January 17, 2019

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  • Another day of school around here. It was pretty dark this morning so I did struggle waking up my people. Whitman knew that he wanted pancakes this morning for breakfast. I had already told him that we didn't have any, but thankfully Keaton walked through about that time and quickly corrected me. She was indeed right, and Whitman was delighted.
  • After everyone grabbed their breakfast, we worked on our reading together before moving on to their individual work. Now, I have started having everyone help me fold some of the laundry before they start on their school work. They aren't crazy about it, and really they aren't too good at it either since they are in a hurry, but it sure helps me out quiet a bit.
  • I was able to read a few books to Whitman right at the end of school today. Everyone finished fairly quickly and Graham and Anderson's math is easy right now which helps everything go more smoothly. On the other hand, Reagan's math is not easy, and I don't think that it will ever be easy again!
  • I have a pretty good lunch menu for us to follow, and I have worked hard at following it after Christmas break. However, when we have leftovers I do feel that it what we should eat instead of sandwiches or any other thing on the list. So today, we had lots of leftovers-chicken spaghetti, cheese dip, spaghetti, quesadillas, hamburgers-It is like we will never be able to eat all of the leftovers in our fridge since they keep multiplying. 
  • Robby and I headed out after lunch to run to the grocery store. We also stopped at Chick Fil A, the post office (Anderson's nerf gun is messed up and they are replacing it), Chick Fil A (another one) and Dairy Queen. We were pretty speedy on all of our stops and yes, all of our fast food purchases were free and were supper for the kids.
  • We unloaded all of our groceries when we came home. Campbell and Keaton were outside-I tell you, the neighbors trampoline has been a big hit with my little girls. The bigs and Whitman ate and once Whitman realized that the girls were outside, he was quick to chow down his supper and head out to find the sisters. They stayed outside for a quite a long time.
  • Meanwhile, Anderson, Graham and I headed to basketball. I took them this time and walked on the track the entire time. I am not sure how long I did walk in that hour and half but I tell you I just kept going round and round so much I almost got dizzy. 
  • The boys seemed to have fun at practice and I was pleased to get my walk in. Once we made it home, they showered and everyone had some downtime before bed!

January 16, 2019

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  • Wednesday morning and this was the first Wednesday in a while that we even had time to empty the trash cans before we left for Bible study. This was surprising since at 8:30ish I had to go upstairs and wake every single child up.
  • I drug Whitman downstairs where he hid under my covers until he finally put on his clothes and found his Wednesday poptart. Everyone else had already eaten their breakfast as I was pulling my bagel out of the toaster to get in the car.
  • My car was already started this morning when we went to leave because it has been difficult the last few days. Robby had already jumped it this morning, driven it around and left it running for us. Even though I had already had my "how to use the jumper thing" lesson for the day, I did never need it during all of our running around. 
  • Bible study was good today-we are now on our second book of the year. The girls were excited to go because Reagan had snack-chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and Campbell also had her snack-snickerdoodles which were actually are best ones yet. (I have been turning the oven up a little bit lately.)
  • We went to the park after Bible study. I was super glad that I had my big jacket since I was chilly. Some of the kids didn't even have their coats up but I guess that they were doing more moving around than me. 
  • After the park, we switched kid houses. It worked out in my favor because I ended up with all of my boys, Reagan, Alyssa and Kennedy. When we came home, the boys went to the xbox, the girls went to Reagan's room and Whitman played on his ipad. I did read to Whitman and bit and afterwards I sat down and wondered what else I should have been doing since it was so quiet in the house.
  • I did make supper for the crew-well, actually I just heated up a freezer meal. Then we headed off to church. I did run by the library first. I had so many books to take back to the library today that I had to take a laundry basket! 
  • Church flew by since I was doing games-preschool games is not the most relaxing Wednesday night assignment to have. It does make the time go by quickly though. Except for when it is time to go because the kids all want to play on the playground a little bit longer. 
  • When we did finally make it home, Robby had warm ooey gooey for us to eat. We all had a snack and then settled in to watch a tv show before bedtime. 

January 15, 2019

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  • Another day of me scrambling around trying to get up early enough for me to get school started on the right foot. Last year, and most every year before that, we had to get Whitman or someone to preschool so we were all up earlier. I would like to wake up earlier but I sure don't long for those days.
  • Whitman was zoned out for most of school and moved like a sloth. Since he was moving so slowly, I did make him do both sides of his math page today. He is having to write the numbers 1-20 four different times which takes him forever! He was finishing his work this afternoon sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor.
  • Everyone else finished their work at a decent time-even Anderson was done well before lunch. It is January, and we may have just gotten the hang of the school thing around here. Of course, I know that I now have jinxed things by saying that. 
  • We had our lunches today-a mix of leftovers and sandwiches. Reagan did cut up her leftover steak and bacon which was wrapped around it along with my leftover chicken and put them on a quesadilla for her lunch. Toaster, toaster oven, panini maker-there are tons of appliances happening here every day at lunch. What I really need is some type of pantry that I can leave all of these things plugged up in. I have been told to start playing the lottery if I want that to happen.
  • Once lunch was finished and cleaned up, we started on our chores. We didn't have too much today, so we worked for a little bit and then did our afternoon reading. There was a big fuss before we started this because everyone wanted to sit in the sun-like a bunch of cats. Gracious me. The sun does come wonderfully through my bedroom window in the winter time. It is usually pretty perfect but sometimes it can get too bright and too hot!
  • Campbell and Keaton found the neighbors out and the boys eventually found their set of neighbors out as well. Everyone played for a while except I had to take Keaton and Campbell to basketball practice.
  • While they were there, I ran to Kroger to do some speed shopping. I was able to grab what I needed but I didn't have any time to dilly dally since basketball was only 45 minutes and I had gotten a late start.
  • Back at home, Robby had hamburgers cooking when we made it in. The kids cycled through the showers as we got ready for supper. We also met the new neighbor-he has grand plans for right behind us. Joy. He does seem like a good ole boy so that is at least one good thing. 
  • After supper, the kids finished their showers and soon it was teeth brushing time. Reagan has a spot on her gums that is red and puffy says the orthodontist. So that is some added medicine to incorporate to our teeth brushing/water pick routine. Last night I did put a stool in the bathroom so I could just sit and inspect all teeth brushing happening in this house. 

January 14, 2019

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  • Robby didn't feel all that great last night (he is getting the Keaton's cold) so he went to bed pretty early. I stayed up for a while playing on my phone, but eventually went to bed early as well. I was pretty surprised when my watch said that I had slept for almost 9 hours last night. I don't know when that has happened lately.
  • Of course me sleeping for 9 hours meant that I was still scrambling when it was time to wake up this morning. We were able to get started on school by 8:15. I did have at least 2 breakfast hold outs-kids who didn't eat anything because they didn't like the breakfast options. It is a long time from breakfast until lunch in this house so I am sure that they were pretty hungry when lunch did roll around.
  • School was fairly uneventful today. Monday's usually do go just a tad bit quicker which is much needed. Reagan had an orthodontist appointment around lunch so Robby was able to take her. She finished her school work earlier than usual which allowed me to work with Whitman a bit longer. After he finished his work, I read to him some and he read to me some. 
  • Before Robby and Reagan made it back, the rest of us ate our lunch and then went to work. Today's massive project was the lego nook. We took everything out of it and worked on straightening it all up. It took probably an hour to accomplish it all, but it is nice to have that area all clean. However, since it is all clean now, Anderson has been up there quite a bit so it may not be that clean anymore.
  • This afternoon was fairly quiet. The lot behind us had indeed sold so we watched people come and talk about their septic tank. Tonight at supper Keaton said that having to move her swing to a new tree was her low. Thankfully, we have plenty of other trees and plenty of other yard for kickball when that time does soon come.
  • Campbell and Keaton went outside for a little bit right before supper. Graham also shot some hoops outside. He also managed to snag a game of Battleship with Robby right before supper. I do believe that Robby smoked Graham at the game.
  • I made spaghetti for supper. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, but for some reason I did have a lot of meatball leftover. Now I just have to remember to have everyone eat all of our leftovers. All of my outsiders had showers before we settled in for the evening.
  • Robby made some cookies which we ate while playing a few rounds of Catch Phrase. Some of the kids are good at it and some of the kids are not so good at it! Either way though it is pretty entertaining.
  • Everyone but Whitman did join us in the living room to watch a Bates tv show. I think that the Bates is one of the kids favorite tv shows. After the show, the kids had a few more minutes of downtime before it was finally bedtime.

January 13, 2019

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  • Sunday morning and there were a few tears. Campbell was upset with me because I made her change shirts and Whitman was also upset with me because I told him that we were going to big church. Everyone recovered though and had time to grab a bite of breakfast before we leaving.
  • Church was uneventful. We didn't have to teach this morning so that was a bit of a welcomed break. After church we headed to Nonna's house to eat lunch. She had chili and tortilla soup, and they were both perfect on such a cold day.
  • After eating, we walked through my grandmother's house next door. Pops is redoing the inside and man, does it ever look different. It is just amazing what can be done to a house. My mind just doesn't work like that to imagine what all can be done. 
  • Afterwards, we came home for a very short nap. Reagan headed off to go bowling with the youth. They loaded the buses for the bowling alley, arrived there to discover that they had given their lanes away. The group headed back to church to play some games there, and I do believe that they had an awesome time. Reagan said that they had even more fun than bowling so I guess that it was a win.
  • Back at home, we pulled out a few things from the freezer and a few leftovers to make supper for everyone else. The boys spent most of the evening playing Anderson's new game from yesterday. While Whitman was playing his ipad tonight, he told me that he loved the show he was watching because it gave you "a new perspective." That's probably not a normal 5 year old word. 

January 12, 2019

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  • Anderson and Graham were the only ones awake this morning when I started walking through. Keaton was the easiest to wake up, but she just walked to Whitman's bed and climbed in it. I headed on downstairs to get myself ready.
  • A bit later, I did hear Whitman shouting, "it's basketball day." I assumed, wrongly, that this meant that he was excited about the day. He was not! Only his ipad and milk pleased him. He was able to have those two things for a few minutes before he was herded to the car for a day of basketball.
  • The first game was Keaton's. Her team did great-well, her team won. Keaton did score once, but I believe that all of the other points in the game were scored by one little girl. She is smaller than Keaton but dribbles the ball like a pro. She even dribbled behind her back as she was going for a layup during the game. It is quite entertaining to watch.
  • After that game, I took Anderson to Game Stop to spend a gift card. He really wanted one game, however it was very expensive. He did settle on another game, and said that he was "pleased yet disappointed." I did encourage him to just wait a while and maybe the game he wants will be discounted.
  • We had time to come home after the first game. I worked on pulling out school for this next week. Then it was time to load up for Campbell's game. Anderson was already gone again to go and eat lunch with Robby.
  • Campbell's team did well and also won their game. They didn't do nearly as well as they have before and the score was pretty low! Graham's game was next, and I sure thought that this week would have been his week to win. But it was not. Just like every single game, they were so, so close. Maybe next week.
  • We had an hour between games so some of the kids stayed at the gym with Grannymom, while Whitman and Reagan went with Robby to the store and I headed to Michaels. I didn't buy anything but Robby did return with snacks for the kids before Anderson's game.
  • Anderson's team has won every game and once again they squeaked out a win. Anderson scored at least 6 points today. That isn't a ton, but for us short Dennies it is a lot. The boys that he has been guarding are often a foot taller than him. It is almost comical. I will say that he does hold his on, but he better hit a growth spurt soon.
  • I had a birthday coupon for a steak place along with a gift card, so Reagan and I headed there for supper. She had steak and I had chicken which was delicious. Then we met the others at the Wilson's house. Robby had some bologna that Tony fried up for supper. 
  • Shannon had made a dessert, but Robby also made ooey gooey. Then we made 4 batches of breakfast burritos to put in our freezer. I think that we made over 60 burrito fillings which should last us for a while. 
  • We had planned on making biscuits too but the boys got a bit interested in the football game. We watched the Cowboys lose before rushing home for the last two, Reagan and Whitman, to take a shower before heading to bed.  

January 11, 2019

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  • Friday is one of my favorite days of the week. If you are wondering, I would say that Thursdays are my favorite. I know that is kind of off now since Thursdays are no different than any other day around here. For many, many years is was the fun start to our weekend with the Thursday night crew gathering at our house. 
  • But back to Fridays and specifically today. It was a lovely day with clouds and a bit of rain. It would have actually been absolutely lovely for a nap which I did have a very, very brief one. I should have been doing other things, but how could you pass up a cloudy and rainy day.
  • After our long Christmas break, this was our last day of our first full week back to school. It was kind of nice to get 4 days in since we really haven't in a while. Also, 4 days of school means no spelling on Fridays which means a bit of extra time for me.
  • I was able to manage school this morning while still being able to organizing some of my pictures in my new picture box. This makes the 3rd picture box that I have. I do still have about 200 pictures that don't have a date on them to file away, but I am getting there. When I get any type of picture right now, I always write the date on the back-I guess I always didn't do that. And if the picture only has one kid, then I write who it is on there. I don't think that I will forget my kids names but they do all look so alike.
  • Speaking of forgetting-tonight, as the kids were all in the kitchen, I walked to my bedroom and hollered, "Whitman, come eat your pizza." Robby hollered back at me, "he is in here." Yep, I had just walked by the boy who was sitting eating his pizza.
  • Back to today, after lunch the kids worked on some chores-washing sheets, cleaning desks and putting up Christmas presents. Now I am the only one with Christmas presents left sitting out, but it was just my birthday so I will give myself a pass. I don't have too many out though.
  • Despite the rain, Campbell and Keaton managed to play outside for a little bit this afternoon before having to come inside when the rain really started.
  • Robby and I ate out with the Wilsons while the big boys were at basketball practice. The girls and Whitman stayed here. They had cheese sticks when we were gone and then text to ask about making popcorn. I am not sure how many bags that made because when we came home, there were huge bowls everywhere!
  • The other day we had popcorn and Whitman got a piece of it stuck in his teeth. On the way to church, he was telling us about it. One of the boys suggested that he brush his teeth when we got home. He was quick to look at Robby and me and ask, "Who is going home. I want to brush my teeth." Of course, silly me, I forgot to ask if he ever got it out of his teeth. 
  • The boys had fun at practice and everyone had fun tonight when we pulled out the last Dairy Queen cake for our dessert. It was a pretty fun Friday.
  • Speaking of fun Fridays. Earlier this week, Keaton and I were doing some of her school work. We were talking about the days of the week, and the page said to ask what are things we do on each day of the week. Sunday? We go to church...Tuesday? We go to basketball. Wednesday? We go to Bible study. When I got to Friday, I asked Keaton what we do on Fridays. Her answer was simple, "We drink!"

January 10, 2019

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  • Graham and Campbell were hard at work on their school work this morning even before I made it out of bed. When I did see Campbell, she already had math questions. I am not a super big fan of talking until after I have had a few minutes to at least brush my teeth and put on my day clothes. I can't really say that I get dressed in the mornings because really all I do is put on different warmer pajamas for the day.
  • Anyway, we had breakfast. We are not down to less than one pan of cinnamon rolls. I am greatly relieved because it has been difficult making any headway on this New Year's resolution business while eating multiple cinnamon rolls. I did watch Pioneer Woman make cinnamon roll cookies today-hmm, maybe we will have to do that next week.
  • We did our school work this morning. I wish I could explain all that happens during the day here. It is just madness! I have thought about taking pictures every 15 minutes just to document our day. There are books and papers and children everywhere. I sit in my bedroom floor from 8-12 every day. My goal is to try to have the bed made, dishes emptied and laundry folded by noon, but other than that I am reading to everyone, working with someone, or checking something the entire morning long. 
  • When school was over today, Anderson was vacuuming and my floor was picked up and then clean. I realized that maybe I get overwhelmed sometime because of the sheer amount of stuff that is in my room during school. Laundry spread out everywhere. Books piled up in many different piles and papers, oh the papers!
  • After school was done, everyone made their lunches. They all ate then Robby, Keaton, Campbell and I loaded up to go to At Home. Their Christmas was on 75 percent off plus I had a 25 percent off coupon which amounted to a decent deal. We did but 2 more Christmas trees! He, he!
  • Then we came back home and the girls were quick to go outside to play with the neighbor and his trampoline. I worked with Whitman for a while this afternoon. We sat in our comfy chair all snuggled up and soon one of us was asleep. I won't tell you who though.
  • Whitman, Keaton, Campbell and I headed to Refresh tonight at church. It was fun, and the kids had a great time. Robby was with the big boys who had basketball practice tonight. They ran by Dairy Queen on the way home to pick up their weekly hamburgers. 
  • The kids had a bit of down time this evening before it was finally bedtime. I shouldn't be surprised that everyone is tired in the mornings because our bedtimes keep creeping later and later!

January 9, 2019

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  • Today was our first day back to Bible study and Wednesday night activities. I don't know about the kids but I am completely worn out. We all woke up in plenty of time to get ourselves ready and to leave for Bible study without a rush. It did help that our books were laid out by the door and our lunches were already packed.
  • The kids all love Bible study and most everyone signed up for snack during the next few weeks. I do believe that Campbell and Reagan both have snack next week. Reagan usually has complicated ideas of what to bring so today when she suggested angel food cake, I jumped on the idea. And I won't let Campbell's snack be too complicated since she already has snack near Valentine's and is making her sugar cookies.
  • After Bible study, there was a big debate about which park to go to. We ended up at Fellowship which was perfect. The weather was a bit chilly, but they have crushed tires as the ground on the playground so those black tires warm up quickly. 
  • We stayed at the park for longer than we usually do so when we made it home, we went right to work. We did some of our school work-mainly our history reading. I can't read very long (we all get bored) but I figure a bit every day and we will eventually finish. Then there were a few chores before everyone had their free time.
  • Campbell and Keaton ended up going outside right before it was time to leave. They had a few minutes outside before we loaded up and headed to the library and to church to eat. They had lasagna for supper tonight which I thought was really delicious. Or maybe I thought it was so good because I didn't have to make it. 
  • Robby had a meeting at church so he was there the whole time that we were there. We got home and the kids had their showers and a snack before bedtime. They had a few minutes to playing before bed and Keaton watched a bit of Bob Ross painting something! She was quite intrigued.

January 8, 2019

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  • Second day of school this morning. My grand plans of starting back on our breakfast menu didn't go so well today when I saw that toast and eggs were on the menu for today. It was already time to start school so there was no time to be making toast and eggs. 
  • It is helpful that we have at least 2 dozen cinnamon rolls sitting in the kitchen. Yes, they are a hindrance to that New Year's diet. And on a side note, Robby and I made our last batch of cinnamon rolls tonight. They are divine. I think that they are better than any of the other ones that we made. I am not sure why, but gracious they are so good that Robby and I might just have eaten a pan.
  • School was fairly uneventful today. I finally got to the point in Reagan's math that I had no idea what they were talking about. I guess that is pretty good since it is now Algebra 1. I tried to read the book to understand but couldn't understand that. I tried to ask Reagan but she didn't understand. So I made her sit with me while we watched the video of the man teaching the lesson. 
  • It was torcherous for both of us, but if you do need to know anything about slopes and intercepts, I am your lady! It is funny the things you learn homeschooling. Tonight we were playing a game and Robby was trying to get the kids to say the word "the." He called it a pronoun. I almost died! (By the way, the word "the" is an article.)
  • After school today, we had our lunch and then worked on our chores. There was more school to do-Jr. Ranger books, reading with Whitman, correcting some of Anderson's work, history with everyone. It just seemed to never end.
  • Campbell made another recipe of bath bombs this afternoon. Keaton was going to help but her and Whitman were too busy practicing. The put on a show for all of us upstairs. They sang "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" and "Holy, Holy, Holy." My big kids weren't too interested in watching the show, but I reminded them that I had sat through many of their shows as well and they would stay for both songs. It was pretty adorable though. I should have even recorded some of it on my phone.
  • Soon the neighbors were all outside. It was a beautiful day. I did have to run out and get Campbell and Keaton so they could put on their basketball shoes because Candice was coming to take them to practice. Whitman was still playing with the neighbors, and he stayed out for a while after the girls left. 
  • Everyone else was outside until all of the neighbors had to go home. Robby and I were inside finishing the cinnamon rolls and making supper for tonight. I do love crazy busy kitchen and that is exactly what we had tonight.
  • Once the girls came home, we ate our supper and everyone had their showers. We even had time to play my new Catch Phrase game with everyone before ushering everyone to bed.  

January 7, 2019

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  • Of course I had planned to wake up a bit earlier than I did today, but I was up before I wanted to start school so that was a good thing. Graham was the only one awake when I woke up, but when I went to wake everyone up, that silly boy was laying in his bed acting like he was asleep.
  • Today's breakfast was cereal and cinnamon rolls. We will be eating on cinnamon rolls for the next week or so. This should go later in the blog, but tonight at almost bedtime, I went to Shannon's to watch her make biscuits. Now, biscuits are on our list of things to make. We will never have to buy breakfast food again! (We will only have to buy larger pairs of pants with eating only cinnamon rolls and biscuits.)
  • School went surprisingly well today. The kids got back into the swing of things during school. There wasn't too much drama during the morning. I have given my big 3 new books to read and I guess that it was quite a bit of reading because Reagan was still working at noon. I had thought that she had finished 2 days of school was she sometimes does. I was pretty shocked to just see her one day of work. 
  • After school was done, we all had our lunch and then started to work on our chores. After chores, we then did a bit of reading. Whitman and I did a little bit of reading this afternoon. He is doing well on his reading. Also during school today, he did most of his work by himself with little prompting-maybe we should have Christmas break more often.
  • This afternoon I did get back on the treadmill for a little bit. I wasn't too impressed with it, but should probably try again tomorrow. Campbell and Keaton spent the afternoon playing outside. They came in just as I was telling everyone else that we were about to leave.
  • Tonight, we celebrated my birthday at Nonna's house. She had hamburgers and all of the fixings plus a huge 3 layer cake for me. The kids were pretty anxious for me to open my presents. I opened a few gift cards, some paint and a coupon for a shopping trip with Nonna. 
  • We stayed there for a while and then headed home. We had to make a detour on the way home due to a wreck. At home, everyone put on their pjs and Campbell and Keaton had showers. Campbell had a bit of a smart mouth and was sent to bed early-only about 20 minutes early.
  • When I did come home from Shannon's house, I went upstairs to tell everyone good night and the only ones awake were Anderson, Reagan and Campbell. Reagan listens to an audio book at night so she is usually the last one asleep which is why she is always the last one awake!

January 6, 2019-Happy Birthday Tara!

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  • We began the morning celebrating my birthday with cinnamon rolls that were still fresh from our late night baking party last night. We put my candles on them-just 4 and then 1 since 42 seemed like overkill. 
  • The kids sang to me, and we all enjoyed the cinnamon rolls. Our cinnamon rolls were pretty good, but they will soon be even better because Robby gave me a cinnamon roll baking class at Pulaski Tech next month. Ya'll can start saving up your money so you can buy your cinnamon rolls from me.
  • He also gave me a basket (which I had picked out and bought myself, shhh!) along with the game Catch Phrase. We all enjoyed playing it at Shannon's house the other day so everyone was excited about that.
  • Soon we were headed to church in two different cars. After church, Robby ran home to pick up the ice cream cakes for Campbell's bonus birthday party at Third Realm. The rest of us did Sunday school and then met him, Whitman and Anderson, who had also had their hair cut, back at Grannymom's house.
  • We celebrated my birthday some more there with a yummy lunch and apple enchiladas for dessert. Afterwards, I opened my presents-a letter board, a colander pot (I don't know what the real name is), a photo box and a gift card. I was super pleased with my presents and had a little time to play with my letter board before we headed out.
  • Since this was just a bonus birthday party, we only invited 3 families, but that was 18 kids plus Lilly and Cash. The kids absolutely loved Third Realm. This was Keaton and Whitman's first time to go there, mine and Robby's as well, and they had a blast. Keaton wasn't afraid to do anything, and Whitman did most things. 
  • When an hour was up, Anderson's face was sure red and sweaty. I think that he was glad that the hour was indeed up. We gathered in the party room and had cake and pizza. We sang to Campbell one more time, and she of course ate all of the attention up. 
  • Now, since all of these people had already done birthday presents for Campbell and this was just a bonus, Campbell was super excited to leave with a Third Realm shirt. It was a pretty fun afternoon, and honestly, I didn't mind sharing my birthday celebration with the Campbell and all of our friends.
  • After we left the jumpy place, we went to the Heltz house to jump on their trampoline. It was all a ploy because they needed help moving their trampoline before we jumped. We were able to help and moved that thing in no time flat. 
  • The kids loved jumping for a bit-well, a long while. We then ran back home for a long enough for a few of the kiddos to start on their showers. Then we ended up at Pei Wei for my birthday celebration. 
  • The kids enjoyed their chow mien noodles and edamame. The boys ate quite a bit of my chicken. Reagan wanted to order the lettuce wraps that we have made at home. We didn't but will now have to make them again. Everyone did eat their weight in fortune cookies.
  • We ended my birthday celebration at the Wilson's house for ice cream. Shannon had a ton of choices for everyone and even ice cream sandwiches for Whitman. I am not sure why they didn't get a candle for me to blow out though, but the ice cream was still scrumptious.
  • We did get home at a decent time and didn't decide to start on any baking projects tonight. Instead, Anderson and Whitman showered while everyone else headed on to bed. This took a while to get everyone in bed. My kids have become a bit chatty at night and really, I kind of like it. 
  • Once everyone was in bed, I had planned on drinking me some apple cider to end my birthday celebration, but I am too tired to do that so maybe tomorrow night. I will still be celebrating then as well.    

January 5, 2019

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  • So we could have had a relaxing Saturday and well, we probably should have, but that sure wouldn't be any fun! 
  • Robby and I left this morning and ran to At Home (looking for a sale on Christmas trees) and Sams (picking up Veggie Straws), before going to Grannymom's house. There we picked up Campbell, Keaton and Whitman.
  • Whitman was a little toot as we were picking him up, and hopefully all of that was because he was exhausted and slept for a very long time afterwards. Campbell and Keaton, however, were not tired at all and talked the entire way to Bryant.
  • On that side of town, we picked up a video game from Walmart which we promptly returned since they took forever to get it to us. Our plan had been to go to Dairy Queen for our first free burgers of the year but had left the coupons at home.
  • So we headed home to pick up the coupons and drop off the girls. The neighbors were out playing so they were happy to stay home. We also left Whitman, who was snoozing in the car, while we unloaded. Then we headed out again to get those Dairy Queen burgers.
  • Once there, we had to wake up Whitman, who was not in a perfect mood. We had our burgers while we only had fries. Then Robby did buy him an ice cream while I filled out the survey for a free Dilly Bar.
  • Afterwards, we ran down the road for a free car wash. They were handing out chips, hot dogs, water, cupcakes, popcorn, and more Dairy Queen Dilly Bars there. We only got a Dilly Bar for Whitman and Robby since I had just eaten one, and Whitman did take him a bag of chips for the car.
  • Back at home, we played around for a bit, but then we loaded up again with Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to take my car to the car wash. Of course, this time we made the car wash our supper and everyone enjoyed their Dilly Bar as a dessert. We did take Reagan and Anderson one back home. 
  • By the time we made it home this time, it was dark outside so there was no more playing outside. Most of the kids had been out during the day at some point. We had everyone start on their showers and a bit of picking up.
  • Robby and I began work on a few batches of cinnamon rolls. Our first batch the dough didn't rise-we think we had the milk too hot. After seeing that not rise, we made a second batch and called Shannon to come over and play. We decided that we certainly needed one more batch as well, so we started on another one as well.
  • It took forever to roll out the first (non rising) batch and the second (good) batch. We finally finished after 10:30 with those. Shannon headed home, and we put everyone in bed before putting the third batch in the fridge and baking the second batch. We will have plenty of cinnamon rolls for my birthday tomorrow!

January 4, 2019

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  • Even though we had said that we would do better this morning about waking up, we most certainly did not. It was 8:15 when I looked at the clock. Of course, I did a bunch of groaning as I jumped out of bed. 
  • My first stop was to turn on the oven. Then I put my clothes on and made muffins which baked while I worked on waking everyone else up. Whitman and Graham were the only ones awake this morning. 
  • Once the muffins were finished, we started on our school together work. We are just doing a fraction of it so they were still working on their individual work on plenty of time. School went fine again today and by noon-ish we were all eating lunch.
  • This afternoon everyone did their chores, and then I played Candyland with Whitman and Keaton. He had told Robby the other day that it was his favorite game. Now, after today when he came in dead last I am not so sure if it will still be his favorite game!
  • I took Reagan, Anderson and Graham to their East library class this afternoon. I found a sunny spot in the library and worked on my Sunday school and read. It was pretty perfect to just relax for a little bit...if only I could have taken a nap.
  • I did bring in my water. I know their are signs saying not to, but joked with Sara as we walked in. She told me to just keep it in my bag which I did. About halfway through my library lounging, I looked down at my bag and noticed that the entire bottom was wet. Yep, my water had spilled. Thankfully, my bag was empty at the time so all was well, but I guess I know why the library has a no food or drink sign!
  • Keaton, Campbell, and Whitman went to Grannymom's house tonight and even spent the night. Robby and I were going out with the Wilsons so they needed somewhere to stay. Whitman was so excited that he set his timer for when Robby was going to take them. They had all even packed multiple bags for the night! No tell what all they brought.
  • After East, the Wilson and us went to eat at The Silo. It was not a great birthday meal at all. Every single thing that we ordered was wrong or mixed up. They were out of rolls, the appetizer was tiny and took forever, my food was on Shannon's plate, we didn't get the bread we ordered, Tony's got chicken instead of chicken fried steak, the baked potatoes came well after our meal, refills were non existent, the ranch took forever and our ice cream came after our dessert. 
  • Now even though we won't be going back anytime soon at all, if ever to eat a meal there, their fried pies were pretty darn good. I might be willing to go back there again just for dessert but that would definitely be it. 
  • We still had a good time though and ended the evening with a walk around Kroger and Walmart. Kind of sad that eating at an old person restaurant and walking around Walmart is an exciting birthday evening! Ha!
  • Shannon had made cookies so we munched on them when we came back to our house. Once they left, it was time for bed for the crew and time for bed for us!

January 3, 2019

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  • Since we were starting school at 8 today, I had planned to wake up at 7:15. Ha! That didn't work exactly like I had planned. I did jump up at 8, and no one else in this house was awake. Seriously, they were all trying avoid doing school or that Nyquil worked really well last night.
  • I had 4 kids chugging Nyquil tonight-Campbell and Graham who are still coughing but do seem to be improved. Also Anderson who says that he feels just fine, but when I heard him cough he sounded so wheezy and croupy and asthma-y! And Keaton who has Campbell's cough. No one feels bad or has any fever so hopefully the coughs will ease up soon.
  • Once I was able to rouse everyone from bed, they grabbed their breakfasts and ate while I read. We just did a little bit of our working together so the kids were able to start to school sooner. That worked out well for them.
  • I didn't give any one much school today-or at least they though so. They still had math, writing, phonics (littles), science (Reagan), and grammar. So really they did all they need to do today. It was a nice start back to school.
  • Reagan left with Robby for lunch. They ate a burger and ran by Grannymom and Grandpa's house. Meanwhile, Nonna and Pops ran over here fora few minutes. The kids enjoyed showing them Anderson's race car track. He had received it last year for Christmas, but it has just now consumed everyone this last week or so.           
  • After they left, Robby and Reagan were home soon. The kids had already finished their chores so I did a few of mine around the house. I did organize one more closet-it wasn't too bad though and I barely threw anything away.
  • This afternoon was fairly quiet. I think that I might have had one last Christmas break nap. We did have at least 2 different deliveries today and even had 3 yesterday. You would think that it is Christmas or something!
  • We had some leftovers tonight for supper. We did change things up a little bit and even made quesadillas as part of our supper. After supper, we cleaned the kitchen while the kids took their showers and their medicine.
  • Graham did make a box of cookies for everyone to eat for dessert while we were watching our tv show tonight. Then it was bedtime for my cough-y crew.

January 2, 2019

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  • I believe that most of the children in this house last night slept until almost 11. I am afraid that they will have a hard time waking up in the morning for school. Well, I actually will also have a hard time waking for school in the morning. I will say that I have enjoyed this Christmas through New Year's break more than I have any other year. Maybe it is because of all of this organizing that we have been doing.
  • Cash had spent the night with us and did leave with a black eye. Ooops! Good thing he is family. The child ran into the couch upstairs while the kids were playing hide and seek in the dark. They told me about it and I briefly wondered if he needed stitches last night when I first saw it. It was just a really ugly carpet burn on his eye. I did doctor him up last night but it was pretty red still this morning when he finally stirred.
  • Robby took Cash home and ran a few errands during lunch. I worked on the dishes, laundry and that one final closet that I have been trying to get to. The kids also did their chores-I do enjoy getting back into a routine even though I think we could get into some type of routine and still never do school again. The kids weren't too thrilled with all of their chores, but it is time that they get back to reality.
  • This afternoon, we did a bit more work on my closet, and then I did a lot of work on my history timeline. I am trying to get things a bit ready for tomorrow so it can possibly run smoothly. 
  • Tonight supper was a pork chops, potatoes and green beans. Yep, look at me getting on those New Year's resolutions. Supper was actually delicious. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough but we even had some leftovers, and Robby was able to cut our pork chops up and made it go twice as far. 
  • The kids all enjoyed the meal and even stuck around the kitchen to help clean up. After supper, it was kind of quiet around here. I did play two games with Keaton, Campbell and Graham. I couldn't get Reagan or Anderson to play with us-maybe I will have to start a mandatory game time. 
  • Bedtime was much earlier tonight than it has been in a few weeks-possibly even in a few months! It went fairly smoothly-though Whitman did have to go potty after he laid down and at least 13 other children up there have gone to the bathroom as well.

Dennie Family Resolutions 2019

Well, another year of making resolutions (that we know that we won't keep at least for the most part.) It is still fun though so we will carry on the tradition. Now, I will say that for the last week, Robby and I have been saying the phrase, "wear the red dress." The phrase means to not save things until the perfect occasion, today is the day to wear the red dress, use the good china, play the game or hang the picture. Don't wait, enjoy it all now. So I guess "wear the red dress" is our phrase of the year. 

Here are our individual resolutions for 2019:

-walk over the Clinton Library Bridge and the Big Dam Bridge
-go to Silver Dollar City at least 6 times

-improve at meal planning
-run/walk on the treadmill consistently
-be generous
-less ipad time/more activity time for kids

-spend all of my gift cards
-not spend any money

-spend all of my gift cards

-go to Branson
-go to Chick Fil A (He also said that his word for the year is "Chick Fil A")

-have a lemonade stand
-go to baking class
-use all my gift cards
-learn how to make homemade brownies

-sell cookies at a lemonade stand
-bake all by myself

-play Minecraft
-go to Disney World

And here is the best part of our resolutions...the results of 2018's resolutions:

Read 6 books (He said that he did read 6 books.)

Floss (Daily-on school days)
Have better posture (Nah, not so much)
Plan our meals better (Ha, ha, ha)

Spend all her gift cards (She tried but still has more than anyone else.)

Get a job (Nope, not yet)
Build all of his destroyed Lego sets (We tried and did rebuild a few larger ones.)

Score 10 goals in soccer (Nope)
Become a better basketball player (Yes, Anderson and Graham go to Friday night basketball, and it has really improved their skills.)

Have a lemonade stand (Unfortunately not)
Bake more (Definitely)

Play basketball (Her team this year has won all of their games, and she is really pretty good.)

Read a Christmas book (Yes)
Learn to read (Whoop whoop! He is doing very well.)

January 1, 2019

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  • We slept in a bit on this first day of the year. I think that most of the kids did as well. Whitman was the first kid that we saw. He was concerned about getting his breakfast. When we asked him who all was awake, he told us Campbell and Reagan. When we heard him say Reagan, we questioned him until we finally understood that Reagan was just up long enough to tell him that he couldn't sit on the bonus room steps and watch his ipad. Alyssa, Reagan and Kennedy were still trying to sleep up there.
  • Anderson worked with Robby to make breakfast this morning. He had received a Star Wars waffle maker for Christmas and took making his waffles very seriously. I think that he was pretty proud of himself.
  • After the kids all ate, they headed outside to play some. While they did that, I worked on that last closet left on my list. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to finish it. I have straightened the closet, but that means that all of the clothes that were shoved in there are not in a big heap in the closet upstairs.
  • Kennedy's dad picked her up before we left and on our way to Grannymom's house we dropped off Alyssa. Lunch was at Grannymom's house. We had our traditional black eyed peas and hog jaw. 
  • The kids all played a game of dominoes after lunch. While they were playing, Whitman sat in my lap and went sound to sleep. I think that he was a bit tired from staying up so late last night. Cash came home with us and ended up spending the night.
  • We dropped off the big 3 and Cash at home, and the little 3, Robby and I ran a few errands. We stopped at Kirklands where I had birthday money to spend (yes, birthday money from last year) plus a birthday coupon to spend (birthday coupon from this year). 
  • I ended up buying a lamp for in the kitchen, a Christmas pillow and a paper towel holder. Robby suggested that we go to Target. Their Christmas stuff was 90 percent off and very little was left. We did leave with some candy, wrapping paper and to/from tags. 
  • Once at home, we hung up a sign from Christmas which meant that we had to vacuum under and in the couch. We also put my new lamp on the table. Unfortunately, while we were working on the sign, we heard a huge crash and then an "ooopsie." Whitman had some how knocked the lamp off the bar. I had never liked the cheap lamp from ikea so this wasn't too traumatic for me. We had planned on putting it in the bathroom, but I guess I will just have to get another one. 
  • The Wilson's were soon over for supper. We had taquitos, soft tacos and chicken tortilla soup along with all of our leftover sweets. The kids had lots of fun playing inside, outside, upstairs, and downstairs. They were all over and all had lots of fun. 
  • Graham took the floor tonight so Cash could sleep in his bed. I do still think that the boys are awake up there. Hopefully, they will sleep soon. I am pretty sure that Graham will since his nyquil should soon kick in. 
  • And I didn't forget about our resolutions, I will get them done tomorrow or maybe the next day! Promise.