October 31, 2012-Halloween

All dressed up...
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  • Graham climbed into our bed around 2 this morning and surprisingly everyone slept until about 7.  I guess he is the one that has been causing all of the morning ruckus.  And he might just be the first one to get their own bedroom-in the attic!
  • We were moving pretty swiftly this morning-Robby headed to work and I had even had my shower by 7:45.  And by 8, all of the kids were in the school room working and having breakfast.  Alyssa Kate, Caroline and Baby Charlotte were coming over to play this morning so we hurried to finish our school work.  And it is truly nice to get everything finished by 10!  (We did skip science though!)
  • When the Heltz' arrived, the kids all played upstairs mostly and we were all delighted when Nonna and Pops brought over Halloween cookies and the kids all took a break from playing so they could have a cookies.
  • Then they all started playing hide and seek.  I wasn't paying any attention to this and was busy cleaning up a bit.  I opened the pantry and had my Halloween scare-Anderson was standing in the pantry hiding from the others-I let out quite a yelp when I saw him!
  • More playing ensued and then we all had lunch and eventually, we kicked the kids outside to play some more.  Eventually, the Heltz' headed home and we all came in to start planning for tonight.  I laid out everyone's costumes and started loading up the bags and car.  Oh, I might have also had a brief nap after folding 16 loads of laundry (almost that many).
  • Soon Robby called and we started moving and I needed that nap because dressing two ninjas, a ladybug, butterfly and an owl is a lot of hard work.  They were all so excited and pleased with their costumes.  I only had to buy the boys ninja costumes, the owl was borrowed, Reagan's ladybug was hers from 3 years ago and Campbell's butterfly was Reagan's two years ago.
  • Our first stop was around 4:30 to meet Robby and trick or treat at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.    Robby brought supper so we ate there and then headed to see Lilly and Cash.  Next we loaded up again to go and trick or treat at Nonna and Pops' house.  And then to Beebee and Papaw's place to show off our costumes and pick up some more candy (just an aside about an assisted living place-at 6 everyone there is in bed!  We saw no one in the hallways!)
  • Then we made our final stop at Hurricane Lake.  The kids were ready to stop the van at the very first house that we saw but we pressed on because our goal was the Browns.  We walked a few streets and saw quite a few friends from church.  And eventually started to see people with cotton candy and popcorn.  So that is direction that we headed!  At the Browns, the kids all devoured their cotton candy (devoured it!), had popcorn, grabbed some candy and a pencil and even had their pictures made in a few cut-outs.  As we walked off Graham said "that was like a festival!"
  • We did have one incident while trick or treating.  At one house, Anderson walked up first and got his candy and a few kids later Graham walked up.  The man told him that they had to save the candy for other kids.  The man must have thought that Graham was Anderson.  Poor Grahammer was crying by the time he made it back to us.  Anderson offered to walk him back up there (Graham wasn't going back) but those sweet brothers-Anderson eventually gave him some of his candy and Graham calmed down.  I am sure the owner of that house would have been mortified to find out all of this.  From then on, the boys made sure that they went to the door at the exact same time.  Robby and I felt horrible about all of this and were concerned about poor G but by the time he got candy from the next house he was perfectly happy and had forgotten the whole thing. 
  • After a few more houses and once we made it to the busy street, we started heading to the van.  Keaton was also getting a bit fussy-probably because she had dirtied her long sleeve shirt and been changed to a shirt sleeve, had taken off her shoes and then was pulling at her socks when I removed them as well-wonder if she could have been cold!  Oh, don't worry about her, we had her jacket-well, it wasn't on her but we did have it with us.  
  • After a great day, who could not stop for shakes on the way home.  As soon as we made it home, we poured the kids some while they looked over their loot.  It was a really fun evening and we had 5 tired and full kids when we put them to bed!

October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Time!
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  • My favorite part of the day today was when Keaton woke up.  Everyone else was already eating breakfast and when she saw all of them she started grinning ear to ear.  She motioned to go near the kids and one by one we had to walk to everyone, Reagan, then Anderson, then Graham and then Campbell, so she could pat them on the head and receive a hug from them.
  • Graham started the day off really well-he put on his clothes, his socks, brushed his teeth and pottied without even being asked by Robby or me.  I think he was pretty excited to be the snack helper at school today-he had picked out pretzels, cheese sticks and apple juice to take today.  Grannymom had an appointment today and Nonna had one Thursday so Nonna picked Graham up from school today.  
  • Speaking of school, Reagan and Anderson started school while I had my shower.  Campbell was put in charge of Keaton during this time (goal was to keep her in my bathroom/closet area to keep her away from Anderson and Reagan so they could get a few things done.)  Campbell takes this job very seriously and even told Robby all about it at supper.  She even remembers to get Keaton some toys to play with.  
  • Reagan and Anderson did fairly well with school after our week off.  Reagan finished before Anderson-they always have a bit of a race going on.  Though it all really just depends on how focused Anderson is and who I can devote my attention to at the time.  Friends are coming over tomorrow to play so we will have to really get our school work done quickly in the morning-I like a challenge!  
  • After school, I worked on pulling out all of our Christmas clothes.  I am pretty sure everyone has Christmas pajamas and that most have Christmas clothes.  So my Christmas planning is well under way-now just to complete my shopping.  If only I knew what the girls would like-especially Reagan-she was hard to shop for last year as well.
  • So this afternoon was fine until Graham came home and showed out in front of Nonna and Pops.  He calmed some but soon Reagan became bossy and in a bad mood.  Mostly Anderson stayed out of the fuss and fights but it wasn't a pretty afternoon.  Made me briefly think of running away-no, I didn't just briefly think of running away, I thought about it for a long, long time.  
  • And then just like that, they were all happily watching a movie and playing legos.  Robby came home and we had supper followed by a bit more playtime for the kids.  Next up, was our annual pumpkin carving.  It won't be too long before the kids can carve their own pumpkins-well, it maybe at least a few years until we let them use the knives!
  • Campbell didn't remember carving a pumpkin last year and was shocked to see us cutting into it.  Reagan and Graham was all into it.  Graham loves touching the goo and Keaton even poked at the goo a bit.  Reagan did her best not to touch anything but did enjoy making a bit of fun of Anderson.  Look at his pictures-everyone he had a huge scowl on his face.  He did not want to touch anything at all.  So funny.  Click here for a picture of Anderson from last year and click here for a picture of the year before-2010 (notice the gloves!) and click here for the 2009 picture (best one!).  I would say that poor Anderson has improved but oh so funny.  
  • After we finished our pumpkin, lit it and placed it outside, we all watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin.  The kids all watched it-Keaton did keep walking around and started closing the doors on the tv cabinet to get a rise out of everyone.  Soon everyone was put to bed-tomorrow is a big, big day-Halloween.  It is a wonder they can even sleep tonight!

October 29, 2012

Football Team Celebration!
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  • And again, these children of mine were up at 6 this morning.  That is all fine-even though they broke the rule that you are to stay in your bed until 7.  What really makes me panic though is time change coming up-that would mean everyone will be waking up at 5-that is not okay!
  • This was school morning for most and Robby was even off work.  We all dropped off Campbell and Keaton at Nonna and Pops' house, then dropped off Graham and finally dropped off Reagan and Anderson.  Then we went to pick up the mini van (it had one of the broken screens repaired).  So I climbed into the minivan to drive to work and that things felt little to me-never thought a mini van would feel little!
  • Of course my first kid was not there so I headed to spend some money at Walmart.  Then my kid showed up at school so I went to see them for a few minutes before they had lunch and then back out to do some more Christmas shopping.
  • Pops picked up Graham who was so excited to take his sea shells to class.  Keaton and Campbell had a busy day with Nonna.  Keaton had a bath and Campbell made brownies.   I arrived in time for lunch and soon Campbell was ready to go-she had her shirt off, my keys in her hand and was loading up the diaper bag before I knew what was happening.
  • We all came home and the kids and Robby worked in the garage while I unloaded my van.  Then the girls had a nap while Graham and I made a treat for tonight.  Soon it was time to turn around and go and get Reagan and Anderson.  The first thing that Reagan said to me when we got into the car was "you have got to send me more food, I was starving at lunch."  Last night, I had showed all of the food that I had for her to Robby and I assured me that it was plenty-apparently not.  Then she told me that she had very good news.  She continued by telling me that Alyssa Kate was back at school, that she played with them, stayed all day and did everything that they did.  
  • Anderson had a wonderful day at school too-a Halloween party and he even was able to wear his costume.  What a great day!  He was so excited and so proud to show off his ninja.  His favorite snack was the pumpkin shaped cupcakes that someone brought.  I am glad that he is enjoying school.
  • When they made it home, they had some time to play and then it was time to start getting ready for their football team to come over for supper.  We had the football shaped rice krispie treats and others brought pizza and drinks.  Reagan was thrilled that Maddie was there to play with her and Campbell.  And the boys had Wyatt, Owen, Elem, Harrison, Caleb and Will to play with.  They had a blast-played mostly upstairs with few bumps and bruises.  It was a great end to the football/cheerleading year.  
  • When everyone left, we picked up a bit and then put everyone to bed hoping that they sleep until 7!  

October 28, 2012-Destin, Florida

Glad to be home...all Smiles!
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  • This morning the kids didn't beat us up-but at 4:30 not too many folks were up in Destin.  Robby thinks we even beat Grannymom and Grandpa up.  It didn't take too long for us to get ready and finish up loading the van.  Keaton was still snoozing so Robby just snuck in the bathroom and took his shower in the dark.  
  • It didn't take too long for her to wake up and then we soon started loading the van up with the rest of the kids.  They all wake up in such a good morning when we are traveling like this.  No one complained or fussed-they all just used the bathroom and climbed in the car.  Graham asked if he could have his night time toys in the car so he could sleep and I said of course.  Campbell over heard him and later asked if she could sleep in the car too.  Of course that answer was a resounding yes but she never really went back to sleep until we were back in Arkansas.
  • We hit the road a few minutes after 5 and were making pretty good time for about 15 minutes and then Robby's travel stomach hit and we had to stop.  Thankfully he found a McDonalds open but as soon as he was finished, Graham said that he needed to potty too (he just wanted to get out of the van for a few minutes).  Then we were back on the road and a few minutes later we again pulled over for Robby!  Our van does have the policy-if you gotta go, then you gotta go.  Soon though his tummy calmed down and we were on our way.  
  • Actually, we only made a total of 5 stops so that still isn't too bad and we made it to Grannymom's house around 5:30.  Our first two stops were for Robby, then a stop to potty and order breakfast, a stop to play at a McDonalds and then a stop to order lunch and potty.  The kids did pretty good on the ride-though there was more squabbling than I like but the movies kept everyone fairly busy for most of the ride.  
  • After dropping off the Dennies, we went to buy gas and then Robby suggested that we go to the new Walmart so of course I jumped at the opportunity.  We put pants and a fresh diaper on the baby, socks and shoes on everyone, combed the girls hair and found a coat for Reagan-this did make me wonder if our little Walmart trip was worth it.  Ha!  No, Walmart was fun and we did spend some money-in fact, I may even go back tomorrow!  (I feel a bit behind on my Christmas shopping).
  • Once we made it home, everyone headed upstairs to play while we emptied the van.  Well, everyone went upstairs but Keaton and she noticed this and then proceeded to climb up the stairs every time I left the room.  I could hardly get anything put up because I was busy chasing her.  Everyone had pizza and ice cream and then bed-and Keaton was still running around in circles.  She was so happy to be free of her car seat-but then I think we were all glad to be free of the car!

October 27, 2012-Destin, Florida

Beach Bums!
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  • And again this morning, those little boogers were up early, early.  They will have a rude awakening Monday morning when they can't get out of bed until the clock says 7 (and if it wasn't a school morning, I would move that clock back a bit-might still).  
  • This was a good morning to get going a bit early since we had breakfast at the donut hole.  They only had two Amy recommended doughnuts left (the angels) and I got them!  The grown ups had a real breakfast and the kids all had doughnuts.  It was delicious and afterwards our plan was to head to the beach...
  • But it was windy and chilly this morning (downright cold tonight though).  So we put off our beach time for awhile and played skip-bo dice and sorry.   Then the kids took a few walks and even colored for a bit.  Finally, we braved the cold and headed to the beach.  In the sun, it was fine-actually pretty nice for just sitting outside.  But probably a bit chilly for getting wet but the kids didn't seem to mind at all.  
  • Again today they worked on catching a fish.  The boys were more interested in the fish catching today.  Campbell still loved working on her sand and buckets and was so pleased when I buried her legs.  Keaton played for a bit in the sand and even got wet (I hadn't put on her bathing suit this morning since I was wearing my coat and shivering at the time).  Keaton eventually called it quits at the beach and was ready to head back to the house with Grannymom for some food and a nap.
  • Reagan instructed the boys on the next project.  Since the beach was deserted, we put our stuff by someones fort.  Whoever had built a really big fort and the kids had a blast digging tunnels through it.  I eventually took Campbell back to the house for her bath and a quick nap-she was getting really tired.  After her bath, she was asleep fairly quick-Keaton also fell asleep in the laundry room in her pack n play and snoozed until it was time to go.
  • Eventually the other beach goers returned home for their showers and they all watched the rest of the football game.  At the end of it, we all loaded up to go and eat at Fudpuckers.  The kids were quite amazed at all of the names on the walls and everywhere else for that matter.  They were thrilled to get an alligator toy on their food and were so happy to bring home their cups from the meal-really, it is the little things in life.  
  • We watched the alligator show and then headed down the road to the Bass Pro Shop.  Apparently it was trick or treating at this large outdoor mall (reminded me of Branson Landing) and it was covered up with kids, adults and dogs wearing their Halloween costumes-and we just had on our shorts and t-shirts.  I told the kids that if anyone asked what they were they could say "freezing!"  They all snagged a bit of candy and then we high tailed it back to the van to warm up.
  • Back at the house, the kids all ate some candy and then Robby and I tucked them in and started loading up for our early morning departure.  After tucking everyone in, I heard a commotion and went in to see what was the matter.  Anderson tattled on Campbell saying "Campbell pulled down her pants and showed me her booty."

October 26, 2012-Destin, Florida

Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola!
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  • This morning started out the same as the other morning-except when the kids woke up early, they found their way to Grannymom's room and the tv.  I think they did sleep later than the day before though so we are headed in the right direction.  
  • We had our breakfast and then headed down to the beach.  The boys were mostly focused on collecting sea shells at the beach.  Campbell was still interested in collecting water and filling buckets.  Keaton wanted in the water at first but then she wanted nothing really to do with the sand nor the water-I guess the newness had worn off.  Reagan was determined to catch a fish-might be because I mentioned I would give her 5 dollars if she caught one.  Grandpa even worked for awhile but alas no fish was caught.  
  • We played for a bit longer in the sand and then headed in.  We were back to the house around 10 and all started getting showering.  I worked on making sandwiches for our picnic and my helpers (Campbell and Reagan) had a fuss about the jelly and it ended up in the floor smashed to pieces.  The cleaning crew worked on this project for awhile and declared that it was a lot less work than the washing machine incident the day before.
  • After everyone was ready, we loaded up and headed to Pensacola.  The kids did fairly well on the little ride-they were watching a new movie with their headphones.  Headphones-my new favorite things.  After we crossed the bridge into Pensacola, we stopped at a visitors center for a picnic.  
  • The kids enjoyed the picnic and man, have we been going through the food.  When Robby came home the other day with all this food, I wondered why he had bought so much-well, after 2 days of picnics we won't even have enough for lunch tomorrow!  How am I going to feed 6 teenagers-better get those chickens and that garden started.  
  • The Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola is amazingly huge.  The kids still enjoy the play area and climbing in and out of the airplanes.  We did walk through a new hangar area and saw Marine One.  I enjoyed browsing through the gift shop-even though I am not a fan of shopping, I do like gift shops.  After our walk through the museum, we passed out the juice boxes to the kids and headed back to Destin.
  • By the time we made it home, we were pretty hungry and put the lasagna in the oven.  We had lasagna, biscuits and brownies.  Graham asked if lasagna was beach food.  I guess he was thinking that fish, key lime pie and lasagna were all traditional beach fare.   
  • The kids worked on sticker books and then we had our brownies.  Tonight again when it was bedtime, not a peep was heard from the crew.  Not even from Keaton-who has become very attached to her bottles.  Crazy attached-she even refuses her sippy cup now.  Poor thing, she will have a rough few days when we get home and she is without her bottles.    

October 25, 2012-Destin, Florida

Visit to Seaside!
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  • It was such a restful night, until Anderson, Graham and Campbell all bounced into our room.  They probably had to open every door in this place to find out what room we were sleeping in and they also had discussed that Grannymom and Grandpa weren't in the house.  (They were out walking).  The kids were all awake and ready to start the day.  Robby reached over to look at the clock and it said "6:00" so those 3 were sent right back to their bed.  
  • Of course, sending them back to bed went nowhere and by 6:30 we were all awake and out of bed.  By all, I do mean everyone but Robby.  He laid around like he was on vacation for another hour.  The kids are definitely not on vacation mode because they were ready to go to the beach.
  • We were the first people on the beach this morning and the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  The sun was warming but it was still pleasant.  Now the water was still cold but after awhile in the sun, you were able to get a bit wet without freezing.  
  • The kids spent most of their time digging in the sand and collecting sea shells.  Campbell worked and worked on whatever she was doing-filling this bucket, then filling that.  Anderson and Graham made a few holes and ditches.  Reagan did a bit of everything but was the resident shell picker upper.
  • Early in the morning, Keaton didn't want anything to do with the water but after watching Reagan, Anderson and Graham stand in the waves, she was headed out there to join them.  Watching her walk in the sand is a hoot and after a bit of time in the waves, she finally realized that she would be better off just crawling.  Grannymom mentioned that if she had been the first child we probably just wouldn't have plopped her down in the sand and let the waves wash over her-a few times knocking her backwards a few feet.  No, the first child would have had a hat, been slathered in sunscreen, under an umbrella and playing with sanitized buckets and shovels.  Oh and she did love it when she was knocked around by the waves-would always sit up and start grinning and clapping.
  • After about two hours at the beach (around 10), we all headed in for showers.  When Robby finished with the kids and himself, he headed out to the store to pick up a few things.  While we waited we started a load of clothes and most of the kids and I hung out on the back porch.  We all waved when Robby arrived back with our sandwich making stuff and headed in.
  • After unloading the van, I started on sandwiches and Grannymom opened the laundry room door and that is when the excitement began....the washer had flooded.  The laundry room had filled with 3 to 4 inches of water-the Dennie crew immediately started to work.  Grannymom would sop up as much as she could with a towel, hand it off to be squeezed by Robby or Grandpa and then start over.  The towels were squeezed into an ice chest and then emptied into the tub.  Seriously, if you ever have a leak in your house, you might should call this crew.  What did I do?  Oh, well I made lunch!  Actually, I was on kid patrol-when 4 little kids see a laundry room full of water they don't see this as a crisis they see it as excitement and possible an opportunity to have a slip and slide.  My job was to keep them happy (with lunch) and keep them outside until everything was cleaned.  
  • We never really figured out what happened to the washer but since we were all dependent on that washing machine (us Dennies don't pack a lot of clothes for our trips)-so we just started another load.  Now during this load, we just about took turns standing in the doorway of the laundry room watching to make sure this flooding even didn't happen again.  After everyone had eaten lunch, Robby took the kids on a walk and I folded the clothes and fed Keaton.  She had fell asleep in the stroller, during an earlier walk and missed all of the excitement.
  • Soon we all loaded up and headed to the outlet mall.  The stores of interest to us where the Harry and David store-kids were thrilled with a sample, the Disney store-really, those were outlet prices, and then a shoe store-again, I thought outlet prices should be cheaper than what I can get at home.  Anyway, I was a bit disappointed for the kids-they all wanted to buy something but there was nothing to be had.  Even the boys didn't see anything in the Disney store that they had to have (not that we were going to buy anything anyway) nor did they find anything to put on their Christmas list.  At the shoe store, we found one pair of shoes at a good deal (buy one get one half off) but Anderson's foot was too big in that size.  And again they were all so disappointed.  The mood did turn up when Grandpa bought the kids something-a coke!
  • Back at the house for a few minutes, Graham walked into Grannymom's room while she was ironing.  Graham looked at her, looked at the ironing board and then said "What in the world?  Did you bring that all they way down here?"  The child has never seen me iron so he probably couldn't understand why Grannymom felt the need to bring her ironing board 10 hours away from home (and it wasn't really her ironing board).
  • We made the kids lay down for a bit (Keaton did get a reprieve since she had already had a nap).  Anderson did end up falling asleep and Campbell did too after I rubbed her back for awhile.  Robby though wouldn't let Graham fall asleep since he often doesn't wake in the most pleasant of moods. 
  • Though on our way to Seaside, Graham did fall asleep but did wake up in a decent mood.  Seaside was beautiful and we arrived just in time to see the sunset.  I just love the little town and the kids loved the green space and enjoyed running around while we waited on our food from the food trucks.  The kids had grilled cheese, I had grilled pimento cheese, the Dennies had grilled ham, cheese and meatloaf and Robby had bbq nachos.  The original plan was to buy snowcones at our favorite stop but they were closing just as we arrived.  That was fine because we all had a bit more key lime pie before bed.  
  • When we unloaded the van, Campbell was one of the last one's off. She looked around and shouted "Where's Grandpa, where's Grandpa Dennie.  Did we lose him?"  That child is a nut-truly just her own little person.  After that pie, the kid were all sent to bed and before we knew it, we heard a "shhh" coming from their room directed towards us.  They are all sound asleep now and we are not too far behind them!  Tomorrow's plan is the beach, the Navy museum in Pensacola and lasagna for supper.  

October 24, 2012-Destin, Florida

First sighting of the beach!
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  • Our morning started at 4:50 with that blasted alarm clock ringing.  Actually, Robby and I jumped up and started getting ready.  We had already loaded and Keaton was the first one to board the bus.  As I put her in, Robby worked on zipping up her bed-isn't it nice to just take your bed with you?  
  • Next up, I whispered to Reagan that it was time to get up.  She said "okay" and started to sit up and before she was out of bed, the boys were getting out of their beds.  Campbell was saying "who woke me up?" and Graham was asking about brushing teeth.  So we added that to our list of must do things-teeth, potty, get in van.
  • They all just sat stunned in the car probably the first hour of the drive.  They became more and more talkative but I don't think they really understand the waking up in the morning and it still being dark.  Anderson wondered if maybe we would be the first on the highway.  Campbell would occasionally say "it's not morning."
  • We were leaving Grannymom and Grandpa's neighborhood at 6 on the dot.  And we arrived in Destin around 5:15.  We made a total of 4 stops (3 of those being McDonald's -considering there were five kids with us our numbers were pretty good. 
  • Our first stop was in Lake Village for breakfast and pottying.  I had thought that I had already passed out breakfast for the kids when I gave them cereal but McDonald pancakes are what they really wanted.  
  • The next stop was stop was at another McDonald's just to potty and the kids started their third movie.   The dvd in the car is very nice and very different from our old one so it is taking Robby and I a bit of time to figure everything out.  When I was driving later in the afternoon, he did teach them all how to wear headphones-quite a sight.  Imagine 4 kids wearing headphones to listen to a movie while talking loudly to each other and to the movie.  Fine with us though because we didn't have to hear the movie.
  • Robby did stop at one Redbox along the way to pick up a movie and we all did listen to it.  Though I might have slept through some of it.  Seating arrangements you ask?-2 big kids on the very back row, 1 big kid and Campbell on the third row, suitcases and me on the second row, Keaton and Grannymom on the first row and Robby and Grandpa up front.
  • Yes, that means that Grannymom had the task of keeping Keaton happy.  She did very well in the morning but then she did go a bit downhill.  She was tired but couldn't get to sleep-needed a curtain around her.  She eventually did give it up but tonight when we went to eat, she was NOT going to get back in the van nor was she thrilled about being buckled up.  
  • Our house is near the beach in Destin-probably the closest I have ever stayed to the beach.  It has a smallish living area, a galley kitchen, a laundry room, nice but crowded covered porch, a small bedroom, a larger bedroom with bathroom and the grand finale-one room with two sets of bunk beds!  The kids think we are in a mansion built just for them.  Seriously, that room couldn't be any more perfect for all of them.  And the fan in the bathroom couldn't be any more perfect for Keaton-it is so noisy that it immediately put her to sleep.
  • After we arrived, we walked down to the beach.  Of course the kids all got their socks and shoes wet but hey, we are at the beach.  They would run away from the water squealing with delight.  It was very entertaining to others on the beach-and they weren't too many people at the beach either.  Perfect beach weather-too cold to really be out there but warm enough to play.
  • We then had supper at the Back Porch.  The kids devoured their chicken, I had a crab cake and Robby had chicken and shrimp.  And as an added bonus, Robby bought a whole key lime pie to take home.  Anderson was the most excited because he adores "lime pie."  We gobbled half of the pie up as soon as we came back to the house.
  • The kids were tired because at least 2 asked me if they could go to bed.  After we said good night we never heard any sounds coming from their room.  Traveling is tough.  Tomorrow won't be as exhausting-beach, outlets and Seaside.

October 23, 2012

Celebrating Pops Birthday!
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  • Anderson woke up sometime in the middle of the night with a nose bleed.  This doesn't phase him anymore as it does Reagan who screams like she has been shot.  By the time I made it upstairs, I regretted having washed all of the sheets this weekend!  It didn't take long for me to clean up everything and everyone go back to sleep.
  • Some mornings the kids all wake up and just talk, talk, talk to each other.  Some mornings all of that talking is sweet and some mornings none of that talking is sweet.  Reagan was the one that wasn't in the greatest of moods this morning-I guess that was from staying out so late.  
  • Robby took Graham to school and then Grannymom picked him up afterwards.  Graham stayed busy raking up two bags of leaves this afternoon.  By the time that Robby picked him up, he was one tired little boy.
  • We finished breakfast here and then started school.  They had just a bit less school today since I didn't want to start anything new for just one day.  Less school was fine with me because I had plenty to do today.  I have gotten to be a pro at packing but it is still a chore-physically and mentally.  My mind is always swirling with a zillion things that I need to remember.  Though my mind is always swirling with a zillion things.
  • Reagan did finish up her scarf this afternoon.  She was so pleased with herself and now we have to start working on the scarf for her doll.  While she was working on all of this, Anderson asked me to get him something to do (crafty thing).  I told him that I was looking but couldn't find boy crafty items yet.  Then he told me that he wanted to learn how to sew and make himself a scarf.  Must find him something crafty!
  • Before too long it was time for Robby and Graham to pick us up to head to Pops' house to celebrate his birthday.  We were a few days late but since we are all going out of town tomorrow it was a good celebration.  Keaton spent most of her time pushing the stroller around.  She is very particular about the stroller-the baby must be sitting upright and the diaper bag must be on her arm.  I can tell she is going to be such a mess.  
  • The kids all had showers at Nonna's house and then we headed home and put everyone in bed.  Robby and I loaded up the van and even though we now have a van that can seat 15 people, it is still going to be a tight fit!  

October 22, 2012

Quality Sibling Time!
(click here for today's pictures)
(video from Sunday's night children's choir)
  • Graham joined us in bed around 3 and Robby left around 5.  And after Robby left, Graham started to stretch out in the bed and his feet continually ended up on my face.  This made for a very unpleasant morning for me and I made sure to make it clear to Robby that the next time he thought about moving to the couch, I would gladly go there myself so he could stay with foot boy.  
  • We were a bit later than usual today but still made all of our stops in plenty of time.  Campbell and even Keaton were so happy to see Pops this morning.  Graham went into his class without any problem even though there was a sub (oh, I remember having to fight Anderson to get him in to Ms. Wendolyns class every single day!)  And after a few minutes of reading, I dropped off Reagan and Anderson.  They just walk into their class and never even look back-maybe I should just start dropping them off in the driveway and letting them walk in themselves.  (Possibly after baby 6 arrives!)
  • I ran to work for a bit and then picked up Graham.  I did watch him during music and he was the cutest little thing.  Ms. Susie asked a question to all 3 classes that were in music and Graham shouted out the answer.  And then again she asked another question and he was the first to answer.  Maybe we should work on raising our hand but that isn't the point-the point is how smart my little guy is.  And they gave us proofs for his school pictures and they were absolutely adorable.
  • At Nonna's house, Graham played with Pops for the longest and after lunch they headed outside.  Graham had the idea that if he swept lots of leaves under the van that when I started the engine they would blow everywhere.  He did have lots of leaves under the van but they didn't really blow when I turned the car on or even when I back up.  Though he did have fun throwing them at Keaton and Campbell.  
  • Back at home, I packed the kids clothes for the trip and then put Keaton and Campbell to bed.  As soon as I finished my second thing on my list, Robby called and we decided to take his little van in to the shop to check on the movies.  The original plan was to take it tomorrow but Robby had picked up Anderson, Reagan and Kennedy from school and then had to take the girls to Kaleighs birthday party.
  • So on the way to the dealership we had our first van crisis.  We were peacefully turning onto Sparks when I heard a huge kerplunk.  I knew I hadn't hit anything but something had definitely fallen inside of the car.  I am not that good at looking backwards to check what had fallen but I glanced and it wasn't my diaper bag.  It was still sitting in the seat.  Then I looked at the new movie screens and they were still there.
  • It was a crazy loud kerplunk and must have been something.  Then I heard the screams-terrified screams coming from Campbell.  I looked in the rear view mirror and she was no longer sitting in her seat and in fact I could no longer see her seat.  The screams continued-hers, mine (what happened? what's wrong? are you okay) and Grahams (where's Campbell, what happened?).
  • Finally I realized that Campbell's car seat had been unbuckled and it along with her strapped to it had flipped and was somewhere in the car.  I start trying to find a place to pull over and then start yelling at Graham to unbuckle and help her.  I drove what seemed like 2 miles before I found a spot to pull over (realistically about 100 yards).  By this point, I am nearing hysterical.  Campbell is still screaming-not the I am hurt scream but the I am scared scream but still screaming.  And by now, Graham is standing over her crying.  He is shouting back at me "she is too heavy, I can't get her."  I keep hollering "try, just try, baby." 
  • I then found a spot to pull over the huge van and hurdled the two seats to get to Campbell.  She had indeed flipped over.  Her seat had been by the window in the van but it was now upside down with her head on the seat at the other end of the bench seat.  At first when I tried to pick her and the car seat up, I wasn't able to.  I briefly thought that I was going to have to flag down another motorist to help me.  But on my second try, I was able to get her up enough to unbuckle her and free her.  
  • She really could have gotten seriously hurt but thankful she was just fine.  Now, I was not just fine after this incident.  I was sweating, my heart was racing and I was a nervous wreck.  She stopped crying as soon as I unbuckled her and I gave her a pretty good lecture about never unbuckling her seat belt.  This whole incident probably last about 45 seconds but I am sure that it took years off of my life.  Graham was pretty shaken up too-later once we continued on the road, Graham said "Campbell, be careful not to flip over again."  After he said this, I started wondering if my seat belt unbuckler had gotten to Keaton's seat as well.  So I started reaching back trying to grab her seat to make sure that it was still buckled.  
  • We finally made to to pick up Anderson and Robby.  I was still probably shaking.  We then went to Chick Fil A and the kids enjoyed playing and really enjoyed their ice cream.  Next stop was the Dollar Store to find a few prizes for the trip-I couldn't really find much but did pick up a few things.  I think that the car ride will be fine.  I am even packing school work to pass some time (I'm sneaky like that!)
  • Back at home, everyone had showers and then the boys watched a movie while Keaton helped me put away laundry and Campbell worked on deleting most of the apps on the ipad.  (I really just made that up but she was playing on the ipad and who knows what she did to it).  Soon it was bedtime for them-they must have been a bit tired because they didn't complain too much that Reagan wasn't yet home.  
  • Reagan is quite the party animal and didn't get home until after 8:30.  My little girl is growing up and staying out late.  She had a great time at Kayleigh's party.  Robby told me about a new word that she did pick up at school today: tush.  I guess if she is going to learn a new word for "bottom" at school, then "tush" would probably be my choice.  
  • So school for Graham tomorrow, home school for the others, lots of packing, Pops' birthday party.  It is probably a good thing that we don't have to drive anywhere tomorrow morning-probably couldn't get Campbell back in the van without a little bit of coaxing.  

October 21, 2012

Super Sunday Night Singing!
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  • For all of my last night readers, I want to apologize for my typo last night.  And if you missed it, you missed quite a typo.  When it was called to Robby's attention he laughed so hard that I thought he was going to pass out.  So if you did catch it then I am glad I provided you with quite a laugh.  If you didn't see it then you might should think about reading the blog late at night right after I write it!  And no, I am not going to explain what the typo was-way, way too embarrassing!
  • When the kids stirred this morning, Robby just told them that they could come down for doughnuts over the monitor.  It didn't take too long for them all to race downstairs-someone even lugged Campbell out of bed for us.  Keaton must have heard all of the commotion above her because she woke up and was also ready for a doughnut.  
  • After doughnuts, it was time for clothes and then we were headed to church.  I really have blocked out everything that happened during church.  Oh, yes, Graham did start out in a little bit of a bad mood in Sunday school.  But one perk of having your Dad in the same room is that you behavior is immediately corrected.  
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and afterwards Robby ran to Kroger while the kids played and I perused the ads from the paper.  I love looking at the ads even though I am not a shopper (well, I might be considered a bit of an online shopper-I do enjoy doing that!). 
  • Back at home, Keaton and Campbell had a nap.  Anderson watched football on the couch-apparently he watched the Buckaroos play this afternoon (Robby explained later that he was talking about the Buccaneers).  Reagan quietly read a book and then wrote a report about it-ha, kidding, she watched cartoons.  Robby and Graham watched football upstairs and then both fell sound asleep about the time to wake up.  Me, you ask, well, I worked forever unpacking from the morning but did have a chance to sit down for awhile and have some hot chocolate.  
  • Soon it was time to load up again.  The big 3 went to choir all wearing their shirts and ready to sing in Big Church tonight.  Keaton and Campbell went with us to liven up the coffee shop and that they did! We let Campbell come into church tonight to see everyone sing-she did pretty good but was quite squirmy.  Thankfully they didn't have a sermon or she wouldn't have made it and would have gone to bed tonight with a soar bottom.
  • Now on to my singers-Graham and Anderson were the cutest little things.  They both knew the words and watched their teacher.  I might be biased but they were the cutest and best behaved little boys up there.  And my Reagan was a doll as well.  She was on the front row and sang her little heart out.  Robby waved to her and she barely lifted up her hand to give him a "I see you but am now to big to wave at you wave."
  • There were cookies after church but we were still hungry and since the kids had been at church since 4:45 with no food they were starved.   We picked up a pizza on the way home and as soon as they were finished, everyone migrated to watch more football with Robby.  They only had a few minutes until the end of the half and then everyone was put to bed.  Another good, good day!

October 20, 2012

Upward Super Bowl Saturday!
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  • This morning started early, early.  I think every time that Robby and I stirred in the middle of the night, we would set up to look at the clock.  My first check of the clock was at 12:45.  This was the one game that we couldn't be late too!  
  • So around 6, Robby and I were up getting ready and finishing all of our last minute stuff before waking up the kids.  They might have been tired but they were ready to get to the stadium.  They were so excited-as Phillip said today "this was their Super Bowl."  
  • We had breakfast in the car and even put on a few shoes while in the car.  I think that Reagan, Anderson and Graham were all in awe as they entered the stadium and realized they would be right there playing on the field.  We will have to watch the Razorbacks next week so they can see the stadium full.  
  • The boys had a great game and really seem to have gotten the hang of things.  Now they are thinking about playing t-ball (um, hate to break it to them that Upward doesn't do t-ball so they won't be playing-we kind of like the no pressure, let's have fun, 8 week season.  Soccer is coming up though so they will soon forget about t-ball).
  • Keaton enjoyed walking around some with Grandpa and being passed around to all of the grandparents.  Now Campbell, she loved playing in the Upward tunnel unattended.  She is a mess and thinks that she is as big as the rest of the kids.
  • Reagan's cheerleading squad did a cheer and a pom routine at halftime.  She is definitely the loudest one there.  I think she enjoyed cheerleading and would do it again.  But her sport is soccer and she says almost every game day that she is ready for soccer.  
  • After the game and quite a few pictures, we headed to Krispy Kreme with all of the grandparents.  Needless to say, with all of that crew we were sharing chairs and standing up there on a Saturday morning (especially when the Race for the Cure folks started showing up).  We pretty much devoured 2 dozen doughnuts!
  • We then had a few minutes before our next stop so we went to Sams for a few minutes.  We can always find things to buy there-today it was a clearanced blow up swimming pool (only 13 dollars but still a good buy even though I had bought one on sale at Target right after summer).  And then we found some fruit snacks and Santa even found a foosball table that he is very interested in purchasing.   
  • The World Cheese Dip Championship was up next.  We had never been before and we had a really, really good time.  The weather was just perfect and the kids really enjoyed it.  And of course who wouldn't enjoy unlimited chips and cheese dip.  We would grab a few different dips, Robby and I would preview them for the kids (some were not child friendly-way too hot) and then we would find a spot to sit and just eat until our bowls were empty and do it all again.  There was probably about 25 different dips and the kids took voting for their favorite very seriously.  They voted as a block for 5A and 7P.  I remember that because it was said about a zillion times.
  • After their stomachs were full and we were craving out Tums and Alkaseltzer, we let them jump on the bouncy.  It was perfect because a few weekends ago at the Clinton library, the bouncys were wet and they couldn't jump but today, we let them jump their little hearts out.
  • Next stop was Walmart for Robby on the way home.  He bought a bit of storage for the van.  We really like our new ride but it has little/no storage so we are now pimped out with plastic bins for it.  Once at home, everyone played outside while we vacuumed out the car, moved car seats and packed the van (not for our trip yet but just with the basics-paper towels, extra clothes, bandaids, diapers...you get the idea).
  • After a while working in the van, a long while playing outside and popsicles, Robby and then I had showers and then all of the kids did as well.  It was 3:30 in the afternoon and all of us had on our pajamas-perfect Saturday!  Keaton had been trying to take a nap (unsuccessfully) so she joined the boys in the shower.  Then they had some fruit for a snack (doughnuts and cheese dip had really been our only other real meals).  Everyone played for awhile and then watched a movie.
  • I whipped up a delicious supper (ha, spaghetti!) and we pretty much devoured it.  I think that we were just hungry.  After supper, everyone cleaned up the toy room, watched another movie, Robby vacuumed and I folded more laundry than most people have in their entire house.  At bedtime, these Dennies were pretty tired from this busy Saturday!

October 19, 2012

Hold 'em up Mister!
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  • Something about cold weather because everyone is sleeping so well.  Even this morning with Kennedy here, they were all still in bed at 7:30.  Lovely!  Soon though Campbell was awake and talking.  Over the monitor we heard her asking to get out of bed and then heard footsteps going to her bed.  They have gotten good at getting her out of bed-I have seen it and it is not pretty though.  If she has feetie pajamas on she has to take them off first so she can really lift her leg up over the rail.  
  • They all started playing and gave me a few minutes to cuddle with Graham, then cuddle with Keaton and then take my shower.  When I was getting dressed, I heard Robby giving them a speech about what was going to happen at the house and how everyone was too obey.  It worked fairly well.  
  • As soon as Campbell came down stairs, she was ready for me to take her outside so we could hang up her pink polka dotted birdhouse.  That child was so proud of her birdhouse.  
  • After breakfast, we did school.  Kennedy was here as well so I pulled out a few things for her to do and Reagan was a good sport diligently doing her work with Kennedy beside her or working with Kennedy to finish her work.  Graham even did really well today and was happy to finish most of his stuff.  Anderson got bogged down with phonics and then demanded for me to help him with a page (not even a hard one).  Not surprisingly I refused his demands!  He finally figured it out and then quickly breezed through the rest of his boxes.  
  • After we read science, we did a candy corn/dice game.  That had been my bribe most of the morning and after that we were still finished by 11ish.  Keaton was sleeping so I ran upstairs to work on Graham's winter clothes.  I was pretty much finished by lunch and then turned on a movie during lunch so I could do the rest.  I have now completed all of the Dennie kids summer to winter change over.  Though I do have two more boxes of holiday clothing (halloween, Christmas) to go through on Monday.  
  • After I had lunch picked up, I lost my mind and helped the kids make slime.  Now Reagan has never liked getting her hands dirty or touching anything weird.  It took her forever to warm up to the idea of even stirring the gooey mess.  Graham continually wanted to wipe his hands-they didn't really play with it for as long as I had hoped but they did have fun.  Anderson wanted to make a huge vat of slime for our 100 day of school party (we are on day 59 of school!)
  • The kids played some more and then I put Keaton and Campbell down for naps.  The others started to watch a movie but continued to be too noisy so I just kicked them all outside.  They had a blast and immediately migrated to the dirt pile.  It was beautiful outside today.  
  • Kennedy left around 3 and shortly after I headed inside to start working on getting stuff for tomorrow ready.  And soon all of the kids migrated in as well.  Campbell woke up and did peek outside while I was finding some wood.  She wouldn't leave the garage and kept looking around-I think she was afraid of a deer.  Don't ask me why?  
  • Robby came home and soon it was time for Graham and I to head to Chase's birthday party.  It was a cowboy themed party and even had a hayride.  Graham was in his element and his best buddies-Grant and Gage were both there.  He couldn't have been happier.  
  • At home, everyone else ate supper and had showers.  Graham and Campbell talked on the phone to each other the entire way home.  At home, Graham was ready to eat supper (again) and then it was bedtime for everyone.  Hopefully, they are all sleeping because tomorrow is an early, early morning.

October 18, 2012

Thursday Night Football with Friends!
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  • Last night while Robby and I were watching tv, the lights blinked for a half second but it was long enough for our tv to turn off and the speakers upstairs to turn on.  We thought nothing else of it until at 1:30 the kids started calling us.  There clock light had gone off and the clock part was also blinking.  No light meant for some panicked kids.  Robby thought quickly and turned on the light on the monitor using the remote control so he didn't have to go upstairs.
  • Now at 7:10 when I walked through their door, Anderson said "finally!"  He told me he had been up for awhile but the clock would never get to 7.  It just kept blinking 12:00.  Poor guy!  Everyone else was up fairly quickly all except for Reagan.  I finally urged her on by telling her that I would pick her clothes out of she wasn't out of bed in 5 seconds-that sent her flying!
  • Robby dropped everyone off at Grannymom's house and then him and Graham drove through McDonalds on their way to school this morning.  Graham loves school now-because most days Grannymom or Nonna pick him up.  And today was Nonna's day so he was ready to be dropped off all so he could be picked up.  
  • I saw my kids, ran to Savers-and what a fun place.  I picked up 10 kid books for less than 3 dollars and even a pair of jeans for Anderson.  A pair of jeans for Anderson that he is able to button and they aren't too long-woo hoo!  Then on to Krogers before picking up the kiddos.  They had a big day and all earned a dollar for picking up leaves.  If Grannymom had to pay them each a dollar, wonder how much we would have to pay them to pick up the leaves in our yard?  
  • Back at home, the kids played while Robby and I had lunch.  Then it was time for school-we breezed through it today since I wasn't as distracted as I usually am on Thursdays (usually on Thursdays when it is just Reagan and Anderson I pull out everything that we will do the next week).  
  • Anderson has started his 3rd phonics book and it is working on blends.  He thought it was so easy today and was so proud.  I told him that it was because he was getting so much smarter-and you should have seen the smile on his little face.  
  • Soon everyone was awake and before too long, Graham was home as well.  Campbell asked a few times about Graham today-she misses her buddy when he isn't here.  We had supper and then they watched a bit of movie before we loaded up.
  • We went to Bauxite to watch Austin's football game.  The boys were really into the game and occasionally Campbell would shout "offense" or would imitate her Daddy and shout "go, go, go."  Keaton mostly sat on my lap and occasionally would clap her hands and shout with the crowd.  Reagan was more interested in playing on the bleachers than watching the game.
  • On the way home, we picked up Kennedy and picked up some hot chocolate for me.  The kids played for a bit and then we put everyone in bed-my crew was all tired tonight.  We don't have many 10 o clock nights here.

October 17, 2012

Shopping Night at Sparks!
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  • Oh this was another day of sleeping in for us-well, kind of.  Graham had joined us sometime during the night and then he tossed and turned from 5 on (kicking Robby out of bed and taking my covers).  
  • Soon though everyone was dressed-actually that isn't right.  Campbell was the only one that was dressed though I did get dressed later (and not back into my pajamas!)  We then started on school and man, Wednesdays are just hard around here.  We pressed on and ended school with science reading (a favorite) and then did a bit of math with candy corn.  
  • I had everyone empty a few trash cans, pick up the house a bit and then we had lunch.  After lunch, I really don't know what happened but soon it was time to leave.  I had a few more things planned to accomplish but none of that happened-oh, well it will eventually get done.
  • We dropped off a little present at a friend's house and then picked up my reinforcements for the doctor's office-Grandpa.  Three kids with checkups and everyone needing flu mist/shots make for a wild time at the doctors.  
  • We were quickly called into a room-Reagan, Graham and Keaton were measured.  I answered all of their questions and soon the nurse came to give Campbell her flu mist and Anderson his flu shot (he has asthma so he has to have the shot).   Anderson was brave and grimaced a bit but survived his shot fine.
  • Reagan is in the 13-15th percentile in her height and weight and weighs one pound less than Graham.  Graham has more of a Dennie body and his height and weight are all in the 70-80th percentile.  Keaton was around 25 pounds (I don't have my papers near me so am guessing on all of my stats).  Her head circumference was 99st percentile-she is a Dennie!  
  • Reagan had her flu mist and then it was Graham's turn.  I had been telling him he wouldn't need shots-I was wrong.  He got 4 plus his flu mist.  Poor thing-by this time Robby had arrived and was needed to hold him down.  He cried a bit but was pretty brave-more like scared to death.  Now Keaton really cried and started crying with her first shot and screamed through all 4 until I picked her up and Robby passed her a bottle.
  • From there we dropped off Grandpa, saw Grannymom for a minute and then had supper at Sams.  Any place you can feed a family of 7 for less than 15 dollars is a winner!  And they had churros for 1 dollar-yummy!  We even walked around for a bit and then hurried to church.
  • Everyone did great tonight in their classes and were thrilled to have juice boxes on the way home from church-it is the simple things in life.  At home we passed out another snack, unloaded the car and the put everyone to bed!

October 16, 2012

Outdoor art project!
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  • We were all still sleeping at 7:30 this morning and when Robby said that I would have to get up in a minute, I looked at him and asked "why?"  I had forgotten that Graham did have to leave with Robby so I would have to get him ready.  Our restful bliss wouldn't have lasted too much longer anyway because by the time I was up the stairs, everyone was already starting to stir.
  • Graham was moving slowly until I mentioned that he had to get to school so it could start and then Grannymom could pick him up.  That lit a fire under him and he really started stirring.  By the time, Graham made it downstairs along with Campbell who was also dressed (remember she has to put on her clothes first thing in the morning), Keaton was stirring as well.  
  • So we all had breakfast, waved bye to Graham and them started on our school work.  I convinced Campbell to watch Keaton for me while I took a shower.  This provided a few extra minutes for Anderson and Reagan to work on their school work in quietness-though I don't know exactly what they accomplished while the 3 of us were gone.
  • There is one part of Anderson's phonics that he has started to rely on me to do with him.  Me doing it with him consists of me pointing to the words while he reads it but today he told me not to point to the words yet still wouldn't even attempt it unless I was sitting beside him.  Crazy frustrating to me.  So I sent him to his desk and he did the majority of it by himself-but he was not at all happy with me!
  • I have decided that Keaton does not like the school room.  She gets fussy by 9:30 and I give her some milk to buy me some more time.  Then by 10:30 I stick her in bed.  Though she can hear us and usually fusses for awhile but then sleeps until 12.  I have her a zillion toys laid out to play with but probably everyone hovering over her gets her riled up.  
  • One of our projects today was to weigh and measure our pumpkins.  Everyone enjoyed that and they just begged me to weigh and measure Graham's pumpkin.  I wouldn't let them but we left everything out for Graham to do in the morning.
  • I had a few minutes before lunch and started pulling out Anderson's winter clothes.  When I looked through Reagan's bins of clothes I had to search through 3 bins.  For Campbell, I had to look through 4 bins but for Anderson, I had to only look through 1/2 of a bin.  No worries though, he still has enough winter clothes and I only probably need find him some blue jeans that fit (stretchy waist) and maybe he needs a heavy winter coat (the coat switch over is a job for another day)
  • It was then lunch time and before I knew it, Reagan and Anderson were in the living room playing Go Fish with each other.  They have never played a game just by themselves.  And they really did great-there was no fussing and they even played each sitting on opposite sides of the ottoman so they couldn't cheat.
  • After naps, I sent everyone outside.  We swang, played some football, played in the dirt and also played a quick game of Mother May I?  And that was hysterical-they couldn't remember to ask Mother May I? for anything.  I saw the bird houses and brought Reagan's birdhouse and paint outside for her to work on.  She finished hers and was so proud to hang it up.  Of course her painting outside made Anderson and Campbell want to paint as well so we all did that for awhile.
  • Soon it was nearing time for Robby and Graham to come home, so I took the little girls in and started on supper.  Graham had been gone all day long-but he was so proud that he earned a dollar by raking leaves for Grandpa.  We had supper and then everyone had showers.
  • Afterwards, we all enjoyed cookies and reviewed our Awana verses before letting the kids play a bit before bed.  But then after putting them to bed, they have been going nuts up there.  I have been up there twice and Robby is up there now.  If it continues there will be a few sleeping in the attic tonight.

October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Day with G's Class!
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  • Last night as Robby was explaining where and with who everyone was going today, he practically needed a flow chart.  The kids acted like they understood but his speech went something like this "Graham will go to the pumpkin patch with me, Mom will drop Keaton and Campbell off at Nonna's house and then drop Reagan and Anderson off at school.  Then Mom will pick up Campbell and Keaton.  Then we will all run an errand while Nonna picks up Anderson and Reagan and eventually everyone will meet again at the ballgame."  It is no wonder they get confused about what is happening next!
  • Graham was still a bit scared during the hay ride at the pumpkin patch and didn't want to go on the train ride but he still had a blast.  Robby said that Graham really enjoyed riding on the pedal tractors.  And of course, Graham was intent on bringing home the biggest pumpkin ever and I do think that his pumpkin is larger than all of the others.  
  • Keaton and Campbell had lots of fun at Nonna's house.  They enjoyed pushing and being pushed in the strollers and Campbell even had a bath.  When I came to pick her up, she was happy to pass out a few cookies to me and quite a few to herself.  
  • At home, we all had lunch and then did a few chores.  Campbell and Keaton had a short little nap and  Graham and I watched a Cake Boss while I worked on my coupons (as is our Monday tradition).  We then had to run an errand to sign a few papers and then kids enjoyed a cinnamon roll from Starbucks and then Sonic drinks on the way home.  
  • We had a few minutes at home and Graham and Campbell helped me paint my new chalkbaord while Keaton watched.  Before too long it was time to head to the football game.  
  • Reagan and Anderson met us there and we didn't get to find out much about school except that Anderson's teacher forgot their stickers (again!) and Reagan's teacher, Ms. Pam, wasn't there.  
  • Tonight during the game, Campbell looked at me and said "my ears are cold but they will warm up at the beach."  Um, okay, whatever!
  • The boys are really doing well at football.  They did indeed win tonight by my count (2-1) and also by Anderson's count (4-1).  Anderson did look at one of the coaches tonight and say "We are getting good at this, right Coach?"  He did pull at least one flag, tried to block others from pulling flags and ran quite a few yards and nearly made a touchdown.  
  • Graham was into the game tonight too and not as distracted as last Monday.  He pulled one flag and was really into chasing the ball carrier and trying his hardest to get flag.  And my Reagan is just so cute while cheering (even though she never smiles-takes it all too seriously).  She knows all of the words and many of the motions.  Can't wait to see her perform Saturday at the stadium.  
  • After the game, Nonna, Pops and Jason all joined us at Chick Fil A for supper.  The kids enjoyed playing for a bit and then it was time to head home.  Oh, yes, at Chick Fil A, Campbell did try to walk out the front door and was stopped by a stranger and then tried to walk out the back door-she was escorted to the car with my hand securely around her arm.  I don't know what I am going to do with that silly girl-oh, they all can't be perfect!   :)

October 14, 2012

We ALL Scream for Ice Cream!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • This morning I think all 4 big kids were dressed and ready before 7:15.  I even commented that we could have made it to the early service-if there were an early service.  Robby and I are often reminiscent about the days of early church and then Sunday school and being out the door by 11 instead of 12:20.  
  • We did have one stop this morning before arriving at church-gas for the mammoth (my current name for the new van).  Robby was expecting it to be a bit more than it was so that was a pleasant surprise and then this evening we noticed gas was 20 cents cheaper on the other side of town.  Ha!
  • Church was fairly uneventful-teaching Sunday school this year has opened our eyes at how good our kids are...and how bad some other kids are!  And a side note: if you ever see one of my Dennies not acting in the right way-please inform us!  
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house.  The kids ate some but were more interested in playing.  They didn't have too long to play before it was time to load up and head home.  Once at home, Keaton and Campbell had a nap and Reagan, Anderson and Graham made a fort, had a huge fight and then happily watched a few movies together (while Robby and I may or may not have had a nap).
  • Next up was choir for the big 3 and cookies in the coffee shop for the little ones.  We definitely livened the place up.  Campbell immensely enjoyed her cookie and laid herself down on the chair licking her fingers and smacking her lips.
  • As Anderson was thumbing through his Bible during big church tonight, he found the maps and noticed a line on the map.  He leaned over and asked me "is that they way to church?"  Love that kid.
  • We had a few errands on the way home and when we finally did make it home, the kids were starving and so ready for Sunday ice cream.  Then bedtime and not a peep was heard from anyone.

October 13, 2012

Wow, a car that is 107 years older than Campbell!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Even as we loaded the car this morning, we weren't too certain that there would actually be a football game since it was sprinkling at our house.  By the time we made it there though, the weather was looking better and the tunnel was even ready to be run through (last week they didn't because it was too wet).  
  • And every week I miss taking a picture of at least one of the kids (usually Reagan) as they run through the tunnel.  This week was no different but I did get some cute pictures of the boys running through.  When Graham was looking at them tonight, he asked a question about a picture with Anderson in it.  But it was actually him in the picture-thought that was funny that he was having a hard time telling him and his brother apart.  Me too sometimes in pictures-as Graham is getting bigger they are looking more and more the same.
  • We had 3 players absent today so played 5 on 6.  This meant that all of our players were able to touch the ball alot.  Graham did not want to run the ball today (really, can you imagine 6 bigger kids than you running right at you-I don't blame him) so he spent most of the game at center.  He did really well today and did little staring off into space.  Anderson ran the ball twice-once involved a lot of running and no gain and the other he did gain a few yards.  He spent most of the game at quarterback and is mega serious about screaming "down, set, hut."  Both boys pulled a flag as well today so it was a pretty good game.  Anderson said the score was 6-4 but I was thinking it was something closer to 4-6.  They had a good time and that was all that matters.
  • After the game, everyone changed into dry shoes and socks and we headed to pick up the big van from Nonna's house and then take it to get pimped.  Ha!  Actually, we did get movies put into it and keyless entry.  Robby had warned me that the movies wouldn't look as seemless as in the red van but they look great and you can not tell they didn't come initially with the van.  Now we are looking for sponsors to advertise on the side.  (Kidding, kind of-unless you know of someone that would really like to advertise on the van and then we can certainly talk!)
  • I then ran into the store for a few things-of course as soon as we were home Robby decided he needed dog food and I decided that I needed bread.  We need a Kroger about a block away from the house.  
  • Next up was picking up pizza and taking it to Grannymom's house for lunch with Dana and crew.  The kids enjoyed playing together and seeing Jenna.  They actually were so ready to play that they all went outside while we stayed inside and had dessert (second time lately for this to happen-kind of nice!)
  • After leaving there, we headed to church for the car show.  The boy enjoyed looking at all of the engines and Reagan said that she "mostly looked at the inside of the cars while the boys looked at the outside stuff."  Even though we had just had pizza, Anderson thought he needed a hot dog so they all had a half and we continued walking around.  When we climbed out of the car, we made it clear to everyone that they couldn't touch the cars.  But one car owner came up to me and told me that he would let the kids climb on and take a picture.  He even took another man around the parking lot for a spin-I told the kids they probably would never see a car that old working again.  It was from 1902-pretty neat.  
  • Then we had some coke and hung out by the rock in front of the church.  The kids had been asking to see what the rock said so they enjoyed seeing it-and climbing all over it.  Next up was home for some naps-there were some tired grown ups after our morning.
  • Soon though it was time to get back out to pick up the van.  When we made it home, we had the kids change vans and then we took the big van for a spin to see how the movies worked.  They work great but are a bit hard to pull down-kind of good (we are the only ones that can probably do it) but kind of bad (sometimes it would be nice for them to do it) though they will figure it out all too soon. 
  • Once we made it home, Robby worked in the garage for a bit while Graham and Campbell played with the neighbor kids that had wondered over.  Robby did catch one of them trying to lift one of our toys from the yard.  And the 3 year old kept wondering in our garage and asked twice to come in the house-no parents around.  Though I really can't say much-my 2 year old was outside with only a shirt and a diaper. 
  • The kids had soup and grilled cheese for supper and were told that if they ate most everything they could have ice cream.  Poor Graham decided before he had eaten any soup that he didn't like it so he missed out on the ice cream.  That didn't phase him for long though and soon he joined Robby watching a bit of the hogs play.  
  • Everyone was tucked in by 7:40 and it was all quiet by 8-so I celebrated with some ice cream!