Dennie Kids: June 30, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Getting dressed for the Campbell’s doctors appointment-on the way there Mom had to reassure everyone multiple times that Campbell was the only one getting a shot
  • Campbell is right on target with everything and even a little advanced (Mom added that part).  She weighs over 16 pounds and is even drinking too much milk-just like the other Dennie kids
  • During her shots, Reagan and Graham were very concerned about her.  Graham kept asking “Baby Sissy okay?”  As soon as Campbell stopped fussing, Anderson asked for his juice box (which Mom brings when the big kids have shots but forgot them today) and finally Reagan refused to leave until they received stickers-we waited around 10 minutes for someone to see us and give us a sticker but we left with stickers
  • Meeting Noah and Eden at the park to play.  It was shaded and we had a great time swinging.  Noah and Anderson enjoyed playing with Noah’s cars…that is until they couldn’t find them.  But when Mom was putting Campbell in the car, one lost car was found under baby Campbell
  • Coming home to eat lunch, read a few stories, play with legos and even had time for a melt down or two
  • Long naps for everyone and Reagan was lucky she woke up first since she had some candy when she woke up, when Anderson woke up and then again when Graham woke up
  • Burritos for supper and then Dad took a few pictures of us.  After that, we made homemade applesauce.  It was yummy-Campbell even enjoyed some.  Anderson wasn’t quite sure though and kept saying “this taste like apples, we just made apples and not applesauce”
  • Reagan and Graham talked to Nonna before bed while Anderson had another meltdown-he got ink on his hands and wouldn’t tell Dad why-so after a spanking he was sent to bed without getting to watch a movie.  Anderson has been shouting “it just makes my heart sad”
  • When Dad told Graham to go to his bed tonight, Graham started screaming “no, Daddy’s bed” and then ran and climbed under Dad’s cover

Video: Campbell - 6 Months Old (June 30, 2010)

Video: Reagan - 4 Years Old and 9 months (57 months)

Video: Anderson - 3 years old and 6 months (42 months)

Video: Graham - 1 Year and 11 Months (23 months) (June 30, 2010)

Dennie Kids: June 29, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Back to school after 2 weeks off-and Graham didn’t fair too well this morning.  Dad said he screamed and screamed…starting to wonder if he should start getting a spanking for this outburst
  • Campbell spending the day at Grannymom’s house-she ate all of her baby food and then became very upset when her food ran out.  Grannymom thought she was going to have to send Grandpa out for more baby food. 
  • Anderson, Reagan and Graham getting to play together in the gym-Graham’s note said that he missed his brother and sister today.  Hopefully, he was still good most of the day
  • Campbell thinking it was hysterical when Mom sat her in the booster seat at Grannymom’s table. She could see her sister and brothers and must have thought she was so big
  • Mom trying to get us to watch a movie so she could get things ready for bunko but we went outside and soon she looked out of the window and saw Anderson holding the water hose (that he turned on) and was taking off his clothes.  Mom opened the door just in time to see him strip down to his underwear and take off towards the hose
  • Mom laying Campbell on the floor and Campbell was not pleased with Mom at all about this…she screamed at Mom  (which is highly unusual for her)
  • Anderson finally putting on his clothes so Dad could take everyone out to a slide place.  Dad ended up taking everyone to the “tree McDonalds” which was very exciting.  The poor children must have been starving because they ate lots of supper and then begged Dad for ice cream!
  • Coming home and seeing lots of people at our house-but that was okay, we changed into our pajamas, watched a movie, waved goodnight to Mom and even fell asleep with all of the noise!

Welcome Little Rock Family Readers!

Updated to include link to full article – click here

We received an email in late May from the editor of Little Rock Family magazine.  According to their website, "Little Rock Family is a free, monthly, award-winning parenting publication serving parents in central Arkansas. The magazine is the Little Rock area's premier family resource publication produced for busy parents who are in need of timely, local information for their families."

The email indicated they were working on a story for their July edition on local bloggers.  They invited Tara for a photo shoot at Baker Park in Cammack Village in the middle of June. 

The July issue hit the stands around town yesterday (a few days early) and Tara’s mug and write about is featured along with 12 other local blogs.  Click here for a few pictures from the magazine.

Dennie Kids: June 28, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Breakfast, a few books and then Mom made everyone help her unload the dishwasher (we overheard her wondering if that was really helping though)
  • The boys going shopping with Grannymom-they both ended us with motorcycles and were tickled. 
  • Reagan making cookies all by herself (Mom helped some but she wanted to do it alone).  Campbell wore the chef hat and supervised the work.  Reagan did let Mom put the icing on the cookies but she was the sprinkle girl.  Every cookie had 4 different colors and lots and lots of sprinkles
  • Everyone enjoying seeing Josh and Zach at Grannymom’s house.  Anderson enjoyed taking their hats of their heads and seemed to think he was as big as they were.  Reagan shared her cookies with everyone and they were a big hit.
  • Reagan also let her butterflies go today near Grannymom’s butterfly house.  Three of them took off and flew up towards the sky while two more were a little skittish and slightly flew around in the grass
  • A quick stop at Beebee’s house to drop off some stuff.  Reagan was pretty mad at Mom when she said that we weren’t staying long enough for everyone to get out. 
  • Graham falling asleep on the way home and everyone else having a good nap-cookies and shopping is tough on little people
  • Painting our letter C and Reagan doing a little reading before supper.  Mom has her some sight word books and Mom just asked her to read one.  After that Mom said that she would read the other one to Reagan and Reagan said with a huff “no, I’ll read it”
  • Supper and then doughnuts and then going outside to watch Dad mow-back and forth he went!  Exciting stuff.  We did find Mom’s work toys and spread them out around the garage.  She did give us popsicles while we were waiting on our tractor turn.
  • Talking to Nonna and Pops while outside.  Mom overheard Reagan saying that she kept thinking she would see Nonna at church and kept thinking about the cakes Nonna would make for us (they have only been out of town for 3 days)
  • Showers for the big 3….3 in the shower leads to lots of squealing, some pushing and even a little bit of falling!  But they all refused to get out

Dennie Kids: June 27, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Anderson was delighted to find out that we could have our left over doughnuts for breakfast.  That boy ate 3-he is going to be Mom’s little football player! 
  • Nonna found a dress for Campbell that matched a dress of Reagan’s so we took a few pictures.  Mom even accidently had laid out the same shirts for the boys (blue polo shirts so it was bound to happen).  The girls knew that they looked good!
  • Church and then eating out for lunch.  We ate at Mazzios and after awhile, Graham came running up to Dad asking for money.  Where does a 1 year old learn that?  Once we came home, Reagan got money out of her bank and said she was going to carry it so when we needed it at the game place again.  Mom tried to explain that we weren’t going to need it tonight or tomorrow or even the next day
  • Afternoon naps and then everyone waking up at 2:30-this made Mom slightly panic since that is when we are usually just starting naps.  So she decided that we would hang out at church while Dad was at his meeting.
  • Dropping Dad off, picking up supper and then eating at church (even though everyone said they were still full from the graham crackers).  We read a few library books and even checked out a movie or two.  The highlight was seeing a huge inflatable horse in the hallway-and we drug in up and down and up and down the hall
  • Tonight at the church reception, Anderson, Graham and Reagan took up with one of the Statton twins-they followed her around, held her hand and Graham even gave them both kisses when it was time to go (Mom did encourage him to do this)
  • Coming in and going straight to bed since it was very late-and Mom and Dad were sleepy!

Dennie Kids: June 26, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Everyone waking up before 6:30 this morning-since they can’t read a calendar they don’t know it is Saturday
  • Playing trains and legos (we started with 8923 legos this morning and now we only have 3 left-wonder where they are?
  • Grandpa coming over to work on the garage door while Grannymom held Campbell and the rest supervised Grandpa’s work
  • Running a few errands and then eating out a Copeland’s.  They loved the fried bow tie and especially the cheesecake.  Anderson ate more of Mom’s cheesecake than Mom did-she was so busy helping everyone else, passing stuff out and maintaining peace that when she finally took her first bite, Anderson had eaten half. 
  • Home for naps and then supper.  After supper Mom and Dad realized that it was still very early and the troops were getting restless so we went out for doughnuts.  The “hot light” wasn’t on so they weren’t handing out samples-Anderson walked up to the counter, looked at the man and just stood there (he was waiting on his sample)
  • A bath was needed next to hose the sugar off of Graham and to calm Reagan and Anderson down so that was next on the agenda
  • While Reagan and Anderson are watching a bedtime movie, Graham is trying his hardest to stay up with Mom and Dad-he knocked over Campbell’s swing and then brought down his hammers to fix it, climbed beside Dad to cuddle and now kissing on his sister-but he is still headed to bed!

Dennie Kids: June 25, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A fairly lazy Friday morning and Dad didn’t have to go to work!  So we all watched him run on the treadmill and then made breakfast
  • The boys used the rolling pin to smash their bread and make jelly sandwiches but Reagan was fairly adamant that she did not want “another smashed sandwich” (Mom had made her a Panini once and it did not go over well)
  • Campbell staying at home with Dad while Mom and the big 3 headed to pick up Grannymom, Lilly and Cash for a day’o’ fun
  • Library time at the Main Library was first and as we walked in Reagan said “this is a big library.”  Dad had been working with Graham about what he should do in the library (the answer is “shhhh”) and the practice paid off.  He sat in Mom’s lap, didn’t move and didn’t say a word the entire time.  He did finally slightly raise his arms during a version of “happy and you know it”  It was story time for 3-5 years old so he was slightly young but perfect for the others
  • Next we walked down to the fountains.  Lilly took off to play in them but the Dennie crew was very stand off-ish at first.  But within a few minutes they had all warmed up and cooled off completely in the water.  Graham probably enjoyed it the most.
  • Anderson and Cash did forget to listen and turn around once at the end of the tunnel…and then proceeded to take off!  Fortunately for little Anderson, we were in a public place so his rear-end is still intact.  They did have to sit out for awhile (probably not long enough)
  • Reagan’s crisis during the fountain adventure was having to go to the bathroom.  Anderson’s had to go as well so we walked to the porta pottys.  Since they were very, very filthy Mom just held Anderson us to do his business….Mom’s aim isn’t any better than Anderson’s aim so we unfortunately only left the bathroom much, much worse.  So that left Reagan without a bathroom.  Mom finally had to talk her into using the restroom another place (and that would be too much info)
  • After climbing, sliding and more fountains it was time for a snack-those 5 kids devoured 1/2 a jar of peanut butter and a sleeve of graham crackers.  Next was a walk to the trolleys and we waited and waited.  Finally, one came by and we hoped on.  Graham was delighted that he was on the trolley and Anderson was tickled that we drove by Dad’s work
  • Juice boxes and skittles lured the kids to the car after the trolley and they rode quietly home (since they were exhausted)
  • Meanwhile, Campbell and Dad worked on Grandpa’s tv and then headed back to the brain lab to finish her visit.  She again was a perfect little baby and didn’t fuss.  After she was finished, Dad took her to McDonalds for a Happy Meal.  She didn’t eat much of it (since she is used to stage 2 baby food) but did enjoy her toy!
  • Naps for everyone this afternoon and Mom even had to wake the boys up.  They had sandwiches on buns (grocery store time) and topped it off with cinnamon toast and topped that of with popsicles
  • Campbell devoured her squash and then Mom made her a little bit of baby food with Dad’s fancy food smasher.  She really liked it (too bad Mom later read that she made her food with something Campbell shouldn’t have until she is 1)
  • Playing legos until bedtime which came a little early when Graham fell down the steps.  He luckily landed on most of his feet but did end up with a bleeding lip.  Since Graham is as tough as nails he was happy as soon as Reagan and Anderson ran to check on him
  • Bedtime-and everyone was in bed by 8 (we have gotten late around here) but Campbell didn’t enjoy bedtime so she has come downstairs to sleep beside Mom.
  • Oh, Mom has turned Reagan into a list girl!  Mom made a “getting dressed” list earlier this week and Reagan has loved doing it and doing it quickly.  She begged Mom to make her a “going to bed list”  Anderson uses the list too but he just sits in the floor and looks at it instead of actually doing what is on the list.  It does make things alot easier for Mom-Reagan is getting ready without any nagging from Mom and when Mom needs Anderson so move on, she can just ask him what is next instead of yelling “brush your teeth”  Anyway, tonight Reagan flew past Mom and Dad with her list in her hand while yelling “got to get in bed, last thing on the list”

Dennie Kids: June 24, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Mom needing to get to work early today not because she had a lot of kids to see but because she had to cross back and forth town 4 times so we had to go to Nonna and Pops very early
  • Anderson noticing a sprinkler on the way and saying “that looks like fun” and then when we drove up to Pop’s house and he saw their sprinkler and said “Mom, you should have brought out bathing suits” Mom stuck her hand in the bag and pulled out those suits and he had the biggest smile spread across his face
  • Playing in the water with Nonna and Pops and then everyone getting showers.  The boys didn’t want to (again) but ended up loving the shower.  Campbell didn’t get to play in the water but she sure enjoyed watching all of the action. Reagan did tell Dad, “It was a baby pool.” He asked, “Was it fun?” She replied, “Sure!”
  • Reagan worked very diligently on get well cards for Beebee and she was very pleased to be able to deliver them.  She even felt Beebee’s cast and Reagan exclaimed that it “felt like concrete”
  • Graham cuddling up with Pops and taking his afternoon nap while Campbell was eating all of the applesauce that Nonna could find in the house
  • Coming home and Graham taking a little rest.  Reagan realized that her and Anderson weren’t going to have to rest but she knew Graham was.  So she made Anderson come upstairs and the whole time she was talking loudly about them going to bed so Graham would hear her.  She wanted him to think they were taking a nap so he wouldn’t fuss.  Mom couldn’t decide if that was sweet and loving or deceptive
  • Anderson getting his first “bad note” and it was from Nonna.  He had a little problem disobeying while she was here tonight.  And maybe that is why this happened: we had been outside to tell Pops bye and apparently no adult stayed until the boys came in.  So they had their backpacks (which are kept in the garage).  Mom looked out and saw Anderson walking, walking down the driveway and stepped two steps into the street before Mom started politely urging him to come in (or screaming madly at him)  We have since decided that the boy was planning on running away
  • Anderson asked Jason tonight if all bears are mad.  Wonder what he is planning on doing if he meets a bear?
  • Graham staying up a little later since he was the only one that didn’t have to go to bed early tonight and he came down the stairs and was so proud that he was the only kids left up!

Spring Tune-Up

About 2 months ago, I was driving to work and listening to the radio.  KARN was on and I was getting my daily news dose (I don’t need as much as Robby) and overheard an advertisement for Dave Elswick’s 6 week Spring Tune-Up challenge.  I texted Robby and told him to apply and he must have truly laid it on thick because we were chosen as one of the three couples that would participate.  I am sure he mentioned the weight that we have gained after having four kids in four years (though, only one of us has actually had the kids)

So for 6 weeks (actually 5 because we missed the first week while in Colorado and Utah) we have been going to the gym three times a week.  Which we couldn’t have done without the Brocks, Jason and the Dennies watching the kids.  We had a trainer who was much nicer to us when I mentioned that we know his future mother-in-law.  No, we did like him so if you ever need a trainer ask for Matt at 10 Fitness on Cantrell.  Additionally, we made sure that we were doing lots of treadmill time (Robby did LOTS of treadmill time).

Well, tonight was the final and we did our final weigh in.  We would be surprised if we won the official contest but we are winners nonetheless…or maybe I should say losers.  I have lost 13 pounds and still have 6 to go and Robby has lost a whopping 22 pounds.  He still has another 22 to go.  The contest will be measured on the percentage of body fat lost and I lost around 6% body fat and Robby lost 8% body fat.

I am glad that that gym part is ending since the kids now ask “who is coming over here to keep us tonight.”  We still have some to go but are planning on splurging this weekend so hush if you see us out to eat-well, I guess you can tell us to put the cheesecake down!

Update: Doesn’t look like we won.  If we heard correctly though, the 4 teams lost a total of 70 pounds.  35 of those pounds were ours so that is pretty good!  But since the winning team was determined by body fat – we must have been beat by that!

Dennie Kids: June 23, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A relaxing morning while we waited on Mom and Campbell to head to the Nutrition Center.  Graham even went #2 on the potty!
  • Dad staying home with the big kids until Nonna came over to play.  While they waited on Nonna they played, watched movies, had snacks and by the time Mom came home every cup and every bowl had been used
  • Campbell doing great at the Nutrition Center-but she still failed her brain lab!  Oh, well.  She weighs 16+ pounds, is 25 inches long and has a huge head!  The psych examiner did say her fine motor skills were a little delayed-mainly because she didn’t want to pick up the lady’s toys.  Mom will have to start giving her more toys to play with
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then even letting Mom run on the treadmill with minimal interruptions-she only had to get off the treadmill 8 times in 45 minutes!
  • Supper and then playing until bedtime….not that exciting of a day but fun was still had by one and all!

Dennie Kids: June 22, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Campbell (my popsicle girl) now has her second tooth!  She needs those teeth for her popsicles!
  • Anderson laying in Mom’s bed cuddling with Campbell until it was time to leave-then he was panicked that we were going to leave Reagan who was still sleeping (we didn’t)
  • Everyone going to Grannymom’s for the morning-Lilly was there too so we had a great time!  We played cars, swang on the swing, played cards, loved on Campbell, ate breakfast, lunch and even had a few snacks
  • Coming home and reading lots of stories before rest time-which Reagan didn’t want to participate in again today.  She eventually cried for the last 20 minutes while she waiting on the clock to click to 3! 
  • Movies, games and lots of playing until Dad came home.  Running a few errands and then the kids ate at McDonalds while Mom did some speed shopping at Walmart (Dad was with them-don’t call SCAN)
  • As we crossed the river on our outing, Anderson asked “is this the Arkansas R
  • iver?”
  • Coming home to eat popsicles before bedtime.  And Graham sitting on the potty one last time before bed (2 out of 3 for potty tries today)

Dennie Kids: June 21, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Campbell celebrating her 6 month birthday by sleeping all night (again).  We are on a few nights streak and doing well (except that Mom has gotten used to waking up in the middle of the night and feels like her night is shorter when she wakes up and it is morning time)
  • Dad leaving for work and everyone was in tears when he left (even Mom-kidding, kind of) 
  • Mom passing out “Getting Ready” list which had all of the tasks for Reagan and Anderson to get ready (so she could stop saying “brush your teeth” “put your clothes up” and “blah blah blah”  Reagan loved checking off each tasks and even asked for a night time list.  Anderson did the first few and then just sat in the floor saying he was reading his list
  • Breakfast (frozen waffles and then toast with syrup), a few stories and some quick work in our workbooks
  • Grannymom and Lilly coming over to see our butterflies-we had 2 this morning, 1 emerged while Lilly was here and one came out later today.  The kids are pretty intrigued by them (briefly).  We fed them their sugar water and now Mom is counting down the days until we can release them (since she doesn’t want them to die in the cage)
  • Dad stopping by for lunch and we had letters sandwiches for lunch, watched a few movies and then took naps.  Reagan never went to sleep and just counted down the time until it was time to wake up.  Campbell takes her naps near Mom on the couch.
  • Finishing up our letter Bs-Grannymom brought us sand and shells from her trip so we made a beach for B.  (and now Mom has sand all over her kitchen and even had some sand in her sandwich tonight)
  • Everyone up and one child spent his afternoon screaming at Mom-screaming for milk, screaming for his turn on the treadmill and then screaming for his water when Mom took it away (he likes to spit it out!)
  • Before supper, Mom let us play with noodles and use them in the dump trucks-oh, we had fun!
  • Jason, Nonna and Pops coming over to play for one last Monday night (while Mom and Dad went to the gym).  We played cars, games, balls and lots more stuff-Pops is always tired when he leaves here!
  • Graham and Campbell going to bed in the same room and it worked fairly well while Reagan, Anderson and Jason watched one movie and looked at planets on Jason’s phone until bedtime

Dennie Kids: June 20, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • This morning started out fairly eventful-Graham pottied on the potty!  Mom was tickled even though she had to clean the floor!
  • Everyone wishing Dad a “Happy Father’s Day” and Graham was very proud to show Dad his Father’s Day sign that we made for him (last year)
  • After full tummys of cinna minis (Graham shouts “cinna mini” as we pull up in the drive thru) we almost dropped Graham off without a fuss but he still fussed as Dad left
  • Reagan’s class having “donuts with Dad” during Sunday school.  Dad stopped by to have donuts.  Reagan seemed to enjoy it but when we came home she said that she was a “little nervous when Dad was there for donuts because it was different”
  • An errand before coming home for lunch and during lunch Mom looked up to see that two of our butterflies have emerged from the cocoon.  They are very still but we have seen one open up their wings (they are probably scared to death from all of the noise and movement around here).  Before naptime we had to slice an orange and make some sugar water for them to eat
  • During nap, Mom heard someone other than Graham crying.  She went upstairs and found that Anderson was crying in his bed.  Mom asked him what was wrong and he said “No one told me Happy Father’s Day and I am a boy too.”  Mom told him Happy Father’s Day and he said “thanks, I was all worried about that” 
  • After nap, Reagan was working on a Father’s Day card for Dad.  She asked Mom to draw something and Mom said “you can just draw something that Dad would like”  She thought for a few minutes and then said “I could draw an airport, Dad likes airports”
  • It rained pretty hard here this afternoon and Reagan just looked out the window and fretted over not getting to go to the “church carnival” tonight.  But it didn’t rain at church and we had a rootin’ tootin’ good time. 
  • We walked up and rode the first horse drawn carriage first-the kids loved it.  Next we headed down the hill and found Nonna.  The kids had hot dogs while Mom and Dad had BBQ.  We topped off our meals with ice cream sandwiches and popsicles.   Then we walked over to rid the train.  Mom put Graham in between Reagan and Anderson and hoped for the best.  They all came back in one piece and seemed to enjoy themselves.  Next we petted and fed the goats.  Graham was so brave and walked over with his goat food and when the goad neared him-he threw it down and headed for Dad
  • After this we went to pet the horse and brush his hair.  Reagan enjoyed this but the boys wanted to watch but did not want to touch that huge animal.  People were starting to leave but we just sat while the kids danced to the Cowboy Church musicians, played with sticks and collected rocks.  Pops and the kids walked to see about riding the carriage again but they were pulling off to load up.  Anderson came running down the hill sobbing about missing the carriage.  He eventually calmed down but Pops found one last ride for him-Pops’ 4-wheeler.  They each had a turn and everyone went home happily.
  • Pajamas and a popsicle before bed.  Everyone had a popsicle but Campbell-but she made it clear to us that she wanted one too.  She kicked her feet, smacked her lips and fussed until she was given some.  (She had done this earlier with Dad’s coke at the picnic).  Apparently she likes popsicles better than her baby food.

Dennie Kids: June 19, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Everyone sleeping in after staying up last last night-Dad got to cash in on his Father’s Day gift: sleeping in!  Mom entertained everyone downstairs while he slept in
  • The girls staying inside to watch a movie while the boys came outside to help Mom and Dad with the flower beds.  We are finished with them! (only took way too long for us to get started on them since we’ve had the edging for about 4 months)  Graham wore his shoes, diaper and pajama shirt while he followed us around.  Anderson tried his hardest to scoop up the bark with Dad’s shovel and put it in the wheelbarrow-he finally gave up and used the hoe to spread the bark around.  They were rewarded for their hard work with popsicles-lots of popsicles
  • Dad finishing up in the yard while Mom gave the boys showers.  They were none to pleased about taking a shower but soon they were happy about it and didn’t want to get out.  Mom turned off the water so they sat down and still refused to get out-she just let them sit there until they were cold enough to climb out (took awhile but finally worked)
  • Going out to eat for lunch-Ghengis.  Reagan loves it-the chopsticks, gong, walking in the U and watching the people cook.  And she is fairly good with her chopsticks.  They had mac and cheese and finished it off and wanted more.  Mom promised them that we would try to make mac and cheese at home just like they do there.  While Anderson was holding his chopsticks, he started talking about a show where the people went to China and they had a dragon-smart boy!
  • Coming home for naps-Dad finished his Father’s Day present by taking a nap in Anderson’s bed this afternoon.  Anderson’s bed is the best place to sleep in the house-cozy, by the fan so you can’t hear anything and just like a cave.
  • Reagan waking up first and playing games on Mom’s computer until Anderson woke up to work a puzzle with her.  Graham finally woke up and was ready to play-he has a runny nose today but feels fine
  • Playing until supper.  Mom was about the make PBandJs but we ended up going to Burger King.  We all got crowns to wear and were thrilled with them.  While we watched our movie, Mom and Dad drove around and we ended up at Fellowship’s playground.  Since it was shaded we decided to stop and ended up getting all sweaty again.
  • Back home for baths-Campbell wailed during her bath tonight which is a little strange but after a bottle she was just fine.  She hung out on the couch with Dad while the others watched one movie before bedtime

Dennie Kids: June 18, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • We made it to day 5 of VBS.  This morning we were even up early enough for Campbell to have some cereal before we left.  Then off to Burger King to get the big kids food and there was quite a line this morning.
  • Anderson and Reagan’s favorite part of VBS was jumping on the jumpies today during game time.  Mom’s favorite part was seeing all of the kids during puppets and hearing them sing their songs
  • Oh, Campbell now has a bottom tooth-all of the Dennie kids are dentally advanced!
  • Campbell is going to miss her VBS teachers-I think she enjoyed all of the attention that she received in her class.  Graham made a horse, had a bandana and a vest today when he came home.  When Mom asked him about his horse, he just grinned
  • Eating lunch at Nonna’s house since Pop’s didn’t cook us any at church today.  She had pizza and Anderson must have been hungry since he had a whole piece of pizza and a breadstick
  • Mom living on the wild side and taking everyone to the library even though it was really naptime.  Everyone did fairly well-Mom did have to haul out a zillion library books, push a stroller and hold Graham!
  • Everyone coming home to crash for naps-Dad even came home and joined us for naps.  Then we all had frozen waffles for supper!
  • Mom and Dad working on the front flowerbeds after supper and all 4 helpers were assisting.  Campbell ended up taking a nap in the garage on a towel by the door.  Graham, Reagan and Anderson worked on the “ice treasures” that Mom had made for them last week.  And it held their attention for quite a while-they dug, poked and banged to get their treasures out of the ice
  • Quick rides on the tractor and then Reagan and Anderson discovered lightning bugs.  Dad and Mom even caught a few-and thought we could just stick them in the butterfly cage.  That didn’t work since they just squeezed out the holes!  We plan on catching some at Pop’s house some night when we have a jar
  • Baths and then to bed since it was very, very late for the Dennie’s crew to be up
  • Reagan’s prayer for tonight: “Thank you God for Momma and her wonderful children”

Dennie Kids: June 17, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Day 4 at VBS-we made it this morning-barely.  Dad had to take Grannymom and Grandpa to the airport very early so Mom was on her own.  She was able to get mostly ready before Anderson woke up.  Then had to do the dishes for Campbell’s bottles since she was hungry.  Next she woke up Graham and put his clothes on, followed by putting on Anderson’s, then waking up Reagan to put hers on and finally putting on Campbell’s clothes (in case you were wondering how we made it there on time)
  • Reagan and Anderson were very particular this morning putting their money in the well.  Mom overheard by another child that “the whale needed clean water” but thinks they meant to say “the kids need clean water from a well”  Anderson dumped his money as soon as he saw the bucket while Reagan held her fingers tightly around her money until her class walked by the bucket
  • Making a snake in crafts and getting a harmonica in music-what could be more fun!  Graham even made a book and fell asleep in his class.  Finally we ate lunch with Pops before heading to Nonna’s house
  • Mom tried to get everyone to take a nap at Nonnas and it started out well but soon it fell apart.  Graham tried to lay still on his mat but couldn’t and Anderson kept sneaking out of his room and running down the hall to get cars to play with.  Sweet Reagan just stayed on her sleeping bag until Nonna and the boys came to get her
  • Playing with every toy in Nonna’s house and even going outside.  Anderson fell and scraped his knees-now he has on two HUGE PINK bandaids!  Having a few snacks and supper before Mom and Dad came to pick us up. 

Dennie Kids: June 16, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Day 3 of VBS and we still made it on time-though it is getting harder and harder.  The man at Burger King recognized Mom today!
  • Pops was busy when we walked in so he wasn’t able to see us long-which caused some problems with the boys going to class.  Graham just screamed “Pops!” as Mom dropped him off and Anderson was not going into his class until he saw Pops.  Mom finally convinced him to go in (the threat of the spanking spoon helped convince him)
  • Nonna meeting us at church today for lunch.  The kids were delighted to see her and show her all of the things that they had made today.  Mom needs her stroller just to haul all of their stuff out of the church house
  • Naps for everyone when we came home-Mom started her nap and quickly woke up to Campbell who was hungry.  Mom was so confused when she woke up that she thought “wow, how nice of Dad to get Campbell ready and put her in the car seat for VBS”
  • A snack for everyone and then Reagan going to Grannymom’s house for a little bit to play a few games while the boys hung out with Mom.  Mom thought they would enjoy helping her plant her tomato plant (they didn’t) but they did like helping her water the tomato plant-everything and everyone was watered!
  • Everyone painting their letter B-we are getting it ready and will add some sand and shells to it when Grannymom’s bring some back from her trip!  It will be our Beach B
  • Reagan said she would help Mom plant the strawberry plants when she came home (she didn’t) but she enjoyed watering her brothers!  Yes, Mom knows that it is late to plant strawberries and she even thinks the plants that she bought were dead (but she still planted them)
  • Reagan asking Mom to help her find “the little ladybug that was on top of her cupcake at Lilly’s birthday party”-that wouldn’t have been a problem except that Lilly’s birthday party was ONE YEAR AGO!  But thankfully, that ladybug appeared after only a few minutes of searching
  • Supper and then Jason, Nonna and Pops coming over for a little bit.  They played and played until it was time to clean up, popsicles and then bedtime
  • Anderson helping Mom clean up the toys.  He picked up EACH toy individually-his dinosaur would put a toy in his mouth and then slowly walk it to the toy box.  Mom finally just called it quits and decided that it wasn’t worth cleaning up with a dinosaur as a helper

Dennie Kids: June 15, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Day 2 at Vacation Bible School this morning.  We did end up starting the morning with our cinna-minis again.  Graham was less pleased going into his class today but he did color a picture
  • Anderson and Reagan loved hearing their VBS music in the car.  They sang along and knew quite a few of the words for only having heard them for 2 days
  • Campbell’s VBS teachers were worried that she had slept all day and couldn’t believe that she still had a nap during the afternoon and even slept most of the night.  Mom told them as long as she was happy she didn’t care what she did
  • Afternoon naps for everyone but after Reagan woke up Mom went ahead to wake everyone else up so they could play at Grannymom’s house with Cash
  • Campbell helped Mom run to 3 stores in one hour (she is a speed shopper just like Mom) while Reagan, Anderson and Graham swung, rode bikes and played with toys at Grandpa’s house
  • Supper and then baths for everyone because we were very stinky-Anderson got soap in his eye and it almost caused a catastrophe
  • Playing until bedtime-Reagan and Anderson are telling stories, Campbell is asleep in the couch and poor Graham is screaming his little head off (he has now decided that he doesn’t want to go to bed anymore)

Dennie Kids: June 14, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • We had to be at Vacation Bible School this morning very early (let’s just say, sometimes we are still in bed at that time)
  • Stopping by Burger King-easy way out for breakfast and that way maybe Graham would clue into where he was going and not fuss as much (didn’t work)
  • Everyone going to their classes-Anderson was thrilled that he was able to go to games since he didn’t get to during cubbies.  Campbell slept all morning long and Graham was in his usual room with his usual teachers and threw his usual fit (but Pops did check on him and he looked happy)  Mom was sad that he wasn’t with his girlfriend Ruthie though.
  • Anderson and Reagan coming to Mom’s class for craft-it made the day go quicker for Mom!  Eating lunch at church with Jacob and Ethan and seeing Pops before we had to go home
  • Graham falling asleep on the way home so everyone else took a short nap.  But then meant naptime was over way to early and they were wired all afternoon…and unfortunately all evening long while Nonna and Pops were here
  • Hanging up Reagan’s butterflies-they have now made their cocoons and we are just waiting for them to emerge (crossing our fingers for this)
  • Books, snacks, movies, lots of toys, supper and then playing with Nonna and Pops while Mom and Dad were at the gym.  We made them play ball and even tried to make them play duck, duck, goose
  • Campbell eating her first real baby food today-stage 2 sweet potatoes.  I know that isn’t the traditional starting food but that is all that Mom had in the pantry and she must have enjoyed it since she had 1/2 of the jar.  Mom thought she needed something yummy after a long day at Bible School
  • Everyone is in bed now and Anderson can be heard yelling “I don’t want to by a knight” and then “I don’t want to be a servant”-Reagan must be playing queen!

Dennie Kids: June 13, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Church morning and the kids can’t seem to get over all of the horses and western people in the hallways (even though they have already seen them)
  • Graham wasn’t too happy to see Mr. Andy but everyone else didn’t seem to mind going to class.  Mom and Dad were in Campbell’s class today and things were fairly calm.  Campbell was the best one by far!
  • Lunch at Nonna’s house and Mom invited Carter and Millie to come over and play.  Carter, Anderson and Graham were in heaven playing with Jason’s old matchbox cars.  Millie and Reagan played with Campbell and Mom’s old dollhouse
  • Coming home for naps-we were all pretty tired this afternoon.  Reagan and Graham woke up at the same time.  But Graham wasn’t happy to see Mom and only wanted Dad to get home out of bed….so he just had to wait on Dad-and wait he did!
  • Campbell and Mom working on changing out her clothes into the next size.  Now she will look tiny in her clothes and Mom won’t feel so bad about giving her that extra bottle!
  • Playing with lots of toys and then corndogs for a late supper.  After supper, we played some more and then watched a movie before bed

Dennie Kids: June 12, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Campbell sleeping all night long which caused Mom to sing the Hallelujah Chorus when she woke up
  • Meeting a bunch of people for breakfast at Ozark Smokehouse-we sat out on the back deck.  It was very pleasant and the kids all sat at their own table.  Campbell was passed around by the grown ups.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham devoured their pancakes, some of Dad’s pancakes, some of his potatoes and even some of his biscuits (we like eating breakfast out)
  • Mom running a quick errand (more on that later too) and then meeting everyone just as they were about to leave.  Since Mom was done early, we were able to go to our next stop-Golf World
  • When we drove up, Graham started shouting “putt putt”-the kids enjoyed it….except for the heat.  Little Campbell’s cheeks were bright red!  After about 8 holes, we stopped for a drink break and then played the last few holes (we skipped some)  After another drink break and bathroom break, we hung around for the door prizes-we even won one! 
  • Coming home and cooling off.  Lots of playing-we even wrecked the house.  After everyone laid down, Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a few minutes.  Campbell was up (Graham had woken her up) so she saw them.  Mom heard Reagan still talking so she was given a naptime reprieve for a few minutes
  • Dad and Reagan finishing their naps and then treadmill time for Mom and Dad, supper, pajamas and picking up a little bit.
  • Happily watching a few movies before bedtime.  Happily, until Graham bit Dad and he was then put to bed!
  • Oh, Anderson did share something profound with us tonight “If you had a flying tractor (lawnmower) that wouldn’t be very good cause you couldn’t cut the grass”

Dennie Kids: June 11, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Graham continues to wake up early in a wet bed.  He comes to bed with Mom and Dad, drinks his milk, crawls all over them, goes to his room (in the dark) and brings back a box of trucks and dumps it out, hands Mom and Dad trucks, climbs back in and out of bed and this continues until Anderson or Reagan wakes up…because Mom and Dad sure aren’t getting out of bed until they have to!
  • A quick breakfast and then heading to church-helping Mom decorate her VBS room.  There were 8 kids, a 10 foot ladder, a set of blocks, 6 rolls of paper, scissors and glue-needless to say there wasn’t much work that was done!  Pops snagged us some lunch-Graham sat in his seat like a big boy, Anderson ate 6 fish sticks and Reagan had everyone else’s peaches (and I mean everyone).  Campbell hung out in her stroller and on the floor-she drank her milk and then had a short nap
  • Coming home and watching a man remove 3 stumps from the yard-what fun!  The tv was on so Anderson on watched the man a little but Graham watched him until he was almost finished
  • Afternoon naps and Dad surprising everyone by being home when they woke up (it was after 5!). 
  • Dad took us all out to the ballgame, bought us some tickets and icees and we had a grand old time!  It was hot when we arrived but soon the sun was done and it was pleasant outside.  The big 3 spent their time at the fence watching the game and pretending to play ball with Dad while Campbell stretched out on the blanket and took a nap
  • Coming home and going straight to bed-everyone was pretty sleepy.  Reagan and Anderson are already quiet-they must have been tired!

Dennie Kids: June 10, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • 7:45 is when we like to leave on school mornings and we were all in bed at 7:30!  But Dad was still able to check them in only a few minutes late (Graham still fussed even though this was his second morning to start in Reagan and Anderson’s class)
  • Campbell hanging out with Mom again today-but Mom forgot to call Nonna so Nonna and Pops were looking for Campbell this morning
  • Our handyman (Grandpa) coming over to hang Mom’s plants.  While he was here, Grannymom fed Campbell her cereal-she was ready to eat and cleaned her bowl and seemed to want more
  • Mom and Campbell picking up the big 3 in Dad’s car since Dad was stuck getting the van’s oil change.  But since all 4 can’t ride in Dad’s car we played on the playground at school until Dad arrived to switch cars-Mom was hoping he would take awhile and they could walk and get a cupcake
  • Everyone playing well all afternoon-maybe it was the huge snack and lots of juice Mom gave them when they came home from school
  • Loading up to head out to eat and then to the ballgame…until the monsoon came.  The kids enjoyed the salsa (surprising, I know) while Campbell kicked her feet.  They weren’t too disappointed about missing the ballgame since they didn’t know we were going.  Mom was more disappointed after packing all of our supplies that we would need!
  • Coming home and playing vacation-they are now watching a movie laying in their sleeping bags in the “hotel” 

Dennie Kids: June 9, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Graham waking up first this morning-he isn’t a very good at laying still in bed with Mom and Dad (so Dad gave him his milk and then tried to lay on top of him!)
  • Mom working in the garage when she heard Reagan greeting our guests-Beebee and Papaw.  Anderson heard them and then let them in!  Reagan playing ball with Papaw while Campbell snuggled in Beebee’s lap.
  • Nonna showing up next with lunch and we couldn’t wait to eat (even though Reagan had 2 pieces of cinnamon toast, the boys had 3 pieces and Campbell had a big bowl of cereal)
  • Playing hard until rest time-with multiple fights over a piece of string!
  • Nap and then watching a few movies while Mom was on the treadmill
  • Supper and popsicles before Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a few minutes
  • Anderson was upset when Grannymom and Grandpa had to go home-so he invited them to eat popsicles with us
  • Another movie and then bed for everyone-it is a school morning tomorrow so we better go to sleep quickly

Dennie Kids: June 8, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • After a break last week; it was back to school today for the 3 oldest.  Graham and Anderson were off to new classes.  Graham skipped over a class – so he has a much more structured class which will include activities, eating at a table with his classmates, story time, sleeping on a mat and lots more.  Anderson moved up a class and Reagan stayed in Ms. Amy’s class. Another change – when Dad dropped them off, everyone started out in the same class for early care.  Thought that would help Graham – but he still fussed but Reagan said he was quickly happy as Dad left.
  • Campbell going to meet her newest friend, Laynie Drue.  They hit it off right away-Campbell just grinned the whole time Mom held Laynie.
  • Mom picking us up and giving us a choice to go to Rock Creek playground or McDonald’s for ice cream and playground; we picked Rock Creek and went straight there, got everyone out of the car ONLY to find out that they were closed for cleaning. Mom’s a trooper – she loaded everyone back up and headed to McDonald’s instead
  • On the way to McDonalds, Reagan was trying to think of something else we could do and as she thought, she said “hmm, I know we can’t go on a vacation since Daddy isn’t with us”
  • Coming home to find a surprise in the mail – Reagan’s insects had arrived in the mail.  Right now, we have a container full of caterpillars – we’ll soon transfer to the butterfly cage and hope to have some butterflies flapping around soon (cross your fingers!)
  • Eating supper and then Waiting for Dad to come home – and then mobbing him on the couch as soon as he got home.
  • Telling Mom ‘bye’ as she headed to Bunko.  We quickly asked Dad for a popsicle and devoured those quickly; playing cars and then getting our pajamas on before a movie and another snack (Fruit Loops!)  Everyone staying up til 8 and then going to bed.  Everyone was quickly quiet – school must have worm them out.

Dennie Kids: June 7, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Campbell making it almost all night last night without a bottle-Mom looked at her round belly and big head today and decided that she might just need to cut back on a few daily bottles-or maybe she just needs some bigger clothes! (that will be a project for next week!)
  • Everyone up early enough that we were able to put on our clothes before going to Grannymom's house to play while Mom had a doctor's appointment and ran errands
  • Swingings, riding bikes, playing with toys and eating a popsicle in the morning time made for some very sleepy kids by afternoon-everyone slept a surprisingly long time (Mom even had to wake Anderson up)
  • At Grannymom's house, Anderson showed Mom the two switches in Grannymom's bathroom-he said one was the light and the other was the one for "if a baby sleeps in here"-poor baby, thinks the bathroom exhaust is extra noise for a baby to sleep well in the bathroom.  He doesn't know that most families don't have babies sleeping in the bathroom!
  • Well, everyone slept well except Campbell who stayed up and watched Mom run and then watched Dad on the computer (he was working from home).  She slept about one whole hour during the day and was getting pretty exhausted by tonight
  • All of us eating supper at the same time-and we even had pretty much the same thing.  Campbell didn't have our cheese and bean tortillas but opted for her cereal-which she is now gobbling down (and she even had a bite or two of Mom's yogurt)
  • Graham putting on an apron and asking Dad if he wanted cupcakes and then serving the family cupcakes
  • The three oldest playing puppy dog-Mom even filled their food and water bowls up.  Graham even "begged" just like his brother and sister.
  • Notice the pictures of everyone drinking their milk at the same time-that is why we go through a gallon of milk a day around her (no, Campbell doesn't drink milk-only formula)
  • Nonna and Jason coming over tonight to play while Mom and Dad were at the gym-only a few more gym weeks left (more on that later)-Nonna brought over coloring books and cars to play with and Anderson did not want Nonna and her cars to leave
  • A popsicle before bed and a movie for Reagan and Anderson-they are now playing puppy dog while in bed

Dennie Kids: June 6, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Cinna-mini day or church day-which ever you want to call it.  Anderson chose cinna-mini day! 
  • Graham saw Mom and Dad eating their bananas on the way to church and kept asking “where’s mine?”  He grinned when we turned into Burger King and clapped his hands with a huge smile when the person handed Dad the bag
  • Mom and Dad hanging out in Anderson’s class this morning-Graham caught Dad in the hallway and joined us-he fit in pretty well and even sat down and painted for awhile
  • Lunch at Grannymom’s house and then going outside to swing for a little bit
  • Reagan and Mom taking a nap together while everyone else took naps-wonderful Sunday naps!
  • Dad having to wake everyone up for supper and church tonight (Mom was already at church)
  • Seeing Grannymom, Grandpa, Jason, Nonna and Pops in the hall on our way home-what could be more exciting!
  • A snack before bedtime-Graham is sleeping soundly, Campbell is watching tv with Mom and Reagan and Anderson are in bed talking-she is the Mom and he is the Dad and they are getting ready to go on vacation and need to pack their bags (our little Dennie travelers!)

Dennie Kids: June 5, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Campbell sleeping ALL night long-hopefully this is a new pattern (but probably not since she ate at 10 last night and that is unusual)
  • Playing downstairs this morning while Mom slept in for a few minutes-just a few!  Then watching Dad and then Mom run on the treadmill while we had breakfast, watched a few movies, drove every truck around and had another snack
  • Putting on our clothes and heading out to run some errands-bank, post office, grocery store, pet food store-oh, we just stayed in the car with either Mom or Dad during the errands while they would run in
  • Finally getting out of the car at our lunch stop-they had peanuts and rolls.  What more could we ask for!  They didn’t hear Dad ask for a booster seat so Graham sat in a big boy seat and even did pretty well
  • Since we were so good earlier during the car, we got to stop at our place-Chuck E Cheese.  We used tons of tokens, played lots of games and won a few tickets!  Oh it was fun-and there weren’t too many people there today.  Graham now comes and asks for “money” just like Reagan and Anderson.  Mom and Dad even worked on their skee ball skills (which are lacking from their Showbiz days)
  • Having a slight panic moment when leaving Chuck E Cheese.  (If you don’t know, you get a stamp when you come in and then when you leave, the stamp is checked to make sure you have your kids)  The big kids had matching stamps to Mom and Dad but they had written Campbell’s number and put it on a sticker-and it was WRONG!  The stamp checker looked around in a panic but decided to let us leave with the child!
  • Coming home for naps-but only Anderson took a nap.  Graham talked/fussed until Dad rescued him, Reagan begged for Mom to lay down by her and Campbell just hung out in her gym and kicked and rolled
  • Supper and then going outside to do some yard work-yes, Mom and Dad made us all work (Campbell did hang out in her stroller in the shade).  Mom tried to tell us that if we all worked together we would get done faster. 
  • Finishing our yard work and getting to play in the backyard-swinging, watering the plants (and Graham) and taking a spin on the lawnmower
  • Baths for everyone and then popsicles and a few books before bedtime

Dennie Kids: June 4, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Graham waking up around 5-normally he would
  • have just fussed for a bit and then gone back to sleep but since he was calling for Mom she let him come in their bed.  (Remember he usually wants Dad)
  • Reading a few stories and eating breakfast after getting on our clothes and cutting fingernails (Mom has to cut 80!-It’s a wonder we made it downstairs even in time for breakfast)
  • Everyone picking out quite a few library books at the library-Graham isn’t too selective on what he picks out.  But Reagan finds the pink books or books with girls on the front and Anderson finds all the animal and transportation books
  • Signing up for the Summer Reading club and everyone was given backpacks-which Mom thought would be great to help us carry our zillion books out the car (but they said they said it was too heavy)
  • Playing with water guns and blowing bubbles until naptime-Campbell would just laugh whenever she saw the bubbles
  • Naps and then anxiously awaiting Dad to come home so we could start our family night…Royal Family Night
    • We had decorated our crowns earlier in the day-one for everyone.  (Anderson’s head is almost as large as Dads!)  Reagan and Mom worked the hardest on their crowns.  
    • Also during the day we had hung our royal banner across the living room-very difficult with 3 helpers
    • Reading our scroll from King Dad which invited prince Anderson and prince Graham as well as Princess Reagan and Princess Campbell to the royal feast
    • After donning our royal clothes-ties and crowns for the boys and royal dresses and crowns for the girls, we took our family portrait and then ate our royal feast (pasta-the king and queen are on a royal budget!-actually a royal diet!)
    • Playing pin the Kiss on the Frog-Graham was ready to go first but he did not want to wear the blindfold.  Anderson peeked but Reagan played fair.  I think there was actually a tie!
    • The king had hidden Royal Silver Coins around the den for the Princes and Princess to find.  They quickly found them and were delighted to sit at the table and open them up (amazing what aluminum foil and an Oreo can do!)
    • Watching the King cut open a royal fruit-pineapple.  The king had to twist the “crown” of the pineapple off to cut it so it fit in well with the theme
    • Reagan and Anderson playing Princess Yahtzee with Dad while Mom put pajamas on the Little Prince
    • Everyone else putting on their pajamas and then having surprise Royal visitors-Grannymom, Lilly and Cash-they had rode bikes over and needed a drink
    • Concluding the evening with a Princess movie and some popcorn

Dennie Kids: June 3, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Everyone waking up and heading to Nonna and Pop’s house for the day since Mom had to work some
  • Anderson walking in and seeing “new” toys out in Nonna’s floor-he put his hands on his head and said “I can’t believe this”-matchbox cars and strawberry shortcake made him that excited!-and they played with those toys all day long too
  • Mom picking everyone up and backing out of the driveway as Beebee and Papaw were headed over-so we drove over there to say hello.  And she even gave us candy-and Nonna had given us candy too!  What a happy day!
  • Afternoon naps for everyone but Campbell.  She laid and played with her toys in her gym while watching Mom.  Campbell is really enjoying her cereal now-still making a mess but getting better
  • Everyone sitting around and eating their candy from Beebee while watching a movie.  Graham cried for Dad and for his milk until Dad came home (Mom is taking up a donation for ear plugs!)
  • Supper and then waiting not-so-patiently for Jason, Nonna and Pops to come over while Mom and Dad went to the gym for a few minutes. 
  • Watching one last movie with Jason before bed and then everyone crashing since it was after 9!

Dennie Kids: June 2, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A lazy morning-Graham was the only one who put on his clothes and he had too since he gets his bed wet every night (good thing Mom is starting a diaper study-she can tell them how to make better diapers!)
  • Writing our letter “L” and playing school and church.  Reagan will probably grow up to be a teacher since she is so good at having her brothers follow her instructions.  Campbell even had to sit for school today.
  • Nonna coming over to play and bring us our Wednesday lunch. Anderson was very excited to see that she had the “black peanut butter”-nutella!
  • Reagan having a major meltdown because she didn’t want Andersons dog toy playing in her farm toy.  Mom had to intervene which caused the meltdown to escalate-needless to say she went to bed early tonight
  • Naps and then Graham crying for quite a while when he woke up because he wanted Dad to get him out of bed and not Mom-since Dad was at work he wasn’t happy.  He has been pretty attached to Dad the last few days
  • Snacks and movies while Mom finished her treadmill time and then gobbling down our supper.  Everyone but Graham-he was too distracted with eating Dad’s crackers to eat his meal
  • Grannymom and Grandpa coming over to play while Mom and Dad went to the gym for a few minutes.  We played lots of games and when Mom came home she even gave us another snack!
  • Mom finding out that Reagan and Anderson practiced doing flips on her bed when she was not here last night-Dad may have even been an accomplice
  • Reagan asking at bedtime if we could have “smashed beans” (lima beans) for supper and Mom said yes, but she didn’t have any.  Reagan replied that maybe I could borrow some from Pops since he has them on Wednesday nights

Dennie Kids: June 1, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Anderson and Reagan woke up before 7 this morning-but they still laid in Mom’s bed and refused to put on their clothes
  • Everyone going to Grannymom and Grandpa’s house in their pajamas.  We didn’t stay in them for long because we were ready to get outside and get to that swing!
  • Swinging, eating and playing all day long until Mom came home from work and then seeing Dad for a few minutes until he had to go back to work
  • Playing a little, then a movie and a story before nap time.  The boys slept hard but Campbell just dozed on the couch while Reagan watched her movie
  • Everyone eating most of their corndogs for supper while Campbell finished off her cereal (Mom still isn’t giving her much)
  • Mom going to class meeting while Dad and Grandpa worked on the lawnmower and Grannymom played with us
  • Popsicles before bed and Campbell showing off her new trick-rolling all of the way over
  • Everyone going to bed without a fuss just about the time that Campbell woke up for a bottle