April 30, 2013

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4 Weeks Old!

  • Graham and Robby were the first ones to have to get ready this morning.  Graham never really complains about going to school and probably enjoys it more than being here-I hope not but that is probably true.  As soon as they left, I got ready and everyone else had breakfast and started on school.
  • We only had about an hour and a half before it was time to leave.  The kids did most of their school work and took their leftover math to work on at Nonna's house.  Anderson was able to play with the little neighbor boy and Reagan enjoyed being near the big neighbor girls.  
  • I had my check up with my doctor and he told me that he was getting a new job at Baptist.  He even was a bit sappy on me when he talked about delivering all 6 of our babies.  He did say he would show back up if there was a baby 7 (don't hold your breath though).  Then I ran to Sams and was there a bit longer than I had planned.
  • It was nearly 1 when I made it back to Nonna's house.  The kids were playing in the front and back yard.  The rock man was supposed to be at our house at 1:30 so I had to quickly herd the kids into the car to make it home in time.  And of course, the rock man wasn't there-though he had text Robby earlier to see if he could come earlier but Robby missed his text.  Anyway, he did drop off more rock and some supplies.  
  • The kids played outside for a bit while I unloaded the car.  Seriously, that is one chore that I am starting to dread.  No matter how long or short our trip away from the house was, it just takes forever to get everything out of the car, ready to go again and put up.  I think I would rather do laundry or the dishes than do this.  But I do love having a cleanish car along with being ready at the drop of a hat to leave the house.
  • Keaton eventually had a nap while the others watched a movie.  Whitman was laying in the laundry room with me while I worked on laundry.  Then I had to go upstairs to put stuff up and since he was awake, I just laid him in my bedroom with the other kids.  When I came back, he had been scooted beside Anderson, his head was put on a pillow and he was covered up.  Looked just like his big brother laying there beside him.
  • When Keaton woke up, we all headed outside for awhile.  We played tag, basketball and I pushed a few kids on the swing.  Soon Robby and Graham arrived and Graham joined the others playing in the dirt.  Then Robby pushed most everyone on the swing and then a big basketball game was played. 
  • Where was Whitman during all of our outside time?   Well, he was wide awake so I just piled some blankets in the laundry basket and laid him inside of it.  (That probably isn't something that a first time mom would do)  He loved it and was awake for over 2 hours outside with a few catnaps.  
  • Back inside the kids had showers and then they had quick ipad turns before bed. Oh, yes, they did have supper and they all ate like little log rollers-they were starving.  Playing outside must make you pretty hungry!

April 29, 2013

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Kindergarten Graduation!

  • Robby woke me up at 7:25 when he first looked at the clock.  He also had to wake up Campbell who was sound asleep in our bed as well.  Surprisingly, all 8 of us were ready and in the van within 45 minutes.  That is pretty good if you ask me.
  • The first stop this morning was dropping Keaton off to spend the morning with Pops.  Pops volunteered to stay with Keaton during the big kids program.  Next up was dropping off Graham to Ms. Stacy's class.  He kind of wanted to go and see the other's program until I mentioned that he would miss recess and snack.  After we dropped him off, we sat in the van and fed Whitman.
  • Anderson's class had a little kindergarten graduation celebration before the program.  Anderson was so proud of his graduation hat and almost wore it up on the stage.  His class recited the presidents and  a Bible passage.  My Anderson had his hands in his pockets looking all cool during the program.  At the end, they went through and said what they had learned this year and Anderson said that he had learned about science.  
  • Reagan's class was divided into 3 groups.  Reagan's group recited the science facts about sea stars and then sand a song.  My Reagan knew all of the words even though we had never practice them at home.  (You can't be a great homeschooling mom everyday!)  And what was precious to me was watching her tell the others where to stand and even singing along with everyone's songs.  
  • Campbell was lucky enough to get to watch the program with us and did well bouncing from my lap to Nonna's lap.  And Whitman quickly decided that he had enough and wanted another bottle to tide him over during the show.  As soon as the kids were finished, we quietly left with Campbell and Anderson riding home with Nonna and Reagan spending the afternoon with Kennedy.  Robby and I hung out at church for awhile until near time to pick up Graham.
  • We then stopped to pick up lunch on the way to Nonna's house.  The kids were so excited that we were going to eat there-even though we eat there every Monday.  They even had a bit of time to play before we headed home.  
  • At home, the boys played on the ipad while the girls followed me around.  Soon Keaton had her nap and Campbell held Whitman while I worked on my coupons.  Then Campbell and I played a bingo game and then we played it again with the boys.  Next up was Candyland with everyone followed by a game of Headbanz.  They enjoyed playing the games so I know they will really enjoy this summer when it is my goal to play every single game and work every single puzzle that we own.
  • Before too long, it was time to load up for soccer.  The weather was pretty perfect only a big sunny for our two scrimmages.  The boys played the same team that they have played before but this time the team was a bit more challenging.  My boys still won with Anderson scoring 2 goals and Graham scoring one goal.  
  • And the next game was Reagan's and her team did really well tonight.  They played the team that they had lost to last Saturday but this time Reagan's team held their own.  I think they actually lost by 1 point but Reagan thought the score was tied.  Either way, it was close and that is what they needed.  And my Reagan scored herself a goal.  She was not nearly as timid this time and got into the fray of girls to kick that ball.  
  • Campbell and Keaton enjoyed watching all of the action but they were pretty interested in supper too.  Who knew that eating crackers, cheese and meat on a soccer field could be so much fun.  After the games, we gathered all of Reagan's things from Jodees car and headed home.  
  • Showers were had by all and then they all had a drink before going to bed.  I think the kids were pretty tired tonight-but not Whitman-after staying up all afternoon and then sleeping through the games, he was wide awake this evening.  

April 28, 2013

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Happy Girl!

  • The first thing I heard this morning was the thud of some child falling off of our bed and Robby saying "sorry, sorry."  To me it sounded like Robby had accidently pushed someone (later found out it was Graham) out of the bed.  But what had happened was Graham fell while trying to get into the bed.  
  • Breakfast was leftover doughnuts and when Anderson and Reagan heard that they were downstairs in a flash.  Soon the kids were putting on their clothes which I had laid out for them.  There was little fussing today-Reagan liked my pick of her dress.  Though the boys both did grumble a bit because their shirts had purple in them...apparently purple is a girly color.  So I tried to catch Robby in time to have him wear his purple shirt but was too late.
  • Keaton had a quick shower with Robby and Whitman needed a bath or even to just get his face washed but we ran out of time.  Actually just feeding him adds about 20 minutes to the get ready routine which did make us later than usual this morning.  Which is just another reason that I need to start waking up earlier!
  • We did make it to church in plenty of time-Sunday school and then worship care for me and church for the others.  Then it was lunch at Nonna's house.  She had brisket and Reagan could not get enough of it.  I have one child that is a carnivore and loves meat (Reagan) and one that is practically a vegetarian (Anderson)....well, guess I do have 4 more kids but the ones that eat are not as dramatic about their meat eating preferences as Reagan and Anderson.
  • After they played for awhile, we loaded up for home.  Keaton had a nap, Robby held Campbell until she went to sleep, Graham fell asleep while watching the movie, Reagan watched some of a movie and then played upstairs, Anderson watched movies until time to go and Whitman snoozed until he woke me up from my nap to eat.  He was in full blown screaming mode by the time I did wake up.  I had been having a dream about some baby screaming-didn't realize it was my own or I might have jumped up sooner.
  • He had some of his bottle and then it was time to wake everyone up and get moving.  Next week is the last night of choir, tomorrow is the last day of Comm central and Wednesday is the last night of Awana.  Woo hoo!  Reagan just loves choir and can not wait for the program next Sunday.
  • The kids were great during church and then Robby let them play on the playground for awhile.  In between slides they would run to their sandwich and goldfish and have a few bites.  Once we made it home, the kids had their ice cream and then it was bedtime for all.  

April 27, 2013

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Birthday fun for Jacob & Ethan at River City!

  • Whitman is on a pretty good schedule waking up around 3 or 4 every night.  I know that is great for an almost 4 week old baby-only waking up once.  But I do think that a person could go slightly mad being woken up in the middle of the night for too long.  Ha!  I know before too long he will be snoozing in the top bunk upstairs not waking up at all.  
  • When I had finished feeding him, it started to rain so we were pretty sure that soccer would be cancelled but I did set the alarm just in case.  I had asked Robby if he had set the alarm as I went to sleep and he said "no, but I will in a minute."  Of course he didn't move at all after saying that and I set one when I was up with Whitman just in case.
  • Though pretty early in the morning, soccer was cancelled and somehow Robby intercepted all of our early morning bed sharers and everyone ended up in the bonus room.  Whitman and I snoozed until 8 when he decided to eat again and Reagan didn't wake up until the others charged upstairs to put on clothes for doughnuts.
  • This was Whitman's first doughnut run and he slept right through it.  The others didn't and the boys had eaten 3 doughnuts before we knew it.  My Graham said that he likes Krispy Kreme better than Dunkin Donuts because of the hot ones.  Campbell apparently didn't know where we were because she kept shouting "Dunkin Donuts" over and over again.
  • After doughnuts, we ran to Sams.  We really didn't need anything but thought since this was their big tasting weekend we would try a few samples since this is one of Reagan's very favorite things to do.  Well, they had less samples than usual and we even stayed around until after 11.  We did enjoy a piece of cheese and a multigrain cracker (which Graham spit out-at least he asked if he could).  So the much advertised tasting menu was a bust for these Dennies.  
  • Though it wasn't all a waste.  We did buy Robby a shirt and a foldable wagon to haul all of our soccer gear (even though soccer is almost over, there will be plenty of other uses for it).  And we did run into my ob/gyn who was also killing time at Sams.  And we spoke to a lot of people...the more kids you have, the more people want to talk to you.  I turned the corner and Robby was talking to one lady and she said something to me.  I politely spoke back and later asked Robby if she was from his work.  He laughed and said she was a stranger.  Seriously, why do people want to talk to us about the kids-they are adorable and pretty well behaved-but that is still just odd to me.  
  • Next stop was to get our oil changed.  We even went to a place where you stay in the car while they work.  The kids were impressed with all of this for about 3 minutes and then they wanted us to turn the movie back up.  
  • Back at home, we cleaned up the van and Robby vacuumed it while I opened the wagon.  By then it was well after 1 and we went inside for lunch.  Next up was a nap for Keaton, movies for some and Campbell hung with us.  Robby worked in the garage, Campbell talked in the garage and I brought my stuff to work on out in the garage.  It was kind of nice out there (except for the constant talking by Campbell)-the temperature was cool and it was raining.  I probably could have taken a nap outside.  Sometime before the rain, there was a brief soccer game with Robby and the kids.  But God must really not have wanted my kids to play soccer today because it started pouring on all of them before anyone could score a goal.
  • Robby and the boys had showers and were out the door just in time to make it to Jacob and Ethan's birthday party.  It was at the gymnastics place and the boys had a blast.  Robby spent his time hanging out with our pediatrician (this has been the day of doctors)  Anderson never stopped at the party but Graham, our observer, would stand by Robby some and then go and play.  They had pizza there for supper.
  • Back at the house, I folded laundry, got ready for my Sunday school lesson (trying it out on Campbell) and then we played a few games.  So my Sunday school story started out with Joshua being an old man.  Campbell quickly stopped me and said "like some of those real old people at Beebee and Papaw's new place."  Indeed there were a few really old people at the nursing home on Wednesday.  That is as far as I got with the Sunday school story on her.  
  • Reagan and I played Go Fish, then we tried to play Candyland Castle but Keaton didn't want to play the right way and the other girls thought it was hysterical.  I then got the text that the boys were eating, so we moved into the kitchen and played Minnie Mouse Bow Bingo while I fed everyone supper.  Campbell and Reagan got so tickled about something and Reagan said "this is the best night ever."  Really?  Best night ever-hmm, it just doesn't take too much.
  • Soon the boys were back and the kids convinced us to watch a few more movies before bed.  Whitman and I had a nap and woke in time to put Keaton to bed.  As the big ones were going to bed, Anderson and Graham told me that they were starving and continued that they had not had supper or lunch.  Reagan piped in and said that she was also famished.  Now come on, those kids had all eaten and could in no way be hungry.  
  • I told them that if they were still hungry at 8:40 (in 45 minutes) that they could call me and I would bring them some crackers.  I really thought everyone would be asleep-even Robby was practically asleep at 8:40-but alas at 8:49 we heard Reagan calling.  I went up and Reagan was wide awake as well as Anderson.  Reagan told me that she knew she could make it.  She was pretty pleased with herself and even said that Anderson really wanted to stay awake but he fell asleep so she had to shake him to wake him up.  I passed out crackers and water bottles and hopefully they go to sleep.  
  • One child though is definitely not asleep.  Whitman is perfect during the day but just unsettled at night time.  He just had some tummy time and is not laying on me.  I guess he is ready to eat again-that is all that he has done this evening-eaten and burped!

April 26, 2013

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Field Day!

  • My little Whitman was a bit off of his schedule last night or I was off of mine.  We went to bed a bit earlier than usual and thought I had fed him enough that he would sleep past his usual near 12 eating time but I must not have.  Robby had to wake me up to feed him.  I was pretty impressed this morning though thinking that he had slept from midnight until morning but Robby had fed him at 4 and I had heard nothing.  
  • Graham was again in our room early but this time he must not have found Whitman too interesting because he ended up in our bed.  Campbell was not too far behind and somehow a bit after 7, Keaton and Whitman were awake.  And by the time I had my shower, everyone was in my room watching a movie.  Lately, if they get to watch a movie before breakfast that must mean it is a special day and indeed today was a special day-field day!
  • This morning as I was feeding Whitman, Graham asked me how many gallons I had in Whitman's bottle.  And the other day, Campbell came running into the kitchen shouting "Whitman doesn't have any teeth, where is his teeth?"  It is funny the things that the think up to ask.  Or even say-I kissed Graham this morning and he glared at me and then said "don't kiss a man."
  • After breakfast, Anderson and Reagan dutifully finished up their school for the week.  Don't feel too bad for them, they each only had one math page and one phonics page.  I should have pointed out clearly to them that when we do a bit extra school through the week, we can have a free day and still accomplish all of our school-but I let that opportunity slide.
  • We then finished the laundry and dishes and the kids helped pick up the house.  They are seriously getting pretty good about straightening.  Reagan, of course, is the best and always tickles me about what "straight" means to her.  When she straightens the bonus room, she always puts the air hockey pieces in the exact spot she thinks they go in.  When she straightens her room, she lines up the animals on her bed.  The boys were getting better about straightening-I think I should take a picture and hang it in each room of how the room should look when you are finished picking up in there. 
  • Soon we all had our shoes and jackets on and headed out for field day 2013.  It was a chilly field day-very chilly!  There was a total of 15 children so that made for quite a big time.  We debated playing any games because the kids played so well together outside despite the coolness.  Eventually, we did play a few games before the rain came.
  • Our first game was tug of war.  The kids were so excited about it.  The first round was girls against the boys and despite the girls having a few more, the boys held on for awhile before finally losing.  Then it was moms verses the kids.  We were even down a mom since Candice was inside but we still smoked those kids.  Of course when we pulled them all over on top of Campbell she didn't enjoy playing tug of way anymore.  Poor thing was at the very bottom of the pile!  
  • The next game was the sack race followed by eating the doughnuts off of the string.  Most of the doughnuts fell on the ground this year but it was still pretty fun watching all of the action.  Robby said that most of my pictures were blurry from today (maybe my camera is on the wrong setting) but hopefully you can see the one of Anderson eating his doughnut and Keaton's little hand trying to grab it off of the string.  
  • Then the kids ran a relay race and my Graham's team won each time.  He did have Alyssa Kate and Noah on his team so that is why he was able to win.  The next activity was going to be the 3 legged race but the kids started to look hungry so we headed in to eat.  Thankfully we did carry everything inside when we went because within minutes of us coming inside the bottom fell out and it started storming.  
  • The kids had their lunches then played inside and they did so well playing inside.  Usually whenever we have any kids over, somehow everyone starts running but today I guess the kids were already tired.  So there was not really any running and everyone was pretty quiet playing with toys.  This gave the moms plenty of time to talk.  
  • As everyone left, we did have the egg toss.  Anderson and Ethan's team won the egg toss.  I was partners with Graham and he would take forever to throw the egg-he so didn't want to lose.  Probably shouldn't have been my partner because I dropped the egg on maybe the second throw.  Everyone had fun though during the egg toss and during our cold and rainy field day so that is all that mattered.
  • Kennedy and neighbor boy played soccer with my crew for a few minutes before we headed back inside.  I wasn't going too have the kids take a shower until I realized that Anderson's legs are not that brown-they were just filthy.  The shower giving has gotten tremendously easier lately and that is so nice.  I was able to straighten downstairs some while they showered.  Then we all worked together to pick up the toy room and the rest of the house.  
  • They didn't complain and play while picking up so we all had a cookie as a reward.  Then I carefully made sure there were plenty of cookies for tonight and told the kids that could be dessert after supper.  Then I made sure to move the cookies in an unreachable spot.  Later in the evening I walked in and not one but 2 cookies were missing.  I initially thought Anderson, who on occasion sneaks food, had gotten to my cookies but after asking around, it was just Robby.  A few minutes later though, I was hungry and grabbed myself a pre-supper piece of pizza.  When Robby went to heat up the pizza he was shocked to see a slice missing.  His first thought was Anderson but then I fessed up.  Apparently, Anderson is not the only food sneaker around here-Robby and I do it too.  
  • The kids watched a movie and then played on the ipad for awhile this afternoon.  We were pretty tickled that as soon as Graham started playing on the ipad, the others all appeared.  It was like they had some sort of ipad sensor.  
  • The kids were so excited to have people come over that had a lot of kids just like us.  Reagan was thrilled that there was a girl to play with and had left her dollhouse out all day long and had even worked on it during the day so it would be just perfect.  The Hallums came over and their oldest girl and Reagan played and then they have 2 boys who provided entertainment for our guys.  Then their baby received lots (too much) attention from Campbell and Keaton.  
  • After we had supper, the kids enjoyed playing with each other-hide and seek, coloring (the girls) air hockey, cars and who knows what else.  They were all very good and kept each other entertained so it was a good evening.  
  • Once they left, we again made the kids pick up.  This was their 3rd time to do it today but in no time we all had this house in tip top shape-or something like that.  We then tucked in the kids and told them that we didn't know about soccer in the morning because of the rain.
  • Actually, since I am blogging at almost midnight and have not laid out any of the soccer uniforms, ice chest, shoes and all of the rest, I can just about guarantee you that we will have our games!

April 25, 2013

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Checking in on brother...

  • This is the second morning lately that we have woken up near 7 and Whitman is not the only person in the room with us.  Graham is in there too-just sitting right beside Whitman's bouncy seat.  Kind of sweet, isn't it?  Unfortunately, no telling when the boy gets up and starts sitting there.  One morning he was on one side of Whitman and Campbell was sitting on the other.  
  • Graham had school and Robby loaded up along with Campbell and Keaton to take him.  On Thursdays when Robby works from home, he has been taking Campbell with him to drop off Graham.  Of course this helps the schooling going on at home tremendously.  But today he decided to take Keaton as well-she is now considered a big girl.
  • School went fairly smoothly and we were finished around 11.  Keaton wasn't too happy about me not letting her have more drink and she had herself a little fit.  Robby said at one point today that her fits were "cute" now-hmm, not much cute about them.  Actually, I would agree except when they happen during school.  She is pretty dramatic-like she will drop to the floor and lay her head down and sob.  
  • A bit after 11, Keaton, Campbell and I were outside working in the yard.  Soon Anderson came out and about the time that I was going in to make lunch, Reagan came out.  I made the kids lunch and they ate on the driveway.  I am not real sure why we didn't use the picnic table then (Robby was mowing near it tonight when we had supper outside so they again ate on the driveway.  But this time they used an old tire as their table).
  • After lunch, the kids continued playing outside until bedtime.  I believe the highlights included finding a bug and trapping it with the rack, finding caterpillars, swinging, playing soccer, playing in the dirt, playing baseball and a bit of basketball.  After Robby and I had finished one section of the yard that we wanted to get done (by the road), Robby went to mowing and I am not really sure what I accomplished.  I did get a few things done inside and put together the second soccer goal.  That only leaves the ditch and the lower yard to accomplish.  
  • Soon Nonna and Pops were bringing Graham home from school.  They also brought the tire that was my tire swing when I was little (if only I knew someone that could hang a swing).  The first thing my bright kiddos did with this tire was to roll it all the way down the hill-then they had to roll it all the way up.  They stayed for awhile and refereed our baseball game, fed Whitman, held Keaton, played keep away and observed Robby's mowing skills.  
  • At one point, Robby passed out popsicles.  He knew that 3 neighbor kids were over here so he had plenty.  And what did those kids do-tell their friends who came running.  They then grabbed their popsicles and went back to their yards.  Country craziness-no boundaries.  
  • Anderson did get stung (maybe) by something.  He said it was a wasp but then said he never saw it and didn't know how something got into his shirt.  Graham was also right next to him thinking he was stung equally as bad.  I quickly gave Anderson some benedryl but only saw a tiny bite so I assume it wasn't a bee/wasp or something stingy like that.  He never made mention of it again so I forgot about checking after showers.  
  • Soon I went inside to make supper and brought it outside.  The kids ate their food huddled around the tire and then played soccer with Robby until 7.  Then it was quick showers, ipad time and then we picked up the toy room.  Big day tomorrow-Field day!

April 24, 2013

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Visiting Beebee and Pawpaw

  • Things would just go so smoothly around here if I would wake at the crack of dawn.  But that really isn't any fun.  I was still in bed at 8 this morning-but in my defense...well, I don't have a defense.  Actually, not a whole lot was happening at 8 and Whitman had been up for over an hour in the middle of the night.
  • I did quickly get moving while Graham was laying in my floor fussing that Robby had said no ipad this morning.  He finally calmed down and soon we had started school and were eating breakfast.  School went better and a bit quicker this morning (odd because Graham was home adding one more person to the mix)  We even had time to empty the trash cans before lunch.
  • We had lunch and even read a bit of science.  Then the kids all headed upstairs and worked very hard on making a zoo with lincoln logs and lots of animals.  The big 4 were all playing so well-that is until Keaton and her stroller strolled over the zoo.  This led to screams from everyone-they were screaming at her to move, screaming at me to come and get her, she was screaming at them and I was screaming at everyone.  Actually, I wasn't screaming because I found all of this a tad bit funny-probably a bit too funny.  
  • Then Keaton had her nap while the others put on their clothes and watched a movie.  Campbell did help me by holding Whitman-she even fed him.  She probably just fed him air from his bottle but it was still a win-win for me because Whitman was happy and Campbell was quiet and happy.
  • Before too long, it was time to load up and head to see Beebee and Papaw.  This was the kids first time to go to this place to see them and it was quite an eye opener for them.  Seriously, those kids little eyes were wide open while we walked down the hallway.  
  • Everything was going well and Beebee was in a good mood-that is until my sweet Reagan asked "so Beebee, which place do you like better?"  I was glad Pops was there to reign Beebee in on her answer.  I tried to explain that the lack of carpet was probably to blame.  Ha!  The kids were good and everyone hugged Beebee and they talked to Papaw after I shook him awake.
  • We then loaded up and I wrote Robby about our supper plans.  I said that we might go to Target to pick up a drink for supper and as soon as I walked into the doors to Target, I glance at my phone.  Robby had written back and said that he had a drink and I probably could skip Target.  Seriously, I had just unloaded 6 kids and walked across the parking lot to buy a 2 liter and now I didn't have to.  But we did make our trip worthwhile and bought a snack for supper.
  • Then we picked up pizzas for supper-2 pizzas cost us less than a trip to McDonalds-so we ate at church.  Then the kids had a few minutes to play the games before Awana.  This was the last official night of Awana.  Pretty proud of the kiddos-Reagan and Anderson finished their books and extra credit books and Graham also finished his book.  My plan is to figure out how many Bible verses they have memorized this year-maybe another night.
  • Once at home, the kids had a bit of a snack and then headed to bed-all but Whitman.  The boy is perfect during the day but wide awake and a bit needy during the evening.  But I will take that as long as he is a good sleeper and only wakes up once.  

April 23, 2013

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Three Weeks Old Today!

  • Our first day in 3 weeks (yes, Whitman is 3 weeks today - wow!) to be back on a semi-normal routine.   Of course, neither Robby or I wanted to get up but Graham and Campbell were soon in our bed but it was closer to 7:15 instead of 7:00.
  • Robby headed to the shower around 7:30 and I went to help get Graham dressed for school and soon Anderson was dressed as well as Campbell and not too far back was Reagan.  Graham requested cinnamon toast for breakfast - prepared it and then got him and Robby off into the car where Robby dropped Graham off for school.
  • We had school underway by 8:30 and were on a mission to finish by 11:00 so we could pick up Graham.  Everyone worked hard but still so much school to get done plus we're doing a little extra so we can have Friday free for Field Day.  But before we knew it, it was 11:00 and we were loading the car to pick up Graham.
  • Milk, and other essentials, were running low so my plan was to drop the big 5 off at Grannymom and Grandpa's and take Whitman with me to the store. But G-mom convinced me to leave Whitman too (not too hard to twist my arm).  Should have been an easy trip to Kroger but in their wisdom they have decided to rearrange the store so it took twice as long plus Robby had special requests (cilantro and Roma tomatoes - he's decided he's going to try to make his own salsa.  If that doesn't work, he also had me get the ingredients for the Coca-Cola Chocolate Cake.
  • Made it back to pick up the kids and headed home so Keaton could get her nap in and we could pick up the house a bit but the older kids decided it was "dress up" day so they managed to get all the different dress up outfits out and parade around the house.
  • Soon Robby was home from work (he did manage to work a whole day) but I guess since it was cooped up in an office all day - he was ready to be outside. He was only inside for about 2 minutes when he asked Graham and Campbell if they wanted to go outside with him (Campbell was still in her princess dress).  Trying to beat the rain later this week, Robby wanted to get one of our burn piles burnt down a bit before it was too waterlogged.
  • Soon all the kids were outside trying to help Robby get the fire started - it took awhile and it was soon time for me to leave for Bunko. I made my way out of there with a fire going, soccer balls flying, skinned knees by Reagan and Graham and who knows what else.  Actually, Robby reports that everyone finished up the evening very well (even joined by two neighbor kids for a quick game of basketball). 
  • Then it was time to head inside (already past 7) for showers by the big 5, a quick pick up of the demolished toy room, supper for everyone and they convinced Robby they should watch 1 more movie.  In the middle of fixing supper, Whitman decided he was hungry but Reagan was a huge help to help give Whitman his bottle before handing back to Robby to finish her supper and movie.
  • Late night for this crew but everyone was in bed by 8:30 and Whitman even slept for Robby most of the evening while I was at Bunko.

April 22, 2013

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Graham's Class Takes Over the Zoo!

  • So since we had to move fairly quickly this morning, we slept late.  Not ideal but that is how things seem to work out around here.  At least we all did have to leave a bit later than usual.  I took Graham and Campbell to the zoo to meet Graham's class and Robby took Reagan and Anderson to school and then stayed home with Keaton and Whitman.  
  • We were one of the first ones at the zoo-I probably should have spent that extra time at home double checking to make sure that I had packed the kids snack in my ice chest and not just my coke.  It was fine since some other mother's fed my starving kids (actually they weren't too hungry but who would pass up food).  
  • Graham found a caterpillar somewhere along our route and held on to it carefully (only letting Grant hold it while he fed the fish).  I tried to get him to put that caterpillar down at many different places but Graham decided that we should take it to the butterfly garden.  So we had to leave the group when walking nearby to run to that butterfly garden to drop off the caterpillar.  Graham had carried it for so long that I was afraid he wasn't going to be able to leave it but he did and then we raced to catch up with his class.
  • After Ms. Stacy left the zoo, we were free to do whatever and since I had passes for the carousel and train, I told the kids we would do those.  And as we were standing in line, I noticed something about my passes-they expired in 2012.  Man, I always have trouble remembering what year it is!  I had already told the kids and since we were in line, I decided that we would try to use our passes and I was prepared to play dumb.  I had even asked a dad nearby if I could borrow some cash if I needed to quickly buy some tokens.  Anyway, the kids put the passes in the cup and walked right on.  Then the conductor motioned for us to get on and said that he was being generous letting me and the other dad ride.  We thanked him and rode along-Campbell was so relieved to see me on that train.  She was a bit scared of riding it but once she sat down I think she was fine.
  • Now on to the carousel with my expired passes.  I thought that it worked with the train so I might as well try it with the carousel.  I only had 2 passes and was going to ask if I could get the kids on the horses and then not ride myself.  Anyway, when we walked up the kids handed the man the passes and he said I would need to ride as well.  I said okay that I would go and buy a token for me and reached to take my passes back.  He then said it was fine and said I could go on.  So the zoo folks get a gold star today.
  • On our way home, I picked up lunch and a drink for Campbell and Graham.  As we were driving, I told Graham that it was the time that he usually got out of school.  He said "really? But my legs don't get tired at school but they were tired today."  Keaton was pretty glad to see us but Robby might have been even more happy to see us.  
  • We worked in the house for a bit and then went outside to rake.  I only had an hour before I had to leave and we were able to get some raking done.  The ant pile slowed us down, as well as the imaginary ant bite that I received (I say imaginary because there was no ant and no bite but my foot stung like you wouldn't believe).  And of course the little snake slowed us to a stop.  Robby left me to watch the snake while he mosied to the shed to get the shovel.  After walking through the reptile house at the zoo and seeing a snack right under my rake, I probably won't sleep tonight.  After we finished with the snake, Whitman was mad so we ended up quitting early.  I told Robby that I should make it my goal to have a tarp full of leaves ready each day for him to help me take to the burn pile when he gets home.  
  • Campbell and I went to pick up Reagan and Anderson.  This was their last day of Comm Central-next week is a presentation.  Can't beleive that I will have a second grader and first grader next year along with a kindergartner.  My silly boy did leave his lunch box at school on the very last day-at least it was the last day.  
  • We celebrated the last day with Sonic drinks and after receiving my hospital bill, we are putting our sonic drinks on hold!  Gracious, babies are expensive.  Reagan cost us 250 dollars and Whitman will cost us almost 10 times that!  But since he is worth it, I sure am not complaining at all.
  • At home this afternoon, we cut all of the boys hair (except the babys)  Then they had showers and everyone put on their soccer uniforms.  Tonight was picture day at soccer so most of practice was spent taking pictures.  I unfortunately didn't end up with any pictures of Reagan and only 1 of Anderson.  It is tough getting pictures of 6 different kids each and every day.  
  • The kids did good in practice-again the boys did better practicing with the girls and were on fire during their practice time.  And maybe Reagan isn't so much the soccer player-she just hangs in the back of the crowd and seems to care little about scoring.  A bit frustrating since she was so good last year but really, we should we expect any of our children to be athletic-Robby and I are their parents!
  • We rushed home after practice and the kids had a quick shower before bed.  They were all pretty tired tonight as were we.  

April 21, 2013

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Sunday afternoon picnic at the park with cousins!

  • Last night around midnight, I was feeding Whitman and Robby quickly fell asleep.  I stopped in the middle of his bottle to change his diaper and his belly button stump (I don't know the proper word) fell off.  And I was pretty noisy about that but still Robby didn't stir.  After I finished feeding Whitman, I burped him and he never did burp so I held him for a few more minutes before laying him down.  I should have put him down earlier because he then spit up all over me.
  • And I am talking ALL over me, him and the bed.  I had to sit still for a few seconds for the spit up to soak into my clothes otherwise it would have just rolled off of me onto the floor when I got up.  Of course this all caused quite a commotion and much laughter from me.  I then moved Whitman to the floor and stripped him and I stripped myself.  I should have woken up Robby to change our sheets but I just laid around and not on the spit up until it dried.  Then this morning we did in fact change the sheets.  Anyway, I could hardly go to sleep last night worrying about Whitman spitting up on some poor Sunday school teacher and then they would have to go right home to change their clothes.
  • Early this morning, Campbell disappeared from our bed and then I heard her calling "Momma, I don't have any pantyhose."  My little child was convinced that she needed pantyhose.  When I told her that she was going to get to wear sandals today she was pretty pleased.  Then Anderson decided that he needed to wear sandals as well.  I am afraid that the only sandals I have for him wouldn't come near to fitting him this summer but he still was pretty upset when I said no.  
  • Next up was breakfast and Robby had bought white powdered doughnuts for breakfast.  But we have now become a 2 bag of doughnut family.  One bag just will not cut it anymore.  What am I going to do when I have 6 teenagers.  And really, 6 doesn't sound like a lot of kids but when I say "half of a dozen" now that sounds like alot.
  • Church and Sunday school was next.  I just have a few thoughts about Sunday school-even though we had to teach a few lessons with the spoon this morning, my kids are still much better than some in our Sunday school class.  And my other thought was if we had been teaching Sunday school every year, then we would definitely have less children of our own.  Not really!
  • Robby had worship care this morning (don't even get me started about that) so that left me and the big 3 in church alone.  We sat in the balcony and I have a thought about that-I don't care if you are 4 or 64, if I see you playing on your phone or ipad during church, I am going to come up behind you and snatch it out of your hand and put a big black x on it with a sharpee marker.  Okay, I will calm down and be nicer for the rest of the blog... 
  • While we were singing in big church, Graham did start to sit down and Anderson patted him on the back trying to get him to stand up just like Robby or I would do.  Sweet brothers taking care of each other...but when they came out of choir tonight, I asked if anyone got into trouble and Graham was pretty adamant that Anderson did.  I think that Graham was still trying to take care of his brother but Anderson was not to pleased with him taking care of him in this way.  This was the second week in a row that Graham said Anderson got into trouble and Anderson said that he did not.  After many conversations, we are pretty sure that Anderson was told to be quiet or stop something and that to Graham was getting into trouble but to Anderson that was not really being in trouble.  
  • We had a picnic lunch with Lilly, Cash, Dana, Grannymom and Grandpa at the park.  The kids loved every minute of it-Reagan was even pretty thrilled to change clothes in the van saying that they had plenty of room to change.  Graham climbed to the top of the rock wall-way too high for my taste.  Anyway, they all played and played until it was time to come home.  Poor Whitman might have even gotten a bit of sun on our afternoon out.
  • Back at home, we quickly had showers, folded laundry, unpacked and repacked and then it was time to rush out of the door.  We had our parent/baby dedication class tonight.  We are now not only the experts in the class but also the old people in the class.  Seriously, those people in there are so young.  
  • We went to big church tonight and got out a few minutes early.  Early enough that Anderson was shocked that church was actually over.  He could not believe it.  Back at home, it was time for ice cream and then bedtime (one of my favorite parts of the day!)  Except Whitman doesn't yet know it is bedtime-he is fussing away which is a little unlike him.  

April 20, 2013

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Soccer Star Reagan!

  • Robby was awake before Whitman and after his feeding, Robby and I started getting ready.  Since the kids were up until 11 last night, it took a bit longer to stir them.  But everyone was dressed and watching a movie while eating breakfast in plenty of time.
  • Though time slipped away fairly quickly when we started putting on shoes, socks and shin guards.  Six shin guards, six cleats, ten socks, four other shoes plus my own does take a few minutes.  The big 4 can put on other shoes and socks but can't do their cleats and long soccer socks.
  • So this was the third soccer game and it went pretty much the same as the rest.  The boys team did really well with Anderson scoring at least one point.  Graham was more into the game this week but wasn't on fire as he was during the girls soccer practice last week.  And my poor Reagan's team did just like last week.  The score was at least 6-1 but hey, they did at least score 1 point.  The girls don't know how to work together and some of them are so big that Reagan can't even get to the ball.  Maybe track next year....
  • But the winning and losing doesn't really matter to the kids-what was important today was that Robby bought them a treat AND a drink.  Tonight as we were going to bed, Anderson said "I know we will never be able to have two things after the game again."  Robby had explained that it was a very special treat.  So I told him that maybe I could "convince" Daddy to buy them 2 things their very last game.  Seriously, my kids do not understand how good their little life is.
  • Campbell was good during the games and seems to understand more that she can not get out on the field.  She isn't happy about that but does seem to accept it.  Actually, my Campbell may be taking the addition of Whitman the hardest-she seems to have regressed to a whiney little girl.  Anyway, Keaton is so stroller trained that she sat until nearly the end of Reagan's game.  Then she just went from lap to lap and chair to chair while watching the game.  And my Whitman had to eat pretty early during the boys game but then slept soundly until time to leave.
  • We went home stopping to buy some peanut butter on the way (should have bought some milk though).  After a short movie, the kids had lunch and then watched a few movies.  The plan was kind of to do some yard work after their movie.  But we lost track of time and didn't really have that much time so we just opted for some play time instead.  
  • When I went outside, Campbell was standing on a bench in the garage holding a broom.  She is an odd duck but I had no clean at what she was doing-holding that broom like she was going to attack something.  Then I looked out the garage window and saw the neighbor boy walking away carrying his dog.  You would think that his dog was some type of attack dog but it is about 3 inches tall and 5 inches long.  Campbell could have smashed it pretty good with her broom.  I just would love to know if she thought to grab the broom or if one of her brothers or sister handed her that broom.  
  • Speaking of yard work-we still have the lower part to clean up, beside the road and the ditch so we will see all of my blog readers next Saturday afternoon.  I'll have supper and we can just knock the yard out.  How does that sound?  I'll even post your picture on the blog!
  • The kids swang, slid, scootered and we even took a brief walk (since Whitman was still in the house).  Nonna and Pops even came over to drop off a few clothes and then we all headed inside to clean up before supper.  When Nonna was still there, the kids were playing in the little play house.  Anderson came bolting out of it, screaming "a mosp, a mosp in there."  We didn't know if we should find the butterfly nets to capture the moth or shoo the kids away from the wasp.  
  • On the way inside, Robby noticed a good climbing tree but then said that we couldn't climb today.  But Anderson just went right ahead and started climbing it.  So he had to sit out 5 minutes at chick fil a.  He and his brother also had to go to bed 10 minutes early because of fussing and hitting yesterday.  He didn't like doing either one of these but it didn't really phase him-not sure if our discipline technique  was successful.    
  • Next up was supper at chick fil a.  This was the first time for Keaton to play in the little play area.  She isn't the baby anymore so she is quickly growing up.  And that child was not happy that she didn't have an ice cream cone like everyone else.  She was so upset with us that she wouldn't even eat our ice cream.  But when she was handed someone's leftover cone, she was delighted and grinned from ear to ear.
  • Back at home, the girls helped with the laundry and dishes while Robby put Keaton to bed and the boys went to bed a bit early.  After picking out church clothes, park clothes and Sunday night clothes it was bedtime for all.

April 19, 2013

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Wide-eyed today!

  • This morning started like alot of mornings lately-Robby hiding in another part of the house!  Ha!  Actually, he had taken one for the team and fed Whitman around 5 last night and then snuck up to the bonus room.  Graham started being pretty noisy around 6:40 causing the others to get mad at him and quite an uproar happened upstairs.  
  • I eventually had to tell the boys that they were both going to go to bed early tonight (which didn't happen) but it did change their attitudes enough for the day to start off fine.  Keaton even woke up with all of the commotion happening this morning-she usually sleeps the longest but not today.  Hmm, maybe she is getting ready to move in with the others if she wakes up so early.
  • We then had breakfast and started on school.  I guess we are back on track for next week-everyone is caught up from all of our sick days this week.  Just 2 more weeks of Comm central and a few more weeks here at home and then off for the summer.  Now I need to come up with some reading incentive for the kids during the summer months-but we have a few other things to accomplish as well: learn to swim (Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell), learn to ride a bike (Reagan, Anderson and Graham), learn to swing (Campbell), work in the reading book (Graham), learn to tie shoes (Anderson), learn how to do a few more chores (all) and play all our games and work all our puzzles. Seriously, that list was longer than I thought-probably all won't be happening but worth a shot!
  • Anyway, school was fine though they were so easily distracted and I wasn't really into it today-I am kind of longing for a normal, back in the routine type of day.  Maybe in a few years that will happen!  Graham disappeared for a long, long time during school and I found out that he had commandeered Robby's ipad and was taking his turn-at least he had finished his school work.  That poor child has gotten used to coming and going during school and come July when his kindergarten starts it will be pretty tough for him.  My current plan is to start at least a week early with just him so he can get into the swing of things.  And then I can have enough time to enroll him at Lawson if I need to!  Kidding-kind of!
  • After school, the kids helped me with the laundry and then we had lunch.  I did bribe them with brownies for helping clean the windows.  I tried to show everyone the correct way to do the windows but I didn't work with them so I am not sure of the quality of their work.  Though my main goal was to get rid of a few fingerprints that I often see and that was accomplished.  
  • Soon Keaton was fussy so she went to bed early and I laid down by the movie watching kiddos.  Campbell and I fell asleep during the movie and the others might have as well.  Then the boys headed outside, followed by Campbell and then Keaton, Reagan and me.  We worked a tiny bit and then I headed back inside to clean up the house.  But Whitman had other plans and wanted some milk so I did that first.  
  • You forget that babies are always eating.  It is kind of funny that he (along with all my other kids when they were babies and even now) seem to need something just when I sit down to eat, go to the bathroom, start to do something, leave the room or fall asleep.  I wonder why that is-probably natures way of making sure that parents do not forget about their kids.  Speaking of Whitman today, I walked into the room and Graham was sitting there holding the boy.  I said "Graham" and he replied with "sorry."  He knew he wasn't supposed to pick up Whitman and I just didn't have the heart to get on to him.
  • The Wilsons came over for supper.  The kids devoured the pizza and then played some upstairs.  As the grown ups talked, the kids eventually ended up watching a movie and then played a few games.  It was a late night for my crew-so late that Graham fell asleep before everyone left.  The kids (and adults) had a blast but it will be an early morning for my sleepy crew-everything is laid out so hopefully we make it to the soccer field on time!

April 18, 2013

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Guess who had Zebra day at school!

  • Yesterday, Campbell and I were looking at a jewelry magazine and there was a cross necklace.  She said "a cross that Jesus died on."  I asked if Jesus was still on the cross and she said no.  I then asked where Jesus was and she said that he was in heaven.  I added that Jesus was going to come back for us someday and take us to heaven with him.  Campbell asked "are you going to take bottles for Whitman?"  I was a bit confused and said "maybe, but we will have everything we need in heaven."  Then she asked "chips? Will there be chips in heaven? We need to take some chips?"
  • Despite Robby's snoring, Campbell's moaning and Whitman's grunting, I slept fairly well last night.  And I was incredible glad that everyone else slept well and no one came down with anything over the night.  Campbell did join us in bed sometime during the night and at 6, Graham tried to join us so Robby headed upstairs.  
  • Sometime this morning Graham had been up and quickly came to me saying "you have to get up now! there is an animal in the laundry room-it is like a lizard but not a bug."  Let's just say that at this time I was not pleased with Robby for not being in bed.  Was it a mouse? a bat? or worse?  Thankfully, when I made it to the laundry room I found the "animal"-a water bug.  I could handle that.
  • I was getting ready to take Graham to school when Robby came down.  He was feeling better-well enough to go to Sonic.  It was "zebra day" at school and Graham was so proud of his zebra shirt.  Anderson wore it last year and we had painted it ourselves.  I had made sure that Graham helped when we were painting it so it could be "his" shirt too.  Robby said that he was the best looking one there.
  • At home, we started on school.  Anderson knocked out his math from the last few days and and was able to finish in a decent amount of time.  But poor Reagan took forever to do her math.  And in her defense she was adding up 5 3-digit numbers (981+242+120+543+109).  I tried to check them myself but eventually had to just pull out the math book and use the answers in the back.  She did finally finish her math but that left all of her phonics to do.  I convinced her to do some while she was waiting on me to make lunch but she will be able to catch up tomorrow.
  • My Keaton is so funny lately-she will just grin at the camera and close her eyes as she smiles.  And she will also come running to me smacking her lips (her word for milk) whenever Whitman starts crying.  And speaking of Whitman-the child has slept all day long and I do not know if he will sleep at all tonight!
  • At some point during the afternoon, Robby was making Whitman a bottle in our bedroom and Campbell was observing.  She quickly told him that he was doing it wrong and told him where he was supposed to put the water first.  Funny thing (but she was right!)
  • Pops brought Graham home in the rain.  Graham was glad to be home and was ready to play on the ipad.  He did play upstairs with Reagan and Anderson for a bit.  Graham did miss the hour that the others played with playdoh this afternoon.  Seriously, they played so long that they forgot about watching a movie-that never happens around here. 
  • Another thing that has happened the last few days (reminder that I have been wiping quite a few bottoms around here lately)-I kept hearing someone clap over and over again.  Finally I went in search of it-clap, clap. And it continued and continued until I found Graham sitting on the potty in the dark.  All of our bathroom lights are motion activated so when a small child (or grown woman) sits on the potty for a bit the lights will go off.  My Graham must have thought that the light was a "clapper" because he was just sitting there clapping away.  Need to teach him to wave his arms.
  • We had roast and potatoes for supper and then watched a movie in the bonus room.  During the middle of the movie as questions were flying everywhere about what was happening in the movie, Anderson had one of his own "Dessert? We forgot dessert. When are we going to have dessert?"
  • Infirmary report: I think everyone is feeling pretty good.  Campbell is still having tummy troubles and had fever once today.  Robby is improving and is now among the living.  Hopefully the bug has moved on to another house and we are in the clear!

April 17, 2013

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Silly Trio!

  • Last night it was a good thing that Robby and I went to bed early because at 11:45 we got the call: "Mooooom, I threw up."  It was Anderson.  I went upstairs and he showed me where it was twice-I didn't need any help though finding it.  Anyway, he went down for a shower and I cleaned up and came down afterwards.
  • So my pallet on the floor was used after all.  He did better than Reagan-still at 45 minute intervals but just 2 more episodes.  So by 2 he was done and then I just had one of Whitman's feeding so it was a more restful night than last night.  
  • Though during one of Anderson's events, Robby was dreaming that he was wearing his blue poncho on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls.  I guess as he dreamed, he was actually hearing the waterfall of vomi...oh, well you get where I am going with this.  
  • When we woke up, Robby wasn't feeling that hot.  He has the other side of things along with Campbell.  They both occasionally have fever but Campbell is able to eat.  Robby has had a few things today but is pretty weak (and a bit pitiful!)  
  • So the first thing that happened this morning was a movie.  I picked a pirate movie and Campbell and I had this conversation: "I have one eye opened." "Oh, like the pirates in the movie?" "No, like baby Whitman."  Poor baby has started to open both of his eyes at the same time but he usually only peeks out of one eye when the kids are around.
  • After the movie, the kids played for a bit while I did some laundry-seriously, I have never been so thankful for 2 washers and 2 dryers.  I have kept those suckers busy the last few days.  Then we started on school.  Anderson wasn't nearly as pitiful as Reagan was yesterday so he still had to do most of his work.  Some how though they didn't do any of their phonics or math-catch up will be tomorrow!
  • Then it was time for lunch.  I didn't pass out much food today.  The kids did twist my arm and I let them have some doughnuts followed by some cheese and crackers.  Robby made a call about having some work done at the house and the worker came over-causing us to have to forego pajama day.
  • We then ran a few errands and even hit Sonic up for happy hour.  I did have towels placed strategically around the van and surprisingly everyone kept their drinks down (or up).  Back at home, they watched a movie or two while I did something...but I really have no idea what it was.  I know I didn't take a nap, nor did I do anything productive like clean, probably just folded more laundry!  
  • Robby had said that he would go outside with the kids but he was sprawled out on the couch so I herded the crew outside.  I fed Whitman and watched various tricks on the scooters until Robby came out.  He was able to muster enough strength to push everyone on the swing a few times and then he just sat on the bench with his head in his hands-pitiful, I told you.  I played frisbee with Whitman in my carrier.  I think that he liked being near me and was pretty wide eyed while in there-probably was just afraid that he was going to fall out of that thing!
  • Robby turned on the showers for the kids and I washed everyone up.  Then we had supper (again, not much food was handed out) but they all did have sandwiches and applesauce.  By this time it was pretty late and we read a book before putting everyone to bed.  Campbell's fever did go up near bedtime and she just kept saying that she wanted to sleep downstairs so we let her-though currently she is being a pretty noisy sleeper.
  • Whitman woke a few minutes ago and had a tiny bit of milk and then fell back asleep.  Hopefully I can wake him before bed so he can eat again.  We shall see!  I better get myself to bed because who knows what this evening will hold.

April 16, 2013

Coach Pruitt and Ms. Lynda
come for a visit to see
 the family & our house!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • The night started off fairly rocky with Campbell on the monitor fussing.  Robby quickly shushed her and seconds later Reagan was in our room.  She non-chalantly said "I spit up in the bathroom and have my pajamas."  Usually Robby and I take forever to stir but we moved pretty fast when we heard those words.  We got her in the shower, Robby made her a pallet for our room and I went up for clean up duty.  (Actually not too bad, poor thing made it really close to the potty).  
  • Anyway, Reagan is our best and worst sick kid-best because she takes it all in stride and doesn't get upset and was pretty chatty all night.  But also our worst because when she gets a bug, she really gets it.  
  • Robby fed Whitman sometime during the night and then headed off to the bonus room.  We actually all felt fairly rested when the others joined our room-not rested enough to jump out of bed though.  I had grand (and unreasonable) plans to wake up early this morning, exercise, get ready and pick up for a few minutes before the kids stirred.  Obviously, that didn't happen at all.  Maybe soon I can get there-would make the day run so much smoother.
  • Robby did get up fairly early and take Graham to Walmart to pick up a few things before taking him to school.  They were gone at the crack of dawn and Graham loved the whole adventure.  He played on the ipad in the van on the way and then picked out some doughnuts for him to eat for breakfast.  
  • Meanwhile around here I tried to get Reagan to sleep and worked on some of Anderson's school work with him.  This was also to be our get back to school week after our 2 week baby break.  Anderson did his easy work (8 boxes) but wasn't about to do his hard stuff (phonics and math) since Reagan was having an off day.  I tried to explain that he didn't want to have to make it up later like she would but he didn't care much about that.  
  • My pitiful Reagan would probably have tried to do some work if I would have asked her but I was busy fighting with Keaton.  That child has learned to push  my buttons-she just screams whenever she doesn't get her way.  So I put her in her bed and close the door which works great except for when we are trying to do school in there.  When she gets a few more words, I hope that her screaming will decrease since she can talk some more.  
  • I picked up the house while Robby worked-this was his first day back to work.  He is working from home this week so he was hidden for most of the morning.  He did work most of his off days as well but was a bit more lax about it all.  I think we all will be glad to get back on a schedule-let's see, when do you get on a schedule with a new baby...4 or 5 months from now?
  • The Pruitts came over for lunch today.  We had worked hard and had sandwiches, pasta salad and soup for lunch.  It was all delicious to me and Ms. Lynda even brought a chocolate cake which we pretty much devoured for lunch.  And she brought supper for us as well.  They were impressed with the house and the yard.  We were all impressed with the kids-they just set in the kitchen and listened to the grown ups talk and talk.  
  • Campbell had been a bit mopey and after our company left, I felt her forehead and indeed she had fever.  So I doped her up and she perked up fairly fast.  I then put Keaton to bed, laid the baby down, turned on the movie and cuddled on the couch with Campbell.  Yes, even foregoing my list of chores to accomplish today-we might just play our baby break out a week longer around here.  I wish I was one of those people that could just call it a school year and start our summer break early-I have finished what has to be done already-but alas I am not and will follow my schedule (still finishing the second or possibly third week in May)
  • Anyway, my nap with Campbell wasn't all that great-lots of children running around.  Speaking of that-Robby was in the yard this evening and a teenage girl was walking down our driveway (country folks have no boundaries) and he over heard her talking with someone-presumably her mom.  "Where are you?" "We are over here by the day care."  Robby did a double take when he heard "day care."  Apparently the neighbors think we are running a day care-I guess we do have lots of play equipment outside, a big house and even that day care like van.  Call it what you want, but I do love my day care!
  • After naps, we worked in the yard for a teeny bit picking up sticks.  Robby and I are becoming a bit concerned about Anderson's work ethic-or lack of work ethic.  One thing we don't want is for the boy to be lazy.  So that will be something we will address in the coming days-hopefully, you can pick up a work ethic and it is not just something that you are born with or without.
  • We had a trailer ride after our yard work-I even went along mainly to hold on to Keaton who wasn't at all pleased with the ride.  While in the ride, Graham told me that he thought that I needed new pants because I was growing out of the ones that I had one.  Indeed, I probably had not pulled them out adequately.  Reagan almost fell asleep on the ride-she would perk up and then hit a low all day long.
  • Next up was supper and baths or showers for the kids-they were allowed to pick.  The boys picked baths and were pretty pruny by the time we got them out since Robby, Keaton, Campbell, Reagan and Whitman all had showers in the meantime.  
  • Then it was supper and we put everyone to bed.  No telling what this night will hold, so I have made another pallet on the floor (hopefully to ward off anyone needing it) and we are already in our bedroom getting ready for bed-better sleep while we can!

April 15, 2013

Show & Tell:  My little brother!
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  • School morning for everyone and the big 4 all put their clothes on without any drama this morning-too bad we can't say the same for Robby and me.  Ha! Kidding, we didn't have any drama just lots of whining about not wanting to get out of bed.  But that is usual for us.  
  • The kids had breakfast and then it was time to load up-first we dropped Campbell and Keaton off at Nonna and Pops' house.  Then we took Graham into Ms. Stacy's class.  Then we walked to the other side of the church and fed Whitman.  He was at Comm Central today because Reagan was showing him off for her oral report this morning.  The plan was for Anderson to show Whitman off at lunch when I returned to pick up Graham.  His teacher wasn't there so when I told his sub, she volunteered for us to do it first thing so I jumped on that chance.
  • So Anderson was the first one in his class to do his show and tell and he stood there holding Whitman beaming from ear to ear.  The teacher asked him a few questions and he answered her.  But then she asked how many kids were in our family.  And Anderson didn't say a word-so I looked over at him to see what he was doing and that child was counting up how many brothers and sisters that he had.  
  • After a quick diaper change, we were back down the hallway for Reagan's oral report.  Reagan also held him as she talked.  She said his name, said that he didn't cry a lot and then said that she thinKs his eyes are going to be blue.  Her teacher asked her a few questions and then asked if Reagan would show Whitman to her classmates and I quickly volunteered to hold him for her.  They really have never walked around while holding him.  Her classmates were equally pleased to see Whtiman and he was happy with all of the attention.
  • Then I ran home to work in the yard some.  Robby had plans for a big yard day but his two workers were Grannymom who had had a stomach bug/food poisoning and me who has a messed up back.  Either way, lots was done in the yard and Robby was pleased-just have to do a ditch, beside the our driveway and then down at the bottom of the yard.  
  • Pops picked up Graham from school and they all had lunch at Nonna's house.  After lunch, I picked up the crew from Pops' and then headed back home for a bit more yard work.  It was a tiny bit because before long I was back in the car with Whitman, Campbell and Graham.  Keaton stayed at home and napped while Robby finished in the car.  
  • At church, I picked up Candice and Charlotte and then we picked up Reagan, Anderson, Noah, Alyssa Kate and Caroline.  Those kids all started smiling when they realized they were all getting into the van together.  Of course, it was only about a 1 minute ride back to Candice's car where we unloaded half of the kids.  Then my crew stopped at Sonic for happy hour drinks.
  • Back at home, I worked in the house while the kids played outside until time for a trailer ride.  Then we put on socks, cleats and shin guards and headed to soccer.  At soccer, Whitman ate and then enjoyed sitting in my lap a bit during the first practice.  During the second practice, he spit up his first bottle and decided he wanted some more.  
  • Campbell was really good during practice and even laid on the blanket some-she was exhausted.  Keaton was fine except when walking with me and Campbell and then me and Anderson to the bathroom.  She would hold our hands and then want us to drag her, fuss if I tried to carry her or just stand in the grass and not follow me if I sat her down.  She is going to be twice the mess of Campbell.
  • The boys did good in practice but they were on fire when they helped Reagan's team scrimmage.  Seriously, you should have seen Graham kick the ball away from the big 1st and 2nd graders.  Reagan did pretty good today but I was thinking today about my softball and basketball experiences growing up.  I don't think that we ever won any games-and I turned out fine so there is hope for Reagan and her little soccer team.
  • After practice, we scurried home and quickly dipped the kids before putting them to bed.  Robby and I cleaned the kitchen and then I changed and fed Whitman.  Apparently, he didn't like the outfit I put on him and spit up on it.  But then he just smiled at me-probably just gas but the cutest thing ever.  

April 14, 2013

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Is that a frown?  Or is that a hungry face?

  • Last night when we were going to bed I told Robby that my back was a bit sore.  And for about an hour before Whitman woke up for his feeding, I could not go to sleep because of my back.  Seriously, when Whitman was eating I was convinced that I would not be able to go to church this morning.  Robby reminded me of my medicine from the having the baby and it helped quite a bit-until my second dose wore off at lunch.  Anyway, my back is some better (tolerable) and not like last night (unbearable, worse than any having the baby pain that I have experienced).  
  • Whitman gobbled down his milk last night and was the last one awake this morning.  Graham and Campbell were the first ones awake this morning and Graham was ready to get his clothes on for church.  Whitman didn't get his bath this morning but at least he managed to get clean clothes on!  Actually, this morning wasn't nearly as rushed as yesterday since we even had time to stop and get Robby and me breakfast on the way.
  • At church, the sweet teachers and kids in our pre-k class had cookies and punch for us as well as a gift card for Target.  Jodee picked Whitman up from his class and brought him down for us so all of the kids could see him.  They were so cute and most of them asked to see him.  Graham was pretty proud of his little brother and said that he didn't have to look at him because he could see him all of the time.  
  • All of this showing off made Whitman pretty tired and he slept from when we left church until when we came back this afternoon.  He had a much better nap than the rest of us.  We had a yummy lunch at Nonna's house and even walked over to see a house nearby that someone is re-doing.  They had put stone on the front of the bar and we even got the name of the mason there working-hmm, maybe we might start on some of the kitchen re-do before the kids go to college.
  • Once at home, we quickly unpacked, put Keaton to bed, poured snacks and drinks for the second movie, started the tv for the big 3 and then laid down for our nap.  I do love Sunday naps-even though they are all too short.
  • Back at church, the big 3 went to choir and the little 3 went to have a cookie in the library.  Whitman woke up and had his bottle and Campbell and Keaton had their cookies.  Poor Keaton tripped on the stroller wheel and fell flat on her little forehead-causing a huge goose egg.  She didn't fuss too badly so all was well after some milk and a few more bites of cookie.
  • Next up was big church and then home for ice cream truck.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham picked out popsicles, Campbell picked ice cream and Keaton gets an ice cream sandwich since it is easy for her to eat.  Then it was bedtime for the crew and wake up time for Whitman.  It seems like he is starting to wake up and notice more things happening around here-actually right now, his little head is turned towards the tv.

April 13, 2013

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Having fun on the soccer field!

  • Whitman did good last night-only waking up once.  By the time he had finished waking up, it was nearly 5.  He was still a bit fussy as I laid him in his bed so I just sat and bounced him in his bouncy for a minute.  And then I decided to grab the blanket next to me and lay down and bounce his little bouncy.  Of course I knew full well that I would never make it back to the bed and that was fine since I was pretty cozy in my little spot-same spot that the kids migrate to when they wake up-right beside Whitman.
  • Our alarm was supposed to ring at 6:30 this morning but it didn't ring or Robby didn't hear it.  So we started scrambling at 7:15.  Teeth didn't get brushed and Whitman didn't get fed but everyone had shoes and breakfast and we made it to the soccer field on time so it is considered a successful morning.  
  • Graham arrived with Nonna and Pops and Keaton arrived with Grnanymom and Grandpa after spending the night there.  The first game was the boys game-they won again and Anderson was on fire.  He made at least 3 goals and was pretty proud of himself.  Graham ran after the ball but hardly kicked it any.  He was pretty distracted during the game but still had a good time so that is really all that matters.
  • Now, my two proudest moments during the boys game was when Anderson stopped playing soccer and went to help a boy from the other team get up.  Later in the game, Graham did the same thing and helped that boy up.  I pointed it out to Reagan who was sitting beside me and she quickly dismissed it with "oh, he is just trying to get the white star for being like Christ."  I believe that Reagan was angling for the white star too as I heard her ask a girl from the other team if she was okay after falling.
  • Keaton sat in her stroller for almost all of both games-that child is really stroller trained.  I have succeeded in that.  Too bad I don't have her scream trained-she has been quite the noisy girl today with screaming at home and screaming at Larrys.
  • My Campbell loved her few minutes out on the soccer field during half time with Robby.  She was grinning from ear to ear.  She just cracks me up-she thinks she is so much bigger than she is.  
  • Next up was Reagan's game.  The game was looking promising even when the score was 0-0 in the 2nd period.  Tim was the referee and I had offered him some cash and he was doing all that he could do to help us out (kidding).  Then Reagan's team scored the first goal-whoop.  And then the other team scored a goal and another and another and another and you can see where this is going.  It wasn't as bad of a stomping as last week so that was good.  Reagan never really attacks the ball.  She mainly tries to run behind the action to defend the gaol which would be a good thing if she would get near the ball when it came to the goal.  Oh well, I think that she is still having fun-seems like it anyway.  
  • Actually, it seems like Reagan is growing up before our eyes.  On the soccer field she is so big that I can't really read if she is enjoying it.  At the birthday party this afternoon she was the oldest and turned into the little mommy taking care of the other kids.  Not really sure how I can stop her from growing up but I sure wish I could.   
  • After the game, Robby bought treats for the kids and then we all piled in the van and headed home.  We had a quick lunch and then put Keaton to bed and Whitman in the window.  Then we all headed outside for a bit of work.  We only had an hour so we worked fast-Robby used the blower and I along with the big 4 kids used the rakes.  They did pretty good and helped out.  At one point, I had the kids hauling the tarp full of leaves to the burn pile as I walked behind them checking my email-successful parenting!
  • Soon my alarm went off and it was time for us to head in for showers.  We had time for everyone to get cleaned up and then even had time to feed Whitman, pass out dollars for working hard today (happens rarely) and to give jelly beans for snacks. 
  • Next up was Hayley's second birthday party.  The kids were pretty excited to be there and we were the majority of the party guests.   When we climbed out of the car, I switched Campbell's shoes to the  right feet.  Later when I pushed her on the swing, I changed her shoes to the right feet.  And then as they were opening presents, I switched her shoes again.  And just a few seconds later, I looked at those shoes and they were again on the wrong feet.  So that time when I was putting them back on, I took a closer look and Campbell was wearing her right shoe and Reagan's right shoe of a matching pair.  
  • After the party, we went to Larry's for supper.  It had been awhile since we had been there and the kids were pretty excited.  They ate their half slice of cheese and before we could get more cheese pizza for them, they came around with chocolate pizza and 4 hands went straight up in the air.  So that was a pretty nutritious supper when we threw in the cinnamon sticks that they had before we left. 
  • The kids all played lots of games but Robby said like he felt the tokens ran out quickly.  It didn't matter too much because everyone ended up with some candy and some even had bouncy balls or slinkys.  But tonight as Robby was changing clothes, he found another pocket in his shorts and discovered where the other half of tokens had gone to.  Oh, well we will just have to go back sometime.
  • Baths and showers again at home and then Keaton was put to bed and the rest of us went to the bonus room to watch a missionary movie.  Tonight was a good one-no prison, no maulings, no stonings-just one hanging.   The movie was pretty informative about William Booth-founder of the Salvation Army.  Anyway, after the movie the kids were all tucked into bed and Whitman stayed up with us to watch a bit of tv before bed.