September 30, 2011

Taking care of 'lil sis'!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton's first night at home was fairly tame.  She did wake up and suck down a bottle and then never really settled back down and had another bottle an hour later.  
  • Though we have decided that the boys are the ones that cause this house to stir because we were all still in bed sleeping at 7:30.  We did stir then since Dana was coming over to drop off the boys. They went to sleep last night and all slept well.  When they returned, I unpacked and noticed that foxy was not with them.  I mentioned it to Graham and he didn't seem concerned and I made a mental note that we would need it by night time but as soon as I made that note, it apparently got erased.
  • When Campbell woke up this morning, she must have forgotten about Keaton and made no mention of her.  She finally saw a baby blanket, picked it up and looked under it and said "baby, gone?"
  • We all had breakfast (the second for the boys) and then we went upstairs for me to unpack clothes and work on the blinds.  I laid Keaton in the floor in the sun and Reagan promptly set in between the baby and the sun-she didn't want Keaton to get the sun in her eyes.  I tried to explain that Keaton would turn her head or close her eyes but I did want the sun on the baby.  Anyway, after sitting there for a very long time, I tried to encourage Reagan to go and play but she acted like it was her duty to sit there.  So I just let her.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to do a little work and the kids were excited to show them the wagon full of sticks that they had picked up.  Their pile was pretty impressive but they only walked about 20 feet and were able to collect them all.
  • The kids played outside all morning while everyone worked outside-including me which is why my ankles are swollen tonight-the kids were dirty enough that they were hosed off before they were allowed in the house for lunch. When they were clean, we all came in for lunch and then a movie for the kids.  I wasn't going to let them back outside after just getting them clean.  
  • Graham must have gotten pretty sleepy during the movie and the next thing I know is that he was hysterical about not having foxy.  I am sure that Grannymom was ready to go and find him for the boy.  I finally calmed him down to just a whimper or two and had him lay down for his nap.  I could hearing him whining on the monitor and even pulled out a new toy for him to have for being "such a big brave boy for sleeping without foxy."  
  • After naps, the kids went back outside to play-Grandpa and Robby had finished the treehouse/swing set and it looks huge in this yard.  On Gamble when the kids went down the slide, they had to land with their feet ready to stand and their hands ready to touch a tree or they would get knocked down by that tree.  Here they have plenty of room to play and even had 3 neighbor kids playing on it with them this afternoon.  Graham spent some of the afternoon helping Grandpa work on his little playhouse and then helping Robby pick up rocks.  At one time, I even saw the boy on the top of the playhouse with his googles on and was busy hammering.  I guess he was putting on a new roof.
  • Before too long, we had a grandparent switch-the Dennies left and the Brocks came.  It took awhile to get Campbell back in the house-she enjoyed climbing to the top of the tree house even though we would have to get her down since she must not like the slide and wouldn't go down it.  
  • Nonna had made supper for us so we all enjoyed that and the kids were pretty wild.  They did calm a bit after baths but we still put them in bed early.  Nonna fed Keaton who then stayed awake for awhile.  She stayed awake for another long stretch this afternoon-it was when everyone else was outside so she was safe.  
  • Speaking of Keaton-the big thing is still for them to hold her.  It was the sweetest thing tonight-Anderson was holding her and just talking to her and then he started singing Jesus Love Me to her.  Man, should have recorded it.  Then I overheard Graham telling her that her belly button would fall off and she would be all better.  Sweet, sweet, sweet!!
  • Also speaking of Keaton.  She hasn't really pooed since the last night at the hospital so we thought we would give it a try to help things out a bit.  Amber text us through it and sure enough we finally had success.  Probably not too much success but something it better than nothing.  I did wonder when our lives changed and we started talking about BMs on a Friday night.  

September 29, 2011

Keaton Comes Home!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton spent the night in the nursery and by her chart it looked like she slept well and even ate once.  With Campbell I do remember that one night in the nursery they didn't feed her at all (no worries, because Campbell has since caught up on her missed meals).  Our nurse this morning said that she had seen Keaton in the line to be examined by the pediatrician.
  • After they took my blood this morning, Phillips came in to discharge me and said that my blood count was up but he still wanted to see me back in 3 weeks.  That is pretty early since usually it has been 4-6 weeks.  Taking my blood-well, that was an ordeal.  A poor little nursing student or somebody was trying her hardest to get my blood and tried and tried, eventually the other nurse had to help but she also had to work to get enough blood-thankfully it didn't hurt  too bad but Robby was sure squirming on the other side of the room
  • Soon Keaton was delivered back to our room and we waited to be discharged.  It didn't take too long and we were rolling out the door.  The aide did ask if I would like to walk out of the hospital or ride in the wheelchair.  I did feel pretty good but definitely know that walking out would set a bad precedent for the rest of the day-I did just have a baby!
  • Our first stop on the way home was a run in to Sams for Robby to drop of my prescriptions and then we went to Gamble to load up all of our fridge/freezer items since our fridge has finally been delivered.  Then a quick stop to Sonic for a drink and then back to Sams for Robby to pick up the meds.
  • We then brought Ms. Keaton home to our new house (we are working on a name for it) and she immediately felt at home here.  Grannymom and Grandpa were here and Grannymom was anxious to hold her.  We put away all of our hospital stuff and straightened around here some.  Before long, the rest of the gang arrived and before the car seemed to stop rolling in the driveway, Reagan was inside taking off her shoes trying to find Keaton.  And right behind her was Campbell.  
  • The boys were not too far behind and before long everyone was sitting around Keaton who was in her bouncy seat. I have quickly realized that Keaton can not be left alone for any amount of time-I have had to take her to Robby to hold so I can go to the bathroom.  She is so loved.  Graham enjoys bouncing her bouncy seat and Campbell loves rubbing her head.  Reagan though is just as bad-she just wants to stare at her, hold her and follow her wherever we take her.  I think I might just have to get a sling so she can be with me at all times.  
  • After all of the grands left, it was nap time for Campbell in her closet, Graham slept in Anderson's bed, Keaton slept in the floor with Reagan laying nearby and Anderson watched and movie on the couch.  I had just woken up from my nap when I heard Robby burst through the door and holler....
  • "Get the fire extinguisher! Hurry!"  He probably didn't have to add the "hurrry" part since hearing "get the fire extinguisher was enough for me to shove Reagan down and practically rip the child locks off of the kitchen cabinet.  I ran back to him with it to see flames coming from the tractor (glad we bought the service plan! ha!) He was fumbling with the extinguisher so I ran back in to fill up the bucket and started grabbing water bottles out of the fridge...oh, did I mention that tractor was pretty close to my new house.  By the time I returned with a bottle of water (something is better than nothing) he had figured out the extinguisher and used it.  He was actually parked by his water hose and turned around to see the flames but couldn't get the hose working quickly enough.  All was working well and everything was fine within a few minutes....well, except for our blood pressure!  Poor Reagan and Anderson had seen the excitement, shut the house door and just stood inside by the door-probably panicked.  I had probably told them to "move" as I was running getting the extinguisher so they did that.  They were relieved to see that all was well and Anderson kept asking if Daddy was okay.  I kept answering yes, he is right there, he is talking to us, he is fine.  The mower started fine again later and some excess oil had probably just gotten too hot but Robby's bagger on the mower was working very well and the front yard is really looking nice.
  • Soon after, I tried to wake up Graham but it took me 10 minutes of talking to him while putting up clothes for him to finally wake up.  Campbell was ready to get downstairs and see her new sister.  They all took turns holding Keaton while we waited on Dana, Lilly and Cash to come over for a few minutes.  Campbell cried and cried when it was someone else's turn to hold the baby.  This was the first time that Graham wanted to hold her and Anderson even volunteered to hold her for a few minutes as well.
  • The boys ended up spending the night was Cash and Lilly.  Dana sent us pictures and Anderson and Cash were laying in the floor of Cash's room and Graham was in Lilly's bed and Lilly was reading to him.  Reagan went out in the yard and talked to the neighbor through the fence-her grandpa wouldn't let her out of her yard and I wouldn't let Reagan out of ours.  Campbell came out and ran around outside too. Soon the mosquitoes were bad and the girls came in for baths.
  • That was our first time for them to take baths in this house and everything worked well.  So we then put Campbell to bed and Reagan held Keaton and watched a movie.  Before I put Reagan in bed she asked how the doctor knew that Keaton was a girl.  I told her that he looked at her bottom and could tell, just like her bottom is different than the boys bottoms.  She replied with "oh, like how they have that hangy down thing, eew"  Exactly.
  • Keaton hung out with Robby and me during the evening.  She did snooze most of the evening away but it now getting a little hungry and has found her thumb-better take it out and give her some milk!  But it sure is nice seeing her awake for a few minutes.  Hopefully, I can keep her awake for awhile and she will sleep well tonight.

September 28, 2011- Keaton's 1st Full Day

(click here for pictures)

We finally made it to our room last night around 10ish and were settled and on our way to sleep by 11.  Keaton briefly saw our room and then went to stay in the nursery for the evening.  We slept fairly well-nurse coming in a 12 and 4 and me a few bathroom runs in between time.  I usually feel more like a semi truck has run over me the morning after but today I only feel like I have been run over by a pick up truck so when I stirred this morning I was ready for my shower.
Robby and I were both ready for the day before 7 and waiting on doctors, breakfast and baby to come to our room. While we waited, we munched on Louanne's cookies from yesterday and then decided to take a walk to see about picking up Keaton.  We saw Hughey in the hallway and briefly visited with him.  The pediatrician hadn't been by for Keaton yet so went back to the room empty handed but did find breakfast for me and Robby there.
We ate our breakfast and Robby headed out to child wrangle the others a bit while Virginia had a doctor's appointment.  He was also going to check and decide if Anderson needed an appointment for his ear which was briefly bothering him yesterday.  In the meantime, Keaton was delivered to me.  She was glad to see me because she knew I was going to feed her-they had fed her around 7 but she was not satisfied and needed another sip or two.  Robbie Rhodes came by since she had seen Keaton in the nursery to say hi.  Then one of our pediatrician's stopped by to say that Keaton looked great and just needed to poo before she went home.
Soon after nurses stopped by and passed me out some medicine-my first so far.  Don't really need it but why waste a good thing.  Jaymie dropped by to say hello and as he was leaving Phillips (my doctor) came by as well.  He said my blood was still a bit low-actually low enough to get blood but since I feel good that wouldn't be necessary.  I honestly, I don't think I want strangers blood-but if I must, I must.  He did say that he would check again before we went home tomorrow.  Also I am to drink lots of liquids-bring em on.  Where is that orange juice stash around here?
They had talked like we could go home today but since he said that I guess we couldn't now.  Though we are not insane and no a good (yet expensive) hotel when we come here.  The beds my not be that comfy and there are lots of strangers in and out of the room but the food is edible, housekeeping is on top of things and free child care-I might just stay here all week!
Keaton is actually laying on my bed right now and I am hanging half way off.  She is quite the eater.  I don't think we have ever had a baby that mastered the sucking part so quickly and she has burped each time I have set her up.  Probably has to do with being well over 8 pounds.
A bit before 10, Bro. Paul and Miss Kay stopped by for a few minutes.  Miss Kay held Keaton and they were impressed by her size and her candy bars.  Everyone is getting a "5th Dennie" candy bar (5th Avenue).
Let's see here-a few more details from yesterday: about the time Robby had the girls come up here was about the same time that I decided that I wanted my epidural so I decided to wait.  Phillips came in and checked me and thought I also needed one soon.  Yes, I am a wimp but I am a wimp with a smile on my face.  The girls stayed for a few minutes and then they left-I was getting a bit cranky and needed some meds. They worked perfectly and as tradition, my blood pressure always falls after my epidural.  So this leads to light headedness and the dreaded throwing up.  Though it was just a bit this time.  They did give me some meds to raise my bp which seemed to help.  I am sure since I usually don't take much medicine all of these powerful drugs are pretty hard and quite surprising on my body.
The nausea continued a bit so they ended up giving me something else which helped even more.  When it was   time to push-I just really couldn't believe it.  It hadn't been a long day and to tell you the truth, it hasn't seemed like I have been pregnant long enough to have another baby.  Pushing wasn't too bad-though I always have no idea if I am doing it correctly.  One nurse was new to labor and delivery so the other nurse and Phillips were walking her through everything which added a bit of distraction for us.  Though I am usually always distracted enough worrying that Robby is just going to pass out on me-delivery is just not a pretty sight.  Enough about that.
I did apparently lose alot of blood so I got a shot to stop that.  Robby termed it as "gushing." Enough blood that they talked about giving me more.  Though when I mentioned I was light headed people sure do go into action.  This was the first time in a few deliveries that I haven't gotten sick or the shakes afterwards so that was nice.
In a bit it was time to have my folks and Jason come back and before long the kids had arrived with Grannymom and Grandpa.  Campbell was all about holding that baby and did as often as we would let her.  She didn't want any help from me either and would move my hand.  Anderson didn't feel that great so he could have cared less.  Graham was near her once and decided that was his turn and graciously declined when ever I asked him again.  Reagan, who I thought would be all about it, took a long time to convince her to hold Keaton.  Keaton was fussing so that probably bothered her but once she held her she was in her element.  Lilly, Cash and Dana came by to see her as well and Lilly was pleased that Keaton had the same middle name as her and Grannymom.
Soon after Pops brought us pizza and we ate and ate until it was time to move to our new room...and that is where this post began.


The afternoon was fairly slow around here.  I guess I should start with the late morning-let's see what all happened?  Dana came by to hold Keaton for a bit and Keaton did what she does best sleep!  Lynda Pruitt called to check on us and to tell us how pretty the baby is.  Right before lunch, Todd dropped by to visit for awhile.
Soon after, it was getting to be lunch time and we did wonder briefly if I would ever get my lunch tray.  It was almost 12:30 and I had decided that I had forgotten to put my name on my menu so I was left out.  Robby was about to leave for Subway when they knocked on the door.  And again, they had one for him-that is a new thing.  Though all that was eaten from it was the roll-pork chops just didn't sound too appetizing for lunch today.
They have a new thing here-instead of taking the baby for their pictures in the middle of the night and coming out with a pretty ugly new baby picture-they have a contract photographer here.  So she came to our room and took pictures of Keaton wearing her diaper.  Then she left, edited them and showed them to us on a little video on an ipad.  Pretty impressive stuff and they were pretty good pictures.  And what was nice was that we didn't have to order now and can order later online.  Oh, let me see if I can find a link so you can see here to see them.  And the password is 0927keatondennie  Anyway, they were pretty impressive.
Our next visitors were Pops, Reagan, Anderson and Graham.  Campbell had stayed at home with Nonna to take a nap but I haven't yet heard how that went.  The boys cared nothing about holding Keaton and Anderson only did out of obligation as they were about to leave.  Reagan was all about it and even got upset when it was time to put her down and leave.  Pops said that she was crying this morning because she wanted to go to the hospital to see Keaton.  Sweet now but in a few days, she will be sick of Ms. Keaton, I am sure.  Actually all of the kids were pretty interested in their candy from Robby and the presents that Keaton had brought for them.  The boys were all into seeing how the couch made out into a bed and then pushing it back.  Quite entertaining for them.
When it was time for them to leave, Ms Aleta from church stopped by to see her and then the nurse took Keaton for her hearing screening.  She passed her hearing screening and the nurse also helped with her lack of pooing.  Thankfully, they didn't leave that job for me-I don't really know how to do that-nor do I care how to learn.  It did help and she even went again later on by herself.  After all of the pooing excitement Jason came by to check on us and brought me a coke.  I was getting pretty thirsty in this room with no refreshments-that probably happens after you eat a few granola bars without a drink.  So that was our afternoon, I probably have one more post left in me for tonight so you can see how our evening went.

The first thing that happened this evening was the nurse coming to pick up Keaton for her PKU screening.  And just as they were rolling her out, James and Virginia came in to see Keaton.  They were able to get a quick glance at her for a second before she had to leave.  They visited for awhile but then they had to leave.  And of course, as soon as they had probably gotten on the elevator, Keaton was delivered back to my room.  She was out like a light and snoozed peacefully for quite awhile.
After James and Virginia left, I was looking around the room and saw the Gideon Bible laying on the table.  I mistakenly confused the Gideon Bible for the Book of Mormon and was very confused about why my Baptist hospital would have the Book of Mormon in it.  Finally, I realized my mistake and was relieved to find that indeed there is no Book of Mormon in my nightstand.  Also, I have decided that this bed I have been sitting in all day long is quite uncomfortable and the food is edible but after a few bites of each thing that is all that I want.      I might just starve if I had to stay here very long.  And tv, there is nothing on tv anymore-just constant talking.  Sounds like I am getting cranky-probably time for another pain pill!  Actually, after my little rant I feel much better but that pain pill still sounds good.
Robby arrived soon with smoothies and cupcakes.  Nonna called and had gotten everyone to their Awana class.  Campbell threw a little fit when going in-which is to be expected.  Anderson practically ran in his class and Graham did fine as well.  Reagan was pretty excited about telling Nonna all about her class.  Hopefully, they had a good evening in their classes.
Keaton is snoozing in her bassinet right now.  If we were at home, I would probably be jostling her trying to get her to wake up but since she will spend the night at the nursery, I will just let her sleep now and look at that pretty thing.  Tomorrow night I will be the one having to keep her awake in the evening so she will sleep some during the night.
Reagan is so in love with her baby sister that Pops brought her back up here tonight after Awana.  Everyone else was in the bath and they snuck off to see Keaton one more time for the evening.  Reagan said that one day she will get to feed her, so I just opened a bottle and let her have at it.  And you should have seen Reagan's proud eyes when Keaton let out a big burp while she was burping her.  Reagan asked us a zillion questions about Keaton-if she could hear, when she could lay on a blanket, could she leave the hospital floor and the list went on and one.  Love that girl.
After eating a cupcake and watching a bit of tv, we finally called it a night.  I bet tomorrow night will be a bit more exciting with a whole the whole houseful of kids.

Family comes to visit Keaton!

The whole Crew!
Big sisters, big brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were soon by to visit with newest little Dennie.

KEATON MAE DENNIE BORN at 5:11 PM (September 27, 2011)

Keaton Mae Dennie
We are proud to announce the arrival of 
Keaton Mae Dennie.
She was born at 5:11 PM 
weighing 8 pounds and 11 ounces.
She is 21 inches long.

Mom & Keaton are doing great!

Expecting Baby Dennie #5: September 27, 2011

Awaiting arrival of Baby #5
(click here for pictures)

(click here for a video)
(click here for video #2)

(click this link to stroll down memory lane of Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell's births)

4:32 p.m. Nurses setting up to begin the pushing. Dr. Phillips is on his way.  We're predicting baby by 5:25 p.m.

4:15 p.m. Almost time to start pushing!!!  Tara is a 10.  They are about to have her do a few pushes before they call the doctor.  He was planning to come a little after 5 after his afternoon appointments.

3:50 p.m. The nurse was back to check the blood pressure but no real sign of Dennie #5 quite yet.

3:30 p.m. Louanne Hughey stopped by and dropped off cookies for Tara for later. Tara is still hoping to get supper tonight - the past 4 it's always been too late for supper.  She has requested Palio's.

3:00 p.m. - Dana stopped by again to make sure we were getting the quality Baptist Hospital care one would expect.

2:20 p.m. - The nurses were back in and said Tara was at an "8" - we still don't believe them!  Well, maybe we do.  Tara's blood pressure had dropped a bit after the epidural so they gave her a bit of ephedrin.  Baby's heart beat is around 140 right now.

1:45 p.m. - Nonna & Pops had picked up the boys from school earlier, fed them lunch and even had a bit of time to ride bikes before stopping by the hospital to check on Tara.  All the tubes and equipment didn't seem to phase them but they were probably more interested in Robby's candy.

1:10 p.m. - Epidural has taken affect an so Tara's pain level has decreased a bit enough to take a little nap.

12: 45 p.m. - Two anesthesiologist came to assist with the epidural so as the tradition, Robby left to walk Jason, the girls and G-mom and G-pa to the elevator.

12:30 p.m. - Dr. Phillips arrived the same time Reagan & Campbell were making their way to Tara's room. We let him go first and he checked on Tara. She has progressed to a "5" - we might just have a baby before 6:00 for the first time.
The girls came in and Reagan was such a big girl. She talked about how Campbell didn't understand that a baby was coming.  Campbell was a bit skittish but she managed to get in Tara's lap for a few minutes even after at first saying she didn't want to.  But soon Tara was requesting the epidural so the girls headed back to Grannymom and Grandpa's.

12:20 p.m. - Contractions every two minutes or so.  Tara is starting to feel the pain a bit more. Probably ready for the epidural but going to try to hold off a bit since the girls are on their way with Grannymom.

11:40 a.m. - Tara's brother stopped by and even brought Robby some leftovers.  Tara is about ready to ask when she get the epidiural.  She was trying to make it as long as she could before going numb.

11:00 a.m. - The nurse increased the pitocin level.  Contractions are increasing and Tara is starting to feel them more.

10:30 a.m. - Tara's mom stopped by to check in on Tara an visited for awhile.  Robby slipped out for a few minutes.  (don't tell, I went to get breakfast. Tara hasn't even asked for ice chips yet).

9:15 a.m. - The nurses was back to increase the pitocin but no real contractions for Tara at this point.
Baby's heartbeat is around 133.

9:05 a.m.- Dana stopped by check on us and visit for awhile.

9:00 a.m. - Dr. Phillips stopped by and broke Tara's water and said she was at a "3"

8:30 a.m. - The nurses were back to start the pitocin and get things started.

7:15 a.m. - We have two nurses today.  Christy is new to L&D and Mandy is assisting. They hooked Tara up to all the monitors and an IV.

6:45 a.m. - We checked in at the nursing station and were soon escorted to room #9 in labor and delivery at Baptist.  Now awaiting our nurse to get this induction underway.

5:20 a.m. - The alarm sounded early but we managed to stir even with a quiet house.  A bit of last minute packing, showers and then we headed to the hospital.

September 26, 2011

Out last family picture at Gamble Rd.
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Tonight was more of a restful night-though Graham had wet his bed in the middle of the night (though his pull up remained dry).  Thankfully it was just his comforter so I went to grab a sleeping bag...which Robby had put in the file cabinet...which was behind the pack n play...but it was in the bottom so I had to move the pack n play...but then I couldn't open the I had to reopen the pack n play to step into it to reach the other sleeping bag that was out...all the while I was praying that Campbell's sleeping bag would be fine with him...and it was.  Then we all went back to sleep until we heard Anderson whispering to the monitor that he was ready to wake up and since it was time everyone joined us in bed
  • We put everyone's clothes on and then they had breakfast and then moved to the den to watch a dvd (this not having tv is tough on them-tougher on us though!).  Robby did buy an antenna today (welcome to the 70s) so we at least have some outside contact here in the country!
  • I dropped Anderson off who was very excited about seeing the firetruck.  Graham took his snack and handed it to Ms. Wendolyn so no one has to take it tomorrow since it might just be a busy day.  He was so excited to take it and will be thrilled to pass them out tomorrow.  Anderson was so happy to bring home some raisins today and told me all about having one leftover cheese cracker but that Ms. Stacy had that one.  Funny that he was happy about the raisins since he doesn't even eat them.
  • We then dropped Reagan off and even had time to see Pops.  Once we made it to Reagan's class she wanted to wait outside because she didn't want to be the first one in there.  Finally, she decided that it was time and went in just fine and seemed happy to be there.  She did tell me that I always packed her too much lunch and she tried to eat it all.  I told her to just eat what she wanted and she did indeed have some turkey left and ate it on the way home.  
  • Back at home, Robby was working from home and Campbell and Graham helped me around the house.  We did manage to read a few stories, calm down a few fits and even a nap for Campbell and a movie for Graham.  By this time it was time for turn around and pick up Anderson.  He had a great day seeing the two firetrucks that came to school today.  He even had a hat and a coloring book.  
  • Back at home, we had lunch and before long it was time for a quick rest for everyone.  I didn't really expect anyone to go to sleep but they all did.  I was able to get a few things done but then I had to wake each of them up to go back to church and pick up Reagan.  She was excited about her pressed leaves that she made today and told me all about how her teacher had ironed it together (Reagan has probably never seen an iron before)
  • We went back home to pack up for the next few nights and then we read a few books before meeting Robby for our last meal as a family of 6.  Pei Wei was our choice and the kids love the fortune cookies.  Then we ran back by Gamble to take a picture in front of the house.  
  • Then we dropped the kids off at Grannnymom and Grandpa's house and the kids were so excited that they were bouncing off of the walls.  Hopefully everyone will rest well tonight.

September 25, 2011

Time to clean the
moving truck!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • After an eventful moving day, we figured that we would have an uneventful and restful night....and we did until about 12 and that is when poor Graham started crying about his ear.  He was pitiful and was definitely in pain.  He squirmed, fussed, sobbed-if the emergency room could have done anything for him I would have taken him.  But alas since we are already on an antibiotic and have ear drops for pain that was all that could be done.  He would get to sleep and then I would cough, need to roll over or have to go to the bathroom and he would wake up again and we would start all over again.   Finally around 2 or a bit after, we went to sleep and he slept pretty soundly the rest of the night and woke up feeling great.
  • We were able to find our church clothes (actually pretty much everything is unpacked around here-just a few loose ends and quite a bit of outside stuff but I think we discussed that last night).  Anyway, we took the moving truck back to our house (and how highly can we recommend using Scott as your realtor just to get to use his moving truck) and then we headed off for breakfast.  The kids (including Graham) devoured their cinni minis.  And soon we were going to church-I had to drag Campbell into her class and drag Graham into his class.  These silly kids have a great time in their classes and Graham talks about what they have did but he was a sight to see this morning (at least we don't do the same thing at school).
  • Oh, I do have a funny church story.  So we were sitting in my dad's office while the kids were in Sunday school and Robby gave me some money to go and buy something at the coffee shop.  I came back and put his change (18.75) on my dad's desk by Robby.  He then got up to buy a drink with the .50 cents and left the other money there.  He returned and left the 18.25 sitting next to him while he was looking up something on the computer.  A few minutes later, people came in trying to find a key to get the visitor cards out of the offering bag (no, they don't call them visitor cards anymore but that is what I call them).  Finally they were able to find another person to open the closet and the 4 of them dumped the offering bag on the desk and started grabbing out visitor cards.  Then they started putting all of the offering back into the bag.  Most of it was in envelopes but there were some loose bills....and when it was all over they locked the bag, locked the door and headed out.  When it was time to pick up the kids, Robby stood up and remembered his change.  He checked his wallet, checked his pockets but then realized his 18 dollars had been on that same desk where the offering had been dumped-now his 18 dollars was part of the offering.  I laughed until I cried-that will teach him to not leave money laying around!
  • We then had Robby's birthday lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  He opened up a few gifts and enjoyed Mexican food and oreo delight (his favorites which have become my favorites as well) and then Reagan headed to Lilly's house to play, the boys and Campbell played with Grannymom, I went to the grocery store and Robby and Grandpa worked on getting the swing set into the truck and hauling it over here.
  • Next I picked up Reagan and we ran back to Gamble to grab the boys juice for tomorrow's snack (why would I have signed up for snack when I knew I would probably be having a baby?  I'm crazy)  Reagan looked in every closet and drawer checking for stuff we had left over there and tried to arrange the new people's furniture.  Oh, the juice is over there because we still just have our mini fridge and that is all.  Then I picked up the boys and we headed home.  
  • Soon Robby showed back up followed by Grannymom and Grandpa and they worked on pulling a huge file cabinet up the stairs and trying to put it in the attic and it almost fit-almost! Such a geometry thing but when it was turned on its side to stand it up it became too tall.  It did fit in the closet and will be just fine for eventual kid clothes or school work.
  • Tonight I walked into the toy room and it was surprisingly picked up.  I later saw Reagan and told her how proud I was that she had cleaned it.  She replied with "Anderson did it"-I was and still am shocked about that!  Maybe he is turning over a new picking up leaf!  Ha!
  • After Grannymom and Grandpa left, Robby took the van back to turn it in.  I tucked Campbell in, gave the big kids some milk and made them sit and watch me clean the kitchen and pack Reagan's lunch for school tomorrow.  By then they were begging to just go to bed so we pottied, brushed teeth, said prayers and snuck in there to go to bed-kind of nice having all 4 in one room.  Takes no time to check on them and kiss them all goodnight.

September 24, 2011-Moving Day Part 2

We're IN our new house!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • After our middle of the night Walmart adventure, Robby and I were pretty tired.  We slept like logs until 5:30ish when we woke up and couldn't go back to sleep.  We must have been pretty excited about the day-but I tell you, moving is like checking out of a big hotel room.  We are very fortunate though because we have not yet closed on our Gamble house so we have time to come back and get other stuff (like all my pictures on the walls, our outside stuff that would live in a garage, our shed and swingset...oh and Belle too).  
  • Anyway, at 7:30 I left to pick up Graham who had slept very well at Grannymom's house along with everyone else.  Graham and I headed to the Saturday clinic to check his ears (yesterday he was crying about them).  We waited and waited it seemed like forever (maybe because I had a few other things to do today! Ha!)  Anyway that poor little guy did have a pretty bad ear infection.  So we switched antibiotics and hopefully that will do the trick.  
  • My next assignment for the day was to call Best Buy-our fridge which was scheduled to be delivered today didn't look like it would arrive (found that out when Robby tried to call and confirm early this morning).  Anyway, my fridge was on back order until Mid October-thanks for updating us Best Buy.  Since we really can't live without a fridge we went to the store later in the day.  We were able to find a replacement-for a few hundred dollars more and that was after Robby had to ask to speak to the manager and get a price cut.  Seriously, here is the current naughty list-Best Buy, AT&T, septic man and one of the yard men.  If people would just do what they say that would do-hmmm, life lesson for the kids.  Off the soapbox, the new fridge will be delivered Wednesday.
  • The kids spent the morning at Nonna's house and when I was driving there, Reagan said "when you didn't come and pick us up, I thought you might have been hurt."  Dagger through my heart.  I told her that she should have asked Grannymom and Grannymom would have let her call and talk to us.  I also tried to explain that I was headed to get her but that she was already asleep.  Now, yesterday she was the same child who told Nonna that they had not been taking their medicine-the medicine that takes her about 20 minutes to take every day. 
  • I picked the kids up to eat lunch at the new house and they were a bit disappointed that the movers had already come and gone.  But seeing the big Ball Team truck is pretty neat.  And looking at their playroom all put together and seeing where their beds were was a big deal.
  • After lunch, Grannymom drove them to her house and apparently they even went to the dollar store.   It was quite a treat though I could never understand what was bought.  Soon we were nearing being done around here and the kids came back.
  • Oh, in the mean time, Pops and Jason worked outside with a few yard guys who cut down some branches, Nonna put on sheets and scrubbed furniture, Grandpa took apart a swing set and fence, Grannymom vacuumed and cleaned Gamble, Robby unloaded a few truck loads full and I had a nap...ha!  I do deserve one since today is my due date but maybe tomorrow.  
  • Our nearby neighbors, the Atwoods, came by and dropped off supper and a baby gift.  That was very kind of them and the BBQ was delicious.  Robby and I ate like we were log rollers tonight at supper.  
  • It is amazing what a few hours can do-this place is 80% unpacked (and that is counting what is left at Gamble).  The kids were pretty impressed too with their beds and toy room.  All is well around here-quite eventful days.  We just can't get over that a little over a month ago we weren't even dreaming of buying a house and here we are!  

September 23, 2011-Moving Day Part 1

Let the move begin...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Everyone was up and moving around fairly early this morning-since the tvs are already at the new house the kids now have no reason to come to our bedroom in the mornings.  They were downstairs playing with their one bucket of toys left-they were all playing happily in a little circle-maybe we need less toys (and after putting all of their toys just in one room, I am positive that we need lots less toys.  Only underwear for Christmas for us Dennies).
  • I took everyone to Nonna's house and they had a big time-outside play, breakfast, tv, more time outside and even lunch.  Graham did feel pretty rotten and complained and cried about his ear.  But other than that they were some pretty tired kiddos when I finally picked them up and shuffled them to Grannymom's house for the rest of the day.
  • They then played outside lots more, walked to Lilly and Cash's house to jump on the trampoline and had supper and baths.  By the time I was on my way to pick them up, they were all asleep so we just left them over there.  And yes, if you are a faithful blog reader you will notice that there are few pictures of them today (thanks Grannymom for saving us!) but I did take quite a few of the new house (if you will excuse the stuff thrown everywhere since we were in the middle of moving in).
  • Robby was off today and had Scott's truck so he started pretty early with a few big loads.  He moved all of the bins (boxes) and by the end of the day even bunk beds were put together.  They house still has lots in it for the real movers to come and do tomorrow but Robby did most of it today.  Pops and Grandpa were a great help along with Nonna, Grannymom and Jason.  Yes, while Nonna and Grannymom didn't have the kids, they had to work.
  • The kitchen is finished and the bathrooms are done.  Our closet along with the closet in the treadmill/baby room/school room is finished (yes, at least the baby won't have to sleep in a bathroom).  Tomorrow my mine task is  to put clothes back in the drawers and sort out these few last minute tubs that we did tonight (few, ha!  More like 20).  ....that is if I don't have this baby first it is now officially my due date.  We worked so hard today that if I don't have the baby tonight then I never would have it without being induced.  Don't stay up checking the blog though, I don't think it will be tonight.
  • When Robby made it home, we went room to room checking everything and then unloaded the storage building (shed) and then decided to make a Walmart run.  He needed orange juice and we also needed some tubs to put stuff in for the attic and then there was a shoe rack, numbers for the mailbox, motion lightbulbs and door stop....maybe we hadn't been to Walmart in a long time without the kids.  Anyway, we found 130 dollars worth of stuff to buy and didn't even buy me ice cream.  
  • After our long day, we did start a load of laundry and I even cut Robby's hair one last time here on Gamble.  Now that we will be in the country, we won't look as strange cutting hair on the back deck.  
  • Tomorrow is the official moving day so we will have movers, a tree trimmer and the fridge delivered.  (Though today we should have had the at&t man and the septic man and they were both no shows but the direct tv man did come and we have too many trees to have a satellite so no tv right now for us-don't panic though, it will work from our garage when it is built and until them we will just come to your house to watch tv!)

September 22, 2011-Happy Birthday Robby

Here we come park...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Campbell joined our bed sometime in the middle of the night-Robby wasn't sure when or why he brought her to bed with us but she covered up and went right back to sleep.  
  • Robby took a load to the new house and was back with his birthday doughnuts about the same time the rest of us were stirring around here.  I was able to find some birthday napkins to help celebrate but other than that there isn't really much around here to celebrate a birthday.  I had intended on making rice krispy treats today for him and have closely guarded the marshmallows and rice krispies but when it came down to it-I don't have any dishes left here and didn't know if I could melt marshmallows in a Styrofoam bowl.  
  • I dropped off the girls at Grannymom's house and they were quite busy today with the work I had sent Reagan, a walk and a bath for Campbell.  Then I dropped off the boys who were convinced that today was the day the firetruck was coming-it was not but they didn't seem to care.  Though it is coming on Monday and Graham will not be happy at all about that.  We may have to make a special trip to church just to see a fire truck for him.
  • I saw one kid, dropped off our sheets at Nonna's house, went to work, ran to Walmart, picked up the girls, did some reading with Reagan in the car, picked up the boys and then headed home.  But somehow on the way home, those cute little kids in the back seat convinced me to take them to the park to eat lunch.  I guess it was Reagan saying that they would help me do anything to get us ready to go.  
  • Earlier I mentioned that I didn't have any birthday stuff or dishes and can you imagine how low my food level has become?  They had peanut butter on english muffins, split a tiny bag of doritos and had a handful of stuck together marshmallows.  They really didn't care though because after 2 bites they were all off playing.
  • We came home and everyone but Reagan had a nap.  She did her school work while I packed some more and then it was time to load up to go to Nonna's house.  Robby and I worked a bit unloading boxes while the kids played, ate supper and had baths at Nonnas.  They are going back in the morning so we didn't want to overstay our welcome so we were all back home and in bed by 9.  
  • Well, they were in bed but Robby and I worked a bit more and finally set down to do our computer stuff and to eat a few cupcakes around 10-but we aren't really sure of the time because he has unplugged all of the clocks and my new computer has the time but it is wrong so who knows what time it is....earlier than last nights 2 o clock though.

September 21, 2011

Not the baby for much longer...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Campbell and Robby were up early this morning cleaning the microwave and the refrigerator-anybody want a fridge?  Come and get it-seriously it is clean now.  I heard the boys and they slid down the steps to get their milk-it is cramping their laying in our bed time because the mini fridge from our room was taken to the new house (yes, we had a fridge and microwave in our bedroom-some people call it resourceful, others call it lazy)
  • After Robby left, we had school and breakfast and then moved on to other things-like my goal of packing 10 crates.  I did that but I did end up unloading 5 so I had to pack more this evening.  
  • Nonna came over to watch everyone while I went to see Phillips one last time before the big day (click here for the details).  When I made it home the kids were eating lunch and Anderson's favorite was the nutella.
  • When Nonna headed home, it was naptime around here.  Everyone rested for awhile and I tried to stay awake for Robby to call me to get the sizes to order the rest of the blinds and then we loaded up another load for the house.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa actually loaded up the new load and then we put on our clothes and headed out there ourselves.  The kids so love climbing around on Todd's trailer and eventually came inside to play with a few toys.
  • Grandpa and Robby were working on the ice maker connection to get it ready and I unpacked a few of my boxes.  We then made it to church-16 minutes is the new official time it takes us to get there.  (That was Robby's time so mine was probably a little bit longer).
  • The kids so love Awanas and we watched Reagan for a bit tonight-she gets to excited about games wanting her team to win.  I was afraid she was going to stroke out-she was jumping up and down, biting her fingernails.  It was pitiful to watch-next week she will have to take some anti anxiety medicine.
  • When we came home, Robby had supper and then everyone went on to bed.  Oh, last night if you remember that Graham had put himself to bed and when he woke up he had gotten a teddy bear from the basket.  We didn't think anything about it when Robby left this morning he saw that Grannymom had put foxy inside the door-we had forgotten that she had taken him home to sew him up.  Poor thing was laying there all night long without Graham.  It did look like both of them slept well though.  Wish I could say that for him tonight-he has already woken up 3 times this evening crying.  He does have a pretty good cough like bark but has been on antibiotics since Wednesday (I think).

Baby Dennie #5 to arrive in September!

September 21, 2011

  • When we walked into the waiting room, it was standing room only.  So as I checked in I asked the nurse if they were waiting on Phillips and she said that they weren't so that was a great thing to hear.  We were hoping that this would be the last time that we had to come in and after a few minutes we were indeed at finishing our last appointment.  Everything was basically the same as last week except that the baby's heartbeat was 130 this time. 

  • He gave us the option to come back Monday and then induce on Wednesday or just induce on Wednesday.  We picked plan B and were happy when they were full on Wednesday and moved us up to Tuesday.  He told us that he would tell his wife that he wouldn't be home until after 10 on Wednesday but I reminded him that since he didn't have a Christmas party to go to maybe we could speed things up a bit.  Actually, I mentioned that I did want to eat the hospital supper meal-mmm, they do have some good turkey and dressing-that may just be a seasonal thing though.  

Anyway, next Tuesday is the day and we will meet this Dennie Baby #5!

September 14, 2011

  • Another appointment today-hopefully the last one will be next week.  Nothing much had changed here-still a 2-3 and I had just convinced myself that he would say I was much further along.  Though I have felt pretty great lately and am shocked when I look at the calendar to see that my due date is just in a few short days (24th).  
  • Phillips did go over with me that if I thought I was in labor or if my water breaks, then I should come to the hospital.  I questioned him and asked if I had an hour before having to come in if my water breaks.  And he was pretty adamant that with my 5th child I should come right in.  I tried to remind him that my average labor time was 12+ hours.  He didn't agree and told Robby that he better start reading up on how to deliver a baby if he didn't get me to the hospital quickly.

September 8, 2011
  • My appointments with Phillips are now every week and this week it was crazy in that office.  He is usually right on time but was running late today but he did apologize and say that he had to help someone out in surgery.  Two things: good doctors apologize for being late and good doctors have to help other doctors out in surgery.  Anyway, back to the baby.  
  • Everything is still looking good as far as 5 goes.  It's heartbeat was 138 and I was a 2-3.  Seriously, I have never been a 2 or even a 3 before. 
  • Phillips did say that we better charge the video camera because he suspected that this baby wouldn't make it to the due date-wouldn't that be something.
September 1, 2011
  • Only two weeks since my last appointment but I was back at the doctor again.  My weight was perfect (actually, no one said that to me nor did the mention it.  I didn’t even look at what it was but I am just sure that it was perfect).
  • I tried to pin him down on my official due date and he said his chart said the 22nd up until the 26th.  But the date that he will go by is the 24th.  Last we heard, we might close on the 23rd so who knows what will happen!
  • The baby’s heartbeat was 134, still head down and the doctor said that I was a “a good one”-that was pretty exciting news since I have never been “a good one”-usually he just tells me that I am a 1 to make me feel better.  We go back next week-baby countdown is officially on.
August 18, 2011
  • It had been a month since I had been to the doctor and I had started to question whether Baby 5’s head was down or not.  This child is quite pokey-probably pokier than all of the rest.  Anyway, head is down, my blood pressure is fine, weight is fine (and really would I tell you if it wasn’t?) and the baby’s heartbeat was 130 something. 
  • I was a bit happy to have a doctor’s appointment today because at the beach, I had gotten water in one of my ears and it never came out.  It had been bothering me but the last few days I had gotten a cold to go along with it and my ear was no longer bothering me but actually hurting.  I just mentioned it to Phillips’ nurse and she said he could check it-I was very surprised that my OB/GYN had tool for ears.  I thought all of his tools were for…anyway, you get what I am talking about.
  • And the biggest pregnancy news to date is my back started killing me today.  Seriously, the worst pain ever.  I even thought “hmm, when I do I call and have Robby come home” and then “when do I call an ambulance for me?”  Well, maybe it wasn’t exactly that bad but it was bad.  I often a little catch in my back that after a few steps comes out but today’s catch was crazy bad.  After a hot shower and kids playing by themselves for a bit tonight it is already better.  Craziness.
July 19, 2011
  • My doctor’s appointment was today and all things are going well.  My blood pressure was fine, the baby’s heartbeat was good (133) and I am measuring on target.  So all Phillips and I had to talk about was our respective upcoming trips to Destin. 
  • Oh, last time remember I was shocked when he said I had gained a certain amount of weight.  So this time I was feeling really good when they said I had gained a pound in a month.  But soon I found out, the large number he said last time was the total of weight I had gained.  Either way, I celebrated by buying some ice cream sandwiches-which I then left at my Mom’s house!  That was going to be my snack for the night.
  • And this is a bit of a rant but while I was at the store, a rather large lady looked at me and said “Are you pregnant or just fat?” and then walked away and laughed.  I was too stunned to react and if I had reacted it probably wouldn't have been the best thing.  Seriously?
June 21, 2011
  • Another quick stop at the doctor today.  As always, our appointment was brief.  The only bit of excitement today was Dr. Phillips and his nurse Charlotte finding out the sex of the baby.  The ultrasound tech now has to put the sex of the baby in the chart and everyone was excited to see.  We didn’t see and thankfully Charlotte covered it up or my wandering eyes would have checked it out for sure. 
  • My blood pressure and weight was good.  At least that is what the doctor said about my weight-I was shocked at how much I have gained since last time but that is really none of your business!  The baby’s heartbeat was 140ish and I also had my glucose screening test.  It actually didn’t make me as jittery as last time and drinking the stuff was no problem since I had left my water at home and was crazy thirsty from getting in and out of the car. 
May 19, 2011
  • This was the big ultrasound appointment day.  The same lady has done 4 of our 5 ultrasounds.  We saw every single detail of the baby (without seeing if it was a boy or girl-we again don’t want to know).  Two legs, two arms, 4 chamber heart and a cute little face that was smiling back at us.  When I showed the kids the pictures, Anderson cheered when I said that baby had 2 arms.  It is pretty amazing and exciting when you think about it!
  • After the ultrasound, I had an appointment with Phillips.  He was busy in surgery so his nurse saw me.  Weighed, blood pressure, heard the heartbeat and told to come back next month.  Good quick visit!
April 28, 2011
  • Today was another doctor’s appointment.  They has asked if I could come early and I told them no but did manage to show up a few minutes early.  The baby’s heartbeat was 140 beats a minute.  They drew blood for another test and we will go back in 3 weeks for the big ultrasound and another appointment. 
  • Mom & Dad met at the doctor's office for the second check up right before lunch.  After only a short wait, Dr. Phillips was with us to check the baby's heart beat.  It was beating 155 beats a minute and said that was perfect.  He asked if we had any questions and then said he would see us back in 3 weeks.  The nurse said Mom was probably 14 to 15 weeks while Dr. Phillips said 13 to 14 weeks.
  • With the second visit behind us, it was time to tell our family and friends.  Dad left work a few minutes early and Mom got the kids in their baby announcing t-shirts.  First stop was to the Dennies where we found Grannymom and Grandpa eating supper.  It only took a few minutes for the kids to share the news and Mom to spot the t-shirts.  Back home for a few minutes, before Nonna and Pops called to say they were home from Memphis.  Pops was out in the driveway to help move some things from our van to his truck and Graham quickly blurted out we were having a baby.  Everyone ran into the house to find Nonna whose first words were "Oh my gosh!"

  • It was time to make it official!  Mom and Dad met at Dr. Phillips office for Mom's first check up.  After a bit of a wait, it was time to meet with Dr. Phillips. He said he was little surprised to see us - thought 4 was our magic number.  Mom said, "What's one more!"  Dad said, "I just miss visiting with you."  Dad and Dr. Phillips like to talk about the Hogs and traveling.  Dr. Phillips did a quick ultrasound and said there was definitely a baby there and everything looked good.  He said he would see us back in about 4 weeks and then Mom finished up with final blood work.

January 14, 2011
  • After a few days of snow earlier and routine out of whack, it was our 2nd day to be back in our routine.  Dad was at work and the rest of the family was busy at home.  Dad was soon home for lunch. Since he almost didn't get the clue last time Mom told him the news about baby #4 with a Christmas outfit, she made it a bit more obvious this time.  When she set out his lunch plate, smack dab on top was her pregnancy test.  Dad's eyes shot wide eyed and then gave Mom a big hug.
  • We were having supper with Ms. Laryn and the gang and he thought about letting her know the news first but decided it was too early.  (Laryn, did you suspect anything?  Ha!) 

September 20, 2011

Yard boy in the making!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School morning and we seem to be getting up earlier and earlier-we must be becoming country folk.  Ha!  Actually, Robby left for work around 7 so that means I have to get myself moving to get everyone else moving as well
  • We had plenty of time to review our Awana verses on the way to school and then the boys went to class.  I picked them up in the pick up line and when Graham saw me he stood up and went to tell Ms. Wendolyn.  Graham and Anderson were sitting next to each other.  Anderson was all excited about the fire truck coming on Thursday and said that he had to wear his new shirt (hope all of that is true because they are all very excited about it).  Graham was wearing his new school shirt and was so excited about having two shirts on.
  • The girls had spent the morning at Nonna’s house.  They saw Beebee and Papaw, Reagan did some school work and they played outside.  The boys and I joined them outside for a few minutes before eating lunch.  We had a few minutes before having to go home to start school, naps and clean up for another house showing. 
  • Soon it was time for us to get out of the house for another showing and we even had an offer tonight.  And possibly may get one tomorrow since this was a second showing today.  Hopefully so, they can have a bidding war just like on tv-everything happens like on tv, right?  Whatever happens, we are crossing our fingers that all works out.  And construction will begin on my garage when their names are on that doted line.
  • Pops was at the new house when we arrived.  He is going to make us a great lawn boy.  Mowed one side the other day and the other side of the yard today.  He has also used 20 gallons of poison ivy killer (probably not that much but close).  Robby worked on putting together a bench for our shoes, worked on the alarm system and installed my child locks.  I did fill up a closet with photo albums-lots and lots of photo albums-Debbie D. would have been so proud!
  • The kids were really good tonight and even played outside some.  We stayed out there until almost 9 and when we came home, they had a sip of milk and went upstairs to wait on me to get their toothbrushes ready.  I guess I took too long because I found Graham asleep in his bed. Campbell had been asleep for hours and only briefly stirred when we hauled her out of the car and up the stairs.

September 19, 2011

Now, we just need a table!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Robby left as the rest of us were getting up.  Anderson didn't want to get out of my bed and start getting his clothes on but before long he was hiding behind the bed sneaking on his clothes so he could surprise me.
  • Come to think of it, I am not sure that I fed the kids breakfast. Oh, yes I did-they ate on the couch while I loaded up the car. I packed it for things to take to the house and then we headed off to school.
  • Anderson was the first one we dropped off and Reagan was next. Before we had left, Reagan had gotten a compliment on her shirt and been given a birthday invitation.  I think she really enjoys school.
  • Back at home, my two little helpers helped me pack about 10 crates.  Finally Campbell took a nap and I turned on a movie for Graham. He won't watch much tv but he sure enjoys watching Mickey Mouse so I  was able to get quite a bit of work done for that 30 minutes.
  • Robby picked up Anderson and they were home for lunch-mini pizzas.  I am trying to clean out the pantry. After lunch everyone played some and then it was nap time for Campbell again and Graham.  Anderson laid on the couch and watched me vacuum the floor with a dustbuster (another house showing and our vacuum was at the new house).  
  • We picked up Reagan and headed to the new house to meet Grandpa. Of course, I had forgotten to buy  something for the blinds so Grandpa headed off to go and get what we needed and the kids were going nuts.  Everyone is so wild on school days-I don't know if they are tired, need to get out energy from sitting all day or happy to see each other but it was pretty crazy.  Eventually, they calmed down and we were able to get quite a bit of work done.
  • Campbell went to bed for the night and Reagan was happy as she could be playing with the toys.  Meanwhile, Graham must have been exhausted because he couldn't do the right thing for anything and then Anderson who also must have been tired started crying because his ear hurt.  Who knows about his ear but we decided that I should take them home.  
  • As soon as we came home, people were standing in the driveway still looking at the house-40 minutes after they should have been gone.  We drove around the neighborhood for awhile and finally they left.  I put those boys to bed and they were out pretty quick.  
  • Campbell stayed asleep until time to leave and Reagan was content as she could be playing.  Robby met some neighbors and then headed home to end the day.  Another good, yet busy day here at the Dennie house.

September 18, 2011

Celebrating early at the Brocks!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Robby and I thought that we were going to go to bed early last night but as soon as we laid down, Campbell started coughing continuously.  I finally put her in bed with me and Robby went to Reagan’s top bunk. But after 3 hours with wrestling with Campbell who would jump on top of me, touch my nose and say “nose” or even turn on Robby’s phone and start saying “hi, hi” each time I would almost get to sleep.  She never coughed in our bed probably because she never laid down for more than a few minutes.  At 12, I put her back in her room along with Reagan and Robby, shut the door and went to sleep.  And soon thereafter, Robby came back to bed because Campbell’s coughing started up again.
  • “By the dawn’s early light”-that is how all of the Dennie’s were woken up this morning.  Yep, Graham was shouting it from his bunk over and over again.  We probably won’t be singing the Star Spangled Banner anymore at school.
  • In the middle of church today, Anderson looked over at me and said “I am being better than last time, aren’t I?”  And he sure was being much better.  I have longed thought that when they start coloring during the sermon, that is when their behavior goes downhill.  But today since we had a guest preacher at church, they weren’t really sure that the sermon had started since it wasn’t the regular guy so they never asked for their colors and I never offered them up.  When church ended, Anderson mentioned again about how good he had been.
  • Also at church, Reagan whispered to me that she had been praying for the baby to be a girl.  I said oh but then she said “Don’t tell anyone or they may pray for it to be a boy!” 
  • You sometimes think that the kids don’t hear anything at church but while playing with legos, Reagan and Anderson started singing a new song that we sang at church this morning-though it wasn’t the exact words but still glad they picked up something.
  • We had our lunch at Nonna and Pops’ house-sandwiches and then we celebrated Robby's birthday.  The kids were so excited to sing Happy Birthday-or maybe they were just excited about getting to enjoy his birthday cake.  After we were finished, Robby and I went to the new house to start working.  Campbell did go with us and was quickly sent away to her closet for a nap.  The other kids stayed with Pops and Nonna for awhile-and the neighborhood kids were knocking on the door asking for them to come out before they even made it there.
  • Robby, Grannymom and Grandpa worked on the attics (yep, we go from no attic to 3 of them).  They are now clean enough to eat in-I might even start storing my extra pantry items in the attic.  Seriously, I am talking clean.  I unloaded a few bins, sealed the grout in the kitchen and child wrangled. 
  • Reagan and I did make a quick run to Walmart and it was very eventful.  We saw two ladies almost come to blows over a crate.  There was shouting, grabbing, lots of dirty words and security called.  I had never seen anything like it and I don't care to see anything like it again.  Reagan's eyes were wide but mine were alot wider. Needless to say, we had a long discussion about how we are to act to show God's love all of the time and I kept pointing out people who were helpful and kind while we finished waiting in line (I probably did this more for me than for her).  Oh, yes, we did move to another line on the other side of the store but could still hear the ladies (ha, ladies they were not) screaming despite the security officer being there.  
  • Before we knew it, it was seven and the kids were complaining of hunger so we headed home for quick showers and then supper.  After supper, Anderson asked if he could snuggle up in my bed-the boy must have been exhausted because about as soon as he was in his bed, he was out like a light.