April 30, 2021

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  • Fridays are my sleep in days-except this Friday once again we were headed to the nutrition center with Graham. We have one more visit to complete this study which will happen on Wednesday. Graham has had to eat basically a no fruit and veggie diet getting ready for this study-needless to say, that was no problem at all. 
  • We were there before 8:30, and things went pretty quickly. We were leaving before 10:30 which made me super happy. They did have to stick him twice for blood, but he didn't mind at all. Now on Wednesday, he will have to be stuck every hour for 5 hours. Good times.
  • We stopped at Subway for him on the way home. And back at home, some of the kids were just starting to stir. Keaton was already up and was making Whitman do their chore-their main task today was to clean his desk. I plan for most everyone to clean their desks really well next week. We shall see though since we really have all summer long.
  • When we came home, there were lots of chores to get caught up on. Then I really don't know what happened for most of the rest of the afternoon. I did watch a movie-a Hallmark mystery so the kids that were around were pretty interested in it. I did happen to fall asleep during some of it, but I managed to figure out what had happened at the end.
  • There was a game of Sorry this afternoon with Anderson, Campbell and Keaton. Oh, yes, I also worked on Legos today with Anderson. Our next step is to order all of our missing pieces from the sets that we have tried to re-work.
  • Tonight Robby, Graham, Keaton and I went out to eat at On the Borger, then a quick run to Walmart where we spent a small fortune (not really-but I keep finding cake mixes for 50 cents and how can I pass them up.) And finally we stopped at Lowes. It was a fun little evening-and now we have supplies for a few little projects.
  • Campbell passed her time tonight by giving Bentley another bath-she is the cleanest dog ever. Tonight the kids get to stay up as late as they would like-I'm not so sure that is a great idea since the Dennie bus is leaving close to 7 in the morning!

April 29, 2021

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  • What a fun day this has been-it seems that we have been busy from early this morning. Graham is going to the nutrition center center tomorrow so he needs to provide a sample, a stool sample, to take with us. Unfortunately, I woke up to him telling me that his sample was ready for me to scoop in the container.
  • Of course, I was sound asleep at this point and woke up thinking that Bentley had pooped in the bed with us. It took me a while to understand exactly who had pooped this morning. I seem to be in a stage in my life where I am not having to deal with poop too often thankfully.
  • We did our school work and went to town on reading some of our books. Then it was time to start on everyone's individual work. The kids seemed to fly through everything today-even my Whitman.
  • Reagan went to school this afternoon. Robby was able to take her and drop off some clothes too today. While they were gone, we did Bible study-it was the last one for the school year! Yippee! Since this was the first year that Whitman did the Bible study book, we did it all together. Campbell and Keaton joined us as well each and every day this year to finish the books.
  • At 2, Keaton and Campbell had their sugar club folks over today. We did things pretty low key and made jello for the kids to enjoy. Then we made dog treats. They had quite a bit of fun rolling out the dough and taste testing the dog treats with Bentley. Of course, she enjoyed all of the treats that she could get.
  • The girls cooked and then we went to the church down the road to ride scooters and skateboards. The girls all had a blast and were hungry for their jello when we returned to the house. Then we dropped everyone off at home.
  • After dropping off all of the girls, Robby and I dropped off our girls and headed to do a quick mystery shop. I ate my food while we were in a crazy 20+ minute line at McDonalds for Robby's food. 
  • We did stop briefly and found Bentley a dog toy before heading to Kroger to buy ice cream for our real children. At home, we all gobbled up the ice cream and watched one show before it was bedtime for all.

April 28, 2021

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  • Our normal right now is to wake up with Bentley, then put her back in bed with us, and we snooze some more. This morning I had been sleeping so well until it was just about time to wake up. I started dreaming the craziest dreams-we were in someone's house and my black flats were on the floor. Some old folks were there and were about to trip on my shoes-then I woke up. What in the world was that dream about?
  • I made sure that all of my shoes were put away this morning when we started on our school. Today we finished our history book. Then the folks started working on their own school work. Campbell was already finished with her work and just needed to check a few days of math. Anderson was also finished with everything but his math before I even got out of my bed. 
  • I was able to finish my work a little bit earlier than usual so that was nice. Then the afternoon really flew by-actually, it flew by because it was a much shorter afternoon than usual. After I walked on the treadmill, it was time to leave.
  • Graham is learning how to do the slides that show the songs for the youth so he had to be there at 3:30. We then dropped Reagan off at her friend's house for a little bit. Then we had two returns at Academy. Campbell and Keaton came in with me while Anderson and Whitman stayed in the car.
  • Our next stop was Walmart-those boys stayed in the car again (there was a phone and internet in there for them). We did some speed shopping for sure-though I couldn't find one thing I needed for a new project.
  • On the way I had Anderson look it up-he did, but then jokingly handed my the phone while covering his eyes. I had him look up "clothes stripping." There was no reason to shield his eyes, because this clothes stripping is just washing clean clothes in all of these detergents to super clean your clothes.
  • Next up was church-tonight they had Tazikis for supper for all of the workers, and pizza for the kids. We then did the church thing before going to the Wilson's house for our second supper-they had more Mediterranean food for us to eat.
  • It was a fun time, and it was almost bedtime when we did get home!

April 27, 2021

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  • We didn't have long to work together this morning because Reagan had to get to school early for a class picture, plus she wanted to go early to get a Starbucks drink. She has really enjoyed school this year, though she did tell me that quite a few people from her class are going to another co-op next year. 
  • We did finish our science book today and will finish history tomorrow. I am not too sure that we will actually finish the other two books that I am trying to finish this year. Surely, we can get it done-are there is always next year. We have now been reading through the New Testament with the church for over a year. The church finished forever ago, but we still have a few more books left to go-we will eventually get it accomplished.
  • After our reading, folks started finishing their work left and right. I do think that Campbell and Keaton did most of their school work for the whole week last night after it was bedtime. I guess that is fine-better than being on a device, but now what will they do all day long.
  • I was able to work on a shirt today and accomplish a few other things before walking on the treadmill. Then we made a few internet purchases before Bentley and I went to pick Reagan up from school. Bentley was so excited to see Reagan walking to the car.
  • Bentley and I have actually spent quite a bit of time together today. While the others had soccer games, the dog and I had puppy kindergarten. We walked though an obstacle course, and Bentley did not like for me to hold her and rub her belly at all-at all! Like they told me to work on that this week! Puppy kindergarten drop outs!
  • While we were actually mastering the doggie obstacle course, the others were playing their hearts out at soccer. Campbell's team did lose, but I do think that she had a lot fun. Reagan refereed two games both with the preacher so she was a bit nervous. Anderson had one game to call which was Whitman's game. Whitman's team also lost, but Robby said that Whitman came fairly close to scoring-we will take that. And my Keaton helped Graham in the concession stand most of the time.
  • After their games, they headed to Arby's and to Kroger real quick. I made Whitman a grilled cheese which is what he prefers. The kids cycled through the showers, and even Bentley had a shower tonight!

April 26, 2021

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  • School was fairly uneventful today-well, Graham did struggle with his math. However, it might be hard to concentrate on math while you are watching basketball on your ipad. I'm not sure about that, but I do have my suspicions.
  • We just have about 3 days left this week and then 3 days next week. Now, I do have a few things that I want for folks to finish up, so there will still be some school work for the rest of May happening. 
  • Honestly, I am ready for the school work to end-I have a list of things to accomplish this summer and need no school for them to happen. My main goal is to clean this house from top to bottom. I am not too sure if that will happen though since I am sure that I will find something much more exciting to do than clean!
  • I am not sure what all happened today during school that caused me to still be working on school work at 2 this afternoon. Seriously, isn't it almost summer time? I was working on Reagan's work with her. Right now she has crazy word problems like John drove 246 miles at 24 miles per hour, but Jim drove the same distance but arrived 4 hours later. I can honestly say that those are problems that I have never used in real life. 
  • While Anderson was working on one of his math problems today, he said that he would like to meet the people in the problems. He continued that he just wants to ask Jake why he wants to plant a circular planter or why doesn't he just buy the trim that he needs for his trapezoid shaped room and take back the extra. 
  • I was able to walk on the treadmill for a little bit today. I was also going to eat a little bit healthier, but instead we have lemon bars and apple cake so that surely didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow-or maybe next month.
  • Tonight we did have Keaton's soccer game. Reagan was the referee for Keaton's game. Keaton's team won. Then Graham and Anderson both were referees. We watched Anderson ref, and he did a great job.  I didn't see Graham, but I did hear that he received a compliment so that was good to hear.
  • Once we made it home, we worked on showers and suppers for everyone. After that I tried to finish a few things around the house before it was bedtime for the crew.

April 25, 2021

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  • It didn't take my crew long to get ready for church today. We did have one first-Reagan was asked to do worship care. I sure didn't think that she would say yes, but she sure did. I do think that she enjoyed it-well, I guess her exact words were that she enjoyed it more than going to church. I'm not sure if that is what I wanted to hear or not.
  • Our Sunday school class was booming today-17 kiddos. What a great problem to have. All of the kids' classes are getting pretty full-we only had one chair left in our little room.
  • After lunch, we headed to Grannymom's house to eat our lunch. Robby did run home to get Bentley. She did very well, but we probably need for her to start working on staying in her little kennel for a bit longer. 
  • Then it was back home for some quick cleaning in the house and around the house. There has been a pit bull-ish stray hanging around the yard. We were worried that it would be here tonight when Robby had quite a few folks over. Thankfully, after Robby yelled out it and chased it once on foot and once on his tractor today, a neighbor did put it in his fence.
  • The kids were great helping get ready for tonight. They really do step it up and help out most of the time. Soon, I was headed to girls' night at Jennifer's house and all of dads and kids were headed to our house.
  • Robby grilled hot dogs and the guys all brought food-including bacon wrapped oreos. They had a bit night even playing a gaga ball tournament or two along with some family basketball competitions. 
  • The guys stayed out pretty late, but the ladies stayed out even later. I do think that the girls were trying to outlast the guys and make sure that the kids were in bed. It was 11 when I left, and I was the one who broke up the party by saying that I was going to leave! 
  • When I came home, the house and yard were perfect. The kids had all worked hard getting everything back in order so hopefully tomorrow will start smoothly.

April 24, 2021

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  • Robby woke me up before 6:30 to tell me that we didn't have soccer. We didn't think that we would, but we weren't really sure. We sent out a few texts, took Bentley potty and then all crawled back into bed and slept some more. It was a pretty perfect Saturday afternoon.
  • Now, I do enjoy being at the soccer field. The kids love running around playing with all of their friends. I love for the big kids to have the chance to ref and they are earning money for camps so really, it was a loss not being there today.
  • We didn't really do much today-all day! Robby wanted to buy a grill, but they don't have what he wants in Little Rock, so he will have to wait a bit. We need to cover our back patio-maybe that will be the next big project. Oh, we have so many big projects around here that they will all never get done.
  • Campbell and Keaton had their friend spend the night last night, so they were busy all day long. They did make some pancakes late in the morning. It is nice when folks can fend for themselves.
  • Robby ran a few errands with Graham today, Bentley and I worked on rolling over (I am much better at it than her), Reagan did some school work, and Anderson stayed close to his xbox. That was pretty much our day.
  • Robby and I did take Bentley on a walk for a little bit today. We just have quite a few stray dogs around here-two showed up tonight and stayed around the yard all evening. Hopefully, they migrate on somewhere else while we are asleep and gone tomorrow. 
  • Tonight Reagan had a few folks over-I guess 9 extra folks. So that meant that we had a house full-about 16 kids when we add Brett to the list. That's not too bad-love it when this house is a party house. I think that it will be a bit of a party house tomorrow too. 
  • We had plenty of pizza, and the kids stayed outside most of the night long-really only coming in to eat supper and cookies. I tried to make Shannon's cookies tonight-I believe that Robby would rate them as a C+ so that is better than our last fails. I really should just get my own cookie and not compete! 
  • Actually, I was quite the Betty Crocker tonight-not only did I make cookies, but I also made apple cake and lemon bars for tomorrow. I wish that I enjoyed making real food as much as I enjoy baking desserts!

April 23, 2021

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  • Graham and I had a nutrition center visit today-and I came home in a bit of a sour mood. It was long (I don't like long), we had to wait (I don't like to wait), it wasn't worth my time (I probably should have said no), and they didn't feed my kid (Feed my kid.) Actually, on the last point they had asked him to fast, and then after being there for 3 hours no one offered him any food. Not a huge deal because he doesn't eat breakfast usually. However, it was just about enough to send me over the edge!
  • I do sound sour-it wasn't that bad. I did enjoy spending the morning with Graham. And he certainly enjoyed the lunch that I bought him on the way home. Once at home, I joined Robby in the laundry folding. I think it is the dog, but something has caused us to start wearing more clothes over here. I am not sure really what she has to do with it, but I am blaming Bentley. It probably is the warm weather where people are outside more and showers are more frequent.
  • Though it hasn't been warm at all. I am just now trying to figure out if I lay out things for soccer in the morning or just plan on things being cancelled. Either way, it is wet and messy out there now. Hopefully, it will rain a bit harder, and we can snooze to the pitter patter of the rain. On nights like this, I so want to be in the camper.
  • This afternoon I worked on the girls' clothes in their closet. There room is pretty much back to normal after all of our clothes work. I do need to buy some more hangers so they can hang up their things. Keaton has no transitioned completely to big hangers so we are no out of hangers! 
  • After that I migrated to the living room for the rest of the afternoon. The girls were playing outside so that is where Bentley wanted to go. She would go to the back door and bark, so Robby and I would take her out-she would just want to go see Keaton and Campbell. That little stinker! She was pretty lucky that we did take her out when she needed to later in the afternoon. I probably should have told her the story about the little boy who cried wolf.
  • This evening the girls convinced the neighbor girl to spend the night so they are completely happy. After making supper, Robby and I ran to Kroger to pick up a few sales and to get ice cream. I found a few extra sales which made me happy-let's just say, I now have plenty of icing and will be ready to decorate gingerbread houses! I would have bought more, but after our Walmart order today our pantry is full-like completely full.
  • Robby and I even ran to the Wilsons for a few minutes to eat our ice cream. Then after a bit, it was back home for the rest of the night. The kids get to stay up late today, so hopefully they do go to bed at a decent time just in case we do have soccer.

April 22, 2021

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  • The first person I remember this morning was Whitman busting in my room holding a brand new dollar bill. The tooth fairy came last night. A few years ago, the tooth fairy would come into the kids' rooms with money. Recently, the tooth fairy has had helpers, but sometimes the tooth fairy even forgets that so she just leaves money on the kids' ipads when needed. Surely we are nearing the end of the tooth fairy visits. 
  • Even though Bentley played hard last night, she still woke up at the same time this morning. That was fine though because as she went back to sleep in our bed-and so did I! 
  • We were soon working on our school work. I think that most folks finished their work for the week-at least I hope so. I usually always find out when folks skimp on their work-and it never makes me too happy!
  • I took Reagan to school today along with Campbell and Keaton. They were headed to Academy to spend their money. They both had their hearts set on skateboards-so pretty much all of the girls' free time for the rest of the day has spent on their skateboards.
  • We then picked up Reagan, and I was home for a few minutes before heading to the pregnancy center with Keaton. We did diapers and diapers and diapers today along with some straightening. Our time went by fairly quickly, and soon we were on our way to the soccer fields.
  • Tonight was picture night at soccer so that made the time go by quicker for the kids. Bentley walked around with me, and I think that she is worn out since she is snoozing now. Maybe I am worn out too after walking around!
  • When we came home, we had ravioli for supper followed by a cake that Graham made for us. It was pretty delicious since there was a lot of icing. We ate the cake after everyone had their showers. The girls and I watched some tv until it was finally bedtime.

April 21, 2021

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  • We just keep waking up later and later these days-and it's wonderful. Well, we aren't really waking up later and later, I should probably say that I am starting school later and later. I still have quite a bit of read aloud things to finish.
  • Oh, Whitman and I have been reading Harry Potter for a good while now. Since we finished it and the movie, Whitman has asked me everyday for us to start reading another book. I hate to tell him that I need a little bit of a break from reading. I figure I will get us a new book to read this summer.
  • I don't really remember our school day except that it was fairly short. By a bit after noon, I was upstairs going through two more bins of girls clothes. We actually have gone through 9 bins of girls clothes this week. Of those, we have returned 3 back to the attic, found about a bin full of clothes that will go in the girls' drawers or closet now, passed 3 bags of clothes on to a friend and have 2 more bags to take to donate. Pretty good, I love to clean out-unfortunately, for Robby and the rest of the family, I don't love to clean so much!
  • The girls all worked on their drawers too today. Hopefully, that will spur them on to straighten their room a little bit too. The boys probably need to straighten their room too-hopefully, we will be able to paint their room soon as well. And really, if we are being honest, I need to straighten my room. I do at least clean it every night, but there are dog toys all over like we have a toddler.
  • I did my treadmill time today-almost scared myself senseless since I was watching a mystery. That is a bit unlike me! Afterwards, it was time for me to load up my crew and head to church. On the way, we stopped at ChickFilA. Reagan wanted to buy a drink so I told everyone to that they could use their own money.
  • We did decide to just order on the app and deal with what they owed us later. I still managed to order Reagan the wrong drink, Graham didn't get a cherry on his milkshake, and Campbell's milkshake was 1/4 empty. I was a bit disappointed/frustrated with my ordering abilities. 
  • While we were at church, Robby dog sat Annie. The Wilsons went to watch Brett play so they were gone a while. Annie stayed with us and they really did very well. Bentley is worn completely out from playing with her friend.
  • Once Annie left, it was time for my crew to head to bed! Bentley was not the only one that was tired.

April 20, 2021

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  • Bentley woke up earlier than usual this morning. For some reason, I couldn't go back to sleep so I just played on my phone for a bit. Now honestly, I should have gotten up and started being productive, but today was not a day for productivity for me!
  • We did our school work this morning. Graham was fairly distracted today since he found out that a game that he ordered was coming a few days early. He has been looking at the window all day long. Thankfully, the game did finally come this evening.
  • Speaking of Graham and Anderson. Yesterday, we were chatting on the way home. I think that it was Anderson who said that he wanted to die before he had to be in a wheelchair. Graham replied that he wanted to die before it hurt to walk around. I was quick to shout back at him, "you want to die when you are 43?" The boys were a bit shocked to learn that yes, it does sometime hurt to walk around-getting old sucks!
  • Though I am old, I did manage to walk on the treadmill for 3 miles today. Of course watching my Hallmark movies does help a little bit. I am actually finishing one up right now-I do plan on watching quite a few movies this summer!
  • Reagan went to school today. I think that she so enjoys her school days. She just has about 2 weeks left after this week and a few things to turn in, but she is wrapping a successful freshman year.
  • There was a lot of playing outside today-well, I could never get Whitman to go outside today. And really, I didn't want to force it because it is cold out there. At least it was tonight. Campbell and Keaton have been spending their time pulling each other-one rides the hover board while another sits on a rolling board and flies around the driveway.
  • This evening I had puppy kindergarten. I am not sure but being told, "she is going to be a handful" is a good thing or not. Ha! Bentley did really great tonight-but maybe she is still going to be a handful! Tonight we had doggy races-bless it, Bentley was too distracted to get a good run in and lost all of her heats! Ha!
  • Currently, Keaton is making cupcakes for our evening snack while Campbell and Bentley are playing in the kitchen. Hopefully the cupcakes will be ready before bedtime! (It's not looking like it though!)

April 19, 2021

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  • It was a pretty good Monday morning around here. Oh, yes, we were up early to make sure that we were able to register Campbell for her cooking camp. It was supposed to happen last summer, but well, stupid Covid. 
  • This year though she is (fingers crossed) registered to attend culinary camp in July. She is excited, and we are excited that she will finally be able to cash in our her Christmas gift from 2019. 
  • Bentley did get up to potty this morning, and then she laid around beside us snoozing until it was time to start on our school work.
  • The school day went fairly smooth-I told Robby this at 1:20 when I was still doing work with Whitman, but it really did go great. We just have two more weeks after this week so I guess that we are all a bit more relaxed.
  • Not only was school done in a decent time frame, I also had time to work on some of the girls' clothes in the attic. I had Campbell and Keaton help me some so that made things go quicker-well, maybe!
  • I walked on the treadmill some this afternoon before taking the big boys to their D group at church. While they were there, I ran to the library, worked on Sunday school, did some reading and even finished my Bible study for the week. I was on a roll!
  • Campbell and Keaton spent some time this afternoon and evening outside. They spend most of their time outside these days for which I am super grateful. Though they are never too excited about the idea of having to take showers though.
  • Once I made it home from the boy's Bible study, it soon seemed to like it was after 6. I am not sure what happened during that time! Ha! I made mac and cheese for our supper so we added that to our leftovers and had a feast! The kids mostly ate our mac and cheese and were a bit light on the leftovers. 
  • Robby worked outside some tonight while the girls played. I played with Bentley some. Anderson helped me-we were mostly tormenting her since we were trying to get her to stand on a box that she was terrified of! 
  • We ended the evening watching Harry Potter. Whitman and I have just finished reading it. Whitman has set in the floor quoting parts and mentioning when things were left out of the movie. I guess he really was listening as we read the long book! Now I wonder if we should read the next one.

April 18, 2021

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  • This Sunday morning it wasn't too hard to wake folks up. I had already been upstairs to wake up Reagan and her friends. The second time I just stood at the bottom of the stairs and asked them, "Do I need to come up there in my towel to wake you guys up again?" Reagan was quick to reply that they were awake. I guess I should waltz around in my towel more often to help motivate folks to get up!
  • They packed a lot into church today-baby dedication, baptist, Bible presentation-all my people said that church was pretty full, almost to precovid days. I don't know about that because I was playing with the babies in the nursery. 
  • Afterwards, we had Sunday school-13 kiddos there today. It is certainly good to see folks coming back to church, but there are so many of our regulars who haven't been back yet. We did a craft in Sunday school so we stayed busy the entire time.
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house. She had Mexican casserole which is really yummy to me. Plus I like the guacamole and corn salsa that she had as well. After lunch Robby worked on their door bell some while Nonna, Keaton and I played a game. It was a game that I used to love as a kid, but I can't really figure out how to play now. It probably didn't help that we didn't have a dice-instead of using one, Graham just "used an app" on the phone to call out numbers. Though he wasn't really using an app-he was just randomly calling out numbers. His number order was 2, 3, 6 over and over again. It worked out well for me since I was the third roller and received all of his 6s.
  • Back at home, I folded a huge mound of laundry. Laundry on Sunday makes me sour-well, laundry right now, any day of the week, makes me sour. 
  • Then it was time for my afternoon nap. Last week, Bentley was not tired at all and had nothing to do with a nap. I ended up walking her last week, but this week she just snuggled up beside us. I slept so well until Keaton came to ask me if they could go swimming.
  • Yep, swimming, yep, it was 58. I said that they could and off she went. A few minutes later, Whitman came and asked the same thing. I agreed that he could as well. This did cause me to get out of bed to walk over to the neighbors for a little bit. I wanted to make sure that my crew invading her pool was fine. They were doing some work, so I ended up helping with her baby for a second.
  • I came in and worked on my list for a little bit. The kids did end up migrating in for warm clothes before going back out to play. The evening kind of flew by because soon I was heating up some suppers and the Wilsons came over.
  • They brought their puppy and the girls were much sweeter tonight. It took a little work, but they really did well-they are getting used to each other which makes me super happy. Shannon had lemon bars which also made my super happy! 
  • Tomorrow is back in the school routine-not too many more days left! And then our busy summer starts!

April 17, 2021

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  • This morning Anderson went with me early in the morning to work the concession stand. I actually didn't think that I would be able to wake him up. It took me 2 trips up stairs, and I was headed up once again when I finally heard him walking down.
  • Campbell also joined us too. She helped some in the concession stand, but also found a few friends to play with  until Robby and the other arrived. 
  • Reagan reffed 3 games today. One of those games was Campbell's game. Also Reagan said that she prayed before 2 of her 3 games. She also said that it wasn't that hard to pray before the games since all you have to say is 5 words, "be safe, have fun, amen." I guess that is certainly true.
  • Anderson reffed 1 game, and Graham also reffed one game. Graham reffed Whitman's game and really did great job. Anderson reffed the game between two staff members so I am sure that wasn't any pressure at all.
  • Whitman's team lost their game, but Whitman didn't know that. He was actually leading his team in a chant at one point while sitting on the bench. All he cared about was getting a bag of chips after the game.
  • Keaton's team won, and Keaton even scored. She then ran back to the middle and looked at us all cheering for her-she was sure grinning. She playing goalie for at least one period as well.
  • Campbell's team also won their game. Two wins today-we really don't have to have any more all season long. Campbell did great but a was a bit stand offish today. She played goalie the first bit of the game, but I was on the other side watching Whitman play so I didn't see it.
  • After the Campbell and Whitman's game, Robby went to watch another game-the one that Anderson was calling. I worked in the concession stand and froze to death the last game. It just got super chilly outside and all I could think about was getting home to take a warm shower.
  • It took us a while to leave the field-we had to round up all of our people. Campbell had a friend over plus we had one extra to drop off. I unloaded the cars, put things away and repacked some things. Then there were a few house chores before I finally did get into that shower. 
  • After that I was warm and cozy and really wanted a nap. I was about to lay my head down when Reagan asked me to take her and Alyssa to Walmart. I knew we were going at some point. We also met Kennedy there-they had to buy paint so they could paint their shoes. That is what they are currently working on right now.
  • Campbell, her friend, Keaton and the neighbor all spent the afternoon playing outside. Robby ran to get bbq for supper, so we quickly fed 12 folks supper before Campbell's friend had to go home. 
  • Whitman is showering currently, the big girls are painting their shoes, the little girls are outside playing and the big boys are in mission control on their xboxes. 

April 16, 2021

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  • I had a to-do list today that was pretty long, but really there wasn't much on it at all. So when I did wake up this morning, I went right to work and by noon, I had pretty much marked everything off of it. That is the way that I like to-do lists-easy to accomplish.
  • Anderson had made snickerdoodles for the grandparents yesterday. So we delivered them today. I had offered for him to drive, but he declined. Maybe I scared him the other day with making him drive on Lawson, but he did really well. I think that he just needed a little bit of warning-he is my plan ahead kind of guy.
  • When we came home, I loaded up with a different bunch and headed to get my second covid shot. While I was waiting my 15 minutes in the store, I had Graham, Campbell and Keaton running all over the store grabbing things to fill the buggy. By the time my 15 minutes was up, I only had 3 more things to put in the buggy. That is probably a good way to do my shopping.
  • Then Robby ran into Harbor Freight with Graham. I swear they were in that store for an hour. And they came out with so much stuff that it did look like they had actually been in there all day. Then we ran through Big Lots-I had not been in one of those in years, and I didn't really find anything that I needed either.
  • We were home for a little bit, but soon it was time for me to take Keaton to a party tonight. I know that she is having a great time with her friends-and I'm glad it is not at my house! When we came home, Campbell made some brownies and later in the evening kept busy with washing the dog.
  • She definitely needed something to do tonight. She is having a friend over tomorrow, but so wants to have someone spend the night, and it just isn't working out. She just doesn't have that many buddies right now and her best buddy is getting ready to leave the country soon.
  • Robby and I did run to the Wilson's house tonight for a little bit. While we were gone, the kids ate brownies and the girls played outside with the dog some. We stayed out visiting for a little bit before we eventually came home to put the kids in bed. Though Friday night is ipad night around here, so the devices can stay on pretty late. 

April 15, 2021

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  • I know that I had a strange dream last night, but for the life of me I can not remember what it was. The morning was pretty much the same as usual. I think that I did say something yesterday or the day before about Graham finally getting his math-never mind and I take it all back! 
  • I know that he will eventually get it, but he sure didn't today. Well, I do think that he finally figured it out by the time that we were finished working together. However, by the time that we were finished, I had racked up a pile crowns in heaven. 
  • Reagan had school at noon today. Robby and I had both kind of forgotten about that. Glad that she did remember. After her school, she had what should be her last orthodontist appointment. I guess that means that we have to sign another Dennie up now. Ugh!
  • While they were gone, I worked with Bentley some, did Bible study with the littles, and walked on the treadmill. My movie today was about a lady and her dog so that did keep my attention fairly well during my walk. 
  • Anderson helped me make some cookies today. He enjoys cooking and does well, but I guess that the kitchen is usually too full for him to help. Now, he does enjoy making a chicken, egg and cheese burrito whenever he has left over ChickFilA. 
  • Then it was time to load up for soccer practice. We don't all have to go, but it is just an hour, it is outside and really, why not? So we have all been going-tonight it was a little bit chilly. There had even been talk of the kids sleeping on the trampoline, but we had to nix that idea with the chilly weather tonight.
  • This is really the perfect soccer year-all of the kids are on good teams and practice is just one hour. Whitman would never admit it-but he enjoys it! Now he will never score a goal, but he knows whats happening on the field and runs hard the whole time. And then when soccer is over, he runs around and plays with his friends-he is such a different child than just a little bit ago. Oh, he still loves to be alone, but now he can play and interact when that wasn't his strongest skill.
  • We picked up some super yummy Popeye's chicken on the way home. I would have just been happy eating the mashed potatoes. The mac and cheese, biscuits, fries and chicken were enough to fill our plates and everyone left the table happy.
  • It took most of the evening for everyone to finish their showers. I think that Robby is next in line and I might even take one before the kids go to bed tonight too.

April 14, 2021

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  • For some silly reason I set my alarm for 7:30 this morning. I think that I turned it off before it woke up Bentley, but she is pretty much like clock work so she woke up pretty soon afterwards. She didn't stir during the storm during the night or when the lights blinked though.
  • After she pottied, we all ended up going back to sleep for a little bit. I did laugh while she was pottying that if anyone tried to rob the place and found me outside with her, I would be the one scaring the person away with my crazy bed head.
  • Soon we were all wake and working on our school. Things didn't take too long today at all because Graham had finished his work before we started on our school work. He usually takes the longest, but when I worked with him first the whole day went quicker. Maybe I need him to always wake up before the rest of us and finish his school work.
  • Today a few of our homeschool buddies came over-I think there was around  37 folks at the house today. It was quite a party. Thankfully the ground dried up enough that folks were able to play outside. We celebrated little Landon's birthday so of course there were cupcakes and cake.
  • I had ham and cheese croissants for supper and the other moms brought salad, fruit, chips, salsa and drinks. We had a house full, and it was a definitely a fun afternoon. Everyone stayed until we all had to leave for church. Then we all loaded up with other kids in the cars and headed there.
  • The big kids had a special thing at church tonight-Graham even won a gift card! (though it is to a store that mostly sells women's clothing). They had lots of fun and could have stayed longer at church, but I was ready to get home.
  • Robby had spent the evening cleaning up the mess from the day. I did have an apple crisp to put in the oven, so the Wilsons came over for a little bit. Our little puppies played pretty hard tonight-at least we think they were playing. Next time they play together, I think they need a good long walk together first before they start playing.
  • Robby and I took a while to get the kids in bed since I was working on a cricut project. When it was finally bedtime, I still had the blog to do so I am sure that this is the latest blog in a few days for sure!

April 13, 2021

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  • I dreamed that Bentley woke up late this morning, but instead she did wake up at the same time that she always does. That was fine because I went to sleep so early last night that I didn't get to look at my phone much so I caught up on that this morning. 
  • We did our school work-Bentley was a mess during our work together. She just ran around like a crazy dog. She did eventually calm down as soon as I put her in Robby's office and snoozed for a good hour.
  • Everyone finished their work, and really it was a good morning. I took Reagan to school and ran to the library to pick up a book. Whitman and I have been reading Harry Potter, so I picked up the movie today so we could watch it together. We both have never seen it-I think that all of the other kids have seen at least the first one.
  • When I came home, I noticed that there weren't many folks driving down Lawson. I had Anderson drive me to just a few blocks down the road. I had never ridden with Anderson. He did just fine. I was a bit concerned when we were going 15 on Lawson, but he picked it up and did really well.
  • Eventually ended up on the treadmill as I thought the others were working in the yard. However, they didn't start working in the yard until after I was done, so I was able to help. Reagan did get out of most of the yard work because she was at school until we were almost finished.
  • We cleaned everything up while Robby went to run a few errands and pick up supper. Then I headed out with Bentley for our second puppy kindergarten. I will say that she did pretty good. We had a long talk in the car about proper behavior so maybe she did listen. Of course passing out pieces of hot dog sure did help quite a bit. 
  • Back at home I had my supper since everyone else had already eaten. Bentley had her second bath of the day (one was just a hose down and one was a real bath). And then it was pretty much just time to sit on the couch and do nothing-the best part of the day!

April 12, 2021

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  • Today was a fairly un-Monday morning meaning that things went fairly smoothly. We did start our work a few minutes later than planned because I fell back asleep with the cuddly puppy. During the day she wants little cuddling, but in the mornings she will lay briefly beside us.
  • Graham did well on his math today. He has not gotten back to the hard part where we had to stop and go back a few lessons. He needed a reminder on how to do it, but then he went and did it all by himself. Woohoo, maybe we are finally getting it-just in time to forget it over the summer break.
  • I don't really remember too much most of this morning. Even though we have finished up quite a few things, I am still finishing around 12:30. I am able to do the laundry and dishes during the school day so I guess I do have a little bit more time.
  • Bentley had a vet appointment today. She did great-shots and had her fingernails trimmed. Then she came home and had her heartworm and flea and tick meds. That is probably the reason that she has snoozed most of the day long.
  • We did run to Sams and to Walmart this afternoon after the vet. There is one thing that I need for a gift that I can not find at the Walmarts-it is supposed to be there, but I can never find it. I did just have Robby order it for me online. Speaking of online ordering, around lunch I had him order me two shirts for the boys and by 4 they were sitting at my front door. That is just pretty amazing.
  • The boys earned themselves a little yard work this afternoon. They took 2 tarps full of leaves to the woods-really, I wish we could do this every day and clean up some areas of the yard that we have just neglected. 
  • Anderson did kill some type of snake today. We think it was a garter snake-yikes! I was on the treadmill during all of this. Then I migrated to the kitchen and made some apple crisp to freeze. I am never a fan of my freezer meals, but when I freeze my apple crisp we all really enjoy it.
  • Robby made breakfast quesadillas on the blackstone tonight. It was a delicious meal that we pretty much gobbled up. Afterwards, the neighbors asked if the kids wanted to swim. Campbell and Keaton went over and had a blast swimming until it was dark outside!
  • The rest of the evening was kind of quiet. Robby worked on Reagan's essay for school-it is nice to have a semi-proof reader around. There was even a snack of ice cream so it was a pretty perfect evening.

April 11, 2021

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  • Sunday morning and the only one awake was Whitman. I tell you, soccer just exhausted my people yesterday. The sun and crazy wind probably didn't help anyone either, but we were pretty much good for nothing yesterday evening.
  • After making sure that everyone was moving this morning, Robby and I started getting ready. I saw Whitman struggling with his shorts so I helped him. I then realized that they were way too small-think 2 sizes too small. He was adamant that they still fit fine, so I let them be and will move them to the give away pile after I wash them.
  • We did church and Sunday school this morning-it is still so good to be back at church. I just really missed church and people and the choir during all of this covid mess. Well, maybe I am not too sure how much I missed people-I could say that I missed some people.
  • After church, Robby ran home to get Bentley. We could probably leave her in her kennel at home for just a bit longer, but if we did that we would be anxious to leave Grannymom's house. So when Robby picks her up, we can stay a bit longer.
  • Grannymom had lunch for us-chicken spaghetti and Mississippi mud chocolate cake. After eating and visiting for a little bit, we headed home. The plan was to take a nap, but silly Bentley didn't want to cooperate with me. In the mornings she will lay in our bed being the sweetest girl, but this afternoon she just wanted to get down and then move from spot to spot in our room. That was going to be ok, until she started going under out bed. She occasionally chews on things under there so I couldn't leave her there.
  • So I took her for a walk and then to play in the living room so Robby could rest. I did manage to get a little bit of a nap when Bentley finally did rest for a few minutes. Before too long Robby was loading the bikes to go and meet the Fergusons at the big church.
  • The kids so enjoyed riding their bikes and scooters for a little bit. Bentley and Reagan ran and ran in the field. Reagan has been wanting to run some and tonight would have been the perfect place to do that. 
  • When we left there, we quickly headed over to the Wilson's house for our Sunday night supper. They had hot dogs and chili for supper along with some ice cream for dessert. Last time Bentley and Annie met, Annie was exhausted, but this time those 2 had a blast playing together. At least I think that they had a blast. They were super active for sure. 
  • When we made it home, it was soon bedtime for everyone. Tomorrow starts a fairly busy week around here.

April 10, 2021

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  • I was up super early for a Saturday-I guess that is my new routine for the next few soccer Saturdays. Robby and I both didn't sleep too well because we were worried about oversleeping. We didn't, and Graham and I arrived to Raymar about 10 minutes before we needed to.
  • I'm the concession stand queen this year, and Graham was my first Dennie to help. I was a bit worried about everything, but there was no need for that. Everything went smoothly. 
  • I was a bit hesitant with the cash register, but that also was super simple. When all 3 of my bigs worked, they were all worried about that as well. They did figure it out, I believe. But who was not intimidated by it? Keaton and Campbell. They were the cash register running queens.
  • This was our first soccer games of the season. Because I had to be there early, that meant that Robby had to leave on his own. Now, everything was laid out but there was still a lot of things to get to the car and pack up this morning. They made it fine and arrived early.
  • Keaton's game was first. Her team, and all of the Dennie teams, lost today. However, I am always so surprised at my kids out there hustling and even knowing what is happening on the field. Keaton was a pretty awesome goalie today-she even dived for the ball once when it appeared that she was kicked in the face. I never heard anything about it, so I guess she wasn't.
  • The next game was Whitman's. Two years ago, it was a struggle to get him to play at all. Robby had to bribe him with a snack if he would just kick the ball during the game. This year he is a different child. He is no superstar-but he plays and played hard which is an incredible difference.
  • Now, when he played his game, he had two of the best looking refs around-Anderson and Graham. That was their games to ref, and they really did a great job. They were both a little bit nervous about it, but had no reason to be.
  • Meanwhile, Reagan was on another field reffing a game. She worked the big fields both times. I was walking over to watch/heckle her a bit, but noticed the line at the concession stand so I bee lined it over there to help for a few minutes and never made it over there to watch.
  • Finally, it was Campbell's turn to play. We were a little spread thin during this time. Grandparents were all at a funeral, Robby was coaching, Reagan was reffing, Anderson and Graham were at a birthday party that Jason had to take them to, Campbell was playing, Keaton had to be recruited to work in the concession stand, and Whitman, well is just Whitman. So that left me not being able to see Campbell's game and Robby coaching a team and managing Bentley.
  • It all worked out fine though. Bentley, by this time, was exhausted. And the concession stand was slow so I was able to watch Campbell. And she is fierce-and really, she is a great goalie. I know that isn't her preferred spot, but she did super at it. 
  • It was a super fun day. After finishing at Raymar, we came home for a little bit, and then dropped off Keaton to spend the night with a friend and picked up the boys from their party. Back at home, Robby went to work on the trashcan while Campbell washed Bentley. I worked on the laundry and soon Reagan, Campbell and Graham were all taking a nap. This soccer day in the sun wore my people out!

April 9, 2021-Happy 8th Birthday (Party) Whitman!

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  • I woke up this morning ready to tackle my list. I had quite a few things that I needed to do-actually, this is a two list weekend since I have already made a list for tomorrow and Saturday plus there are multiple lists for tomorrow morning's first soccer game.
  • Before most kiddos were up, I had already emptied the dishwasher and pulled out school for most folks. Then people did start coming downstairs-the boys were first followed by Campbell and Keaton. We didn't see Reagan until around noon.
  • Campbell, Keaton and Whitman all helped me decorate and plan the games for Whitman's party. We had quite a few games and even one complicated one so it took all of us to figure everything out.
  • I did take Bentley on a walk today. Well, we walked some until we came upon some loose dogs. They played for a bit, but then one started to growl so I picked Bentley up. Then I was the one getting the workout lugging Bentley back to the house because the loose dog followed us all the way home. 
  • I guess our walk was enough to wear Bentley out because she then snoozed on my bed for a good while afterwards. Now, I am not too sure at all how she did get on my bed, but she was there and she must have liked it because she stayed there.
  • Soon I had great intentions of getting on the treadmill. I was actually headed to put on my shoes when Robby came in with a movie that I was returning to the library and said that we should watch it. Well, how could I resist laying in the floor watching a movie? So that is what I did. 
  • After the movie, Reagan drove us to drop off some shoes at someone's house. It was about to start raining so that was perfect practice for her driving in the sprinkling rain. She did just fine-she does go a wee bit faster than I would like for her to go though. Now next week, I need to get Anderson driving some.
  • Then it was home to work on the final party game. I also had time to help Reagan with school and get school ready for next week before our guests started arriving. Whitman had Maia, Eli, Brody, Ryan, and Michael at his party along with Grannymom, Grandpa, Jason, Nonna and Pops. 
  • His birthday was right in the middle of the all of the mess last year so it was just pretty sad. We tried to do it up big at home, and even talked about his party, but things just continued to be crazy. Anyway, I do think that we made up for that this year.
  • We had a "Gaming" theme-so the first thing that we did was play Roblox Jail Break inspired Jenga, followed by Minecraft Bingo. Then it was time to eat pizza for supper. Next up was pin the tail on the Minecraft pig followed by the huge game of real life Among Us. Then there were presents, cake, ice cream and a little bit of Mario Cart to end the evening.
  • Whitman had a great time-he is really growing up. And let me brag on my bigs for a bit. They were all over it-they helped me plan, they helped serve the food, they helped play the games, they helped clean-they did a lot. All of their work definitely did not go unnoticed by me for sure.
  • After the party, some folks stayed a chatted a bit, but by 9:30 the house was straight and the birthday gifts were all laid out! 

April 8, 2021

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  • I was up early enough this morning to actually do a few things before we started on school-I mean, I could have done a few things before school, but instead I just laid in bed with my phone and the dog. Really, what could have been better? Maybe a kid instead of the dog-but the dog doesn't ask questions.
  • We did our school-we don't have many more days left. I guess I should count up and see so I can plan accordingly. Our school year has been very productive, but not nearly as productive as last year when during the spring we kicked things into high gear since nothing much was happening.
  • Graham has gotten back to his hard math so that was a challenge for him today. He did finally act like he got some things, so we will see on Monday if he remembers it at all. 
  • I left with Keaton and Campbell to take Reagan to school today. When I was gone I told Whitman to ask his brothers for help-I returned two hours later to Whitman almost in tears. He couldn't get his brothers to help him nor had her eaten lunch. Bless it-though Whitman should have asked his dad for some help since his brothers denied him.
  • While I was out and while Reagan was at class, Keaton, Campbell and I bought some things for Whitman's party, bought some things for another holiday, and bought some tings for Whitman's party tomorrow. I have a whole list of things to happen tomorrow and most of those are to get ready for the shin dig tomorrow.
  • I was home for a few minutes before leaving again with Campbell to go to the pregnancy center. They are always so kind and gracious there. I do enjoy our time there. Campbell and I worked pretty hard going through boxes and straightening things up.
  • We met the others back at Raymar. My folks all enjoyed soccer practice again tonight. Bentley enjoyed it because he played with his super big friend Sully. They walked and walked around the fields wearing Bentley out.
  • Robby picked up supper on the way home-Chinese, my favorite. We ate while I worked on Saturday's schedules before heading to the Wilson's house to meet their new little puppy Annie. Bentley smelled all over her and can't wait to play more with his buddy. After some ice cream and a tiny bit of visiting, it was time for us to bring this party home and to bed.

April 7, 2021-Quick Trip to Northwest Arkansas

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Robby and I slept splendidly at the hotel. Honestly, we sleep well every night! We stirred around 7 and then went right back to sleep until it was almost time the meet the Wilsons for breakfast. It didn't take us long to get ready and soon we were in the lobby.

Breakfast was fine-still covid-ish. They did have premade breakfast sandwiches but Robby and I grabbed the last two. Other than that, they didn't have many options. No ice, juice or cokes-they said their machines were out of order. (Don't really believe that! Personally, I think that covid is the new excuse for laziness.)

Our first stop this morning was Walmart. It started misting so Robby turned on the windshield wipes. Tony mentioned that his windshield wipers looked bad which reminded me to tell Robby and that windshield wipers were half off and wouldn't work at all in a downpour. I knew that because the last time it rained I had to work hard to see when I took Reagan to school. 

So the first purchase of the day was windshield wipers. Then we went to Euna Maes which is a little cooking store. The stuff was all pricey, but we enjoyed walking through it because we really enjoy the owner's story-she believes that if people are well fed, then they will feel well-loved.

The next stop was Sam's for us to look around some followed by a gas fill up. After that, we stopped for lunch at the Buttered Biscuit-I had eggs Benedict while Robby had biscuits and gravy. It was all delicious, and I think that it was the best meal that we had while we were on our little getaway.

Then we did stop at one most stop-The Freckled Hen. It was a little Hallmarky place that I had heard about. It was a cute little store, but by this time it was raining, and we were chilly. Shannon had heard about a nearby coffee place so that was the next place. I did get a hot chocolate which made me extremely happy.

We then headed on back home. We fought the rain for a good little bit at one point. We did stop one for a potty stop and once to look at campers. (We have one and sure don't need another.) Now, I did miss my kids, but I sure didn't want to get home until after church started. I just wanted to show up for pick up tonight and not to stay and work. 

Pops and Nonna had dropped the kids off so after we unloaded, we were able to pick everyone up. We had Bentley with us so everyone stayed and chatted in the parking lot until it was almost dark. Then we came home and heard all about the kids' day on the drive home.

I think that most of the kids slept later than they had intended to. Pops did have everyone doughnuts when they woke up. Bentley did wake up pretty early though-hopefully she won't tomorrow. The had spaghetti for supper. Graham and Keaton went on a run but that was cut short due to the rain. 

Once at home, we all had supper and then worked on our Wednesday chores of emptying the trash cans. We did let a few people have ice cream for a snack-well, everyone had the opportunity too, but we just had a few takers. Keaton didn't have ice cream, but Bentley saw her bowl-which she recognizes because that is what Robby lets her lick his leftover ice cream from. Bentley would not leave Keaton alone at all-she wanted a lick of her bowl.

It was a good day for us and a good day for the kids. I know that they enjoyed their time away (from us) and their extra grandparent time.

April 6, 2021-Quick Trip to Northwest Arkansas

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Robby and I were awake before the dog this morning-yep, I know that is surprising. We had a list of things to accomplish before leaving town for the day. I changed the sheets while he cleaned the shower. Then we moved on to laundry and dishes. 

The boys were all stirring and even started on their school work. Anderson and Graham were soon finished, and Whitman was chugging along too. Whitman doesn't give a lot of attention to Bentley-though she does love him.

Once this morning I walked by and she was trying to lick him to death. I shooed her away, but later walked by and she was curled up in his lap while he was working. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Soon, Robby and I left to pick up the Wilsons. We had given the kids every instruction that we could thing of. Pops arrived just a few minutes after we left. I don't know really what all happened during the day.

I know that Reagan did go to school-and scored a good grade on her quiz. She had been having a hard time with the quizzes, but today she figured it out. Campbell made strawberry acai lemonade, and I am sure that Keaton did as well.

I saw Anderson and Campbell on the camera outside with the dog at different times. And Keaton asked about supper instructions so I know that the manicotti was eaten for supper. Other than that, I didn't really get many reports on the days happenings at home.

When we left town with the Wilsons, our first stop was in Clarksville at Fat Dawgs-Robby and I ordered cheese dip, a bbq baked potato and a cinnamon roll. We ate a few bites of the cinnamon roll but saved most of it-the cinnamon roll was the size of a large to-go container. I am not sure how much it was, but we definitely got our money's worth.

The next stop was in Alma at A to Z-first we went into the outlet store. I left that store with plates for Whitman's birthday party, football napkins for sometime in the future, goggles for the pool, a 2 little things for Christmas stockings. Then there was A to Z hardware-I left that store with a dog leash, and a few things for the dog's Christmas stocking. And our last stop was the A to Z gifts where I bought two more little Christmas stocking things. These stores were like nothing I had ever seen-kind of like a Harbor Freight/At Home/Ollies-there were some good deals (like my goggles) and some not so good deals. 

And we rounded out our day of shopping with a stop at the Little Debbie outlet in Gentry. They didn't have a lot of good deals, but we did find a few-hope the kids like lemon doughnuts. I mean, I really hope the kids like lemon doughnuts because we have a few dozen! 

Then it was to the hotel for a few minutes before going to Foghorns which was right by the hotel. We stayed with our potato covered in bbq theme from lunch and had bbq fries. They were absolutely delicious-now we were not hungry at all, but they were really good.

After that, we moseyed on over to the baseball field to watch the Hogs win against UALR. The game was fun-we were out in the grassy section which was nice except the crazy wind continued to blow. It was just a wee bit chilly for me. I did spent quite a bit of time walking through the wind-less, warmer stands. It was a pretty great day, and we have more fun things planned for tomorrow.

April 5, 2021

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  • It was a Monday morning around here for sure. Bentley acted crazy during our morning reading time. It was like she was on a mission to overwhelm me before the day started. Actually, she is a bit crazy usually first thing in the morning, but then she just snoozes for the rest of the school day which is pretty wonderful.
  • The rest of the school day went fairly well. Whitman took his sweet time until he realized that his bit sisters were on the trampoline. Once he figured that out, he was done with school in just a little bit. Well, I did write down the answers to his math problems to help him out some. 
  • Reagan spends most of her Mondays getting ready for her school on Tuesday. Today she did find time to do her math-some Fridays we have to check most pages of it because she has been wrapped up in her Comm Central work. Today, we were able to work on it-plus tomorrow's math looks easy!
  • I was able to do pretty good on my list today-plus I am trying to work really hard with Bentley right now. She needs all the help that she can get! Ha! We are getting there, but I sure don't want for our puppy kindergarten classes to go to waste. And a plus of working hard with her-she gets super tired.
  • The big boys had their D-group at church today. I sure don't mind taking folks to church any day or any time. While they were there, I ran to the library and then just sat in the quiet car and did my Bible study. Did you hear those words-quiet car? Yep, it was nice.
  • I did manage to walk in the treadmill some this afternoon as well. I finished one movie and started another one-and yes, pretty much the only reason I am walking on the treadmill these days is to watch as many Hallmark movies as I can. Ha! I have super plans for this summer for my Hallmark movies! A girl can dream, can't she?
  • Once we came home, I made two recipes for tomorrow's trip. Robby later made one so I figure we will have some food to snack on. We had frozen pizza for supper-Robby made quite a few, but I guess if food is out, then it will be eaten. Reagan was taking a shower while the rest of us had supper-we knew she was since she had just been on a run. We told everyone to save her some, but she just ended up with two pieces-I am sure that she will probably make a chicken pot pie later tonight! 
  • Graham has big ballgame watching plans tonight. I am not too sure who we will root for, but I know that money is on the line for some folks in this house. Except I think that they all need the same team to win! Unfortunately, Robby and I are last place in our family brackets. Reagan and Whitman are first and second. Reagan did some research and Whitman used some pretty smart skills for an 8 year old to figure out the winners. 

April 4, 2021-Happy Easter!

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  • My alarm went off a few minutes before Bentley woke up. I still laid in bed real still when I heard her whining, so Robby did get up and get her. However, in just a little bit it was time for me to start moving. 
  • I had my shower before starting on the rolls. I again made my grandma's rolls. I was a bit worried because the only other times that I have made them, they weren't really necessary for a meal. However, today rolls are an integral part of Easter lunch. 
  • I then woke up the kids. Even though they had Easter baskets, some of them weren't too keen on waking up and getting ready for church. Most folks had socks and underwear in their baskets-now some Dennie kids didn't need either so their basket was a little bit lighter.
  • Along with those unmentionables, there was a chocolate bunny, skittles, chocolate bars, and lots of breakfast items-grape juice, orange juice, honey bun, cinnamon roll, a donut stick and a few other things.
  • Whitman almost had a melt down this morning. He doesn't like leaving the house really ever, but church is his least favorite place to go. I showed him his clothes, and he went to work on them. However, his top button on his shirt was buttoned so he ended up trapped in his shirt. Bless it, I just walked in the closet as he was about to start balling. After a hug and some help unbuttoning he was better.
  • Soon we were off to church-it was a good day at church. Then we were back home again. I had a few things for the kids to do, but my main goal was the rolls again. I was fairly relieved that they were rising and seemed to look good-especially since I didn't have a plan B to fall back on.
  • This Easter was not like last year-our church was full and our house was full. Grannymom, Grandpa, Jason, Nonna, Pops, Lilly and Cash were all there to enjoy our big lunch. Nonna and Grannymom brought most things so we only had a few appetizers, cookies and the rolls to offer.
  • After everyone ate, it was finally time for the kids to have their big egg hunt. You would think that they would get a bit too old for this-but no, they loved this part of Easter.
  • I had quite a few eggs-I think that most people found about 60 eggs so that would mean that I stuffed around 500 eggs. That wasn't too bad. I believe that Campbell found the most, Whitman found the least and Graham found the golden egg with a few bucks in it.
  • After finding the eggs, the kids unstuffed them and made their stores. Lots of trading happened afterwards. Graham managed to trade away all of us candy and ended up with some money. 
  • I managed to take a little bit of a nap this afternoon. The Wilson's did come over tonight for a few minutes-while they were here, Bentley acted like a baffoon-she was as wild as ever. She played and played, but by the time that they left, she was sound asleep and laid in the floor until Robby picked her up and put her in his lap!

April 3, 2021

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  • I was at Walmart this morning before most people woke up in this house. Well, Bentley and Whitman were the only folks that had stirred so far when I left. I had bought Anderson a shirt yesterday, but it was too small. So I stood in the store debating forever if I should buy the next size up plus the next size up just to be safe. I finally decided that I would probably have to return to Walmart anyway so I just took a gamble and bought just one.
  • I also found the sandals that Keaton wanted yesterday, and they didn't have the right size. She was pretty pleased when I made it home with her sandals in tow. 
  • Then I went to town on the dishes and laundry. And let me tell you, I have worked on laundry all day long today. We have washed and put away at least 5 loads of laundry-I am not sure where everything has come from. Bentley did get a bath plus we all worked outside so that did add to the laundry.
  • We soon were heading out with everyone to Raymar for the church's Eggstravaganza. They did it up well-the kids all got bags of eggs filled with candy when we arrived. Reagan didn't get hers at first, but came up later asking where she could get some. 
  • Then there were booths around the field where the kids could play a game and earn a candy filled egg. Whitman found his favorite booth and did it over and over again. And towards the end, Keaton and her friend found the shortest line and did the same thing. Everyone had a great time walking around in the beautiful weather. 
  • Bentley even came-and man, did she love all of the attention that she got out there. She was petted by at least 100 people. When we came home, she continued receiving attention at home-after eating our Chick-Fil-A lunch, we started working in the yard.
  • Robby put Bentley's leash in the middle of the yard, so as the kids were "working" there was always one person sitting by Bentley. Now, much of the time she were comforting her because with the leaf blower and lawn mower happening (no where near her) she was a bit skittish occasionally. 
  • We worked and worked in the yard-Robby had hoped that we could have done more, but we really did a lot. We ran out of steam! After everyone came in, some folks started on their showers, but the girls helped me ice some Easter egg cookies. Whitman did help us for a few cookies as well.
  • After Robby and I had a nap, we did all eat more leftovers for supper. Then everyone went to town cleaning the house. Poor Bentley-the broom makes her a bit skittish, so vacuums (3 different ones) plus the steam mop was a lot for her. And when Graham moved the chairs so Robby could mop, she didn't know what to do. 
  • We ended the evening with a clean house, a nice looking yard and a bowl of ice cream! What could be better!

April 2, 2021-Happy 8th Birthday Whitman!

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  • The girls were awake much earlier than Robby and I were. Campbell and Keaton had blown up a dozen balloons yesterday so they would be ready. Campbell took them in to throw on the floor by Whitman's bed. Later Keaton and Campbell checked on to see if Whitman saw them-he hadn't yet seen them because he was snoozing still in Graham's bed.
  • When everyone was stirring this morning, Campbell made pancakes and waffles for the whole family. Of course we took that opportunity to stick a candle in his pancakes and sing him happy birthday.
  • After that, I went to work on my list for the day. I will tell you that Fridays are much harder days than any other day of the week. I worked in the camper, I did laundry and dishes, I made cookies, I boiled eggs, and the huge task that I finished today was changing over the boys clothes. 
  • Graham asked to go to Nonna and Pops' house today. He told me that we had not seen them in a while, so of course we went for a little visit. I think that Graham just wanted some cookies! 
  • After we left there, we did some speed shopping at Walmart-a full buggy! I pretty much wouldn't deviate from the list very much-much to Campbell's disappointment. We did manage to come home with 6 boxes of the 50 cent pies/cakes from Walmart. They are in the bakery area and are the kids' new obsession. 
  • Robby came home with some supper options-all that we had to heat in the oven. After eating, we sang Happy Birthday again to Whitman with some Starbucks cake pops. We followed that up with baking Easter egg shaped sugar cookies and dyeing Easter eggs.
  • We celebrated one last time with some super big bowls of ice cream-Whitman loves Friday nights because everyone gets to stay up late and play on their devices-so this has been the best birthday ever for him!

April 1, 2021

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  • Today was the last day of school for the week which is always my favorite day. I have always loved Thursdays, but now I do love them even most. Everyone did well on their school, but Whitman and Graham were my slow pokes. I was finishing working with Graham after I took Reagan to her class at 12:30 today.
  • Reagan had her class and while she was gone, I kicked it into high gear here. I had a few chores that I wanted to accomplish so I went to town working on them. They weren't too big-first the little 3 had to do their Bible study. Then I worked on my reloading of the camper-today I restocked the paper products. Then we went through all of the shoes in the bins and the ones on the shelves.
  • I realized just the other day that I haven't switched the girls' clothes or the big boys' clothes. Really this only effects Keaton who has lots of clothes in the attic that she can wear-the others don't have that many clothes. However, it is always nice to go through and straighten your drawers and closets-we might work on some of that tomorrow (or maybe not).
  • I did gather a few Easter clothes-I have clothes for 2 of 6  I guess that is pretty good. I am no longer a "you have to have new clothes on Easter" kind of gal, but I would like for folks to have some type of summer clothes to their name. I need to do a little more searching tomorrow-hopefully I can finish up the big boys Easter tomorrow.
  • This afternoon the Fergusons all came over to play for a little bit. That was lots of fun-Jennifer even brought cookies. Whitman played really well with the boys, and I enjoyed holding the baby. They left a bit before we all left for soccer practice.
  • We only have 3 soccer players this year-Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. There practices are all on the same night plus they are at the same time so it all works out great. We even took Bentley tonight and she enjoyed running around with Reagan, Graham and Anderson.
  • After practice we picked up supper and came home to eat. Everyone needed showers so that took up the rest of the evening. Once I finish this blog, I plan on finishing a Hallmark movie before bed!