June 30, 2020

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  • I slept super late this morning. There was still laundry to do but not the dishes. We are some how off on our dishes routine so I am having to run the dishwasher at odd times during the day. Hopefully tonight we can get back on our running the dishwasher at night routine.
  • Whitman and I did our work together this morning. After we did our spelling, I helped him with his math. I do think that he has little motivation to do things quickly-this makes me crazy! I am afraid that I will be constantly telling him to do his school work when he is in the 5th grade still! I don't know if I can take it!
  • We all made time to do our together work this morning. That is mostly my favorite time of the day. I enjoy the books that we are reading, and I enjoy us all being together. When they was over the kids worked on their chores for a very tiny bit. And I say "very tiny" because it is looking like chores are being dong a "very tiny" bit around here.
  • Around 2, we loaded up to go to the pool. We did stop at Sara's to pick up our chairs from last night. When we pulled up, I said "only my boys will get out of the car." I meant my big 2 since I planned on them putting the chairs in the car. Sara passed two chairs to Graham and the next boy in line to get chairs was Whitman. I guess he knew he was supposed to help too-he is a boy after all.
  • We swam for about an hour and fifteen minutes when they closed the pool. I blamed Graham for pooping in the pool so we could go home. He did not instead the pump is broken. So that means no swim team for tomorrow-another day of sleeping in!
  • When we came home, Robby was working on putting together our new smoke shack furniture. It is pretty nice-I think that Robby will be spending even more time out there now. Often during the day, he disappears only to be found in his shed!
  • Tonight we went to Raymar for the kids to celebrate their last Terrific Tuesday. The kids enjoyed playing-but here's the highlights for me: Whitman played with some boys his age (he usually plays with the bigger boys) and Campbell picked up a load of trash without anyone asking her. Good things.
  • Reagan had Kennedy and Alyssa spent the night tonight. So currently, the girls are upstairs chatting away while we are letting the others stay up a bit later!

June 29, 2020

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  • Oh, what a wonderful rainy day. I do love rainy days, and I think that my kids enjoy rainy days as well. Whitman climbed in our bed fairly early this morning. It actually wasn't that early, but there wasn't anyone else awake so Whitman sure wasn't going to go in the living room alone.
  • When the morning started, my first task was making black beans for supper tonight. My beans took all day long to cook. I didn't turn them up high enough at first so they did take longer than planned. That was fine though so they just simmered all day long-and I will say that they were pretty good for my first real time at making dried beans (I know, I'm 40 something years old and have never made dried beans.)
  • I worked with Whitman this morning while Campbell and Keaton did their little school work. We are doing a bit this summer, but our break is so, so nice. Fairly early this morning, Robby did help me make some cookies for tonight.
  • Before I knew it, it was already lunch time. The plan had been to go to the pool today at 1 and then at 3, but the rain didn't stop so there was no pool. We did have some excitement though. Robby was working outside on the shed patio (also known as the smoke shack.) I went out and pointed out that the ditch was overflowing. 
  • Robby jumped up and grabbed his shovel to flatten out the rocks. (He had added some since the last rainfall.) At this time the rain was pouring down. He quickly fixed the rocks, and the water started flowing down the ditch and all was well again. Water safety measure #2 (the ditch) did briefly fail, but the others worked well.
  • A few minutes later, Robby had to run inside the house for a conference call. Before I knew it, he was back outside telling me that he lost an air pod (one of his earphone things). We only imagined where it would be-flowing down the ditch. He had to take the call so I was just about to don a raincoat and start searching. It was a crazy few minutes, but thankfully Robby found the missing ear thing in the house, and all was well again.
  • Anderson and I did work on some Lego's today. We didn't get very far today since almost every piece was hiding from us. Between rain storms I did run to Sara's to drop off some chairs. 
  • Tonight our life group said goodbye to the Hamblins. Kim and her family are moving to Kentucky so we had a celebration for them. There was lots of food and lots of kiddos! My kids had so much fun that Whitman fell asleep on the short ride home!

June 28, 2020

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  • Church morning and no one was stirring when it was time to wake up. I am not sure why my crew sleeps in more on the days that we have to go somewhere, but today they were sound asleep. Even Graham who is always the first awake was sleeping so hard that it took me a good while to wake him up.
  • There was a nice breeze today during church so it didn't seem that hot. It is still different having church outside. Since they passed out water bottles, I told Robby that if they sang one more song, then I would have to go to the bathroom. They did and I did!
  • The kids enjoyed playing for a few minutes with their buddies before we headed over to Nonna and Pops' house for Sunday lunch. They had hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill along with beans and dips. For dessert, Nonna had chocolate cake and quite a few choices of ice cream to choose from. 
  • Pops even had a watermelon to slice. By this time I was pretty full, but most of the kids had some. Anderson and Keaton were no go on the watermelon. I did get Whitman to try a bite at least. The kids do think it is the strangest thing to put salt on a watermelon which is delicious.
  • Once we made it back home, we straightened for a bit. Then took a little bit of a nap. It wasn't long after I got up that the kids headed outside to play with the neighbors. They were outside off and on all afternoon.
  • Robby straightened and piddled in his shed. I tried to "piddle" in the house, but I am not very good at it. I did get a few things ready for tomorrow along with working on a little craft project. I am not sure what all I did do, but I stayed busy until 10 tonight-maybe I am better at piddling than I thought!
  • The kids went to bed around 10 so Robby had his supper then. I just skipped supper and had our last bit of ice cream. We are now ice cream-less in this house. Robby is working on a printer while I am typing. It has turned out to be a busy little day.

June 27, 2020

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  • Ole swim team practice-gracious me. I am not too sure why we signed up for this. It is just early, and I am just tired. I hope that I do get a few days to sleep in before school starts again-or maybe I will have to start going to bed earlier. 
  • I had one quick errand during swim team. Now, I do wish that more stores were open at 8 in the morning, I could accomplish a few more things. I made it back to see the younger group swimming and getting timed. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman all swam together during one of their strokes. 
  • After swim, we came home. Robby was working in the yard while I found a few things to do around the house. I may have possibly taken a short nap, but soon I was in the garage staining one final board for our door.
  • Around 2, we started hanging the barn door. Things went well-really, things went fairly well when the hung the door....all 3 times! Ha! Finding studs was a bit tedious, but then we had one board secured on the wall. 
  • The first time we the door was too low so we had to raise everything. The second time the door was almost perfect, but the wall that it was next to was crooked. That meant that the gap was small at the top and pretty big at the bottom. It would have worked since we can't really fix the wall, but we tried one more time.
  • This time we angled the track up just a tiny bit to hopefully over compensate for the crooked wall. We did this knowing that we could cause the track to be crooked which would make the door slide on its own. Thankfully, the door didn't slide, and it looks absolutely perfect.
  • We knew that making the door would be the easy part, and we also knew that hanging the door would be the difficult part. It wasn't too hard-though I just mainly held the tools that Robby wasn't using. The door is up, it is secure and it looks really good. 
  • Tonight Reagan asked what our next project was. Outside we have the gaga pit, but inside I am not sure what the next project is. I have to work on the door some more-touch up painting mostly. 
  • We had hung the door for the second time when we loaded up to go swim. Most of the crew was there tonight. The kids all had so much fun swimming tonight. Well, maybe not Whitman-he has just been struggling a bit lately. He gets so upset over the smallest things-they must be big to him because his reactions are huge. 
  • Robby picked up supper for us from Arbys. We devoured everything that he bought. We must have been starving. We stayed until the kicked us out of the pool-well, actually they closed for the evening. 
  • On the way home, Robby called and his car was stopping at Arby's to pick us up root beer floats. That was a perfect little treat for our drive home. And that probably gave us the energy to finish hanging the door! 
  • Tomorrow there will be no hanging of anything on the walls! Maybe there will even be a nap...or two!

June 26, 2020

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  • I did sleep as late as I could this morning, but I was still awake before any of the kids. I started on the laundry mound but sound found my self working on spelling with Whitman. We are getting pretty close to finishing.
  • The next big event at the house this morning was the termite man coming by. We can officially say that we have termites. There has been a spot on the window molding that has looked like I banged it with my car door. I could never figure it out because my door really would never be close to hitting it. 
  • Anyway, the other day we started looking at it closer and you an just push your finger through it. I guess our termite money that we pay each year will come in handy. They will respray the house next week, but then the fixing people will come and work on the repair. Hopefully, the repair is an easy fix.
  • After he left, there were more chores in the house. I did finish repaint my kitchen window sill. I am perfectly pleased with it despite the different trim color. Robby did say that he figured I would eventually paint all of my cabinets to match. I was honestly tempted to paint the kitchen door today, but that would have led to the baseboards which would have eventually met those cabinets. I sure want my cabinets painted, but I think that they need more than just a fresh coat of paint-they need a match!
  • Around lunch, I went to work on sanding my barn door. Then I used the saw to cut out a few things for my kids' teachers' Christmas gifts. Campbell and Keaton both found some scraps that they wanted and went to town painting.
  • This afternoon/evening Robby and I ran to Kroger to pick up the sale items that we needed. Then we ran into Lowes to buy stain for the door. I thought that maybe I would have 5 stain choices and was quite overwhelmed with the 20 or so that I had. While Robby was loading up his cart with other things, I moved a few of my choices together. Robby picked one color from the list and I found a similar color from my choices.
  • I was a bit doubtful of our color choice, but it was absolutely beautiful. Or at least I thought so, and Robby agreed. Now, Graham and Reagan both kind of made faces as the barn door when we moved it into the house tonight. Children!
  • Reagan spent most of her day making bracelets, while Anderson spent most of his day playing on the xbox with a friend from church. Graham was pretty bored today since the neighbors didn't come out-well, they did but only for a bit. 
  • This evening I made a blueberry pound cake. I normally wouldn't eat or make a blueberry cake, but it was delicious. Shannon came over to help us enjoy our cake. Graham did like my cake, but Campbell was the only other one who even tried it! Children! Ha! That is fine because that just means more for us. 

June 25, 2020

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  • Those dreaded words were heard last night: "(Insert any child's name here) just threw up." This time though it was Keaton downstairs waking us up. She is usually the one sick. Last night it was Whitman. 
  • It was around 2, but Reagan still seemed wide awake. She is usually the one who just tells Campbell that it is her turn to get us and lays in bed during all of the activity. Last night, she was trying to gather the soiled bedding when I opened the door. She had already gotten Whitman to the bathroom and was working on getting Keaton another spot to sleep by the time I left with Whitman. 
  • I slept pretty good, but did wake up each time that Whitman made any noises last night. He slept fine though and leaped into our bed at 6:30. If he climbed into our bed in the middle of the night, or anytime really, he climbs over me to get in the middle. He will not lay on the edge at all-it is like he needs the protection of both of us. That makes sense though because he piles his pillows into a wall at the edge of his bed each night.
  • The kids all slept in a bit this morning. It was nearly 9 when people starting stirring. Campbell and Keaton made chocolate chip pancakes. I started on my huge laundry pile. Then moved on to painting my kitchen window sill. I don't have the right paint, but any paint would be better than the way it looked!
  • At 1, I took Campbell and Keaton to Lily's birthday party. They were super excited about it-played with baby kittens, tie dyed a shirt and played in the water. Reagan drove us to drop them off, but then ended up going to the pool with Candice. She never wanted to go to the pool last year, but this year you can't keep her away.
  • Graham and I then ran to Nonna's house to drop off some meat for them. Their painter man was there so I watched him paint without taping anything. I sure can't do that at all despite all of my painting practice that I have received lately.
  • Robby and I went to work on our barn door building. We were able to cut most everything before I had to leave to take the boys' fishing. Graham had been asking for a while so I took him and Anderson down the road. 
  • Graham was the only one who caught a fish. Then his hook got caught in the fish-bless, he tried and tried to take the hook out. They both had fun and even asked if we could go back next week. The weather was pleasant so we might just go back soon.
  • Robby and Whitman picked up pizza for our supper. I ate quickly and then picked up the girls. Reagan had come home and left again-she went to a Bible study with Alyssa tonight. Quite a busy schedule she had today.
  • It was almost 10 when Robby and I finished our door. We still have to sand and stain it-but that is tomorrow's project! Right now it is bedtime.

June 24, 2020

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  • Another busy day around here. Swim team happened this morning-it seemed super early. I didn't have any errands to run while they were swimming, so I just sat and watched. Whitman's main/best teacher wasn't there today, but they still worked hard. Whitman was super pleased because someone said that he had the best dive. I am not sure if that someone was an adult or another child.
  • Graham and Campbell seem to just fly down the pool. They are fun to watch when they are racing each other. Now, Keaton isn't as fast as they are, but she sure does seem to love swim team. 
  • When we came home, I did a few things inside but soon ended up outside painting! Ugh! When will we be finished painting? Today I painted the back door red-we probably should have chosen a more neutral matching color, but why not have some fun. You only live once!
  • Grannymom and Grandpa even stopped by for some lunch. Before we ate, Grandpa did help Robby put in one more light in the shed. Then we had some leftover bbq for lunch. 
  • I had to rush off for my dentist appointment. Gracious, there are so many other places I would rather go than the dentist. So, so many other places. I didn't need any new work so that was good.
  • Robby took the kids and Brett to the pool while I was gone. When I arrived at the pool, they were turning people away because it was already at capacity. Thankfully, Robby had already signed me in so I barely made it into the pool. As soon as I did arrive, Robby did leave.
  • We stayed our two hours then hurried home. We dropped Brett off because he had a baseball game to get to. Then my big 3 had about 20 minutes at home before Candice came and picked them up for church. 
  • Tonight was the first summer Wednesday night that Graham's group was able to go to, and he was super pumped about it. They all had fun-especially since Candice stopped at ChickFilA on the way home. 
  • There was no need to feed my kids because the church brought us a ton of food again tonight. Chicken nuggets was the main dish-Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were so excited. I guess if I just make food and put it in a box then they will be that excited about my suppers. I guess that I will have to start sending some of my tithe to the food bringing church!
  • Robby and I finished our day time projects tonight-touching up the shed paint and water sealing the whole thing. I also cleaned the rest of the garage so that is two more things marked off of the list. 
  • Once the others came home, they had some downtime before it was finally bedtime. 10:30 is the normal bedtime around here. And I wonder why my crew is sure sleepy in the mornings!

June 23, 2020

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  • Today was our last Terrific Tuesday at church, and I even convinced Anderson to come along and help us. I was up early enough this morning that Whitman and I even worked on spelling before we left.
  • I had intended for Reagan to drive to church, but she didn't want to because she was working on a bracelet. The girl is all into bracelet making now. She may have to wear Robby's wrist brace from trying all of those tiny knots. She said today that she has made more bracelets for other people than she has for herself.
  • Today was water day at church. The weather was questionable this morning, but it held until we were almost done. Our group started out with a slip n slide down the big hill. Then we moved on to other water games. 
  • We ended the morning with pizza and a devotional. When we left church, we did go to the library to pick up some books and some lunches. Ha! The kids enjoyed their library haul today, and it was nice not having to prepare lunch.
  • The original plan had been to go to the pool this afternoon, but the rain changed that. Robby was smoking some meat today so outside just smelled delicious. He worked on a door that had a bit of water damage on it while I ran to Kroger to pick up a few things.
  • The Fergusons came over tonight to eat some of Robby's meat. The kids enjoyed playing with their kids. Whitman enjoyed being with the boys, and Campbell and Keaton loved playing with little Emma.
  • Robby's meat was good tonight so the meal was a success. Anderson had a big day working, a big night playing and then went to spend the night with Brett. Graham would have gone to but has swim in the morning and did get a turn last week with just him at Brett's house. Graham wasn't too happy about this-he was a bit bummed.
  • The last few nights, we have been so full at bedtime that we haven't even had any ice cream. That just kind of makes me sad, but I sure don't want any now. I was stuffed from supper and then guzzling my water bottle just now. That was probably a bad decision and I will be up all night going to the bathroom!

June 22, 2020

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  • I had to wake up Reagan and Anderson early this morning. That woke everyone else up as well-except for Graham. He was the last one to stumble down the stairs. Even though he was the last one, he did still hop in the car to ride with me to the church house.
  • Reagan and Anderson went to Second Chance Ranch to do some work today. It sounds like Reagan's group did some house cleaning while Anderson's group picked up the playground along with cleaning some vehicles. They also spent some time playing with some of the kids there.
  • After I dropped them off at church, Graham and I returned his original fishing pole to Walmart. Then we wandered around Academy and found a new rod and reel for him. Once he got it home, he immediately went to work on it. The line was initially tangled, but we think that we have that sorted out now. I already know more about fishing that I really care to!
  • Once back at home, my next project was helping Campbell and Keaton clean their desks. They share a tall table for their desk, and it was a super mess! It took about an hour to clean-I was there, but I was also texting someone during that time, so I was quite distracted.
  • After that, I made some lunches and finally did go to work painting my bench and chair from the front porch. I did go with the blue of the front door. They look really nice in the garage right now drying, so we will see if they look that good on the front porch.
  • Robby did run to Lowes this afternoon. He found some more wood that I need for my door-I can't wait to lay it all out and touch it! He did make a few other purchases as well-I think that we are going to become quite handy around here. 
  • The kids played outside a bit this afternoon. They did come outside briefly to get popsicles. Around 8, we did load up and go to the Wilsons' house. The kids played with the adults talked. Once we came home, Robby worked on some meat for him to smoke tomorrow. Then it was bedtime for this crew!

June 21, 2020-Happy Father's Day!

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  • Campbell and Keaton were determined that I was not the only parent who would get breakfast in bed this year. They were ready to make Robby a Father's Day breakfast and deliver it to him early this morning.
  • I did get out of bed to help them-there were biscuits to cut, bacon to fry, gravy to make, sausage to cook, and eggs to scramble. It was quite a bit of work...actually, the biscuits were from a bag, the bacon was precooked, the gravy was from a can, the sausage was also precooked, but the eggs-we made the eggs.
  • Campbell and Keaton worked super hard on the breakfast. They did not want anyone else carrying the breakfast into Robby, who had already been outside spraying last night's burn pile, but they did want everyone to join them.
  • Robby was pleased with his cards, pictures and candy that he received. Once breakfast was cleaned, it was time to get ready and hurry to church. 
  • This Sunday we had the option of going back into the church house, but we still choose Raymar. We are enjoying seeing and visiting with our friends along with letting the kids run around after church, so we will continue with Raymar. We have gotten great reports about going back in the building, so I am excited for that day to come as well.
  • As we were unfolding our lawnchairs and getting ready for the service, Graham brought Robby his Father's day gift-a folding lawn chair. It is fancy dancy, and he has wanted one for a while. He was pleased and rocked throughout church. 
  • When church was over, we headed home. Robby pulled the grill out and made hot dogs and hamburgers for his lunch. After the kitchen was cleaned, I did take my Father's Day nap while Robby dug a ditch and worked like a dog.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a few minutes to deliver Anderson's pillow that Grannymom had sewn this afternoon. While they were there, the neighbors all came out so my kids stayed outside for the rest of the day and evening. 
  • Robby and I eventually headed out to run to the grocery store to buy a pork butt or 8. We will be ready if there is another meat shortage! Ha! Then we did mosey through Lowes like we could buy anything in the store. The goal was to buy lumber for my barn door-unfortunately, they didn't have everything that we needed.
  • I guess that was a good thing or we would still probably be up building a door! Robby did accurately say that we haven't really done anything to this house in 8 years so we are doing a bit of catch up. 

June 20, 2020

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  • Swim team this morning. Robby went to the bonus room to wake Graham up while I went to the girls' room to wake up Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Whitman is now sleeping in a tent with Keaton in the middle of the girls' room. I didn't have much trouble waking up Campbell since she was already awake and trying to wake up Keaton. I did have to wake Whitman up. Once he got downstairs to my bed, he was asleep again.
  • I ran errands while they were at swim practice. When I did return, I had a few minutes to watch. The first time they did the time Campbell beat Graham in the back stoke. Today however, he beat her by one tenth of a second. He was super pleased with himself. 
  • Whitman's group worked on diving. One little boy even came up to him as we were leaving and said, "I liked your dive." Aww, then Whitman told me how easy it was to make a friend. 
  • We did stop by Sonic on the way home to reward these hard working swimmers. As soon as I did make it home, I went right to work. 
  • Robby was already burning and mowing. I started finishing staining what I could reach on the wood by the porch. Then I moved on to painting the front door blue. When I bought the paint this morning, I had a few choices and then even let the worker lady pick out my color! Ha! I do trust her since I have bought a zillion gallons of paint from her over the corana days.
  • After I painted the door, I worked on the trim around the door. This pretty much took all day for us. When it did start raining, we picked up all of our stuff and headed in. 
  • That is when I went to work pulling out school for next year. I was able to do 4 of the kids school work-it is just a lot of work! 
  • The kids were outside and inside most of the day long. The neighbors didn't come out to play until around 8. When they did all come out, everyone played until nearly 10. Reagan waited until about 9:30 to go out!
  • From 4:30 until about 7, Graham and I were in the kitchen tonight. He wanted to make quiche-we didn't have a pie crust and we didn't have whipping cream so we had to do some extra work. Making the pie crust took quite a while-make it, chill it, roll it, chill it, bake it, bake it more, egg wash it, bake it again. I definitely see why people buy their pie crusts.
  • After that silly crust was made, it didn't take anytime at all to make the quiche despite having to make our own whipping cream. I am not really sure why Graham wanted to make quiche, but it was very good. He was pleased and at least one sibling told him that it was better than Grannymom's quiche!

June 19, 2020

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  • It was a super early morning this morning with our trip to the blueberry patch. We were supposed to be at Pops' house at 7:30. It was just about 7:40 when we did arrive.
  • Nonna and Pops were ready to go. It didn't take long at all for us to drive to Wye Mountain. We weren't there last year to pick blueberries so we kind of remembered the place and the drive.
  • The kids were all into picking blueberries. We picked my gallon and Pops' gallon in less than 30 minutes. There were blueberies everywhere so it didn't take long at all. 
  • As we were checking out, I also bought a few huge blueberry muffins for us to share on the ride home. My Whitman was loving eating blueberries, but his muffin did not taste like the ones from the package that we usually have at home. 
  • On the way home, we stopped at Bramble market for a few minutes. Then I had to run into Walmart to buy some bleach. I bought 4 gallons but it didn't take long for us to use them today.
  • I didn't stay long at Nonna's house when we dropped them off because Robby was on a ladder at home. I felt like I needed to be there to catch him. Once we did make it home, I went right to standing by Robby's ladder and did that for the rest of the day.
  • He was washing the eaves of the house so it took a good while. We also sealed one hole on one of the eaves which has been on my list for a long time. I started painting a bit, but that will have to be put off for tomorrow. 
  • After supper (frozen pizza) Robby hung his tv in the shed tonight. Then we went built another ball box for the garage. We finished with our little construction project just in time to watch a tv show with the kids before finally bedtime!

June 18, 2020

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  • I slept in a little bit later this morning than I probably should have. However, I was still able to get my laundry and dishes finished before it was time to load up for the pool. 
  • The pool was pretty crazy today. It was full, full-it probably didn't help any that we were there with 20 of our closest friends. Brett came with us so the big boys enjoyed playing with him. Whitman, however, was sour! He had to share a tube with Campbell, and the big boys tipped him over in the tube. It was a rough swim day for him, but he did feel better when I let him have a second drink on the way home!
  • After swimming, I was just home for a very little bit before I left for the pregnancy center. I spent my entire time there bagging up diapers to give away. Keaton said that she spent her entire time while I was gone outside. I am not sure about that, but when I did come home, bearing ChickFilA (we have some free sandwiches expiring), everyone was outside.
  • The kids played outside with the neighbors until 9 tonight. They busied themselves with tether ball, 4 square, soccer and who knows what else. Campbell and Keaton even sat in Robby's shed and watched some tv. Yep, we are fancy with tvs in our shed and garage. Bless!
  • Robby and I stayed busy going through the garage. We have about 3 more nights of cleaning of the garage. Tonight was the hardest, but it is looking quite empty in there now. I do get a thrill when I throw something away-that is probably not a good thing at all!
  • After having tummy aches the last two nights, I had decided that I wouldn't eat any ice cream tonight before bed. Except, I am just like my grandmother who would eat even though she knew it would make her sick. So I did have a tiny little bowl right before the kids went to bed. Hopefully, it won't upset my tummy too much-but if it does, it was worth it!

June 17, 2020

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  • Swim team this morning and gracious it is early. I did drop off the kids and ran to Kroger for a little bit of speed shopping. I am always impressed at how quickly I can fill a buggy and spend a hundred dollars. I was even back at the pool to see the kids finish their practice.
  • Whitman's little group worked hard on their backstrokes today. Whitman struggles with this, but I could tell that he has definitely improved. And the big 3 are enjoying it as well. When you walk into the pool, the fountains are off and it is so quiet and peaceful. Soon they all start swimming, and the water is splashing and it becomes incredibly loud.
  • When practice was over, we headed home, and I started on folding the laundry. I did work with the boys some while I folded-school work never seems to be over. Graham did finish his book that we are reading together today, but Whitman still has a ways to go on spelling. We will get there eventually though surely!
  • I was able to get quite a few things marked off the weekly list (I say "weekly" list because the "summer list" and "master list" don't get many things marked off of them lately.) I cleaned a cabinet, straightened the school room closet and even straightened my school desk.
  • Before too long, I was loaded up leaving again with Campbell and Reagan. They were the only two that wanted to go to the pool this time. It is odd to me that Whitman and Keaton did not want to go, and it was incredibly odd to me that Reagan did want to go. Children they just keep you on your toes!
  • It was a bit warm at the pool, but just as I thought about getting my feet wet (It wasn't warm enough for me to get in), there was a breeze. Robby stopped by on his way home from the dentist-no cavities for him.
  • After swimming, we came home for the evening. Reagan wasn't home for long because soon Wes was there to pick up her and Anderson for their church activities. They had a field night at Raymar and had a blast.
  • The other kids were left here waiting on the nearby church to bring by supper. And that they did-a full box full of food. We aren't really sure why they are doing it, but quite a few neighbors get them so we were super pleased not to have to cook anything!
  • The kids played outside most of the afternoon. The neighbors were out so they played until dark. At 9, Brett came over to play so they were super tired and super stinky at bedtime!
  • Yesterday and today as well, Reagan asked me if we were ever going to have a day that we weren't going to work together. I told her that we didn't yesterday, but ammended her request and asked if we were ever going to have a day that she can sleep in. I told her that tomorrow was swimming around 11 and the next day is berry picking at the crack of dawn-nope, there is no rest for the weary!

June 16, 2020

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  • I said that yesterday was a perfectly lazy summer day. Today wasn't at all like that. I did enjoy the day, but I do think that I prefer a few more days like yesterday.
  • Robby was gone way before 8 this morning for a doctor's appointment. He probably doesn't have a torn rotator cuff but possibly has an inflammed shoulder along with some carpel tunnel. He was given a steroid pack along with a brace for his wrist. Hopefully that will all be the key, and he will feel better soon.
  • We left the house fairly early for church. Reagan drove us there and did very well. She helped work today during the Terrific Tuesday. Whitman through Graham all enjoyed Amazing Race type games during the two hours that we were at church. Anderson toyed with the idea of helping this time, but he just didn't want to wear a mask. I definitely get that!
  • We stopped at the library on the way home to pick up some books. We also again picked up lunch-this time is was chicken sandwiches and bowls of cereal for breakfast. No one is passing up free food in this house.
  • We were home for a little bit-long enough to eat, then it was time to leave again for the pool. The boys stayed home since the neighbor boy was coming out to play. Keaton was mad at me the entire way because I didn't let her stay at home. 
  • Everyone, including Keaton, had fun at the pool. They played hard the whole two hours, and Whitman was even bummed about having to leave. And today we did have to leave since they were at capacity. Two hours is perfectly fine with me so I happily pack up after 2 hours each time.
  • Once we were back at home, the kids played with the neighbors while Robby and I spent the evening building some more shelves for the shed. He hasn't really slowed down, but he did wear his brace at least. 
  • The shelves are great-and I did my best to fill them up with camping stuff out of my attic. Ahh, my house is breathing a sigh of relief getting so many things out of it. (I would actually like to roll up a lot of carpet and take it out as well, but the next things that are leaving is another box or two to the Goodwill.)
  • We worked until late and the kids played outside until late as well. It was almost 11 when I finally finished tucking everyone in. Ice cream is next because shelf building days deserve ice cream-actually, all days deserve ice cream!

June 15, 2020

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  • Today was a perfect lazy summer day. I think that everyone here enjoyed our slow paced day-I certainly did. And it was a plus that I was able to mark everything off of my list.
  • The boys were the first ones awake, but soon Campbell and Keaton were downstairs as well. I folded my mounds of laundry while I read with Graham and Anderson.
  • Next up was spelling with Whitman. That is always a treat (sarcasm). Spelling is not his forte, but we will get it figured out...eventually. 
  • Keaton and Campbell were doing a bit of fussing, so we moved our work together time up and started our reading. I am not sure why I picked a 500 page book to read to the kids this summer. Everyone finds it super interesting, but gracious I am not sure that we will ever get finished with it.
  • Soon it was lunch time. Graham had a zoom call with the preteen guy. They were doing a scavenger hunt so Campbell and Keaton were helping him. It was pretty wild with them all running through the house. This was during the same time that I was helping Robby change front doors.
  • The first front door got cracked by a rock earlier last week. So we decided to take the old exterior door off and put it on the front. I will have to paint it to make it look better, but it will look nice. And since we moved that one door-do I now need a barn door? 
  • The afternoon went by pretty quickly. There was some Lego working with Anderson. I also helped Reagan clean out her desk. She hadn't planned on doing it, but I decided to straighten and was shocked at everything she had shoved in her drawers.
  • Thankfully though Reagan is like me and threw away more than she kept. I could barely keep up going through her trash pile making sure that things weren't really trash. After I kept some things and gave some things to her sisters, we still have a huge trash bag full of trash.
  • The Craft middle girls came over while Campbell went to a birthday party. They played with Keaton and had a blast. Campbell certainly enjoyed the birthday party. It was a painting party so she came home with a neat painting of a popsicle.
  • I led Reagan's Bible study tonight-there were just 4 girls there (counting Reagan). I kept it super short since we watched a video. I can't compete with Priscilla Shirer so there was no reason to even try. She said all that needed to be said.
  • Robby and I sat outside and planned a few more projects until I had to come in and put up a tent. Keaton and Whitman are sleeping in a tent in the girls' bedroom while Graham is sleeping in a fort in the bonus room. Why do we have beds anyway?

June 14, 2020-Dennie Family Trip

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Robby and I kept taking turns waking up last night. He would get up and go to the bathroom so I would after him. Then I would get up and go to the bathroom and he would after me. Maybe I should cut down on my water drinking near bedtime! Other than that we did sleep well and I think that his shoulder didn't hurt as bad last night during the night.

Now, I did forget to write this down for my blog readers, but last night his shoulder and hand were bothering him so much that I had to cut his chicken for him. I mean, I knew that this day would happen, but it sure happened sooner than I thought! Seriously, I am trying to make him take it a bit easier plus a doctor's appointment is coming up soon hopefully.

Breakfast was at 8 this morning so I didn't have to get up as early. Whitman, who slept in our room, was the only one who woke up on his own. I had to wake up the girls and the big boys. I don't think that they stayed up as late last night as they did the night before, but they did stay up at least until 1 last night.

Breakfast today was bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits, yogurt, more banana bread and juice. I think that we could definitely get used to eating like this. After breakfast we all started loading up and heading out. Campbell and Keaton rode with Grannymom and Grandpa on the way home.

The ride home wasn't too long at all. It was a wonderful few days away from the real world-it did remind us how much we really do miss traveling. Once at home, the kids helped unload the car. Soon everything was unloaded and most things were put away.

Robby and I soon headed to Lowes to pick up some more (and hopefully our last) pavers. Then we picked up the girls from Grannymom's house. Once at home, we didn't stop until the pavers were laid out. I tell you, there is nothing that makes me more tired than dealing with those heavy stones. I tried to do most of the lifting, but Robby did his fair share of shoveling rocks. The shed patio looks really nice now and is much easier to walk on.

I did sneak in to take a nap after that project was finishing. Robby continued adding peg board over his tool bench. The kids were all outside-they played with the neighbors. They played four square, soccer, and even some board games. 

Campbell and Keaton came in to make some cookies. They stayed inside until it was time for us to leave for the Wilson's house. They had pizza for our supper tonight. The kids played while the adults chatted. We stayed as long as we could, but the kids needed showers so we had to head home.

After showers, the kids all headed to bed. Surprisingly, Robby and I even skipped our nightly ice cream-that will make it taste so much better tomorrow night!

June 13, 2020-Dennie Family Trip

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My alarm went off a bit early this morning so I could make the rounds and wake up all the kids for breakfast. My Graham was the only one awake. Anderson was easy to wake up, but I can't really say the same for anyone else.

I went into the girls' rooms twice before they were barely stirring. I could also tell that Whitman was sound asleep so I just carried him down the stairs, and he ended up on the couch. Everyone was awake in time for breakfast-sausage, bacon, eggs, gravy, biscuits and banana bread.

We ate up, and I really can't remember what all happened next. I do know that Robby went back to sleep, and I think that I did for a bit as well. He didn't sleep much last night because of his shoulder and has dozed all day long!

I know that I did play lots of games of pool this morning and afternoon. Everyone that played did improve, myself included. However, we are all still pretty bad at it so the games take forever! Around lunch time, we were pretty much all on the deck so Robby shared his memory-some different trip memories from when they were young. Whitman also wanted to get in on this story time, so he told a rather detailed (long) story including the names of many of his listeners.

Lunch was soon served which was white chicken chili, salad and panini sandwiches. Everything was very delicious, but Whitman's favorite was the strawberries while my Campbell went to town on the grapes. Keaton was tickled with the chili since it was also loaded with beans. I know that she had two bowls full.

Soon after lunch, Robby and I walked down to the pond. Most everyone ended up there. The mosquitos weren't too bad then, but it sure was hot. I believe that all of the kids had been in the kayaks yesterday, but Whitman had not had his turn. 

Everyone was good to wear their life jackets, and even with Whitman wearing his-we were a bit concerned. The boy took off like he had kayaked for years and soon was in the middle of the lake. We would call for him to come back, and he would seem to try only to turn right back around and go the opposite way. 

He was having a blast, but Graham eventually did have to tow him in. On his next turn, he would have been the only one on the pond, so I shoved Anderson, who was coming in for a break, back out to be on Whitman patrol.

This time they went further and even took longer to get back. Whitman had to stop and rest since he had been paddling so long. We did get tickled at how he got in and seemed to know what to do. Once we got him back on dry land, we walked back to the cabin. 

For the rest of the afternoon, there were more naps and more pool games. We also did some painting for a little bit. Right before supper, Josh played a few songs on the guitar, Les told an Acapulco memory and Jenna gave a short devotion.

Supper tonight was chicken, salad and rice. Dessert was chocolate bread pudding-it was all very good, but I would like some chocolate chip cookies or a good ole pan of brownies. I did have my fill of hot chocolate today-it isn't hot at all, but I never take the time to make hot chocolate at home. I would love to come back here in the fall and just sit on the porch and drink hot chocolate wrapped up in a blanket.

After supper, some went fishing while some played a game of wiffle ball. The game was short, but I do believe that my team lost the game. When that was over, Anderson and Graham headed back to the lake to help the fishers. Graham did come back saying that he wanted a fishing pole. I guess we can do that, and they can fish down the road some. 

The mosquitos were sure biting tonight, so I was the first one to head inside. Not doing much all day is pretty tiring-it is just now 10 and I think that I am about to go to sleep!

June 12, 2020-Dennie Family Trip

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I could hear footsteps above us pretty early this morning. I think that everyone was very excited about our Dennie family trip. I know that I sure was-we have missed at least 3 trips so this was a welcome break from the real world. It had been so long since we have been anywhere that packing was a bit difficult to remember how to do it. Not really, packing is like riding a bike-it came right back to me.

A bit before 9, everyone was out of bed and ready to leave-except for Reagan. Robby called Grannymom real quick and soon our leave time was definite, and we had to hurry Reagan on. She got ready quickly, and we were soon loaded up.

Graham, Campbell and Keaton rode with Grannymom and Grandpa. Those three had been so exciting about riding with them. Our van full ran to Walmart to pick up Whitman some new tennis shoes. His shoe is large enough that all of the shoes are tie shoes in his size. He can tie, but it isn't quick so I was able to find him some no tie laces. 

Then we headed towards Humphrey. We did briefly stop at Keo to see Charlotte's pie shop-it wasn't open yet so we did miss out on pie! It didn't take long to arrive at the massive cabin. Grannymom and the kids were already here. 

We are staying at CrossHeirs Cabin-it is really nice. There are plenty of rooms for everyone, and the kids enjoyed exploring as soon as we arrived. There is frisbee golf, a volleyball court, horse shoes, and a lake down the way. At the lake there are canoes and kayaks that the kids have enjoyed floating in. 

We made it in time for lunch-taco salad. It was delicious though Whitman was a bit bummed that there wasn't just chips and cheese like when we have taco salad at home. After lunch, the kids spread out doing different things-Robby and I sat on the porch for a while before we headed to our room to take ourselves a little nap. 

I guess we were exhausted because we slept fo ra long,long time. We actually slept until almost supper time. Supper was roast, mashed potatoes, green beans and homemade rolls along with banana pudding. It was all very good-we ate up! And the sugar cookies that we made yesterday along with ooey goey is almost all finished off.

After supper, Campbell, Graham and Keaton did their skit. They all did very good. But bless, just a bit before supper I walked into my room and they were all three in tears upset at each other. I calmed them down, made them practice once and they all did perfect. 

Whitman read a poem that he wrote-Us (title), The moon shines bright, On a silver night, From oceans to mountains, We climbed the unclimbable, We swam the deep, We soared the sky, We made the jackhammer, We made the space shuttle, We did all these things, Yes, we did!-pretty impressive little poem.

There was a big cornhole game this evening despite the flies and mosquitos. After it got dark, we all came inside. Some of the kids showered while Whitman ate apple after apple! Eventually, we played our new Telestrations game. It is always fun seeing what everyone drew.

At dark, Dana drew a family tree and talked about her memories of everyone. That was very neat. When she finished that people started heading to bed, and all of the kids headed to the kitchen. The lady said that there was a banana pudding left in the fridge for a midnight snack, and those kids huddled around eat eating like they hadn't eaten in a while. 

It took a while to find my people and get them settled, but hopefully everyone will go to sleep at a decent hour!

June 11, 2020

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  • Another day around here-I do remember those early Covid days where we wouldn't do much except for school and playing a few games. Life is busy again which is back to normal, but things just aren't back to normal. So, so strange. 
  • I did sleep in a little bit longer this morning, but by 10 all of us where reading together. Then it was time to clean-and clean we did! This place is pretty spotless-if you are blind! Just kidding, it is much better, and everyone did work hard.
  • Robby and I did sneak off today to take a load of things to the salvage yard. The dump the other day did not fit the image of a dump that I have in my head. However, today's salvage yard visit was exactly what I had imagined. 
  • The other day Robby took load of stuff there and earned himself 9 dollars. Today we had a tiny bit and joked about not even going to the pay window. However, we sure couldn't pass up money so I did go to the window. We were shocked when the man handed me 3 dollars-Robby suggested that he hadn't seen a woman in a long while. I am not too sure about that since I was still wearing my pajamas.
  • We also ran to the gas station and Kroger. We ran into Kroger to pick up a few things-left with a completely full cart. Then it was to the chicken salad place-I missed a free meal there the other day since we were working, so I claimed it today. It was good, and I do love chicken salad, but I wouldn't have to go back.
  • Then we went to Lowes-a bought some paver stones. We loaded 60 of them onto the cart, loaded 60 of them into the car, and then placed 60 of them into the shed. I tell you that shed, is going to be so nice-now Robby can easily drive his tractor into it. We were so pleased with it, that Robby bought some pavers later in the day and even wants to buy some more for the patio area.
  • I took a break from outside work to dye Campbell's hair blue. Who doesn't want to dye their hair blue. I hope that it works-it looks really good now. However, after her shower (even with her hair in a shower cap) her back is blue! 
  • Whitman did go to his last swim lesson. He did so good-and would even apologize when he couldn't/didn't do what she had asked. The boy talked the entire time there and back! He told me all about the current games that he is playing on his ipad.
  • Back at home, Robby picked up drinks for the kids and the neighbors. I ran in to make a dessert, and soon called in Campbell, Zoey, Keaton and Whitman to ice some sugar cookies. They all did a great job, and we will have yummy and pretty cookies to eat this weekend.
  • The kids came in around 9, and I scrounged up some supper for them. I even made an egg sandwhich for Graham that I had seen on a cooking show last night. That did kind of make me feel like super mom. However, for supper, I did feed Robby a big bowl of ice cream which brought me back down to earth.

June 10, 2020

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  • For our first swim team day, the kids were all awake and ready to go. Unfortunately, this did not happen today. I woke up Graham, who was sleeping in his floor, then tried to wake up Keaton and Whitman, who were sharing a bed. and finally went to Campbell's bed to wake her up. I had to repeat this process about 3 different times before I finally was sure that everyone was awake.
  • By that time, we just had about 10 minutes until it was time to leave. We zoomed on to the pool and made it in time. The weather was just freezing, but the kids didn't seem like they cared. I didn't stick around to see practice because I ran to Walmart.
  • I did some speed shopping-including buying Anderson a pink tshirt for his church thing tonight. Yes, when I was tucking him in last night, he asked about a pink shirt for tomorrow. Ugh, it did work out well since I had my early morning Walmart trip.
  • After swim, we came back home. I did a bit of work folding laundry and eventually read to all of the kids. This was the most normal morning (and even day) that we have had around here for a few months. Our list is still long, but everything on there can wait a bit!
  • There was even time for some chores this morning. My bathrooms are not decently clean-Robby even fixed one of our potties today-so if you need to come over and use the restroom, please do that now!
  • Around 1, the girls, Graham and I loaded up for the pool. It was still super chilly outside, but that didn't seem to stop the kids. They still enjoyed playing and mostly hanging out with their friends. 
  • Once at home, Campbell and I worked on some sugar cookies. Keaton and Graham helped some-we just made 2 recipes when we usually make 3 or 4, but we still will have quite a few cookies. Hopefully, we will have time to decorate them tomorrow.
  • If you remember yesterday, we ended up with lots of library free lunch meals. This evening, Graham was outside and came in with a huge box of food. The neighbors church passed out food each Wednesday night-and tonight we made their list. 
  • The box was filled with toothpaste, toothbrushes. warm mini corndogs, a mac and cheese box, rice krispy treats, fruit and chips. I am starting to get a complex about all of this free food that we have been getting the last few days!
  • Tonight Robby and I hang some lights on the outside of the shed. Reagan and Anderson had been at church-when Reagan came home, she saw the lights and said, "looks like a movie." Boom! I think that we should be done now!
  • We did ran to the Wilson's for a few minutes tonight before bed-Robby did just about fall asleep there though! 

June 9, 2020

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  • This day was a bit slower than the past few days have been. I never sat down during the day, but I was busy all of the day long. After the laundry and dishes, I went out to help Robby in the shed with something. I don't even remember what it was right now!
  • Then I woke everyone up, and we headed to the church house. It was good to be back at church, but the different isn't so good. They had an event for kids today which I was working. The workers all had to wear masks, the kids had to set at ends of the table, we couldn't share supplies or even leave our rooms. Just different-they tried hard to make it a success, and the kids enjoyed it. However, I still long for church and all of the activities as they were before all of this virus stuff.
  • After church, we stopped by the library on the way home. I picked up some books while there and the kids picked up a free lunch or two or fifteen. The lady handed the kids 2 each and then she filled a whole bag with lunches.
  • The kids were delighted and went to town eating their goodies. I even ate a can of chicken salad from their lunch bags. I will say that it probably wasn't as good as the chicken salad that I missed out on Saturday since I was busy working, but it did kill hunger.
  • We weren't home for too long before it was time to leave for the pool. All of the group was there today so it was a full house. The kids enjoyed swimming-I almost had to get into the water and almost fell sound asleep as well! 
  • Oh, yes, I did lock my keys in the car today as I was unloaded. Urgh-yes, that is the second time that I have done that at the pool. Well, Keaton did it the first time. I just had too much to get out of the car and laid my keys down. Thankfully, Robby was able to drop off the spare keys!
  • I was only home after swimming for a few minutes, because I took Whitman to swim lessons. He is just doing two this summer-he just needs a bit of help swimming "fast and pretty." I figure any one on one attention won't hurt him nor will learning to swim just a little bit better! He did great and listened and obeyed.
  • When we came home, I started helping Robby in the garage and shed, and I also packed up some boxes for the Goodwill. Keaton made supper for everyone tonight-chicken. We seem to eat chicken every night lately! 
  • We were able to clean out the garage tonight. Not a huge clean out, but we did shove all of the stuff to one side so we can park in there tomorrow. The Wilson's came over tonight along with some cookies. We visited until it was time for the kids to head to bed!

June 8, 2020

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  • I didn't have too much on my list today and knew that I would be able to accomplish it all. As you can imagine, things didn't turn out quite like I had imagined that they would. It was a great day though. 
  • Robby was anxious to get up this morning because he wanted to be ready to watch the rain. We aren't usually big rain watchers but since we are working hard to solve our water issues ourselves, he wanted to see if what we had done helped any.
  • Before it did start raining, Anderson left to join Reagan, who had spent the night at Kennedy's house, along with the youth group to volunteer at a local church. They packed meals and did some other projects but finished in time for lots of free time.
  • Ms. Sara picked them up this afternoon and even bought them a Sonic drink on the way home, so they both were pretty pleased with their day out. Graham also spent the day and last night away. He was at Brett's house. Graham said that they stayed up until 2. I was pretty surprised by this because Graham gets tired so easily which is probably they reason that he slept until almost 10 (or at least that is what he told me!)
  • Back to this morning-Robby and I were anxiously awaiting the rain. Campbell and Keaton were watching with us. When the rain did come, I do think that the new sod helped the most. The ditch worked great and never overflowed as well. However, all of these new things did contribute to some crazy water rushing and pooling in the behind the sheds. That is all fine so even with rain from a tropical storm, we were still happy with our new drainage.
  • Robby and I spent the morning working on a set of shelves for the shed. We did make one mistake and have to take a few boards off. Campbell and Keaton would come out occasionally to check on us during the morning.
  • Once the shelves were up, I was quick to fill them up! I thought that I would then head inside and do some work...I was wrong. Robby was ready to build some more so we went to work on that set. 
  • We did have to run to Lowe's for more boards so we did that and picked up supper. And of course, when we got home we realized that we had bought the wrong things-ugh! We threw it all back in the car and hurried back to exchange it. It was no problem and soon we were home finishing the shelves. Even with all of this new shelves, there are still a few more things that I wish that we had room for. (There is still room for shelves around the top of a few areas which we may add someday.)
  • We worked until 10-the kids would come and visit us occasionally. We did eventually finish, tucked the kids in and then Robby had one more thing to make. It was midnight when we finished making a drill holder-who knew we were so talented? We were quite surprised ourselves. 

June 7, 2020

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  • I am not sure why but today when I could have slept a little bit late, I was up and going early. Robby slept better last night despite his bum shoulder so he was outside before time to get ready for church.
  • There were lots of folks at church today during the morning service. It was very hot again this week-lots of sun but there was a little bit of breeze so that did help. After it was over, the kids ran around for a little bit. Reagan even went home with Kennedy to spend the night over there.
  • On our way home from church we stopped by KFC. We rarely eat KFC, but gracious it smelled delicious and was delicious. I think that we were just starving despite it just being 11 in the morning!
  • After eating, we didn't stay inside for very long. Robby ran to get almost a pallet of sod. We unloaded it-well, the kids and Robby unloaded it. I just grabbed it out of the car and passed it to them so they laid it in the yard. 
  • There was also a few tiny projects along with cleaning the little shed floor and making new shelves for the little shed. Things continue to be marked off of the shed to-do list. We are getting there, and when that to-do list is finished, then I already have another list or two ready to go.
  • After we finished our work today, I did sneak in for a 30 minute nap. I am not sure why but since the covid mess, I haven't been able to have many Sunday naps. I am looking forward to that part of our routine to come back. 
  • At 5:30, we met the Crafts at the pool-they had to head back to church so it was Robby and I and 10 kids! It was just fine-and our people had a blast playing with them. Reagan will be disappointed to have missed out-I know that Maia was sad that she wasn't there.
  • We stayed until they closed the pool. Then I dropped off the Crafts at their house. Next, my wet people changed clothes, and we visited with the Wilsons for a little bit.
  • Of course we stayed out way too late. I am not sure if there is still a curfew or not, but we stayed out passed it. No one complained at all when we walked back in the house and it was bedtime. Graham actually stayed over at the Wilsons to spend the night. Anderson would have but he has something at church at 8:30 in the morning!

June 6, 2020

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  • This morning I didn't start off working. I did start off by taking my swim teamers to practice. This year we have 4 swimmers-Whitman has joined Keaton, Campbell and Graham. Because of Covid, there will be no meets this year, but there will be practices and a shirt-what more could you ask for?
  • Whitman did have to try out to make the team by swimming across the pool. He did really super and joined the younger kids. He listened so well and did really good (most of the time-I did have to use his middle name twice.) 
  • Graham and Campbell didn't have to try out since they were swimming with the older kids last year. They both swim really great and faster than I would ever expect. Keaton did have to try out and when she finished her lap, they moved her up with the older kids.
  • After practice, we ran to Sams to pick up Robby's medicine. I also grabbed them some muffins to eat while on the way home. Robby had been to Home Depot during practice along with picking the trailer back up and getting a load of pea gravel.
  • That was the first of three loads of pea gravel that we got and spread out today. Robby has hurt his shoulder so I made it clear to the kids that they all would be helping today and that they did. Anderson and Graham worked super hard and scooped most of that gravel into the wheel barrow. 
  • Everyone, well everyone except for Whitman, helped outside today. Some had a more willing attitude than others. Graham did stick with us the longest and worked his tail off. Robby and I had to tell the boys multiple times not to get to hot or to take a break. 
  • It took most of the day, but we laid some more drainage pipe and spread out all of the gravel. This afternoon, we went to Lowes to pick up about 30 bags of drainage rocks. We then had to lay those rocks in our ditch with our fingers crossed that all of our drainage solutions (3 and counting) work and work well. We are also hoping that we will be able to see those drains working well when it rains this week.
  • When the kids weren't helping, they were playing outside. The neighbors were out most of the day long and Whitman even did a slip n slide with one of the neighbors. Speaking of neighbors, we also met the new neighbor lady who plans to buy the lot behind us.
  • Tonight Andrew came and picked up the trailer and dropped off a desk for Robby's workbench in the shed. It was a tiny bit larger than I had planned on, so we did have to move a few shelves around-well, the shelves aren't built yet so it wasn't that hard to move them around! I had to move them around on my drawings!
  • It was another crazy late night. At 11, I was tucking in the kids and had Campbell run to the garage to get my phone. She didn't come back and didn't come back. Finally I went to go and find her. She was sitting beside Robby's car with a flashlight. 
  • I was about to lose it when Robby explained that she was keeping her eye on a snake while he was grabbing a shovel. I had to move the car since the snake was hiding under the wheel. Reagan and Keaton ran out the back door to try to scare missing Campbell. 
  • Needless to say, by the time I made it to the fort to tuck the fort buddies, Graham and Whitman, in, they were almost asleep!

June 5, 2020

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  • I waited this morning for Whitman, but he never showed up so I did get on up. Robby was outside about to push the little shed back into place so I hurried out to help him. 
  • As soon as I brushed my teeth I helped him for a bit. Then I did run into look for a hatchet-why is the hatchet inside? Because it lives with the camping stuff which I hope will some day live in the shed. 
  • While inside, I helped Graham with his math-he doesn't need any help but does need encouragement. After finding the hatchet, I was back outside until it was time to leave for the pool.
  • The excitement today was getting gutters. The gutter man brought his wife and daughter-the daughter quickly became Keaton's best buddy, and they ran around all day long together. They even discovered that they had the same birthday.
  • Everyone went to the pool today-and by everyone, I mean all of my people plus all of our buddies. That would be a total of 30 folks, and that would probably be why we did get in trouble for not social distancing!
  • It was hot enough that I even got into the pool today. Reagan drove home and did very well. She still gets a bit too close to the side of the road! I asked her if her palms were sweaty while driving-she said "no." Hers may not, but mine do.
  • I helped Robby with our concrete work today. Not that that little project is done, we are moving on the the next steps. I made a "shed to-do" list the other day and had about 20 things on it. We are getting there!
  • I did run to pick up a few pizzas for our supper. We ate at the Wilsons house. The kids had a blast playing outside. When they did come inside, we played a quick game before finally heading home. 
  • Tomorrow is the first swim team-which is at 8 in the morning. I am not sure why we signed up to do anything that early in the morning!

June 4, 2020

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  • Whitman joined me in bed this morning and was soon back to sleep. I should have cuddled up with him and gone back to sleep. Instead, I made it to the floor and started helping Graham with his math.
  • While I was helping him, I saw Robby driving in the back yard-that meant that it was time to start work. It was steamy outside as we loaded up all of the old shed into the back of the trailer. And in case you were wondering-it was 3000 pounds of stuff that we loaded. No exaggeration-we have the ticket from the dump.
  • It took a while to neatly stack all of the stuff in the trailer. I was positive that we would have to take two trips, but we are good packers and filled that thing to the brim. We then headed to the dump-I had just seen a show where the family took a 2 hour trip, but it took them 5 hours since they had so many babies. We were something similar to that-we stopped at least 3 times before we were off of Lawson. 
  • After that we did press on and made it to the dump without any problems. I don't ever remember going to the dump, possibly when I was a little girl. It was a bit like I had imagined it would be-even smelled like I thought it would!
  • It only took us about 30 minutes to unstack everything and throw it off of the trailer. That was another 3000 pounds that we moved-we are at 6000 pounds right now. Since we were at the dump, we did decide to get some mulch. They loaded us with 1500 pounds of mulch which we came home and scooped almost all of it out of the trailer. 
  • You would have thought that moving 7000 pounds was enough for the day However, we also moved the shed and the 64 pavers that were underneath it. We moved each of those at least twice. The first time we moved them was when Wes was here today with his tractor. He dug a ditch for our water to drain along with leveling out some dirt on the other side of the shed.
  • Robby and I worked until after 9 tonight-we came in filthy, sweaty, tired and hungry. Too bad that wife around here didn't have a pan of enchiladas in the fridge or something yummy like that. No worries, there is ice cream so we will survive.
  • Now, if you are wondering what all our kids did today-well, I am not sure. Actually, there was lots of playing outside. Most of them were outside the entire day as well. Reagan was even outside by 11-that means that she woke up a whole 3 hours earlier today than yesterday.
  • There was laser tag happening, bike riding, taking walks, four square, soccer, basketball, cards and much more. It was a busy day at the Dennie house-right now everyone is waiting for me to go and tuck them in and it is nearly 11!

June 3, 2020

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  • I woke up in the middle of the night last night to go to the bathroom. By the time I was finished, I thought that a bug had bitten me. Then I discovered bumps all over my body. It didn't take too long to decide that maybe it wasn't bed bugs as I was starting to suspect, and instead it was hives.
  • I am not sure if I was a bit allergic to something or if I am a bit stressed-either way it did take some benedryl and a super hot shower for me to go back to sleep last night. I felt pretty rested despite my lack of sleep. Whitman came into our room at 7, cuddled up by me and went back to sleep. He must have been exhausted because he then slept until almost 10.
  • He was not the only one who was exhausted because Reagan also slept late. Now she did sleep later than Whitman-until 2 when I woke her up.
  • Around 11, I loaded up Keaton, Campbell, Whitman and Graham for the pool. Whitman loves swimming and would stay in the water all day long. Graham so enjoyed playing with baby Gabriel again. 
  • We stayed two hours, and Sara asked if Campbell and Keaton wanted to stay with her and swim another hour. They did, so Graham, Whitman and I headed to the doctor so they could get another sample of Graham's blood. Graham was kind of dreading it, but it was over quickly, and the Sonic shake that I bought him afterwards sure did help.
  • Once at home, I started helping Robby with today's shed work. There is still more painting to be done, but that was not on today's agenda. We hung up all of the shovels and racks. Along with those we hung up some ladders and finished a few more shelves. 
  • This took most of the afternoon. Tomorrow is more shed work-possibly a dump run, a mulch run and a pea gravel run. That's a lot of running so I am not too sure if that will all happen. There is still touch up paint to be done along with sealer, then some shelf building, and drainage work and we will be done (hear the angels singing!) Hopefully, this project can be marked off of our list by next weekend.
  • Reagan and Anderson had church tonight. They said that it was a bit weird-they were outside and had to be a bit distant from each other. Imagine trying to keep youth apart. Ha! It may have been a bit weird, but they both said that they would go back.
  • We ran to pick up a trailer to borrow for a few days. While we were picking it up, Graham and Whitman played with the Ferguson boys. The church goers got home a bit after we made it home. 
  • The neighbors came out and played four square with the kids until 10. That made our showers last a bit long so it was another night of nearly 11 for bedtime! I bet my people will be sleepy again tomorrow-I will be!

June 2, 2020

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  • I woke up at 7 this morning to go to the bathroom-I probably should have gotten up then and not gone back to sleep for another hour or two. I wonder why I can't get anything done, and it is because I am sleeping my day away....well, not really sleeping the day away!
  • I worked with Graham on his math real quick before heading outside to help with today's painting. Tomorrow there will be a little bit more touch up painting of just the red and then I plan on sealing up that paint for good and retiring my paint shirt as well. Painting is just not my thing-though I am pretty good at it if I do say so myself.
  • Before too long, I was loading up with Keaton, Campbell, Whitman and Zoey for a wee bit of swimming. It was quite the ordeal getting into the pool. First, they wouldn't let Candice into the pool without her pool tag (absolutely ridiculous) so she ran home to get it. I pulled in as she was leaving so we stayed with her kids on the playground for a bit while she ran home. 
  • Meanwhile, Keaton ran to get something out of our car and didn't come back with the kids. She ran to get them and discovered that the doors were locked. She had locked the kids in the car! That was fine since I do have an emergency key ziptied to the bottom of the car (Now, I don't know exactly where the key is, I didn't have scissors to take it off nor did I really want to scrounge around looking for it.) But this was extra fine, since Candice was still at her house fetching her card. I quickly called her asking her to run by my house to get my keys.
  • She returned with her card and my keys, and we finally made it into the pool. All of this took almost an hour, so the kids felt like they had more swim time-even though they didn't. They all enjoyed swimming today. This was the first day that it was really hot, and I was a bit disappointed that I didn't have on my bathing suit.
  • Reagan had just returned from her sleepover as we were leaving from the pool, and Anderson and Graham were playing with the neighbors so they all didn't want to go with us. I did make a grocery store stop and a library stop on the way home.
  • Once we made it home, I made some beans for supper, visited with Jason who brought by some pictures of two of the girls and then helped Robby straighten. I tell you, straightening up our outside space is a never ending project in itself. 
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over tonight to look at the shed. Robby cooked some hamburgers which were delicious. They stayed for a bit-we sat outside and enjoyed the weather. Then we ran to the Wilson's house to check out their shed lighting. 
  • Once at home, there was some math to be done, and I also measured Reagan-bless, she sure hasn't grown much lately! 

June 1, 2020

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  • I do believe that I have spent more time outside the last few weeks than I have in my entire life. Today I did sleep a little bit later than I probably should have-it is summer after all. Then pretty much as soon as I finished folding my batch of laundry, I headed outside.
  • My intent was to start painting, but I quickly found myself making diagrams along with laying out shovels and rakes to see how they would fit in the shed. I did all of that fun stuff for way to long while avoiding painting.
  • I did eventually get to painting. Possibly because of my many breaks during the day, the painting did take until almost 5. At one point, I did run inside to work with Whitman on his spelling for a little bit. While inside I did braid Reagan's hair, before she headed out to celebrate Sara's birthday for the night.
  • Nonna and Pops came over on their way to the plant place. They took Keaton, Campbell and Graham with them. Those three loved riding in the golf cart and even came home with a watermelon and spearmint plant for us.
  • This evening Robby and I went to Lowes for more boards (we hung plywood in front of the single door-that area is not referred to as Robby's smoke shack.) We also bought dirt and a hanging pot for my spearmint plant which is to keep wasps away.
  • I was really hoping that we were going to be able to hang a few shelves in our little shed, but alas we did run out of time. Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton all went with the Corser's to their church to fish in their pond. I believe that Campbell caught 7 fish while Anderson was in second place with 6 fish. Graham caught the least with just 1 fish, and Keaton was somewhere in between.
  • They were all out late tonight playing while Robby and I finished picking up from the day. The shed is coming along nicely-meanwhile, the house needs to be cleaned and my summer to do list isn't getting any shorter.
  • Robby and I ate our supper at 9:30 while most of the children ate when they came in at 10. Yep, these late summer nights are in full effect around here!