October 31, 2022-Happy Halloween!

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  • I decided last night that I wasn't going to start school today until 9, so I did lolligag around this morning as long as I could before waking up the kids. I did manage to accomplish a few things before starting school, but it was mainly emptying the dishwasher, folding laundry and making a few lists.
  • We did school today, but every chance I had I was up and throwing things into the camper. I always notice this when we are packing, but there is a large difference between boys and girls. For example, I have to pretty much pack for all of the boys. While the girls carry their items to the camper neatly folded, usually in bags or tied together by outfits and then put these clothes exactly in their spots. While the boys just don't.
  • I do have to go Anderson some props-maybe he is getting older, but he did fairly neatly put his clothes into the camper. (I did rearrange them so they would fit better though). Graham managed to get his clothes to a laundry basket in the mudroom. It was hard to distinguish if this basketful of clothes was laundry or his trip clothes. I had to refold everything when putting it away. And Whitman, I just packed for him. (I know, how can he learn if he doesn't pack-but I'm getting older and what's left of my sanity is important to maintain.)
  • I finished reading a library book to the 3 littles, just as Reagan left to feed Annie with Campbell. When they returned home, I did a bit of school work with Reagan followed by Keaton, Robby and I leaving for a few errands. We bought gas and then he went to the bank while Keaton and I went to the grocery store. 
  • We were just running in the store for a few things. I know better, but I told Keaton we wouldn't need a cart-17 things later, we were leaving with a cart. We had to find one in the store so we wouldn't drop anything and cause more of a commotion than us running through the store with our hands full of stuff.
  • We then tried to go and vote, but the line was insane. So we will try again in the morning. When returning home this time, it was just about time to leave again.
  • I don't have many that dress up these days, but Campbell and Keaton were cows while Whitman was a tourist. We started our Trick Or Treating at Grannmymom's house followed by Nonna's house. 
  • Then we ran to the Hobb's house and ate pizza over there before walking around their neighborhood for a bit. We even ended up at their grandparent's house where the kids did some candy trading. 
  • Now, even though not everyone dresses up-Anderson and Graham still ran up to a few houses today to get themselves some candy. Graham even brought a bag along to help himself out. (Anderson and Reagan didn't do too much trick or treating today, but they sure hit up all the campsites at Maumelle Saturday.)
  • Once we were back at home, Robby loaded up a few more things before we finally went in and settled down. We are not nearly as tired tonight as we were last night, but I think that I am still pretty tired. 

October 30, 2022-Halloween Camping at Maumelle

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The church was supposed to have a Harvest Fest and picnic today so we were planning on hurrying out of the campground around 10, dropping off the camper, and then rushing over to Raymar. Some of the kids were excited about it, but alas it was cancelled this morning because of the wet fields. It did kind of even things out-Reagan was disappointed about her soccer games being cancelled and now others were disappointed about the Harvest Fest being cancelled. Sometimes life is fair-everyone was disappointed.

Shhh, now don't tell, but Robby and I were not disappointed. We were out of the campground this morning pretty early. Jared was the only one out stirring, and to pick up Keaton I had to sit outside the Crafts' campter for a few minutes before she came out the door. She looked like she had just woken up though. 

Once at home, I moved the little van out of the garage, and then Keaton and I started unloading everything from the white van into the garage. We were almost done with this by the time that Robby drove up in the camper.

When the white van was empty, it switched places with the camper, and we strated unloading it. It may have taken a bit longer today since Robby and I did most of it and didn't have the kids help. Or maybe not. We seemed to do it all pretty quickly-though there were so many things to do, it was almost like we were not making any progress at times. I would work a bit inside, work a bit in the garage and then work a bit in the camper, but nothing ever seemed to be complete.

Eventually, we did have the camper clean and just a few things still spread out in the garage drying. We ran about 7 loads of clothes through the washer and dryer. There are still 2 massive loads of clothes to do tonight and fold tomorrow (that almost makes me want to cry.)

Reagan left around 2 to go and meet her soccer team. They were having a celebatory lunch at US Pizza. She has so ejoyed playing soccer this year. She charged 7 dollars on her card-I was anxious to know how she managed to just spend 7 dollars at a pizza place, so I had to ask her-a salad. She ate a salad-Robby wonders if she is his child sometimes. 

Robby and I left a bit after she did. We made a stop at Costco, Sams and Walmart. About half of the city were out shopping with us. It was absolutely insane, but we found most of what we needed-well, yes, there are things that we will have to look for tomorrow though. That is just how it is.

When we came home, it was back to to the camper with our groceries plus with the 4 bins of food that I had already packed for the trip. We found a home for all of the food which was a slight miracle. I was kind of stressed about this-for example, I have packed about 6 boxes of crackers so when you have 8 people and a dog living in a camper that is about 300 square feet, extra space is a bit hard to come by. I think the food bit will work out though. (And really I probably have enough packed for the next 2 trips)

We finished that, and then headed over to the Wilson's house for supper. We had leftovers-all kinds of leftovers, and everyone left full. My Campbell, Anderson and Graham went with Brett for shakes after church tonight so they were especially full. 

We came home a bit early since I was falling asleep on the couch. We put away the last few things that had been wet, and then headed inside for some quick cleanind and to get ready for school tomorrow. Now for a shower for me and then bed!

October 29, 2022-Halloween Camping at Maumelle

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Before I even left the bed this morning, Reagan was already at Burns Park ready to play her first game of soccer. We knew there was going to be rain so I think that she was prepared mentally, but I don't think that she was prepared physically (as in she didn't bring enough clothes or towels).

They won the first game 3-1 and were drenched when it was over. One mom offered to take Reagan's clothes to the laundymat to dry them when it was over because they were all so wet. Reagan debated where to go and what to do after the game. She said she would just come here, but Robby urged her to go to Grannmyom's house so she could put her clothes in the dryer. It was too long to stay in the car, but going anywhere would just have been for about 15 minutes before she had to leave again. Eventually, she heard her team was going to Chilis so that is where she went.

They were there for a good while, but then started hearing that games were delayed, so they stalled. I hope that Reagan tipped her waitress well since they were there for so long. Eventually, it was time to play again so they headed back to Burns Park. When she parked her coach walked by and told her to stay in the car until he told them. 

That game was won 8-0 or some crazy score like that. I believe that the rain was not as bad during this game though. Reagan left that game and came to Maumelle to catch up with us. After a few hours, we did get word that tomorrow's games are cancelled, and Reagan's team won Fall Fest for her age bracket. Reagan was bummed that there would no games tomorrow since today was her last games for the season. 

Our morning was spent in the camper, and it was glorious. We moved pretty slow-Campbell was the first kid awake and did leave before the rain really started. Keaton slept a good bit longer, but when she left, we convinced her to use a poncho. Robby had to wake up the boys to watch the Hogs play football.

We stuck around for most of the first half, but then went to the Barker's camper to watch some of the game. Then when the rain slacked off we went to the Hobb's camper and briefly the Heltz'. By this time, the rain had stopped so we ended up taking a pretty good walk around the campsite. We walked some without Bentley and some with Bentley and some with a large group of people and some without a large group of people. 

It was on the last little loop that I remembered that the kids still had pumpkins to carve. Now, I first asked Keaton who was in the middle of a volleyball game if she wanted to carve pumpkins, but she said no. However, a few minutes later all of my kiddos were standing under a tent (it was raining again) carving pumpkins and drinking hot chocolate (Campbell and Alyssa prepared hot water so everyone could make some hot chocolate.)

Reagan actually didn't get her own pumpkin, but she did supervise some of the work that was done. Anderson recruited Brett and Ethan to help with his pumpkin. Graham went off to a picnic table and went to work. His pumpkin was one eyed-not sure if he got tired or what. Campbell had a face and the word "boo" and I think that the she even added something else to it. Keaton and Sophia worked on hers. They picked an elborate design and lost interested before they even cut one thing out of the pumpkin. Whitman wanted to make a Mickey Mouse and did (I helped.) Of course I forgot lights for the pumpkin. 

By thie time we couldn't decide what the rain was going to do-it would rain and then stop over and over. We set tents up near the road for the Trick or Treaters and Robby moved his grill under it. Then we moved it out from under it and then back-we did this quite a few times because of the silly rain. 

The kids had a group picture at 4:55 and then set off Trick or Treating. Originally, they were supposed to start at 6, but there was a worry that the rain was coming back so they moved it up earlier. The ranger drove around telling people this. Earlier in the day on our walk, the same ranger drove around telling people that they could burn now. 

Reagan, Anderson, and Graham set off together-I made them take Whitman along as well. They had some of their friends go with them, but I guess since they had Whitman they felt it was ok get some candy. There is no reason to grow up too fast and not get candy.

Campbell and Keaton were with different groups, and Campbell even changed groups in the middle of her walk. There was again a haunted house-which briefly upset Campbell, but not Whitman who went through it twice. It took probably an hour for them to walk around all of the campsites. It seemed like they were gone for a good while.

Though the time passed quickly on our end. Robby was grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for us and the Wilsons. He even had some extras so passed them out as well. I was busy passing out candy with Shannon and Shelly. I had made 150 candy bags and passed them out. I would guess that we had 200-250 Trick Or Treaters tonight, and that number was probably down because of the rain. (2023 Tara: Make 250 candy bags). After running out of my candy bags, I dipped into my Sunday school Dum Dum stash. We were also passing out Shelley's candy, Shannon's candy, Joni's  and Traci's candy so when the kiddos came to our table, we had 4 different buckets for them to get candy from. 

The last Trick or Treaters probably came by around 8, and our folks were all back by then. The volleyball game was happening, and all of the adults were gathered under the tents chatting away. The party lasted until after 11. 

Then Robby and I went to work taking things down. Before we could really do all of that, we had to take a trash run. Then we loaded the van with all wet things. Afterwards, I went into the camper to straighten while Robby loaded the bikes. It was easy to put these people to bed tonight-Anderson and Graham went home with Reagan. She was going to stay here tonight, but I thought that she deserved a long, hot shower after being in wet clothes most of the day. Keaton ended up sleeping in the Craft camper which just left Whitman and Campbell. 

It was 1 now, and I am headed to get my shower!...and then some cookie dough!

October 28, 2022-Halloween Camping at Maumelle

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I only woke briefly once last night because I was little bit warm. However, it didn't take too long for me to stick my leg out of the covers and cool off to go back to sleep. We slept for a good while this morning-it is actually already pretty close to morning time again so it is difficult for me to remember when exactly we did get up.

Keaton and Campbell were the first ones out of the camper, but Robby, Bentley and I were not far behind. We walked around most of this campground this morning. People were starting to put up their decorations then. I even commented to Robby that some of these people have more Halloween decorations than we have Christmas decorations. By this evening, this entire place was decked out-there are probably more skeletons in this campground than in the graveyard that we pass coming here. I am certainly glad that people go all out because it sure does make our walks around the campground super interesting.

Once we finished the first walk, we did start to work on breakfast. Campbell made up a batch of pancakes, Robby heated up sausage, while I baked some biscuits. It was a pretty delicious breakfast. At breakfast, I thought about pulling out my banana bread for Robby to heat up on the griddle. However, I thought that we had plenty of food and could do it later. But later never came-since I never thought about it again. Maybe tomorrow.

I also never thought about carving pumpkins again. We had intended to do them today, but really there was never any downtime. Between eating and walking-the day was full. Probably one reason that I never thought about the pumpkins today was that the kids were busy all day long. 

Whitman stayed outside and played all day. If you know Whitman, you know that he needs some downtime occasionally. Today though he never came in the camper. His friends were working on their pine needle fort and spent the entire day doing this. 

Keaton and her buddies worked on another fort as well, plus there was lots of volleyball happening. Campbell helped with the little kids, worked on the fort, rode her bike and played volleyball. While Anderson and Graham hung out with their friends, watched football, played volleyball, rode bikes and threw the football.

Around 3, Robby made nachos for our appetizer. That was fun-and a fun little snack to share. Earlier in the day most people were eating lunch, but since we had just eaten breakfast we thought that we would wait a few more minutes.

And before long it was time to eat supper. Reagan showed up just in time for supper. Grannymom and Grandpa had been to visit for a little bit and were able to see her before they left. Then Jason stopped by as well. 

Two families were gone tonight, so that left 8 camping families and 2 extra families that ate supper here tonight. It was a crew. We did get a group kid picture, but not even all of the kids that were here were in the picture since some had wandered off.  

Tonight the menu was soups and chilis-there were two chilis, a veggie soup and a potato soup. (I made the potato soup and my people, at least, really liked it so that recipe will be a keeper.) There were cornbread muffins and all of the other fixings as well. And the dessert table was completely full. We may have eaten an hour late, but it was certainly worth the wait.

After eating, the adults sat around and talked until after 10. My kids have had a blast these past two days and so have Robby and I. We certainly can't complain at all-though with the downpour tomorrow it will be hard not to complain!

October 27, 2022-Halloween Camping at Maumelle

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I know that today is the first day to say "Halloween Camping at Maumelle," but Robby has been Halloween camping at Maumelle since Tuesday night. He has been hanging out with the Wilsons quietely and peacefully. Today though the rest of us showed up plus 28 of our buddies (5 other families). Tomorrow will be even a bit more festive when 16 more folks arrive (3 other families). 

I woke up early this morning because there were a lot of things that needed to be done at home. I started on a few things-and had set out the ingredients to make cornbread muffins and chocolate chip cookies before waking up the kiddos.

We did our school fairly quickly today. Whitman just had to read so we were even able to do some coding which is his favorite school thing. Keaton made the cookies while I made the muffins with Whitman's help. 

I took two big pans out of the oven and then took the small pan out as well. I then decided that I should put the small pan back in the oven and picked it up. Now instead of picking it up with a pot holder, I just used my bare hand. 

Thankfully, I was able to drop them on the floor before I got burned, and thankfully the pan dropped right side up so everything was still salvageble. After cleaning the kitchen, I took a shower to wash my hair, and just about as soon as I was finished I went to pick up Graham from school.

He had tried to convince me to let him skip today, but since we will be gone soon I thought it was best he go. As soon as he walked in the door, Campbell started loading everything from our list in the car-including milk and cheese. She told me that she missed her dog and was ready to go and see Bentley.

I think they were all ready to go and see Bentley because we were in the car before I had even planned on leaving. We did stop at Sonic on the way to the campground. Graham begs for me to take him somewhere, anywhere every time he is in the car with me. So at one point I told him that I would take him to Sonic before Disney-and Disney is getting close so I thought that I better go.

Once at the campground we slowly started to unload my van. I had to bring the white van because that is just how much stuff we had. Seriously, it was packed. The kids didn't pack before Robby left so they all had their clothes and some pillows. There was a laundry basket of food as well as a basket of miscellaneous things. Plus 2 huge boxes of milk jugs (see the pics if you aren't sure what I'm talking about) and quite a few other decorations. There are also pumpkins to carve tomorrow. 

We spent a good deal of time working on the ghost milk jugs which turned out pretty cute. Campbell and Keaton were great about helping us. We even had Keaton climb up a ladder that Robby and Anderson were just holding so she could hang something up. 

I think our campground is pretty cute-and well lit up. My pet peeve is being in the dark, but we have this place lit up like a landing strip. And maybe because this is a landing strip and maybe becuase we are kind of in the middle, our place was happening last night.

For supper we had street tacos. I am not sure what we did differently but it seemed much spicier tonight. Though a little bit of spice was fine since there was definitely a chill in the air. Now, I had one more jacket, one more pair of pants, gloves and a hat setting out ready for me to put on when I did become cold tonight, but thankfully I didn't need them.

After supper, people started to show up tonight. Robby thought about making popcorn and pulled out the popcorn maker and made popcorn for all of the of kids. It took him a while to make enough to feel all of the kiddos that were hanging out at our site, but eventually they all had their fill.

We stayed outside until nearly 11-and on our last walk of the evening we heard a ton of wild animals howling. A man outside thought that they were coyotes-whatever they were: they sounded scary, Bentley even tried to jump up in Robby's arms, and our walk went much quicker after we heard that noise.

The kids are all snug in their beds with the heat going. I'm about to take myself a quick shower and then it will be bedtime for all my Dennies.

October 26, 2022

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  • Since Robby wasn't here this morning to motivate me to take a walk, and Bentley, who is the one who also needs the walk, wasn't here, I sure didn't take a walk! I should be able to say that it was wonderful, but I think that I kind of missed my walk. Don't worry, I haven't fallen completely off of the wagon-I did walk on the treadmill this afternoon.
  • The kids weren't too easy to wake up especially since I woke them up earlier because I did not go on that morning walk. (And probably because I let them stay up late last night). They weren't in horrible moods though so that is good.
  • Usually, I talk about how Wednesdays are crazier. They kind of were again today, but Whitman did excellent and finished almost 2 days of school today. He was pretty proud of himself-and earned a later bedtime again tonight for the people.
  • Reagan went to work this afternoon leaving the rest of us here. I did wash everyone's sheets-A chore that I had been dreading. However, I guess people are now big enough to do most of the work themselves. I would tell someone to get their sheets and throw them down. Then I would wash them and they would put them back on their bed. It went wonderfully well-my poor washing machine and dryer was tired by the end of the day since I didn't just wash their sheets but all of their bedding each time.
  • It was church night. The kids were anxious to get there and some were not happy with my library stop on the way. The library is one of my favorite places, but I guess I am glad that church is one of their favorite places.
  • Reagan went to soccer-I guess this might just be her last practice. She has so enjoyed it this year that I really hope that she is able to play the last games this weekend though the rain is making that look doubtful.
  • After church, we all found something to eat. The kids watched soccer in the living room while I read before starting on the blog. Soon it will be bedtime around here, but maybe ice cream time first.

October 25, 2022

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  • It had rained some at least last night-I was certainly crossing my fingers that it was still raining this morning. Robby and I waited as long as we could to look out the window since we were stalling on our morning walk. However, by this time it wasn't raining so we still took our walk-though Bentey didn't get to go since the ground was still wet, and she had just had a bath.
  • After our walk, I went to wake people up and 3 of 6 Dennie children were out of bed working on their school work, and one of the ones in bed was awake-it was like Christmas morning around here not having to go up and down the stairs trying to wake all of the people up.
  • I worked with the little 3 before starting on everything else. It wasn't too long until the big 3 left for school. Graham had a test while Anderson and Reagan had subs for their first class. 
  • When I went to pick them up, I dropped off Campbell and Keaton at Nonna's house. They spend the day with Nonna and her friend, the cookie lady. The girls made all kind of candy, and I think that they had a good time.
  • Before they did come home, I worked with Whitman. Then I started preparing things for Disney. I am so organized for this trip, that I am somehow going to forget quite a few things. I have food divided up into proper boxes-like supper food is in one box, breakfast in another, and so on. There are lists upon lists-and so much stuff, that I might just have to drive the white van (kidding)
  • Around 5, Campbell, Graham and Keaton went with me to Maumelle Park. Robby and Bentley went on out today with the Wilsons. The rest of us need to finish some school and have church tomorrow so we aren't going until Thursday.
  • We made it in time to start helping put up the tents and lights. We were able to hang quite a few lights thanks to Tony's ladder-though I'm not sure how safe the whole process really was. Robby said that he could jump from the heigth that he was at if he needed to. This did not make me feel confident at all.
  • We stuck around a little bit, and then around 8 we headed home. We had to stop at Kroger on the way home for some all important milk and cokes.
  • Reagan and Anderson heated up manicotti for us to eat when we finally made it home. Campbell also made some cheese toast for them to eat so they had a fine meal. Since I had eaten a bit of Tony's supper, I didn't eat any.
  • I had hoped to eat ice cream tonight but am still too full from all of the candy that I had from what all Campbell and Keaton brought home.

October 24, 2022

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  • 98 miles today! Mainly due to the 3 that we walked this morning. I really could not have gotten a later start, but I figured that the kids didn't mind sleeping in a little bit. I should try to do better tomorrow morning, but gracious I was having some crazy dreams lats night about buying drinks at Disney.
  • After our walk, I started on school with the people. Reagan had to write a poem so she did that first this morning. Each week one of Whitman's activities is to play a game of checkers. It was chess, but he didn't seem to enjoy it. 
  • However, today Whitman and Graham played chess for at least 30 minutes. This is all well and good except the boy had school to do. Finally, I had to put an end to the game so Anderson took Whitman's turn and then Graham and him played for at least 15 more minutes. Seriously, this kind of made me crazy-those three all seem to find most anything to do except for school work!
  • I was able to finish most of my school work by 1:30 today so that did make me happy. However, I did have to work through lunch with Anderson doing math and Graham working on science. 
  • I then worked on packing some in the camper. Most everything is ready, but the next few days are going to be a bit logistically challenging with everyone going difference places. I'll feel better about most things when I know when Reagan's soccer games are so we can figure all of that out.
  • Actually, I would feel alot better about his weekend if the rain chances completely go away. That would make me happy. I have packed my clothes already and am prepared for all the seasons-summer (heat), winter (cold), spring (rain) and fall (perfect).  Hopefully, I won't need the winter and spring clothes though.
  • After our second walk today, Robby and I left with the boys to get their hair cut. I don't think that any of them thought that they needed a hair cut, but they all did. Anderson's is a bit on the short side, but it will look good in a few days. And really they all look so much better.
  • When we came home from this errand, we turned right around and left again wtih the Wilsons so we could watch them spend some of their money. Robby and I were pleased that we didn't buy anything whiile we were out-he did, however, just run to Sams and Walmart right before while I was getting the boys' haircuts.
  • Once we were back home for good, I worked with Reagan on some Enlgish before it was finally bedtime for everyone. I really wanted some ice cream tonight, but I am not sure if that is going to happen.

October 23, 2022

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  • I think that Bentley's ear is really what is waking her up in the morning, because once again she did not get the memo and was up before 7:15 this morning. You can trust that she will be getting a healthy dose of medicine in just a few minutes when we go to bed. I am going to try to finish the blog before we do this, so I guess you will have to wonder all day long if the dog mauled us to death while we were attempting her medicine or if we actually survived. You will just have to wait and see.
  • Keaton and Sophia made muffins this morning before church so that happened and we were all able to get there before church started. We weren't late, but everyone was in one service this morning so it was pretty crowded. It was a good thing that we had our name on our pew or we wouldn't have gotten a seat. Kidding, we don't have our name on the pew-yet.
  • After church, we did the Sunday school thing before heading home for lunch. Robby was the heater upper for lunch-we had pizza bites, cheese dip, biscuits and dumplings. I think that everyone was satisfied when they finished their supper.
  • Now, we did all have to clean afterwards. Robby took Anderson, Graham and Keaton outside to work in the yard for a little bit. This left me Campbell, Reagan and Whitman. Now, Reagan worked for about 10 minutes before she had to leave for soccer. So then it was just Campbell and Whitman. Whitman will do anything that I ask him to do; however, his chore skill level isn't yet superb. So after I had exhuasted all of the easier chores, I sent him outside hoping that Robby would return one of his helpers back in the house.
  • That didn't happen so it was just Campbell and me in the house cleaning. Now, everyone was working so it really didn't matter. I did ask Campbell if she wanted to go outside and switch with someone, but she was adament that she wanted to stay inside. So by the time the outside people came in, we were finishing the last inside chores (except mopping the kitchen which Robby had to do later) and I was running out the door (late) to Reagan's soccer game.
  • Reagan's game yesterday was cancelled and rain is in the forcast for next Saturday and or Sunday so this might just have been her last game. Her coach was gone, so I think that messed up the girls' playing today a bit. They played hard and just lost by one. Reagan will definitely be black and blue tomorrow. She took one good tumble for sure.
  • When we returned home from the game, Campbell was leaving for Rock Creek with Brett. And then Anderson, Reagan and Graham's life group was showing up to meet at our house. Robby had picked up pizza so that we all had plenty to eat. 
  • We did lots of visiting, plus the Wilson's came over to join us as well. It was a pretty perfect ending to our little weekend. Now wish us luck as we try to medicate our dog!

October 22, 2022

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  • Bentley did not get the memo that it was Saturday morning. I didn't have to explain it to the kids since every day is Saturday to them. However, the dog was up at 7:30 wanting to get out of her kennel. 
  • When she does this; she usually paces by the door until we let her out to go look our her window in the living room. Of course I also have to go to the living room to open the blinds so she can see out. Today though we weren't getting out of bed to do this-so we coaxed her into her bed. And once she settled down, she did lay back down-but she put her head on my neck. I like Bentley and all, but she is an animal so that made me a little bit uncomfortable.
  • She didn't stay in the bed too much longer though so I didn't have to fear for my life to long. I didn't stay in the bed too much longer either. Robby and I took a walk this morning-he is trying to help me get to that 100 mark. 
  • Then we loaded up and did some shopping: Walmart and Kroger. Plus we did drive to Maumelle Park to see our spot that we are camping in next week. We took a little walk around there as well-it was a beautiful day.
  • Back home just as the kids were leaving for Rock Creek. Campbell, Anderson and Graham spent the day there. They had tons of games and food so they had the best time. 
  • Keaton, Whitman and I played a game of Catan. I did win, but we weren't sure if we played the game too correctly. We needed Anderson there to remind of us the rules. 
  • After playing, Sophia came to hang out with Keaton so we loaded them up and took them to Sams and On the Border. Our suppers were good, and I think that On the Border is one of our favorites.
  • Back at home, we dropped off the girls and the groceries. Then we went to the Wilsons to eat a bite of dessert and visit some. We then came home, just before the kids returned from church. People are just finishing their showers and I am frying some hamburger meat...and soon it is bedtime for this crew.

October 21, 2022

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  • We slept in a little bit this morning which was very nice. Even though we did sleep a few extra minutes, we managed to do our morning walk. We didn't have to bundle up this morning which was nice. However, I didn't bundle up enough so I was a bit chilly-it probably helped me walk a bit faster though.
  • I then started on my to do list for the day. It wasn't a very exciting to do list for sure. The most exciting thing that I did today was do some coding with Whitman. He loves this-however, he can't really type very well (There are a lot of symbols in coding like {}_)( which are hard for him to find.)
  • Oh, and there were also the models of the heart that Cambpell, Keaton and Whitman made as part of our science. Science is always more fun when it involves food for sure. Well, everything is much more fun when it involves food.
  • I did run to the vet to pick up some more ear medicine for Bentley. Her ear isn't too bad, but we can already tell that she is getting another ear infection. I guess that we are just hyper aware of it which the vet probably loves since I keep popping in to buy 40 dollar medicine. But it will be good to ger her ear taken care of before the trip.
  • Reagan went off to work, and her boss gave her a hot chocolate bomb-which I am going to take from her for sure. I had been having hot chocolate every morning after our cold weather walks, but I forgot this morning and now I am too full.
  • I did finally finish my Disney shirts today-Reagan said that she just wanted a black bow on her Minnie shirt. I said that I thought that would look odd, but I let her-and after I worked my magic on it, I think that it might just be the cutest of them all.
  • Anderson spent a good deal of time working on his Legos today while Graham spent quite a bit of the day avoiding doing any school work or chores. He can get almost distracted as Whitman. 
  • Tongiht we celebrated Pops' birthday. Nonna had done some cooking-bbq, baked beans, chips, fries, fruit-it was quite a feast for sure. We enjoyed the meal. Pops had a few presents to open and then the kids, Nonna and I all played 20 Questions-it is a board game that Jason and I used to have so a few things are a bit outdated for sure!
  • Once at home, some poeple played a bit of basketball while Robby and I made a grocery list. It is quite a list-but we have quite a few busy days coming up. 

October 20, 2022

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  • Robby felt pretty bad last night; he had the kids' cold from last week. So I was not expecting him to agree to go on the walk this morning. I thought that he might not go, and possibly I might also sleep in as well. Unfortunately, he was the first one out of the bed this morning and was feeling much better so that meant that I did indeed have to go on the morning walk.
  • Honestly though, I enjoyed the walk so much that I decided later in the day to forgo my treadmill walk and walk outside. I walked 2 miles with Bentley outside, but since I didn't want to tire her out and since every time we passed the driveway she would pull that way, I text Anderson.
  • Since I was walking, I voiced text causing my text to look a bit different I guess. I told Anderson to walk to the driveway so he could get Bentley. For some reason Anderson and everyone else were convinced that Graham had taken my phone and made up the text. 
  • So when I didn't see Anderson walking towards me, I called him. Reagan answered-and apparently all 6 of them were huddled around the phone accusing Graham of sending a fake text and trying to determine if the text was real. 
  • I confirmed that I did send the text and did want Anderson to come and get Bentley. He told me he was coming, but also Graham and Keaton soon came rushing towards me on their bikes. Apparently, they thought something was wrong-not just Bentley was tired and I was tired of urging her to continue on.
  • Back to this morning though, the school day went smoothly. Robby did have to take Graham too and from school today since Reagan's class was cancelled. Whitman did much better in the attention area of school-we have now started long division which he is doing quite well-but with a lot of moaning and groaning.
  • This afternoon, after an outside football game with their big brothers, Campbell and Keaton went to the pregnancy center with me. Our first stop was the vinyl store to pick up some vinyl. Then the pregnancy center where we cleaned up a few things. 
  • Finally, we stopped at Walmart on the way back to buy a few things (Campbell and Keaton's Halloween costumes.) Then we met up with everyone else at Tacos for Life. We all enjoyed a meal from there-it had been a long time since we had eaten there. I think that it is one of my favorite places to eat out at.
  • On the way home, Robby's car ran into Kroger and my car ran into Academy. We walked in at the same time and walked out at the same time. Once we were home, it was ice cream time and now a Hallmark movie for me (Robby's already napping during it.)

October 19, 2022

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  • It was so cold on our walk this morning, that later in the morning I left the house to go buy myself some pants and gloves. (I do actually have pants and even gloves, but I wanted some better ones of both plus our main purpose for leaving the house was to get gas for two of the cars.)
  • If I do keep walking a little every morning, I will have to start having the kids wake themselves up. I seem to keep coming in a little later ever day just because I keep waking up a little bit later every day. I'll try to do better next week-or maybe I will be so close to a hundred miles that I might just stop walking all together.
  • When I did get everyone awake this morning, we started on school. Don't be surprised but Whitman was again distracted today. Maybe it has to do with something in the water this week. He did eventually get his work finished-tomorrow surely will be a bit smoother.
  • I did my gas and costco run during school-and this was my first time to go to Costco alone. It was bliss! I even found 2 Christmas presents before leaving even though I was speed shopping.
  • Once I was back home, I went to work with the Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Then lunch and more school work. I did pretty much do everything that I could to avoid walking on the treadmill, but I eventually did finish that walk.
  • There was no going outside today for the kids, but we did spent a bit of time at the windows watching the neighbor have some trees cut down. It was entertaining, and thankfully no trees fell on the house! (They weren't even close, but I did briefly worry about this when the tree cutter man took off running when the first tree started to fall.)
  • I took Graham to church early for his Dgroup. Anderson came with me and joined me for my library visit since we were there early. Reagan went to soccer practice tonight after work-she just has about one more week of soccer. Everyone else came to church a bit later.
  • Tonight we all had something different for supper. You would think that leftover night is easy, but with all of us eating somethin different it gets a bit crazy-sandwich, nachos, grilled cheese, egg in a hole, pizza, chicken, quesadillas, and a hamburger. Letover night just leaves the kitchen in a huge mess!
  • And just about the time that the kitchen was clean, it was time for dessert. Right now some folks are eating their ice cream while most of us are in the living room watching Deal or No Deal.

October 18, 2022

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This was a chilly morning for a walk. I told Robby that I only wanted to walk for 2 miles, but he suggested that I wait until we had at least walked a bit before I made that call. I did end up walking 2.5 miles this morning which we did at a pretty quick pace-mainly becuase my rear end was cold. If my hood from my sweatshirt was on, then it pulled my sweatshirt up making my rear chilly.

I survived and didn't get frostbite. Then it was time to start waking up the people. Again, I was behind this morning so the little 3 received about 20 less minutes of reading. This made them happy though, but I still was able to do most of the important things.

Soon Reagan, Anderson and Graham went to classes this morning. Robby picked up the boys when they were finished with their classes. They arrived home just about the time that I started the last little bit with Whitman.

And bless him, he was the most distracted today. When he was little, he used to stare at the ceiling and just do nothing. Now, he is super chatty with his brothers and sisters and just does nothing. This makes me crazy. Though I guess I can't complain too much, even though he did finish school later this afternoon, he got it all done. Maybe I should just let him work at his own speed-or maybe not.

This afternoon, Keaton, Campbell and I took Anderson to Raymar to do a little bit of work to clean up from football, He thought that it wouldn't take long, and indeed it didn't. We had just finished up at Dollar Tree when he called saying that he was nearly finished.

We picked him up and then headed to Walmart to finish our shopping. Now, with Andeson, Campbell and Keaton-I bought quite a bit of things even a few Christmas presents. I guess that is good since I already have a stash of presents in the attic for people.

When we returned home, Robby hd also just returned home and was working on grilling our burgers for supper. This was the second night that he grilled outside, but tonight was definitely cooler than last night. We enjoyed our food, and the Wilson's showed up to visit just as we were finishing supper.

Robby worked on one more camper project tonight before calling it a night. I am currently debating between hot chocolate and a bowl of ice cream.

October 17, 2022

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  • On this Monday morning, I just wanted to lay in my bed. I guess that I was nice to the kids though since I did let them sleep for 15 more minutes this morning. This worked to my benefit becuase I walked an extra half mile. 
  • If you are interested in my running mile today-I am about 78 miles on this 17th day of October. Just about 22 miles left to go. However, I am not too sure about walking outside these next few days. It might just be a little bit chilly for me.
  • School went fairly well this morning. All the boys were chatty again-this makes me crazy. If Keaton were chatty, that would be fine becuase she manages to get her work and more done each day. Anderson and Graham seem to save everything for the end of the week. Whitman would do the same, but I don't let him.
  • This afternoon, I read science and history one more time to the three little ones to get a bit ahead. When we finished, Campbell asked me to read some more of the book that we are reading together. It was our second time to read it today, but she is just as curious about what will happen on our book as I am.
  • Anderson has spent most of the afternoon in the Lego nook. He has done some organizing plus he has re worked at least 2 sets today. Sometimes his electronics insterest him and other times they don't.
  • He did stop to help Keaton and I stuff 150 bags of candy for Halloween. Graham helped for a little bit and so did Whitman-they only helped long enough to earn a piece of candy. There has been lots of Halloween preparations happening today. Whitman has even prepared his costume today.
  • Robby made breakfast on the griddle tonight: pancakes, hashbrown patties, sausage, eggs, and eggs in the hole. It was all very good-though we all decided that we did not like the type of sausage that we bought. This was delightful for Bentley though.
  • After supper clean up, the kids all went out to play football. Reagan had a shower instead, and Campbell only played until Graham got mad at her. Then she went in-we offered for her to go on our walk instead since she joined us once in Branson; however, she declined.
  • Robby and I walked and then came in to make 2 meals of chicken enchiladas along with more Halloween prep-my milk jug ghosts are ready to go. Now, I am settling into my comfy chair, some folks are finishing up their ice cream and hopefully, we will have a bit of quietness before bed around here.

October 16, 2022 - October Branson

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First thing-sorry, but I only have two pictures from today. They are both from Reagan's soccer game yesterday. I just now thought about pictures, but the kids are already in bed. Now, I can tell by the noises and footsteps, that no one is asleep. So maybe I should say that since the kids are way up the stairs, there will be fewer pictures today-I will do better tomorrow though.

We all slept wonderfully well. Robby was first awake this morning and soon I was as well. We had hoped to leave in time to see Reagan's soccer game at 2. However, just as we were hooking everything up the text came through that soccer was cancelled due to the wet fields. I am glad that it rained, but we could have slept a bit more this morning.

Actually, it was good to be able to be home this afternoon/evening and get a few things done. The ride home was uneventful-the gas cap light did come on, but that was an easy fix. I think that Graham slept most of the way home, but Campbell and Keaton were awake pretty early-probably because of Bentley.

Our first stop this morning was at Costco back at home. We did some speed shopping-waters, gatorades, a birthday present for Campbell-you know, the essentials. Then of couse, we bought some pizzas there for our Sunday lunch. 

Once at home, Reagan and Anderson filled us in on their last few days as we ate. Then we quickly unloaded the camper. And man, we were able to get it done quickly today. After the kids helped empty (3 or less trips each), we went to work on cleaning it. 

We were even able to sit down for a little bit this afternoon-Robby almost went to sleep but Bentley jumped in his lap and prevented that from happening. I would have liked to have taken a nap, but by the time I worked on my list for the week, list for the week, grocery list, chore list and calendar it was time to take Keaton and Whitman to their lifegroup. 

Soon afterwards, we loaded up with Campbell and Graham to go to Rock Creek. Anderson had intended to go, but about an hour before he kicked the piano and thought that he was hobbling too much to go. And bless him, he did roll around in the floor for a good while after hurting himself, and he is still hobbling tonight. It is a bit swollen, but I bet it will be black and blue tomorrow.

Sams, Walmart and Kroger were all next-we were able to do some definite speed shopping which I thouroughly enjoyed. Now, I do wish we had a little bit more time, but we pretty much filled up the car and emptied out the checkbook, so we probably didn't need any more time to shop.

The Wilsons came over for supper just as Keaton and Whitman were coming home. Thankfully, Reagan was right there-and we volunteered her to go and get them. Those extra drivers are certainly nice-I'll have two extra drivers soon. 

Soon the Rock Creekers came home with Brett, and then we all started eating our suppers. We visited and caught up on the week before eating our ice cream. After our Sunday night ice cream, the week was sadly over...and I had to catch up on two blogs (my blog from yesterday didn't publish and I love half of it-but all is well now.)

October 15, 2022-October Branson

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Today was so much better than yesterday-at least Whitman sure though so. The boy was on the mend for sure today He was almost his normal, spunky self. We did have one more incident last night-he started coughing in the middle of the night. Robby quickly jumped up just in case he was to have another incident. However, Whitman just coughed and then went to the bathroom and then peacefully went back to bed. There was no need for us to panic.

I was actually too tired to panic too much. The first two hours of our sleeping, Graham had coughed. It reminded me of the time that Anderson had his asthma attack when he was tiny. This put me a bit on edge worrying about him. After about 3 doses of different medicines, he finally did go on to sleep....or I finally did go on to sleep.

Other than all of the above, we all did sleep pretty good last night. I woke up in time to track Anderson to make sure that he was on the road to football. And soon I was also tracking Reagan to make sure that she was on the road to soccer. Today was Anderson's last football game-actually his last even to be a junior intern since he will be a full fledged intern when he turns 16 in December. Reagan has a good amount of soccer games left, but she is still loving it. Her team won 5-1 today-I think. 

Back in Branson, Campbell was the only one who went with us to the park early this morning. We left everyone else sleep-well, Whitman was awake early and already on his ipad and eating cereal. Even though he was feeling better, he needed to rest. Graham's cold was mainly a few days ago but he still has a pesky cough-and of course he really prefered to stay in bed and watch football this morning. Keaton was feeling a bit puny this morning, but after resting some in the morning and some healthy doses of medicine, she still had a good time today.

At the park this morning, we did take along the Fergie boys to keep Campbell company on some rides. They were able to do Time Traveler, Thunderation, Barnswings twice, 4 Outlaw Runs and a Fire in the Hole. They were knocking out the rides despite the throngs of people pouring into the park. It always pays to get places when they open up. 

We stayed until 12ish and then headed back to the campsite. That is when we went outside to start watching football. Soon afterwards, Nonna and Pops showed up-they had been in Branson with some friends. Their friends had left that day so they came to watch the ballgame and eat with us.

During half time Robby started on our late lunch/early supper-quesadillas. That seems to be a standard camping meal for us lately. This is mainly because we had a miss order from Sams. What Robby thought was 50 tortillas was actually 500. It wasn't that drastic but we do have a ton of tortillas right now that we need to use up.

The ballgame was certainly enjoyable-mainly becuase of the fellowship and food, but also because of the score. When it was near over, we started loading up to go to Silver Dollar City. Nonna and Pops were able to come with us to see the pumpkins.

It was crazy-insane crowded. Now, I do love a good party, but this was a little much. Thankfully, the kids were able to squeeze in a few last rides (like the water ride), and we were able to sqeeze in a few more snacks. Now, one thing about the crowds-it did make food hard to get this time. I definitly prefer the crowds when they are a bit less, but maybe this was all preparation for Disney.

Once we were back at the camper, we were all asleep fairly quickly last night. I think that we were all tired-and thankfully, the coughing kids were quite less last night.

October 14, 2022-October Branson

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I knew that Robby was not in the bed this morning. This is the day that we needed to reserve our dinner reservations for Disney in December (Anderson's 16th birthday) so he had to be up early for that. I figured he was just sitting in the bathroom doing that, but he didn't come back to bed. I continued to doze until my alarm did go off, but I did know that he wasn't in bed and he did come back.

Well, he did eventually come back as my alarm was ringing. He had woken up early, did the dining reservations and then went to find us some breakfast. (Now we have a camper full of food, but a breakfast out is fun.) We had heard about a cinamon roll place near the strip, so Robby went out to find it-of course they were closed for a wedding this week. Thankfully, we know where another good cinnamon roll place is-Robby even asked for extra icing so they are super sweet and super delicious.

We were at the park at opening this morning. We had to wait on the Hobbs, but the kids all went to ride a few rides before the crowds came in the park. They were able to ride one Time Traveler and 4 rounds of Wildfire. 

But let's talk about the crowds today-oh my! There were plenty of crowds. It was the craziest I think that we have ever seen Silver Dollar City. Now, of course this made the rides a bit more tricky. But what made us sad was the food lines-seriously, the people at this park were eating all day long and that meant that I couldn't be eating all day long.

We have bought the passes again like last time-except it is hard to use them when the lines are so crazy. Now, we did get the ice cream waffle thing last night, plus 2 bbq sandwiches today (which we made into 6 since we brought in a package of buns for that reason-don't judge.), a sausage saurkraut bun along with something else that I can't remember. 

After the kids did their bit of riding, we met up with the Hobbs soon we found the Fergusons as well. Later in the day the Heltz joined the crew as well. The kids were able to ride quite a few rides despite the crowds-the lines were just a bit longer.

However, we did have one hiccup during the day. Poor Whitman didn't feel that well today. I think that he might have had fever most of the day-the boy is usually pretty sullen so it is hard to tell when he doesn't feel great. But bless, he didn't feel good. 

At one point, we were eating and he fell asleep at the table and snoozed for about an hour. I sat there with him while Robby ran to the camper to let Bentley out. The other were off riding rides other places, and Whitman just snoozed. 

He did ride a few rides today, but by around 6 he was done, and we were pretty much too-fighting the crowds all day was just a bit tiring. We came home-stopping by Taco Bell on the way home. This is Campbell's favorite restaurant by far right now. I passed out medicine to Whitman and anyone else who looked sickly.

Unfortunately, the medicine didn't set well with Whitman, but thankfully, the laundry is close by. He is currently resting well so hopefully he will sleep and feel better in the morning. Robby and I did the little bit of laundry tonight along with lots of dog walking. 

We sat outside and visited wtih the Fergies for a bit before finally going back inside for bed. It's been a pretty decent day.

October 13, 2022-October Branson

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  • This morning when Robby wasn't in bed with me when my alarm clock went off, I briefly wondered where he was. Then I even waited a few more minutes thinking that he may return before I finally did crawl out of bed myself. 
  • It didn't take me long to find him-he was in the kitchen already working on the mound of laundry. Since today was trip day he does tend to get a bit excited and wake up early. Since he folded both loads of laundry plus emptied the dishwasher, I really wish that every day could be trip day.
  • We then took our walk with Bentley. We only did 2 miles this morning. Yesterday and the day before Robby did a bit more than that, but today I bet that Bentley was glad for a break. She didn't get much of a break becuase after her walk she was soon given a bath.
  • The rest of us worked on school work for a good little bit. Everyone was finished early today-including Whitman. Though I didn't really have time to do a lot of our work together. The kids thought that they had won the lottery when I told them to each just pick one thing and that is what we will do. 
  • I usually read about 12 different books during our work together with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman so only doing 4 books was quite a shock to them. Of course I had 2 children that picked the absolute shortest thing to read possible. I couldn't read too long to them today becuase I had to go to church to go and pick up Graham from school.
  • Today his class and Reagan's class was at church instead of Wildwood. That meant that I had a bit further to go. As soon as I came home with Graham, he made a bagel and we headed out.
  • Anderson and Reagan are staying back in Little Rock this weekend-she had to work tonihgt at church along with her work tomorrow and soccer Saturday and Sunday. Anderson's schedule wasn't as busy, but he has upward on Saturday.
  • Our drive to Branson was fairly smooth. We did stop one time to check our straps for the car-they were on, but one had indeed looseened so that was a simple fix. Then we were back on the road. 
  • We did stop at Walmart in Harrison on the way up. Robby bought gras while I ran inot the store with the girls. We bought the hamburger buns and candy-and then we happened upon the clearance where we found 3 little Christmas presents for people. 
  • Soon we were at our Treehouse campground. After Robby hooked up, we took Bentley on a little walk. Then it was time to heat up supper. I kind of overheated (nice way to say burned) some of our bread for supper, but it was still absolutely delicious. 
  • Once supper was cleaned up, we loaded up for Silver Dollar City. It has just been a month since we were here last-it was so empty then! And it si so not empty now. Ha! It was pretty crowded tonight, but the kids were able to ride most everything-Time Traveler, Fire in the Hole, Outlaw Run, Powder Keg and Wildfire. That made our evening successful for sure. 
  • I tried my hardest to find some hot chocolate tonight but even after waiting in a long line (at the same place I got hot chocolate just a month ago) they didn't have any. Then we weren't able to find anyone else who had some-except the store at the end where the line was out the door. Good thing I had some hot chocolate in the cabinet back at the camper.
  • After riding all of the rides, we headed back.We walked Bentley then Keaton and I made s'mores for everyone. Now it is bedtime!

Ocgober 12, 2022

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  • I was about to say that today was Tuesday, but since we just returned home from church I believe that I'm wrong about it being Tuesday. I did wake up a few minutes earlier so during our walk, I was able to walk 2.5 miles this morning. (Except my watch never thinks that I walk as far as Robby so we aren't really friends right now-me and the watch, me and Robby are indeed still friends.)
  • Soon we started school with the big 3 doing presentations about some famous folks. Then it was time to start helping everyone else.  Whitman, for some reason, was thinking super clearly so he not only did today's school, but even started on tomorrow's school-this never happens. Keaton on the opposite side of the spectrum finished most of this weeks school last week.
  • The school day went by fairly quick-I did some things in the kitchen, put some things in camper, braided some hair, trimmed some hair, made a few more shirts wtih the girls, walked on the treadmill. I am always surprised how quickly the day goes by. 
  • I do have a list of things that I work on during the day-maybe I should get up and get it so I can feel more accomplished in this blog than just the above paragraph. However, it isn't worth all of that-right now, I can write about 2 or 3 words before Bentley returns to my hands and usually ends up clicking keys on the computer with her bone that she wants for me to throw.
  • Reagan went to work today and as soon as she came home it was time for her to turn around and go to soccer practice. Even though it was raining some, Reagan's pratice went on until their was lightening.
  • The big boys didn't go to church tonigh since their verge was moved to school campuses. Campbell also didn't have anything at church tonight so she came and helped with the kids. I think that she certainly enjoyed that-though she did tell her siblings to never go back down to 1st-5th grade.
  • After church, Robby stopped by McDonalds to pick up some supper for everyone. We all must have been hungry because we all ate standing around the bar. Afterwards there were a few more trips to the camper and hopefully some ice cream soon.

October 11, 2022

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  • I walked 2 miles again this morning with Robby and Bentley before school. That is handy for my cound and all, but for that to work successfully, I need to start a bit earlier than we did today. I can't blame that on Robby at all-he is getting ready for Disney and waking up earlier and earlier. I am also getting ready for Disney by sleeping later and later.
  • I read to the little 3 first this morning-we are about to finish one of our chapter books which is a good thing since I have a zillion books coming from the library tomorrow. I even have quite a few books for me-sometime I act like the library is about to close and hoarde all of the books that I can.
  • Anderson and Reagan had their presentations today while Graham had a test. They all did wonderful, I'm sure. Robby and I picked up the boys-in two different cars. Then Robby took Anderson to Raymar to paint the fields one last time. They boy has worked hard this fall for football. I took Graham home.
  • Then we were all home for a little bit before we met Reagan at Kroger. There we all received our flu shots. It took a good little while for them to figure out Keaton's insurance (the same as the rest of ours), but once they did shots were given out fairly quickly.
  • Once Reagan and I had ours, we hurried on to get her hair cut. The place we were going was about to close so we zoomed there and didn't have any problem. The others did a bit of shopping after their shots. 
  • Reagan came home for a few minutes before heading to soccer practice. They didn't have many folks there tonight so they finished early. Meanwhile the Hobbs came over and their boys and Whitman went to see a movie. My big boys stayed home and hung out in their room.
  • Keaton and Campbell helped Sarah and I make the Hobbs Disney shirts. We were able to make 21 shirts tonight. I still have a few to go, but I'm feeling good about my shirt making progress. We worked until the boys came home from the movie so it was a pretty late night.
  • Actually, it is almost 12 and the only time that I have been sitting down today is since I have been working on the blog-I'm tired!

October 10, 2022

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  • My dream last night was I was in a baking competition. I had successfully baked chocolate chip cookies, and then I spent the rest of the dream trying to figure out what I was going to make for the rest of the competition. Even after thinking about it all day long, I am still not too sure what I would bake.
  • School went well today. We seemed to zoom through some things and not others. Reagan and Anderson both have slide show presentations for their computer science class tomorrow. Reagan is talking about William Shakespear while Anderson is speaking about the movie Shrek. Reagan has another report about Shakespear which is why she chose that topic. However, Anderson has worked and stressed on his slide show quite a bit of the day.
  • Keaton did sneak out with Robby to pick up some groceries at lunch time. That is when we normally do our work together so that did change up things a bit. I switched things around and soon most of the school work was done for the day.
  • Reagan headed off to work today, and pretty soon afterwards I headed up to the treadmill. Counting my walk this morning, an afternoon walk and an evening walk along with my treadmill: I am now at 40 miles for the month of October. Just 60 more miles this month to meet my goal.
  • There were at least 2 different football games that happened outside today. As well as one basketball game that I know of and two different volleyball games. It is such perfect weather right now so it does make walking outside easy along with the kids are enjoying being outside.
  • Well, Whitman was enjoying being outside. He was playing in his second football game when he did get elbowed in the head by Anderson. I think it was probably more like Whitman ran into Anderson's elbow-either way, he has a huge knot. 
  • Robby used the griddle tonight for supper-we fried up some potatoes, but we weren't thinking becuase I was standing at the stove frying up sausage and scrmbling eggs which he could have done much quicker outside. I was making breakfast burritos-my people seem to go through the fairly quickly.
  • It was almost 8 right now and the kids just all came inside. Whitman is in the shower and Anderson is in line. Once I have finished this blog, Keaton is already asking for my computer so she can get ahead on tomorrow's school work.

October 9, 2022

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  • When our alarm rang this morning, Robby said that he would get a shower if I would wake the kids up. So I headed to wake people up-soon I realized that I had only woken up two children, and he was already finished with his shower. I am not really sure what slowed me down so much, but thankfully, the others were fairly easy to wake up.
  • I then had my shower, and we squeezed a shower in for Whitman since who knows the last time that he had a shower. And mainly because his hair is a bit crazy to fix when it is not wet. I do a lot of fixing hair these days-all of the boys usually need help with their Sunday hair. (The difference between Sunday hair and every day hair is-Sunday hair is combed.) And French braiding hair is the rage for the girls. Campbell and Keaton like to have thier hair braied at night so it is wavy during the day, and Reagan wears her hair braided to soccer often. (Again, it would have been wise to know how to cut and style hair. That would benefit me more than my degree.)
  • Once the hairs were combed, it was time to head to church. They had a baby shower for one of the teachers today so that was fun. Then it was on to Grannymom's house for lunch. On the way their was a big debate in the car on what we had eaten there the last time that we were at her house. Keaton was about the only person that was correct-I guess her memory is better than ours for sure. I told the kids that I couldn't even remember what I had for breakfast, much less what we ate on Sunday lunch a month ago.
  • After lunch, we stayed for a while and then came home. I did squeeze in a super short nap before getting up to clean potties and clean the kitchen. Then I spent some time working on my lists. We have 5 trips coming up before the end of the year so Robby and I have lists happening for every single thing right now. It could be a little bit stressful, except that Robby and I really do thrive on being pretty busy. 
  • Soon the kids were all heading off to churchy things-Reagan, Anderson and Graham went to theri life group while Campbell opted to go to Rock Creek tonight. Then we all met back up for super at the Wilson's house.
  • While they were gone, Robby and I talked through some more things for our lists and even took a 2 mile walk. I have now walked 31 miles this month. I need 25 this next week to stay on track!

October 8, 2022

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  • I believe that not only was this the last football game (for all of us but Anderson) this year, but this might possibly be the last time that I drive Anderson to Raymar bright and early on a Saturday morning. I told him this, and he wasn't as sentimental as I was and replied with a "probably not."
  • This was the perfect weather day-except it was a little bit windy and chilly. Becuase of the chill people were buying coffee and hot chocolate like crazy which I stayed busy making. Then becuase of the wind, my hot chocolate dust and coffee filters were continually blowing out of the concession stand. It was a bit nuts for a few minutes with things blowing and me pouring hot drinks as fast as I could.
  • After football we all headed home to watch some more football. I made it until about the end of the 3rd quarter before I took my nap to try to help that Hogs. I woke once to Bentley licking me and some one trying to pull her off of me. Then I woke later to a completely empty living room-everyone had been there when I went to sleep and then they were all gone. I don't think that I slept long since everyone here gave up on the team and didn't watch the 4th quarter.
  • We did run to Sams, Walmart and Costco this afternoon. We did some speed shopping, but the girls enjoyed icees while we were in Sams. As soon as we came home, we unloaded the groceries and then loaded Keaton and Rylee back up to go to Charlotte's birthday party.
  • After dropping them off, I did a few things on my list before the Wilsons came over. Anna showed up a bit later as well. Once she arrived, the WIlsons, Robby and I loaded to go and eat Mexican. Robby always wants to find a favorite hole in the wall place that we can go and eat at all of the time-we just haven't found it yet though.
  • On the way home, we picked up the kids some food even though it was super late-they were still hungry. Then there wasn't too much time left in the evening so after finishing a football game, it was time for bed for all of the people.

October 7, 2022

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  • Since today was no school day, I woke up earlier than usual. Keaton was heading to the pumpkin patch with friends so I delivered her to their house early this morning. I did comment to Robby that there is some point where kids just become fairly self sufficient: Keaton woke up by herself, packed her lunch and even had a list of what else she needed to put in her bag before leaving.
  • Once I came back home, I walked 2 miles with Bentley and Robby. I'm still working towards my 100 miles in October. I haven't given up just yet. After today's 6 miles I am up to 27 miles so that is ok so far.
  • Then I started on my two big projects of the day-Disney shirts. I worked on getting them ready to cut out plus I cut out 2 of Whitman's shirts. I think that he has the neatest ones which suit him perfectly. Though he has at least 6 Disney shirts already set aside for Disney. He has all of his brothers hand me downs in all different sizes so he really didn't even need for me to make him a shirt, but since I had blank shirts in his bins too I thought that I might as well.
  • The second big projetc of the day was finishing the quilt. Keaton's quilt is finished and ready to go for Disney. She seemed pretty pleased with it. It is no where near perfect, but I think that it looks decent and am excited for her...though part of me doesn't want for her to use it.
  • New phone for me yesterday and a new-to-me apple watch today. So I have lots of things that I am learning-I don't really like change but am surviving the new so far. Actually the kids are helping explain all the new things to me whenever I have questions.
  • Anderson and Graham both had some school work to do today. Graham went right to work on his when I woke him up this morning. Both boys had asked me to wake them up when I took Keaton early this morning. I did, but I knew that Anderson wasn't going to wake up-he is not an early riser or a pleasant riser either. 
  • So he slept longer than he intended. However, his phone is giving him fits (his new one should have come yesterday too, but didn't) so he probably spent a bit more time than usual on his school work which isn't such a bad thing.
  • Reagan went to Maumelle to spend the night with Kennedy today after work. The other girls, Robby and I ran some errands late tonight-the xbox game store to fix one of Graham's games (it worked-2 dollars was certainly worth it.), walmart (to buy quite a few different things) and then to Grannymom's house (to drop off the dessert of the month,)
  • Then it was home for ice cream and possibly some cheesecake too.

October 6, 2022

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  • I hit snooze a good bit this morning, but I still managed to get my walk around the block. I have been doing a lap and a half each morning which amounts to a mile and a half. Actually, each day this week I have been walking at least 5 miles a day. And this has shown me two things-I need better shoes and I'm old now.
  • I know that Thursdays are my last day of school-but that is just kind of not really right at all. Thursdays should be my last day of school, but there is always something else to do each Friday-this week is a lighter Friday: only Anderson, Reagan and Graham have school work while I do need to work with the others and do some reading at some point.
  • We did our school work today while Reagan and Graham went to Comm Central. Reagan had her midterm for her college class. She had been super stressed and wanted to make at least a certain grade-and she just barely did so I thought that was really good, but she wasn't too pleased.
  • This afternoon Cambpell and I went to the pregnancy center. We bagged a ton of diapers beforem meeting Robby at Kroger to get a few groceries and gas. On Robby's way home, he picked up a tamale spread from the new McClards. We had that while the kids had meatballs and mashed potatoes.
  • There was some disney shirt work after supper along wtih some football/volleyball playing. Football has been the afternoon sport around here lately, but today Keaton put up the volleyball net, so I think that they played some sort of football/volleyball combination. Currently, Anderson and Graham just went outside to play basketball-it is after 9 already.
  • Robby did just get my new phone ready to go. My old phone had an unfortunate run in with the concrete. I'm not sure how that happened (yes, I am-it was me.) I do have a purple case now so hopefully I can find my phone better in the house. I probably spent 10 minutes a day looking for it-maybe the new case will help and help protect it better.

October 5, 2022

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  • Just like most of the Wednesdays lately, things didn't go too smoothly around here. On Mondays, Anderson and Graham realize they have a lot of school work to do so they put their heads down and work hard. Tuesdays they leave for school so they aren't around. But Wednesdays, they are feeling good about their school work progress and are in no hurry-this means they have a good, fun morning with not that much school work happening.
  • They, of course, will eventually finish their school work for the week; howeer, the little brother has himselfa  good, fun school morning as well-and he is the one that needs to work hard and not be distracted. Whitman had 3 things left to do today after noon which was the norm for last year, but this year he has been working a bit quicker....but not at all today.
  • We all survived though with no injuries. Well, there was almost a few injuries. After Reagan went to work, I ended up playing football outside wtih the kids. Whitman, Graham and I were on a tv against Campbell, Keaton and Anderson. I did briefly think that my arm had been broken during our game, but thankfully I'm much sturdier than that (or maybe I am just glad I have been taking my vitamins.)
  • Spaeking of vitamins-I started taking them a few months ago. Just this last week or so, I got lazy in the mornings and had not been grabbing them. And guess who caught a cold? Me, hmm, I wasn't too sold on the vitamins after first, but maybe I am now-I even bougth some more last night.
  • Back to football, obviously, our team lost. Graham carried the team as much as he could, but with me, old and slow, and Whitman, whiney and tired, he didn't have much to work with. We all had fun-well, after an hour of playing football in the sun, we weren't having too much fun, but everyone did enjoy the popsicles when we were finished. 
  • Tonight we went to church while Reagan went to soccer practice. She doesn't have many more practices left since the season is almost over which will make her pretty sad. She has a big test tomorrow and has been studying so much lately-she will do great and we sure aren't stressed, but she migth be.
  • After church tonight, we all were in the kitchen making our supers. There was lots happening-air fryer pizzas, bagels, waffles, eggs, cheesecake, chips and cheese dip-and there were lots of people-all the kids-and lots of talking happening. That is when I turned to Robby and reminded him that nights like tonight are the nights that we are going to miss when all of these people are grown up. 

October 4, 2022

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  • I spent most of the day feeling relieved because Campbell was not getting married. That was my dream last night, and it felt like I dreamed about the wedding most of the night long. There was no have to in her getting married (if you catch my drift), but we were letting her get married when she was 14. I don't think that I really liked the groom because at the end of the end of my dream I was telling the groom off. 
  • I do remember crying during the wedding. However, it wasn't becuase Campbell was getting married. It was because I didn't wear a dress. I was in my church jeans and a ceam sweater. The sweater was really cute, but I knew it wasn't fit for my daughters wedding. I kept thinking "and I have a blue dress hanging in the closet at home that I could have worn." 
  • I never had any of those dreams about showing up at school or someplace else naked, but this was actually worse. Can you imagine what people would have said about me not wearing a dress? It probably would have been better to be naked at the wedding-then at least they would have thought that I was crazy and have some sympathy for me and Robby. Well, Robby, he wasn't in my dream that I remember.
  • After I calmed and checked to see that I did infact have one emergency wedding dress hanging in the closet, I started my day. Laundry and dishes all happened before my walk. Robby did meet me half way so that made my walk a bit more enjoyable.
  • Then it was time to start school with these people. Reagan, Anderson and Graham were soon headed out to Comm Central for the day. The boys were done with their class, and Robby and Campbell came to pick them up. Robby and Campbell were headed out to eat wings for their birthdays. They had intended to go near Robby's birthday, but it was pushed back a little bit.
  • Anderson was just dropped off at Raymar to paint the fields so he missed the wing stop. However, Graham was fortunate that he was along for the ride becuase he also received lunch out of the deal.
  • While they were gone, I worked on the quilt some before trying to walk on the treadmill. I couldn't get the tv to work-that used to happen quite often in the bonus room since I didn't really understand how things were working. However, I have been doing well lately so I was not pleased about this. It did take Robby to fix it later in the day-I did get my treadmill walk in then, but also had another outside walk with Bentley.
  • We had air fryer pizzas for supper tonight, and after we had finihsed eating we went to Costco and Kroger with the Wilsons. We spent most than they did at every place that we stopped-we did buy a few things for the trip and a few things that we needed at the house. 
  • Once we came home, Campbell and Keaton were making dessert pizza which was delicious. Now they are in the kitchen cleaning while I am finishing the blog. 

October 3, 2022

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  • As I was getting up this morning, I thought that I had overslept but my alarm has just begun to ring. Robby was already out of bed working on today's camper project. He was hard at work on that before the real work day began.
  • I took my walk with Bentley earlier than usual since I had forgotten to run the dishwasher last night. When we made it back to the house, Campbell was already awake and downstairs. Usually no one is awake before I start waking people up-especially on Monday mornings.
  • I worked with the big 3 first today. Then Reagan and I spent a few minutes doing one thing before  Campbell and Keaton were both waiting on me to work with them.
  • We zoomed through that before I spent the last bit of the morning reading with the little 3. We have now started reading twice a day so we can knock out a few things before Christmas. I had to stop a bit early since Reagan and Keaton ran to check on Annie for a few minutes.
  • I knocked a few things off of my list around lunch time. Then there was more school work wtih Whitman followed by working on the quilt some more-I bet you thought that I forgot about it, didn't you? I haven't-it is still hanging over my head. I think that I should be able to finish this weekend or early next week. 
  • The highlight of the afternoon was going to Academy and Goodwill. Graham was bored and started asking me early this morning. Academy was fine with me since my list of 30 must do things in October had quite a few items to buy from Academy. Becuase of the non-cheap Academy visit today and lots of hard work yesterday and today, my 30 must dos are now down to 21 (and one of those do include the quilt.)
  • After those two stops, we had 3 returns, and then home for supper. Robby had things heated up. We are still working on eating through the fridge, but he did add a few new items to the rotation. 
  • Once we had finsihed eating, the kids worked on their Disney pins. I am trying to get things ready for the upcoming trip. Now ice cream is being passed out, and football is on tv so we get to relax a little bit before bedtime.

October 2, 2022

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  • Even though I wen to bed before midnight last night, I still woke up feeling pretty tired this morning, so I probably hit snooze longer than I should have. However, we were still able to all get out the door this morning with pretty good attitudes only having about 50 minutes once we woke up.
  • Church was great this morning, but a bit long. However, that did make for a short Sunday school time. The kids were all upstairs with teenagers for their leaders-Reagan was one of those leaders. The teachers were all downstairs in a meeting-and we even got goodies (huge loaves of pumpkin bread,)
  • Then it was on to Nonna's house for lunch and to celebrate Jason's 50th birthday. Pops made tenderloin and Nonna made a Jo Powell chocolate cake. Then it was time for Jason's presents-cash, dvds and a little Lego set.
  • When we did come home this afternoon, I had myself a nap while Robby worked on the newest camper problem. We then ran to the store-Robby was going to take a shower first, but opted just to wash his hands before going. I really didn't see until we got into the store, but he had more grass and dirt on the back of his shirt than some people have in their entire yards. I dusted him off in the produce section.
  • Then it was back home to start on supper-crock pot mac and cheese (a success) and a crockpot dessert (not a success). We supplemented those two things with pizza. So after Robby picked up Graham, Campbell and Anderson from Rock Creek he came back wtih pizza.
  • The Wilsons came over, and as we ate we rehashed the wonderful week of camping. Brett showed up and the kids played basketball for a little bit before it was finally time for the weekend to end and the week to begin.

October 1, 2022

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  • I left first this morning with Anderson for Raymar. He had to be there early to set up for football-only two more Saturdays left for football this year. After dropping him off, I went to ChickFilA to pick up the breakfast order. 
  • I usually do not pick up the food but was asked to do so today. Let's see-20 sausage biscuits, 60 chicken biscuits and 60 chicken minis. I know that is a lot of food, but you would think that you would try to have an order like that correct and ready on time. Apparently, thier "chicken mini machine" wasn't working right. I may not have understood this correctly since I don't really know what a chicken mini machine would be. However, the order should have been ready at 7:45, but instead it was 8:15 when I left with the food. 
  • Soon Robby arrived at Raymar with Reagan, to help in the concession stand, Campbell, to visit with her friends, and Whitman to play on the playground. Football is nice because the day really goes by quickly.
  • And before too long, we were cleaning up and I was heading to Lakewood with Reagan for her soccer game. We did stop at Tropical Smoothie for her a little drink on the way. And since we were super early, we drove by Target to run in and potty since the field didn't have a bathroom.
  • Then on to her game. Her team won 3-1 today, and Reagan is enjoying soccer more and more. She just really loves it, and I think that she is really improving as well. Though she did hit the ball with her head a few times today-I don't like that! Ha!
  • On the way home, Robby went to pick up Keaton from her sleepover. She had a great time-they ate out, went bowling, played at the gym and even played some volleyball. On my way home with Reagan we ran into Michaels to pick up a poster board frame-she has one poster that will not stay on the walls for anything so hopefully this will help.
  • When we arrived home, everyone was gathered in the living room. The Hogs game was looking bad then, but did turn around for a few minutes, but then it soon went from bad to worse. Anderson and Robby were the only ones who watched unitl the bitter end. 
  • Afterwards, everyone started their own things-Reagan has done some school and is now watching a movie with Whitman, the big boys have showered and are on their devices, Keaton and Campbell are busy looking for things to buy on ebay, Robby has found a new camper project that he is working on and I'm trying to stay away to finish the blog.