July 31, 2013

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Bedtime drink...

  • Last night around 1 (when we had just gotten to sleep), Graham started screaming out.  I went up there and it took forever to calm him down.  We couldn't tell if he was having a bad dream or if maybe his ears were bothering him.  He has the cold that the kids have been passing around and he is the one that has a good cough and has complained of her ears hurting.  So we brought him downstairs to sleep in our room.
  • I had to go to the bathroom twice during the night and then pretty early in the morning our lights blinked long enough for us to wake up to turn off the monitor that was beeping.  And later Campbell woke up with the clock upstairs blinking which set her off so I hurried upstairs to calm her down and fix the clock (I just made it stop blinking so the time was wrong and Anderson said that he didn't know when he was supposed to wake up this morning!)
  • Robby took Keaton and Campbell to Nonna's house this morning to help a bit with school.  I think they had a fun time.  They worked puzzles, did hair, colored and had a big time.  Just a few miles away, we were not having a fun time.  Graham didn't have a good school day at all.  It was pretty much horrible and that doesn't even accurately describe the morning.  He decided that he couldn't do things that he did yesterday or wasn't even able to the same math that he did yesterday.  That child screamed, fussed, threw things, hit his bedroom window and even yelled over and over "I want to play the ipad."  I stayed eerily calm through it all but I can make no promises if the same thing happens tomorrow.  
  • Eventually, Anderson and Reagan finished (Graham did not finish his school today) and we went to eat lunch at Nonna's house.  Keaton, Campbell and Nonna were waiting on us outside.  The kids were delighted with all of the cookie selection that Pops had bought for them-I was too!  
  • After playing for a few minutes, everyone loaded up and we went to see Beebee.  When Keaton walked into Beebee's room, she went right over to where Beebee keeps her candy and tried to reach it.  The kids filled their bellies with candy and hopefully brightened Beebee's day.  Pops came as we were getting ready to leave and then he walked us out.  
  • On the way home, I decided to call to see if I could get Graham a doctor's appointment to just check on his ears.  They asked when I could get there and I said that we were in the car, she asked if I could come in 40 minutes-that was perfect since it gave us enough time to stop at Sonic.  
  • The kids were perfect at the doctor and we were back in the car in less than 30 minutes.  Graham doesn't have an ear infection but the doctor did give us a few samples of medicine.  By the time we made it home, it was after 4. 
  • I unloaded the car and since I parked by my mailbox it took me forever-about 5 trips from the car and back carrying in our bags and sleeping kids.  Why did I park at the mailbox?  Because I am tacky and the church van that comes and picks up neighbor kids drives through my driveway and I just don't like that!  Please send your contributions to the Dennie Gate Fund to PO Box 3423 (kidding, that isn't a real address but if you want to send a check I can get it to you!)
  • As soon as Graham climbed out of the car, he started screaming that his ears hurt.  By the time I had unloaded everyone and everything he had finally calmed down and was playing legos.  I tried to pick up a few things and heated up supper before Robby made it home. 
  • Then it was time for the third night of VBS.  Tonight Robby sent the boys with 10 dollar bills so they could catch up on the offering and they were so happy (Reagan wasn't too pleased-she will get hers tomorrow).  
  • Meanwhile, the rest of us went to eat-Chuys was too packed to even find a parking spot, Local Lime wait was an hour so that left us at Big Orange.  Food was fine but Keaton was perfect-she likes all of the attention!  Then a quick grocery store run for some milk-I was out today and a revolt almost happened!
  • We picked up the kids and I went with Keaton to their rally at the end (I did last night too).  I liked seeing what all was happening and watching my kids when they didn't know I was watching them (though how could they not know I was in the tiny sanctuary with them?)
  • Back at home, everyone had baths and then it was bedtime.  Since I was up 5 times last night from 12 to 7, I am hoping for a bit more rest for all of us tonight!

July 30, 2013

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All tuckered out...

  • I had set my alarm this morning in the hopes that I would wake up before the kids but that phone is so easy to quickly turn off.  I did however still drag myself to the shower before anyone came downstairs.  Reagan must be my only true child because I had to wake her up for breakfast-I think she might could sleep all day long.
  • Soon we started school and things went surprisingly well today.  Graham still has a hard time if he has to wait on me but after a bit of fussing, he calmed down and pressed on.  Also his phonics bumped it up a level today.  He was given 2 sentences and had to x the sentence that matched the picture (like A rat sat on a mat or a A cat sat on a mat.)  This just blew his mind and he was pretty convinced he couldn't do it.  I remember Anderson was the same way and now his sentences are long and complex but he gets it done.  
  • Reagan enjoyed typing so much during school that she even asked to do some later during Keaton's nap time.  We have new headphones to use with our school room computer and the kids were so happy to have their turn on the computer.  
  • We had our lunch and then re built some of Graham's new legos so we could move them out of the living room and up to the toy room.  We all worked on those for way too long since I knew that after 24 hours in the toy room they will be deconstructed yet again.  
  • When Keaton had her nap the rest of us read some science.  The kids had to draw the parts of a cell-cell membrane, nucleus, ribosomes, golgi bodies, mitochondria and a few more.  It really brought back memories to high school or probably college science.  I am not sure how much of this the kids will remember but hopefully hearing all of these words will help them be more familiar later down the road.  
  • The kids watched a movie while I worked and soon they all headed upstairs to get money for the offering at VBS.  This is when Campbell decided that she was definitely going to go to VBS.  She was so excited and told me that she wasn't going to eat supper tonight so she could eat there (they had some sort of hot dogs there last night-mini pizzas, watermelons and grapes tonight).  
  • We had supper and then walked down the road to drop off 4 big kids.  Seriously, I don't have any clue about when Robby and I have been at home just by ourselves-well, we did have 2 kids with us but 2 doesn't really could anymore.  They said that Campbell smiled the entire time.  And one lady said that Reagan was the best child there and just sang the songs.  Yep, my kids rock!  And I made sure that Anderson obeyed by asking Reagan.  And my Graham is a perfect rule follower when not at home.  
  • I am sure that the whole VBS thing is completely different at this little church.  They had 24 kids for VBS (Dennies were 16 percent of the total!)  A few weeks ago at our VBS we had nearly 100 4 year olds.  I am not used to small church life which was apparent when I looked at Robby all confused after hearing the Sunday School bell calling the kids to the sanctuary.  I thought it was a door chime.  Ha!  Robby fondly remembers going to VBS at his grandparents church back in the day and hopes the kids have some of those same small church memories.
  • They all had fun and when we left, we walked across the street and talked to the firemen who were testing their hoses in the school parking lot.  Pretty good evening if you ask me!
  • And we now have our first tooth just a few days before Whitman is 4 months old.  I think his other bottom tooth should be in a just a few days.  Campbell was the one to discover that his tooth was in (don't ask me why her hand was in his mouth) and then all of the kids felt his little tooth-we don't believe in germs.  

July 29, 2013-Happy Birthday Graham!

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Family Photo

  • We made it through the night with no sick Dennies having to sleep in our room.  Though Campbell almost made it: she had fever and kept telling me that she didn't feel good and would need to sleep in my room.  We didn't let her but tonight when she told me she might sleep in my room tonight, I felt her forehead and she was again hot.  
  • Since today was Graham's actual birthday, we had our leftover doughnuts for breakfast.  And then I was going to be the cool mom and let us skip school.  But I was going to make them at least go into the school room before I told them.  Anderson though told me he wasn't going to and wouldn't leave the hallway.  This didn't fly with me so I quickly grabbed my phone and started checking my email.  He thought I was texting his Daddy and he was at his desk with his papers out in a flash.  
  • So after all of that, I had to make them do a bit of work.  I whispered to Graham that if he did some of his boxes then maybe we could cancel school.  He was all for that and after a bit we did call it quits for the day.  
  • We did read some of a few books, played Graham's new game and they all played legos until it was time to get ready to meet Robby.  For Graham's birthday, we ate lunch at All Aboard. The kids were so excited to see the train come and deliver their food and since the place was pretty crowded we were able to see the train come and go many times.  
  • Next up was meeting Grannymom, Josh and Zach at the pool.  Because of all of the rain, the water was a bit cold so I never got in.  I did forget the bag of floaties and goggles which the kids were not too happy about.  Most everyone was able to find goggles to borrow while we were there but Campbell was still without floaties.  She didn't get in until the end and would go down the slide and Josh would catch her.  Keaton even got in on the action and went down the slide one time.  Josh was good to catch the girls but I did stand by at the ready just in case!  
  • Of course, when the Dennies come to the pool, the thunder and rain comes as well.  It did eventually thunder but that was right before an adult swim so we stayed while everyone else left.  This did mean that the last hour we were at the pool, it was just Dennies and 2 other folks.  Pretty nice. 
  • Back at home, Keaton finished her nap from the car, the others showered and Whitman had a bottle (as usual).  The kids had a bite of supper and then when Robby came home, we all ventured outside for a family photo.
  • Then the highlight of Reagan's day was walking down the road to VBS.  She has been so looking forward to this.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham went to VBS and they really enjoyed it.  We didn't think Campbell would have been old enough so we had prepared her that just the others were going and she was going to get to ride on the tractor with Robby.  So there was no convincing her to go today-maybe tomorrow though-but probably not.  Anderson had said from the beginning that he was just going to try the VBS out and see if he liked it.  Today he said that "it was fun and I'll be going back."  Robby told him that he would need him to pick up sticks tomorrow night and Anderson did not find this teasing funny at all.
  • Campbell and Keaton helped Robby mow some and even had a popsicle and bubble bath before picking up the others.  And once they made it home, we celebrated Graham's birthday one more time with some ice cream before bed!

July 28, 2013

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  • I think we left off last night with Graham coming to sleep in our room.  When we finally went to bed, Whitman woke up for another bottle.  After that Graham cried out a few times (don't know if his ears or something was bothering him or if he was just having a bad dream).  He even cried out enough during the night that Robby slept most of the night on the floor with him.  On the other side of the room, Whitman woke Robby and I up around 6 with his little cough.  So the illness list from last night should now be amended to include Whitman as sickly (though he doesn't feel bad at all).
  • I was the only one who went to church this morning since more of the kids would have been kicked out of Sunday school or couldn't have set through big church.  My morning was made when I told one little boy to save my seat for story time.  He was sitting in the circle waiting on me to come as another child tried to sit by him.  He told them "scoot over, that's a big butt coming."
  • Robby was calling me before I was back in the car-not really because he needed me but because he was on the bored side.  I think the kids were being pretty perfect-a little too perfect and he had nothing to do.  After I came home and changed clothes, we loaded up and went to Grannymom's house for lunch.
  • The kids ate and Graham was thrilled that Grannymom had hostess cupcakes for dessert.  The kids all enjoyed playing together and the boys tried to hoist Cash who was hanging on to a rope up to the top of Grannymom's deck.  They weren't able to do it so my Anderson thought maybe they would be able to lift him up.  There was only 50 pounds difference so that didn't work either!
  • Once we made it home, we did our traditional Sunday routine.  This time though Graham and Campbell ended up asleep upstairs with us.  Whitman was upstairs as well but he never really took a nap, he just ate.  I think that poor Whitman has become a daytime insomniac.  Seriously, he hardly napped yesterday and hasn't napped too much today either.  I guess that I will have to start just putting him down for a nap if he is tired or not (wouldn't that be horrible if he never ever took any day time naps?)
  • We were going to eat supper at home but since we had no bread (it was frozen and yes, I know we could have found something else) but we just we to Tazikis.  And then we celebrated again Graham's birthday at Krispy Kreme.  Graham figured out that the hot doughnuts at Krispy Kreme are the best ones and he had 3 of them tonight.  Campbell decided to take every single Krispy Kreme hat out of the restaurant tonight-she is going to be a kleptomaniac, I am sure of it.  
  • Back at home, the kids played with Graham's new legos for a bit (this is all that Anderson wants to do.  Actually, this birthday has been like a birthday for Anderson too with all of these new legos-his favorite thing).  Then it has been bedtime for the kids-so far no one is sleeping on our bedroom tonight.  We will see what the night holds though I do hear coughing on the monitor!

July 27, 2013-Happy Birthday Graham!

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Celebrating Graham's 5th Birthday!

  • Robby woke me up at 3:30 to tell me that it was raining and when Campbell (who slept in our room since she had fever) woke me up at 6:15 to tell me she was going to the bathroom and the patio was still wet, I knew that the party was going to be moved inside.  It was just too wet to eat outside and too wet to crawl around doing an obstacle course.
  • This did change our plans a bit so we ran around like crazy this morning but getting things ready for a party in the house was probably easier than getting ready for a party outside.  But I still had a little obstacle course to put together in the garage.  Robby cleaned the garage and soon we had the obstacle course up and running.
  • Meanwhile the kids watched a few movies, put on their clothes...oh, let us talk about that for a minute.  Last night I wanted Reagan to wear something a bit nicer than her favorite shirt that she made at VBS.  We went round and round about what she would wear and I only half won but did let it go.  So today she was shocked when I let her wear that tshirt-but after the wash, she won't see it for awhile.  It needs a break (and yes, I know some of my clothes need a break too but she has plenty of clothes that she can fit into and I do not!)
  • Soon the house was ready, the kids were ready, Robby and I were ready and Graham's 5th birthday party began!  All that family was here plus quite a few kids-Lilly, Cash, Gage, Jacob, Ethan, Hayley, Harrison plus our own Reagan, Anderson, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman.  
  • The first activity an obstacle course.  The kids had to weave in and out between some boots, shoot a bad guy with a nerf gun, pull a wagon with the birthday boy on it, climbed over a table, shoot another nerf gun, jump over some things, spin on the sit and spin, walk a balance beam, crawl through a tunnel, climb over a few stools and then shimmie under some chairs.  It took about 30 minutes to throw together but the kids seemed to really enjoy it.  
  • Next up was lunch-torpedo corn dogs, cannon cheese balls, walkie talkie juice boxes and other food that I couldn't think of a fancy names for: cheese dip, chips, cheese cubes and pretzels.  Then the kids watched Graham open his presents and he racked up.  The boys opened legos, legos and more legos, along with blocks (that I have even played with by myself), a truck and trailer, a game, lego watch, sticker book and a few other things.  He was pretty pleased with all of his loot and has spent most of the day watching and helping Anderson put together a few of the lego boxes and opening stuff up.
  • Then we sang Happy Birthday to Graham and had some awesome camouflaged cupcakes (made by me-seriously, they were cute but they were a booger to make!)  And finally, we went outside for the Dennie tradition of a pinata.  Graham went first and then youngest to oldest.  And by the time Anderson was up, he whacked the side off of the pinata and candy flew everywhere.  Lilly and Reagan were the only ones who didn't get a turn but they were tickled to find some candy.  Army men and candy filled the driveway and then soon filled the hands of all of the kids (except the girls-they didn't seem to get any army men!)
  • Soon all of our guests left and Reagan left with Lilly since Lilly's birthday party is tonight (skating, snow cones and a slumber party).  Cash stayed with us and helped Graham open some of his presents along with Jason who manned the kids while Robby and I picked up the house.
  • After we had the house clean, we loaded up and went to the pool.  Reagan, Lilly, Grannymom and Dana were already there.  So the kids all swam together and after a few hours, the kids were tired of the water.  They weren't really tired but they had moved on to playing volleyball at the edge of the pool.  
  • At home, we all had showers and then leftovers for supper.  Next up was some lego and then tower building followed by some sitting outside time.  Then it was bedtime for all the kids and cookie time for us (this birthday party stuff is pretty hard!)
  • Dennie kids sickness update-Reagan: healthy, Whitman: healthy, Anderson: almost over his cough, Campbell: last fever during Graham's party but not feeling great yet, Keaton: pretty bad cough, Graham: cough and puny (sleeping our room tonight).  With this report, I think my kids will be missing church (Reagan will be with Lilly at her church though).    

July 26, 2013

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Sittin' Pretty!

  • Campbell and Anderson were laying in our bed this morning when Campbell sat up and started shouting "deer, deer, I see a deer."  Anderson and her shot out of bed to run to the window as Robby and I just rolled over.  There were 2 deer out there-one big and one little.  Late last night Robby and I stood at the window watching a skunk walk around the yard.  I had actually never seen a live skunk before.
  • I let the kids watch some tv early this morning while I ran around picking up.  Then we ha breakfast and soon I started to pull at school for next week.  This seemed to take forever to me but I guess it was less than an hour with quite a few distractions.  
  • After that, we made a fleet of paper boats and a game of monopoly jr (my least favorite game of all!)  Seriously, it takes forever and ever.  I did short everyone on their starting off money so the game was a bit faster than usual.  
  • Next item on the list was lunch and making camouflage cupcakes-pretty cool if I do say so myself.  Of course they took about 4 hours!  Ha! I only have one cupcake pan so I had to fill it up 4 times.  And then my icing is took 4 different colors.  I had Campbell helping me so I stayed entertained (though now I am afraid she probably contaminated them)
  • Campbell shouted at me while she was in the bathroom today.  She said "When we die, I hope that have potties up there or I will peepee in my pants."  Deep thoughts by Campbell!
  • Soon my Graham was home.  We had sure missed him since he had spend the night with Grannymom.  I came home bearing a frog that he sure planned on showing to everyone in the toy room.  I convinced the crew to go to the patio to look at that thing.  
  • And speaking of the patio...after lunch Reagan, Anderson and Campbell went out to eat a piece of gum.  (Gum can't come in the house)  Keaton was also outside having her skittles.  I was in the kitchen and heard the alarm chime and knew someone was coming in the house on the other side.  I went to the door, looked around and asked "where's Reagan?"  Anderson said "she went to get her umbrella and the man is leaving."  I probably shouted back "what, man?"  Anderson was saying something pointing at the meter and I figured it was the meter reader but I still turned and sprinted to the other side of the house to make sure that Reagan was in the garage.  
  • She was rummaging around in the garage and probably the panic on my face caused her to look at me like I was nuts.  She said "the man scared me but it was alright because he said he was there to look at the meter."  I quickly explained that bad guys do lie and next time to let me know if anyone was in the yard.  Our meter reader seems to come just about every week-I never noticed him on Gamble but I guess with all of the windows at this house, I always see him.  
  • Tonight we had a get together at the Keys.  The kids played well and Reagan took great care of Keaton but poor Campbell slept the entire time.  That poor child had fever that must have started on the way there.  She was pretty hot and pretty pitiful.  But we all still had a good time....
  • And this is my last bullet point since tomorrow is a party day around here.  But when we pulled up to the Keys, no one was there and Robby joked "hope it is tonight."  Well, he double checked and noticed that we were there 30 minutes early.  Since you can't just waltz into someones house with 6 kids 30 minutes early, we started backing out.  Now the big white van isn't that inconspicuous so we did text to say "ignore the big white van backing out of your driveway."  After a drive around for 30 minutes, we did arrive at the party right on time!

July 25, 2013

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Taking a break during adult swim...

  • Robby was up before the crack of dawn and before any of the rest of us were up. His mission:  Take my car for a tire fix and be done before work.  I had managed to get a nail in the tire a few back but it was only a slow leak. While he was there, he also had my oil changed and tires rotated!
  • Meanwhile back at home, the troops began stirring and of course, they were hungry for breakfast. With everyone fed, it was time for school day #4.  Everyone did really good today - maybe because they are already knew there was no school tomorrow.  Or maybe because they knew there was a possibility of going swimming in the afternoon and no weather forecast for rain.
  • Once today, I was telling Anderson that it was not okay to hit "not even once."  He looked at me and said "twice is okay?"  That boy almost didn't make it to lunch time.  Lunch time is where Graham bit is own finger while trying to eat his chips-from his cries you would have thought that he nearly bit it off.  
  • We finished lunch and by then it was time to head out...first stop:  Grannymom & Grandpa's to drop everyone but Reagan off.  Because Reagan was going to the dentist for a cavity filling. After a bit of laughing gas, she was in la-la land and said she never felt any pain.  I believe her - she did call out for a few times with that slight giggle.  Dr. Jolly finished in no time and we were soon headed back to Grannymom's.  (Note-Jolly called tonight to check on Reagan-that's a good dentist) Everyone loaded up and Grannymom and Cash met us at the pool for an afternoon of swimming.
  • Graham was spending the night at Grannymom's, so he left with her and Cash when they left at 4:30.  The rest of us swam, took another adult swim break, and pretty soon Robby showed when he was finished with work.  We traded places - I left to go home to get ready for Bunko and he jumped in the water. Fortunately for him, Ms. Jenny (Anderson's teacher last year at Comm Central) was there and needed a baby fix and offered to hold Whitman. She ended up holding him until the next adult swim. 
  • Robby reported the crew was pretty water logged, hungry and most were ready to head home.  Reagan wanted to go to Wendy's for a frosty but Robby talked everyone into Arby's (their favorite fast food sandwich place) since it was on the way home.  They brought supper home, ate first and then it was showers for everyone including Whitman.  Robby set him up in the Bumbo with Anderson.  
  • Anderson convinced Robby to let them watch a movie since they missed 'movie time' this afternoon.   Then Reagan even said she would help feed Whitman if they could watch a second movie - Robby thought that was a win so he took her up on the offer.
  • After movies, teeth brushed and it was bedtime.  Whitman wasn't quite ready and decided to spit up some, and then was hungry again. A quick 2 oz and he was out a little before 9.

July 24, 2013

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Measuring Up!

  • An early morning around here with breakfast and then school.  School was good today.  I didn't help Graham first today so that was hard for him to wait but he found things to do while he waited.  He also was pretty perfect today and if he started to fall apart I would just ask him if he needed to go to bed and he would quickly correct his behavior.  
  • I know this is just the third day of school and I promise I won't talk about it next week at all, but the kids have really done well.  Today school seemed like it lasted forever for Reagan and Anderson.  Cambpell, Graham and Keaton finished and even all watched a movie while waiting on the others.
  • We had time to clean the potties and empty the trash before doing our science.  So far the kids are pretty interested in our science this year-Anatomy and Physiology.  Yesterday we mummified apples a couple of different ways and will see which mixture that we used works the best.  And began talking about cells-I will enjoy science this year for sure since this years is more interesting to me than the swimming animals of last year.  
  • During lunch we read more about Carlsbad Caverns and then I pulled out my pictures.  The kids were more interested in the pictures of that trip showing Robby and I ziplining.  And a few pages over when they saw us sledding at White Sands they were beyond thrilled when I explained they would get to do that.
  • Soon we were getting in the car to go and see Beebee.  Neighbor girls cousins were playing on the tire swing and Anderson really wanted to go and tell them to leave.  I told them to get in the car and I would take care of that.  I told them that they couldn't swing when I was gone and I was about to leave and they quickly left.  But when I walked back towards the car, I could hear my boys shouting "Get off our land."  I promise that they have never said that-or at least said that when the kids could hear.
  • A mile or two down the road, Reagan wondered why the neighbors like to play in our yard.  I said it is probably because we have the biggest yard.  Reagan thought for a minute and then added "and because we have better parents."  
  • The kids were very good at Beebee's place but who wouldn't be with candy in their mouths and dollar bills in their pockets.  We have to smuggle out the money my grandma passes out because she is not supposed to have money there and has also gotten in trouble for trying to pay the staff.  We also smuggle out her afternoon snacks that she saves for us and doesn't eat.  Anyway, Keaton didn't hug Beebee when we walked in and Anderson told her she was going to have to hug Beebee if she wanted candy later.  Well, when the boys pulled out the candy, Keaton ran over to Beebee and gave her a huge hug.  
  • I was told by my Grandmother that I looked like I was gaining weight.  She meant that as a compliment but since I have been trying to lose weight, I did not take it as such.  So I am drowning my sorrows in a pan of brownies tonight!  
  • Then I dropped off the kids at Nonna and Pops house while I ran to the grocery store.  I think that the kids were good while I was gone but I didn't stick around that long because I had lots of cold food in the car and Grannymom, Grandpa and Robby were already on their way to our house and all were going to be waiting for supper!  
  • On the way home, Robby text me and Campbell said in a very exasperated voice "Why does Daddy keep doing that.  We are being good in the car."  That caught me a bit off guard until I remembered earlier in the day when I received a text from Robby.  I might possibly have said "Look Daddy knows how you are acting."
  • Grandpa hung up our new measuring board and then we measured everyone.  From now on we will just measure on birthdays but we needed to get everyone's measurements up on that board.  The kids were all excited to see how tall they were.  Reagan and Anderson are exactly the same size but more importantly, the big 4 can ride Space Mountain.  
  • So I took a few pictures of Campbell's boxes for tomorrow.  Basically her boxes are filled with anything that will keep her attention or keep her occupied for a few minutes.  Anything involving scissors or dry erase markers are her favorites.

July 23, 2013

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Pops delivers a Cave City watermelon!

  • At 6:45, at least a dozen kids were upstairs stomping, playing and shouting.  They were having a rip roaring good time.  No telling how long they had been up but everyone seemed to be playing together happily yet loudly.  They were so loud that Keaton had been woken up and Whitman was also awake just looking around our bedroom trying to figure out where everyone was.
  • Soon it was breakfast and then school time.  A few thoughts about school today: When Anderson has been "reading" for the last 2 days for 20 minutes, he is only looking at the pictures.  Maybe he will have to start reading to me.  Graham becomes frustrated easily so that is a fine balance that I dance during the day.  Both boys have/will have pretty sloppy handwriting.  Campbell loves her drawers of school work and told Anderson today "I can't _____, I need to finish my school work."  I don't remember what she had said but she was pretty determined that her school work was to be done first.  Keaton's favorite school activity is putting poker chips through a slot into an empty can.  And Reagan, well my sweet girl, is probably the best home schooled kid around. 
  • After Graham finished with school, he went to the bonus room to play on the ipad and he did that for awhile.  Then he came down and the natives were all getting a bit restless while Anderson and Reagan finished their school.  Anderson is good at staring into space and Reagan's math just takes that sweet girl a long time.  
  • We had a peaceful lunch and read a few books and then did a few chores.  And that is when the trouble started today.  We all went upstairs-the kids started on the toy room and I was putting up laundry in their bedroom.  By the time I made it to the toy room, I had already told the boys a few times to stop playing and start working.  I eventually told Anderson and Graham that they had to finish by themselves.  
  • That didn't go over too well with either of them-tears, fussing, gnashing of teeth.  I gave them 5 minutes to get it clean or else (else was not watching a movie-gasp!)  Anderson worked but Graham didn't-he continued to scream.  I then told Graham that he had 5 more minutes to finish and the screaming continued.  
  • I tried to get him to calm down but that didn't work but when I said that science was next, he did come with us.  So he cried as we sang our memory work and then continued as I started to read science.  I took him to the living room and told him that he could listen to science with us but then he would have to go to the bonus room until his Daddy came home.  
  • Eventually, he fell asleep in the bonus room and I woke him this afternoon.  He was calm, understood why he had been in trouble and went to finish cleaning the toy room (practically clean by now) willingly.  And the screaming began again and lasted until Robby came home.    Robby put a stop to that and explained to him that he would miss seeing Nonna and Pops tonight because of his behavior.  He did scream for most of the time that they were here as well.  Poor thing was hoarse by bedtime.  Don't feel too bad for him-he deserved every bit of time that he spent in his room plus more.  A little time in his room is good for him-check out Hebrews 12:11.
  • The rest of us had a peaceful afternoon (with our earplugs inserted).  Campbell and Keaton helped me do a bit of cooking.  And Whitman has decided that if he is not eating today, then he is not happy.  Though his favorite part of the day is school time-he just sits in his bumbo seat and looks at all of the commotion going on. 
  • Nonna and Pops came over to eat a watermelon-and that thing was as big as Keaton.  Seriously, it was massive.  The kids sat on the bar and ate quite a bit-we stayed inside since it was raining.  Anderson is saving seeds so we can grow our own watermelon.  They even convinced Nonna and Pops to play a few games-Uno dice, Skipbo dice, Operation, Candyland Castle, Headbanz and ping pong.  That is more than a few games!
  • Soon it was bedtime and Graham did get to come down to apologize to everyone and brush his teeth.  He was his sweet little self again so hopefully he will remember his lesson.  I sure hope so!  
  • Now Keaton is the only one up-for some reason she has decided to be a night owl this evening!
  • Here is what all Graham has in his boxes for the mornings: 1. An assortment for sight words 2. All About Spelling 1 3. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons 4. More of our All About Me book 5. Math U See Primer 6. Explode the Code 7. Extra workbook 8. Reading 9. Sight word writing 10. Number and letter writing and the bonus is missing letters.

July 22, 2013

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First Day of School!

  • It was the first day of school here so we were having breakfast by 7:15 this morning.  I had made muffins last night thinking that the kids would be delighted-they weren't.  Anderson and Graham did eat a few bits of the muffins just to make me happy.  
  • Pretty much as soon as Robby left, we started school.  Our first activity was taking pictures of  our new 2nd grader, 1st grader, kindergartner and pre K3-er. 
  • Our school day was excellent and horrible!  I guess that would average to be an okay school day.  The day started off really great-Graham worked hard, was quiet (ish) and was patient when I needed him to be.  Most of his school work involves him working with me.  He was the first one finished around 9:45.  Campbell also did really well.  She entertained Keaton but Campbell also worked through her 10 boxes that I had set up for her to do.  She has seen the other kids do their boxes and she diligently finished hers.  I was really proud of her but then when she was finished and Graham was finished, things just went downhill quickly.
  • Graham won't go upstairs by himself and had nothing really to do downstairs so he just caused trouble.  Campbell likes trouble so she became his sidekick and in about 2 minutes the day went from smooth to a disaster.  I did my best to keep Reagan and Anderson focused and they eventually finished their work.  
  • We then all sat down to read history, science, do some geography and our memory work.  By now Graham was back to his happy self and Campbell had teamed with Keaton to cause a commotion.  Unlike Graham's behavior/boredom when he finished school, I can solve Keaton causing a problem during our reading because we can do our reading when she is napping.  Not sure what I will do when Graham finishes early (as he usually will).  Robby suggested that I let him play the ipad for a bit so we will try that tomorrow.
  • One other thing about school-even though the day was nuts, I couldn't be more proud of the kids.  Graham shocked me with how well he did during school, Campbell's behavior was excellent and Keaton was fairly calm and quiet.  But Anderson and Reagan got right back in the swing of things and never complained a bit.  Poor Reagan even started borrowing today in math-what a horrible thing to have to learn on the first day back to school.
  • We had lunch-macaroni which Anderson gobbled up.  My Anderson is the only one who can really tell when I am about to loose it and after this morning I was on the verge.  So I am not sure if he gobbled up my macaroni just for my benefit or because it was really good (even though I burnt it last night-how can you burn macaroni?)
  • After lunch, we picked up a bit and then it was nap time for Keaton, movie time for the others and time for Campbell to help me.  I had about an hour and a half and was able to read Campbell a story, restock drawers for tomorrow's school, file their completed papers (3 is a lot more paper work than just 2 kids in school), lightly clean the kitchen, sweep, organize the candy drawer (sometimes I get really focused on doing something that isn't that big of a deal like that), loaded up the car for swimming and cut out some coupons.  Not too bad and it made me feel good that I can still get most of my housework accomplished during school.  I know our summer break was short but I have gotten all out of the school routine so it will take some getting used to.
  • Around 3:30, I started having the kids change to their swimsuits and load up.  To celebrate our first day of school, we went swimming.  Well, we actually didn't do that much swimming.  When we climbed out of the van we first saw that no one was in the pool and then we heard the thunder.  The sky looked a bit cloudy so not bad so we went on to the pool area.  We waited and waited and waited and we ate and ate and ate and waited some more.
  • We waited an hour and half-it would thunder and then stop and then thunder some more.  Robby eventually came with supper and we (the only people at the pool) had supper and then the kids all laid out on the chairs.  We were surprised when the lifeguards came out and gave us the thumbs up.  The kids dove in and Robby put on his suit and also dove in.  After about 10 minutes, I was about to step in the water and the whistle blew-thunder.  
  • Our plan was the wait the 15 minutes out but the sky quickly grew dark and then there was lightening.  So we started to pack up our gear.  By the time that we finished, the bottom fell out-I am sure the lifeguards were entertained by us running around trying to stay dry even though we were wet from the pool.  
  • I tried to tell the kids that this was what memories were made of.  They took it all pretty well.  Back at home, we all had ice cream on the patio and then showers for all.  The kids were excited to show Robby our "rock chart" where they can earn rocks for doing extra school work (ha, I'm sneaky!)  
  • Then it was bedtime for all.  We tried to put Keaton to bed in the kids room since she naps in there and has been even sleeping on a towel in the floor during naps (trip practice).  She did pretty well after Robby came to talk to her.  The monitor became silent and it sounded like everyone was asleep.  Soon though we heard feet coming down the stairs.  It was Reagan asking us to come and get Keaton because she couldn't go to sleep.  I ventured up the steps and when I peeked my head in, Keaton looked at me, waved her arm and said "night, night." For Reagan's sake, I went ahead a put Keaton back into her own bed downstairs.  
  • Oh, yes, I took pictures of Anderson's boxes tonight and here is what he has for tomorrow: 1. First Language Lessons 1  (english) 2. All About Spelling 2 3. President's song part of our memory work for the year 4. more pages of their All About Me book 5. Part of a second grade workbook 6. Math U See Alpha 7. First grade required reading 8. Explode the Code phonics 9. Typing on the computer 10. Read to a sister and the bonus box of Handwriting Without Tears book 2.

July 21, 2013

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Celebrating a few days early at Nonna's!

  • For some reason this morning we were ready early and then the next thing I knew we were running a bit late.  That might be because the kids saw some bunnies in the front yard so they all headed out for an early morning bunny chase (leaving the front door open all morning-whoops).  And then as we were leaving they found a turtle and begged to keep it.  Since we let the last one fry, we didn't let them keep this one.  I guess this most have been animal day at our house because we twice when coming home we saw deer in the backyard grazing.
  • The kids did fine in church and Robby said today that he is a bit disappointed that Campbell will not be joining us in church next year.  She will still be in worship care and if we took her to church with us she would miss Sunday school so that isn't an option.  My sweet Campbell has become a handful lately so I am not really sure if I am disappointed that she won't be going to big church with us.
  • After church Reagan went home with Kennedy to play this afternoon and the rest of us went to Nonna's house for lunch.  Poor Keaton had to ride home in just her diaper from church because she got her dress poopy.  That dress was stinky enough that it was put right into Nonna's washing machine.
  • Nonna had made a big doughnut cake to celebrate Graham's 5th birthday.  He was so proud of his cake and was pretty determined that he could eat it all himself.  Everyone else was glad that Nonna had made cupcakes as well-but Graham did share with us all.
  • Back at home, Keaton had a nap, the boys watched a movie, Campbell fell asleep watching the movie, Whitman slept with me and Robby watched tv and then had a nap.  Pretty normal Sunday afternoon which I loved.
  • We all went to pick up Reagan and met her at the snow cone place.  So Jodee and Kennedy enjoyed a snow cone with us.  The kids were wound up and pretty nuts.  But we survived and on the way home we even drove around for a bit.
  • Once at home, the kids had a bit of supper and then it was bedtime.  Campbell though was tickled to try on her coat that she made in Sunday school.  Then everyone went to bed but Whitman, as usual, is staying up with us drinking bottle after bottle.  Though he has been intently watching the news-he may be a new junkie like his Daddy.
  • So tomorrow we are going to start school with a second grader (Reagan), first grader (Anderson), kindergartner (Graham) and a preschooler who will also be going to preschool 2 days a week at church (Campbell).  We are starting a bit early since we have a few upcoming trips and I wanted to be ahead of the game.  The plan is for us to do our school in the morning and then have plenty of outside and pool time in the afternoons.  
  • Tonight I took pictures of what I have for Reagan to do tomorrow.  I will try to take pictures of all of their boxes this week.  But first here is Reagan's for tomorrow: 1. Explode the Code phonics 2. Math U See Beta 3. First Language Lessons 2 (English) 4. All About Spelling 3 5. Read a book to her sister 6. Reading from a few required books (notice her cool bookmark) 7. All about me book 8. Handwriting without tears book 3 9. Essentials in Writing (something new for us this year) 10. Make a card for Alyssa Kate and the bonus/optional activity of the day is a skittles graph and worksheet that will include a bowlful of skittles (wonder if anyone will pass that up!)  Wish us luck!

July 20, 2013

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Waiting out adult swim time...

  • Yesterday when Campbell was "packing" for Grannymom's house she decided to take Keaton's baby doll (which is actually hers).  I felt bad for the poor girl and let her take it while crossing my fingers that Keaton was able to sleep well.  So when it was bedtime my Keaton took Whitman's toy monkey to bed with her and slept perfectly.
  • Whitman woke up at 6:15 because he did not read the "It is Saturday Memo."  He did eat and then went right back to sleep between us.  Anderson was up next and he was "starving" and begged to eat.  Robby told him to go and get a poptart but he said that he wanted to eat with us.  So I did what all good mothers do on Saturday morning-I handed him my phone so he could play a game.
  • Reagan and Keaton were up soon and we did head to eat breakfast.  Robby ran to work this morning to get caught up on a few things and with 2 less kids around, we just hung out here.  Anderson and Reagan worked on legos with me, Anderson also put together a wooden dump truck and helped me sew for a bit.  Reagan also helped me sew-we made a tooth fairy pillow for the boys.  Really that is how slow things were around here for me to pull out the sewing machine to make a tooth fairy pillow and no one has any loose teeth.
  • We had lunch and then Robby called to put the plan into motion.  What plan? The swimming plan.  We loaded up and headed down the road...and soon tears ensued.  At the church down the road they were having free ice cream to advertise for their VBS.  And someone had even came to the door to give us info about it this morning.  I had even said that we might stop but them completely forgot about it.  Robby and Grannymom and Grandpa were meeting us at the pool and I had already called Nonna telling her we were on our way so I really couldn't stop.  Anderson was devastated (drama, drama).  Reagan tried to explain to him that we had ice cream at home but that would not do.  That little church has done some pretty good advertising and even sent us a postcard (they had our address from Easter a few years ago).  We might possible let the big kids go-Reagan said "I love VBS.  I want to go."
  • We met everyone at the pool and the kids were excited to be back together and excited to start swimming.  They swam and swam.  A lifegaurd was watching Graham dive and belly flop and then swim to Robby today and the lifegaurd said "he is a good swimmer."  I took that as a pretty good compliment since he has only been swimming for a few weeks.  
  • Now Campbell still scares the day lights out of me.  When her floatees are off she tries to do everything anyone else can do.  At one point we were in the pool with her and I could not find her.  We were standing in the middle and I asked Robby in my panicked voice "where's Campbell?"  He thought I was kidding since Campbell was hanging on to my arm.  It was hard to tell who was who with Campbell hanging on to my arm, my other arm holding on to Keaton's float and Anderson holding on to my back. 
  • Back at home, everyone watched a movie while Whitman watched us put together new drawers from IKEA.  Nonna and Pops had picked them up for us.  Now to fill them up-won't be a problem.  They are going to go in our closet since I need a bit more space for our stuff since Keaton and Whitman's clothes are in our closet and because I want to have more of the kids clothes downstairs.  Campbell helped us some and she spent some time using the drill-it is just a roll reversal day.  Anderson used the sewing machine and Campbell used the drill.  
  • Supper was next and then the kids all played ipads, phones or the game phone for a bit before bedtime.  This was a big treat for them since they haven't all gotten to do something at the same time for awhile.  
  • When we tucked everyone in bed tonight, Anderson peeked out of his bunk wearing Reagan's pink eye mask.  He acted like it was no big deal-these kids crack me up!
  • pink eye mask

July 19, 2013

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An Afternoon of Discovery

  • Robby has been leaving for work a bit earlier than usual the last few days, so this morning I told Campbell that he had already left as she was laying in my bed.  He didn't say bye but I just assumed I had slept through it.  Then someone turned on the shower and Campbell's eyes were huge wondering who was taking a shower.  
  • Keaton was soon up and just a note about her.  She continues to talk more and more.  Yesterday, she came up to me and said "where's AA?"  I told her he was in the bonus room and she said "oh" and walked off.  Five seconds later she was back with the same question and I had the same answer.  The third time she asked me "where's AA?" I realized that she didn't know what I meant by "bonus room."  So I took her upstairs and she said "oh!"  When I told Anderson that she was looking for him, he was so pleased since she usually just looks for Reagan.
  • The task for this morning was cleaning the kids desks and a bit of straightening of the school room.  The kids love to clean out their desks and I do love it too.  My Anderson could possibly be a hoarder one day-he wants to keep everything that he has every made.  Now Graham did great today and picking stuff to trash.  Reagan is a mix between the two but she does find creative places to re-stash her stuff.
  • Then the next project was packing for Graham who was spending the night with Nonna and for Campbell who was spending the night with Grannymom.  I let their big brother and sister help them so who knows what is packed.  I quickly double checked what all was in their bags to make sure there was underwear and a toothbrush but other than that I can make no guarantees.
  • The kids stayed at Grannymom's house while I went to get my hair cut.  I also ran to Sams and Savers (you wouldn't believe the kids books there).  We only had about 2 hours by then so I opted to skip the pool since the plan is to go tomorrow and I was worried that the kids would be disappointed to get out so soon.  So we headed to the Museum of Discovery.  Our pass expires at the end of the month so we went one more time.
  • One of the exhibits was about how things are made so they had an area to build a car, make a paper horse, smash a penny and make items out of wax (pretty cool).  We didn't have too long to stay because Robby was back in front to pick us up.
  • So at the museum, Keaton went into an area that she wasn't supposed to go in.  I looked up to find her just as I heard Anderson shouting at her "You better come out of there.  You are going to get into so much trouble."  It was pretty funny because he was being so stern with her-wonder where he gets that?
  • Graham had a final part of his nutrition center visit (an ultrasound) so Robby took him there.  He got a coloring book so he was thrilled about that and wanted to take it to Nonna's house.  After we left Robby, I dropped Campbell off at Grannymom's house and picked up Whitman who opted to skip the museum.
  • On the way home, Reagan said "It is pretty easy with just the big kids and the little kids, isn't it?"  I couldn't agree more-so much so that we have even let Reagan and Anderson stay up late tonight.  
  • Back at home, Keaton finished her nap that she started in the car.  Soon Robby was home and we had supper followed by me playing about a zillion games with the kids.  Then it was bedtime for Keaton and movie time for the big kids.  Another good day.  

July 18, 2013

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Here comes trouble...

  • Robby was out the door this morning before the rest of us woke up. Whitman was the first riser and I had to wake Keaton up at 9.  We had a pretty lazy morning but did do a few chores-which didn't go as planned.
  • I had wrote out one chore for each kiddo to do-chores they have done before maybe with my help but nothing new-and everyone seemed to have a problem.  Anderson's window washing skills were pretty pitiful so I had to show him how to do it so he grumbled as he rewashed 3 windows.  Reagan, who usually loves organizing, was almost in tears trying to organize 2 drawers (hmm, I never checked her work and now wonder how well she did)  And Graham failed miserably at matching the missing socks.  He finally got it together but it took awhile.  Somedays everyone does great at working and other days not so much.
  • We did some of Graham's reading book and even ended playing round after round of ping pong.  And then we played the never ending game of Uno.  Reagan has just gotten hooked on Uno and it really is a pretty good game since all (well, most) of the kids can play.  
  • We had lunch and then I tried to put Keaton down again on her mat to practice for the trip.  She laid down perfectly and even seemed tired even though nap was about 2 hours earlier than usual.  I was in the kitchen working when I heard her open and then close the door upstairs.  By the time I made it to the stairs she was walking down the hallway.  Funny that she closed the door behind her.  I laid her back down and she waited about 5 more minutes before she came out again-this time holding her baby and blanket.  After taking her back to her mat, I asked her if she wanted to lay in the bed and she nodded her head yes.  We will try again tomorrow on the mat.
  • The others watched a few movies while I did a few things trying to get ready for school to start on Monday.  Not real sure if I am going to make my deadline and I am even getting cold feet on starting school this year-I like summer break but two big trips means school starts early around here.
  • My mistake this afternoon was trying to hurry the kids (and myself) this afternoon after their movies.  I wanted them to pick up, brush teeth, potty and put on bathing suits and do it quickly.  I should know better because rushing everyone gets my nerves frazzled and causes their behavior to plummet.  We made it to the car on time but we were not a happy crew!
  • We had all calmed by the time we got to Beebee's place.  The kids were actually pretty delightful.  Campbell did show out a bit and fussed when Beebee tried to comb her hair but Keaton sure made up for it.  Keaton just sat in Beebee's lap letting her comb her hair.  And when we left, Anderson and then Graham asked if they could go back and hug Beebee.  I am sure that made her afternoon.  Sweet and all I know, but my Anderson can turn on the charm when he feels the need-today he was trying to make up for our hectic afternoon.  
  • Then we headed to the pool...I let Robby know where we were and he said it was raining downtown.  By the time we hit the interstate it was dark and getting darker.  Soon it was pouring on us but when you have put bathing suits on 6 kids and loaded up bag after bag of swimming paraphernalia then a few raindrops or even a thunderstorm will not keep you away from going swimming.  
  • Actually, I didn't know what to do and probably said that over and over as we continued our rainy drive towards the pool.  I drove by Sams thinking I would just take everyone in to buy milk and pick up medicine while waiting on the showers to clear.  (I could have taken the milk to Grannymom's fridge)  But in front of Sams it was dry and the sky looked clear.  
  • So we drove on to the pool but no on was there.  I circled in the main lot to check the gates for a sign but there were no signs.  We all hesitantly climbed out of the car.  Reagan even told me that she was embarrassed because what if they said we couldn't swim.  I told her that I was kind of too.  We went in the gate and the life guard met me.  He said that we couldn't swim until 15 minutes after the last thunder.  So we headed down to the playground to wait out the occasionally thunder claps.
  • On our way down the steps, Reagan said "this is the best day ever."  Who knew letting them go to the playground would be so exciting.  It thundered about every 14 minutes for nearly an hour.   Finally when Robby was off work and heading our way, it seemed to have cleared and we headed to the pool.  The life guard said we had 5 more minutes from the last thunder (um, no, I had been outside but I gave it to him anyway).  By that time it was raining but they said we could still swim in rain so the kids dove in.  
  • The kids had the pool all to themselves.  No one else ever came-kind of strange swimming in a big pool with 3 life guards watching your 4 kids (Campbell doesn't count since she had on floatees and Whitman wasn't in the water).  At adult swim we had the pizza that Robby brought.  
  • Robby jumped in and of course since we had already decided that I would go to the store afterwards and wouldn't get in-the water was perfect he said.  The kids continue to get better at swimming and I think that Graham may be swimming a bit faster than Reagan.  Anderson is a fraidy cat but he can do it.
  • I did run to the store so that left Robby to bathe and pass out snacks to the kids while in the dark.  The power had been out since the rainstorm around 4.  Thankfully, the house was still comfortable.  When I pulled into the driveway, the power did come back on.
  • Soon everyone was tucked into bed to do it all again tomorrow!

July 17, 2013

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Blue-eyed Dennies!

  • No one was up this morning when Robby and I stirred.  Soon though Graham came in-he didn't say anything but just stood in the bathroom until I acknowledged him.  Reagan brought her blanket down, Campbell climbed in my bed and Anderson just laid in the floor.  Those poor kids are still pretty tired!
  • Robby left first and that is about when I decided that we didn't have time for breakfast.  I did have to make Graham a quick breakfast for him to eat in the car but everyone e
    A Visit to the Nutrition Study Center!
    lse ate at Nonna's house.  As I was leaving, I heard Anderson tell Nonna that he wanted homemade biscuits.  I tried to tell him that homemade biscuits were probably not an option.  I was also quite surprised that Anderson would think to ask for biscuits-we never eat biscuits around here.  I did find out that he heard Pops mention biscuits and Nonna already had some prepared. 
  • Graham and I headed off to the Nutrition Center for his 5 year appointment.  On the way he said "I don't like going to the city."  Ha!  He said this way before we even had to fight the crazy lane changes of the construction on 630. 
  • Once we made it to the Nutrition Center, I didn't think that Graham was going to talk at all. He really didn't say anything until a direct question was asked to him during his psych eval.  Even after that he was still a man of few words today.  
  • He did perfect during his psych testing and I don't think that he even got as tired as Anderson did during his last time.  By the end they were asking questions like "what is an instrument for determining directions, as by means of a freely rotating magnetized needle?"  They weren't quite that advanced but they were pretty tough.  On some of the hard ones he would say that he didn't know and then as she was reading the next question he would come up with the answer from the last one.
  • The did the bone scan and then we had lunch-a big lunch.  I had a turkey sandwich, chips, cookies and drink.  Graham's lunch had grapes, turkey sandwich, goldfish, juice, chocolate milk and fig newtons.  Neither one of us finished our lunch-mainly because we were so busy playing in the play room.  Graham had me make an obstacle course with all of the big squishy blocks and he ran it a few times.
  • One thing they did want Graham to do today was a urine collection.  That child was NOT going to do that at all.  Of course he didn't really understand that they were just asking him to pee in a bowl.  Finally I told him we were going to get that over with before he burst with not going to the potty all day.  He kept asking me as he was peeing why they wanted to save his pee.  I kept telling him that I had no idea!
  • Graham did extremely well during the entire visit-even during brain lab which lasts forever and forever.  He was all grins when we were climbing in the car and was ready to get to Nonna's house.  Nonna was also ready for us to get there....
  • When we were almost to her house, my phone rang.  It was Nonna-I thought that was a bit odd and briefly thought I that I had sent her enough for 6 bottles for Whitman and surely that would be enough.  Her voice sounds calm but a bit panicked.  Keaton had locked herself into the toy room.  I told Nonna that I was almost there and talked her out of calling the fire department!
  • When we drove up, I briefed Graham on what was going on and saw Reagan outside the window trying to talk to Keaton.  I went inside while checking the tops of the doorways for keys.  I know we had keys up there growing up.  Keaton wasn't fussing though she was a bit ticked that we weren't opening the door for her.  I tried a nail file and reviewed possibilities-one of which included going to my house to get a key.  Then I saw that I could take the door knob off so that is just what we did.  When I opened the door, Keaton was happily playing with her baby doll.  That event probably shortened poor Nonna's lifespan by a few years!  
  • Once we made it home, I started my first of many tasks to prepare for our big trip-getting Keaton to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag.  So this afternoon, I laid out a towel on the floor in the bedroom, put a pillow down and she laid right down.  I covered her up, handed her milk and her baby and never heard a peep from her.  She slept well over her normal 2 hour nap.  Robby had laughed thinking that this was impossible-I proved him wrong!
  • During her nap, my assistant, Campbell, helped me make supper.  She talked the entire time -most of the time she was asking questions.  I am beginning to wonder if 3 is too young to make supper for your family.  She will probably be the only one who cares about cooking-Reagan is too busy watching movies to learn.  And the boys-well, Anderson would just be happy with milk for supper and Graham would be happy with candy for supper every night.
  • Before Robby came home, the kids played outside for a bit while I worked on putting a chair together.  Neighbor man even came over to check on my chair putting together progress.  My assistant was slowing me down some but we got it done!  
  • We had supper and then we even had ice cream truck since we missed on Sunday.  The kids played spy and even picked out their kindle covers before bedtime.