August 31, 2014

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Gearing up for cheer practice!

  • Sunday morning and cinnamon rolls were for breakfast.  Cooking them took a bit longer than expected-sometimes the oven takes forever to preheat-so the kids probably felt like they were in a cinnamon roll eating contest this morning.  Everyone gobbled down their food and made it to can fully dressed with teeth brushed.  
  • Church was fine-second week that no one was hauled out!  Robby did Sunday school with the 3rd graders and I helped out in the preschool with worship care.  We had a room full of kids when Robby ran through picking up my girls-they were the last ones in their class.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and the kids took over the dining room table with Lilli in charge.  We don't know if they ate anything at all but we do know that the grown ups lunch was peaceful!  Ha!  The kids enjoyed playing for a bit with Lilli and Cash.  When they left, my kids all lined up to play Grandpa's ipad for a bit before we headed to the grocery store.
  • Robby ran in a picked up milk for the next 5 days (5 gallons)  and then we went home to rest for a bit.  The kids helped unload and put away some laundry before watching their movies (they weren't too happy with us)  Then we all rested and watched tv until 5.
  • Then the kids played some until it was supper time.  After supper, everyone but Whitman, Reagan and I went outside.  The outside crew took a walk and Campbell ended up riding her no-training wheel bike the entire way.  Reagan changed her mind and decided to run out and find the others but she couldn't find them.  Eventually, they showed back up and she went outside and soon Keaton came inside.  
  • Outside they played some football and a game of kickball before coming in.  Graham said he didn't understand why he had to take a shower-said all of that as sweat was dripping off of his head.  Inside, Keaton, Whitman and I played with the Little People sets.  
  • We then had shower time for everyone and we followed that up with ice cream truck.  Robby had picked up the uniforms for the football and cheerleaders here.  So we let everyone open up their boxes and try on their uniforms before herding everyone to bed. 

August 30, 2014

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Can he eat the whole pan?

  • Don't you just wish that every morning could be a Saturday morning?  We did pretty much nothing-well, we did eat breakfast but that was about it.  Then we moved our Saturday morning party outside to start moving leaves into the burn pile.  It was too windy today to burn but we had lots of leaves that were in a pile and needed to be moved.  
  • So we worked and worked and worked on moving wet leaves.  The kids played nearby and even helped watch over Whitman.  That boy will just walk away from us.  Today he started learning about the street.  We were near the road working on leaves and he would run down the driveway-I would shout "no" and of course he would just run faster, so I would catch up and then train his backside.  We did this over and over again.  
  • The kids convinced Robby to open them popsicles so we all had a treat while working.  Then we even had time to throw the football some and then a game of kickball (my team lost).  That would have been enough activities for the whole day, but not for us.
  • We loaded up for the pool with a stop at Sams first.  I dropped everyone off and Whitman and I ran to Michaels and the Dollar Store.  That boy slept the entire time that we were walking through the store-my arm was so exhausted by the time that we got back to the car.  
  • I had forgotten to put Reagan's swimsuit in the bag with Robby so we raced back to the pool to drop off her suit.  Then we went to Grannymom's house to pick up Reagan's clothes and then Whitman and I went to the pool for a few minutes.  The kids swam for 2 adult swims, had candy and popsicles-what more could you want in life.
  • Then we went to Nonna and Pops' house for a bit-we just happened to arrive at the time the ballgame came on tv.  Robby worked on Pops' phone while I went through clothes.  We stayed until halftime and then headed home to watch the last half.  Robby and Anderson watched some of the game, while Reagan and Graham played on their kindles, Keaton and Campbell followed me around and Whitman fussed.  
  • We had our pizza for supper and then decided to take a walk.  The big 3 rode bikes-poor Keaton couldn't understand why she couldn't ride her tricycle (she can't consistently pedal) and Campbell also couldn't understand why she couldn't ride her bike (she is only learning to ride without those training wheels)
  • After our walk, the kids had their showers and Whitman then went to bed.  He missed out on the rice krispy treats that the rest of us ate!  Then it was some reading about Ruth and then bedtime!

August 29, 2014

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Excited to see Beebee!

  • At 8, we were all still in bed and the first words out of Robby's mouth were "aren't you glad your kids don't go to real school?" Indeed, I certainly am.  Once we were all awake, it didn't take too long for everyone to find breakfast-muffins that I had frozen.  They were still delicious and Anderson ate 3 and then reached for another 1 but I did stop him.  My silly Keaton and Campbell copy each other and neither of them have even tried my muffins-they are the ones missing out.
  • We didn't do school, but we did have quite a few morning activities and stayed busy all the way to lunch.  During lunch I read some and then we picked up and headed out to see Beebee and to the library.  
  • Beebee always wants to comb one of the girls hair.  Reagan will always get on to Campbell if she doesn't want Beebee to comb her hair.  But today Campbell's hair was up and looked nice, so Beebee told Reagan to get the brush so she could comb her hair.  Ha!  My Reagan just glared at me the entire time.  She was not pleased with this at all but sat politely.  When we left, I told her that next time she better make sure she had her hair pulled up so Beebee can't comb it.  
  • Then we went to the library.  I hauled in a huge amount of book to return and then we hauled out a huge load of books.  When you walk into the library, they usually have a mason jar filled with candy and if you guess the right amount then you keep the candy.  So each time we walk in, everyone has to write down their name and guess on the candy jar.  Keaton guessed 5 and Campbell guessed 70-90.  The number was somewhere in between those two guesses.
  • Next stop was dropping Reagan off to Grannymom.  She was the lucky and got to spend the night at Grannymom's house.  The rest of went home, Whitman had a nap and I laid down by Keaton and we watched movies with everyone else-of course, I was the only one still sleeping when Robby came in with supper.  
  • We ate and then loaded up into the car to drive around for a bit.  I've been wondering about selling this place and just living in a little shanty on a prairie somewhere.  Doesn't that sound nice?  So we drove around some looking for my prairie-10+ acres, not on the main road, no more than 10 miles from here, flat, with trees and basically free...all this because I am worried someone is going to build behind me.  Anyway, we didn't find the dream place until we made it back to Jacqueline Dr.  
  • Then the boys practiced their football, Whitman threw all of the balls out of the garage to watch them roll off the driveway and I pushed the girls on the swing.  Then they all played a bit on the swings and tree house before coming for showers.  
  • We watched a bit of Wipeout before putting the kids to bed-Whitman though still hasn't gone to sleep.  Guess we will have to check on him in a bit or get him out of bed for a few minutes so he can use up some energy.

August 28, 2014

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Chillin' at the pool!

  • School day for Campbell and Keaton was able to ride along to drop her off since Robby was working from home today.  After dropping off Campbell, they ran to the grocery store for a quick trip-but there are really no quick trips when you are shopping for us Dennies.  
  • Back at home. we were working on school-some of us were working well and some were not.  Whitman was one of those who was not working well-the kids are used to doing their work with him climbing all over them but not only was he climbing on Anderson, he was hitting the mess out of him (he did probably deserve it) so I eventually had to put him in his pack n play.  This is not a horrible thing since he doesn't really mind being in the bed-as long as his box of toys are in there and a cup of cheerios.  
  • Graham was also not doing very well.  He had a pretty good meltdown or two-but meltdowns that happen on Thursdays end differently than meltdowns on other days.  Because on Thursdays, Robby is home and quickly takes care of it.  Homeschool here would go a lot smoother if our principal could be around every day.  
  • I ran to pick up Campbell while my big 3 were finishing up their school.  When we came home, Robby helped me work on lunch and then it was afternoon time-oh, I love afternoon time!  Soon Whitman and Keaton were napping-except Graham woke Whitman up early so he fussed the entire nap time.  But nap time wasn't that long today because it was swimming day.
  • We loaded up and headed to the pool.  Sonic was our friend tonight at provided 50 cent corn dogs-12 please (enough for us and Dana, Lilly and Cash).  The kids love playing with their cousins at the pool and we loved an easy supper for everyone.  After 3 hours of playing, it was time to come home for showers and then bed. 
  • And this from the neighbors house: as Robby was taking out the trash, he noticed neighbor man and a huge ladder.  Neighbor man told Robby all about the bats that had invaded his attic.  Said that he had gone out last night at 11 to start sealing up areas (we even saw the ladder and their whole family on the porch tonight looking up).  Robby happily told the neighbor where all of his bats had come from-our house!  Glad we got our house sealed up too so they don't have a place to come back here!

August 27, 2014

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"I'll be here ALL week and then more..." 

  • Our little Keaton slept perfectly last night and woke up feeling great.  So that was a relief and everyone else also slept well. Usually Robby and I both don't set our alarm clocks (since we just turn them off as soon as they ring anyway) but today both of our alarms started ringing at 6:45.  They rang for a while until we both managed to hit snooze again causing both alarms to ring again at the same time.  All of our racket probably woke Keaton up sleeping in our room.
  • Today wasn't a Campbell school day so we didn't do school here either.  Having a routine, like school, really works well and keeps behavior in check but not have a routine and being free to do whatever we want is really good for me!  This was our last free Wednesday for a long time so we really did enjoy it.  CBS (Bible study) starts next week and all the kids are excited about it-to tell you the truth, I am kind of excited about it too.  
  • We spent most of the morning doing some chores-trash emptying, potty cleaning, laundry folding and putting away and straightening up after Whitman.  We have the huge pixie sticks that we take to the pool occasionally stored in our closet-Whitman loves carrying them around sucking on them.  I tried to wash one out that was in the trash so he could carry an empty one around-it didn't work, he preferred the full ones.  So most of the day was spent picking up his pixie sticks.
  • Campbell and I worked on her reading book today and it had been quite a long time since we had done that and it was obvious.  She was so distracted and couldn't remember much of anything that we had talked about so I am going to have to make more of an effort to make sure she gets work on her reading book even if it is a school day.  
  • Soon it was lunch time and we finished reading a few books and will soon start on a few more.  We still can't finish that Farmer Boy book-oh, my goodness I just can't get that one read.  After lunch, we pulled out a pinterest project-Balloon rockets.  A balloon, string, straw and tape can keep my crew entertained for a long while-it can also cause me to pass out from blowing up so many balloons.  (Don't worry, I didn't)  Poor Reagan blew up a balloon so big that it popped, when it did I squealed and Reagan was scared so that she started crying!
  • It was then nap time and Whitman went to bed perfectly but as Keaton was pottying before her nap, I excitedly told her about puppets and all the fun she would have at church.  This is when the 2 year old drama started-she started boohooing that she didn't want the puppets to bite her.  Seriously, what would make her think the puppets would bite her.  I tried my best to explain everything and calm her down-it didn't work.  So I had to call Graham and Campbell upstairs to talk to her.  Graham talked to her so wonderfully trying to tell her what to expect in puppets and to assure her that they wouldn't bite her.  Then Campbell told her that when she went into the puppet room she was not to play with any of the toys, she was to sit and listen like a big girl.  I guess their talk worked because she eventually calmed down and was able to take her nap.
  • Soon it was time for everyone to wake up-I don't usually blog about that the time between 2-4 because I don't know what I do during that time.  It just flies by so fast.  Seriously, I look at the clock one minute and it is 2:13 and then the next it is after 4 and I am scurrying to wake everyone up.
  • Tonight we had to hurry to get all ready for church.  This was the first night of Wednesday night church.  Graham was pretty excited to get to go upstairs to his class-but he was a bit nervous and stuck to Reagan as they went upstairs.  Everyone did well and the puppets even said Hi to Keaton.  It is good to know somebody.  When we picked Keaton up, she happily exclaimed "I saw the puppets!"
  • Once at home, it was late, it was bedtime and the kids were dirty and the kids were hungry.  We fixed one of the two and gave them something to eat and then put those dirty kids to bed.  Tomorrow is school day for everyone so they all need their rest!

August 26, 2014

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Slipping and Sliding!

  • Graham slept wonderfully well last night and so did the rest of the Dennies.  Robby was the first one up this morning-usually we are woken up by the kids.  Everyone was in a good mood and Campbell even had time to eat breakfast with us before leaving for school.
  • Everyone waved by to Campbell this morning-our routine was to wave through the big window and then hurry to the front porch to wave and holler at whoever is leaving.  We now just wave and holler while on the porch-it is a good thing that we don't have too many neighbors all of the "byes" and "love yous" that are shouted each morning from the Dennie driveway.
  • School was fine today.  I was a bit easy on Graham since I didn't really know how well he felt.  He was moving slow so I let him read some and then sit in the comfy green chair and do his work.  That worked well until Anderson went into the living room to do his reading.  As soon as Anderson came into the room, Anderson started telling Graham all about what he did last night at Big Rock.  Graham took it all in while asking questions about everything.  I let them chat for a while and then finally had to break them up so someone could get some work done.
  • Everyone was finished with school by 11:30 today which was really nice.  And why you ask was everyone done at that time...because I told Anderson that everyone could have a piece of candy if he finished his math in 30 minutes.  It took him 23 minutes to finish today (all of them correct-I had to use my calculator to check them)-I guess that I will be doling out candy every day-whatever works.
  • We had our lunch and read a bit.  Then we played a game while Whitman was in the exersaucer-I guess it is about time to put that up.  He wasn't too happy in the exersaucer-as in, almost climbed out of it even though he had a snack to eat while watching us.  
  • Soon it was nap time and then Nonna brought Campbell home.  Campbell and Nonna had spent the afternoon making cookies and brownies that everyone was delighted to sample.  Nonna woke Keaton up from her nap and my Keaton acted so tired from the second she woke up.  But the rest of the afternoon Keaton never perked up, she just laid around or wanted me to hold her. 
  • Robby came home and cooked up some hot dogs for supper tonight at the pool.  On the way to the pool, Keaton said her tummy hurt and Dana even said she looked pretty pale.  She was a bit warm and even spent the first hour cuddling with Dana and then me.  Then just as fast as she said she felt bad, she was fine-jumping, splashing and sliding until we left.  
  • Once we made it home, the child again said her tummy hurt, tried to throw up (a bit of drama) and then laid on the tile in the mud room until it was her turn for the shower.  So is it her tummy like Graham? Is it fever like Campbell had last week? Or could it just be that she likes all of the attention?  Either way, Reagan made Keaton to best bed tonight in our room.  Sweet Reagan worked so, so hard making Keaton's pallet just perfect-Reagan even used my bright yellow blanket and told me that you need something cheery to help when you are sick.  So who knows what the night will bring with Keaton but she and everyone else are all sleeping well right now.

August 25, 2014

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Football season begins with practice!

  • I can be asleep in any part of this house (though I was asleep in my bed-lest you start to wonder) and instantly wake up when I hear those dreadful two words: throw up.  I darted up those stairs looking around for the evidence but thankfully, no one had yet done anything.  Graham just thought he needed to throw up.  Since he didn't, I took him downstairs and put him on the floor in our room.  I had convinced myself that he was fine until breakfast when he started having bathroom issues.
  • Robby manged to get Campbell to school this morning.  As they were leaving, I  warned her that she probably would miss the singing at school and she said that was fine because she didn't really like the singing.  She told Robby that she liked to miss singing so school will be over quicker.  
  • As soon as we all woke up this morning, the house was way emptier than usual without our Keaton and Whitman.  They had spent the night with Grannymom and Grandpa.  Both of them had a blast and were pretty perfect playing together.  
  • When we started school Graham said that he didn't feel good.  So I told him to take his book and go lay down.  He did that and soon he was back in the school room working on his stuff.  I did make sure that I didn't use his pencil or get to close to him during the day.
  • The kids finished their work and we all read some before and during lunch.  After lunch, we started on our chess book-we are learning to play chess (well, trying from a library book for now.)  The kids loved it-well, mainly the boys.  I think that Reagan could probably care less about learning how to play chess-she may get that from me but I am trying hard because the boys are so interested in learning.
  • This afternoon I was able to do quite a bit with only 3 little people around.  Soon though Robby was home with everyone else.  And the first thing that we had to do was a few ice bucket challenges.  As poor Graham was walking out to see them, he got sick (though he did perk up for his challenge). Him getting sick meant that he didn't get to go to his first football practice and then he missed out on celebrating Cash' birthday at Big Rock (go carts and putt putt).  The poor guy was so disappointed.
  • Soon Robby took Anderson to his practice at 5:30 and while Anderson practiced everyone else ate their supper.  Then Jason played with Keaton and Whitman while Robby coached Graham's team and Campbell and Reagan went to their cheerleading practice.  Reagan said that she was the oldest and that Campbell wanted to sit down a lot during practice.  
  • When they all left for practice, I took Graham to Nonna's house.   I tried to drive fast to hurry and get to Nonna's house yet slow so I wouldn't bother his tummy.  But as soon as we got to Nonna's Graham spewed everywhere.  Poor guy, I already felt bad enough about leaving him (bunko) but then he was sick again and he gave me the biggest hug ever when I told him bye.  Graham was well taken care of by Nonna and Pops-he watched a movie & took a nap on a pallet in the living room and seemed to have felt better when Robby picked him up after practice.
  • It was a pretty busy afternoon and evening.  Now (11:30) everyone is sleeping peacefully and I am just praying that no one else gets sick around here!  

August 24, 2014

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All too soon, she'll be driving...just probably not the van!

  • Reagan who is usually our late sleeper has started waking up earlier and earlier.  That could possibly be because Campbell was in her bed from 1:30 on this morning.  The first night this happened, I think that Reagan liked sleeping with her sister but not so much anymore.  I should remind her that is how Laura and Mary probably slept.
  • The kids were all up early so we were ready about an hour before we needed to leave-that sounds nice and all but really, you can get ready too early.  I had to redo the girls hair since when you walk around with blankets on your head your hair usually gets messed up.  The boys had a brawl over their kindle game-something about zombies and closing the door.  And Whitman was into everything (as usual).  Today he found the bucket of magnet letters and dumped them over and over again-I really should learn not to pick things up because he will just circle right back around and make the same mess again.
  • We had no incidents in big church today (no one was jerked out of the pew and hauled out nor any vandalism on someone else's Bible happened this week)  This was our second week teaching our little 3rd graders-I can already tell there are quite a few different personalities in that class.
  • After church, we met Nonna, Pops and Jason at Cracker Barrel to celebrate Nonna's belated birthday.  The wait wasn't too bad-the kids busied themselves with touching every single toy in the store and Whitman and I made it our mission to run into the candy sample lady as often as we could.  And once we were seated, we really didn't have to wait too long for our food to arrive.  Robby had to divey up the kids food by himself since he was on the end but soon everyone was eating (pancakes is what the kids picked to eat.)
  • Soon lunch was over and we were all at home-we settled into our Sunday afternoon routine: Whitman and Keaton a nap, Reagan, Anderson and Graham movie watching, Robby and I snoozing upstairs and Campbell eventually joining me for a catnap before church.
  • Back at church and then Whitman and Keaton went home with Grannymom for the night.  And once the rest of us where home it was eerily quiet but we busied ourselves with supper and ice cream truck.  The kids really wanted to watch their Ninja show tonight but alas after our ice cream it was way too late so they will have to settle for Ninja-ing another night!

August 23, 2014

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Still having fun - even not being in the pool!

  • Anderson and Robby had to be the first ones up this morning because they had a Nutrition Center visit this morning.  For this visit, Anderson had to have a nutritious breakfast-so we had to go to the grocery store yesterday for it!  He had milk, cheerios, eggs and this was the exciting part-orange juice.  We never have orange juice except on a plane or in a hotel.
  • Robby said that Anderson did perfect during his test today.  They had to wait a while for the doctor to show up to do the test but when he finally got there, the test didn't take long at all.  When it was over, Anderson walked by and asked the doctor if that was his brain on the monitor. Indeed it was and the doctor showed him some pictures of it-Robby said that it was really neat and he wished that he could have snapped a picture of it.  
  • Back here at the house, we didn't do anything at all.  I guess our biggest activity was teaching Whitman how to stack and knock down blocks.  Everyone got in on that-my Campbell enjoyed building her own towers while I held Whitman back until she was finished and then we would let him go to smash her creations.
  • We then met Robby and Anderson at Nonna and Pops' house.  Keaton was so excited about seeing her baby Whitman and she was excited that Robby and I were leaving her at Nonna's house for a bit longer.  We went to eat with all of the old Thursday night crew at Bravos.  Then we picked up the kids and went home for a little bit.
  • The 3 big kids watched Wings upstairs, Keaton fell asleep watching a little movie with Campbell.  Campbell left Keaton and found me on the couch and joined me.  I had planned school for next month and then took an afternoon rest.
  • As soon as we mentioned that it was time to go this evening, the kids ran to put on their bathing suits.  We had our Sunday school class fellowship and even though the kids thought we would never get there, we finally did.  The kids loved swimming in the crowded pool and we were barely able to pull them out long enough to eat.  
  • We stayed until the pool party was over and then hurried home for showers and bed.  The kids were worn completely out today-I think we were too!

August 22, 2014

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All smiles!

  • When Robby left for work this morning, I had the table full of every single thing that we were going to do today-science, reading, post it notes with chores on them and the list went on and on.  After breakfast, the kids and I got started on working through the many items on the table and apparently if you make them do work but don't call it school and lay it on the table, it is fun.  I think I might just have to do that again.
  • The highlight of the morning with the kids was doing science-still a hit around here.  Our science this year is probably too easy for Reagan and even Anderson but everyone loves sitting around listening to it.  And really today, the boys begged me to read history.  I guess it is a winner too this year.  
  • We then played a game and during our game, Campbell said that her head was hot again and indeed it was.  I never take their temperature when they have fever since all I am going to do anyway is give them Tylenol.  Her temperature caused me to call Beebee and tell her that we were going to skip today-Keaton and Campbell were so disappointed that we were not going to get to go.  Campbell's fever came and went throughout the day and she acts fine once she gets some medicine in her system.
  • After our lunch, I sent the kids upstairs to make their name with legos or to make something that we saw on our trip.  Graham made his name with the legos and Campbell stayed busy making different letters but never made her name.  Anderson and Reagan chose to make different versions of the St. Louis arch.
  • And as soon as those lego creations were finished, we loaded up and headed to the library.  Oh yes, first, Campbell and Reagan had a huge cry fest over the doll house.  Reagan has been playing with it lately so it is all set up.  And seeing it all set up makes Keaton and Campbell want to play with it.  So they touch something and Reagan immediately puts it back where she had it. Campbell was wailing and Reagan yelled at me "when will I get to play all by myself?"  I thought for a moment and then calmly said "never, you have too many brothers and sisters.  You will never play by yourself!"  All of this made for quite a lovely ride to the library!
  • Surprisingly the library was fine and the kids did well.  The worst part is checking out but we managed to do that without incident.  40 books is a lot to haul out of there while pushing a stroller so we all had to carry books today as I lugged the overflowing basket as well.  
  • Then we went to Nonna's house and as soon as Campbell walked in the door she asked for a bandaid and then Keaton asked if Campbell could have a snack before she left.  So Nonna gave the kids a snack and drink while I looked at some of the clothes brought back from my aunt in Arizona. The girls had a blast looking at the clothes while I was quite overwhelmed.
  • Keaton was happy to see us leave-she was so excited about spending the night with Nonna and Pops.  They went to eat burgers tonight and Keaton manged to eat quite a bit of Nonna's burger and then she even played on a playground.  I am sure that she will not be ready to leave Nonna's house in the morning. 
  • Once we made it home this afternoon, the kids all helped me unload and then they watched movies while Whitman slept (never did sleep though) and I made smoothies for their snack (put a banana in them and they didn't touch them).
  • Soon Robby was home and we heated up supper and then pretty much all evening long the kids painted and painted.  I let them have at it and when my paint almost ran out, we watched more Ninja Warrior before bed.
  • Tonight's Bible story was a bit milder than last nights.  Anderson has a nutrition center visit tomorrow (yes on Saturday) and has to wear a watch to measure his sleeping tonight or something like that.  You should have seen his eyes when I told him that it would shock him a few times during the night to see if he wakes up (it doesn't shock him but I didn't tell him that!-it's no fun having kids if you can't mess with their minds just a little!)

August 21, 2014

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Squeezing in a little more swimming!

  • School morning #3 for Campbell and day #9 for us.  Robby took Campbell and Keaton rode along with them.  After a trip to Walmart, they ran to Grannymom's house to pick up a ladder.  Keaton did tell me all about that-she said that they put the ladder on the top, Grandpa tied it up and Daddy didn't want it to fall off.  I asked her if Daddy drove slowly so the ladder wouldn't fall off and she said "I don't know."
  • Here at the house, school went splendidly-seriously, it did.  I think that kids might possibly getting into the flow of things. They have now seen all of the different things that they will be working on.  I know just by saying this that things will be nutzo during our school day on Monday.  (Yep, we are skipping school tomorrow!  Woo, hoo!)
  • At 11, I headed out with Keaton to pick up Campbell.  At first, Reagan and Graham were going to ride with me and Anderson said he was going to stay at home and finish his school work (just about 20 minutes more)  I told him that Whitman was sleeping and that he was in charge (Robby was outside) but this was too much for Reagan-she couldn't let him stay and be in charge so she decided that she was going to stay home.  And my Graham copies anything that he can that his sister does so he also stayed home.  
  • Once at home, we had lunch and then Grannymom and Grandpa came over.  Robby had been the rodent/insect exterminator today and Grandpa brought over some grout.  First, he tackled the bats (which we think have gone due to the current lack of bat poop).  Robby sealed up their holes while standing on a giant ladder.  
  • Then he moved to the corners of the house to work on the wasp.  He used a zillion cans of spray this week on those wasps and thought he had them all gone.  But when he started looking, he saw hundreds of dead ones but still many, many live ones.  So he stood on the ladder and sprayed the wasp spray to get rid of the rest.  He said that he couldn't even get to all of their nests.  And as he peered into the siding, Graham hollered up at him "can you see in the kitchen through there?"
  • After Grannymom and Grandpa left, we kept the kids outside until it was time to go to the pool.  The kids weren't too happy about staying outside-until we passed out snacks and drinks.  They were too filthy to let them come in the house.  Then we changed, loaded up and went to the pool.
  • This was a pool record for us-4 hours.  The kids had Lilly and Cash to play with and we had pizza to eat so the time really did go by quickly.  Whitman just loves the water and Dana even convinced Keaton to go down the slide over and over and over and over and over again.  The same of the diving board.
  • My Campbell slowed down quite a bit at the pool-sitting in my lap and finally laying on the ground beside the pool.  At first we thought she just might be tired from outside play and school but nope, the girl had fever.  Once at home, I gave her plenty of medicine and then I said to Robby "Do you think that this one should S-L-E-E-P in our room?"  And Campbell immediately said "I want to sleep in your room,"  When did she learn how to spell?
  • So we are reading a Bible story book each night.  The kids love it and we are all learning so much.  So here was a summary of tonight's story (as I remember it, so there could be some errors): Jephthah promised God that he would give God the first thing out of his house if he were to win the battle. God didn't want for him to make that promise.  Jephthah did win the battle and the first thing out of his house was his beloved daughter.  The rules then were that it was wrong to sacrifice a child but poor Jephthah didn't know that so he sacrificed his daughter.--The story ended pretty much like that and when Robby finished reading, Reagan said "wait, so the daughter got sacrificed?"  Yep, sleep well little girl.  That sure wasn't the typical bedtime story.

August 20, 2014

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A Monet in the Making!

  • Today was a no school day for Campbell and a no school day for us so we were in no hurry to start our morning.  Though everyone, even my sleeping Reagan, were downstairs and noisy this morning.  Waffles and pancakes were soon being made with everyone working together to get breakfast ready-they love to help (put stuff in the toaster, get the silverware, find the syrup, get more milk, put things on plates) and it is helpful but does lead to a bit of craziness-me, 5 helpers and a toddler running around the kitchen.  
  • We didn't actually do school this morning but I had a whole list of things for the kids to do.  I had stations set up for the kids to rotate through-1. empty trash, 2. paint to find a secret message which said things like pass out candy, pick a book for lunch, hug your brothers, stand on the table and sing a song), 3. clean a potty, 4. get your fingernails cut, 5. do a science worksheet, 6. find another secret message and there was at least one more things in the rotations but I can't think of what it was!  They thought this was the most fun thing ever.
  • And once Whitman went down for his morning nap, we read 2 books about Monet and then watched a video about him.  Then we painted a Monet-like painting of his Japanese bridge.  Initially, I had thought I was going to buy everyone a canvas to paint each month when we talk about an artist but after doing the math on that, I decided that just one person can have a canvas each month.  So after deciding that this one would be one that Keaton could do well, she was the one who was rewarded with the canvas.  I was pretty impressed with their Monet-like paintings.
  • Soon it was lunch time for the crew (sandwiches again) followed by some reading and then picking up the toy room.  And when we went upstairs to tuck everyone in tonight, that toy room is again a complete mess.  I think that my culprit is Keaton but oh my goodness, why do kids have to dump every single thing?
  • Whitman played for a long, long time before his afternoon nap but I guess he is closer to dropping his morning nap than I think.  That boy didn't sleep his entire nap time-I felt bad though not bad enough to get him.  It was nap time and I had things to do-after letting Campbell stay with me for a really long time, I finally had to tell her that I just wanted to be quiet for a few minutes.  I told her that, walked out of the room thinking that she understood and would stay in that room to watch a movie with the others, but she just followed me out of the room, down the hall and into the kitchen and sat down at a barstool talking away.  
  • We didn't even get supper cleaned up before it was time to run to church for a few minutes.  The big 3 had songs, ice cream and games upstairs so they wanted to stay a long time.  So the little 3 went with us to sign up everyone and then we let them play on the playground for a bit.  My Whitman and Keaton loved, loved getting to play on that playground.  
  • Once back at home, we quickly showered everyone and then let them watch a bit of our current show obsession-Ninja Warrior before bed.  Hopefully, they will all sleep well tonight-we just heard Campbell call out a few times last night but we never had to go up there.  Oh, I did forget-Anderson said that she climbed in his bed at 5:30 and they slept there until after 7-glad they take care of each other.  

August 19, 2014

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A sweet treat for a sweetie!

  • School day number 2 for Campbell this morning.  Robby said that she was a bit more clingy today but still did fine going in her class.  As she was getting ready this morning, she said "I wonder who will pick me up today?"  She is a pretty lucky little girl having so many grandparents to pick her up from school each day.  Wonder if she will be disappointed when I pick her up on Thursday?
  • When she left, the rest of us finished our toast and yogurt breakfast and then started on school.  Today went even better than yesterday so that was nice.  My Keaton did fine during school today after being gone yesterday.  She did get to watch a movie during school-of course this so distracts the boys.  They walk through my bedroom and just stop in front of the tv.  I find them there and ask what they were doing and they say "going to the bathroom" or something like "looking for my pencil."  Finally, I wised up to all of this and shut the bedroom door where Keaton was an moved my spot where I was sitting working with people to the hallway.
  • Graham and Reagan started having a bit of a race to finish school today-they were both trying to beat each other.  I tried my best to explain that this was not a race but all they could think about was playing their kindles.  So once they finished their school work and just got good and started with their kindles, I called them back to the school room for our together work (I am just mean like that!)
  • We then had lunch and Graham told me that I need a lunch menu.  Reagan added that they didn't want to eat sandwiches every day for lunch.  I told her that her daddy and I ate sandwiches every day growing up and it was just fine for us.  I guess I will have to now come up with a lunch menu-I have been wanting to pre-make their lunches so when noon rolls around, I can just pull it all out of the fridge and say "eat."
  • After lunch, the kids did pretty much nothing while I tried to straighten our closet by Robby's office-one side of it is cords and one side of it is our pantry.  Both sides quickly get equally messy but the food side was horrible so Whitman and I did something about it.  As I would put 2 things in the correct spot, Whitman would take one of things down and carry it into the living room or another part of the house.  We did this for about an hour until I decided that one of us was going to have to go to bed-I picked him for bed since I still had some work to do on that closet!
  • The kids then watched a few movies while I did my treadmill time.  Then Campbell, Nonna and Pops arrived.  Campbell was so happy to see us-no, she was so happy to see Whitman.  She walked right by me without saying anything and started talking to her brother "did you miss your sissy?" she asked.
  • Robby came in just as Nonna and Pops were leaving.  He had a meeting at church but was around as the kids ate.  Then he left and the rest of us did science for a bit, read a few books, made a wasp catcher and we all worked on Campbell's reading book.  Campbell would read 2 words and then point to someone who would run around the house-we did this over and over until Anderson said "that was like 3 miles"-hmm, probably not!
  • We watched a bit of Ninja Warrior and then had our ice cream truck before bed-tomorrow is a no school day (but I am still going to sneak a bit of school in-insert evil laugh here!)

August 18, 2014

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First day in Ms. Stacey's class!

  • When Campbell went to bed last night she told me that the first thing she was going to do in the morning was to run and put on her school clothes and the first thing she did was run and get those school clothes-then she brought them downstairs for me to help her.  She was so, so excited about school.  
  • Robby was a bit less excited about her school starting  because now he has to get her to school 3 mornings a week.  It is a good thing because her going to school does cause the rest of us to get up and start our school day just a bit earlier than usual.
  • Robby said that Campbell didn't hesitate at all about going in to her class and since Keaton spent the night at Grannymom's house, our house was a bit quieter than normal.  I thought that since the house was quieter, the big kids would be able to finish their school work much earlier than usual.  I was wrong about that-I guess that is a good thing, maybe all of the noise doesn't distract them at all.
  • After we finished school and read a few books, we had our lunch.  They ate while I read-I am trying my best to finish Farmer Boy this month because I have a whole list of books that I want to read to them.  
  • I worked on the kitchen floor while the kids played on their kindles and played with Whitman.  I always get tickled at how well they play with him-he loves for them to chase them and will just giggle and squeal.  And I am pretty sure that he missed his Keaton and Campbell today.  
  • Around 3, I really started moving trying to get us all out the door and to Grannymom's house in time for us to get to the pool by 4.  We scurried around the house and did make it and even Grannymom, Lilli (faithful blog readers-Lilly has now changed her spelling to Lilli-she's 10 and can do that) and Cash all came with us.  My crew had been asking all day if they could come and I just kept saying that I didn't know.
  • Apparently, we were the only ones who had the idea to come to the pool-there was hardly anyone there.  Robby said it would be like that but I really thought lots of moms would reward their kids with the pool after their first day at school-guess not.  The Kamps showed up and stayed until we left-we had been planning on leaving at 6:30 which worked out perfectly because at that time, a huge storm blew through.
  • Once at home, Robby saw that Anderson had been challenged for the ALS ice bucket challenge so Anderson got to pour a bucket of ice over his head-my sweet Anderson wasn't too pleased about this but did it happily...and even said he would do it again when Robby wasn't able to find the video we had taken of the boy.  His phone was acting up but he did eventually find it and Anderson was spared a second dousing of ice water.
  • We then all had warm showers and ate supper-still eating leftovers from the other night.  And then we had a tiny bit of time to watch American Ninja Warrior before bed-the kids new favorite show.

August 17, 2014

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Church picnic night!

  • Promotion Sunday here so we were up early.  And after eating and getting everyone ready, we still had plenty of time for the kids to play their kindles and Robby to work on the van (our front DVD player screen has become floppy so he rigged it and now all is well-until it goes out completely!)
  • So we were at church early and even sat in Grannymom and Grandpa's pew waiting to see them.  When it was time to take the littles to their class, Keaton walked right in.  She had told us earlier that she wasn't going to fuss and maybe her call from Mr. Milan and knowing that she was going to paint helped.  Whitman didn't fuss either but I think he didn't realize that I had handed him off in time to fuss.  
  • On our way back to big church, we thought that Campbell better potty since this was her first official big church trip, so we had everyone potty.  Anderson really had to go to the potty so I walked into big church with Graham, Reagan and Campbell and sat down as they had already started.  This left Robby and Anderson on the end when they came in...not a great seating arrangement.  
  • Campbell was fine but Graham during the sermon came to me saying that he accidentally scratched his mosquito bite on his face...causing blood to stream down his face on his pants and shirt.  Then he started telling me that he needed to go potty and started loudly flipping through the pages of his Bible.  This commotion eventually caught Robby's attention and he snatched that child up and took him out of the church house.
  • Meanwhile, back in the pew, Son #1 was scratching the back of Graham's leather Bible with his fingernails.  He even showed me the letter A that he had scratched-I just about came unglued and figured if I carried out another Dennie kid of the service people might just wonder about us.  I stayed calmish and Anderson did avoid getting into too much trouble but wow, what in the world was he thinking?
  • Campbell?  Oh, she did fine in big church.  She did start asking me as soon as the sermon started if it was almost over.  I am going to start refusing to answer all questions during big church.  
  • Next up was upstairs to our new class-teaching 3rd grade.  We are in Reagan's class and this just mortifies her!  I just love that!  We had never been upstairs in the Children's department so this was all eye opening.  We had about 15 in our class and we were surprised at how smooth things went-I think teaching 3rd grade will be easier than preschool (at least I hope so!)
  • Then we had lunch at home-Reagan had gone home with the Stotts.  Robby and I had big plans to spend the afternoon finishing our picture book but a wonderful afternoon nap was calling our name.  And it was wonderful but all too short.  
  • Tonight was the picnic at church.  The kids couldn't wait and luckily it didn't rain so even though it was steamy, it was lots of fun.  The kids took off pretty much as soon as we arrived and we hardly saw them except for the few minutes that they ate and when they brought drinks for us to open.  
  • I saw parents of other 2 year olds helping their kids up and down the slides and standing with them in line while I was just sitting in the shade drinking my diet coke.  I even felt bad about this for a while so I thought I better at least lay eyes on Keaton.  I couldn't see her for a while but could see Campbell so I went to ask where Keaton was.  Campbell said that she was waiting at the end of the slide for her so I started walking that way and saw Reagan holding Keaton's hand bringing her back to the front of the slide.  Reagan said that Keaton was just sitting at the end and I could tell that child had been right in the sun-her little face was bright red and her hair was just stuck to her head.  It was at that point that I figured, my girls were taking perfect care of Keaton so I didn't have to worry.
  • Whitman ate his food in his stroller and was completely happy.  He eventually got out of his stroller and then wondered around.  At one point, he wondered close to the kickball game that the boys were playing.  Uncle Jason was behind him about to get him but up ran Anderson to make sure that his little brother didn't get hurt.  I do just love that the kiddos take care of each other.
  • Keaton went home with Grannymom and Grandpa tonight and the rest of us came home for showers.  Robby was getting the shower ready and said to me "I know you just cleaned this shower but it really smells tonight."  We thought that was strange but Reagan took her shower.  When she was finished, I opened the shower door for her to climb out and for a naked Whitman to climb in.  I looked at the floor and there was poo on the floor.  I asked Reagan if that was hers-she was horrified that I would even think that.  That child didn't realize that her little toes were inches away from poo her entire shower.  My first thought was did I take a shower this morning with poo in the shower and didn't notice it too.  But I was the first in the shower this morning and Robby was the one who had a shower with Whitman who must have done his business right there in the shower floor.  I really don't know how Robby or Reagan never noticed this but at least it wasn't the shower that smelled!
  • After we had cleaned the shower floor, my Whitman again did his business on it during his shower tonight.  It will be a few days before that child gets another shower!  But after everyone and the shower floor was clean, it was bedtime for my crew and ice cream time for me!

August 16, 2014

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Fun day for Run with the Son!

  • That alarm rang way too early this morning but as soon as I was ready, I went upstairs to wake up the kids.  It didn't take too much before everyone was putting on their race clothes-seriously, my kids could not have been more excited.
  • Even though we had woken up on time, had our clothes laid out and had done everything we could to leave on time, we were still running around like mad at 6:45.  The kids were mostly in the car but Robby and I kept running back in the house grabbing things (which is what we usually do one the kids are all buckled but today it was a bit crazier.)  I kept throwing food and things in my bag-safety pins, race number, pancake muffins, granola bars, breakfast cookies, pop tarts, milk and the list went on.
  • Finally we were loaded up and had everything-including Keaton's little sweat towel from the race swag bag.  She is even sleeping with it again tonight-whatever makes you happy.  If you want to sleep with a dishtowel, that is just fine with me.  My sweet Keaton needed something to calm her down today since she had no idea what we were going to do at church, she was a nervous wreck.  She knew that she was not going to class and that Momma was going to run with her but she pretty much was confused about what was happening all morning long.
  • Robby was the first Dennie to run in the Run with the Son.  We barely made it back up from the start line (on the new (now old) road behind the church) to the front of the church so we could cheer him on.  We did make it and were able to see the first runner speed pass us and then we cheered as Robby ran by.  We stayed around to see some other runners passed and then we went to look for a spot of breakfast.
  • As we were trying to find where the runners came next, we stumbled into some chocolate milk and orange juice which tickled the kids.  Then was had to hurry across the race route to get to our spot on the curb.  As soon as we had crossed the street, the police car and first racer came by.  We sat down there and ate our breakfast while everyone else ran by.  Robby ran by and the kids were so excited-he finished in 27 minutes.  He was pleased and finished a minute earlier than he thought he would.  
  • He walked back to us and we all went inside to potty and then went to the back of the church for the 1 mile fun run.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham were all in this race.  My kids really didn't have a clue how far a mile was and when Patrick said that they were going to have to run the circle around the church twice-they finally realized what they were in for.  
  • There race was probably the most fun-there was a unicycle racing with them and then they even had a police car to lead the way for their race.  We didn't really know what to expect about how the kids would do....when the started everyone took off up the big hill.  
  • We all waited on the road for the kids to come passing by on their second lap.  Two big boys came running by, then a few more kids and then there was Reagan Dennie.  I couldn't believe it, she was near the front.  We clapped and cheered for her-as she turned the corner, she started walking but after hearing us cheer her on, she kept started running again.
  • Just as she was passed us, there came Anderson.  Couldn't believe that either-he was still doing well.  Don't get my wrong, I love my kids to death and think they are beyond awesome-but us Dennies, we aren't that long, lean and speedy.  Anyway, Anderson started walking as he turned the corner to see that big hill facing him again but after hearing our cheers he too started running.
  • And as he passed, there came my Graham.  Robby was around the bend and had joined Graham.  I grabbed the camera from Robby as we cheered for Graham-who was also doing well.  But being the smallest Dennie, he was probably in the late middle of the 40-50ish kids that ran.  As Robby and Graham went by us, I turned and pushed Whitman's stroller up the hill.  Campbell and Keaton were holding on to the handles of the stroller, so I had to pull them up the hill-I didn't want to miss seeing Reagan and the boys cross the finish line.  
  • We made it just in time to see Reagan rounding the bend.  She again paused at the turn but started running again when she saw where she was-almost done.  The girl soon walked back with her medal around her neck just a grinning...and she was the first girl to cross the finish line!  
  • Then it was Anderson's turn to run by.  He knew he was at the end and he started passing people as fast as he could.  And just a bit later, was Grahammy.  He had made it with Robby cheering him on.  Those 3 were so pleased with themselves and Campbell and Keaton could not wait for their turn.  
  • Their starting line was near the playground for the 100 yard dash-there wasn't as many kids in this race but they were all little, little.  The spots on the starting line were all gone but I kept pushing Campbell close to the front.  I also kept telling her to just keep running until she crossed the finish line and to not stop.  
  • On "go" my Campbell took off and ran her little heart out.  Keaton would not let go of my hand and we ran her little legs off!  I just didn't want for her to be last and she wasn't.  As we were crossing the line, my Campbell came back toward us with her medal on her neck grinning from ear to ear-wish I could have gotten a picture of that!  My Keaton was just as proud of her "badge."
  • We stayed around a bit after the race for the awards ceremony and then we headed home-but who wants to go home at 9:30-it was too early for a pizza but we still needed some post-race healthy food so we went to Krispy Kreme.  The kids devoured their doughnuts and you could just tell that they were pretty pleased with their running.
  • After doughnuts, we ran into Walmart to buy wasp spray to get rid of our infestation.  (Graham's bite update-it is big, swollen, red and feverish tonight but doesn't bother Graham at all.  He did get some benedryl before bed.)  After a few text, our wasp spray turned into a cart full of food for tonight.  Robby thought he would ask some folks over for supper and no one else had anything to do tonight so they all could come.
  • Once we made it home, the kids helped us unload the groceries and then they played until lunch time.  At lunch, Reagan had a melt down because she didn't want a tortilla for lunch-kept saying she didn't like tortillas and peanut butter.  I finally told her that we weren't having peanut butter.  Eventually, she came to her senses and calmed down enough to realize that she liked the tortillas filled with chicken, salsa, corn and beans.  She even had herself another one.
  • The kids watched one of the two redbox movies that we got them at Walmart while Keaton and Whitman slept and Robby and I worked.  We eventually started on our trip pictures-putting them in books but didn't come near finishing.  We worked and worked and even worked while the lights were off.  Can you tell me why our lights always go off when we are about to have something at our house?  At least this time, we didn't really have much to do-don't need power for the grill but we would need it for the ice cream maker and cheese dip in the crock pot.  We didn't even have to pull out the generator because the lights eventually did come on.  
  • The Wilsons, Atwoods and Phillips came over.  The kids played on the tree house for a while and they ate outside and even played outside while the grownups ate inside.  We had hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, cheese dip, beans, potato salad (Sams potato salad is much better than Walmarts-FYI)  And for dessert we had JoNelle's famous cookies along with snicker and apple salad and homemade oreo ice cream.  
  • The kids all played really well-Keaton took a liking to Sarah Ashley.  Keaton told me that they played lipstick and that her and her new friend picked up all of their mess.  Whitman enjoyed all of the extra attention and quickly turned on the charm.  The big kids played some type of boys against girl tag game and then possibly watching a movie.  We weren't really sure what they were doing but they weren't breaking anything and they were leaving us alone to talk so it was all a good thing,
  • When our friends left, everyone picked up the house some and then it was time for showers.  Robby was really going to read our Bible story tonight until he saw that it was 3 pages long-so we will just do that one tomorrow.  It was already 10, so my little runners needed to get their sleep.

August 15, 2014

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Science Fair Day!

  • This was a big day and the kids were up early.  We had a whole page of things to do before everyone arrived today-there was leftover school from yesterday, a few chores, clothes and teeth along, practicing their science fair projects again and even doing our real school science.  
  • Robby was off today so he decided to run to the grocery store to use a few of our coupons.  He even took Whitman who had a blast riding in the shopping cart, eating smarties and drinking his milk.  Robby used over 40 dollars worth of coupons-that is a lot of coupons especially since they don't double them anymore.  
  • Back at the house, the Powell crew was the first one here and soon followed the Heltz, Kamps and Stotts.  The kids were practically giddy about their science fair projects-Reagan said that she enjoyed the science fair more than our normal oral reports.  
  • I know you have seen some of the pictures over the past few days of the projects but here is a recap of the Dennie projects-Reagan: coloring daisies with food coloring, Anderson: seeing if different drinks could stain the egg and compared that to the enamel of our teeth, Graham: making a cloud, Campbell: touching an apple with dirty hands and watching it turn nasty due to our germs.
  • The kids listened well to all of the reports-even though it was a long, long time to sit.  The others reports were sink vs float (my favorite), magnets, gummy bears in different liquids, melting ice, insulators and conductors, using a banana to blow up a balloon, more flower dying and making a stalactite.  I think that is all of them.
  • After the reports were over we fixed lunch for the kids.  They ate and then the grown ups talked and talked and talked-long enough that my kids kept coming in the house trying to see when we were coming outside.  
  • Once we stopped talking and did come outside, Amber had the first grown up science projects-exploding paint.  It was lots of fun (paint, water, alkaseltzer in a pill bottle on a piece of poster board).  We did that so long and so many times that we think that the booms from the exploding pill bottles stirred up wasps...and one of those stung Graham.  Poor G screamed loud enough that he probably stirred up more wasp.  I quickly poured some benedryl down his throat and thankfully he was just fine.  (Eden later got stung as well and she also had some benedryl and I think that she was fine as well.)
  • Next up was mentos in coke bottles and then some vinegar and baking soda along with exploding bags.  Then we made slushies in bags followed by blowing huge bubbles.  The kids had a blast with all of our projects outside but they would have been just as happy playing outside.  It was a pretty perfect school day.
  • And when all of our friends left, we split the kids up and everyone started picking up-the bedroom was done by Reagan, the toy room by Graham and Reagan, Anderson picked up the kitchen and Campbell and Keaton helped me put away the last of the groceries and straighten the living room.  In no time at all, the house and outside was straight and Anderson and I were working on some of his school work.
  • Soon we all loaded up to run by the library and then to church to pick up the shirts for tomorrow's race.  We will have 6 Dennie runners in the Run with the Son tomorrow.  Robby is doing the 5k, Reagan, Anderson and Graham are running the mile and Keaton and Campbell are running the 100 yard dash.  I will be the designated kid watcher.  My kids could not be more excited-last time we did a race, Campbell was a baby, baby.  We pulled out pictures tonight of the race and looked at them as the kids tore through their race bags-they are so excited that Keaton is even sleeping with the little sweat rag from the bag of race stuff.
  • After that we ran in to see Beebee and pick up her laundry.  Poor Anderson didn't bring any shoes so he had to walk around without shoes at Beebee's place.  We told her all about our day and then it was time to leave for the pool. 
  • Graham fell asleep on our drive to the pool and missed his Arbys supper that we all ate in the car.  He quickly gobbled it up though when we got to the pool.  And since Graham was asleep in the car, Whitman didn't have anyone to help him eat his food.  We tried not to let him know that the rest of us where eating but he did and he was not pleased.  Don't feel to sorry for him because he gobbled up his sandwich at the pool before he got in.
  • Robby and I got in the pool the last hour that we were there.  My Whitman was playing with some rings and some girls asked if they could have one.  I took one from Whitman and gave it to them-they walked away and my Whitman was not happy.  He tried his best to follow those girls-walked on over to the deep water trying to get them.  And later, they walked back by him and he again tried to get out of the pool to chase them down and get his ring back.  Silly boy!
  • My kids were crazy tired when we came home but they were super excited about seeing their race shirts and laying out their stuff for tomorrow.  Six is going to come super early for us!