Dennie Kids: August 31, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Even though everyone was in bed at a decent time last night, we still had to wake everyone but Anderson up.  Then he didn’t get to watch a movie because he told Mom he wouldn’t put his clothes on but he didn’t really seem to mind as long as he didn’t have to put on his clothes.  He eventually cooperated.  Dad had to carry Reagan like a sack of potatoes since she was sleeping so soundly
  • Sandwiches for breakfast while playing trains and waiting on Mom and Dad to get ready
  • Dad dropping off Graham and Campbell and no one fussed.  Meanwhile, Mom was dropping off Reagan and Anderson and they did equally as well.  They even had a bonus and were able to see Pops before going into the building
  • Nonna picking up Reagan and Anderson from school.  The picture of the artwork is from yesterday, just double that and that is what Reagan brought home today.  Pops saw Reagan and Anderson on the playground and he said they were like two peas in a pod!
  • They hung out with Nonna, went to Nonna’s work, stopped by McDonalds and even stayed at Nonna’s until Pops came home.  Anderson had told Mom that he didn’t want to go home until Pops came home and that is exactly what he did.
  • Graham told Dad on the way to school “Daddy pick me up” and that is what he wanted to happen.  However, Mom picked him up and he was happy to see her until we made it to the car.  And then he wasn’t a little irritated that Dad was not there!  Very, very mad!  Oh, well, a trip to Sams and Walmart made everything better-kind of.  He was again disappointed when Dad was not at home when we came home
  • Graham helping Mom pack while Campbell took a nap.  Oh, she enjoyed her school day but her teacher was quick to tell Mom that she had forgotten Campbell’s paci.  After Reagan and Anderson arrived home, it was supper time and then time for our monthly pictures.
  • Reagan had homework-finding squares-so Mom let her take pictures of everything that she found.  That kept her busy for awhile.  Next was cupcakes and poor Graham didn’t eat his supper so he didn’t get a cupcake.  It was absolutely pitiful.  Dad eventually calmed him down and helped him eat his food so he could get a cupcake
  • They all enjoyed taking showers in Mom’s new shower.  There is now a removable shower head and it was as much fun as playing outside with the water hose!  And the bathroom floor is just about that wet too
  • A story and milk and then it was bedtime at the Dennie house.  Campbell and Graham are sharing a room-Campbell cried a little bit but stopped before Mom or Dad made it up there.  We will see how long it works out!

Dennie Kids: August 30, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • School day for Reagan-Dad took her to school and he said that she takes going to school very seriously.  She was so serious that she didn’t even act like she knew Pops!
  • Mom having to wake Anderson up to go to Grannymom’s house.  Everyone played over there while Mom ran to work for a little bit.  They had breakfast, played cars and even swang a little bit
  • Sickness Update:  Anderson has coughed only a little bit today.  Graham and Campbell seem to be coughing less-even though their coughs sound pretty bad.  Everyone though feels very, very good
  • The boys came home from Grannymom’s house first and they played hippos and followed Mom around everywhere she went.  Mom had told them that she was going upstairs to change clothes and then told them to sit there and finish their lunch.  By the time she was at the top of the steps, she heard those 4 little feet following her!  They love their Momma!
  • Reagan’s class celebrating the September birthdays today.  Reagan and Sydney have birthday’s in September and they each brought cupcakes.  Reagan brought Hello Kitty ones-Dad had picked them up from Sams (all 30 of them) and Reagan took 8 to her class!  We have a few extra cupcakes if anyone would like one.
  • Reagan running a few errands with Dad before coming home.  She drew 7000 pieces of artwork at school today.  She told Dad that they don’t have to ask for paper and they can use all they want.  Then she said that she used it all up! 
  • Ms. April calling and inviting us to go swimming with her so as soon as Reagan came home, we left to go swimming.  Jacob and Ethan were excited to show us their pool.  It was a little chilly but not too bad and the clouds were nice.  The kids loved the sprinkler area and could have stayed there all day long.
  • Coming home and everyone crashing during naptime.  They were exhausted.  After nap, Dad came home and we walked around our new Kroger store.  The kids loved it-especially the cheese samples!  Reagan saw a furniture set and asked Mom if she could go play in the home living area. 
  • A quick supper when we came home and then a game of Hungry Hippos before bed!

Dennie Kids: August 29, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Church this morning-at one point while getting ready, Mom told the kids that if she didn’t have time to feed Campbell then nobody in the house would eat.  That helped them scurry along a little bit faster.  Fortunately for everyone that likes their cinna minis, Mom was able to feed Campbell so we were able to stop for breakfast. 
  • Reagan even more excited today putting on her Sunday dress. She and Lilly had declared today “Dress Matching Day” two weeks ago. Glad the moms remembered!  Reagan wanted to find Lilly as soon as we got to church – had to remind her we go to different churches but would see each other at Grannymom’s for lunch (which we did and both were very excited to have their matching dresses on!)
  • On the way to church, Mom bet Dad that one of the coughers (Graham, Anderson or Campbell) would cough until they were sick at church.  Dad said that was fine as long as it didn’t happen in his van!
  • Reagan does so well in big church especially since Mom won’t let her touch her crayons until the sermon.  And today as soon as we sat down for the sermon, Reagan said “can I color now?”  Then Mom and Dad went to Anderson’s room to work.  Since it was a nice day, we went outside to play.
  • Campbell did spit up on her church dress and had to be changed at church-so Mom did win her bet.  But then Dad really lost his bet.  Anderson coughed and coughed until he got sick on the way home.  Mom was almost able to make it in time with the bag.  She unbuckled and crawled over seats and bags to make it there.  Anderson held it together pretty well except a few tears were shed for his leftover cinna mini-what Mom didn’t catch in her bag, the cinna mini caught! 
  • Eating lunch at Grannymom’s house and then swinging on the swing in the rain and playing “flower, flower, butterfly” which we have played each Sunday at Grannymom’s house since Lilly’s birthday party!
  • Coming home and everyone getting lots of medicine-the boys had cough medicine along with vapor rub and Anderson’s excema is bad since he is sick so he got a hydrocortisone rub down!  Surprisingly, everyone took their meds and went to sleep well.  Anderson was the first one up at 5:30 and Mom had to wake Campbell and Graham up after 6!  They were tired.
  • Pops had called asking Mom to bring him some éclairs from New Orleans.  Reagan asked what éclairs were and Mom said they were like donuts.  She told Mom that Pops was trying to lose weight and then asked if strawberries are healthy.  Mom said yes and Reagan said we should buy those for Pops instead.  Poor Pops, no éclairs for him!
  • Supper in front of the tv tonight (we were skipping church due to all of the coughiness taking place -- and Dad had to go early for a meeting.)  Graham was eating his sandwich and chips by Campbell and Reagan and Anderson were on the couch.  Mom and Dad were in the kitchen talking when Mom heard a crunch.  She looked up and Campbell had her hands full of pringles and was munching away!
  • Playing our new Hungry Hungry Hippos game from Kennedy, Camryn and Laynie.  All of the noise made Campbell so excited.  Graham is a little young but he enjoyed playing.  Reagan and Anderson begged to play more but it was bedtime
  • After everyone was giving another dose of medicine, they all headed to bed!  And so far, it sounds like the coughing has stopped for the night!

Dennie Kids: August 28, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • We finished the blog before we were able to finish the story of last night:  The kids were all trying to go to sleep upstairs when Mom heard the familiar “Mom, can you hear me?” from Graham.  Then he came down the stairs and opened to door to see Zach’s dog laying on its mat.  He quickly backed up and so then Mom took him back to his sleeping bag
  • A few minutes later, Mom again heard “Mom, can you hear me? can you hear me” but since Graham didn’t appear Mom soon forgot about it.  But when she opened the door to walk up the stair, Graham was sitting on the landing just waiting on Mom.  He must have been there at least 15 minutes!
  • Campbell knew she was sleeping in a different bathroom and did wake up for a midnight bottle.  And Graham woke up in the middle of the night and he was just plain mad!  He finally calmed down after laying with Dad for a few minutes and then finished the night between Mom and Dad
  • Anderson was the first one up and was ready to go downstairs and play with Zach.  Soon we were all downstairs eating Aunt Shelley’s casserole and Uncle Les’ donuts.  The next activity was the pool and it was still chilly.  Graham wasn’t too big on swimming today but he did get in a few times.  Anderson and Reagan really enjoyed jumping to Aunt Shelley and letting her catch them. 
  • We had leftovers for lunch and then the kids headed back upstairs to play with the train some more.  Before they had completely dried off, Dad asked if they wanted to swim one more time before we left.  They had to really think about it but did decide to swim before heading home.
  • The kids had a blast and could have stayed and played with Zach and Joshua (or Graham’s “Zach”) all week long (hmm, that is a good idea!)  As we were leaving, Mom read an email from Dad which mentioned the best ice cream parlor in each state and since the Mississippi one was in Hernando, we thought we better try it out!
  • Mom and Dad’s tummys were full with milkshakes, Anderson and Reagan’s tummys were full with ring pops, juice boxes and m and ms, Campbell’s tummy was full with her milk and Graham pretty much missed the whole eating thing since he was sleeping.  We stopped long enough for Mom and Dad to switch spots (Anderson was very worried about Mom knowing the way home)
  • We picked up Dad’s car which we left at his work.  Anderson had to potty so that ran inside to do that while Mom was already on the way home with the other 3.  Luckily Mom hadn’t gotten too far when Dad called saying he didn’t have his keys-they were still in the van!
  • Once everyone was finally home, we had about 1 hour to make a dessert, unload the car, start a load of laundry, empty and reload the dishes, unpack the bags, feed the dog, look at the mail, take a shower (Dad) and take a little rest (kids).  Graham went to sleep immediately but Reagan and Anderson didn’t-Dad told them to just rest.  The second time they called him upstairs, he told them that he would get them in 5 minutes.  Well, in 5 minutes they were sound asleep and we had to wake everyone up.  Anderson isn’t too friendly when you have to wake him up.
  • Eating supper at Kennedy and Camryn’s house and playing with Jacob and Ethan too.  All the kids loved jumping on the trampoline (jumpolene as Reagan calls it), swinging and sliding on the swing set and playing in Kennedy and Camryn’s room.  We were celebrating Todd and Amber’s birthdays and there was even a belated birthday present for Graham to open!
  • Once we finally made it home, all of the kids just crashed and we haven’t heard a peep out of them

Dennie Kids: August 27, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A fairly lazy morning around the house-Reagan became mad at Mom when she wouldn’t let her eat a pb and j for breakfast (since we were going to eat one for lunch).  She didn’t even want to eat the vanilla wafers with peanut butter that Mom had made instead-the boys didn’t mind though
  • Playing outside for a few minutes before Mom cut the boys hair.  This was a first for Mom to do it all by herself!  She even let Anderson do some of his own-but the clippers shouldn’t be held upside down or you might end up with a little chunk or two out of your hair-just saying
  • Baths for everyone before putting on our clothes for the day.  Mom told Anderson if he put on his clothes without complaining he could watch a movie while Mom had her shower.  That worked but Graham was quick to come upstairs and check on Mom
  • Graham’s new phrase is “can you hear me?”  And he asked Mom this the whole time she was in the shower.  Then he picked up a play phone and asked every person he could think of if they could hear him too
  • Dad coming home for lunch and then going to the library after Dad went back to work.  Anderson even got into picking out library books today-usually he doesn’t care but today he picked out book after book to put in the bag
  • Driving downtown to pick up Dad from work and then heading to Mississippi.  We swung by Sonic but made it without stopping at all.  Needless to say when we arrived everyone needed to potty!  Campbell slept most of the trip, Graham had a brief nap at the beginning and then another one at the end and Reagan and Anderson watched their library movies
  • Eating hot dogs and dip with Josh and Zach and then getting to swim in their pool.  They were all so excited.  Graham so enjoyed playing with the water guns and thought he was so big shooting Uncle Les with water
  • After swimming we all had pie and then everyone (the kids) tried on Halloween costumes.  Reagan was quite disappointed that there were no “girlish costumes.”  And Graham enjoyed playing with Zach and Zach (he thinks that Josh is called Zach as well)
  • The kids stayed up until 10:30 and are now trying to go to sleep-all 3 big ones are lined in their sleeping bags-we will see how this works.  Campbell has claimed her spot on the couch and is snoozing away.

Dennie Kids: August 26, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • School day for all of the Dennie kids-we again were able to eat breakfast around the table (at least we did in shifts)
  • Graham didn’t do as well today when Dad dropped him off at school-back to the old screaming routine!
  • Reagan said that she wanted to go to Anderson’s room first, but Anderson hung around at the door long enough that Reagan said that she was just going on to her class
  • Mom picked up the big ones and then we ran to Kroger to do a little shopping-the kids couldn’t believe that Mom let them buy cookies and crackers when they asked (it helped that they were on sale)
  • Picking up the little ones and Anderson’s routine is to run to the door at Calvary and then wait on Mom.  He didn’t wait today-needless to say when Mom saw that he was outside, he got in to a little bit of trouble (actually alot)
  • Mom surprising everyone with a trip to the zoo.  The weather was perfect so we couldn’t stay away.  The highlights included watching the fish swim and splash-they splashed the water once and it scared Reagan and she just screamed.  Then we saw the elephants doing their exercises-they walked, rolled the ball and rang a bell.  Graham just kept backing up the closer they came to the fence.  Next was the giraffes who were having a fight-they kept head butting each other and pushing on each other.  Anderson was so intrigued by this that he just sat down and watched the excitement.  After walking through the reptile house we went to the car
  • Hanging around the house and then eating supper before going to the store again.  Our Kroger is moving next door so stuff is on sale and it is just weird walking around a semi empty store.  After the store, everyone have a bowl ice cream before bed!

Dennie Kids: August 25, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures) (click here for video)

  • Yesterday Nonna and Reagan were discussing Pops looking in the window at school and checking on her.  Nonna said that Reagan must not have seen Pops.  Reagan replied that she “couldn’t be looking out of the window all day long because they would be boring”
  • Mom and Dad have discussed it and they really can’t remember who woke up-this is what probably happened though: Dad heard the first one wake up and went to get them, they grabbed their milk and climbed into bed while Mom tried to lay real still so every one would think she was still sleeping.  As soon as Dad laid back down, another one woke up and he got them and this process was repeated until there was no room for Dad and he got up to get ready and then until their was no room for Mom and she got up to get ready-that’s how is usually happens anyway
  • Mom making lots of different things for breakfast-toast, pb and j, and cinnamon toast-since it was all made out of bread she went along with it.  Campbell was eyeing the toast probably wondering why all Mom feeds her is applesauce and not the stuff from that bag that everyone else eats (bread)
  • Playing trains, reading and making our letter I.  We glued inches on the the i’s.  Mom did have to use her “very ugly voice” this morning with Anderson.  He had taken all of the couch cushions off to make a train (fine), then piled them in a big pile in the kitchen (fine), then some how knocked off Reagan’s 3000 crayons off of the table (not fine), drug the cushions up the stairs (not fine) and then covered them with all of his bedding (not fine).  When Mom was done using her “very ugly voice” Reagan said that she sounded mean but Anderson had never worked so quickly to clean in his entire life!
  • Grannymom coming over to play for a few minutes.  The kids were delighted and they all wanted to play at once.  Dad came home around the same time and Anderson helped him jump Mom’s car (we left the lights on last night).  Anderson was so proud to help Dad fix the car which he said was “broken down”
  • Campbell has a runny nose today and Mom doesn’t think that she feels all that great.  So Mom thought painting Campbell’s toenails would make her feel better.  It sure made Reagan’s day to have hers painted!
  • Afternoon naps after chocolate milk and a story.  Around 4 Mom checked the car to make sure the battery was still charged and it was.  So she started getting ready for church, packing the bags, waking everyone up-Campbell first and changing her clothes, then Reagan and working on her clothes, followed by Graham who just needed a new diaper and finally she woke the sleeping bear Anderson up.  She had to gingerly convince him to change out of his pajamas which he didn’t want to!
  • Time was ticking away so we started loading up.  Mom took a deep breath after rushing around getting 4 kids woke up, dressed and in the car on time.  Then she plopped in the car, turned the key and nothing happened!  Ha!  The kids took it well and didn’t seem to mind so we unloaded and started to work on supper
  • Pizza cut with cookie cutters followed by Dad getting home and them Mom leaving for her meeting.  He handed out snacks and turned on the movie.  After the movie, they played train for a long, long time.
  • After that it was bed time.  Graham finally settled down after he had switched beds a few times-it is nice that he has two cribs in his room to chose from.  Anderson is going strong and just decided to take off his shirt since “it is too hot to wear shirts”

Video: Shake Your Booty (August 25, 2010)

Dennie Kids: August 24, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • School morning for all 4 of the Dennie crew.  Everyone got up and was ready fairly quickly-we remembered everyone’s breakfast this morning and even had time to feed Campbell

    • Mom taking Reagan and Anderson to school.  Anderson didn’t want to go in but the call of playdoh was tempting to him so he did give Mom and big hug and walked right in

    • Dad taking Graham and Campbell to their school.  And if you heard someone shouting “hallelujah” this morning it was Dad-Graham didn’t fuss at all when he was dropped off

    • Nonna picking up the big kids-they liked seeing Nonna and especially enjoyed the lunch, movie, snack and playtime

    • Mom picking up Graham and then Campbell.  Graham was laying on his mat wide awake but when he saw Campbell he stood up and said “good morning Campbell”  He had to hug her 4 times before we were able to get out of the building

    • Once we were at the car, Graham handed Mom his bag and walked around to the other side to crawl in his seat-just like a big boy!

    • Nonna bringing the big kids back and they immediately started playing with their toys.  Soon though, chaos erupted and the boys fought and fought.  Mom sat everyone down, gave them milk and read a zillion stories to them until all were calm again

    • Dad coming home and playing train some until we went to Sam’s.  Dad let Reagan pick out the cupcakes that she wanted to take for the September birthday at school on Monday.

    • Mom leaving for Bunko and everyone else heading to Chick-fil-a.  They played, played and played until no other kids were left there.  They only stopped playing to eat ice cream

    • At home, Mom had found a Hello Kitty toy at work in a “free box” so she washed it and laid it on Reagan’s pillow, then she found little toys for the boys too.  They rushed to get on their pjs, brush their teeth.  Reagan was delighted-she said that it was the “most special gift” she had ever gotten.

    Dennie Kids: August 23, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • This morning was Reagan’s first day to go to school all by herself…we remembered to take her snack for her class but we forgot her own breakfast.  Her 1 toast jelly sandwich and 1/2 peanut butter sandwich (no toast) was made and sitting ready to go but we still forgot it.  Dad did swing by Burger King on the way so she wouldn’t be starving.
    • Graham was not very pleased at all about Dad and Reagan leaving this morning.  He stood by the front door screaming for about 10 minutes.  When he would hear Mom go out to the garage he would ask “Rea Rea here?”  Mom had to start warning him that she was about to go to the garage so he didn’t get upset.
    • Mom had to adjust to having only 3 kids with her this morning.  The boys stick right beside Mom, if she goes upstairs then they go upstairs, if she goes down, they follow.  Since they were right there, she was able to start most arguments, fights and screaming fits before they started…so she was able to get quite a bit done.
    • Graham and Anderson spent most of the morning working on their train track.  Anderson did spent quite a bit of time putting on his clothes.  He does NOT want to put on his clothes.  He just wants to wear his pajamas, all day, everyday!  After nap, when he went to the bathroom, he came back downstairs wearing his pajamas!
    • Dad picking Reagan up from school.  She said she had had a good day-we already knew that because Pops had been to check on her and said she was reading a story.  When they came home, Mom had everyone lunch and then we all read 4 long stories.
    • Next was more play time until it was almost nap.  Campbell stayed up for Reagan’s reading lesson and the boys went quickly to sleep.  Graham now has the cough that Anderson and Campbell had so he spent some of nap time coughing.  Reagan has it a tiny bit but she hardly ever gets sick
    • Working on workbooks, reading more stories, watching movies and eating snacks this afternoon.  When Dad came home, Mom even had supper ready so we ate and then played train.  This made Anderson’s day to have the whole family playing train
    • We then walked through Kroger to see if there was any good deals-the kids were ecstatic when Mom bought them “drink yogurt”  Dad had also let them pick out a box of brownies and when we came home they picked the yogurt for their snack.  Dad could not believe it!

    Dennie Kids: August 22, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Sunday morning cinna minis for everyone.  The den was so clean that they noticed and wanted to put their clothes on quickly to go and play train.  (This lasted for a few peaceful minutes)
    • Mom and Dad hanging out in Graham’s class after church.  It got pretty crazy and we were the last ones to pick Reagan up from her class-and she wanted to know where we were!
    • Lunch at Nonna and Pops-the kids had a few minutes to play before heading home for naptime…but Dad gave Reagan and Anderson a reprieve and they were able to run to the grocery story with him. 
    • Reagan and Anderson rode at the first store, drank some coke, walked at one store and even found some cookies.  Dad asked if they should take one home for Graham-Anderson said yes and he would hold it (suspicious) and Reagan said no that they wouldn’t tell him about it (secretive)
    • Graham going into his class with no fussing (hear the angels singing)  This was the first time, Graham has entered any class in probably over a year without fussing!
    • Back to church tonight-Mom will have to listen to a tape of the sermon since Reagan and Anderson were both in church.  We were crowded on the pew-just enough room for 2 of us and not 4!  At one point, Anderson told Mom that he was going to ask Grannymom if she wanted to go eat ice cream-and Mom was pretty sure that he was going to get up them and go (but he didn’t)
    • Celebrating Graham’s no fussing with ice cream at Orange Leaf-Grannymom, Grandpa, Jason, Nonna and Pops all came too.  All of us but Campbell had our own bowl tonight and since she ate from Mom’s and Nonna’s bowls she will probably have to have her own next time! 

    Dennie Kids: August 21, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures) (click here for a video)

    • Poor Reagan waking up screaming in the middle of the night, she was having a dream that an alligator was getting her and she even said she bit herself.  After she woke up screaming the second time, Mom let her sleep in bed with her.  Mom eventually asked Reagan if she could hear Dad snoring, Reagan said yes, so Mom asked if she wanted to go back to her bed and Reagan said yes!
    • If Mom and Dad were able to tell the kids that they would play on jumpies if they hurried and got ready, they would always get ready in a flash.  As soon as Mom mentioned the jumpies everyone started rushing around taking off their clothes on.  Graham immediately started jumping to practice
    • As Mom was getting on her clothes and only had on her shorts and sports bra, Reagan told her that she couldn’t wear that because people would laugh.  She is such an encourager!  Ha!
    • Arriving at church and finding Nonna and then scoping out the race.  The kids were ready for their tot trot to start and couldn’t wait.  They hung out with Nonna, Grannymom and Grandpa.  They waved at Mom and Dad as they passed both times and even had a snack before cheering Mom and Dad on at the finish
    • Mom and Dad finished in just over 32 minutes-they were pleased since they usually don’t run outside or up a hill or in the middle of the summer!  Their goal was 30 minutes so not to bad-Mom had been trying to get the kids to understand that the goal was to run, exercise and have fun and it didn’t matter if you were the first one finished-just so that you finished.
    • Enjoying apples, gatorade, water and oranges at the finish line while Mom and Dad cooled off.  Campbell was tired of the excitement and fell asleep but the others were gearing up for their big race.  First, there was time to jump in the jumpies for a few minutes.  After a few jumps, the dunking booth was calling Reagan and Anderson’s name.  Anderson was first to dunk Jeremy and Reagan was ready to dunk him next.  The poor guy probably fell into the water 5 times while the big Dennie 3 were throwing the balls
    • Barely making it in time to run in the tot trot, but we made it.  There was about 30 kids and they took off and then it was quickly over.  Reagan and Anderson ran with all of their might.  Dad had to encourage, push, and drag Graham but he was so pleased to get his medal.  They were all so excited to wear their medals and show them to everyone
    • Next we ran to Sonic for a celebratory drink.  When we made it home, we had about 15 minutes for 5 people to get their showers and leave for Cash’s party.  The big 3 kids all had their showers outside with soap and the water hose (we are classy folks)  It is the quickest way to do it.  Dad washed the kids while Mom took her shower and then Mom dried and put their clothes on while Dad took his shower.
    • Running out of the house and forgetting Cash’s present and having to run back to get it and still only ending up being just a few minutes late.  Cash’s pirate party was lots of fun.  Graham was the first one that wanted to get his face painted and his pirate hat on.  Campbell enjoyed wearing her pirate hat.  Reagan and Anderson didn’t want anything to do with face painting or hats.
    • They played “pin the patch” on the pirate and then ate lunch which included pirate jello.  Afterwards, it was time to open presents-everyone ooohed and aaahed as he opened them and there was even ooohing and aaawing going on before he opened them.  It was quite entertaining.
    • After cake, the kids had a pirate treasure map to find not-so-well hidden treasure throughout the house.  The kids came home with a treasure chest full of candy, swords and eye patches.  Anderson even got a pirate mustache right before we left.
    • After coming home the kids were pretty calm and played around for a few minutes before taking afternoon naps.  Naps for everyone except Mom and Dad who went through all of our toys and have decided that we can no longer accept gifts for birthday and Christmas and will only accept cash donations! 
    • Supper at Burger King and then walking around Walmart in Maumelle-it was an empty store tonight so we walked around every aisle of the toys and even had Dad buy us some cookies.
    • Cookies, milk and a movie before bedtime.  It was a busy, busy day!

    Video: Run with the Son Tot Trot (plus a lot of pavement) - August 21, 2010

    Dennie Kids: August 20, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • After getting dressed and going downstairs, Mom made 7 pieces of toast for 3 little tummies.  Just wonder how many they will eat when they have big tummies!
    • Gluing on the roof of our “H” houses and more train track making and magnet doll playing.  Since we had to move some furniture/toys due to wet carpet yesterday, all of the toys are strewn everywhere in the den and flowing into the kitchen-Mom hates it and they love it
    • Seeing a trash dumpster truck on the way to the library.  Since Mom was in a good mood, we followed it for a little bit and watched it dump a dumpster.  The boys were in awe.
    • Anderson telling Mom as soon as we walked into the library, that he was going to tell Jacob hi.  Mom said ok even though she didn’t see Jacob or anyone else-but Anderson was right.  Jacob and Ethan were checking out books as well
    • Mom read a book or two to all of the little Dennies, Jacob and Ethan.  During the middle of the story, another Mom and boy came and also joined the story.  Mom didn’t intend for her story time to be opened to the public.
    • We had a ton of books (literally a ton) to check back in to the library.  Mom wasn’t planning on checking out that many again but while she was visiting with April, the kids loaded up the bag with 33 books.  We drug them all out to the car and had to find a new place for the library books once we came home
    • Watching our new library movie and even having a picnic in front of the tv.  Playing with Dad for a few minutes until time to load up again.  This time we took the horse!
    • Stuffing the horse in the car to return it.  It kind of clutters up the living room a bit with a 5 foot horse in the middle of it and since Graham’s party is long ever, it was time for Ed to go home.  Anderson walking through the church house calling “Pops, come out, come out where ever you are” until Pops finally came out and found us (even though we were pretty hard to miss-3 kids yelling for Pops, a stroller, baby, Mom and 5 foot horse)
    • Picking up numbers for tomorrow’s race (5 of the 6 Dennies are running) and then playing a little foosball and air hockey.  Topping the visit off with a snack in Pop’s office
    • Home for a long nap for everyone.  Campbell and Graham slept until after 5.  Reagan and Anderson were up and ready to watch a movie with a snack.  Before naptime, Reagan and Mom are working on reading.  They read some new words today: seed, see, mad, sam.  She does pretty good sounding out the words-and she was so proud when she read her words to Dad
    • Graham wearing a belt today and he was so proud of his big boy belt.  He would say “my belt” and just grin.  He would pull at his belt and when we mentioned going potty he would smile and say “my belt”
    • Spending the evening at Grannymom’s house with Dad while Mom went to a movie with the Bunko girls.  We ate, swang, had baths, played and stayed out late, late!  It was a blast and we went to sleep quickly this evening

    Dennie Kids: August 19, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • The first day of Pre K for Reagan and 3 year old preschool for Anderson.  We were up well before the sun was up this morning (well, we aren’t really sure when the sun rises and no one bothered to look out of the window)
    • Reagan going into her class without a problem-she has been so excited since we came to meet Ms. Stacy.  Anderson on the other hand, didn’t want to walk in.  Mom thought she was going to have to throw him in his class but after a stern speech from Mom, he said “bye Mom” and walked on in without a problem.
    • Dad dropped off Graham and Campbell.  They were 2 extremes-Campbel l didn’t care at all to see Dad leave while Graham wasn’t pleased at all.  He threw himself at the door and kicked the door for a good five minutes while he was filling out some papers
    • Mom did call and check on Graham later in the day and they said that he was on the playground and standing close to his teacher but he wasn’t upset
    • Dad and Mom picking up Reagan and Anderson and celebrating their first day with McDonalds at Nonna and Pop’s house.  Reagan told us everything about her first day and we have gotten a few bits and pieces out of Anderson
    • A quick trip to the store with the big kids to pick out a snack for Graham and then picking the little ones up from school.  Graham was sleeping happily on his mat and was delighted to have Reagan and Anderson wake him up.  Then picking Campbell up a
      nd she started flapping her hands and kicking her feet when she saw the crew arrive.
    • While we were picking up Campbell, her older teacher started talking to Graham and calling him “Chase” multiple times.  She even said hi to Anderson and called him “Luke” (this happened on Tuesday too).  Mom didn’t know what to do (and still doesn’t) so she just hurried everyone on out the door.  Reagan was quick to point out the name calling when we got in the hallway.  Mom will take any suggestions or she is afraid this will happen everyday for the rest of the year.  Maybe she should buy Graham and shirt with his name on it.
    • Mom also realizing while at school, that Dad had Campbell’s car seat in his car.  So she improvised-Campbell rode in Graham’s seat, he rode in Reagan’s and she rode in the middle.  Mom drove very slowly home in the middle of a monsoon.  The rain was crazy-sloshing on both sides of the car, Campbell was crying because she was hungry and the rest of us had to yell at each other to talk because of the rain and water.  We did make it home in one piece!
    • Playing all afternoon long-lots of trains, stories, toys and even having to work on the den carpet because of the water outside.  Campbell stayed up for a long while and then finally took her nap.
    • Anderson telling Mom that he wanted Mom to stay at school with her all day because he loves her and she is the best Mom ever (that is all true but she can’t stay)
    • Dad coming home and supper for all.  Afterwards, more reading and playing with some flying toys before going to bed.  Reagan and Anderson must have been tired because they never called Mom and Dad up (usually they do about 3 times)

    Dennie Kids: August 18, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Beginning our play early this morning-the train set is in the middle of the floor in the kitchen and den (Dad tripped over it 4 times last night).  When it is on the train table they don’t really care about it but when it is on the floor, it is all they can think of.  Anderson woke up, went to Mom’s room to get his milk and then left everyone and went downstairs to play.   And Graham loves it just as much
    • Reagan spent her morning playing with her dollhouse.  She loves to play dollhouse-Mom wants to buy her another one but one is probably enough for one little girl to play with!
    • Anderson got the lawn chair and put it beside the front door.  He told Mom that he was going to look for Dad.  Mom told him that was great and that Dad would be home in about 7 hours-he didn’t make it there until Dad came. 
    • Making cinnamon rolls with Mom (don’t be impressed, they were out of the can).  Everyone wanted to help and picky eater Reagan didn’t want one but she finished it off.  Graham seemed to like all 3 of the cinnamon rolls he ate!
    • Watching Grandpa work on the tractor a little bit-he got it working and test drove it.  The tractor is a bit noisy and does frighten Graham even though Mom was right there beside him.  Later, he told Mom: “Grandpa scare me”
    • Reagan and Anderson dressing themselves this morning (even though Mom had clothes laid out).  Reagan had a pink dress, green bow and matching orange socks.  While Anderson chose bright blue socks, orange and blue plaid shorts and a red shirt!  Possible they are colorblind!
    • Playing and then lunch at Nonna’s house while Mom went to the dentist.  Cars and dollhouses were again the hit.  Nonna began to wonder if little sweet Campbell’s hair is going to turn red because she saw a flash of Campbell’s temper when a toy was took from her.  Yes, Campbell never cries except when she is hungry or tired.  She does however, throw a tantrum if you take something from her
    • Coming home for naps-everyone had to wake Reagan up to go swimming.  After waiting on Dad so long yesterday they decided not to wait on him tonight.  They swam and swam and swam for over 2 hours.  After Dad mowed, he jumped in to swim too. 
    • Near 7, Mom realized that the kids hadn’t had supper so she brought out corndogs for a snack.  After Mom and Dad drug everyone out of the pool, they put on pajamas and headed into the front yard
    • Since Grandpa had fixed the lawnmower, everyone took a celebratory ride around the yard.  Since it was late, Dad drove everyone at mach speed and they were all in bed just a little bit after bedtime!  Big day, school for all 4 tomorrow

    Dennie Kids: August 17, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Reagan and Anderson were the first ones up-probably because they knew they weren’t the ones going to school this morning.  Campbell was next followed by Graham.  The big ones headed over to Grannymom’s house for the day while Mom got the little ones ready
    • Graham didn’t want to talk about school this morning but he did want to talk about Ruthie.  Campbell ate her cereal and was in her pretty little dress for her first day of school. 
    • Mom told Graham she was going to take their picture before they left-so he plopped down by Campbell and insisted on sitting right beside her.  Mom couldn’t hardly get him to stand up for his picture since he was sure he needed to be sitting by his sister.
    • Drop off went fairly well-Campbell didn’t mind at all and Graham threw his fit but finished before Mom could walk down the hall
    • Reagan and Anderson spent most of the morning playing with Lilly and Cash at Fellowship.  They were a little slow when they started to play but they didn’t want to leave at all
    • Campbell and Graham having a good first day-Campbell’s teacher was cuddling with her when Mom picked her up and Graham was laying contently on his mat when Mom walked in his room.  His teacher said he had been a little clingy today but was still good
    • Coming home and waiting on Dad to arrive so they could all could go swimming.  As soon as their bathing suits were spotted in Mom’s clean laundry pile they put them on…and since Dad was running a little late they only had their suits on 3 hours early!
    • Pizza and a movie for supper and then swimming, swimming and more swimming.  They were getting tired and fussy when we finally got out of the pool.  After changing into pjs it was time to play and drink milk before bedtime

    Dennie Kids: August 16, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • I forgot to mention last night that if you were sitting near my kids in church, you probably heard them….singing!  They both sang “Alleluia, alleluia” and when I say they sang it, I mean they really sang it
    • We were moving slowly this morning-maybe because we were dreading have to move quickly the rest of the mornings this week
    • Stories during our waffle breakfast, lots of playing and even a movie this morning-Campbell enjoys just sitting in the floor watching all of the action around the house.  The louder everyone else is, the happier she is
    • Lunch and reading more of our story.  Mom will have to figure out how to keep Graham quiet while she is reading (at breakfast he is quiet because his mouth is full of food).
    • Afternoon naps and then Reagan watching a movie while Mom ran.  Next Graham woke up and Mom told him they could swim after he helped her clean.  They boy put up more toys than Anderson has in his whole life.  He worked and worked, he would ask Mom “where’d go” to find out where he was supposed to put stuff.
    • When all was clean, Graham helped wake Anderson up and was the first one in the pool.  Graham spent most of his pool time tackling Anderson and trying to knock him in the water.  This was quite entertaining to Mom but not to Anderson!
    • Campbell woke up in time to swing and watch the swimmers and even stick her feet in the pool.  They thought it was so funny to look into the water hose and then have the other one turn it on
    • Drying off and changing clothes quickly to meet Nonna, Pops and Jason to celebrate Nonna’s birthday.  We ate at the peanut place but the kids filled up on rolls before our food came (so did Mom)
    • Having everyone back at our house for some cookies.  Reagan was very excited that the cookies were the soft kind!  Playing until bedtime and then going straight to bed-school for 2 in the morning!

    Dennie Kids: August 15, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • A big morning here at the Dennie house, 4 kids in 4 new Sunday School classes and one even joining us for church.  After cinna minis we made it to church in time to drop everyone off-even dropped one kid off in the wrong room.  Anderson’s sheet said the wrong room and no one stopped us (probably just thought oh, those people are crazy) but Ms. Olevia moved him to the right room and all was well
    • Reagan doing fine in her first real big church service.  She proudly held Mom’s old Bible until it was time to read from it.  She drew a picture of an angel, Mary and baby Jesus.  Also, this afternoon she was singing a song we had sang “We will remember”
    • Lunch at Grannymom’s house.  Anderson said that he hoped Lilly and Cash would be there and Mom said they probably would.  Anderson didn’t take her word for it, he told Mom that he would “just check, just check”
    • Lunch and then swinging for a few minutes before going home for naps.  Anderson cough is still keeping him up (at least that is what Mom hopes-she is slightly afraid that he is outgrowing his naps and she just can’t handle that) 
    • Reagan and Anderson keeping Mom busy during naptime running up the stairs to ask her a zillion questions.  Needless to say, they were up having a snack by the time Dad came home from the store. 
    • When Dad walked in, he asked if they wanted to do something fun.  Then he said let’s go jump in the pool with our clothes on.  There was no way Reagan was getting in the pool without her bathing suit.  Anderson stripped as fast as he could but once he was left with only his underwear on, he changed his mind and ran upstairs for his bathing suit too.  Mom had grabbed Graham out of bed so he wouldn’t miss the fun, and after taking his diaper off, he was more than ready to jump in the pool with or without his clothes on!
    • Back to church tonight.  This time, Graham threw a pretty good fit going to his new evening class.  But he had calmed down before Mom and Dad left the building.  Anderson was given the opportunity to go to his class or go to Big Church with us.  After Mom and then Dad and then Mom and Dad again telling him how he would have to act in church, he still chose church. 
    • Anderson did very well for a 3 year old boy!  At one point, he was looking across the sanctuary, stood up and told Mom that he was going to sit with Grannymom and then he was off.  Fortunately, Mom’s arm was gumby-like and she quickly grabbed him.
    • Reagan enjoyed looking through her big church bag from church today.  She even noticed a coloring book.  It was titled “A Religious Coloring Book” and the first page had a beautiful picture of space aliens to color.  Mom and Dad thought this was very funny.  Ms. Olevia found Reagan a more religious coloring book to color in.
    • Seeing Nonna, Pops and Jason in the hallway.  When Campbell saw Pops she smiled, waved and started talking.  After this, we headed home and ate our corndogs before bed

    Dennie Kids: August 14, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures) (click here for video)

    • Sleeping late this morning-it was around 9 when we finally started stirring.  The big 3 where ready to get downstairs and eat breakfast while watching a movie
    • Dad blowing up their swimming pool-the first time this year.  They had a blast and the favorite was when Dad jumped in and swam too.  Campbell saw all of the action from her swing-she might have even ended up a tad wet! (or drenched)
    • Eating lunch while Mom ran to Kroger-Dad said Graham ate when Reagan and Anderson ate and then continued to eat when he sat down with him
    • More playing while Mom and Dad cleaned and cleaned.  Once the house was finished everyone went to bed for a rest.  Anderson has a cough when he lays down (mainly at nap) so that was keeping him awake and Reagan is addicted to Mom’s iTouch so that kept her awake.  They were eventually able to get up early
    • Waking Graham up so everyone could swim again while Campbell was taking her nap.  Mom and Dad read their books outside until it the swimmers started complaining that it was boring without Dad.  Dad jumped in and all was well
    • Drying off and going out to eat.  The kids were delighted that we ate at a “slide place” so everyone could slide.  Graham couldn’t quite climb up and Reagan and Anderson were good to help him when Mom asked.  But each time she asked they would sigh and complain that pushing Graham up made their bones hurt!
    • Coming home and doing a little bit of laundry before bed

    Video: Heat relief via swimming pool on the deck (August 14, 2010)

    Dennie Kids: August 13, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • An early morning but Anderson brightened Mom’s day by telling her that he would take good care of her when she was really old.  And then he went on to tell Mom who all was really old…but we won’t name those names on here!
    • Reading our books and making our Green Grass Letter G which involved lots and lots of glue.  When we read stories at the table, Mom usually holds the book and Campbell can only see the back-but she smiles and seems to listen the entire time
    • Mom had a work meeting so all of the kids tagged along.  She made them sit through most of the meeting-Campbell drank her milk until she fell asleep in the stroller, Reagan quietly colored, Anderson asked Mom a zillion times in a not so quite whisper when they could go play and Graham tried his best to sit still but he didn’t do quite well
    • After they had had enough sitting, Mom did release them to go and play-slides, swings, bikes, balls, beans, bats, tunnels…can you imagine why Mom didn’t want them going in there unattended.  When Mom finally checked on them, they hadn’t made a mess yet though. 
    • Mom did lay Campbell in the ball pit after the big kids had gotten out-she laid completely still and almost had a terrified look on her face-maybe because they were cold!  Or maybe because she had a fear that Graham was going to jump on her but she made it out safely
    • Since the kids were good, a special treat was in order.  Mom drove through McDonalds and then on to Rock Creek.  After getting all 4 kids out, pushing the stroller while carrying the food and bag, walking across the hot parking lot, and then walking to the other door…can you see where I am going with this…Rock Creek was closed.  Reagan was completely devastated (Mom was close) but the boys took in in stride.
    • Ending up at Lilly’s park to play.  We spread out our picnic blanket in the 100 degree shade and had our lunch.  The kids enjoyed playing and then talk of going to the bathroom was heard.  Mom looked up and saw Anderson (check the picture) and well, he didn’t need to go to the bathroom afterwards.  We now need to discuss going behind a tree and not aiming towards the crowd of people at the pool
    • Home for a story and afternoon naps.  Anderson was coughing which woke him early so Mom let him and Reagan get up to watch a movie or two.  Graham waking up next in a very good mood.  They all played in the den well and then moved upstairs to play tea.  They caught Mom at a weak point and she allowed them to fill up all of their tea set cups with water-ALL of their cups. 
    • Campbell falling asleep on the way home from the park, waking up briefly to hang out with Mom and Reagan and then falling back asleep after a bottle during naptime.  She then went on to sleep until Mom had to wake her up to leave and meet Dad
    • Mom and the kids finishing up their Nativity scene project – just a few weeks til Christmas, right?  Mom said it will be a busy time at Christmas so trying to get a few projects knocked out early
    • Meeting Dad at Grannymom’s house and going to Cheeburger Cheeburger for supper.  The burgers were good but the big hit was the car boxes that the kids burgers came in…only probably was we only ordered 2 which meant 1 little one was left without a car!
    • Walking towards our next stop when Graham and Mom diverted into a toy shop.  He quickly discovered the stomp rocket and was so excited to catch up with Anderson and tell him about the rocket he saw and couldn’t wait to go back and show him
    • Eating at Orange Leaf-the 3 big ones each had their own bowls so joy abounded and bowls were cleaned before we left.  Walking through the toy store on the way back to the van and everyone was intrigued with the rocket.
    • Dad jumping out of the car at Walmart and Mom just crawled into Dad’s seat and started circling while waiting on Dad.  Reagan turned to Anderson and calmly asked “Anderson, how come the car is going if Mom and Dad are not in it?”  She thought Mom wasn’t in the car.  Mom had to explain that if Mom and Dad aren’t in the car, she needs to panic!
    • Playing at Grannymom’s house while Dad played with Grandpa’s tv.  Reagan and Anderson played well, Campbell sat around and Graham danced around like a monkey from the zoo.  At one point, he brought Mom his shoes and said that he wanted to go to the zoo.
    • Coming home and going straight to bed since it was very, very late and 7 comes early in the morning!

    Dennie Kids: August 12, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures) (click here for video)

    • Everyone wanting jelly sandwiches on their way to Nonna’s house.  Mom had already made 2 of the 3 when she noticed the bread was moldy-along with the rest (3/4th) of the package along with the other loaf we had just bought…which means the kids and Dad’s sandwiches yesterday probably had a some mold as well
    • Anderson thought he was not going to be able to play at Nonna’s this morning but was surprised when Mom made him get out of the van.  He thought he was going straight to church/school to meet his teacher
    • Playing with Nonna and Pops all morning long.  Anderson decided to ride the bike before going with Mom to meet his teacher so he was a sweaty boy.  He was a little shy while meeting Ms. Gwendolyn but warmed quickly when he saw her bugs, play phone and blocks. 
    • Blowing bubbles and seeing Papaw before heading home for naps.  Mom and Reagan worked on her “reading book” for a few minutes during naptime.  Pops had gotten Campbell to sleep and Mom was worried that she would be able to sleep again this afternoon but she was (benadryl helps) – just kidding!) and even slept as long as Anderson
    • Dad finally waking the two sleepy heads up to start our game night.  The first thing we did was made some strawberry ice cream.  The kids hadn’t seen/didn’t remember an ice cream maker.  Reagan did remember shaking the zip lock bags to make ice cream though
    • We had the ice cream maker on during supper so it was a noisy supper but the plates were cleaned.  Then we had game night-everyone picked a game.  Reagan picked her Candyland DVD.  Next up was Graham’s new Penguin game followed by the train puzzle that Anderson wanted to work
    • After our games, we managed to eat our ice cream.  The boys finished theirs off-which was quite surprising for Graham since he didn’t use his spoon.  Try eating ice cream with your hands-a pretty difficult feat.  Reagan didn’t like hers (no surprise there) but she did like the strawberries Mom had cut and sugared to put on the top-she snuck them out of the container and also ate them with her hands
    • Riding bikes in the garage before a movie and bedtime…oh, Campbell seems to be well tonight without any fever so we are probably just waiting on another tooth!

    Video: Making Ice Cream (August 12, 2010)

    August 11, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Graham waking up and asking if Dad was in Anderson’s bed but everyone was crammed in Mom’s bed.  Campbell has been sleeping well lately even though Mom and Dad wake her to eat around midnight.  They partly wake her up to eat and partly wake her up so they can play with her
    • Everyone playing together so happily and peacefully most of the morning long-seriously
    • Working on our letter G and little Graham didn’t want to paint today at all (odd since he is becoming quite the artist)
    • Reagan and Campbell playing dress up and princess while Anderson played airport and Graham was in the middle of everything
    • Anderson and Graham drinking 12 zillion cups of milk today-the refrigerator lock is broken and Mom has decided to pick her battles
    • Dad coming home for lunch and then Graham and Anderson watching the cars while on the front porch. 
    • Afternoon naps and then snacks and movies while Mom tried to run-she made it only 10 minutes and since that included 6 stops she decided that it wasn’t worth it today!
    • Supper out and we all sat at bar stools and the kids had the best time.  Then an errand to the grocery store and fruit snacks as a reward before bed for the big 3
    • Campbell hanging out with Mom and Dad on the couch-poor baby has a little bit of fever again tonight

    Dennie Kids: August 10, 2010

    Picnic supper on the deck!

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
    • Heading over to Grannymom’s house early this morning-Mom had a little bit of work to do and alot of speed shopping to do!
    • Reagan, Anderson and Graham were running around in circles shouting “Barney hat, Barney hat, Barney hat” when Mom came to pick them up.  Campbell was in the middle of the circle flapping her arms and kicking her legs.  Maybe she knew what “Barney hat” meant but Mom and Grannymom sure didn’t have a clue
    • Reading a few stories before nap - the dog in our big book didn’t make it across the river which turned out to be pretty dramatic.  Mom tried to spin it as if the dog was still on the other side of the river and not belly up in the river
    • Afternoon naps and they must have been worn out from all of that “Barney hat” business because they all slept until 4!  Campbell woke up once and talked and cooed but then she fell back asleep before Mom made her way upstairs to get her
    • Campbell had a little bit of fever this afternoon and maybe some tonight.  She still feels fine and is still her happy self-until somebody takes a toy away
    • Mom, Campbell and the boys waiting outside for Dad to come home from work.  It was kind of sprinkling on us and Anderson wanted to watch the drops.  So when Dad came home we had a picnic supper on the back porch.
    • Swinging and bubbles before bath time.  This was Campbell’s first time to swing in the big swing and she would squeal and grin but when Mom pushed her high, she did have a look of terror on her face! 
    • Graham screaming to go back outside when Dad told him that he was going to spank him.  Graham grabbed his bottom, started dancing while screaming “no spank me, no spank me!”
    • Anderson and Reagan watching one last movie before bedtime while Campbell sleeps on the couch.

    Dennie Kids: August 9, 2010

    Making cookies with Dad!

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
    • Laundry, breakfast, clothes on, stories and making our letter F before leaving the house this morning
    • Anderson and Graham walking around with Pops and exploring the pool tables and stages at church-very exciting.  They even had a cookie and a few elevator rides-what more could a boy ask for?
    • Campbell coming with Mom and Reagan to meet Reagan’s new teacher at church-Ms. Stacy.  Reagan showed her her collection box and even spoke to her teacher.  Reagan was very impressed with the centers and having to wear the clips when you were in each center
    • Coming home for more playing, play dough, working in our workbooks and even more reading-Mom is starting to read us a big chapter book (Little House on the Prairie)
    • A picnic lunch and then playing and a few movies until naptime.  Reagan even practiced reading Mom all of her “reading books” before nap
    • Supper and then Reagan getting to make cookies with Dad.  Poor Anderson didn’t touch his supper so he didn’t get to help and he didn’t get to eat any.  He sobbed when we started eating ours but then he didn’t seem to care
    • Graham and Anderson riding bikes in the garage-at least I hope they are riding bikes…better go check!
    • Campbell playing with a ball and Reagan is busy retrieving it each time it rolls away.  Campbell just kicks her feet when Reagan hands her the ball
    • Graham practicing walking up and down the steps while wearing high heel shoes (not Mom’s but Reagan’s) while saying “not a lady”

    Dennie Kids: August 8, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Sunday morning around here and everyone ended up wearing white-Mom had 2 outfits picked out and then decided to go with the theme.  We tried to get some pictures but there were restless to get to their cinna minnis
    • Reagan was so excited about going to her last class in this year’s Sunday school class since they were having a Veggie Tales party.  Anderson will be devastated not to be in the Ms. Shirleys and Mr. Ralph class and Mom and Dad will be pretty sad for Graham to leave Mr. Andy and Ms. Lisa.  Oh, and Campbell will be leaving her first Sunday School class-sad, sad!
    • Lunch at Nonna and Pops house.  The kids were so excited about playing that they didn’t even stick around at the table long enough for dessert.  Campbell did stick her hand out and grab a handful of spaghetti-guess the chicken noodle dinner jar didn’t fill her up
    • Afternoon naps for everyone and everyone cooperated and naps lasted a long time!  So long that the kids didn’t get supper before church.  Don’t feel too bad for them since they each had a cup of chocolate pudding
    • Back at church tonight for Reagan’s last night at coloring class.  Anderson will probably start going to “big church” on Sunday nights too-or at least we will give him the choice
    • A quick run to the grocery store and then home for supper-we had to have our sandwiches on hamburger buns since Mom forgot the bread!
    • Laundry, playing and then bedtime for all the Dennie crew!

    Dennie Kids: August 7, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Graham woke up first this morning and took it upon himself to wake up Campbell, then Anderson (who growled at Graham and then laid his head back down) and then Graham woke up Reagan
    • Rushing around getting to clothes on for the zoo and arriving before it opened!  It was member’s day so there was unlimited train and carousel rides
    • The favorites of the zoo were the snake, bats, turtle and noisy monkeys.  Graham was terrified to ride the train and Mom had to force him in his seat but he eventually enjoyed it and later said it was his favorite.
    • Campbell sleeping through 2 of her 3 rides on the carousel.  The kids loved the carousel but were ready to get in the car for a drink since it was pretty steamy outside
    • Lunch in Benton where Campbell sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time.  She really enjoyed it and almost turned Dad’s water over on herself
    • Afternoon naps and then Anderson and Reagan trying to eat their slushies from last night-this was difficult to do since it was solid ice-when they gave up Graham came along and took a stab at it
    • Supper out and then playing at McDonalds-we went to the tree McDs in NLR-it is the kids favorite place to go.  And of course a game of air hockey was mandatory before we left.  Reagan and Anderson tied at 5-5 but Mom wagered cleaning the kitchen to Dad and she won!
    • Grannymom and Grandpa coming over so he could work on the lawn mower but no luck.  Grannymom played Graham’s new game and then we all waved bye
    • Baths for all the Dennie kids since they smelled like the animals at the zoo!  Then off to bed!

    Dennie Kids: August 6, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • An early start to the morning with cheese and jelly sandwiches (separate sandwiches not a cheese and jelly one) for breakfast
    • Campbell in the front of the shopping cart, Graham in the back and Reagan and Anderson chasing behind Mom as we sprinted through the grocery store.  Reagan and Anderson helped bag our groceries
    • Grabbing a few books from the library and then finally deciding on one movie to check out
    • Meeting Grannymom, Lilly and Cash at the pool around 10.  We were a little late but we had been busy!  Swimming and then stopping for pb and j sandwiches which the kids devoured!
    • Afternoon naps except for Reagan.  Mom tried to get her to lay down with her but she was too interested in playing games on Mom’s ipod thingy
    • Dad coming home early and working a puzzle with Anderson and then everyone loading up for Nonna’s and church
    • Graham and Campbell hanging out with Pops until Nonna came home and Reagan and Anderson going to church while Mom and Dad helped out at Otter Creek
    • Mom and Dad were late picking up Reagan and Anderson but they didn’t seem to mind.  We had promised them snow cones afterwards but the snow cone shack was closed so we had a treat at sonic before picking up the other two
    • Graham was wide awake on the ride home tonight and was ready to chat.  He was intrigued by Mom and Dad’s matching shirts!

    Dennie Kids: August 5, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • I have forgotten to mention:  The other night at Chick Fil A, the kids were setting at their own booth.  Reagan and Graham on one side and Anderson alone on the other side.  Robby looked up and saw that Anderson had a friend.  A little boy had come and sat beside Anderson.  The Dennie kids were busy licking their ice cream but did manage to stop licking long enough to stare at the new visitor.  The boy must have felt left out since he didn’t have anything to lick, so he picked up the salt and pepper shakers and started licking them.  Anderson looked at Dad and said “why is this boy sitting by me?” and then “why is this boy eating the salt and pepper?”  We couldn’t help ourselves from laughing out loud.
    • Also the other day when it was a zillion degrees outside, Mom held Graham to go and let Belle off of the deck (trying to get Graham used to Belle).  Graham catches on quickly and starts screaming and trying to crawl on top of Mom’s head.  The commotion brings out Reagan.  While Mom busied herself giving Belle water, Graham spent time knocking on the door to the house saying “me in house” since he was still terrified of Belle.  Anderson must have felt lonely inside so he tried to open the door to come out but instead he locked it!  Mom had to walk around the house to get back in-Anderson thought he was going to get in trouble (he didn’t), Graham was terrified to be in the back yard near Belle and Reagan was trying to calm everyone down!
    • This morning started off fairly slowly with Mom and Dad having to wake Graham and Reagan up to get in the car to go to Nonna and Pop’s house for the morning while Mom went to work. 
    • Anderson had a great time at Nonna’s because they let him keep on his pajamas all day.  He loves wearing his pajamas and becomes quite adamant about not taking them off.
    • Nonna’s friend, Ms. Mary, coming over to play for a bit.  She brought 2 fish games which the kids loved.  They also played and talked to Ms. Mary-which is quite odd for this crew.
    • Anderson and Pops sitting on the front porch watching the rain.  Anderson told Pops not to worry because “the rain will stop in 40 days.”
    • Naps and then Reagan and Mom working on labeling all of her school supplies and then Anderson helped Mom fix a broken shelf.  He was very disappointed that we were only able to use the hammer and not all of the other tools
    • Mom hearing Campbell after nap just cooing away in her bed-she didn’t fuss and just talked until Mom came and got her
    • Supper and then playing wedding-Reagan made a flower bouquet, put tablecloths on the furniture, had her brother’s walking down the aisle and then demanded that everyone dance (she has only been to a Baptist wedding so I don’t know where she came up with the dancing part).  There was also a first kiss involved between Reagan and Anderson!  Dad tried to tell them that they couldn’t get married but they didn’t seem to care!
    • Legos and then bed with just Dad around since Mom was at class meeting.  Campbell took Mom’s spot on the couch!

    Dennie Kids: August 4, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Everyone up early enough to make muffins from Reagan’s new cookbook.  They all worked hard but lost interest by the time Mom was scooping the batter in the pan
    • Playing train with all of the kitchen chairs and then eating breakfast while having an indoor picnic-no breakfast was eaten since no one but Mom liked the muffins (they were very good though)
    • Putting on bathing suits and heading to the pool to meet Lilly, Cash and Grannymom-it is amazing how quickly they can put on their bathing suits but it takes forever to put on clothes
    • Swimming, swimming and more swimming.  Campbell loves to kick her feet and Graham loves it for Mom to throw him up high and then he comes down with a splash.  Anderson is almost independent with his floaties now and Reagan loves swimming
    • Grannymom giving everyone 2 popsicles and then the Dennie’s coming home for naps.  After naps, Mom checked everyone for sunburns-the kids looked fine but Mom must have forgotten her sunscreen because she is burnt!
    • Books, movies and toys before supper.  Mom and Dad are always amazed at what the kids will eat-today they cleaned their plates full of enchiladas
    • Playing (apparently unsupervised) this evening-sliding down the steps on Anderson’s comforter and then jumping off of Mom’s bed and jumping over who ever was laying in the floor!

    Dennie Kids: August 3, 2010

    Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

    • Everyone heading over to Grannymom and Grandpa’s house pretty early in the morning so Mom and Dad could go to work
    • Anderson was sure hoping that Cash would be there and was determined to “just check and see” even though Mom kept telling him he would be at school
    • Reagan getting to go with Lilly and Aunt Dana to the library.  She was so excited because she was “the only Dennie kid” that was able to go.  The boys weren’t left out because the girls brought them cookies from their stop at the grocery store
    • Campbell sleeping most of the morning away but was still able to take a little snooze during nap time at home
    • Reading a few stories before and after nap.  Graham can’t stay still long enough to listen to one of Reagan or Anderson’s books but he sure does enjoy his own books (while drinking some milk)
    • Playing until Dad came home and then getting to go out to eat…again tonight.  Dad was celebrating.  Playing at chick fil a……
    • Until some little girl started pulling on Anderson’s shirt.  Mom walked in the little room just as Anderson started screaming.  She heard the yelps along with “I’m gonna tell my Mommy”  Mom was able to coax him down and stare down the Mom of the “bad girl.”  Reagan and Anderson was beside themselves and Anderson was nearing being hysterical.  He calmed down after a little loving and all was well
    • Running by Grannymom’s house for a few minutes to check on their tv before heading home and going straight to bed

    Video: Anderson - 3 years old and 7 months (43 months)

    Video: Reagan - 4 Years Old and 10 months (58 months)

    Video: Campbell - 7 Months Old (August 3, 2010)

    Video: Graham - 2 Years Old (24 months) (August 3, 2010)

    Video: Campbell at 1:00 a.m. (Dad thinks she says "da da") (August 3, 2010)