April 30, 2012

Graduation Day!
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  • This was the second night that Campbell has woken up in the middle of the night.  Sounds like she is telling me that someone is fussing but then I go upstairs and she and everyone else is sound asleep.  We had been on a pretty good streak of everyone sleeping through the night and Campbell's little awakenings are starting to catch up with me.
  • Today was Reagan's last day of kindergarten at Comm Central.  (We still have 6 more days of school here at home)   I had everyone with me and we all walked in to drop Anderson off and then we drove around to the back of the church for Reagan's assembly.  We dropped her off in her class and went upstairs and soon Robby, Grannymom, Grandpa and Nonna all arrived.  Campbell, Graham and Keaton were all anxiously awaiting seeing Reagan.  
  • Reagan's class said two poems (Oooey Gooey and Jonathan Bing).  Then they all said their name and told what they liked this year.  Reagan said that she like Jonathan Bing-it was a very cute poem after all.  Reagan did say that she really wanted to sing the 5 ocean song with the Pre K but they couldn't.  All of the grades (Pre K through 4th) performed something from the kids memory work-the timeline, Intro to the Declaration of Independence, Preamble to the Constitution, Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Patrick Henry's Give me liberty speech-all of these things Reagan has learned (or at least heard during the year) which is pretty cool.  The only thing that we didn't touch this year that was in the memory work was the Greek and Latin-maybe next year (or maybe not!).  
  • After the assembly, Reagan's class had graduation cupcakes and their room was all decked out for graduation.  The teachers had little gifts for the kids and Reagan took her strawberry jelly to her teachers.  When picking strawberries last week, she wanted to take some to her teachers so Nonna thought of making jelly from those strawberries to take and Reagan was so proud of her jelly.  After she had her cupcake, we loaded up to pick up Anderson.  
  • Nonna drove to the other side of the church with us and sat with the kids while I went in to pick up Anderson.  When he saw me he just scowled and said "you are always early."  Well, I am usually early but not this early since I did pick him up almost an hour early.  I wasn't going to be able to stall and hang out around church for another hour.  
  • At home lots was happening-drywall people, meeting with the brick man and the septic system was going in.  And let me tell you, my yard is now a mess-lots of digging, rain and a few pieces of heavy machinery will do that.  Though I certainly don't mind the mess at all!  We are really only minorly inconvenienced from all of this construction but I can not imagine what people do that are renovating there whole house or even re doing a kitchen do.  It would drive my absolutely insane!
  • Anyway, the kids played for a bit and then we had lunch.  It was nice for everyone to be home on a Monday morning even if it was for a bit.  After lunch I loaded everyone up and I dropped them off at Grannymom's house.  I had a doctor's appointment and the kids read a few books and played outside until I came back.  
  • By the time I made it home, it was past nap time for Campbell and Graham never had a quiet moment to fall asleep so they were two very tired little kids tonight.  Campbell just laid in her bed when I put her down and didn't even bother trying to stall us leaving the room.  Usually she calls me back and says "I have a secret" and then whispers incoherently in my ear.  
  • Everyone mostly played legos until supper and then supper.  I then bribed the kids that if they had dessert then they had to be my "super cleaners."   They worked fairly well though Anderson would occasionally disappear and I would have to find him and remind him that he was working.  We picked up the house and even had time to read quite a few library books before Robby made it home from his errands (and my supper). 
  • Hopefully Campbell will sleep through the night tonight...or hopefully I will sleep through the night!

April 29, 2012

Getting crowded in the pool!
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  • Since it was cinna mini day the kids were ready to get ready and after getting them all ready I left myself with 10 minutes to get ready.  By the time I got out of the shower, Robby had loaded everyone up in the car.  Graham asked us repeatedly if we knew the way to Burger King and then he asked if we would have to wait long for them.  Poor thing has forgotten our old Sunday morning routine.
  • We were at church pretty early and we spied on people coming in through the window while we waited on Campbell's teachers to arrive.  Of course after hanging out for awhile made Campbell not too happy to go to her class.  Graham still went to his class without a problem though he so badly wants to go to big church with the rest of us.
  • After church we went to Nonna and Pops house to supper.  The kids pretty much devoured their pizza and then went outside to ride bikes and blow bubbles.  When we made it home they still wanted to go outside.  We did coax Campbell back inside for a nap and soon Graham was curled up with Robby on the couch snoozing.  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a bit and after they left Pops came over to drop off our Sunday shoes that we had left at his house.  Pops even dropped back by to pick up a house key (Nonna had locked him out...by accident).  
  • This evening the kids were begging us to play in the water so we let them and Keaton even sat in a puddle a splashed in the water.  They will just have a blast this summer when it is alot warmer and we can play in the water more.  Robby hosed everyone off before letting them come inside.  I dried them off and put pajamas on and then we had supper. 
  • The kids watched a movie and played for a few minutes before bed and then Graham and Campbell's naps became a curse-they continued to call us upstairs again and again.  Eventually things calmed down some (enough for me to have some ice cream!)

April 28, 2012

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  • This morning Campbell was the first one up again and she laid in the floor with Robby for a long while.  Then she decided that she would go and check on everyone else.  She woke them all up by getting on Graham's bed.  I walked into their room as they were trying to figure out how she had gotten out of her bed by herself.  It was funny because they could not figure it out and no one ever thought that one of us could have gotten her out of bed.
  • It didn't take too long for Anderson to find his soccer jersey laid out in the hallway and was putting it on for the big game.  The highlight of the soccer game was running through the tunnel.  Robby told Campbell that she could run through with him and run through that girl did.  She bust through that tunnel with the biggest grin on her face.  Of course, she did run through about 2 teams ahead of ours but she didn't care.  After coming through the tunnel she ran and ran and ran.  I had to leave Keaton to go and catch her and when I did, she was so pleased with herself.  None of us got a picture of her running through since we sure weren't expecting her to run through when she did.
  • The game was good and was another W.  I think the score was 8 to 3.  Reagan scored one and Anderson scored 2 (I think, though when I asked him how many he score he said 8 which I know isn't true).  Robby said that during their first practice he thought that if they ever get the ball in the goal during the game it would be a miracle.  But this little team isn't that bad-when they aren't kicking the dirt or looking at the snow cone stand.  The ball did roll and bump into Coach Graham today and he just grinned after we told him good kick.  
  • After the game, we headed to Sams to pick up our medicine (and seriously I am always shocked by how much Anderson's asthma meds cost-outrageous).  We walked around a bit and our purchases were little cups for the kids snacks, two outdoor pillows and a big rolling water hose thing.  They were giving out a few samples so the kids gladly partook of that.  And since we had and icee while shopping, we finished our Sam's trip with hot dogs for lunch.
  • Back at home the kids played outside while we watched the brick people finish the front and back of the house.  Then we gave the girls a bath and put Campbell to bed. Robby and I worked on making our bedroom back into a bedroom-it had gotten pretty bad but looks much better now (even though we still have hole and a tarp!).   After a long while the boys had their bath and then they all watched a movie while I finished straightening inside and Robby straightened outside.  
  • We had all gone back outside when the McGuires and Penningtons came over.  The kids played outside until supper.  Everyone toured the garage and the fellows even walked around the property.  Actually when it was supper time, I went out to tell them but couldn't find them.  I finally saw them at the very bottom looking at my trees.  After supper the kids went upstairs and they just went bonkers-we eventually kicked them outside (all but the little ones-Laynie, Hayley and Keaton).  
  • After that it was so very quiet in the house and the grown ups had dessert and then we eventually took the kids their dessert.  The evening was so pleasant outside and I think everyone had a great time.   Of course, when everyone left we again had to give the kids baths.  This time they all had quick showers (all but Keaton and Anderson who had a bath).  
  • As we were tucking them in, Anderson was so excited because Daddy had told him a secret-we are going to get cinna minis tomorrow.  Woo hoo!  Big time stuff in the Dennie house!

April 27, 2012

Nothing beats a good 'ole bowl of spaghetti!
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  • We ran out of milk last night and had only 3 cups that were 3/4 full.  Only 3 because Reagan doesn't always drink milk.  I was hoping that the milk wouldn't be an issue this morning but I was wrong.  Campbell had her milk at 6 when she joined our bed (wide awake I might add).  And around 7, she returned to the fridge and retrieved Anderson's cup for him and Graham's cup for her.  Then Campbell went to join Anderson who was watching a movie.  I had to take Graham's cup away from her and she was not pleased.  Later at breakfast, I handed Graham's cup to him and Reagan asked about hers.  I told her we didn't have any more and her little lip started quivering.  All day long some one was always asking me if they could have some milk.....
  • Not only were we out of milk, we were out of baby food and baby cereal.  Keaton finished off the rest of her cereal for breakfast and I had nothing in this house that I could give her for lunch.  I didn't think smashed bbq potato chips would be okay.  Sara did feel sorry for her at lunch and gave us some of Lilly's food.  Though in my defense, I knew I was going to the grocery store tonight and she could always have had another bottle.
  • The kids did school quickly this morning so we could go and get the oil changed on the car.  We unloaded at the place and went into the waiting room.  The first thing the kids saw were 3 tires (real tires) and they immediately started to try to unstack them and roll them.  Thankfully, I was able to set the baby down to avert any ones toes from being rolled over.  We read a book and then the kids found the little kiddie waiting area and by the time I looked up the whole waiting room had left-yep, we cleared the waiting room.  
  • Before too long we were on our way to church to ride bikes and play on the playground for a bit.  Keaton enjoyed setting on the blanket and watching everyone.  Keaton has started waving occasionally and I think she is trying to clap too-such a big girl.  Everyone else rode their bikes, played on the playground and even played hangman on the church sidewalk with chalk.  Of course, as we were leaving we did notice one of the words that the kids had spelled out in their little hangman game-poop!  We had to scratch that one out before we left.
  • Back at home, Campbell and Keaton had a nap and I tried to work on my grocery list.  I had made it very clear that everyone was supposed to sit quietly and watch their movie or lay on my bed.  Of course my boys were so tired that they just couldn't behave.  Anderson hit Graham and this set Graham off in his little screaming fit.  So Graham was sent to my bed because of his screaming and Anderson was sent to the couch upstairs because of his hitting.  I made them stay in their spots for almost an hour and there was much, much scream and gnashing of teeth.  I think those long time outs are going to have to happen for awhile because the screaming and hitting is about to drive me insane
  • Robby came home and we hauled the couch to Beebee's garage.  He drove slowly the whole way there and I followed him praying that the sectional that we had stacked on the trailer stayed on!  It did and we switched cars and then switched again and I headed to the grocery store.  I bought plenty of milk, plenty of baby food and lots of beans for next Saturday.  The kids had supper and even had their pajamas on when I came home.
  • Robby unloaded the groceries while I put Graham and Campbell to bed and then Reagan and Anderson went after their movie was over.  Another good, good day!

April 26, 2012

Team Meeting!
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  • Last night we went to bed thinking the first order of business this morning would be getting Campbell to the doctor but she slept all night long and was jumping in her bed before 7 this morning.  She was actually in a wonderful mood this morning and has acted fine all day long.
  • Robby and the girls left a little after 7 to go to Grannymoms and to take the van to the shop (yes, again but all should be good now-for a few days at least!).  Soon after I was loading up the car with the boys and thinking that two kids was pretty easy.  And not a minute or two after I thought this I was walking back into the house to get my spanking spoon.  Anderson said that he did not want to sit by Graham and turned himself around and sat on the console.  I told him to move and he said no so a good old fashion spanking was how we started our morning.
  • Later I picked the boys up from school and they were talking about playing football on the playground so I guess that had forgotten what their earlier disagreement was in the car.  Soon Grannymom and Grandpa brought the girls home and even brought lunch over.  We ate and then the kids went upstairs to play with their box some more and then joined us all back outside.  
  • Robby made it home from work and everyone stayed outside for a bit and then we came back inside to shower the boys and Campbell off.  We hadn't been outside long but they had gotten pretty sweaty.  Then Keaton and Campbell had naps, the boys played and Reagan did some of her school.  I am falling behind in our state stuff but plan to catch up this weekend.
  • Soon Kennedy and her dad arrived.  Kennedy went upstairs to play with the kids box and her dad hammered a bit in the house.  The kids all played in that silly ole box.  Reagan even made a model of their cardboard box today.  
  • Before too long we were all scrambling around getting ready for soccer.  The kids still have so much fun at soccer-maybe I should sign my boys up for flag football.....maybe I should sign Anderson up for tackle football...keep reading
  • Well my favorite part of the day happened tonight during soccer practice.  The kids were scrimmaging and Anderson had the ball.  He was kicking it towards the goal when another player ran up beside him.  Anderson was about to lose possession of the ball and didn't want that to happen...so he did what any 5 year old boy would do.  He stuck his arm out and pushed that kid down and kept the ball!  Coach didn't like that though!
  • I had bunko tonight so I helped Robby load up the kids and I headed off.  He picked up supper, fed everyone, pajama-ed them up and picked up by the time I had made it home.

April 25, 2012

Building our own house!
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  • The kids were all up fairly early this morning but Reagan was the only one that slept a bit longer.  I was able to take my shower right before Robby left and soon it was breakfast time.   We did some of our memory work and then the kids played for a few minutes.
  • Keaton and I were in the kitchen, Reagan, Anderson and Graham were upstairs and Campbell was in the school room.  I knew that the plumber was here and that he had to drill through the wall (cinder block and brick if you remember) so I wasn't too surprised when the drilling started.  But Campbell was much closer to it than I was and she sped out of that room running towards me as fast as she could.  Her mouth was wide open!  In her defense, it was crazy loud-like we then had to do school outside so we could hear each other talk.  Crazy loud like I was worried about my dishes rattling or pictures falling off the wall.  
  • We became a little bit chilly on our blanket outside so we came in but first we were able to finish half of school and cut everyone's fingernails.  We picked up a bit and then started our work on our state stuff.  Reagan said today that she was tired of talking about South Dakota and was ready to talk about another state.  Anderson told Nonna and Pops that he was going to show them Oklahoma today on the map but pointed to South Dakota-maybe we have been talking about it a bit too much.  I am must excited about Mt. Rushmore so maybe I have done a bit too much with it.
  • Nonna and Pops soon came over to make strawberry jelly with us.  Reagan really wanted to take some of her freshly picked strawberries to her teachers at school so we made jelly for her to do take to them.  The kids were a bit interested but then they were just as happy playing upstairs.  Though at one time they were all 4 standing on top of the counter so they could see what was going on.  When the jelly was made we had a few sampled on toast-like we all ate 1/2 of a loaf of bread with our warm jelly.
  • Robby ran home for a few minutes and brought home a few doughnuts that the kids enjoyed and soon everyone had left and we started our afternoon.  I did laundry while the kids dressed up.  I didn't get any pictures of that today but both boys dressed up in superman costumes and while Graham was dressed up he helped me carry a few huge boxes from the UPS man into the house.  I think the brick workers might have gotten a kick out of a miniature superman hauling boxes into the house.  The girls also dressed up both wearing purple dresses.  Campbell let Reagan put a big purple bow in her hair and then they both put on their Sunday shoes.  I overheard Reagan assuring Campbell that it was fine to wear their Sunday shoes because they were playing dress up.
  • Campbell and Keaton then had their naps-poor Keaton couldn't sleep in our bedroom because ti was too dusty, couldn't sleep in the school room because the big kids wanted to watch a movie so I moved her to Robby's office and soon the banging started again which woke the poor thing up.  
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham discovered the cardboard box that my delivery came in and started to make a house out of it.  It was kind of funny because Reagan so wanted to do everything perfect and didn't want the boys to scribble or mess up the house.  So she would try her best to be so diplomatic about things saying things like "Graham you are such a good colorer, why don't you color the roof with this red."  "Graham, do you want another color?" (handing him another red), "Anderson, why don't you draw a picture on a piece of paper of the house?"  "Anderson, color this wall all blue okay?"  Thankfully they all cooperated but when I woke Campbell up from her nap, I heard them scrambling trying to hide the colors from her.
  • The big 4 all squeezed into the box and started their supper but soon all returned to the barstools.  Then we went to church for our last night of Awanas for the year.  Things were going great until we picked up poor Campbell.  Her teacher said that she was about to go to sleep in the floor.  As we were greeting Campbell, she looked at us and said "my ear hurt."  Man, that just rips your heart out to hear her say that.  Needless to say that Campbell got lots of attention tonight: we brought her home and took her upstairs, I changed her clothes while Reagan and Graham got her toys, blankets and pillows.  Then I put drops in her ears and as we were standing back up, she saw her drink medicine that I had poured and drank it (though she earlier refused).  I started clapping and chanting her name and soon Reagan, Anderson and Graham all joined me in cheering for her.  She went to bed easily and hopefully will sleep well.

April 24, 2012

Rewards of strawberry pickin'
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  • The boys took snack to school today and we let them pick exactly what they wanted to take.  Graham decided on the little breadstick type crackers that you dip in cheese and Anderson wanted to take graham crackers and marshmallows.  And both of them wanted to take orange juice and Robby said that both teachers commented on the orange juice-must have been a real treat!
  • The girls spent the morning with Nonna and Pops.  Reagan told me that she watched tv the whole day but that can't be exactly true since she did her math pages and her and Campbell went to see Beebee and Papaw for a few minutes.  
  • After I picked up the boys, I had to run to the library to pick up a few books.  The boys were delighted because I let them pick out a movie (and a few books of course).  They were so proud of their movies and now that we have gotten home they have forgotten about them (possibly because I put them way out of sight)
  • When we made it to Nonna's house, their neighbor asked if the kids could come over and see their new rabbit.  So they ran over to look at the rabbit for a few minutes.  Anderson didn't want to pet it but everyone else did-even Campbell.  Speaking of animals, the highlight this afternoon was them watching two neighbor dogs out in our front yard.  The kids thought the dogs were wrestling...they weren't wrestling.  Anyway, I think I need a BB gun.  
  • After lunch, we loaded up with Nonna and Pops and headed to the strawberry patch.  We only got turned around one time and that was with the gps and directions.  Ha!  When we arrived the lady made me a bit nervous that they weren't going to have any but the did have plenty and the kids enjoyed picking them.  Reagan was all about it.  She didn't need any help and had filled her two containers before long.  Anderson and Graham often wanted help to fill theirs-I think they thought they were in a race!  And Campbell picked any and every thing she could.  After I showed her a few red strawberries she finally got the hang of it as long as we would constantly remind her "just pick the red ones." 
  • After dropping off Nonna and Pops off we headed home.  Campbell fell asleep in the car and slept until supper.  I hauled everything in the house while the others played.  After I had put most things away we started school and the boys participated a bit too and they were very interested when I started reading a book about Mt. Rushmore.  I guess boys are always interested when they hear words like "Indians, dynamite, dangerous"
  • We had a simple supper and then the kids picked up their toy room while we picked up downstairs.  Actually, Reagan did most of the picking up until I told her she could quit.  Then the boys worked after I told them they could only have a popsicle when they were finished.  That did speed things along a bit.  
  • When I was getting the others ready for bed, Keaton was on the floor in their room.  And within a few minutes she had rolled her little self from the middle of the room to the window and then during prayer time she rolled under their beds.  I had to drag her little leg out from under the beds.  Once tonight she was rolling around holding my phone with a mischievous grin-kind of reminded me of Campbell.  What am I going to do?  Keaton also has her first top tooth.  Growing too fast!

April 23, 2012

Growing up!
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  • So this morning was zoo day for Anderson's class and I dropped off Reagan at school first.  This was her last full day of kindergarten at Comm Central.  She really didn't even care that the rest of us were going to the zoo-that is how much she enjoys school.
  • Anderson was so excited when I told him that we were a few minutes early.  His class is mostly boys so Ms. Stacy and the other moms could hardly keep up.  We were fortunate that none of his class fell over the railings and into the cages-seriously.  Some of the exciting events from today included seeing the penguins, feeding the fish, the snakes, the reptile house, the noisy monkeys and the prarie dogs.  
  • Graham kept up with Anderson and Campbell mostly stayed with me.  She is really getting good at talking and telling us things.  If we don't understand she will usually use some gesture so I can get what she is talking about.  Tonight she told me that the monkey's scared her and in her defense the monkeys were pretty noisy today.  But what she said at the zoo still has me laughing.  We were looking at the large, hairy orangutans and Campbell pointed at them and shouted "Daddy!"  
  • A few minutes later, some monkey picked something up and threw it at our group.  I wasn't looking and only heard the commotion but it hit the metal bar right between the boys.  It was a loud thump-it looked like it might have been some of his food.  It hit close enough to Anderson that Ms. Stacy thought he might have gotten hit.Whatever it was, it sure would have hurt so when that monkey picked something else up we skiddattled on out of there.  
  • The kids were good and we were able to get in the car without much fussing or fretting.  The juice box and cookie bribe did help.  As soon as I buckled Campbell in, she shouted "me ride train"-just remembering that we did not ride the train.  Keaton had a big time as well at the zoo-lots of stroller time, outside time, a bottle and even a nap-she couldn't have been happier!
  • Meanwhile, back at the house, Robby was watching the workers tear a hole our closet door (poor Anderson cried when he came home and saw that he had missed it).  Robby said he felt a little like Geraldo when he was opening up the Hoffa vault.  And just like Geraldo there was nothing to exciting with the big reveal here.  But it did take the framer and electrician-Robby said when he walked into our room there was a cloud of dust everywhere.  It has settled on the furniture and some has made its way to the kitchen floor-I saw it when I swept tonight.  It will only get worse before it gets better, I know (the dust/mess that is).
  • Robby ran a few errands and then picked up Reagan and a few Sonic drinks on his way home.  I woke up Campbell and Graham to drink theirs and Graham must have fallen back asleep because I heard a yell and then Reagan came outside to tell me that Graham had dropped his drink.  Poor guy, he was so upset but I was able to salvage most of it and he was fine with it.
  • We then went outside to clean the addition and the kids played some.  Neighbor girl came over along with her cousin/friend/step sister/sister (I don't really know since she has told me they are all of those).  Neighbor girl told Reagan that there were 10 continents-I am sure she was just confused but the lying/exaggerating just makes me crazy!  I also had to keep my eye on neighbor boy because he has now taken 2 of the cars from our dirt pile saying they are his.  Which they may be because we had inherited quite a few cars from when we moved in six months ago.  One day I overheard and gave him permission to take one even though Anderson was not pleased with me and another day he just took one over Anderson's protests.  But not today-I didn't let him out of my sight.  Ha!  You can certainly have a car if you ask but third graders don't take 5 year old cars!
  • We then had our spaghetti and ice cream sandwiches.  Next up was bath time and it was relatively peaceful tonight.  Then everyone went to bed and we were only called up there one time.  And that was because Graham needed me to find his happy napper toy-and then Reagan needed her-and Anderson needed his and then Campbell needed hers as well!

April 22, 2012

Just a little time in the dirt!
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  • The first thing I heard this morning was Campbell calling for Reagan "Rearea, momma wake me up."  This means "Reagan, call Mom and have her get me out of bed."  Of course, Campbell called and called and called and Reagan never answered her....because Reagan had spent the night at Nonna and Pops' house.
  • Last night the boys had made a list of what to do today.  They made their list possibly at the same time I was making my list.  Anderson had written "eat donuts" before "get ready" so he was pretty adamant that he had to eat his breakfast first so that is what we all did around here.
  • Church and poor Graham really, really wants to go to big church.  I promised that in just a few months he will get to go all the time.  Anderson piped in with he wished that he could go to class.  We asked why and he replied that you have to stand up too much in big church.  And if you were 5 it might seem like you do have to stand up too much in big church but today, I heard Reagan and then Anderson singing a song that we had sang today in church.
  • Today in church, Anderson leaned over to me and said "do you remember when we had to take off our shoes in church?"
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and even had a dessert that Oklahoma is famous for-pecan pie.  Then the kids went outside to play a game of kickball.  We played that the other day over there and I think it would be fun to play a big family game of kickball sometime-like after Thanksgiving.  Wouldn't that be a fun tradition?
  • Back at home, the kids watched a movie, the little girls rested and then everyone went outside while Robby was mowing.  I saw both of the boys potty outside and then I noticed Campbell-standing up against a tree, pants and diaper pulled down, holding herself and turning around grinning at me.  Of course I tried to grab my camera but she had moved before I snapped a picture.
  • The kids stayed outside until almost 6 and then I brought everyone in because it was cold!!  Reagan and Campbell had a bath together, Anderson also had a bath in which Campbell who was wearing her clean pajamas joined him and Graham had a shower.  Then they had leftover lasagna and we read a book about caves.  
  • And before I knew it, the kids had flashlights and were spelunking in the dark bedrooms.  Finally, we put everyone down for bed and I really think they all rest a bit better when they are all in the same room.

April 21, 2012

Soccer Saturday!
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  • As Robby and I were going to bed last night, he whispered at me to come.  I looked and outside just about 5 feet from the edge of our patio was a deer.  She must have seen my white shirt through the window because she was pretty skittish and ran off just as Robby snapped a picture.
  • Around 1:30, Graham woke up asking if Daddy was going to come upstairs and since I could tell that he wasn't going to go back to sleep easily so I just brought him downstairs to our bed.  And then around 5, Keaton joined us too thought I could only snooze after that because Graham is all over the place and I was afraid he was going to elbow his sister.  So I slept from 5 til wake up time with one arm around Keaton, one arm over Graham's arms and my leg over Graham's leg.
  • I had my shower first and then went to wake up Kennedy, Reagan and Anderson.  It didn't take long at all of for Anderson to wake up and put on his jersey.  That boy really enjoys playing soccer.  The girls moved a bit slower but we were all mostly ready on time though they did have to eat breakfast in the car.  Our soccer pictures were at 8 this morning and brrrr it was cold.  Like ice cold!  
  • We shivered for awhile and then pictures were over and Robby volunteered to take the baby back to the car for a bit to warm up.  "Volunteered" maybe because he was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt and was pretty chilly himself.  Kennedy and Anderson joined them in the car for a bit and before too long it was time to run through the tunnel.  
  • And Campbell made her soccer debut today!  She was sitting happily on the team's bench and I went just a few feet away to the blanket.  The next thing I hear is Robby shouting my name while holding Campbell by the waist surrounded by eight kicking 5 and 6 year olds.  Poor Campbell was just going to stand by her Daddy but was almost trampled.  She was not happy about the whole incident-she just screamed and screamed until she discovered my snacks.
  • So the score today was 6-2.  Three of our teams goals were scored by the other team and one was scored after the ball was out of bounds but the score is still 6-2!  We continue to be impressed with them-Reagan is quite the defensive player.  She stopped many, many goals from being scored.  And Anderson scored a goal!  He was so proud of himself.  Jason has most of the game on video in case any one would like to view it.
  • After the game, they had snow cones for the kids.  Nothing like standing around in the freezing cold eating ice!  The kids didn't even notice that the rest of us were shivering but loved their rainbow colored snow cones.  Reagan headed home with Nonna to spent the night with her and Pops after the game.  They had a big time even going to Chuck E Cheese, picking flowers, seeing Beebee and Papaw and making supper.  
  • Robby hurried home because he just could not wait to see the brick people (actually he couldn't wait to see if they were there).  And they were and now we have a few holes in the house!  Pretty exciting and Robby's favorite spot in the house is going to be where his new window is going to go in his office area.  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over and helped us clean a bit and Campbell and Keaton had a short nap.  They were all up in time to enjoy a popsicle before coming in for a bath.  I was busy with bathing the kids and since I wasn't around to pass Keaton in and out of the shower to him as usual, he just sat Keaton in the floor of his shower.  She enjoyed it for a minute and then decided that taking a shower was not for her.  
  • We then all rode to Walmart-Anderson slept on the way there and Graham slept on the way home and Campbell coughed the whole way there and the whole way home!  She seems to feel fine despite that cough.  When we made it home, Graham was still asleep but did wake up for a bit of supper....and an ice cream sandwich. 
  • As we were eating, I opened the mail from the nutrition center (almost pitched it without opening it) and saw one of the pictures they took of us last summer.  Anderson thought that was so neat that they were in the newspaper!

April 20, 2012

Who stole my cookie?
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • Keaton coughed so much at midnight that we picked her up out of bed to lay with us.  She eventually needed a bottle but then was as happy and cough free as one could be.  She ate again at 5 all cuddled up with me and then I put her back in her bed and she decided that she didn't like her bed at all!
  • The plan was to pick strawberries this morning but the weather looked so threatening that we decided to postpone and of course the rain didn't come and didn't come.  I was just afraid that we would get out there and it would start pouring.  The plan is to now go on Tuesday.
  • Reagan was ready to start her school work and managed to get phonics and math done early, early this morning before breakfast.  We didn't do anything else since we had lots of company but I did manage to sneak in a few school books at lunch!
  • The sheet rock people were here early again and so were the brick guys.  We thought they were going to cut out our window and doorway to the bathroom but all that was done today was knocking out the step.  Supposedly they will come tomorrow to do those things-not holding my breath!  Ha!  Though the cabinet man did come as expected to take a few more measurements.
  • Kennedy came over and played all day long.  The kids started playing outside and the morning seemed to fly by.  At one point I lost Campbell only to find her walking out of the house holding a handful of popsicles.  As I took them away from her she kept saying "me pass out"-she wanted to pass out the popsicles to everyone.
  • Nonna and Pops came over for a few minutes to check on the progress of the house and to see the kiddos.  Keaton was tired and Nonna and Pops both bounced her a bit before finally putting her in bed.  
  • We had lunch inside and the kids started playing inside.  Kennedy and Reagan played well together but the boys were in a mood and just made things crazy for awhile.  Soon I had to put Campbell and Graham down for a nap or I was going to quickly need one!  Campbell must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed because she had been fussy all day long.  She went to bed easily and Graham fell asleep on the couch and Keaton was snoring in my room (really snoring-so cute).
  • Keaton eventually woke up and I fed her in my comfy green chair and then Graham joined us.  We then all slept for a few minutes until Keaton started grabbing at Graham's face.  It was so sweet-she was just touching all over his face.  Before too long, everyone was up and I made all of the kids pick up the school room and the toy room.  Seriously, they had trashed those two rooms but quickly picked them up when I asked (and asked again and possibly asked again).  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over tonight and ate supper with us.  The kids ate and then played more before I passed out dessert.  Soon it was time for Grannymom and Grandpa to leave and they asked Campbell if she wanted to go with them and she certainly did.  That little thing was so proud-she grabbed her bag, put on her shoes and coat and started hugging everyone good bye.  My little girl is growing up.  If I was betting, I would bet that Campbell fell asleep on the way Grannymom's house.
  • Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Kennedy had a "pajama party" before bed.  They planned this out and they played with a balloon, played with a parachute, had a snack and a movie.  Big times!  They are still watching their movie and then all are going to bed (hopefully quickly and quietly!)

April 19, 2012

Listen to your assistant coach!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • I had to wake every one of the kids up today.  They were sleeping so soundly-horrible!  Thankfully, everyone woke up in a good mood and were ready in no time.  Anderson was pretty excited to get ready since it was 'zebra' day in his class and they were asked to wear black and white.  So we painted black stripes on a white shirt yesterday.  Graham helped since he will wear it next year and even Reagan and Campbell made a stripe or two.  He really enjoyed making it (at least one side of it-I had to finish the other side).  And we didn't even get a picture of it!  Maybe I will have him try it one again for a picture.
  • Anderson brought home his cup of grass that he had planted at school.  Graham was very upset that his grass did not grow.  He repeatedly told me about this on the way home.  I finally asked when he planted his grass and his answer was today.  No wonder his grass hadn't grown yet!!
  • The girls spent the morning at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  They jumped on the trampoline and decorated cupcakes.  All three of my girls have runny noses and Reagan hasn't felt too great today.  I started to think that Graham was getting sick today when I saw him laying on Grannymom's grass with his head on a ball.  He was just a bit tired but as soon as he got up, Reagan laid in his spot and used his ball pillow.  Pitiful!  Maybe we need softer grass at our house!
  • We finally made it home this afternoon and getting in the house is always crazy on my work days...well, unloading the car and getting in the house is crazy whenever we come home.  Bags to unpack and refill, bottles to put in the fridge, cups to put in the dishwasher, trash from the car, papers from school, work stuff to do at home, school work to put up, shoes to put in the bin, socks thrown everywhere, doors open and it seems that everyone needs something as soon as I walk in the door (juggling all of the above)-snack, wipe their bottom, hook up their lego trailers, turn on a light.  At least once on a Sunday, Robby helped unload the car (except the kids) and then they drove around the block while I ran around the house unpacking from the day.  
  • Anyway, all that to say, today when we came home Robby was in the garage cleaning up.  We all joined him to help.  The boys did pretty good at putting little pieces of trash in a pile, Reagan is quite the sweeper and Campbell worked on bringing the bicycles into the garage.  Before too long, things were cleaner in the addition (still filthy but much cleaner).  
  • Everyone came inside-Robby to do some work, the boys to rest (Graham wants to rest so he can drink his milk and Anderson wants to rest so he doesn't have to do his homeschool work), Campbell to nap, Reagan to do school and Keaton to watch.  Reagan did school laying on the floor covered up with a blanket-don't feel too sorry for her since she was finished in a little over an hour.  She works much faster when she doesn't have so many distractions (brothers).  
  • She did feel much better during soccer practice tonight and continues to impress us.  Seriously, the kids are so much better than we ever thought they would be.  Maybe our expectations were too low but they have done really well.  And Graham is still the cutest assistant coach ever.  He blows that whistle every time Robby asks and is so proud of himself.  Campbell and Graham will be pretty good little players too-I may just become a soccer mom!  
  • We picked up supper on the way home and stopped to also pick up bread.  Then we came home and the kids had a few minutes to play before bed.  It didn't take long for the kids to fall asleep tonight-love soccer practice nights since they are so tired!

April 18, 2012

One is bigger than the other!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • The sheetrock workers were at the house early this morning and Graham had even spied on them and then went back to bed.  They enjoyed watching them off and on all morning-and of course when they lifted a crazy tall ladder, all 4 kids were out the window squealing with excitement.
  • Jodee and Kennedy came over and the kids played with Kennedy all day long-the played in the dirt, out of the dirt, on the tree house, on the swings, had a snack outside and even had lunch outside.  A big time was had by one and all.
  • We looked outside today and Anderson was sitting in the dirt, happily playing.  I was not happily watching when I saw that boy though.  He had filled his dirt with shirt-filled it up.  He probably had 50 pounds of dirt in his shirt.  Robby was surprised when I said that the kids didn't go inside today but when I explained this sight, he agreed that it was probably best they stayed outside.  
  • When Kennedy left, we scurried around and everyone had a shower and then Keaton and Campbell had naps.  Graham said that he wanted to rest and sure enough he fell sound asleep.  Reagan finished school and then her and Anderson did their state pages-the others will have to catch up.  Today was started talking about South Dakota-I just hope they remember something about what all we have talked about.
  • It was 5 when we walked out the door at home but it was 5:45 when we walked into the door at church.  I had to make about 4 trip from the house to the car, Anderson found some glass in the yard to be thrown away and Campbell didn't want to get in her seat.  The traffic was fine and when we arrived at church two geese were by the new parking lot so off Reagan, Anderson and Graham went chasing them.  They made it pretty close before they flew off.
  • I mentioned Campbell didn't want to get her in her car seat.  She sat her bottom down right between the two seats on the floor of the car.  I told her that she had to sit in her seat and she said "no, Grannymom sits here."  What, I thought.  But then I realized that Grannymom (and I) have illegally sat between the seats when we needed to pile in the car on the way to the airport.  
  • It was inside out night at Sparks and Reagan had everything inside out and was pleased as she could be.  Even tonight, she put her pajamas inside out and so did Anderson.
  • During Cubbies tonight, Graham's teacher said "Let's play Simon Says.  And I am Simon."  My Graham shouted back "And I'm says!"
  • When we made it home tonight from church, we all toured the garage.  A few thoughts-the sheetrock people are messy, I am going to have to have lots of walls that need stuff (I already do) and it really looks like a house now.  Exciting.  Campbell stood herself in the mud sink and started rubbing her hands over her body saying "me taking shower"

April 17, 2012

Dinner gone awry!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • Last night when we were driving home, we drove past the Knowledge Tree (educational supplies) and Graham noticed the colorful shapes on the side of the building.  He asked if he could have his birthday party there-I guess it looked fun to the boy.  Wonder if they have ever had birthday parties-I told him though that I would take him one day.
  • And Graham's "armpit itchies" have now been confirmed as poison ivy.  Poor guy must be pretty tough because it doesn't seem like it bothers him too often (except when we talk about it or put medicine on it).  The medicine that we  have been putting on it makes Graham go bananas.  Robby (a fellow poison ivy sufferer) said that the medicine doesn't hurt but does have a cooling/soothing effect and to Graham that probably feels crazy weird....oh and the jury is still out if he has a tick on his leg or not.
  • Back to this morning, the boys got out of bed at 7 and quietly went to the toy room.  Then Campbell started calling for me and I picked her up out of bed.  Usually she will just sit in the floor and cuddle with me but today she got out of my lap and walked to join the boys.  Reagan then pulled her pillows and blanket off of her bed and laid down beside me in the floor.  The kids were playing quietly and Reagan and I could have cuddled all morning but alas it was a school day so we had to get up and get busy.
  • The boys went to school and they both came home with pictures that I put straight into their memory boxes.  Anderson had drawn a giraffe and Graham had made a man with arms and legs.  Pretty impressive and I probably should have taken a picture of them so you could have seen them.
  • Reagan, Campbell and Keaton spent the morning at Nonna and Pops' house.  They had a leisurely morning and Keaton even learned a few tricks-rolling from her tummy to her back.  Now she will be all over!  I will for sure have to start picking up all of their little toys.  
  • I picked the boys up and they saw my stack of library books and asked if this was the last day of school because I had told them we would read 100 books on the last day of school.  I explained that it was getting close but these weren't for our last day-we would have to get some more.  Wonder how many books I can check out of the library.  I have lost 2 library books lately and it just makes me crazy-can't find those anywhere.  Makes me crazy!!
  • Everyone was fine at Nonna's house until that magic one o'clock hour when things fall apart.  It usually happens at one and then at 4.  Anderson got upset when his cars were moved and things just went downhill.  School days are hard for the boys-I guess they just get so tired from all of that obeying and learning that they do at school-at least I hope so.
  • Back at home we were able to see the sheet rock truck deliver sheet rock.  What a highlight of the day-one man even had a remote control.  The boys could not have been more interested in it all, especially Graham who stood completely still until they left just taking it all in.  And when they left, they honked!  Oh what a thrill!
  • We did school and then talked about Kansas and Chimney Rock.  That Graham has a better memory than the other kids about names of places.  And Anderson was so interested in learning Reagan's Bible verses from her sparks.  I explained that we were going to learn some of them this summer so he could be ahead and he wanted to read them all today.  
  • I worked on supper tonight-made spaghetti.  Or at least I attempted to make spaghetti.  So what happened?  First Campbell poured my spaghetti on the floor.  I decided that since I was going to boil it the germs would disappear and picked it up.  Then as I poured the spaghetti sauce on it I thought that the sauce was a bit chunky.  Then I thought that it smelled different-well, it was salsa.  My, my.  So I started rinsing the salsa off the spaghetti piece by piece only to find out that I didn't have an spaghetti sauce after all.  We just had sandwiches.
  • Grandpa came over to help Robby with his speakers and Grannymom played with the kids outside.  They played and played-neighbor kids even came over and at one time I looked out and saw Campbell trying her best to pull two neighbor boys in the wagon (like big kids-4th grade and first grade boys).  Finally we brought everyone in hosed them off before bed.

April 16, 2012

What's wrong with a little mud?
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • Graham was pretty worked up last night and called us upstairs quite a few times before he finally fell asleep.  His rash was still there this morning.  It does itch him off and on and is pretty red-poor guy!  I am actually surprised that he is being quite tonight after what we put him through-as we were getting everyone ready for bed, I noticed a tick on Anderson.  I guess ticks will just be part of this country living.  So then we saw a spot on Graham and for the life of us we can't decide if it was a tick or not.  So flashlight, magnifying glass and tweezers later we still don't know if it was a tick but poor Graham wasn't very pleased with us!
  • Back to this morning, I hadn't been out of bed too long when I noticed Campbell walking down the hall.  She was completely naked and carrying 2 twenty pound of bags of candy.  She drug them to the school room, sat them down and got out her school box to find her scissors with the intentions of opening the bags and having herself some candy for breakfast.
  • Speaking of Campbell, she has been pretty proficient at pulling off Keaton's clothes and taking her diaper off for quite awhile now.  And Campbell has learned a new skill-feeding Keaton.  I had to run upstairs during Keaton's breakfast this morning to wipe someone's bottom and sat Keaton's food on the ground beside her.  When I came back down the stairs, Campbell had the jar and was spooning it in Keaton's mouth.  I would have let her continue but she was making quite the mess-though much was still getting into Keaton's mouth.
  • Robby took Reagan and Anderson to school.  Anderson had a good day and told me all about who got in trouble at school and what they did-thankfully, he was not involved.  Though my Anderson can have bit of a temper-the other day he told Graham that he was going to "kick him in the face."  Seriously?  
  • Reagan had a good day and today for show and tell she and Kate sang the song "this is the cross where Jesus died, this is the hill where Mary cried, this is the tomb where Jesus lay, this is the stone that rolled away, Yes, Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me the Bible tells me so."  I can not believe that they stood in front of the class of 20 other kids and sang that song...and she can barely speak to people in the hallway.  Also, today was brownie day at school and she was so happy to just bring her brownies home.  She said that she didn't even eat them at school and wanted to save them for the ride home.
  • This morning, Campbell and Graham kept me busy-they stamped, they painted and then they saw a puddle outside.  Graham begged and begged to go out and jump in it.  And since Keaton was asleep and I was caught up, we put on our boots and out we went.  Not only were they making memories, they were making a complete mess-as in I had to change their clothes on the front porch before even letting them come in the house.  I should have had them take a bath but didn't want to go to all that trouble!
  • Anderson came home and we had lunch and they played for awhile.  I ran outside real quick to plant a few plants from Grannymom and the boys helped me do this for a few minutes.  (I still need 3 more little plants to fill my holes-I might have gotten carried away with my hole digging since the ground was so soft today!)  Anderson recounted seeing a mouse in Robby's shed the other day.  He said that that mouse climbed up Daddy's rake and "then I shut the door."  He continued with "I don't know what I just shut one door."
  • We then hurried around so we could play on the playground at church a few minutes before picking up Reagan.  Once she came out, we continued to play for a few minutes before I realized that Sonic happy hour was coming to an end.  On the way to the van, the boys saw a puddle and headed that direction.  I was about to stop them but remembered that poor Anderson had not had his puddle jumping turn so I let them continue until I had 4 kids who had soaking wet shoes and socks.
  • Then leaving church, we saw a train and I didn't turn and headed toward the train tracks so they could see the train (forgetting about happy hour).  They were in awe watching it.  After it was over, I had to turn around and speed to Sonic but we made it with a minute to spare.  Reagan kept asking "what will happen if we don't make it?"  The answer was "Mommy won't get a drink."  Which in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have gotten a drink because I have been to the bathroom 17 times since 4.
  • Leaving Sonic, I thought that I probably should have just stayed out until 6 when I was going to meet Robby but since I now needed to get shoes for everyone, we ran home and I kept them all in the car while I fetched socks, shoes, a new shirt and shorts for Graham who spilled his slush (thankfully the spill was minor and I really should learn because this was the second week that I had to pull over on the way home to put Campbell's lid back on her cup).  Back on the road to meet Robby, I realized that I had only gotten 3 pairs of shoes and not 4 so I had to turn around to grab another pair.
  • We met at Target and all of my slushie drinkers had to run in a potty.  This was fine because Reagan and Anderson both ended up getting a pair of new shoes.  Poor Graham really wanted a new pair but since he had two good pairs, he will just have to wait.  Campbell didn't care and was tickled that we were letting her try on as many pairs as she could grab.
  • We had supper at US Pizza and the kids have not forgotten their eating out skills.  Since we have slowed down on our eating out, I have thought that maybe they will lose their good behavior skills but they didn't.   Plus it probably helped that they must have been starving-we cleaned up our nachos and all of the kids had a whole piece of pizza and Graham even had more and still said that he was hungry.  
  • Back at home, we terrorized Graham (see my first bullet point) and then everyone went to bed.