May 31, 2024-Branson in May!

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This morning was fairly similar to yesterday except Graham had a shower so we had to wake him up first of the crew. Everyone was a little bit quieter getting ready this morning. I am not sure how we have done some many early days at Disney with all of the kids-we are not super early park people for sure. 

However, we do it when we need to-like today. We again arrived early since the opening of the park for passholders was at 8:30. Our first stop was Time Traveler which we all did again-even Robby and me. We asked why we felt the need to get on that ride today since we proved to ourselves yesterday that we were still young and could do it.

Then we rode Fire in the Hole again. After that the kids did the Barnswings before riding Powder Keg. When they were on Powder Keg we got the notifications that the rain was starting in 10 minutes so we then headed to the car. 

We were walking to the car as the park officially opened-the exit wasn't even open yet! I am sure that people thought we forgot something or who knows, but we had done a whole day at the park before they were even coming in.

We didn't have to wait in any lines at Silver Dollar City, but we did have to wait for an hour at Billy Gails for our breakfast. It was well worth the wait though-most of the time we did sit in the car. Keaton and Whitman split a chocolate chip pancake. Campbell had one too and could have split with Keaton and Whitman. Campbell also had chicken, Graham had a pancake that tasted like french toast while Reagan and I split avocado toast. Robby and Anderson both had traditional breakfasts with meat and eggs.

After eating, we went to the Amish store to buy some peach and mango salsa. We also bought a few other things-like fudge and beef jerky. Then we came home to watch the baseball game. The camper was pretty quiet before the game except for the rain steadily beating on the roof! Rain and a nap make for a perfect afternoon. 

The Hogs game lasted forever-I napped, I read a book, I watched the game, I had a snack, and the game just kept going, We were all glad that the game ended in a win. We then loaded up to go and eat at Ozark Mountain Pizza. 

We started off with salad breadsticks. Robby knew he ordered too much pizza, but the kids will never think about camping and us not having enough food. (In the camper, we always pack way too much food as well.) We had a half cheese and half pepperoni plus another sausage pizza. 

After the pizza, we came back to the camper and loaded the car on the trailer. We had a time since the ground was wet, plus we didn't have too much room since our site is a bit short. We made it work, and are all ready to pull out tomorrow,

May 30, 2024-Branson in May!

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Robby and I just tried to briefly count how many flat tires we have had to change on this camper and tow dolly: we guess about 5 flats on the tow dolly and at least many on the camper. We so love camping, but that just has drained us which is why days like today are so wonderful.

Today was why we cheerfully change those flat tires and do it all again. The weather was great, Silver Dollar City was great, the kids were great, it was just all a very good day.

We knew that we wanted to be at the park at 8:30 since it opened early for passholders, so by 7:50 we were leaving the camper. Everyone woke up easily, but it probably helped that Robby was heating up waffles, rolling breakfast tortillas, and opening pop tarts so everyone could have their choice breakfast.

We haven't been to Silver Dollar City in a year so being back today was fun. We were near the front of the line to get in the park, and then were probably on the first ride today on the new Fire in the Hole. Surprisingly, it was pretty much just like the old Fire in the Hole. Sorry Silver Dollar City but I was underwhelmed. 

After Fire in the Hole, we all rode Time Traveler. It is not my favorite ride at all, but I did it for the family. I just keep my eyes closed and plaster a smile on my face which helps. However, the old momma in front of us who get on the ride with her daughter after being told that it did not go upside down kept me entertained on today's ride. The lady just kept saying. "we're okay, we're okay." We were all indeed okay.

Next up the kids rode Outlaw Run and Powder Keg. Robby even went with them when they rode Wildfire. Anderson does not like Wildfire since his head hits the restraints, so he sat that one out with me. Between those big coasters we did all sit down and have some cinnamon bread-Robby bought 4 loaves, and we finished all but one of them. 

By this time, it was just about 10 or maybe a little bit later. The kids had walked right on to every thing that they wanted to do. Graham, Campbell, and Whitman decided to do the raft ride. After that ride, we usually leave the park and head home for dry clothes because who wants to walk around in wet undies.

We came back to the campground, and really we spent all afternoon outside. Some of the kids made lunches, but most everyone just snacked. The girls all laid out on blankets, and they are all a little bit pink. Whitman, Campbell, and Keaton all spent time in the hammock. The kids have played volleyball and basketball as well. And while they were all doing their things, I read my book and had a nap outside. Meanwhile, Robby took the nice weather as a chance to go through all of his outside bins.

Around 4:30, we headed back to the City. We had no real agenda except the Barn Swings. First the kids rode Thunderation, and then we all rode the Flooded Mine. Campbell and Keaton had one ride on the Electro Spin. Then it was the to Barn Swings for everyone but Anderson. He joined Robby and me for a walk in a furniture store where he regretted his decision to come with us. Robby and Reagan even bought shirts before we left the park. On the way out, we also bought a really big chocolate chip cookie at the bakery (Robby heated it up on the blackstone before we ate it, and it wasn't really that good-Costco currently has the Dennie's favorite chocolate chip cookie.)

Back at the camper, Robby made quesadillas. We added some sauce to them, and Anderson said they were the best yet. Then we made some of our naan bread with cinnamon and sugar. It was all delicious, and we definitely needed our walk with Bentley tonight. 

The rain is coming soon-it looks like it is going to rain a little bit tonight and then a whole lot tomorrow. Maybe we will have time for Silver Dollar City first or maybe not. We don't really know what the day will hold. While we were on our walk tonight, the boys got all of the beds ready and now all of us but Campbell and Keaton are in their beds. Those two girls are outside chatting with their friends on the phone. 

May 29, 2024-Branson in May!

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Last week we had planned on going to Branson, but the rain made us second guess our trip and postpone it a week. For tomorrow at least, we made a good call, but the weather may be a different story on Friday.

The kids were up fairly early this morning. I think mostly because they were a bit excited about the trip, but also because most of them had things to do today. 

Anderson and I were the first to leave the house-we both got hair cuts and then ran a few errands. The girls were the next to leave because they had a swim party for church. Then Whitman, Robby, and I left. Whitman had a birthday party for one of his friends, but we stopped at Tropical Smoothie first to get a free smoothie.

The girls came home and quickly showered, and within what seemed like minutes we were in the camper headed to pick up Whitman. He had to leave his birthday party a little bit early, but he didn't mind. He was excited that he had gotten to bowl and play laser tag.

We were almost to Conway when I started passing out supper. We had Alfredo tortellini-I think that the recipe was a hit, but it was also super rich. We also had rolls which we only have on trips so that of course makes everyone happy.

And of course, what is a Dennie camper trip without tire problems. We were near Harrison when Graham just mentioned that we had only one hour left. Seconds afterwards, the tire warning thing started screeching. I'm super glad Robby had that, but also it is what my nightmares consist of.

It was the trailer tire which is a rather good thing-especially since Robby happened to be carrying not one but TWO spare trailer tires. Robby aired the tire up when we stopped, and it seemed to be holding air so we pressed on....

But only for a few miles before the pressure started going down again. We then stopped and changed the tire-I don't think that anyone started a timer, but even with having to unhook and take the tire off the trailer and then put it back on, it didn't take us too long at all.

Except as we were driving off, the tire pressure was still low-Robby had forgotten to air up the spare when he put it back on. So we drove another few miles, and he did that mainly for peace of mind. Now, the original tire-we could never find anything wrong with it so who knows. Robby will inspect it some more in the daylight tomorrow.

Those three little stops only set us back less than an hour. We rolled into the campground around 10:30. Of course setting things up takes a while., The kids explored some-Reagan thought she had never been here, but eventually remembered some of it. We walked Bentley and now it is almost midnight and people are starting to go to bed. Tomorrow will be an early morning. 

May 28, 2024

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  • Today was a big day for Whitman-for his birthday from Nonna and Pops they took him to Dave and Busters. He really enjoys going there and was awake before his alarm clock this morning. He came downstairs and grabbed breakfast before we quickly worked on spelling before they arrived to take him for his day of play.
  • I did hear that he bought a prize with his tickets today, and I even heard what it was. However, I have not been upstairs to see it so I obviously have no clue what it was-I have completely forgotten even after him telling me about it. 
  • Not only did he enjoy Dave and Busters, he also snagged himself a hamburger for lunch. This was actually National Hamburger Day so that was perfect timing.
  • Over here, we didn't have any hamburgers today-we actually revolted against the holiday and had frozen pizza for supper. Frozen pizza is Keaton's favorite type of pizza so she was thrilled with this meal.
  • I took Anderson, Keaton, and Campbell to two Goodwills today and a Hobby Lobby buying a few things for camp. Graham didn't want to come, but we still found him a shirt at each stop. I think that most people are pretty prepared for camp now.
  • Keaton actually spent most of the afternoon painting the word "Blue" on a blue sheet. It is massive and she has only finished two of the letters. Hopefully, she will finish what she can tomorrow, but she will run out of paint probably tomorrow so that will have to be finished next week.
  • Tonight after we ate supper, Campbell, Keaton, Robby and I ran to Sams and then Walmart. We bought a few things for this weekend plus found a few extras that were on our list. When we came home, Anderson and Graham had been playing basketball and then Anderson lifted weights while Graham went on a 2 mile run. They come in this house sweaty messes.

May 27, 2024

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  • It was a super relaxing Memorial Day-as in we didn't really do anything at all. The kids all slept pretty late except for Reagan. She went to Heber Springs with a few friends to go to the lake. I am not sure how prepared they were since she had to stop and buy sunscreen. Luckily, they ended up eating with people from a nearby pavilion-I believe someone from her group knew them.
  • Campbell did wake up early to take the extra dog out. He pretty much latched on to the kids today and didn't want to by anywhere but with one of them. He spent a good deal of the day by Cambpell's bed while she was napping and then hung out with Anderson in the bonus room, and I believe that all of them said that he climbed in their beds while they were sleeping.
  • I found a new book to listen to so I super enjoyed my walks this morning, plus I found a new book to read on  my phone so I did that while I waited on Robby as he did a few gas station mystery shops. 
  • The main outing of the day was finally taking the extra dog back-we will know a little better rates that we should charge-we kept him all day today and didn't drop him off until after 7, but overall, it was a super success. We are all a little worried that Bentley is going to be a bit lonely since her friend is now gone.
  • On the way home, we picked up supper for the crew. Everyone ate, and now I am parked in front of the tv working on the blog with plans to read for a little bit.

May 26, 2024

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  • This Sunday morning we had church outside so we were able to sleep in a little bit before leaving for Raymar. Since we had the extra dog the kids are dogsitting, we put her in our bedroom and closed the doors to keep them seperate while we were gone for the morning.
  • The weather at church was pretty nice-we had our tent even though it wasn't sunny at first. However, by the end the sun was peeking out and the tent was a good thing. The Raymar wind was also a good thing since it kept us not from being miserable.
  • The kids played soccer and volleyball, and Keaton even went home with a friend. When we came home, Robby opened the garage, and immediately after Anderson said "dog." That little dog had opened our bedroom door and opened the garage door so when we pulled out he ran to our car. Gracious! Since then we have been uber careful on keeping an eye on that little Houdini.
  • Reagan played pickleball after church this morning, and after my nap I went to pick up Keaton from her friend's house. Soon all of the big 5 were off to Rock Creek for church tonight. I think that they all had fun and even stayed later.
  • We made hot dogs, chili, and cheese dip for supper with the Wilsons tonight. We visited while we ate and then visited more as we watched some tv as well. Now we are watching a few shows before Robby and I head to bed.

May 25, 2024

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  • This was a wonderful lazy Saturday-and by lazy, I mean lazy! We did get up eventually and start a few things because we thought we were taking Campbell to a Collide planning party. She changed her mind at the last minute to not go, but since I had already done the dishes, laundry, and vacuumed (even though we vacuumed yesterday!)
  • Since Campbell decided not to go, Robby and I ended up on the couch. I am pretty sure that there was baseball on the tv since that has been all that has been on the tv the last few days. Robby eventually went out to work in the garage. I helped him a little bit and then came in to do a few things in the house.
  • The rest of the day was pretty much spend on the couch. This evening Robby and I left with Shannon to run some errands. As we were leaving, the kids were all outside playing a baseball game of some sort. Whitman just reported that he, Keaton, and Anderson won the game.
  • We ran to Kohls, Bath and Body, Costco, Sams, and Kroger before picking up supper at Dominoes and McDonalds. We did all of that in a pretty short amount of time.  When we came home, it took all of the kids to unload our groceries that we bought even though we were not even planning on going to the store today.
  • We ate and visited with Shannn, and now Robby and I are watching an RV race on the tv to end the evening.

May 24, 2024

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  • Today started early with Graham and me going to pick up the dog that he and Campbell are dog sitting this weekend. Graham had the choice to stay at their house, but since it was on the other side of town, and he can't drive yet, he opted to stay at our house. 
  • The puppy is a huge husky-actually, we don't even know if he is a puppy or not. He has been great with Bentley, and they have gotten along just fine. Everyone has gone on lots of walks plus you do feel like you have a watch a different dog pretty closely, so at least today Graham and Campbell are earning their money.
  • And poor Bentley-she is a little bit jealous. Whenever someone pets the visiting dog, she runs up to them to get her turn. And this dog sheds-not like Bentley, but probably 4 times more. It has been quite a site to see. Our vacuum is definitely getting its use today.
  • Graham and Reagan didn't have to go to work today, but I still had to pick up Campbell from a friend's house this afternoon and take Keaton to another friend's house. Robby and I ran a few errands to Sams and Lowes during the rainstorm today.
  • Now Reagan is at pickleball. She has even mentioned buying a super nice pickleball paddle, but I am afraid to break it to her that a nice paddle won't help her play any better. Actually, I don't know how good she is-the Olympic scouts might truly be watching her right now.
  • I made chicken taquitos for supper for the people that are here tonight. And I think that Robby is going to scoop me some ice cream in a little bit.

May 23, 2024

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  • This was the last quiet day around here-early tomorrow morning, Campbell and Graham are dog sitting a dog here at the house. The last time we had an extra dog here, it was like I was watching two toddlers so we shall see how smoothly the weekend goes.
  • I went on my walk this morning as soon as it dried out a little bit. When I came back everyone was awake, and the boys were getting ready to leave to play basketball. After they left, Robby and I went to Costco to pick up a few things.
  • Back at home, I worked on some school things along with spelling for Whitman. When the boys finished with basketball, we met them to get gas in the cars. As soon as they were home, Anderson went to town on working on his helmet a little bit more.
  • Graham had a camp planning meeting so Reagan took him there and then later went to pick him up while the rest of us went to Top Golf. The company that Robby's retirement money is with had a few extra spots so we were able to play plus they had supper which was fun.
  • We picked up pizza on the way home for Graham, and then I took Campbell to a friend's house to spend the night. And if you were counting, we had a total of 3 trips to Bryant today and 1 trip to Benton-at least we found a good price on gas today!

May 22, 2024

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  • This morning when I still laying in the bed, I told Bentley that I would get up when she got up. That dog though laid on the couch until near 10:30. I, though, couldn't relax all day long since I had things to do this morning. 
  • I worked on my dishes and laundry for a bit. Then I was able to organize some of Graham's school work for next year, and then I took Bentley on a walk-I had to wake her up.
  • When I came back from my walk, Anderson was up and working on his second helmet, and Campbell was also awake and starting on her bread. She has been diligently trying sourdough bread. Today she made pepperoni and mozerella bread. It was good, but just like the last it isn't as fluffy as we would like. We don't know what is happening, but I think she will keep trying until we figure it out.
  • This afternoon Reagan and Graham went to work, and Campbell had a friend over. They spent most of the time outside in the woods and playing volleyball with Keaton. Robby and I ran to the store to pick up a few things, and then when we came home it was time to take Campbell to her friend to a birthday party.
  • When we were leaving, Kennedy arrived, and she and Reagan went to play pickleball-as much pickleball as Reagan has been playing lately, you would think that she is trying out for the olympics. 
  • Robby and I tried out Different Dough Pizza while Campbell was at the party. It was good, but we didn't order what we thought we were ordering so we will have to try the place again. We also had free ice cream from Freddys so we ate that quickly while waiting on Campbell. Now Robby is watching baseball while I am finishing this blog and trying to read some.

May 21, 2024

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  • I knew that today was going to be a warm day again so I walked Bentley pretty early in the morning. We were walking happily until we made it to the end of the street, and the dog stopped and didn't want to walk any further. 
  • I convinced her to walk some more, but suddenly another dog came towards us yapping away. Bentley must have known that dog was out so we quickly turned around and headed a different way. I will listen to her tomorrow on our walk.
  • Around 1 I left with Graham, Campbell, and Keaton. Campbell and Keaton did some shopping at Target while Graham received a hair cut. He got it put quite a bit shorter. We then ran into Goodwill to look for shirts in their Collide colors, but gracious it was stinky in there (weed) so we grabbed a few things and left quickly.
  • I was only home for a little bit, before Robby and I left again. We ran to the library where I picked up a few books-I was having a book shortage. Then we had a grocery pickup from Walmart. When we came home, we put our supper in the oven.
  • It baked for a little bit, and then we all ate. Reagan had just gotten in from pickleball and shopping and after supper she left again for more pickleball in another city. All the other kids played a few rounds of football after supper, and then Graham did some running outside. 
  • Now Campbell, Keaton, Robby and I are all sitting around the tv now watching a show.

May 20, 2024

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  • I was out a little bit late last night at a friend's house. We had a game night and did a lot of chatting. When I came home, I sat down and talked to Robby and then completely forgot about the blog so I am catching up this morning.
  • Yesterday was another fairly busy yet slow day. The morning was pretty slow though we did decide to postpone our Branson trip because it looks like it may rain up there. We are taking a chance by moving it, but hopefully next week the weather will be better.
  • No one is really jumping up these summer mornings. Reagan was the first one that I saw in the morning, and she was up because she was getting ready for work. Anderson was not too far behind her since he is working diligently on another 3d printed helmet. I think that he is enjoying this hobby.
  • Robby had a doctor's appointment in the morning and then ran an errand or two on his way home. Reagan and Graham went to work, and later in the afternoon I took Campbell to a friend's house for the evening. Then in the evening, Anderson had to go to Raymar to move benches and finish a few things.
  • Robby made everyone supper, and their evening was pretty quiet. I didn't roll in until almost midnight so this morning I am playing catchup!

May 19, 2024

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  • I believe that Anderson was the last one out of the bed this morning. Whenever we did call upstairs to see if he was awake, he did confirm that he was indeed awake. However, I don't think that he was actually out of the bed until about 10 minutes before we left the house.
  • This was another day with us all going a zillion different ways. At least we all did start out in church-and each Sunday when we set some what near each other I will also count that as a win. I believe that we were within 6 rows of each other today.
  • After church Whitman went to Raymar where his grade had pizza and then walked around a nearby neighborhood passing out flyers for VBS. He didn't say too much about it except he did mention that it was hot.
  • The rest of us had lunch at Grannymom's house, and then Reagan and Campbell ran one errand and then went to a friend's graduation. The rest of us came home for a few minutes, but then Anderson and Graham went to a friend's house to play basketball. 
  • I then picked Whitman up from his outing, and we were home a little bit before Robby, Keaton, and I left to take Keaton to church for a meeting. While she was there, we ran a few places and then ended up sitting in the parking lot waiting on her for a little bit.
  • We all made it home in time to eat Sunday supper at the Wilson's house. Reagan left from there to go to play pickleball while the others didn't stay too long after they ate. Robby and I visited the longest and now we are trying to do our last few things before heading to bed.

May 18, 2024

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  • First this morning Robby stared working on a few things in the camper while I did a few things around the house. The kids didn't stir early at all. Graham had basketball plans, so I asked the girls if they wanted to go with me.
  • Anderson didn't want to play today, so I drove Graham. While he was playing Campbell, Keaton and I went to Walmart first. We thought we had plenty of time so we took our time looking around everywhere. Graham wrote after a while, and he said that I could pick him up in about 30 minutes. 
  • We still had to go to Kroger to for a huge list of things, so we started moving pretty quickly. At Kroger we were throwing things into the cart, until Graham wrote saying he would be a bit longer. Then I slowed down and let the girls look around-though there really isn't a ton of browsing at Kroger-at least browsing that is not food things.
  • Eventually, I did put all of the cold things in the cart, and we headed to get Graham. He had just finished so our timing was perfect. 
  • Reagan's dog sitting duties ended today after a week-she might just miss being right near the pickleball courts that her friends go to. I think that she did enjoy being so near everything for a few days.
  • We watched another sad Hogs baseball game this afternoon, and then Robby drove Graham to a birthday party. I guess we need to get him a driver's license-well, I guess he has that. He needs a hardship so he can take himself places.
  • I made baked potatoes for supper which we ate. Keaton has a friend over so they spend most of the afternoon and evening playing volleyball. They did use about 400 water balloons-Campbell and Whitman joined them for this as well. 
  • Then the Wilsons came over to go to Crumble with us. We all ate some cookies before picking Graham up from his birthday party. The Wilsons then came in for a little bit, and we watched a sad Hogs softball game. 

May 17, 2024

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  • I stayed in bed right until the last minute-I didn't have anything to do or anywhere to go, but I do have a self imposed time to get out of the bed during our no school days. I started on the dishes, but then started to wonder where Robby was, so I found him in the garage.
  • He had started working on folding up the tent and all the things that Reagan used camping. It rained a good bit on them, or at least the tent came home super wet. It eventually dried out after a few days set up in the yard. We had to move it in the garage last night just in case it did rain. Finally, though everything is put up, and we can park in the driveway and garage again.
  • I then went back to my morning things, but I did them quickly so I could take Bentley on a walk since it was already hot when we were working on the tent. However, by the time I made it on our walk, the clouds were out, and it was pretty nice outside.
  • I did some reading and really wasn't too productive at all. I did work with Whitman right before we took Graham to work. Then we went out to eat with Campbell and Keaton. And finally, we ran a few errands on the other side of the world-late lunch in Benton and errands in West Little Rock. I did get the names on Reagan and Whitman's new Bibles. 
  • We were then home for a little bit, and then we headed out to a friend's graduation party. We had a few snacks there, and picked up sandwiches for the boys on them home. Now we are once again around the tv watching the Hogs play baseball. 

May 16, 2024

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  • Campbell and I woke up at Reagan's dog sitting house. I walked the dog for over a mile because I knew by the time I made it home for the day, I would be too tired to walk Bentley. We went home, and I had a few minutes to knock out some of the morning chores. Robby had already completed the dreaded dishes and the never ending laundry.
  • Soon, we left with Whitman for the Museum of Discovery. I had signed him up to dissect a shark-it was pretty fun to do. I didn't get to dissect a shark until college, and today he was able to do it. In his group with 3 others, he was a bit stand offish, but he did manage to do a few things. I think that he enjoyed it. Also, he wanted to make sure that we were able to explore the museum when we finished.
  • We did have time to walk around the museum and even the next door nature center before meeting our ride. Robby was our ride since he had some errands to run at lunch time. Actually, cars are pretty scarce around here these days-Reagan had woken up at her friends and was back to her house sitting house while Graham and Anderson went to play basketball with some friends. They actually were gone all afternoon so they came home pretty tired.
  • This afternoon, I had myself a nap, but my 20 minute nap didn't compare to Campbell's 6 hour nap-Keaton is the one who said that Campbell's nap was 6 hours so I am not too sure if that is accurate. 
  • Robby and I went to 5 Guys to eat supper tonight-it was fine, but the milkshake was the excellent. We were surprised that the place was kind of empty-maybe because it is so crazy expensive. After we ate, we walked around the new Aldi. Quite a few things were cheaper than Walmart, but we only picked up milk because that saved us a trip to Kroger on our way home.
  • Back at the house, all the Italian food was made for their supper-pizza and pasta. Robby is working in his office, Bentley is looking out the window, Campbell is in the living room with me looking at her phone, Whitman is in my bedroom watching his ipad and playing with magnets, Keaton is upstairs doing some internet shopping, Reagan is playing pickleball with some friends, and I am not really sure what Anderson and Graham are doing.

May 15, 2024

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  • This morning was no different than the last few mornings except that it was hot outside and Anderson slept a bit later than usual-meaning, he wasn't the first kid awake today.
  • The morning started off the same, but then things became a bit busier. Last night someone heard Robby and I reviewing all of the comings and goings that would happen today and who would need a car and when. They were a bit overwhelmed just by our conversation.
  • Reagan woke up her house sitting house and eventually made her way to work. At about the same time, I left to go and see Pops-who was having a heard cath and stent. (Due to some nausea he earned himself a hospital stay for the night so hopefully that all goes away, and he can go home early tomorrow.)
  • Robby ran some errands around lunch time and made it home in time to take Graham to work. The others were just then beginning their school work and chores. I stayed with Pops and Nonna for a while, and then I ran to pick up some flowers for Reagan's friend.
  • Graham and Reagan came home from work where they had a graduation party for Reagan-gifts and a delicious cake. I soon arrived home as well. Robby had left before I made it home to keep the house sitting dog company while Reagan finished work and went to a meeting. 
  • We all then went to church for a VBS meeting, but Reagan headed to a friend's house for the night while everyone else left with me to meet Robby to get gas for the cars. There everyone but Campbell left my car, and we headed to house sit for the night since Reagan was out.
  • It was a bit confusing of a day, but I do think that everyone had a good day. I am going to end my day with some reading and some hot chocolate.

May 14, 2024

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  • Busy day around here-Anderson woke up at his house/dog sitting house. He eventually came home and started to work on his 3d printed helmet. I believe he was the first one awake at this house, but that isn't saying much since people here are sleeping pretty late.
  • It was fairly early this morning that we could tell that Reagan and her group were on the move headed toward home. It wasn't until two that Campbell drove me most of the way to church to pick her up. 
  • They had a great time-they floated yesterday, and Reagan and her canoe never did tump. They swam and even got rained on. When she did come home, we had to lay everything out because it was all wet-hopefully, it will be sunny tomorrow to dry all of the camping gear.
  • We didn't have much time this afternoon because by the time that we put the tent up to dry, it was time to leave for the last soccer game of the season. 
  • Keaton's team was in the championship, but after being up by 2, they ended up losing from penalty kicks due to a tie. It was a fun team and a fun game with perfect weather so we sure can't complain. We especially can't complain because we picked up pizza on the way home for our supper.
  • People are working on their showers now since it didn't take long at all to gobble up our pizza supper. I have behind on my reading today so I am going to try to catch up before anyone joins me here in the living room. 

May 13, 2024

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  • Graham and Anderson went to play basketball pretty early this morning. Robby took Graham to meet up with Anderson who is house sitting. They rode together to the gym while Robby just stayed on that side of town and worked.
  • That left me home alone all morning long-I say I was "alone" even though there were 3 kids sleeping upstairs. I never really heard from them until nearly 11. By that time I had accomplished quite a bit of my list and was doing some reading.
  • Robby dropped Graham off at work on the way home from basketball, and Anderson came home for a few hours this afternoon. I worked with Whitman on his school work for the day and tried to get a few more thing accomplished around here. 
  • Robby made pancakes for supper this evening along with egg in the hole. Breakfast is always a hit with most Dennies-Reagan is the one who really doesn't like breakfast, but I do think that the rest of us enjoy it.
  • We were able to track Reagan today-it did look like they floated the Buffalo. I did see a picture of them-they looked dry so maybe they stayed in their canoes-and really, I am super thankful that her phone stayed dry!

May 12, 2024

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  • Sunday morning here and also Mother's Day. I woke up to an array of cards on the bar along with a present. As the morning went on, my card pile did grow by one-a hastily made card-still made by one of my favorites. 
  • Even though it was Mother's day, there was still dishes to unload and laundry to fold before we left for church. Campbell also had to make a fruit platter for her Sunday school class, but she had done some prep work last night. 
  • Reagan arrived at church a bit after us-I'm sure that people talked this morning since she sat in church by herself right in front of us. She was expecting her people to join her, but I guess their mother's all wanted them to sit with them. I guess that is fine, but truly, if my kids are in church, that is enough Mother's day for me. We were certainly all spread out-Campbell was even in worship care this morning.
  • Robby and I had a class full of first graders this morning. Then we hurried to Nonna's house for lunch. We celebrated Mother's day there, and even snapped a picture of me and the kids. They had lasagna and some salad-I have been on a salad kick lately. Maybe I need to make some here at the house.
  • We then ran home for a few minutes before dropping Reagan off to go camping with the seniors from church. There aren't a whole lot of people going, but there are some grownups so that makes me happy. They planned to float, but we think the water level is too high to do that, and it also looks like rain, so hopefully it will miss them.
  • Then we ran by Reagan's house sitting job for a few minutes on our way to pick up supper for tonight and to fill up the suburban with gas. Then it was home for a while before Anderson, Graham, Campbell, and Keaton went to Rock Creek.
  • The Wilson's came over and the Rock Creek kids eventually came home. We all ate and visited for a while. I straightened the house a little bit, and now it was bedtime! Tomorrow is turning out to be a busy little day.

May 11, 2024

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  • Today was the last soccer Saturday-I think that all of us have a love/hate relationship with soccer Saturdays. They are early; they are long, and they are hard. They are also a lot of fun which does make them worthwhile.
  • All of us but Graham, Reagan, and Whitman left before 7 this morning. When we arrived, the kids all got out of the car and worked, but Robby and I stayed in the car. I read until almost 8, and then I ventured out to start the concession stand things.
  • The first hour went pretty quickly with Robby and I busy passing out drinks, grabbing ChickFilA, pouring coffee, and making hot chocolate. Reagan, Graham, and Whitman then showed up just in time for Keaton's game.
  • Keaton's team had no subs at all today so they were exhausted, but they won 4-0. Keaton scored one of the goals, so that was fun to see. Since her team did win, it means that we play in the championship on Monday night-we aren't too sure that we will win on Monday, but Keaton will enjoy one last soccer game.
  • After Keaton's game Robby ran a few errands with Whitman while the others continued to ref-Anderson reffed one game today, Keaton only had 2, Campbell and Reagan had 3 while Graham had 4 games.
  • The afternoon went by fairly quickly, but it is still a bit sad when you come home and realize that it is night time. We even had a few errands on the way home to do. Reagan is house sitting this week so she is gone for the night, but is out doing a little bit of grocery shopping for her upcoming camping trip.
  • Right now, the kids are all cyling through the showers while I am trying to stay awake on the couch. I don't think that I will have much luck at all staying awake!

May 10, 2024

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  • This was a fairly busy Friday for me-at least I didn't get a chance to pick up my book until just a little bit ago. Anderson went to help someone with yard work this morning and afternoon. He stayed until almost 3:30, had lunch, and made a good amount. 
  • Robby and I ran to buy some Mother's Day presents, and then we went to pick up some strawberries at a sale. We bought two flats which took me a good deal of time to slice and put away. Keaton did help me a little bit while her supper cooked tonight.
  • We then went to run a few errands-Bath and Body, Kroger, Sonic, Grannymom's, and Sams-before coming home for a little bit. Reagan and Anderson were at work by the time that we made it home. I did spelling with Whitman for a little bit and then walked Bentley until Anderson came home. 
  • We were waiting on him because I had left the books in the mini van so they had spent the morning and most of the afternoon with Anderson in Bryant. I needed to take them to Maumelle to the bookstore to sell them so I had to wait on him to come home.
  • When he arrived, Robby and I left again. We ran to the bookstore, and then picked up drinks for the girls and supper for the boys. This was indeed a busy day now that I think about it. When we came home, we were home for a bit before leaving again to take Graham to a birthday party.
  • Robby is picking Graham up now, but after we dropped him off we went to Chuys to eat supper. It had been years since we had been there, but we both said that we really enjoy On the Border more than Chuys. 
  • Tomorrow is the last Saturday soccer game to which I am pretty glad about, but I think that we will miss soccer a little bit. Now, I for sure will not miss the early morning soccer days!

May 9, 2024

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  • I know we really haven't started summer yet, so I shouldn't be concerned about how quickly the days are going by. But gracious, this is our 4th full day of vacation, and I really haven't done anything productive at all.
  • I guess that is what summer vacation is all about though. I did hope that I would do a few more fun things with the kids, and this is just the 4th day, but by the time they wake up, I have already put in a full days work around here. Maybe I should stay up until 2, and we could all be on the same schedule.
  • I knew that it was going to be a warm day so I took Bentley on her walk early this morning. Then after a little bit of time I went on my second walk with out here. I think that she might have wanted to go again, but not today.
  • I did some of my reading again this afternoon, and then I worked on Keaton's school work. Robby laughed when he asked what I was doing-I am just a few months ahead of schedule on that, but my tomorrow's list is full of things that I have super procrastinated about. 
  • Robby, Campbell, and I went out to eat late this afternoon. We brought enough leftovers home for the big boy's supper tonight after Raymar. Reagan was already at work, and Anderson had to go to Raymar early to paint the fields so we had to take everyone else to Raymar to ref. 
  • We decided to take Bentley as well, so we stayed and walked around and watched some of the games while we were there. Everyone is just now getting in and finding themselves supper or second supper.

May 8, 2024

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  • Today's big event was lunch. Robby and I went to Charlotte's in Keo with Nonna and Pops for lunch today. We had been talking about it for a while and decided to go this week. Robby drove us there, and Nonna and Pops were surprised that it wasn't too crowded at all.
  • We sat at a table and ordered our meal and our pie. Robby had a burger, and I tried to order a grilled peanut butter and jelly with bacon, but they were out of jelly so I had a grilled pimento cheese instead. 
  • Then we had the best part-the pie! Robby, Nonna, and I both had chocolate pie while Pops had a coconut pie. It was all delicious-though I do think that I like my chocolate pie cold which these were not. They were probably fairly fresh from the oven which is why they were probably warm.
  • When we came home, I didn't really do much at all except read some and do spelling with Whitman. Reagan and Graham went to work this afternoon, and when they came home the girls all left again to go to church. 
  • The boys and I were not far behind since I had to run to the library and to the grocery store really quickly for 2 cans of black beans. Tonight was the last verge-Reagan was part of a senior panel on the stage so she spoke a bit. This was her last verge which I am sure made her kind of sad.
  • On the other side of the building, this was Whitman's last Midweek since he will move up to Verge next year. They celebrated the last night with pizza and popsicles. 
  • We had a bit of miscommunication after church-Campbell couldn't find Anderson, Reagan was in a meeting and I wasn't sure if I was waiting to bring her home, and I couldn't get in touch with Graham. Eventually, everyone did show up, and we all headed home and/or to ChickFilA. 

May 7, 2024

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  • This morning happened pretty much like last yesterday-I did my morning things with only Anderson and Robby awake. Whitman eventually did wake up, so I had him start on his school work.
  • Robby ran some errands, and then came home and I joined him for his last few errands. My plan was to drop off some school books to see, but I didn't double check to see if they were open. So that is pushed back to later this week.
  • I also did quite a bit of reading today, but gracious I still have quite a bit of my book to read tonight. However, instead of staying home this evening, I went to Raymar to watch Campbell and Graham ref along with watching some of Keaton's practice.
  • Reagan had been at work for a little bit this evening while Whitman stayed home while the rest of us were all at practice.
  • When we came home, Robby made quesadillas for supper which everyone ate so quickly that he had to go back outside and make some more. 
  • Now Campbell and Keaton are watching a silly tv show that I can't stop watching myself!

May 6, 2024

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  • Today was the first official day of summer vacation-there were few complaints about the summer school and few complaints about the new chore list. Again, this is just the first day so I do expect the complaints to come.
  • Most everyone can't really complain at all-actually, they should all be in a great mood since they were probably able to catch up on a lot of sleep. Anderson was up around 9, but I didn't see anyone else for hours.
  • Anderson just completed 3d printing 1/3 of a Star Wars helmet. This section took over 24 hours, and now he has begun the printing of the back of it. Once it is all printed, he will have to assemble, sand, fill, prime, and paint it. It is quite the project, but we have all enjoyed watching the thing print.
  • Reagan and Graham had work today. They are probably getting close to winding down for the summer. Graham is ready for a break-but he does like to spend his money, so he really doesn't need a break.
  • This afternoon Bentley did have a vet appointment. She had two shots and didn't seem to mind at all. Now, she probably didn't seem to mind because I had a pocket full of hot dog pieces that she was munching on. When she first started her ear infections, she did almost bite the vet, but today she let him look in her ears with his otoscope so that was amazing-we have come a long way.
  • Robby and I ran a few errands this evening-we had to pick up some milk at the grocery store and left buying a whole cart full of things. They were all needed, but gracious we can spend some money.
  • Now we are back home, and I am on the couch about to read some of my book in this super quiet living room.

May 5, 2024: Reagan's Graduation Celebration-Day 2

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  • We left for church at the same time as usual this morning, but today Reagan took her graduation gown with her. We never really got a picture of just Reagan wearing it-hmm, maybe that will be tomorrow's project. Thankfully, though Reagan took well over 100 pictures over the last two days, so things are well documented. (Next year, our graduate probably won't be snapping so many photos.)
  • The graduates all walked across the stage during worship this morning. It was a fun morning to see all of them in their graduation gowns. When Sunday school was over, we waited around for Reagan for a while. Keaton later found her and her friends taking more pictures. 
  • We weren't in a huge hurry, since the rain had already cancelled the afternoon soccer games that the boys were going to. Anderson would have had to work while Graham and Robby were going to do the concession stand. 
  • Robby went ahead and left Sunday school a bit early to pick up lunch for all of us, so as we waited on Reagan and waited on the rain to lessen, Anderson eventually decided to go to the car. I told him that he could come pick us up, but I would text him. However, when Reagan did show up, the line to pick up people, even though there weren't many people left in the church house, was pretty long, so we just ran.
  • Robby had lunch at home-chinese and pizza-which made everyone happy. I had enough time to take a short nap before we left with the girls for Camryn's graduation party. Amber had done it all super nice so we had a good little snack there. We stayed for a bit but had to leave to get Keaton home so she could catch a ride with the big boys.
  • They met Campbell and Reagan, who stayed with Camryn and Laynie, at a nearby church that is joining them for camp. They were there for 2 hours and spent some time planning things for their camp in June.
  • We came home from our party, and I had myself another longer nap before it was time to leave again for church. Tonight, the 5th graders received their Bibles. There was a super big group of kids, and I think that Whitman was pretty excited about his Bible. 
  • We came home afterwards, and soon the Wilsons came over to visit a little bit. We have cancelled Sunday night supper on them for quite a few weeks in the row, so we had a lot to catch up on. Campbell made us brownies to enjoy. 
  • When they did leave, it was time for us to start picking this place up and getting everything ready for this next week.

May 4, 2024: Reagan's Graduation Celebration-Day 1

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  • I guess that Robby was the first one out of bed this morning, but I was pretty close behind him. I heard the girls above us getting ready, and I also heard Anderson's alarm clock blaring so I had to go and jostle him to wake up. 
  • Soon, Campbell, Keaton, Robby, Anderson, and I were on our way to Raymar. Campbell and Keaton get out of the car and help Anderson set up while Robby and I stayed in the car until the last possible minute. 
  • Eventually, we did climb out of the car and start selling food in the concession stand. A few hours later, Graham, Reagan, and Whitman showed up for the day. They were able to sleep in a little bit since the games they were reffing (Reagan and Graham) were later in the day.
  • Keaton's game was actually Reagan's first game to ref. I had seen the rain coming on the radar-it was just a little blob-but it was coming. Robby had Campbell put the wagon up so it would stay wet, and I had moved everything else of ours where it would stay dry as well.
  • They were almost able to play one full half before they had to pause the game for weather. Keaton's team had scored once, but I'm not sure if that game will count or if it will be made up or not. As everyone was gathered under the pavilion, the thunder continued to sound so those games were eventually cancelled so they would be able to play the other games and not get behind.
  • The weather then became beautiful for the next game; however, during the 2:15 game the same thing happened again. They made it to halftime when the decided to just call those games since it was rainy and thundery mess this time.
  • This worked out well for us since Anderson was the only one cleaning up this afternoon-it gave us a bit of extra time at home. Reagan and Whitman were the only ones who went home early so they had a head start on showers. 
  • When everyone else made it home, we all showered and pretty much turned right around and left again. The boys drove to pick up Grandpa while the rest of us headed to church. Nonna and Pops showed up as well.
  • There was lot, and I mean lots of picture taking. I did even manage one with my high school bestie Amber which is neat because our girls are pretty tight too. Also the homeschool mommas, or at least those that started out as homeschool mommas, had our pictures together as well. 
  • The 11th grade parents helped with the dinner and served the food this evening. We did that last year, and for the next 7 years we will be serving at our attending a senior dinner. It was a really special evening-Richard and Zoie brought a charge to the kids and then Casey led everyone as we prayed over our seniors. They all received a Bible and once it was all over, there was lots more picture taking.
  • Anderson took Grandpa home while I quickly undecorated my table. Robby brought the wagon upstairs, and soon we were all home-and I am finally on the couch with my feet up and a diet coke in my hand!

May 3, 2024

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  • I do not consider today the first day of summer break here. I am saving that for Monday. I did wake up and start to work on my list of things just like I intend to do during the summer break days. 
  • I also did some reading and some school planning since the house was rather quite this morning. Anderson was the first one awake, and he was indeed up early. He has spent most of his day printing on his new printer. (Though currently he is having technical difficulties that he is having to work on.)
  • Robby and I left to run a few errands at lunch time. First we stopped at the post office to buy stamps for Reagan's graduation announcements. Then I found a shirt at Marshalls. Our next stop was Costco for flowers followed by a few more stops to pick up some lunch for the kids.
  • We came home, and I took Bentley on a walk. Campbell then drove Keaton and me to church. Campbell did very well driving there especially since this was the first time that she drove on the interstate-but driving to church can barely be counted as driving on the interstate. 
  • We had to decorate Reagan's table for dinner tomorrow night. Our table is decent, but I sure could not have done it without Keaton and Campbell. They were so much help with the flowers and arranging everything. I thought that I had way too much stuff for the table, but we could have used some more things.
  • We ran by the library on the way home. I had myself a nap on the couch before everyone found themselves supper. I've already had my supper now, but I could eat something else, but I'm pretty sure we have no dessert good around here. 

May 2, 2024

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  • Last day of school around here-and I had such big plans for reading most of my book! I didn't do that nor did I even take Bentley on a walk. I did try to go on a walk, but after standing outside brushing her, it started to rain.
  • The kids did convince me to start school a bit later today-which was a good thing since I neglected to set my alarm last night. I didn't even plug my phone up and found it between Robby and I when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 
  • School went well, but I did spent a good bit of the day putting up everyone's books from this year-and tomorrow I plan on getting their summer school back out. 
  • Anderson spent most of the day waiting on his package-he bought himself a 3D printer. This afternoon he put it together, but tonight he is finally able to print something. Now, he just needs to find something that he can print and sell! Or print and give to me.
  • Reagan also got herself a package today-we bought her a pretty nice little camera for her graduation gift so she opened it up this evening. So right now they are both playing with their new toys.
  • We again had soccer tonight-I was going to have Whitman and Bentley go with us, but after seeing that it was going to be rainy, I decided that they could just stay home with Reagan. It rained a good bit of the games-Graham reffed two of those games while Keaton, Campbell, and Anderson only reffed one.
  • Robby and I stayed dry in the concession stand during the rain-I even had myself some hot chocolate. This was our third night of soccer this week, and we have it the next 2 out of 3 games as well, but soccer is coming to a close fairly quickly.
  • Campbell is making a dessert, and soon we are planning to watch a show while I try to read a few more chapters of my book tonight. 

May 1, 2024

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  • The kids have been finishing school pretty early, so I am trying to figure out exactly what all I am going to do this summer. Usually my mornings are full of school leaving me just the afternoons to do my things.
  • The last few days, they have been finishing earlier so I am getting a taste of my summer freedom that is coming up. And what I have learned is: I am going to need a hobby or I am going to need to start cleaning my house. I'm really holding out for a hobby to come along!
  • I walked Bentley right at noon today-and bless her soul. Neighbor dogs were barking at her, the tree men were sawing away, and the tornado siren was going off all at the same time. I thought she was going to refuse to walk anymore. I was able to talk her through it, and she eventually rejoined me on our walk.
  • I did go for my second mile without her later in the afternoon-it is just easier that way for sure. I actually started a new audio book today, but gracious my mind may be somewhere else or something, but I sure can't understand what is happening in the story. I will give it tomorrow, but then I'll move on to another one.
  • They few the Wednesday night workers at church tonight so my normal car load went earlier. Anderson didn't eat since he knew he would eat later at ChickFilA. Then after church Reagan had a meeting about her senior camping trip.
  • The seniors go on a camping trip, and they are responsible for planning and doing everything. That will be a hoot! I will help if I'm asked for sure-because we can't let them starve!