February 28, 2013

Horsing Around!

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  • Graham went to bed medicated but still woke up at 3:00 a.m. with a runny nose.  Robby didn't hear him so I managed to get myself upstairs.  He managed to sleep until 6:40 when he showed up in our room. No temperature but since it had only been a few hours since - he stayed home from school. A bit disappointed he couldn't take his "mode of transportation" show-n-tell (rocket ship with arms).
  • Soon Campbell joined us in bed until Robby got up and decided to get his run out of the way since he wasn't taking Graham to school.  He managed to sneak upstairs to start his work day (work from home day) while the rest of ate breakfast and started school. It was school express today as I had a baby doctor appointment at 10:30.
  • Soon we were loading up for a drop off at Grannymom and Grandpa's while I went to the doctor. Got a good report. He reported I was a "1", baby's head was down further than it would be on a 1st pregnancy - so slowly progressing to the due date of 35 days away!!!
  • Quick trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a wedding gift (which translates into a trip for us later in May to Houston!) and then to Kroger for a weekly round of groceries.  Back to Grannymom & Grannypa's to pick up the kids and soon we were home.  Robby was trying to hide in the bonus room because he had several conference calls and work to do but each of the kids managed to find him until he shooed them out.
  • Graham did manage to take a nap up there - temperature come back slightly and he wasn't feeling 100%. Might have over-played on our outing...but another dose of medicine and supper and he was a bit better.  Supper for the kids and then it was time for me to head the door.  I was putting the big van to good use tonight....Bunko in Conway so I played the shuttle driver part with stops at the church and another stop in west Little Rock to pick up 8 of the bunch to head to Jill's.
  • Meanwhile, Robby herded the crew up to the bonus room where it was bath's for everyone and a bit of foosball and car playing.  Then everyone settled in for an episode of.....The Price is Right. The kids even insist on watching the commercials. Not sure if they enjoy the commercials or are just smart about delaying their bedtime.
  • Teeth brushed, more medicine for Graham and everyone was in bed by 8:30.

February 27, 2013

Smiling Sisters!
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  • I really can't even remember what happened this morning-not a clue about who was up first or who climbed in bed with us.  I could say that it is "pregnancy brain" but that probably isn't the case-I just think these children are making me lose my mind.  Ha!
  • Actually, it was an excellent morning-one of those oddly excellent mornings.  We had breakfast and then started on school.  Today I tried working with Reagan, Anderson and Graham on just two things and then sending them back to their desks.  It really worked very well.  Graham is not yet able to do much independently-well, he can but he just will not.  So frequently working with me for me to redirect him and then letting him breaks seemed to work well.
  • It must have been divine intervention because we had finished school (except for science) and the school was picked up by 11.  Amazing!  Now let's briefly talk about how messy our school room gets during the day.  Keaton drags out 3 or 4 of the little folding chairs and also manages to spill the crayons all over the floor.  Add that to everyone's trash that always ends up on the floor and a zillion pencils.  Usually Campbell's school work (papers, puzzles and games) end up on the floor as well.  Today they also had tons of pipe cleaners and Popsicle sticks on the floor (why? Keaton loves putting them in and out of bags and boxes)
  • After all of our cleaning, we read our science and then watched a video about giants squids before lunch.  I did manage to feed the crew without a loaf of bread and with only a scant of milk which I was trying to hoard for Keaton's naps and breakfast in the morning.  
  • Since today was Wednesday, Keaton was sent to bed early and the rest of the kids put their clothes on for church.  Next up was a few minutes of reading before a few movies.  During the movies, I folded some baby clothes and pulled out stuff for Easter.  And within just a few minutes, it was time to load everyone up.  
  • Papaw was awake today and he was happy to see the kids and they all gave him big hugs when they came in.  All but Keaton-she really will not have anything to do with Beebee or Papaw.  Now she does take a liking to Tiffany (their helper) when she holds the candy bucket up for the kids to grab a few pieces.  But every single time, when I say it is time to go and tell the kids to give hugs-Keaton runs to Papaw and gives him the biggest hug.  She won't hug Beebee at all but she sure loves hugging Papaw.
  • Next up we met Robby for supper.  By the end of supper, we had decided that Robby would take Graham and Keaton home and I would take the others and do Robby's puppet job.  At Beebee's place, I though Graham was a bit quiet and even warm but while eating, we knew he had fever so that is why he missed.  
  • Graham talked all during supper and then Robby said that he talked and talked all evening long.  Poor guy-he gets chatty when he doesn't feel well.  He was given two healthy doses of medicine before he went to bed and was still talking non stop when I went to see him when I made it home.
  • The others did well in their classes-Anderson has 6 more verses until he finishes his extra credit book and Reagan is now just resaying her verses to earn Sparks bucks.  Campbell's teachers said that she was quieter than usual tonight-hope she isn't getting re-sick.  Hopefully, everyone sleeps well tonight and my sick crew doesn't get sicker and my healthy crew doesn't get sick! Otherwise, we will soon be making an appointment for 5 to see the doctor!

February 26, 2013

How do I hit that little ball?
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  • When Graham got into bed with us this morning it was 10 til 7 and Robby made it clear to him that it was not yet 7.  He was pretty sure that his clock said 7, so we let it slide.  Tonight as we tucked them into bed, we saw that their clock is indeed 10 minutes fast.  Probably should turn that clock back at least 10 minutes, maybe 30 or 40 minutes!
  • Robby took Graham to school this morning.  Poor Campbell usually goes with Robby to take Graham on Thursdays but to her everyday is Thursday.  So each and every morning, she is upset that she can not got with Robby to take Graham.  
  • This morning though, she was pretty distracted with breakfast-who knows what I will do tomorrow for breakfast since I am out of bread and nearly out of milk.  It is funny to think that even though I am missing one child at school, there are still 4 more here.  We all had breakfast and then started on school.
  • There was little drama today-really only one incident.  Most of Anderson's work has to be done with me so when he has finished his math and phonics, he usually is just stuck waiting on me.  So today, I worked with him on half of his stuff after he had finished and told him he could play in my room with a toy that Campbell had pulled out.  Now Reagan has more independent work and had been fiddling around this morning, so when she still had work in her boxes and work to do with me, she was very upset.  She just cried and cried saying "I want to play too before school is over."  Gracious me, I made time for her to play before school was over-my kids do not realize how fortunate they are.
  • Soon it was time for some science and history reading.  Poor Keaton was not pleased with my book choices and soon ended up in her bed.  It was for only about 10 minutes but when I went to get her out, she was sound asleep.  It took me nearly 10 more minutes to wake her back up.  
  • Meanwhile, the others were looking at pictures from our Hawaii trip when Robby held a cephalopod.  Yep, that is what science is all about this week-cephalopods.  Certainly a word I had never heard-means head-footed animal.  An octopus is the type of cephalopod that Robby held.
  • Next up was lunch and then Reagan and Anderson played upstairs while my little girls helped me do laundry and dust.  Then we all headed upstairs with the others.  Keaton's favorite word now is "up, up, up" as we are going up the stairs.  She loves the toy room and didn't even pay any attention to me and Campbell as we worked on pulling out bottles and baby clothes for the new baby.  
  • Soon it was Keaton's real nap time and the others watched a movie.  I told Campbell that she had to stay and watch the movies or go to bed (otherwise, she would just follow me around).  About an hour later, when I went to check on everyone I was shocked to see that she was still awake-I had thought that certainly she would have fallen asleep since she can usually only watch 5 minutes before she is through.  Her movie choice today was "Cake Boss"-how funny, Graham used to always watch that show but now Campbell is the one enjoying it.
  • Robby had to work later than usual and then had to pick up Graham and then run another errand.  They didn't make it home until the rest of us had eaten supper, picked up and gotten pajamas out for baths.  Graham and Robby did manage to eat before they came home and Graham was delighted that he had eaten a cookie while out and about.
  • Then it was bath time along with everyone's coveted ipad time.  Next up was bedtime for the kids-Campbell hasn't coughed too much today so hopefully she is over her crud.  Keaton's nose is pretty runny but she is sleeping fine and feels fine so maybe this little cold has been passed around enough.

February 25, 2013

Watching it rain. How did Keaton get up there though?
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  • Robby took the boys and Reagan to school this morning and since we didn't have to drop the girls off at Nonna's house (she is still recovering from her foot business and Pops has our cold that we are passing around) we had a few more minutes to spare this morning.
  • The kids did fine going to school.  Anderson had his football for show and tell-wonder what he was planning on saying about that-it is red, it is a football?  Who knows.  I could convince Reagan to take something interesting-seashells, a bone scan from the nutrition center or pictures from a trip.  I guess though that a football is just as interesting to a 6 year old boy than those other things.  
  • Anderson's teacher was a bit late so they had to wait around.  And Reagan had to take toilet paper rolls to Ms. Jodee but she was NOT going to carry in a walmart bag of toilet paper rolls.  Silly girl had to look cool and cool is not a walmart bag of toilet paper rolls.
  • Back at home, I stuck Keaton and Campbell in the shower as soon as I stepped out.  This worked wonders-I was able to get ready, make my bed and start on the laundry before they started asking to get out.  
  • Then the girls and I finished the laundry, went through some clothes from Ms. Bev, swept the kitchen and then ended up in the toy room.  I was quietly looking through stuff for my garage sale box with Campbell right behind me saying "I play with that Mommy, I play with that."  I still managed to find a few things for my garage sale pile.
  • Soon it was time to load up to pick Graham up.  I opted for the drive through line even though it takes longer.  And possibly another reason I haven't been through the line before lately is because of my ride-the big van!  I didn't want them to mistakenly think that I was picking up the entire class.
  • Graham had a good day at school but he was pretty adamant that Grant was going to invite him over to his house TODAY.  I explained that it wouldn't be today because Grant has to ask his mom.  Obviously, this didn't set too well with him but after I told him I would email Grant's mom about next week.  
  • My back has been bothering me today-I think that I carried Keaton around too much yesterday and am paying for it today.  So I took it pretty easy and might have even snoozed during Graham's movie.   And really, how interesting is G.I. Joe anyway?  
  • After Campbell and Graham both watched a movie (or possibly more-who knows I was snoozing) we all headed up to the toy room with Keaton who had woken up from her nap.  I just straightened it while they played and it probably took me 2 hours to finish since I was in no hurry.  
  • We had plenty of time upstairs because the crazy rain slowed Robby, Reagan and Anderson down on their way home from school.  When they made it home, the kids all enjoyed their slushies and then played happily upstairs (last Monday they were at each others throats from the moment they all were back together).  
  • We had supper-hot dogs, potatoes and baked beans-which is becoming our standard Monday night fare.  The kids cleaned their plates possibly because we told them they could have a piece of their Valentine candy if they did.  I have put their V-day candy up and they have really forgotten about it-unfortunately, I have not forgotten about it!  
  • After eating, the kids went upstairs to play some more.  Keaton went up there with them and eventually, Robby went up to take some pictures.  That is when I heard Robby say "when you see Keaton get all of the wipes out, can someone come and tell us."  I won't mention to him that Campbell came down earlier to tell me and I just said "ok."  I figured that since she was being quiet, busy and not too destructive that I would pick them up later!
  • Next up was pajamas, one last movie and then bed!

February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Grannymom!
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  • Coughy, I mean Campbell, slept very well last night but is not coughing her little head off in bed now.  Thankfully, it seems that after a good coughing spell she does sleep soundly without coughing.  We debated sending her to Sunday school this morning but the other option was coming to our Sunday school class and sitting through big church so that was not really an option.  She did fine though and when she isn't coughing, she is perfectly fine and doesn't feel sick.
  • Robby wasn't too pleased with our slim breakfast choices this morning-they weren't really too slim but out of pop tarts (gasp!).  So he said that he would hurry so we could leave in time to stop by McDonalds for pancakes on the way to church.  After we received the pancakes (2 orders), we realized that there were only be a few more McDonald stops that we can get by with 2 orders of pancakes.  
  • Robby had nursery duty this morning-so that means one week of sickness, one week of my nursery duty and one week of Robby's nursery duty-means that only once this month we will worship together as a family.  That just doesn't seem right to me-anyway, I will just move on...
  • Since Robby was in Keaton's class during church, I had everyone in big church.  This always makes me a bit nervous since the boys do listen to Robby better than me (though I do know the perfect spot to pinch their little arms to quickly and quietly get their attention)  I had no need to worry, they were absolutely perfect-beyond perfect.  I could not have been more pleased with my little Dennies.
  • We then headed to Dana's house to celebrate Grannymom's birthday.  Dana had a yummy lunch and the kids loved playing outside (as long as Wilson, the dog, wasn't anywhere around).  Everyone sang Happy Birthday (not very well though-maybe we should work on it).  Soon though it was time to head home.
  • As soon as we were home, we unpacked the car, unpacked the bags and then repacked everything for choir.  By the time I had emptied the dishwasher and made snacks for the kids, I only had time for a 30 minutes nap-remember I am napping for 2 so that was a short nap!
  • We had to wake Keaton and Campbell up for church but they woke up easily with some goldfish crackers in the car.  The kids were all good in choir and then it was big church time.  A little boy that Anderson knows was sitting across the aisle from him.  He was quite spirited and Anderson was watching intently.  My boy did hold it together and stayed still and at least acted like he was listening-though tonight during ice cream truck, I asked the kids one thing they heard in one of the sermons.  And all I received was blank stares from everyone.  
  • Tonight while we were picking up Campbell, we walked past Graham's school class.  I told him that we were going to drop him off and Ms. Stacy would be there is just a few hours.  He knew I was kidding but Anderson was quick to add "I would be happy if you would drop me off in the cafeteria"-that's my boy!

February 23, 2013

Love some Orange Leaf!
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  • The kids were up before 7 this morning but we held them off until 8:30 when we climbed out of bed to start making breakfast.  I was so pleased with our banana bread making yesterday but Reagan and Anderson were the only ones that wanted any for breakfast-oh, well, more for me!  
  • It was a pretty lazy morning around here.  Robby did decide to vacuum so he could feel productive (well, he did run too so that probably counts).  I on the other hand decided not to be productive-I have deemed that to be overrated for weekends.  Well, I did fold some laundry while the little girls were in the shower.  I had to put Campbell in there so she would stop talking to me for a bit-my ears needed a rest.  
  • At one point during the morning, Graham was wearing no shirt, a construction worker vest, a bucket hat, holding a lego gun, ball, and guitar and also had a sword sticking out of his pants.  He was a warrior he said.  I couldn't find my camera quickly enough because as soon as I stood to get it, he threw his bomb (ball), shouted "boom" and pretended to shoot with his lego gun and guitar gun before running out of the room.  
  • Reagan was busy playing doctor.  She had a waiting room set up with magazines to read while waiting.  Then she would proceed to examine her patients one by one.  Anderson and Warrior Graham happily performed their duties as sick patients.  And where was Keaton you ask?  Well, they had put her in Campbell's empty crib upstairs.  She was happily watching all of the action and jumping on the poor crib mattress.
  • Soon it was lunch time and we feasted on potato soup that Campbell and I had made the other day.  Actually, Robby and I feasted on it while the kids picked at it.  Then it was time to straighten and head out the door.  Our outing today was Orange Leaf-Robby had a shop there so it was a good afternoon treat.
  • The kids now know the drill when we go in-they hold their bowls and Robby and I dispense their ice cream.  Seriously, we would still be washing dishes in that place if they were able to fill their bowls.  Then Robby and I serve them the toppings that they chose-the boys actually both lost one of their toppings today for some reason or another.  
  • Everyone sat down well-even Keaton who sits in the seat and patiently waits for her next bite.  Last time, I got her a tiny bowl of some flavor and she would not eat a bite.  Now if Reagan fed her some of her bowl she would open wide for that spoonful but not for her bowl.  Today I must have chosen more wisely because she devoured her bowl.
  • And when we were leaving, it was like we were on a trip because we let the kids climb all over a big rock in the landscaping before getting back into the car.  At home, Anderson desperately wanted to play outside with someone but Robby and I had already said we were going to go in.  But when Reagan, Graham and even Campbell took off their shoes and went inside, poor Anderson was left all alone.  So Robby decided to stay and play with him.
  • It didn't take too long for Campbell to walk by me asking where her daddy was.  I even said that I didn't know but she still found her way outside with Anderson and Robby.  And soon Graham was out the door followed by Reagan.  I could hear them all screaming and shouting during their soccer game out front.  Seriously, they were having a blast-I am asked daily when soccer is going to start.  Campbell, who is too young for soccer this year, is asking if she can be one of the "football girls"-I am assuming that she wants to be a cheerleader like Reagan was during football season.
  • When the crew came inside they were hot and sweaty.  Anderson told me that he wanted something to drink and I told him that he could certainly grab his water bottle.  But then he told me that he wanted something sweet to drink-like lemonade.  I again offered up his water bottle and he suggested milk to which I again mentioned his water bottle and he took me up on it.
  • Robby and I watched a few tv shows while the kids played upstairs and Keaton slept and then it was supper time again. After supper, they played some more and then bath time for all.  While some were in the tub the others played on the ipad.  Campbell thinks that she has to play the same silly game that the others play on the ipad and will quit in just a few seconds.  Tonight, I made her play one of her games and she played her entire time (a while 5 minutes-whoop, whoop).  And then it was time for bed for all.

February 22, 2013

Project Day!
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  • It was a restful night and the kids always stop in the toy room if it is clean in the morning-otherwise, they end up in our room.  So it has become our goal lately that the toy room is always clean in the mornings.  Though Campbell still does end up between us but she just drinks her milk and is relatively quiet (the first 10 minutes of the morning is the only time of the day that she doesn't talk and talk and talk.)
  • We had breakfast after Robby left and then started on school.  On Fridays, one of the kids boxes says "ipad time" and another says "project."  So this really urges the kids to get their stuff done.  We did have to search all over the house to find the ipad.  Once we found it, Anderson was so excited to have his turn that he didn't even see some of his work.  After we found his missing pages, he finished it during everyone else's turns.
  • Around 11, we started on everyone's projects.  They received so many craft projects for Christmas that I have to set aside a time to work on some of them or they will never get finished.  Reagan played with her paper dolls, Campbell worked on her mosaic stickers, Keaton worked on her graham cracker eating and the boys put together their pirate ships.  Seriously, those silly pirate ships must have 700 pieces.  
  • Then it was lunch time and next up was making banana bread.  The kids all set at the bar and helped smash bananas and put things in the mixer.  During reading time later in the day, I gave everyone a few pieces of our bread.  Reagan said it was better than Nonna's banana bread, Anderson said mine was better, Campbell ate half of hers and then found something in it that she didn't like the color of and Graham came up to me to talk about the bread.  
  • Graham told me that my bread wasn't as good as Nonna's bread and then he added that we made it wrong.  Graham went on to say that Nonna only puts on one stick of butter and we put in two and that was wrong.  I tried to explain that we doubled our recipe and added more of all of the ingredients but in his mind, we had made it all wrong and the whole thing was practically inedible.
  • When Keaton finished her nap, the others decided to go outside but the little girls and I stayed inside since I was cooking up some potatoes.  Soon it was after 5 and the kids came back inside.  Robby called and we decided to meet for supper.  
  • We had quiet an interesting conversation on the way to meet Robby.  I was telling the kids about the mine in Utah that we went to and talking about the large wheels on the vehicles there.  Reagan asked if  I was married then and I said that we were.  Then she asked if someone was in my tummy then and I said no.  The next question was my favorite.  She then asked "Did Daddy have a lot of hair then?"
  • A minute later, Anderson was giggling so hard that I had to ask him what he was laughing about.  He said "I am thinking about Daddy with long hair."  Then I had to explain that Daddy never had long hair but he used to have much more hair than he does now.  I don't dare show them my grey hairs or they will soon be talking about that as well.
  • Meeting Robby for supper was perfect.  He arrived first and when we got there he had our table, drinks and cheese dip all ready and even met us at the car to help unload.  That was really nice.  The kids were all great at the restaurant and ate pretty well.  Graham was on the opposite side of the table than the rest of us and he kept finding stuff (lettuce, onions, pepper...) in his food that would cause a commotion.
  • When we made it home, we scurried around to pick up the house since Grannymom's sister came to see us and the place.  Reagan picked up the bonus room and did a really good job.  The boys picked up the toy room and before Grannymom, Grandpa and Aunt Donna arrived the house was in tip top shape.  
  • Campbell and Keaton enjoyed seeing Grannymom and Grandpa but the others were pretty distracted by the Price is Right playing downstairs.  After everyone left, the kids finished their snack and headed to bed and Robby and I headed upstairs to watch our shows (Downton Abbey and The Closer).

February 21, 2013

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  • Yesterday during school, Graham was playing with his new squishy ball.  He was gently throwing it and catching in the air but soon he noticed that it was losing its air.  Poor thing was just devasted-he was trying to hold it together but wasn't doing a good job at it.  Anderson saw his pitiful brother and said "you can have mine and when I go to Larry's pizza, I will buy you one."  Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?  Too bad that aren't always like that.
  • Last night was fairly restful even though at 3 this morning, we woke up to our monitor beeping.  Turns out the power was out and not only was the monitor making noise but Keaton was also.  She now has a bad habit of waking up in the middle of the night.  
  • Our first priority was calming down Keaton and then Robby gathered the flashligths and we laid back down.  And soon the noises started up again-Belle was the first.  That dog barked and barked and barked.  Robby let her out of the shed, put her back in and let her back again and she was still barking.  He said that if he knew she wouldn't be returned then he would have let her off the chain and given her a push out of the yard (yes, a few weeks ago the neighbors brought her back when he "accidently forgot" to put her on the leash.)
  • While Robby was working with Belle, I heard Keaton fussing but after a few minutes I realized that it wasn't Keaton but Campbell upstairs.  Since the nightlight was out due to the outage, Campbell was convinced that she had been struck blind and was pretty hysterical.  Of course that had woken all the kids up and they were all questioning me as soon as I walked in about why I had turned off the night light.
  • I calmed everyone down and then went back to bed.  Robby eventually finished with Belle and came back to bed.  But soon Belle was back at it again and he headed back out and I went back upstairs to check on Campbell who sounded pretty horrible with her hoarse voice and deep cough.
  • After all of this, we were very surprised when we woke up at 7 and had slept well.  Robby said that he would go and check on starting the generator after he went to the bathroom.  I told him that starting the generator would make the power come on and sure enough the power did come on while he was still in the bathroom.  
  • I helped Campbell and Graham get ready while Robby showered.  Then Robby and Campbell dropped Graham off at school while I headed to the shower.  Anderson came in the bathroom and asked if he could get breakfast and I said that he could but to take it to the school room and get started with his work.  I was pretty surprised when I made it to the school room and saw Reagan, Anderson and Keaton all sitting at the little card table in there with their milks, pop tarts and Reagan was slicing a banana for Keaton onto her plate.  It was the cutest thing ever-and how nice to know that they can get breakfast all by themselves.  
  • School was fine even though Reagan and Anderson were so distracted (even while Campbell was not home yet.)  They did finish by the time for us to leave to pick up Graham.  We were the first ones in the pick up line because I wanted to leave in plenty of time to fight the crazy rain today.  Graham had a good day at school and was ready to get to Grannymom's house to play.
  • They all had fun playing with Grannymom's "new" toys-except they weren't new, they were only reorganized.  And Campbell was happy to report that they had a "snack-y lunch."  The kids always enjoy having a snack of any kind even if it is for lunch,
  • Graham and Reagan had a bit of a tiff while picking up toys before leaving so when they made it home, they were sent to their beds.  After yesterdays poor behavior at Beebee's place, I am working under a "no tolerance" policy.  
  • Anderson, who would be the best only child, spend the afternoon playing in the toy room, watching a movie and playing on the ipad.  Keaton had a great afternoo nap and Campbell helped me fold laundry, unload groceries and make some soup for this weekend.
  • We had our supper and then the boys cleaned the toy room and the girls worked downstairs.  And that is when I noticed that Reagan was scratching again.  I lifted up her shirt and noticed that her itchy bumps were back again.  This time they were in the shape of the heart on her shirt-I guess that is what caused the problem last night (I hope anyway).  Poor thing gets pretty tired at night after I dope her up with Benedryl.
  • The kids were super excited to use the bubble bath that I had bought today at the store-crazy excited.  I didn't think I could get anyone in a bubble bath-even Keaton enjoyed eating the bubbles.  Then Robby read a book and we watched The Price is Right together.  I guess that Robby and I haven't watched the Price is Right in years-we were so excited-excited enough that we might have scared one or two of the kiddos.

February 20, 2013

Yes, he is a strange one...
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  • Wednesdays can be really good days or really bad days for us.  We have school and then a bit of downtime before heading to see Beebee and Papaw and then rushing to church.  Today was actually not too good and not too bad.  
  • We woke up, had breakfast and started school.  This morning I thought I would try working just with Graham to finish all of his work to fill up his attention tank.  That idea worked out fairly well but it wasn't a perfect plan.  Reagan wasn't pleased that Graham was getting to work with me first since she is always last.  In her defense, if I start working with him first then she will be not just last but third and last.  (She can't be after Graham because most of Anderson's work has to be finished with me.)
  • Anyway, we finished school and had time to read a few library books before lunch.  Those kids still love the oranges but they did offer up a few more to Keaton today (she was stuck with a banana until they passed some pieces on to her.)
  • Soon after lunch, I put Keaton to bed and then did a few chores, helped everyone get ready, loaded the car and climbed in the shower to warm up.  Before I got out, Robby called to say that church had been cancelled but we pressed on with our plans to go and see Beebee and Papaw.
  • As we were still on Jacqueline, Anderson shouted that his nose was bleeding.  I called "look up" as I stopped to get a wipey for him and to help Reagan get him some napkins.  When I looked back to check on him, I saw not only Anderson "looking up" but also Graham and Campbell "looking up."  
  • I was still giggling about that when Anderson looked out of the window and saw a horse.  He then said "I just saw a horse that looked like a rock star horse."  The horse did have a full, wispy mane and was standing with one leg out in front of the other.  Kind of did look like a rock star horse.  I giggled all of the way to Beebee and Papaw's place.
  • When we made it there, it was only drizzling and the kids were pretty excited about seeing their great grandparents since we didn't see them last week.  Papaw was actually asleep and slept the entire time that we were there.  Beebee passed the kids out candy, cookies, more candy and more cookies.  She even offered popcorn but seriously, that was plenty for them.  So the kiddos on their sugar high got a bit wild.  Wild enough for them to get into big trouble when they climbed into the van.  Everyone rode home in silence and then were told to put on their pajamas when they made it home.
  • Soon Robby was home with pizza and we dined on it before heading upstairs for our nightly baths, ipad time and movie.  Robby tried to turn on Price is Right for the kids but it didn't work and by then it was bed time.  
  • Oh, yes before baths, I noticed Reagan scratching and scratching.  I looked at her tummy and she had a rash all over her body.  We quickly put her in the shower, benedryled her up and then rubbed her down with hydrocortisone.  The only thing we can figure out that caused this was the kids rolling around and climbing in 4 boxes that were delivered today.  After supper, we had the kids unload about 10 huge boxes of diapers and carry them upstairs.  They celebrated that their work was complete with playing with the boxes.  Hopefully that was the cause of her itchiness but thankfully her shower and medicine helped.

February 19, 2013

Tough Day!
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  • Before it was even 7 this morning, we realized that the kids didn't learn their lesson about fussing with each other last night.  They were at it just about as soon as they went into the toy room.  I did have a meeting and made it clear that they would quickly lose movie, toy room and ipad time if things continued.  This did calm them a bit-thankfully or I would have had a very long day!
  • Robby took Graham to school and back at home we started the school day.  We finished just as my timer was going off to say we needed to be headed to the door (15 minutes before we actually needed to leave).  This gave Reagan enough time to put on her clothes.  But once we made it to the garage, she had forgotten her socks and went up to get them.  She came back with no socks but then couldn't find her coat.  It was also upstairs so she returned to get both of them, surprisingly she did manage to return with those things.  Sometimes that girl can't remember anything-I can't imagine what the teenage years will be like.
  • We made it to church to pick up Graham and today was going to be my first day to pick him up in the big van but there was a funeral and the hearse and family cars were parked to near the drive through for me-so we all climbed out and walked in to pick him up.  We probably could have been the first in the pick up line but I was afraid the funeral would let out and my big car would some how end up in the processional! 
  • Graham had a good day at school-they are studying transportation and even have a train track with two trains in their room.  He never really talks about school unless I pry for information but today he was a chatter box about that train!
  • On the way home, we ran by Nonna's house to see her after her surgery.  You could see her toes peeking out from the bandage so the kids were very intrigued by that-and her crutches that was another big hit.  Everyone was so proud to hand Nonna her cards that they had made.  My Campbell had even made a card for Hank and Pops.  
  • We didn't stay long and were home before lunch time.  We just had sandwiches for lunch along with little oranges.  This kids all peeled and ate their oranges-most asked for more (I declined).  I read some of our science and history during lunch and then made the kids help clean up the kitchen and house.  
  • After that, we did a bit of Valentine heart graphing, measuring and all of that jazz.  We had never gotten around to it last week so I just held it over for today.  The kids didn't mind since everyone had a box of candy hearts to enjoy-probably should have bought them on sale after Valentines and not before.  Keaton was sitting in her high chair and ate their crumbs and then she finally gave it up.  Poor thing was so tired but it was almost 2-nap time.  
  • The kids then helped me some more-laundry and cleaning the cabinets.  Then I did let them watch two   movies (usually they watch 3 movies-they are just 23 minutes each).  And as soon as those were finished, everyone was sent outside.  
  • My brilliant kids ended up playing with water guns today-seriously!  I don't know any one was thinking.  I told them not to fill them up any more but to finish playing and soon Graham came in soaking from head to toe.  He changed his clothes and then went right back outside.
  • After I straightened an attic and a few drawers in the kitchen, I woke Keaton up and we headed out as well.  We played basketball, football, catch, swang and were playing a big game of soccer when Robby came home.  No one even wanted to come inside for supper.
  • I had made lo mein noodles for the kids-chicken, veggies and noodles.  I was pretty pleased with myself but the kids were not!  Though by the end of the meal, they were eating veggies as fast as they could-even trading (my broccoli for your edamame).  I must be honest though, they were only eating those veggies to earn ipad time!
  • After supper, we had a race-the kids tried to clean up the toy room before we had cleaned up the kitchen.  We let them win so it was a win-win.  Then we all headed up to the bonus room.  I read two books then we started baths.  
  • And then we watched a movie-a carton from the church library.  How bad could that be?  Ha!  It was about Perpetia-a Christian martyr.  And it was pretty dramatic for only 35 minutes.  I will have to google my next church library movie to see how the story ends-because a movie ending with bears, leopards and swords in an arena is not the last thing I want the kids to think about as they are going to bed!  Me either!  They actually took it all very well and won't lose any sleep over it-hope I won't either!   

February 18, 2013

Happy Presidents' Day!
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  • Since this was a semi-holiday, we still woke up at the same time.  Reagan and Anderson had school this morning and Reagan, as always, was pretty eager to go.  She decided to take her ball that she bought with tickets at Larrys pizza this weekend.  Initially, she was going to talk about Nonna's foot which she had surgery on today.  She decided that she might talk about that next week and take Nonna's xray to show the class.
  • Robby and Campbell dropped Reagan and Anderson off at school and then they ran to get gas for the big van.  Meanwhile, Graham and I worked on his reading book. Last time we worked on it, he told me that he couldn't remember anything and frustrated me so that we had to quit.  But today, working on the very same lesson, he did everything perfectly.  It is all about attention with him-if he feels he is getting enough, his behavior is good and if not then his behavior is very, very poor.
  • Once they made it home, I finished straightening while Robby ran and ran and ran.  Seriously, I had Graham check a few times to see if he could still hear him on the treadmill.  Turns out he ran/walked for 90 minutes but was well entertained by watching a few episodes of Downton Abbey.  
  • While Robby ran, the rest of us played picnic with Keaton, had a snack, made a few cards and they played with their bouncy balls.
  • Eventually, we had a quick lunch and put Keaton down for a power nap.  Then Robby decided that we would need an activity so after an episode of Woody Woodpecker, we loaded up and headed to Kroger.  I usually shop on Thursdays but since I had already cut my coupons and made my list, we went on.  
  • Graham and Campbell enjoyed riding in the little shopping cart car until they decided that they were squished.  So one of them was able to walk while the other rode.  And eventually, Keaton ended up in the car and could have shopped in that thing forever.  It was a pretty expensive little outing and by this evening, I was already making a list of other things that we needed.
  • The kids were good (kind of) so they picked out oreos for the car and we picked out cupcakes for after supper.  We picked up Reagan and Anderson who had both had a very good day at school and devoured a package of oreos on the way home.  
  • Once at home, everyone helped unload the car and then they played in the toy room.  While they did that, Robby tried a detox bath that I had read about on pinterest.  He said that he would classify his bath of hydrogen peroxide and ginger as a fail.  
  • Soon we had jambalaya for supper-it was a bit spicy.  Actually, for the kids it was probably crazy spicy but they were all good sports and tried it.  I can't say that tomorrow's meal will be too much better since I am going to try to make lo mein noodles like we had the other day at Pei Wei.  We did reward their attempts at trying something new (and spicy) with cupcakes so they were thrilled.
  • Then they had 3 more minutes of a movie to watch but before we knew it, Reagan had swung her coat to hit Graham.  She was probably provoked but who really knows what happened so everyone (we are a team after all) had to sit in the kitchen with us until we had finished cleaning it.  
  • Next up was baths for the boys while the girls picked up the toy room and then baths for the girls while the boys picked up downstairs.  Then they all were put to bed-don't feel too bad for our poor punished kids-they only went to bed about 30 minutes early!
  • While we were tucking everyone in, I laid Keaton down in the now empty crib up in the kids room.  She grinned and laid still for a minute and then she started bouncing up and down on the squeaky mattress.  But before Robby could even finish with his prayer, she was screaming for me to get her out of there.  I guess it will be a bit longer before we move her to the big kids room.  

February 17, 2013

All Smiles!
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  • Sunday morning and ole Graham was trying to get into our bed sometime during the middle of the night.  My first reaction was to start moving pillows around so he could have a spot for his head.  But Robby was a bit more awake and said that he had to go back to his bed.  That is all well and good but that meant that I was the one to take him back to bed since I had to get out of bed to go to the bathroom anyway.  
  • Graham was the first one down this morning followed by Campbell.  I took my shower and then started getting everyone ready.  Reagan and Anderson were still in their beds but Reagan did pop up pretty quickly to put on her new Sunday clothes.  But Anderson started snoring (pretend) until I told him that there was a mouse in his bed.  He knew I was teasing but it did get him to smile and get out of bed.
  • Robby was in charge of breakfast and before too long we were in the car headed to church.  Graham was a bit too on the wild side during Sunday school for my taste but he survived.  Survived since Robby and I are both in his class and he made it through Sunday school in one piece and not in tears in holding his bottom.
  • Robby took the big 3 to big church while I had nursery duty in Keaton's class.  That little thing is the cutest ever-just wanted to sit in my lap especially when someone else was in my lap.  She is going to be one very jealous little girl in less than 50 days.
  • After church, we headed to Nonna's house to eat lunch.  The kids were very well behaved-probably helped that we clearly stated all of the rules before getting out of the van.  They played for a while before we had to head home.
  • We didn't have too long for our Sunday rest but it was long enough for Robby, Campbell, Keaton and I to have a pretty good nap and the others to watch a few movies.  Soon though it was back to church for choir.  
  • The big 3 went to choir and even got to sing some in the same room-one of Reagan's highs for the day.  We took Keaton and Campbell to the library to eat a cookie but Keaton didn't observe proper library etiquette so she was ushered to her class.  That was fine-more cookies for the rest of us!  
  • After choir, we went to big church after missing quite a few weeks.  I love Sunday night church but it is sure hard.  We had our supper when we made it home along with our Sunday night ice cream truck.    Then it was bedtime for all the crew-and snack time for me!

February 16, 2013

Popcorn, drink and a movie!
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  • We had mistakenly thought that we would have slept a bit longer this morning but that wasn't so.  Keaton was up around 4 with a soaking wet diaper but a cup of milk was all it took for her to go back to bed.  Then at nearly 7 on the dot Campbell and Anderson were in our bed.  
  • It didn't take too long for us all to get up and start the morning though.  Robby ran while I started on washing all of the sheets-6 sets of sheets.  It took 3 loads of laundry to do all of those sheets plus the 2 other loads from yesterday that I neglected to fold and that is in addition to the one load of our clothes that we washed today.  So I did spend most of my day dealing with 6 loads of laundry.
  • Keaton spent most of her time helping me, Anderson enjoyed watching a few movies and Campbell, well Campbell, NEVER stopped talking.  The entire morning and afternoon she has talked and talked and talked.  Makes a person want to bang their head on the table!  Ha!  Though once Graham made it home, his talking came close to comparing to Campbells.  
  • Robby and I started working on cleaning a closet but quit in the middle to go to lunch.  We ate at Whole Hog-Anderson and Campbell are used to us eating there in Bryant and then going to get ice cream next door.  So they were pretty disappointed when there was no ice cream next door to the one in Little Rock.  
  • As soon as we set down to eat at any restaurant, Campbell decides that she needs to check out the potty.  We made her wait until we had finished eating and then I took her to the restroom.  While she was pottying, I was looking in the mirror and could see my belly button through my shirt.  I lifted up my shirt and told Campbell to look at my belly button sticking out.  She was horrified-absolutely horrified!  I was so tickled that Robby in his seat could have probably heard me laughing from that bathroom.
  • Though afterwards, we stopped at Grannymom's house to pick up Graham.  He had a big night and day-told Grannymom that he went to bed at 8:40 every night so that is when he stayed up to last night.  He saw Cash's basketball game this morning and then helped Grannymom make a delicious dessert that he shared with us.
  • Our next stop was picking up Reagan from Nonna's house.  She had a big time yesterday shopping at the mall and then going to a wedding shower this morning wearing one of her new outfits from last night.  
  • Back at home, the boys headed outside and Reagan eventually joined them.  The neighbor boy and some strange (new to us, not actually strange) girl played with the kids.  They were outside for a long time while Keaton finished her nap.  Robby played basketball with the boys for a few minutes but didn't last long since it was freezing outside.
  • They came back in and soon we had supper-corn dogs for most, left over lo mein noodles for Anderson, left over sweet and sour chicken for me and cheese dip for Robby.  It was a pretty good supper and then we all headed to the bonus room to start out movie.
  • So tonight we had ourselves a little move night-bonus room, popcorn and a movie.  Hank had given the kids the dvd Eight Below.  It has dogs just like he has so the kids are very interested in it.  The movie has quite a few intense scenes-and at one point the boys were standing on the couch squealing with blankets in their mouths.  
  • After most of us had popcorn (Robby and Anderson don't really like popcorn and Keaton is too little to eat it), Campbell and Keaton had a bath while the rest of us continued watching the movie.  They are a bit too small to really enjoy our movies.  But Keaton did set on the couch for awhile staring intently at the movie!-she was just imitating all of the other kids.  
  • Everything is laid out for the morning so hopefully all of these tired Dennie kids will have a good nights sleep!

February 15, 2013

Celebrating Valentine's with friends!
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  • To the kids this was another Valentine's day since we had our big party this morning.  Graham must have been super excited because he was in our bed by 2 last night.  I have learned that if I just turn my back to him, he doesn't bother me one bit.  But this move of mine causes Graham to start rolling to Robby's side and Robby did eventually end up in the living room.
  • I heard Robby's alarm go off at 6:40 and knew that I really should get up and get our morning started but I opted to roll over and not act like I heard it.  Soon though, we were all up and moving.  I quickly had my shower and then started handing out breakfast.
  • I told Reagan and Anderson that they would have to finish phonics and math this morning so they started as soon as they finished breakfast.  Anderson breezed through his today but Reagan's math was a bit hard so it took her longer.  I told her she could just catch up on her phonics on Tuesday and she was shocked!  She still had to pack for her night at Nonna's house-my kids just love packing-packing to leave-hmm, wonder if that is a bad thing?
  • It didn't take too long for us to all be loaded (I had loaded the car last night with most of our stuff) and  we were on our way to Sara's house for our Valentine's party.  The kids were so excited-especially Campbell who had asked me a zillion questions about what we were going to do-are we going to eat there? can I wear my sunglasses? am I going to take my smarties?-and on and on it went.      
  • Speaking of Campbell-yesterday as we were spending all of that time in the Krispy Kreme bathroom, I asked her if she would be my Valentine.  Campbell told me no and then added "Daddy will be your Valentine." I was pretty shocked that she had turned me down so I asked who was going to be her Valentine and she told me that Reagan would be her Valentine.
  • We were the first to arrive so the kids helped set up our kiddie tables and chairs in the garage.  Then everyone started playing.  Our first activity was finding 50 hearts that Sara had hidden around her house-and hidden them she had.  It took quite awhile for the kids to find most of them.  The person that found heart number 50 was to win a prize.  For the longest, no one did find that heart but eventually Campbell did find it! (with a little help).  She even received a prize for finding it!
  • Next up was a snack (fruit) and then an owl craft.  Amber had a game-throwing heart candy into heart shaped pans.  If you made it, then you could eat your candy, if not you had to try again.  This game was such a big hit that we even had to play it again before we all left.  
  • The kids were completely happy (and surprisingly quiet) playing outside and in the house.  We eventually decided that since they were so quiet it was time for the grown ups to eat.  So we all ate and then let the kids eat.  After they ate, they played some more. 
  • We did have a grown up craft project-making some Valentines for those who had forgotten theirs.  In their defense though, we had never really discussed that we would all have Valentines to pass out to each other.  But when it was time to pass out Valentines, the kids were mega excited.  Campbell wasn't real sure why I was making her give all of her candy away but she eventually caught on and really enjoyed it when everyone started passing her valentines too.  
  • After a group picture, it was time to head to Nonna's house to drop Reagan off for her night at Nonna and Pops house.  Pops called after spending quite a few hours at the mall saying that Nonna and Reagan were having a blast walking around and looking at things.  Reagan was enjoying every second of it but Pops was starting to regret his decision of coming with Reagan and Nonna.
  • Back at our house, Keaton finished her nap from the car while Campbell, Anderson and Graham watched a movie.  Before the movie ended, Campbell and I were cuddled up on the couch asleep.  Before too long, Robby came home with some more ingredients for supper and we started work on that.
  • Grannymom called and asked if Graham could spend the night and he was more than pleased to do so.  He quickly packed his bag and was ready to go.  The rest of us (down to 3 kids) had hamburgers and cheese dip for supper and then made Valentine's cookies.
  • After baths for the kids, we ate our cookies and watched a Superman movie before bed.  While upstairs, I had forgotten my computer and Robby ran down to get it.  When he returned, I said thanks and Anderson said "that was the least he could do."  Very, very true.

February 14, 2013-Happy Valentine's Day!

Graham's Class Party!
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  • I really have no idea why all of the kids (except Keaton) have started getting up earlier in the morning-still after 7.  But Anderson and especially Reagan would lay in bed well after Campbell and Graham would come running downstairs.  It is not a problem though because they all crowd in bed with us-usually, Anderson on my edge, then me and Graham with Campbell laying on Robby and Reagan laying at the end of the bed and pulling the covers from the foot of the bed up over her.
  • Graham was on cloud 9 today because his Valentine party was at the end of his school day.  Robby took him and Robby just stayed and worked from the church.  He figured by the time he came home and then turned around for the party, he would waste too much time.  So he just stayed there and worked.
  • Robby said that Graham had a big party.  Though there was one incident-one little boy didn't want the Valentine that Graham gave out (a juice box that said "pleased as punch if you would be my Valentine") instead he wanted the Valentine that Graham had for Ms. Stacy (a box of brownie mix that said "shooting for brownie points").  Robby said that the boys fit went on for too long but Graham didn't seem to mind.  
  • After the party, Robby took Graham to Nonna's house for the afternoon.  He spent most of his afternoon looking at all of his Valentine candy.  They had lunch, played outside, played G.I. Joe and had a good time.  When we finally made it home, Nonna brought Graham back to our house.
  • Back to the morning, after Robby and Graham left we started a quick breakfast and school.  I made it clear that Reagan and Anderson needed to get most of their boxes completed.  They did really well and let me just brag on my Anderson-he has finished his 4th phonics book (book 2.5).  It is a set of 1-8 including 1/2 books-Reagan is still working on them and will probably finish sometime next year.  Seriously, I was so worried about him when we started Kindergarten this fall.  Now I am just as worried about my Grahammer-but the nice thing about homeschool is we can go as slow as we need to (hopefully not too slow though!)
  • Poor old Keaton had the runniest nose this morning.  It slowed some at Grannymom's house but still was runny-enough so that at one point during the day, Keaton pointed to her nose and then to the kleenexes.  But she acted like she felt fine all day long-we did give her some tylenol tonight since she felt a bit warm-hopefully just because she had been wearing her coat though.
  • I took the kids to Grannymom's house around 10:30 since I had a doctors appointment.  I had no wait-my blood pressure was great and the baby's heartbeat was 146.  The only thing interesting that took place was that they keep asking for money!  Ha!  Last year they gave us a bill so we started paying on this years deductible last year-now that is paid and they still want more money!  Just another thing for Robby to mess with...
  • And this caused Robby to say later in the day "we better get serious about all of this."  He wasn't referring to the bill but to the baby's name and candy bars.  We only have a boy's name and not a girls name.  And then while discussing candy bars, Robby said that he wished he could find a candy bar called "finale."
  • While the kids played at Grannymom's house, I ran to Target and Kroger.  As I picked the kids up, Grannymom had them a bag of candy and then we headed home.  I had finished unloading the car but not unpacking when Nonna, Graham, Pops and Hank came over.  The kids were so excited that Hank was at our house.  I remember being small and also being thrilled when Hank came over.
  • Nonna also had treats for the kids along with a heart shaped cake that we all enjoyed.  Hank even had a movie for the kids-we are planning on watching it Saturday night.  It has dogs just like Hank has and the kids are so excited about watching it.
  • After everyone left, the kids played upstairs and then watched a movie while I pulled out school for next week.  There was a bit of excitement about the box that was received in the mail.  I thought it was diapers but no, it was food.  Yes, we have started ordering our food in quantities so large that the boxes say "food service" on the side and not the traditional logos!
  • Then on a whim we decided to go out for Valentines.  We ate at Pei Wei and when we arrived we were glad it was only 5:!5.  There was hardly anyone there.  The kids devoured the edemame along with lo mein noodies.  
  • Then it was on to our next stop-Krispy Kreme for heart shaped donuts.  And we were the ONLY people there.  So it was nice little visit.  Though I did spend most of the time in the bathroom-Campbell, Reagan, Graham who took forever and then Campbell again.  I did catch up on my pinteresting though while I waited on the kids to finish their business.  Back at home, it was already past bed time for everyone so they were quickly put into bed.  

February 13, 2013

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  • This was one of those mornings that I should have just stayed in bed-but when 4 kids are in bed with you, it is just best to roll on out and hide in the shower for a few minutes.  We did our breakfast and then I thought that school would go smoothly since I clearly set out the ground rules.
  • Alas school did not go smoothly.  If I have another morning like I did this morning with Graham, he will be attending school down the road and not down the hall.  He started school well and did 2 worksheets all by himself.  Then we read his Cubbies together but his next thing to do was put some hearts in ABC order.  He would need my help on this (or the help of Reagan or Anderson) but he would not quietly wait.   
  • So he was set off even though I tried to reason with him.  Eventually I had to send him upstairs until I had time to help him with his hearts and reading book.  By this time, he was in a bad mood and wouldn't try.  And when I told him that his poor attitude and choices would cause him to miss his afternoon movie and would have to take a nap-things really went downhill.
  • But as soon as I said that it was time for science though, he was his happy self again and ready to listen.  Then Reagan and Anderson made tally marks to count their conversation hearts while Graham and Campbell worked on a graph with their candy.  Keaton went from desk to desk trying to eat any crumbs that she could find.
  • We had lunch and then I did a few chores while everyone played upstairs.  I put Keaton down for a nap and read quite a few stories for them.  Eventually, it was time for a movie for Reagan and Anderson and nap for Graham and Campbell.  Oh, yes, I had had enough of her not obeying immediately and she lost her movie time while we were reading.  
  • The others watched their movie while Graham and Campbell laid in their beds.  Campbell eventually went to sleep but Graham did not-he just watched me since I was in the room rearranging Anderson and Reagan's clothes.  When he found out I was not bringing up his snack as I walked out the door, he was not pleased.  After my shower though, I did let him up to eat his snack while I read some more to everyone.
  • Beebee had a doctors appointment today so we wouldn't be going out there.  So we just met Robby at McDonalds for supper.  I shooed the kids in the mudroom to put on their shoes while I woke Keaton up.  Poor thing, he runny nose from this morning had turned into fever this afternoon.
  • We had our supper and then headed to church.  Robby had a meeting and I had to do his job and my job and since Keaton couldn't go to class she hung out with me.  She watched me do my secretarial duties and then sat in her stroller behind the curtain while I was Cubbie Bear for 3 puppet shows.  Poor thing looked pitiful the entire evening but she did perk up when I let her have my coke and a cookie.  
  • Everyone did well tonight and just as soon as we walked in the door tonight, we had some water, brushed teeth, put on pajamas, pottied, gave Campbell her medicine and Keaton some tylenol and then it was bedtime for everyone.  
  • Everyone but Keaton went to bed but Keaton was now going strong after being couped up in the stroller during church.  She was having a blast playing with her bears and baby dolls.  Eventually, we put her in bed and she never made a peep-hopefully, she will sleep well tonight and wake up fever free.  

February 12, 2013

A Love Story?
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  • About 1:30 this morning Graham tried to come in our bed but since I didn't want to end up like that beached whale again, I quickly got up to return him to bed.  As soon as I laid him back down, he told me that he was scared.  Seriously, 3 other people in your room, you just walked across the house and you are now trying to tell me you are scared.  That didn't fly but I was doubtful that him staying in bed happily would work.
  • About 10 minutes later-long enough for me to go to the bathroom, fetch some tums and lay back down-I heard Campbell coughing and then hollering that she needed water.  So back up the steps I went.  Since Robby is on a healthy kick, he is wearing his body bug (some contraption that monitors his heart rate, calories used, steps walked, some other stuff and even his sleeping).  That is kind of handy because I can look at it and see if he was actually asleep during all of my up and down the stair business last night-or see if he was just pretending to be asleep!
  • Everyone did sleep well but soon it was that dreaded time of the morning-wake up time.  Graham was happy to bring down his clothes to get ready and then him and Robby headed off to school and work.  And we started our breakfast and school routine.
  • School wasn't too difficult today.  Reagan and Anderson both had 2 boxes with Valentine stuff to do-graphing, color the sums different colors to make a heart picture (Anderson) and roll the dice to color coins in a heart.  And we all sat down to watch Reagan's math video.  
  • Anderson always wants to watch too which is fine by me because maybe he will catch on to something for next year.  Today's new math was rounding to the hundred place (remember rounding to the tens place was very hard for her) and we are also regrouping in the units and tens places (167+245).  Math did take her a bit longer than usual but she did grasp the concepts with just a few mistakes.  
  • We finished our school day with our science and history reading along with singing our state songs.  And after I had the kids straighten downstairs, it was lunch time.   I tried to feed Keaton some spaghetti but she was going to have none of it and barely ate anything.  She has a pretty runny nose and a bit of messy diapers going on so I think that she wasn't feeling 100 percent.
  • After lunch, Reagan and Anderson played upstairs while I did laundry and dusted with Keaton and Campbell.  Keaton just spent her time putting the wipes in and out of the container-she loves to do this.  Soon it was her nap time and the others watched a movie while I cooked a bit and worked on organizing the kids bedroom (1/3 of the way finished with that room-of course I am having to sneak stuff to the garage sale pile).  
  • Reagan and Anderson wanted to make a story like Graham and Campbell did so they made one with a princess (Campbell), an indian (Anderson) and a dragon (Reagan).  They finally finished but Reagan was so incredibly bossy that she sucked all of the fun out of the event.  That girl is proving to be a bit of a challenge lately.
  • Robby and Graham finally made it home and we quickly ate supper.  Chicken spaghetti and green beans and this supper was a winner-the kids all cleaned their plates (including Keaton).  I thought it was a bit spicy but they didn't seem to mind.
  • Now Graham must not have said anything all afternoon at Grannymom's house because he talked and talked and talked.  That boy told us all about the ferret that he petted today and narrated his new space books.  I told Robby that I really miss Graham while he is gone to school but I am not sure that I will miss Campbell as much (only kidding-a bit!).  
  • After supper, it was bath time upstairs followed by reading some of Graham's new books and then one final movie before bed.  

February 11, 2013

A Princess and her Superhero!
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  • Graham had a touch of an upset stomach last night just as Robby and I were going to bed.  I think he thought that I was rushing him as he was pottying-he would say he was done, I would ask if he was done and he would say "maybe not, maybe not."  This happened about 10 times before he finally was finished with his business.  I was a bit concerned that he might have a touch of something but alas was just having a Robby attack.  
  • Graham then joined us in bed sometime early in the night.  I was sleeping so hard that I didn't even make him crawl into the middle of the bed-so when I woke up I was trapped in between Robby and Graham under the covers and laying on my back-like a big ole beached whale!  I could hardly get myself up to get to the bathroom.  
  • Today was a big, big day-Valentine's parties at Comm Central.  Reagan had been planning her outfit and hair for over a week. Everyone wore their new Valentine's shirts and it didn't take too long for them to get up and get ready.  Actually, they had already started getting ready when Robby came up.  
  • We did a little group picture before we left with our van full of stuff-Reagan and Anderson's backpacks, coats, valentines and lunchboxes, Campbell and Keaton's coat and diaper bag, and Graham's coat and snack for school.  I dropped everyone off and my big kids had to get out of the car to show Nonna and Pops their Valentines shirts.  Then on to church to drop the crew off.
  • Back at home, my project today was the reorganize the kids closet.  It took me the entire 2 hours and I was scrambling at the end to get things finished.  This baby's due date is in 52 days and I still have two attics, the kids bedroom, the toy room, our closet, Robby's closet, the kitchen and the pantry to organize plus the entire house to clean along with getting out some baby stuff.  Man, that makes me want to hyperventilate a bit.  
  • Anyway, back to the kids...I picked up Graham and was pleased that he was NOT involved in the bad behavior incident or the hitting incident at school today.  But he was pleased to tell me ALL about it.  We then had lunch at Nonna's house.  Campbell was busy washing strawberries when we arrived and Keaton was having a morning nap.  
  • After lunch, we all played outside a bit.  Graham enjoys riding his bike but he is going to be a pretty super soccer player.  When the weather is a bit warmer, we will have to get out our soccer goals so the Dennie team can start practicing.  
  • Back at home, Keaton had a nap while I explained to Graham and Campbell how their closet was now going to work and finished labeling things in there.  Then laundry and more laundry for me (and can you believe that Robby is actually doing our third load of laundry today?) while the others watched a bit of a movie.
  • Soon it was time for Robby to arrive with Reagan and Anderson and they could hardly contain their excitement as they dumped out their boxes of Valentines and chowed down on their candy while drinking their sonic drinks.  After a while, we all went on a walk-Keaton in the stroller, Campbell walking, Anderson running, Graham riding a bike and Reagan rolling a hula hoop.  
  • Then Robby and I banished the kids to another room while we made supper and some chicken spaghetti for the freezer.  Then quesadillas and re fried beans for supper.  The kids actually cleaned their plates-that never happens.
  • Next up was baths upstairs followed by a movie and then bed.  We heard not a peep on the monitor tonight-love nights like this!

February 10, 2013

Celebrating Aubrey's Birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese!
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  • Graham was the first one to get up and he made it very clear that it was thundering and flashing outside.  He didn't seem to bothered (he did after all walk 1/4 of a mile from his bedroom to ours).  It was a good thing that he did join us because it was time for me to get moving.
  • Campbell was staying home with Robby today because her fever was pretty high still yesterday.  We had debated Keaton staying at home as well but opted for her to go.  Despite the storm, we made it to church on time-early actually, very, very early.
  • I pulled under the drive through and unloaded the kids and strongly encouraged them to stand beside Keaton in the stroller while I moved the car.  A lady was talking to us as we walked inside and asked if I wanted her to stay with them and I said that they would be fine but she said she didn't mind.  And of course, when I came back they had not moved their feet a bit.
  • It was barely 9 so we all walked to my room.  On the way, I told Campbell's teachers that she wasn't going to be there and they gave me a Valentine's treat for her.  Then at my room, I quickly ran in to get my stuff ready but then quickly left again-if people see you in that class room, they will start bringing kids immediately and I still had a gaggle to drop off.
  • We then walked back to the other side of the building to take Reagan to class.  Of course, I still had Keaton in the stroller and was going to have to get her out to go up to drop Reagan off-bu the boys saw someone playing a video game and begged to stay and watch.  So that worked out perfectly.  I made them stand by the stroller while I went to drop Reagan off.  It was early, early still to drop her off but I had already seen one of my Sunday school kiddos in the hallway.
  • Back to the other side of the building and Anderson was the next to go.  He had been begging to go to his room since we arrived-glad he loves Sunday school.  Two kids were waiting inside my room for me but I waved as I walked by saying that I had one more to drop off.  So I dropped off Keaton who runs, literally runs, into her class.  
  • Then Graham and I started Sunday school in our class.  The teachers were all given cupcakes as a Valentine's gift so that was pretty exciting.  Mr. Mike took the big 3 to cookie club in the library and then I picked them up, picked Keaton up and headed to Grannymom's house-skipping big church.
  • Graham had another birthday party today at 1:30 so as soon as lunch was over he and Robby headed to Chuck E Cheese.  Robby said that it was a busy, busy place and decided that we probably won't be having any parties there.  
  • While they were gone, I brought the others home.  Keaton had a nap and Campbell, Reagan and Anderson had a snack and watched their movie.  They are in such a routine that as soon as they turn on an afternoon movie, they think they need milk and a snack no matter when they last ate.  So instead of fighting them, as soon as the tv is turned on I hurry and get a snack.  
  • Robby and Graham came home for about 5 minutes and then turned around to head to church for choir.  Tonight was the first time for Anderson to return since his past bad behavior.  He did hand his teacher his apology note (Graham verified this) and behaved appropriately.  Reagan loves choir and comes home singing away.  Actually the boys were both singing a song they learned tonight-probably should have taped them.   
  • As I was making supper, Campbell looked out the kitchen window and said  "oh, how beautiful."  The sunset tonight was particularly pretty with many, many colors.  Robby and the kids on the way home from church even noticed.  But when Campbell mentioned it, she sounded more like a grown up than a 3 year old.
  • Soon Robby was home with the others for good and we all had supper.  Then it was ice cream truck time-Keaton was finished eating as soon as she saw Robby walk in with the popsicles.  Next it was time for showers upstairs.  By the time everyone was dressed, it was time for bed.  
  • They must have all been pretty tired because we have heard nothing over the monitor.  It did help that today was a busy day for Graham-church, Grannymoms, party, church-and that Campbell didn't have a nap.  

February 9, 2013

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  • Campbell apparently did not know that it was Saturday this morning because she was talking to Reagan before 7.  Robby quickly called for her over the monitor to get her to come downstairs.  She joined us in bed and she eventually went back to sleep for a bit...
  • Until Graham woke up and went upstairs to play with the girls.  He was upstairs for about 3 minutes when I heard him screaming.  Apparently, Reagan would put his biker man on the motorcycle and that caused blood curdling screams from him.  My Graham can be a bit like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde-one minute a perfect child and quickly turning into problem.  This usually happens when he feels left out or comes back to join the family.  Makes me a bit crazy!
  • Soon, Keaton was awake and taking a morning shower with Robby after he had his morning run.  Keaton could stay in our shower forever and will just stand under the streaming water.  She needed quite a bit of water on her little face today because she must be getting Campbell's cold-messy nose this morning.
  • Campbell and Graham spent most of the morning out with Robby.  They picked up their breakfast and then had a pretty long wait to get the oil changed on the little van.  Meanwhile, back at home Reagan and Kennedy made blueberry muffins in Reagan's "easy bake oven."  Then Keaton watched me make 3 Mexican casseroles for the freezer.
  • Reagan and Kennedy played most of the morning long.  Keaton stayed by my side and helped with my laundry and even briefly played upstairs-until she quickly learned that knocking the dollhouse over got quite a rise from Kennedy and Reagan.  She liked all of that attention and continued to do this over and over.
  • Robby, Graham and Campbell weren't home for too long before it was lunch time and time for us all to load up.  Kennedy, Reagan, Campbell, Keaton and I took Kennedy to meet her mom and then we picked up Anderson.  He had a good evening and morning spending the night at Grannymom and Grandpa's house-even got to watch Cash play a basketball game.  Now that child will want to play basketball more than ever.
  • Robby and Graham had a few more minutes at home before they left for Maci's birthday party.  It was a swimming party, Graham brought the biggest present and was even able to take the "kid camera" to the party-he had a blast!
  • During their party, Keaton and Campbell napped and Reagan, Anderson and I worked on their Valentines-only 3,000 of those.  Soon Campbell woke up and was crazy hot again-she was given some medicine and cuddled with me for a bit while watching the end of a movie with Reagan and Anderson.
  • Graham and Robby brought home pizza and after a board game, a bit of air hockey and then it was time to pick up.  We had our supper and then headed to the bonus room for baths.  It is just pretty convenient to give them baths up there and then we all watched a Scooby Doo before bed.
  • Since Campbell had a nap this afternoon, she is going strong in her bed up there-hopefully she will fall asleep soon!