September 30, 2012

First Grade Bible Presentation
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  • Before I talk about today, let me mention one funny thing that has happened lately.  We received a magazine full of birthday party supplies and as Graham flipped through the pages, he saw a set that had dog plates, napkins and cups.  He then decided that he wanted to have a dog birthday party.  Um, okay, Graham is terrified of dogs but he continued saying that he wanted everyone to bring their dogs and he would pass out doggie treats.   
  • Back to today, this morning started well-we had already bathed 5 kids and were well on our way of getting dressed when the potty stopped up, we found a pen had leaked in the dry on most clothes, then the car wouldn't start and had to be jumped and then we were in need of gas.  Seriously, some one really didn't want for us to go to church today.
  • I kept the nursery while Robby took the big 3 to big church and then we headed to Nonna's house to celebrate Jason's 40th birthday.  We had hamburgers, fries and chocolate cake.  Then Jason opened a few presents.  
  • Robby and Campbell left a few minutes early to run to the store to pick up a few necessities-milk, milk and more milk.  Then they ran back by to pick the rest of us up.  We came home and everyone rested-Reagan and Anderson were the only ones who didn't fall asleep for a few minutes.
  • Before too long, Robby, Reagan, Anderson and Graham headed to choir.  Shortly after I woke Campbell and then Keaton up, quickly fed them and loaded them up into the car (two babies is so easy!-at least for 45 minutes).  
  • Tonight was a big night in church-First grade Bible presentation and Reagan received hers.  She was so proud and looked at her Bible all through the service.  And after church there were cookies and pictures with the preacher.  
  • It was raining on the way home and the kids went to bed pretty early but first Reagan had to pack her lunch.  She has been wanting to pack her lunch for weeks now-must be the first grade thing to do.

September 29, 2012-Happy 1st Birthday Keaton

Celebrating the big ONE!
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  • When I walked into wake up the kids this morning, the first thing that they asked was "is it raining?" and "is there football?"  They were so excited when I told them it wasn't raining and ran to the window to look at the other window (ha!) to see if I was telling the truth.  I really should just tell them that is it football day every morning and they would all be ready in a flash.
  • We had pop tarts for breakfast-the breakfast of champions.  Keaton did miss most of her breakfast because she was concentrating on her milk and then was moved to the shower.  She didn't mind since Grannymom had her a few snacks at the ballgame.
  • It was a little cool at the ball game but that didn't seem to stop anyone.  Reagan was the first of the Dennies to run through the tunnel (I missed her picture this week) and then Anderson, Graham and hot on his heels was Campbell.  Campbell enjoys running through the tunnel more than the rest of the kids-and really who wouldn't enjoy running through that tunnel with 100+ screaming parents/grandparents on the other side.  
  • First we will discuss the Bulls: the boys both did good today.  I don't remember the score (ask Anderson) but they did win.  Graham even carried the ball for a yard or two and Anderson pulled a flag.  Again, they looked more professional this week than last.  
  • Now to the Dazzlers (I don't really remember if that is their name or not-but sounds good anyway):  They are just the cutest things.  Reagan missed practice Monday so she didn't know what in the world was going on today but today when they cheered during halftime-she just shined!  
  • And finally on to our none players-Campbell and Keaton.  Campbell hang out with us during most of the game and then she decided that she wanted to be by her Daddy.  So she went across the field and sat on the bench near Robby.  She stayed over there for the rest of the game.  Keaton also enjoyed the game-or maybe she enjoyed the attention from 4 doting grandparents.  Or maybe it was walking around in the grass or maybe she liked the snacks Grannymom was passing out.
  • Everyone earned their stars after the game and then they all deserved icees!  So they all sat on the blanket, dripping icees and eating them as fast as they could.  After most of the icees were spilled-I mean eaten, we headed to the other side of town-actually another town (back to Little Rock).  
  • On the way we decided that we were starving so we stopped at Taco Bell for a quick lunch.  Then we returned to Taco Bell when we saw that we weren't given our whole order.  We made it in time to see the start of Cash's game and the kids were on the edge of the blanket all day long.  The boys and especially Reagan are ready for soccer.  They are enjoying football and cheerleading but soccer is what they really love.  (And personally it is my favorite too).  Graham was so proud that the ball flew and hit his foot during the game-it was like he had kicked the ball during Cash's game.
  • Cash's team won as well today and we all celebrated by going to the playground for a little bit of playing before heading home.  Well, we thought we were heading home but we stopped by Krispy Kreme for Keaton's birthday doughnuts.  This was an unexpected stop so I didn't have my candles-though Robby asked why I didn't keep some in the car (seriously, my car is packed like MacGyver but candles are one thing that I do not have).  
  • Keaton enjoyed her birthday doughnuts and everyone else did as well.  Then we went home and rested/watched the football game.  Things were going splendidly until after the game and Robby asked if I was going to get up.  Then he went on to tell me that the party was at 5-I thought it was at 6:30.  So I had a bit of scrambling to do-like a lot of running around.  Had to pick up the house, make the pancake batter, cut the strawberries, cook the bacon, sausage and biscuits along with quite a few other things.  Craziness followed but at least the kids can help out a bit.  
  • Soon Pops, Nonna, Jason, Grannymom, Grandpa, Dana, Lilly and Cash arrived and the party started.  Robby and I had planned on having a pancake party for Keaton but we really have never cooked pancakes before so Nonna was recruited.  (We probably should do a bit more thinking through our themes-like camping in the rain!).  
  • After Nonna cooked a zillion pancakes we started eating.  Keaton loved the pancakes but the strawberries were her favorite.  Next up was presents-she was the most proud of two new baby dolls.  She also received 2 pairs of shoes, socks, 2 hooded towels, a shape sorting toy and then a little dog that she loved pulling around.  
  • Next up was cereal necklaces for the big kids.  They all still enjoy doing things like that and Campbell really did well too.  I had never seen her do anything like that and she stuck with it just as long as everyone else did.  Lilly made a necklace for Keaton and that child was so proud of her necklace and then later in the evening I spied her munching away on that necklace.
  • Nonna was then sent back to the kitchen to make birthday pancakes-sprinkles and icing make anything taste great so they were a big hit.  Keaton ate until she was stuffed.  Seriously, I think that child gained a few pounds tonight.  She had a big birthday and was pretty exhausted by the end of the evening.
  • But everyone else was exhausted too.  So we put the kids to bed and heard no sounds from them-tomorrow is Jason's birthday celebration.  We are ready for bed but first we must do our third load of dishes for the day!

September 28, 2012

I got the coloring thing down..
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  • We were all still in bed at 7:30 this morning.  The boys eventually stirred but the girls slept until 7:50.  Keaton even slept in late-could have only been better if it was raining outside.
  • We had breakfast and then started school.  Yesterday, I laid out specific work for Anderson and Reagan to do while I was in the shower-they seriously knocked it out.  Now, they were the only ones there yesterday since Keaton was with me, Graham was at school and Campbell was on the way home with Robby.  So I thought I would try the same thing today-worked alright.  Graham even had his work to do and they finished some of it.  (I had Campbell and Keaton with me near the shower).  
  • I guess that we still did get a later start at school because it 12 before I realized it.  We did finish everything-I think the cloudy weather got to everyone though because it wasn't a pretty morning.  I sometimes think Campbell still needs a morning nap because she get so whiney.  Graham can't be quiet for anything but he did often sneak off to the toy room a few times (I let him).  Anderson tries to hard to please but is so distractible and even spent some time along in the kitchen to do his work (whatever works though).  Reagan became nearly hysterical when Campbell wouldn't let Reagan alphabetize the magnetic letters.  Just wasn't a pretty morning.
  • But after lunch everyone calmed down and we made sundials-I know, not probably the best craft on a cloudy day but we did use a flashlight to imagine what would happen.  We will try them outside hopefully soon.
  • The big kids played in the toy room while I worked on getting school out for next week with Keaton and Campbell in the school room.  It was quite a challenge!  That is actually an understatement!  I had to put all of my papers up high so Keaton couldn't reach them and Campbell wanted to help me open and close each notebook.  We got it done though and all survived-though Keaton now has a favorite purple marker that she likes to carry around (now I just have to super glue the lid on).
  • Next up was naps and then everyone migrated outside to play for a bit before we left.  I probably wasn't thinking when I let them out because the boys were quite smelly when they came back in and needed showers.  So we gave everyone but Keaton a shower and are quite good at getting everyone showered and dressed rather quickly.
  • Then we headed over to the Pennington's house to eat supper.  The kids had a blast playing with everyone and made a huge mess of the house.  By the time we made it home, Graham was sound asleep and the rest of the crew were exhausted.  It was a fun evening!  And at home everyone was put to bed because tomorrow will be another early morning.   

September 27, 2012 - Happy Birthday Keaton

Keaton Turns !
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  • Everyone was up before 7:00 and soon Campbell was helping Keaton to wake up - didn't want her to miss his 1st birthday (though we'll celebrate with family Saturday.)
  • Grannymom was booked up today so meant a little shuffling in schedules; Robby took Graham to school and Campbell tagged along since he was coming back home to work from home
  • That meant Reagan and Anderson had minimal interruptions to do their schooling - so they were done with their work right before 11:00
  • Nonna picked up Graham from school (which he LOVES!) and the other kids played upstairs in the toy room until it was lunch time.
  • Sandwiches, chips and leftover birthday cake were on the menu today.
  • With school in the morning, that meant work for Tara in the afternoon.  Campbell and Keaton took naps while Reagan and Anderson caught up on a few movies plus helped straighten the toy room
  • Soon Mom was back with Graham and it was time to kick the cleaning in high gear since Tara was hosting Bunko at the house tonight. Everyone pitched in and soon it was quitting time for Robby
  • Robby and the kids headed out to Chick-Fil-A (to celebrate Keaton's birthday) while the girls come over for dinner and Bunko (except we didn't play Bunko).  Robby and kids stayed out until around 8:00 and then slipped in, headed upstairs for bed and were fairly quiet while the girls finished visiting

September 26, 2012

Celebrating "1" with Nonna
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  • Everyone was awake before 7 this morning.  Yesterday morning the kids fish light went out so this morning when they woke and it was still not working, it caused a bit of commotion.  As soon as I walked into their room, Campbell told me that she was ready to get her clothes on.  Everyone else is happy wearing their pajamas all day long but not her-I even put my pajamas back on after my shower just to torment her.
  • Next up was breakfast this morning and then school.  The boys had quite a difficult time-wrestling, fighting, telling me "no."  It won't happen tomorrow-they have been warned by their Daddy who will also be working from home tomorrow.  
  • We did finish school around 12 and the kids worked on the trash while I made lunch.  Reagan did finish her mosaic from her birthday (her favorite thing ever-and everyone else has put them on their Christmas lists).  She was so happy that she had finished this and can't wait for us to hang it on the wall.
  • Nonna soon came over with a birthday cake for Keaton.  She didn't really care much about the cake until it was put near enough to her that she could grab at the cake stand.  And she was quite intrigued with all of the kids surrounding her to sing.  She did quite enjoy eating the cake-not as much as the boys who seemed to enjoy sneaking into the kitchen to dip their fingers into the icing.
  • After Nonna left, I put Campbell and Keaton to bed and then the others started painting.  This is the new obsession and Reagan was working diligently on her birdhouse.  I made them clean up after awhile so they could watch a movie and I could do a few chores.
  • It didn't take too long for it to be time to go.  I thought I had done well-everyone had on cleanish clothes, brushed teeth and they all had shoes. I had gotten Campbell's bag with a cup in it and Keaton's diaper bag with milk.  I had also packed supper for Beebee's place-corndogs, chips, juice boxes, plates and even a knife to cut Keaton's food.  And as soon as I walked into Beebee's place I remembered that I had forgotten all of the Awana bags.  Robby was able to go home and get them-plan b was to just forget them, me go back and get them on the way to church or have Nonna get them for me.  Second time for me to forget a bag that is outside lately-going to have to get a better system.
  • I was the person talking to the puppets tonight in the preschool and this was big time stuff for Campbell who had never seen my do this.  Later she asked "why did you not call Zebra."  Everyone had a good time-Reagan even earned a patch and her new wings and Graham earned a new patch as well.  (Lots of sewing work for Grannymom.)  Anderson said that his teachers only let him say one verse tonight-not real sure if all of that is correct but we will soon see-he knows his verses and is ready to earn his wings and patch too.
  • At home, everyone had a quick drink before bed and then they all went to bed.  Everyone has been quite tonight-especially since I am too lazy to get up and get the monitor.  Oh, don't worry, if they scream or fall out of the bed I can hear them since I am sitting right below them. 

September 25, 2012

Painting a Birdhouse!
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  • Campbell, who had spent the night at Nonna's house, woke up at 6:30 and said "is it 7 yet?"  Nonna let her climb in bed with her but before too long Campbell wanted to get up and take a shower.  And not too long after breakfast, Campbell asked "when is my Mommy and Daddy going to pick me up."  Nonna said that she was going to take her home and soon they were on their way to our house.  Poor Campbell sobbed when she walked into the house today and I told her that her Daddy was at work.  Pitiful.  
  • Now Graham woke up at 4 and squirmed in our bed until he said that his tummy hurt.  I suggested that he go to the bathroom and it was a good thing that he did.  The poor child!  He seemed fine this morning so we sent him to school-though I hope he wasn't as gassy at school as he was during the rest of the day.  
  • After Graham left, we started school here.  Nonna did give everyone a break when she dropped off Campbell and stayed to play for a bit.  Then after she left, we got back on track and finished on time. I made Reagan watch a few extra of her math videos (there is a 3-5 minute clip of the teacher man explaining the lesson)  I usually don't have them watch them since they just quickly pick up what is new.  I should probably make Anderson watch a few extra ones in the morning.
  • After lunch, everyone helped me straighten bit-we made it fun today by using the hula hoop.  They would roll it and where it landed, we had to pick up everything that was touching it and inside of it-whatever works.  
  • Reagan was anxious for the little girls to take their naps so she could get started on painting her birdhouse.  Anderson was just as happy to paint as well.  Reagan was very meticulous about painting the birdhouse-only the first coat of yellow today.  And Anderson was just a meticulous about painting her apple orchard and beach scene.  They were still painting when Campbell woke up from her nap.  So then she started painting as well.  
  • Before too long, it was time for Grannymom and Grandpa to come over.  Grandpa did a bit of electrical work while Grannymom played with the kids outside.  Soon we had supper followed by more play time outside.  Then it was time for showers and time for me to sneak out of the house for the grocery store.   
  • So checking out at Kroger tonight, I encountered the coupon natzi.  I stood my ground and saved my 60 cents!  Ha!  The lady was trying to tell me that I didn't have 3 cans of refried beans but wouldn't go up and see that indeed I did and then she tried to tell me that I had to buy the item on the picture of the coupon....aaaah!  After all of that I had to have a good snack when I made it home!

September 24, 2012

Water gun wars!
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  • I forgot to write on the blog last night, that on our way home from church I turned on some music and Keaton just sang and sang to it.  It was quite funny-especially because Reagan was practicing learning those songs for choir and was trying to sing along herself.
  • This morning was school morning for Graham, Reagan and Anderson.  We did pretty well getting ready but for some reason I have plenty of slow pokes when it comes to the last few minutes in the house.  Reagan took forever to brush her teeth and then instead of getting socks to wear only found ones with holes to show me.  Graham just wanted to ask questions instead of putting on his socks.  Campbell was too busy following Reagan around and using up my toilet paper and that only left Anderson and Keaton to get in the car quickly.  And since Keaton can't get in the car by herself-it was only Anderson moving quickly. 
  • We dropped of Keaton and Campbell-who continually asked me if I had her pajamas with me.  Then dropped off Graham and finally Reagan and Anderson.  I then ran and saw two kids for work and then back about 15 minutes early to pick Graham up.  I don't have enough extra time to run home or even stop at a store-maybe I can stop by the library or at least bring a book to read in the car.
  • Graham had a good day at school and loved painting with the vegetables.  As soon as he climbed into the car, he asked when 6 was-he knew open house was tonight.
  • We then went to lunch at Nonna's house and then played outside with Nonna's neighbors until it was time to head home.  Keaton and Campbell had their naps and Graham followed me from room to room as I tried to pick up a few things.  
  • Soon Robby came home with Reagan and Anderson.  When I asked Anderson if he had a good day at school, he said "oh, real good day."  He did have a huge sticker on his shirt so maybe he did have a real good day.  
  • After they emptied their back packs, someone found a water gun and they were all asking to go outside.  I consented knowing that we really didn't have enough time for them to get to messy.  We had 5 water guns and of course 2 didn't work.  Anderson was left with the broken ones but he patiently waited and kept telling me to be careful as I used a ladder and shuffled boxes in the top of the shed to find him another water gun for their 20 minutes of play.  
  • Soon it was time to leave and our first stop was Nonna and Pops' house.  A few weeks ago Nonna asked if Campbell wanted to spend the night and she was adamant that she did not.  We tried to convince her for days but she was going to have none of it.  But yesterday, she told me that she wanted to spend the night with Nonna.  I told her that she couldn't because Nonna hadn't asked her yet.  Then she said that she wanted to spend the night with Grannymom.  
  • I told Nonna this story and she asked if she would want to stay tonight.  We asked Campbell and she immediately started packing her bag.  At Nonna's house, she grabbed her 20 pound bag and hauled it to the door.  We could have dropped her off in the driveway and then left and she would have been fine.  We had to practically beg her to get a good bye hug.
  • Next stop was church for Graham's open house.  We saw all of the pictures that he made and pictures that he was in.  Then we walked down the hall for the cookies and punch.  The boys were pretty happy about this part.  Once each kids gets a second cookie and a second helping of punch, I start worrying that we have eaten too much and people are silently frowning at us for getting more than we should.  Ha!  
  • We had supper at Catina Laredo and it was fine-the kids were on their best behavior.  This is the restaurant that the hostess asked last time if we needed a booth to trap the kids in and Robby replied that they were able to sit in chairs.  They were all pretty hungry and ate more of their food but Robby and I cleaned up our dessert eating every bit.  Now Keaton actually wasn't on her best behavior.  She was pretty cute playing peek-a-boo with Robby's napkin while he took the others to the bathroom.  But she would bang her bottle, look at Robby and laugh.  At lunch at Nonna's house, she would stand up in her highchair and then giggle.  I am beginning to think that maybe she is going to be another Campbell after all.

September 23, 2012

Celebrating 38 Years!
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  • Anderson's first words to me this morning was "I had a dream that you told me that Daddy was dying."  That was a great way for Robby to start off his 38th year of life.  
  • Campbell was laying with Robby this morning and he was asking her if the new baby was going to be a boy or girl.  Then he asked what the new baby's name was going to be.  Campbell must have understood his question as being what will the new baby say because she answered "wah wah on the bus."
  • Later that morning, I was trying to get the boys to leave the toy room to come and put their clothes on.  I thought if I said "I need my favorite son to come and put their clothes on" that they would both come to get ready.   I was wrong-they just sat in the toy room pointing at each other, giggling and saying "no, you go."  So then I asked for my least favorite son to come and still neither budged.  I guess there is no favoritism in this house.  
  • Now poor Keaton was covered in poo this morning from head to toe. She had a shower with Robby while I took her bed outside and let Graham have at it with the fabreeze.  The smells was pretty bad (actually horrendous) so Robby opened the window in the school room to let it air out.  And a few minutes from being away from the house, we looked back and saw huge dark clouds.  We could tell that it had rained at home because of the standing water on poor Keaton's bed-this did make for interesting nap time arrangements.  Keaton slept forever this afternoon in Campbell's comfy bed and Campbell was so happy snoozing in our bed.  
  • Graham had asked first thing this morning if we could go to Burger King and get cinna minis and since that sounded easier than making breakfast, we scurried around to leave a few minutes early.  And once we pulled up to Burger King we were met with disappointment-no more cinna minis.  Now they do have cinnabon cinnamon rolls for 2 bucks a pop.  We bought everyone one of those and I had to cut them into pieces since they were full of icing-a gooey mess.  Graham did say that he wanted us to go there again but after 12 sticky hands (4 big kids, Robby's and mine-Keaton ate at home) and 4 messy outfits, we probably won't be stopping there again.  
  • Let me tell you about loading up the car for church-Keaton's diaper bag, Campbell's diaper bag, my Sunday school bag, our bag of Bibles, bag of clothes for the afternoon and finally Keaton is put into the car.  Needless to say that I start getting my bags ready Saturday night and start loading the car as soon as my clothes are on.  Plus adding getting on church shoes for the 4 big kids, Robby and I turning off the lights in the house, plus each of us running back in the house to find a wallet or phone and my problem with forgetting my shoes.  I load the car barefoot and someday I will end up at church without any shoes.
  • After church this morning, Anderson said that he wanted to go to Lilly and Cash's church because it wasn't as long as ours.  
  • Lunch and Robby's last birthday celebration was at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  We had Robby's favorites-pizza and oreo delight.  Then he opened up a few presents and before too long it was time for us to head home.
  • We all rested this afternoon and then Robby did my usual taking the kids to choir bit-and he found out about my secret.  Loading up 3 kids that can put on their shoes, buckle and then spend the hour by yourself hanging out at church is much easier than saying at home for an extra hour with Keaton and Campbell.  Though Campbell was my helper tonight and we cleaned the living room and did 3 loads of laundry.  There is just something about Sundays-my house gets trashed.  The preacher talked about  "order" a few times today and all that I could think about when he said this was how un-orderly my house is.  
  • The sermon this evening was on homosexuality and they had a place for you to take your children if you were concerned about what they might hear.  We choose to take the kids and I became a bit concerned when I saw no other children in the sanctuary.  My kids only heard truths from God's word so all was fine.  Graham actually snoozed and Reagan was so cold that she was shivering the whole time.
  • As soon as church was over, Anderson popped up and was ready to get home for the ice cream truck.  We saw Grannymom on our way out and she had a present from Ms. Laryn's mom-a mask and ear plugs for Reagan.  Reagan often complains that she needs a mask and ear plugs because she has to sleep with everyone else and they are so noisy (too bad it will only get worse when Keaton moves in there with them).  Reagan thought the mask was so funny and said she wasn't going to try it but I bet it will be on her when she wakes up!

September 22, 2012: Happy Birthday Robby and Big News!

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  • Last night before the kids went to bed, Robby let them in on our secret about baby 6.  They were pretty surprised and not at all disappointed!  Ha, I had expected that at least one would not be pleased.  Anderson, my favorite child, said that my belly didn't look big.  Graham started jumping up and down in excitement shouting "boy, boy, boy."  Reagan was so pleased too and quickly said that she wanted another girl but knew we needed a boy. Campbell even kicked her feet in excitement but then started to wonder if the big secret Robby was telling them had something to do with ice cream.
    • We found out months ago that baby Dennie 6 was on the way and weren't that surprised-after all I do like even numbers.  Our first trip to the doctor was August 23.  Everything checked out perfectly and I was given a due date of April 5.  That would make Keaton and Baby 6 about 18 months apart.  The other kids have been 15, 19, 17 and 21 months apart.  Keaton and Baby 6 will also be a year apart in school (an end result of us having a 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 graders).  It was nice to see that little heartbeat on the ultrasound and see that peanut moving around.
    • Our next appointment was this Thursday, the 20th.  We heard the heartbeat for the first time.  And they told me that all of my blood work was normal.  Since I was 12 weeks we decided that it was time to spill the beans and let everyone know the news.  We decided to wait until Saturday since it would be Robby's birthday.
  • They were all still excited this morning when we woke up and couldn't wait to tell the family at the ball game.  With quite a few of the kids, we have had shirts made but not this time-I guess that is what happens when you are having your 6th kid in seven years.  Ha!  No, we will have shirts made soon-I like my matching traveling shirts for the kids.  
  • As we were loading up the car this morning, Campbell started shouting "don't forget Keaton."  She had forgotten that Keaton had spent the night with Grannymom.  Robby actually saw the school room/Keaton's bedroom door open last night and quickly and quietly shut it-thinking that Keaton was actually in there asleep.  Keaton had lots of fun at Grannymom's house and slept from 8 to 6 this morning.  
  • We had to be at Raymar fields at 8 for pictures and the grass was so full of dew that our shoes and socks were soaking wet and the mosquitoes were biting away.  I was getting worried about the type of day that it was going to turn out to bed but it ended up being just perfect.  The weather was a bit warm than I had expected but still perfect.  
  • The boys had their team pictures and then later Reagan had hers with her cheerleading team.  In between all of this the kids ran up and told Jason, then Grannymom and Nonna the big news.  And then Reagan ran to tell Pops and Grandpa too.  They were all so proud that they knew a big secret.  
  • Reagan's team was the first to run out of the tunnel and I think I got a decent picture of her.  But before I knew it the boys were running out and I missed them all together.  Oh, Campbell had waited very patiently in the line behind the tunnel so Robby let her run out too.  She was so happy to come busting out of there.  
  • Reagan's team was all over the place-first cheering on the boys field and then moving at each quarter. I don't really like that because I can't see her the whole time.  She really seemed to enjoy cheering but would be so happy to see me coming with her water bottle or even when I was coming to take her picture (those days won't last long I know!)  
  • The real action was on the boys football field.  Campbell saw pretty quietly in Grannymom's lap and Keaton sat in the stroller taking it all in.  Anderson kept very good count of the score and said that they won 5 to 4.  I am not sure if that is quite accurate but really, I just care that he thinks he won.  
  • They all did so much better than we could have ever imagined.  My Graham ran after the flags and tried to run along with the person with the ball.  He did great and played in the grass very little!  Couldn't have been more pleased-though he never got to touch the football this game.  Hmm, must talk to his coach about that!  (Good thing I know one).
  • Now my Anderson.  He picked up the ball one time and started running as fast as hard as he could.  The ball had been fumbled so they had to call him back but I couldn't have been prouder because we have talked about not stopping running until they told him to stop.  He grabbed one boys flag and when he did, he rolled over on the ground and held that flag up for all to see with the hugest smile on his face (of course I missed that picture).  And then a few minutes later, the quarterback passed to Anderson and he caught the ball and ran the entire field for a touch down.  After that Anderson looked at another coach with big eyes and a smile across his face and said "I think I am going to be good at this."
  • After the game my boys were so proud and happy to earn their stickers to put on their flags.  And Reagan earned a star for her megaphone.  They had a wonderful time and I hope they have that much fun at all of the games.  Reagan and I loaded up right after the game and then headed with Kennedy to Cate's birthday party.  
  • Keaton went home with Nonna for the afternoon because we had big kid activities planned.  Robby, Anderson, Graham and Campbell stayed at the fields for a bit longer and enjoyed snow cones.  They then sat and watched the next team play the first half of their game.  It was pretty perfect weather day for just sitting and enjoying the day.
  • Reagan's party was a carnival party and she had a blast.  They each were given tickets when they arrived and then spent their tickets to play various carnival games-bean bag toss, clothespin drop, milk jug throw, a mystery box, face painting, water gun shoot.  And after every game they were able to choose a prize.  She left with her tummy full of a hot dog, cupcake, popcorn and candy.  And that sweet sister even played a few extra games to earn sunglasses for Anderson, Graham and Campbell. 
  • We hightailed it home and Reagan had time to potty before we were scrambling to get out the door in time to get to the movies.  I am not sure but I think the last movie theater movie that Robby and I have been to was Titanic.  Seriously, the Titanic played in 1997-15 years ago.  
  • Ice Age was the movie that we saw and it kept their attention the whole time.  Well, pretty much anything would keep your attention if you were busy chowing down on a bucket of popcorn the size of your little sister.  That popcorn bucket was huge-like too bad I didn't have my camera huge.  When it was sitting in Graham's lap, he had to lean to the side so he could see the movie screen-he couldn't see over it.  
  • My Campbell has become quite the pottier.  She stayed dry all morning long and then even through the movie.  She is so funny-in the bathroom stall she always tells me to get out.  At the ballgame last  night, I was able to "get out."  But the movie theater bathroom was too busy for me to step out of the stall so I just had to turn around.  Silly thing.
  • After the movie we headed home and Graham fell asleep before we had even left North Little Rock.  Poor guy had a big morning.  Not only did the football game make him tired, it also made him hungry-he had 8 chicken nuggets for lunch.  
  • We picked up Keaton on the way home from the movies and she was so happy to see everyone.  And then when we made it home, she just wanted to crawl all around them and they just shooed her away-they were looking at Reagan's party loot and didn't want her grabbing stuff.  Poor Keaton is used to everyone playing with her and begging her to come to them and when they were pushing her away, I think she got her feelings hurt.  She just cried and cried-a bottle and a nap did make everything better for her though.  
  • Before too long, we were back in the car headed to the park.  After a few minutes of playing it was time to eat hot dogs.  The 3 big kids all had a Nelson kid to play with so they were all happy and busy.  Campbell spent her time playing with a little boy and then stealing balls from the big kids and my little Keaton sat contently in the stroller (helped that we were feeding her constantly).  We did walk over to the playground area and before the kids had played for 10 minutes it was crazy dark.  So we gathered everyone up and walked back to the pavilion for a bit more cookies before heading home.
  • The boys and Campbell had their third shower of the day along with Keaton and Reagan.  Then it was time for bed-they all wished Robby another Happy Birthday and they quickly went to sleep.  Robby has had quite the birthday and the kids have been giving him birthday cards by the dozens for the last few days.  

September 21, 2012

Go Bryant!? Go Benton?!
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  • Not a whole lot went on this morning.  We did school and everyone did fairly well-though poor Anderson was so distracted today.  I thought his work today was a bit easier but he still had 7 boxes left when Reagan finished her work.  I helped his finish some and then we went on with dreaded history.  Nothing like reading about someone deciding how his horse should be eaten during the middle of a siege.  
  • At noon, we did load up and meet Emily to drop off her uniform.  And after seeing her car, Anderson told me that we needed a convertible van.  It took me almost until we made it home for me to understand that.  Then I had to tell the poor kid that I had never seen a convertible van.  
  • Back at home, Keaton and I had soup for lunch and every one else had sandwiches-weirdos.  Then I made them help me pick up the house.  They had to clean the baseboards, doors, do some laundry and then lay out their clothes for the next few outings.
  • Everyone then rested-naps for the little girls and a movie for the big ones.  And before long Robby was home and we were loading up to drop Keaton off for her first grandparent spend the night outing.    
  • The rest of us then headed to the Salt Bowl.  Nonna and Pops arrived when we did and it was quite the event.  There was jumpys, hot dogs, snow cones, foam fingers, pencils-like a big free carnival.  The kids couldn't believe it that we let them jump and then have snow cones.  Graham even said that it was better than his birthday.
  • Then we went into the game and again the kids were in just awe.  The boys and Reagan were taking it all in.  Reagan and I were rooting for Benton-since they served supper to Beebee and Papaw and because they were the underdogs.  But we were on the Bryant side so the boys were rooting hard for them.  Campbell was just enjoying it all and taking it all in.
  • So tonight at the game, there was a boy cheerleader.  My boys could not understand why in the world a boy was a cheerleader.  I tried to explain that is just what he choose to do instead of football. Anderson though kept saying "really?"  I am thankful that they can not fathom doing that when they grow up.  
  • And things sure have changed since Robby and I were in high school.  We thought by going to McClellan and Fair that we had seen it all.  But after a few hours at a high school game our eyes were really opened.  Two things that I vividly noticed was how the young ladies dressed and how unsupervised children often behaved the wrong way.  
  • We stayed until half time and watched a bit of the halftime show before heading back to the car.  The kids were tired and we have to be at the football field at 8 in the morning-leaving here at 7:30.  Wish us luck!

September 20, 2012

The dentist would be proud!
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  • We woke up in enough time today to nearly finish off another box of cereal.  Last time I went to the grocery store, I bought boxes of cereal instead of the huge Sam size bag.  Even though I had coupons and it was on sale, that probably wasn't the most economical thing to do since we are going through a box of cereal in a little over a day.  What am I going to do when these people are teenagers all at once?
  • Robby dropped Graham off at school and if we believe everything that he says then he tore a phone book in half.  Ms. Stacy showed him how-maybe Team Impact has an audition coming up soon.  
  • I dropped the other off at Grannymom's house.  Keaton was in a mood today and didn't really want to eat-I think she is getting her 32nd tooth (well, she doesn't have that many but my baby does have a mouth full of teeth). 
  • Reagan and Anderson did their school work and then did more school work outside by playing hangman.  Most of the day they spent outside since the weather is still just beautiful.  Reagan worked on her bird house with Grandpa and Anderson got pretty good at throwing the ball up and hitting it with the bat.
  • Campbell did quite good pottying and even wore big girl panties most of the day long.  Though at nap this afternoon, I told her that she could keep her panties on but that we would also put on a diaper.  She told me that Grannymom said that she had to wear her panties even during nap time.  I finally won that battle but imagine what a battle it was when I finally took those panties off of her for good later in the day when they were wet.
  • Nonna picked Graham up from school and when that little turkey was talking to Nonna, he told her about getting bit by a bed bug.  He said that it was in Washington D.C.  And then he added "it was the capitol but not our capitol"  Meaning it was the national capital building there and not the one he sees downtown.  He also added that it made a red bump but then went away after a few days.  His story was so complete that Nonna was even starting to wonder if maybe it was somewhat true.  Now, not to my knowledge have any of my children ever been bitten by bed bugs-though I have wondered about bed bugs at certain hotels that we have stayed at.  
  • When Graham did make it home this afternoon, he was thrilled to try on his new football shoes (soccer cleats).  But someone was not thrilled about this at all.  Campbell cried and cried wanting me to buy her soccer shoes.  She was just not happy with me and kept asking when I would buy her some.  I guess I will have to get her some next year during soccer even though she still won't be old enough to play.  
  • We played outside a bit this evening and then came in for showers and supper.  Keaton may not have eaten this morning but she gobbled down every bit of soup that I laid on the table in front of her.  She even sat at the table after everyone else went upstairs to play.  My soup was a bit spicy so I made sure that she had plenty to drink and even took her cup to bed!
  • The big kids watched a show before bed-I guess I should say that they watched part of a movie.  Robby thought he picked a quick little show but it ended up being an 1.5 hour movie.  Ha!  We cut them off after about 45 minutes.  Anderson, Graham and Campbell all said that it was a scary movie but they must not be too afraid since there are no sounds coming from upstairs.

September 19, 2012

Sittin' Pretty!
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  • Today was my second full day not to leave the house-blissful!  I have even been researching chickens, rain barrels and composters-seriously.  Don't worry though, I will have to prove myself with a vegetable producing garden before Robby let's me buy the 500 dollar chicken coup for 3 chickens.  But you probably came to the blog to read about the kids...
  • Graham is the only one of the kids that has been out of the house lately too.  The last few times that he has been in the car with me and we have seen a police car, he has started shouting "be good, be good, a police car!"  
  • This morning was wonderful.  The kids nor us didn't wake up until after 7:30-how wonderful was that?  And then the next thing that I knew, we were all upstairs telling Robby bye as we were building lincoln log houses.  Soon Campbell put on her clothes and the boys followed (Since I am no longer leaving the house (until in the morning) I only shower and then put on a clean pair of pajamas-drives Campbell crazy!)
  • We had breakfast and then did school.  School was a bit wilder today and that was all because of Graham.  Last year Graham did much better in school than he did today.  But on Tuesday and Thursdays lately Graham hasn't been home for school so that just leaves Wednesdays and Fridays that he has been doing school with everyone-and he has gotten a bit our of practice.  Ha!  He finally got back into the routine of things after awhile.  We still finished by lunch time!
  • After lunch we all headed outside.  The plan was to do a science experiment but I didn't have any string (now that I think about it-I do have some).  Anyway, the kids found a rope and started trying to capture whoever was swinging (don't worry-I was keeping a close eye).  Then we took a walk around the block and ended our outside time with popsicles.  Actually that was my ploy to get Campbell inside for her nap.  I told the others they could stay outside but as soon as I walked in the house, they all came in too.
  • Reagan spent most of the afternoon working on painting beads-one of her birthday party presents.  That girl loved all of her craft stuff, especially since she is going to be an "artist" when she grows up.  The boys are also going to be artist-maybe I need to expose them to a few other careers.  
  • The afternoon seemed to fly by and Robby was home soon.  When he came home, I was busy making supper for tomorrow night-completely neglecting supper for tonight.  Fortunately the kids didn't have sandwiches for lunch so that is what we had-along with some leftover birthday party cupcakes.  
  • After those cupcakes, everyone needed showers.  After showers, we cleaned up for a bit and then the kids watched one more movies before bed.  Keaton didn't watch the movie but spent her time practicing walking-she is so funny.  She takes a few steps and then looks around waiting on anyone to clap for her!

September 18, 2012

Dancing Princess!
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  • Graham was ready to go to school this morning because he knew that Grannymom was going to pick him up.  He even decided to eat his breakfast in the car thinking that would help him get to school faster.  
  • At home, we did school.  For some reason we flew through everything today, even finishing science, geography and history.  Whoop, whoop!  One thing might have helped was that Campbell and Keaton went in my bedroom and Campbell shut the bedroom doors.  They were in there long enough that I had to send Reagan, then Anderson and then me to check on them.  I knew there wasn't anything harmful in my bedroom (other than Campbell).  The 30 minutes they spent probably helped Anderson focus and Reagan to finish her work.  
  • We had lunch here and then I started on some chores while Reagan waited on me to open up some more of her birthday presents.  So after putting Campbell and Keaton down that is what we did.  We opened her legos and put them together (I think everyone will be getting legos for Christmas).  They worked on them forever and then took the new ones upstairs to play.
  • Soon after the girls woke up I was able to shoo Anderson and Campbell outside.  Reagan was still working on one of her birthday arts and crafts so she finished before coming out.  I worked on straightening the garage some (mud is everywhere in there still from Reagan's party) and then we played baseball.  Soon the neighbor kids came over and they all played in the dirt until Graham came home.
  • Speaking of neighbor kids-I just about, well I did lose it with one today.  This afternoon I was on the treadmill and saw three kids playing by the lid to my septic tank and then saw it open.  I jumped off, ran downstairs and made it clear that they were not to touch it nor were they to come in my yard.  This is not the first time I have had to do this (this being "get ugly with them")  But really, can't blame the kids too much-who lets their kids play in some one else's yard when the people that live there aren't outside?  Or who let's their kids play outside all afternoon without checking on them?  
  • Robby brought Graham home this afternoon.  I have been smelling doughnuts all day long and when I hugged Graham I smelled them on him.  His story was that Grannymom and Grandpa took him for doughnuts, they came home and had lunch and then they had more doughnuts.  Robby doesn't believe this story and I have my doubts since Graham has become quite the story teller but he sure did smell like doughnuts.  
  • For supper was celebrated National Cheeseburger Day by having cheeseburgers-a coincidence.  Then it was bath time for all little children n this house.  I wasn't in there when Keaton was getting her bath but she was not happy at all.  Before too long it was bedtime but tonight Reagan wanted the fish tank night light out tonight so her new glow in the dark fairy picture would shine brightly.  Anderson and Campbell didn't want to light out so we said after 15 minutes we said we would turn it back on and we did.  After an hour, we heard Reagan holler for us to come and turn the light back off-she was waiting up so she could again see her fairies glow.

September 17, 2012

Whatcha looking at? 
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  • (You'll notice a few pictures at the end of today's pictures - we celebrated Robby's birthday a few days early at the Brocks after Sunday lunch!  Yummy Jo Powell cake!)
  • After Graham put on his clothes this morning, he came downstairs and had a complaint for me.  He said "I am 4 but I am still having to wear 3 year old clothes."  I explained that when it was winter time he would have a new batch of 4 year old clothes in his drawers but this didn't help appease him and he added "but I am stretching out theses clothes."  Don't feel sorry for him-all of his clothes fit just fine.
  • A few times over the last few days, Campbell will say "let's go to Disney World" as we get into the car. She is as serious as she can be and if she keeps asking her daddy we will soon be headed to Disney World.  
  • I dropped Graham off at school and he was so excited to take his snack.  And it must have been a big hit because when he came to the car after school, Ms. Stacy said that his snack was "the best snack ever."  Talk about making that boy's day.  The snack was all his idea-square crackers, circle crackers, rectangle crackers and cheese cut in the shape of triangles.  He is already trying to decide what he wants to take next month for snack.
  • After dropping Graham off, I read to Reagan and Anderson for a bit before dropping them off.  Anderson's teacher wasn't there yet this morning so I hung around until someone showed up.  I trust that boy and all (he was sitting quietly at his desk though others were rough housing) but I still stuck around.  His teacher was there this afternoon so I guess she finally showed up.  
  • Campbell and Keaton had a big day at Nonna's house.  Campbell really enjoyed wearing an apron today and working in the kitchen with Nonna.  At lunch, I said that we would probably have cake for dessert (leftover from Robby's celebration at Nonna's house yesterday) but Campbell looked up at me and said "cake for me?"  Poor thing, just about another 100 days until her birthday.
  • We then went home for a bit-Campbell and Keaton slept and Graham watched Cake Boss.  That child is so obsessed with that show that he was ecstatic to get wedding cake ice cream tonight.  It was less than an hour and then we loaded up to get Reagan and Anderson.  
  • Anderson said that his favorite part of the day was snack (that's my boy) and Reagan never said her favorite but said that her low was not getting to do their art project (they ran out of time).  I wrote a note to Reagan's teacher today about something unrelated and this was part of her reply "By the way, please tell Reagan how much I appreciate her and her excellent behavior! We had a pretty trying day with talking and behavior with a lot of the class, but not Reagan! I think she is just near perfect! Bet she will be visiting the treasure box next week! She is very close to 25 star stickers! Just a precious girl!"  Things like that sure are nice to hear!
  • We then headed to the other side of town to meet Robby for some ice cream.  The kids so enjoyed that treat and then they loaded up and came home and ran to the grocery store to buy a few things (saving 43 percent-not much but I was still pretty pleased).  
  • When I came home all the kids were in the school room coloring-they love to color now-actually they love to marker now.  They just sat at their desks and color away.  I think it is kind of funny because in just a few hours we will be sitting at those same desks doing school-I would think they would want to stay away from that room.  
  • Keaton also enjoys when everyone is in the school room-just imagine all of the markers to hold, color to chew on and paper to crumple that is around.  She stays just as busy in there as they do.  
  • We played a game and then before too long it was time for bed for my Dennie crew.  

September 16, 2012

New birthday doll!
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  • This morning Reagan found something that she wanted to do at Nonna's house after lunch today.  I wasn't able to quickly remember who had given it to her and Graham piped up with the correct name of who brought that gift.  That boy can't remember his abcs but he can always remember facts like this.
  • As we were loading up to get into the car, Graham was looking around at all of the party leftovers strewn around the garage and he said "I want to have my next birthday in the garage too"-I guess the garage was a pretty good party place.
  • I ran into two of Campbell's Sunday school teachers today.  One said that she was very sweet and the other said that she was so quiet and hadn't started talking to them yet.  I am sure that the real Campbell will show up soon and just knock their socks off.
  • Graham also got a compliment in Sunday school today saying that he was singing so well.  I wasn't really paying any attention but my boy does love to sing.  He gets that from Robby.
  • When church was over, Anderson said "did you see me sleeping?" and Reagan added "I fell asleep too."  To which I added "so did I."  If you were sitting near me in church this morning I sure hope I didn't snore out loud.  
  • On our way home, Graham was talking about the cows walking down the road that we saw on the way to church.  And Campbell was trying to talk as well so she shouted at him "Graham, I'm talking to my Momma. Don't talk."  
  • At Nonna's house, we had lunch and celebrated Robby's birthday with a Jo Powell cake.  It was delicious and the kids even gobbled it up.  After lunch, Reagan worked on decorating her purse-one of her birthday presents. 
  • We then headed home for a few minutes before choir.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham colored and then watched a few movies.  Keaton and Campbell had their naps and Robby and I retreated to the bonus room and slept like babies.  After all Sunday's are days of rest-especially in this house.
  • I finally stirred and headed to church for choir with the big 3 while Robby earned his money this afternoon.  The little girls woke up, had supper and then Campbell decided that she needed a shower so of course she had herself a shower.  When Robby finally made it to church, he was pretty convinced that he was going to be the one to take the big 3 to choir next week.
  • So Team Impact was at church tonight.  Graham spent the whole night (well, the hour that we stayed) with his hands over his ears.  Campbell who also had her hands over her ears would look at him, pat his head and say "it's okay, I'm here."  Reagan and Anderson were on the edge of their seats the entire time.  They squealed, screamed and hollered and had a great time.  The only way I was able to get them to leave was to mention that it was Sunday night and the ice cream truck was coming to our house (not a real ice cream truck but just what we call our Sunday night treats.)

September 15, 2012

7th Birthday Party Time!
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  • When Robby woke up this morning and saw the rain, he knew the football and cheerleading this morning would be cancelled and he also knew that we could not stay in the house all day long.  So we loaded up and headed to McDonalds to slide and eat.  The kids were a bit disappointed about the rain and no games but McDonalds seem to cure that.  (Another week of practice sure won't hurt the football boys.)
  • On our morning outing, Robby ran into Walmart and even though he had only 3 items on his list he was in there forever.  The kids were getting very anxious but I was too busy laughing about Anderson and what he had said the other night.  We were eating Sponge Bob macaroni and Anderson commented "we can't watch Sponge Bob but we can EAT him."-yes, buddy, we eat what is on sale.
  • When we finally made it to McDonalds the kids were so excited.  They played until Robby came in with the food and then they all quietly sat and waited for us to divvy it out.  Waiting on breakfast is hard for my crew when they are used to eating as soon as they wake up.  
  • We stayed for quite awhile and then Robby ran into Sams to buy some more mulch for the new flower bed.  Sams didn't take him quite as long as Walmart took and the kids were relieved.  
  • Back at home, we put the mulch out and started trying to decide where we would have Reagan's party.  It is hard to have a camping themed birthday party in the house (especially with 36 people-19 of those kids).  We thought about all inside-too crowded, we thought about the yard-too wet, we thought about the garage/driveway and started cleaning.
  • We worked and worked-Robby would set something out in the driveway and it would rain some more.  Then it would clear and we would do it all over again.  Ha!  We did quite a bit of work before the game started but then took time to watch the first half of the Razorback game.  The first bit was all that we needed to see.  The kids went on to watch one of their movies and later while they were cleaning the toy room I overheard them saying "are there such a thing as red razorbacks?" and "what is a razorback anyway?"
  • This afternoon Keaton was crawling around and Campbell was busy corralling her around.  Keaton had on a Razorback shirt so Campbell called her "my little razorback" as she drug poor Keaton around the house.  Then she changed from that and started calling her "little stinker."  Keaton has the patience of Job putting up with Campbell but Campbell is pretty entertaining because you never know what will happen next.   
  • The last few minutes before a party are always crazy.  Robby and I are not good estimators of time (especially Robby).  There are just so many things that need to get done the last minute and we are always scurrying around.  The garage turned out pretty nice-we had stars hanging, the firepit burning (or smoking due to the rain), the tent set up as a prop, chairs and tables, hot dogs and all the fixings and lots of cupcakes and cake.  
  • Reagan had a pretty good birthday and lots of friends there-Kaleigh, Avery, Alexis, Emory, Alyssa Kate, Caroline, Ethan, Brody, Noah, Eden, Lilly, Kennedy, Lilly, Cash and her brothers Anderson and Graham and sisters Campbell and Keaton.  We started off by eating supper and then moved on to the games.
  • The kids ran around a chair with marshmallows on their spoons-by the end the marshmallows were so wet from falling on the ground that they were stuck to the spoon.  Then they licked a marshmallow and stuck it on their head to run the relay race.  They earned glow in the dark bugs and finger flashlights for playing the games.  The kids also guessed how many rocks were in a jar.  The highest guess was 100 and the lowest guess was 2 (Campbells).  But the winning guess was Anderson with 50 (actual was 53 rocks in the jar).  He won 2 whole dollars! Next up was the pinata and no one seemed to mind picking up wet candy.  
  • Next up was candles and birthday cake (notice my campfire cake?-cute huh and easy).  We scratched having smores because we just ran out of time-anyone want to come over this week for smores?  Then Reagan opened her presents-a purse, pajamas, build her own birdhouse, a necklace, decorate your own bag, a doll, a backpack, art kit, game, lots of craft projects and girly legos.  She is getting bigger-not as many toys-makes me sad!  
  • After presents the kids all headed in the muddy yard with their flashlights on and had the best time.  They ran and screamed and squealed and all needed to be hosed down.  One guest, Eden, even said that the best part of her day was playing in the "deep dark woods with lights."  They all did have a good time.
  • After everyone left, my kids were hearded through the showers.  Keaton was sent to bed and the others inspected Reagan's gifts and Reagan opened up a few of them.  The kids then all went to bed with their flashlights on their fingers-they were all tired because I never even heard anyone talking.  Robby and I then got to work and straightened the house and left most of the garage for tomorrow...or another day!

September 14, 2012

Happy Swinging!
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  • Robby was the first one up this morning.  He even was up before the kids which is pretty surprising for us.  Before too long though everyone was up.
  • That was fine because we had to gobble down breakfast and then start school since we were headed to the park.  I told the kids that what we didn't finish they would have to finish at the park-if I leave the room, I come back finding them practicing cartwheels or dragging Keaton around.  Anderson didn't finish his work and had to do spelling in the car.  Oh, don't feel sorry for him-he was happy to do it in the car so he didn't have to do it at the park.  We were finished by the time we left Lawson.  My Anderson enjoys his spelling.  I do too and kind of think it is what I like doing the most with the kids.
  • At the park, the kids enjoyed playing with Kennedy and another friend from Reagan's school, Emily.  We had lunch and then they did more sliding, swinging, running, frisbee throwing, rock skipping and freeze tagging.  Eventually, I had to load my crew up so we could head home-I had lots to do!
  • At home, I worked a bit before putting Keaton and Campbell down for a nap.  Campbell asked to sleep in Reagan's bed for nap and did just fine-even staying in bed when she woke up.  Then I let the others watch a movie.  And after their movie they had to clean to earn another movie so we picked up the toy room, cleaned the garage and after their movies they bagged up party favors and helped make pudding.  
  • We were still working when Robby came home and he did a little more work while we had supper.  I guess since the toy room was clean the kids didn't want to mess it up so they just stayed downstairs near us. I read them 2 books and then after putting on pajamas Robby read 2 more.  Everyone went to bed fairly well tonight.

September 13, 2012

I WANT these snacks!
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  • When Graham climbed into our bed last night, I tried to look out the window and decide if it was becoming daylight yet but I just could not tell.  Robby thought that it was around 6 when he came but he didn't bother to lift his head to look at the clock either.  
  • Soon everyone was up and eating breakfast-though most were disappointed that we were not having cupcakes for breakfast as we did yesterday.  Graham was ready to get to school this morning to take his strawberries.  Everyone from his class brought some type of fruit for the kids to try (Graham's favorite was blueberries).
  • I dropped off Reagan, Anderson, Campbell and Keaton at Grannymom's house and then headed to work.  I also sent homework for them to do and it was already completed and back at my house by the time I got home from seeing my kiddo and running by work.  
  • I then feverishly worked to get school ready for next week-I have enjoyed that time on Thursdays but will pick up another kiddo next week and will lose my Monday and Thursday morning free time.  Then I scurried off the grocery store to completely fill my cart with food for Reagan's party this weekend.  
  • Next I picked up the kids from Grannymom's house and when I drove into their driveway, I couldn't see Graham and briefly panicked not remembering where I had left him.  Nonna had picked him up from school and he was playing at her house.  The kids had a busy morning and were a bit tired in the car on the way home.
  • Once home, the kids went upstairs for a bit and then headed outside to play.  A dumptruck delivered some rocks and the kids got to work spreading them out.  They worked off and on for most of the afternoon.  Though they did briefly take a break to do school on the patio.  
  • By this time Campbell and Keaton had woken up from their naps and headed to pick up Graham with me.  On the drive over they were both in the best mood and laughed and laughed at each other.  Graham was happy to see us and it didn't take him too long to get in the car since we were headed to get Sonic drinks for the workers at home (Robby, Reagan and Anderson).  
  • We delivered our drinks and I put Keaton in the stroller and we all started to work moving those tiny rocks.  Keaton busied herself with drinking my drink from Sonic (mostly ice left) and once I took off the lid for her and she stuck her hand down into the ice, she laughed out loud.  By the time we came in tonight the kids were filthy messes and the floor all over my mud room and bathroom is covered with dirt.  
  • They then picked up a bit and then had supper.  After supper we worked on making Reagan's goodie bags.  The kids all loved helping but were especially happy to sample what we had made.  After that it was way past bedtime and everyone went to bed without a fuss.

September 12, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Graham ended up in our bed sometime around 3.  He is usually pretty cuddly at night but last night his elbows were constantly poking me in the back-kind of like a bad massage.  Campbell was the first one up this morning and as she lay in our bed, she noticed that Graham still had on his clothes.  I told her to look at her clothes and she just laughed-she thought it was so funny that she had slept in her favorite pink shorts and bear shirt.  It's the little things in life.
  • A few minutes later, Anderson walked right past me in bed with Graham and Campbell and straight into the bathroom to talk to Robby.  And what did he ask him?  He said "Dad, when can we get breakfast?"  I think that I might be offended that he didn't ask me about breakfast-yes, Robby does get it sometimes but I am usually the one passing out the grub around here.
  • Well after that it didn't take me long to come up with a perfect birthday breakfast-cupcakes.  Reagan blew out another candle (her 5th time this birthday) on her cupcake and they all gobbled their cupcakes and then moved on to more traditional breakfast foods.
  • Next up was school today.  Since it was Reagan's birthday, they had no "real" school work (math, science, phonics, yada, yada, yada."  Instead all of their boxes were filled with "fun" school work-addition with dice games, counting money, graphing worksheets, an abc scavenger hunt-all that fun work that we usually don't have time to fit into our day.  Reagan was the first to look into her pile of work and said "I don't know how to do any of this" but Anderson was the first to realize that this school work was completely different.   I eventually had to explain that this was because it was a birthday school work day.
  • We finished early and after everyone emptied their trash can, they had quite awhile to play before lunch.  I almost had lunch ready when Nonna stopped by to see the birthday girl for a bit.  She brought her an early birthday gift (a necklace that used to be mine).  And even brought birthday brownies for Reagan (which stuck another candle in for Reagan's 6th time to blow out candles).  
  • Nonna stayed and played for awhile and the kids were pretty wound up.  Enough so that when she left I made everyone lay down in separate rooms.  And it was wonderful!  Ha!  I did laundry, looked at my calendar, read my Bible and even had time to just stare out the window.  I finally let Reagan and Anderson up-everyone else had fallen asleep and I walked in the treadmill for a few minutes before running around the house like crazy trying to leave in time to go and see Beebee before church.
  • As soon as Keaton saw Papaw she started screaming and was pretty unhappy for the rest of the evening-even at church.  But the other kids were on their best behavior today.  I have actually found something to keep them occupied (well behaved) at Beebee's place-I fed them supper while we were there.  That helped with having to eat so early and we probably stayed a few minutes longer than usual because I wasn't trying to rush out of there before they completely went nuts.
  • We made it to church on time and I dropped everyone off.  Campbell heard Cubbie the puppet say her name tonight and Robby saw her through the window sitting listening to the story.  Graham was happy to see me and Robby in the hallway.  Anderson said one verse and came home with his new book and vest.  Reagan said at least 8 verses tonight (it helps that we have been practicing all of them this summer) and had fun at games tonight.
  • Back at home, we put the kids to bed and they talked and talked and talked.  Robby threatened to not let them go to Reagan's party and I threatened to bite of their arms but neither worked.  Finally a sip of water for everyone is what calmed them down.  

September 11, 2012

Look Mom - no training wheels!
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  • This morning was the same as usual with Campbell and Graham waking up first.  Soon though all the kids were laying in their beds just talking and patiently waiting for the clock to turn to 7.  I headed upstairs to help Graham to put on his clothes and for this to happen the best, everyone else has to put their clothes on even though we weren't going anywhere until the afternoon.
  • Robby took Graham to school and he really seemed to enjoy waving bye to the rest of us as they sped off.  Back in the house, we finished breakfast and did a bit of reading.  Poor Campbell, I have done wrong by her by not making her mind and we go round and round when we do any reading at home.  That child can't set down or be quiet to save her soul.  And Keaton seems to scream the most while we are reading-she likes lots of attention! (but I guess who doesn't!)
  • Reagan and Anderson started school and it took us about 2 and a half hours to finish up today.  The last few days during school, both kids have finished what they could do by themselves first and then were both left waiting on me to help them with everything else.  Reagan has to have my help on spelling, writing, english and Anderson needs my help occasionally on phonics, always on his reading book, reading page, spelling and probably some other things but it is getting to late for me to think clearly.
  • Robby brought Graham home and everyone had lunch.  Then I let them play while I ran around doing a few chores.  And soon I called them down for a quick science experiment.  When I told them that we were going to make a bomb the boys eyes were about to pop out of their heads.  Ha!  Basically we just put baking soda and vinegar in a sealed ziplock bag.  The chemical reaction caused the bag to slowly fill with air and then to quietly burst.  This was so much fun for them all and resulting in lots of squealing and jumping.
  • Soon it was time to load up for the library.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham were all perfect at the library.  A lady from pinnacle was there and they all listened intently (even Graham who was one of the youngest ones).  Now Campbell was another story-she tried to listen on a carpet square like everyone else but soon ended up in the back with me and Keaton.  She was quiet at least and that is all that I could ask for.  Now Keaton, my screamer, wasn't happy about missing her nap but did enjoy the cup of cheerios I handed (more like force fed her) and then bottle and a half of milk that I continued to shove her mouth-but she was more or less quiet!
  • Reagan loves making the craft and is already asking when we are going back to the library.  Of course, her liking it that much makes me want to continue driving the 100 mile trip in the middle of the day.  Not really 100 miles.  Anyway, we did make the trip worthwhile and stopped at Grannymom's house for the rest of the afternoon.  
  • Lilly and Cash were there and the kids played baseball, rode bikes, blew bubbles, had a drink, did a scavenger hunt and just had lots of fun playing.  But the big news was that Anderson rode the bike for the first time without his training wheels.  He would coast down Grannymom's grassy hill and then start pedaling.  Anderson was pretty pleased with himself and continued to practice time and time again.  It won't be long until he won't need training wheels at all.
  • Robby showed up and we headed to vote quickly (though nothing is too quick with 5 kids in tow) and then to supper.  At supper (fancy dining at Taco Bell) the tv was on above the three big kids and it was playing the Simpsons.  Graham watched for a minute and then he must have remembered something I had said before and then repeated it back to me.  He told me "that show is a bad, bad show."  I agreed but since the kids really couldn't move tables, I just hoped that they paid no attention to the cartoon playing right above their heads.
  • And then we again celebrated Reagan's birthday this time Haagan Daaz ice cream.  Then we picked up Robby's car and he headed to Sams while I headed home.
  • By the time I made it home, Graham, Campbell and Keaton were all asleep.  I hauled them all to bed-no one even woke up and are sleeping in their clothes.  Reagan and Anderson were wide awake and helped me unload, looked at a magazine, stuffed her pinata and then helped Robby unload his purchases.  Afterwards, they went right to bed and right to sleep-long, busy day!