October 6, 2022

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  • I hit snooze a good bit this morning, but I still managed to get my walk around the block. I have been doing a lap and a half each morning which amounts to a mile and a half. Actually, each day this week I have been walking at least 5 miles a day. And this has shown me two things-I need better shoes and I'm old now.
  • I know that Thursdays are my last day of school-but that is just kind of not really right at all. Thursdays should be my last day of school, but there is always something else to do each Friday-this week is a lighter Friday: only Anderson, Reagan and Graham have school work while I do need to work with the others and do some reading at some point.
  • We did our school work today while Reagan and Graham went to Comm Central. Reagan had her midterm for her college class. She had been super stressed and wanted to make at least a certain grade-and she just barely did so I thought that was really good, but she wasn't too pleased.
  • This afternoon Cambpell and I went to the pregnancy center. We bagged a ton of diapers beforem meeting Robby at Kroger to get a few groceries and gas. On Robby's way home, he picked up a tamale spread from the new McClards. We had that while the kids had meatballs and mashed potatoes.
  • There was some disney shirt work after supper along wtih some football/volleyball playing. Football has been the afternoon sport around here lately, but today Keaton put up the volleyball net, so I think that they played some sort of football/volleyball combination. Currently, Anderson and Graham just went outside to play basketball-it is after 9 already.
  • Robby did just get my new phone ready to go. My old phone had an unfortunate run in with the concrete. I'm not sure how that happened (yes, I am-it was me.) I do have a purple case now so hopefully I can find my phone better in the house. I probably spent 10 minutes a day looking for it-maybe the new case will help and help protect it better.

October 5, 2022

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  • Just like most of the Wednesdays lately, things didn't go too smoothly around here. On Mondays, Anderson and Graham realize they have a lot of school work to do so they put their heads down and work hard. Tuesdays they leave for school so they aren't around. But Wednesdays, they are feeling good about their school work progress and are in no hurry-this means they have a good, fun morning with not that much school work happening.
  • They, of course, will eventually finish their school work for the week; howeer, the little brother has himselfa  good, fun school morning as well-and he is the one that needs to work hard and not be distracted. Whitman had 3 things left to do today after noon which was the norm for last year, but this year he has been working a bit quicker....but not at all today.
  • We all survived though with no injuries. Well, there was almost a few injuries. After Reagan went to work, I ended up playing football outside wtih the kids. Whitman, Graham and I were on a tv against Campbell, Keaton and Anderson. I did briefly think that my arm had been broken during our game, but thankfully I'm much sturdier than that (or maybe I am just glad I have been taking my vitamins.)
  • Spaeking of vitamins-I started taking them a few months ago. Just this last week or so, I got lazy in the mornings and had not been grabbing them. And guess who caught a cold? Me, hmm, I wasn't too sold on the vitamins after first, but maybe I am now-I even bougth some more last night.
  • Back to football, obviously, our team lost. Graham carried the team as much as he could, but with me, old and slow, and Whitman, whiney and tired, he didn't have much to work with. We all had fun-well, after an hour of playing football in the sun, we weren't having too much fun, but everyone did enjoy the popsicles when we were finished. 
  • Tonight we went to church while Reagan went to soccer practice. She doesn't have many more practices left since the season is almost over which will make her pretty sad. She has a big test tomorrow and has been studying so much lately-she will do great and we sure aren't stressed, but she migth be.
  • After church tonight, we all were in the kitchen making our supers. There was lots happening-air fryer pizzas, bagels, waffles, eggs, cheesecake, chips and cheese dip-and there were lots of people-all the kids-and lots of talking happening. That is when I turned to Robby and reminded him that nights like tonight are the nights that we are going to miss when all of these people are grown up. 

October 4, 2022

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  • I spent most of the day feeling relieved because Campbell was not getting married. That was my dream last night, and it felt like I dreamed about the wedding most of the night long. There was no have to in her getting married (if you catch my drift), but we were letting her get married when she was 14. I don't think that I really liked the groom because at the end of the end of my dream I was telling the groom off. 
  • I do remember crying during the wedding. However, it wasn't becuase Campbell was getting married. It was because I didn't wear a dress. I was in my church jeans and a ceam sweater. The sweater was really cute, but I knew it wasn't fit for my daughters wedding. I kept thinking "and I have a blue dress hanging in the closet at home that I could have worn." 
  • I never had any of those dreams about showing up at school or someplace else naked, but this was actually worse. Can you imagine what people would have said about me not wearing a dress? It probably would have been better to be naked at the wedding-then at least they would have thought that I was crazy and have some sympathy for me and Robby. Well, Robby, he wasn't in my dream that I remember.
  • After I calmed and checked to see that I did infact have one emergency wedding dress hanging in the closet, I started my day. Laundry and dishes all happened before my walk. Robby did meet me half way so that made my walk a bit more enjoyable.
  • Then it was time to start school with these people. Reagan, Anderson and Graham were soon headed out to Comm Central for the day. The boys were done with their class, and Robby and Campbell came to pick them up. Robby and Campbell were headed out to eat wings for their birthdays. They had intended to go near Robby's birthday, but it was pushed back a little bit.
  • Anderson was just dropped off at Raymar to paint the fields so he missed the wing stop. However, Graham was fortunate that he was along for the ride becuase he also received lunch out of the deal.
  • While they were gone, I worked on the quilt some before trying to walk on the treadmill. I couldn't get the tv to work-that used to happen quite often in the bonus room since I didn't really understand how things were working. However, I have been doing well lately so I was not pleased about this. It did take Robby to fix it later in the day-I did get my treadmill walk in then, but also had another outside walk with Bentley.
  • We had air fryer pizzas for supper tonight, and after we had finihsed eating we went to Costco and Kroger with the Wilsons. We spent most than they did at every place that we stopped-we did buy a few things for the trip and a few things that we needed at the house. 
  • Once we came home, Campbell and Keaton were making dessert pizza which was delicious. Now they are in the kitchen cleaning while I am finishing the blog. 

October 3, 2022

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  • As I was getting up this morning, I thought that I had overslept but my alarm has just begun to ring. Robby was already out of bed working on today's camper project. He was hard at work on that before the real work day began.
  • I took my walk with Bentley earlier than usual since I had forgotten to run the dishwasher last night. When we made it back to the house, Campbell was already awake and downstairs. Usually no one is awake before I start waking people up-especially on Monday mornings.
  • I worked with the big 3 first today. Then Reagan and I spent a few minutes doing one thing before  Campbell and Keaton were both waiting on me to work with them.
  • We zoomed through that before I spent the last bit of the morning reading with the little 3. We have now started reading twice a day so we can knock out a few things before Christmas. I had to stop a bit early since Reagan and Keaton ran to check on Annie for a few minutes.
  • I knocked a few things off of my list around lunch time. Then there was more school work wtih Whitman followed by working on the quilt some more-I bet you thought that I forgot about it, didn't you? I haven't-it is still hanging over my head. I think that I should be able to finish this weekend or early next week. 
  • The highlight of the afternoon was going to Academy and Goodwill. Graham was bored and started asking me early this morning. Academy was fine with me since my list of 30 must do things in October had quite a few items to buy from Academy. Becuase of the non-cheap Academy visit today and lots of hard work yesterday and today, my 30 must dos are now down to 21 (and one of those do include the quilt.)
  • After those two stops, we had 3 returns, and then home for supper. Robby had things heated up. We are still working on eating through the fridge, but he did add a few new items to the rotation. 
  • Once we had finsihed eating, the kids worked on their Disney pins. I am trying to get things ready for the upcoming trip. Now ice cream is being passed out, and football is on tv so we get to relax a little bit before bedtime.

October 2, 2022

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  • Even though I wen to bed before midnight last night, I still woke up feeling pretty tired this morning, so I probably hit snooze longer than I should have. However, we were still able to all get out the door this morning with pretty good attitudes only having about 50 minutes once we woke up.
  • Church was great this morning, but a bit long. However, that did make for a short Sunday school time. The kids were all upstairs with teenagers for their leaders-Reagan was one of those leaders. The teachers were all downstairs in a meeting-and we even got goodies (huge loaves of pumpkin bread,)
  • Then it was on to Nonna's house for lunch and to celebrate Jason's 50th birthday. Pops made tenderloin and Nonna made a Jo Powell chocolate cake. Then it was time for Jason's presents-cash, dvds and a little Lego set.
  • When we did come home this afternoon, I had myself a nap while Robby worked on the newest camper problem. We then ran to the store-Robby was going to take a shower first, but opted just to wash his hands before going. I really didn't see until we got into the store, but he had more grass and dirt on the back of his shirt than some people have in their entire yards. I dusted him off in the produce section.
  • Then it was back home to start on supper-crock pot mac and cheese (a success) and a crockpot dessert (not a success). We supplemented those two things with pizza. So after Robby picked up Graham, Campbell and Anderson from Rock Creek he came back wtih pizza.
  • The Wilsons came over, and as we ate we rehashed the wonderful week of camping. Brett showed up and the kids played basketball for a little bit before it was finally time for the weekend to end and the week to begin.

October 1, 2022

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  • I left first this morning with Anderson for Raymar. He had to be there early to set up for football-only two more Saturdays left for football this year. After dropping him off, I went to ChickFilA to pick up the breakfast order. 
  • I usually do not pick up the food but was asked to do so today. Let's see-20 sausage biscuits, 60 chicken biscuits and 60 chicken minis. I know that is a lot of food, but you would think that you would try to have an order like that correct and ready on time. Apparently, thier "chicken mini machine" wasn't working right. I may not have understood this correctly since I don't really know what a chicken mini machine would be. However, the order should have been ready at 7:45, but instead it was 8:15 when I left with the food. 
  • Soon Robby arrived at Raymar with Reagan, to help in the concession stand, Campbell, to visit with her friends, and Whitman to play on the playground. Football is nice because the day really goes by quickly.
  • And before too long, we were cleaning up and I was heading to Lakewood with Reagan for her soccer game. We did stop at Tropical Smoothie for her a little drink on the way. And since we were super early, we drove by Target to run in and potty since the field didn't have a bathroom.
  • Then on to her game. Her team won 3-1 today, and Reagan is enjoying soccer more and more. She just really loves it, and I think that she is really improving as well. Though she did hit the ball with her head a few times today-I don't like that! Ha!
  • On the way home, Robby went to pick up Keaton from her sleepover. She had a great time-they ate out, went bowling, played at the gym and even played some volleyball. On my way home with Reagan we ran into Michaels to pick up a poster board frame-she has one poster that will not stay on the walls for anything so hopefully this will help.
  • When we arrived home, everyone was gathered in the living room. The Hogs game was looking bad then, but did turn around for a few minutes, but then it soon went from bad to worse. Anderson and Robby were the only ones who watched unitl the bitter end. 
  • Afterwards, everyone started their own things-Reagan has done some school and is now watching a movie with Whitman, the big boys have showered and are on their devices, Keaton and Campbell are busy looking for things to buy on ebay, Robby has found a new camper project that he is working on and I'm trying to stay away to finish the blog.

September 30, 2022-Weekdays at Maumelle

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Keaton and Campbell went home with the big 3 last night so that just left us with Whitman last night and this morning which made for an empty camper for sure. I actually think that he might have loved it though.

There were pancakes for breakfast at Whitman's request. Then Robby and I went to work. We worked all morning long on putting things away and loading up the camper. We weren't in a hurry so it took a good while to put everything back neatly where they belong.

We worked and worked and worked. When it was time to leave, Robby had a bit of a time starting the generator. And then, just as we were talking about the generator, it stopped. However, Robby knew immediately why-that safety mechanism that turns the generator off when you are dangerously low on gas.

Yep, the gas level was super low-low enough that Robby decided to skip dumping at the park and decided to dump at home. So that just left me driving behind him praying him all the way to Kroger. He said that he had at least 20 more miles but if you are having to do math to figure out how many miles you have left, then it is really too few. 

We made it fine to Kroger for gas. Then I headed on home wtih Whit and Bentley while Robby ran in to pick up a few deals. Once at home, we unloaded the camper just as slowly as we had packed it up. We were in no hurry, but we did manage to get everything unpacked, put away and cleaned so that was good.

Keaton spent the night at a friend's house. While I dropped her off, Anderson and Graham hauled wood for Pops. It took them about an hour to finish all of the wood.

Back at home, we did some more unloading and straightening, then Anderson joined us to run a few errands. First we stopped at Jess's Chicken for supper. We would probably have to rate it a C+, but it was still decent. We aren't big foodie people so we could really just take it our leave it.

Then on to Costco-Anderson even bought something to resell or at least try to resell. He has been selling Lego men as fast as we can ship them out here. It doesn't yet amount to enough for college or a car, but maybe he can buy a pair of glasses for his brother (that's Monday's project.)

Once we did make it back home, we all had some ice cream before chilling for the evening.

September 29, 2022-Weekdays at Maumelle

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Another day at Maumelle Park, actually the last full day-and we certainly made it a full day. Robby was already working this morning when I started to stir. The girls were soon up, but Whitman continued to sleep. I even checked on him once to make sure that he was sleeping and breathing. He was, but I guess the guy is just pretty tired-he has only slept in his bed once in the last 8 nights.

Today's breakfast was breakfast burritos. Tonight when Graham was here, he asked what we had for breakfast. Then he added that he wished he had been here for some of our breakfasts. The kids may not enjoy being away from home, but they do enjoy the camper eating that we do.

This morning we did a bit of school. Let's see, how the school bit is going this week. I only read aloud to the little 3, one of 3 days this week. That's not good, but I am now on a mission to finish quite a few books with them before the end of the month so I'll catch up on that. Whitman only missed doing one day of math this week. Keaton did everything so she is good. Campbell has some work to do tomorrow. Anderson and Graham both have english to do tomorrow-my plan is to stay gone tomorrow as long as I can so things will be finihsed by the time that I arrive back at the house. And Reagan, bless her, is stressed about her math-she is doing wonderful in it, but the midterm is coming up so she is working on studying for that.

We did drive down to Two Rivers today and walk the trail to the bridge. By the time that we made it back to the car, we had walked around 4 miles. Plus 2 miles of walking around the campsite today. We did fairly well-if only this was October when I want to walk 100 miles. Don't get me wrong, I know that it won't happen, but I would like to try at least.

When we returned from our walk, Nonna and Pops showed up. Keaton made them grilled cheese sandwiches. They stayed and visited for a little while while we ate. It was a bit chilly this afternoon with the wind from the river.

There was a little bit of time for reading this afternoon, but soon the big 3 arrived for supper. Reagan has driven to Maumelle Park today and Tuesday. And Monday and Wednesday she drove to Natural Steps for soccer. She has definitely put the miles on the car this week-and she said that she wanted to leave early so she didn't have to drive "that curvy road" in the dark again. 

We got them on their way before it was too dark out. First we filled everyone with chili-Robby made some and I made pumpkin chili which I had been wanting to make for a good long while. I really liked it; and I'd even make that same recipe again. 

Campbell and Keaton helped Robby make no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies this afternoon, and Shannon made cookies as well. So we had lots of dessert this evening, plus Robby pulled out the brownies and ice cream.

That is probably why we walked those 2 more miles tonight after eating. We tried to stay out tonight watching the football game, but the bugs were a bit bad. It was a pretty pleasant evening-and would be even better if we didn't have to pack up and leave tomorrow.

September 28, 2022-Weekdays in Maumelle Park

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Well, we certainly slept well last night. We all slept until almost 10 this morning which was wonderful. After sleeping so well, we came outside to Tony cooking pancakes. He made two different brands of pancakes. 

We had all heard rave reviews about the Kodiak pancake brand. The person we saw on tv even added oatmeal to the pancakes which is something that I might want to try one day. However. these pancakes were like eating healthy bread-think about the wheatiest, grainiest piece of bread possible-and that was the first batch of pancakes.

The other brand was like eating the fluffiest, whitest bread imaginable. There was definitely a winner in the pancake brand taste tast this mroning.

After a bit of sitting around, Keaton couldn't get Campbell or Whitman to go with her to find the last geocache so I volunteered. I rode Campbell's bike (I need a much bigger seat if I am to ever get my own bike.) 

We probably rode about a mile total. I am also going to need a lot of time in the gym before I become a bike rider who rides often-this place is surprisingly hilly when you are on a bike. We quickly found the area that the geocache should be in, but it took us forever to find it. Finally, just as we were about to give up, Keaton spotted it.

This afternoon was full of nothingness, and it was wonderful. Robby did make nachos for our late lunch. Then around 4, we headed home to pick up the boys to take them to church and throw in a load of clothes. Reagan went to soccer practice tonight instead of church. 

On the way we ran to the library before church. As soon as church was finished, we dropped the boys off at the house and then went back to the campsite. Robby is trying to figure out how we can just live out here. 

Tony had supper for us when we did make it back tonight. We ate and then went on a power walk before calling it a night. It was chilly tonight and a bit windy-but oh, it is so cozy in this camper. The girls are in their beds watching Duck Dynasty and Robby and I just finished a bit of brownie. A shower for me and some reading are next on the list. 

September 27, 2022-Weekdays In Maumelle Park and Happy 11th Birthday Keaton!

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It was another fun day camping out at Lake Maumelle. Really, I know that I have said it before, but Robby and I could do this every single day. Robby had a work phone call pretty early this morning. When he started the call, I laid in bed and read some, and by the time that he finished the call, most everyone was awake, and I was headed out with Bentley. 

I took her on a walk this morning so I could throw away our trash from the camper. Our trash can inside is tiny so it doesn't time long to fill it up, and the dumpsters are few and far between here so to get to one, it took us a good while. That was good for her since she was able to do all of her business and get her walk out.

Since it was Keaton's birthday, we had her favorite camping breakfast-pancakes. We spiced it up a little bit by having Reeses pancakes. We cut up Reeses Peanut Butter Cups in a few of the pancakes. I still prefer pancakes with chocolate chips in them though.

After eating our breakfast, we cleaned up and went for a short walk. At least they said it was going to be a short walk. We walked around the campgroun, then left the campgroun and walked a good ways. By the time that we made it back to our campsites, we had walked 4 miles. It was a bit warm in the sun, but overall it was fairly pleasant out still. I did discover one thing-I probably need better shoes. My shoes are pretty decent right now, but Robby said his feet didn't hurt after our walk, but mine did. Maybe I need to invest in some before Disney.

While we were walking, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were riding their bikes all around this campground looking for Geocaches. They found 2 different ones. They were super proud of this. They actually found a 3rd, but couldn't get to it becuase of ants surrounding it. I think that we need to do more geocching since they enjoyed it so much 

Once we did get back, it was time to knock out some school. Campbell had already finished some, but we all read together. Then I helped Whitman with his math. Once that all was finished, we went to Sonic for birthday slushes. Whitman's bike needed the handle bars raised along with the seat so that was the next project after our drinks.

Then we had about an hour to sit down and do nothing-to really enjoy our camping. I finished my book just as Reagan, Anderson and Graham arrived. They had all gone to school this morning after doing a little bit of school at home. Grandpa them brought Anderson and Graham home from church-they stopped to pick up lunch and a drink on their way home. Reagan had a few more classes so it was later when she did get home.

Around 5, Robby started on supper-tonight's supper was Keaton's special request: street tacos make on the blackstone. They are a Dennie family favorite. Anderson said he "loved" them and continued to say that they were even better than ChickFilA even though they aren't the same at all. Reagan reminded us that she doesn't like Mexican food, but the street tacos are one of her favorites.

Jason even showed up as we were scooping up supper so he enjoyed it with us as well. After eating, we took a short walk (it really was short this time.) Then we had the long awaited, and much planned birthday event: a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Taste Test.

We had 10 different types of Reeses that we ate and rated using a 5 point scale. The ratings were in the category of appearance, taste, flavor, texture, after taste and overall. Here were the samples and some of the results:

  1. Reese's Minis-3 way tie for 3rd place
  2. White Reese's Peanut Butter Cups-3 way tie for 3rd place
  3. Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins-2nd place
  4. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Thins
  5. Reese's Potato Chip Cups
  6. Reese's Sticks-1st place
  7. Reese's Pretzel Cups
  8. Reese's Crunchy Snack Cake-Loser (people were spitting this one out)
  9. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups-3 way tie for 3rd place 
  10. Reese's Peanut Butter Lovers Cups
And yes, this was just 10, but the kids read that Reese's has over 60 different products. However, when we had finished having a bite of each of these, we had pretty much had enough Reese's for a good long while. Maybe Robby and I need to have an ice cream taste test, and we will get tired of it and will not have to have some every single evening. 

Once the taste test was over, the big 3 headed back to the house. We had intended on them staying here, but then decided that it was fine for them to go home so we let them choose. (We knew what they would choose). However, the big 3 is working well for Campbell and Keaton who are in their sleeping spots watching Duck Dynasty on the tv-they are living it up for sure-I think that she has had a pretty great birthday for sure.

September 26, 2022-Weekdays In Maumelle Park

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Robby and I worked last night until the moment that we went to bed, and when I woke up this morning he was already gone. Actually, before I woke up this morning he was already gone. By the time that I left for me walk this morning, Robby was coming back from getting a new battery in the suburban. We all gave a hallelujah when it was just the battery. Though Robby was still a bit shocked about how much his battery (with a partial warranty left) costs. Either way, there were still happy dances happening (at least in our mind) that the battery was the culprit.

We were able to do a pretty full day of school today. Whitman just has 3 things left to do each day-Bible study, reading and math. And really, when you boil it all down-those are really the three most important things that we do. Campbell has a bit more, but Keaton doesn't have much to do at all. I am looking forward to doing our school work outside tomorrow (I have probably made that sound better in my head than it will really work out.)

Keaton washed Bentley this morning. Campbell made chocolate chip cookies for us to take camping while I took a hundred trips to the camper. Reagan was the first to leave today to go to work. Then Robby, Campbell and Keaton left to head to Maumelle Park for the week. Finally, Whitman and I left with Anderson and Graham to take them to Raymar.

Reagan was busy at work today, but she did leave a little bit early which was nice becuase she had a few minutes at home before going to soccer practice. After her practice (which was right near us), she headed back home. 

I helped Graham set up the concession stand-well, Whitman helped Graham while I picked up trash. Anderson started immediately setting up things and was working hard when I left. Nonna and Pops took them home after the games were over.

Robby and I the girls made it to Maumelle Park and quickly found our spots. We aren't in the spot that we had last time, so we were worried that we wouldn't have hammock trees-and we almost don't. Campbell and Keaton did use the trees right behind the Wilson's camper to hang up a hammock, but there isn't room for a full hammock city like we usually have.

Other than that, the spot is perfect. By the time that I arrived, Robby and the girls had everything set up perfectly. Tent, lights, chairs, rugs-everything. We even have a new toy this trip-a bicycle tent to store outside things in. We have plan for it so hopefully it will work out. 

Tony made supper this evening-ravioli and sausage. We thought that it was wonderful. Then we took ourselves a 50 minute walk all around this park. I think that we hit every loop but one-it was dark so I wasn't able to look at each and every camper like I really would like to-I plan on doing that more tomorrow.

After our walk, Tony continued cooking and made apple turnovers for our dessert. It was delicious. The girls ate some, but then they finished their snack with some popcorn that they shared with Whitman. Despite the flying insects, we stayed outside until a bit after 10. I was shocked to see that it was 10.

Once we came into the camper, Whitman was on his ipad, and Campbell and Keaton were in our bed watching Duck Dynasty. We soon kicked them out of our bed and into their own.

September 25, 2022-September Branson

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  • Our goal was to pull out this morning at 9:30, and we were close to 9:45 so that was good. There was no rush so a bit later didn't hurt anything. We had to stop for gas, but that didn't take any time at all.
  • Then we zoomed on home without any more stops. Robby and I did some more Disney planning along the drive home. Actually, we did a lot of Disney planning becaue when I did look up from my notes, I realized that we were in Conway. 
  • We did stop long enough in our planning to have lunch. I made everyone sandwiches, and I am always amazed that one round of sandwiches can pretty much deplete a loaf of the bread that we buy.
  • Once at home, there wasn't a whole lot to be done in the camper. With just 3 or less than 3 trips each, the kids had it emptied, the car emptied and bikes loaded for tomorrow. We probaly shouldn't do things like this to ourselves, but we have a tight turn around and pull out again tomorrow.
  • We threw laundry in the wash, I worked inside, Robby worked outside until we got to stopping points then we made a Costco and Kroger run.
  • We came home and unloaded while Reagan and Anderson left for lifegroup (Graham didn't feel too great tonight so he skipped). We then loaded back up and took Campbell to her lifegroup and tried to run to Sams but it was closed but did make a quick run through Walmart.
  • Once back home I had time to unload before leaving again to go and get Campbell. On the way home, Reagan called to say that her car would not start. I asked if she could get her leader to jump it. Thankfully, he was able to jump it, and they made it safely back home.
  • When the came home, Robby tried to start it again, and it was dead again-hopefully it is just the battery. I know I hace mentioned before that the car has 380+ thousand miles on it, and I was praying that it would make it to 400 thousand. That number keeps getting closer, so I have moved my prayers to 420 thousand. I know we are on borrowed time, but there is definitly power in prayer!
  • Robby ran to Grannymom's house tonight while I loaded the carmper again wtih food and browned some meat. Then he came home, and we discussed food-we always sit in the camper and review all of the meals before leaving so hopefully we don't forget anything. (Though there is a Walmart near everywhere-especially near Maumelle park.)
  • It was nearly 11 when we were able to slow down enough to get the kids in bed. My watch says I have walked 16 thousand steps today, but I am not too sure about that since I didn't really do much until we made it home, but my feet sure do hurt so maybe I have.

September 24, 2022-September Branson

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  • We didn't leave for the park until 10 this morning. We had a leisurely morning-walking Bentley and eating breakfast. We didn't have a "fancy breakfast" but did enjoy sausage biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pop tarts and cereal.
  • We were expecting the park to be super crowded today. However, we were pleasantly surprised. When we were walking in, Robby noticed that the cave line was short so we jumped in that line.
  • We have been wanting to do the cave for a very long time, but never really had the right time to do it, but today was perfect.
  • The cave was super interesting for sure. And it was really impressive. I never understand why some caves are National Parks or National Monuments or even state parks while some are just under a theme park. This one could rival some of the other caves that we have seen.
  • Our guide was excellent today so that always makes things better. There were lots of steps going down and quite a few places were we had to duck to get through. Now my people really are not cave people-well some of them are not. Campbell was stressed through the whole thing, though when the guide turned off the lights I thougth she just might lose it. Anderson was the most composed of the three non-cavers. He just doesn't like tight spaces or heights. Whitman was the most un-nerved. He doesn't like heights (I didn't know that until our Rattlesnake Ridge hike). He wanted to make sure that he was beside me or holding my hand at all times.
  • We all survived the cave though, and I think that they all enjoyed it. We certainly did. The family that bought the cave had two teenage sons. Those boys helped pour concrete to make steps in the cave and now the two men today are in their 90s and own Solver Dollar City. That is all just pretty wild to me.
  • We did more eating today as well with our Tastes Across the City Passport. We didn't have to use all of our meals today, but why not? Today we enjoyed:
    • Maple, Bacon, and Pecan Funnel Cake (very good)
    • Salted Caramel Vanilla Bean Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich (also good)
    • Pumpkin Chili (loved it)
    • Pupkin Spiced Rubbed Smoked Ribs (quarter slab) (very good as well)
    • Pumpkin Pizza (Robby and I liked it-different, but boys did not.)
    • Sweet Potato Kettle Chips (Soggy)
  • Not only did we eat quite a few things, we were able to get a few rides in as well. We found the Fergusons and the kids rode Thunderation, Time Traveler, Powder Keg, Fire in the Hole and American Plunge.  The lines were never long today, but we were busy eating and spelunking.
  • We stayed longer than we had intended to, but that was fine. When we came back, we walked Bentley and started getting things ready to watch the Hogs game. During the game, we grilled burgers which was perfect. Unfortunatly, the game wasn't so perfect, but it was still a pleasant evening.
  • After the game, we put things away so we can head home tomorrow.
  • Meanwhile, back at home. Reagan has been living it up. She went to her ballgame in Russellville with Nonna and Pops. Her team lost, but Reagan felt like she really played well. 
  • On the way home, they all stopped to eat at Marketplace Grill in Conway. Actually getting Reagan home was an adventure in the pouring rain plus a tree across the road. Pops did safely deliver her to the house-even though the electricty was out. Thankfully, the electricty was only out for a short while.

September 23. 2022-September Branson

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  • I was sleeping so well last night, that when I went to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I didn't even care what time it was. The plan had been for us to meet more friends up here this morning, but they were a bit under the weather and weren't able to make it.
  • That didn't change anything that we had intended to do though. Robby left early this morning to go and pick up some cinnamon rolls for our breakfast. They are big and delicious and nearby. Can't go wrong with any of those for sure. Most people just had a half, but I had a whole one-and didn't regret it one bit.
  • We had a leisurely morning, and left for the park the same time as the Fergusons. The crowds were fairly light today though the first Time Travler ride took about 30 minutes for everyone. The kids don't mind waiting, and really that wasn't a super long time (though tonight they were able to just walk right on the same ride.)
  • I could go through and tell you about every single thing that we did today-but here is all is in a nutshell: they did it all. The kids were able to ride everything that wanted and had a great time. 
  • Robby and I also had a great time today becuase we ejoyed using our tasting passports. For 25 each, Robby received 2 cards which allow for you to try 5 different items from their fall menus.
  • There are things to try at most every single place. However, most of those delightful things have pumpkin in them. I do like some pumpkin, but I am not a pumpkin fanatic so we aren't sure about them. Today's selections included;
    • Cashew chicken in a waffle cone
    • Mac and cheese with sausage
    • BBQ sandwich with pumpkin infused bbq sauce
    • Harvest skillet meal
  • They were all really good. We tried to purchase sweet potatoe chips at the end of the day, but they were all out. There is also some pumpkin chili that I plan on getting tomorrow (I'm currently obsessed with pumpkin chili though I have never had it-next week, I will be making my own batch of it.)
  • We came back to the camper around 3 today. We visited with the Fergies, the kids played some, and we even all rested for a little bit as well. Then by 6, we were headed back to the park. When we made it back this time, the crowds seemed to be more, but there was no one on the rides. The kids were able to walk on pretty much every ride without any wait. 
  • We again walked through the pumpkin area tonight. I continue to be amazed by these pumpkins. Today we even saw the pumpkin carver man and listened to him talk for a little bit. I did learn that you are supposed to cut the whole in the bottom of the pumpkin. 
  • After pumpkins and rides, it was time for us to head back to the camper. It is just after 11 now and people have just finished all of their showers. I'm next for the shower, and then I am going to read my book.

September 22, 2022-September Branson and Happy Birthday Robby!

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  • Robby's birthday started off well-when it was time for my morning walk, he didn't join me but started to work on turning around the camper and loading the car. Going on a trip on his birthday, of course, made him happy. 
  • I started school-I did cut a few corners today since there were a ton of things to do. The bigs didn't get to do their ACT work with me, and I skipped history with the littles. Now, none of the folks cared at all about skipping any work-but I did!
  • Robby took Graham to school today, and then picked him up when it was over. While Graham was at his class, Robby went around town collecting his birthday goodies-fries, shakes, drinks, cookies. 
  • When we were all home, we did give him his birthday present-candy (which he had seen a few weeks ago in the closet) and a Blackstone shovel (which he saw the other day in the car). Birthdays aren't as spectacular when you get older!
  • Reagan then left for her class, and we gave her all of the instructions for the next few days. I think that she might have been rather anxious for us to leave. She does have a busy few days coming up. Tonight she had work at Raymar for picture orders for football.
  • Our drive was rather unevenful until Robby's tire pressure system started going off. Sometimes it does go off, and it isn't a big deal. After our first blowout, tires make me crazy nervous so just hearing it beep did me in. He kept pushing buttons on it and staring as we drove on down the road. I knew that probably wasn't good.
  • Our trailer tire was continuing to have less pressure so we pulled over to look. This is when Robby's birthday started to turn for the worse. I saw the nail in the tire, so we began operation change tire.
  • The big boys and Robby have done this before so it wasn't a new thing. We were well off the road, and within 20 minutes we were back on the road with the new tire put on. I then spent the next 20 minutes on hold with the closest Walmart to see if they had a tire to replace the tire with the nail (We greatly see the importance of always having a full sized spare ready to go with us).
  • After the tire was changed, we could relax and enjoy the rest of the drive. We were soon in the campground. Robby hooked everything up quickly and headed to Walmart to get the new spare. Keaton and Anderson went with him. He had wanted to drop it off and pick it up tomorrow, but on the phone they said it would take no time at all.
  • I used my time wisely and went to town cleaning this place up, getting ready for tomorrow and heating up supper. Then I started waiting and waiting and an hour and a half later they were still waiting at Walmart. 
  • Robby said that it was just ridiculous-even though I had called to ask about the tire and even repeated the exact numbers twice, they still had problems. When they did put the tire on, Robby realized they had put the wrong tire on. After I had to wait so long on the phone, we should have known, but the real kicker was when they asked Robby repeatedly what side of the minivan where they going to put the tire on. He had to keep repeating that it was a trailer tire that they carried into the store.
  • I am glad that he had some of the kids with him so he could stay a bit calmer! Ha! It all worked out, and as soon as they stepped foot back in the camper, I was dishing up hot manicotti for our supper.
  • After we ate, we headed to Silver Dollar City. It was around 7:30 when we arrived. The kids rode Time Traveler, Thunderation, WIldfire, and Outlaw Run before we made it to the pumpkin area. 
  • There are so many pumpkins all over the park. It was really amazing to see-we have seen it before but it has been a long time ago, and I think that they have tons more pumpkins. I would have to say that these pumpkins rival their Christmas decorations.
  • Back at the campground, Campbell and Keaton filled their bento boxes for lunch tomorrow. The boys just wanted me to get them some cheese and crakers. We also have bought the tasting thing for tomorrow too so maybe we will sample some yummy food.

September 21, 2022

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  • Once again I climbed out of bed when the alarm went off (well, the second alarm), so I even had an extra few minutes this morning before having to start the school day. Robby went with me on my walk again which was nice-he didn't even have to make the neighborhood dog go home.
  • They continued their walk while I came in to start waking up the kiddos. My list was long and I used a few extra minutes this morning to do a few things off of it. No, I didn't get everything marked off today-that silly Disney quilt will have to wait until October.
  • School went pretty well today. The little 3 are still working hard at marking things off of their lists. Anderson and Graham worked better on this Wednesday since the know they don't really have their Friday to work on school things.
  • We had an orthodontist appointment today. They made a big deal about wanting to talk to a parent because of one of Campbell's teeth. (She has one baby tooth or maybe it is a permanent tooth that is a baby tooth.) We were a bit stressed trying to figure out what this meant ($). 
  • However, they just told me to talk to our dentist who will fix it when the time comes. None of this was really new information to me-our dentit had given us all of the options for her tooth before we started braces so this was not surprising. And even though we have had good experiences with our othodontist so far, we trust our dentist.
  • We then ran a few errands on the way home. Then Robby took Graham to church early for his Dgroup. Soon Reagan was home from work, and the rest of us went to church. After church, both cars met back up at the gas station before my car went to Target.
  • Keaton had a gift card and bought a notebook and pens, Campbell had a gift card and bought candy for her and her siblings (some got a whole bag of candy and others had to share a bag), and Reagan bought a poster (I think of a singer). 
  • Oh, and by the time that we left, Anderson had found a Lego set that he wanted but that Target didn't have. He actually came home and bought 2-one for him and one to resell later. This week he has made about 300 dollars selling his little Lego men. 
  • When we did make it home from our shopping, Robby had pizza ready to eat. He was working on loading the car while Graham was upstairs packing his clothes (the last to pack). After eating, there was a bit of scurrying around trying to mark a few more things off of the list before it was finally bedtime.

September 20, 2022

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  • This morning Robby mentioned to me that I was ahead of my normal schedule. I was still about 5 minutes behind where I should have been, but I still was ahead of my normal. He even stirred and went on my morning walk with me. Two things: It was certainly nice to have the company plus he scared the neighborhood dog away so she didn't have to follow me on the whole walk.
  • After I finished, Robby kept going but I had school to get started on. Tuesdays might just be one of my favorite days becuase the bigs are gone, and school seems to go pretty smoothly. I do like Wednesdays too, but lately the boys have been acting a fool on Wednesdays-so I am planning now how I can prevent that tomorrow (Anderson and Graham talk, laugh and have a big time, while Whitman is so distracted that he can not accomplish a thing.)
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham had school at church today. Reagan and Anderson's computer science class went to see the church's server room. Graham had a test today that he is pretty sure that he aced. 
  • I picked the boys up since they are done way before Reagan. I had to run to the library, and then we made it on to Subway. September Subway Sandwich Count: 18. The boys were happy to split something today. Graham has had more than anyone else, so I told them if they couldn't find something to share, then Anderson would get it. Graham was super accomadating then and said he didn't mind whatever Anderson picked.
  • Campbell, Keaton and even Whitman are working hard to accomplish two weeks of school. I think that Keaton will end up having the most done, but Whitman is getting there. Whatever we do this week is just one less thing to do on our Maumelle Park week.
  • Around 5, Reagan and Anderson left to go to Raymar. Anderson painted the fields while Reagan organized the storage shed. I am sure the fields are done well, but there was a huge difference in the before and after of the shed. 
  • While they were gone, Robby and I walked Bentley with the WIlsons and Annie. We walked for about 2 miles before rushing home to start on supper. We made some quesadillas with our huge tortillas. Then we all settled around the kitchen table for a bit to eat supper.
  • Next up was showers for quite a few folks around here. There have been at least 2 basketball games today so showers were quite the necessity.

September 19, 2022

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  • I let my alarm clock go off a little bit too long this morning, but I did finish my chores and make it back from my walk by 8:30 which is the time we are to start working together, so that was good. However, I then still had to wake up everyone except for Keaton, who I woke up before I left.
  • She was anxious to get started on her school work because this week, my 3 littles are doing 2 weeks of work. We are going to be at Maumelle Park next week so I would prefer not to have to do too much there. That means that extra work is happening around here.
  • Oddly enough though Campbell and Keaton have just about finished a whole extra week of school today. I suggested that we should possibly do more if they can do an extra week in one day. However, I know that they still have a good bit since they seem to save the hardest things for last. 
  • Whitman isn't as motivated as his sisters. However, he is motivated by me so he has also done a few extra things. I think that he has finished 12 extra things today plus his regular school-this is an amazing accomplishment for him. I probably could have even had him do a few other things, but I didn't want to push it!
  • The big 3 gave speeches to me this morning. It was a bit comical that both boys talked about how to make eggs. Then they started on their school work-Reagan had an essay to turn in and then she went right to work. 
  • At 1 she feed Annie, but she did get a few extra minutes at home today before having to go to work so she knocked out some more school work. She is doing so super in her college class and enjoying her work right now.
  • Anderson spent most of his day in the Lego nook. He has sold a few pieces on ebay and have a few more to sell. He is also organizing it, and possibly he is finding a few more things that he is going to sell Whatever he is doing up there, he has stayed busy all day long only stopping to play basketball and eat supper.
  • Tonight for supper we had chicken-we weren't big fans of it. It was fried chicken from a bag. We had bought the wrong thing, and really we aren't really work for our food type people-meaning things with bones are not our favorites.
  • Robby and I did make 3 pans of manicotti to eat later this week and to freeze so that took a good deal of the evening. So we have just now settled into our chairs to relax for the rest of the evening.

September 18, 2022

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  • This was a two bus Sunday-Keaton had to go to church early to do worship care plus we needed an early bus to come home to get a bit of a head start on lunch.
  • Keaton and Whitman's Sunday school class is all about it this year-They have homework to do each week plus they even have life groups once a month. In addition to all of this, she was asked to help with worship care today. 
  • She loved it and of course was great at it. She always begs me to ask if she can go with me, but she much more enjoyed going with her cool little teacher and two of her friends.
  • After church, we celebrated all of the September birthday's at our house-Reagan, Keaton and Robby. My folks and Jason contributed to Robby's griddle for his birthday so he treated them to a Sunday lunch on the griddle.
  • We had giant quesadillas due to a Sam's order mix up along with beans and rice. Plus we did make tostados. Nonna brought cake for everyone so we had ourselves a super big meal. After eating, all of the birthday people opened their presents. 
  • It wasn't too much longer until my people started leaving the house:
    • Reagan left to go play kickball with the 11th and 12th graders from church
    • Campbell and Graham left for Rock Creek with Brett to play football before The U
    • Keaton and Whitman left with Candice to church for their life group
    • Anderson left with Robby for The U (he didn't want to play football early)
  • I should have written out a flow chart for the evening. I can see why another car will be needed very soon around here. These people are busy (which is a wonderful thing). And we love that they are busy with church things.
  • Everyone had a good time at their events-and we all met back up at the Wilson's house for supper. Reagan just came briefly to drop off Keaton and Whitman, but she did eat herself some fried rice before heading home to do math. 
  • The rest of us stayed a little bit later, but did eventually come home so we could climb into our beds. Monday begins tomorrow, and this is going to be a busy week...but really, aren't they all?

September 17, 2022

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  •  I think that Saturday may be on of the favorite days around here. Maybe not so much my favorite day, but I think that Reagan, Keaton and Anderson really do enjoy them. I left first this morning with Anderson and Keaton. He had to be there early to set the fields up while Keaton just wanted to go along for the ride.
  • We had time to run one quick errand after dropping Anderson off. Then we sat in the car for a bit before setting up the concession stand. Robby brought the next bus with Reagan and Campbell. They made a stop or two before arriving-Starbucks and ChickFilA
  • Reagan enjoys being out at the fields, Campbell enjoyed all of the action today, Keaton loves working in the concession stand while I think that Anderson does like working and reffing the games.
  • Football is over at a decent time so we still did feel like we had some of the afternoon at home. I helped Graham with one of his school things-somehow he forgot to do much of any school at all on Friday. I'm not too sure how that happened, but he is now caught up. Anderson still owes me one thing from last week though.
  • After working wtih him, I did manage to take a nap this afternoon for a little bit. Then I woke up and did some quilting-its happening, but it is taking me forever. Again, I am in no way a quilter and hopefully, Keaton will never show this quilt to anyone that can sew!
  • Soon I was leaving with Reagan for her soccer game. Today's game was in Greenbriar. Last year the referees called all of the calls for our team, and their people were mad. This year, the refs switched and called all of the calls for their team, and our people were mad. Ha! It did make it an intereting game for sure.
  • Reagan's team did lose 1-2, but But Reagan really enjoys playing, and the weather tonight was perfect for watching a soccer game. I even had to wear my jacket. On the way home, she wanted Subway, but since it was closed, we ended up buying a subway like sandwich from Walmart on the way home. (Not sure but I do think that Robby did get his September Subway Sandwich today which would bring the count up to 16.)
  • While we were gone, Robby and the kids went to the Wilsons to eat their leftover party food and watch the ballgame. They watched the whole game over there before coming home. Whitman, like always, did ask if they could have ice cream when they came home even though they had already had dessert. That boy asks us about snacks every 10-15 minutes-I think that he sets a timer to remind him to ask us.
  • Most people have had showers, and everyone but Reagan is in bed-she is heating up her sandwich (its nearly 11). I did have a biscuit with jelly on it-I had made myself two, but I guess Bentley thought that I was holding her treat as I was talking, and she gobbled it up. I took that as a sign that one biscuit was enough.

September 16, 2022

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  • I knew that I didn't have a ton of free time today, so I was wide awake pretty early this morning. There was really no reason for me to wake up at 6 this morning, but I sure couldn't go back to sleep. I stayed in bed-I guess when I woke up this morning, Robby had just went back to sleep. He was awake trying to figure out if all of the balloons would fit in the car.
  • Keaton, Campbell and I went to Walmart today. I got my hair cut while the two girls ran around the store (with my phone) and marked off everything on the list. Of course when I was finished, they were still shopping so I had to just wait on them to come and find me since I didn't have a phone.
  • From there we went to the UPS store, a return and Kohls, Academy, Dollar Tree, and then to Subway to pick up the September Subway Sandwich Count: 15. Those two girls could barely decide that kind of sandwich that they wanted this afternoon.
  • When we did get home, the house had been turned into party central. Tony had been by and dropped off a few things. Keaton and Campbell went to work on preparing all of the table decorations for Shannon's surprise party later in the day.
  • Soon Tony showed back up with his folks, and we went to town working. Corn dip, fruit was sliced, sandwiches and meat/cheese roll ups were all made. This didn't take much time at all with lots of help. 
  • And before too long, the house was emptied of food and people leaving just me at the house. I read my book some, and I just about had a panic attack when Shannon called me on the phone. She was just confirming what the boys were wearing, but I was a bit afraid that she was just backing out of going tonight.
  • Meanwhile, Robby and the kids were helping set up the party place. Tony had a crew of folks helping, and Robby said that set up went super fast.
  • It was my job to get her to the party without her having too much of an idea that we really weren't going to a steak mystery shop. I think that we were successful at that since she really had no idea at all.
  • After Shannon was adequately surprised, there was lots of food, a video and a perfect little evening. The night was lots of fun: all of Tony's hard work paid off and Shannon enjoyed her party. We sure did.
  • After making it home, the kids headed upstairs while we picked up some. Tomorrow is football in the morning and soccer in the evening so it will be a busy day!

September 15, 2022

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  • So Thursdays have always been one of my favorite days for sure. Today was a pretty good one. There was school work to be done-lots of it with still some more to do tomorrow. 
  • I did pull out school for next week, and Campbel will finish one of her tasks for the year. Right now I can't even remember what it is, but that is super good since with her extra time she will start doing a bit more on something else. 
  • After school, I did some quilting. And let's just say, I am not a quilter. It is going fine so far, but it is just hard. The quilt is heavy and bulky to deal with plus it does take forever. My goal had been 3 lines on it a day; however, I have now decided that 2 is just fine. I don't usually get hot at home, but when I am dealing with that quilt and that sewing machine, I get so hot every single day.
  • I did a bit of shirt shopping on the internet this afternoon along with some verse writing out for Keaton and Whitman's school. 
  • Robby spent some time mowing, and Campbell helped as well. She drove the tractor as he picked up some sticks. She was super proud of being asked to help.
  • I decided to make Nonna's biscuit recipe (which is just a mix-I'm not sharing any family secrets becuse she would tell you the same.) As I made that, I also made some gravy. Robby decided that he wanted to play on the grill too so he made pancakes, little omelets and sausage. So between the two of us, we had ourselves a feast.
  • Before supper all of the kids except for Reagan had played basketball so the showers were going strong tonight. I have my book, my blanket and my water (still too warm from quilting for hot chocolate) so I might just settle in for the evening.

September 14, 2022

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  • Whitman was the first one awake this morning, but Keaton was not too far behind him. Keaton woke up early to start on her school work. She often does most of her school work at night before bed, but then what is left she tries to finish up before the rest of school starts. 
  • I worked with the big 3 this morning first. Reagan then worked with me on some math. I think that her college algebra class will certainly help with her ACT.
  • Before too long, Reagan headed off to work, and Robby headed to get Whitman his first Subway sandwich. September Subway Sandwich Count: 13. Whitman did have a pizza sandwich. I tried a bite, and it was pretty spicy. He liked it though and finished his meal off.
  • Soon Robby left with Anderson and Graham to get their hair cut. It was time for the boys for sure. I think that I need to be the next one for a hair cut for sure.
  • I had intended to walk on the treadmill today, but I ended up working on the quilt and even doing some Christmas present work. I have a few things that are on my list, but I just don't seem to be marking off at all. Maybe next week or next month,
  • We had church this evening. The kids had a scavenger hunt around the church house. It was pretty fun, but we didn't even finish! 
  • Also ate church tonight, Keaton did tech for us. She went through those slides like a pro. We sang quite a few songs tonight so she was busy the entire time. I think that she certainly enjoyed it.
  • After church, Robby was the short order cook for our suppers while I tried to work on the blog. We had quite a few different items for supper, but I think that everyone was satisfied by the end of our meals. 
  • Next up we had a few minutes of downtime before it was time to start the bedtime routine.

September 13, 2022-Happy 11th Birthday (Party) Keaton!

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  • The last two days it has been a little bit chilly on my morning walks with Bentley. I have probably moved a bit quicker than normal. Yesterday, I was trying to move quicker so I could avoid the neighbor's dog that follows me on my walk. Today, I was trying to move quicker than normal so I could get away from the neighbor's dog. It does make me a little bit crazy when the other dog joins us-I am a one dog woman.
  • School today started out with working with the little 3. That is still my favorite part-even though I now realize that I will not be able to finish our history book this year. Oh, who knows it is still early. We are flying through our science book so that is a good thing. 
  • Soon the big 3 left for Comm Central for the day. Reagan had a mock trial that she enjoyed getting to participate in. Anderson said he was bored out of his mind in his class. And Graham has quite a bit of biology work to do over the next few days. 
  • September Subway Sandwich Count: 12 Robby picked one up for the boys to split when he picked them up from school today.
  • On the way home, Robby dropped Anderson off at Raymar so he could paint the fields. He finished a bit earlier than we had anticipated so he had to wait a few minutes for Reagan to come and pick him up when her class was over. He didn't mind waiting for a bit thankfully.
  • As soon as they made it home, I left with all of the girls to go back to the church house. This time we picked up some of Keaton's friends to celebrate her upcoming birthday. After filling the decorated van up with friends, we headed to the bowling alley. 
  • Campbell and Keaton had worked all day yesterday and today getting things ready for the party. The van was decorated including streamers, twirly things, balloons, and even a "Honk, it's my birthday" sign on the back of the van. Keaton even had games to play while we were driving (Bingo and Who Knows the Birthday Girl the Best) along with prizes.
  • The girls all bowled. Reagan and Campbell did pretty decent. Reagan had one of the higher scores. Campbell had probably the best form. Keaton was one of the super low scorers the first game, but then she ended up winning the second game.
  • After bowling, we headed back to the house where Robby had supper waiting on us (pasta and spaghetti sauce, green beans and corn). The girls ate and then opened presents. 
  • Once presents were opened, it was time to head to the last activity. Menchies! Keaton was so excited to do all of these birthday things. (And I was so excited that bowling and menchies have good deals on Tuesdays which is why this birthday party was on a Tuesday.)
  • The girls certainly filled their cups up at Menchies. We had candles for Keaton to blow out which she might have been a bit embarrased about, but she did it anyway. When everyone had finished their ice cream, we starte dropping all of the girls off. 
  • While we had been eating ice cream, the boys were all at home getting some ice cream for themselves. Then we dropped off our girls and picked up Bentley to go to the Wilson's for a little bit of ice cream over there. 

Septmeber 12, 2022-Happy 17th Birthday Reagan!

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  • Let's talk for a minute about me having a 17 year old. That seems a bit crazy for sure. And surprisingly, the 17 year old was one of the easiest to wake up this morning. 
  • I did have to work with the big 3 first. After we did that, I zoomed through some math work with Graham. Then there was more math work with Graham followed by math work with Anderson and Campbell. I did sit by Keaton while she checked half of her math for the week. And did I mention that I also helped Whitman do his math. It was a mathy kind of day for sure.
  • Nonna came over for a few minutes this morning to drop off Reagan's birthday present. Reagan had been not so patiently waiting for this present-a water bottle. She had it washed and full of water before Nonna had even folded the tissue paper.
  • Around 11, I had intended to start working with the three littles. However, I got a late start due to all of the math work. So we didn't start until about 11:20. Then I was only able to get through scicne and one other book before Reagan came in ready to go see Annie.
  • Keaton was going to go with her, so that meant that our school time was cut short by a few minutes. That was fine though since I needed to get ready myself. Soon after they left, I also left for a funeral. 
  • I stayed and chatted for a good while afterwards, but when I did drive home, I found myself right by Subway. I called Robby to see if he needed one today so September Subway Sandwich Count: 11. We split a chicken bacon ranch which I thought was pretty good. However, it was nearly 4 and I had only had a cookie today.
  • Reagan had work this afternoon where they were all waiting on her to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake. They had her a super nice cake-I am so thankful for where she works. Now I just need to get the rest of my people who are old enough to work a job as great as hers.
  • As soon as she did come home from work, she left again to go out to eat steak with her friends. That left the rest of us with no reason to go out to eat since the birthday girl was already out to eat, so we just found some leftovers which was perfectly fine with me since I had just eaten that sandwich half.
  • I have been a bit chilled all day since my walk this morning-am I going to have to start wearing pants on my walk? Maybe it will warm up a bit. Now I am covered up with my blanket with my book right beside me. I do have one more thing on my list for today, but we shall see if that happens. (It didn't!)
  • When Reagan did come home from her night out (Texas Roadhouse) we had some cake and candles to finsih celebrating her birthday for the day. 

September 11, 2022

(click for today's pictures) 

  • After my shower this morning, Robby asked how well I did waking up the kids. I told him that I knew that Reagan was awake, but I thought that was pretty much it. I had gone upstairs to wake everyone up, but that always doesn't work.
  • For example, last Friday Anderson had asked me to wake him up. So I went up there and tried. 30 minutes later I woke him up again, and I did 2 more times after that. Later when he did come downstairs, he looked at me and said, "I thought you were going to wake me up." I had to calmly explaing that I tried-4 different times.
  • Anyway, Robby then went up to make sure that people were stirring. He siad that everyone was awake. He also added that he didn't see Whitman, but he wasn't in his bed. A bit later we do discover that Whitman was still in his bed. Thankfully, we figured that out well before we had to leave.
  • Our little class had a crowd again today. We are having double the amount of kids that we had last year. It is a good thing for sure, but it does make things a bit more crazy. Though this is kind of good because it does make the morning fly by for sure.
  • Then at Grannymom's house we celebrated Reagan, Keaton and Robby's birthday. Reagan received some clothes for her present. Keaton got her long awaited Reeces peanut butter cup blanket which we bought as her birthday present early this summer. And Robby received a much needed wallet. 
  • We headed home afterwards-Robby and I napped, Keaton washed Bentley, the boys spent time on their devices, Campbell talked to friends and Reagan probably did school work. 
  • Soon it was time for people to go to their lifegroups. This was the first night of the new groups, and I think that they were pretty successful. The big 3 were together at one house and took cookies. Campbell was just down the road and brought pizza for her crew.
  • The Wilsons came over this evening, and we marked a meal off of my list. We made the hash from Silver Dollar City-griddled potatoes, sweet potaoes, sausage, onions and peppers. We were pretty pleased with it. I really thought it was super yummy and hope that I am the one who gets the leftovers tomorrow!
  • When everyone did leave, it was time for the weekend to be over. We straightened for a bit before heading to bed to start our Monday.