November 30, 2023-The Cowboys for Christmas!

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I woke right up at 6:30 this morning like a kid on Christmas. I was quiet for a while but eventually pulled out my phone. I did actually then stay awake until I could tell that Anderson was on his way to class. He isn't the best waker upper. I thought I about staying awake to make sure that Reagan left the next hour; however, I am glad that I didn't because that girl skipped her classes today. (She had no reason to go since they were just reviewing.)

Robby was soon awake and on his computer working. I guess that I woke up the kids making my bagel. Also Graham and Whitman slept in the top last night-having two boys up there is not ideal. They were smelling up the place for sure. 

We ate and then we eventually loaded up to go to the Gaylord hotel. Robby and I have walked around one of these hotels before but wow, they were all decorated for Christmas. It was something to see. Robby had prebought all of our tickets-except the parking. And yikes! I will not even tell you what we paid for parking-it might make you cry-it did Robby!

Each year they have an ICE exhibit. This year the theme was Dr Seuss. It was incredible-you put on these parkas and then go in a 9 degree area (seriously, it was 9 degrees) and walk around to see the sculptures. People from a village in China come over and do the carving. There were tons of sculptures plus even an ice slide to go down. 

By the queues that were all around we could tell that the lines could get crazy. It was pretty crowded when we were there, but nothing compared to what it is closer to Christmas. We really enjoyed the ICE part. Then we bought an ornament before the kids were able to do some snow tubing. The run wasn't huge, but they still did it a few times. The tube was heavy for Whitman to carry up the stairs, but that was good for him. He was the one who seemed to enjoy it the  most-every time he went down, he was grinning ear to ear. This just makes me want to go to the huge hill in Branson and go snow tubing.

Then there were snowballs that we throw towards targets, and finally a scavenger hunt through the atrium area of the hotel. Our first stop there was some hot chocolate. Doing the scavenger hunt showed us how absolutely massive the hotel really is. It is beautifully decorated for Christmas. I now would like to go back to it during the year to see what it looks like normally. Currently though, you could stay all day and spend thousands of dollars doing Christmas activities all day long or possibly even for a few days.

It was a lot of fun despite the dreary weather outside. It might have rained a little bit this morning, but it has mainly been a very slight drizzle if that all day. It has just been enough to make it messy for Bentley to go out and to make it grey and dreary.

Campbell spent her day busy-she perfectly made the chocolate oatmeal cookies that Robby and I struggle to make right. Those are one of his favorite cookies, but we usually undercook them. Reagan had work this afternoon, but other than that hopefully, she and Anderson did a lot of studying today.

After leaving the Gaylord, we stopped to eat at In and Out. There burgers are one of my favorites. I believe that we agreed that there burgers are better than Whataburger, but their fries are not as good (I haven't had Whataburgers fries). And of course, no milkshakes can be better than ChickFilAs.

We were pretty full on our half hour plus some drive back to the camper. We laid low until it was time for us to drop of Robby and Graham. Graham received tickets to a Cowboys game last Christmas so he has waited for 11 months for this. I drove the stadium and dropped them off.

To get back to the camper, I made a uturn just like I was a New Yorker. We made it back to the camper just as the boys made it to their seats. Their seats were pretty high up but near the front of the section. The game has been pretty good to watch.

We also watched the game on the tv back in the camper. We also ate some supper, played some games and ate dessert. I finished a book-and silly me, I didn't bring enough books and am out. I guess I am going to have to just put a spare book in the camper for emergencies. 

We watched the game until 1 minute left, and then my crew loaded up to pick up Robby and Graham. We zoomed right towards the stadium until we got to a road block so that meant that Robby and Graham had an extra 15 minute walk to get to me, but we were right at the edge of the street when they did walk by us.

Their game was good, and it was a win so they had a super good time. We made it back to the camper a little bit before 11:30 so now everyone is getting ready for bed. 

November 29, 2023-The Cowboys for Christmas!

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I woke up at the normal time this morning and quickly did my chores before waking up all of the boys. I had originally thought that we were going to be leaving at noon when I wrote out my school for this week, so Graham had some school to be done. (I could have changed it, but it didn't take him long) Anderson and I did some math work to prepare for his final next week. And Whitman didn't have to wake up, but whenever his brothers do wake up, he wants to make sure that they wake him up too so that is what I did.

Soon Keaton was awake, and I also woke up Campbell since she needed to start on some of her school work. Reagan was the only one left in her bed, but I went upstairs once to ask her a question and text her another question so she wasn't sleeping too soundly. 

We left a little bit after ten this morning, plus we stopped at Kroger on the way to fill up with gas. Silly Bentley didn't do her normal business this morning so we left later because I was trying to give her plenty of opportunities. At Kroger, I thought that I would get out as well for her, but nothing. It wasn't until tonight that she finally caught up.

Anyway, we just zoomed right on down to Buccees today with no problem at all. Graham slept the entire way. Keaton also slept most of the way. Then we drove right through the middle of Dallas near rush hour, but it wasn't horrible. Robby focused on driving and I focused on praying! 

Our campground is in Arlington and it is kind of right in the middle of things. However, if you follow the gps directions then you would have to make a u turn to get here. Of course that isn't possible in a camper towing a car so they had alternate directions. So that last few miles I held both phones reading directions and looking at the map while Robby fought the crazy traffic. However, we did get here without a problem and had a wonderfully level pull through site. 

As soon as we parked, I saw an inflatable trampoline in the middle of the campground so that is where Whitman and Keaton headed off to. Graham followed a little bit after that. Soon Robby had us all set up, and we took a loop around the place with Bentley. 

Graham was hungry since he slept through lunch, so it didn't take too long for us to get the orange chicken started for supper. After we ate, we ran to Aldis nearby to see what they had. We bought some snacks for tonight, but I do remember being more impressed than I was tonight. It was fine, I we will probably go one or twice when it comes to Little Rock, but probably will really only go if they have a great sale on something.

Reagan went to work this afternoon back at home. Then she ran home for a minute and everyone rode to church together. She had to get there early for Bible study, so Anderson could have come later, but he would have had to drive the white van, so he just rode with her and Campbell. But other than that, I don't think they did a whole lot today.

Once we were back at the camper, we had our desserts and turned on the Hogs game. I am sitting on the bed in the back with my hood on and wrapped up in a blanket so I don't even know who is winning right now-and I don't plan to get up and look anytime soon either!

November 28, 2023

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  • Reagan and Graham went to their Bible study this morning across town. It started at 6:45-so they left bright and early. Then I think that both of them came back and took a nap. Graham slept until 10, but Reagan had to leave for her classes around 9:20ish. 
  • The rest of us did our reading this morning plus we knocked out quite a few library books. My current library book situation for the kids is a whole wooden crate full of them-that is just our read alouds plus Whitman has a box of books, Campbell and Keaton have some books for school, plus if you need any ACT book from the Central Arkansas Library System then come to my house because I have them all! (Not that they are going to make a world of difference, but maybe them just being here will help!)
  • Campbell starts her official Christmas school tomorrow, and everyone else will begin theirs this next week or the next. I need to start my Christmas shopping sooner rather than later. We have ordered a lot of things lately, but they don't seem to be coming in as quick as I want. I would like to figure out everyone's presents so I can move on to doing some shopping for the kids' stockings.
  • The girls went to help Nonna decorate her Christmas tree this afternoon. They went to town with their decorating and knocked it out in no time at all. After they had finished this, they did run to ChickFilA to celebrate the accomplishments. 
  • We are visiting ChickFilA quite a bit lately-the girls went there with Nonna. Reagan and Graham's Bible study was there this morning, and Reagan's Bible study was there last night. Maybe everyone is getting their fill of it.
  • This afternoon I did some packing, and that was about it. We did star working on supper just as Reagan came in from work tonight. We didn't really have a plan since we had quite a few leftovers so it was on your own with a goal of cleaning out the fridge and pantry. We did finish off the pita bread, corn casserole, potato casserole, chicken, and a cheese ball. That is pretty good-and I am working diligently on finishing off the pecan pie. I really, really love pecan pie, and I guess I had forgotten how strongly I feel about it.

November 27, 2023

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  • Only one more real school day before we begin our Christmas school around here (except for Reagan and Anderson who have to finish their big kids classes first). Knowing that probably helped get everyone awake this morning.
  • I started off by reading to everyone-we have a ton of library books to read each morning which I am trying to get through before Christmas. Keaton and Whitman do have a bit of a problem staying awake sometimes in the morning. Campbell is usually the only one who might be listening to everything I read, or she is staying awake by secretly playing on her phone while I'm not looking! 
  • Anderson and Reagan both have history paper due soon so that has occupied a lot of time today. Thankfully, those are almost done-almost a week early so that just leaves her one essay, one test, and one art project, and it leaves Anderson two tests.
  • Speaking of Anderson-since his sprained ankle from last Saturday still hasn't completely healed, we went to the doctor today. I probably wouldn't have gone to our pediatrician if I had known that they no longer really have an xray person. 
  • So after seeing the doctor, we had to go to another place to get an xray of the ankle. The doctor doesn't think that it is broken or anything, but we did need to rule it out. However, he wondered if physical therapy might be needed; I guess we will know more tomorrow when we hear about the xray. 
  • While we were gone, Reagan and Anderson were at work and Robby and the other girls ran to do a few mystery shops. The girls loved having the opportunity to do mystery shops at Target-Robby even let them walk around some. Of course they found a few things-Campbell found candy for her stocking while Keaton found pajama pants for Christmas.
  • And if you are counting, this left Whitman at home alone. He wasn't by himself for too long, and I don't think he really notice that he was alone at all. Anderson was quick to tell me that I would not have left him alone when he was just 10. I think that he is probably right!
  • Reagan had Bible study tonight after work so she is just now walking in from that with her hands full of her super leftovers. Robby is watching football, and I am sure that Anderson is upstairs studying for his test!
  • I am debating getting me some hot chocolate, but I am still warm from my tomato soup. It is fairly chilly in this house, so Robby did pull out the heater. Of course there has been a few squabbles about who is sitting closest to it today-Reagan and I were one of the ones squabbling about it today!

November 26, 2023

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  • Robby woke me up at 8:03 this morning and asked if I had set my alarm. I indeed did set my alarm when I woke up at 4:30 to go to the bathroom Unfortunately, I must have set my alarm for 7:45 pm and not am since it had not gone off yet. 
  • That was a little bit frustrating, but it doesn't really take us an hour to get ready. When we had tiny babies and had to give baths, feed baby food, and put chubby little legs into tights-then it took us way more than an hour. 
  • When we arrived at church, I had Whitman help me get the room ready for Sunday school. We had only 15ish first graders today so that was a manageable number. Afterwards, we all headed to big church-Whitman is the only one who sits with us anymore. The big boys usually come downstairs for church, but today they went upstairs with everyone else. (I do sometimes worry that some of my younger girls might be a bit chatty during church, but I figure there are enough other mothers up there that will take care of it and hopefully they have enough sense to do the right thing.)
  • After church we went to Nonna and Pops' house for Sunday lunch. When we finished eating, the kids all helped bring in Nonna's Christmas things which I think the girls are going to help set up Tuesday.
  • Reagan, Anderson, and Graham went to help clean and organize where Reagan works today. They are on a service team, and that is where they ended up today. It definitely helped Reagan out doing that though.
  • The rest of us left Nonna's house and ran to Walmart to pick up an order. Then Robby and I had a nap. The big three made it home in time to be home for a few minutes before leaving again with Campbell and Keaton to go to Rock Creek for church tonight. 
  • We made spaghetti for Sunday night supper with the Wilsons tonight. We also heated up a pecan pie which was pretty good for sure. Robby wasn't crazy about either, but I really did like the pie-I don't know of any of the kids eat pecan pie though, and I sure don't need to eat all of the leftovers myself.

November 25, 2023

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  • I just told Robby that this day is kind of sad: our holiday weekend is now over. Oh, I know that we have Sunday left, but that does not really count. I again was the first one out of bed to work on that laundry and those dishes. 
  • After doing that, I moved on to getting something else ready for Sunday school tomorrow. We have much younger kids this year and many more kids this year, so winging it is not really possible this year-I have to be overplanned which is why I was adding to tomorrow's list of things to do in Sunday school.
  • Robby and I watched a little bit of a football game before we moved outside to work in the yard. All three of the boys came out to help us. Graham did text the family group chat asking when they were to help. I just answered whenever they want so those two big boys came out fairly soon.
  • We only worked for maybe an hour. Robby spent some more time out there watching his burn pile. When Graham and Anderson came in the house, Whitman saw them walk by with drinks in their hands-so Whitman came out to ask why they had drinks and if he could have one. Of course he could, as long as he worked for a few minutes which he did very willingly.
  • After our yard work, I helped Reagan with a bit of school before Robby and I left to run some errands. One goal was to find Bentley dog food-her brand has been recalled, and we are getting low on what we have (made before the recall). We have used less expensive food before and could tell the different (probably too much detail for the blog), but we sure don't want to spend much more money than we already spend.
  • Back at home, the boys and Robby started a project-installing their new monitors. They upgraded and are in full gaming mode. I took Campbell to a party with some church friends, and before I realized it, it was time for me to leave the house to go and pick her up again.
  • Once we were home, there was some ice cream along with some more football watching downstairs and lots of gaming upstairs!

November 24, 2023

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  • Not a whole lot happened around here today. I guess in years past on Black Friday we have spent time decorating or shopping. We did do some shopping today, but most of that was online so Robby never had to leave the couch.
  • I did have a list of things to do today, and I did mark most of them off of my list except for raking the leaves, but no one was too anxious to do that. 
  • I was actually up a good bit before everyone else stirred this morning. I did my morning things plus finished a book. The kids started stirring while I was working on Graham's math for next year. This is the first year that I have drastically changed things up for the kids in the middle of the year. New science for the big boys, different math for Graham, new English for the big boys, and a new math for Anderson. I want to change Keaton's English too but I bought the wrong book and am mad at myself so I'm not sure if I will try to buy the book again or not.
  • We watched all of the losing Razorback teams on the tv today. I did take a short little nap during both games, but that didn't help the scores at all. Between the games I helped Reagan with her English essay-it is about Santa and I thought that it would be fun, but it isn't!
  • During the middle of the football game, Keaton, Campbell, Anderson, Robby, and I ran a few errands. We walked around Sams and bought some spoons, then stopped by Grannymom's house quickly before returning something to Kohls. Then I returned something to Costco while the others picked up pizzas, and finally we went to Kroger to pick up an order. 
  • Everyone ate supper when we came home. Whitman had mail-2 junior ranger badges that we have worked on lately. And then for the rest of the evening, I don't think that too much will happen around here-at least I hope not.

November 23, 2023-Happy Thanksgiving

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  • This morning started with Robby and I awake and working while the precious little children who have taken to staying up super late snoozed in their beds. Even though they may have stayed up late last night, they didn't take too long to wake up.
  • I was told that they all even made their beds-my day's requirement. I haven't been up there so I don't really know if they did this or not, but they were all dressed and happy when they came downstairs.
  • Though I will say it is getting more and more difficult to get those little stinkers to work on their fruit turkeys. This is a tradition that I plan on continuing for a very long time, so they really will just have to get over it. I did get my turkeys and more importantly my pictures so all was good.
  • Soon our family all started arriving and carrying in their food. All of my kitchen counters were full of food. We had a feast for sure. Afterwards we even managed some family photos-not every year do we remember to take pictures of everyone, but I am sure glad that we remembered today.
  • Everyone stayed for quite a while visiting which I loved. Of course Thanksgiving is a little different these days that we don't really have the huge newspaper full of ads to look through because now we have been Black Friday shopping for weeks. The kids asked to go shopping tomorrow, and I just reminded them that they could look on amazon at any time of the day.
  • After everyone left, we huddled around the tv on the couch to watch the Hogs game. This game didn't have the same results as last nights, but I slept through most of it! 
  • About 10 different kids have come downstairs and asked me what was for supper. This is definitely a make you own night, and that is what they have done-at least Whitman and Anderson. I think I am going to have some hot chocolate much later, but for now, it is football on tv and possibly a Hallmark movie.

November 22, 2023

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  • This was our first official Thanksgiving break from school, but a tiny bit of school did still happen this morning. Anderson did a little bit, and so did Graham. Reagan has an essay due early next week, and she and Anderson have a history paper due late next week so there is still quite a bit of school work that should happen this weekend. Maybe it will since we don't plan to leave the house to do any shopping nor do we have to put up the Christmas things. 
  • During this little school day, there has been lots of gaming happening around here. The big boys are always on their xboxes, but Robby spent a few hours the other day getting the Wii working again, and it has completely occupied Whitman along with Keaton and Campbell. Campbell even spent hours today playing games on the computer with her friends today. If people could go to college on gaming scholarships, my kids could definitely qualify.
  • Graham and Reagan went to work this afternoon. I was gone when they left for work since I was out with Keaton, Anderson, and Whitman. Keaton wants a new Bible for Christmas so we went to the store to touch one before ordering it. Anderson and Whitman needed haircuts so that was the next stop. Then I had a few presents to drop off at Nonna's house so that was our final stop. My present buying needs to increase of the next few days because I am pretty far behind on things, but I have a few lists so I should be fine!
  • When we came home, Robby and I soon left-we walked around Costco for a little bit. I tried to buy me some pants but decided that I didn't really like them when I came home. We also bought some other random things like white rice and supper for tonight. 
  • Then we went to Five Below because Whitman has asked for one specific type of candy for his Christmas stocking. And that silly type of candy was proving difficult to find. Thankfully, the Five Below lady got on her hands and knees and found the very last one on the shelf for me. I even hugged her-not really, but it would have made for a good Hallmark move scene.
  • And yes, we did watch 2 Hallmark movies last night, but if these Hogs don't hurry up and win or lose this ballgame, then I may not get one in tonight. 
  • When we did get home from our shopping trip, we took Whitman and Keaton to Defy. Whitman usually doesn't care about going at all, but today he asked if maybe he could get another pass for next year. That won't happen since I don't think I can do that again without a little bit of a break-I feel like Defy is just one thing on my list that I can never check off-like the laundry or the dishes!
  • For supper, we all sat down and had supper around the table. Then I used lots of child power to get this house ready for Thanksgiving-vacuuming, moving tables, baking cookies and fudge, and just some general cleaning. For the most part everyone was done in time to watch the Razorbacks....except Robby had to take me to Dollar General to buy some sour cream. I'm not sure what happened there-I knew we had enough, but now I am worried about the rest of my cooking-what else am I missing? We shall see tomorrow I guess!

November 21, 2023

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  • Today was our last official day of school for the week. I believe that Campbell and Keaton did a lot of their work last night before they went to sleep. Graham was at least thinking about school at 2 last night when he text me to ask if he could work with me as soon as I finished reading with the others.
  • Even though we were all up very late last night, people still stirred relatively easy this morning. We did our reading, and then everyone sped through their school work. Anderson was waiting on me fairly early to review some ACT stuff. Then he had a math test that he aced during lunch.
  • Anderson had hoped to go and play basketball with Graham and a bunch of other boys this afternoon. He really debated going, but in the end he decided not to which was probably wise. I think his ankle is getting better, but I'm not really positive.
  • Robby had picked up the camper early this morning and dropped off the van for an oil change. So when we took Graham, we picked up the van, got gas in the cars, and went to the library. And gracious, I just get giddy going to the library-I have so many books to read to the kids and so many books to read myself! 
  • This afternoon I worked on some Sunday school things and even played a few games on the Wii with Whitman. It is surprising how quickly an afternoon can go by. I did have a little bit of a nap before pulling out all of the leftovers for supper. I didn't get a whole lot of takers for our leftovers but I did clean out the fridge some. 
  • Robby and I are now on the couch watching a Christmas movie-and will probably even get another one in before the end of the evening!

November 20, 2023

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  • This was kind of a busy Monday for us at least. All of the kids are already on Thanksgiving break so there have been lots of face timing and xboxing with people. However, we are not yet on Thanksgiving break yet, so school has still been happening.
  • We read together at 8:30 this morning, but I only read for 45 minutes because Campbell went to drink coffee with her friends. Robby took her there while the rest of us finished our school. 
  • I was able to do a few things on my list today, but for the most part, I didn't get a lot accomplished. That was fine though since my main task was cleaning the house some this afternoon. 
  • Graham and Reagan had work today, so they were gone most of the day. I guess since it was rainy and dreary the afternoon seemed long. I was busy all afternoon though because some of the homeshcool mommas came over for supper tonight. 
  • Even though I was busy, I really didn't cook anything-baked potatoes, soup from Sams, and a salad from Sams. I did make a coffee cake which I thought was fine. Now, Graham thought it was delicious!
  • While my people were over, Robby took those that wanted to go out to eat with him to Coltons. They had a big meal. Keaton and Graham opted to stay home so she babysat Bentley and Graham played on his xbox while the others were gone. 
  • It was late when my people left, and even later when I managed to get my kids in to their beds. And unfortunately, it was way too late for pictures tonight. 

November 19, 2023

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  • I made my rounds trying to wake up the kids this morning, but I don't think that I successfully woke anyone up before I got in the shower. I didn't try to hard since I figured it shouldn't take them an hour to get ready for church.
  • Soon everyone was ready, and we were headed to the church house. We didn't have to teach Sunday school but we still kind of did-at least we didn't have to plan a lesson so that was nice.
  • After big church, we went to Grannymom's house for lunch. She had Robby's favorite-pizza-to eat. We had to leave a few minutes early so we could run to Sams on the way home since I needed to pick up a few things for tomorrow's supper.
  • Once at home, Robby and I had ourselves a nap. Soon Campbell's friends started arriving to go with her to Rock Creek's Feast. The boys drove everyone, and they had all of the Thanksgiving food along with a hayride tonight. Everyone had a good time, and once it was over, Campbell and her friends hung out at our house for a little bit.
  • Robby, Whitman, and I had supper at the Wilson's house. We stayed around and chatted for a while and Tony even drilled some holes for me for a Sunday school project. When we came home, Robby and I had to make a circle dropping girls off at their houses-that took almost an hour!
  • So now, it is nearing 11-Reagan just came in and her friend left, the boys are on their devices, and Campbell and Keaton are doing school work for tomorrow.

November 18, 2023

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  • Robby and I weren't too in a hurry to get out of bed today. Graham was the only one awake this morning when we did finally climb out of bed. The girls had only been a sleep for a few hours-Campbell and Keaton started off in the bonus room last night, but Robby heard them going back to their bedroom sometime in the middle of the night.
  • Both of the big boys had some ACT work to do today-they are all taking it near the first of December so they had better be working. I'm not too sure if Graham got to his work today, but Anderson did most of his work-though I know of some that hasn't happened yet. 
  • I guess all the big 3 did some school work today. Reagan worked on her next English essay-if she does go to OBU, we have determined that she will not need to take Comp 2 this next semester unless she majors in education. However, she just can't relax and still thinks she wants to take it!
  • Campbell, Keaton, Robby, and I ran a few errands this afternoon. We started at Bath and Body where I picked up a few more teacher gifts while Robby grabbed himself a hamburger. Then we went to Costco with the rest of Little Rock. The next stop was Kroger. We intended to go to Sams, but the ice cream in the trunk prevented that trip. 
  • Reagan left to go to the movies and a bit after that Anderson fell and sprained his ankle. I hope he sprained his ankle! He half heartedly assured me that it was not broken. He did set in the living room for probably 2 hours afterwards with his foot propped up with ice on it. 
  • At halftime during the Hogs football game everyone ran to the showers since it is Sunday night after all. We have already had our ice cream, and I'm trying to figure out if having hot chocolate later is still acceptable after ice cream!

November 17, 2023

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  • I slept in for a bit today, but I didn't let the big boys sleep in too long though. They both had some school work left over for the week so by 9, they were starting on it. Whitman was the only other one to wake up.
  • Last night when Campbell and Keaton went to bed, they told me to check on them if they were not awake by 4. I told them that I hoped that they were awake by 4, and I also hoped that I remembered to check on them by then because if they were sleeping that long then something might be wrong.
  • It was nearly 3 when I did finally see Campbell and Keaton. It wasn't because I had forgotten about them, but instead I had been gone-they did wake up around 1 though.
  • I left around noon to do some Christmas shopping. I haven't done much shopping this year-usually my stocking boxes are overflowing by now, but some folks just had a roll of lifesavers in their boxes. However, I was able to do some good so I was fairly pleased. I was shocked though at all of the people out shopping-I guess the rest of my shopping will be done online!
  • When I came home, I ended up playing two different games with Campbell, Keaton, Anderson, and Whitman. Anderson had some school work this afternoon, but I think that he gets a little bored sometimes when Graham is at work. 
  • Soon Robby and I were headed to Panda Express to pick up some Friday night supper for the crew. We also picked up some doughnuts from Dunkin since we had a gift card to use. We have decided that we are going to try to use up all of our gift cards-I guess we used 2 today, but I think that Robby bought one when he bought supper so we aren't doing too well.
  • I finished a book while watching the Hogs play their basketball game. Now I am not sure what exactly we are going to do with the rest of the evening.

November 16, 2023

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  • Thursdays I always wake up and shoot out of bed since Anderson needs to leave about 20 minutes after I do get out of bed. Thankfully, Anderson doesn't need 20 minutes to get ready to leave-apparently, he needs closer to 10 since even after me waking up, he doesn't seem to move fairly quickly until about 10 minutes until time for him to leave.
  • Thursdays are read only library books day-one of my favorite days. I have been on a library book kick lately-especially the ones that I read in the mornings. Browsing the library website has become my new hobby lately-at least it is free.
  • We all did our school this morning until the boys came home. Then we had some time for some quick lunch before we all headed to the dentist. Reagan stayed at school and work since she went to the dentist last week. We did pretty well though-only Anderson had cavities so it was a Sonic day for sure.
  • This evening I had a little bit of school work with Anderson, and then we didn't really do anything else for the rest of the day. We did move Bentley's food bowl so we will see exactly how smart of a day she is if she is able to remember it!

November 15, 2023

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  • This morning started off with Robby and I dropping off the camper for a tune up. It has needed a tune up for a good while, but there have been other pressing issues. The car man had made a spot for the camper so I followed Robby to pick him up. Thankfully, there was plenty of room for the camper on that tiny lot.
  • When I made it home, Keaton was already hard at work on her school. I woke everyone else up, and we started just 15 minutes later than normal so it was win. Whitman was moving slow today, but Anderson was moving quickly-they can be the most distracted of all of the kiddos.
  • Graham and Reagan left for work this afternoon while the rest of us finished up some school. Then Anderson went to work on making his potato casserole for the Feast tonight at church. Graham had wanted to make his corn casserole, but since he was at work we decided that he would make it for Thanksgiving instead. Campbell and Keaton had already made their desserts yesterday.
  • When Reagan and Graham came home, Reagan was just there for a few minutes before she left again for church. Keaton and Campbell went with her because they sure aren't going to miss out on anything.
  • Church tonight was lots of fun for the big kids since they had their yearly Feast. Everyone brought food, and they all left a little full while Whitman and I left starving! We came home, and Robby made a pizza for Whitman while I had a bagel with cream cheese. We topped off our supper with some ice cream and some Amazing Race watching.

November 14, 2023

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  • I was about to say that this was a good Monday, but this wasn't Monday at all. It was a little bit of a different since Robby spend a good deal of the day in Conway. It did start the usual way though with Graham and Reagan going to their Bible study early this morning.
  • I do set my alarm to make sure that they are up, but I don't get out of my bed, I just text them. This morning I didn't have to text them since Graham had text me first. Last night, I told him to put in his retainer, but he asked to keep it out since he was still playing his xbox and talking to his friends.
  • He told me that he would put it in before midnight and text me when he did. However, at 12:05 last night I had not heard from him. I text him and Anderson, but neither responded so I assumed that they were asleep. But that retainer needs to worn, so up the stairs I went since I was going to put that thing in his mouth myself. However, when I went to check the container in the bathroom it was empty so he did have it in.
  • We did our morning reading and while we were reading Anderson left and then Reagan and Graham did as well. The morning moved quickly since I knew that we were leaving around 1. When the boys came home, I quickly finished spelling with Whitman and then we all headed to Defy.
  • The big boys had not been to Defy in forever, and Whitman was so excited to show them something new. And blast it-they were working on that area today so it was closed. There was plenty of other things for them to do since we were the only people in there except for the workers. I figure I will get the big boys to go again soon since they were the two that I had to stand and wait on while the others were already in the car.
  • Back at home, I worked on things for our Sunday school Christmas party, and then I helped Graham and Anderson with science and history. Meanwhile, Campbell made fudge for church tomorrow, and Keaton made cookies for church as well.
  • Whitman prepared our baked potatoes for super, but as I was about to put them in the oven, I realized that Keaton was stirring up about 90 cookies so I used the toaster oven for the potatoes. I crammed all of our potatoes in the toaster oven and they cooked-but barely!
  • After supper, Reagan had to make a resume for a scholarship so she is working on that, Campbell is on the phone with her friends, Keaton is working on her Christmas list, Anderson and Graham are on their xboxes and Whitman is taking the dog out-actually, he has been outside for quite a long time so I think that I better check on him!

November 13, 2023

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  • School went fairly well for us this morning-the little 3 and I started reading and had a huge pile of books to go to. We didn't finish a one today, and I really don't think that we will finish any of them tomorrow either.
  • Anderson has a test tomorrow so I did spend a lot of the day staying on him encouraging him to keep going over his notes. Reagan has the same test, and she completely stressed about it. She has studied for about a week for hours while Anderson is fairly nonchalant about it. There score will probably still be fairly similar or at least they have been on the past tests.
  • Whitman was shocked to see that it was nearing 11-this is usually his time that he wants to be done. However, he is never finished by 11-never! At least when he sees that it is 11, he does start speeding up a little bit on his school work. Today, however, we even did a little bit of spelling before lunch-only 5 minutes worth, but I took what I could get.
  • Graham and Reagan went to work this afternoon. While they were gone, I reloaded the camper so it is ready for the next trip. Today I even walked Bentley for a little bit. She gets used to our walks when we are camping, and someone should probably walk her a few times a day around here, but that just doesn't happen.
  • Robby and I ran some errands to pick up food for the kids' feast on Wednesday night as well as we are even working on our Thanksgiving groceries. With all of our grocery shopping, we even managed to buy a stocking stuffer.
  • For supper tonight, we heated up the leftover chili. Some folks ate some of that and others had leftovers. Reagan went to Bible study at Tazikis and had herself some food there. Our chili was pretty decent, but I think that she got the better end of the deal for sure!
  • Anderson, Keaton, Whitman, and I played a short game while some of the Hogs game was on. Now Keaton is working on her math while the Hogs finish their game. I might read a little bit, or maybe I might take a nap. 

November 12, 2023-Lake Degray for the Weekend

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The kids all had to leave early this morning so they could go to church. We started waking everyone up around 7:10, and it took until about 7:50 for them all to get up and be able to get ready in the camper. My kiddos just enjoy church-especially Sunday school plus there was a mission trip preview meeting after church for them.

We did let Whitman stay home with us. Before we left, he had been telling me about his throat being a little bit sore, but on Friday I think that he felt pretty rough. However, today he felt much better-and much more chatty. He explored near the water for a good little bit and even made a tower of rocks. 

And since we are talking about Whitman-tonight he had life group, and on the way there I asked him about camping. He said 1/4 of his favorite part of camping is staying in the camper, 1/4 is going out of the camper, 1/4 of his favorite part is building a fire and having s'mores, and the last 1/4 is having pretzels. We buy peanut butter filled pretzels for our camping trips, and I guess that he really enjoys them.

Whitman did tell me all about his lifegroup tonight. He said that he got in trouble like 3 different times. He continued by saying that the kids beside him kept talking to him, and he would try to tell him to be quiet and that is when he would get in trouble. I couldn't get too upset about any of that-Whitman is a rule follower (for the most part), and I have never seen him being talkative during anything before. Plus he told me all about it, and also for him to be chatting with someone else his age is really a win. He doesn't have many buddies at all! I just encouraged him to not sit by that boy again.

Back to this morning though, Reagan was the one who drove everyone to church. This was the longest that she has ever driven-it is good practice for her since she will probably be driving somewhere next year. She did get a text though from me (sent to Graham) to tell her to slow down-we certainly don't need a speeding ticket.

After they left we laid in bed for a little bit, then we turned on church. I read some while Robby worked on rearranging some cords. We then headed outside to work for a little bit putting things away. Then Tony made us some sandwiches for lunch.

When lunch was over, we didn't take too much time to put everything away and leave the campground. We did stop at Walmart on the way home to get gas and pick up a few things. Meanwhile, when the kids left church they went to eat at Nonna and Pops' house. 

The boys had basketball practice this afternoon in Benton so they left from Pops' house. Then Nonna and Pops were gracious enough to take the girls home. We eventually showed up, and Robby and I went to work on the camper.

At 5, I took Whitman to his lifegroup. At 5:15, Keaton, Campbell, Graham and Anderson went to Rock Creek for The U, and then at 5:50 Reagan left for her lifegroup. So there was a lot of church going tonight. While they were all gone, Robby and I made chili for our Sunday night supper with the Wilsons. 

Everyone ate, and we watched a ittle bit of tv before they left. As soon as they left, Reagan made it back home. Now, I am going to try to urge everyone to put away all of their laundry that I have folded tonight and start having everyone to go to bed.

November 11, 2023-Lake Degray for the Weekend

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  • In case you were wondering, the boys did get back to the camper about 2:30 last night. The plan had been for them to head this way around 2, so at 1:40 last night (I was awake to go to the bathroom), I text and asked if they were coming back or sleeping there. Graham wrote me back with, "I think we are leaving soon." I wrote back to ask what exactly that meant as he wrote to to give me some more info.
  • In about 10 minutes, they did indeed head this way. They were pretty quiet coming in, but I did motion for Anderson to come back to us to tell us all about it. So we did get the quick rundown-hung out in some dorm rooms, played basketball, did some silent disco, and then back to some dorm rooms. They had a blast and decided that college life was for them. 
  • We all woke up around 9 this morning. Robby made pancakes, sausage and egg in the hole. We had a bit of downtime before it was time to leave for the Battle of the Ravine. We parked a good ways down the main road but made it to the stadium in time to find a seat, barely, by the Wilsons. 
  • Campbell found her friends and left us during the game. She did show back up when I returned from the concession stand with popcorn and Tacos for Life cheese dip. The game was fairly fun to watch-actually, I think that it was more fun to watch than the Razorback game today.
  • When the game was over, we headed back to the camper. Some of Brett's friends, some of Layne's friends, and some of the Wilson's friends all came back for supper. Shannon had made lots and lots of soup. 
  • There were so many kiddos that the spots by the fire were limited. Also the wood tonight was limited. It is now 8:30 and the fire is already out so the only folks still outside are Keaton and Campbell. I am cuddled up in the bed and most of the other Dennies are as well!

November 10, 2023-Lake Degray for the Weekend

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I had been a bit concerned about the weather this weekend while we were camping. We woke up this morning to the sun blaring in our window, so we opened the blinds and were surprised at how warm it was. Of course, we didn't go outside then, we just stayed snuggled in bed for a bit longer.

Eventually, the girls did get up and take Bentley outside. And after we had all eaten breakfast, we did move the camper to a different site. Robby originally only book us coming here Friday instead of Thursday, so when he added the Thursday he had to get a different spot. That was all fine though, and we were soon outside in our new spot making grilled cheese.

The weather this morning and afternoon was pretty perfect. We went on a walk once, and the sun was warm enough that I took off my jacket. It was chilly but still pleasant. Not tonight, it did get chilly but when we were by the fire we were fine.

At 2:30 this afternoon, Reagan and I had a meeting at Ouachita. At the last minute the boys decided to tag along and go and see Brett. They were a bit apprehensive when we pulled up, since they were going to be kind of on their own while we were at our meeting. Once they saw Brett and Braxton, they scurried away form Reagan and I.

The boys then ended up writing me saying, "the keys are in the car." And I later understood that they had gone to Little Rock to pick up Braxton's brother and then came back to OBU to play some basketball. They are actually still there, and are planning to help their buddies guard the tiger and will be heading home tonight around 2. 

It was probably a good thing that they did find something to do. I had guessed that our meeting would be an hour or maybe an hour and a half. I had no idea that we would still be there at 5. We met with the admission counselor, with the dean of Christian studies, with the dean of Humanities, and even with the president. It was definitely quite the visit. I believe that Reagan has just about narrowed down her college choice to one school.

We got Sonic for everyone when we headed back to camp. By the time that we came home, it was already darkish and getting chilly. They had a fire started already, and we were soon cooking chicken tacos for supper. Shannon had made an apple dump cake for dessert, and it was warm and delicious.

We huddled by the fire watching the Razorbacks play basketball. When the game was over, we migrated back inside of the camper-well, Campbell and Keaton stayed outside chatting on the phone with their friends!

November 9, 2023-Lake Degray for the Weekend

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Anderson was the first one to leave this morning for his classes, and not too much after that Reagan and Graham left for their classes. While they were gone, we did our daily reading. On Thursdays I just read science, history, and all of our library books. Since we change it up a little bit, Thursday reading is my favorite. 

Everyone seemed to zoom through their school work today. Well, to me it seemed like they were moving quickly, but it was still near noon when they did finish. Whitman and I just did a little bit of his spelling instead of the whole thing.

I wanted to make sure that he had time to eat because around 1, Robby, Bentley, Whitman, Campbell, and Keaton headed to Degray Lake State Park. Campbell said that Bentley was quick to go the bathroom, and then she pulled Campbell towards the camper. I guess she knew where she was going. However, Robby said that once they arrived, she was anxious to get out-I guess she thought that she was at Disney.

It pretty much rained on Robby and the others all day long. They stayed busy in the camper on their devices and made orange chicken for supper. I believe that they even watched at least one episode of Amazing Race.

Once again, I was reminded that I am not good at being at the house all alone. Now the big boys were home, but they weren't much company since they spent their time yelling at people on their xboxes. I worked on school for Christmas, I sanded wooden blocks for a Sunday school Christmas party and I worked on my ornament blog-then I didn't have anything else I could think of to do so I just watched a Christmas movie.

We didn't go to Degray with everyone else because Reagan had her normal work until 6, and then she helped with a Christmas party at work until 7:30. She had done a lot of driving around town today in the rain, but as soon as she came home, she had a shower and then we headed to Arkadelphia.

The rain wasn't too bad on the way, so we just kept chugging along. All of the big kids were super talkative on the way down, so I didn't mind the drive at all. I did miss my turn into the campground so I had to go a little bit further-it was too dark to see the original turn. The boys then guided me to where everyone else was.

The camper feels small when you double the number of occupants-everyone else was all spread out and then we all came traipsing in. We all chatted for a little bit, and Reagan ate a chicken pot pie that I had made at home for her supper. 

It is 11 now, and we are just not getting everyone to snuggle into their beds. This is our first cold weather camping trip in a while, so Robby is trying to figure out the best way to heat us up tonight without it getting to warm!

November 8, 2023

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  • Wednesday is the favorite day of the kids. It is a long one, but I guess that I kind of like it too. Robby was gone this morning since Grandpa was having a little surgery. While he was gone, the rest of us started our morning like usual.
  • Reagan is going to be at her second job next week when the rest of us go to the dentist, so I was able to snag her another appointment for today. I took her, and she didn't have any cavities, but it was worse! She was referred to someone because she needs her wisdom teeth out!
  • While we were gone, Graham needed to go to work so Anderson delivered him there. Grandpa's surgery went well so Robby was home in time to meet me so Reagan could just drive straight to work. Some days you just need a flow chart about who is going where and when.
  • This afternoon was spent with some packing and working on spelling with Whitman. I'm not sure if this boy will ever get spelling. We will keep working until he does though. Keaton only has one more year of official spelling lessons, but I can foresee that Whitman will be doing spelling much longer than that.
  • I worked on the tree some, and after I put up the boxes tonight I think that I can declare myself officially done with decorating for Christmas. We also bought 3 Christmas presents today, so that is pretty huge as well. 
  • Graham and Reagan came home, and then Reagan, Campbell, and Keaton left for church. This is about the time that I laid down for about 10 minutes. Robby came in and started talking to me, so my 10 minute nap was cut short to 4, but it was still a nap! Afterwards, I jumped in the shower for a bit before church.
  • Soon the boys and I were headed to church ourselves. Wednesday nights are pretty wild, but they do make the evening go by super quickly. Robby ordered pizza for us to pick up on our way home so as we did some final packing we ate our supper which was delicious or maybe I was just hungry.

November 7, 2023

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  • This morning started early for Graham and Reagan since they went to Bible study across town. Reagan got herself some banana bread while Graham just at a doughnut. They made it home about the time that Anderson had to leave for his classes. 
  • I then started reading with the others, and Graham and Reagan headed to school. Once she made it to school, she text me a question so I called Robby who wasn't at the house to ask him. I started talking, but forgot that we are all still a little jumpy on Tuesday mornings about Reagan getting to school. I think that I kind of panicked him since I didn't get to the point quick enough. 
  • Anderson and Graham came home just about the time that we were finishing school around here. I still had to work with Whitman on his spelling, but then the school day was over. 
  • Robby cooked 3 dozen eggs and 3 pounds of sausage for me. I then made breakfast tortillas for the big boys. I am not sure when we did this last, but it seems like they can really go through all of that. It is nice to have something warm to eat for breakfast though.
  • I then took Graham to the orthodontist and then to get his hair cut. He said that those are two places that he really hates. He especially stressed about going and getting his hair cut, but I think that it looks good.
  • At home, Campbell helped me put up the big Christmas tree in the living room. We didn't decorate it or anything, so that will be tomorrow's task. Then we had our supper-most folks chose air fryer pizza to eat. 
  • When Reagan left school, she went to work-this was her first day at her second job. I think that she liked it, but she isn't quite sure what all she is supposed to be doing. Then when that was over, seh met a friend at Dillards so she could buy herself some house shoes. 
  • Robby and I then met her at Kroger to fill up 2 cars with gas. While they were getting gas, I ran into to Costco, and then Reagan stayed and walked through Kroger with us. We grabbed a few things, and then headed home. 
  • I just had some ice cream and am about to finish my book.

November 6, 2023

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  • As far as school goes today, this was definitely a Monday morning. It took a little bit of time for us to get back into the swing of things. Math was especially difficult for everyone since it had been a week break on math. Math is just something that we shouldn't really take a break from-maybe I will need to remember than when we take our winter break.
  • Graham and Reagan went to work this afternoon. While they were gone, Whitman and Anderson still had a little bit of school work to do. Then Keaton and Campbell helped me with my afternoon task.
  • I have been putting up the Christmas trees, and on Saturday I put up the tree in my bedroom. When I finished, I realized that I put up a smaller tree than we had there last year. I worried about it some, but then just decided that it was okay because the girls could just use the larger tree in their bedroom.
  • However, I didn't take into account that their ceiling is pretty sloped. Campbell and Keaton tried the big tree, but nope-it just wouldn't fit! That meant that my bedroom tree had to be undecorated and hauled upstairs. Thankfully, they did that for me so I only had to redecorate it. Last night I had told Robby how much I really don't like putting up Christmas trees-and today, I got to do one again!
  • None of that took too long though so I was soon working on the tree in the kitchen. I have one tree left and one bin left. However, I have lost one thing so hopefully it shows up in my next bin. 
  • Whitman washed, poked holes in, oiled and salted our baked potatoes tonight so we gave him credit for making the meal. We have another bag of potatoes which is good because baked potatoes are a hit around here.
  • I did some reading tonight while Reagan was at a Bible study and while quite a few of us gathered around the tv to watch the Hogs play basketball.

November 5, 2023

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  • Did you know that having 23 first graders in Sunday school can pretty much cause a person to lose their religion? It's true. Ha! Well, it is kind of true. There is just a room full of them, and I had to put a bit of fear in a couple of them this morning; otherwise Robby and I were going to lose control.
  • Teaching Sunday school this year is just completely different than last year for sure. However, it is still probably easier than answering Whitman's questions during big church. Today during a song, he asked me why they call Jesus the Son of Man. Hmm, I leaned over and asked Robby who wasn't really sure either so I had to ask google, but it didn't clear things up too much.
  • After church, the big girls and I changed clothes and headed to Benton for their last soccer game. This was Reagan's last last game. The game was tied 2-2 when it finished but Campbell and Reagan probably had their best games today. 
  • They wanted to celebrate with Sonic on the way home so that is what we did. We probably would have celebrated even if they had lost too. While we were soccering, everyone else went to Granmymom's house for Sunday lunch.
  • Keaton stayed and helped Grannymom with some yard work when everyone else went home. Anderson and Graham went to play basketball this afternoon. They made it home just about 20 minutes before they all needed to leave for Rock Creek.
  • So then everyone but Whitman went to The U tonight while Whitman stayed here with us. Robby continued his Sunday nap while I tried to mark things off of my weekly list. We then all met back up at the Wilson's house for Sunday supper. 
  • The kids headed home before we did, but we were home before 10 so we could start the nightly routine since tomorrow is a school day!

November 4, 2023

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  • Robby and I knew that since we had the opportunity to sleep in this morning, we would not, and that was true. We were both awake pretty early, but we did lay in bed as long as we could. 
  • Robby eventually ended up outside. He worked on quite a few different things, but the big thing was getting the tow dolly ready to go again after the blow out on the way to Disney.
  • I was a little less productive inside. I did the regular things, plus I got all of my new Christmas ornaments ready to hang and ready to blog about. While I was working on that, I heard a ton of commotion upstairs and realized that the boys were watching the football game.
  • I then joined Campbell on the couch watching the game. There I stayed until it was time to leave for Reagan and Campbell's soccer game in Sherwood. For a city that is kind of close to home, it is a long way away. 
  • The other team just had 7 players so we played them 10 on 7. I think that both teams had a good time on the field today-there was a lot of soccer playing, but a lot of laughing as well. 
  • When the game was over, we hurried home since all of the girls had something this evening. Campbell went to a party at a friend's house while Reagan and Keaton went to a movie. 
  • That left us and the boys at home. Graham made orange chicken which Anderson and I also ate. Whitman and Robby both had pizza for their supper.
  • Right now, I am cuddled up on the couch and just remembered that I have to go and pick up Campbell in a little bit! I'm sure I would have remembered-maybe!

November 3, 2023

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  • This was a little bit slower day than even yesterday which was nice. I worked with Graham and Anderson on their science for a good little bit this morning. Then I helped Anderson, and by the time that we were finished, Graham and Reagan were leaving for work.
  • I still had laundry to fold, but I wasn't moving too quickly this morning. I actually thought that if I left the laundry on the kitchen counter for long enough then someone would come along and fold it. That didn't happen, and there is still laundry on the counter from at least one Dennie child.
  • This afternoon I am not really sure what I did. I tried to read for a little bit but was too distracted to do that. However, it was soon time to go to Defy with the little 3. I was able to read there, but I spied those three just sitting in the middle of Defy talking..and not jumping. A little bit of exercise is good for everyone, but I guess a little bit of bonding is also good.
  • We did pick up our last free tacos today from Taco Bell. That kind of was sad. Then we did stop for a drink at the gas station on the way home. I had tried to tell the kids that we wouldn't get a drink too, but then Whitman mentioned that he didn't get a taco so then I had to get him and the girls a drink.
  • Back at home, I sat down for a minute before it was time to leave again to meet Robby to get gas. We then walked through almost every aisle in Kroger and bought a few things. The Wilsons wrote, and after we came home with my groceries and Robby's Costco pizzas for the kids, we headed out.
  • We ate at Tacos for Life for supper-my favorite is the cheese dip, guacamole, and salsa and could have just eaten that. I usually get the mango habenero taco, but I have decided that it may not be my favorite anymore.
  • We then did a little bit of walking around Sams and Costco really quickly. Then we came home and watched a few camping and camper videos. I am about to check something for Reagan's school while the boys are screaming at their xboxes. 

November 2, 2023

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  • I had been a bit worried about how this day would go, but ever after all of our minor stressors yesterday, we were still home before I thought that we would be. So when I went to wake up Anderson for school, I was surprised to see their lights on. 
  • Anderson was already awake and Graham was finding something in his drawers while Whitman had the covers over his head. I asked why the lights were on since Whit didn't have to wake up yet, but they said that he wanted for them to wake him up. (It didn't work because I had to come up later twice to wake him up myself.)
  • Anderson went to his class, and then Reagan and Graham went to theirs. While they were gone, Campbell, Keaton, and I did a little bit of reading. I had planned a shorter day of school for them-pretty much they only had to do things that didn't involve me at all! 
  • While they were working, I tried to work on my list. It started off being a pretty long list, but I was able to do quite a bit during the day. By the time that the big boys came home from school, I was about to have my lunch.
  • I did some math with Anderson and then helped him and Graham with some things that they had missed while we were on our trip. By a bit after 5, the camper was clean and reloaded with all of our clean sheets. 
  • Tonight everyone made their own suppers which did help clean out the fridge a little bit. I worked on some school for January while Robby worked on my computer that wouldn't print. And finally, we ended up in the living room with Keaton and Whitman watching Amazing Race.

November 1, 2023-Disney Season Pass Era Ends

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Overall, this was a great last trip to Disney and a great last trip in the camper as well. I'm just kidding about the camper...kind of! In all honesty, the camper did give us some fits on this trip and even on the way home. However, the week was pretty great at Disney and the campsite plus we made it there and back safely so I can't complain too much.

Robby and I went to sleep around 2 last night. After drinking hot chocolate on the late night drive, I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Of course since we were sleeping with the slides in, I couldn't get out with out crawling over the dog first and then Robby. I sure didn't want to wake Robby up because I was worried that if I woke him up, he would just decide to start driving. Thankfully, we hadn't been asleep that long so we both did get back to sleep.

It was just about 7 when my alarm went off. Robby was already in the bathroom, and we were soon on the road. We stopped at the first Buccees for gas, but we didn't go in since the kids were still awake. Then everything starts running together really.

At some point today, someone honked at Robby so he pulled over to inspect everything. His tow strap had come undone. They loosen as you drive, and Robby had already tightened them yesterday. This wasn't a problem though-except it had become tangled so he had to deal with that while we were on the edge of the road. It didn't take long for him to fix it, and we were back on the road. 

The kids eventually started waking up. Everyone was up for a Buccee's stop in Leeds, Alabama. Before too long we were stopping and going in Memphis rush hour traffic. This is when someone honked again at Robby. This time they told us that our tire was smoking.

This was not what we wanted to hear at all. (We just bought a car with what we paid to fix the other side and do some preventative maintenance on the now smoking side-and not really a car, but a good bit.) It was slightly smoking-nothing like the other side did. There was no smell and nothing leaking anywhere. 

Robby decided that we needed to leave the area that we were in so we pressed on and just prayed that it was the new brakes causing the smoking. We then stopped at least 3 more times to see if they were smoking, but there was nothing. He can see the tire pressure and temperature so that was all fine. 

What was not fine-Robby and I. Really, I am not too sure just how much more we can take. Our stress level is a bit high and nerves shot! We love the camper and love camping, but maybe we can just fly. In all honesty, we did feel confident in the work that we had done, plus Robby needs to get a tune up, and hopefully the camper will be in good shape and ready for the next adventure. Though the next few adventures will be in the state of Arkansas!

When we did get home, the kids helped us unload the camper. That took about 30 minutes or maybe just a bit longer. Then I made grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone and heated up some soup from some cans. This meal was a hit-Anderson said that he would be fine with us having it once a week.

I have a load or two of laundry to fold and then it will be bedtime for everyone!