Julie was trying to calm him down but she eventually had to have my talk to him. What a way to end lessons.  All she wanted was for him to swim across using his arms and not just kicking.  He can do that and did.  After he did it once or twice she let him float on his back and he was calm again.  Back to the whole self esteem thing-just don't know what to do.  Want him to be tenderhearted like he is but not a big baby!  Speaking of tenderhearted, on the way out Campbell was having a fit because we were leaving and Anderson said "do you want to hold my hand?"  I mean, how sweet is that?  
  • Well all of his drama caused me to not really watch what was going on with Reagan.  I am pretty sure that Reagan did well.  I did see her jump off of the diving board a few times.  I think Julie kind of caught her and then gave her a push to the side.  Overall, I am so pleased with swim lessons and the kids have done so good.
  • We then went to Grannymom's house to pick up Whitman, Keaton and the all important baby doll that Keaton left at Grannymom's house the other night.  Keaton would ask about the doll at bedtime but we would just hand her another and she would be fine.  Grannymom offered lunch and who am I to pass up a meal so the kids ate and then we headed home.
  • This afternoon the kids pretty much went wild and practically drove me insane...nah, it wasn't that bad.  Everyone just wants to play with Keaton all of the time and that just leads to lots of screaming, running and squealing.  I was able to have a few minutes of peace though-hiding out in the attic (I was working on garage sale stuff)
  • Robby brought home pizza and Pops brought over new chairs for our patio.  Then we headed outside for the evening-swinging, walking, neighbor watching, bike riding and dirt playing!

June 23, 2013

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Sunday Night Fun!

  • Sunday morning is doughnut morning and my crew was ready for doughnuts.  There was some debate if they had to eat "those powdered doughnuts."  I explained that their Daddy loved those growing up and they were a special treat.  I believe that the kids were afraid that Robby and I had eaten all of the leftover Krispy Kreme doughnuts-we did not eat all of them!
  • A sweet friend of ours offered to do my worship care this week and I sure let her.  We miss big church when we aren't there and I would have hated to miss hearing my kids sing their little hearts out during worship.  Reagan and Anderson were just singing away.  I leaned down to Anderson during one song and told him that this is what heaven would be like.  He must not have agreed and shook his head at me and said "really, how do you know?"  Heaven to a 6 year old boy probably does not involve sitting still for an hour!
  • Everyone recalled most of their Sunday school lesson and my Graham must have really listened to the story or had heard it before because he was all about raising his hands to answer questions in class.  Reagan and Anderson loaded me down with info on the ark of the covenant and even stumped me with a question.  And Campbell's report from her class was "some people were taking blocks from me."  I asked her for a list of names and will be calling their mothers.  Actually, my Campbell is pretty large for a 3 year old and if someone in her class is brave enough to take something from her, then my hat is off to them. 
  • Reagan missed lunch at Nonna's house and went to play with Kennedy.  Reagan said that had a big time and played dolls, dollhouse and even played Uno.  We will have to play that later this week-or maybe I will put it in her school box-Dennie school starts in less than a month!
  • The kids enjoyed Nonna's pizza for lunch and even devoured the cake that Reagan helped her make.  I brought Reagan and the others home a piece of cake for later.  She was a bit bummed when she realized that she would miss eating her cake.  But will be happy to eat it tomorrow-if it is not my midnight snack.
  • Back at home, we quickly did laundry (mounds and mounds of laundry) and then began our Sunday nap time ritual.  Campbell laid on the couch with me and was asleep before I could even set my timer to wake up.  After about 30 minutes when I went through the house asking folks if they wanted to go swimming, this house woke up and everyone started throwing clothes and running to the car.
  • We met Kennedy and Reagan and swam for about 2 hours.  The big kids are getting really good swimming-Reagan especially, Anderson too and Graham just makes me nervous.  He did go off the slide without anyone to catch him and swam to the ladder but he doesn't know how to come up to take a breath.  And Campbell happily went down the slide, went off the diving board and played with Keaton the entire time.
  • At the pool tonight, Keaton was playing in the water fountains with a bottle and Graham came to a nearby fountain and sprayed her.  She turned and looked at him and said "no, no."  He didn't respond to her so she walked up to him, pointed her finger and said "no, no" again.  I guess she didn't like his response because then she pushed him.   He just sprayed her again and then walked off swatting at her bottom as he walked past.  This little incident was pretty comical to the folks sitting beside me.  
  • After the pool, the kids know to sit on the curb and drink their juice box while we load up the van.  Robby and I were talking about how long it takes to load the van.  Even though the big 4 can get in without a problem, it is all of the little things that take us so long to load up.  Loading up on Sunday mornings are almost comical-4 kids waiting in the van with Robby and I making multiple trips in and out of the house carrying things and more kids into the car.  
  • Anyway, back at the house tonight, we all quickly had showers and then supper.  After supper the kids had their ice cream and then it was to bed for all!  Another good day!

June 22, 2013

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Donut kind of day!

  • With Keaton waking up at Grannymom's house and Reagan waking up at Nonna's house, it felt like we had an empty house.  So we loaded up in the little red van and headed out for doughnuts.  We ended up picking Keaton up before breakfast.  Then all of us ate our fill of doughnuts.  
  • The kids all wore the hats from Krispy Kreme and enjoyed watching the doughnuts.  I took as long as I could eating my doughnut because I knew that when we made it home, it would be yard day! 
  • Once at home, Whitman woke up to eat (I may or may not have pinched him) but the poor thing had to eat in the stroller outside.  We just propped up his bottle and rolled him into the shade (remember his past burn!)  
  • We were working on the ditch by the road and Keaton would continually walk in the road.  She would look at us knowing that she was doing the wrong thing and would keep going.  That little booger.  In her defense, Robby and I were standing on the road and the boys were going up and down the street on their bikes.  
  • Campbell spent her time doing something that Reagan would never ever do-picking up worms with her hands.  I was working on my part of the ditch and wondered why the dirt was so odd looking and a few minutes later, I heard Robby calling the kids over to see the worms.  Before long, we had buckets and buckets that the kids were filling up.  Personally, I am pretty sure that my babies are playing with baby snakes.  
  • The ditch was finished before 1 so we went in for lunch.  Afterwards, I put Keaton to bed, the other kids watched a movie, I fed Whitman and got him to sleep and then stalled as long as I could before going outside again to work.
  • My sidekick, Campbell, came back out with me.  And we started raking the front yard and around the kids play set.  Robby continued to work on the upper part of the yard.  We raked and raked and I had the best looking dirt around-until the monsoon came this evening and knocked down a zillion tiny branches!  
  • Graham was back outside and was able to see Robby cut down a tree and then we started working on cleaning up that mess.  Pops saved me from a bit of work by bringing Reagan home.  Reagan was wearing a new shirt and was happy to see everyone but ready to go in and watch her tv show.   
  • The boys set outside and split a drink-until they started fussing about taking turns.  So we had them come to where we were and start throwing rocks over the fence and hauling branches to the burn pile.  Robby called me a softy but I didn't make them work too long.  I want them to not think of hard work as punishment and I also want them to want to help us around here.  But on the other hand, maybe a little hard work as a punishment is good for them.  
  • Speaking of punishment, that Reagan straight up lied to me tonight.  I probably should have given her a real punishment instead of a talk.  She had been bothering Anderson in the car and Robby made her sit in the car until everyone and everything was unloaded (no, it wasn't hot in the car).  So when I went to pick up some trash in the van a lollipop wrapper was wet.  I asked her and she quickly said that Anderson and Campbell did it.  So when I asked everyone about it, fingers were pointing all around the room.  We quickly got to the truth and Reagan was at fault. 
  • Back to this afternoon, Keaton and Campbell were outside watching me haul limbs.  They weren't anywhere near since Robby had the chainsaw out and they were terrified of the noise and when you throw in the thunder, they were beside themselves.  We finished and started picking up all of our yard stuff.  Robby parked the tractor in the shed just as it started pouring.
  • We thought it would just be a quick summer shower but after everyone got cleaned up and it was still raining or more accurately pouring, we had to break the news to the kids that swimming wasn't going to happen tonight.  Anderson took it the worst and Whitman really took it the best.  
  • Since we had sandwiches for lunch and we have never made out our menu for the month like we plan on doing every month, we went out.  We had Mexican down the road and the kids were so good that we received multiple compliments as we left the restaurant.
  • So many compliments that Robby went to the grocery store next door and bought them ice cream.  One lady from the restaurant was inside buying herself ice cream and said that the kids deserved some.  We went to Pops' house to eat the ice cream and the kids enjoyed getting to eat out of cone and no one complained about having to load up to head home.  
  • Once at home, everyone pajamad up and it was bedtime.  This was the first time in 3 nights that the big 4 have all been back in the same room since Graham slept in our room for 2 nights and then last night Reagan was gone.  I think they miss each other when they are gone-or at least I hope they do! 

June 21, 2013

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Pool Party at the Hawkins!

  • We slept in again this morning and really only had time for breakfast, Graham's reading book and then time to pick up Nonna for swim lessons.  She went with us today to watch the kids and Robby showed up to see them and Grannymom also made an appearance to check out the progress.  The kids were delighted to have such an audience today.  Only one more day of lessons and Graham is going to not really understand why he still has to wear his floatees!  He almost has it and Robby thinks they will all be almost fish-like by the end of the summer.
  • Nonna made lunch for everyone after lessons and the kids played for a few minutes before we left-I only left with 5 kiddos since we left Reagan there to spend the night.  And Reagan had a big afternoon and evening-chuck e cheese, painting, games, shopping-she may never want to leave Nonna's house.
  • Back at home, Whitman had a brief nap and then sat in my lap while I helped Anderson put together some of his legos.  Then he, Graham and Campbell watched a few movies while Keaton napped.  I assumed that at least one of them would fall asleep during the movie but how could they when Campbell was talking to them or to me the entire time.  I think that Campbell follows me and talks during movies so she will not fall asleep.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to pick up Keaton.  She was also getting to spend the night out. I think it is so funny that we have 2 kids out spending the night but still have 4 kiddos-more than most people have at all.  Keaton was ready to go holding her baby and her backpack.  She didn't hesitate at all to climb in Grandpa's car and wave bye to us.  Keaton went swimming this afternoon in Grannymom's little pool and probably had a blast with no one splashing her.
  • Robby came home and then we loaded up for a Sunday school fellowship.  There were about a zillion kids in the pool tonight but we only had 3 to keep up with-the boys were in the shallow end where they could touch and Campbell had on our floatees.  The boys had a blast playing with other boys and playing basketball.  And Campbell went off the diving board at least 20 times-that is all that she did.  If you could have only seen her-sometimes she would run off the end of the board, sometimes she would stand at the end and dance or count.  But over and over she went.
  • Also over and over she and the boys had to go to the bathroom tonight.  Robby went at least 3 trips with them and I was in the bathroom enough to know that there wasn't a plunger in the closet, where the toilet paper was and enough to count how many bugs were in the bathroom.  
  • Whitman enjoyed all of the activity and I think he even liked the occasionally splashes from the diving board.  We stayed out late and the kids were pretty exhausted when we made it home-only Whitman is up now and hopefully he will head to bed soon!

June 20, 2013

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Swim Buddies!

Swim Buddies!
  • I mentioned yesterday that my kids were tired...and they sure were.  The first ones to wake up this morning stirred around 8:45 and the next 3 started waking up at 9:15.  That never happens!  Too bad it wasn't a weekend!  
  • Poor Graham coughed last night until we just brought him into our bedroom and made him a pallet on the floor.  Robby, Graham and Campbell all have a bit of the crud-Graham probably has it the worst though.  But after being in our room, he slept fine-or at least he didn't keep us awake.  He did ask for me to cover him up one time and I said "do it yourself."  Kidding, actually he scared me standing by my bed in the middle of the night so I jumped up and then happily covered him up!
  • Other than breakfast, we didn't really have any time to do anything else before it was time to leave.  We loaded up and dropped off Keaton and Whitman at Grannymom's house and then to swim lessons day 3.
  • I gave Campbell a good reminder of proper behavior.  But I really should have given that reminder to Graham.  I could tell that he really wasn't paying attention, shaking his head no and continued to flick the water with his fingers.  I went to the edge and told him to work hard but soon he was in front of me asking for his goggles.  I took them to him and told his teacher that if I needed to talk to him to let me know and she said that she was a kindergarten teacher so no worries.  After a potty break a few minutes later, Graham was then on his A game and back to his self.  I assumed that it was his cold but after swim lessons his teacher told me that on Tuesday the helper had him swim across the pool without telling him (she thought he had been doing that) and this bothered him (I hadn't noticed).  So she said that she had to gain his trust back this morning.  
  • Next up was Reagan and Anderson's lesson.  Reagan spent most of her time working on swimming the freestyle.  Reagan had been telling me that she wanted to learn how to swim on top of the water and I told her to ask her teacher.  Now, I don't know if she asked or if this was just the next step for her.  I saw Reagan once stop swimming today and grab at her goggles.  Later she said that it happened 3 times and continued saying that the lady had to grab her because she couldn't swim with the goggles messed up.  I tried to explain to her to not stop swimming until she reached the edge!
  • Last swim day, I had been worried about Anderson and his asthma.  Today I sat there worrying about his self esteem.  That boy told the lady "I can't" more times than he tried anything.  He would eventually do what she asked but it would take him 5 minutes to work up enough courage to get off the edge of the pool.  Later swim teacher told me that he has it and knows how to do his breath.  And she continued to say that she just had to convince him that he could do it. 
  • After lessons, I quickly dropped the kids off at Grannymom's house and ran to Walmart and Kroger.  First stop was to pick up snake away powder.  There were 2 choices so I obviously bought the larger and more expensive kind-I don't want to take any chances with my snake friend coming back!  Then it was grocery shopping time and then back to get the kids.
  • The kids had eaten lunch, played outside and even had a snack or two while I was gone.  Lilly and Cash were there too so the house was busy with 8 kids-I really tried to hurry on my shopping trip since that is quite a few kiddos!  
  • Back at home the kids helped me unload the van and then watched a movie.  Yesterday when they started watching a movie, Whitman was in the room sleeping.  He woke up so I quickly moved him to the bathroom thinking he might go back to sleep.  He didn't and started fussing.  Since he was in his bouncy, I just moved him back into my bedroom with the kids.  I put him where he could see all the kids because he likes watching everything.  A few minutes later, I walked back through the room and  his bouncy was turned so he was sitting in front of the tv in between Reagan and Campbell.  Soon everyone started migrating outside and Anderson and Whitman were the only ones left in the house.  Anderson is great about always turning off the tv and turning the lights off when he leaves a room but when I went back in the house to check on Whitman, the lights and tv were still on.  I figure that Anderson just assumed Whitman was watching tv and left it on for him!
  • Today we all ended up outside as well-I think that Robby and I love our yard just about as much as the kids do.  Everyone was pushed on at least one swing, lots of bike riding around the entire house, a bit of rock picking up and even a game of "horse" before popsicles.  
  • Back in the house, it was baths and showers for all.  Then we had supper-well, the kids had supper and then they cleaned while Robby and I had supper.  "Cleaning" is probably a pretty strong word-they picked up the toy room and school room.  
  • And then the highlight of the day for Reagan was watching the The American Baking Competition-the kids sat oh so quietly (well, 4 out of 6 is pretty good) watching that show.  Reagan begged me to have a competition like that at home.  And Anderson said that he wanted to be a sampler!

June 19, 2013

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  • Summer living and staying out late has really exhausted my kids.  Anderson was the only one up at 7:30 and we didn't hear from anyone else until 8:30.  Seriously, they are tired kiddos.  Last night it was after 9 but tonight it was 10 when they got into bed-no telling how long they will sleep in the morning.  
  • Since we had a later start, the kids ate and then started working on their chore for the day-cleaning the pottys.  Tomorrow the chore plan is to teach everyone how to properly clean the bathroom counters.  Sometimes I wish my bathrooms had a drain in the floor and I could just spray everything down with a water hose.  
  • We had time to pick up the toy room and throw all of the laundry in drawers before heading out the door.  We were headed to see Beebee and I almost didn't find her!  As we walked in the door of her place, I was distracted by the people singing hymns in the eating area.  I pressed on until I heard the kids calling me-I had walked right past Beebee.  
  • She was sitting by the door waiting on us (I have never seen her out of her room).  She was in a good mood and the kids enjoyed talking to her-and getting her candy and getting her dollars and getting her snacks that she saves for them.  Everyone was pretty well behaved today with only a few minor scuffles.  
  • When we left Beebee's place, we picked up Grant to play for the day.  Grant went to pre k with Anderson and then was in Graham's class too.  So there was some confusion with the boys about who he was going to play with.  Anderson even played legos by himself for awhile but eventually they all played together.  I didn't get my camera in time but at one point Anderson, Grant and Graham were all laying in my bed watching a movie.  
  • They eventually went outside and I joined them.  We walked around some, I worked on rocks, the kids rode bikes and played in the dirt.  And then I saw a snake and we went in!  Last night Robby worked on getting rid of bugs and now tomorrow night he will have to work on getting rid of snakes.  Not really sure if you can really do either in the country!
  • We had all had our popsicles and were taking turns showering when Robby came in.  He helped finish the shower routine and soon everyone was working on putting our new baby ladybugs into our lady bug land.  So exciting to think that in a few days we could possible have ladybugs!  This morning the kids let the lightening bugs out of the jar and only a few minutes later the jar was dropped and broke to pieces.  I was so glad that the jar was dropped after we had let those bugs out-or the kids really wouldn't have needed a night light tonight.  Those bugs would have been flying around their room.
  • We had dinner down the road at the Wilsons.  The kids played really well-Keaton can pretty much fend for herself and follows the others and Whitman enjoyed added attention and was great this evening.  The kids played inside and outside, played with toys and watched a movie, they had just about as much fun as the grown ups did.
  • It was nearly 10 when we made it home and I believe that the kids crashed as soon as their heads hit their pillows!  

June 18, 2013

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Catching tons of fireflies!

  • Since the toy room was clean this morning, most everyone stopped there for awhile before coming to wake us up.  Around 8, we did have one mini crisis-no one had seen Reagan and they said that she wasn't in her bed.  I was pretty sure that she was still in her bed and after checking she indeed was-crisis averted. 
  • I was able to have my shower before breakfast and then we did our school review.  Next up was laundry (me), dusting (kids) and getting ready for swim lessons-day 2.  I am really trying to include and teach the kids how to do all of the chores around here.  My bon bons are waiting on me!
  • We dropped off Keaton and Whitman at Grannymom's house.  Keaton waved bye bye to us as fast as she could-I think she was happy to see us go!
  • Swim lessons were next.  Campbell is doing good.  I don't expect for her to be a swimmer at the end of the week but a few lessons never hurt.  Graham can swim almost halfway across the pool.  Anderson can swim halfway across the pool.  But I wonder a bit if his asthma holds him back any.  By the end of the lesson he is spent and gets slower and slower about doing what is asked of him.  And my Reagan is a little fish.  Can swim across the entire pool and can start on her back and then turn over and start swimming.  No lessons tomorrow because the teacher has a funeral so the next lesson is Thursday.
  • Grannymom had lunch for everyone and then they played for a few minutes and even had time to swing before heading home.  Once at home, I decided that they needed a bit of downtime so I had everyone lay down and read if they wanted for 30 minutes.  My intentions were to get on the treadmill since Whitman and Keaton were sleeping.  That would have worked out but Whitman wakes up within minutes of me putting him and his car seat into the closet to continue his nap from the car.  So I decided I would walk after their rest but by then they had woken Keaton up while squealing at their race car track (we bought batteries for it so it was like a new toy to them).  
  • Yesterday, I noticed that Keaton's new pack n play had a small hole.  The next time I noticed the hole was larger. I told Campbell to not touch it and soon Keaton put her hand through it.  I smacked that hand good but this just led to a major meltdown by her.  Today as I was patching that hole, I was venting to Reagan that the brand new pack n play was now broken.  She said "I can't believe Campbell cut it."  I hadn't heard this and was soon to the bottom of the story-Campbell cut the pack n play so she could "reach Keaton."  I didn't beat the child but sure wanted to.  I laid it on thick about how disappointed I was and how that was such a bad thing that she did.  When Robby drove up, she said "don't tell Daddy."
  • It wasn't long before we headed outside.  I did a bit of work and the kids zoomed around me on their bikes.  Campbell tries her hardest to keep up with the others.  And Keaton loves to stand on her scooter thinking she is as big as the others.  
  • When Robby came home, we loaded up and went to McDonalds for 1.99 Happy Meal night.  Whoop whoop!  Robby only got 4 and they all happily ate their meals and were so excited to pull everything out of their boxes themselves.  Usually, we buy a 20 piece nuggets and everything is divided up by Robby or me before the kids sit down.  Anyway, Keaton was sitting at our table and she kept looking at the big kids saying "box, box."  Next time we will have to buy 5 Happy Meals!  That is why we have to wait until they are on sale!
  • On the way home, Robby stopped and bought a few things to get rid of bugs around here - granule bug killer, bug spray that goes on the water hose and a bug zapper.  Mosquitos are giving the kids fits and there are zillions of ants out back (well they were there this afternoon but weren't there when we came home with the supplies).
  • So while Robby worked on his bug killing, the rest of us worked on catching them to bring them in the house for the night-lightening bugs.  Reagan and Campbell are the best lightening bug catchers ever.  Keaton would occasionally see one and start pointing at it.  Anderson likes to catch them and Graham tries but get skittish and calls Reagan over to help him.
  • Next up was showers for everyone-at 9!  That is crazy late for us.  The other day, I walked by the shower with Graham and Keaton inside. I asked "how's it going?"  And Graham said "not good, she keeps grabbing my peepee."  Keaton was after Anderson tonight-you just never know what is going to happen in this house!
  • The kids all went to bed pretty quickly and quietly-they were patiently waiting on the lightening bugs to light up!

June 17, 2013

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Swim Lessons Day 1

  • Monday morning and the kids were excited about starting the day and even more excited about swim lessons.  After everyone woke up, we had breakfast and then starting moving fairly quickly.
  • Since we didn't do any schoolish work last week due to VBS, we started back this week.  Reagan did some sight words and math facts.  When she can read/answer the card quickly, it is then put in Anderson's jar.  And when he knows his sight word quickly, it is moved to Graham's bucket (if it is simple enough for him to sound out).  Campbell's jar is full of alphabet magnets that she is working on.   
  • So one at a time we worked on that and when they weren't working with me, they were reading trying to rack up enough books to earn a free book at Barnes and Noble for their summer reading program.  And then everyone had a turn vacuuming while everyone else was getting ready for the day.
  • We made it out the door in plenty of time with a semi picked up house.  As soon as I backed out of the garage, I was pretty worried about us being able to do our lessons today due to the rain but thankfully it held off.  
  • We dropped Keaton and Whitman off at Nonna and Pops house.  Keaton started fussing when I climbed out of the van-she thought I was the only one getting out of the car and that she wasn't going to get to.  So when I opened the van door, she started shouting "buckle, buckle, out."  She was thrilled to get out of the van and realize that she was getting to stay.
  • At the pool, it took me awhile to find our swim teacher but then I looked around and their were 6 people giving swim lessons in the pool.  Maybe I should be a swim teacher!  We were there early and the kids had time to swim some before their lessons started.
  • Campbell and Graham were the first ones.  The teacher and her helper introduced themselves and the kids followed them in the water.  Campbell was a bit hesitant and walked behind Graham holding on to his shirt.  Would love to have gotten a picture of that.  Soon though she was grinning from ear to ear having a great time.  They worked on pushing the water away and both did really good.  A few times it even looked like Campbell swam a few feet.  And they were even able to slide down the slide a few times.  
  • Reagan and Anderson were the next ones and by the end of the lesson, Reagan was swimming across the pool and Anderson was almost doing as well as Reagan.  They worked on floating on their backs some and I have never been able to get her to do that.  The kids were pretty exhausted by the end of the lesson.  Robby was even able to come and see a bit of the lessons.  
  • We then headed back to Nonna's house to eat lunch.  The kids changed clothes and even had a few minutes to play before we headed home.  At home, Keaton and Whitman had a nap and the others played upstairs.  They played hard and the toy room which was already a mess became trashed-I mean trashed.  Due to some later disobedience during the day the toy room was picked up by them and Reagan and Anderson even had to write sentences "I will obey my mom the first time."  
  • Reagan so wanted to go outside but wasn't going unless I was.  Since I was a bit busy I told her that I wouldn't be able to and she didn't take no for an answer.  She just followed me around saying that she would go outside when I did-neither one of us ever made it outside!
  • Nonna, Pops and Jason came over for a delayed Father's Day supper.  We had Mexican casserole, rice, beans, chips, salsa and the traditional Mexican dessert of cookies.  After we ate, the kids ran around like crazy until everyone left and then it was bedtime!

June 16, 2013-Happy Father's Day!

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Celebrating Father's Day!

  • One thing that never happens here is me waking up before anyone else in the house-but I did today!  I guess when I was in school, I was the first one up.  But now, it sure isn't me.  Today though since it was Father's Day, I had to get a move on.  
  • After getting ready, I quickly went upstairs to get the kids ready and then we came downstairs to prepare our big Father's Day breakfast.  The preparation was minimal-cut rice krispy treat, grab coke from fridge and open honey bun package.  The kids were so excited about all of this and they even happily shared what everyone would bring to Robby-Keaton was even handed a fork to carry in the room.  And Graham and Reagan worked out who would walk in the room first-honeybun, followed by fork, then rice krispy treats and drink.  
  • Robby was quite pleased with all of his breakfast and soon everyone was sitting on our bed having honey buns.  Robby was ready in no time-no raccoon today this morning!  (But you would not believe the smell outside tonight.  We guess it is that raccoon even though he took it 100 yards away.  Don't know what else he could have done-buried it I guess but it was a work day.  I am not too sure if they would have believed him when he walked in a 10 and said I am late because I was burying my raccoon)
  • Anyway, we stopped at a car wash on the way to church.  The white van had turned a nice shade of grey.  Robby wanted to do the drive through car wash but he was a little fuzzy on the actual height of the van so I talked him out of it.  He still washed the van and the kids all squealed with delight....love that simple things still excite them so.
  • Breakfast number 2 was at church for VBS family day.  They had fruit kabobs and doughnuts or breakfast casserole.  The room was decorated neat and the kids enjoyed eating with all of the McGuires.  Reagan even won a gift card to Sonic-it did help that we were told to fill out one per person-we were bound to win!
  • Then it was on to Sunday school for everyone.  Robby and Graham then had breakfast number 3 for our classes father's day celebration.  Graham was happy to have Robby eat with him.  Last week he made a picture of his Super Hero dad and filled in the blank to say that his dad was his super hero because "he has 3 lawnmowers."
  • I had worship care with Keaton and 3 others so it was pretty relaxing.  Reagan and the other children sang a VBS song during big church.  And Robby said the kids were an 8 of 10 during church-pretty good.  Reagan did have to go to the bathroom during church-I had to explain to her tonight that there would be no more getting up unless she thought she was going to make a mess in her pants! 
  • Grannymom had lunch for everyone and Reagan told Lilly all about the crafts that she made in VBS.  Then the kids all played quietly while the grown ups hung out-"the kids all played quietly"-don't hear that often!
  • Back at home, the kids rested for a bit and then played in the toy room for awhile.  Whitman snoozed on the couch and Campbell helped me laminate some (if only she could help me cut out what all I am laminating!)  She did look at the things we were laminating and kept saying "I wish this was mine."  Almost every bit of it is-I am working hard to keep her busier and quieter this year during school.  
  • Soon we all ended up outside and all had a walk down the road.  Today was the first time that Reagan had enough confidence to ride her bike that far.  Though by the end of the day she was going over roots and up and down the dirt pile.  
  • We had a big soccer game with a whopping score of 2-1.  Then it was time for popsicles and showers.  Next up was dinner-and seriously, we are always having to feed these kids-breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, goodness gracious.  
  • After we ate, they started watching a baking competition show that was on.  We let them stay up and watch the entire thing and when it was over, they asked if they could watch the next one tomorrow.  Robby said that the next one would come on tv next week and they would have to wait a week.  "A week?" they gasped.  They could not believe the show would not be on tv for another week-we are raising a Netflix generation of kids!

June 15, 2013

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Good 'ole Nerf water gun fight!

  • We didn't hear from anyone until 7:30 this morning-that is a good night!  The kids slowly trickled into our room and the kitchen-the last around 8:30.  It was Campbell and she came in saying "I slept til there wasn't a 7."  
  • The kids all had breakfast and watched a movie and then we quickly moved from there to making a treat for tomorrow and making cards as well.  Then the big 4 went upstairs to change clothes and Keaton got to sit on the kitchen cabinet to help me make cookies for Sunday school.  She would look in my mixer and say "eww."  But after Anderson walked through and had a lick, she was all about sticking her hand in my bowl (I didn't let her-too much-since I am taking them to church.)
  • Oh, yes while I was making those cookies, I realized that I didn't have any eggs.  I checked the fridge outside and told Robby, who was working on the tractor with Grandpa outside, that I would run down the road to pick some up.  It took me nearly an hour before I was able to organize things to be calm enough for me to leave-or sneak out.  And that is what I did-I snuck out of the house.  I was only gone for about 10 minutes and may just start running to the gas station and leave the kids by themselves.  Kidding!  Robby was right out in the garage...this time!
  • The morning flew by with lots of dirt playing and bike riding and soon we were loading up to go to Toys R Us and pick up Kennedy.  We were meeting Kennedy at Toys R Us and we even got lost on the way.  We took the wrong exit and ended up on 630 and where we tried to turn around we couldn't so we had to go to the next exit and turn around.  
  • At the toy store, they had a free lego event.  They had boxes with numbers on them and you were able to gather enough legos to build a little police car.  It was a pretty neat deal and all the kids (except Whitman and Keaton) left with a lego car.  We even let them look around the store for a bit-they were in heaven since we rarely get to look at toys.  We only made it to the legos (right near the door) and then we left-and no one complained.
  • Maybe they were excited about the next activity.  Before we started on that though the kids had lunch and then we all headed outside...for a big water day.  First activity was a water gun fight.  The kids all had lots of fun and did well during the water gun play.  We even had a few water balloons to play with.  Then we moved across the yard to play in the blow up pool and the water hopscotch.  
  • They all had so much fun and were wet and tired when we finally finished.  We herded everyone in for showers and then they had some down time before we headed out again to go and eat pizza.  
  • Seriously, you should have seen Robby and I trying to figure out how many people we had when we were getting the table.  Just adding Kennedy and Jodee was enough to throw us and we had not a clue.  Maybe it was all of the people gawking at us when we walked in with 7 kids that still had us flustered.  The kids were able to "play" the video games while we waited on our pizza and the evening was pretty smooth.
  • Back at home, we had our ice cream and then bedtime for my sleepy crew!

June 14, 2013

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Have you seen anything cuter?

  • Day number 5 of Bible school.  The kids woke up fine this morning and were ready quickly.  Things seemed normal until Robby was outside for awhile.  I briefly wondered where he was but then forgot. A few minutes later, he came back in the house and said "only in the country."  This meant something exciting had happened and we all gathered around.  
  • He discovered a dead raccoon tangled up in our hose reel just a few feet from our trash can.  He said the thing was at least 25 pounds.  He carried it back to the deep woods.  The kids were really interested in the story and then asked "what is a raccoon?"  So we had to find a picture of one to show him and everyone else.
  • The kids all came home with lots of loot from VBS-notice Keaton's pictures-aren't they adorable?  Reagan was a bit sad that the week was over but everyone else is pretty tired.  And they were all tired today because game time was the inflatables and Campbell's class even played in the water.  Another great year at VBS.
  • And Graham was pretty thrilled that it was over because he knew that today was the day that he went home with Will to swim.  Graham said that they swam, had pizza and ice cream.  This was big time stuff to G.  
  • Back at home, the rest of us had Taco Bell on the way home and then the kids went outside first.  Funny because they were always on their scooters but since everyone can ride bikes now, no one has touched the scooters in days!  
  • They all came back in for Keaton's nap and a few movies.  And when Robby and Campbell went to pick up Graham, all of us went back outside.  And there we stayed until almost 6.  The kids all rode their bikes, played in the dirt and swang on the swings.  
  • Just as I was about to come up with supper, we realized that I didn't have any thawed bread.  So we just decided to load up and pick up a fresh loaf on the way to the pool.  At the pool, the kids swam while Robby fixed sandwiches and Anderson's teacher from Comm Central held Whitman.  
  • After supper, Robby stood in the deeper water with Keaton and they caught all the kids as they came down the slide.  Campbell was the only one with floatees.  He said that Anderson and Reagan do pretty good and can swim under the water.  And Graham probably has a false sense of security and can doggie paddle to Robby.  I was a bit less nervous today but still don't like seeing them in the water without floatees....hmm, maybe that is why I can't swim.
  • Whitman spit up a ton on Anderson's teacher and then did the same with me.  His tummy wasn't too pleased but he calmed once we got back in the car.  (Not calm now though but is waiting until I am finished with this blog).  
  • Once home, the kids had showers and to bed-we are getting pretty good at this swimming routine!  If only my washing machines could fold and put up this laundry by themselves!

June 13, 2013

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Thursday Evening Swim!

  • Not really sure what Whitman did all day during VBS yesterday but whatever it was led to a wonderful night around here.  His usual routine is to wake up when we put the others to bed and then wake again in the middle of the night.  But last night, he went to bed when the others did which led to me writing last nights blog with no one in my lap which was probably the first time in a few months.  Then I gave him a bottle before we went to sleep and he slept all night...so far that routine isn't happening tonight as Robby is feeding him now and he will probably be handed off to me soon.
  • So this morning we woke up to Graham standing next to my bed.  When I looked at him he said "can I go and look at my kickstand."  Of course that is what everyone does at 6:30 in the morning so out he went to the garage.  He came back grinning from ear to ear-so excited about his kick stand and his new bike riding skills.  Robby worked late last night and thankfully when he came in, he put everyone's new kick stands on their bikes.
  • Robby worked from home today so he was around to help us until we left.  On the way we listened to the preschool cd from VBS.  There is one song on the cd that Reagan's group sings.  She was telling me about it and said "you know, we sing it in the morning.  It is almost like big church."  That made me laugh because the opening of VBS is nothing like big church!
  • Fairly uneventful morning and since Robby was able to help with pick up, it was an uneventful pick up.  My van load headed home and Robby's van load picked up pizza.  Once at home, the kids devoured the pizza-VBS makes you hungry.  
  • Then they played for a while until it was time to watch a few movies.  After their movie, I ushered everyone outside and woke Keaton up to join the others.  They spent most of the time outside trying to get used to using their kickstands.  The kickstands are pretty hard to push up and down right now since they are new.  
  • I came out and we took a little walk and then Robby pushed everyone on the swing.  By this time we were crazy hot and sweaty.  So we put on our suits and headed to the pool.  The water was perfect today and we all swam a bit.  Whitman hung out in the shade and stayed pretty cool.  He spent most of his timing snoozing and then had a bottle as I was trying to dry off before heading home.
  • Before we left, Robby let Reagan and Anderson go down the slide by themselves and then swim to the edge.  Robby was standing on the edge watching them along with the lifeguard but this all made me crazy nervous.  They did it over and over again-poor Graham really wanted to but Robby wouldn't let him.  He told him that after swim lessons next week he could do it.  
  • By the time we made it home, it was after 8 so we put it into high gear with showers, supper, teeth and bed.  The kids are all exhausted but are ready for VBS tomorrow-inflatables for the big 3 and water day for Campbell!

June 12, 2013

Wednesday Dinner Outside!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Whitman ate sometime in the middle of the night-it was dark when I started feeding him and dark when he had finished his bottle, so I am going to guess it was around 3ish.  Though I really don't know because I couldn't see the hour number on the clock-and I was too tired to take another step closer to look.  Last night was the first night in a while that he went right back to sleep and I was able to lay him back into his bouncy...or maybe it wasn't I really can't remember!
  • We were up and ready at a decent time.  And even left on time-though I am beginning to get a complex since the workers in Whitman's class say every morning "We were wondering if he was going to come."  I guess he is the last one in his class each day but we still arrive on time.  
  • Today was pancake and waffle day at home so the kids were pleased about that. After I served up the food, I ran off to get ready so we could leave on time.  The kids are getting better about loading up-Monday after putting on their shoes, the boys took off on their bikes.  And I mean took off...I had to use my crazy mother voice to reign them back into the garage.  
  • The kids were very pleased again about putting their offering in.  This time I gave everyone 3 quarters.  Last night Robby had suggested that the kids put some of their money into the offering.  That did not go over to well.  I guess that we will have to start talking about being generous.  Though today when Beebee gave them 2 dollars apiece-one for this week and one for last week when she forgot-I told them that they would put one in their bank and one in the offering plate.  
  • After VBS, Robby helped me pick up the crew and then we headed to Arbys to eat lunch.  Everyone was hungry because they all finished a sandwich.  All but Keaton, it is hard to eat when you are busy screaming.  That poor child is just exhausted by the end of the day and taking her anywhere isn't a great idea.  She was even so tired this afternoon that she screamed during her nap time.
  • Next stop was seeing Beebee.  She has a new roommate and the roommate's husband was there so I guess all of this change somehow convinced the kids that they could change their behavior and start acting like a bunch of hoodlums.  Seriously, I would have put them right to bed this afternoon due to their behavior but I didn't think I could handle all of the uproar that would cause!  
  • Back at home, the kids watched some of a movie and had a snack.  Soon Nonna and Pops came over and brought everyone Sonic drinks.  This did give Screaming Keaton a reprieve from her nap so she was able to get up.  By this time in the day, Whitman was hanging out in his diaper and socks.  It is the new style which says "look at me, my mom is frazzled and I am not the only one screaming in this house!"  
  • The boys were so ready to show Nonna and Pops their bike riding skills.  And Reagan hopped right on her bike and took off as well to show off.  She and Graham still needed help starting but they all did well.  
  • After Nonna and Pops left, I went in (and may or may not have locked the door behind me).  I ran around the house picking up a bit, putting laundry up, getting pjs and stuff ready for this evening and putting together supper.  Soon I was out the door again with a pan full of supper for the kids.  We ate at the picnic table and stayed out for a few more minutes-it was a pretty pleasant evening despite the heat today.
  • Once inside, the kids were pretty perfect-we had showers and then the big 4 cleaned a potty.  Graham did his reading book, Reagan worked on picking out her clothes, Campbell put up diapers and Anderson helped out as well.  
  • Soon I put Keaton in bed and the others followed.  They all told me one thing that they learned from VBS today and then Robby who had to work late and he made it home just as we were about to say prayers.  After prayers, it was lights out!

June 11, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
Dancing Queen!

  • Yesterday, Anderson and I were talking about VBS.  He was telling me all of the things that he had done and how much fun he was having.  So I said "and tomorrow we can do it all again."  He looked at me and said "really? I wish you hadn't signed me up."  I was shocked and he continued that it was too long and he had to go to too many rooms.  
  • Then on the other hand, I have my social butterfly who said that the other girls in her class didn't love VBS as much as she did.  She likes it because they have a different craft and different snack and different songs (different than Sunday School, choir or Awana)  Reagan also said that she couldn't wait to go back tomorrow.  I guess this week will be a long week for Anderson and a short week for Reagan.
  • Graham seems to enjo y VBS too-he didn't get at my table this morning but really didn't seem to mind (which bothered me!).  Campbell was tickled with making pictures, a bracelet and even having a snack. She called her snack a "mix" today and it was indeed a trail mix type thing.  Keaton came out of her room today with stickers and a musical shaker that she was thrilled about.  And Whitman is also being well attended to in his class-at least 5 teachers seem to be in there when I go to pick him up.  
  • Today during pick up, I grabbed Keaton first which was a mistake but she was the closest one to me. Then I picked up Graham and we walked to get Whitman.  I told them to wait right there when I went  in his room to gather him and his stuff.  Keaton just sat by the window and waited on us.  This caused all of the nursery workers to ooh and aah over her behavior and compliment me on my parenting skills.  I tried to say that things always aren't like that and things would soon fall a part.  Little did I know, right after picking up Campbell, Keaton just laid down in the middle of the hall and refused to go any further.  She was done with church, done following me around and done with people talking to her.  
  • When we made it to the van, it was a zillion degrees inside but after opening the doors and turning on the air, the van cooled off fairly quickly-well by the time that everyone was buckled.  Our afternoon adventure was Grannymom's house (kids) and the grocery store (me).  The kids were happy to tell Grannymom and Grandpa all about their day and the crafts they made.  Reagan was so excited to show off her new shirt that they made for crafts yesterday.
  • At Grannymom's the kids had lunch and then they went for a bike ride on Dana's street.  I don't know if it was the heat or if my girls are a bit lazy but they ended up getting a ride home.  The kids were all still a bit hot and red faced when I came back from the grocery store.  I had milk in the 100 degree car so we couldn't stay long.  
  • Once at home, my helpers emptied the car for me and the highlight was pulling out the 6 foot board that I had picked up at Home Depot to make a height chart for the kids.  I should have taken a picture of three of the kids hauling it across the garage-it was just a few feet but we almost knocked out a window and lost a limb or two!  
  • My rule when we get home is that no one can watch a movie until after I have unloaded the car-grocery store day or any other day.  And all of my stuff has to be put up.  This rule is really for my sake because I don't want to waste their movie time with unloading.  Their movie time is for me to do some chores that are more fun-like today, cleaning off the top of the washing machine and wiping toothpaste off of the walls!
  • Soon Robby was home and we had supper-smashed hamburger sandwiches.  Some people call this meal sloppy joes but when we say that I have 5 kids that don't eat a thing.  When we call it smashed hamburger sandwiches everyone eats.  Well, at least they used to-today Campbell and Keaton didn't eat and they didn't get dessert.  Just imagine how that went over.  Robby told Campbell that her plate had to be clean to get dessert so first she put her sandwich on the table, then tried by putting it on the floor and finally dumped it in the trash.  She was so proud of herself for her ingenuity.  My sweet Reagan even tried to sneak her some of her dessert since clearly Campbell was not getting any.  
  • Keaton didn't get dessert either and eventually had to be put into her bed to calm down.  She must be pretty exhausted or she is going through a stage that I do not like at all.  But after a few minutes in her bed she was happy as she could be and sat quietly in my lap as Graham did his reading book.
  • Soon Campbell saw Jason outside-he is picking up rocks from our yard to fill in a planter in his yard.  The kids went outside to say hi for a few minutes and then I ushered everyone in for bed.  In just a few minutes everyone was in bed fast asleep...and that is when Whitman woke up for the evening!