Disney Day 1: June 30, 2012

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Anderson and Reagan slept well last night all cozy in the other bed.  Graham and Campbell never moved off of their spots in the floor.  Keaton knew that we were on vacation and she was not happy until she was snuggled up between Robby and I in our bed.  She needed a bottle at 5 in the morning and no one stirred until 7.  That is when I heard Graham telling Campbell in his most serious voice that "mommy and daddy went to Arkansas to get our breakfast."  Now what in the world would convince that child to tell his sister that.  She continued to ask him "where's mommy" and each time he had the same answer.
We were all going to go downstairs to eat in our pajamas but the kids revolted and didn't want to wear their pjs downstairs.  So they put on their clothes but Robby and I did go down in our pajamas.  And after one day of seeing the crowds at Disney, I think that our pajamas were pretty classy compared to things I have seen today.  It was so pleasant at breakfast, we ate outside and the weather was just perfect in the shade.  After breakfast, we came back upstairs and Robby and I packed everything up, he loaded it all in the car and then came in to take his shower.  He knew that he would work up a sweat loading the roof bag in this Florida sun.  While he was loading the car, Campbell continuously asked "where's my daddy?"  I guess she thought he had gone back to Arkansas to get her more breakfast.  I, then, had my shower as the kids watched a Mike Mulligan movie on tv and afterwards we loaded up and hit the road.
We made our first stop at Walmart to buy a few drinks and pick up some ice for the ice chest.  I circled in the crazy Walmart parking lot waiting on Robby.  After quite a long time, I got a text from his saying that I just passed him.  He had seen us driving down another row, he walked to the end of a row and then waved/yelled/tried to flag us down as we passed him!!  I eventually did find him and pick him up.  
Then we went to 7-11 and Robby bought icees for us to share.  The kids were so excited to have icees-like they had never had any before.  We arrived at our hotel, the French Quarter, and were pleasantly surprised that our room was ready.  We unloaded and managed to get everything to our room in two trips (with no cart).  We unpacked our bags and then I made sandwiches for everyone.  I took a picture because they were the cutest things sitting there eating their sandwiches.  Sometimes I do wish time could stand still!
Before too long, we got the call that everyone had arrived at the hotel.  We went downstairs to greet everyone and our party of 17 was now complete.  The kids acted as if we hadn't seen anyone in years-it is always more fun seeing people when you are on vacation.  They all got their keys and found their rooms-we are next to Grannymom and Grandpa, Les and Dana are right on the other side of the elevator from us.  I gathered up many of the kids-mine, Lilly, Josh and Zach and we headed to the playground for a few minutes.  Reagan and Anderson remembered taking pictures at the statues near the pool when we were here last year.  We walked around the pool and they were all so excited to go swimming-maybe tomorrow.  
After a bit of playing on the playground, everyone was hot, hot and the grownups came along and we all headed in for lunch.  We got our Disney refillable mugs and sat down to cool off.  Robby found the kids a huge bowl of ice cream to share and everyone was pleased.
By 3:30, we were almost to Hollywood Studios.  Again Robby's parking pass came in very handy and we were parked quite near the front.  On the way the boys saw all 3 of the busses that Nonna had given Graham.  They were thrilled and could hardly stand it when they saw the 3rd.  Then they started counting the busses-they made it to over 20 before they forgot about what they were doing.  
When we walked in the gates at Hollywood Studios it was hot, hot, hot-middle of the afternoon.  We needed something to do that was coolish while we waited on the bus riders from the group.  We found the Indiana Jones show to watch.  Someone had said that there would be loud noises and fire before we even went in and this terrified Graham.  He was scared from the get go-shaking, crying scared.  His scardness was contagious to Campbell and at times she was pretty terrified too.  She had on a necklace and would cram it in her mouth when anything scary happened.  Anderson was on the edge of his seat the entire time taking every bit of that show in.  Reagan was too but she was pretty jumpy and often had her hands over her ears.  At one time she threw her hand up to her heart-just like a grown up would do.  Keaton on the other hand, slept soundly through most of the show laying on the metal bench.  
After the show, we caught up with some of the others and rode Tower of Terror-Dana, Lilly, Cash, Josh, me, Anderson and Graham rode it.  Reagan didn't want to go so she went to see the Beauty and the Beast show with Grannymom and Grandpa along with Campbell and Keaton.  Poor Campbell knows when they get to ride something she can't and kept telling me tonight "me no do roller coaster? when?"  Tomorrow she will get to.  This was Graham's first time on the ride and he had a blast-though my arm won't recover from where he was clawing me.  Dana said that she could hear Anderson and Cash saying "is it over? I think it's over.  Was that it?" during the entire ride.
After that, we walked along and found ourselves in the Little Mermaid show.  It was cool and Keaton just danced and would clap too.  She was the cutest thing-until she started getting noisy.  She was just singing along but it sounded more like loud squealing.  I also dropped my phone during the show and didn't realize this until later in the evening when we were on the other side of the park and had to walk across the entire place to retrieve it.
Next up was supper at Mama Rosas.  It was very good-I had a great pasta.  The kids all enjoyed ordering and having so many choices.  My Graham tried the soup and then was the only kid to get a Spaghetti and Meatball cupcake.  It was all made out of icing so he really liked it.  Keaton got tired of the cheerios that I had for her and started getting restless-she was exhausted.  So we gave her pieces from Graham's soup and she gobbled them down.
Next up was the Rocking Roller Coaster for the tall people (only me and Robby from my crew).  As we were in line I told him that I didn't like this roller coaster.  He said that he didn't either and we wondered why we were getting on it.  The picture that the coaster takes along the way was with me and my mouth crazy wide open.  Seriously, I really don't like the beginning of that coaster!  I had tried to get the kids to go back with me to Tower of Terror but none of them wanted to go again-little turkeys.
We then headed out of the park since it was nearly 10 and caught up with Grannymom and Grandpa along the way and squeezed them into our clown car.  Once in the room, Campbell was sound asleep before her head hit the pillow and Graham was close behind her.  Anderson played with Keaton for awhile and now Keaton in the only one awake (screaming).  I guess she is ready to get in bed with me-that stinker better get some sleep because tomorrow is going to be an early day!

Disney or Bust! June 29, 2012

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I guess I left off last night around 2 so here is the rest of the day.  It was pretty quite in the car until Anderson started snoring.  I had never heard that child snore like that-worse than a grown man.  He has done this in the past when Graham cried to us that Anderson was growling at him.  He snored a few times and I eventually moved him around so he would stop.  This does involve me climbing to the back of the van and doing my best not to wake any of the sleeping kids.  
At 3:15, Grannymom and Grandpa called-they had woken up for the day and were calling to check on where we were in our journey.  Around 4, Campbell did wake up long enough to say "it's dark in here."  Overall, I think that everyone slept pretty well-at least from 11 until 5.  Time change happened at the perfect time for me. It was around 3:30 and I was dreading how much more we had to drive and then we crossed the line and it was then 4:30 which meant it was almost starting to be daylight.  Somewhere during this time, we stopped for our second gas stop.  Of course our stop woke up the kids briefly.
That is when Graham woke up followed by Anderson who said "good morning" and then closed his eyes again.  Campbell started in with "cock a doodle doo" which is funny because I really don't think she knows a rooster crows in the morning.  
At 6, Pops called to check on us.  We had done pretty well staying awake.  I drove right after Atlanta and Robby was able to get a bit of sleep.  I had snoozed for a minute before then so I was awake-but the liter of coke and half pound bag of candy helped too!  At 6:30 we stopped for breakfast-we were about 90 miles from Florida.  So in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel the kids changed out of their pajamas and into their clothes.  (Graham's clothes that I was drying were not nearly dry nor would they have been wearable since they were still quite smelly even though I thought I had washed them sufficiently.)  
The kids all had pancakes and Keaton had my yogurt and anything else that we would give her.  This traveling must make them hungry.  Reagan made a keen observation at the restaurant.  She said that some waitresses don't look like they enjoy their job-and our today would have fallen into that category.  I hope she thinks that I enjoy my "mom" job when she looks at me.  Of course everyone pottied at Cracker Barrel which is pretty impressive that we can all make it past Atlanta with only one potty stop.  It did help that it was nighttime and the kids were mostly sleeping.  
Keaton then had a diaper misfire after we had been back on the road for only a few minutes.  This all happened while we were changing hotels-we decided that we should just drive the 90 more miles to Orlando today and not wait until tomorrow-plus we would have arrived at that hotel at 12 and that would have made for a very, very long day.  Back to Keaton's diaper-man it was everywhere.  Robby took the others to the bathroom and left me to deal with the mess.  At one point I turn around and a man was waiting to walk past me to get into his car.  No telling how long he had been waiting and watching me wipe poop off of Keaton and her seat.  Good thing I brought that Fabreeze because it sure has come in handy over the last two days.  
We passed out little sticker books as a reward and then did a quick driver switch.  Anytime we stop the car like this, everyone starts stirring-it is just like when I say that I am going to use the phone or potty.  Everyone could have been quite for an hour but when I say this they all need me and have a zillion questions for me.  About an hour from Orlando, we had another gas and potty stop.  
After that potty stop, Robby tried to start a movie from his i-something or another.  Well, it didn't work-seriously, our car is falling apart.  I am secretly hoping that he forgot to do something but doubt that is the case.  We still had plenty of DVDs to watch but now we were unable to watch the Backyardigans-hmm, that really wasn't too big of a loss!  But still why didn't it work.  
We made it to Orlando around 1:30 and had all gotten a second wind.  The kids were talking about the characters at Disney World and Anderson said "you know they are just humans dressed up."  That just breaks my heart but maybe I can now use that to my advantage..."well, son that line is so long and since they really are just humans dressed up, we can skip it."
We tried to check into our hotel early but they held pretty fast to the 4 o clock and that was fine since we headed across the street to Cici's pizza.  The pizza was fine but there is nothing Disney Worldish about Cici's pizza.  It just kind of killed the magical mood that was building!  Next door to Cici's pizza was some type of store selling Disney merchandise (probably knock off stuff) but I did grab an autograph book for the boys to share.  
Since we had more time to kill, we headed to Ikea-well, wow, we were staying just a few miles from it.  What a coincidence.  The plan had been to get nightstands for our bed but the ones we had seen before seemed so much larger this time and since we had never measured we passed.  But I did find my baskets for my front bench and my spice racks to be used as bookshelves.  I even found a knife rack to use to hang up matchbox cars on-but I didn't buy it because I didn't know where to hang it.  I couldn't think of a good place for this to go-maybe I will be back to another ikea soon!
Reagan, Anderson and Graham went to the kiddie area.  They enjoyed playing on the climbing wall, playing in the balls and of course Reagan did alot of coloring.  Campbell stayed with us and she had a blast-since she was the only one who could walk, we let her walk along with us.  She just thought she was something else and talked the entire time (just as she is talking now even though they are in bed).

Disney or Bust! June 28, 2012

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Anderson was up and down in our room before 6:30 this morning.  He was so pleased with himself that he had put on his clothes and was ready for the day.  I asked him if his bed was wet and he said no.  I later checked and his clothes were not wet but that could be the only reason I could think of to get up and put on clothes that early in the morning.  
After laying with us for a few minutes, he headed towards the kitchen.  I walked through and saw him looking at Reagan's bracelet.  Last night her bracelet broke and she was in tears as she asked me if I could fix it.  I was able to fix it last night and spread it out for her on the bar.  Anderson saw the bracelet laying there and was studying it.  He said "I think I can fix it."  Of course he thought that hooking the clasp was what was wrong with it last night.  I helped him hook the clasp and he was so proud of himself for fixing his sister's bracelet.  A few minutes later, he went upstairs to tell Reagan that he had fixed her bracelet.  Sweet boy.
This morning as everyone was putting on their shoes, Campbell asked to wear her "sandal shoes" wanting to wear her sandals.  I told her that she needed to wear her tennis shoes because of her boo boos on her feet.  Graham then told her that they were not called "sandal shoes" but called "sandals."  She looked at him and shouted back "yes, Graham, sandal shoes."  
The kids went to Grannymom's house this morning while I ran to work and then home to work on some last minute packing.  The plan was to leave for Disney World tomorrow (Friday) evening.  Then it got moved up to Friday afternoon, then Friday morning, then early Friday morning and then the plans changed for us to leave today when Robby came home from work.  I lost over 24 hours in packing time but managed to pull everything together (mostly).  The kids didn't know that we were planning to leave early but with all of the business that packing for everyone causes they must have known something was up.
At Grannymom's house, Grannymom and I worked on Campbell's feet for a few minutes trying to pop her blisters from yesterday.  I held her down while distracting her and Grannymom poked her with a clean needle.  She jump each time and cried pretty hard after we were finished but soon forgot about it all.  Later in the afternoon, I would catch her looking at her feet and she would ask "Grannymom do that to me?"  And I would reply that Grannymom didn't hurt her feet.
Grannymom said that Keaton wasn't interested in drinking her milk today.  Keaton was too busy swinging her bottle around and watching everything else that was happening in the room.  
As we were driving home, Reagan saw some apartments and started listing all of the reasons why people should have big yards.  She began with you need a big yard so you can have lots of room to play and so you can have lots of kids.  Reagan continued with needing a big yard so you could lots of parties when Graham interpreted with "and you can shoot 'em up."  I explained that we don't "shoot people up" but for the next few minutes he was fascinated with saying "shoot 'em up" during every conversation that we had.
I figured that since it was over 100 degrees today, we all needed to start our vacation early with Wendy's frostys.  I was in such a good mood that I even let them eat the frostys on the way home  It was a pretty mess free event.  Graham spilled a few bits on his shirt and surprisingly Campbell didn't spill much (or not much that I could see).  Once home, we gave Belle more water and I sprayed the kids down as well.  Keaton had fallen asleep at Grannymom's house and briefly stirred as I took her inside.  I gave her a bottle and then I had to wake that little sleeping beauty so maybe she would sleep a bit in the car tonight.
Reagan, Anderson and Graham went into my bedroom and started watching a movie once we made it home.  Campbell stayed in the new mudroom sitting on the steps looking out the window.  She told me that she was waiting on her daddy to come home.  I said that was fine but knew she had at least 3 hours to wait.  Later, I saw her laying inside of the new bench.  She was so pleased with herself and them told me that she was going to sleep there.  I thought about getting her a pillow but soon forgot.  She loved hanging out in the mudroom and told me she was sitting "outside"  I think she liked being "outside" and that is probably the best "outside" place to sit in the middle of the summer since it is really inside!
I had seen recipes for how to make brownie and cookie mixes from scratch.  And for some reason, I thought that would be a good thing to do this afternoon.  Actually, I was fairly packed and since the kids all helped, it kept them busy and unable to mess up the house (any more than it was already messed up).  So the four big kids sat at the bar and each picked out a mix to make-brownies, sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies or chocolate chip cookies.  They had their recipe beside them and I also had their recipe laid out on my side in front of them.  Reagan was able to read her recipe and I passed out the ingredients to everyone letting them dump them in their bowl.  This whole event was messy and chaotic but everyone enjoyed it so much that they traded recipes and we did it again, and again and again!  We ended up with 4 bags of each mix for a total of 16.  I then sent them off to watch a movie and woke Keaton up to keep Campbell entertained.  Then I started on cleaning up the kitchen-just imagine the boys and Campbell pouring and stirring dry ingredients in a metal bowl and doing this 4 different times.  At one point, Campbell filled a measuring cup with mix from her bowl and dumped it into Anderson's bowl.  I was mostly able to fish it out but that bag of mix will be quite a surprise!
Yes, I did say that I woke poor Keaton up to keep Campbell entertained.  Campbell crawls around on the floor coaxing Keaton to follow her and Keaton enjoys all of the attention and can keep up with Campbell.  Campbell did find a paci and had me put it in her pocket.  She told me that it was for Keaton when she saw Mickey.  I guess she thinks that Keaton will cry when she sees Mickey Mouse and the paci will help her even though Keaton doesn't like her paci at all.  
I fed Keaton and left her in the highchair while I went to do something.  When I returned, Graham and Campbell were up on the kitchen table eating crackers as well.  Graham was drawing "a map of the North Pole" on my to do list.  
It was 5 and Robby wasn't home yet so I fed everyone supper-trying to clean out the fridge so they had a hodge podge of foods.  Then I went outside to start working on the roof bag.  Everyone followed me out and I had the boys help a bit as I was reminding them about us leaving tomorrow and this way we would be all ready.
We finished loading up when Robby came home and even did the ice chest but no one ever asked why we were putting ice in them a whole day early.  I gave everyone popsicles while Robby gave Campbell a shower.  We then told everyone to go and put on their clothes because we had to run to the store.  And still they thought nothing of it even though I usually don't make them change out of their play clothes and even into new underwear for a trip to Sams.  Once we loaded up the car and headed down the street at 6:49, Robby asked them if they wanted to go to the store or just go on to Disney World.  
Of course the unanimous answer was Disney World.  Robby said "ok" and we drove on and that is when all of the questions started.  "Are you serious?" "Are you teasing us?" they all wanted to know.  Once they figured out we were serious, the roar in the car became pretty loud-they went from calm little children to going wild in just a few minutes.  Campbell even shouted at Robby "go faster Daddy."
Campbell, Graham and Keaton were the first ones to fall asleep and they all slept for a little while.  The road construction between Little Rock and Memphis put us about 30 minutes behind.  We came to a complete stop twice but I guess it could have been much worse.  We made it to Memphis around 9:30 and the kids had watched 2 and a half movies already.  We had already passed out plenty of snacks but Robby and I were hungry.
We soon stopped near Olive Branch, MS at a McDonalds.  Of course when we drove up the kids saw the play place before we could drive somewhere else.  And then that McDonalds was under construction so they potties were outside.  They were the very fancy porta potties so we made our potty stop there, played on the slide for a bit and bought hamburgers for everyone to eat in the car.
Graham must have slept very hard because as we were getting out of the car, he told me that his pants were wet and indeed they were-along with his shirt and car seat.  I changed him into his pajamas, rinsed out his clothes and sprayed his seat with fabreeze.  I am hoping that his clothes dry (and aren't too stinky) by in the morning.  Don't worry, I do have the child more clothes but they aren't too accessible.  My plan was for them to wear their daytime clothes in the morning. So that is why I have underwear on the vent in front of me, a shirt hanging over the head rest of my seat and shorts drying handing off of Graham's seat. 
We have been eating our rice krispy treats like mad and at home today Reagan told me that she wished I had a Mickey Mouse cutter so I could have made mickey shaped treats.  The sad thing is-I do have two mickey cookie cutters but I forgot all about using them this time on the rice krispy treats.  Oh, well they will be gone in a few hours so it won't really matter anyway!
We left McDonalds at 10:25 and then stopped briefly to get gas.  Around 10:40, Keaton had her second bottle and hopefully she has settled in for the night.  It looks like we are 20-40 minutes behind two years also when we left at the same time for this all night drive.  The only difference is-one more kid and that year we didn't know we were driving all night long.  
At 11 everyone was still awake but as soon as the movie finished, we had the boys move our van sticker and then we turned off their movie so they could go to sleep.  It looks like everyone is sleeping well-though Anderson may have a crick in his neck from how he is sleeping.  Graham awakes occasionally and fusses but them goes back to sleep.  
I tried to read a magazine for awhile but fell asleep twice.  Robby has listened to his book about the President's club and is now watching a movie about Margaret Thatcher.  I am catching bits and pieces of it but might now look at my Ikea catalog or do a little bit of blog reading.  It is now 2 and we are on the other side of Birmingham.  We have almost 7 hours left on this trip so that isn't bad at all.  

June 27, 2012

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  • So last night, Keaton again woke up as we were going to bed.  She is getting in a bad, bad habit right before our trip.  We did let her sit with us for awhile since her tummy (and therefore her bottom) aren't quite right.  After she did her business and got doctored up, we put that baby back to bed with her bottle of pedialyte and she slept all night long!  Woo hoo!
  • We had just started stirring this morning when Grannymom and I decided to meet at 9:45 so that left us an hour and a half to get ready.  Most of the kids were up and when I mentioned meeting Lilly, Cash and Grannymom at the zoo and then playing in the water fountains they were getting dressed in no time.
  • We had a few extra minutes so I had them pitch in a little around here-Reagan picked up their bedroom and closet, Anderson and Graham worked on the toy room then emptied the trash.  We walked out the door right on time (though we were still a few minutes late to the zoo-I thought we were leaving in enough time but still don't always factor in the few more miles we drive now).
  • Keaton enjoyed the fish the most at the zoo and then she went to sleep.  Campbell is at that cute zoo going stage where she tells every animal bye as we walk away.  She even cried when she couldn't see animals that the big kids could see.  Graham enjoyed seeing the snake like we saw on Swiss Family Robinson.  Anderson really enjoyed feeding the fish and for some reason was excited about the reptile house.  Reagan seemed to enjoy all of the animals-I will have to ask her which one was her favorite.  
  • Then we drove to the new splash place at Fair Park.  First we had our lunch and then let the kids play.  We made it clear that they could not play on the rocks-wet feet on wet rocks-no way.  They all really enjoyed playing in the water even though it was crazy crowded.  At first it took the kids a while to start playing but when it was time to go they were playing hard.  
  • Thankfully no one fell but we did have one minor (or maybe not so minor) accident.  Before everyone got in the water area Reagan and Campbell walked to a tunnel with their shoes off.  It was the squishy ground covering and it must have been hot-very, very hot.  I looked up and heard Campbell crying and ran to get her.  Reagan felt the hot and rushed on off of it but Campbell's instincts are not that mature and she stood there crying too long.  By the time I made it to her she was off but she most have stood still for a bit because the balls of her little feet are pretty burned.  
  • She played only for a few minutes in the water and then her feet started bothering her and she never went in again.  I did splash her feet a few times and tried to have her stand in the stream of cold water.  That poor child-she was tired from walking at the zoo (I forgot my double stroller) and she was in pain!  At home, she crawled around the house most of the afternoon.  We put bandages and a bit of medicine on them which she left on for a few minutes.  Later in the evening she did walk around on her heels pushing her stroller.  Tonight those little blisters are all filled up-its gonna be pretty nasty!  Nasty looking is fine as long as it doesn't hurt her too much.  
  • I did some high speed packing this afternoon and got most everything finished.  For Disney we have a certain color to wear each day and I laid out the kids color coordinated shirts.  Just shirts for 4 days and that is 20 shirts. Seriously, 20 shirts plus shorts, socks, underwear, bathing suits-it all just adds up.  I guess families of 7 don't travel anywhere lightly.  
  • The kids were resting while watching a movie in my bedroom.  The boys were on the bed and the girls were laying on the floor.  Oh at least 3 electricians were working around the house (one on the eve lights and they just look wonderful) and the others were trying to figure out why one light wasn't working.  So they went up in the attic to do a little bit of work.  They had been in and out of the attic and up and down hallways that I had pretty much forgotten they were here...that is until I was walking in my room to check on the kids and I heard boom and dust starts falling from the ceiling.  I looked up in time to see a one foot hole come down.  Thankfully my electrician didn't fall but now we have a hole in the ceiling of our bedroom.  
  • You would not believe how big all of the kids eyes were-one man's knee crashing through the ceiling, another man yelling and then one opening the door and more yelling.  And the yelling wasn't quite family approved words!    I just turned to quickly walk out of the room and then wondered if I should gather the children so nothing/no one else would fall on them.  I went and whispered to Robby what had happened and then snuck back in my bedroom to collect the kids and move them to safety in the living room.
  • We had supper and then got busy on taking the kids pictures and cutting the boys hair.  Nonna and Pops arrived while Graham was getting his hair cut and then they all played musical chairs outside while I cut Robby's hair.  Anderson was ready to have his hair cut today-he was sweating like, well, like his daddy today and short hair will feel so much better on him.  
  • Nonna and Pops played with the kids and soon Jason came over too.  Nonna gave the girls a bath and after awhile everyone went home and we tucked the kids in.  Reagan pulled off her countdown chain for Disney-she had one more loop for tomorrow night.  I later heard them over the monitor talking about what we will do after Disney.  Anderson told everyone we were going to an airplane place and Graham wanted to know how he knew that.  Anderson said that his daddy told him.  I then reminded him that it was a space ship place and then you could hear all of the excited chatter happening in that room.  

June 26, 2012

He's a grinner...
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  • So last night Robby and I left the couch around 11 but didn't make it to our bed until 12.  He ended up tightening the kitchen bar stools and I did the dishes and straightened the kitchen.  Keaton must have heard us in the kitchen and woke up.  She laid with us and watched my tv show while Robby read the paper in bed.  After putting Keaton to bed, I watched one more tv show (knowing I probably shouldn't).  Anyway, it was around 1:30 when I turned off the tv.
  • About 30 minutes later, I heard Keaton.  Her tummy has been a bit upset which has led to bad, very, very bad diaper rash on that child.  Since it was 2 and she was pretty worked up, I checked on her and she was in fact dirty again.  I changed her and held her until she went to sleep and until I had to get up to go to the bathroom.  Within minutes, her diaper was dirty again and we headed to the living room for the long haul.  I gathered diapers, wipes and the diaper creme and Keaton and I laid down on the couch.  We slept until after 4 and I laid her down again. 
  • Since I was up so late last night it meant that the kids naturally wake up early-before 6:30.  Even Reagan was up and she is always my last one to wake up.  I got over my foul mood about having to be up so early and started making breakfast for everyone before getting my shower.
  • Then we headed to Nonna's house.  I went to work for a few minutes and then back home.  I had a few things to do at home and I also had a list of how long I projected each chore would take me-so I set the timer to get my stuff done and get it done quickly.  Of course the heat and air people working outside probably thought I was crazy running through the house.  I didn't quite finish cleaning my file cabinet and still have quite a bit of packing to do so those will be finished up today.
  • Addition update-we are so close to being done that I have moved my picture albums and have started using my shoe racks.  The air conditioner is now working and we are only waiting on the electrician (who I believe is a tiny bit senile), the trim guy to return with shutters, the painters for touch up, the carpet man, the shower door.  Then I need to floor moppers, bathtub cleaners, window shiners and treadmill movers to come-any takers?
  • Robby and I had lunch and then I ran to the store and finally picked up the kids.  They had lots of fun-playing outside and from how the living room looked when I walked in-they also had fun playing with ALL of Nonna's toys.  Back at home, Campbell had a nap and I worked on my file cabinet some more.  Then we cut toenails and fingernails before our trip.
  • Before I knew it, it was supper time and time for me to leave for Bunko.  I made the children a delicious supper (leftover pizza) which they ate and then they played while Grannymom and Grandpa did a few things around here.  I brought Nikki home to see the house since she was driving this way on her way home and everyone was still up.  They were happy to show her around but Campbell must have thought that I had Nonna's friend over and kept wondering why Ms. Mary was there.  Funny girl!
  • Keaton update-the cereal for breakfast and lunch didn't bother her tummy but the food that I laid out for Robby to feed her tonight sure did.  Her bottom is still bad, very, very bad.  I may see if I can leave her little tush uncovered tomorrow.  She doesn't act like she feels bad and has been her happy self today.  She is sleeping well right now and hopefully will all night long.

June 25, 2012

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Rock Star Reagan
  • Just as we were going to sleep last night (around 1), we heard who we thought was Graham on the monitor.  Robby told him I was coming and I went upstairs.  It was Anderson sitting up on the edge of his bed.  He said that he had thought he had seen a grand daddy long legs in his bed.  I tried to ask if maybe he was dreaming but he was sure he was not.  So I whispered to everyone else that I was about to turn on the lights and then turned them on and started looking.  I looked pretty good and didn't see a grand daddy long legs.  I then told Anderson to lay back down and he said "I think I will put my head on this end."  Once I had him settled I went back downstairs to go to sleep myself.
  • Probably just as I was about to go to sleep, we heard him again.  He said that he felt it crawling on him-so I brushed him off and told him to come down to our bed.  We then all got settled and everyone slept all night.  Won't be much longer that we can sleep comfortably with that big boy in our bed.  
  • This morning during breakfast Anderson turned to me and asked "did Daddy run out of money?"  I told him that he didn't run out of money (as far as I know) but we do have to be careful not to waste our money.  A few minutes later, Robby walked in and I did check on our money situation.  Robby said that he told the boys yesterday that he didn't have money to go to Burger King to get Sunday morning cinna minis.
  • This morning consisted of: breakfast, Lincoln logs,  laundry, watching a movie, sweeping, coloring a few pictures, cutting coupons, playing Yahtzee and working 6 puzzles.  My plan is to move all of the games/puzzles to the bonus room closet so my goal is for us to play/work them all before I move them.  Graham probably tries the hardest at working puzzles-Reagan and Anderson quickly ask for help.  Though I was busy trying to keep Keaton from eating the pieces and Campbell from destroying the already put together puzzles.  Robby at one time bought a puzzle that had the kids pictures on it and I pulled it out today to start working.  But I eventually came to my senses and put that 200 piece puzzle up-very, very quickly.  I will save that for another day.
  • Robby came home for lunch and we gladly watched the brick men haul off our extra rocks!  Yeah!  One less thing for us to move-actually it is more like 500 less things for us to move!  They took the rocks from this time, rocks from when the house was bricked before we bought it and the extra cinder blocks.  Woo hoo!  Of course when I asked the brick man on Saturday if he wanted it, he asked if I had asked my husband's permission (um, yes, we had already talked about it and I called just to double check!-not that I need his permission!
  • We had re-aired up the water slide to let it dry out today and when the kids saw it blown up, they became so excited again (even though it was blown up upside down).  We quickly crushed their little dreams and worked on rolling that huge thing up.  It was huge, huge, huge and we were eventually able to shove it into a box!-trying to store it until we come home after this next trip.
  • This afternoon was spent block bowling, watering Belle, watching a movie, reading (Anderson to me and Reagan to a doll), more laundry, playing trucks, more coloring, snacks, putting Keaton in a pillow cage, cleaning out a file cabinet and a bit of picking up before Robby came home.  
  • On Robby's way home, he asked if I wanted him to pick up a pizza.  I told him that I would take supper out of the oven for pizza (there really was no supper in the oven-don't tell him but there really wasn't anything in the oven.)  We had our pizza and then started our movie night.
  • It took quite awhile for us to get the movie going and our first choice (Mr. Popper's Penguins wasn't available) for we watched Swiss Family Robinson since we will see their tree house at Magic Kingdom.  What kids wouldn't like that movie-water, boats, animals, a tree house and pirates!  At one time Anderson was covered with the blanket screaming "I can't watch, I can't watch, tell me when it is over."  At the end, they were all screaming and squealing as the Robinson's were fighting the pirates.  
  • They said they wanted to watch the movie again even though it was long as we went to bed.  And while Reagan was brushing her teeth, I had her telling Graham "you can be anything you want to be when you grow up, anything."  My heart was briefly proud until I heard her say "like me, I am going to be a rock star when I grow up."

June 24, 2012

Dennie Water Park Now Open
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  • Anderson only had one thing on his mind this morning and that was obvious by him asking me multiple times during church "is it almost over?"  What was on his mind-the water slide waiting for him at the house.  I am surprised that we got that poor child out of the house this morning he was so ready to slide.
  • In Reagan's Sunday school class, they were talking about vegetables and Reagan crafted the neatest looking tomato out of play doh.  Her teachers were so impressed that they let her show me.   Meanwhile, Keaton was down the hall eating her name tag.  She must have eaten enough that her teachers felt the need to tell the worship care people to let me know.
  • Graham and Campbell went home early with Robby to start blowing up the water slide-yes, this activity was so big in the life of a Dennie kid that it was worth missing church for!  Don't worry, they had already had Sunday school and we didn't have worship care.  
  • I picked up Reagan and Anderson from their classes.  Anderson's teachers told me that they were discussing right and wrong today.  One of the questions they asked was "what do you do when your dad is at work and your mom is in the shower and then the doorbell rings?"  Most of the children answered the predictable "not open the door" but my Anderson's answer was different.  He said "I have to open the door so we don't miss the box man."-I guess the UPS and Fedex men do come alot to our house lately.  But maybe we should go over the basic safety rules again!
  • More torture for Anderson ensued next-I had to take him, Reagan and Keaton to Home Depot on our way home to pick up a few doorstops for the trim man who was working at the house.  When we made it home, Campbell and Graham were standing at the door in their bathing suits and before I unloaded the car Anderson and Reagan were already in their bathing suits.
  • Just as the kids climbed into the water, Grannymom and Grandpa drove up to watch the spectacle.  I tell you, those Dennie kids had a blast.  We let them play until after 2-stopping only because we had not yet had lunch.  They splashed and slid-they truly had the best time.  At first Campbell needed a bit of help from Reagan to get up the slide but by the end she was up and down it just as fast as the boys.  At one time, Reagan was screaming that the water was "hot lava" and that they couldn't touch it.  
  • Keaton watched for a bit and then she was ready to play as well.  She splashed around on the tarp sans swimsuit or even swim diaper.  Then she moved on up to the pool-it would have been nice if she would have sat in one place but she just scooted and crawled herself from the shallow part where she had been placed to the deeper part and spent her time trying to grab leaves or grass floating in the water.
  • We did finally stop to let the kids eat and then they rested in the house for awhile. Keaton is the only one who rested-I even let Campbell miss her nap for this big day!  Grannymom and Grandpa helped work on the garage and break down lots of boxes.  I worked in the kitchen and then helped everyone but Anderson put the pins on their Disney lanyards.  (Though none of the backs stay on the pins as well as I think they should-I feel like we will loose alot of pins).  
  • Before too long, it was time for popsicles and then more sliding.  They could have played all evening long.  But we eventually thought they needed to eat again-seriously, they eat all of the time!  Robby (for some reason) gave them the choice if they wanted to have a popsicle or supper first.  Surprisingly, Graham was the only one who picked the popsicle first but after eating that he gobbled down his supper as the others were starting on their popsicles.  
  • I showered everyone off tonight and before I knew it all 4 of the big kids were in the same shower and Keaton was on the floor at the edge of the shower.  4 in the shower-here is how it is done.  Everyone was in a line, I put soap on the first one in line, shouted "next" as the first went to the end of the line and they all moved up.  All of the kids thought this was hysterical so it continued as I rinsed them, rinsed them again and then got them out of the shower.  
  • Laundry and a few books before bed time and water sliding all day long must make kids tired because they were exhausted tonight!

June 23, 2012

Pin Preparation!
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  • Keaton was the first one who was up this morning-I guess all of her naps yesterday finally caught up with her.  That was fine because she just laid drinking her bottle.  Before 8, we had already gotten alot done-dishes, breakfasts and Robby was headed to pick up our freezer and fridge.
  • Most everyone had on their clothes and some of the house was straight when we Jason, Grandpa and Robby arrived with the freezer and fridge (which is now filled with popsicles, 5 gallons of milk, boxes of juice boxes and many cokes.  It is a happy freezer again!  And since Jason was there, before he knew what was happening he was helping lift our new washing machine over the 4 foot foot shower.  If you were wondering, washing machines are a tad bit heavy.  We made it over the wall with no lost fingers or no muttered curse words!
  • Then the Hunters came over delivering a blow up water slide.  They had finished with it and thought that our kids would love it.  And the kids haven't even used it and they already love it.  The plan was to blow it up this afternoon but our errands lasted longer than planned so they wouldn't have had long to play.  So we bribed them with Sonic drinks to wait until tomorrow after church where they could play all afternoon long.  Surprisingly, everyone understood what we were asking and were fine with waiting-tonight I was asked if we were playing with the water slide tomorrow and when I said yes squeals came from all 4 sides of their bedroom.
  • Next up, was driving to War Memorial to see the balloons.  Jason came with me while Robby We did see them last night but thought we would go again-but those silly balloons weren't there this afternoon.  I still paid to park and we walked around a bit.  We did scope out the playground and water park.  Playground good for a bit older kids than mine and really good for no one on such a hot day.  But the kids had a blast on the slides and climbing but they were so hot.  The water area looks good as long as you don't try to climb while wet (just a little Dennie word of warning to you).
  • We then ran to a few Wendys while Robby was across town running to a few Burger Kings.  We me, shoved everything in a diaper bag and went to the last mystery shop stop to eat our lunch.   Then a quick run to Home Depot for a switch, to Grannymom's house to pick up the camera and then to the grocery store for some much needed milk.  Finally, to Sonic for the kids and to home.
  • Keaton and Campbell had a nap while the others watched a movie.  Robby and I straightened the addition all but the garage.  We need the burn ban to be lifted so we can have a fire and get rid of all of these boxes-lots and lots of boxes.  After we finished, it was time for the kids to pick out their Disney pins.  We decided to let them trade pins at Disneyworld this year.  Reagan really gets it and is so excited about this.  She could hardly wait to pick out her pins.  We just got a big log from ebay so they had all kinds of pins.  We let them each pick 3 that they liked and then we just passed the rest out-they have to have some that they want to trade.  Oh they were all so happy to do this and Campbell woke up just in time to pick hers out.  She saw some that were princesses and would squeal "princess!"
  • Then it was time to load up and head to the Stotts' house.  As soon as Anderson walked in he asked about the cars and before long their living room was filled with polly pockets and matchbox cars-a delight for Keaton!  We had a delicious supper and then we finally let the kids out the door to go swimming.  Reagan busied herself with going underwater to wave at Kennedy and trying to turn a flip-which she finally succeeded at doing.  Anderson and Graham spent their time playing with the rings.  Neither one of them seem to be too scared of briefly going under the water.  And Campbell spent her time trying to swim away from Mike.  
  • After we had dessert, got the kids out of the pool and came back inside to get them dressed-their dogs came in the house by surprise.  Graham and Reagan were sitting at the bar eating and just climbed up on top of the bar.  Anderson was in the living room and jumped up on the couch.  I was near the door and instead of helping Jodee with the dogs, I scooped Campbell up and put her on the bar with the others.  Keaton was fine in the floor since she hasn't learned to be afraid of the dogs like the others.  Tonight there were no hysterical screams so that was a good thing.  Those poor little puppies are going to be so terrified of our kids-whenever we are around they are always being grabbed and thrown back outside.  
  • Once home, Graham and Keaton was asleep and everyone was put to bed fairly quickly.  When we climbed out of the car, Anderson asked "what is that noise?"  The crickets here are crazy loud-must be cricket mating season or something.  
  • And finally today, a few minutes ago Robby called me to the window saying he couldn't tell if some creature outside was a raccoon or a skunk.  We looked and looked and decided it was a skunk.  After watching it for awhile it moved and then moved again and we could tell that we had spend quite a bit of time watching a cat out of the window

June 22, 2012

All Smiles!
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  • Campbell fussed around 1 this morning and I must have been a bit awake because I scurried up the stairs to get there before she woke up Graham.  Of course, those two light sleepers often wake each other up.  Campbell was sound asleep but Graham was now the one whining when I opened the door.  I decided to lay with Graham for a few minutes but woke at 6 when Campbell was whining.  Graham's bed is so comfy and Graham is the perfect little cuddle muffin so I had slept very well.  But now I jerked Campbell out of bed and brought her downstairs to my bed so she didn't wake Graham back up.  She then slept until 7 and we were joined later by Anderson.  Graham and Reagan slept quite a bit longer than everyone else.
  • I can't exactly tell you what we did all morning long.  We did finish Mr. Popper's Penguins, I cleaned some, the kids played in the toy room and that really was about it.  The new thing that they enjoy playing is "Sonic."  Everyone likes being the "slushy girl" or the "slushy boy" who takes the drink orders and then passes them out.  
  • Once while I was sitting in the hall way doing laundry, I overheard Anderson say "I will be the daddy okay?" and then he continued with "let me take your picture and then we will eat pizza."  Ha!  That is Robby-taking pictures and eating pizza!  Funny, funny.
  • At lunch, I pulled out 4 muffin trays and filled them when different finger foods for the kids.  And if this wasn't fun enough, I even passed out toothpicks.  They ate most things but when I added that I would give them an m&m for each empty muffin cup, they really went to town eating.  Just about everyone received all 12 of their m&ms.
  • This afternoon I had everyone do their chores and read Anderson's list to him and told him that he had to clean the bathroom counter and sink.  He said that he loved doing that (and I thought that I should add that to his list a few more times).  This evening when Robby was tucking Graham in he asked me what had happened to the mirror.  I assumed that Anderson had also cleaned it (with his toothpaste-full, dirty from the bathroom cabinet towel) and indeed he had.  As I was tucking him in, I told him thank you for doing the mirror.  He said "it doesn't quite look right, does it?"  I told him that it looked just fine to me-sweet little boy.
  • Eventually this afternoon, the kids decided that they wanted to go outside.  They played outside until it was time to leave tonight.  I gave everyone popsicles outside and Campbell followed me inside once.  She was so sticky on her face and legs that there was a layer of dirt that just clung to her.  I washed has as well as I could in the kitchen sink with the sprayer-and she loved every minute of it.  Too bad, I will not love it when I find that she has done it by herself later this week!
  • When she followed me in, I was on my way to check on Keaton.  That child had a 3 hour nap today and that is crazy, crazy.  She usually sleeps 45-60 in the mornings and then 1-1 1/2 hours in the afternoon.  I quietly walked in and made sure she was fine and then went back outside to push everyone on the swing.  I had told them that I would push them if they picked up the outside toys.
  • Robby came home and we went through the new part of the house-and the electricity works.  Hooray!  It is all starting to be really real to me.  I can't wait to start using my shoe racks!  After flipping on and off each and every switch in the new part, we loaded up to have Sunday lunch at Nonna and Pop's house.
  • Pops is working Sunday so we moved Sunday lunch to Friday night this week.  The food was good, the kids were well behaved and even had baths and a good evening was had by all.  On the way home, we decided to drive by the hot air balloon thing and see the balloons.  It was hard to see them tonight when they weren't lit up (they only lit up when they made the fire on them go).  But we were all able to see them and it was pretty neat.  Maybe we can go tomorrow and get out.

June 21, 2012

Brickwork complete!
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  • Robby had to wake everyone up this morning while I was in the shower but before I made it out many were dressed and always downstairs.  We were going swimming this afternoon so I had bags and bags of stuff to carry out (remember this for later).  We were able to leave on time for my doctors appointment-it helped that the kids were pumped about swimming.  They quickly put on their shoes while Robby filled buckets of water for the brickers since the plumber had turned off the water yesterday.  
  • I dropped the kids off and they were so excited to see Lilly and Cash.  I actually never even heard what they had done all day.  Keaton did have a little nap and was content all day but Grannymom said that she just wasn't her happy self.  
  • This was the first time in a long time that when I drove to pick them up that they were happy to see me.  Seeing me meant it was time to go swimming.  I had been to a doctors appointment (blood pressure check-fine and on same meds and no, I don't have pink eye.  My eye was swollen and red and now itchy-probably allergies he said).  I also went to work to see a kid, home for a few minutes to work on my messy closet, to Target to buy my Disney colored shirts).  After I changed into my suit, we loaded up and Lilly arrived home from her VBS.
  • The pool was a huge hit with the kids.  It had a big slide that Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Cash did over and over and over.  Each one of them did it no less than 30 times-seriously.  Campbell wouldn't do the slide but she just goes where ever she wants to in the pool-without a thought as to where we are.  Keaton sat in the shallow water and played mostly, had a nap and even had lunch.   During the adults only swim, the kids ate, got more sunscreen and sat on the towels in a circle.  When we finally left, I passed out juice boxes in the car and they were all tired kiddos.  Surprisingly, Keaton was the only one who went to sleep on the way home.
  • At home they watched a few movies, did their chores plus some and then played until supper.  Then I had everyone eat and more play time.  Finally it was time to pick up all of the toys-we had let the toy room get so bad that they weren't playing in there any longer and have been taking their toys to play with in their bedroom and in the hallway.  So pick up time to quite awhile.  But at the end of it, they were rewarded with Robby reading them two stories.
  • Tonight while Robby was reading to the kids, I remembered that I hadn't taken any pictures today and went downstairs to find the camera.  I looked and looked and couldn't find it-checking all of the obvious places-living room, kitchen and car-and even the less obvious places-fridge, in between blankets, shoe bin.  I told Robby and he looked while I was tucking the kids in.  Then we both began our search-retracing our steps from last night, checking the alarm sensors to see when they were activated through the day, looking in and under everything in the house.  We both went upstairs to questions the kids-Reagan suggested I look in Robby's office and Anderson (sensing our growing panic) said that they would help me search in the morning.  
  • I knew that I had not put the camera in one of my many bags and we had found the chip from last night in Robby's computer.  I thought briefly about calling Grannymom to check and make sure it wasn't at her house but was certain I hadn't packed it today.  Just as we were feeling defeated knowing that my camera had been lifted by a worker, thrown out in our trash, taken from my car or hidden to be never found again by Campbell-just then did Robby decide to call and make sure that it wasn't at Grannymom's house.  It was!  Which only made me feel a tiny bit better-glad we found the camera but can't believe we don't remember putting it in the bag.  We were so upset over this incident that we had to make us some brownies to calm down!

June 20, 2012

Riding High!
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  • Something must be waking Anderson up in the mornings because he had gotten into a 6:30 routine.  It is fine since he quietly comes to our bed and occasionally asks when breakfast is (answer-after 7), if he can watch a movie (no, Keaton is in there) and if he can play on the ipad (no the first few times he asks and then yes).
  • The brick men were here before the rest of the kids stirred and their hammering didn't seem to wake anyone up for awhile.  Robby moved pretty quickly this morning-dumping his plans of going to work and heading out to buy cement for the brickers.  Later the electricians showed up and then the plumber came.  It was a happening place.  Jodee and Kennedy even came over late this afternoon to see all of the work happening.  The light fixtures are hung and the plumbing stuff is in.  And half of the stone work is completed.  This place is really shaping up-maybe I can get my garage fridge and freezer back from Jason this weekend (crossing my fingers).
  • I have new chore charts hanging for the kids (Reagan, Anderson and Graham) with chores for them to do each morning, afternoon and evening.  It is nothing grand but it does help me at being consistent with them helping out.  For example, normally I would have just emptied all of the trash cans (tomorrow is our trash day) without making the kids do any even though they can do this task.  They do enjoy helping out and Reagan (my list girl) absolutely loves crossing things off of a list (wonder where she gets that?)  I would however, much rather empty all of the trash cans myself but know that is not teaching them anything.  Speaking of Reagan and lists-she is not going to have drawers this year to hold her school work, she is going to have a list to cross off when she completes things. She is so excited about this.
  • When Robby left this morning, he told me that a brickers son was outside and Anderson must have heard that because he had on his shoes and clothes and was asking to go out before Robby had pulled out of the driveway.  The boy was going into the third grade and was very polite.  The kids came in and out playing with him during the morning.  Robby was back by the time the Schwanns man came (his fault since he started that) so he had to talk to the man and buy our customary popsicles out of guilt.  Robby had everyone eat outside and fed the worker kid as well.  He even tried to give Anderson 2 dollars-funny, but Anderson was trying to sneak it in the house like he knew he probably shouldn't take it.  I told him to give it back because our grandpa had just given him some money.  He was not pleased with me but still didn't protest too badly.  
  • More work was spent on the kids box fire truck today and everyone wanted to Keaton to get in with them.  She never made it since markers and marker lids were strewn all about living room.  And again today everyone really enjoyed playing chef.  By the end of the day I was even buying their food with real money-probably not a good thing to start.  Reagan said that she wants to get a push cart and go to our old neighborhood to sell lemonade.  Pretty smart to realize that there wouldn't be too much traffic here (unless you count all of the workers).  Then she added that she would give the money to poor kids.  I suggested that maybe we bake something and sell it like muffins to Daddy's work (where Robby could come home with pockets full of money from the sell of the muffins and the kids wouldn't have to know that Robby had bought them all).  That would probably be a pretty good school project-buying ingredients, following recipe, making signs/brochure, counting money.  
  • This afternoon was fairly lazy and not as much excitement was happening in the house as we thought.  The electrician will eventually have to be in all 3 attics so we cleaned/shoved a path for them thinking they would do that today but will tomorrow (hopefully).  But the electrician was standing on a crazy tall ladder which was standing on cinder blocks in the  mud room.  The kids were all watching him as he was standing on the very top hanging our light in the mud room.  I had to stay upstairs saying things like "don't knock on the window, scoot back, talk softly."   Otherwise, they would have banged on that window scaring the man to death causing him to fall with our new light fixture.  That wouldn't have been pretty.  
  • When Campbell saw Kennedy this afternoon, she said "Jodee here?" and then we so happy to go down and see her but hardly said a word to her.  Later in the day, I asked Campbell was her favorite part of the day was and she said "seeing Kennedy."-sweet girl.
  • Jodee did mention they were going out to eat and asked if we wanted to come.  It was one of those invitations that you just say politely never expecting anyone to take you up on it.  But before she could even get the words out of her mouth, I (who had not been out of the house all day) was telling kids to change shirts, potty  and find shoes and simultaneously changing 2 diapers.  We did crash their family dinner but we at least all sat on our side of the table.  It was a new place for us and to make things even more exciting they were starting open mic night as we were getting ready to leave.  The kids really enjoyed that.  Oh and Reagan wanted catfish to eat tonight-of all things to ask for.  She did eat everything that was given to her.  
  • After supper, the Stotts followed us to Home Depot.  We were going there first so they also came along.  We had to pick up knobs for the new cabinets, look for towel racks/toilet paper holders (couldn't find what we want), look for bathroom mirrors (can't find any anywhere that are big enough) and buy some of the door stoppers that Keaton can not get the rubber piece off of.  That kids had been crawling for 2 or 3 days and has already pulled 2 of those of and neared putting them in her mouth.  
  • Jodee and I then ran into Garden Ridge looking for mirrors with no luck while the kids all sat in the car with Robby.  Then it was home and bedtime.  It was late for the Dennie crew and tomorrow is an early morning-I have a doctors appointment at 8:15.  Eeek, why in the world would I have scheduled something that early?

June 19, 2012

Happy little bunch!
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  • Graham was the first one up before 6:30 and that is really just too early.  We were all able to be a bit lazy for another hour and then it was breakfast and time to get ready.  I took the kids over to Nonna's house this morning.  I only have one work kid this summer and he was out of school today so I came home for a few minutes to do some work around here.
  • The kids had the best time at Nonna's house-they played outside twice (bikes, baseball and chalk), made cookies and Nonna's friend came over to see them.  Ms. Mary brought a few games and the kids enjoyed playing them.  When I came back everyone seemed fairly calm and in a good mood so I decided to run to see Beebee and Papaw.
  • I reviewed the rules on the way there and here are a few rules that were broken while at Beebees and Papaws 1: touching the door 2: pushing Papaw's scooter 3: running 4: wrestling 5: fighting 6: pulling on Keaton 7: asking for candy.  Actually, despite all of that they all did very good.  I gave them letter grades about how well they did-boys got Bs and Reagan got an A-she wanted to tell Robby all about her grade and everyone else's at supper.  I think that child likes to brag a bit. 
  • Keaton would have nothing to do with Beebee and Papaw.  It took her at least 5 minutes of sitting in my lap for her to relax a bit.  We will have to get into a better routine of visiting more often so she can get more comfortable.  The kids so wanted her to show them how she could crawl but she was shriek if I put her on the ground for a second.
  • Papaw gave us some cash as we left so we headed straight to Sonic for happy hour.  Once home it was too late for Campbell's nap so she stayed up while Keaton tried to go to sleep but never did.  They tried to work on their fire truck box again but were too noisy since Robby was working from home so I herded everyone upstairs.
  • We did laundry, they played kitchen, Anderson did his reading book and we had everybody read time.  Right before we should have had supper, Robby and I headed outside to work on the garage.  The kids all followed us and we worked until nearly 7.  We moved a cabinet and shelf into the garage and this meant we had to move a shelf from one shed to another and then fill everything back up.  All of this started because there was another rodent in his shed-the trap got it but Robby had to find it first.  The maggots had actually found it first-nasty!  
  • It was nearly 8 when we were all clean and eating supper.  The kids were starving and devoured their food.  That is always nice and soon we took a few pictures and everyone went to bed quietly...we thought...
  • So we tucked everyone in tonight and Robby ran to get Campbell's baby doll out of the car.  I was standing on the porch talking to him and as we came in we could hear someone screaming and lots of other commotion going on.  As we turned the corner in the kitchen, Campbell was first down the stairs hysterically sobbing, she was followed by Graham, then Reagan and finally Anderson (who had to climb down from his bunk).  Apparently Campbell wasn't going to wait on us to bring her the baby doll so she decided to climb out and get it herself.  She said she hit her head but the others added that she fell on the large stuffed animal nearby.  It took a few minutes to calm her down but I doubt she will be climbing out of her bed anytime soon.

June 18, 2012

Who's going to be first?
(click here for today's pictures) 
  • Anderson was the first up today and he was ready for breakfast.  I guess their tiny tummys are just starved after the night.  I usually take my shower first but felt sorry for them so I fed everyone first.
  • Before I knew it, everyone was back upstairs playing happily upstairs.  I soon was upstairs with Keaton looking for clothes for the Disney trip.  She was sitting on the floor and soon started crawling.  Yesterday, I did make a big deal about her crawling so today each and every single time that someone saw her crawling they would shout "look, Keaton is crawling, come look."  And this happened every time.  Graham would add "and this is first ever time."  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to work on the blinds and Cash came along with them.  The kids all went outside and they even ventured down to the bottom part of the yard-mine never do this but having Cash made them brave enough.
  • Later I looked out the window to see Anderson trying to go down a homemade zip line.  They had tied a rope to the top of the tree house and then to a plastic lawn chair.  Reagan and Cash were sitting in the chair so it would not tip over.  And they were using a bandana as the thing to slide down the rope with.  Don't be shocked but it didn't work out as planned.  It was a good idea though and Santa might possible look into a zip line for Christmas (maybe, just maybe).
  • Soon Robby was home for lunch and after he left is when all of the trouble started.  I put Keaton and Campbell down and did laundry while Anderson did his reading book.  Then the doorbell rang with the UPS man.  He had a huge box full of diapers and I let Reagan, Anderson and Graham have the box.
  • They decided they were going to make a fire truck out of the box and started to work.  Before I could finish with my laundry they were fussing and fighting over where and what to draw on the sides.  Reagan was nearly hysterical crying so hard and Anderson was just mad.  I eventually had to take the box away and sent them upstairs to clean the toy room (and you would have thought that I was beating them by the way they fussed at this).  I overheard them all being very ugly with each other and had to go back upstairs a few times until I demanded that they clean without saying a word.  They were happier after awhile-though the room hadn't been picked up much but I will take that in exchange for better attitudes any day.
  • Campbell had probably been asleep an hour and Keaton only 45 minutes (they both didn't want to take a nap-Keaton fussed and Campbell could hear all of the ruckus from the others) when I got everyone up to meet Robby.  I explained to them that their behavior in the store we were going on determined if they were getting to go to the park and they were perfect.  Reagan was the little mommy ushering everyone around.  And they earned their trip to the park back.
  • After a few stops (Robby was doing a bit of work) we stopped at the park in Maumelle to eat a picnic.  And I have never seen so many flies.  We all ate waving our arms to shoo them away.  At one time Reagan squealed because she thought they were all going to land at once-it was a massive cloud of flies.  Needless to say, we ate pretty quickly and were quite a sight-7 people sitting eating all waving their arms-yes, even Keaton got in on the action though she was just copying us.  
  • The kids enjoyed playing and were pretty tired by the time we loaded up to go home.  We picked up Robby's car and then let them work on their fire truck box after we made it home.  They even put on a show-their shows right now consist of lots of singing of different songs all at the same time along with some slap stick comedy and a few fights about who goes first.  Maybe I should have sent them to acting camp this summer!