July 30, 2022

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  • It was nearly 11 when I made it home with doughnuts this morning, but Whitman was still the only one out of his room. Graham was awake, and since he heard me in the kitchen he did come down.
  • Robby and I left to get gas in the campe and the white van. He filled up at Kroger, but because we were trying to save some points, I ended up having to get gas at costco.
  • Then I went to the dougnut place, and let's talk about that for a minute. Does anyone want to open a dougnut place with me? Seriously, that place was so completely packed If I did work in a dougnut place, I am fairly sure that I would never eat one again which might be a good thing.
  • Robby beat me home since he didn't have to deal wtih the dougnut crazies, so he started on the mowing. He was in a race all morning long to beat the rain. He just barely did, but he was driving the mower like he was in the Indy 500.
  • I was busy all the day again today, but really I am not sure what all I did accomplish. Most everything is packed and ready to go, but there is still a list of things that must be done tomorrow. I probably could do a bit of them tonight, but my chair and blanket is so perfeclty cozy.
  • Reagan left with Kennedy this afternoon to go to a friend's house. They also ate Mexican along with Menchies. So they definitely had a great time.
  • Keaton and Campbell washed Bentley today. She was well overdue for a bath so she definitely smells much better. I wish that I could say that she acts much better!
  • Robby, Keaton and I went to the store this evening-there were a few last minute things that we had to pick up-shorts for Graham, candy for the people, and cheese sticks-the necessities. We even bought a few more things that the necessities.
  • Once we made it home, Robby cooked some pizzas, Keaton baked some brownies and I scooped some ice cream. Currently, we are watching rv videos currled up in our chairs!

July 29, 2022-Happy 14th Birthday Graham!

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  • Birthdays around here are always fun and today's was no different. Whitman was the first one awake today with Graham awake soon after. 
  • We didn't get him doughnuts this morning, but that is the plan for tomorrow morning. That might be because most people around here slept until 11 or afterwards.
  • I did spent a good deal of time trying to get ready for next week and the week after. Next week we will be out of town and then the next week that when we get home, full school will start. It just seemed like I spent a lot of time doing really nothing because tomorrow the house still has to be cleaned and the camper still has to be loaded!
  • Robby went out with some work people for lunch. He returned with a load of groceries which was our second of the day-we had received a load of groceries this morning. Both of them ommitted items so I figure we will have to double and triple check our lists.
  • Keaton made a neat scavenger hunt for Graham today. He had to search all over the house and neighborhood for his clues. Of course when they started it, it also started raining. She really did a good job on it.
  • Campbell made Graham a birthday cake this afternoon. She worked on baking or chores or school work all day long with not really much time for anything else. I am not sure when the kids learned to be able to make a whole cake by themselves and clean the kitchen.
  • Early this afternoon we all went to play putt putt in Benton. It was quite a fun time especially since Robby funded a dollar a hole for the winner. Now most holes were tied so we ended up splitting dollars 3, 4 and even 5 ways.
  • The grand winner was Anderson-he won the golf game and he won the most money (3.89). I believe that the birthday boy was 3rd place in golf. Most everyone won 2 dollars or more. Well, not everyone-Whitman did win 70 cents, and since coming up with that much cash was a struggle, I let Robby not pay mine out to me.
  • Then we went to eat at Panda Express. The favorite of my crew is the orange chicken. Most of my kids would also prefer the noodles. However, their noodles are half noodles and half onions. Even Anderson, who only eats noodles, said that he would rather us not get noodles so we bought 2 things of rice instead.
  • You would have thought that we were torchering Graham by lighting a candle in the restaurant today. Anderson and Reagan were about to crawl under the table with embarrassement too. 
  • After supper, we ran into Kroger to buy some ice cream. While we were there, I also bought a lottery ticket. Of course, we knew we wouldn't win, but we had the best time driving home thinking of ways to spend a billion dollars.
  • Anderson did get upset with me that I wouldn't give him 100,000 dollars for a car. I only allotted 30 for all of the new cars. Whitman said he didn't think he really needed anything until he turned 10. Robby did make the kids promise that they wouldn't do drugs if we won the lottery. Then I encouraged them to also not do drugs if we did not win the lottery.
  • The Wilsons came over to help us celebrate one more time tonight. We had good ice cream, delicious cake and lots of candles. This time Graham wasn't too horrified with the candles-I guess since we weren't out in public. 
  • Lots to do around here tommorow so I better try to put these people in bed!

July 28, 2022

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  • Once again Graham was the first one out the door this morning. He headed off with Nonna and Pops to finish his birthday shopping. The went to a few stores and found Graham 2 new shirts.
  • He was home in no time at all. While he was out and about, Bentley had her morning walk, and Campbell, Keaton and Whitman did their school. 
  • We have been trying to do school each day this week, but somehow my big people keep managing to "forget" or somehow they are gone for the majority of the day. Graham said that I didn't remind him today so that was his reasoning. 
  • And honestly, I am letting it slide because in a week and a half school all starts for real and there is no forgetting or not being reminded. I guess that really means that tomorrow is my last day off for a while. I have truly enjoyed our summer, but oh I long for routine-even though it takes us a good few months before we can get back into a smooth routine.
  • Anderson and I left for an appointment at the podiatrist today. He had two ingrown toenails that just have not healed. He was not looking forward to going to the doctor but we had waited long enough. The guy was excellent-chit chat, shot shot, cut cut and done. 
  • Anderson's eyes were pretty big when he did get the shots, but after that he said nothing hurt at all. His toes are super bandaged up so we can't tell how nasty they look until in the morning. Aftewards, I did take him to Sonic before going to the library.
  • Now, our ride home was with some adventure. The other day the windshield wiper looked odd so Robby worked on it. Apparently, he didn't work on it too well-after the first swish that thing fell off.
  • I stopped and tried to fix it in the rain, but was unsuccessful. Now, Anderson would have helped but he already had his shoes and socks off since the bandages were so large.
  • I wasn't successful so we just drove on without windshield wipers. I do believe that this kind of panicked Anderson a bit. However, we survived! 
  • While we were gone, Reagan met Kennedy and her mom and they did some shopping around the city. They even ate at Chuys and then managed to go to Sonic.
  • This evening we went to the pool-on the way there we picked up our food from Chilis. It was made wrong, so as Robby waited for them to correct our order, I ran to Target to pick up an order for Keaton (new sheets-hers have a whole).
  • Then we picked Robby back up and the boney wings had been correctly replaced wtih boneless wings so we were all happy. We ate at the pool and the kids enjoyed swimming for a few hours with their friends before coming home.

July 27, 2022

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  • Graham was out the door first this morning. He did a little bit of driving with Grannymom at the church house. He had fun, and Grannymom said that he did really well. However, he did tell Reagan that driving was hard.
  • As soon as he made it back home, Robby, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman headed to the movies to watch Clifford. They had a super big time there since they each had their own popcorn and drinks.
  • While they were gone, I did some work around here. I probably should have done a few more things around the house but ended up reading my book which I am about to finish. This is one of the reasons that I don't read too often-I get a little bit obsessed with reading all of the time.
  • We walked Bentley early this morning and then again after the light rain fell around 5. I can't decide if she likes walking with us or if she just tolerates it. She does look out of the window most of the day long so surely she wants to go outside, but maybe she just likes sitting in her chair in the air conditioner (I do!)
  • We took Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to the pool this evening. There were hadly anyone there, and I think that they really had a good time. The weather was perfect outside, and Robby and I enjoyed sitting out vegging for a bit.
  • Once we made it home, people started working on taking their showers and making their suppers. I know that Graham had meatballs, Keaton made pasta, Campbell had chicken nuggets, and Whitman had a grilled cheese. I am not sure what Reagan or Anderson have. Robby had Reagan's leftover hamburger from the other day, and I had salad. 
  • Keaton's current favorite show right now is Cash Cab so we are watching that to end the evening.

July 26, 2022

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  • Let's see-I woke up this morning which kid had an alarm going off only to discover that it was mine. Robby was already out of bed so my alarm had been ringing for at least 10 minutes. I am going to be in so much trouble when we do start school back-no more staying up until 1 each night for me.
  • I did get up and start on my things around the house. Whitman was awake this morning when Robby and I left for our walk. When we came back, it wasn't too long until leaving to pick up Keaton.
  • She had spent the night at a friend's house and had a big time. Then we went to Walmart to look for us shoes for an upcoming wedding. She and I were the only ones who needed sandals-when we walked into Walmart, they had quite a few sandals on clearance up in the front. That worried me for our sandal prospects.
  • However, we both found shoes-actually the same pair. Hers are the smallest women's size while mine are a few sizes larger. I offered to pick out a different pair, but she said that she didn't care so I did promise not to stand next to her. I am glad that she let me buy the same pair since there weren't many (really any) other choices. 
  • Once at home, we were just there for about 30 minutes before leaving again for the pool. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman went with me. We pooled for about 3 hours and it was hot. I got in the water a bit just to cool off-now, I didn't stay in the water because I thought that water was cool. Just being in the water some, made sitting outside bearable though.
  • When we did leave, it took forever for the poor car to cool off. It was so hot that the air conditioner just couldn't keep up. We did bring Anna home with us so her and Campbell played all evening long.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham had a church event at Urban Air today. They were there for about 2 hours and jumped hard. Both boys weren't sweaty by the time that they made it home, but they said that they were definitly sweaty when they were there. They all had a lot of fun.
  • Brett came over this evening to hang with the big boys. They were glad to have some entertainment.
  • For supper, Robby and I ran to get pizzas for everyone. The kids all ate, and then the girls set up the volley ball net. The convinced the boys to play with them, and Reagan even joined when she saw all of the kids outside.
  • They played for about 30 minutes and had a big time. When the game was over, Campbell and I took Anna home. While we were gone, Brett, Anderson and Graham went to go and get Sonic drinks. They weren't gone long at all, and now everyone is under one roof which makes my heart happy. 

July 25, 2022

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  • Since Whitman had spent the night at a friend's house, there were no one stirring this morning. He is usually the earliest riser of the bunch-partly becuase his brothers do make him go to bed before they do.
  • Robby and I walked Bentley this morning, and then I worked on my chores. Afterwards, it was soon time for me to pick up Whitman and switch with Keaton. She went to spend the night at the same house with her friend. They had plans to go swimming this afternoon so Keaton was very excited.
  • Back at home, I asked Whitman a zillion questions to figure out what all he did last night and this morning. He is definitely a man of few words except when he is asking me a scince-y questions which I am usually not able to successfully answer.
  • Reagan went to eat with girls from church-she is going to have to start back to work soon to fund her social events. (Or I am.) However, I am glad that they do have plenty of things going on-and especially glad that she wants to hang out with church friends.
  • This afternoon was a bit slow, but I am on a mission to get rid of 100 things this week so I went to town on that. I was able to find 47 things today that I threw away or put in the donate box. Hopefully, I can find some more things this week, but it was getting more difficult as the day went on. Not that I don't have a lot of junk, but I honestly just like all of my junk.
  • This evening Campbell went to a birthday party at the pool, so Reagan and I dropped her off. On the way home, we stopped to buy one thing for Reagan and then we also looked for socks-since her socks had 4 different holes in them that I could see! Unfortunately, we weren't able to find socks like she likes so she suggested that she might just stop wearing them. 
  • We ran to pick up Campbell while the kids had desserts here. Then it was showers fot Whitman and Campbell and possibly ice cream for us!

July 24, 2022

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  • The morning started just as most Sunday mornings start: with us hitting snooze just as long as we can before we jump up and start scrambling. I vividly remember Sunday mornings when we would have to wake up hours before to wash babies, make breakfasts, help people put on tights and fix hair before church.
  • Now things are certainly alot easier. We just really have to do a lot of yelling to get things in motion now. Not really. Robby fairly easily woke up the kids while I was in the shower. Then I went to the bonus room to wake up Keaton and Sophia who had slept up there.
  • By the time my hair was dry, I made the rounds making sure that everyone was up and most people were already dressed with hairs combed, teeth brushed and breakfasts made. I had nursery duty this morning so we had to leave a little bit earlier than normal.
  • Oh, there was one slow down today-not really a slow down, but poor Anderson has an ear that is bothering him. Most folks have had a cold lately-his was 2 weeks ago when the little girls and Whitman were at camp, but now it is his ear that is bothering him. Last week I cleaned out the medicine drawers and found some ear drops so that is what I used this morning.
  • (My plan was to take him to the doctor as soon as possible tomorrow. However, tonight he said that it did feel better. Now, he seemed pretty puny at Nonna and Pops' house this afternoon and even skipped church tonight becuase of his ear. But by the end of the evening he was playing basketball outside with Brett and Graham and telling me that his ear is better. All of that to say-I'll continue the ear drops and hopefully, it will be remarkedbly better or worse tomorrow, and we will know what to do.)
  • Campbell asked if she could do nursury duty with me, and I reluctantly agreed-I know that is just a ploy to get out of having to go to big church. However, today she was invaluable. There were 5 little babies and without Campbell there would have just been two of us. We definitely needed her help since no one was really content today. 
  • After that was Sunday school-which I love teaching, I do, yes, I think I do-trying to remind myself that! We have a perfect little group that we are moving up with next year so things will still be easy and good, but teaching Sunday school is just a never ending thing. 
  • We ate lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. As soon as Robby was finished he ran home to let Bentley out for a few minutes. He changed his clothes and played with her since he soon had to put her back up and come and pick us up.
  • The church was packing meals with Tacos for Life this afternoon. It started off a bit rocky-all of us other than Robby and Graham struggled to find a spot to work. Robby and Graham were working in the heavy lifting jobs weighing and taping boxes.
  • They eventually found spots for us-Whitman and I were together and man he struggled at first. They put us at the spot where we had to put the bags under the funnel. This meant that he had to pick up, open and strategically place the bag under the funnel all while wearing gloves that were 4 sizes too big for him. 
  • After a bit, I sent him to find other gloves. I took over his spot and was needed so I couldn't stop to help him as he struggled for the longest to put on his gloves. Hughey finally walked by and helped him. Then I asked if he could switch jobs with someone, and he was set. He was able to do his job successfully.
  • However, there was no air conditioners in the place and it was a bit hot (a bit is an understatement). Whitman's face was so red and sweat was just everywhere on his little face. I was worried that he was going to pass out, but then I looked at the people around me and they looked the same. I did make him stop at one point and go and get some water. 
  • He walked by with his water and then came back to the table without it. I had hoped that he would come back with some left in the bottle for me-nope. He drank it all! He was definitly thirsty. He did great, but I am sure that everyone else did wonderful as well. Campbell and Anderson were at a table together and Reagan and Keaton were together. Robby found everyone to take pictures except Anderson-and I never saw any one during this time except for Whitman and Robby when he did come to take pictures.
  • Whitman then left with his friend Owen to spend the night. We dropped off Graham and Campbell at Rock Creek on the way home for basketball. Then the rest of us came home and crashed. Robby probably slept for 30 minutes while I got in a 15 minute nap. Reagan slept much longer, and Keaton and Anderson just vegged for a while.
  • Then we started on our supper for this evening-cruch wraps (basically a tortilla with beans, chicken, cheese and a tostado inside of it.). It was really pretty good. Robby made them on the blackstone outside and then heated up some of our favorite camping cinnamon dessert. 
  • We ate and visited for a good while toniht and even watched our camping Sunday night show. Brett brought home the Rock Creekers and they played a new game (for us) too. When the Wilsons left, I finished cleaning the kitchen and the kids had showers-and now it is time for me to walk upstairs and tell these people to go to bed!

July 23, 2022

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  • Robby and I had big plans to go to a bakery early this morning and buy cinnamon rolls for the familiy. At 10 this morning when we were just still lying in the bed, we decided that we should probably give up the idea of them having any cinnamon rolls left.
  • We eventually did leave the house with Keaton and picked up one of her friends. Then we went to the bakery. We were able to snag the last 6 pack of cinnamon rolls along with 4 cupcakes, 1 cookie sandwich, and 1 oatmeal creme pie.
  • We sat down at ate 2 cupcakes while we were there-we split a snickerdoodle cupcake along with a cookie dough cupcake. The snickerdoodle cupcake was definitly my favorite because the other one was so incredibly sweet. Keaton and Sophia ate about half of their cookie sandwhich before they finally had to stop eating theirs.
  • Once we were home, Robby stirred the boys and headed out with Anderson and Graham. They went to get haircuts for both boys along with a new bike for Anderson. His brakes on his bike haven't been working the best. We have tried to fix them but have been unable to so a new bike it was.
  • Reagan had already been to see a friend at her work this morning and was back by the time that I was leaving again with everyone else. So she joined me, Whitman, Keaton and Sophia and Campbell and her friend as we went to the pool.
  • We just stayed 2 hours which was plenty for me. I did have to get in the water so I could stay cool while reading my book. I was able to read a little bit and then during the break, everyone had packed something to eat so that was our lunch.
  • On the way home, we dropped Campbell's friend off so when we did arrive home, she had to work on cleaning the bonus room. Then we weren't all home for too long when Robby and I turned around and left again. 
  • This time we headed to Grannymom's house to pick up some groceries. We were there for a bit before running to Sams to get a few more items. We unloaded the back of the car when we came home and even arrived with pizza for everyone's supper. 
  • While Robby and I were gone, Reagan took all of the girls to Target. They walked around a little bit-bought some candy and bought a new collar for Bentley. They made it home about the same time that we arrived back with the pizza.
  • Robby and I then went to work on straightening up the garage. We weren't out there too long when Reagan came down with phone problems. Robby ended up having to call the people, but it was soon all resolved. I possibly think that was just all just a ploy for me to have to work on the garage by myself.
  • As the kids cycled through the last of their showers, Robby and I headed to the Wilson's house for a few minutes. We went over there and Brett came over here. We chatted the whole time, but the kids did some poker playing with their chatting. 
  • When we did come home, Keaton and Sophia were working on making cotton candy for everyone. That is what they are finishing up right now, so their next plan is a movie while my next plan is tucking everyone into their beds.

July 22, 2022

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  • Today seems to have been a bit busier than the past few days. I had to take Bentley on her morning walk solo because Robby had real work to do. He usually can squeeze it in while keping up with things, but today he had a meeting so it was just the dog and me.
  • When I did get back, some people started waking up. In the mornings it really doesn't seem to take too long until it is 11, and I'm having to start waking people up.
  • Our summer school doesn't take Whitman too long to do-well, he does take a 25 minute breeak after completing two things. Keaton and Campbell both zoomed through their school work as well. Reagan and the big boys aren't really zoomers through their work, but they did get it done-eventually.
  • We took the three littles to the pool this afternoon. Quite a few of our friends were there so it was certainly a happening place. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman had a great time plus I do think that they ended up a little sunburned.
  • We were home for just a little bit when it was time to leave again this time with Anderson, Graham and Campbell for Rock Creek. They had a cookout and games tonight. The kids all had a good time-there was lots of basketball and football playing. Anderson said that he was so busy playing that by the time that it was time to eat he was a little too hot to eat.
  • Robby did pick them up Sonic on the way home, so everyone cooled off with their drinks. While he went to pick them up, he had dropped me off at the house. We went to eat Chinese and then did some shopping. The trunk of the car was so full that he had to switch cars when he did drop me off since we had so little time before he had to leave to pick them up.
  • Campbell has a friend spending the night tonight so they have already migrated to the bonus room. Anderson is eating some of my leftover Chinese, Whitman just finished his ice cream. Reagan is trying to convince us to make brownies (it is 10), Keaton is wandering around the house while letting her ipad charge so she can play it tonight, Graham is in the shower and Robby just finished putting a new floor fan in the boys room (it get so hot in there during the day!)
  • Tomorrow we might have a slower day-or maybe not!

July 21, 2022

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  • This morning on our walk Bentley and I were dragging a little bit. Maybe because we let it get a little bit warm before we started out today.
  • Pretty much when we returned from the walk, it was time for me to start waking people up to start on their school work. Whitman was the only one awake, but he hadn't been awake too long.
  • I am already re working some school things because I have had one slacker. I'm trying to make this next year's school "slack proof." I make things pretty easy for the kids, but we did have a come to Jesus meeting already about school and the school year hasn't even started.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham had a youth thing at ChickFilA today. Man, these kids growing up is expensive. They just aren't too keen on splitting chicken sandwiches anymore or sharing a kid's meal like they used to. Everyone has to have a meal and then at least one more person bought a milkshake today. 
  • Keaton and I went to the pregnancy center today. We bagged diapers pretty much the entire time. The diapers were super empty, and it is always my goal to fill those baskets to the brim with diapers. Keaton tries to convince me to not do too many, but I just keep bagging more.
  • While we were gone this afternoon, Robby took Campbell to the orthodontist. She had a wire that was bothering her so they were able to fix that so she should be good for a little bit. That wire had been digging into her check for a good while-she has mentioned it a few times, but I would always asked if it hurt and if we needed to go for an appointment, but she would say no. 
  • Once we all made it back home this evening, Reagan was soon leaving again for her Dgroup. I tried to figure out supper-when school does begin I do want to be more intentional with our meal planning. Robby and I have been saying that for about 20 years now, but we still can't manage to do that well.
  • Shannon and then Tony came over for a little bit tonight. The boys are on their xboxes playing with their buddies-they just seem to play with people and get loud at bedtime. They are loud right now so it must be time for bed!

July 20, 2022

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  • Let's see after I stopped blogging last night, the big kids and their friends made a very late night run to Sonic. Then two of the boys ended spending the night. I made it clear to my folks that my side of the house was going to be quiet, and thankfully that it was.
  • The entire house was actually quiet until almost 11 today. No one was really stirring-but since Reagan had bought everyone Sonic drinks, I think that all of them were a bit wired so sleep didn't come for a good long while which means waking up didn't come for a long while as well.
  • Keaton, Campbell and Whitman were the first ones awake. Keaton started making chocolate chip scones. Robby and I headed out on a walk, but I suggested that she double the recipe since we had extras, who ended up not eating. 
  • I am sure glad that she did double the recipe because the scones were absolutely delicious, but she probably didn't need to double them because after most people have eaten 2, we still have plenty left.
  • There wasn't much of a morning after most of the kids did their school work (I think some of the kids have slacked today since they didn't get it done before I left.) At 1, I left with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman for the pool. 
  • When we get there, it looked like it was going to start raining at any time. It eventually did sprinkle pretty good, but there was never thunder and lightening so the kids kept swimming. They swam and had the best time. Most of our buddies were there today plus I had money for the snack shack so that certainly made everyone happy.
  • Back at home, Reagan, Anderson and Graham soon left for a swim party with the church people. I made supper for the others-actually, I just heated up supper. The girls and I played a game right after we ate, then Robby and I took our evening walk. 
  • Next up was just sitting in my chair-hopefully until bedtime!

July 19, 2022

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  • I was not the first one awake this morning-Robby was and probably Bentley as well. She is probably the one who woke me up though or maybe it was my alarm clock. Robby and I did our early morning walk with Bentley, then we all got to work.
  • Before school could happen today, Graham left with Robby to meet his friends at the movie theater. He did find out that one of his friends wasn't going to be able to come, so that left Graham with an extra ticket-so he asked Whitman if he wanted to come.
  • It took Whitman no time at all to decide-stay home and do school or go see a movie with a bunch of big kids. Whitman did want to know if this would count as one of his movies from his Christmas gift. 
  • Robby made sure that all of the kids got into the theater, and since we had bought the tickets he did feel a bit responsible so he stuck near the theater. He had never been to the movie tavern-it is quite the place. He was able to sit inside there and do his work while the kids watched the movie.
  • After the movie, they all came home and were here a bit before we headed to the pool. Whitman had almost finished his school work when I made him stop to put on his bathing suit. Yesterday, he asked if he could skip the pool. He notices that the big kids don't go, but I know that he has a great time there so he goes.
  • It was warm today, but everyone got in the pool just a bit. I was able to read some, and Robby ran some errands. He even bought me some vitamins which I have been wanting. So here is the deal-I can't swallow pills (don't ask-yes, I'm an adult and can't swallow anything) but I also detest gummies and that is what most vitamins seem to be these days. I did manage to eat some today-now I will be healthy with long beautiful hair and nails. (I don't know what vitamins are really supposed to do, but isn't that what old women are supposed to take?)
  • After the pool, we picked up pizza on the way home from our new favorite pizza place-Costco. Ir is a bit comical that 2 of their pizzas feed all of us with so, so many leftovers. On the way home, Robby realized that he had forgotten to buy our movie tickets for tonight, so we ended up needing to leave immediately once we got home from the pool.
  • There was time enough for me to put on dry clothes and to grab some pizza, but then it was time for me, Robby and Reagan to head to our movie for the day. We went back to the movie tavern-tonight we watched Elvis.
  • I do have two takeaways from the movie-1. Don't to drugs. 2. How in the world did the people watching the movie with us not have to get up and go to the bathroom? Robby and I went to the bathroom once and Reagan twice. I didn't see anyone else in the theater get up at all. I needed to go again but was worried that I might miss the end of the movie and people would say "oh, that poor girl missed the end of the movie when she went to the bathroom."
  • Back at home, Graham and Anderson were having a party. (They did ask.) They had two friends over and another one showed up after we got home. Campbell made brownies-not for the boys, but she did pass them out to them. They played basketball and are now upstairs in the boys' room. I am sitting in my chair in the living room being responsible until the kids all head home tonight.

July 18, 2022

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  • Not too much happening here today. I was the first one awake for a good long while this morning. Everyone was well aware that school work would have to be begun by 11. Robby and I did walk Bentley before I came home and started working on some school with people.
  • Now there were a few folks, Keaton and Reagan, who slept all the way until 11-well, they slept all the way until after 11 when I finally went upstairs to wake them up. I hadn't added a too many things to the school lists for the kids, but there were a few more things today. Next week there will be even more trying to prepare everyone for the first real week of school. (Honestly, I know that there are no real preparations for that first real week back.)
  • Keaton did go with me this afternoon to take Bentley to the vet. She just needed one shot so it didn't take us anytime at all to do that. Then once we made it home, it was time to leave again for the pool.
  • Lily was there with my Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. They had the best time-the girls all played most of the time, and Whitman did his normal thing bobbing up and down in the water. We stayed until they closed at 5.
  • I told Robby that leaving the pool at 5 is really the perfect time-there is still plenty of time during the evening. When we came home from the pool, Robby and I watched a show before making supper. 
  • Tonight's supper was chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and green beans-I do believe that everyone left the table happy. After supper, some folks started showering while Robby and I watched another show. 
  • The current plan for the rest of the evening is to not leave my chair which sounds like a perfect plan!

July 17, 2022

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  • Sunday morning here and we were having to scurry a bit because Reagan had worship care duty. We did make it just barely on time for her, but that means that we were pretty early for the rest of us. That was fine though because it took the kids a while to find their seats.
  • Most of the time Anderson sits downstairs with his friends. Graham joined them today and sat with the young people too. Campbell and her friends were planning on sitting down front, but none of them showed up so she ended up sitting with some big kids which I don't think that she minded at all. That just left Keaton and Whitman with us.
  • Then Sunday school and afterwards, we headed to Grannymom's house for Sunday lunch. We ate and visited for a little bit before having to leave for our errands. Reagan, Keaton and Campbell went into Walmart, while Anderson and I ran into Sams. 
  • When Robby's phone dinged that Reagan's credit card had been used, he pulled out of his parking spot. This happened just as we were walking on one side to get to the van after finishing our Sam's run, and the others were walking to the van on the other side. It was perfect timing.
  • Once at home, we admired our purchases-well, not really. Campbell finished a gift to give to a friend, and Keaton and I looked at the sand toys that we bought. Keaton asked about switching out her desk in the school room, but I decided that a nap was imminent.
  • All too soon, people started leaving for things-Anderson and Campbell left for Rock Creek and Graham left for his life groups swim party. By this time, my nap was done, and I was ready to do some school room work with Keaton.
  • They had been one more school desk in the attic that she decided that she wanted. So the big brown table that we have had since Gamble is now out, and a desk for Keaton is in the school room. We cleaned and vacuumed everything so the school room does look great-except I have to get rid of that big table now. 
  • After we finished this project, it was time to head to the Wilsons for our Sunday night supper. Reagan volunteered to run and pick up Graham so she did that. Then they returned along with the Rock Creekers just in time for our supper. 
  • We stayed fairly late since tomorrow we are starting a good little bit of school work around here. Though I do believe that Keaton has already finished most of her work for tomorrow already though.

July 16, 2022

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  • The activity for Graham and I this morning was meeting some of his people from the youth group at Lowes. We weren't shopping, they met to pray before going to two laundromats in Bryant.
  • He had asked me to stay and help drive people around which was fine. He started at the laundromat that I was at, but then went with the boys to another one. Eventually, the girls, other mother and I met the guys at their spot.
  • The kids were helping people carry their laundry, paying for people's laundry, talking to people, playing with kids and praying with people. It was pretty impressive to watch. I think that Graham really enjoyed it. Afterwards, I helped shuttle the kids and some other adults to ChickFila were we ate a quick lunch before heading to the library.
  • Graham stayed in the car while I ran into the library. School is starting (a little bit more) this next week so even though I have a few books to read, I may not get to them.
  • While I was gone this morning, Robby was the only one productive-he mowed, walked the dog, moved the car dolly, picked up branches, washed our sheets, and made a grocery order. He said that he had only seen a few kids. Everyone was sleeping in a little bit today for sure.
  • Last night we weren't too sure how Keaton was feeling, but turns out she was just exhausted and needed a good night's rest because pretty much as soon as she woke up this morning, she was asking for me to take her shopping.
  • We didn't go shopping this afternoon, but we did early this evening on our way to the pool. Robby and Whitman walked around and found some candy and a few things cheaper than Kroger. Keaton and I went straight to the girls' clothes. She is looking for a wedding outfit, and even though we didn't find anything at Target, we did try something on at least. 
  • Then we went to the pool for about 2 hours before heading home. Once home, we walked Bentley again before finding food for Keaton and Whitman. Right now, we are watching travel videos and eating ice cream-a perfect Saturday night

July 15, 2022

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  • Since we did get in late last night, it was a fairly early morning this morning. We were up in plenty of time-I folded clothes, did the dishes and Robby walked Bentley. We had originally thought about just putting her in the boys' room this morning, but since it was just 8:30, we thought we would let them sleep.
  • So instead we put her in her kennel when we left. Robby and I grabbed breakfast on the way out of town and headed to Arkadelphia for the Praiseworks and Joyworks finales. At 10, I text the kids to ask if anyone was awake. I received no responses and since Bentley was still fine, I didn't text again until 11. Then I called Graham. Since I was sitting in the middle of a full auditorium, I just hung up after having it ring. This woke him up, and he called back to which I didn't answer.
  • I text him about getting Bentley to which he replied, "where are ya'll?" Seriously, we had the conversation last night before bed about what today held-where we were going was definitely mentioned. Bless him. I just read an article to Robby about the frontal lobe, which determines decision making skills, isn't developed fully until the mid 20s. I guess I will just blame his cluelessness on his frontal lobe development.
  • Now, to Arkadelphia. We found seats easily-the auditorium was full, but it was not packed as it has been in years passed. The orchestra played first-probably 50 kids, and they did great. Then the Joyworks kids performed. That is Keaton and Whitman's group (3rd-6th graders). I'm not a good estimate on how many kids there were, but well over a hundred. It was excellent. They all did so good-the songs were fun, and everyone seemed like they had a great time.
  • Next up were the big kids, Praiseworks (6th-12th graders). Campbell was in this group, and they had church during their songs. It was excellent and some of the soloist were outstanding. It makes me pretty sad that our church doesn't really have a kids' choir. 
  • Now, at camp there is a lot of choir-think 3-4 hours a day which is honestly probably a bit too much. However, they get to do so many neat things at that camp. Campbell had the opportunity to do graphic design and photography. Whitman and Keaton were able to play the guitar (he didn't like because he couldn't do the g chord.) Whitman did enjoy the boomwhackers and drama. It was a great camp.
  • When the performance was over, we quickly found Campbell, and then went to the trailers to collect luggage and Keaton and Whitman. I knew that my Campbell and Keaton would do just find at this camp. They could go away for a month without any hesitancy at all. However, I have been a bit stressed about Whitman. It seemed like he did great though-it helped that all of his room mates were at least 3 years older than him (He was the youngest Geyer camper-the only one from third grade.)
  • On the way home, we stopped for Sonic drinks and then were hungry so we stopped for McDonalds lunch. Counting the gas stop as well, it did take us a while to get home. It did not take us a while to unload the car and unpack the suitcases. I quickly had everything in the wash and all was well.
  • I had napped while the clothes were in the wash, but set my timer to get up to put them in the dryer. I did that and sat back down-then I heard an odd sound just as Robby did-the dryer. 
  • What we don't need right now is for anything else to break around here-I just moved the clothes upstairs to the other dryer and was content to just forget about it. Robby, not so much. 
  • I was just about to start making cookies when he came needing my assistance. He had taken the dryer apart-all the way. Seemed like a lot of pieces- a lot of big pieces to me. Nothing seemed to be broken-not the belt. He spent a good deal of time cleaning it all well, so now he was just going to try to put it back together hoping that the sound would just go away.
  • I guess taking a dryer apart is easier than putting it back together. It took us awhile to get the belt back on, but once we figured it out he was able to do it fairly easily. Well, then we both had our hands kind of wedged in the dryer area and had to take turns pulling our arms out. 
  • Once it started again, it kind of made the noise but then stopped. It has dried a load of clothes with minimal odd noises, so fingers crossed it was a fluke!
  • We were able to walk Bentley just a little bit before we headed to the Wilson's house for supper. Tony had made some of their camp food that my kids loved so we gobbled that down. After a bit, the grown ups headed to Costco to walk around and then Lowes.
  • We didn't buy anything at Costco, but did get glue at Lowes. The kids had played outside when we made it back to their house. We stayed for a bit, but then left to head home-there were lots of showers needed tonight and still some laundry to fold!

July 14, 2022

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  • The morning started off normally-I slept in a bit, and even when I woke up Bentley just laid in the bed a little bit longer before she climbed out of the bed. Reagan, Anderson and Graham weren't up for a long time after I woke up.
  • A good bit of the morning was spent with Bentley-I brushed her as I do every day (and I can not describe the hair that comes off of her every single time.) Then I went to town giving her a little trim. I occasionally trim the girls's hair, but that is pretty stressful for me. I don't mind cutting the mess out of Bentley's hair because she is a dog after all! Then Robby and I took her on a walk around the block (and I don't think that I have ever sweated more than I did today while we were on our short little mile walk.)
  • Soon after we returned home from our walk, Robby did get the news that camper was ready. That meant we had a few decisions to make-when to get the camper? when to get the car? do we go someplace on the way? 
  • We decided that anywhere really is too hot. The beach was an option but it would be in a few weeks at least, and we wanted the things all home. Tomorrow wasn't an option really to pick up the camper so today it was.
  • Robby, Bentley and I headed out in the early afternoon. We first picked up the camper-The Cummins people are definitely on Robby's good list. The camper was done before they had told him plus he was charged what they estimated. Now, it sure wasn't cheap, but it was done on time!
  • We dropped my car off at a gas station nearby, and then headed on towards Memphis. We did have to stop to get a little bit of gas at Kroger. Robby just got a little bit since our discount wasn't that great. I ran in to buy a gift card for supper and some candy to keep him awake on the way home tonight. Of course my candy was part of the buy 5 deal so I then had to run around the store doing some shopping to find 5 items that were on the sale,
  • Since tomorrow is our 22nd anniversary, we decided that we would go out fancy at the Cheesecake Factory. It started off well with us not having to wait at all to be seated. Then they brought us bread-I had forgotten that we would get bread. That was delicious and fun.
  • Then we waited and waited for our food. The water did come to us and say that they were cooking the white rice with mine. It would be 15 more minutes so I could wait or get another side. Well, my meal was orange chicken. That's like Chinese food-you eat it with rice not mashed potatoes. Robby said we would waid.
  • And wait we did. Then the manager came and said that the rice wasn't quite ready yet. She again offered me brown rice or another side. By now, it had been 45 minutes since we had sat down so them cooking me another meal wasn't really an option. And again, I didn't want brown rice or another side, but somehow and for some reason I blurted out, "I'll take brown rice if my meal is on the house." 
  • She politely agreed, and our meals were soon served. Now, I don't know where those words ever came from. I have never asked for anything like that at all. Afterwards, I had to ask Robby to make sure that I wasn't rude. He assured me that I wasn't. But look how bold I was! 
  • So my orange chicken was good, but it really needed some sauce. Like who would eat brown rice or even white rice with no sauce on it-nothing. Robby even thought that just my chicken was dry. I had been so looking forward to that meal.
  • Robby's looked good, but he put salt and pepper on all of it. That is probably not odd for most people, but Robby doesn't put salt and pepper on his food, so that is definitely a statement of how it tasted. 
  • We then questioned if he had covid and couldn't taste. However, the cheesecake that we had later tasted just find to him so all is well! After paying, we drove to Les' house to pick up the dolly and car. It didn't take any time at all to hook everything up and be on our way.
  • Oh, when we did get out of the camper at Les' house, I let Bentley out to potty. That dog pulled me to their back yard area. She was ready to see her cousin Delta. So Shelley did let Delta out and the dogs were able to play for a few minutes before we loaded back up. I am afraid that Bentley may think that we have driven all of this way for her to play with Delta for a few minutes.
  • It is currently 10:15 and we are on track to pick up the car by 11:15 and be home by midnight.
  • The kids at home: the slept most of the morning. I hope that some of them did some of their school this afternoon, but I am not holding my breath at all! They left a bit early to meet their friends to do a bit of prayer walking around the neighborhood near Raymar.
  • Then they met up with all of the people for some ultimate frisbee. I am sure that it was hot, but I know that they had a blast. Then they had a second supper (we had supper set out for them-air fryer pizzas) at ChickFilA-these children of mine need to get some jobs to pay for their summer activities!
  • The campers: I think they are having a great time. I did talk to Traci tonight, and she did tell me that everyone hates choir. They are doing a lot of singing. However, they are loving all of their other tracks. I did see that Keaton and Whitman were able to do a little guitar playing today. I haven't seen any pictures of Campbell today yet, but I know that she is having a blast too. We picked them up tomorrow, and I am ready to have all of my people home for a while!

July 13, 2022

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  • Well, another day-and I think that I might need a hobby. Ha! Now a hobby would be good, but there is only about 2 weeks a year that I feel this way. 
  • After waking up, I did the normal house things. Then we walked Bentley around for a little bit. Our little walk is just a teeny bit over a mile. I am not sure that she could go much further-and it is so hot by the time that we walk that we couldn't go much more either!
  • Since I had finished my book last night, I didn't have much to read. I have one more book, but I am just going to skim it so that doesn't really count.
  • Robby and I did run to Grannymom and Grandpa's house for a little bit this afternoon. Then we went and walked around Sams for a little bit. The only thing that we found were foil sheets that we were running out of.
  • Meanwhile, Reagan went dress clothes shopping with Nonna this afternoon. They found a few things so that was very good. Reagan had laid out all of her purchases when she got home and tried on most of them again.
  • We thought that the boys were going to come with us on our afternoon outing. However, they opted to stay back at the house-they are definitely getting in their xbox time in this week. They are also getting in some school work. 
  • Don't tell the kids, but next week we will add a bit of school work to everyone's list. And then the next-even more. And that leads us to the first week of August which will be the first week of full school here. (Now, don't hold me to that because I sure my chicken out and wait another week!)
  • We had bbq for supper, and shortly after Reagan left for her dgroup. It is just right down the road so it doesn't take her long to get there.
  • Robby and I have settled into our chairs and are watching rv videos-we are a bit sour that we are not camping somewhere cool. The next plan is to take Bentley on another walk once it gets a bit cooler this evening.

July 12, 2022

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  • Well, this was an incredibly slow day around here. I am sure thankful for it, but really there isn't much at all to blog about.
  • Let's see, I woke up and did all of the normal things. The kids that were here slept most of the morning long. Actually, I didn't see any of them until at least 11. Robby and I walked Bentley before it was too hot outside.
  • My main goal today was to read most of my book. I did more than that-I finished it and even inspired Robby to do some reading on his some of his books that are stacking up on his table. 
  • I also made time to watch a movie that I have borrowed and have been meaning to watch since Christmas time. Then I even watched a few episodes of a tv series that I am trying to finish. 
  • So yep, I did nothing of much worth today, but it was a good day nonetheless. This evening Reagan, Anderson and Graham all went with us to see Top Gun Maverick. I remembered a bit of it, but there were parts that I didn't remember. The last few years since Covid often seem like a decade and not just a few years.
  • Once we came home, I turned back on the tv show I am working on and tried to watch that while playing fetch with Bentley. 
  • I haven't seen too many pictures of the campers-there were pictures of Campbell in her photography class. Keaton was in a few pictures as well, and we even heard that her group made it into the talent show which happened at 9 tonight. Whitman looks like he is having fun-he is wearing a new shirt and it is turned the right way. What more could I ask for?

July 11, 2022

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  • This morning was an early morning since Whitman, Keaton and Campbell had to head off to music camp this morning. I think that they were all pretty excited about it. When we arrived, we loaded their stuff on the trailer. Then we found the list of roommates-Keaton is with all of her buddies. Campbell is with the person that she wanted to be with. And there were only 3 other boys in the younger camp so they are all with Whitman. They are all 5th and 6th graders, and I think that they will be so great keeping up with Whitman.
  • I hung out and waited until everyone climbed on the bus. So far during the day, I have seen a few pictures from camp-Whitman hasn't shown up on any pictures yet. I have been able to see Campbell and Keaton and can tell that they are having fun with their friends.
  • I dropped by the library on the way home. My goal is to finish 1 of my 4 books this week, and I was able to get a good start today. I worked on a few chores for a bit, and then left with Robby to go and get my covid booster. I had been putting it off for as long as I could, but since I've got that cruise on my mind, I want to be ready for that.
  • We did a bit of running around afterwards-though we didn't even spend any money-well, just 6 dollars on pants for Graham. I watched one of my movies and read some before doing a few more things around the house.
  • Since it is pretty quiet in this house without the littles, I even took a nap today. The bigs did their little bit of school this afternoon. Two of the three did find the easy way out of school which means they are leaving some harder things for tomorrow.
  • We had spaghetti for supper-leftovers. Now we have settled in and watching Top Gun to review it a bit. In February of 2019, Robby, Anderson and I were able to watch Top Gun 2 at a secret showing. It was super neat to see, but Covid caused it to just now be released so much later than planned. We are going to have to go and see it since it has been so long since we did see it.
  • After the movie, the plan is to take Bentley on a walk and possibly even read some more.

July 10, 2022

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  • This morning as we were getting ready for church, we realized that we would need to leave earlier than normal-both services were together plus one friend that sits nearby had family in town. That meant, we loaded up and left a few minutes early plus when we saw friend and her family in the parking lot, we waved and scurried on past them to our seats. 
  • Thankfully, there was room enough for all of us-Campbell and Anderson even went off to sit with their friends. After Sunday school, Keaton's little group had talent show practice so we were a few minutes late getting to Nonna and Pop's house for lunch.
  • Nonna and Pops had ham and cheese croissants for lunch today which was delicious. Afterwards, we ate brownies and sat around and chatted for a bit before heading home.
  • Once we were home, Robby and Campbell changed clothes and headed out to the grocery store. Robby bought a few good deals along with some things for supper tonight. Campbell bought some snacks for her camp.
  • While they were gone, I had intentions of taking a nap. However, mostly I just played with Bentley who wanted me to throw her toy over and over and over again. Soon Campbell and Robby were home, and I helped unload the groceries before people started leaving.
  • Reagan left first to go to a movie with her friends in Benton. Then the big boys and Campbell left to go to Rock Creek for church. That just left Keaton and Whitman here. It didn't take Keaton long at all to decide that she was so bored that she could die-it had only been about 30 minutes of just her and Whitman here.
  • Soon Robby and I scurried around making supper for this evening. It was so good to get back into the swing of our weekly suppers with the Wilsons. When they arrived, Shannon and I left to pick up my kids. 
  • We ate spaghetti for supper and as we had finished, Reagan came home from her outing. Then there was ice cream and brownies which were made by Keaton. We watched the video from the kids' beach camp while the dogs played in the living room.
  • When the Wilsons left, Robby took Bentley on a really quick walk while I straightened up the kitchen. We had a few more kids to cycle through the showers then Robby and I finished one you tube show before herding the kids towards bed.

July 9, 2022

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  • By the that Robby and I were out of bed this morning, all of the boys were up and going strong. Whitman was on his ipad downstairs, Graham had taken a shower and Anderson was on his xbox. 
  • I got myself out of bed and emptied the dishwasher before waking up the girls. Then it was a shower for me followed by starting to fold the 3 loads of laundry from last night.
  • Reagan, Campbell and Keaton went with me to pick up Nonna. Then we all headed to the shower. My crew was especially cute so I took a picture of them and Nonna after the shower.
  • Back at home, I ended up taking a wonderful nap. I think that most people had a pretty low key afternoon-really, no one did a whole lot today
  • Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman went with us to the pool late this afternoon. There were quite a few people there-it was crowded, but we found spots by all of the friends, and the kids enjoyed swimming. 
  • We left after 7 and went to pick up pizza. However, it took way too long for pizza, but once we did get it home, it was worth the wait. After supper, I finally finished the laundry while the kids started on their showers. 
  • Campbell had to pack again since she pulls out again on Monday with Keaton and Whitman. I think that packing is getting easier for her since she has done it so often this summer. Currently, I think that everyone has had their showers, and I'm eyeing some ice cream!

July 8, 2022

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  • This happened yesterday, but I didn't discuss it on the blog. I was cleaning out the sink so we could wash out Keaton's sweatshirt from the tie dye. The sink was really rather cleanish so mainly I was just making sure that the dye from Whitman's shirt was gone. However, I did notice one little thing in the sink strainer. I looked closer, and it was a tooth.
  • Who's tooth you ask? Not a clue. Keaton had lost a tooth the night before, but she swore up and down that it was not hers. Indeed, that was not her tooth since hers was upstairs, and she showed me. It was too small to be Bentley's tooth, and I don't know why she would have lost a tooth in the sink. I even checked Whitman's mouth, but he had all of his teeth. So anyway, if you are missing a tooth, it's here.
  • Our first activity this morning was to walk Bentley, and then all head to the library used book sale. This had been on my list for a good long while. Robby stayed in the car and worked while we went in. It was overwhelming, but super organized. Reagan found herself 3 books, Whitman found 1, and I found one for school next year. Keaton never found a book, but gracious there were a ton of books. I could have stayed for a good while longer looking at all of the things.
  • We stopped at Sams and Walmart on the way home. We ate our lunch at Sams, and then did some snack shopping for next week's camp. This will be the last camp for the Dennie crew. We began camps the first full week of July with Camp Geyer. This was followed with Collide and then Cooking Camp/Omaha trips. Impact and Plant trips were the next week bringing us to last week with Beach Camp. After Joyworks and Praiseworks we will have completed 6 straight weeks of camp around here. (And yes, our camp budget has been out of control this year-it is not just the camps you pay for, but meals coming and going, and snacks and clothes, and gracious me!)
  • So we started packing for the Keaton and Whitman's JoyWorks camp this afternoon. It took a good little bit to get everything organized and packed. Poor Whitman did have to try on about 8 pairs of jeans since everyone has to wear jeans on one of the days. He found some that buttoned, but they had to be rushed to Grannymom to hem.
  • After packing, Keaton made Whitman make some cookies. I don't think that she did a thing-she only instructed him on what to do. We kept hearing conversations like "I will burn myself." "No, you wont." No, one was burned in the making of the cookies thankfully.
  • Whitman had a birthday party tonight for Eli and Ryan. It was at Raymar and was a water party. Whitman said that his favorite part was the foam machine. 
  • As soon as we dropped him off at the party, Keaton, Robby and I went to eat. There was one restaurant in Benton that we thought we would try-we didn't even know the name of it. However, when I went in, the lady asked me if I had reservations-umm, no. So we will have to return there-maybe for a birthday or anniversary. We ended up eating a Baja Taco. It was good-Robby had them take the slaw off of ours so we think that they also left off some sauce so it was maybe not as good as it should have been. 
  • From there, we hurried home so I could drop Robby off so he could be home when Whitman arrived back from his party. Keaton and I then dropped off Whitman's jeans at Grannymom's house before going to pick up the Rock Creekers.
  • Rock Creeker Update: The kids arrived just 45 minutes late to Rock Creek, and they had a blast. Everyone talked/shouted the entire way home telling me about all of the things from the week. They were all glad to be home, but they loved every minute of it. 
  • Here are their camp rankings (I made them rank everything even though each one is really completely different): Campbell-1. Collide 2. Beach Camp 3. Impact. Graham-1. Plant 2. Collide 3. Beach Camp. Anderson-1. Plant 2. Beach Camp 3. Collide. 
  • When we made it home, it was laundry time. Currently there are 2 loads in the washer with at least 3 more waiting for tomorrow. Now I need to get the campers in the showers and off of their devices that they have been missing all week long.
  • Reagan was the last one in the house tonight. She had worked at church tonight doing childcare and then ate at ChickFilA. I will rest better tonight-all my babies are back under one roof at least for the next 3 nights.

July 7, 2022

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  • Reagan again left early in the morning. She met some kids, and they went to a local laundromat to pay for people's laundry and pray for them. Then she headed on to meet the rest of the youth group for lunch at U. S. Pizza followed by snocones for dessert.
  • She was out the door way before Keaton and Whitman woke up this morning. I think that my little people might just have their days and nights mixed up for sure. That's fine though since it is summer time.
  • I do love summertime, but I am really anxious to get back into the routine of school. This summer stuff is tough-no one is home, running to the pool all the time, always packing for a trip, late nights, and it is hot!-I really just like the routine of school time.
  • Yesterday I was a bit more productive, but I did manage to work on the girls' closet for a little bit today along with some work in the bathrooms and organizing one cabinet in the kitchen.
  • This afternoon Robby took Whitman and Keaton to the pool for a few hours. When they left the pool, they brought home one of Keaton's friends for a little bit and stopped to get icees and some groceries at Sams on the way home.
  • I went to the pregnancy center this afternoon. It was crazy busy there with lots to do. On my way home, I did stop by Crumble cookie because they had cornbread cookies this week which are the Dennie favorite. Though when I was getting my cookie, I had to wait on the s'mores cookie. Since it was hot, I thought that I should try it as soon as I sat down in the car. It was delicious-and really I told Robby that I had to leave the parking lot in a hurry so I didn't go back in and buy some more of those.
  • We made pizzas at home for supper and as soon as it cooled off some, Robby and I took Bentley on a walk. Then we ran Keaton's friend home and stayed and chatted for a little bit before coming home. 
  • It was late when we came home, but Whitman still had ice cream and Reagan made a smoothie. Right now it was past bedtime, but we are watching our second episode of America Says.
  • Rock Creeker Update: Today was their last full day at camp. They had pictures on the beach this evening-Shannon sent me pictures of the kids in their groups, along with a family picture of my 3 and another family picture with Brett in it too. 
  • Graham did hurt his hand yesterday. On the Instagram live today, we think that he said that someone fell on his arm during basketball. Shannon said that the nurse wrapped it and kept him doped up on ibuprofren. She also said that she offered to call me for him, but he said he was fine. And when she was reporting all of this to me, he was outside playing 4 square so I guess he is just fine. 
  • They get home tomorrow, and I think that this crew here is pretty excited about everyone being back home. 

July 6, 2022

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  • Reagan had to be the first one awake this morning. She headed out by 9 this morning to go to church. They then headed to a local church to work on cleaning out the rooms. She said that they hauled stuff to throw it away and cleaned all day long. 
  • She had a great time, of course, since she was with all of her buddies. When they came back to the church house, they even hung out up there. Robby always talks about all of the time that he spent hanging out up at the church, so I am glad that Reagan has that opportunity as well. 
  • Keaton was gone since she had spent the night at a friend's house. That just left Whitman here so of course he slept on our couch, and he seemed to sleep most of the morning long. I actually had to wake him up so he could go with me to pick up Keaton and Lily.
  • We then ran to Nonna's house to drop off some cookies before going to the library. I couldn't get the kids to check out any books, but they did do the scavenger hunt so they could collect a prize from the treasure box. Plus they did grab the craft for the week-sand to make.
  • When we came home, the girls played, and Whitman did some school work and some ipading. I worked-organized a pantry, the chip cabinet, the cabinet under the bar, and then I worked on the girls' clothes and closet. I did decide that I am not going to buy any girl any clothes anymore. There room, drawers and closet is just plain ridiculous! I have the rest of this week, plus next week to make it better and make it better I will.
  • This evening we headed to the pool. The kids enjoyed playing with everyone, but Robby and I enjoyed talking to the adults even more. We stayed later than we had intended we were having so much fun chatting. On the way home, we stopped at Arby's for supper. We ate pretty quickly because we were hungry! 
  • Then we walked Bentley tonight in the dark. She is pretty unsettled because the neighbors have people working on their air conditioner so Bentley is just walking from closed window to closed window barking. When she does lay down, she looks up at me and barks occasionally to let me know that she is mad I will not let her in the mudroom to see out the big window.
  • We are currently watching a tv show, and when it is over it will certainly be bedtime!
  • Rock Creeker Update: We have seen the kids in their instagram lives. I do believe that they each said "hi mom" on the video when instructed. By the pictures from Shannon is looked like the boys spent some time playing basketball while Campbell was, of course, on the beach. Thankfully, she did not yet look sunburned! Supper tonight was taco salad so I know that they enjoyed that since it is a standard meal around here.

July 5, 2022

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  • I slept in a little bit this morning which was super nice. I wasn't trying to, but then I figured I had all day to get my stuff done. However, that "all day" seemed really short so I was scurrying around this morning.
  • Robby ended up having to take the camper to the place in North Little Rock to get it fixed. He had called about just buying a new generator online and installing with help of friends. The price was so large he thought a couple hundred dollars for the place in NLR to diagnose it officially would be worth it.
  • He headed there as soon as he could, and as soon as I could wake everyone else up, we went to pick him up. He left there feeling pretty good about things-they will replace with a brand new generator plus have a warranty and hopefully installed within 2 weeks and and still less than the price from the place online and that was just the hardware.  So that all is promising.
  • On the Memphis car front-they called today saying that it was the front axle. That makes me pretty nervous since the noise was not coming from the front of the car. Seriously, we were all sitting in the car, and we all thought it was the rear wheel. I stood outside and heard the sound. So all that to say, I sure hope the mechanics know what they are doing and somehow the front axle makes sounds from the rear wheel. Robby did play some YouTube videos tonight with a car making similar noises and it being axle related.
  • After picking up Robby, we ran to Hobby Lobby and then he shuttled Reagan, Keaton and I to Goodwill. While we were inside looking, Robby and Whitman ran to Kroger-mainly for Whitman  to go to the bathroom. He has a huge water bottle-like Anderson, and he has drank all of it today so far at least twice. Needless to say, he had to go to the bathroom for a good while at Kroger.
  • They picked up Sonic for us when the did pick us up. We found a few things-leggings and shoes for Keaton, 3 or 4 tshirts for Reagan along with a pair of sandals for her. Next time we go, I am going to make the girls only look for the tags that are on sale that day. We had a few of those today, and that sure made a difference in my total.
  • After our shopping excursion, we came home for a few minutes. Then headed back out to the pool. Reagan even decided to come with us-I think she has been a bit bored lately. It is hard going from vbs to camp to mission trip and then home with one sister gone with no work to go to. Next week she will have two sisters gone so by then she will be super bored. Maybe even bored enough she will help me clean her room and closet.
  • The pool was warm, but Keaton and Whitman were loving playing with their buddies. Keaton even went home with Lily, and I do know that she played a game of Monopoly over at their house. Electronic monopoly-it apparently is played super fast so the games don't go months like they do here at this house.
  • Kennedy came over to spend the night here. Robby and I took a walk this evening, and that is about all that we did tonight. Oh, no-I take that back. Robby vacuumed pretty much the entire house while I cleaned all of the potties. We could vacuum here every single day and for some reason we have stopped cleaning the potties so both chores were necessary this evening.
  • Rock Creeker Update: They had pancakes and bacon this morning for breakfast. There was possibly some type of dodgeball thing along with a volleyball tournament happening today. Shannon is faithfully taking pictures of my babies and said that the temperature was 87 there today but felt warmer.
  • Supper tonight was pasta, salad and rolls. Anderson's group was on kitchen clean up. Then tonight's big activity was going to Race City which is like a little amusement park. Also to note-it doesn't look like they are too sunburned so that is a good thing for sure!

July 4, 2022

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  • Despite having 5 extra girls in the house, we all slept great last night. I don't think that the girls woke up until around 8:30. The eventually migrated to the kitchen where they ate some breakfast and played Telestrations until their moms started to pick them up.
  • Whitman missed all of this and continued to snooze on my couch until almost 11. Robby and I worked in the camper some this morning. Keaton did ask to get Bentley's pool out.
  • She did, and not surprisingly, Bentley still does not enjoy water. She did stand in it obediently, but whenever she had a chance to step out, she would take it.
  • Whitman joined and soon Bentley's pool became Whitman and Keaton's splash spot. They began by splashing, but ended with water balloons. Robby used the hose to defend himself against the balloons. 
  • Then he went in to give Bentley a bath-there is nothing smellier than a wet dog. Even a clean wet dog smells like a wet dog! She does smell much better when she dries thankfully.
  • For supper tonight, we went to Chilis. It was fine, but Robby and I both agreed that we need some other activity other than eating out. We had been in all day long and were getting a little bit stir crazy. I suggested that next time we go and get sno cones, but that wouldn't answer the "what's for supper?" question.
  • After eating, we came home. I began working on my pictures while Reagan had a shower and the others played on their devices. Currently, I think I may take a quick nap before bedtme!
  • Rock Creeker (Anderson, Graham, and Campbell) update: Their buses left last night at 11:30. They had a drive exchange somewhere along the route. Then this morning they all ate breakfast at ChickFilA.
  • After breakfast the did have a stop at Buccees followed by lunch at a mall right near their camp. Shannon was able to give me a report and send some pictures. It looked like Graham helped unload a trailer, he played volleyball and basketball. Anderson was spotted playing volleyball, and Campbell was seen swimming. 
  • Their supper tonight was BBQ, beans and chips. During supper, they had a livestream on Facebook, and we watched it as we ate at Chilis. We were able to spot everyone-Campbell seemed to be attracted to the camera while Graham and Anderson did their best to hide from it!

July 3, 2022

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  • Last night when I was trying to get everyone in bed quickly, I told the boys "if we go to church tomorrow, then I will wake you up in time to take a shower." Anderson looked at me like I had lost my mind, and Graham said, "if?" 
  • Before that point Robby and I weren't too sure if we were going to church in the morning or not since it was after 2 at this point. However, I took the boys' response to mean that they certainly wanted to go to church so to church we went.
  • It was a little hard for me to keep my eyes open during the sermon. However, this isn't too uncommon for me. Robby and I do stay up late at least once every few weeks, so we were fine this morning, and the two naps that we had today did help.
  • Waking the kids up proved to be a bit more challenging. Robby was able to get Whitman back to her bed, where I think that he fell back asleep. Keaton jumped in the upstairs shower and Graham in the downstairs shower. That left Anderson in the bonus room shower, but I had to wake him up a few times. 
  • Campbell had a cute dress on this morning, but took it off to wear her mission trip shirt like everyone else. Graham and Anderson changed shirts yesterday when they were matching, but today they had to wear the same ones along with Reagan who was also matching them.
  • After Sunday school, we went to Walmart to get somethings for the kids' trip. They really just needed snacks-and snacks we bought. Campbell kind of had a budget, but the boys didn't seem like they heard me today when I gave them the budget. 
  • Campbell even ended up putting things in the cart which I did give her a pass since she is one who is going on the trip. But when Reagan started adding candy, I had to question it. She told me that she needed a treat and was going to split it with Keaton and Whitman. How could I say no to that? 
  • Robby and Whitman had picked up pizza while the rest of us were in the store. We all devoured the pizza as soon as we got home. Then I started packing the kids, but Robby suggested that we take a quick nap first.
  • Of course, that was something that I certainly agreed to. When I did get up, Campbell already had her bag downstairs. We did add something to it, and it was incredibly neatly packed. I was proud. The boys packed quickly next. I folded all of Graham's stuff to put in his bag. Anderson needs a larger duffel bag to pack in, but we made it work. 
  • Then there was supper on your own and eventually tonight, a few fireworks at the Heltz house. Robby did have to leave to take Anderson, Campbell, Graham and Brett to Rock Creek so they could leave on their beach camp trip. They are driving through the night which kind of makes me a bit nervous, but it will all be fine. 
  • Robby returned into time to see a few fireworks go off. The kids enjoyed playing and holding the sparklers. Some how though, I ended up with 4 of Keaton's friends to sleep over tonight. Reagan had Alyssa come over as well. 
  • The big girls are having a blast-I think. They have planned the movie for the girls and are even voluntarily sleeping in the bonus room. Reagan said that the little girls had made spots for them on the couch. I told her that those girls were going to always remember when the big kids spent the night with them.
  • We didn't get back to the house until almost 11. It is midnight right now, and I think that they just started the movie. That's fine with me though because I am about to take my shower and go to bed.

July 2, 2022-Dennie Family Trip 2022

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I think that we all slept pretty well last night. When Robby was ready, he took Bentley for a walk this morning which left me with the job of making sure that everyone was awake and getting dressed for our family breakfast at the Arcade in Memphis.

When he returned, I had completed my assignment, but I was already laying back down because that job wasn't easy at all. Everyone was soon ready to go, and we happily hopped in the car to meet everyone else We were doing well on our time and would be on time if not early.

I don't think that I mentioned last night as we were driving back to the campground, the girls, who were sitting in the backseat, all heard a sound. They mentioned it and seconds later it sounded like something fell out off the car. 

By the time that we arrived at Les' house, we were convinced that it was the hubcap; however, that wasn't it since the hubcap was still there. I believe that we didn't really hear anything else on our drive back to the campground last night and just kind of forgot about it.

Today, though, we were barely out of the campground when there was a noise again. Robby pulled over and rolled around on the ground looking and feeling around the wheel. Everything looked fine. About 10 miles later though we knew everything was not fine at all. 

There were more sounds-sometimes it was a klunk, sometimes it sounded plasticy, sometimes it was a thud and sometimes it was metaly. Robby decided to head to Walmart, but when there was another loud kerplunk, we really though we had a flat. We pulled into a gas station, and again there was nothing.

It stopped a bit, but then he did back up and that didn't sound good at all. Then he drove around with me standing outside, and the sound was gone again. So we just crossed our fingers and headed on towards Memphis. 

By this time, we were the last ones to arrive at the Arcade-and we were probably a pretty stressed out group! The tire didn't make too much noise on the way there, but we just didn't know what was going to happen. We walked in and found everyone else. There was a table for my crew, and we all sat down. Robby sat by Les and Grandpa for a minute, and then turned to tell me that he was taking the car somewhere. 

Les had told him where to go, and we diligently tracked him until he made it back to Hernando to the car place. Our meals were good and massive. I think that everyone really enjoyed their breakfasts-Reagan and I probably could have split ours, but I think we were both thinking that we would just save our leftovers for Robby. 

Dana and her crew headed to Graceland to see Elvis. And now with our car gone, that left 7 of us stranded downtown. Not really too stranded since Josh and his carload took Les back to their house to pick up his car so between his car and Shelley's they would have room for us.

While he was gone on that journey, we all finished eating and then walked through the bookstore next door. Then we crossed the street to go to the Amtrak hotel and station. That place was pretty swanky. Grandpa stayed there while Shelley, Grannymom, the kids and I walked to the farmer's market on the next block.

I really enjoy farmer's markets though I do never buy anything. We had time to kill so while Shelley drove Grannymom, Grandpa and Campbell to the Peabody, the rest of us walked. It was almost a mile to walk, but we were able to see the Orpheum and the Motel Lorraine along the way.

Soon we were walking through the parking garage in the Peabody. Surprisingly, we still beat the car riders. Thankfully, Shelley did bring us in waters after our walk. We watched the ducks swim in the fountain and even saw the ducks in training in the duck palace on the roof.

After looking in the gift shop, Les arrived, and we all headed back to Mississippi. We stopped on the way to pick up Robby who had gathered up everything in the car. By that time, he had found out that they suspected the emergency brake was probably breaking. This also mean that it would be later this next week before they could get to is, and it would not be safe to tow.

So the car will have to be dealt with anther day, we first had to get through this day. We then headed back to Les' house. Robby, Reagan, Anderson and I took Les' car to the campground to get Bentley and to get all of our supplies (mainly bathing suits) for the day. The campground is a good 15 miles from Les' house so nothing was really easy about this trip. 

By this time Bentley had been in her kennel around 5 hours which is the longest we really like to leave her. She does fine even with longer, but we just feel bad for her longer than that. She was happy to get in the car because she sure enjoyed Les' house yesterday with Layla and Delta. 

We went back, and the kids immediately started swimming. All of them swam, and most of them will have a sunburn tomorrow! I guess the boys are just getting ready for their beach tans! Soon the desserts were pulled back out along with the bbq from yesterday. 

We swam and ate most of the afternoon. This evening we all headed out again to Memphis to go and eat at Elwood's Shack. The food was good-Robby and I split bbq nachos. Keaton had a chicken taco which looked delicious-it looked good enough that I really regretted not getting one myself.

After supper, we went right on down the road to Jerry's Snowcones. Whitman did get a lemon snowcone which tasted like a cleaning spray-or like dusting spray. Keaton shared hers with him.  I tried to share mine with him which I was already sharing with Reagan, but he disliked mine so much that he spit it out. Reagan and I were sharing an orange dreamsicle that had real ice cream in it-and it was wonderful.

While we were there, it rained a little bit on us making it pretty humid for our family picture. Robby and I have been there before we the kids, but I sure can't find it on the blog so we have no idea when we were there. It must have been within the last 10 years though because both big boys remember it. 

Then it was back to Les' house. And we had a few options. Option 1: Have Les and Shelley both drive us out to the campground tonight, and then us drive back to their house towing the empty tow dolly early in the morning. (The empty dolly bounces around quite a bit so our speed would be slow doing this.) Option 2: Well, we had an option 2 thought out, but I sure don't remember it right now. Option 3: Robby and I take Les' car to the camper to pack up and return to their house with his car on the tow dolly, and then us drive home this evening.

All of that, plus not having the generator making day time driving warm, we opted for the third choice. Anderson came with us and was able to help us out for sure. It took no time at all to pack everything back up. I am sure that neighbors wonder what illegal stuff we are up to since we arrived at midnight and left around 10 another day.

Another factor in all of this is that Campbell, Anderson and Graham all have to leave for camp tomorrow evening. Now, we know they could have gotten home with Grannymom and Grandpa or Pops' would have helped get them if needed. However, that was just hanging over our heads since they have to shop and pack. 

We then towed Les' car back to their house. It was no problem at all, but I was stressed since it wasn't our car. We made it fine, and once we arrived there, the boys all drug the dolly up their driveway so they could keep it until we return for the car.

How and when do we return for the car you ask? Well, who knows. Best case scenario-we take the camper in Tuesday for generator work, and they fix it in a timely manner. The car is fixed soon as well, and we drive the camper back to Hernando to get the car and dolly on our way out of town somewhere. 

We aren't holding our breath that things will happen like that. However, we can easily drive the camper there and back in a day to pick up the car and dolly if we need to. Yes, we could pull the car with the surburban but we don't feel comfortable doing that (a bit more unstable and probably don't need to take that car far from home) so the camper will be the one to return and get the car. 

So all of that leaves me to what is happening right now: It is almost 1, and we are 66 miles from home. The only kid I am for sure about is Graham, and he is sleeping soundly on the couch. Whitman is probably watching his ipad near Reagan who is probably sleeping. Campbell and Keaton are both probably sleeping as well. Anderson, who doesn't sleep in cars and will hopefully sleep in the church bus tomorrow night, is probably on his phone. Robby is drinking a coke, eating gummy bears and listening to church music. Bentley was just laying on Graham's legs and is probably sound asleep as well.

Right now the plan is to go to church-Graham said earlier he hasn't been at all this summer. We shall see how things go tonight and in the morning though. Only 61 miles now to go!

Update: 1:45 and driving down Lawson road. 

July 1, 2022-Dennie Family Trip 2022

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We did sleep wonderfully well last night. Robby and I were the first ones to stir and tried to stay quite so the others could sleep. We eventually did sneak off for a walk with Bentley who had left our bed at 7. Robby went to check on her after she left our bed and came back to report that she was laying on Graham's bed and he was laying on the floor. Everyone was sleeping so he didn't do anything about it.

We took Bentley on a walk around the campground which is surrounded by a lake. We did decide that this place is very similar to Lake Maumelle. Unfortunately, our campsite isn't the best-we have a small pad for the camper, a bit of mud and picnic table a bit out of the way. Not all of the sites are like this one though. However, that is all fine because we were at the campground longer today than we ever will be.

This place is surprisingly big actually. Robby and I walked and walked this morning. Some sites were right on the lake and had a super cool breeze floating in. When we came back, people were starting to stir. People had breakfast-not a "fancy" camping breakfast, but just poptarts, granola bars and cereal. 

There was another walk, but this time Campbell joined us. There is a swimming beach here that is closed. We wondered why it was closed, but it isn't just closed it is deserted and abandoned. When we returned from our walk, Anderson and Graham were outside and came to meet us.

Then Graham, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I played a card game outside on the picnic table. There was some debate about who the winner was-Graham did keep the score and was pretty sure that Whitman won, but Campbell disagreed. Either way, half of the people didn't understand the game until we were halfway through so we will have to play again.

By this time, it was nearly 1 so we worked on our lunches. Afterwards, we soon headed to Les' house to officially begin the Dennie family trip. Grannymom and Grandpa were already there. Some of the kids swam. It was pretty hot, and I kind of wished that I would have brought my bathing suit because the water was not super cold at all. 

Now the Dennie family trip is always a highlight, but this year it will definitely be a highlight for Bentley. She loved hanging out in Les' backyard with Delta and Layla. She ran and played and had so much fun. Tonight when we went to the ballgame, we had her kennel with us so she just stayed at their house in her kennel.

Dana and her crew arrived in time to swim some before supper. Then the bbq was heated up, and we ate bbq and delicious baked beans. My mom can make great baked beans, but that is something that I just can not figure out how to do. These today were really good-I guess my calling is not making baked beans, but possibly making something else. Maybe I will someday figure out what that something else is.

After supper, Robby and I went to see Les' new lot along with a house that will be similar to their new one. Don't tell, but it sure made me want a new house. We have a few other things to buy before a new house-in order: car, car, glasses, college, braces, college, car, braces, college, college, car, college, college. That order probably isn't exactly correct, and honestly, I am not too sure why I threw in the glasses since those aren't really that expensive. I have one child now that probably really needs glasses, but since they have braces I am going to let them wait-I don't want the teenage years to be too traumatic!

Then it was time to head downtown to the Redbirds baseball game. We parked right nearby at a parking garage so we really only had to walk about 2 blocks to the game. Our seats were pretty good-plus they were in the shade which was wonderful! There was even a very occasional breeze which was nice when it happened.

The Redbirds lost, but Whitman was rooting for the other team. He did even call the Hogs a time or two even though he usually doesn't root for the teams we are cheering for. Campbell managed to snag a baseball tonight while they were hanging out near the third base area.

Robby bought the whole crew frozen lemonade. It was a treat for sure, but it was still pretty warm this evening. Since we did eat early, Reagan and Graham had to have themselves a pretzel-I wanted to have a bite of theirs since it looked so good, but since they split it, they also devoured it.

After the game, they had fireworks on the field, and goodness they fireworks were long. I could almost say that they were Osborne like or even Disney like for sure. They just kept going on and on and on. Also since they were being shot from the field, you were able to see them going off-I don't think that I have ever seen fireworks shooting off like that since they are usually far away or behind something.

It took us a bit to get back to Les' house to pick up Bentley. She wasn't ready to go and wanted to stay and play with her new friends, but we had a drive back to the campground. We made it back and folks had a snack and drinks before changing for bed. Robby had a shower, and I am next. Then it will be lights out.