November 30, 2011

Funny Face!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Last night there was quite a bit of excitement around the house-Robby had caught the mouse's tail.  It had gotten stuck in one of the traps and Robby was pleased to show it off to me and the kids.  Reagan was probably the most excited of all and shouted "if there was school tomorrow, I could take it to show and tell."- just love her!
  • Keaton had started waking around 6ish for her bottle and before she can finish, the rest of the kids are going strong.  They played for a bit in the toy room and then everyone ended up in bed with me and Keaton.  When Robby left, we were all sitting on my bed.  It was pretty crowded with 6 of us in the bed-might have to get that king size bed.
  • We made cinnamon biscuit for breakfast while I ran (literally) around the house to straighten, empty the trash, start laundry and take a shower.  You can get alot done while biscuits are in the oven.  
  • Next up was school-Keaton is so cute sitting in her bumbo and everyone saying the memory work keeps her happy for quite awhile.  We had almost finished school when Nonna and Pops stopped by.  Reagan shouted from the school room "I'm coming, I just have one sentence left."  And she indeed finished her sentence before coming to eat the donuts that they had brought.  Campbell devoured hers and then was ready for her 3rd when we cut her off-she was not pleased at all about this.
  • Nonna and Pops stayed for a quite awhile and played.  Pops played hide and seek with the kids and I can remember playing hide and seek with my grandpa too.  While they were playing hard, I was working hard packing.  5 kids really equals alot of clothes and I packed light.  Oh, well, I don't think the kids will mind traveling with a suitcase in their laps.
  • We had lunch (I guess but I can't remember what it was right now) and then a nap for Campbell.  I fed Keaton and we snoozed on the couch until I woke up and lost my mind.  I decided that the boys needed their hair cut and needed it cut immediately.  It had gotten pretty long for them.  Robby usually cuts their hair but surprisingly Graham did better for me than he ever does for Robby.  He was probably worried that I didn't know what I was doing and was going to cut him.
  • Next up was supper and then church.  Reagan didn't have Sparks tonight but did have a special speaker.  She opted to stay with us and even got to see Robby and I both be the puppets.  She said she wouldn't tell the boys but I wonder when she will and what she will tell them.  Though Anderson knows that we are often the puppets but I am not sure that Graham knows yet.  
  • At home we took a few pictures of the kids, changed into our pjs and everyone headed to bed.  Another good, good day.

November 29, 2011

An early birthday present from
ACH Nutrition Study!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton ate around 6-still middle of the night to me but Robby handled this feed.  As he was taking his shower, the others started waking up and we all were ready in a decent time.  I started back to work today so everyone had to get ready but we made it fine.
  • Robby took the boys to school and I took the girls to Nonna's house.  It was snack day for the boys and Graham was so excited about being the snack helper.  He had talked about it all weekend long when he saw me setting his snack out.  Anderson, the older and more mature brother, acted like it was no big deal that he was bringing snack.  I know he was just as excited as Graham.  I sent grape juice, raisins and cheese its.  I sent raisins even though both of the boys don't like raisins-felt like I needed to send something more than crackers.
  • At Nonna's house, Keaton had only one bottle and enjoyed being held by Nonna.  Reagan and Campbell played together and Reagan even managed to do a bit of reading for her school work (with my encouragement).  I picked up Campbell and we went to pick up the boys from school.  Then we all went back to Nonna's house for lunch.  The boys would have loved to have stayed longer but we had a list of things to do.
  • First on the afternoon list was school.  The little girls were having a nap and Graham and Anderson were in and out of the room.  They all did work on the memory work together and Keaton enjoyed sitting in her bumbo listening to it all.  If I could just get everyone else to sit as still as she does!
  • After school, Reagan, Anderson and Graham played some while I tried to pack for Branson.  I didn't get much done-like I found everyone's gloves.  Ha, I didn't even find everyone's gloves I just found the kids' gloves.  I always say that packing for one night is as hard as packing for 7 nights.  The only difference is the amount of clothes that you take-it is all of the little things that can overwhelm you-baby fingernail clippers, toothbrushes, hair rubber bands-all of that stuff.  Good thing I have a master packing list because it does make it a bit easier.  Anyway...
  • The kids had supper-rice was one thing they had and remind me never to let them eat it again.  How messy-it is so tiny that they drop alot and it is soft so it doesn't sweep up well.  But Robby had been to the store and had bought Lucky Charms-what Reagan had been begging for so they had that for snack.  And when those are spilled, it does help you get more of the rice on the broom.
  • I headed off to Bunko and they watched some tv and then it was time for bed.  Robby remembered that they needed to brush their teeth as they were getting into bed but thought he would just let them skip but Anderson remembered after they had all been tucked in so everyone had to get out to brush.  So he had to retuck in all 4. Keaton has spent her evening snoozing in the swing and it is nearly 1 now and she still needs one more bottle before bed.  
  • Robby told me when I came home from Bunko that Campbell had refused to wear her pajamas to bed.  She had had them on all evening and I guess she had enough of the feetsie pajama excitement going on around here.  But when we went to check on them, not only was her pajamas off but her diaper as well.  Those cute little butt cheeks sticking up in the air.  I was in too much of a hurry to get that diaper on her and we forgot about grabbing the camera.

November 28, 2011

Keaton: "What she's so happy about?!?"
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Anderson was ready to go to school today and didn't complain that he was the only one going.  Though before he left, he made sure to hug everyone.  
  • Keaton seems to have a bit of a cold.  Her little nose is a bit runny and she might have been a tad fussier today.  She stills continues to smile and grin.  Maybe she is teething (probably a bit early) but when I rub her gums she just grins back at me. 
  • When Anderson came home from school, he said hello and walked right upstairs and started playing.  Man, those kids love that toy room.  I think that he would have stayed up there all day long if I wouldn't have called him home for lunch.  
  • After lunch, the little girls had a nap, Reagan and I played Go Fish, Graham fell asleep in my bed and Anderson watched a truck movie.  I knew Robby was going to be a bit late so I coated everyone up after they woke up and we headed out for a walk.  Actually it was practice for Silver Dollar City this weekend.  The high will be 45 so now I know what to pack (something warm-and maybe a good book for hiding out at the hotel while Robby takes the kids there).  The boys loved to run today until Graham fell down and scratched his hands.  Campbell even rode in the stroller some-it was brief but she did it.  Hopefully she will do that for Robby at Silver Dollar City.  
  • Robby came home and we all made pizzas for supper.  The kids loved making them but they were more interested in the pie that Robby brought home.  After pie, Robby ran and the kids sat in the hallway and read books.  It was an odd sight turning the corner and seeing them all lined up in the hallway reading.  They had been near Robby and he had shooed them out so he could watch what he wanted on tv.  They didn't make it to far away from him though.
  • Do you notice the picture of Keaton with her stocking-that is the reason we can't have any more kids-the stocking.  Ours were made by Ms. Hallum as a wedding gift, the kids were made by Grannymom and were Robby, Dana and Les' and I think Robby's grandpas when they were little and that left poor little Keaton needing a stocking.  I bought the kit pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant and worked off and on.  Anyway, finally it is finished (almost) and that will be the last stocking I make!
  • I am not sure about the pictures from this evening but if Campbell has on a shirt with dots-yes, I know she looks pitiful.  That is Reagan's shirt which is rather cute on Reagan but Campbell has found it and seems to think that it is her pajama shirt.  If she sees it, she puts it on and will not change.
  • Rodent update: one trap had been moved, the poison had been eaten but no sign of him yet.  Robby is on a mission and will probably try to catch him with his bear hands by the end of the week.  (and if you didn't read yesterday-the thing is in the shed not in the house-oh, dear, I hope nothing is in the house.)

November 27, 2011

Cold weather brings
out the feetsies!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • I guess the boys have not adjusted to time change since they continue to wake up at 6.  Finally Robby told them today to go and play with toys and we heard those feet patter down the hall and into the toy room and it was quiet for a few more minutes.  Robby eventually had to go up to get Campbell out of bed and later she was found standing on a bar stool in front of the fridge.  She was getting her milk but since she can't get off of the bar stools she just had to stay there until Robby or I came through to get her down.  When he finally found her, she was a bit chilly.
  • Church this morning and afterwards Campbell, Keaton and I came home early to start on lunch.  We actually didn't have to do much and had time to feed Keaton and work on a Christmas tree for Beebee.  
  • Robby brought the other crew home and soon Pops, Nonna and Jason were at our house.  We had Sunday lunch here and as soon as the kids had finished eating Nonna's delicious lemon cookies, they had taken Jason and Pops upstairs to play.  Graham has asked twice if Nonna, Pops and Jason can come back to play.
  • After lunch, Robby headed outside to find his rodent.  There is a rat/mouse in our shed #1 and it has eaten a few things (shop vac cord, stroller canopy, ice chest to name a few).  Last night Robby saw it and said it was a 2 foot long rat.  He also said he screamed like a girl when he saw it.  Today though he saw it again and was a bit calmer because he said it was just a mouse.  Anyway, he found the nest in the shed, replaced the pallet that the nest was in with bricks, burned the pallet and informed me that the animal had taken 3 gloves to its nest.  I pray that they were not my gloves.  He now has multiple traps and poison laid out and is waiting for his catch.  
  • In the house, Campbell and Keaton were napping and the rest of us played Go Fish.  We played with real cards and the kids did very, very well.  Reagan has played it multiple times but Anderson (who often doesn't want to participate in things but still watched so he learns how) even won the game.  Graham stayed with it for a long time but did't make it to the end of the game.
  • The boys came downstairs tonight wearing goggles and carrying tools.  Anderson said he was Superman and had the tools so he could rescue people out of buildings.  I asked Graham who he was and he said "I'm with him."  Later they put tape on theirselves and said that they were "race car fans."  I kind of understand the Superman bit but race car fans and tape-I just don't get it.
  • Reagan spent this time making a paper bell ornament.  She had worked pretty hard to figure out how to make it with a ringer and a hanger.  Of course, she was very upset when the poker chip didn't chime when it hit the paper bell.  Campbell sat by Reagan the entire time she worked.  I had to check on her a few times just to make sure she wasn''t coloring on the walls or something worse.  She had a glue stick and was using it on a piece of paper.  Didn't really care if she wasted it all-would be the best 33 cents spent lately.  
  • So since this is the first cool night, everyone is wearing their feetie pajamas.  Now Anderson doesn't have any his size (on his Christmas list) so he just put on Grahams.  Reagan didn't want to be left out, so she took off her feeties and put on another pair of Grahams.  Anyway, poor Anderson can not bend his feet those pjs are so tight and when I heard him coming down the stairs to show me I heard him say "I can't really breathe."
  • Campbell was the last to get on her feeties but she had already seen the others hugging and jumping around saying "we are on the feetie team."  Needless to say, when she put hers on she ran right to Anderson to show him her feet.  If I had known that wearing feetie pajamas made this happy, they could have worn them all winter.
  • We read a story before bed and Graham piped in that we better not have a fire when Santa is coming.  After a few airplane rides, it was bedtime.  Usually Keaton starts crying during our prayers but tonight I didn't hear her and thought I would have a few minutes but instead she was happily playing in the swing.  How does she know when they go to bed and when I sit down to eat.  Baby radar is amazing.

November 26, 2011

Happy Girl!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • This was supposed to be a lazy Saturday morning but everyone was dressed and outside before 9.  When the kids started getting their shoes on, Robby warned them that it was about to rain.  I stalled as long as I could before going out thinking the rain would come but goodness that rain didn't fall until almost noon.
  • When Anderson found out that we were going to let them play in the dirt (we usually do now but didn't when we first moved in) he was so excited.  I don't know what all 4 kids can do in a pile of dirt of hours and hours at a time but they sure find something.  Yesterday they had cars and trucks out but I didn't let them take any out today since I thought it was going to rain soon.  They still found plenty to occupy their time.  They did manage to find time for a few tractor rides.  Actually this morning, Campbell heard the tractor first and started taking off her pajama shirt shouting "side, side"
  • Keaton ate once while we were outside, came outside a bit to visit and then laid by the window.  I tried to lay her where she could see outside so she wouldn't feel to left out.  I did get out a toy for her to grab at today-she has started grabbing her blanket so I figured it was time.  So far, Campbell has not banged her over the head with it.  Oddly though, as rough and loud that Campbell is with Keaton, I usually see Keaton grinning at her.  
  • When we were coming in, I couldn't find Anderson and he had taken his shoes off and was sitting in front of Keaton making silly faces at her.  I called him back outside so he could strip down and head to the shower.  That is our standard procedure now-shoes, socks and clothes off at the back door and then a shower.
  • We had lunch and most everyone watched a movie while Campbell helped me get out the Christmas ornaments.  I would cringe everytime she would shout "ball" and reach for my box.  We made it through without breaking anything.  Next up we left to run a few errands and the first stop was the Tractor Supply Co.  My two boys were in absolute heaven.  They could have stayed there forever.
  • Then Reagan, Anderson and Graham played at Grannymom's house for a few minutes while we ran an errand.  Campbell and Keaton were sleeping in the car.  Before long we were all back home and having supper again.  The big event tonight was putting up the Christmas tree in the kids room.  Oh, they were so excited.  Reagan hung most of the ornaments and Campbell spent the whole time putting one ornament on and then taking it right back off.  They were all so excited to go to sleep with the tree lights on tonight.

November 25, 2011

Hanging with mom!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • We didn't have to get up crazy early for our annual black Friday shopping because I did a bit last night at Walmart.  I bought most everything I wanted.  We discussed taking the kids but opted against it since they had been asleep for hours!
  • Keaton woke to eat in the middle of the night and it was crazy foggy out-I couldn't see the birdfeeder hanging 10 feed from the house.  The boys woke at 6 and have started just going to the toy room to play.  We had breakfast and then played a few rounds of musical chairs (who doesn't do that at 7 in the morning).  Robby laid in bed and hummed for us but when it was time for duck, duck, goose he was quick to hop out of the bed and head to the shower.
  • Campbell had a shower with Robby and then once the other kids saw she had on her outside clothes, they were quick to put theirs own and head out.  Graham was so excited that he was going to get to play in the dirt and oddly enough he spent much of his time riding his bike down the front step.  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa were here early to help rake, rake, rake.  We raked all morning long, had two burn piles and still have over 3/4th of the yard to do.  The yard is really taking shape and I regret not taking pictures when we first moved in.  And when we build the pergola, outdoor bbq and seating around the fire pit the yard will perfect-kidding!
  • We worked in the yard until time for the game and the kids took a quick shower.  Yes, one quick shower for 4 kids has to be quick-one steps in, one washes, one rinses and one steps out-like a mini assembly line.  They all donned their Razorback gear and were interested in the game for a few minutes.
  • During most of the game, Graham, Campbell and Keaton napped and Anderson and Reagan watched a few movies.  The boys played a bit of football with Grannymom before she headed home and soon it was time for supper-seems like all we do is sleep and eat around here.  
  • The trash truck comes pretty early and we missed it this morning (though the neighbors that just keep their trash can on the street did not miss trash day-this makes Robby crazy).  So Robby loaded up the trash and unloaded it at an undisclosed location.  Campbell and the boys went with him and I thought I would have a few minutes to get a few things done but by the time I pulled the laundry out of the dryer they were back home.
  • Everyone had an airplane ride before bed and all are sleeping soundly.  

Thanksgiving: November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Anderson ended up in bed with us sometime (it was probably early this morning).  But before we really woke up he was gone (upstairs playing) and I asked Robby if I just dreamed Anderson being in bed with us.  Robby and I talked for a bit and then he said "did you take the numbers off of the sign?"  I had not-since I had not a clue what he was talking about.  He had fallen back asleep and was dreaming in the middle of our conversation.
  • After breakfast, we worked on our turkey-our cheese and grape turkey.  The kids thought they were something else making that turkey.  And this reminded Anderson that he really wanted a big turkey (the whole kind that you see sitting on a platter).  He suggested that Robby kill it and Pops could bring over his gun so Robby could shoot it.  Also the acorns that we had gathered would attract it.  I think I am going to buy him a cornish hen to eat.
  • Graham and Campbell watched the parade a bit.  Graham would become so excited whenever he saw something that he recognized.  Anderson did walk through the room and I told them that I wanted to take them to the parade one day in New York City.  Anderson asked "isn't that where they have the bed bugs?"  I guess we won't be going there-but Anderson does want to go to Germany to drive on the road with no speed limits and to Venice to float around in the boats.
  • After cleaning the toy room, watching a movie, coloring some turkeys and waiting patiently, all of our Thanksgiving guests showed up-at the same time.  We thought everyone would arrive at 11 and sure enough they all did.  I still had to make my biscuits but it didn't take too long and the meal was on the table by 12.  
  • Our kitchen was full with Grannymom, Grandpa, Dana, Jenna, Lilly, Cash, Papaw, Nonna, Pops and Jason along with the rest of us.  The kids didn't do too much eating even though the rest of us did.  After lunch the kids headed outside to play and play they did.  They had a few tractor rides, played on the swing, made acorns appetizers for the squirrels and even played in the dirt.  They did go and look at the horses down the road and everyone spent alot of time running.  Graham ran across the whole yard (not an easy feat for such a big yard and little legs) to catch up with Robby on the tractor.  
  • Soon Lilly and Cash left so the kids came inside.  They all had baths and found their pajamas to put on.  I had laid on clothes for them but they automatically found their pjs.  They probably felt it was later than it was-it was only 3ish  
  • We then had supper and at one point, Reagan said "if I eat another thing, I will explode"-I felt the same way.
  • Jason was the only one left at the house and we heard lots of screaming from upstairs.  I could hear Reagan screaming about blood, Anderson was crying and screaming and Graham was whining.  Then I heard the boys slide down the steps looking white so I headed upstairs-grabbing a towel on the way up.  Reagan had banged her tooth into Graham's head and was bleeding.  She had bit her lip but then she also now had a tooth hanging by a thread.  She had showed it to Grandpa earlier today but sweared to me that it wasn't loose early.  She quickly calmed and then I had to calm the boys.  Campbell stayed right by Reagan asking "ok? what happened? ok? what happened?"  When Reagan left the sink to go and show off her tooth, Campbell followed carrying a towel for her.  Sweet little girl.
  • The kids were exhausted tonight-well, Keaton slept all day long but she is getting ready to wake up now.  We have discovered that she knows the sound of the microwave and will stop fussing for a few seconds waiting on the bottle.  She had a pretty great first Thanksgiving-loved on by her grandmas.
  • Reagan and Anderson said that their favorite part of the day was "Thanksgiving" and Graham's favorite part was "seeing Jenna."  The day couldn't have been much more perfect.  

November 23, 2011

Finger licking good!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • It was a fairly lazy morning around here-we didn't even start school until 10.  Though we did make cinnamon crescent rolls for breakfast and then I completely lost my mind and suggested that we make turkey handprints on the huge rice krispie treat thing.  I traced their hands (except Keatons-we just guessed) with icing, they each stirred the food coloring in their icing and everyone decorated their own tail feathers (except Campbell who was busy licking her icing bowl clean).  It was a mess but they all had a good time.
  • Since Campbell had yellow icing smeared from her head to toe, she was allowed to have a shower with me today.  It was a bit chilly in the house and she was adamant that she wanted her clothes on as soon as we got out.  Hers clothes were upstairs and mine were downstairs-quite a dilemma.  She can put on most of hers by herself but had to have a diaper first since she frequently wets (or worse) the floor when she doesn't have a diaper on.
  • For school, they all had a few Thanksgiving worksheets that were the same.  And you would have thought that was the coolest thing ever.  Graham was so excited to be doing what Reagan was doing.  Anderson is doing pretty good sounding out words.  Today he read-this, on, cat and one other word which I can't remember (and I am not getting up to look either)
  • Soon it was almost lunch but before Graham helped me make a butterfinger pie.  Campbell joined and especially loved when I turned on the blender.  Anderson also showed up to help the last bit but surprisingly, Reagan never showed up.  Next up was lunch and then more playing.  Campbell had an early nap since we were going to go shopping with Robby this afternoon.
  • When Robby came home, he had a few errands to run and we walked around Walmart to kill time.  Remind me never to take the kids shopping this close to Christmas.  Seriously, I am going to have to rework my entire Christmas plans.  But then when I go upstairs and see this huge toy room covered completely with toys (you can't even tell what color the carpet is) I think that they don't need anything at all.  There are four of them that play with the toys-and really, they play with most everything.  I was telling Robby the other day that one toy I had specifically thought about putting in the garage sale, they have played with for hours over the last few days.
  • One of Robby's stops today was Burger King and he had to order fries.  Anderson smelled them and said "oh, those smell SOOO good."  They had quite the feast during our errand running-crackers and juice boxes from home, fries, cheese from both grocery store and chocolate covered pretzels.  Life is good for the Dennie kids.  
  • When we made it home, Reagan thought that it was Thanksgiving and she headed upstairs to clean up the toy room.  I had to tell her that that was in the morning and not right now.  So they finished playing and are in bed-it was quite rowdy up there for a bit.  One night I am going to hide under the bed so I can really see what is going on up there.  

November 22, 2011

Instant makeover!?!?!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Since Graham wasn't allowe to come downstairs in the middle of the night, he just started yelling "Daddy, I'm ready to get upppp!"  I just thought the night had passed quickly until I heard Robby telling him over the monitor "Graham, go back to sleep it is 2:00."  I'll assume that Robby eventually persuaded him to go back to sleep but to tell you the truth, I went back to sleep.
  • As is our tradition the past few mornings, I tell whoever is here that I am going to take my shower and Campbell starts following me trying to take her shirt off to join me.  I normally wouldn't mind if she was in her pajamas but since she already has on her clothes, I say no and she falls apart.  So I have to wait a few more minutes until she leaves my side and then I have to sneak a shower.  
  • Robby took the boys to school and the girls started on school work.  Campbell wants to do just what Reagan is doing so I can usually keep her entertained but she is quick to notice when her paper is not like Reagan's paper, if I don't hand her a marker just like Reagan's or if I don't give her the same number of magnets.  I truly can't believe how much Reagan has done this year already.  We have filled a binder of school work and it isn't December.  We will be starting the next math book in December and I am going to have to buy more phonics books-I thought the ones we had would last all year.  Good problem to have though.
  • We returned the neighbors cookie pan with some ooey gooey in it and then started on our afternoon adventure.  First we picked up the boys and then all went to see Beebee.  Nonna was there and the kids were glad to see her.  We took Beebee the lemon bars that Reagan made yesterday (2 ingredient lemon bars-not so good).  The kids had always been pretty good at the hospital but they were a bit rowdier today (no one probably notices but me).  When we left, I told them that they earned a B- as a grade while inside.
  • Despite their B grade, the boys got to do the best thing imaginable while visiting Beebee-push her in her wheelchair.  Actually, Beebee must be quite medicated to let a 4 and 3 year old push her down the hall.  I was right nearby helping (they were not happy about that) but there were plenty of walkers, wheelchairs and even a few dogs in the hall (seriously) for them to avoid.  Anyway, Anderson watched a tv show where the character pushes someone in a wheelchair and I know he was thrilled to do the same.  They were both very conscientious about doing a good job-went slow, watched for others (as best you can when you can't see over the wheelchair) and were careful turning corners.
  • Next up I had to run into work to pick up a few pieces of paper.  I parked right by the door, locked the car, took the keys and ran in.  I know, that's bad but since I could see the car at all times I did it anyway.  It just took 20 seconds as compared to taking 20 minutes if everyone had gotten out.  Of course, when I pulled into the grocery store parking lot next and told everyone to stay buckled (I wanted to check my phone for a few seconds) Anderson asked in a quite alarmed voice "are we going to have to stay in the car?"
  • I considered it (kidding) but everyone did go in.  Keaton and Campbell in the shopping cart, the food on the bottom and Reagan, Anderson and Graham struggling to keep up with me.  I kept reminding them "stay behind me" but they kept running into each other-I guess they thought that had to be in a single file line.  I just wanted them behind me so I as not to run any of them down.
  • I did put two packages of cookies in my cart and use those as my bribes.  They had 5 points and lost 4 and if they lost one more they couldn't get the cookies.  This caused Reagan to step into action.  I could hear her saying "let's be good boys." "let's don't talk." "let's play a game where we don't touch anything."  Poor thing, she was trying so hard to make sure everyone had cookies.  Of course, they were going to get cookies anyway-they hadn't eaten lunch.  (Don't call scan-when we made it home, I offered lunch and had no takers, I then offered a snack and had no takers-all they cared about was getting upstairs to play in the toy room).  As we walked out of the store, Reagan asked "did we get an F?"  She was quite surprised when I said they got an A-.  Anytime, we can get out of the store with all of us, no yelling and me completing my list with few tears, it is a good day.
  • Back at home, they played upstairs and the little girls had naps.  I moved Keaton up to her big girl bottles.  She is guzzling the milk down.  Robby figured the per bottle price to be $3 and after a few moments of panic, we figured out that he had misfigured-we were greatly relieved.
  • Soon it was supper and frozen grapes and cookies for dessert.  They then played upstairs more and watched a movie before bed.  Our entertainment this evening was the kids playing with a few trinkets from Robby's work from a left over project.  Everyone got a good laugh!  Although Graham wanted everyone to keep wearing them even after everyone else was done!
  • Things sound kind of quiet up there tonight so we will see what the evening holds.    

November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast
at Comm Central!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Apparently there is a whole lot happening upstairs in the middle of the night that we have not a clue about despite the monitor.  Reagan said that she had to get up 3 times last night.  Once to turn off a nightlight (Robby had turned it on instead of the fish lamp which they asked us not to turn on).  Again to make the clock stop blinking because that was scaring Graham (clock was blinking because the power went out).  And then again to walk Graham down the steps and all the way to our room (guess he isn't so brave after all).  I guess she turned around and went back upstairs to bed after bringing him to us.  Anyway, we made it pretty clear that no one was to get out of bed tonight-though we have already heard feet prowling around above our head.
  • Robby took Reagan and Anderson to school.  It was feast day for them both.  More on that later.  Since Robby took the big kids, our schedule here was a bit out of our routine.  Graham followed me around and eventually played a game and then watched a movie until it was time for us to go.  Campbell paid a bit of attention to what Graham was doing but most of her attention was give to Keaton this morning.  Who by the way, ate 2 times in the middle of the night-that may be normal for some babies but not for our Dennie babies.  
  • Our goal was to arrive at church a little after 10:30 to see some of Anderson's feast.  But the traffic was pretty bad due to the rain so we missed Anderson's feast but did make it in time to help get ready for Reagan's feast (all of the set up folks were also stuck in traffic).  As I worked setting up, Graham played, Keaton slept and Campbell helped herself to the desserts.  We picked up Anderson and then all went back over for Reagan's feast.  The boys played until it was time to eat.  Campbell sat by Reagan and her class and waited patiently.
  • When it was time to eat, Graham also sat by Reagan and Anderson hung out by Keaton near the stroller.  They all did line up for desserts and once Campbell was finished with her dessert plate-she went to get back in line (didn't let her).  Reagan's teacher held Keaton and many of Reagan's class mates enjoyed patting the baby on the head.
  • We left church just as they reopened the interstate so we were able to zoom on over to Nonna's house with little traffic.  The kids played there and I even snuck out to run an errand.  After a bit we headed back home.
  • The boys alternated between playing upstairs and watching a movie.  They watched a tractor movie and then played tractor then they watched a fire truck movie and then played fire truck.  Reagan helped me make a few things and she was very excited when I told her I would need her help to make our Thanksgiving food.  I mostly just handed her the things to make and left her alone-she really thought she was something else.  
  • Soon Robby was home and we were eating supper-mini hamburgers and bbq beans from my bunko freezer meal swap.  The kids played fairly well until bedtime-fairly well means no blood or bruises.  Then it was bedtime for them and ice cream time for me.

November 20, 2011

Yummy snack mix from Sunday School!  
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Brave Graham came all the way down to our room in the middle of the night again.  I am thinking that this is becoming a habit but since we all slept fine until Keaton woke up it was fine with me.  When Keaton woke up for her milk, Robby went upstairs to claim Graham's bed and he moved Graham over to his spot.  I was back asleep and Graham must have heard others waking up on the monitor because he soon disappeared back up the stairs.
  • They had donuts for breakfast and then we headed to church.  We had quite the time in big church today.  First, Anderson had a scratch on his hand and I only pointed to it.  Since he hadn't seen that scratch before he immediately started crying and needing a band aid.  Next, the offering plate came by and poor Reagan wasn't ready so it took her at least a minute to dig in her purse and get her money into the plate.  And finally, even though we had discussed the Lord's Supper, Anderson was NOT happy that he was not getting to partake.  He sat there with his arms folded across his chest and his little bottom lip sticking out as far as it could.
  • Next was Grannymom's house for lunch.  Campbell probably ate more off of her plate than anyone else.  The kids then played a bit on the swing before we headed home.  We actually stopped by the Burlingame house that we had driven by quite a bit.  Friends from church bought it and we toured it.  The kids sat in the car with a bribe of a movie and a snack.  Though Reagan did have to start feeding Keaton and Graham was about to potty out of the side door before we returned.  
  • Back at home, Reagan and Anderson watched a movie, Keaton and Campbell napped and Graham went outside with Robby to cut down a few trees.  Actually it was only a bush or two and a tiny tree.  But Graham enjoyed helping and supervising.  After I finished my work, Campbell was ready to get up and we headed out followed  by Reagan and Anderson.  We all worked outside until dark.  
  • Baths and then supper-edamame, hummus, grapes and bbq.  Next up Graham asked to go to bed so of course we obliged.  Soon everyone was in bed and I was feeding Keaton her second whole bottle right in a row.  I think I better wash those bigger bottles tomorrow.   

November 19, 2011

Would Mom approve?

She's driving!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton woke up at 4:44 to be exact and after her bottle she thought that it was morning time.  I tried to lay her back in her bouncy but she refused this.  So I gave her a bit more milk and we sat in the living room for a bit.  She looked around and I caught up on my email, blogs, facebook and pinterest.  Not much happens between midnight and 4. 
  • About the time Keaton and I were heading back to bed, Graham was waking up at Grannymom's house.  Robby had bet he would sleep until 8 over there but 5 was when he woke up.  He even went on Grannymom and Grandpa's two mile walk this morning-and it was still dark.  
  • Back here, everyone stirred at about the same time but we were all pretty slow at getting started.  We did get a few things done before it was time to head to Sams for brunch.  Reagan and Anderson cheered when I told them that we were going to Sams-they love all of the samples.  We walked and walked around-quite a bit of browsing for us.  
  • Then we came back home and Graham was there waiting on us.  Robby and Grandpa worked on the fireplace some and Grannymom fed Keaton and played restaurant with all of the others.  Before two long it was time for the ball game and lunch.  
  • Nonna and Pops came over for the ball game as well and we had some chips and bbq.  It was 3 by the time the kids had lunch and they never really understood why we didn't have supper (though we did have smores, fruit snacks, bananas, honeynut cheerios and raisins between lunch and bed).  
  • Towards the end of the ball game, Robby got the fire started up and we all headed out for the swings, a walk on the trail and finally making smores.  Grandpa had never had one before.  The kids were in heaven having all of their grandparents there.  They had been wanting everyone to come over for smores for quite a while.
  • Soon everyone headed home and the kids had a snack and then baths.  Keaton is a bit unsettled so we have been having to take turns with her and Robby was the lucky one to get the "airplane" duty with the kids.  He said that his abs are sore from all of these airplane rides he has been giving.  

November 18, 2011

Preparations for
Thanksgiving have begun!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • The boys came downstairs this morning and neither had on shirts.  Soon Campbell came down and she was also not wearing a shirt.  Soon though she must have gotten cold because she found her jacket on the floor and wore it for the rest of the morning.
  • We did school fairly early and at one point everyone was sitting in their chairs working quietly.  It was only brief but it happened and it was wonderful.  And then it ended but overall the morning was fairly calm (calm for around here).  The 3 big kids can and do play upstairs in the toy room for hours at a time.  There is plenty of fighting but there is plenty of playing peacefully.  
  • I asked Campbell if she wanted to make her Indian hat and before we could even start everyone else had joined us.  And poor Campbell lost interest with the crowd so I had to make her Indian hat.  We had to make them for Reagan's Thanksgiving lunch at school.  We were told that siblings should make Indian hats to go along with her class.  Reagan made another one just so I could take her picture after I took everyone elses
  • Next up was lunch and then a nap for Campbell.  She was in bed around 12:30 and only stayed there for about an hour when I snatched her up to head to see Beebee.  
  • On the way, I had to GO to the bathroom and nothing seemed to be convenient-too far to go home, passed Nonna's street, didn't need to at Wendys, Grannymom's was too far away and then I wasn't too sure where Beebee's new place was so I just went where I knew-Baptist Rehab.  We were right there so I unloaded everyone and they graciously hurried along to the bathroom with me.  I pottied and then turned around and headed back to the car.  And yes, I REALLY had to go to the bathroom to get all the kids out of the car.  And yes, I wouldn't have mentioned this on the blog but I wanted my side of the story to be heard when the kids mention it!
  • We saw Beebee at her swanky new place.  She was in a good mood and her door was decorated for Fall.  Just a few more days and we will have to work on decorating it for Christmas.  We didn't stay too long since I had promised the kids a chance to play at Rock Creek and because Keaton was getting a bit fussy and I didn't bring in a bottle.
  • Grannymom and Lilly met us at Rock Creek and the kids enjoyed playing.  Graham used to need a boost there but now he can keep up with everyone else.  Campbell on the other hand just wanted to walk out the door for a drink of water.  She laid in the floor and had a fit when I wouldn't let her.  Really, 4 out of 5 well behaved kids is pretty good!  She was tired from her short nap-yeah, I hope that is what it was.
  • Graham went home with Grannymom to spend the night.  He was so excited and talked about it all day asking me if today was "Grannymom day."  He really wanted to eat breakfast at Grannymoms and when I started serving lunch he almost came unglued thinking he wasn't going to get to go.
  • Next up was McDonalds for Reagan and Anderson.  And since we ended up going through the drive thru and inside they started asking lots and lots of questions.  First time we have had so many questions.  I tried to explain that Daddy had to do both for work.  Reagan said "acxiom?" and I said "sure."  So instead of understanding mystery shopping they just think that Robby bowls all day, has parties in the parking deck and eats at McDonalds for his work.  No wonder Anderson wants to work at Acxiom when he grows up.
  • Campbell and Robby then went to the store to pick up a few things.  When Robby came in, I mentioned that it took him awhile and he said that things do with a 2 year old.  He let her walk so that definitely slowed their trip down.  She went to bed pretty early and Reagan and Anderson watched movie after movie until we finally sent them to bed.  

November 17, 2011

Taking care of little 'sis!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Graham still has not adjusted to time change; he was again up at 6:00 and soon downstairs to get in our bed.  Anderson soon followed. Both were anxious for their milk but none was ready since we didn't do dishes last night (don't tell!).  With the continuing requests for milk, Robby soon left to find a spot in one of the empty beds up stairs
  • Soon it was 7:00 and the boys were really ready for the milk and it was time to get ready for school.  Everyone but Reagan opted for waffles while Reagan chose pancakes.
  • Robby soon left to drop the boys off at school an Campbell off at Grannymom  & Grandpa's
  • Reagan took care of her school work after a cup of hot chocolate while everyone else was gone
  • Reagan and I headed for a quick visit to the library before picking up the boys at school and then to Grannymom's for lunch, a bit of play time and the heading back to the house
  • When Robby was done with work; he worked in the yard a bit more (still working on an overgrown flowerbed with lots of leaves) and the kids played up stairs with their trains and Little Pet Shop.  
  • Supper was soft tacos for half the crew and hard tacos for the other half
  • It was time for me to head to Bunko and everyone played a bit longer, watched a movie, had another cup of milk and took a turn of airplane with Robby.
  • All went to bed fairly easy but soon Reagan was hollering for water, Graham needed his covers fixed, Campbell just wanted to get out of her bed and Anderson was fast asleep.

November 16, 2011

Did someone order toilet paper? 
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Keaton woke up a bit before 6 which is great but after having 3 bottles in a short succession last night and then going to sleep after midnight 6 is still early (at least for me).  Though it wasn't early for the rest of them.  Soon we heard them all on the monitor and Graham was beside our bed.  Next we heard Campbell in the kitchen, pushing up a bar stool to the fridge so she could grab her milk.
  • Pops stopped by pretty early to pick up tables for Nonna's garage sale.  The kids were pretty wound up when he was here-the boys didn't have on their shirts and Campbell was only in her diaper (yes, she had clothes on once but took them off).  After he left, we got back to school.  Anderson doesn't like any of our memory work, songs or even group stuff but he will sit forever working on a worksheet or something by himself (Robby and I don't like group work either).
  • Speaking of Campbell.  Her little bump into the table yesterday ended up in a pretty good black eye.  She looks like she has been in a fight but it sure didn't slow her down any.  After the UPS man stopped by today, Campbell had a task that kept her busy for quite awhile.  We received 5 boxes of toilet paper and they were individually wrapped.  I asked her to bring me some to put in the cabinets but she took that to mean unwrap them.  So she spent a very, very long time unwrapping the 96 rolls of toilet paper in that box.  I didn't make her unwrap the other 484 rolls in the other boxes (and yes the UPS man laughed at all of our toilet paper but I won't have to buy any at the store for awhile)
  • Reagan read a bit of a story to us before lunch and then lunch and a bit of playtime.  I worked on the laundry-Keaton laid in the middle of it and once I made a pile, Campbell was gracious enough to take my piles and put them back into the laundry basket.  Once laundry was finally finished, Campbell had a nap and the others played.
  • Graham begged to take a nap and snoozed in my bed until time for supper.  I started getting clothes on everyone (second set for Campbell and third for Keaton), feeding supper, filling bags, loading the car, putting on shoes and coats at 4 but we were still late for Awana at 5:45.  We can get out of the house in 45 minutes in the mornings but sure not on Awana night.
  • We did make it only a few minutes late-Reagan said all the books of the New Testament and the boys made turkeys and wrote what they were thankful.  Anderson said he was thankful for Jesus and Graham said he was thankful for beans.

November 15, 2011

Keaton:  "If I'm really still, they will
get bored and put me down!"
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Graham called me up there around 12:40 and we had only been asleep for about 20 minutes.  And about 20 minutes later Robby and I were back asleep but Graham was climbing back into bed with us.  I didn't make him go back upstairs since he is a pretty snuggly little sleeper.  At 5 when Keaton stirred, Robby was surprised to see that Graham was in bed with us.
  • Everyone was ready pretty early and had time to watch a movie during breakfast.  Soon the boys headed out to school with Robby and the girls and I started school.  Keaton slept through most school today and our only big excitement was when Campbell crashed into the card table and ended up with a giant bruise near her eye.  She is tough like Graham and rarely cries when she gets hurt but she was pretty hysterical until I gave her an ice pack for her eye and then she was confused.
  • Keaton didn't eat much this morning.  I guess she was full from eating early with Robby.  I would try to feed her, she would suck some and then let it all roll out of her mouth.  I tried a few times and this happened most of the morning.  No worries though, she has more than caught up the rest of the day and has downed 2 bottles since I have been writing this blog.
  • Robby was running a bit late to pick up the boys-late enough for me to call and tell their school.  But he ended up arriving only 8 minutes late and others were picking up kids too.  They headed off to chick fil a and then to the grocery store.  They bought a 40 pound of dog food and put it in the shopping cart.  Graham was hanging onto the shopping cart and just as Robby had turned around he heard a "kerplunk"-Graham had pulled the shopping cart as well as the 40 pound bag of dog food on top of him.  Later I asked him about it and he said "it hurt me a little bit."  Robby said he was more scared than hurt.
  • Back at home, everyone played for awhile and then it was time for Campbell's nap.  Campbell tickles me lately.  Her "yes" sounds like "da"-like she is a little German kid.  During her nap, everyone else had more school to appease Graham.  This is Reagan's favorite kind of school since she just has fun/easy things to do when we have our extra school.  Anderson dutifully does his reading book and he does surprisingly well.  I am trying to work on identifying the letters with Graham.  He can't seem to remember the letter names (just working on 8) but he can see the letter A and know that it is for Anderson, B is for Brad, C is for Cash, D is for Dana, G is for Graham but since I don't know anybody that starts with E, F and H he can't seem to remember them.  
  • Next up Reagan used construction paper to make herself into a turkey and she even had the wattle (the red hangy down thing-had to look that up).  The boys started off with their wattles but ended up making masks so they could be robbers.  Though at one point, Graham did take a brown piece of paper on his nose and said "look, I am a fireman."
  • Soon it was supper and then they finished up a movie they had started earlier.  We did what anyone would do on a dark rainy night-hid in our bed.  Campbell was the first to find us and soon all 4 were in our bed with us.  That meant it was time for bed but first Robby gave everyone airplane rides.  We sure know how to calm everyone down before bed.

November 14, 2011

Play-dough fun!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • So last night everyone went to sleep well....except Campbell.  She was going pretty strong so Robby went up to calm her down and ended up picking her up.  She refused to go back to bed so he put her in the empty bottom bunk.  She laid her head on the pillow, covered up and flashed Robby a huge smile as he left.  It didn't take too long before we heard (not-so) tiny footsteps coming down the steps.  
  • She sat up with us for awhile and then we put her back into bed and it didn't go over very well.  Robby then tried to have her lay in bed with him for awhile but since she was still bouncing off the walls, we sent her to bed with some milk and that finally worked.
  • I took Anderson and then Reagan to school.  Anderson walked right in, writes his name and then tells me bye.  Reagan on the other hand does NOT want to be the first one there and wants us to walk another loop around the sanctuary before going in.  
  • Back at home, Graham was ready to play playdoh as soon as we walked into the door.  I made some laundry detergent while him and Campbell played and mixed up all of the colors.  It kept them busy.  Yep, we have been making laundry detergent since we live out in the country now (not really, we have done it a few times).  But here are a few observations about living out here-if there is a police man on the road, EVERY car you pass will flash their lights at you and during hunting season you sure have to watch out for the hunters driving their 4 wheelers down the road.
  • Robby picked up Anderson and we had lunch and the boys played for awhile.  Campbell had a nap and when she did, I told the boys that they could watch a movie and he said "fine, but I don't want to watch a movie with that girly, kissy, kissy stuff"-that's my boy!
  • Graham fell asleep as I was loading up the car to go and pick up Reagan and thankfully he woke up in a pleasant mood.  When we picked up Reagan she showed me a picture she had drawn and then started unpacking her backpack.  She had made something for Thanksgiving and was so proud of it.  But the glue started coming unstuck so she worked and worked on it in the floor of the car.  Finally, I convinced her that she could work on it more at home with squeeze glue and not a glue stick and she eventually buckled up so we could head home.
  • Reagan did tell me that when she drew her picture of the family, she showed everyone Campbell's picture and said "she is the crazy one."  Poor Campbell already has a bad rap!  Nonna had given Reagan a new vest and she was determined to wear it today even though I tried to tell her she might be hot.  Anyway, a button came off and she had it in her backpack and as I got the button out, she ran up to me pulling something else out of the backpack.  She had saved the thread thinking that we would need it to put the button back on.
  • We made muffins, the kids played and started a movie before waiting on Robby to come home.  Graham, Campbell and I sat outside to wait on Robby.  On Gamble we would see dozens of cars while on the front porch waiting on him but out here the only set of head lights that we see, were Robbys.  We had supper and the kids played some more.  
  • After picking up the toy room it was bed time.  Campbell wasn't the only one wired tonight-Reagan and Anderson were wide awake with her as well.  They finally calmed and then Keaton woke up and was ready to be entertained.

November 13, 2011

Who doesn't love a dirt pile?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Church morning and our only hiccup this morning was Graham putting on his shoes.  He can't do it-can't put on any shoes.  Drives me and Robby crazy.  Campbell can put on shoes but somehow his one year old sister can do something that his little 3 year old self can not.  He gets so mad that he won't even try-which in turn makes me madder and it is a vicious cycle.  Tomorrow may just have to be "shoe putting on practice day"
  • Breakfast was donuts and I heard Campbell shouting "more, Momma, more" and when I looked, she wasn't asking for more for her but more for Reagan-sweet girl.  
  • On the way to church, we pointed out an antique car that was passing us.  A few minutes later Graham said "maybe Jesus drove that car, maybe."  
  • I ended up helping in Anderson's Sunday school class.  He was very well behaved and even raised his hand to answer what David did for King Saul (sang to him-I missed that Bible story).  And he has also gotten quite good at writing his name.  My little boy isn't that little anymore.
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house and we didn't even have to wait on Pops to get home.  He was already there-that hasn't happened in many, many years.  Papaw was also there too along with Jason so the kids couldn't have been happier.
  • We drove around a bit on the way home looking around.  By the time was made it home, Keaton, Campbell and Graham were all napping.  Graham rested for awhile but was up by the time Reagan and Anderson headed outside.  Since Robby was out working (working on the overgrown flower bed on the line in the front of the house) the kids all headed outside.  They took out as many trucks for the dirt as I would let them.  Dirt is fun but it is so much more fun when they have their trucks.  They also had a tractor/trailer ride through the woods with Robby and that was quite thrilling for them too.  
  • They all stayed outside until Graham said "the sun is going down" and then it was bath time.  Campbell woke up in time for a bath and it is quite the feat to wash 4 kids in 2 bathtubs with one upstairs and one downstairs -- all with Robby gone since he had a meeting at church.  And Keaton was not happy at the time either.  She soon calmed with a bottle.  She is getting so big and her eyes are still not brown but not really blue either.  They are somewhere in between but one thing is for sure about this baby.  She does not like to be alone.  You set her down in a quiet room and she is immediately awake.
  • We had supper and after a movie everyone headed to bed.  

November 12, 2011

A leaf bath?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • We heard the kids on the monitor before 7 and Robby told them that it wasn't 7 yet and to lay back down and that must have worked for a few minutes because I did end up going back to sleep.  They had white powdered donuts for breakfast and that was sure a treat for them.  We have only had those in the past when we are camping.
  • Robby ran a few errands this morning and the kids played "trip"  They love playing trip and I can not stand it.  I know I sound like a fuddy dud but "trip" involves getting out 4 back packs for them.  Then they fill them up (Reagan is the only one who packs clothes) and then carry them and unload them all throughout the house.  I end up feeling like I am their hotel maid...well, I guess I kind of am anyway!
  • When Robby made it home, he headed outside and soon everyone else followed.  Keaton did hang out inside since it was pretty chilly this morning-even though Robby was out in shorts and the boys had on t shirts.  Keaton swang and looked out the door most of the time we were outside.  
  • We raked leaves and burned a few today.  It ended up being crazy windy but wasn't that windy when our burn pile started.  Campbell got Robby's rake and was going to rake a few leaves too once-the leaves IN the burn pile.  We were nearby and saw her just as she was taking a tumble into the pile.  I can still move pretty quick and hurdled a pile of logs to grab her.  She was fine but a bit upset that we were both hollering at her when we saw her.
  • Everyone enjoyed playing in the leaf piles.  As often as we tried to tell them not to lay down in them, no one seemed to listen and we just let them have their fun.  As Anderson was laying in the pile, he said "this is my hot tub"
  • Around 3, Campbell came in for a bath and nap and then Keaton and I headed to the store.  The others stayed out until 5 and then had their baths.  Never would I have dreamed the kids would stay outside for 6 hours.  Reagan did go in a few time to go to the bathroom (the boys used the trees) and Anderson did go in once to do his breather (I thought he needed it laying in leaves and inhaling smoke from a burn pile).  
  • Graham fell immediately asleep after his bath but soon it was time for everyone to wake up and have supper.  They ate and then watched a few movies, read a few books, played toys and then it was bedtime.  Graham said the prayer for the crew tonight.  His usual prayer is "THANKYOUGODFOROURFOODANDDRINK" even though we have tried to explain he can say other things in his prayer, that he doesn't have to say it fast and that God can hear him without him yelling.  I guess he heard some of our instructions because today was the first time we had heard him say "Thank you God for our food and drink" in a slow and quiet voice.  
  • We now have to tuck in Campbell's baby doll.  She has to be properly covered with the taggie before Campbell is pleased and ready to lay down.  She is such a little mommy and still loves holding Keaton.  Though she hasn't picked her up in a few days (thankfully).  She did try to pat Keaton's head as I was trying to get her to sleep this evening.  Poor thing was trying to be sweet but her hands were ice cold from holding her milk and the more she patted the more upset Keaton got.
  • As Robby asked everyone their favorite things from the day, Reagan said that her favorite thing was eating lunch at the picnic table.  We are going to get so much use out of it.  I brought their lunch out and they all just ran to the table.  We might even use it Thanksgiving.

November 11, 2011

Hanging out!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Keaton didn't make it all night last night but that girl can really suck down a bottle in the middle of the night.  Last night she had one and a half before slowing down. She went back to sleep with only a few whimpers after I put her back to her bouncy.
  • Everyone woke up around 7 and we were moving shortly thereafter.  I snuck in a shower before Robby left and then breakfast for everyone.  We had a few minutes before we started school.  I asked Reagan to finish 5 of her 10 boxes but since the boys were still doing their work she ended up finishing 8.  We then went upstairs to get ready and back down to feed Keaton.
  • We were ready a few minutes early so we went back upstairs to start cleaning the toy room.  We did that for 5 minutes and everyone worked well-well, most everyone.  Graham just can not pick up at all.  He is too distracted.  When we finished I told them that the people who picked up well could have some candy and then I told Graham that he couldn't have any.  This caused him to start crying and sweet Anderson said "that's ok buddy, you can sit by me and I will share with you."  I told him that we could all work for one more minute and he could earn his candy back.  
  • Next up was going to see Beebee at Baptist.  We had to park far, far away today.  I had circled as long as I could looking for a better place but eventually had to park.  Campbell walked to the door holding on to the buggy most of the way but on the way back to the car, she refused to hold on to the buggy, so I had to hold her hand.  She was highly opposed to this and refused to walk.  So I drug her back to the car while pushing the buggy over 2 curbs and while trying to constantly remind the boys to stay with me.  Makes me tired just thinking about it.
  • Beebee was doing good and I even worked on her hair a bit.  I haven't used a curling iron in years-probably a decade.  I probably didn't do too good of a job on her hair though.  Anyway, the kids were good and stood around and visited.  I have been very impressed with their behavior at the hospital. 
  • Before we left, we went to the bathroom.  Sometime while we were all in there, Reagan and Anderson shouted "look at her face, it's red."  I quickly turned to Keaton thinking something was wrong but she was only going to the bathroom as well.  I explained this to Reagan and Anderson and now they think the baby is brilliant-pottying while we were in the bathroom.
  • Next up was meeting Kennedy, Noah, Eden and Lilly at the park.  We played on the swing, had lunch, ran in the tunnel, walked over the bridge, walked to the Veteran's Memorial and even played on top of a hill.  And this is where the trouble for Anderson started.  
  • I saw another child nearby and him and Anderson were looking cross with each other up on the hill and I walked over that way once but they moved apart and I turned around.  A few minutes later, we heard the other little boy crying.  Jodee, Sara and I asked all of our kids what had happened and no one knew but the other boy with a very large mother was quick to point to Anderson.  So Anderson got into trouble-he did push the boy-so he had to apologize to the boy and then sat down for a few minutes.  I probably should have loaded up the car and took my pusher home (but a day at the park is a fun day for the kids but more importantly it is a fun day for me so I didn't want to leave)
  • By the time we left, the kids were all getting tired and a bit fussy.  I thought stopping by Sonic would keep them awake on the way home and it didn't work for Campbell who was asleep by the time we made it there.  It did help keep Graham up which made for a peaceful going to bed ritual since he was exhausted.  We made it home and Keaton and Campbell napped and the boys and I finished cleaning up the toy room while Reagan worked on her phonics.  
  • Then they started coloring and within a few minutes, Robby called and it was time to meet him to go out to eat.  I told the kids that we were going to a "fancy" restaurant and they needed to be on their best behavior.    Reagan heard this and decided that she need fancy clothes on-I suggested dark pants but she did not want pants and wanted a skirt.  So I obliged and helped her change and as I was putting on my "dressy" shoes, Reagan asked "do you have any skirts or pantyhose?"  Then she asked if Daddy was taking me to a fancy restaurant because he loved me and because we were married.  I said yes and because Daddy loved them too.  I didn't mention that we were also going there because Robby skipped lunch and was hungry and those breadsticks always taste good.
  • The kids were very good at supper-Campbell did try to get away with a bit more than usual but in her defense we were there for quite a while.  We picked up Robby's car at Grannymom's house and had some ice cream before heading home.  Reagan decided that she wanted to work on her cart wheels tomorrow and Graham is going to practice riding his bike on the rocks.  Looks like it will be another exciting day at the Dennie house.