July 31, 2012

Puzzle Man!
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  • Campbell and Graham were the first ones up (as usual) this morning meaning Robby had to hurry around to leave for work
  • After pancakes & waffles for breakfast, we did half of our school for the day (Nonna was helping Papaw to a doctor's appointment.)
  • Before 10:00 it was time to head to Nonna's where Nonna had play-dough waiting for the kids, painting was a choice too but the boys out voted Reagan
  • A quick bite of lunch and then we headed back home to finish the last half of school
  • Campbell and Keaton had their afternoon naps while the others played pirates in the bathroom sink and Anderson worked a Spiderman puzzle
  • Corn dogs for supper before Robby got home because I was headed out as soon as he got home for a CommCentral school meeting and then off to Bunko
  • The kids played some more in the toy room, then Graham convinced Robby that I said they could have another round of graham crackers and icing for a snack.  
  • The big kids watched a few movies, including Graham's choice of The Cake Boss (so funny to watch the 3 big kids watching it.)  Campbell and Keaton helped Robby clean out the fridge and freezer (enjoying playing with frozen teething rings - Campbell maybe more than Keaton)
  • After teeth brushing and prayers, everyone headed to bed. All were out pretty quickly except for Campbell who was still going strong and asking "where my momma?"

July 30, 2012

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  • Well Christmas came early this morning-Graham was the first one to remember that we had said we would put the bikes together last night.  So when Robby headed out this morning, everyone followed wearing their pajamas.  They rode for a bit before breakfast and were crazy hot before coming in.
  • Here is the run down of our bike riding skills: Graham-should be called Speedy Graham, no fear and hops off quickly when bike is about to fall.  Anderson-a bit slower than Graham but probably the best rider.  Reagan-hasn't had much biking practice so her little legs can barely take her anywhere.  Much improvement during the day though.  Campbell-well, we knew she couldn't ride her bike since she can't peddle and it is even a bit big for her.  But we couldn't have not gotten her one-she would have been crushed.  She loves pushing it around following the others.  
  • We cooled off inside with breakfast and then school.  Anderson has a long list of his sight words that he is reading well-trying to have him read them a few times each day.  Graham has a few letters and sounds that he is reviewing on the board.  Campbell goes over Graham's letters but really needs to be working on her colors (poor uneducated, unpotty trained child).  Reagan is just thrilled about her Olympic medal graphs that we will start tomorrow.
  • After school, we had lunch and read a few books.  Still reading the Magic Tree house books-Anderson and Reagan are hooked.  We then all did our chores together with a bit of fingernail clipping/painting.  Campbell was so happy that I painted Keaton's toes.  Soon it was naptime and I scurried around working while everyone was quiet/sleeping.  
  • At 4, I woke everyone up and started reading a few stories.  Soon Robby was home and we had supper.  Tried baked potatoes again-Graham still had none of his but Reagan and Anderson gobbled it up.  Campbell did eat some more of hers today.  And of course, Keaton eats anything in front of her.  If 4 out of 5 Dennie kids like a meal, it is a keeper.  
  • Then outside for more bike riding.  We walked down the street aways a few times and they all improved.  Of course, everyone was happy to come in for popsicles when we finally finished.  Campbell spent most of her bike riding time tonight pushing her bike, riding in the stroller, telling Graham to slow down, telling Reagan to turn around and pushing Anderson up the incline.  She stayed quite busy.  And during popsicle time, Keaton grabbed Reagan's popsicle (Reagan had been giving her bites).  Keaton would not let go and then successfully finished off the entire popsicle-she was a sticky mess when it was over but she was a happy, sticky mess.
  • Then it was time for a showers and pajamas.  We haven't heard from anyone since laying them down-oh, well, I guess we did forget to get the monitor out!  Oooops!

July 29, 2012-Happy Birthday Graham!

Happy 4th Birthday Graham!
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  • Weekend birthdays get celebrated for days around here.  Today was Graham's official birthday so after getting ready this morning, we drove through Burger King and picked up cinna minis for the kids.  When we lived on Gamble this was our traditional Sunday morning breakfast but since moving out to the sticks we have biscuits and gravy instead (or usually white donuts) on Sundays.  But 4 year old birthdays call for cinna minis.
  • During big church, a man tore through a phone book to promote church tonight.  Seriously, he just ripped the phone book in half-we practically had to pick Anderson up off of the floor.  He had never seen anything like that before and especially not in church.  When I told him that Daddy would try to do it this afternoon, his eyes were huge.  We did forgot to whip out the old phone book and practicing our tearing skills.
  • Next up was worship care in Graham's class.  We usually bounce between Keaton and Campbell's classes and haven't been in Graham's class since before Christmas.    Graham was pretty clingy to us but  since it was his birthday, that was fine.  It was a busy place and when I realized that will be the crew that we will have next year in Sunday school, I get a little worried.  There are some wild little boys in that class.
  • We had Graham's birthday lunch at Grannymom's house.  His was so happy to have mini cupcakes and was thrilled that he could have seconds because it was his birthday.  Robby and Campbell ran an errand to Home Depot while Grannymom and Reagan went to check on Wilson (Dana's dog).  The rest of us, stayed and worked on building a boat out of some of Grannymom's construction toys.  Our boat was pretty impressive though I do hate to brag! (I did most of the work-shhh!)
  • Back at home, I worked on school stuff, Robby worked on his outside sink and the garage, Campbell and Keaton slept, Reagan, Anderson and Graham watched a few movies and then played.  I met Jodee and brought Kennedy to the house for a bit and everyone played together then-some form of princess/knights/nerf gun/hiding and seek game.  I never understood what was going on except that the girls were running from the boys while wearing princess dresses yet the boys were protecting the girls with their nerf guns.  Eventually, I had enough and called everyone down to eat and for a few library stories.
  • Then they went up for more playing while Keaton stayed with me in the kitchen and then outside.  Jodee arrived, Robby showered and then we sang Happy Birthday to Graham and finished off the birthday cupcakes.  I let him open his present from us and he was tickled with his little dinosaur book.
  • Campbell said her prayers tonight and she deviated from her usual "thank you God, amen" and said "thank you God see Grandpa, see Grannymom, amen." (Thank you God that we saw Grandpa and Grannymom today).
  • After the kids went to bed, our living room was turned into Santa's workshop.  We had promised the kids bikes when we had a garage and since it is finished, I used Graham's nutrition center money and bought everyone bikes.  They are going to be beside themselves with excitement tomorrow.  Now of course, they will have to do school first-I bet it will be the best (and fastest) day of school ever.  Ha!

July 28, 2012

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  • Well this was another day to celebrate Graham's birthday and we started this morning with our traditional doughnut breakfast birthday.  Reagan has been on a kick lately to have everyone wear the same colors but the boys were already in different colored shirts so she was disappointed.  We all loaded up and then loaded up for Dunkin' Donuts.  The line was long but the kids waited fairly patiently while Keaton and I held a booth.  
  • We put our candle in his doughnut and Graham smiled from ear to ear.  And after doughnuts Reagan gave Graham his gift from her-a homemade pirate hat, a card and a little baggie full of money.  I had tried to tell her not to give him so much (it was 2.??) but she said he needed it all.  Sweet little girl.
  • We had a quick stop at Home Depot on the way home and then the kids tore into the house pushing, shoving and shouting trying to get to the new remote control car first.  Since Robby and I were going to work outside for a bit, I made them come outside.  Needless to say they were not pleased with me though by the end they did find something to do-while still complaining about being outside and being hot.  
  • Robby laid some stepping stones to our outside sink and I put up the rest of the party stuff.  By the end of our hour and a half outside we were hot, hot, hot. Showers for everyone and then birthday party leftovers for lunch.  Then it was the highlight of day for the kids-putting together the hot wheels wall track.  It didn't take too long for Robby to do considering he had five helpers-yep, Keaton was even in on the mix.  
  • Sometime today, I asked Campbell if she could count.  She said "1, 2, here I come, ready or not."  Maybe we have a bit more work to do.
  • After they played for awhile, it was nap time.  I had told the kids because of how they acted earlier they would have to rest.  So Keaton and Campbell had their naps and Reagan, Anderson and Graham all laid in the living room with books.  I went up to the den to chat with Robby for a minute and came down.  Anderson immediately asked me to read a book and then Reagan did.  By the last book, my eyes were so heavy and blurry that I could barely get the words out.  
  • So I did what anyone would do-I sent them to watch a movie!  I did get Graham to lay down with me for a bit but he soon left but then I found out that little guy went up to take a nap with Robby.  After naps/rests for everyone we all changed again out of our pajamas (yes, we all put on our pjs after our showers) and left the house again.
  • This time for Whole Hog and then Orange Leaf-since it was just right next door.  During supper, I took a picture of Anderson and before he smiled at me, he made sure that he turned his cup so the camera could see the logo.  Graham got himself birthday cake ice cream!  Back at home, everyone had a few more minutes to play and then time to pick up-everyone always wants to play and no one ever wants to pick up!  

July 27, 2012-Happy 4th Birthday Graham

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  • Graham was the first up and I asked him what we were going to do today and he said "I don't know" but then I reminded him that today was birthday party day.  His smile was from ear to ear.  He was so excited about his party but I overheard him telling Campbell "I love you Campbell" and she shot back "No Graham, I love my mommy."  Soon everyone was waking up and Robby was heading out the door for work.
  • We had our breakfast and then started school.  It was a bit crazy this morning because Keaton was eating everything that she could get her hands on and even knocked down Anderson's drawers full of work.  Today the highlight was getting to play on the ipad (educational games of course!) for 10 minutes when they finished their work.  One of Reagan's assignments today was to write a note to someone and she wrote me a note "Thank you for being my mommy."  Just made my day.
  • After school, the Dennie kid cleaning crew went to work.  We had this house in pretty good shape by lunch, had our lunch and then went outside to start to work.  I sat the tables up and the kids carried all of the chairs.  They helped me hammer the game directions on the tree, fill the pool full of dirt and a number of other things.  We were hot and tired when we finished.  Actually, I did sit down for a few minutes while we were working just looking up at the dark clouds that were nearby.  I was wondering if I should stop setting stuff out and start putting stuff back in the house.  But after doing what all I had done I was committed and kept dragging stuff out for Graham's party.
  • While we were out, I heard Campbell saying something to Keaton.  She said it a few times and I couldn't understand her.  But Reagan understood and said "she has ants on her?"  I raced over to Keaton and ants had crawled up her stroller and were all over that child.  Thankfully they were tiny ants (seem less harmless to me).  I jerked Keaton up and started stripping off her clothes and brushing ants off of her.  She was as happy as she could be the whole time and it looked like she only was bitten twice on her back.
  • I brought everyone in and fed them popsicles until Nonna arrived.  She washed everyone and I put the little girls to bed.  Then I put Nonna to work chopping tomatoes, chicken and oranges.  Before too long, Robby was home and it was nearing Graham's party.  We managed to get everything done but the few minutes before were a bit crazy-there is always so many last minute things to do.
  • I think Graham truly enjoyed his party.  His guests included Kennedy, Kennedy, Camryn, Laynie, Phoebe, Josh, Zach, Grant, Whit, Chase, Alyssa Kate, Will, Caleb, Caroline and Reagan, Anderson, Campbell and Keaton.  We had pirate gold (cheese balls), pirate teeth (popcorn), sea water (drinks), today's catch (goldfish), cannon balls (grapes) and a huge smorgasbord of a tortilla bar.  
  • After everyone ate, we started the games.  First we did Captain Hook's pretzels were the kids took turns scooping up 4 pretzels with a hook to earn a pirate hat.  Then the kids all walked across a plank to a find some treasure in a kiddie pool.   Next was swabbing the deck with brooms and a soccer ball to earn an eye glass followed by a peg leg race to earn a final eye patch.
  • Next up was a customary group picture followed by cake.  Graham was so excited to blow out his candle atop his pirate birthday cake.  After those cake, cupcakes and ice cream, we opened presents.  Graham racked up-shoes, underwear, pajamas, a train and track, a car track, buzz, little pirate toys, a pirate ship, remote control car, matchbox truck, matchbox wall thing, buzz fishing game, a pirate backpack, dump truck, box full of spiderman stuff and lots of other stuff (I'm too tired to get up and go look! But trust me it is alot of stuff).  
  • Next up was ignoring the burn ban and did a few sparklers-well at least 20 one for each of the kids and it was quite smokey.  They all did good and thankfully no one was burned!  We had run out of time to make treasure maps with my pirate stickers so some people took their stickers home.  So I still have a zillion pirate stickers but I am sue that they will be used!  
  • After the party, everyone pitched in a cleaned up.  The kids enjoyed playing with Graham's new toys-Josh helped put quite a few toys together for me.  Then my crew all had showers and finally went to bed after 10.  They had had a wonderful day-Reagan said "this felt like my birthday" and Anderson now realized that a birthday for Graham is really for him too since he gets to play with all of Graham's new toys.  And Graham's day probably couldn't have been more perfect!  

July 26, 2012

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  • I heard Graham and Campbell over the monitor and I was sure that it was time to wake up.  I didn't realize that it was still middle of the night until I walked past a window and then back tracked to check the time (2 am).  Graham had a wet bed so I had to fix that and calm Campbell down.  She is such a light sleep that she is always woken up when someone else wakes up.  Later Graham called me back upstairs to fix his covers-I tried to elbow Robby but he was sound asleep.
  • When everyone did wake up, it didn't take too long for everyone to get their clothes on.  Of course, Campbell's blessed pink shorts were in the wash.  She kept crying to me "get them out" and "they dry" but alas she had to wear a skirt that I had to pin her down to put on her.
  • As everyone else was walking out the door to get in the car, I snatched Keaton out of bed.  Her little teeth must have bothered her this morning because she wasn't her happy content self.  Or maybe she was just jealous of having to share her Grannymom time with Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell, Josh and Zach.  And yes, I did drop my kids of at Grannymom's house to go to work leaving her with 7 kids-though I really didn't think about all of that until I was back in the car!  They all survived though and things seemed peaceful when I walked back in.
  • After an early lunch, we all loaded up and headed downtown to go through the nature center and then to the museum of discovery.  The kids had a blast at both places.  We do have a science center pass from our Space Camp visit which makes our museum of discovery visits free so we will be going back.
  • The favorites were: the bed of nails (Anderson), the castle type room for little kids (Reagan), the scarf blowing things (Campbell), the bones (me) and the pulley chairs (Graham).  I might should have even counted today as a  school day since it was an educational type trip-though I did make them to their phonics at Grannymom's house and then their math tonight (mean, mean, I'm mean like that-though no one really seemed to mind especially since I told them we wouldn't have to do those things tomorrow).
  • Campbell fell asleep on the way home, Keaton drank her milk and I tried to keep Graham up for our Sonic stop on the way home.  We were all hot, tired and needed a sonic fix.  Reagan said "I just wish we could stop for a drink" and when I told her we were, she thanked and thanked me.
  • At home, they played, watched a movie, had supper and then we went outside to work on Graham's party stuff.  We did a bit of last minute raking and table moving before the big shin dig tomorrow.  The kids were shower worthy when we came in so we had to hose everyone off and then send them to bed-and not a peep was heard from them tonight.       

July 25, 2012

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  • Campbell and Graham were up again this morning during my shower-laying in my bed drinking their milk.  Cute little things.  Then they moved and sat on the step until I was ready.  Campbell had dug her beloved pink shorts out of the dirty laundry pile and convinced me that they were clean enough to wear so she was ready to get her clothes on.
  • We then went upstairs to wake up everyone else and Anderson was ready to get downstairs to start reading the magic tree house book.  He might be a bit obsessed and was so disappointed when I only read two chapters at breakfast (though I did finish it at lunch).  The book scared Graham a bit so he always wants me to stop reading but Reagan and Anderson want me to continue.  Today, I noticed Campbell just staring at me as I read-she usually listens well to picture books but doesn't attend to chapter books at all-but maybe she did a bit today.
  • Keaton woke up with a runny nose and was a bit tired most of the day but she was quite entertaining at school today-crawling from desk to desk and then gaining the attention of whoever was sitting there but also grabbing at all papers and pencils that she could get her hands on.  
  • After yesterday, school did go much better today.  Graham does get his work done quickly and then doesn't leave which is fine.  I am just going to have to give him more work in his box because everything that I pulled out for him to do today he didn't want to do.  Campbell chooses to do nothing that I have put her in box but she does manage to stay busy and relatively quiet so that is fine with me.  Reagan's got a bit frustrated with her math today (not because she didn't know how to do it but because everyone else was finishing and she wasn't).  Anyway, when I told her that her last thing was a typing game she did perk right up.  Anderson continues to surprise me with how well he is doing-I truly thought he would balk at everything that I have lined up for him to do.
  • After school, I gave everyone a few chores-Reagan folding the laundry, Anderson downstairs trash cans, Graham upstairs trash cans.  Pretty soon I will just be able to eat my bon bons in my bathrobe while they do all the work around here-can't wait.  (Of course I am kidding-I don't like bon bons!)
  • Soon it was nap time so Reagan and I worked a puzzle-over 200 pieces.  Robby asked why I didn't take any pictures of us working the puzzle-it was because I was too busy working that puzzle.  The boys helped a bit but not too much-they were overwhelmed at the number of pieces.
  • Robby came home and we had baked potatoes for supper.  Reagan and Anderson ate theirs and Campbell's and Graham's who didn't touch theirs at all.  They will be famished in the morning but those potatoes sure were good-Graham even said that he wanted to go to bed so he could get out of eating his.  Though we didn't make them eat them since I had only made the kids 1/2 and Reagan and Anderson both requested more.
  • We went outside for a few minutes to water the plants but that still ended up in showers for the kids.  Campbell loves her kid sized shower but I think that is just because she doesn't like my grown up sized shower-she feels trapped in it.

July 24, 2012

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  • Anderson was talking to Nonna last night as she was passing out their pieces of cake.  He said "that's what grandma's are for."
  • After staying up a little late last night, the kids again slept in a tad this morning.  Campbell and Graham were in my bed drinking their milk when I came out of the shower.  
  • I took everyone to Nonna's house this morning while I ran to Sams, Kroger, the library and then to see my work kid.  It was a pretty busy morning for me and a pretty busy morning for the kids.  They did some of their school work, watched a movie, played with the toy food, had a snack, read some Bible stories and had lunch.
  • When we came home this afternoon, we put Keaton to bed for her nap.  Then it was time for Campbell's nap but her sheets were in the wash.  I was brave and put her in Reagan's bed for her nap.  I had no idea if it would work and Campbell did not want to sleep on the bottom but on the top.  I tucked her in and crossed my fingers and then never heard anything out of her for 3 hours until I heard her calling me on the monitor.  Can't believe that it worked and can't believe that she stayed in bed-maybe she is getting ready for a big girl bed.
  • Well, as good as school was yesterday, it was the complete opposite today.  The kids are just tired in the afternoon and it shows.  Reagan was whiny and Anderson would quickly give up.  Though when I mentioned a science experiment when we finished school they did perk up a bit..  So our science experiment were making ocean gyres-surface currents (I had never heard of gyres before today).  We did this by blowing cheerios around a casserole dish with straws.  This was big time stuff to the kids.
  • Then I had them help me pick up a bit and Campbell helped me hang our new shower curtain in the den.  Then it was time for the Kennedy, Laynie and Camryn to come over.  We ate and then the kids mostly played outside.  They had a blast catching grasshoppers and lightening bugs.  This place is quite the jungle around here.....read on.
  • As we were doing school this afternoon, I came out of the bathroom and saw 8 kids in the yard.  One (a 5 year old) was poking something with a big stick.  I looked closer and it was a snake.  I watched for a minute and then went out to tell the 5 year old to put the stick down and back up.  The kids had gotten their grandpa and he jumped over the fence with his ax to take care of my little snake.  Except it wasn't little-copperhead about 2 inches thick and at least 3 feet.  Yep, we are putting the house up for sale tomorrow and moving to an apartment building-no snakes there!

First Day of School: Reagan starts first grade and Anderson starts kindergarten

Wow, I can't believe that I now have a first grader and a kindergartner.  Nor can I believe that this will be our second year of homeschooling.  I thought that I would briefly write what all we are doing (going to attempt to do) this year:
  • Daily Notebook (Reagan and Anderson): (Daily) Calendar; Making change to the amount days of school (Reagan) and date (Anderson), Tally marks; Weather Graph; Temperature Chart; Writing days of the week, numbers, color and shape names; States; Writing their name, phone number and address each month; Reading dolch words (Anderson) and fry phrases (Reagan).
(click here for a video of Anderson doing his sight words on the 1st day of Kindergarten)
  • Memory Work (Reagan and Anderson): (Daily but each item only once a week) Timelines (all 4), Bones, Presidents, Cathechisms, Oceans and Continents, Books of the Old and New Testaments, States, Hymn, Skip Counting, and Comm Central memory work.
  • Geography (Reagan and Anderson): (Twice Weekly) A Child's Introduction to the World plus activities to go along with the text.
  • Science (Reagan and Anderson): (Three Times a Week) Exploring Creation with Zoology 2 plus the Junior Notebooking Journal.  This is the science that Comm Central is doing this year and the science that I wanted to do last year.  But after just one day, I can tell that it is going to be very hard for us to get through it this year.  Though Reagan did say that it was one of her favorite things today.'
  • History (Reagan and Anderson): (Twice Weekly) The Story of the World 4.  Comm Central did this history last year and I was a major slacker and didn't read it.  But this year, I will for sure.
  • Read Alouds (Reagan and Anderson): (Daily) My goal is to read all of the Magic Tree House series to the kids this year.  My niece's class read them all and then had a Magic Tree House day and I think that would be fun to do with our homeschool buddies.
  • Bible (Reagan and Anderson): (Daily) Egermeier Bible Story Book.  We have started to read this book a few times but we will finish it this year.
  • Math (Reagan): (Daily) Math U See Alpha
  • Math (Anderson): (Daily) Math U See Primer
  • Phonics (Reagan): (Daily) Explode the Code 3.5
  • Phonics (Anderson): (Daily) Explode the Code 1
  • Awana (Reagan and Anderson): (Twice Weekly) Review and learn their Sparks verses for the year
  • Handwriting (Reagan): (Weekly) Handwriting without Tears My Printing Book.  Anderson will be doing his Handwriting without Tears Letters and Numbers for Me book at Comm Central.
  • Writing (Reagan): (Daily) The Complete Writer
  • English (Reagan): (Twice Weekly) First Language Lessons 1
  • Technology (Reagan): (Once a Week) Various educational ipad games and practicing typing (never too early to start)
  • Logic (Reagan): (Once a Week) Mind Ware Logic Links Puzzle Box
  • Spelling (Reagan): (Three Times a Week) All About Spelling 2
  • Spelling (Anderson): (Three Times a Week) All About Spelling 1
  • Reading (Anderson): (Twice Weekly) Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
  • A Bit Extra (Reagan and Anderson): (Twice Weekly) A workbook from Sams for second grade (Reagan) and first grade (Anderson)
  • A Bit Extra (Anderson): Sight word writing, word family ladders, letter writing, number writing, word family stories and word ladders.
Well that makes me a bit tired listing all of that.  My plan was to tell what I was trying to accomplish with Graham as well but he will have to wait for another night.  But I can tell you quickly what my plans for Campbell and Keaton are-keep them occupied!

July 23, 2012

Celebrating #4 early at Nonna & Pops
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(click here of a video of Graham celebrating his 4th birthday at Nonna & Pops)
(click here for a video of Anderson doing his sight words on the 1st day of Kindergarten)
  • Since today was the first day of homeschool for the year around here, everyone decided that they would sleep in. Robby told everyone bye at 8:20 and they were still snoozing after my shower.  My goal was to start school at 9 but we started a bit later.
  • Probably since Thursday I had been on a laundry strike and daily Campbell had asked me about her "red shorts" (which are actually pink).  Each day I have explained that they were in the washing machine and she has not been happy with me.  So last night as I folded them I put them on top of the clean laundry pile.  As I went upstairs to wake everyone up, I handed them to her.  Campbell just hugged those shorts.  I didn't have to convince her to get ready this morning-I even let her wear her red mickey shirt with those pink shorts.  I know it doesn't match but it does make her so happy.
  • I will post all about what we are going to do at school this year in another post.  But everyone did really well.  Surprisingly well.  Last year, most of my time was centered around Reagan so I was worried if we could get it all done with me dividing my time between Reagan and Anderson plus keeping Campbell, Graham and Keaton occupied.  But we completed everything we needed to and were done by lunch.  And I was also concerned about Anderson-I didn't want to push him to hard and expect him to do what Reagan could do last year.  He does know less sight words and is further behind her in his reading book but he did excellent on his math and phonics.  Anyway, it all went very, very well...but tomorrow will be another day!
  • After school, Campbell kept asking me to go outside and I kept telling her no.  Finally, I realized that she wanted to go upstairs to the new den.  Since Keaton was still sleeping, we decided to go up.  As we were climbing the steps, Campbell turned to me and asked "why me no touch walls?"  I tried to explain that Daddy didn't want her to mess the paint up on the new walls.  
  • We had lunch and Keaton can put the food away.  She probably eats more than some of the other kids.  Today for lunch and supper, she had baked beans.  She loves them and I have to give her any and all of her other food first so she will eat them.  
  • Since the kids were all busy with school this morning, they were anxious to get upstairs to play this afternoon.  They played so well that I hated to put Campbell down for her afternoon nap-but I sure did!  Then I had a little present for Reagan, Anderson and Graham for doing so well in school today.  I gave Reagan a doll sticker book and the boys received airplanes.  
  • Those silly boys ran around this house all afternoon playing airplanes.  They even made a huge runway for their airplanes and played with it for almost an hour.  They had a control tower set up and different pictures around the room were different places they were flying too.
  • At 4 I made everyone pick up the toy room and then we headed to Nonna's house for supper.  The kids were nice and calm at Nonnas and enjoyed playing before supper.  After supper, Nonna had huge birthday cupcake for Graham's 4th birthday party.  He smiled from ear to ear while waiting to blow out his candles.  
  • When we made it home, the kids played a bit longer and then we put everyone to bed.  Anderson is coughing some but they are finally quiet.  At first they were pretty wild-hopefully, everyone has calmed down now.

July 22, 2012

7th Inning Stretch....
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  • This morning as we were getting ready, Graham told me that he likes Sunday school now.  He added that they play, do their crafts and then do some more crafts and then have a story.  I sure am glad that he has finally decided that he likes Sunday school since there are only 3 or 4 more Sundays before promotion.
  • As I was getting ready this morning, Campbell saw me coming out of our new bathroom and closet and she looked up at me and asked "you get ready outside?"  She still thinks of all of our addition as being outside.  I guess in her little mind, I was standing outside in the grass putting on my clothes this morning.
  • And speaking of putting on clothes, apparently we should work a bit more with Graham on putting on his clothes.  His Sunday school teachers noticed that his shoes were on the wrong feet and they fixed that.  (At least he had two shoes-he only had one on a Sunday last year).  But then they noticed that his pants were on backwards and fixed those as well.  Poor child-most days he wears his underwear backwards too.
  • We brought Kennedy home with us after church.  We had our pizza for lunch and then everyone played all afternoon.  They played with lots of toys upstairs by the looks of the toy room, painted, colored, had a snack, watched a movie and finally had supper.  The little girls had their naps while I did a bit of school work (first day is tomorrow!)  
  • Then we loaded up and headed to the Traveler's ball game.  The kids had a blast eating some ice cream, rolling around in the grass and watching the game for a bit.  The boys were more interested in the game than the girls.  Reagan asked "what are we supposed to do here?"  Anderson really wanted to catch a fly ball but we were way in the back so that didn't happen tonight.  
  • Keaton enjoyed crawling around trying her best to get off the blanket and onto the grass so she could eat it!  But she also made a bee line to Robby when she saw that he had ice cream.  But my favorite part of the night was when they had everyone stand and sing "take me out to the ball game."  The kids all stood up, put their arms around each other and swayed-precious.
  • We then dropped Kennedy off and headed home.  Robby picked up a bit of supper for us and we quickly washed the kids.  Rolling around on the grass was already bothering Anderson.  A bit of a bedtime snack, milk and then bed!

July 21, 2012

Drinking ice cream thru a straw!
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  • Reagan, aka Sleeping Beauty, slept until after 9.  She slept so late that the kids kept asking where she was.  Everyone else had been up quite a while-at least 2 hours and probably longer.  The boys are now in the routine of trying to convince me that they are starving from the very minute that they wake up.  So I drug myself to the garage to find a new box of waffles for Anderson quite early this morning.
  • I gave Keaton a whole waffle cut up into tiny pieces this morning and then left the room.  I came back just a few minutes later and all of her food was gone.  I was quite surprised and figuring it was because she hadn't had her milk yet she was just hungry.  I even said "wow, you ate all of your food already?" And Campbell who was standing nearby piped up and said "no, I ate it."  That Campbell left the waffle on her plate and ate all of Keaton's waffle.  
  • We started working on our messy hall closet this morning.  It has become such a hodge podge that everything we pick up goes some where different in the house.  We were slowly making progress in the closet and even got out my shower curtain to hang in the hall bath.  Still need to hang my pretty that I painted for that room which I had stuck in that room.  
  • Soon Grannymom and Grandpa came over with a load of dirt for the new front flower bed.  The kids again were all about helping.  Imagine trying to shovel dirt with a stroller a foot away plus four kids all swinging shovels and rakes around you.  It makes shoveling dirt quite a dangerous job.  Everyone survived and the kids managed to help for a bit and then we distracted them with popsicles, juice boxes and cookies.  They continued to work some all day long and we continued distracting them with more food, movies and even spraying the water hose at them.
  • Now we did venture to the garden place down the street 3 times today.  The first visit was Robby and Grandpa picking up more dirt and as they were halfway down the driveway, Anderson said that he wanted to go and added that he could catch them.  Of course, that child couldn't have caught them and he just cried.  
  • Fortunately, for Anderson we were going back and this trip was alot more fun.  We got to ride in a golf cart around while we picked up lots of plants for the flower bed.  Graham and Reagan accompanied Grannymom, Anderson and me.  I wish I had thought of taking a picture of them but they had the best time-we will have to go back just to drive around.
  • Later Graham was able to return with Dana, Campbell and me.  (Dana was recruited to come and help at some point during the afternoon). We were in need of some more plants and some stones.  This trip was not as much fun but we were still able to ride in the golf cart.  Campbell kept asking where we had left Grandpa's truck, if we were going back and wasn't quite settled in the golf cart.  But she sure did love touching all rocks on the gravel parking lot and then washing her hands in each and every fountain.  This time we had to wait awhile in the heat to load the stones so we came back hot, hot, hot.
  • Once we were finished with our landscaping, I hosed most of the kids down while Robby and Reagan went to get icees for everyone.  Then we all loaded up and went to Garden Ridge to get the bench to complete our new flower bed.  By the time we came home, Campbell and Graham were asleep.  
  • We woke them up and started cooking supper.  We made pizza and it was kind of crazy since Campbell and Graham woke up on the wrong side of the car seat!  They all enjoyed making the crust and everyone was very serious and did good with topping their pizzas.  
  • While the pizzas were cooking, the kids also made ice cream in zip lock bags.  They shook and shook their bags full of ice and after a few minutes in the freezer, most of them had ice cream.  Campbell did have ice soup and ate her ice cream with a straw.
  • Their bellies were full when they were give a few more minutes to play before bedtime.  Then I gave everyone the choice to help me clean the toy room or go to bed.  Reagan and Anderson chose going to bed and Campbell and Graham picked cleaning up.  (Keaton was already snoozing away).  Surprisingly, my helpers did pretty good picking up.
  • After tucking them in, I heard the doorbell ring and Robby talking.  I scurried down the steps thinking the door to door sales people from early today had returned.  It was Dana and Jenna coming to see the house (Jenna) and to reinspect our final works.  The kids heard us talking downstairs and knew someone was here.  I had to go up to remind them to go to sleep.  After my third trip up the stairs, I offered the first person to fall asleep a quarter.  We will see who claims the quarter in the morning!

July 20, 2012

I love 'em!
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  • Graham climbed in our bed around 4 this morning.  He laid there for a minute and then he sat straight up and walked to the door.  I asked him where he was going and he said "I don't know."  He left and went down the hall and as I was about to get up and check on him, I heard the fridge door open.  He returned with his cup of milk, drank it all, handed the empty cup to me and then went right on back to sleep.
  • I had the kids do quite a few chores this morning-I am still acting like the queen around here as Anderson mentioned yesterday.  I was even able to work on everyone's school for a bit.  Campbell did take the time to quickly text Robby.   It went something like this "arlgkjal;tgkja;lrekhg;la" and Robby responded with "hello?"  I guess he thought that whoever had wrote that would be able to read his "hello?"
  • We had lunch and then Robby, Grannymom and Grandpa all arrived at the same time.  Reagan and I then loaded up and headed out.  I was taking her to meet and play with Kennedy.  On the way, Reagan was talking about Kennedy's glasses.  Reagan said "some people just look good in glasses.  I don't.  I tried Kennedy's glasses on and I just looked like a library lady."  And later she added, maybe that is what I should do when I grow up.
  • When I returned from my hair cut, Anderson told me that my hair looked fancy.  I replied with "ooh, we better go out to eat somewhere fancy then tonight."  And then he added "I meant to say you look like a dork."  Really?  That's why he will be locked in his room tomorrow.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa hung out until Robby came home and then we all went to go and eat pizza.  Graham is my pizza eater and gobbled his down.  Keaton would be right behind him as she put quite a bit away as well.  When the drinks were served, Anderson was not pleased with his water.  I told him that we could choose having big vacations or drinking coke when we go out to eat.  I then said "so what do you want, big vacations or coke?"  And he replied with "Sprite."
  • On the way to pick up Reagan after supper, we stopped by a cozy little place in Maumelle for shakes-the Valero gas station.  Ha!  Not many people get their stroller out to go to the gas station and then sit in the booths to eat their shakes.  Pretty cool little machine that makes the shakes right in front of you.
  • Reagan was at Kennedy's house swimming away.  That child can swim under the water in the shallow end without holding her nose.  She also can swim the length of the pool and back using the snorkel.  She was so proud of herself.  
  • On the way home, Robby told Graham that we would give him a dollar if he could stay awake on the way home. Graham can be quite a bear if he is woken up.  Anderson said that he would stay up all night long if someone would give him a dollar.  That didn't happen tonight but we have promised the kids that they can stay up all night one day in our new den.  
  • Everyone was tired tonight and as Robby and I sat down to do our blogs, Robby's computer has stared smoking so we will see if the pictures make it up tonight or now.  But I think that I did fix the missing link from last night.

July 19, 2012

Chick-fil-a was calling our name!
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  • Way too early this morning, I was laying upstairs helping make a lincoln log house-2 that is.  Anderson was making one and Graham also wanted one.  We have only enough to build one big house and one small house but everyone wants big houses so I had to work my lincoln log building magic.
  • Anderson noticed the peg board on his tool bench this morning and shouted "just like Daddy's" and then he spent quite awhile arranging his tools on that peg board.
  • I was cutting broccoli this morning and someone said that I should cut it over the bowl. I told them that I couldn't do that but Nonna could.  Anderson added "Nonna is the best at doing everything."-he is no longer my favorite!  (kidding-I don't have a favorite)
  • Reagan slept until well after 8 and I gave her breakfast before I headed out the door to go and see my work kid for a few minutes.  Robby was working from home today so he was in charge-or at least I thought he was.  When I drove up, Campbell and Graham were sitting in the mud room waiting on me.  They started jumping up and down when I drove up.  
  • "Mud Room" that is what I have been calling our new room.  That is not really what it is though so I don't really know what to call it.  Reagan suggested "big window" and it does have huge windows but I just don't know if that name will stick. I am open to all suggestions.
  • Sometime today, Robby was killing a bug in that mud room.  He told Campbell to leave since it was a wasp and she didn't.  She started calling "come here buggy, come here."  This went on until the bug started toward her and then those chunky little legs flew up to two steps into Robby's office.
  • As the kids were cleaning up this morning, Anderson must have thought that I was being a bit too bossy because I overheard him saying "it is like Mom's the queen and we are her servants."  Hmm, I kind of like that.  Actually, I am just now realizing how beneficial all of this child labor is.
  • Anderson threw a dog toy up the stairs and it pegged Campbell right in the eye.  Campbell cried and cried saying "that dog got me."  Poor thing, it probably left a bit of a mark.
  • Patrick came over for lunch and to check out the new house.  The kids were all good and devoured their food and I kept pouring them more and more drinks so they would be quiet.  It worked-and since I sent them outside this afternoon they were able to run off all of that extra energy from their drinks.
  • While outside, the neighbor girl pushed Anderson down.  She said it was an accident but him and Graham thought differently.  Graham accompanied him to the door to get me so I knew it must be serious.  Reagan denied seeing anything-wasn't going to tell on anyone.  Now, I don't know what happened.  It could have been an accident and Anderson just thought it was on purpose.  I reminded that second grader that she keeps her hands to herself at this house.  Though I wanted to shout "you let my 5 year old on that swing you big bully!"  
  • Later the neighbor boys came around with two dogs.  Graham didn't last too long outside after that.  The dogs eventually left but we could never get Graham back outside.  I told him I would make sure that they didn't came back out.  Anyway, while the neighbor boys were out and especially after Anderson got pushed, Robby and I made sure all of the kids saw that they were being watched by us peering out of the windows.  
  • Update on our neighbors-seems like aunt and uncle have joined mom at the neighbor house.  Mom's kids are in Utah for the summer and aunt's kids are the boys that are always over anyways since they use this address as their address for their school.  Though I am diligently praying that the house will go up for sale and we will get new neighbors.  That could be a gamble but I know who I want to be our new neighbors so I am praying for that too!
  • Reagan had her hair in braided pig tails today and I told her that it was cute.  She smiled and said "I know."  Soon it was bath time for all of the stinky kids-just a few hours in 100 degree weather and they all needed a bath.  After baths for everyone, I dressed everyone in red since they were all going to chick fil a (without me) while I was going to a baby shower.
  • When we left, I pulled out first and Robby and the kids were following me.  They thought that it was so funny, that I was ahead of them.  Graham asked me why my bunko lasted so long.  I made sure that he knew when I was home tonight.
  • So at Chick Fil A, the big 4 were playing on the slide.  Robby peeked his head in on them to give them a 5 minute warning before eating.  A lady asked if Campbell was his and he said yes (or so he thought).  She added that she thought she was stinky.  Taking 5 kids to the bathroom to change Campbell was not what Robby wanted to do.  He asked and Campbell denied it and then he checked and thankfully it was not her.  A few minutes later that mom walked by and told Robby that it was her kid that was stinky and not Campbell.  Mind your own business lady (goodness, I am feeling tacky tonight).
  • At home, Robby got Keaton down.  A few things about Keaton today-she wants me to hold her all of the time but she loves to crawl all around this house.  Also, she ate more beans for lunch than any of the kids-I think I have found her favorite food.  After she went down, Robby easily put the others down.  

July 18, 2012

Annual Nutrition Study Visit!
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  • Graham did not want to eat his breakfast this morning because he wanted to eat it in the car-he knew he was going to the Nutrition Center today and thought that he needed to eat breakfast on the "long car ride" to Children's Hospital.  So he bagged up his poptart while the others ate.
  • I dropped everyone else off at Grannymom's house.  Reagan and Anderson had an assignment to color something to put in the front of their notebooks for school (so I can tell them apart).  Campbell fussed when I left-she is too big for that but had forgotten about me and Graham by the time we walked out of the door.
  • At Grannymoms, the kids played in the back yard a bit, swang on the swing, worked a puzzle, played on the ipad, watched some tv, colored some pictures, sat on the potty (Campbell), made a present for Graham (Reagan made a cute pirate hat), had lunch and no naps (but that is fine since the little girls slept all afternoon well).
  • Meanwhile in the other side of town, Graham was wowing the Nutrition Center ladies with his smile.  So much so that they even filmed him to be on a commercial for the hospital.  My guy was perfect and did everything that was asked.  He weighed 42 pounds and 41 inches.  He laid perfectly still when asked for the tests and tolerated brain lab.  He did turn to me at least 5 times and say "Momma, are we almost finished with this?"  We were able to play in the play room for awhile and he loved climbing on everything.  They gave us a huge lunch and then it was time for psych testing.  Graham started off great and did perfect the whole time but by the end he got pretty antsy (what 3 year old wouldn't?)  When it was over, he was so happy to pick out a prize from the front desk.
  • We picked everyone up from Grannymom's house and then went home.  The little girls slept and the 3 big kids and I played a few games.  Then I worked on school stuff and hanging up our coats.  (We are slowly getting things into order around here-shelf by shelf and drawer by drawer!)
  • Robby came home bearing 3 icees for the kids.  He told Graham it was for his good job today as the Nutrition Center.  And then he went on and on about how Graham was going to famous due to his commercial shoot.  And when Robby said that people would ask for Graham's autograph you should have seen that boy smile.  Robby continued to be silly about our new movie star and Anderson laughed and laughed and then he added "Daddy, that is making my ankles wiggle."  I do not understand my kids sometimes!
  • Later Anderson asked if he had ever met Robby's principal.  We were confused until Anderson added "the principal that works on the top floor."  No, Anderson has never met Robby's principal (boss).
  • After supper, the kids went outside for few minutes.  I watched them from the window some...but tonight I vaguely remember a stain of red on Graham's shirt and then I found a popsicle wrapper in the drive way.  Did he sneak a popsicle out of the outside freezer?  Hmm, he must have had help if he did.  Very interesting little puzzle for me.  If it happened once it will happen again-hope they like the broccoli flavored popsicles I am making now (insert evil laugh),
  • Anderson was the last one in and spent quite a bit of time walking around by himself after playing in the dirt alone.  Robby said that he didn't like them playing all alone but it is probably good for them every once in awhile.  He did soon join everyone else-everyone was watching Robby and I clean/rearrange our room and the school room.  Seven people in one room of a house-all together-the way it should be.

July 17, 2012

Summertime Popsicles!
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  • I went upstairs to tuck in the kids (and get something out of the attic) around midnight last night.  Reagan was laying with her head off the bed, Anderson was laying sideways, Campbell was uncovered and Graham was laying with his head on the other end of the bed.  As I moved Graham I felt his wet bed and clothes.  I got him up and changed everything and then he went back to sleep...
  • Or that was the plan.  I heard him whining once saying his was scared and went up there and then as we were about to go to sleep, we heard Campbell and him fussing.  Robby used the speaker on the baby monitor and told him to come downstairs.  We listened but didn't hear his footsteps and Robby told him again.  Since the fussing continued, I went up there.  Graham must not have wanted to go downstairs but Campbell sure did.  I finally got her calm and Graham downstairs and tucked into our bed.  He kept saying that he was scared-finally, I realized that I had the dryer on and that has bothered him before.  Of course, by that time he was all snug in our bed.
  • Surprisingly, everyone slept well and we didn't wake up until 7:30.  We scurried around and headed to Nonna's house.  I lingered for a bit and then went to see my kid, then to Target, my work clinic and the grocery store.  I bought 5 gallons of milk on Thursday and today they had 5 gallons on clearance so I snatched them up.  A lady stopped and asked me what I was going to do with all of that milk.  I started in with "well, I have 5 kids so..." and she quickly cut my off and said "Oh, I understand."
  • After my grocery store run, I went home to unload and Robby showed up with his new tool bench.  We started putting it together-in the garage, during the hottest part of the day and we both only had a few minutes.  We stayed working on it too long but I finally made it back to pick up the kids.  As I was leaving the lawnmower man was arriving to pick up the lawnmower.  
  • The kids had a wonderful day with Nonna.  They had scrambled eggs for breakfast, played outside for a bit, had lunch, ate popsicles outside, some had baths and everyone was happy when I picked them up.  We made it home and the little girls were asleep before 3.  I did a bit of work around the house while the others played and soon it was time to wake Keaton and Campbell.
  • As I was changing Campbell's diaper, I asked her if she wanted to go to the potty.  She shook her head no and then said "I want candy, I go to the potty."  Ok, she sat on the potty but nothing happened-except her getting a few tiny pieces of candy.  I asked if she pottied and she just looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes and says "I did, I did."
  • We had our supper and the kids got in trouble for shutting doors so they had to clean the toy room.  They worked for awhile so we snuck outside to work on that blasted tool bench some more.  We worked until almost 9 on it-the kids eventually came outside to play.  Keaton stayed in the wagon until she was tired and went to bed.
  • Anderson played at the neighbors house until one of the kids threw a ball at him and he got hurt.  Of course, we don't know if it was an accident or not.  Anderson did say that the boy said something mean but he "forgot" what it was.  Who knows but Anderson was back outside after a few minutes.  (Those stinking neighbor boys spent some of their day taking apart our burn pile-seriously?  I have looked into bb guns and they aren't that expensive).  
  • Graham and Reagan so love climbing our climbing trees.  Of course, Graham did get stuck in a tree tonight but we got him down easily enough.  Around 8:30, I brought the kids in and hosed them off in the foot shower (kid sized shower) and was able to get everyone to bed fairly quickly.

July 16, 2012

Tiny Bunny!
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  • Graham woke up screaming "Mommy, Daddy, I'm ready to wake uuuuuuuuup."  That is not the way to wake up your parents.  When things like that happen-you have to sit out at the pool for 2 minutes.  He eventually came downstairs, Robby went upstairs, Graham went upstairs, Robby came down followed by Anderson, Campbell and Reagan.  Seriously, our mornings around here are comical!
  • Robby waited for the painters early this morning and we headed out to swim for a bit this morning.  The kids did good and no one had to be rescued!  Keaton wasn't too pleased to be in the cold water but everyone else really loved it.  Reagan spent most of her time swimming in the shallow end while holding her nose.  Anderson worked on gathering the dive rings.  Campbell and Graham worked their way around the pool staying busy.
  • Before lunch we headed home, but first we stopped to see the bunnies.  Anderson held one gladly.  Campbell wanted to hold one until I put it on her dress and she cried/screamed.  Reagan wanted to hold one without really touching it but did manage to hold it.  And my Graham wasn't going to come near that bunny at all-smart kid.
  • Keaton and Campbell fell asleep on the way home but both woke up for lunch.  After lunch, Anderson watched a movie.  And that child likes the lights off and the blinds down for his movies.  And he sits in one particular spot (my side of the bed) no mater what-even if someone is there, even if he has been playing outside and is nasty (happened Saturday).  
  • Soon Anderson decided to go outside and Reagan and Graham followed after we finished playing a game.  I then woke Keaton and Campbell up and they also joined them.  Keaton loves sitting in the wagon and I did look the other way when the kids pushed her all around the yard as fast as they could-she did love it after all!
  • When Robby came home, Campbell took something to the mail box for him and then started throwing rocks.  As we tried to tell her not to throw them she let one go.  She threw it straight up-and then it fell straight down-right on her face!!
  • We washed the kids-Campbell, Graham and Keaton in the bathtub and Reagan in our new shower.  Reagan said that she loved the shower-and I know that she will want to start taking all of her baths in there.  Now Anderson thought that my shower would be too hot so he opted for the foot shower.  Anderson doesn't like anything hot or even warm-like a shower or like supper tonight.  He wouldn't eat until he was sure his spaghetti was no longer warm.
  • After supper the kids had popsicles and I was herding them all upstairs when someone spotted Nonna and Pops out of the window.  They had brought over our fire pit table-it had been shipped to them when we were out of town and now Pops was having trouble getting his new big truck in the garage.  
  • They stayed for a bit and then it was bedtime. Tomorrow's plans-Nonna's house while I work, review Awanas, work with Anderson on tying his shoe and that is about it!  (ha, there will be much more than that but that sounds like the fun things!)
  • House Update-Complete!  Whoop Whoop!  The painters came for their final touch ups today and we are officially done!  It didn't take too long and we survived.  Worst Part: Waiting (Robby) and things being disorganize (Tara). Best Part: Watching the workers-especially the framers (Kids).  And now the real best part is enjoying the new part of the house-3 car garage, mud room, second laundry room, master bath, master closet, bonus room and bonus bathroom!  

July 15, 2012

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  • Yesterday while Graham was working picking up the rocks, he said "take this job and shove it."  Really?  Where did my 3 year old learn that?
  • Anderson joined our bed last night around 2.  He is the one that usually diligently watched the clock for it to turn to 7 before getting out of bed.  The electricity did go out sometime in the middle of the night so maybe that is what woke him up.  
  • After breakfast this morning Keaton was still sitting in her high chair.  Graham went up to her and started screaming "no, Keaton, no."  I immediately turned to get on to him and saw him pointing to her.  I saw her eating a blue fruit look-except we don't have blue fruit loops.  She somehow had gotten a hold of a tiny blue flower barrette.  (Campbell must have been involved in that).  All was well after I retrieved that from her mouth.
  • On the to church, someone said "let's hit the road."  And again I ask, where do they learn these things?
  • Graham really wants to go to big church but has Sunday school and Anderson really wants to go to Sunday school but has to go to big church.  We always want what we can't have.  Keaton had a new class this morning and wasn't too pleased about going in but she went in much better than Campbell who I had to drag 10 feet to get her into the class.
  • Big church was going well with Anderson and Reagan after being out for so many weeks-all until Anderson looked at me and said loudly (or at least I thought so) "is church almost over?"  I wasn't ready for church to be over though because we were heading to Campbell's class for worship care.  The entire hour I spend changing diapers and taking little kids potty.  And all the time, my child didn't potty at all.  Though she did enjoy washing her hands-over and over and over.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and Robby and I decided to run to Home Depot real quick.  And as we were back out of Grannymom's house, Robby didn't see the car parked on the street and bumped right into it. The van was a bit scratched but the other car didn't fair so well.  It was pretty dented in-we debated driving off (not really) but Robby did find the owner.  It was a poor real estate guy there for an open house.  Very nice man though and the insurance has already been called.  
  • Dana asked Campbell if she wanted to go to her house to check on Wilson (the dog).  Campbell said she wanted to go.  And then she added "Reagan go with me."  They went to Dana's to see the dog for a few minutes and then had to come back since Campbell's diaper was full-seriously, that child needs to learn to potty.  I will drop her off at potty camp in the morning (I wish!).
  • The boys stayed at Grannymom's house and spent some time swinging before we came to pick them up.  Then we all headed to the Stott's house.  Before we were even able to leave the kids were outside driving the pink convertible and the 4 wheeler.  You should have seen Anderson on that 4 wheeler-driving like a mad man talking on the CB.  Graham patiently (sometimes) waited on his turn.  Meanwhile in the convertible, Reagan was driving Campbell around the driveway.  
  • They had a big time-pizza, movie, seeing baby bunnies, played outside and had a big time.  Meanwhile, Robby and I stopped at Sonic and then went to make a few copies of school work for this next year.  Then we went to Cheddars for appetizers and a cookie for dessert to celebrate out 12th anniversary.
  • By the time we made it back to the Stott's house, it was late and the kids were tired.  Campbell fell asleep on the way home and Keaton did too. 
  • Oh a few days ago, Campbell told Robby that she wanted to go back to Florida.  He then asked what she wanted to do there.  She replied "see princesses"

July 14, 2012

Yep, they're Dennies!
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  • Anderson must be starving every morning when he wakes up because all he wants to talk about is when we are going to eat breakfast.  Maybe I could teach him how to make his own breakfast-and everyone else's breakfast too.
  • We had pancakes this morning (don't be impressed they were frozen).  Then the kids played for a bit while we picked up some.  Before too long Grannymom and Grandpa were over.  There was quite a to do list today-add some trim to the bathroom, hang blinds, clean out the rocks and install an outdoor sink.  
  • We started inside since it was kind of dreary and eventually moved outside to the front rocky flower bed.  I had never seen my Dennie kids work so hard-they picked up bucket after bucket of rocks.  Seriously, it was very helpful today.  
  • Dana, Cash and Lilly came over and we did all stop for lunch.  After lunch, Robby and Grandpa worked on some concrete that was in the soon to be flower bed.  After all of that was loaded on the trailer, it was time to haul the trailer away to dump it....all except now the trailer was too heavy and couldn't go over the sidewalk bump (and making ruts in the yard).  
  • It finally took the truck with everyone standing in the back to lower it to get the trailer on the truck to haul it to the other side of the yard to dump.  We were crossing our fingers that the truck didn't get stuck in the yard.  It did not but later in the day with just Robby and I working, the tractor and the trailer did almost get stuck at the bottom of the yard.  The trailer was full of bags of grout (very heavy-Robby felt his bad wrist pop) and bricks.  His wheels spun a bit and when he tried to restart the trailer it didn't.  He had just added his last bit of gasoline to it and it wasn't out of gas but the battery just needed jumping.  Thankfully he quickly jumped it and it worked.  I was not looking forward to pushing the tractor and pulling the trailer up the hill to the shed.
  • Lily and Reagan laid out all of Reagan's dollhouse stuff.  They had an elaborate scene and probably could have played for quite a long time.  The boys chose tractors to play with when they were in the toy room.  But the boys spent most of their time outside.
  • Anderson really likes going over to the neighbors yard.  I don't like him going over there-there is only one boy who is 5 and the rest are 8+.  Too big of boys for my little one to be hanging with.  Graham did venture over there today when he saw Anderson on the trampoline.  Graham never goes over there.  He will play with them when they are at our house but must know they are too big for him to play with.
  • Campbell's favorite thing on our outside days it to drive the tractor.  You should see her smile when she is driving-though about after 3 she did little smiling and much more fussing since she was in dire need of a nap.  Keaton didn't like the stroller this morning but was pretty happy riding in the wagon.  She has become quite the eater.
  • After our long outside day, it was finally time to hose everyone off.  Keaton just crawled right in that little shower between the girls and stayed there until the boys were out.  They were all so exhausted tonight and after working a puzzle everyone was fast asleep.  
  • Though the tooth fairy better stay up a bit because Reagan lost another tooth this afternoon and is so proud.  I think that makes number 8 for her to lose.  I wonder what that tooth fairy will bring for her tonight.