September 30, 2021

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  • I do love me some Thursdays. I was awake first-seems to be the theme. Well, actually Bentley was awake first, and Robby did take her potty, but then, then I was the first one out of bed for good this morning.
  • I wasn't able to take Bentley for her walk, but we did do some grooming time. We have our morning routine-poop, run, teeth, brush, nails and then eat. I think that she tolerates all of the other because she knows that eating is coming soon.
  • Reagan and Anderson went to school-she drove again, and they made it there and home so I would consider it a success. While they were gone, the rest of us went to town on school work. Keaton finished pretty quickly and even packed her self.
  • I was able to do quite a few things to get ready for the trip. Though I still have a busy day tomorrow. I even packed for Whitman who was steadily working on his school work. It did take him quite a while today-though he did make sure that he took plenty of breaks!
  • When Reagan and Anderson arrived home, I headed out with Keaton to the pregnancy center for the afternoon. There were lots of helpers there today, but Keaton and I kept ourselves busy. We hung clothes, packaged diapers and folded clothes.
  • While we were gone, Robby took Anderson to get a hair cut and dropped him off at football practice. Robby had already taken Graham for a hair cut earlier in the day. That just leaves Whitman for his haircut before we leave.
  • The girls and I went to Target this evening along with ChickFilA before hurrying to pick up Anderson. Then it was home for everyone-we did end the evening with some ice cream along with a Hallmark movie. 

September 29, 2021

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  • I was the first one awake today, and quickly went upstairs to start waking the kids up. I was surprised that they all woke up fairly easily. Whitman even came downstairs wearing clothes-not even the clothes that he slept in, but new fresh clean clothes. Reagan was even awake and moving before we left the house.
  • I think that this was the third or possibly fourth Bible study for us. When we left, we headed to Mardels to have the kids Bibles engraved. There was a bit of a line so we were able to walk around the store for a minute. Campbell even found a few Christmas gifts that she wanted to add to her list.
  • We met Robby at the gas station and then went to pick up a few things at Kroger. Once I finally did get home, it was school time.
  • Campbell and Keaton had finished most of their work yesterday. Surprisingly, Whitman was on fire today and did great doing some work and then taking some breaks. I worked pretty much until time to go on school work with the kids. I didn't even get around to working with Whitman and saved that for Friday.
  • Church was fine tonight-the big kids were the ones waiting on me tonight. I am not sure why we were so late. We stopped for pizza on the way home and had to wait for a long while to get that pizza. 
  • Once we made it home, we ate and then I kicked up my feet and watched myself a movie! It was the perfect end to a pretty crazy day.

September 28, 2021

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  • I don't really know why I like Tuesdays so much. Seriously, our days seem to go so smoothly on Tuesdays. The only difference between Tuesday and Monday is that Anderson and Reagan are gone. I guess I really didn't realize that Anderson and Reagan were such problem children. (Really they are not-Reagan hides in the bonus room until I work with her in the afternoon, and Anderson works at his desk until he needs my help.)
  • Reagan drove to class again today-she did walk in this afternoon without Anderson so I was briefly concerned that she left Anderson at school. Thankfully, he was just in the garage shooting off fireworks-boys! 
  • Reagan did turn the wrong way out of the church parking lot. Anderson was quick to ask, "Where are we going?" And that is when she realized that she had indeed turned the wrong way. She just turned around in the next church entrance so all was well. A good reminder that we need to work on our directions just a bit more!
  • Robby took Keaton and Campbell out to Tacos for Life to celebrate her birthday a little bit more. They had planned on going to a movie, but there aren't any kid friendly movies out right now. They even ran to Walmart for a little bit of shopping after their lunch. 
  • I spent a lot of time this afternoon working in the camper. It is now cleaned, restocked and ready to go again. Robby even helped me hang two pictures on the wall. I even tried to see if our fridge is magnetic, but is sure isn't!
  • There was lots of Bible study to do today so we could have it all finished up for tomorrow. I reminded everyone that we will have a lot of Bible study to do this next week to get ready for our trip.
  • Tonight we celebrated Jason's birthday at Nonna and Pops' house. They had pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn and rolls, and my kids ate up. The mashed potatoes were my favorite for sure. After we ate, Nonna had her Jo Powell chocolate cake, and then Jason opened her presents!
  • We made it home in time for me to watch a Hallmark movie-just probably 500 or more to watch!

September 27, 2021-Happy 10th Birthday Keaton!

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  • I woke up at a decent time this morning for a Monday. There was lots that I needed to do today...I probably should have done some of it! Before school started, I spent my time folding laundry. We had already put away a few loads last night, but that did leave me 2 large loads to fold this morning. I finally had to take a break on the laundry and just worked on it each time I walked by the kitchen table during the day.
  • Whitman was awake first and then the birthday girl came downstairs. She had been hoping that I let everyone skip school today. She had already done a bit and was one of the first ones finished today so she didn't have to slave away too long.
  • Whitman was not in the school zone today, but Anderson seemed to be. He was able to accomplish a lot of things today. Reagan always does 2 days of school on Monday so she works super hard on Mondays. 
  • Early this afternoon, I noticed a group of people in the back yard. Well, actually Bentley did-it was just the kids and Robby all working on the volleyball net. They were able to set it all up, and we played a few rounds of volleyball. I do know for certain that volleyball champions are not in the future for any of my Dennies.
  • This afternoon Robby, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and I ran to Sonic for a bit of her birthday celebration. She also got to buy a box of candy that she has been wanting from Sams-dark chocolate covered caramel squares with sea salt on top. I am not a big fan of caramel, but she does have good taste.
  • Robby and I were home for about 20 minutes and did manage to quickly clean out a closet (it was a small closet so we still did a good job.) Then we headed out to take Reagan to her soccer practice. Our plan was to talk about the menu for next week, but we actually forgot all about that.
  • We spent our time walking around Walmart. We did come home with birthday cookies for Keaton...oh, and we also brought Reagan home as well. The kids had made pizzas at home, so once Reagan grabbed her slices, we gathered and sang to Keaton.
  • The boys watched some of the Cowboys game while the girls watched some of the Bates. Robby worked on things for the camper and I worked on the blog this evening. We did find some time for a bit of relaxing, but all too soon the evening was over!

September 26, 2021-Breaking in the Wilson's Camper

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Let's see-the morning didn't start out as early today as it did yesterday thankfully. We all slept well, but I sure don't know why I would have to wake up so many times to go to the bathroom. I really should limit my liquid intake after 8-just writing that makes me thirsty and I am now getting up to find my water bottle-seriously.

We had church this morning-well, some of us went. Robby, Whitman and Anderson stayed back at the camper. I was the only Sunday school teacher in our grade today so I kind of had to be there. It was a good class today-they are really the sweetest things. Teaching first grade has made me want to go back down to preschool again. Robby wouldn't be on board with that at all though.

After Sunday school, I gathered my crew and headed to Grannymom's house to meet the others. Anderson had helped Robby pack a few things away at the camper this morning, and they were nearly ready to pull out, but not quiet yet. We all had birthday lunch at Grannymom's house-Keaton picked taco salad and oreo delight.

Reagan and I couldn't stay too very long, but we did manage to stay to see Keaton open her presents-some cash, some clothes and a volley ball net. I know that she was most pleased about the volley ball net, and we will end up probably playing tomorrow.

Reagan had a game in Vilonia or Carlisle or Greenbriar-no Sheridan. Bless it! This traveling just a bit away is tough! Not really, yesterday and today I had decided that while Reagan was warming up, I would go some place to kill some time. Both days there was just nothing at all to do. I was certainly surprised when the mom next to me said that she went to Walmart. I told Reagan and she wondered where in the word a Walmart would have been because we saw nothing at all on the way there.

They lost their game, but Reagan was pleased and said that she played really well today so she was happy. We did stop to get a pretzel on the way home before stopping to get the mini van which we left at Grannmom's house earlier in the day. I would try to explain the car switcherroo situations, but that would just be too difficult. 

Reagan did drive the one car home today which was her first time to drive alone-alone. No brother or sister in the car with her. She did just fine. While I was lounging around at the soccer game, Robby was working hard. 

He drove the camper home and stared the unloading process. During all of this, he also had to deal with no power at the house since the electricity was briefly out. He also took Anderson to Raymar for a life group deal. Then pretty much as soon as I made it home, he headed out again to pick up Anderson at Raymar and Campbell and Graham at Rock Creek. 

By 8, we had the camper emptied out along with at least 3 loads of laundry clean. The Wilson's came over for supper, and we pulled out some leftovers and had ourselves another big ole meal. When they left, we picked up a few things, folded some laundry and put the people to bed! It was a great weekend, and now the week begins!

September 25, 2021-Breaking in the Wilson's Camper

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My morning began pretty early this morning with Anderson. We stepped out of the camper at 6:30 to head to Raymar for him to work the football games. The road just outside of the park had signs and we had received emails about the bike race that would be passing through here so we left in plenty of time. 

However at that time of the day, there was nothing at all happening on the road so we just zoomed on. We did try to stop at a Sonic to get him a little bit of a breakfast snack. However, the one we stopped at wasn't open yet. So the next stop was McDonalds where we tried to use the app to save some money, but it wouldn't let me. We still bought us a little snack though-I tell you, there is no breakfast better than a sausage mcmuffin. (Well, a camping breakfast does rank right up there especially since I had one of those too later in the day.)

After all of that, we still arrived at Raymar before anyone else. I then stayed and set up the concession stand before leaving. Anderson did his work, and Pops picked him up and brought him out to us as I was leaving on my next outing.

Before I did leave, I was able to help Robby make some breakfast. There was bacon, pancakes, eggs, egg in the holes and orange juice this morning. There probably was something else, but I can't think of it! Robby and I had taken a walk before we stared on breakfast and some of the kids had rode their bikes for a bit, so I think that everyone was hungry because they sure ate everything that he fixed.

It seemed like I wasn't at the campsite long before I did leave with Reagan for her soccer game in Greenbriar. I really didn't know how far away I was going. I thought it was just the next exit after Conway, but it was a bit further than that.

Everytime she plays soccer, I can tell that she enjoys it more and more. She is all bruised up with two sore ankles, but she was saying that she will be sad when soccer ends. I am so thankful for her team and her coach. The other coach and their parents were patooties today, but her coach is always so encouraging to the girls. 

They won their game, and afterwards we headed back to Little Rock. Now, I knew that I needed gas and I did see my gas light come on during the drive home. I thought that I could make it to Sams to get gas. I did get a bit nervous on the 430 bridge since there is no where to pull over on that stretch. 

After I did thankfully make it to Sams, Robby saw my receipt-my gas tank was 31 gallons and I pumped 30.668 gallons on gas-yep, I made it on fumes and prayers! I did make sure that I told Reagan to do as I say, not as I do!

We then went to Grannymom's house for Reagan to take a shower and for us to drop off her uniform so Grannymom could wash it so it would be ready for tomorrow. We were there during some of the game, but left and made it back to the campsite before the end of the game.

While I was at soccer, all of the food seemed to come out at our campsites. Robby made cheese dip, Shannon made cookies. There were chips and more cookies and pretzels and popcorn. There was also a lot of yelling. And there was also some folks having a wake or a memorial service in a pavilion right across the street from us. I hope that the person they were remembering was a Hog fan. 

During half time of the game, Robby did go and dump the camper. Our black tank got full so that was a needed task. He said that it wasn't too much of a hassle though, and they were back by the end of the half. As soon as the game was over, we did start on burgers for our suppers. I was so full that I didn't even eat a burger. We still had plenty of other food-corn dip, onion dip, pasta salad, potato salad, cheese dip, oh gracious we are pigs!

Once supper was put away, we started on cleaning up all of our messes. It was quite the mess, but it didn't take too long at all to put things away. Next up was a walk for the adults and dogs while Keaton and Campbell skateboarded beside us. I am always pretty amazed at their skate boardking skills.

We walked a far ways before coming back and pulling out the S'mores stuff. The kids had quite a few s'mores plus there was banana pudding that Shannon had made. She has cooked more this trip in her camper, than I have the whole time we have had our camper.

After our final dessert, we played a game of Farkle with the kids. Campbell was the big winner. Whitman is the gambler of the family-he wanted to risk it all every single time that he played. He could have easily won, if he would have stayed. I do know that we will not be able to take that boy to Vegas!

We were out fairly late tonight. We even put a few things away since I will be gone tomorrow. This has been such a fun camping trip, and I hate for it to come to an end.

September 24, 2021-Breaking in the Wilson's Camper

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We slept wonderfully well last night. Robby said he had to get up four times to go to the bathroom, and I had to get up twice. We are like a bunch of old people. Maybe we should lay off the cokes and water in the evening!

Despite all of this getting in and out of the bed, we all did sleep very well. There is nothing like camping sleeping! Bentley even until almost 9 like the rest of us. We moved pretty slowly this morning and worked on straightening things a bit in the camper. 

Then Robby started working on making our breakfast. We had made our pancake mix last night in an old apple juice bottle, so it was ready to go on the Blackstone as soon as Robby pulled it out. He also cooked some sausage links, and we had ourselves a pretty good breakfast.

It was a really great morning-the kids hung out in the hammocks, rode their bikes and took some walks as we sat around and did pretty much nothing in the perfect weather. I really enjoyed it today since I'll be pretty busy tomorrow running people around so this was my Saturday, and it was a good, good day.

Before we knew it, it was noon. We sure weren't hungry at all since we had really just finished breakfast. Robby did a bit of organizing in our cooking bins this morning. Things are nice and neat in those bins at least. We still have too many things in the camper, so we need to clean a few things and take a few things back into the house.

Some time this afternoon we loaded up and headed on a grand camping adventure-Costco! We did find a few things that we needed and even a few things that we didn't know that we needed. We bought 2 hammocks, a sweatshirt for Anderson, a coat for Robby, a dog cot for Bentley and pancake mix for later. From there we left and headed to the next great adventure: Walmart. We didn't buy much at all there, but Campbell did find a Christmas present.

Back at the campsite, there was some more sitting around this evening. Robby and I did take the dogs on a walk while the Wilsons slaved away at supper. They cooked tonight and made fried rice and noodles for our supper. It was all delicious.

Then they started on our evening dessert. They made homemade ice cream and apple crisp in the dutch oven. It took a bit longer to cook than they expected, but it was certainly worth the wait. While we waited, we snacked on chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies. Friends of the Wilsons stopped by along with Jason and visited for a while. It was a pleasant evening with all of our desserts and the visiting.

September 23, 2021-Breaking in the Wilson's Camper

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Oh what a fun day! Our morning started early with me waking up so I could wake all of the other people up. Then it was school time. We finished all o our school for the day...well, I actually did work with Whitman which kind of makes me a bit crazy. However, I just have to remind myself that in one of his books we are over 1/3 finished so there is no reason to stress. And really, one day won't hurt anyone.

While the kids were working, I was running around the house throwing things into my laundry basket to put in the camper. I think we managed to get everything we needed plus we even worked on the house some. Sweet, favorite Campbell overheard me talking about needing to clean the shower so she volunteered to do that. 

I had to run a few errands to drop things off, and then when I returned home it was almost time for Robby and the kids to pull out. Now, Reagan and Anderson were at school today-driven by Reagan again. So I waited for them to come home from school before we left at 3. Robby and his crew left a little bit after 2.

Robby followed Tony or maybe it was the other way around. They arrived at Maumelle Park and quickly found our spots. Tony picked the straight shot to back in. Then Robby pulled in beside him-he just pulled in so our doors open up together, and it is just the perfect spot. Really, I don't know if it could be much better.

Because of our crazy weekend, we did need both cars out here so that meant that Reagan had to drive out here. I told Anderson that he had to ride with her to help. She followed me-of course we had to pass a trash truck on the way. We stopped at Kroger and they did buy themselves a treat. I had to pick up some pancake mix. Then we were on our way.

When I arrived, our rugs were already out. Robby helped the kids get their bikes down, and they were gone. They have made the loop quite a few times with their bikes. Keaton even did the loop with her skateboard this evening while we were on a walk.

Soon, Shannon arrived and Brett did not too long after. We spent the early evening setting up camp. Tents, lights, chairs, tables, it is all just perfect. I really could do this full time-I know that Robby could for sure. We took a walk this evening before we brought out supper. Tonight's supper was chili...after we were here, we started to think that cornbread sure would have been good with it. Everyone was too hungry to wait for me to run to Walmart, so we just made do with our crackers, fritos, cheese and sour cream.

After supper, we sat around the fire some. There was another walk. And then Shannon made some hot chocolate while Robby worked on dessert. He grilled some pound cake along with some grilled peaches and blueberries. 

The evening was just pretty great-the kids all had fun. My folks especially enjoyed our new hammock. Bentley was a good sport tonight and seemed to enjoy the evening out doors. Currently, she is balled up on my side of the bed. I'm planning on letting her stay there until my shower!

Tomorrow we have big exciting plans-we may run to Costco! And of course there will be lots of cooking!

September 22, 2021-Happy Birthday Robby!

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  • This morning began with me getting up a bit later than I wanted, but I still had plenty of time to get all of us ready for Bible study. Today when the kids left, the each received a new leather ESV Bible. That was super nice, and the first time for that. The girls were pretty excited about them and asked me to go straight to Mardels to get their names on them.
  • The other Dennie kids stayed at home to do their school work. They all did SOME things with excellence, and well they also did other things! Ha! I did decide today that I probably help my bigs a bit too much with their school work-at least I seemed to help quite a bit today.
  • I did take a break to eat lunch when we came home from Bible study, but school was still happening with people until it was time to leave at 5 today.
  • Well, we did stop to celebrate Robby a few times-he opened some presents from us along with a few cards from the kids. Graham went ahead and made a card for next year-he wrote 48 instead of 47! Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a little bit to drop off Robby's birthday presents-another table.
  • Soon it was time for church tonight. Reagan opted for soccer practice while the rest of us went to church. The big boys came downstairs tonight with pieces of pizzas while Campbell, Keaton and Whitman said their verses to earn some candy, so everyone left happy.
  • After church and practice, we all met back together at the house. Robby brought some McDonalds home which we ate for our supper. Then the Wilsons came over with some ice cream and cones to celebrate Robby and to celebrate National Ice Cream Cone day.
  • Keaton made some oatmeal cookies for tomorrow. When it was bedtime, I made all of the kids get ready for bed and then do some chores before bed. It was nice to get a few things accomplished. They are being quiet upstairs right now so I guess that they are all asleep!

September 21, 2021

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  • It was a dreary Tuesday around here. It looked like rain when Reagan and Anderson drove off to school. The roads were wet when she came home so of course she was reminded to slow herself down. I am good and don't fret while she is driving, but it is always a relief to see them walk into the house.
  • The rest of us did our school work for the day. It does take Whitman all of the morning to accomplish his pile of work. Then that leaves the afternoon for me to work together with him. We can get it done is about 35 minutes, but he always wants to only to do half of it at a time.
  • Today for lunch Campbell, Keaton and Graham made lunch. They made mac and cheese along with mini rolled grilled cheese. It was quite the production-they made and rolled grilled cheese sandwiches then put them in the air fryer. They were really pretty good.
  • Once again I didn't really accomplish all of my list today-I am not really sure what happened to most of the afternoon because around 4 I went with Robby to Sams-we went inside and then we picked up an order. 
  • Afterwards, we went home to work on supper for the people. We pulled everything that we could think of out of the fridge. We had a few takers for another round of leftovers. We are not too sure where the leftovers keep coming from. However, after tonight there are no more leftovers.
  • We did go over to the Wilson's house twice today to inspect their camper work. Tonight we did make time for Sonic drinks and ice cream. 
  • Once we came home, I worked in the kitchen for a little bit before everyone at least went upstairs for bed!

September 20, 2021

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  • I did wake up when I wanted to this morning-I had also woken up about 3 times during the night to go to the bathroom. I sure don't remember drinking a ton of water last night, but I guess that I sure did. I was going to say that I wouldn't drink as much tonight, but I do remember that I drank at least 3 bottles of water tonight at Raymar.
  • I was able to walk Bentley this morning. Though she sure didn't want to walk all the way down the street. She sure did want to go home when I asked her. When we get home from our walks, I brush her, try to brush her teeth, trim her nails and today we capped off the grooming routine with ear drops.
  • We did our school this morning. Not everyone finished as much as I thought that they should. However, we did finish the day so I can't complain at all.
  • I had a ton of things on my list today, and I did accomplish a few of them. There is still a lot left over for tomorrow though-I sure wouldn't want to be bored so I guess that is why I saved a few things.
  • After school, I did a little work around the house before I headed to Raymar with everyone but Robby and Reagan. Anderson and Graham reffed two games. Campbell worked in the concession stand, and Keaton did quite a bit of concession stand work. 
  • Meanwhile, Robby took Reagan to practice and then ran to the grocery store for our first set of groceries. They also picked up a rotisserie chicken for our supper tonight. I made it home before he did and heated up some mashed potatoes. 
  • Then we ran to the Wilson's house for a little bit to watch them back their new camper into their garage!

September 19, 2021

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  • I am not too sure when I finished the blog last night. Robby wasn't home until almost midnight since he had been out having a guys' night. I talked to him for a while, and then went to to tell the girls goodnight. 
  • However, their movie was still going strong. I thought the movie would have been close to over, but I was completely wrong. It was Annie that they were watching which is 2 hours and 8 minutes long! 
  • It was nearly one by the time that those girls were tucked in for the night. The good thing about that was that they were so exhausted that they went to sleep pretty quickly once they laid down. It wasn't too long after they laid down that I was back upstairs waking them up at 7:30 this morning. 
  • I had cinnamon rolls for our breakfasts which everyone really liked. Then it was time to head to church early since Reagan and I had to work in the nursery. 
  • We had a 3 year old class which was pretty entertaining. There were 7 kids, and we tickled ourselves on our lack of following the rules. Oh, we were being safe and following the real rules, but during their movie time, we didn't make them sit down. When your three and you want to run during a movie, why not?
  • Next up was Sunday school where we had a full house of 1st graders. Then it was to Nonna's house for Sunday lunch and to celebrate Robby and Keaton's birthday. Lunch was pizza which was really good. 
  • Keaton had been waiting for a very long time to get her birthday presents-clothes, a puzzle, some strawberry lemonade, some art supplies and even some cash. Robby did get another camping table that he had asked for along with a grill something or another, a camper towel and tent lights.
  • I think they both left pretty pleased with their birthday celebrations. We left and headed home for a few minutes. I was able to squeeze in a 15 minute nap-I do have my priorities.
  • Then we left with Keaton, Whitman and Reagan for Reagan's soccer game. They started a little bit late, so we ran to Sonic to buy a drink for us while we waited. Then it was to the field for a bit. Their game was fun-they won 4-2 today (though the other team had just finished a game so they were plumb exhausted!)
  • While we were gone, the others, Campbell, Anderson and Graham, went to church tonight with Brett. Anderson, the lucky child, won another 50 dollars gift card tonight for winning a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors or some version of it.
  • When they came home, we all met up at the Wilson's house for supper. They had put on the dog tonight with pork chops, mac and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls and fried okra. It was like we were eating at Cracker Barrel.
  • We didn't stay an incredibly long time over there so we did have a few minutes at home before everyone had to start heading to bed,

September 18, 2021-Happy 10th Birthday (Party) Keaton!

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  • Dennie days are either extremely busy or not busy at all. Today, was one of those busy days. We began our morning before 7 with Anderson, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and I leaving for Raymar. 
  • This was the second game day. Today Anderson said that he knew what to do better, and he stayed busy. That guy worked pretty hard today including reffing a football game. Graham also reffed two football games. And my Campbell ran the concession stand for 2 hours. Football is social time for Keaton so she was living it up. 
  • During the second round of games, I ran to Hobby Lobby. I was looking for picture frames, but I really didn't know what I wanted so I bought nothing. I do know that I am not good at making decisions about house things!
  • I picked up the boys, and we headed home. We weren't there long because Sams in North Little Rock was giving away free lunch, and since Reagan needed some driving practice that is where we headed. Now, I get nervous driving on the 30 bridge and 67-167, but she really did good. I mean she did hit all of the local interstates-430, 630, I-30, I-40 and 67-167. However, she sure didn't want to drive home. 
  • We had quite a meal at Sams-Reagan had grilled cheese with burnt ends, Whitman and Robby had nachos with chips, while Keaton and I had nachos with fries. And really, mine were quite the nachos. I had the fries, bbq meat, cheese sauce, salsa, guacamole, and black beans on mine. There might have even been something else on it.
  • After eating, we walked around for a little bit-even bought Bentley a Christmas present-before heading home for a nap and to watch the football game. Graham had taken his nap while we were gone, so he was ready to watch the game while I just started my nap as the game came on.
  • I thought that I had set my alarm but Robby woke me up about 30 minutes before folks started arriving tonight. Keaton was having a Cupcake Wars birthday party tonight. She had 5 of her buddies over for her party this evening.
  • They began the evening with a game guessing how old Keaton was in different pictures. A scavenger hunt was next. However, the rain messed those plans up-she was trying her best along with Graham to hide all of the clues before the bottom dropped out. 
  • We had taco salad for our supper. Once I had cleaned up from supper, it was time to begin the cupcake challenge. The girls were divided into two teams and started to work. They had to bake, decorate, make a cake stand and present to the judges in 2 hours and 30 minutes. 
  • Along with all of that, they had to complete different challenges and twists during this time. It was lots of fun and those girls were certainly very creative. I am thankful that one of the elements to their judging was a clean station which left a bit less work for me.
  • The judges were Anderson, Graham, Whitman and Reagan. Campbell helped me be the host so she was not a judge. Also Bentley did provide one of the teams with 2 bonus points when she chose their piece of cupcake over the other one.
  • The judges were pretty harsh-as in the boys gagged when they heard it was vegan cupcakes that were made. It all was pretty funny. I had made it clear to the judges that if they made anyone cry, they would have to deal with it themselves. The judges had score sheets and it turns out that Whitman was the harshest judge. He didn't give anyone over a 5 in his score sheet.
  • One set of cupcakes were a shark theme with shark fins in blue water with strawberry fish along with brown sugar sand. The other set was a Disney theme with Mickey, Minnie, and various Disney princesses. They were all super creative.
  • After the cupcakes, we sang to Keaton and they started watching Annie before bed. It is currently 11:30 and no one in this house is in bed. I just told Whitman to get out of the shower-I think that he had been in there for at least 30 minutes. My goal is to put the boys in bed soon, and soon after the girls' movie might hopefully be finished. 

September 17, 2021

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  • Aww, Friday! It was another really great Friday around here. We did have a grocery order come at 8 this morning so that did help us get moving. It was probably a little after 8 when it did come-the dishes and laundry had already been done.
  • Campbell was the only kid awake to help with the groceries. It is quite entertaining getting grocery orders because you never know what you will get. For example-Robby ordered store brand bbq chips, but received name brand super yummy chips. He also ordered 3 gallons of milk and received 2 that were fine and one that expired yesterday. At first the website said that he would have to return it-so you better believe that we were-then someone else was able to refund his money without returning it which really made much more sense.
  • After the grocery excitement, I went to work on cooking up 10 pounds of meat that we bought. You have to take out a loan to buy ground beef right now. It was a pain to do today, but I will be super glad that it is all cooked, frozen and ready to go.
  • The next order of business was working on Keaton's birthday party. It is a bake-off so we have just about every kitchen utensil and every baking necessity out on tables in the kitchen. She is so excited, and everyone else is excited about it as well-I think many of us are going to get to be judges during the event.
  • Keaton finished making a mask today so I had to help her a little bit. Also the camper was ready down the road, so Robby and his chauffeur, Reagan, went there to pick it up. Campbell said that her and Reagan talked about asking to go to Sonic, but Reagan decided not to since she didn't know what lanes to get in.
  • Soon it was super, and Robby ran to get ChickFilA for the kids. Then we headed out with the Wilsons to celebrate Shannon's birthday. We ate at Tacos for Life and then we walked around Costco and Walmart. Best night ever-ha! It was lots of fun and we even spent some money.
  • When we did get home, it was time for some ice cream before we put the kids in bed. However, this is stay up night so there is little sleeping going on upstairs!

September 16, 2021

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  • First thing this morning, Reagan and Anderson were headed to school. This was a trickier location to drive to so I would have been find if Reagan would have waited another week to practice driving there, but nope she was confident, and her dad agreed. She had Anderson along as her co-pilot, and she made it there and back with no problems.
  • The rest of us finished school for the week. Whitman had most than most everyone else. I encouraged him to save a few things for tomorrow, but he would have nothing of that. I kept him focused though, and he was finished by noon.
  • After lunch, there was time for the treadmill plus we worked on the kids Bible study books. I worked with Whitman. Then finally Campbell and Keaton worked with me on their closet. The other day we took half of everything out and redid it. Today, we took the other half out. It really looks great in there-Keaton always says that she wants to sleep in the closet. Well, she really could right now.
  • I had some Old Navy money to spend so I took everyone but Whitman and Anderson-they didn't want to go. I must have been prayed up, because we found almost everything that was on the list. Anderson got a tshirt, Graham and Keaton both found shorts, Campbell found sweatpants and a shirt for her dress pants at another store. The only thing we didn't find was a tank top for Reagan along with a back pack for her. It was certainly a successful shopping trip-especially since I saved more money than I spent!
  • Just about as soon as I came home, Keaton, Robby and I left again to run a few errands. And errands we did run-Walmart, Walmart, Sams, Costco and Kroger along with getting gas. We bought something at every stop and filled the car with things that we needed....or didn't really need. 
  • Back at the house, the kids helped unload. Then we all went to the Wilson's house to celebrate Shannon's birthday with some ice cream.

September 15, 2021

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  • We survived another Wednesday! Just about 26 left in the school year-not that I have counted or anything at all. 
  • While we were at school, Reagan, Anderson and Graham worked on their school work. Some of them did more than others, but I do think that those three staying home on Wednesdays is a good thing-at least I hope it is a good thing.
  • Robby did drop off the camper today so he needed someone to pick him up. Good thing we have another drive who happened to be at home. Reagan and her sidekick for the ride, Graham. Reagan is the one who asked Graham if he wanted to come with her so I really think that she didn't want to drive alone. She did ask when she would be able to go somewhere, "like take Campbell to Sonic," so I am not too sure if she is planning on driving by herself anytime soon.
  • After Bible study, we did run to Sara's house for a little bit. We had lunch there and chatted for a little bit before heading home. Once at home, I started on doing school with everyone-thankfully, I was able to finish before it was time to leave for church again. 
  • Tonight Reagan had thought about skipping church to go to soccer, but at the last minutes she opted for church instead. She drove us to the library and then on to church which is no small feat during the 5:00 rush hour. 
  • Church was good tonight. We stayed later chatting and making sure all of our friends had a ride home! Then we left and grabbed pizza from Little Ceasars-now, it killed hunger but that was about all. 
  • The kids had some time to veg out tonight while I also did some vegging watching a Hallmark movie. Then I hope to snag some ice cream before I go to bed-now, Robby won't be eating any since he is a wee bit too good for the cheap kind! 

September 14, 2021

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  • Well, today was certainly a big day. Reagan's first solo drive. She wasn't exactly solo since she had Anderson guiding her from the passenger seat. Seriously, I know that I worried less knowing that Anderson was with her. 
  • This morning as they headed off to school, I tried to stay really busy so I didn't have time to think about her driving (now I did have time to utter a few prayers though!) I did finally turn on my phone and track them just as they were pulling into the church parking lot. Seconds later Robby was walking in saying that they had arrived. I told him that I had just looked, and he replied that he had been watching the whole time. 
  • School went fairly well today. Keaton and Graham both did their math, and then came to me asking how to do their next day's math. Some days math is easier and both of their was so they went to town working on math for later this week. I didn't get Whitman to work ahead as much as I wanted today, but he will have some time tomorrow.
  • After lunch, I did Bible study with all of the people-it was a disaster! Ha! I have decided that I will have to work with Keaton and Whitman together and then work with Campbell and Graham. They started off working really well together, but not so much anymore.
  • Next up was working in the girls' closet. We did have of it today-threw away 1 small bag of clothes, put 2 small bags of clothes in the donate boxes, and saved back a bin of clothes for Keaton for later. Oh, plus there were two bags of trash! That makes my heart happy. Campbell didn't to do it with me, but she eventually got into it. Now, Keaton, she loves organizing.
  • Actually, all of the girls have super neat drawers-Keaton and Campbell's have their clothes rolled. Seriously, they are just a bit over the top. I probably should have them work on my drawers-but doing our closet is pretty high on my list.
  • This was about the time for Reagan and Anderson to head home. I did a bit more tracking on their way home and even met them outside. Reagan said that Anderson wanted to stay at church-I guess she was kidding. He did say that she drifted out of her lane a bit. We noticed that her top speed was 56-and since that was on the interstate that was probably fine! 
  • There was once again a lot of basketball training happening. Whitman, who isn't signed up to play basketball, was adamant that he did not want to miss "the training." 
  • The Wilsons came over for supper tonight-we had leftovers plus a few new hamburgers and hot dogs. We still have plenty of buns leftover so there will be lots more leftovers eaten-plus some creative uses of hot dog buns.
  • It was too late to watch a movie tonight, but it wasn't too late to have some ice cream. I guess that Robby has officially turned into a Blue Bell snob because he didn't even finish his bowl because he didn't like it. 

September 13, 2021

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  • It was certainly a Monday morning here. I slept in a little bit which was fine-the kids were probably glad that I let them sleep in a few more minutes too. I had to wake everyone up before I started on folding my laundry.
  • After laundry it was already time to start on our together work. Reagan and Anderson are only around one day when we do our together time so we do read a few different books. Afterwards, the kids all started on their school. 
  • I encouraged everyone to do more so they could be ready for Wednesday-Whitman was probably the only one who heeded my advice. I had hoped that I would be able to work with someone twice today, but there just isn't enough time in the day.
  • There was quite a bit of basketball playing outside. Anderson, Graham and Keaton are signed up for basketball this winter. Poor Campbell has aged out of that league so she was a bit bummed about that. However, she has still been playing with the others.
  • I took Reagan to soccer practice. Well, I guess that I should say that she took me to soccer practice. After she started her practice, I drove to Walmart and did some shopping. We were out of milk and then I found a few things that were on the list.
  • On the way home, we ran by Academy because Reagan is in the market for a backpack. She didn't find what she was looking for so we hurried on home.
  • At home, everyone had already eaten, so I pulled out my leftovers from last night. Reagan had hoped that there were fries left so I think that she opted for no supper. Campbell is currently trying to make funnel cakes in the air fryer but it doesn't sound like she is having any luck.

September 12, 2021-Happy 16th Birthday Reagan!

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  • What a day! Robby said tonight, "How often do you have a 16 year old?" Well, we have 5 more 16 year olds, but today we celebrated all the day long. 
  • The celebration today didn't just include Reagan, but also Campbell. We started our morning with Campbell, Reagan and I leaving early for church. They were being baptized early this morning. On the way there, I mentioned that there would people there to tell us what we needed to do. Reagan was shocked that there were baptism people to help. I told her that those same people were there when I was baptized a zillion years ago.
  • Casey baptized both girls at the very beginning of the service. Reagan didn't want to go first, but that is what she did. Casey had everyone say "hi Reagan." Then he also had the whole congregation say, "Happy Birthday" to her. Reagan was just a bit mortified, but she handled well. Campbell was next, and everyone said, "Hi Campbell," to her. 
  • Today was our first day back to Sunday school, and even though it is tiring and requires extra work, I am so glad that we are back. We have first graders, and we had a room full. (Not nearly as many as prepandemic, but many more than we have had lately.)
  • We hurried out of Sunday school and rushed to Grannymom's house. We were having Sunday lunch over there. Grannymom had meatballs and a host of other yummy things. There was even sopapilla cheesecake for Reagan. That was actually her only birthday candle that she blew out today.
  • From there Robby and Reagan headed to the soccer field for her second soccer game. Their team dominated 4-1 or possibly even 5-1. Robby said that he was sitting on the second row so he really wasn't able to see what all was happening.
  • The rest of us came home and unloaded the car-church stuff, Sunday school stuff, baptism clothes, church clothes-like we had been on a trip. I even snuck in a nap this afternoon for a few minutes before Robby, Reagan and Campbell came in from the soccer game.
  • Campbell freshened up and then headed to Rock Creek with the big boys and Brett. Reagan took a shower (after a soccer game, she needed to do more than freshen up) and then her party guests started arriving.
  • Tonight she celebrated her birthday at a little Italian place with 10 of her friends. Robby and I had the Wilsons come with us so we could enjoy our night out as well. We only had to wait like 5 minutes for a table and were soon all sitting down. 
  • The kids table was a bit loud, but I think that they all had a great time. Robby even ordered them some cheese bread for them to enjoy. I will say that when we had finished, I turned to ask Reagan for her leftovers. That girl hadn't eaten a thing of her cheese ravioli. She said that she had filled up on bread!
  • Reagan really wanted to go and eat ice cream afterwards. However, I sure couldn't find a place that was open long enough. At the very last minute, I suggested Sonic. Then they suggested the playground one, and it all just worked out perfectly. 
  • Robby ordered food for everyone, and the kids played. Brett and our church goers arrived at Sonic, and Robby picked up Keaton and Whitman who had spent the evening at Nonna and Pops' house while we were out to eat. It was the perfect way to end the evening. We aren't taking the birthday things down around here, because Keaton's birthday party is this weekend.

September 11, 2021

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  • Weekends are not for the faint of heart around here. My car left first this morning around 7:15 to get Anderson to Raymar by 7:30. He was doing his junior intern work today which included reffing one game. Graham was with us as well because he was reffing 2 games today. Campbell was also with us because she was working in the concession stand the entire time, and Keaton was just along for all of the excitement.
  • The weather was nice out there today. The time went by pretty quickly. Both boys seemed to enjoy the day and didn't mind reffing at all. They had both been a bit nervous about it and were up late studying their ref instruction manuals.
  • Robby, Whitman and Reagan were left at the house today. Robby worked in the yard some more and was still outside working when we came home today. Robby and Campbell did run down the street to the gas station. He had her run in and buy herself an icee and buy a bag of ice for him (he was filthy from yard work.) When she came home, she was pretty proud of herself for going in without anyone else.
  • I straightened the house for a little bit and did my part getting things ready for tonight. Then I had myself a nap!
  • All too soon, I was jumping in the car to take Reagan for her first soccer game of the year. She played in Benton and it was hot! The game did last exactly 90 minutes so I didn't think that was too terrible. 
  • Reagan did good-she even hit the ball with her head today. Sometimes I see her out there pushing and shoving and just wonder who's child she is. That just doesn't seem like her to enjoy it, but she sure does love playing soccer. It probably helps that she has a great time and a good coach. Despite her great time though they did tie today 0-0 which made for a pretty long game.
  • When we got home, the party was happening at our house. The Crafts and Fergusons were over at our house watching the Hogs beat Texas. It was a good game but the food was just as good to me. I hadn't really eaten anything all day except for a granola bar or two and some pringles.
  • The kids were playing outside when we arrived and played outside pretty much the entire evening until it became dark. Everyone stayed until after the ballgame was over.
  • When they all left, my kids helped clean up and the house was back in order in no time at all. Robby and I ran to play with Annie for a little bit before her bedtime. We then tucked our kids in while giving all kinds of instructions for tomorrow-another busy day around here and a big birthday!

September 10, 2021

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  • I was reminded today why I worked so hard on Wednesday to finish everyone's school-this was a nice day off. I am not too sure that I should exactly call it a day off, but it was a nice day not doing school. Well, I can't really say that it was a nice day not doing school since I did have to help Reagan and Anderson. I guess I should say that it was just a nice day.
  • I still felt like I needed to wake up all of the kids today. I did let them sleep a little bit, but we can't get that much out of our routine. I think that most folks did wake up pretty quickly. Now, I did have to wake Reagan a few times to make sure that she did get up to start on her school work.
  • I spent most of the day trying to clean and straighten this place. I did stop to make a sweatshirt with Campbell and to make our monthly grandparents dessert with Graham. Even though I did a lot of cleaning, I did skip out on the most important job-cleaning the potties.
  • Late this afternoon, Robby did decide that we needed to pick up some sticks. I gave the kids the option to help outside or inside. Campbell, Graham and Keaton were already outside so of course they volunteered to help outside-all of them wanted a turn driving the tractor.
  • That left Reagan and Anderson inside. They both opted to clean 2 potties each instead of the outside work. I am not sure how well they did-I haven't looked at a potty tonight so hopefully they did decent. 
  • And Whitman heard the deal I made with Reagan that she would have to clean two potties inside, so he was quick to offer himself to clean a potty. I had already talked to Anderson who chose the upstairs potties leaving Whitman no potties to clean. Now, since he can't clean the potties yet, I was quick to urge him to go help outside. 
  • My outside people didn't mind at all their task. Robby drove the tractor around while they threw sticks/logs in the back. After about 3 or 4 trips we finished, and they were able to drive the tractor some. 
  • That is when Keaton, Graham and I dropped off our desserts. Graham made dole whip. It was good, yet it needed some more pineapple flavoring. I followed the directions when it said to fill to the line for milk-but I think that was a bit to much. However, my people went to town on the bit that was leftover at our house.
  • When we returned home tonight, Robby had pizzas from the oven ready for us. We ate before he and I went to let Annie out for a little bit. Annie was incredibly calm tonight. Meanwhile, I have decided that ole Bentley has entered her adolescent stage.
  • I have been reading about this-they say dogs just stare at you, they are defiant and get into trouble during this teenage stage. Well, that is Bentley right now. Yesterday, she shredded a pink feather boa in the girls' room. (The girls didn't think it was funny, but I did find the humor in it-it looked like she had killed 5 pink chickens up there with feathers scattered all over their room.) Today she got into a bag of trash and spread it around the bonus room. 
  • Now all of this is really our faults since we aren't as careful with making sure that doors are closed to block her way. However, right now she is sleeping soundly on top of my feet, so I can't complain too much at all.

September 9, 2021

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  • This was halfway the last day of school for the week-halfway because 4 out of 6 folks have finished with their school. That is a win. Anderson and Reagan still have school tomorrow, but I have myself a long ole list to clean this place up.
  • Today, Robby took them to their school this morning. While he was gone, the rest of us started on the day's school work. Whitman wasn't focused at all today, but he was finished around noon so I can't really complain too much. 
  • Everyone else finished a bit earlier, but we did all set around and do our Bible studies together. I mainly helped Whitman and Keaton while Graham and Campbell worked together since they have the same book.
  • I was able to walk on the treadmill this afternoon and pull out school for next week, which Keaton has already gone to town working on. Then Keaton and I headed to Benton to the pregnancy center. 
  • We filled bags of diapers and straightened baskets of clothes. We stayed busy pretty much the entire time. Keaton was a great help today. 
  • We finished and made it home just as Robby made it home from dropping off Anderson at Raymar. He worked tonight during practice. Robby and I went back out there to pick him up. We took Bentley and walked around though all Bentley could think about was eating goose poop!
  • We had told the kids to eat some leftovers while we were gone. However, they ended up cooking mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. We didn't have to cook for them, they made enough for all the people home and they cleaned up so it was definitely a win. And we can even have all of the leftovers tomorrow night now!
  • There was some showers and tv watching before bedtime tonight. And lots of popcorn eating-kettle corn is not Whitman's favorite type of popcorn. 

September 8, 2021

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  • Well, I am thankful that after today I can say, "we survived." We started the morning early since this was our first day of Bible study. Before we left, I was able to walk Bentley for a tiny bit, empty the dishes and fold the laundry.
  • Despite doing all of this, most of my time was spent trying to wake up the kids. Once everyone was awake and ready, it was time for Whitman, Campbell, Keaton and I to leave.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham are not going to Bible study this year. I hate that, but Anderson and Reagan's co-op causes them to be gone all day Tuesday and Thursday so they would have little time if to do any work if they were gone on Wednesdays too. I wanted Graham to go, but I know that I made the right decision since there are no boys in his class.
  • Even though they aren't going to Bible study, I do have their books, and they are going to keep up with the rest of us.
  • Bible study was pretty good. I am in a good group with a leader that I have had before. This is Whitman's first official year with the big kids. Keaton enjoyed her group and had a great time. Campbell is with a group girls, but she wasn't in the greatest mood when she came home. She eventually cheered up and seemed to have a good afternoon.
  • We didn't have a super long afternoon today, but I was able to do school work with everyone. It did take up pretty much all of the afternoon. However, it is done, and I shouldn't have too much school to do on Friday.
  • I had to take Anderson and Graham to church at 5 for a referee meeting. Then the rest of us ran to the library to drop off and pick up some books. Finally, it was time for us to go to the church house. 
  • Tonight was the first night of our new Wednesday nights. I think that everyone had a great time-I know that Campbell, Keaton and Whitman did because they had ice cream after church tonight.
  • When we made it home, Robby had spaghetti and biscuits ready for us to eat. We must have been pretty hungry when we came in because we sat down and ate before even unloading the car...or even pulling it into the garage (Reagan drove home and she doesn't park in the garage!)
  • After supper, I worked on the blog while we watched a Hallmark movie!

September 7, 2021

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  • We managed to do quite a bit of school this morning. Reagan and Anderson headed to school while the rest us started our reading. Then it was time for individual school work. The kids really seemed to go to town today which is always nice. If they were this motivated all of the time, then we could skip some grades. However, they are working on finishing school for tomorrow since it will be a busy day.
  • Robby dropped the camper off so the bumper can be fixed (possibly the heavy bikes were causing it to separate.) I had to run and pick him up while the kids worked on their school. Then back at home for the rest of the day.
  • I was productive for the first part of the afternoon. Then in the afternoon I did a little bit of nothing. It was pretty pleasant. I did think that possibly I could be a lot more productive, but really there was nothing that I really wanted to do.
  • This evening, Robby and I took Reagan to her soccer practice. She did bring a towel this time! We walked around Maumelle Park for a bit during her practice looking at sites. 
  • Robby left bbq for the kids to eat while we were gone so when we came home that it what we had. The kids started on their showers late tonight while I contemplated doing school with some folks so we wouldn't have to tomorrow...I passed and opted for a Hallmark movie instead.

September 6, 2021

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  • I debated us doing school today. I wasn't sure if I wanted to or not. I eventually decided that even though this is a crazy week with us starting Bible study, we still needed a holiday. Actually, I decided that I was the one who really needed a holiday, and it was a pretty perfect holiday.
  • I did wake up before everyone else to walk on the treadmill. I was still able to sleep in a little bit. After walking on the treadmill, I worked on the laundry before waking up the kids. 
  • Anderson and Graham worked for Pops a little bit this morning. They raked some, burned some things and even climbed up on his shed.
  • Anderson drove us to Pops' house today. He did a really great job-we did have one little bobble with him turning in too late on Pops' street, but he recovered well. He was a nervous wreck the whole drive though. 
  • Reagan drove us to our next stop-Target. She wasn't that nervous so that was good-I'm still nervous when they drive though. She was looking for a shirt though but couldn't find it. Campbell was looking for a notebook to take notes for church which she found a cute one.
  • Then it was a trip to Five Below and Kroger. Most folks seemed to be out shopping today. We were able to find what we needed so that was good. Pineapple juice and heavy cream were some of our purchases today. I just enjoy throwing out random things that we buy so folks can wonder what in the world we plan on eating.
  • Campbell spent a lot of her afternoon making huge chocolate chip cookies. They were pretty delicious and would have been even better if we would have had all of the chocolate chips that we needed.
  • We seemed to be busy all afternoon, but I didn't really seem to accomplish very much at all. That was fine though because we ended our evening with a pizza party. The Wilsons came over, and we had pizza and Campbell's cookies for our supper. 
  • We watched camper you tube videos and had a perfect end to our Labor Day.

September 5, 2021

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  • We were awake and soon getting ready for church this morning. I did have to wake up Reagan and Kennedy at least twice before I was sure that they were actually awake and getting ready. Most of folks had time to eat breakfast before we go. However, there was some confusion with Whitman since he heard Robby say that we were having breakfast at Nonna's house.
  • Whitman did get breakfast before church as well as at Nonna's house after we went to church. Church was good and seems to be getting back to normal-ish. Next week we start back Sunday school so hopefully that is when things will really start to feel like normal again.
  • Nonna and Pops had quite the breakfast spread-pancakes,  monkey bread, fruit, egg and sausage casserole and lots of bacon. Everyone found something that the liked for sure. 
  • We also began celebrating Reagan's 16th birthday at Nonna's house. She opened up a shirt, hat, and some cash from Nonna along with mascara and a watch from Jason. Reagan was super pleased with all of her gifts (possibly because she had picked them all out!) After presents, we even sang to her and enjoyed some cupcakes. 
  • When we came home, Campbell watched Bentley while Robby and I had naps. I did set my alarm for a while. When I did that I thought that there was no way I would sleep that long. Ha! I was wrong. I slept until that thing rang!
  • This evening, we took Keaton and Whitman to the pool while Anderson, Graham and Campbell went to Rock Creek for church. Tonight was the first night that Campbell's grade was able to go. She has given us some details, and I think that she really had a good time. At least she says that she wants to go back next year. 
  • We then had supper at Shannon's house. It is kind of nice not cooking a meal all day long. Well, I know that there are lots of days that I don't cook a meal! We had baked potatoes along with some bbq tonight which was all delicious.
  • After we ate, Tony and all the big boys left to go and watch a movie tonight. Robby passed on the movie-instead we stayed with Shannon and watched a dog training movie. Currently, it is 10:30 and I should be sending people to bed. However, Keaton and Whitman are doing their school work, and I don't want to break the school work party up. Campbell is quietly playing with the dog-"quietly playing" doesn't usually describe Campbell and Bentley. The big boys are still at the movie and Reagan is watching tv in the bonus room so it is kind of quiet around here.

September 4, 2021

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  • We were all loaded up and in the car early this morning. Reagan was still in bed while Bentley was also in her bed. Though Bentley didn't last too long in her bed last night. She started barking around 2 or 3 until I took her to go to the bathroom. When we walked back in the room, I asked her to go to her kennel. She looked and me and then hopped right on the end of our bed. Since she sleeps well there and so do I, that is where we finished the night.
  • Back to this morning. Our first stop this morning was to Grannymom's house to drop off Whitman for the day. He gave me the full report tonight-played golf, dominoes, candy land, watched a movie and ate two grilled cheese sandwiches along with broccoli and carrots. 
  • Reagan and Bentley stayed at home all day while we were gone. Kennedy did come over this afternoon to accompany Reagan so she wasn't so lonely. I am not really sure what all they did do-I did get a picture of the dog, plus Reagan made snickerdoodles and Kennedy made brownies.
  • The rest of us including the Wilsons all headed to Fayetteville. We stopped once on the way for the bathroom and a gas stop. Then we were at the ball game. Shannon found us 4 free tickets so Robby just bought 2 which also came with a sweet parking pass.
  • We parked, pulled out our table and made our sandwiches. The parking was in the parking garage and there were plenty of spots so our little tailgate worked our perfectly. We made our sandwiches, ate our chips and drank our drinks before walking right to the game.
  • Anderson and Graham sat together on one 10 yard line while Robby, Campbell, Keaton and I sat on the other 10 or so yard line. The sun was behind us for most of the game, but it was still super duper hot. Well, it could have been so much worse, but it was still hot. Thankfully it was a bit hazy, and often there was a breeze coming towards us. 
  • The game was good-it was much better the last half of the last quarter when our row finally did become shaded. From then on, it was a pretty great game. No, watching the Hogs play was a lot of fun. The boys loved every minute of it. And the girls had no clue what was happening so I narrated most of the ball game for them.
  • After the game, we walked back to the van and got on the road headed towards home. Bless it, we knew that van had some air problems though it had only been an issue going and coming home from Branson. I don't even remember when we did that trip last though. When we would go up a hill, the air would stop and the heat would come on full blast. It wasn't the most comfortable trip-Robby would have to quickly turn our air off when we would go up a hill, and then turn it back on on the way down the hill. We never did get hot, but it could have been bad. 
  • And since 3 of the cars (including the van) have been to see the mechanic in the last few months, we are not going to take this one in now. It will soon be winter so we will just deal with it until then. Hopefully today was just a fluke, and it doesn't do it when driving around home-mainly to and from church since that is about the only place we take that van now.
  • We are our supper at Braums in Alma. It was a busy stop due to all of the Hogs fans. The food was decent though. I went to order ice cream for us since Robby was still eating. It was the most confusing thing ever. I wanted cookie dough. Robby wanted to split with me. They didn't have cookie dough. I got oreo thinking that Robby would like it since I really wanted M&Ms which he doesn't like. He said he really had wanted butterfinger, so we got oreo and neither of us liked it.
  • We did stop once more on the way home for the bathroom. Then we picked up Whitman before heading home for good. Kennedy was here when we arrived. Reagan said that dog duty had not been that bad-she probably enjoyed it, Now folks are cycling through the showers before bedtime.

September 3, 2021

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  • This was certainly a lazy Friday. I did set my alarm even though there wasn't a whole lot to do today-and very little school to be finished. I did my dishes, laundry and walked my dog. Bentley and I did make it to the end of the street today. It took a good bit of coaxing, but we did finally make it. I did even think of giving up a few times and just turning around to go home, but we persevered.
  • Anderson and Reagan did have a little bit of school work to do today, and all of the kids had some chores. I am not sure how well the chores were done today, but I did work all the day long.
  • I have been working on organizing the attic upstairs along with changing the bedding in the camper. That took a while today. I even intended to walk on the treadmill, but gracious that never seemed to happen today. 
  • I did manage a Friday afternoon nap. Afterwards, it was time to run out for a mystery shop. Anderson tagged along so he could have supper out. Traffic was crazy getting there so it took a while. 
  • Then we ran to Walmart to pick up a few things-shirt, sour cream, tums-you know the basics. Just a bunch of random items. After Walmart, we picked up some supper for some of the other kids. Others were just making nuggets and mac and cheese. 
  • We worked on the van, made some dip, cleaned the kitchen, herded people to the showers and even had time for a movie tonight. It was a pretty great Friday.

September 2, 2021

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  • I think that today is Thursday. Gracious, this has been a long day. I think that I finished everything off of my to do list. Though Robby did accuse my of cheating on my list today. I have started putting stars by things that I don't think I will get around to each day. Those are my bonus items. Needless to say, I didn't get around to doing anything of my star items today.
  • Keaton spent the night at Nonna and Pops' house so she was gone all of the morning. Reagan and Anderson spend the morning and most of the afternoon at school. So that just left the rest of us at home. And if you remember, Whitman finished his school work yesterday. That all combined to make it is a pretty odd day around here.
  • I worked with the kids off and on, but also did some work in the camper and in the attic. Robby always does seem to mess up my schedule though (I'm just teasing-he does mess it up in a good way.) 
  • We ran a few errands which included looking for sleeping bags for Graham and Whitman. Everyone else has one except for those two boys. We want sleeping bags for everyone to try out in the camper. Bedding just seems to be an issue every single time. However, bedding for 8 people is probably always an issue.
  • I am not really sure what all happened this afternoon because it was soon over. I did have time to pull out everyone's school work for next week. We did load up to go to the pool around 4:30 with Whitman, Campbell and Keaton. 
  • This was our 46th visit to the pool this year. The last two years we only made it 43 times so I do feel pretty pleased with myself. That averages out to be 7.61 cents each visit which isn't too incredibly bad. 
  • We came home when the pool closed at 8. Anderson was outside playing basketball when we arrived home. Then Graham joined him followed by the neighbors. They played for a good little bit outside-well, long enough that they were sweaty messes when they came in.
  • We pulled out some snacks-unfortunately, we are out of ice cream here-while we were watching a movie before beditme.

September 1, 2021

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  • I had intended on taking Bentley on her morning walk this morning. We had gone halfway when that silly dog just sat her rear end down and wasn't going to walk any further. I convinced her to walk some more and within a few steps, she stopped again. We did this for about 10 minutes before I just offered for her to "go home" and she took me up on that offer. I am not sure at all why she was so skittish-we will try again tomorrow.
  • Once we did get back home, I started waking up the sleepy folks. I had already made one round trying to wake everyone up before our walk. The kids did wake up, and we started our morning reading. 
  • So one odd thing happened today-Whitman finished his school work, and then that child finished tomorrow's school work as well. Towards the end of the week, he usually does have less to do, but I never expected him to keep working until he actually finished two days of school. 
  • I spent most of the afternoon doing school work with everyone-I work with Whitman in the afternoons plus had to work with Reagan as well. We did stop our school work to run and play with Shannon's dog for a little bit. Reagan was quick to volunteer because she wanted to try another round of coffee.
  • I did finally manage to finish all of our school for the day. I even walked on the treadmill-though my motives were only about watching a Hallmark movie. Soon Robby, Campbell and I headed out to pick up some suppers. We are still on the free kick so that is what supper was tonight-free. My part of the supper was delicious (a hamburger from the hamburger place, a concrete from there as well along with a roll from the next place.)
  • Tonight I was taking Bentley out to potty, and I thought that I wished she was a bit bigger so she could look a bit fiercer. Just about a minute later, that silly dog went absolutely ballistic-I don't know what she saw but she was going to kill it .
  • After I pulled the crazy dog back into the house, I did turn on one more Hallmark movie! There were a few snacks eaten tonight and possibly a bowl of ice cream (though the flavor that I picked out last night wasn't my favorite. I will have to ear Robby's instead.)