Our 37th State: Mississippi

We traveled to our 37th state over the July 4th weekend. Highlights included visits to Vicksburg, Natchez, Jackson and finally a stop to see Les, Shelley, Josh and Zach. Click here for pictures from this trip.

Check-up #3 with Dr. Phillips

Tara had her 3rd visit to Dr. Phillips today for Baby #2. Reagan went with us again for this visit. Dr. Phillips checked Baby #2' heartbeat (around 145 beats per minute). He said everything sounded okay and all of Tara's vitals were good. He said he would see her again in about 4 weeks and she would have the big ultrasound with Radiology Consultants. The next visit is scheduled for Friday, July 28th.

Jaymie's 32nd Birthday

Jaymie will celebrate his 32nd birthday on Saturday, June 17th. We celebrated early with the Thursday Night dinner crew at Kyle's house. Click here for more pictures.

Announcing Baby Dennie #2 to Family & Friends

Last time we used a mock travel brochure to announce Reagan's birth, but this time we decided to let Reagan help make the big announcement. With the aid of a t-shirt, we visited the Brocks and the Dennies. We made a few calls to family, sent out a web link and ended the night by telling the Thursday night crew at dinner at Kyle's.

Second check-up with Dr. Phillips

It's our second visit to Dr. Phillips and we brought Reagan with us for this appointment. Of course, who do we run into at the elevator? My sister again -- she also works in the Baptist Medical Towers -- she asks, "So, when are you telling everyone?" We told her real soon!It was a quick visit to Dr. Phillips. He hadn't seen Reagan, except via the website, since the day he delivered her. He said he didn't know if could do so good on the second one. He listened to the baby's heartbeat and said everything sounded great. He said all of Tara's blood work and labs looked good as well. He asked us to return in 3 weeks.