Dennie Kids: November 30, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Graham laying in bed with Mom waiting on Anderson and Reagan to wake up-we gave up and went downstairs and as soon as we made it-they woke up
  • Starting our new chore chart this morning so we were quickly dressed and ready to put on our stickers
  • Reagan and Anderson working so hard on making their train track on the floor-not real sure why since it was already made on the train table
  • A quick little nap for Graham and then everyone heading to Grannymom's house to play
  • Eating lots and lots of lunch and then playing outside-Reagan spent her time collecting leaves for the new baby.  They had to be little leaves for the little baby-she has collected acorns, sticks, leaves and more leaves for IV
  • Afternoon naps while Santa worked on wrapping more presents
  • Graham woke up first and laid down on Mom's shoulder and almost went back to sleep-until Reagan woke him up
  • Reagan and Graham helping Mom cook a little bit.  Once Anderson woke up, he found what they had made and managed to grab a bite with his finger (Mom always catches him since he runs from the fridge laughing!)
  • Watching a movie before supper-Reagan and Graham ate almost 2 cans of oranges before Mom cut them off
  • Hanging out with Dad all evening while Mom went to Bunko.  He let us stay up late and then we called him upstairs a zillion times.  We even managed to stay up until Mom came home so she could kiss us good night.

Dennie Kids: November 29, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Waking up for another Sunday morning-no baths this morning-but we did eat breakfast twice
  • Graham feeling a little bit better today-still yucky eyes and still fussy.  Mom is just hoping that the fussiness is due to his medicine and not a new personality trait that he has picked up!
  • Sunday school and then lunch at Nonna and Pop's house
  • Nonna finding old doll clothes for Reagan to put on her baby dolls-and Mom found a special treat for Graham: a Raggedy Andy outfit.  It fit perfectly and Graham seemed to enjoy hamming it up for the camera
  • Afternoon naps for everyone except Dad-Santa is buying Dad a new video camera so he was reading up on that
  • Mom and Dad planning on going out to eat tonight and skipping church but Reagan asked if we were going to church so she could color.  So we ate out first and then made it to church on time for Reagan (well, mostly her teacher colored for her!)  By the looks of Graham's face, he just fussed the entire time.  Anderson has a blast though-as always!
  • Anderson asking if it was going to rain forever-maybe the lesson today was Noah's ark
  • Coming home and going straight to bed since we were all tired.  So tired that we only called Mom and Dad upstairs 3 times!

Dennie Kids: November 28, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Graham waking up around 6:30 this morning-he played with Dad and then came back to bed with Mom and Dad
  • Anderson and Reagan sleeping in a little bit and enjoying a lazy Saturday
  • Taking Graham's 16 month old pictures
  • Reagan never put her clothes on but the boys were quick to put on the Razorback attire
  • Mom running errands the morning while Graham took a nap and everyone else played
  • Lunch and then more playing-Reagan and Anderson played together so well today and when they are playing well then Graham plays happily right beside them
  • Naps and then waking up to hang out on the back deck while Dad does something on the roof
  • Walking out front and everyone was so excited to see "that someone had decorated our house"
  • Reagan wanted to see our house in the nighttime so the kids road with Mom to grab some supper-Taco Bell
  • Supper and then watching some of the Hog game with Dad

Dennie Kids: November 27, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Everyone sleeping well at Nonna and Pop's house-Graham had a bath as soon as he woke up
  • Reagan taking a bath and then Anderson.  Graham decided that he needed another bath with his brother so he had one more bath
  • Playing all morning long and lunch before Mom and Dad came to pick us up (they were busy shopping: a sweatshirt, diapers, a toy from Santa, a computer for Pops, pajamas, a coat, a book for the new baby, a panini makers, crock pot, photo album, a gift card, flashlights and a microwave)
  • Helping Dad fix Pops' new computer-we really weren't much help at all!
  • Coming home and taking a short afternoon nap
  • Studying Baby IV's new present-a microwave.  Now Mom and Dad will not have to go downstairs to heat up his milk
  • Waking up and going to see Grannymom and Grandpa for a few minutes and playing with all of her toys
  • An early bedtime for Graham-he is feeling better but his eyes and nose are still yucky! 
  • Reagan and Anderson watching a few movies before bed while Mom and Dad worked on our Branson pictures

Dennie Kids: November 26, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Thanksgiving morning and we were in the car a little after 7
  • Graham slept well last night but his poor little eyes were matted shut when Mom woke him up-he felt okay today but was a little fussy and clingy along with a yucky nose and eyes
  • Stopping at Forrest City to change into our clothes and get a bite to eat.  A bonus was getting to slide down the slide a few times before getting back in the car
  • Arriving at Josh and Zach's house and seeing Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilly and Cash plus everyone else.  Anderson walked right in and headed upstairs to play with the boys
  • Playing outside with Grannymom until lunch time
  • Eating a yummy Thanksgiving lunch-Reagan and Anderson's favorite food was the juice boxes and Graham wouldn't sit still long enough to eat anything
  • Celebrating Dana, Brad, Shelley and Les' birthdays with lots of Happy Birthday songs and lots of presents.  Anderson and Reagan even left with a present for their birthdays
  • Driving straight to Nonna's house and not having to stop one time.  We did almost have to turn around to pick up Mom's pie that she left-oh, and we left the camera in Mississippi so we won't have any pictures until Christmas (kidding, we have plenty of back up cameras)
  • Playing with Jason until supper time again.  Graham ate a little more tonight, Anderson enjoyed the ice cream and Reagan loved the oranges
  • Getting to spend the night with Nonna and Pops tonight-that is big time stuff and we are so excited

Dennie Kids: November 25, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A semi-lazy morning around the house: lots of playing and lots of cleaning going on
  • Everyone working hard on their turkeys.  Graham would just look at Mom like she was crazy while she tried to trace his hands
  • Anderson picking up his toys extremely well this morning-Mom and him had a few battles about picking up in the last few weeks so Mom was shocked
  • A morning nap for Graham-Mom tried to keep him up but all he wanted to do was sit and stand on top of the kitchen table!
  • Lunch and then more work on our turkeys.  Anderson glued for a few minutes so Reagan finished both boys' turkeys
  • Reagan and Anderson helping Mom go through more baby clothes.  We found a bow for the girl to wear home from the hospital and we also found Anderson's coming home clothes for the boy to wear home
  • Short afternoon naps for everyone since we had Graham's 15 month check up this afternoon
  • Dad getting to meet us at the doctor's office since there was a possibility that everyone might get shots!
  • H1N1 shots for Reagan and Anderson and that one plus 3 other shots for Graham.  Reagan did better than she did at her 4 year old shots though she was near hysterics and Anderson cried just when he got his shot but Mom had the juice boxes ready.  Dad held them down and Mom shoved the juice boxes in their mouths when they sat up
  • Graham did well with his shots-his juice calmed him down too.  He weighed 29 pounds and was 32 inches tall.  Poor baby has had a runny nose and a little cough but also has 2 ear infections.  She said they actually looked pretty bad and we have to come back for a recheck
  • After a total of 6 shots for 3 kids-ice cream was in order for everyone.  We picked up Graham's medicine, a few gallons of milk, looked at the toys and had supper and ice cream at Sams.  Anderson ate his whole cup of ice cream
  • The highlight on the way home was watching Dad put air in one of the tires (getting ready for our big trip tomorrow)
  • Graham getting some tylenol and going to bed a little early while Reagan and Anderson watched a few movies
  • After going to bed, Mom and Dad heard Anderson begging Reagan to come and sleep with him.  He kept saying "I need you, Reagan, I need you."  She told him that she couldn't come down or she would get into big trouble.  But after 3 trips to the bathroom things have quietened down up there

Dennie Kids: November 24, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Reagan and Anderson waking up way before 7 and laying not so quietly in Mom and Dad's bed
  • Going to Nonna's house in our pajamas.  Reagan was so excited to get back to Nonna's baby doll that she loves.
  • Reagan and Graham eating 2 cans of oranges for breakfast and lunch-Anderson on the other hand will have nothing to do with canned fruit
  • Going with Mom to turn in some paperwork this afternoon-since everyone was good she let them slide, play in the beans and swing when she finished doing her work (it is nice that Mom works at a place with a toys)
  • Anderson watching a movie, Graham jumping on the bed and Reagan helping Mom put the baby stuff in the drawers-everything she picked up she would look at and exclaim "oh, my."  And I mean everything!
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then pizza for supper-Reagan didn't want any pizza and even said that she didn't like it (Dad is concerned that she really isn't his child!)-don't worry, we gave her green beans and carrots instead
  • Making necklaces with pasta-Reagan made 3 and could have made a zillion more, Anderson has a 5 minute attention span but finally finished 1 with Dad's help and Graham was so proud of his necklace that him and Mom made
  • Reagan had made a few hundred more puppets this afternoon so she did a 45 minute puppet show tonight-Anderson watched some but mainly played with his trucks while Mom found Graham the whole time.  He wanted to go beside Reagan and wave "hi" at Mom and Dad
  • Playing until bedtime-Reagan and Anderson are still going strong and probably will be up forever!
  • Last night at the store, someone asked us if Reagan, Anderson and Graham were triplets!  We get the twin question often but this was the first time we have gotten the triplet questions.

Dennie Kids: November 23, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Sleeping in until after 7:30-we are Dad's alarm clock so when we sleep late he gets to work late
  • Playing all morning long.  The highlight of the morning was Reagan having a puppet show-many, many puppet shows.  Anderson and Graham even helped with the show.  Graham would stand behind and wave his hands and say "hi, hi."
  • Dad coming home for lunch and getting to watch a few puppet shows too (Mom had seen her limit and was hiding out upstairs!)
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then Reagan working on her puppets some more
  • Graham has a little bit of a cold and is coughing but he still took a pretty good nap
  • Playing outside in the dark while waiting on Dad to come home
  • Supper at Fire House Subs-the boys loved looking at all of the fireman stuff and Reagan tried to figure out where the "fireman woman" was in all of the pictures
  • A few errands and grocery shopping before bed-Mom bought everyone their own thing of cheese-we are so excited!

Dennie Kids: November 22, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Church morning so we had our weekly baths-well, maybe we have had one other one this week! :)
  • Reagan eating a cookie in Sunday school which was very upsetting to Anderson
  • Anderson bringing a cookie home from Sunday school which was very upsetting to Reagan
  • Lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa's house-we even played for a little bit after lunch
  • Afternoon naps-Graham and Reagan had short naps but that was fine since we had to be at church early
  • Listening to the choir practicing while Dad was in a meeting-Graham loved it!  But Mom realized that he won't be able to sit still during the Christmas Eve service and that makes her sad
  • Thanksgiving supper at church-Anderson loved the dressing and pumpkin pie, Reagan liked the green beans and roll and Graham enjoyed the cranberry sauce and pie
  • Reagan having a meltdown after getting into trouble for rolling her eyes at Dad and then Anderson getting into trouble for telling Mom "no" and Graham is always in trouble for screaming! (send Mom ear plugs for Christmas)
  • Reagan making Anderson call Dad upstairs so she could tattle on him that he had gotten out of bed to get his truck

Dennie Kids: November 21, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Dad and Mom trying to sleep more in Anderson's bed while we were all laying in their bed drinking our milk and watching a movie
  • A crazy morning full of errands-we even made it to Jacksonville during our errands (don't ask, Mom and Dad are crazy).  The car pictures are of the kids when Dad turned on the football game and turned off their movie-they aren't Hog fans yet!
  • Lunch at On the Border and then looking at all of the toys at Sam's-Mom found one that she wants for us!
  • A little more shopping at Walmart and running into Aunt Dana (Reagan and Anderson didn't speak) and leaving the store before Mom could do all of the shopping she wanted since Graham was getting fussy
  • Some lady steering her buggy out of Mom's way and saying "I better not hit her, she might explode"-I don't think Mom found that funny.  She smiled and then muttered some strange words we have never heard before!
  • Cheering on the Hogs and showing Graham how to say "touchdown" before our afternoon naps.  Dad even had one. He didn't even see all of the ballgame!
  • Candy and a movie after nap and then pizza for supper
  • Playing all evening long with most of our toys and then working a puzzle with Dad
  • Graham going to bed early while Reagan and Anderson watched a movie
  • Mom and Dad losing all common sense and letting Reagan and Anderson stay up late watching movies, eating snacks, watching the Gaithers and riding bikes-at 9:30 they were still up.  Mom and Dad can't seem to get out of their chairs to take them to bed

November 20, 2009 - Seventh Doctor's Visit

Well, not much was going on in this visit and nothing new really happened.  Our appointment was at 11:45 and we were in and out before 12:15.  Everything was good-heard the heartbeat was 135 and that was about it.  He said that I wasn't dilated and since I wasn't going to have this baby anytime soon, we could come back in one and a half weeks.  Woohoo!  I was hoping that he would say that he would see me in 2 weeks or even see me again when we check into the hospital!  So far, baby IV is doing well and we are counting down the days to meet him/her

Dennie Kids: November 20, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Playing around the house this morning-breakfast, sweeping, playing dollhouse and nativity scene
  • Going to Grannymom and Grandpa's house while Mom went to get her hair cut and check on Baby IV (click here to read the news)
  • Lunch and lots of coloring and playing while waiting on Mom to come home.  Reagan colored an elaborate picture with each family member, flowers, grass and clouds.  Anderson was proud that he could ride on the scooter and wanted to show Mom and Graham can back up on the bike and roll down the hill
  • Coming home for naps-everyone slept well
  • Everyone waking up and having a snack before waiting on Dad to come home
  • Supper at Jacob and Ethan's house.  Reagan and Anderson were excited to hold "April's baby" and Mom held Ethan so Graham could get used to Mom holding a baby!
  • Playing until late, late and getting home and going straight to bed-Graham fell asleep very quickly-he was exhausted

Dennie Kids: November 19, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Everyone sleeping in this morning-until Dad had to wake us up for school
  • Reagan having a Thanksgiving party in her class-complete with the traditional Thanksgiving meal of hot dogs and cupcakes
  • Going to the park after school-Anderson was disappointed that he didn't get a Thanksgiving party so Mom took everyone to the park
  • Eating a bag of chex mix at the park.  When we walked the little loop, Reagan wanted to take our snack with us since she was still hungry
  • Coming home and reading books with Mom and then playing until Dad came home-Graham fussing until Mom asked him if he wanted some milk and he walked to the fridge in Mom's room and tried to open it
  • Supper and then turning off all of the lights and playing with flashlights until Mom had to leave for Bunko
  • Graham going to bed early and then Reagan and Anderson playing dollhouse until bedtime

Dennie Kids: November 18, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A rough night for Graham and Dad-Graham is our screamer (which you know if you live in our neighborhood).  Anyway, his new trick is screaming while in bed and then when you open the door he dives down and lays down.  Over and over he does this.  Reagan, Anderson and Mom can all sleep through this but Dad can't!  Graham did finally go to sleep in his room but Dad ended up sleeping in the den far, far away from Graham
  • Everyone waking up at 7 and Mom and Dad wishing they had kept that king sized bed since it was full of little ones
  • Breakfast and then helping Mom sweep the floor while waiting on Nonna to come over
  • Eating more breakfast with Nonna-doughnuts! Our favorite breakfast of all
  • Playing with Nonna all day and letting her help us get baths-we love baths but getting 3 out of the tub in hard-especially when one never wants to get out and can dive back in the tub!
  • Lunch and then afternoon naps for everyone
  • Reagan waking up and playing a game with Mom before a movie and snack
  • Dad coming home a few minutes early to drive with us to church
  • Eating supper with Nonna and Jason at church and then Awanas
  • Graham getting kicked out of his class tonight and hanging out with Mom and Dad until time to pick up Reagan

Dennie Kids: November 17, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School day around here-Graham woke up first, then Reagan and Anderson and then Mom!
  • Dad getting everyone ready and breakfast this morning since Mom was moving slow 
  • Seeing 4 buses, a crane and 2 dump trucks on the way to school.  Graham helps us find buses too now by pointing and grunting at them.  Mom and Dad leave at the same time and Anderson gets very upset if Dad gets too far ahead of us-so Mom has to speed to catch up with him
  • Graham reaching for Ms. Clarice this morning but still wasn't happy with it, Anderson telling his teacher that he was thankful for "trucks" and then he did add his family.  Also, Anderson wore his big boy underwear all day today at school
  • Reagan's teacher asked where she was on Thursday and Reagan replied that we had gone to "California".  Ms. Amy asked if we flew and Reagan said no.  So Reagan's teacher guessed that we had drove for 3 days, spent a day there and drove home for 3 more days.  Mom was just glad that Reagan talked to her teacher today!
  • A quick trip to Bed Bath and Beyond on the way home and then unloading a van full of stuff-bags, coats, lunch boxes, mail, Christmas presents-it takes Mom almost an hour to unpack from the day!
  • A nap for Graham while Reagan and Anderson worked on preparing our movie night!
  • Dennie Family Movie Night was tonight.  We had a sign listing the prices of the tickets, nachos, popcorn, drinks and candy.  They kids wore concession stand hats and Rob pulled out the projector to show a huge Mickey Mouse movie on the wall.  We had practiced selling and buying tickets and food all afternoon and they were wired when Dad finally came home.  Reagan was all into it and worried about using the right money and doing everything right.  Anderson could have cared less but did get excited about buying his own food.  
  • When it was time to open the concession stand, the rush all hit at once but Reagan managed fine!  Reagan and Anderson shared a blanket and didn't move throughout the movie except to get more food-nachos, popcorn, coke and lots and lots of candy (Mom made sure everyone had plenty of money for candy).  Graham sat in his seat for an hour eating watching the movie-some parts may have been scary for him since he covered his eyes (actually playing peek a boo with Mom).  
  • After the movie it was late and the crowd headed home to bed!

Dennie Kids: November 16, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A lazy morning around here-everyone stayed in their pajamas until after 4
  • Graham eating 3 pieces of cinnamon toast for breakfast-2 of his and finished off Reagan's and Anderson's pieces
  • Playing all morning long while Mom did a little work around the house.  Reagan and Anderson colored while Graham sat on the table-Mom accidentally left the room when he was on the table and he just sat there and whined until she came back!
  • Dad coming home for lunch-we had peanut butter and jelly!  
  • Mom spending alot of the day doctoring Graham's foot-his toes are yucky and in the bottom of one it is open and yucky. (too much information, I know but it is already looking better)
  • Afternoon naps in new spots since Graham is too big for the pack n play.  Graham in his crib, Anderson in the bottom bunk and Reagan in Mom's bed (she loved being in Mom's bed and said it was so quiet and she liked not having to listen to Anderson)
  • Reagan making the baby a wreath with all of her acorns that she had saved-until we made it to the bottom of the cup and then we saw the little white worms eating the acorns.  She stood in Dad's chair while Mom threw most of the project out.  She will be devasted when she finds out that Mom had to throw it all out since she was making it for Baby IV
  • Everyone sitting on the couch eating a box of crackers for snack this afternoon
  • Supper and playing at Chickfila-it was yummy and they even had a slide-Graham climbed up top and Dad had to finally get him down since he wasn't going down the slide!
  • Home and going to bed-it was late!

November 15, 2009 - Branson

(Click here for pictures)  Everyone slept well last night, especially Graham who was out until after 7.  After breakfast, we loaded up and headed out of town.  The Brocks and Jason shopped a little more before coming home and the Dennies kept up with us until Clinton and then headed on their way.  Leaving Branson, we made a wrong turn and drove by Silver Dollar City again.  Anderson kept asking "why we turn here?" and Reagan told him "this is how we get home."
We stopped in Clinton for a bathroom break and a bite to eat.  The kids didn't make it much longer-just to Conway before another bathroom stop.  And Graham was not a happy camper after this bathroom stop!  He did calm down but didn't end up taking another nap.  The boys had already had pretty long naps while Reagan pretended like she was camping (blanket over her head) and doing laundry (folding the blanket).  We were home around 2 and soon it was haircut time.

All of the boys had haircuts and then showers for everyone.  Graham was hysterical because he didn't think he was going to get a shower, he was mad in the shower and even madder when came out of the shower.  We put him to bed but that infuriated him more.  So after awhile, Dad got him out and let him play while everyone else had a nap.  When Mom woke up, she and Graham headed to Kroger to pick up some milk.  

Supper for everyone when Mom came home and then Dad headed out to find him and Mom some supper.  After Dad came home, he sat the food on the table, turned around and then turned back around and Graham was sitting on the table about to eat his food!  The kids played and watched movies most of the evening long and seemed to be happy to be home even after such a short trip.

Graham went to bed first, after taking Mom to the fridge and then the steps.  Reagan and Anderson were able to stay up later and haven't even gone to bed yet.  They are about to climb the steps now.

November 14, 2009 - Branson

(Click here for pictures)  We moved around a little slow this morning but we all slept really well.  After breakfast, we headed to the Titanic museum.  The kids were excited about getting on the big boat.  When we boarded, we were handed cards that had Titanic passengers names on it.  The museum was very interesting but pretty crowded for 3 kids and 2 strollers.  The kids enjoyed climbing up the decks that were sloped to simulate the decks on the sinking ship and sticking their hands in the cold water.  After the museum, we walked through the gift shop and picked up an ornament.

Next we headed to the Landing.  It seemed like it took quite a while to get there.  But we were soon waiting for our table at Joe's Crab Shack. We had been craving that-the kids passed the time by playing on the playground and begging all of the grandparents for money so they could ride the little rides.  Graham loved the rides and was content to just sit in the still cars.  He was very vocal when it was time to leave!  We were going to be seated in 2 tables but our group of 5 was seated at a table for 8 so we just decided to add a chair and highchair and squeeze in together.  The food was good and the kids enjoyed seeing the servers dance but Anderson sure couldn't figure our why they were standing on the tables.

We then walked around the Landing for awhile.  Santa found a few little items in the Disney Store and we all even had our pictures made with Santa at the Bass Pro Shop.  They were fine-Graham still looks very terrified but maybe after enough pictures with Santa he will eventually like him (doubtful).  The kids needed another play break and then we all needed a snack.  Anderson chose chocolate covered marshmallows rolled in sprinkles and Reagan picked a chocolate covered twinkie.  Graham let us know that he was not pleased that he did not get to pick his snack-he did however, eat 1/2 pound of Mom's fudge.

After walking back to the car, we stopped at the Amish store.  Anderson saw a child sized potty and asked if he could go potty.  While he was asking he proceeded to pull up his shirt and get ready to go to the bathroom.  We did stop him in time though-but it would have made quite a story!  Both car loads fell asleep on the way back to the house.  Anderson was completely out, slept quite awhile and then it still took Mom a long time to wake him up.  Graham and Reagan just needed a cat nap in the car and played out on the back deck until we came in.

We had heard about some Christmas lights in another town-but they weren't there.  We did see a few lights but not enough to please us and we were getting quite hungry.  After driving one direction without seeing in great eating options, we headed the other way back to Branson West.  We ended up back at Danna's-last time everyone had BBQ but this time hamburgers were what we chose.  It was perfect-quick, delicious and lots of room for the kids to run.
After baths and a short time of playing, the kids headed to bed.  They were a little wired and even listened to the ballgame before finally falling asleep.  It was a good, fast trip.  We all had a good time and Mom and Dad were glad that Reagan, Anderson and Graham could add another state to their list of states.  The plan tomorrow is to pack up and head home.  The highlight of the trip for Reagan has been "everything" and "all the rides," for Anderson it has been "the rides" and "no, nothing" (depending on his mood) and Graham's highlights have been being spoiled by Nonna, Pops, Grannymom and Grandpa!

Video: Visiting Silver Dollar City (video #1)

Video: Visiting Silver Dollar City (Video #2)

November 13, 2009: Branson

(Click here for pictures)  It was an early morning for the Dennie crew.  Graham was up before anyone else in the house and some milk didn't help him at all.  Anderson stirred next but was able to convince Mom to let him sit downstairs with Grannymom, Grandpa and Pops while they had their coffee.  Reagan, our very best sleeper, slept for a while longer while Mom and Dad tried to get a few more minutes of sleep.  We had breakfast and then snacked most of the morning long before eating lunch at Danna's BBQ.  The BBQ was great and our stomachs were full before heading back into Silver Dollar City.
(click here for video #1)
(click here for video #2)
The traffic into Silver Dollar City wasn't crazy and we even ended up in the first parking lot.  We quickly caught the shuttle and were in the park before it opened this afternoon.  Soon the gates were opened and we headed right to the kiddie section where we left off last night.  Graham LOVED the bug ride-along with Reagan and Anderson.  Next were the ladybugs and frogs a few along with the bugs a few more times.  Robby was able to take Reagan and then Anderson on the swings.  Anderson had a huge smile on his face during the swings.  One last ride on the roller coaster and the next stop was the Frosty show.  The kids had a blast and thouroughly enjoyed getting to sit on the stage and have the "snow" fall on them.  Anderson came off of the stage and said "that was so much fun."  We asked Reagan about the snow and she said "well, it was just bubbles."  Then we headed to an area with balls and slides for the kids.  The Dennie's went to a show while Reagan and Dad rode another ride (poor Anderson wasn't tall enough but some coke made him feel a little less disappointed).  We saw Santa-Anderson asked for the first thing he saw, a car.  Reagan asked for a middle sized pink and purple striped dress to go on her pink bear.  And Graham screamed his little head off the entire time Santa was touching him.  A big cookie made him and everyone else feel a little bit better.  Next was the Fire in the Hole ride-Pops was brave and rode with Dad, Reagan and Anderson.  Reagan loved this ride and even had to go again with Dad.

While Reagan and Dad rode the Fire in the Hole ride again.  The boys and Mom rode the bugs again and then Reagan met us to ride on the frogs one last time.  We watched the Living Nativty but Graham had to leave, Anderson fell asleep and Reagan was only interested in the candy that Mom was doling out to keep Graham quite.  The walk back to the car was beautiful: it was still light and the Christmas lights were coming on.  The crew was quite tired so we stopped and picked up pizza for supper.

While the pizza was cooking, the kids took baths and then we all sat around the table to eat our supper.  The kids played with the grandparents until bedtime: Graham fell asleep after a few cups of milk, Reagan went right to sleep and Anderson had to come say "goodnight to all of my friends" a few times before going to bed.  And then he needed Pops and Grannymom to hold him. 

November 12, 2009: Branson

(Click here for pictures) The kids all woke up in a good mood and were ready to head out this morning.  After breakfast and loading a few things in the car, we headed out to Branson.  Robby and I haven't been to Branson in many years and were only toddlers during our last trip to Silver Dollar City.  The Dennies and Jason followed us on our way.  We made it all the way to Conway before our first stop: chick-fil-a.  The kids enjoyed a few slides before climbing back in the car.  We chugged along and didn't stop again until Harrison.  The kids watched a few movies and everyone had a nap or two.

We arrived in Branson a little after noon and met the Brocks at Mel's Hard Luck Diner.  The line was crazy long when we arrived.  However, within 20 minutes we were all seated.  Jason ended up alone at a table with Reagan and Anderson. They did great-maybe because they were starving and couldn't keep their eyes off of the waiters and waitresses walking around singing.  Graham loved watching the singers and would grin at them.

After lunch and a few pictures in the large rocking chair, we walked around the Tanger Outlets for awhile.  The Brocks came up last night and had already been shopping, so they entertained Reagan and Anderson with lots of rides-so many in fact, that Pops had to take out a loan!  Next was a quick stop by Walmart to buy some milk and bananas for breakfast.  We drove to our house, a beautiful log cabin with a great view.  After figuring out who would sleep where (yes, Graham is in a closet) we unloaded and regrouped.

We are only about 15 miles from Silver Dollar City and were quite surprised by the many, many cars in the parking lot.  After searching for a parking spot, we caught the tram to the park.  We must have been arriving as something was ending because many, many people were headed out while we were fighting the crowds to head in.  The lights were beautiful.  Reagan said "this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen."

Our first stop was the train; the line was long but not nuts.  We boarded the train and poor Graham was terrified of the loud tooting.  He would jump everytime-it was a good thing Mom had some candy in her pocket.  He finally tried to close his eyes and go to sleep on the train-he was quite pitiful.  The ride was neat and even told the Christmas story.  Afterwards, Reagan and Andersonw were able to ride the kiddie rollar coaster with Dad.  No one else would go with them (Mom can't) so Dad rode it twice.  First with Anderson, who had the time of his life and came off telling everyone that it was so fun.  Then Dad rode with Reagan who had a blast as well.  Next Mom and Dad rode Dumbo-poor Graham is just too small for any rides so far!  He was entertained waving at us though.

We were getting a little hungry and cold so we started looking for a place to grab a bite to eat.  Since no one ha been to Silver Dollar City in years, we weren't too good at finding our way around.  We did manage to find a bakery-the kids had a cookie, Mom had a cinnamon roll and hot chocolate and Dad had a calzone.  It hit the spot.  The next stop was the bus stop to head back to our parking lot.  Graham was again terrified of the bus but made it through.

Before long we were back at the house, the kids played until Graham went to bed.  Then Reagan and Anderson played foosball downstairs until 10.  They are sleeping now and are just as worn out as we are.  Tomorrow is more Silver Dollar City and who knows what else we will find to do!

Dennie Kids: November 11, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A slow morning around here-lots of toys everywhere
  • Breakfast and then more playing while Mom ran around packing for our trip
  • A 9:30 nap this morning for Graham since Mom couldn't take the screaming
  • Reagan and Anderson choosing 4 toys to take with us-Anderson grabbed the first 4 he could find while Reagan worked and worked and changed her mind a zillion times.  She just asked to switch again and wants to take the toy shopping cart!
  • Helping Mom clean out the car and pack a few things-we love using the shop vac
  • Anderson refusing to pick up his toys before lunch so Mom put him to bed-after he screamed that he was "starving" for awhile (a long while), Mom gave him a second chance and he refused again so back to bed he went along with a spanking.  Mom is a softy and did let him get up for a late lunch
  • Anderson wasn't in the best mood so he did go to time out a few more times before naps
  • Reagan needing to wear Dad's socks so she could be a ballerina (Mom is really not sure why ballerina's wear men's dress socks)
  • Naps for everyone and then to church for supper.  The crew was quite disappointed that Nonna and Pops weren't there and were already on the trip.  Reagan asked if they were waiting on their car (maybe talking about a rental car) and then she asked if they were waiting on us
  • Cubbies for everyone and then home for bed-Graham went right to sleep but not so much for Reagan and Anderson 

Dennie Kids: November 10, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A school morning so that means baths for everyone
  • Graham fussing for only a few seconds when Mom dropped him off and Anderson pretending like he couldn't find his classroom
  • A good day at school and then cookies in the car (Mom is bribing us to stop calling her and Dad upstairs at night time-if we call less than 4 we get a cookie the next day...but now Mom is out of cookies!)
  • Another snack and then playing outside until Dad came home-Mom was inside stirring the chili while Anderson started screaming for her.  He had to go potty and had forgotten how to get down from the tree house.  Anyway, Mom let him water the trees and that was the highlight of his afternoon
  • Yesterday, Mom had told Dad that Graham was easy outside and you didn't have to watch him much anymore.  Ha! Now, today he has learned to climb the ladder to get into the tree house.  Then he slides down-even on his tummy just like his brother!  Now, Mom can never sit down-he can also climb on top of the kitchen table.  And he made it to the top of the stairs once today before being discovered
  • Reagan raking leaves in the front yard while Anderson stood by the street and pretended to be a police officer and directed traffic.  While Graham kept trying to run into the street and when he starts running down our front hill, he can't stop!
  • Leftover chili with Grandpa-Dad had told everyone to behave and they were perfect little angels
  • Playing for awhile and then watching a movie or two before bedtime while Mom tried to pack up a few things
  • Dad mentioning that Reagan and Anderson must have been tired tonight and in a few seconds they called us up there.  Reagan wanted Mom to make her blanket into a cape and Anderson was sitting reading 100s of books in his bed

Dennie Kids; November 9, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Reagan and Anderson playing with their nativity set this morning.  They had all of the people in a straight line.  They were lining up to see baby Jesus.  And of course, Anderson had "buggy parking" and Reagan was "selling tickets"
  • Later on, we overheard Reagan trying to decide if a sheep was a momma sheep or a daddy sheep.  She eventually decided "it must be a daddy, because daddy's don't have any hair."
  • Eating breakfast at Grannymom's house-Mom gave us a choice about where to eat and we were tired of bananas 
  • Playing all morning at Grannymoms while Mom was at work
  • Anderson not picking up toys at Grannymoms so Reagan and Grannymom were still working when Mom came to pick everyone up.  They were trying to pick up before going outside.  Reagan became upset when she saw Mom and fussed "Now, look Grannymom, we don't get to go outside because Anderson has fooled around and not picked up" (wonder if she had heard that anywhere before?)-Mom let them stay and play outside before heading home
  • Afternoon naps-they boys slept longer than Reagan.  Then a little snack and movie.
  • Going back outside most of the afternoon long and running races until Dad came home
  • Leftovers for supper and then lots of playing (and getting into trouble)
  • Anderson asking Mom, while patting her tummy "When your baby come out?" Mom replied after your birthday and he said "He play football with me?"

Dennie Kids: November 8, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Church this morning-everyone walked right into their class with no fussing-even Graham!
  • Mom and Dad helping in Reagan's class-she thinks that is the neatest thing that Mom and Dad were her teachers
  • Chili lunch with Mom and Dad's Sunday school class-we had lots of cheese, some fritoes with a tiny bit of chili on them and finally some yummy cookies for dessert
  • Afternoon naps-Graham wasn't pleased but Mom made him take a nap (he may not have slept but Mom did!)
  • Reagan coloring, Anderson playing trucks and Graham going grocery shopping with Mom
  • Eating a whole can of oranges for supper along with some other stuff
  • Playing-loudly-all evening long

Dennie Kids: November 7, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Everyone waking up at Grannymom and Grandpa's house-Reagan and Anderson woke up around 6 and Graham slept until 7
  •  Playing outside most of the morning long and then heading to Wendys for lunch
  • Mom and Dad met us there and we had huge frosties after we ate
  • A short nap for Graham while everyone else watched some of the football game
  • Heading out to ride the trolley today and Reagan and Anderson fell asleep in the car
  • Meeting Pops and Nonna downtown and riding the trolley, seeing the ducks, riding an elevator and escalator and getting a snack-a perfect day!
  • A quick shopping trip to Target to buy more Christmas presents-but none for us!
  • Pizza for supper, a game of baseball and then bedtime

November 6, 2009 - Sixth Doctor's Visit

This was our sixth doctor's visit.  It seems like Phillips is the only one around on Fridays since the waiting room is pretty empty.  My weight was great (well, they didn't say that-I said that!)  My blood pressure was perfect-even a little on the lower end.  Phillips said the baby was head down.  Actually, I thought I knew that since he kicks pretty hard up high.  Phillips did confirm that we would have this baby before Christmas and I suggested anytime after the 13th (Anderson's birthday).  The baby's heartbeat was 132-Phillips said it was a girl (then told Robby, that he had a 50/50 chance of getting it right).  Another good visit and we go back in two weeks.

Dennie Kids: November 6, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Everyone sleeping a little late this morning and then climbing in bed with Mom and Dad
  • Clothes on, breakfast and then Mom brought some big black bag in the house-Anderson thought it was a giraffe and Reagan saw something sticking out and thought Mom was bringing in grass: it was our Christmas tree
  • Helping Mom put the Christmas tree up in Reagan and Anderson's room-everyone took it very seriously (as you can see by all of the tongues sticking out while they are concentrating)
  • Playing at Nonna's house while Mom was at the doctor checking on Baby IV (click here for details)
  • A friend of Nonna's came to play with us (Rachel)-we played together and Reagan said she was a little shy at first but then she warmed up.  At Nonna's house, all Reagan wants to do is play with her special baby doll-Mom told her to put it up so she wouldn't have to share it! 
  • After Rachel left, we played in the leaves, ate lunch with Pops and then played more in the leaves
  • Mom bringing everyone home and giving us all allergy medicine-and maybe that is why we slept so well for our naps!
  • Reagan waking up and helping Mom do some online shopping, Anderson then waking up and asking for candy and a movie and finally Graham waking up, getting a cracker and then precisely signing "more" for another one
  • Dad coming home and taking us over to Grannymom and Grandpa's house-we are getting to spend the night over there tonight-lots of snacks, lots of playing and lots of fun!

Dennie Kids: November 5, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • School day, what does that mean?  Everyone wants to sleep in!
  • Everyone having a good day at school and then Mom picking us up
  • Afternoon nap for Graham while Reagan & Anderson helped rake leaves (or play in the leaves!)
  • A movie before Dad got home for supper
  • Supper with Dad and then a game of soccer through the house while Mom went to class meeting
  • Graham to bed around 7:30 and then Reagan and Anderson staying a bit late

Dennie Kids: November 4, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Another early morning-we just have gotten the time change figured out
  • Clothes on, breakfast and we almost thought it was a school morning-but it was for Mom (she had to work today)
  • Nonna coming over to play with us this morning-we played dolls, worked puzzles, ate lots of lunch and had tons of fun
  • Mom coming home and Reagan and Anderson greeting her at the gate apologizing-Nonna said they were good so Mom isn't sure what they thought they had done
  • Afternoon naps for everyone-even Mom (she didn't even stir for the UPS man) and she was thankful that no one else did either!
  • A quick game of Go Fish for Reagan and Mom before getting ready for church
  • Delivering Grandpa's cookies and taking our food that we bought at the grocery store on Monday to church
  • The big excitement tonight for Reagan and Anderson was seeing Mom talk to the puppets in Cubbies.  Anderson and Reagan had the biggest smiles when they came in and saw her.  (Shhh, don't tell anyone but Dad was one of the puppets-a strange sounding puppet!)
  • Home and to bed because school is in the morning

Dennie Kids: November 3, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A school morning so early baths and breakfast for everyone
  • Graham not wanting Mom to leave his class this morning but Reagan and Anderson don't really seem to mind.  They screamed "bye Mom" as Mom was walking down the hall
  • Reagan saying her favorite part of the day was seeing Anderson on the playground, Anderson enjoyed snack time and Graham liked pulling his backpack to the car (until Mom had to pick him up)
  • Candy and milk for a snack while Mom read a few books to us
  • A nap for Graham and movies and a card game for Reagan and Anderson
  • Supper at a fancy restaurant-Sam's Club.  Mom and Dad picked up their medicine, milk and we all looked at all of the Christmas toys there
  • Getting to stay up late while Mom and Dad worked-Reagan colored, Anderson played with his cars and Graham looked for trouble (until he was put to bed)
  • This is the 3rd night in a row that Reagan and Anderson haven't called Mom and Dad upstairs after they laid down

Dennie Kids: November 2, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A busy morning today-waking up too early and laying with Dad, getting dressed, breakfast and then shopping
  • Reagan and Anderson each had a list and were buying food for a church Thanksgiving project-they were very serious about it.  Mom may make them a list every time we go shopping
  • Grannymom coming over to pick everyone up and take them to the park-playing outside all morning long at the park.  We had a blast! And were tired and stinky when we came home
  • Long afternoon naps for the boys and a game of Go Fish for Reagan and Mom
  • Everyone helping make potatoes for supper and cookies for Grandpa and Papaw while eating Halloween cupcakes from Nonna
  • Reagan and Anderson taking turns hitting Graham on the top of his head with a pillow (he didn't mind)  They had to stay in their rooms until Dad came home-only 40 minutes
  • Supper and then playing (mostly happily and by ourselves) until bedtime

Dennie Kids: November 1, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  •  A late night last night so the kids slept fairly late this morning and we were still at church on time
  • Reagan and Anderson not remembering their Bible story on the way to Nonna's house and Graham falling to sleep
  • Lunch at Nonna-Reagan was able to play with the baby doll at Nonna's: she takes such good care of it and it had to eat in the highchair while we all ate too
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then a quick run to the gas station for Reagan and Graham with Dad
  • A quick bite to eat on the way to church and we again made it there early.  Reagan had to ask if it was cubbies tonight or the night where she gets to color-her teacher said that she colored all night long
  • A few pictures before bedtime-we had forgotten for Reagan and Anderson