March 31, 2024-Easter 2024

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  • Since we didn't have to leave for church until 10:20 this morning, we had quite a bit of time this morning. I especially needed that time because there were two loads of laundry for me to fold waiting on me. I also had not even gotten the Easter baskets down from the bonus room, and even with the extra time, I was scrambling to get myself reading in time for church.
  • The kids Easter baskets grow less and less exciting. They all received socks or underwear plus some candy and a drink. Even though the baskets weren't too exciting, there are two children who definitely needed socks-Campbell has almost none and sneaks mine, Keatons, or Reagans and when Whitman gets a string on his socks, he sits and pulls it until he has one large hole in them.
  • Reagan is much less swollen today but still stayed home. That worked out well for me because she was able to put the corn casserole in the oven and had it warm when we rolled in from church.
  • I was kind of surprised that all of the kids sat with us during church. I had assumed that they would have found their friends, but I think that most people went to the earlier service.
  • We made it home right after everyone else arrived at the house. They still had to wait on us to bake the rolls. Of course we had plenty of food-my favorites were the spinach dip and Dana's broccoli salad. My fridge is getting pretty full of leftovers from today and from the past few days as well so that will be tomorrow's supper-those meals thrill the kids!
  • After lunch, we had our grand Easter egg hunt-except this year it was very scaled down. Instead of 200 or more eggs to stuff and hide, this year we just stuffed 7-you found an egg and that is the one that you got. Each one had varying amounts of money in them, and honestly, I think that everyone was more pleased with the cash than the candy.
  • Everyone stuck around and visited for a little bit after the egg hunt. Most of the kids were watching the basketball game as well. When everyone did leave, I quickly did all of the dishes and then ended up on the couch to see the last of the basketball game.
  • I had a short nap, and then the boys left for Rock Creek. Afterwards, Robby and I had a shop and came home with food for everyone plus some more applesauce for Reagan. While we were gone, Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman spent the whole time outside on the trampoline. Now everyone has eaten, and they have begun their traditional Sunday night complaining about having to do school tomorrow!

March 30, 2024

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  • We will begin with our daily Reagan update: she is about the same today as yesterday. I told Robby that I was surprised that she was still as swollen today. One side of her mouth looks normalish, but the other is super swollen and hasn't really gone done much. I think that she is in a bit of pain as well mainly because the inside of her mouth is all scratched up.
  • She is eating more solid-ish food-tonight she had some rice and tiny bits of chicken. While we were working in the yard today, she even brought Bentley out once or twice to check on our progress. I don't think that she is planning on going to church tomorrow, but hopefully she is less swollen. She is still faithfully taking her medicine and now putting heat on her check so maybe tomorrow will be better.
  • Graham was the first one to wake this morning-he had to be at work at 7:30 this morning to go and be the Easter bunny. He helped set up at one place, and then put on his costume and hopped to a nearby house. There he took pictures with the kids, with families, and also had an Easter egg hunt! 
  • The bunny was well compensated for his work today. Robby quickly volunteered to be the bunny tomorrow if they needed another bunny. Anderson left a bit after Graham and put in 3 hours at Raymar since some teams were having practices there today. When they both made it home, we did figure out that the bunny made 300 percent more money than Anderson today!
  • After I took Graham to work this morning, I climbed back in the bed, and Robby and I went back to sleep for a good while. We then woke up, and he headed outside. I worked inside for a little bit, but then came outside to help.
  • Eventually, Keaton and Campbell were recruited and then Anderson and Whitman. Graham showed up just in time to help us with the last 30 minutes of work. Robby mowed and cleaned up the flower beds. 
  • Then with the kids we worked on some leaves-so, so many leaves. There is about 5 more days of leaf work, but slow and steady! Anderson doesn't mind walking the leaves to the bottom of the hill, but everyone loves taking them to the woods if they can drive/ride on the tractor. So that is what happened quite a bit.
  • The last thing that we had to do today was move the trampoline. The girls have been wanting to move the trampoline closer to the house. I'm sure the neighbors will come home and will not be pleased, but the trampoline is so close to our house that the boys could jump out their window and bounce on it.
  • The net was broken from a tree branch that feel earlier this year, and that tree also punctured a small hole in the bouncy part. Thankfully, when we bought the trampoline there was a huge mix up and we were given one box of parts twice-we were given the box that contained the bouncy part and the padding around the edge. We did take off the net, which thrilled the girls-normally, the leaves fall in the trampoline and then there is no way to clean it-now that won't happen.
  • Once we moved the trampoline, Campbell, Keaton, Robby, and I cleaned up and headed for some errands. We had to return some pants of Robby's at Costco, he got gas, then he dropped the girls off and I at the Gucci Goodwill. Keaton found a sweater and tshirt, Campbell got a sweatshirt, and I found a flannel shirt that looks perfectly cozy to wear around a campfire. 
  • Then we ran by Taco Bell because the girls had free tacos, then Robby had a mystery shop and brought home some chicken and rice and then we bought hamburgers for the boys, and finally we returned home!
  • So far, the trampoline move has been a good move-the kids have spent more time out there. Campbell ate supper on the trampoline and then a bit afterwards, all the kids except Reagan sat and jumped on it. While they did this Robby cleaned the kitchen floor. We used to steam mop the floors all the time, but at some point we stopped-maybe Covid though I'm not sure why we would have stopped then.
  • This is the most work we have done lately, and we are pretty beat tonight! Basketball is on, cookies are in the oven, and most people have had their showers so we have a little bit left to enjoy the evening.

March 29, 2024

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  • Wisdom teeth update-Reagan has done pretty good with her teeth. She is pretty swollen on one side of her face and said that the inside of her mouth is pretty torn up. We are trying to stick closely to the pain medicine schedule along with the antibiotic, but those each are supposed to be every 6 hours. 
  • I did wake her up this morning to take her meds, but I'm sure not going to wake her up in the middle of the night. A bit ago, she asked if she needed to keep taking the medicine even though she felt fine (another day for the pain meds just to be sure, and she has to finish the antibiotic), but I'm glad that she feels well. 
  • We started this morning with me taking Campbell and Keaton to Nonna's house. They helped her decorate the Easter Bunny cake. They also managed to get lunch in as well. While they were gone, we also took Graham to work. Usually, he goes to work with Reagan, but Robby and I took him today since she skipped.
  • Robby and I ran a few errands-Kohls for a return, Costco for fun (but we did get a sweater for Reagan and pants for Robby), Kroger for a pick up for Robby and a run in for me. Then we brought home a smoothie for Reagan.
  • Nonna and Pops had brought the girls home, and a bit later in the afternoon Graham finished work early so Robby ran to get him. 
  • This evening Robby moved his griddle to the back patio to stay and his smoker under the shed over hang to stay. I them moved the furniture that was under the shed to the patio. Then he made eggs in the hole and pancakes for supper. I also tried to make s'mores pie-but he ran out of propane so we moved those inside the house to the air fryer. (It was just an experiment-the s'mores pies were not bad....nor were they really good either.)
  • Graham, Keaton, Campbell, and Whitman went outside tonight and played some football before coming in to watch some basketball. Tomorrow is a busy day around here so really we should get some sleep, but I would bet that we will be up pretty late tonight.

March 28, 2024

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  • This morning started off pretty early. I took Reagan to have her wisdom teeth done. Neither one of us really knew what to expect. We waited in the waiting room for a few minutes, and then they called her back. 
  • I didn't think that I was supposed to go, but I went with her as they hooked her up to ekgs, blood pressure, and all the things. The doctor came in and gave her the iv-this really hurt her, and I thought that she was going to lose it then. 
  • She later said that as soon as they gave that to her, she started to get sleepy. I then went to the waiting room, and within 20 minutes they were coming to get me. (My friend's teeth only took 15 minutes so I was expecting a short time.)
  • I went to the back, and Reagan was in another room. Her face was so full of gauze that she looked ridiculous, and she could not talk at all. It took me a good while to understand anything she said-I don't think that everything she did say made sense for the first few minutes. She had the hiccups at one point, but then she didn't remember having them. Anther time I asked her how she came into the room she was in, and she said that she walked. Then she said she didn't know. Later she thought she came in a wheelchair.
  • She then started to text me-some made sense but the first little bit it was tough. We then waited for about 40 minutes for the doctor to come in and talk to us. He gave us all of the rules, and they wheeled Reagan to the car. 
  • By this time Reagan said that she felt like she could drive home, but I told her I didn't mind at all. We picked up a smoothie on the way home, but we really should have picked up her medicine. By the time we did get her medicine, she was in quite a bit of pain. After her first pain pill, I think that she has been doing pretty good since then.
  • She started off pretty nauseous, but had some smoothie and tomato soup pretty early. Later she moved on to oatmeal, and tonight she has been eating mashed potatoes and appleasauce. Her face is a little bit swollen, and right now (10:30) she said that one side really does hurt. She will probably take one of the big pain pills tonight at bedtime.
  • While we were gone, the others woke up (with Robby's help) and started on school. They were pretty much all done by the time that we did made it home. I checked all of the math, and then later worked on spelling with Whitman.
  • I think that Reagan had a nap this afternoon, and so did I! Anderson and Keaton went to Raymar this afternoon. He had to work the practices tonight, and Keaton went along for the evening. She said that it was warm out there-even though I have froze all night.
  • I had supper with the homeschool moms this evening, and I even left way before it was time to eat. I I ran to the Nike store along with Walmart before sitting in the car for little bit just being quiet. Robby ran to pick up a pizza for all the kids and applesauce for Reagan. When I did come home, most everyone was awake and watching the basketball game. 
  • Hopefully Reagan can sleep well tonight and wakes up without any pain!

March 27, 2024

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  • Today was another school day-at least Whitman didn't fall sound asleep and start snoring like a man while I read this morning to everyone. He did that yesterday! I probably just should have let him sleep because I am sure that he operates at a sleep deficit.
  • Graham and Reagan went to work at noon, and Anderson left a little bit after them to go and paint the fields at Raymar. While it was quite in the house, I walked Bentley outside for a little bit and listened to my book. 
  • When I came in, Whitman and I did spelling and really before I knew it, Reagan and Graham came blowing in from work. She saw some of her senior pictures-I asked her about them but she told me I would just have to wait.
  • They weren't home very long before they left again with Anderson, Keaton, and Campbell. Tonight was the referee meeting so they had to be there early. Whitman and I didn't leave for a few more minutes, but we had to leave early too so I could run in the library and get some eclipse glasses.
  • Tonight at church Whitman and all of the rest of the kids had an Easter egg hunt. It was organized chaos, but I think that they all had fun. Anderson and Campbell stopped at ChickFIlA on the way home while the rest of us came home to pizza rolls that Robby made. I was starving so I couldn't wait until they cooled so of course I burned my tongue.
  • Meanwhile, Reagan is eating and drinking everything in the house-she gets her wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning so she is fueling up now.

March 26, 2024

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  • We did the school thing early this morning-actually, I keep getting up later and later which makes Campbell happy. Last night she begged that we could start school later-we did though it was just about 4 minutes later than usual.
  • Tomorrow, I hope to start right on time since I won't be able to read with them Thursday morning-that is the big wisdom teeth day for Reagan. Actually, one of our friends was only in the back for about 15 minutes so maybe I will be home for some of the usual reading time. 
  • I ran to Walmart and Kroger this afternoon with Keaton and Campbell. Our mission was to get the Easter basket things. I think that we did pretty good-I still have to buy something for Anderson and possibly for Reagan. The baskets are pretty light this year, but seriously, my people are need in nothing.
  • When I came home, Whitman and I did spelling together-he acts like he hates it and even did half of it while fake sobbing. I honestly think that he really does like it! At least I hope he does, because we have lots of spelling time in our future.
  • Reagan went to work this afternoon and just about right after Keaton, Robby, and I left for the first soccer practice. I decided that I would go too and take Bentley so she could remember how to act around people. She did fine, but she still has a lot of work to do to be a perfect dog.
  • Keaton's soccer team looks pretty good this year so that will be fun. For some reason, we all do seem to enjoy the soccer season-though Graham was trying to get out of reffing games this year. It won't happen though.
  • We didn't make it home until 8, and Robby is working, and Keaton is anxiously awaiting to watch on of our tv shows. Campbell made brownies while we were all gone, so that is going to be my next sanck!

March 25, 2024

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  • It is kind of nice to get back into a routine for sure. Well, at least I think so but I am not so sure that the kids agreed with me. I seriously love doing school at home even though I am at the point during the year where I am done with this year and ready to start all of the new things for next year. 
  • I tip toed in the boys' room to quietly wake up Whitman. He sleeps with his blanket wrapped tightly around his head. This morning when I touched his blanket to pull it down, I heard him giggle. He was already on his ipad. I asked him when he woke up, and he said he thought at 2. I don't think he really woke up at 2 or maybe he just did briefly.
  • If you remember, on Saturday, Whitman felt pretty rough, but then rebounded that night. Yesterday, he just had cold like symptoms, and today he has even less. However, the kid has played a game, wrestled, chased people around the house, and even did most of his school work by himself-not only has he not felt bad, but he has been full of energy-which is definitely not his normal. 
  • Even though he has felt better, this afternoon he was standing right beside me looking out the window. I was quietly reading until he started jumping up and down and screaming. Of course, I start yelling "what? what?" He stumbles backwards pointing to a wasp on the ground and shouted "that." There was a wasp by the window, and it stung him through his pants. I just asked and he said that it was pretty much gone.
  • Graham and Reagan went to work this afternoon. They came home saying that the finished it all so that is good-just as long as there is more to do on Wednesday. This afternoon I did manage to get Keaton, Anderson, and Whitman to play a game with me. We have had this game for years, but we never could figure out how to play it. Today though we learned, and it was fun.
  • Graham had his Dgroup tonight so Robby and I dropped him off. Then we ran two places to pick up food for all of us-Robby gave the kids a choice and surprisingly everyone picked the same thing. It was fairly late when we did get home-Reagan even had her bowl, napkin, spoon, and cup filled with ice ready to go.
  • I don't think that basketball is one-or at least no one has turned it on the tv in the living room. Robby is working in his office, and it is just Whitman and I in the quiet living room.

March 24, 2024-Spring Break Weekend at Toad Suck

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We slept a bit later this morning, and then Robby got up and turned on the church house for a little bit. We watched some and then started working on picking up. Robby and I took a walk with Bentley around one loop this morning, but it was super chilly so we moved quickly.

Then we went to work-Robby had his cooking things up, and there were things for me to grab as well. I would put something up outside and then go inside to straighten things. Reagan and Graham rode home with me, and maybe because they had both just woken up, but there was little conversation happening. Goodness, I tried, but other than a few grunts, I got nothing.

We made it home, and everyone went to town unloading things. The kids all grabbed their clothes, and then came back for a few more trips. It didn't take long at all for things to be out of the camper. I came in and put up things and then went back out to start cleaning. 

It wasn't too long until I left with Whitman. He had a birthday party to go to at Raymar this afternoon. They played capture the flag for a little bit and had cake. After presents, I grabbed Whitman and we headed home. 

We have done at least 5 loads of laundry tonight, and I would like to be able to do two more before we go to bed. Keaton didn't have long to rest this afternoon because she had to make cookies for her life group tonight. Reagan had her life group later than usual, but the boys and Campbell skipped Rock Creek tonight. I guess they just wanted one more relaxing evening before school starts back tomorrow.

Robby picked up Keaton, and then he and I went to the Wilson's house for a little bit tonight. We visited and planned another camping trip before Robby and I came home and started herding everyone towards bed. 

March 23, 2024-Spring Break Weekend at Toad Suck

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I'm sure I say it quite a bit, but our mattress in the camper, which I didn't think we needed, is just divine. Robby can get up and go to the bathroom, and I have no idea. I usually still wake up and hear him, but I have to throw my arm on his side to see if it is him that is gone. We both sleep so well on it-now watch, we won't tonight! Hopefully, I didn't jinx us, but our mattress is one of the best things about camping.

My alarm went off around 9 this morning so we could get up and start cooking breakfast around 10. We weren't moving too quickly, but we brought our stuff to the Wilson's camper and started on breakfast. Robby made egg in the holes, chocolate chip pancakes, and bacon. It was pretty chilly at 43 degrees when we started so I spent a good deal of time supervising Robby cook so I could be right by the warm grill.

After breakfast, we cleaned up a little bit, and then we headed to walk a nearby trail. When we found the start of the trail behind a Walmart, I was a little concerned about what we were embarking on. However, it was a neat little trail that was about 3 and a half miles one way. The trail was super nice and just meandered through neighborhoods in Conway. 

Anderson, Campbell, and Whitman paused at a playground, but surprisingly, they pretty much caught back up with us. We didn't walk the whole trail, but did walk a total of 4 miles today. By the time that we were walking back, we realized that Whitman wasn't feeling the greatest so we let him and Campbell pause at the playground, and we picked them up when we made it back to the car.

So Whitman, who knows? He definitely felt bad today. After we picked him and Campbell up from the playground, we went to Sonic where Robby bought everyone a big drink, and since it was also a mystery shop, he got a hamburger which Graham and Whitman both wanted to split.

Whitman didn't drink any of his drink nor did he eat his half of the hamburger. He even took a good 2 hour nap-Robby had noticed that he didn't eat any of his breakfast nor did he eat any of his supper tonight. However, by the time we built a fire and pulled out the s'mores, Whitman was back to his normal self. When I came into the camper, he was watching a show with Anderson having a big time. After eating his s'more, he finished his Sonic drink, ate a snack cake along with some popcorn and candy so at least right now he is feeling much better.

When the rest of us came home from Sonic, we huddled in front of the tv and watched the Hogs play baseball. Actually, I sat in the sun which was perfectly cozy and had myself a little nap. When the game was over, Keaton sat up the pickleball net, and some games were played. There was a single tournament and a doubles tournament. Don't be surprised that I did not win in either bracket-though I sure did play hard in my singles match-hard enough I thought I was going to have to sit down to catch my breath!

Robby cooked supper tonight-nachos and quesadillas on the blackstone. We all agree that those two things are much better cooked on the griddle. For dessert we pulled out the s'mores. That is a favorite for everyone plus tonight we had things that made the fire change colors. Keaton had given these packets to Robby for Christmas, and it was really neat to watch-Whitman certainly enjoyed it-enough that I put some of those on his Christmas list.

We stayed right around the fire tonight until almost 9:30. Most of the kids stayed out a little bit longer watching the basketball games. It was pretty chilly this evening, but the fire was roaring so that was nice. Now we are all in the camper with a few folks in the bed and others watching tv. We still have two beds to make and I'm about to change into my pjs and call it a night! 

March 22, 2024-Spring Break Weekend at Toad Suck

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It didn't take me too long this morning to get a little bit bored. I finished my chores along with my book. I also finished putting all of my stuff in the camper, and then I just waited. I tried to think up things to do around the house and to help on Sunday, and I did a few of them, but mainly I just waited.

The kids started stirring around 11, and soon they were all moving around the house-I honestly think that they were a bit excited about going somewhere. And they all love talking to Bentley about going "camping" because this thrills her.

We started heading to the camper around 12:45 and were soon off to Toad Suck. I drove the minivan and followed behind Robby. Anderson and Reagan rode with me-they were a bit chatty on the drive, or at least they were too chatty for me to listen to my book.

We got here, and Robby drove in like he knew exactly where we were going-and he did. Then he whipped into our site, and we did a few things-hooking up, putting out the mat, tablecloth, and trash can-and then we went to the Wilson's campsite.

Toad Suck campground is a whole lot like Maumelle Park. We are not near the river, but we are right near a basketball court which the boys spent a good deal of time playing. Anderson, Graham, and Brett went down the road to a church to play some pickleball.

While they were gone, we took a walk and the Wilsons cooked supper. Robby set up the tv, and we watched basketball while we ate, and baseball while we had dessert, and more basketball while we sat around the fire. 

We haven't been camping in a good while-I guess since near Thanksgiving, so it was a little hard to become motivated to prep for this trip. However, it was all worth it-it is so nice to be back in the camper!

March 21, 2024

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  • Today has felt like a Saturday to me. We had heard that Costco puts their sale items on sale Thursday morning and even heard that there are usually people there early waiting to get in. Last night I debated going early to see if we could find any bargains.
  • Campbell said that she might go with me, but when my alarm went off this morning, I saw a text from Keaton saying that she would go with me too. Until I had read that text message, I had almost convinced myself that we could just go another week; however, I decided to just get up and get ready.
  • I went upstairs to wake Keaton and Campbell up, but Keaton then decided that she didn't want to go. Campbell got herself ready and soon we were out the door. We laughed at the traffic this morning going and said that maybe they were all going to costco. 
  • When we pulled into the parking lot though, we quickly realized that everyone else was not going to Costco-it was still closed. So, last night when I was looking at the opening time, I must have been really tired. I looked at the closing time: 8:30, so when we pulled up a bit before 9 we were very early for the real 10:00 opening time.
  • Campbell and I did the camping grocery run-Robby text me everything that he could think of that we needed, and Campbell and I added a few things. Unfortunately, we didn't need to many things, and we are quick shoppers. Once we finished shopping, we ran to Sonic to buy her a drink. Then I drove through Chick Fil A to pick up a free chicken biscuit which we split on the way to Costco.
  • By this time, it was almost opening time and the parking lot was indeed full. They did have a few more than usual sale clothes this morning, but nothing extraordinary. However, Campbell found herself a 7 dollar sweater, and I bought a 3 dollar sweatshirt for me.
  • Then we came home, and I started on the day's chores. It wasn't too long before I turned on the oven and started looking for Keaton. She had a party at 1 to go to and still had cookies that she needed to bake (she had made the dough yesterday.) Once her cookies were made it was time to take her just down the road to her party.
  • I did some packing today and quite a bit of school work for next fall. Keaton stayed later than she planned which was fine. For supper, I made pasta for must folks' supper while the others just found something around here. 
  • Campbell and I went to pick up Keaton, and I even let Campbell drive us home-it wasn't far at all. Basketball has been on the tv all day long around here, and we are all comparing our brackets. So far, I am already pretty far behind!

March 20, 2024

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  • The kids were awake a little bit earlier today than yesterday. At lunch, Keaton joined Robby and I on a run to Walmart. We grabbed a few things including a bike inner tube for Graham's bike since it popped when Robby was airing it up this morning.
  • We had another few errands on the way home and brought home lunch for two of the boys. It wasn't too much longer until we all headed to Top Golf. Reagan finished her dog sitting gig and met us there along with Grannymom and Grandpa.
  • We had lots of fun at Top Golf and were able to play for about two hours. I am not sure who the big winners were-Grandpa did win one game on one side. I think that Keaton won a game and Reagan also won a game on the other side. Also Whitman won the last game. I think that each bay (we had to split into two groups, but side by side) played 3 different games so I am missing a few winners.
  • On the way home, Robby picked up supper for us. It was a bit early for us to eat, but maybe all that golfing made us hungry. After supper, the kids went out to play some pickleball while Robby and I worked on the bike repair. And blast it, if we didn't pop the new inner tube as well. It was a different valve so it didn't go as smoothly as replacing the inner tubes have before.
  • Right now everyone is inside, and basketball is on the tv. Bentley is sound asleep already, and I think that I could go to sleep as well.

March 19, 2024

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  • Day 2 of Spring Break was pretty much like the first day. I woke up before any of the kids-actually, I didn't see any of the kids until after 10 and some even later. I did my chores and walked Bentley-gracious, the past two days I have been quite chilly out walking. I did bundle up more today though so that did help.
  • I then alternated between preparing school things for next fall and reading my book. I finished most of my new school stuff, but I still have a few more things to do tomorrow. This curriculum didn't come with a daily schedule so that is what I am working on-a list of exactly what to do each day.
  • I did make my third loaf of sourdough bread today. It was not the best, but it was at least better than my first try. My favorite recipe so far has been the sandwich bread that I made and the apple muffins that I am finishing up since I don't think that anyone here likes them.
  • In the middle of the night last night, Reagan text me-I didn't see it though. The smoke alarm where she is dog sitting kept beeping like the battery was low. She even had to go to another spot in the house to sleep. Robby was nearby around lunch time so he went and changed it for her. She said that she would need a ladder-he just had to stand on a stool.
  • Today we did the first real graduation thing-senior pictures. I know that it is pretty late, but we still did them today. She had them done at Two Rivers bridge, and there were tons of spots for her to take pictures. My favorite was when she climbed in the brush to get near some wisteria (I guess that it what it was.) It is nice when you boss is a photographer; Reagan enjoyed it all, and I think that her bosses did as well.
  • We came home, and she headed back to her house. Robby had been working on the camper, but when he finished, we ran to the grocery store for a few things and picked up pizza from Costco for supper. 

March 18, 2024

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  • I have loved this first day of Spring Break. I woke up early in a mad dash to work through my list. I did chore after chore trying to mark things off. I did sit down twice to read a little bit, but each time I had to get up for something-and once was to walk Bentley since she was barking.
  • The reason for my insistence on finishing my list had to do with the mail. I was anxiously awaiting a new shipment of curriculum. So, from Reagan on we have pretty much done the same thing each year. I have added things, but I have rarely just about scraped everything and started over. However, that is what I am doing next year for Keaton and Campbell.
  • And I could not be more excited about it. My box today had language arts for Graham, Campbell, and Keaton. I worked just about all afternoon on reading through everything tying to understand and getting as much as I could ready for the fall. If I could just jump to the fall, I would right now! Keaton and Campbell don't seem to be as thrilled as I am about all of this though.
  • Robby ran a few errands in the morning and was back in time to take Graham to work. He met Reagan there since she is still house sitting. Late this afternoon, we ran a few more errands-Campbell and Keaton were oh so bored, so they went with us. They did manage to get some candy and a drink on the outing so they were pleased.
  • Anderson and Whitman were just as happy as they could be here though, but they were anxious to know what supper was going to be. I made english muffin pizzas and fries in my effort to clean out the freezer some. 
  • After eating, most of the kids worked on their brackets, and now Robby is working and I'm cuddled up on the couch.

March 17, 2024

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  • We managed to leave a bit after the usual time this Sunday morning. There wasn't too much concern about leaving a little bit later since we thought that there would be a few folks gone because of spring break. 
  • We did the church thing, and then headed to Nonna and Pops' house for Sunday lunch. We all ate-Reagan discovered that she likes Nonna's corn dip (also known as Texas cavier). We have had it before at Nonna's house but she has never tried it, so I'm glad she tried something new. They also had raspberries which my girls demolished before I even had my plate ready.
  • Reagan then headed back to her house sitting house, and the rest of us headed home. Robby and I, of course, had our nap. Usually everyone leaves for life groups and Rock Creek, but all of that was cancelled tonight for Spring Break so all the people were here all evening.
  • That kind of threw Robby and me off since we usually start working on things when they leave. And since no one left, our supper ended up being even a little bit later than usual. It was all good though-chicken fried steak. mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and brownies. 
  • The kids played pickleball this afternoon and then also this evening. I think that some one might even be outside now playing as well. The kitchen is clean, and now my blog is written. I have a fairly large list of things that I want to do tomorrow-plus I  should be getting a shipment of school books for next year, so I want to finish my chores before they arrive so it should be a busy day!

March 16, 2024

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  • None of the girls were home last night, but the boys' room was full and noisy-I have no idea what time they went to bed. Graham was the first one stirring this morning, and he was actually downstairs before Robby and I left.
  • Our first stop this morning was no where near here-Riverside Grocery which is just a gas station, but they have cinnamon rolls...which we missed! Oh, well, another day. We then went to a Mexican grocery store in Benton. 
  • We bought some pastries there, but really our only winner was the cream cheese churro. Every thing else we bought wasn't that great. The boys have munched on some things during the day, but there are still two things left in the kitchen. 
  • The winner from the Mexican store was the tamales that we bought. Robby and I ate them for supper tonight, and they were delicious for sure. Now, I do think that tamales need a little something so mine were covered in salsa and sour cream.
  • When I volunteered at the pregnancy center, I would always pass a meat place, and I always wanted to stop and get him a sandwich. Well, we did today. Though, I don't think that we chose the best one-we just got a bbq sandwich so it was fine, but not great. Graham did eat half of it when we finally made it home. 
  • We also managed to do 2 mystery shop stops before picking up Keaton from the house that she spent the night at. We then went home to divide up all of the food that we came home with. 
  • Robby then worked in the camper for a little bit while I read, took a short nap, and then made apple muffins. They are decent, but I didn't see the part in the recipe about turning the oven temperature down so I really could have burnt them, and they are quite possibly a smidge overdone. 
  • Then Robby and I went to Grannymom's house for a little bit. While we were there, Campbell made it back from her night out-she had lots of fun and had a big day-even bought a sweater. We ran to the grocery store before going home to pick up a few things.
  • Everyone had already eaten some type of supper, so the kids all played pickleball while Robby and I ate. Now, they will begin cycling through the shower for tomorrow while I read some and Robby watches basketball.

March 15, 2024

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  • I did nothing really all day long-well, I did take Graham to work at 1, Campbell to a friend's house at 2, and Keaton to a friend's house at 4:30. So really if you need a ride anywhere, I'm your gal!
  • Here is the day in a bit of detail-though there really isn't much. Reagan went to her house sitting gig around 10 and stayed there until work time. That is why I took Graham to work.
  • I then went to the library to pick up some books because that was my fun activity for the day. On the way to the library, Campbell wrote asking about spending the night at a friend's house. I should have been proactive then and had Keaton find a friend to come over here, but I wasn't.
  • So a bit later, during my afternoon nap, Keaton asked if she could spend the night at a friend's house, and I was soon back in the car driving back to Bryant. I could be convinced to move someplace closer some days.
  • Other than that, we didn't leave the house today and it was pretty nice. I just sat in my chair and read and slept. After work, Reagan dropped Graham off and picked up some supper to make and left again. She did get her senior pictures scheduled next week so that will be a fun activity.
  • The baseball game is on right now, and it is just me here with a house full of men. Everyone has found their own suppers-no one wanted any of my chickpea masala. 

March 14, 2024

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  • Thursdays are just the best day around here. Robby and I have always loved Thursdays, and now the kids love it too. I think that they love that this is the last day of school for them-that would certainly make me happy. 
  • Now seeing that I neglected to run the dishwasher yesterday did not make me happy at all. That started my day off poorly-and it will start my day off poorly in the morning when I have a crammed full dishwasher to empty.
  • We did our school work and then Campbell and I went to work in the kitchen. Campbell made a batch of sour dough pretzels while I made a chocolate chip pie. It took me about 15 minutes to make my pie, but it took Campbell most of the afternoon to finish her project.
  • I heard talk of a pickleball game, so I quickly grabbed Whitman for spelling with the promise of being done before anyone went outside. We quickly spelled, and then I took Bentley on a walk. I was expected rain all day long, but surprisingly we have yet to get any. (The sirens just went off here, but it looks like so far we will miss the rain.)
  • Reagan was going to have to go to work today, but it was cancelled because of the storms coming. Robby went to his coaches meeting for soccer, and on the way home, he grabbed pizzas on the way home so we could fully celebrate pi day with pizza pies and a real pie.
  • While he was gone, most of the time I was outside playing pickleball. This was at least the second time today that most people had played pickleball outside. When Robby came home, we ate our pizza, and most of us hung out in the living room watching tv.
  • I eventually had to call down all of the upstairs people for a few minutes because of the weather, but that soon passed and now everyone has left, and it is just Robby, Bentley, and I in the living room. Poor Bentley is not moving from her spot-the thunder terrifies her! She doesn't whine, but she gets as close to one of us as she can.

March 13, 2024

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  • This was a fairly normal school day-Graham and Reagan leave early so Graham has to hurry through things. Whitman took a five minute break today every time that he completed a certain number of school things. I urged him not to do this because I thought it would take him a lot longer, but I guess he figured it all out and was done at about his normal time.
  • A bit after lunch, I left with Robby to go and pick up some of his medicine, and then we ran to Kroger for a few things. We bought really nothing that we could use to make a meal, but we felt like we got a few really good deals so that was fun.
  • Back at home, I tried to work with Whitman but he quickly mentioned that they were about to have a pickleball game. So I let him do that while I walked Bentley and did a few other things on my list. When I went to find him again, he was quick to say that they were about to play football-they were not, but he was pulling out all of the stops to get out of spelling today (it didn't work).
  • Reagan and Graham came home at 4, and Reagan, Campbell, and Keaton left soon after that. My car load was the next to leave around 5:10-Graham likes to be there early so he rushes us to leave, but he doesn't want to go as early as Reagan though.
  • After church, Anderson and Campbell went to ChickFilA while the rest of us hurried home. I am afraid that Graham spent most of church tonight watching the Hogs play. We were able to listen to the last few minutes of overtime on the way home. 
  • Robby had tacos for our supper. We pretty much devoured them, and he had to make us some more. Campbell and Anderson are on their way home now from their outing, while I am covered up in a blanket-I thought that it was supposed to get warm!

March 12, 2024

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  • In case you were wondering, we were back to our old sides of the bed last night. Sleeping on my regular side didn't help me get up any quicker though I wasn't in a huge hurry this morning because I knew I had very little laundry to fold today.
  • Now, little laundry this morning means lots of laundry tonight and tomorrow morning. We started our school this morning, but gracious the kids kept looking at their phones tracking Pops-they knew that he was bringing them doughnuts this morning.
  • After Nonna and Pops stopped by, I finished working with Campbell, Graham, and then Whitman. Then I quickly got myself ready, and Campbell drove me to Nonna's house. She made lunch for Graham, Campbell, and Keaton. 
  • We visited for a little bit, and then Graham drove us to the library and then to home. Everyone was getting their driving practice in today. We weren't home for too long before Reagan left for her work and Anderson left for Raymar to work. He took Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman with him-they went to get a drink, but I think that they had fun.
  • Everyone trickled in from their jobs, while Robby was making pork tenderloin for supper. I added green beans, crescent rolls, and mashed potatoes. We all ate at the table, and then folks dispersed. 
  • Keaton is making some type of dessert while Robby and I are watching a tv show. Bentley is destroying a toy, and most folks are cycling through the showers.

March 11, 2024

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  • For some reason last night, Robby thought that we should switch sides of the bed. We did, and I slept just fine, but I am not so sure how he slept because when we woke up, Bentley had taken over most of Robby's spot. I would bet that we will be back to our regular sides tonight.
  • When my alarm did ring, Robby had to hand me my phone to turn it off this morning. I hit snooze the normal amount of times today leaving myself no time for the laundry before starting school. That was fine though because I did squeeze in getting a few loaves of bread ready to bake. 
  • I should try to wake up in time to do the laundry before the school day starts, but I am having more and more free time during the day. This free time comes in short 10 minute segments, but that does allow me to finish that pesky laundry. Today I even worked on a shirt that Reagan had found in the bins in the attic-it had originally had pleats in the sleeves to make them puffy, but the pleats had been pulled out so I fixed that.
  • Soon almost everyone was finished with school-Anderson was working on an essay so that took a bit of time. Graham was pleased that I finally sliced my bread before he did have to leave for work. It was a success-we all had some. Graham then left for work with Reagan for the afternoon.
  • Keaton spent a good deal of time outside today-she went on a run, played soccer with Whitman, and right now she is outside with everyone but Reagan and Whitman playing pickleball. We worked on Reagan's old cleats to clean them up for her, so she made use of them today.
  • I worked on the attic a little bit and have found a few things to get rid of up there. Then all too soon it was supper time. I heated up some chicken pasta along with some grilled cheese for tonight. Everyone ate and afterwards, we did some quick chores. 
  • Now it is already 8, and that makes me sad! The kids are out playing so that is good at least, but bedtime will come all too soon.

March 10, 2024

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  • This morning when my alarm rang, I looked at my clock and couldn't figure out how I had set my alarm to ring an hour early. Thankfully, it didn't take me too long to realize that it was time change Sunday and I needed to get out of the bed.
  • Robby had already woken everyone up, but I did have to turn the lights on Anderson to go ahead and get him up. He can get up to watch a race, but other times he doesn't jump up too quickly. 
  • Campbell had worship care this morning, but Keaton and Whitman sat with us. We still are kind of liking our new spots-we feel a bit more apart of church and not so much like outsiders. After church, Whitman stayed after church with the children's ministry for some Olympic games, and I stayed to help.
  • We had pizza and cookies, and the kids played a few games. While we were there, everyone else went to Grannymom's house for Sunday lunch. They stayed for a bit and did have to stop for gas on the way home. We all arrived home at about the same time.
  • I had myself a long afternoon nap, but soon it was time for people to start leaving for church. Graham and Anderson were the first ones to leave today for Rock Creek. Then Keaton and Reagan left-Reagan was able to drop Keaton off at her life group before going to her own. Finally, Robby, Campbell, and I left to take her to her lifegroup. This did leave Whitman at home, but next year his Sunday nights will finally be full.
  • Robby and I dropped off Campbell, and since we didn't have to time to go home really, we went to Chilis to eat supper. Then we picked up Campbell and then picked up Keaton. The boys beat us home and even had their pizza in the oven by the time that we made it home. 
  • Now, everyone has eaten, or even eaten twice. Reagan isn't yet home, but the rest of the people are fairly quiet, maybe time change is catching up with us.

March 9, 2024

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  • I have four recipes that I want to master this year: chicken tortilla soup like at ChickFilA, chocolate chip scones, chocolate chip biscuits, and rolls like Texas Roadhouse. Earlier this year, I found the perfect soup recipe. 
  • Today, I think I mastered the scones. However, I was out of milk so I had to alter the recipe some. First there was supposed to be 2 tablespoons of heavy cream in the recipe, but I already knew I was going to use milk for that. Imagine my surprise when I opened the fridge to find no milk so I substituted some sour cream for that. Then I needed milk to mix with sugar for the tops of the scones, so I had to use an egg wash and sugar instead. I guess I need to make some notes on the recipe so I can recreate it when the time comes.
  • After we had some scones, Robby and I went to do his mystery shop for the day and drop it off at Grannymom's house. We stayed there until the end of the Hog game, and then we went to Kroger for a few things-and milk was one of them.
  • Back at home, Robby rearranged his office, Reagan emptied the dishwasher, Keaton and Whitman played soccer upstairs, and then played Mario Kart with Anderson, and I did a bit of school work and read some as well.
  • Tonight I was super pleased with out supper-I was able to dole out quite a few leftovers. Graham at the girls' leftover sandwiches from Friday, Anderson had Robby's leftover Sonic burger, I had the kids' leftover orange chicken, Reagan had my leftover food from BJs, Keaton had leftover meatballs, and Robby and Campbell split a frozen pizza. It is pretty nice to clean out the fridge a little bit!
  • Then I urged everyone to start on their showers and now I'm considering going to bed since tomorrow is time change.

March 8, 2024

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  • I always feel a bit like a slacker mom on Fridays, but for the most part, I did my own thing today. When I did get up, Whitman was already awake. I asked why he was up so early since this wasn't a school day, but he explained that Graham had set an alarm at 7.
  • I'm not sure exactly about that because Graham did get up early, but not until about 9:30. Anderson was up before Graham and came downstairs to watch some of one of his car races.
  • I made cinnamon muffins this morning. They were a solid B, I thought, but Anderson said they were a C. I wasn't too broken hearted over his grade, since it was quite a bit of work for just 12 muffins. If I'm going to have to work hard, I would prefer to make 2 or three dozen muffins.
  • I was a bit worried that it was going to rain later today, which it did, so I took Bentley on an early walk. I brushed her, she pottied, I listened to my book-we were very productive, but that is about the extent of my productivity today.
  • Robby, Campbell, Keaton, and I went to eat out for lunch. Then we had a few Sonics to drive through. When we came home, I read some and then had myself a wonderful Friday afternoon nap.
  • Robby and I then went to eat supper with the Wilsons-we had Mexican, and goodness, our taquito was so good. It was my favorite part of the meal. After eating we walked around Walmart, and bought a few of the Walmart brand candy bars and had a taste test with the real things: Snickers and Twix. And not surprisingly, the real candy bar brands won!
  • Then we watched the last half of the Bryant and Central basketball game. Now Robby is working on his mystery shop reports, but otherwise, the house is fairly quiet.

March 7, 2024

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  • I usually keep up with the weather, but I sure was not expecting rain this morning. I didn't even notice it when I got out of bed. When I walked through the mudroom though, I just stopped and stared at the rain like I had never seen it before. 
  • I debated not taking Bentley out for her morning potty, and just trying to keep her near Robby so he would hear and take her. However, I decided that I should take her so that rain did make that a bit harder-though I don't think that she likes the rain because she gets her business done quickly when it is raining.
  • We did the school thing-the big boys still have some work to do tomorrow while the others are finished for the week. Well, Whitman has spelling to do tomorrow, but we do that every Friday. 
  • The adventure for the day was taking Anderson and Graham out to look for dress shirts. Of course their little sisters came as well. We were able to find a few shirts for both boys at Old Navy, but then we ran to Academy so Graham could look for some shorts, but we didn't have any luck there.
  • I had told Anderson that we only had those two stops, so he was a little cross when I remembered that I needed to buy Reagan deodorant. Keaton and I ran into Target-and I mean ran-we were back in the car in about 4 minutes, but we had to wait in line to check out so that definitely slowed us down.
  • Back at home, I spend the rest of the afternoon walking Bentley (we didn't get very far since there was a scary dog outside) and reading. Reagan went to work late and came home late. Keaton, Campbell, Robby, and I ran to Costco to get gas and pick up some pizza supper for all of us. We even splurged and bought cookies!

March 6, 2024

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  • Another school morning that I am struggling to get out of bed. I feel like I might do better staying up all night than having to get up. I have had to cut my morning chores down though I still get them done during school. 
  • It is pretty surprising how quickly I can put on my clothes, empty the dishwasher, take the dog out, wake people up, and start school-all of that can be done in about 15 minutes if you are moving pretty quickly.
  • We did the school thing-but this is the morning that Graham doesn't have much time at all. He didn't even get a chance to work on his next test that he has to take. Reagan and he headed off to work before noon. 
  • Robby was out at lunch time doing some shops so the boys all had Sonic hamburgers while the girls all had Sonic drinks. Graham mentioned on the way home that Sonic is a fine hamburger, but not spectacular. People tonight at church were talking about Davids, and that did sound really good to both of us. 
  • However, Robby had quesadillas for all of us when we came home. Anderson and Campbell went to ChickFilA with their friends so they didn't have our yummy supper. Robby even had cookies ready for us. 
  • I had intended to make some bread this evening, but I didn't calculate my timing right so I will have to do that another day which is fine. I had also planned to make muffins early today but didn't have all of my ingredients. 
  • Right now the ChickFilAers are on their way home, and we are eating cookies and watching tv-a pretty perfect ending to the day.

March 5, 2024

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  • This was the busiest day on the calendar for the week, and it really wasn't too busy. This morning we did our school work. Everyone's math right now seems to be pretty easy-they are all at the end or the beginning of their math books so there is more easy math which makes everyone's day go by quicker.
  • At noon, Graham had his second Accuplacer test. If you remember, he was just a few points short last time. This time, however, he had not really been putting much effort into studying so I wasn't too sure how the score would turn out. He rocked it though, and now he just has to take the math portion of it in a few weeks.
  • We came home for a little bit, and then Graham, Anderson, Campbell, and Keaton left again for Raymar. Anderson was working during Upward soccer evals, but the others were earning money for camps. They said that things were super slow today so they spent a good deal of time just hanging out.
  • Reagan, Robby, and I were the next to leave. We met down the road for Reagan's first time to vote. That was fun, and the poll workers even clapped for when they found out she was a first time voter. 
  • She went on to work, and we came home. Poor Whitman is missing out on a lot of the comings and goings lately. He doesn't seem to care at all though, but I wish he had a few more activities, but that time will definitely come for him.
  • The Raymar people came home, and Reagan wasn't too far behind them. I had made spaghetti and meatballs for some of the people. Then most of us left again for the boys' last basketball game.
  • This was the first game of the tournament, and they didn't fare so well. They only lost by 8 or so. The other team was super aggressive so it kind of psyched our boys out early on. Both boys did really well, but Anderson probably had his best game and acted more like a football player out on the court.
  • We came home, and the boys had showers and quite a few folks had ice cream. Now Robby, Keaton, Campbell, Whitman, and I are watching a tv show before bed.

March 4, 2024

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  • For a Monday this was a pretty busy Monday for most of the kids at least. We did our school thing, and everyone seemed to be a pretty good mood. Most people were finished by noon which gave them time to do their chores.
  • Reagan and Graham were the first ones out of the door to head to work. When they left, Graham told me to save him some bread. This was a my second attempt at sourdough bread, and I think that it was pretty good. It was a tiny loaf, but it is almost gone so I think that people liked it. Whitman even came back into the kitchen for a second piece.
  • Campbell, Keaton, and Anderson were the next to leave. They went to Raymar to work soccer evaluations. Of course Anderson was busy, but Campbell and Keaton stayed busy the whole time working-until the little hail storm popped up and ended evals early.
  • That just left Whitman at the house alone most of the afternoon-we did pass some of the time doing his spelling! He loved that of course. Robby also brought him home a Sonic drink so that made him happy. 
  • Soon the worker people were on their way home, and I was on my way out the door. I had a girls' night where we took and left with people's favorite things. It was a fun night, and I made it home earlier than usual for a night out.
  • The kids were just going to bed when I came in so I was able to tell everyone good night. 

March 3, 2024

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  • Well, if poor Bentley has a few more nights like she has had the last few nights, then she is going back to her kennel. She wakes up and wants to leave our room, so she just comes and stares and breathes on me. She was up like a newborn last night, and I am way too old for that mess.
  • I guess it was a good thing that we didn't sleep much because we were too tired to rest well so that meant that we woke up when our alarms went off. Robby made cinnamon rolls for the kids and the extras. I had my shower and started waking people off, and soon we were all off to church.
  • Robby and I tried out a new spot today for church. It was different-I couldn't see everyone which probably helps me not be as distracted and it was not freezing cold so we might just end up there next week too.
  • After church we went to Nonna and Pops' house for Sunday lunch. They had everyone's favorite-pork tenderloin. We stayed, ate, and visited for a good while. Then we all headed home-I believe that everyone in this house had a nap except for Whitman. 
  • When Campbell went to get ready for Rock Creek, she went upstairs and wrote me that everyone was asleep. Anderson said that he wasn't sleeping, but it sure was quiet all afternoon. I guess all of the kids were tired-or maybe they are banking some extra sleep for this week ahead.
  • Everyone but Whitman went to Rock Creek tonight, and then we all met up at the Wilson's house for Sunday supper. The kids ate and then headed home, but Robby and I stayed and chatted for a while. We are back home now, and I am starting two try my second batch of sourdough bread! (I did make some chocolate chip muffins today, and they were good so that was a success, but really there are probably a lot of good recipes for chocolate chip muffins.)

March 1, 2024-Happy Very Belated Birthday (Party) Campbell

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  • The day started off kind of quiet, but it is ending pretty loud! Anderson was the first one awake and was downstairs watching car racing pretty early this morning. Bentley joined him on the couch for the last few laps of the race.
  • Robby and I ran a few errands this morning-he had 2 mystery shops while I had a porch pick up of some dog toys. I have been the one giving stuff away from my porch, but this is only the second time that I have picked something up-the first was a graphing calculator about a year ago, and then today I picked up two bags of dog toys. They have been washed, and now Bentley is enjoying the ones that we have let her have-the others, we have saved for Christmas.
  • When we left for our errands, Campbell was up and working on her balloon arch for her party. She bought a thing from Amazon which came with a ton of decorations. It also came with balloons to make an arch, and that girl did a great job. Now she struggled hanging it up, but it looked super cute.
  • The big boys went to play basketball this afternoon. They were gone for almost 3 hours and came back home sweaty messes. They had fun though. Keaton was the next one to leave this afternoon-she had a birthday party to go to. She was gone for most of Campbell's party, but she came home with 10 dollars because she was able to eat a lime without making a face.
  • Campbell's birthday was the next to happen. Whitman had been in his pajamas, but Anderson told him to put on clothes since all of the people were coming over. However, Whitman did a good job hiding from all of those girls, but he soon had his shower and ended up back in his pajamas.
  • Campbell had a slew of friends over-so, so many girls. It was incredibly noisy, but I think that she would say that it was incredibly fun! They had pizza for supper, played some games, hit the volley ball, ate Spiderman birthday cake, and took a lot of pictures. They even have a photo circle that I am going to have to join to get some pictures from this evening!
  • I think that most of the birthday guests have now left, so the evening will start quietening down a little bit!....maybe!

March 1, 2024

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  • Fridays are always fun around here especially since there isn't much school happening. Robby had his Dgroup this morning so he was up and gone early. I just stayed right in bed until he came back though.
  • When I did get up, I started on my chores. I tried to be productive since Campbell is having her little belated birthday here tomorrow. Campbell worked more on the bonus room today, and tomorrow there is big balloon arch plans.
  • I was able to read quite a bit of my book plus do spelling with Whitman. It is his very favorite time of the day for sure-he acts like he hates it, but I know that he doesn't really. Actually, Anderson and Whitman spent a good deal of time today playing some video game together.
  • Graham and Reagan went to work this afternoon while Robby, Keaton, Campbell, and I went to a few stores. First we had to pick up Campbell's Spiderman birthday cake. Then Keaton had to go buy her friend a birthday present, and finally, Robby had a mystery shop.
  • Then we headed home. Supper tonight was fend for yourself night-Robby and I had meatloaf, but there will be no surprise for you to read that we had no one else that wanted meatloaf. It was pretty decent for frozen meatloaf. 
  • After we ate, we picked up the Wilsons for a Kroger and Crumble run. Crumble had our favorite cornbread cookie this week so that was fun. Plus we had a few things on the grocery list. I had plans of starting my sourdough bread again tonight, but by the time that I made it home, the starter had already deflated-and really, since I have no idea what I'm doing, I thought I better wait.