Dennie Kids: February 28, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Reagan waking up a little sickly this morning so she, Campbell and Dad stayed home from church
  • Anderson and Graham getting baths before church and then heading to Burger King for cinnamon rolls-Anderson was not convinced that Mom knew where she was going and he questioned her about every turn she made
  • Reagan having a bath and then perking up after Mom and the boys left-her and Dad even played a round of Go Fish
  • Dad having lunch on the table when everyone came home from church and then a little playing before naps
  • Campbell and Dad ran a few errands so everyone else could sleep-but Graham refused!  Mom did sneak a short nap in while Dad played with Graham
  • Watching the end of the hockey game-Reagan was sad that the "Americas didn't get the shiny medal"
  • Back to church for everyone-Graham could be heard screaming all the way down the hall when Dad dropped him off
  • A snack and then bed for all of the Dennies (even Campbell)

Dennie Kids: February 27, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A lazy Saturday morning-except Dad had to get the oil changed bright and early so he was gone for a little while
  • Graham waking up and then going back to sleep with Mom and then Reagan and Anderson watching a movie while sitting around a sleeping Graham
  • Reagan's dolls were having a show and Mom overheard her saying "No smoking, no drinking and no eating during the show"-where does she get this?
  • Campbell finally waking up and wanting her milk and enjoying the entertainment of everyone else
  • Breakfast, our standard, pb and j-Anderson did want toast so that changed things up a little bit
  • Nonna and Jason coming over to play while Mom and Dad were gone-lots of playing, movies, reading, snacking and more playing-we had a great time
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then Mom and Campbell running a few errands while the last ones were waking up
  • Mac and cheese and more leftovers for supper and then more playing and hanging out with Mom and Dad
  • Reagan saying her forehead was hot so she was given a little Tylenol before bed (the thermometer said no fever, so we will see)
  • Campbell hanging out with Mom and Dad late at night

Dennie Kids: February 26, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • An exciting morning-Mom missed a call from Grannymom and for a few minutes Mom was wondering if she was going to have to make a quick trip to Memphis with us in our pajamas but all was well
  • Mom missing another call from April-she wanted us to come over and play
  • Reagan and Anderson putting on their clothes as fast as they could while Mom showered and then we all headed to Jacob and Ethan's house to play
  • Playing with Jacob and Ethan all morning long-the kids were quiet at first but soon became much louder.  That was fine with Campbell, she just laid on the floor and slept
  • Coming home for a quick lunch-2 pieces of pizza for Graham and cereal for Reagan and Anderson (they had pb and j for breakfast-we just have our meals a little backwards around here)
  • Short afternoon naps (less than an hour) and then Mom picked everyone out of bed and took them to the car while they were still groggy
  • Graham and Campbell having their check ups today-Campbell is 10+ pounds and Graham is 30 pounds.  And they are both healthy, beautiful and brilliant (Mom added the last two)
  • Graham needing Mom, Dad and the nurse to hold him down for his shot.  He was fine after the shot when Dad picked him up and handed him his milk.  Reagan was getting nervous about all of this and had her hands over her eyes.  Campbell only needed 2 shots and Anderson watched.  After her shots, she bled a tiny bit which caused Anderson to start to fuss!  She was fine though as soon as Mom picked her up
  • Back home for playing, coloring and a movie before Dad came home and loaded us up for supper
  • Eating at Chick-fil-a-more playing than eating by Reagan and Anderson-until they saw Mom and Dad's ice cream and then they were finished playing.  Reagan's school friend, Caleb, was there along with his 3 siblings and his Mom (Ms. Mary, Anderson's teacher) so the playroom was full with our kids alone.  Graham enjoyed playing and laughed out loud when Mom tried to hand him the coke through the window
  • Anderson asking for a bath on the way home-Mom and Dad said no!  It was too late and he can get one tomorrow
  • Playing for a few minutes after getting on our pajamas and Mom telling us that we had to sleep until well after 7

Dennie Kids: February 25, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A school day this morning and getting dressed didn't go so well so Mom had to come up with a "Do the Right Thing Jar" that we will put a bean in when we 'do the right thing' and when it is full we will do something fun.  Reagan suggestion was go to her favorite restaurant "the U shaped one" (Genghis Grill) and Anderson said we could go to the donut place.
  • Campbell and Mom hanging out all morning on their last day together before Mom goes back to work on Tuesday.  Campbell mostly slept while Mom did some cleaning and straightening (not nearly enough though)
  • Reagan and Anderson having the Olympics at school today-they had games to compete in, came home with medals and even made little snowboarders and an Olympic torch
  • Graham not wanting to leave school or not wanting to get in the car because Mom had to practically set on him to buckle him in.  And Mom finding out that Graham has a girlfriend at school-she is in his Sunday school class too!
  • An afternoon snack, reading our Awana lesson, playing a bowling game, working on our Book About Me and reading books and our new magazines-a busy afternoon
  • A movie and Reagan telling Mom "after this you will have to put me to bed because I am tired" and Anderson begging to wear his footsie pajamas as soon as we came home
  • Supper and then baths before helping Dad make some cookies
  • Needing another bath after devouring our cookies
  • Drinking out bedtime milk while watching a movie
  • Putting in lots of beans in our jar today but still not liking brushing our teeth-Reagan tries to stall, Anderson gags and Graham loves to run around the house with his toothbrush-Mom even found one of his that had gone through the wash (at least it is clean now)

Dennie Kids: February 24, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A crazy morning-Mom seems to have a hard time getting everyone up, ready and fed at a decent time and with minimal fussing these days
  • Everyone getting breakfast and even being able to make some chocolate pudding before Mom and Reagan headed off to the dentist
  • Graham throwing a huge fit as Mom left the house today-she had to kick him off of her leg as she walked out of the door, Anderson didn't even seem to notice that Mom was leaving-he was busy with his trucks
  • Reagan being a champ at the dentist-she started out shy but did comply.  Her teeth were cleaned and yes, she does have a cavity!  Dr. Jolley said that was should go to a pediatric dentist since Reagan is so skiddish!  And she has a loose tooth!  Mom saw it wiggle but when we came home Mom couldn't get it to wiggle for her
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then Reagan waking up ready to watch a movie
  • Clean clothes for everyone before church-Graham woke up screaming and screamed the entire time Mom tried to get him ready.  He didn't calm down until Mom picked him up to take him to the car
  • Supper at church and then Cubbies for everyone.  Anderson doesn't like his Wednesday night class but does go to puppets which makes him happy
  • Reagan loves seeing Mom and Dad in the hallway during Cubbies and waves at them each time she sees them
  • Ice cream before bed and then a bottle or two for Campbell before her bedtime

Dennie Kids: February 23, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A school day this morning-Graham was in Mom's bed by 6:30 and Reagan was not far behind.  Even though everyone was up early, no one wanted to get their clothes on until Dad bribed them with a movie
  • Dad dropping Graham off at his class this morning and he did better than expected.  Reagan and Anderson were reading books before he left them
  • Campbell going with Mom to her first nutrition center visit.  She was a true sport and did things very quickly so we were out of there in no time.  We did the pea pod (where they measure her body composition-maybe) and another thing (that measures something else) and completed brain lab
  • Campbell is now 10 pounds (8 pds 4 ozs at birth) and 22 inches (20 inches at birth) and she has a fairly large head (not as big as her sister and brothers....yet)
  • Reagan and Anderson's teachers both not being there today but they still had a good day.  They both colored pictures of the Olympic rings-Mom felt bad because they haven't seen or heard anything about the Olympics (until tonight)
  • Everyone coming home for a lollipop and movie before coloring wrapping paper for Grannymom's present
  • Reagan doing her homework and she said "why am I the only one who has homework around here"-it won't be long till there will be a table full of kids with homework!
  • It is hard coming back from vacation-Graham was so clingy and fussy this afternoon until Mom had to put him in bed, Reagan telling Mom "no" and was soon sent to her room and Anderson sneaking some candy on the way home and being sent to bed early!  As Reagan would say, it has been "a hard, hard day"
  • Celebrating Grannymom's birthday at Lilly and Cash's house-all of the kids were very good-very noisy but very good tonight.  Reagan decided that she wanted a Belle dress like Lilly has and said that she would put it on her Christmas list
  • Campbell letting Grannymom feed her and Aunt Dana hold her all evening long 

Future Travel Plans

Since we have been to all 50 states, we listed some big things that we have left to see and do and some things that we want to do again.  Some states it doesn't look like we will need to return to (but if you have any ideas, we would love to hear them).  So here are our future travel plans:

(updated 11/2013-to mark off some that we have visited)

Alaska: Denali, Anchorage, Fairbanks
Arkansas: Mt. Magazine, Eureka Springs
California: Yosemite (return to climb Half Dome and to camp), San Francisco (return with kids)
Colorado: Durango (Soaring Colorado-zip line-return with kids)
Florida: Everglades (with kids)
Georgia: Augusta
Hawaii: Return with kids
Kentucky: Creation Museum
Michigan: Mackinac Island
Missouri: Columbia
Montana: Glacier National Park
New Hampshire:
New Jersey:
New Mexico:
New York: Adirondack Mountains
North Carolina:
North Dakota:
Rhode Island:
South Carolina:
South Dakota:
Washington: Olympic National Park, North Cascades National Park, Seattle (return with kid)
West Virginia:
Wyoming: Yellowstone (return to stay longer), Chuck Wagon Dinner

Dennie Kids: February 22, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Campbell waking up at 2 and 6 to eat
  • Back to reality for the Dennies-we were up and all in Mom and Dad's bed by 7:30
  • Reagan demanding to wear a princess dress with her clothes
  • Breakfast-pbj and cinnamon toast for everyone
  • Grannymom coming over to pick up Reagan, Anderson and Graham to go and play at Rock Creek
  • Campbell staying at home with Mom to help her with a thousand loads of laundry and Campbell stayed awake most of the morning with only one short power nap
  • Everyone playing very hard and sleeping until 4:30 (Reagan) and after 5 (boys) and Campbell even slept longer than that!
  • Supper at Sams and then walking around looking at cakes
  • Mom seeing a spot on one of Reagan's back teeth-uh oh, could it be a cavity-looks like it to us.  Mom will be calling Dr. Jolley tomorrow

Video: Campbell - 2 Months Old (February 22, 2010)

Disney: February 21, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

The night was fairly restful-Mom thought she was going to get Reagan's bug around 12, bottle for Campbell at 2, Graham waking up at 3, Mom not able to find Anderson at 4 (he moved way off of his spot), Campbell eating again at 6 and everyone else waking up at 7.  We all got ready and headed downstairs for breakfast and were on the road and getting gas at 10:06.

Graham was in a much better mood this morning and seemed almost happy to be in the car.  He did look at Robby in his seat and said "bye bye" every once and awhile.  By 12, we were in need of a stop so McDonalds was calling our name.  There are no quick stops with 4 kids so after a bathroom stop and diaper changes it was time for Reagan, Anderson and Graham to play while Mom and Dad snuck an ice cream sundae.

We had a few driver changes during the day-Robby seemed to have a harder time staying awake during the day than during the night so Mom had to fill in (even though Graham would have loved to take over).  The kids oddly enough didn't have to go to the bathroom on the way home-usually they are going every 5 minutes or at least saying they have to since they are bored.  The movies, candy, snacks, juice boxes and special prizes from Mom kept them entertained. 

The rain started on us around Memphis and at times it was blinding.  The kids noticed the rain and would grow quieter as it became louder.  We needed gas in Forest City and even swung by Taco Bell for some cheese roll ups and burritos.  We made it home by 5:20 and had driven a little over 2090 miles.  When Anderson realized that we were nearing the house he said "that wasn't so bad, well, maybe it was a tiny bit bad."

After quickly unpacking, throwing a load of laundry in and a fresh change of clothes for everyone, we headed to church.  The kids were excited about getting to go to their "coloring class" and Mom and Dad were excited about just sitting and being quiet for a few minutes!

Disney: February 20, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

We ate our breakfast at the hotel and then loaded up the car.  We were mostly packed but it still took a little bit of time to load up.  We arrived back to Magic Kingdom around 9:30.  The crowds were pouring in the park so we were glad that today was all bonus for us and we didn't have anything major on our list to do. 

We took the steamboat over to get into the park and then picked Campbell up a "first visit" button.  She put it on her hat and was wide awake for a few minutes to show it off.  Next we needed a few pictures of the castle and one back picture.  It was our first back picture as a family of 6.  We have had a back picture in front of the castle before but we were only a family of 4 then.  We rode the carousel two times and Graham began the theme of the day (Screaming!).  He did not want to get off of the carousel and all Fantasyland heard him.

A snack does well at calming our little screamer down so he was happy and ready to go for our next stop.  We attended story time with Belle.  She told the story of her movie and had some of the audience act it out.  We were even able to get her picture after the story time.  You could never tell it by looking at Reagan but she was thrilled.  We used our Pooh fast passes and rode it one last time.  Our final ride was the Tomorrowland Transit Authority again.

On the way out of the park, we noticed some huge ice cream sundaes.   Since the kids were just begging for one we decided that we needed some nourishment for the road.  They were huge and delicious.  We walked back down Main Street and caught the monorail.  Dad decided that we needed one more monorail ride around Epcot so we rode that loop once before getting into the car to head to Atlanta.

Mom didn't keep such a great log of our return trip.  We did stop once for gas and potty and then another time to pass out snacks.  Dad has been changing Graham's diaper in the driver's seat and he always get a minute or two to play driver before we load up again.  Graham didn't feel that he was given enough time for this so he screamed about it for three hours.  And no, I am not exaggerating about the three hours-Mom is disappointed that she never got this earplugs for Christmas that she had joked about!  Snacks and milk would only calm him momentarily and then he would start screaming, pointing to the driver's seat and saying "bye bye"  He did finally get to sleep but he opened his eyes and groggily said "bye bye" again and Mom and Dad got so tickled that they woke him back up.

Campbell slept most of the time and only had one bottle all the way to Atlanta.  She was getting thirsty when we arrived but made it until we got out.  Reagan and Anderson did perfect in the car and slept most of the way and watched their movies the rest of the time.  They tried to help with Graham "maybe he wants his taggie, maybe he wants his fox, maybe his bottom is sora, maybe he wants to get out of the car"  Our supper stop in Atlanta was the Varsity and it was as good as we remembered.  The kids had plain hot dogs, Mom had a chili dog and Dad had a chili dog and chili burger.  It was a great meal but no one really wanted to get back in the car (especially Graham).  We only had about a 20 minute drive to our hotel and were quickly settled in.

We needed something to calm Graham down who was still nearing being hysterical.  So everyone had baths-but that didn't go to smoothly.  Anderson kept pouring water on Graham and went to bed after a spanking and then Reagan was causing Graham to yell and was sent to bed after her spanking.  No wonder he screams all of the time-people seem to bother him a lot!  Meanwhile, Campbell just snoozed and Graham went to sleep very quickly.  But who wouldn't after crying for so long.  Reagan and Anderson finally settled down and all is well now.

Earlier during the evening, Reagan said that her school friends were going to miss her but that Ms. Amy would tell them where she was.  While laying in bed tonight, Anderson said "Mom, I am sad about something.  I miss Cash and Lilly and Grannymom and Grandpa" and he continued to name every family member he could think of.  They are both ready to get home.

Video: 2010 Disney World Visit (February 20, 2010)

Disney: February 19, 2010

Highlights from today:

(click here for picture set 1)

(click here for picture set 2)

We all managed to stir relatively easy this morning after our late night.  Our alarm clock must have woke Graham up who stirs Campbell.  Soon, all of that causes Anderson to pop his head up followed by Reagan who wakes up but quickly closes her eyes when she see us.  Campbell was dressed and ready to go first. We had breakfast in the room this morning-pop tarts and then headed to Hollywood Studios.  We arrived a few minutes after opening and started out.

Robby headed to get Toy Story fast passes while the rest of us tried to see Tigger but he had to leave but he did wave hi to the kids.  The Playhouse Disney show was soon so that was our next stop.  Graham wanted to sit in Robby's lap but watched everything intently and even stood up and bounced like Tigger.  Reagan and Anderson ate it up-they knew the songs, the characters and helped dance and shout.  They were completely amazed with the bubbles, leaves and streamers that fell from the sky.  The Muppets 3D show was next.  Graham sat in his own seat but hung on to Robby.  It was pretty noisy and even had a real character that came out in the audience but we made it through without any major breakdowns.

Anderson was read to see Lightening McQueen and Mater next.  Reagan didn't want to see them and Graham wasn't going anywhere near them.  They were loud roaring their engines.  We played in the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids play area but there were lots of kids so we didn't stay there too long.  Anderson was in his element today seeing characters-all boy characters and not those princesses.  He told Robby that he wanted to see a Power Ranger and we saw the blue one (he doesn't even know who they are!).  Next we ran into an Army man and Anderson was able to see him too.

Since Hollywood Studios is a little light on the kiddie rides, we had to take everyone on the Great Movie ride to get in their ride quota.  Reagan freaked out a little and fussed more than Graham.  If it is a slow moving ride, he is happy as can be even if they are having a gun battle above his head. We had lunch at the ABC Commissary where we could tell that the troops were getting a little tired so we decided to skip the Little Mermaid show and go straight to the Toy Story ride.  Reagan and Anderson understood the concept but were unable to shoot and aim at the same time.  This was a ride that Tara and Robby could do over and over-and we could have since Robby had some how scored 12 fast passes.  But we just did it once and made someone else's day by handing them the fast passes. (they were already out for the day) so he looked with a group with kids.  The fast pass line was still a few minutes so we didn't feel like the kids could make the line again.  On the way out, Anderson wanted to look under the hat.  Reagan wasn't going to until she saw some birds playing in the bushes.  Before long, they were all chasing the birds around.  Once, Mom did look down and noticed that Graham was gone.  She saw him turn the corner and he was running somewhere.  Mom doesn't know why he took off or what he saw but he was going to get it.  When Mom caught him, he did just laugh!  He went right back to the buggy.

After the walk back to the car, everyone had juice boxes and milk.  Dad asked where everyone wanted to go tonight and Anderson replied "Nonna's house."  At the hotel, housekeeping was still working on our room so we assessed how we needed to pack the car.  After they finally finished we went in and started the kids naps.  While they were sleeping, Campbell has been staying wide awake-it is probably a good thing since then she sleeps at the park and is no trouble.  Mom and Dad repacked and started loading the van for our long trip home.

Waking everyone up from nap isn't always easy.  Graham was fussing and Dad opened the bathroom door to get him and Graham was standing facing the other way towards the shower curtain.  Dad said "hey" and he peeked around one side of the curtain.  So Dad had to say "over here" and poor Graham looked around the other side of the curtain.  Dad finally had to tap him on the shoulder before he figured out where he was.

We did have presents for them to open.  This was the first time Mom had seen Graham sat down and open something by himself and then he took it to Dad to open the package.  Reagan jumped up when Dad said there was a little present.  But after much poking and prodding Anderson finally opened his eyes to open his present.  Mom found some little Mickey and Minnie play sets before the trip and they came in very handy today.  The kids had pbj sandwiches and cheese sticks (Mom and Dad had leftover pizza) for supper.  Soon afterwards we were back at Magic Kingdom.

Our first stop was the train.  We circled the park on the train and everyone sat as still as they could during the ride.  Anderson said as we left the first station that in a minute we would see the racecars.  He is going to be just like his Dad and be great with directions and remembering things like that.  Like tonight on the monorail, Reagan asked if we were getting off and he said "no, this is just a hotel Reagan, just a hotel."

We rode the Tomorrowland Transit Authority ride again and Graham just grinned and raised his arms and said "weeee."  Reagan and Anderson love going through the tunnels and shouting "time tunnel."  Reagan's evening was made when we were able to see Belle along with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.  Belle is Reagan's favorite princess and we had not yet seen her on our trip.  She noticed that she was on Reagan's shirt and pointed out that they both had brown eyes and brown hair-and that is exactly why Reagan said that Belle was her favorite.  Reagan was thrilled but only managed to say her name before she put her hand near her mouth and completely shut down.  The boys were standing behind Mom and Dad again with their hands in their mouths-they wanted nothing to do with the princesses.

It was nearing fireworks time so we hung out in a gift shop so Anderson and Graham didn't have to be terrified and it gave Mom and few minutes to pick out an ornament.  Next Reagan rode Goofy's roller coaster two times and then Anderson had his turn to ride it two times.  Anderson and Campbell hung out with Mom who waited with whoever didn't get to ride.  We had one last Buzz Lightyear ride before passing the people waiting for the parade.  The parade was SpectroMagic and we saw how lucky we were to just walk right upon perfect spots last night as the parade started.  It was crowded tonight.

After the monorail ride, we were back to the car and headed back to the hotel.  Graham falls asleep in the car every time we get in the car so he was the first to go to bed.  Reagan was asleep next, then Campbell and Anderson has just now closed his eyes.

Video: 2010 Disney World Visit (February 19, 2010)

Disney: February 18, 2010

Highlights from today:

(click here for picture set 1)

(click here for picture set 2)

We moved a little bit slow this morning but managed to eat breakfast and be at Epcot by 9:05.  We just can't seem to get anywhere as they are opening on this trip.  But we still did fine.  As we drove up, Graham started shouting "ball, ball."  So we walked right to Spaceship Earth for him.  He did fine on the ride but Reagan has become a little scared whenever it is dark on a ride.  During the ride, she had one hand on Mom and the other on Anderson. 

After the ball, we headed to Nemo's ride.  We were hoping the line was like it was the other day and it was.  We walked right on and they all enjoyed it.  Turtle Talk with Crush was next-Reagan and Anderson sat up front with the other kids and Graham sat with Mom and Dad.  By the end of the show, Graham was saying "dude" just like Crush (or Doug Fulton).  After the ride, we planned on riding the Land ride but the line seemed very long and someone was handing out fast passes so we decided that we would come back.  Meanwhile, we sat and had a few snacks, bathroomed and diapered up before heading out to see the countries.

Our first country stop was Canada and their totem poles and waterfall.  Next was the shrubbery maze in the UK.  We couldn't skip over France and their pastries and ate them at our hidden spot in the back.  The weather was great today-high of 55 and little wind.  We were sitting in the sun eating and could have stretched out and relaxed.  But we didn't have time for that since we had a lot more countries to see: Morocco, Japan, US, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico.  Seeing the trains were the highlight along the walk for the boys.  We also ran into Jasmine and Aladdin-Reagan couldn't say anything to them she became so bashful.  Along the walk Robby decided that we were going to eat at every country sometime when we come again.  And Tara decided that when the kids have to do a report on country we will bring the to Epcot for some research!  Also, Tara wants to go through all of the gift shops from every country.

Next was the favorite spot of all of the Dennie kids: Club Cool: the area where you can get coke samples from all of the different countries.  And Mom even made them all try the yucky tasting Beverly soda to see the looks on their faces.  We were able to see Mickey and Pluto again because of Robby's credit card.  Reagan and Anderson just love them, Campbell was waking up at the time and was happy too.  But Graham just stood against the wall and said "no"

We went back to the Land to ride it and it is just Graham's kind of ride.  He sat by Reagan and only held on to Mom's leg.  After the ride, Reagan and Anderson remembered a place that they had played last year: a little house near a firetruck.  This time a Disney person was leading the kids in activities there about escaping a fire.  They did that and listened like pros while Dad picked up pictures and Campbell slept.  Anderson was disappointed that we didn't ride the monorail that he kept seeing around Epcot but Dad promised that we would ride one tonight.

Back at the room a little later today and Graham didn't want to take a nap since he had just had one in the park and car.  Dad put the laundry in and picked up some pizza.  Campbell is wide awake and seems to be a little upset that she isn't getting any of this pizza.  Anderson and Reagan only picked at their pizza when they woke up and the evening got off to a rocky start.  Everyone had calmed down by the time we made it to the park.  Last night, Magic Kingdom seemed empty so we were surprised when we saw lines and lines of people when we arrived.  We said that if we could just get one ride in tonight that would be great since we had gotten a late start (didn't arrive there until 7).

We hadn't rode Snow White yet and decided to try it.  The line was not crazy so we were relieved.  They liked it though Anderson said "it was a tiny bit scary, a tiny bit" which is what he says after every ride that goes in the dark.  Next the Dumbo line was only 20 minutes and we could tell that it was nearing fireworks time.  Anderson was not pleased about since he doesn't like the noise that they make.  And Graham quickly became hysterical.  The fireworks started while we were next in line for Dumbo and then continued until after our ride was over.  Mom told Reagan that she must be pretty special to be riding a pink Dumbo elephant during fireworks in the Magic Kingdom on a school day.  When we stepped off of Dumbo the line was even shorter so we went right back to the line for another Dumbo ride.

The people had thinned out by now-it seemed that they were just there for the fireworks and then the parade so we headed to see some more princess'.  Anderson said that he didn't want to see Cinderella so him and Dad headed to the roller coaster.  They rode it 9 (count them 9) times.  Dad said that Anderson would run the whole way to get back on the rollar coaster.  Meanwhile, Campbell, Mom, Reagan and Graham were waiting in line for the princess.  Reagan saw Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.  She is so shy when talking to them-Reagan did think it was funny when Snow White said that she had a Bashful (Graham) and Sleepy (Campbell) with her.  Mom told Snow White that Grumpy (Anderson) was outside.  Graham did great waiting in the line for the princess' but when we got back in line to see the fairies, he was not happy at all!  After much screaming, Mom asked Reagan if she wanted to stay and see the fairies or go and ride the roller coaster.  She picked the coaster and headed out.  Anderson played in Donald's Boat while Dad rode with Reagan.  Then Mom tried to catch Reagan up to Anderson's 9 times but only got her up to 4 times.  Soon after we played nearby in a play area.

There was no one in that area of the park.  Maybe 3 buggies parked in the buggy parking.  It was wild!  We strolled through Mickey's house and the 3 older ones went in to see him.  And surprise, Minnie was even in their with him.  (This was a good thing since Mom and Dad thought that she would be there earlier this afternoon but Pluto was there).  Campbell didn't go this time since she had a dirty diaper that needed to be taken care of.  Minnie's house was next-the kids loved seeing her oven make a cake for Mickey.

We headed back to Tomorrowland to use our Buzz fast passes but there wasn't a line for Astro Orbitor.  Graham was snoozing and Campbell was almost asleep in the buggy too so Dad, Reagan and Anderson went up to ride that ride.  When they came down, Anderson told Mom that his legs hurt (I bet!).  Next Mom rode Buzz with Reagan and Anderson one more time.  Dad wanted to ride Space Mountain since it had been redone and the wait was short enough and 2 kids were sleeping so he headed off to do that while everyone else waited in a warm gift shop.

On our way out of the park, the SpectroMagic parade was starting and there were perfect spots so we stopped to take a look.  The first car must have gotten stuck because they had to come out and tow it after it was stuck for about 10 minutes-meanwhile the lights and songs just kept going.  Reagan and Anderson didn't blink at all and Graham would open his eyes and then close them back.  He must have thought that he was having a strange dream.  Anderson would get so excited to see the characters and would even get tickled when he saw some of them.  Reagan would wave at the princesses as the went by us.

We were afraid that the monorail would be crazy but we were able to catch the very first one and not have to wait.  After our little walk back to the car we were in the car by 12.  That might be a little late to keep these kids out but we all had lots of fun.  Reagan and Anderson both went potty as soon as we walked in the hotel room and started to put on their pajamas themselves.  Dad laid Graham on the bed and he never stirred even though we changed his clothes.  And Campbell had another diaper and needed a change of clothes so now she is making noises trying to decide if she wants to wake up.  Another great day!

Disney: February 17, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for picture set 1)

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The morning started off with breakfast at the hotel.  They had a light breakfast with muffins, cereal and pastries.  It was all we needed and after a few bathroom stops we were on our way.  We made it to Animal Kingdom just as it opened.  Robby headed to get fast passes for the safari with the little ones and Tara went to the TriceraTop spin with Reagan and Anderson.  There wasn't a line we we rode those dinosaurs 3 times, then Dad came and we rode 2 more times with Graham.  Graham would have a breakdown on the ride and go nuts while buckling up but would calm down on the ride-what are we going to do with him?

We were walking to see the Lion King show but the Bug's Life was about to start inside of the tree so we decided to go there.  The show was entertaining-Reagan was the only one who enjoyed it even though she asked a few times if we could just leave.  Anderson was trying not to be terrified but would cry out every once in a while and Graham was hysterical!  The next stop was the safari ride-Reagan was hoping to see a penguin but they weren't out today so we just had to settle for a rhino, giraffe and elephant along with some other animals too.  Graham was pretty content of this ride and seemed to look for the animals with everyone else.

We walked back over to get in line for the Lion King show but after having a snack and pottying we didn't make it cause it was full-oh, well.  The character line was nearby so we did see Minnie, Thumper, Donald and Daisy (who we hear is hard to find)  Next we trekked back to the Dinosaur area and the kids played in the boneyard and could have stayed there all day long – especially the high, twisty slide.  We were able to see a few characters on the way out of the park and Graham is getting more comfortable with them,  But he is still terrified! Leaving set Graham off and he was pretty much hysterical until we made it back to the hotel and he got to go to bed!  Everyone is resting now before our evening adventures!

Robby ran to pick him up some lunch while everyone else was napping.  Soon after Graham woke up and started helping everyone else wake up.  The kids were a little tired but they were ready to go when we mentioned riding on the monorail.  We parked close to the monorail place and hopped on and headed back to Magic Kingdom around 5.  We were expecting long lines again since they were pretty bad at Animal Kingdom.  But everyone must have been going home for a nap, we could tell walking in that the lines were shorted.  Reagan and Anderson sat in their strollers saying/screaming "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" on our way in the park and Graham was in his stroller saying "Mickey."  Graham was all excited until Pluto walked by and touched him and Graham screamed so loudly that Pluto jumped!

Anderson had been wanting to ride the Tomorrowland Speedway cars and since the line was only 20 minutes, we hoped in line.  We had to do a swap since Campbell was too small too ride.  Dad, Anderson and Graham rode first.  Graham who has been scared of all of the other rides was thrilled about riding in the car.  When they made it back, Reagan took Graham's place and off they went.  Graham was not happy about being left so Mom was carrying him on her hip and Campbell in the carrier until the others arrived.

Next we made it to Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride.  While we waited in line, Graham wouldn't walk forward and would just say "no"-he didn't want to ride but did enjoy it (kind of).  We decided to brave it and take everyone on the Pirates ride.  There was not a wait at all and while walking up and down the lines, Reagan kept asking Mom if she knew where she was going.  Graham got in the boat without a fuss but Anderson was convinced that he didn't want to get in.  They all enjoyed it and especially liked playing with the swords in the gift shop at the end of the ride.  Aladdin didn't have a line so we rode it again and this time Graham was fine riding in it.

It was nearing time to ride the monorail to the Contemporary for supper at Chef Mickey’s.  We were there early but thought we would still check in.  Our Minnie had to change into her Minnie dress and before we could finish the pager was going off and we were seated about 50 minutes early.  That was wonderful since our reservations were at 8:55.  Graham had to set between Mom and Dad but ate a bowl full of Mickey shaped pasta.  Reagan and Anderson enjoyed seeing Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Mickey and Minnie.  Campbell even stayed awake for the whole time to see everyone.  They all got into swinging their napkins around and dancing to the music.  Anderson ate every dessert that they had on the buffet plus some-Dad finally had to cut him off.  Meanwhile, Graham found a banana and had it for dessert.  Reagan was too busy watching the characters to bother with desserts.  We managed to get a decent picture of Graham with Mickey but he wasn't so cooperative with Donald. (Using the word "decent" very liberally)

After supper, we loaded up-and what a load it is: 2 double strollers, 4 kids, 7 coats, 4 hats, a blanket, diaper bag, 2 cameras and who knows what else!  Maybe that is why everyone in the park seems to stare at us.  People have told us: you have your hands full, better you than me, wow! 4 kids.  And we have overheard many of the same comments including: look at that tiny baby, that baby isn't more than a few weeks old and the list goes on.  People have also commented on how well behaved they are-that's nice.  They have actually done very good-just a few meltdowns but that is to be expected – and those were mainly from Dad.  Anyway, after supper we went to the monorail for our one stop ride to the transportation center and then to our car.

Campbell had a meltdown in the car-she was exhausted and wanted someone to hold her.  Graham fell asleep in the car and never woke up even with Campbell crying, Dad changing him and Reagan and Anderson playing.  Mom and Dad are sore from pushing the strollers and lifting the kids in and out of the rides but we will all be refreshed in the morning (hopefully) and ready to go again!

Video: 2010 Disney World Visit (February 17, 2010)

Video: 2010 Disney World Visit (February 17, 2010)

Video: 2010 Disney World Visit (February 17, 2010)

Disney: February 16, 2010

Highlights from today:

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(plus click here for Valentine's Pictures that you haven't seen yet!)

Everyone slept well last night.  Campbell woke up once and no one else ever stirred.  Our alarm went off at 6 and it woke Graham up-which was probably a good thing or we would have just gone back to sleep!  The kids opened up new t-shirts this morning.  Campbell's was Minnie, Reagan had Belle, Graham had Mickey and Anderson had Lightening McQueen.  We were out the door by 7 and arrived at the Polynesian at 7:30.  We were the first car in the AAA parking lot and were a little unsure of ourselves parking there but it was fine.

We had breakfast with Lilo and Stich along with Mickey and Pluto at O'hanas.  Oh, the food was very good.  Probably one of the best meals at Disney.  We started with cinnamon raisin bread along with pineapple bread.  The juice was pineapple and mango-and probably something else but it was so good that the boys quickly finished off their cups.  Reagan loved the fruit tray with fresh grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe and honey dew.  She doesn't like canned pineapple but ate all of the fresh pineapple.  They brought a huge family style platter of sausage links, eggs, potato wedges and Mickey Mouse shaped waffles!

We thought Graham might be over his character fear since he has been saying "Mickey" and hugging our huge ones but after they handed out mariachis to all of the kids the characters passed by leading the parade, we knew we were wrong!  Graham was fairly hysterical.  Mom tried to hold him near Stitch to give him five and after that he only wanted Dad to hold him.  Reagan and Anderson loved them and wanted to see each one.  Campbell was sleeping on the bench seat but did manage to wake up for Mickey.  She wasn't too impressed!

We then caught the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and arrived 2 minutes after the park opened.  Graham was also a little upset on the monorail.  Our first stop in Magic Kingdom was the bathroom!  Reagan's tummy has been acting up a little (better now).  The Dumbo line was already too long so we will hit it another day.   We jumped on Peter Pan-they loved it.  Scared-y cat Graham just sat mesmerized.  Small World was next and then the Carrousel.  Campbell has been riding in Mom's front carrier so she has been enjoying all of the rides too.  Next was Mickey's PhilharMagic movie.  You wear 3D glasses during it.  Graham broke his and was a little scared so he just whined, Anderson watched it all but was hanging on tightly to Mom and Reagan was setting up in her seat trying to grab everything that came shooting at us.  Back on the Carrousel and then the Winnie the Pooh ride.

Next was Mickey's Toontown fair area.  Robby rode the Barnstormer with Reagan and Anderson.  They weren't big enough to ride alone so a Disney worker had to ride with one of them.  Kind of makes you a little nervous that they aren't big enough to ride alone but can still ride it-does that mean they could fly out if I am not holding on to them.  Anyway, they loved it so it was Mom's turn to ride with them while Dad stayed with Graham and Campbell who were sleeping.  Everyone but Campbell played on Donald's boat before walking behind the Speedway to get to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (the best ride here in Tara's opinion).  This ride was just Graham's speed-he would raise his arms and say "weee" on the turns.  They had such a blast that we rode it twice.  After a snack and it was time to move on.  Next was the Buzz Lightyear ride-the fastpass line was crazy long but moved quickly.

The next event was the Jungle Cruise.  Anderson listened so intently to the driver-though he didn't get any of her jokes.  Reagan asked if the animals were real or fake.  And Graham had to sit in Mom's lap.  It was almost 2 so we decided to head back to the park for naps.  We picked up McDonalds and the kids ate while Tara repacked for tonight.  Then everyone went to sleep-crashed actually.  Campbell woke up to eat while we typed.  The weather is not bad.  It is around 40 in the morning and then should have gotten up to 55 today.  It is chilly but fine in the sun-the kids just have on light jackets or a sweatshirt and are warm enough.  The crowds are pretty thick.  We have seen Magic Kingdom with more people but this is comparable to July crowds.  Probably because of the crowds (or maybe because we had so many bathroom stops! Ha) we still have a list of things to do but we are planning on coming back to MK a few more times.  Tonight is supper with the princesses at Epcot and my little princess is soooo excited!

Reagan and Campbell woke up well from their naps but we almost never got the boys to wake up.  We still managed to get them up and around and leave for Epcot.  When we arrived, we used our handy parking pass and had the closest spot ever to the front of Epcot-seriously, we could have spit on the Epcot ball from the van it was that close. (Robby took a picture of our van and how close we were to the entrance gates!) The kids didn't appreciate it like Mom and Dad!  We headed right to the Nemo ride since there was no wait.  Walked up and down through the lines to get to the front and then the ride stops-technical difficulties!  We tried to wait it out but it was nearing time to head to Norway for supper.  So we will hit it another day.

We walked to Norway and the princess changed into her Cinderella dress and was ready to a princess or two.  We had to wait a little for our table but soon we were inside the Akershus.  We first had our picture made with Sleeping Beauty.  The boys would have none of this-Graham was still scared (not as bad as this morning) and Anderson was playing bashful.  The meal was good-Mom had a pork chop with hash brown casserole, Dad had two big meatballs that had a fancy name along with potatos and the kids had lots of cheese, mickey shaped ravioli and chicken.  Mulan, Aeriel, Snow White and Cinderella came to our table.  Cinderella is usually not at the breakfast but we though that Belle would be there.  Belle is Reagan's new favorite since she had brown hair and brown eyes like Reagan.  Mom "overheard" that Belle was a little sick and Cinderella came to take her spot tonight.  Reagan said that was sad that Belle was sick but didn't seem to mind to much (thank God!-we will try to see her later).  Anderson said that maybe she fell and bumped her head or maybe she was in the hospital.

After leaving the restaurant, it was almost time for the park to close at 9.  Right in Norway is a boat ride that we rode-when it went up the hill Graham was trying his best to climb out of the boat.  Next we ran to Mexico for their boat ride.  It had film clips of Donald so everyone enjoyed it.  We finished that ride as the fireworks were going off.  Anderson is terrified of them like last time-Graham is too though.  He was fine in the buggy while it was moving but not when it stopped.  That was fine though because we were headed to the exit trying to beat the crowds.  We didn't make it but the kids were entertained with their new spinny toys that Mom found for them.  Traffic was fine on the way back to the hotel and we made it back in time to send everyone to bed.  Again they are all exhausted-Campbell is sleeping in my lap, Reagan is laid out with all of her new loot, Graham got his milk and walked to the bathroom where is pack n play is and Anderson just snored like his Dad.  Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom!

Disney: February 15, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

Here is the continued posts from journey log to Orlando:

10:40 am-Finally leaving McDonalds. 170 miles left.  While loading up, Mom said she had a surprise for the kids.  Reagan said that she hoped it was a small one since she couldn't hold anymore since the others were big
(they were tiny)

10:50 am-More gas

10:55 am- Back on the road. Gas cap on.  Bug's Life movie started for the crew

11:00 pm-Anderson and Graham want some milk but none is poured and Mom is not brave enough to pour from a gallon of milk while the car is moving

11:05 pm-Stop at a rest stop.  Boys get milk and Campbell gets her bottle.  60 miles left

12:30 pm-Bug's Life over. Mom hasn't read any magazines-been working on this list.  Lots to do on the way home

12:45 pm-Anderson asks Dad to hold Mickey because he is too big and he will drop him while he holds Lightning McQueen

12:46 pm-"Are we there yet?"asked for the first time.  Little do they know we drove all night while they were sleeping-they missed so much!  Robby answered yes and Reagan and Anderson both shouted yes!

12:49 pm-Second toll

12:57 pm-Third toll.  Oh, no, what will we do if we don't have the correct change.  Oh, that has happened before when we were here.  Robby just had bills and no change-we put the dollar bill in and sped off despite the lights and sirens going off behind us

1:00 pm-At hotel but no rooms ready on the first floor-we can wait.  You wouldn't believe all of the stuff we have.

1:15 pm-Remember back entrance to Animal Kingdom is behind hotel.  Drive around to scout out times/directions.  Saw monorail-kids thrilled

1:50 pm-In hotel room.  Clean, close to the parks, large room, safe, dirt cheap and great parking.  What could be better! 

2:20 pm-Kids in the bath so we can unpack.  Working fast since they are trying to drown each other (kidding)

2:45 pm-Robby and Campbell sleeping, Reagan and Anderson sitting on the bed watching a movie and Mom entertaining Graham so he doesn't scream and wake Robby.  Good night!

So after a one hour rest, the next day began-even if it was almost 4 in the afternoon.  Forgive me for not keeping an itemized list but I have plenty to do now and am not trying to stay awake.  We loaded up and headed out for Downtown Disney.  On the way there, we saw our last place that we stayed-the Caribbean Beach.  And Mom counted all of the buses that she was glad that she was not on!  (The week is still early, she may change her mind!) 

We had seen a picture of the T-Rex Cafe and thought the kids might enjoy it but guessed that the wait would be nuts so we didn't mention it.  They love a show called Dinosaur Train and can name a zillion dinosaurs.  The wait was just 30 minutes so within no time we were seating in some type of icy snowy room that had meteor showers every 20 minutes.  The lights would change colors, the dinosaurs would roar, it was bright and dark and noisy-too much for Anderson who had a breakdown the first time it happened.  He did hold it together the second time though.  Reagan enjoyed it and Graham just whined but did eventually start waving at the dinosaurs.  And the food-oh my-the food was good.  Or maybe we haven't had a real meal or any sleep in a few days!  Robby had a huge chicken fried steak and Tara had an appetizer sampler-onion rings, cheese dip, bruschetta and quesadillas.  Delicious!

Soon we were back at the hotel and as soon as we laid the kids down they were out.  Campbell is the only hold out and is having her second bottle after snuggling with Minnie mouse for awhile.  Traveling is tough on everyone.  Hopefully, we will all rest well-tomorrow is a big day!

    Disney: February 14, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
    What a day it has been! The kids woke up and were ready to go to Disney. Campbell had her bath this morning and wore a cute pink footsie outfit with hearts to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They were thrilled to open up new movies from Mom and Dad to watch in the car-Lilo and Stitch. We started our vacation early with stopping to pick up breakfast at two different places-Sonic breakfast burritos for Dad and cinni minis for Anderson from Burger King. Anderson thought we were leaving immediately for Disney after that and was a little disappointed about having to go to church twice but was happy to see the two Ms. Shirleys when he arrived.
    Mom and Dad were in Campbell’s class after the service and they kept us on our toes. Campbell, the best one in there, did sleep almost the entire time. Dad thought that was bad news for tonight though. We headed home for lunch and a short nap. Reagan had made everyone Valentine’s hearts at Grannymom’s house and had been waiting for days to pass them out. She had one for everyone and was very pleased with herself.
    Everyone put on their church clothes and we drove to church while talking about how important it was to stand by Mom and be quiet. The kids ran of some extra energy while waiting for the Parent Commitment Service to start. We had a practice walk through and Graham spotted Grannymom and Grandpa immediately. Campbell put on her new polka dot dress and sweater and was the cutest one there and the youngest one too. As we walked in during the service, Graham saw Pops and said “Pop.” Reagan was so proud of herself and her sister walking across the stage. Anderson who had been having a little bit of his Dad’s travel stomach told Dad that he needed to potty while we were in front of the church. We sent him off to Pops who took care of that (and if you have seen a previous post, I guess that Pops might have just gotten poo poo on him).
    As we walked out of big church, Campbell was handed to Nonna for one last bottle before the road. And the rest of the gang headed to change into our pajamas. As we walked to the car, Anderson noticed something in the car and said “who’s that in our car?” He spotted a giant Mickey and Minnie Mouse dolls along with a Lightening McQueen car and a Daisy Duck waiting in everyone’s car seats. Reagan squealed with delight that this was going to be some trip.
    A 7:16 we left the church and Tara began a detailed itinerary of the events of the evening:
    7:16 pm-leaving church
    7:40 pm- started Lilo and Stitch-scary. Graham fusses
    7:50 pm- cookies and a nap for Graham and Campbell
    9:00 pm-Shelley said it was snowing hard in MS, started checking weather
    9:12 pm-potty break and supper in West Memphis at McDonalds. wet roads. frigid. Seat warmer on. Reagan and Anderson had nuggets, Graham ate Tara’s hamburger
    9:30 pm-back on road, Reagan says that wasn’t so long her bottom wasn’t sore
    10:05 pm-gas stop, Reagan says she wishes she had a thing that would help us get there faster. Campbell moves for the first time.
    10:08 pm-back on road
    10:09 pm-gas cap open. pull over
    10:10 pm-back on road
    10:23 pm-light snow. Graham sleeping
    10:30 pm-snow starting to cover roads. Nervous driver and co pilot eat bag of cookies
    10:35 pm-snow heavy. Reagan and Anderson given neck rest pillows
    10:50 pm-more snow, roads wet-maybe. Texting Hawkins. See salt trucks
    11:00 pm-Hawkins says rain in New Albany. There but only heavy snow
    11:05 pm-Anderson yells “Moose” Mom panics-moose on tv not on road
    11:10 pm-Rob requesting neck pillow-denied
    11:25 pm-Tupelo. Snow not on ground. Kids watching Disney tape for 2+ hours. Campbell moved again
    11:30 pm-Nonna calls, she is going to bed. No idea it is snowing like crazy on us. Campbell moves again. Pause movie so the kids can rest. Graham fusses. Anderson gets a second wind but can’t find his teddy bear
    11:45 pm-Rob and Tara drink their second coke. Rain now. “Where does Mickey sit?” Mom feels like Gumby crawling around all over the van
    Midnight-Do we continue on or stop at planned hotel in Jasper, AL? Snow tonight + Jasper below freezing all day tomorrow. Campbell stirs. Graham wants shoes on and Mom to rub leg; Reagan & Anderson out
    12:20 am – Campbell took bottle; all sleeping; heading to Montgomery after deciding to skip hotel in Jasper – going Southern route because of possible snow advisory in Atlanta
    12;40 am – Pass thru Jasper; still raining
    1:15 am – Birmingham; 375 miles
    1:30 am – Decide to figure out when Easter is?  March 4.  Rehashing evening – Anderson travel stomach, Cambell cute dress; Reagan proud she also wore a polka dot dress and was able to walk on stage; Anderson: “Where’s the stage?” Reagan:  “Where we eat.” Mom says different stage.
    1:45 a.m. –Mickey Mouse rice krispy treat for Mom & Dad
    2:11 a.m. – Gas stop; brrrr! Potty stop for Mom &Dad
    2:15 a.m. – Back in car.  Shivering!!!>!> Can’t write
    2:20 a.m.- Looking up next big city but look up Tallassee, Alabama instead of Tallahassee, FL – finally figure it out
    2:50 a.m. – Nap for mom; now driving through some neighborhood in Montgomery for some reason; big houses; sometimes we question the GPS
    3:00 a.m. – Graham diaper change; everyone stirs; Graham more milk; see Mickey and wants shoes on
    3:15 a.m. – 500 miles; Graham still up after diaper change; Campbell stirs; we see sign for Daylight Donuts with sign advertising “World’s Best Hamburger”
    3:30 a.m. – Gum for Dad; has choice between Wintermint and Mint Mojito; chooses Wintermint since it’s late at night; Mom has bought 126 pieces of gum for the trip (and Dad is only one who chews gum)
    4:00 a.m. – Campbell bottle; adjust Anderson’s head as he sleeps; Mom did some cleaning; heavier rain; stop lights and more traffic
    4:16 a.m. – Wipers off; first time since West Memphis; nevermind – back on;
    4:17 a.m. – Off now; roads dry
    4;22 a.m. – Looking for music to listen to; Mom had no idea they would get to listen to music instead of movies; Graham wants Mom to rub his foot; will stick it out to her
    4:55 a.m. – Thinking that parents back home are rpobably getting up now; we’ve driven 600 miles
    6:00 a.m. – Passing thru Tallahassee with 676 miles behind us; daylight; kids still out
    6:15 a.m. – 700 miles; Mom naps, Graham waking for milk but can’t keep eyes open; Anderson awake and talking softly
    6:25 a.m. – Reagan: “When are we getting to Disney World?” Anderson:  “It was dark and now it is light.” Graham:  “Mickey!”
    6:45 a.m. – Milk all around; Sunny out! Anderson says, “No singing” Graham says, “Stinky, baby, poo poo”
    7:16 a.m. – 2 gas stations, 1 McDonald’s, 1 diaper change pull over
    7:40 a.m. – Can’t find a McDonald’s with a player area; Mom & Dad’s blatters full – must stop soon
    7:43 a.m. – Found a McD’s with play area!!!  Potty, diapers, Campbell laying on bench; updating blogs while Reagan and Anderson play
    10:00 a.m. – Still at McDonald’s – figure we are about 2 hours from Orlando; can’t check in until afternoon so decide to stay here as long as kids cooperative and run off some energy; Mom & Dad pretty tired but running on adrenaline. No agenda today when we get into Orlando so we’ll rest, rest!

    Dennie Kids: February 13, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Lots of straightening this morning-Dad worked forever on the den while Mom worked on upstairs and putting everyone's clothes on
    • Breakfast and then a few movies before heading to Grannymom's house to play
    • Lots of playing and even playing outside before coming home
    • Nonna and Pops coming over to see us and play-Pops read books and played airport with the boys while Nonna fed Campbell and played with Reagan
    • Naps and then Dad and Graham going to pick up supper
    • A quick trim for the boys and then baths for everyone but Campbell (she will get hers in the morning)
    • Eating cookies when Mom heard Dad's phone ringing and decided to answer it.  Good thing because it was Mickey Mouse calling to talk to Reagan and Anderson.  He knew they were coming, knew it was bedtime and knew they loved dinosaurs!  They were so quiet listening and were ecstatic
    • Reagan asking about tomorrow and wondering if we could still stop and eat while we were in the car for a long time driving to Disney!

    Video: A Call from Mickey Mouse! (February 13, 2010)

    Video: Campbell - Almost 2 Months Old (February 13, 2010)

    Video: Reagan - 4 Years Old and 5 months (53 months) - ENCORE

    Video: Anderson - 3 years old and 2 months (38 months)

    Video: Reagan - 4 Years Old and 5 months (53 months)

    Dennie Kids: February 12, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • A restful night-itchy girl was fine all night and hasn't needed any medicine since yesterday.  During the day she said that her tummy hurt and Mom started inspecting her looking for a rash but after a good bathroom break she was fine
    • Everyone helping Mom do her chores this morning while Campbell just laid in Mom's bed-it is tough waking up in the middle of the night
    • Nonna coming over and it was a good thing since they had been asking if she was going to come over this week since Tuesday and Reagan had asked this morning if we could go to Nonnas
    • A few movies, lots of snacks and playing most of the morning long
    • Nonna fixing lunch and then everyone helping Mom pack-4 kids, 1 week in 1 suitcase (impressive? well, we are going to do laundry)
    • Afternoon naps and then waiting on Dad to come home
    • Lots of errands and then rice and beans for supper-which Graham loved and managed to get everywhere.  Then we had a chocolate dessert that Anderson loved and managed to get everywhere.  A lady did compliment us saying that we had the most well behaved kids (we do, probably because Mom carries a spanking spoon in the diaper bag!)
    • Dad spoiling Reagan and Anderson letting them stay up and watch tv on the big screen since we are taking it down tomorrow

    Dennie Kids: February 11, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Anderson and Reagan were dressed in red this morning and ready for their Valentine's parties-Graham doesn't have any red to wear!
    • Campbell hanging with Mom at Walmart and the dentist
    • Campbell and Mom shopping with Beebee for Campbell an outfit for baby dedication
    • Mom, Campbell and Beebee picking everyone else up and hearing about their parties:
      • Anderson's party was after playing in the big room and before naptime.  He had "cookies and something else."  Tosh was late and missed the party.  Anderson's Valentines were hearts with a glo stick attached that said "you light up my life"
      • Reagan's party was after nap.  They had cupcakes, cookies, icing and sprinkles and decorated their Valentine's bags themselves.  Her Valentines were lollipops that we had added hearts and stems to to make into flowers.  She wrote who they were too and from herself.
      • Graham's class didn't have a party (party poopers) and Graham only came home with one Valentine-the one that Mom sent!  Ha!  He gave his friends Teddy Grahams in a bag with a note attached that said "Bear Hugs from Graham"
    • When Reagan was getting in the car, Mom noticed her eyes (red), ears (bright red) and tummy/back (red with hives everywhere).  She had been itchy last night, Benadryl helped, but she wasn't anything like this.  Mom drove everyone home to run in a get some more Benadryl for her-she even asked when she could take it.  She must have felt really itchy-poor thing!  The Benadryl helped and they were all gone and not even red at bedtime but Dad gave her another dose
    • Everyone playing with all of Beebee's costume jewelry and seeing Papaw before stomping through the ice walking to Nonnas
    • Playing at Nonnas and not getting home until almost 5-some of that time was spent with Reagan, Anderson and Graham walking around outside on the ice.  They are just intrigued by this snow and ice
    • Dad bringing home supper and then lots happening until bedtime: Graham enjoying playing with a box Mom got in the mail that contained lots of Disney magic (and surprises), Reagan and Mom playing a game of Sequence, Anderson playing puppy dog and with his Mickey house from last year and Campbell eating, eating some more and sleeping

    Dennie Kids: February 10, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Campbell waking up too many times last night-it wasn't that bad but Mom doesn't like waking up at 6
    • Dad having to go back to work today so we all stood at the window to see him slide out of the driveway-but he didn't slide
    • Another pajama morning for everyone but Campbell and Mom.  Reagan actually donned a cape and was a queen.  She had to eat her breakfast in a royal throne.  The queen and her youngest prince had grapes while the older prince ate cheerios
    • Watching the snow and Anderson was always surprised when he looked out and the snowman had not melted and much to Mom's delight no one ever asked to go outside
    • Dad coming home for lunch and then laundry and naptime
    • Graham and Campbell waking up first.  Graham loves Campbell and fusses when she cries, pats her head and helps Mom burp her
    • Cubbies tonight and puppets was lots of fun especially since Cubbie Bear gave us candy
    • Reagan just told Dad that she was going to share her candy with Anderson because Anderson was her sweetheart

    Dennie Kids: February 9, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures) 

    • Campbell eating only one time last night which is the norm except last night Mom didn't wake her up to feed her when Mom went to bed
    • Another snow day so Dad was home again to play!
    • Reagan and Anderson staying in their pajamas as long as possible today while watching movies, coloring and playing "traffic"
    • Anderson finding the missing "butter" (icing) that Dad said he couldn't find earlier today
    • Lunch and then playing happily together while Dad was on a conference call and then naps
    • Finally venturing out of the house after a long, long two days (seriously, it wasn't bad at all)-we went to Reagan's "favorite place"-McDonalds in NLR and to Mom's favorite place-Kroger
    • Once we made it back to across the bridge we stopped by Grannymom's house-her road was the absolute worst we had seen!
    • Campbell hibernated today and slept most of the day but is wide awake tonight and getting a little mad at Mom who has her laying in the floor!

    Dennie Kids: February 8, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Mom and Campbell watching the snow around 2 this morning
    • Anderson seeing the snow and running to tell Reagan to come and look
    • Graham's new favorite spot to sit in Mom's room is on the ottoman by the window-and he could have sat there forever this morning
    • Reagan begging to go out while Mom was getting everything ready and Dad was finishing up a conference call
    • Making a snowman and playing in the snow until everyone was soaking wet-it didn't help that it started raining on us-oh, Graham did have on mittens and kept taking them off and dropping them so he actually had 2 pairs
    • Campbell slept again the entire time we were outside playing in the snow but she said she prefered to stay in the warm house and not outside
    • Much of the afternoon was spent with Reagan, Anderson and Graham sitting by the front door while covered in blankets.  They were watching the neighbor lady do 360s on her 4 wheeler
    • Afternoon naps and then a very late supper-we have all been lazy today and haven't been paying any attention the clocks
    • Campbell has been grinning the past few days and you won't believe who she grins at the most-Graham!  He is the same little boy that pokes, pulls and tugs on her all the time-I guess she likes that!
    • Dad letting Reagan and Anderson stay up very, very late watching movies-still up at 9

    Video: Playing in the Snow! (February 8, 2010)

    Video: Playing in the Snow! (February 8, 2010)

    Dennie Kids: February 7, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Campbell waking up again twice last night-usually in the middle of the night she falls asleep while eating but Mom keeps waking her up so she can finish every bit of the bottle but last night when she fell asleep Mom just put her back into bed
    • Campbell getting a bath this morning by Dad.  Mom wasn't quick enough to take a picture but Dad had Campbell sitting up in the sink and you could just see her little head poking out of the sink
    • Rushing around this morning and not having time to pick up Anderson's ciniminnis
    • Church and then back to Nonna's house for lunch and playing
    • Afternoon naps and then Oreos for snacks-Reagan ate the middle, Graham was delighted Mom had him a cookie and Anderson perked up quickly after nap when Mom offered him a cookie
    • A Super Bowl party at Larry's Pizza with Mom and Dad's Sunday school class.  Everyone ate lots of pizza and played games.  Graham could even walk from the game room and then find Mom and Dad all by himself.  And Campbell stayed awake while lots of people held her.

    Dennie Kids: February 6, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Campbell waking up two times last night which makes for a very tired Mom!
    • Saturday morning waffles with chocolate chips for breakfast but before that we hung out upstairs until we had played with every toy upstairs
    • Baths after breakfast-Campbell didn't get one since she was snoozing away
    • A short movie on the big screen before Uncle Jason came over to bring over some diapers that were delivered to his house-in the past few weeks we have bought 2306 diapers and 3696 wipes (seriously, the UPS man hates us!)
    • Grannymom and Grandpa coming over for pizza and to watch the ballgame with us-Campbell was wide awake most of the morning long but went right to sleep once they arrived
    • Then Reagan, Anderson and Graham helping Mom make our pre-Super Bowl treat.  Graham got some marshmallows stuck on his hand and tried his hardest to shake it off while Mom just laughed and didn't help
    • Mom turning around and finding Graham licking a spoonful of icing, Reagan squeezing icing onto her fingers and Anderson sticking his whole hand in the icing tub
    • Afternoon naps and then devouring our football rice krispie treat
    • Picking up some formula (if we could only get that by mail) and a stop by Walmart before bed

    Dennie Kids: February 5, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • No one wanting to put on clothes this morning except Graham and Campbell-Mom had to do laundry and needed to wash those pajamas
    • Nonna coming over to play this morning while Mom tried to do a little bit of housework and start packing-the kids had fun helping pack up their toys (now Mom has hid them so they will be kind of newish next week)
    • Campbell eating every 2 hours this morning-she has become one hungry girl
    • More playing until naptime-we even stayed up until 3 this afternoon
    • After Anderson had pottied, he told Mom today "When Pops was here, he didn't wipe my bottom, he had Nonna do it cause he didn't want to get poopy in his hands"
    • Graham usually wakes up fussy from his naps but this afternoon when he woke up Mom told him that Dad was here and he was one happy boy
    • Dad telling Reagan that she was spoiled as we were driving to Chuck E Cheese
    • Staying out way to late at Chuck E Cheese-everyone was very well behaved.  Anderson and Reagan loved the games and Graham was happy as he could be on the rides and Campbell just slept the entire time
    • Mom is going to have to work with Graham on not being scared of the Disney characters-he was terrified of Chuck E. tonight
    • Reagan called Mom upstairs to tattle-"Anderson said poopy so many times.  He said he was even going to draw a picture of poopy"