January 31, 2014

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  • Sorry blog readers but I left my camera at April's house tonight-at least I hope that I left it there.  Things like that just make me crazy but I guess I should be pleased that I did leave with all of my kids.  
  • This morning started as usual around here.  The only difference was not seeing Anderson for the longest time.  I even went upstairs to check on him after 8 thinking that he was still asleep.  He wasn't in his bed and I briefly felt my heart start beating quicker but alas he was just sitting on the couch playing his kindle.  I guess he wanted to be quiet this morning-hmm, maybe I should hide out on the couch in the mornings.
  • I had on my schedule to have a "project day" for school today-just work on some of the kids crafts today.  But I changed my mind to move that "project day" to next week so we could work on all of our Valentine's day cards as well.  So we pressed ahead and did our school work today though I was a bit lax about few things and we were finished by 11.
  • The kids were delighted to help me sort through another bundle of clothes from my aunt in Arizona.  Graham was a bit disappointed that he didn't have more in the sacks.  All the child had was a pair of pajama pants but I let him have one that would really fit Anderson just to appease him.  Anderson could have cared less about the clothes. 
  • Now to the girls: Keaton immediately stripped off her clothes when she saw the clothes spread on the floor.  She found herself a pair of pants but there were no shirts for her.  So she found one that would fit me and had someone button it and put it on her.  That child wore that huge shirt all day long and she wouldn't even let us roll of the sleeves.  (Check back Sunday for pictures)  My Reagan and Campbell had a knock down fight about a single purse.  Tears, yelling and shoving were all involved.  I don't even have a purse and I have 3 little girls that all took purses to April's house tonight.  
  • We had lunch and then I had the kids do a few chores.  I need to figure out a good time for them to do them each day-I just can't decide if that is right before lunch, after lunch, after naps.  That is on my list for this year to get a good chore system.  Back to the day, I put Whitman in bed and then told Keaton it was her naptime and was headed to put her in bed.  I somehow got distracted helping someone else and barely heard Anderson say "Mom, I am putting Keaton down for a nap."  Um, okay.  I made it upstairs in time to see him telling her goodnight.  And the crazy thing was, sometime after 4 I walked into my bedroom and set Whitman down.  I told the kids that I was going upstairs to get Keaton and Anderson looked at me and said "Mom, she is right here."  Anderson had her awake after 4 and went on up to bring her down.  I will not be needed here much longer.
  • Soon Robby was home and we headed off to the Pennington's house for supper.  Jaymie had made BBQ and it was yummy.  I was mad at myself for forgetting the tray to Whitman's highchair even thought I brought his seat.  The kids had so much fun playing with each other and were pretty worn out on the way home.  

January 30, 2014

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Friendly game of checkers!

  • Another morning of the kids waking up before 7.  Who knows what that is all about but since we did dope up 2 of the 5 kids upstairs tonight, maybe they will sleep later.  Doubtful though!  The boys pulled Keaton out of her bed and tired to put her in Anderson's bed but she wanted in Reagan's bed.  I think the girls have started a ritual of all getting in Reagan's bed in the morning time.  And speaking of Reagan, I have noticed that she no longer sleeps with her taggie (hasn't for a few years really) but her taggie lately has ended up in Keaton's bed.  Robby and I both made sure that she had that taggie tucked under her arm tonight despite her protest.
  • Today was the day that Keaton looks forward to all week long-the day to go with Robby and take Campbell to school.  Campbell had a good day at school and even got to go home with Nonna and Pops.  They even stopped at Bass Pro on the way home.  Poor Campbell really wanted to color at Bass Pro and kept looking for the "coloring table right by Santa."  She couldn't get over that Santa and that coloring table was no longer at Bass Pro.
  • Here at home, the big 3 did school.  They did good and things were calmer than usual and we finished our school day.  I fixed lunch for everyone and then Robby and Graham played a game of checkers.  Graham tried his hardest but he has only played checkers twice.  The child was so excited to do a "double jump" against Robby (with my help) until Robby did a "triple jump."  I still think he had a good time playing.
  • We put the little people down for a nap a bit earlier than usual so we could wake them up earlier than usual.  Kroger was calling our name tonight so we ran by Nonna's house to pick up Campbell and then went to the store.  
  • The kids did really well for 2 hours at the store.  Up and down and up and down every single aisle.  We started with 2 buggies and 3 children riding in them and ended up with everyone walking but Whitman-and he was getting pretty crowded in his spot.  We did quite a bit of shopping so the total was high (higher than I have ever spent).  The kids now know where on the computer screen to look and see the total as the cashier rings us up.  Of course they kept shouting it out for all to hear.
  • On the way home, we picked up pizza for a quick supper and then ran by Krispy Kreme to finish off our coupons from Jason.  We had one other coupon but including our free hot doughnuts for me and the kids (Robby stayed in the car) we left that place with 23 free doughnuts.  My Campbell didn't even eat her specialty doughnut for dessert tonight but Whitman sure did (of course he spit it all up later but he was so happy)
  • When leaving the grocery store, Robby had a free movie code at the Redbox.  But when he typed the code in, it said that it was invalid at that location.  If he didn't have 6 kids staring at him with big puppy dog eyes expecting a movie to pop out of the machine, he would have just left but as you can guess, there was no just leaving.  And the kids did deserve a reward for how well they were at the store. 
  • Back at home, we quickly ate and then the kids started on their movie while we unloaded all of the groceries.  Robby studied our grocery store receipt while I wrote out our new breakfast and snack menu for the fridge.  Then it was time for bed for the crew.  My Graham is still pretty coughy but hopefully he will sleep tonight like he did last night.

January 29, 2014

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May have to call the fashion police!

  • Whitman was up at 3 this morning and we thought we would give him a bottle and change his diaper and happily put him back to bed.  He had a different idea though.  So he cried and cried.  Robby quickly went back to sleep so I just let him fuss for as long as I could.  At 3:30, I went back in there to cuddle for a bit.  He was so sweet and if he would have gone to sleep things would have been perfect but when I laid him back down after a long cuddle session, he started fussing again.  I tried to go to sleep (like Robby) with Whitman fussing but I could not so I sent him to the bonus room to finish the evening.  Once back in bed though, I still couldn't go to sleep for a while!  But I do think that my Whitman went to sleep fairly quickly upstairs-at least Robby never heard him when he was up later in the night
  • All of the big kids were up before 7 this morning which should have been a good thing to me since we had to get up and get moving.  But I sure didn't want to see or talk to anyone this morning.  I did get a better attitude after my shower and soon everyone was ready eating breakfast.
  • This morning was fairly smooth.  Since I have had a hard time getting to Bible study on time the last 2 weeks, Robby text me when I should start loading up this morning.  As soon as I read his text, I started calling for the kids to put on shoes and coats (which I had already put in the mud room)  It still took us about 10 more minutes before backing out of the garage.  I think I need the kids to practice their van loading and unloading skills.
  • After Bible study, we headed to see Beebee.  The kids ate lunch in the lobby while Beebee finished her lunch in the dining room.  I sent Anderson to check on her and he happily rolled her to see us.  She was in good spirits and the kids were in rare form for her.  Graham and Campbell were trying to out do each other coughing.  Keaton was pretty talkative and told Beebee as she hugged her good bye "I be back."
  • We then came home and had a pretty restful afternoon but all too soon we were getting ready to load back up for church.  We had dropped 5 kids off without any problems but child 6 to drop off didn't go well at all.
  • Robby tried to drop Campbell off but she started hanging on to his arm acting crazy.  So he took her to her class and made her let go as he put her inside her door.  This didn't go over too well and she started to have a fit.  He could hear her as he walked to where I was.  We decided that I should walk down there and I could still hear my 4 year old screaming.  
  • Her snot filled face was pressed up against the window as she was boo hooing.  But the second she saw me turn that corner, her expression immediately changed to fear.  I told her to come to me as her teacher opened the door.  I held her arm and gingerly walked her to her father.  That child knew she was in big time trouble and got a good talking from Robby to in the bathroom.  I took her back to her room as she dried her tears and explained that she would apologize to her teacher when we came back.  She asked me to help her and when she walked in she did say "sorry" as she walked by her teacher.  I do believe that she was a perfect thing for the rest of the night.
  • All of that about Campbell is enough to frustrate the fire out of us but on the other hand is this.  Today after Bible study we walked back to her class to look for her bracelet that she lost (just a rubber band one that can be made again).  Her teacher said "Campbell was the best one in the class today."  I thanked the teacher over and over for telling me this-it is nice to hear good things sometimes.  Those positive words this morning, might just have saved Campbell's rear tonight!      
  • Back at home, we gave coughy (Graham) some meds, put insomniac (Whitman) to bed and prayed that upset tummys (Keaton and Anderson) slept well.  Tonight Reagan said that Wednesday's are her favorite day because she gets to learn about God and have fun.  Well, that is a pretty good summary for our day.

January 28, 2014

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Oldest & Youngest!

  • Campbell had to leave for school this morning during the slight dusting of snow.  I kept thinking that I should have sent the big kids out to catch snow flakes so we could look at them with a magnifying glass.  That sounds like a really good homeschool mom type thing to do, doesn't it?  But I'm just not that mom-we did look at them through the window and that should count for something.  
  • We did our school and Graham did much better today writing his letter.  That child is so surprising me with his reading.  He is really getting good and may just give Anderson a run for his money on reading-though I would never say that out loud to anyone.  (Anderson just needs more practice and is so distracted while doing everything, especially reading)  Back to Graham, he is one of those kids that most people would have suggested me to hold him back (if I would have asked or cared about their opinions) because of his birthday.  But he has really done well (at least I think) academically and I think that he is pretty mature at least out of the house where it counts. 
  • Our school day went a bit long today-probably because when we were all finished, I suggested we play a round, or actually a tournament of checkers.  Graham had never played before but did give Reagan a run for her money.  I beat Anderson (no, I didn't let him win) but he was not going to make his last move that would end up winning the game for me-that turkey would rather quit than lose.  And then I had to play Reagan who takes about 5 minutes between turns.
  • We had lunch late and then the kids played while Whitman followed me around.  Actually, he is usually nearby me and then I walk off to do something.  I then return and he is gone.  So I start calling his name while rushing to the steps just to double check that he isn't there (he can climb the first one).  Sometimes he will make a sound when he hears his name but usually not so I have to continue searching until I find him-usually in the bathroom, by the trash sack or in the school room looking in Campbell's bottom drawer.  This happens about ever 3 minutes of my day-maybe I should just carry him around all day long.
  • This afternoon the boys were looking out the window and saw what they thought was a woodpecker.  I just got a quick glance at it (and really wouldn't know what a woodpecker was if it pecked on my front door)  So we looked up one on the computer and sure enough, I think we really did see a woodpecker.  I'm not a huge bird fan but that was neat.  Before they cleared the lot behind us, Robby and I would occasionally hear an owl at night hooting-that was also pretty cool.
  • Now I did know that it was cold today but when the kids asked to go outside, I let them.  Keaton went upstairs with Anderson when he was getting ready.  Then they both went to get their shoes on together.  I heard him telling her that should could not wear her flip flops out.  Anderson was taking such good care of her.  
  • Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Keaton played outside for awhile.  Probably long enough to get a good case of frost bite.  Anderson came and asked for some water that they could set out to freeze.  So I gave him a bowl of water and a few minutes later, I saw him and Keaton sitting at the patio table watching the water....waiting on it to freeze.
  • Campbell and Robby were home soon bearing grapes for Keaton and supper for the rest of us.  Keaton has asked Robby to buy grapes every single time that he has left the house for the past week.  So grapes were his main priority when he entered the store tonight.  
  • He actually bought a rotisserie chicken for supper and the kids thought it was the best thing that they had ever put in their mouths.  Seriously, made me a bit sad that they had never eaten chicken that they thought was that good before.  After supper, we made cookies, had showers and then watched our show.  
  • During Let's Make a Deal, they gave away some designer shoes and purses and Anderson shouted "oh, there are the pumps."  Huh?  Who's child is that?  Pumps?  
  • Now that it is bedtime, I don't know who will go to sleep tonight first.  Campbell napped at Grannymom's house today so she might be a bit awake tonight even though she still really needs an afternoon nap every single day.  Keaton is pretty wound up tonight and even had to stay in the bonus room for a bit last night.  And my Graham still has his cough but I don't think he feels bad at all so that is good.

January 27, 2014

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Three of a kind!

  • Monday morning and Robby was up and out the door pretty early.  Though Whitman did wake up again at 6:30-don't like that habit.  When Robby left, I quickly got ready for the day (shower and then pajamas back on-love these days)  Then Whitman and I walked and walked around the empty house waiting on someone else to wake up-we opened the blinds, started pulling out breakfast and straightened the school room.
  • Finally, Anderson and Graham came down the stairs.  They were still pretty tired but I passed out their breakfast and they ate as Whitman ate his breakfast-baby cereal and pieces of cheerios.  It was after 8, when I heard the girls talking upstairs.  I thought Keaton was wanting out of her bed but I was surprised to see Keaton and Campbell all laying with Reagan in her bed-I really should just walk around the house with my camera around my neck.
  • I sent Anderson to watch his math video first and then had Graham start on his phonics and math.  I had Reagan start her work with me while I cleaned the kitchen and continued feeding Whitman in his chair.  That left 4 kids quiet but I had forgotten to account for the other 2.  After a bit of wildness, I turned on a movie for Campbell and Keaton to watch.  Keaton did not want to watch what I had picked (it was educational-gasp!) so she spent a while in my lap.  By that time, we were listening to Graham read. 
  • Overall, the school day went fairly well-though Graham did have a pretty good meltdown when he started writing his letter to Beebee.  Lucky for him, we are going to write the same letter tomorrow and the next day and the next.  Those letters are for our read-a-thon that we are going to have to raise money for Bibles for Rwanda.  (So get your checkbooks out, blog readers)
  • Before I knew it, it was 12:30 and Whitman was still having his morning nap and we hadn't had lunch.  I ran upstairs to wake him up and grabbed 2 cans of ravioli on the way down.  My kids must have been hungry because we ended up eating 3 cans of ravioli.  Seriously, I am going to have to start growing my food or something.  What will I do when they are teenagers?
  • The kids played happily (seriously) most of the afternoon.  I let them play as long as they could before I started putting Whitman and Keaton down for their naps.  Keaton wasn't too excited about taking her nap but with an offer of milk she was good to go.  
  • Soon Robby was home and he walked in to find the kids and I all peacefully working on our own things in the school room.  I think he was surprised that we were all so quiet-hmm, it is pretty rare when it happens.  We had supper and then the kids went back upstairs to play (not as happily this time)
  • We did end our evening watching a Let's Make a Deal and then it was bedtime for all.  We did have to dope poor Graham up-he is getting a bit of a cough and his little voice is so hoarse...maybe he will talk a bit less tomorrow!

January 26, 2014

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Ice Cream Truck!

  • Sunday morning doughnuts are how we started our day.  Yes, that is doughnuts three days in a row around here (it makes it a bit better that today's doughnuts were only the powdered ones and not Krispy Kreme and please don't ask us about how our new year's resolutions are coming either)  The kids don't seem to care what type of doughnuts it is.  Reagan did ask for cereal-that is her new favorite thing in the mornings. 
  • The kids were good in church this morning (and this evening-tonight when church went a bit long, both boys noticed the clock and said "isn't this supposed to be over now?")  Robby and I ended up in two separate classes for worship care.  My class just has Whitman and then a last minute (30 minutes late) addition-both boys were super tired so I immediately put them in the swings and quietly stood behind them and waited.  In 5 minutes, both boys were sound asleep-maybe I should get our swing back out.  
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and the kids were happy to be reunited with their cousins whom they hadn't seen in 24 hours.  As soon as supper was over they all headed outside.  My Whitman was too full to play much-his baby food, some bread, au gratin potatoes and not one but two bowls of ice cream.  I gave him the last bite of his first bowl and set it down and he started to cry.
  • And I guess that his tummy was too full to nap when we came home.  He fussed most of the afternoon in his bed and Keaton talked and talked in her bed until I got her up.  One or both of those poor babies have fallen asleep every time we have been in the car today-on the way to church, on the way to Grannymom's house, on the way home, on the way back to church and on the way home.  Graham and Campbell have also fallen asleep twice in the car today too.  I think my crew all needs a long nap!
  • The highlight of the afternoon was Keaton.  She was apparently looking around in the mudroom and found Robby's keys.  I guess the bright red button caught her attention and she pushed it.  That set off Robby's car alarm-it echoed throughout the garage, shaking the bonus room and mud room.  By the time I made it downstairs, Keaton was holding those keys, eyes wide, pushing every button that she could.  Poor thing, she was pretty startled by all of this!
  • Back to church we soon went-choir for 3 kids, class for some and cookie club for others.  Then we went to church tonight.  The preacher man was a guest and a pretty fast talker-Reagan had two observations: he talks fast and I can keep up and he read every word just like in my Bible.
  • When we made it home, the kids quickly put on their pajamas and then cleaned the toy room a bit before eating their ice cream.  Reagan passed on her ice cream-she usually doesn't eat all of hers but tonight she didn't want any.  I think she was too busy playing upstairs to want to come down-I so love to see her still play with her doll house.  It was another good day...oh, yes, speaking of good-tonight, during church hearing my 3 oldest kids sing and worship was the very best part of my day.

January 25, 2014

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Monster Jam Night!

  • At 6:45 this morning, Robby and I woke to the sound of the boys running around upstairs.  From our bedroom, it sounded like three 400 pound men were playing chase up there.  Campbell laid in bed with us for a second and then she migrated upstairs.  (Oh yes, Campbell ended up downstairs with us last night after the girls had gone to bed in the bonus room. I think Reagan scared her on purpose so she would come downstairs) Then Keaton cuddled for a minute this morning and she was soon upstairs.  
  • At 6:59, I heard Anderson shouting "one more minute and then we can go downstairs."  I quickly met him at the steps asking why he needed to go downstairs.  After I asked him this, he decided that they could stay upstairs-which meant that we could stay in bed.  
  • Soon Lilly and Reagan joined the others upstairs and Whitman finally woke up.  He would love to have gone upstairs with all of the excitement.  That little thing spent the whole day sticking things into his mouth.  I have called his name so many times that when I call his name, he hurries to stick whatever he has found into his mouth and then crawls away from me as fast as he can.  
  • Robby and I stayed in bed as long as we could.  We would get up every little bit to do something and then hurry back to bed so the kids wouldn't think we were up.  And if we heard anyone nearby, we would lay incredibly still so they would think we were sleeping.  
  • Soon we did finally decide that they needed breakfast and passed out the leftover doughnuts from last night.  I cut them in halves so there would be a few less disagreements over who got what doughnut.  As soon as I could pass out the first round of halves, the boys had finished theirs and were waiting for more.  We did that about 3 times before the box of doughnuts were gone.
  • The kids played inside all morning long but when Dana came to pick up Lilly and Cash we were surprised about how pretty it was outside.  So as soon as they left, we put on our coats and headed out for a walk.  The weather was great and the kids loved being outside.
  • I quickly made lunch for everyone to eat outside.  The kids parked their bikes around the patio and ate.  Reagan gobbled her lunch up because we were soon out the door for Alyssa Kate's birthday party.  We waved goodbye to everyone and were on our way to the party.
  • The party was at the climbing center and Reagan had a blast.  She was able to climb to the top of almost every wall that she tried.  That child climbed so much that her little cheeks were rosy red by cake and present time.  
  • Back at home, the others played outside until they needed showers.  So Robby did that and then they all relaxed while we were at the party.  Whitman took a short nap and Keaton took no nap much to Robby's dismay.
  • As soon as we came home from the party, it was time for everyone to put on clothes and before long we were all leaving again.  Robby, Reagan, Anderson and Graham headed to the monster truck show. Those boys and even Reagan were so excited about this.  Robby packed everyone a baggie of snacks, plus glow sticks and of course those ear plugs.  
  • Meanwhile, I took Campbell, Keaton and Whitman with me.  We went to Savers first and picked up some pants for Reagan (I hope they fit).  Then Campbell saw some football cards and asked to buy them for the boys so of course I did and I even took her to find herself and Keaton a book.  We could have gone home then and they would have been happy.
  • Then we went to chick fil a.  The girls were perfect eating and taking care of each other while playing on the slide.  They played until I think they were pretty tired-or it may have been their tummys were so full that they couldn't play anymore.  Those girls polished off their entire kids meal and then moved on to their ice cream.
  • When we came home, they even wanted a snack.  I then put Whitman to bed and then Keaton went to bed which left only Campbell up.  I told her that she could stay up for a bit longer so she laid in bed with me and chose to watch the turtle man on tv.  So we watched him catch a skunk-good mom and daughter bonding tv.

January 24, 2014

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Winter fashionista!

  • Sometime in the middle of the night, Graham came into our room and said he couldn't sleep.  I thought it was much later than the 2 that it really was and told him to climb in bed with us.  About 5, I woke up and couldn't find the child that was in bed with us.  My searching around the bed woke Robby up and I asked "I can't find Campbell."  Robby said "you mean Graham" but who ever it was, they weren't in the floor of my room or under my bed.  I was about to head upstairs to find the missing child but Robby who was heading to the bathroom found Graham in there.
  • After all of that we did manage to go back to sleep but this time, I put Graham in the middle-I do not like being sandwiched in the middle of the bed.  But we all slept surprisingly well-or at least I did, I don't know about poor Robby on the edge!
  • Today was school morning and we hadn't had school since Tuesday so it was a bit harder to get back into the swing of things.  Anderson, as usual, spent a good while in the bathroom.  Campbell caused quite a few of Keaton's meltdowns and had a few herself (those girls can play wonderfully or horribly together)  Graham did fine and has worked hard lately so he can finish and then sneak off to play on his kindle some.  Whitman loves school time-lots of things to eat on the floor but that means that he has to spend a lot of time in his exersaucer or in his bed.  Reagan is my rock during school-she does her work mostly quietly with little complaints.
  • Speaking of complaints, my Anderson is pretty literal and any creative thinking is tough for him.  He had a worksheet that had a story and then asked him to write a few sentences about what would happen next.  My sweet Anderson, asked me to help him read the paragraph.  I said no and he told me that he wasn't going to read it.  I explained that was fine and he could make his own choice about finishing his sheet.  I then urged him to think of what the consequences would be if he did this.  After a bit of thinking, he made the right choice to finish his worksheet. 
  • We ate lunch a bit after 12 and then I finally let the kids go their own way and start playing.  Once today, I thought that I would have to go to the attic to get something so I asked the boys to watch Whitman.  I went upstairs and returned to find Whitman all alone-those silly boys! 
  • Continually through out the afternoon, the kids would come and find me to ask what the time was.  They weren't waiting on Robby, they were waiting on Lilly and Cash to come over tonight.  As soon as they made it in the door, the kids were off playing away.  
  • We worked on supper as the kids went outside.  Um, okay, it was 20 degrees outside but they went out twice.  Robby spotted poor Keaton outside once without a coat and wearing Reagan's sandals-she at least had socks on.  No worries, though no one ended up with frost bite.  
  • Last night, we let Reagan suggest what she wanted for supper and she said nachos so we ran with that idea and had nachos and the fixings tonight.  The kids mainly just ate chips and cheese but they were happy and soon enough their tummys were full of doughnuts.  
  • We let everyone play while Robby and I put our new bedspread on our bed (our other one wasn't that old but it was huge, huge, huge-my ikea purchases aren't always winners though most of the time they are)
  • After picking up, we loaded up and headed to Krispy Kreme.  The kids were so excited to pick out their own doughnuts and that was the first time that I have had them all quiet today.  Of course, with our kids plus Lilly and Cash, we did draw quite a few stares.  But even I got tickled watching them all scurry into the van to get out of the freezing weather-like watching a clown car load up.
  • Back at home, pajamas were put on and then we watched not one but two episodes of Let's Make a Deal.  Woo hoo, we are living it up here tonight.  The plans soon are to put these people to bed-wish us luck!

January 23, 2014

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Hair net kind of day!

  • The girls (Campbell, Reagan and Kennedy) were up earlier than usual this morning.  Robby tried to call Campbell down over the monitor but she never heard him so us and the boys slept on.  We did get up and start to get the day started.
  • Robby made cinnamon rolls for everyone and soon he was leaving with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to take Campbell to school.  We had been fairly quiet about where the rest of us were going but when Campbell found out she started crying.  Even though she has been to the rice depot before, she doesn't really know what we do there but she was really upset about not getting to go.  That little girl cried out "I wanted to see Eden."  Made me so sad but she really enjoys school and she wouldn't have been that great of help at the rice depot.  (And you should see how well that girl can write her name-she can't name the letters but she can write it-that just amazes me.)
  • After we had breakfast, I did a few things here and there in the house and then we loaded up.  I must have done a bit too much because we were a bit late getting there today.  Last night I had sent a few text making sure that Candice would be there tomorrow and be there on time so I wouldn't have to go to the rice depot all alone (like last time) and of course I was late!  
  • That was fine though and we were all soon hard at work filling boxes with bags of pasta.  When the bags of pasta were all in boxes, then we had to re wash our hands and don hair nets.  So fun!  Then there was a huge box of pasta that we had to scoop into zip lock bags to finish filling the bags with.  
  • The kids did really well at this task-not much pasta ended up on the floor and they stuck with it until the box was empty.  We had 4 giant scoops and the kids worked in pairs one pouring noodles and one bagging noodles with Sara and I closing and checking the bags and Candice working with 2 other kids in filling the boxes.  I was hit in the head once with a scoop but that was the only injury reported (not really-yes hit in the head but not an injury)
  • When our box was empty, we left to meet Jodee to drop off Kennedy and then headed home to meet Nonna and Pops who had picked up Campbell and brought lunch to our house.  The kids were happy to have Nonna's lunch and they ate up.  Pops also brought cheese dip for the big people and were ate it up too.  
  • After they left, the kids played for a bit and then we all loaded up to go to the new gas station-yep, that is the kind of people that we are-loading up 6 kids to get gas and see a new gas station-crazy people.  It was the highlight of our day-not really but it was a fun diversion to start out afternoon.
  • Of course when we made it home, 3 of the kiddos were asleep but since Robby was home he was able to help me haul them into the house.  Campbell did wake up and so did Keaton but I was at least able to get Keaton to stay in her room for a bit before joining the others.  My sweet, happy and now healthy Whitman slept like an angel.
  • This afternoon I did some laundry folding and found a box of candy in my pile of clean clothes.  That was a fun surprise from Robby.  I do most of the folding and putting away of the laundry and Robby is the one that puts it in the washer and dryer.  He asked tonight if sometimes I ever felt like we worked at a laundromat.
  • The afternoon passed quickly-well until 4 and then the kids went on a crazy streak.  Soon though supper was on the table and then we had the kids help make cookies for tonight and key lime pie.  Yep, we were busy cooking-the pie was our souvenir from our trip and the cookies were our evening snack.
  • Robby had a phone call so I was by myself during shower time.  The kids all ran to our bathroom and the little shower ahead of me and someone had turned on the big shower getting it ready.  I walked by it holding Whitman not thinking anything about the door being open but 5 seconds later after setting Whitman down I walked back by that shower and saw my baby boy crawling around fully clothed inside of it.  I did what any good mom does-check the temperature of the water, close the door and run and get my camera.  
  • The kids really do have the showering thing down and were all ready to watch Let's Make a Deal in no time.  Whitman made it about half way through and then he was ready to go to bed.  The others were staying awake until they had their cookies before teeth brushing and bed time.  It was a pretty awesome day.  

January 22, 2014

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Whitman will be walking soon...

  • Today was Bible study day and since we left the house 30 minutes late last week, we tried our best to leave on time today.  I was close-we were leaving the mud room when we should have been leaving the drive way.  And for a minute, let me just discuss Bible study-I am in love.  Seriously, there is nothing like driving home and hearing your 2 year old sing along with a Bible verse, your 5 year old say Bible verses, your 5 and 7 year olds tell you a Bible story in depth and hearing your 8 year old talk about the Lambs book of life.  That is worth waking up early, rushing out of the house and having a crazy afternoon!
  • After Bible study, we headed to see Beebee.  She was eating lunch so I passed out the kids lunches in the lobby and they ate while waiting on her.  And we waited and waited and waited-I guess it took forever for Beebee's lunch to come.  The kids passed the time playing London Bridges and a bit of wrestling-we sure liven the place up.
  • Everyone said their oral reports for Beebee, ate her candy and told her all about what they had done at Bible study.  We all saw Beebee's new room and that didn't slow the kids down-they still go all over that place.  Keaton even went with Reagan and the boys to take Beebee back to her room.  I would never have ran around a nursing home when I was small-I really don't even like running around it now!
  • So on the way home, I was talking to the kids about when I was old.  I asked who was going to come and see me.  Anderson said that he would come on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Graham said that he would come on those days.  Reagan then said that she would come on Mondays and Thursdays.  Then she thought and changed her mind and said "I will just come when I have time."  I don't think that sounds very good for me!
  • Once at home, I hauled Keaton and Whitman out of the car and put them to bed.  The others watched tv while I did my chores.  Soon it was time for everyone to start getting ready for church.  While I was combing Keaton's hair, I heard Campbell telling Whitman "God wants you to learn how to walk."  That he does but I am not too excited about him walking.  He is keeping me busy crawling all around the house putting every single thing in the floor into his mouth.
  • The kids ate before church and then it was to church we went.  After a few rounds of puppetering, we were headed home again.  Kennedy came home with us and we let the girls play upstairs while the boys watched the basketball game.  Poor Anderson gets so upset about those poor hogs-maybe next game will end more to his liking.
  • We finally had to put the kids to bed-the girls in the bedroom and the boys downstairs in our room.  Right now it sounds like everyone is asleep!

January 21, 2014

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Ferris wheel builder!
  • What do they say - three times and it's a habit or maybe it's 30 days...but oh well, we did start school by 8:00 for the second day in a row.  Makes all the difference.
  • Well, first we had to get Robby and Campbell out the door for school.  Never a problem because Campbell loves going to schools. She's my social butterfly.  Plus, she was hoping Grannymom was going to pick her up.
  • Meanwhile, breakfast was finished in the kitchen and we were underway with school in no time.  We had finished everything (except science) by 10:30. Oh, if you see the pictures, you will notice the school room closet has been completed.  A few days ago I couldn't walk the length of the closet and Graham had taped a "Do Not Enter" sign.  I finished it up today and quite pleased with the difference!
  • After wrapping up school and eating a bite of lunch, it was time to open some new toys from Christmas. (Yes, we still have a few).  Today's turn was Anderson and he opened his K'nex.  The directions weren't the best but a bit easier to work with legos.  Soon everyone was helping build part of a Ferris wheel and it come together quite nice.  Everyone enjoyed spinning it around. Reagan also made a snowman out them and Graham invented some type of car with wheels.
  • The little ones took a nap and the big kids had their turn picking out movies and resting a bit.  Keaton was up by 4:15 and Whitman woke up a bit before Robby and Campbell got home.
  • Campbell had a good day at school - too cold she said to go outside to play so they played some sort of game with a beach ball in Ms. Hannah's class. She reported that Lilly and Cash were there for a little while but had to leave early to go to the dentist.  She said she was glad she didn't have to go to the dentist today. (The doctor was plenty for her this week.)
  • I had supper ready for the kids because I was getting out of dodge. (Well, actually I was headed to Bunko)  Robby finished his supper while I left and the kids went upstairs to play with their legos.  He had promised some of their candy for dessert while they watched Let's Make a Deal.
  • Sounds like everyone enjoyed LMAD as usual but were disappointed the girl didn't win the Big Deal of the Day.  Everyone brushed their teeth and headed to bed by 8:15. 

January 20, 2014

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Enjoying the warm January weather!

  • Since I knew we had a lot to do this morning, I was a big girl and was up and ready before 8.  (I know that makes me sound incredibly lazy but I am reading this really good book at night right now.  Robby is reading a book too and after 5 pages he can't keep his eyes open. Yet at 1, I was trying to figure up how many more hours it would take me to finish my book)
  • And it was especially hard to get out of bed this morning because when I told Keaton where I was going, she kept saying "stay here, stay here."  Doesn't that just melt your heart?  Then she came and sat in the bathroom while I finished my shower.  
  • I had to wake Campbell and Reagan up and get them moving but everyone was downstairs when I started dishing out breakfast.  I urged them to eat in the school room as they worked-never a good idea though when they are eating frosted flakes.  
  • School went amazingly well today (yes, all because we started early)  Graham and Reagan were finished by 10.  My Anderson took a bit longer and I even didn't make him finish everything.  I don't know if he is just slower or more distracted but he does eventually get it done and he does understand what he is doing so for those I am thankful.
  • We then did some memory work and then read science.  I thought I set my alarm for 10 minutes before we had to leave.  But I thought I would just check my time and was surprised to see that it was time to leave.  We started throwing things putting them away (though not throwing them in my newly cleaned closet).
  • It doesn't take 6 kids long to get into the car when you are heading to the park.  We were loaded in minutes and ready to play at Lilly's park.  Grannymom met us there and the kids played and played. They were able to walk on the little trail by themselves and we even had a picnic while enjoying the beautiful weather.  
  • Then it was doctor time-the odds (Reagan, Graham and Keaton) were taken to Grannymom's house and the evens (Anderson, Campbell and Whitman) came with me.  This was Anderson and Campbell's yearly checkups.  They passed-both a little on the portly side but other than they perfectly healthy.  She did tell them to wear their helmets when riding bikes (shame on me) and to eat more veggies (again shame on me).  While Martin was looking at Anderson, Campbell was laying under the exam table on the floor.  Whatever keeps that child happy.
  • Whitman was next up for his doctor's appointment.  I called this morning to add him to our appointment today for an ear check.  Poor baby has fluid in one ear and an ear infection in the other.  I am glad that we can now start another med to heal that child and I am glad that he is the happiest baby ever and other than his runny nose you would never know he is sickly.
  • So my Campbell did have to have shots-3 shots.  It happened around 3:23 in case you heard some screams and didn't know what it was.  It was my child-she was wailing by the time we laid her down on the table.  The nurse and I even got a bit tickled.  She was hysterical and afterwards, I frantically dug in my diaper bag looking for something, anything to calm the child down so we could walk out of the office without a huge scene.  Thankfully, I had some candy so we walked out with Anderson holding her hand and her sobbing between bites of smarties.   
  • The evens and I went to Grannymoms to pick up the odds.  They rode bikes for a few minutes before we loaded up to get the post shot ice cream.  Campbell had decided on Wendy's frostys instead of Sonic's happy hour.  So we drove to Wendys and were almost in the drive thru when I started reaching for my wallet.  I couldn't find it-yep, it was in my church bag at home.  No wallet, no ice cream.  Robby had already been to Sams to pick up Whitman's medicine for me and now had to come and bail me out to buy frostys.  We went on home and he stopped there and picked up supper as well.
  • We laid out the picnic blanket in the garage and the kids ate supper.  Then we had the family basketball game that Anderson has been begging to have for days now.  Reagan and he lined us up and then picked teams-me and the boys against Robby and the girls.  
  • The first second of the game, Reagan tripped and fell scratching her knee.  This caused her to be so skittish for the rest of the game.  Robby would throw her the ball and yell "take the shot" and she would immediately pass the ball back to him.  Over and over-it was like watching a game of hot potato.  Finally, she did take one shot but our team ended up winning the game 20-18.  
  • Back inside, it was showers for all and then everyone went upstairs to work on the toy room.  By the time that I finished my shower, the toy room was perfect and everyone was downstairs watching Let's Make a Deal.  After our game show, it was time for bed-my kiddos were pretty tired tonight and I have a book to read.

January 19, 2014

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  • Sunday morning and since Whitman still had his runny nose and since we even game him some tylenol last night (might have been a tad bit warm-not really sure) we decided to keep him home.  We didn't have nursery today so I was the one who stayed home with sickly.  
  • I tried to pull my weight this morning and helped everyone get ready, pass out breakfast and do everyone's hair while Robby got ready.  Breakfast was left over doughnuts this morning.  Keaton didn't eat all of hers (actually ate about 2 bites) and then she put her leftovers in the fridge.  She barely got them in the door so when I found them, there were 2 squished doughnuts on her plate.  And my Campbell said that she didn't want any at all and asked for cereal.  That never happens and I actually expected her to end up sick later today but I guess she just wanted cereal.  
  • The others left for church and Whitman and I were just left in an empty house.  Hmm, what to do-I was supposed to be working on that school room closet but Whitman asked me to take a nap with him.  Ha!  I wished that boy would have said that instead he was a perfect child who watching me while in his exersaucer.  
  • I did quite well with my closet but still have a ways to go.  Whitman would look at each new things that I handed to him and then throw it down.  Finally, he started laying his head down so I took him to bed for a few minutes.  I continued working but was a bit lonely in a quiet house all by myself!  
  • I was the first one at Nonna and Pops house for lunch (I did remember Whitman) and soon the others showed up.  They had all had a good time at church.  And were ready to play as soon as they walked in the door.  Lunch was good and dessert was even better.  After lunch, Graham played some on the piano-the day is coming soon when some of these kiddos are going to want to take some type of music lessons.
  • Back at home, the boys had thought about playing basketball this afternoon but we talked them out of it since outside meant showers before church tonight.  We did promise them that there would be plenty of basketball tomorrow.  So they watched their movies this afternoon and Robby and I took a nap along with the little ones.  
  • At 4, my phone buzzed so I quickly got ready and ushered everyone awake to choir.  Stellar mom that I am, we worked on their hymns on the way to choir.  Campbell stayed with me during choir while I chatted and cut out stuff for our photo book.  
  • Back at home, Robby, Whitman and Keaton were in the bonus room and we joined them.  I finally brought supper upstairs and we ate away.  While eating, Robby asked the kids what their favorite part of the day was.  Reagan answered watching movies.  Anderson said that his favorite part of the day was reading God's word.  Robby and I just looked at each other and grinned-that child answering with his church answer.  
  • We had ice cream upstairs and played around before coming down.  The kids put on their pajamas and I read a few books before sending everyone to bed.  Pretty perfect day.

January 18, 2014

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Doughnut Day

  • Even though we did pick up those legos in the toy room last night, the kids didn't stop there this morning on their way to our bedroom.  All of the kids ended up in our room and at least 4 were in my bed-pretty perfect way to start a Saturday morning.  
  • After breakfast the kids did play perfectly this morning upstairs in that clean toy room.  Of course, 6 kids happily playing (some downstairs and most upstairs) makes a crazy mess.  That toy room was trashed as well as the rest of the house.  Robby and I got ready and tried to pick up some. He did notice my closet in the school room-it has gotten a bit out of control in there.  Actually, so bad that Graham wrote a note and hung it on the door saying "The closet is a mess."  
  • So our mission on our morning shopping excursion was to find shelves for the closet along with Sunday pants for one of the boys as well as new pillows for the bed.  The kids begged to stay and play-it always seems like they are playing happily when we have to disturb them for something-like errands today.
  • The first stop was Walmart and we did find the shelves and pants but no pillows.  Then Jason had given the kids Krispy Kreme coupons and they were so excited to use them-so were we.  We all had doughnuts and my little sick Whitman sure enjoyed pieces of his doughnut.  He even kept reaching for Keaton's doughnut.
  • Then I ran into Bed, Bath and Beyond to check on those elusive pillows but they are 20 dollars cheaper online so I just found some Christmas wrapping paper.  The initial plan was for me to run in to the grocery store but by the time Robby and I had both added things to the list, I wouldn't be able to "run" into the store quickly.  So we all went in.  Robby and I did split up occasionally to make the trip go quicker-thankfully, as we both ran through the store in our separate ways we didn't buy the same things and we crossed everything off of our list.
  • Back at home, the boys (the 2 big ones and the grown up one) all ran into the house to watch the rest of the razorback game.  They were all pretty bummed after the game but I wasn't because I had put up the groceries and started on that closet.
  • Soon Robby had put together both of my new shelves and I was really moving on that closet.  I might even have it finished by the end of the week!  Ha!  Then Grannymom and Grandpa came over for supper-Robby had made some of his award winning chili and I had made some of my non award winning brownies.  
  • The kids were pretty happy to see Grannymom and Grandpa-I think they are in grandparent withdrawal stages.  After they left, we picked up a tiny bit and then it was bedtime for everyone.  My Keaton was rowdy but she eventually settled down and I hope that everyone else did the same-we haven't heard them on the monitor yet!  

January 17, 2014

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Science Experiment Day!

  • This was the first night since we had been home that everyone slept all night and that was just wonderful.  When Robby left for work, the rest of us-well, we didn't really do anything for awhile.  By 8, the boys had used up all of their kindle time (only an hour and the thing won't turn on until 7) so they were begging Campbell to let them play on hers for a second.  I had my shower so we could start the day.
  • The kids knew that today was a "fun school" day but we still had to do a few non-fun school boxes.  I made Graham do his phonics and math and that was fine.  Reagan, my perfectionist, had already completed her hard stuff and just did handwriting.  
  • And Anderson spent so long in the bathroom this morning, like his daddy does, that he was the last one to even get started.  Seriously, I don't know what the child was doing in the bathroom-I am going to have to start putting his work on a clipboard for him to work on in the john.  After he did his phonics, I looked at his math and it was something new and looked hard.  I told him to skip it and we could do it at lunch.  He quickly obliged and then before lunch, he watched the video and breezed through it.  I was certainly surprised since I vividly remember Reagan struggling with that.
  • So fun school started!  I had been playing "fun school" up so I was pretty concerned that the kids were going to think I was nuts and be a bit disappointed-they weren't.  We started by reading a few books on snowmen.  Then we talked about the 5 senses and I had the kids bring me something from each sense.  Then some more books and a video about the state of matter.
  • Next I had signs for the kids to hold up to identify each of the states of matter.  I would hold up something and they would all hold their signs up-honey, cup, air, water, ice, smoke and on and on.  Then the kids had stations where they had to use a sense to identify solids, liquids or gases. For example, at the hearing station they shook the containers to hear if it was a solid, liquid or gas.  Then at the touch station they felt 3 balloons filled with air, water or ice.
  • We then read another book and then the real fun started-we made an ice snowman.  I had frozen three balloons filled with water and then set them up to be our snowman for the day.  We talked about it was a solid and then took predictions of when it was going turn into a liquid.  And the plan was to boil it into steam when it melted (but it hasn't melted all the way yet)  We looked at it all day long and took measurements of the water level throughout the day.  The kids may not have learned anything but we sure had fun watching our snowman melt...or maybe I had fun watching it melt!
  • After the snowman was happily melting away, we then had ourselves a little snowball fight. Anderson was the one who figured out what we were going to do when he saw me carrying in dozens of Robby's socks.  Masking tape down the floor, snowballs on each side, timer set and the losers had the most snowballs on their side when the timer went off.  We played and played and played-we played so many rounds of our snowball game that the kids were exhausted and begging to take a break.  
  • Lunch was our break and then we did a bit of snowman art (I forgot to take pictures of that event)  Then I started on laundry, Reagan and Anderson were drawing, Keaton and Whitman were helping me and Campbell and Graham were upstairs.  And that is where the trouble started-she bit him, he squeezed her neck, they screamed at each other, I told them to put up my laundry, they screamed, fussed and cried, I told them no movies, more screaming, fussing and crying.  That is how my afternoon went-actually, after Campbell and Graham calmed down, I had 4 kids asleep so I spent my afternoon dancing.  Well, not really dancing but cleaning attics, straightening and drinking hot chocolate.  
  • Everyone did wake up happily and the evening started.  We had supper and then we all sat down in the living room to look at our pictures from our trip.  The kids loved watching them and then when it was over, Robby passed out taffy that we bought for the kids on our trip.  It was like he was passing out gold!  
  • Then we watched a Price is Right before bedtime.  After we put the kids to bed, Robby and I picked up their toy room.  We never do that but it had gotten pretty out of control and if it is clean, then they will play up there tomorrow and hopefully, they will play up there quietly all morning long!

January 16, 2014

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Oral Reports Day!

  • My Whitman woke up around midnight last night and that was after falling asleep on the way home from church. We new that he would wake up and when I tried to lay him back down, he would just cry and cry.  Now maybe because he was a bit sick (still is and maybe even worse tonight-aaargh!) and maybe because I felt a bit guilty about being gone so long, I held him for a very, very long time.  Then I started to worry that what if he didn't go back to sleep when I laid him down.  So I laid him down while he was still awake-he fussed briefly but was quiet by the time I laid back down into bed.  
  • Graham and Anderson found their kindles this morning and sat in our bedroom this morning side by side playing on those silly things.  They played and played and then the big girls joined them.  Keaton stayed in bed with us for awhile and then it was time to get Campbell to school.  Robby took her and then hung out so he could bring her home after school.  
  • Today was the day that our home school friends came over.  But before 10 we had quite a few things to do at our house-breakfast, make Beebee a birthday card, get ready, pick up a bit, practice our oral reports (along with make a few more snowflakes for Reagan and get Graham's liberty pole pictures ready) and I even had the kids do 2 school boxes.  Reagan sped through her oral report to practice as our company started arriving-she was so funny reading through it.  I tried to tell her that she would do fine and didn't need another practice but she thought differently.  
  • The kids were happy to have friends over-Brody, Ethan, Easton, Charolette, Caroline, Alyssa Kate, Noah, Lilly and Eden.  We let the kids play for a long, long time before deciding to start on our oral reports.  All of the kids reports continue to get better-presented better and more educational.  The other reports today were about race cars, tornadoes, zebras and tigers.  
  • Graham was near the first to go and he did excellent.  That little boy read his report on Liberty Poles expertly.  He was proud to show off his liberty pole that we had made.  Anderson talked about giraffes and had made giraffe shaped cookies to hand out.  And my Reagan was the last one to go so she had to deal with a fairly rowdy, restless crowd.  She talked about snowflakes and was proud to show off her plethora of snowflakes that she (and I) had made.
  • Then we all started on lunch and about that time Robby brought Campbell home.  My Campbell loves school but all day long today she has been a bit bummed because she missed seeing everyone else do their oral reports.  All of the Dennies did their reports tonight but she still was asking about everyone else's reports.  I guess that next time I will keep her home from school so she can take part.  
  • The kids had lunch and played some.  Then Amber had a project for them to do-make rice filled socks to heat up-one for themselves and one to give away.  I volunteered Sara to sew the socks and she did great-I couldn't have done it that well and quickly.  At the last minute, we decided to fill the socks outside instead of inside-that was a great idea!  You wouldn't believe the mess that we made-at least it was outside!
  • After being outside to fill the socks, we realized the beautiful weather and then sent everyone outside to play.  They played and played.  Amber even spotted many deer tracks in the front yard-very close to the house.  We never see the deer out that window but have apparently never caught them out there.   
  • Eventually, a huge soccer game was started and the kids had a blast.  Unfortunately after awhile, everyone headed home and we jumped in the car to go and see Beebee.  All of us but Whitman, he stayed home with Robby since he was asleep.  
  • Today was Beebee's 91st birthday.  We had her a brownie birthday cake that she enjoyed blowing out the candles on.  We helped her open some of her birthday cards and I worked on her address book some more.  The kids were pretty talkative and told her all about their oral reports.  Nonna and Pops showed up and before we left, the kids all grabbed some candy for the ride home.  
  • Oh yes, Graham and Campbell did decide to take Beebee their rice filled socks.  They gave them to her and she was so proud.  And then a few minutes later, Campbell said "Beebee, I changed my mind.  I am going to give my sock to someone else."  I tried to talk her out of this but she was pretty adamant about taking her sock back.  Beebee didn't mind and thought all of this was pretty funny.  
  • We made it home and Whitman had been snoozing in Robby's lap.  The kids all had showers and then we had supper.  After supper the kids straightened upstairs and then we had cupcakes.  And tonight, everyone did their oral reports for Campbell and Robby.  Of course this time, Keaton and Campbell did a little something for the camera.  And then the highlight of the day was watching their selves on the tv before bed.  And at bed, they all took their heated rice filled socks with them. 

January 15, 2014

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Lounging in a box...

  • Graham was in our bed at exactly 7:01 this morning-he must have been staring at the clock waiting on it to tick to 7 before he climbed out of his bed.  He laid there quietly until we were joined by Campbell.  Soon I jumped out of bed to start our morning.  
  • I had laid out the clothes for the kids in the toy room and it didn't take too long for everyone to get dressed.  Robby left for work and we were all eating our waffles.  I looked at the clock and thought that we had some extra time so I had the kids practice their oral reports and then work on putting up their laundry.  
  • Then I had everyone start getting into the car when I suddenly realized that we were not supposed to leave at 9:15, we were supposed to be there at 9:15.  Oh, well, we were just going to be late - Reagan kept telling me that people were always late and she wouldn't be the last one.  And my Anderson said that he hoped that he didn't miss Bible story time.  
  • Of course when you get to Bible study 15 minutes late, parking for large vehicles is kind of limited.  We had to park forever away so we hurried our rears into the church house not even grabbing a stroller for Whitman.  I was now on a mission to get my boys to Bible story time and we made it!-just barely but we made it!
  • Keaton's class was already at the indoor playground and my group was already in small group.  They hadn't even started the first question yet so I was there in plenty of time too.  I like arriving in time for the opening because after dropping off the kids, I can sit for a few minutes and relax.  
  • Other than being late for the start of Bible study, the morning had gone splendidly.  And then I picked the kids up....and things just went downhill.  I kept on smiling but Keaton and Campbell were crying on the way to the car parked forever away.  Campbell was crying because I wasn't going to stop in the freezing weather in the middle of the parking lot to zip her coat and Keaton was crying because I had to let go of her hand so I could hold Whitman and our 3 bags better.  
  • Once at home, the kids started riding on their bikes and scooters while I was unloading the car.  I thought that would be great but soon Keaton and Campbell were fighting over an umbrella.  They can both be such tattle tales-Keaton would come in and say "Campbell hit me" and then Campbell would come in with the same story.  
  • I did manage to make lunch during all of this and let them eat outside.  Graham begged me to let everyone eat outside and I had said yes.  But then he came in asking to play his kindle and I said no because they were playing outside.  This didn't set well with him at all and his downfall started!  
  • Lunch was peaceful enough with me reading and the neighbors dog yelping at us (by this time I almost borrowed Anderson's Christmas present to take care of Fido)  I offered to let everyone stay outside while I tried to finish unpacking from the morning and I went in to start to work.  That is when Reagan fell off of her scooter once and then again-scraping her arm and knee (tearing a hole in her only pair of non holed pants.  
  • Soon I brought everyone inside and we were going to start on Anderson's giraffe snack for tomorrow.  I had an easy snack planned in my head and he would have none of that-wanted sugar cookies.  I obliged and made him some while they were watching a movie.  
  • Keaton was exhausted and fussed and fussed until I finally put her down for a nap early.  Then I tried to get Whitman to rest but he would not-absolutely would not.  After a while, I tried to hold him thinking the tired boy would go to sleep but that didn't work.  Finally, I just moved his bed into my room so he could hang out with the others and watch some tv.  He was happy in there for a long, long time and they would throw him some different toys occasionally.
  • When the kids finished their movies, I had them do a few chores and then asked them to do a few boxes of school work.  I am hoping to do something fun-ish for school Friday and needed them to get ahead. Reagan did fine, Anderson did fine but Graham completely fell apart-chair tipping over, dropping everything, crying apart.  All because I asked him to do 3 boxes of school work-goodness, gracious!
  • I finished getting supper, combing hair and making sure that socks were on and soon it was time for us to head to church.  Robby was able to run to the store for us and was home a bit later which pushed us back a bit to get to church-especially since I had to run into the library to pick up a few books for us.
  • Church was fine and we even overheard a teacher say "I had said that the person that participates and behaves the best will get to be line leader.  Graham come be line leader."  Whoop, whoop!  Made this momma proud.
  • Once at home, the kids put on their pjs and had a snack before bed.  I think it will take us all a few days to get back on our regular schedule.  They are all still pretty tired from their trip as are we.  Tomorrow is a big day-school for Campbell, homeschool friends coming over and out to Beebee's place to celebrate her birthday.