Dennie Kids: October 31, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham waking up at 6:30, Reagan at 7 and Anderson at 9
  • Shopping with Grannymom for a few hours
  • Lunch at Grandpa's house and watching a little bit of Tinkerbell
  • Afternoon naps for everyone
  • Eating a ghost sandwich for supper and then dressing up in our Halloween costumes again
  • Everyone, even Graham, getting Halloween tattoos
  • Trick or Treating at Grannymoms, Beebees and Nonna's
  • Finishing off our Halloween celebration at GS Fest...
  • Anderson's highlights from GS Fest were riding the bus to get on the church grounds, riding on the golf cart with Pops, seeing the firetruck and playing on the playground
  • Reagan's highlights (click here for a quick video) from GS Fest were driving the jeeps, sliding down the slide, arranging the cones in Pops' office, riding on the train, seeing the fish and eating lots of candy
  • Graham's highlights from GS Fest were riding around the stroller outside, drinking milk with Nonna and eating all of Reagan and Anderson's candy when they went to bed!
  • We ended Halloween with the kids getting to bed at 10:30-they had a blast!

Dennie Kids: October 29, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Another early morning-we all need to sleep in tomorrow!
  • Going to school for Reagan and Anderson-were they had little Halloween parties. Anderson came home with a bag of candy and Reagan decorated a cookie, "I did good and got some candy" and came home with a big bag of candy!
  • Graham spending the day at Nonna and Pops
  • A quick change at Nonna's into our Halloween costumes and heading to Acxiom
  • Enjoying another Halloween party at Acxiom and seeing Dad's desk (Anderson was very upset by the dunking booth-he would wail each time the man was dunked)
  • Running by Krogers (Thanks for the tip Brad) for another Halloween party-with more candy!
  • Coming home at 7 and eating a bite to eat and heading to bed-we were tired after going to our third, fourth and fifth Halloween parties today!

Dennie Kids: October 29, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Mom and Dad having to wake everyone up again today
  • Dad dropping Reagan and Anderson at Grannymom's house
  • Mom and Graham heading back to the Nutrition Center for his 3 month visit-he had more fun than some of the pictures show
  • Everyone taking a long nap this afternoon
  • Supper and then 3 Dennie kids in the tub while waiting on Dad to come home
  • Eating more candy and then playing until bedtime
  • Taking pictures of Graham for his 3 month birthday

Dennie Kids: October 28, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Waking everyone up this morning-Reagan and Anderson were tired from last night and Graham took some milk and then went right back to sleep
  • School and then picking Graham up from Grandpa's house
  • Everyone putting on their costumes and heading to the Nutrition Center for their Halloween party
  • Playing games and eating was at the Nutrition Center!
  • Taking our princess, Buzz lightyear and lil' pumpkin to Boo at the Zoo-we needed a little something else to do after our first party
  • Getting lots and lots of candy and eating cotton candy on the way home (Mom heard Reagan shouting "hurry home"-a huge piece of cotton candy was stuck to her hands!
  • Eating more candy once we got home! (Our parents are so cool...but we think they are eating our candy now that we are asleep!)

Dennie Kids: October 27, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham sleeping all night long
  • Bundling up to go to the pumpkin patch at Motley's Tree Farm
  • Watching the pigs race, riding a hayride, seeing the animals, picking out a pumpkin and playing in the hay tunnel with Mom and Dad
  • Hamburgers for lunch and then watching Super Why! until naptime
  • Everyone taking a long nap-Mom was going to take a nap and thought she didn't have time but then everyone slept for so long she could have had a nap!
  • Playing this afternoon and putting on our Halloween orange
  • Eating supper at Kyle's house and playing with Kennedy, Camryn and Jacob until late!

Dennie Kids: October 26, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures
  • Reagan waking up at 3 (again-she is awake but not really awake and goes right back to sleep) and Graham waking up at 5 and Anderson sleeping until we had to wake him up for church
  • Everyone going to class well this morning and Mom and Dad keeping Graham's class (he was the best baby there)
  • Lunch at Grannymom's and then playing outside until naptime
  • Eating supper with Aunt Stephanie at Famous Daves-Anderson and Reagan at like they had not eating in weeks!
  • Putting on pajamas (Anderson wanted Stephanie to take his shoes off) and heading to bed

Dennie Kids: October 25, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Reagan and Dad eating breakfast at McDonalds while Mom and the boys slept in. Reagan had the slide to herself and had a blast!-she even went in her pajamas
  • Everyone getting ready while Dad ran
  • Anderson and Reagan playing outside while Graham laid on the floor and watching Mom and Dad-they played so well today
  • Lunch and then everyone going to the store for a gallon of milk
  • A short nap for the kids and then a bath for Graham
  • Cooking hot dogs and s'mores with Laryn and friends
  • Earl taking us on our own personal hayride-Reagan was thrilled, Anderson was scared at first and Graham stayed back by the campfire with Laryn and Kim
  • Coming home and going to bed-on the way home, Reagan said "I am a litle bit sleepy" and Anderson replied "yeah"

Halloween Bunko

Tonight was Tara's bunko at Mandy's house. (Click here for more pictures) Mandy had delicious soup with spooky green punch!...along with a great dessert. Everyone came in full costume! We had Hillary, a one nightstand, Ms. Smarty Pants, Tinkerbell and many other costumes. Not many Halloween parties have a deer and a rifle! It was a great start to Halloween week!

Dennie Kids: October 24, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • A lazy Friday morning - everyone sleeping past 7
  • Helping Mom organize Reagan's closet; we were done by 10:30
  • Playing outside; a break for lunch with a surprise visit from Dad
  • Reagan & Anderson playing outside for over an hour in the cool fall weather
  • An afternoon nap and then making the letter "I" for our alphabet wall
  • Supper and then taking Mom to Bunko (she had a crazy outfit on - she said she was a nightstand)
  • Going to Grannymom & Grandpa's to see cousins Josh & Zach, Aunt Shelley and dad's Uncle Johnny
  • A late night out and then everyone to bed by 9:00

Dennie Kids: October 23, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Everyone sleeping well-except Reagan whose sheets got wet! She woke Mom up by hollaring "Mom, my bed is wet because you forgot to put a pull-up on me." But she doesn't wear a pull up at night!
  • A good day at school-Reagan and Anderson got to pick out a pumpkin
  • Picking up Graham at Nonna and Pops. We couldn't stay long because they thought they were getting our bug!
  • Making out letter H today and then supper with Dad
  • Getting to decorate and eat Halloween cookies!
  • Going to bed with full tummys!

Dennie Kids: October 22, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham waking up very early this morning but going back to bed after a bottle
  • Reagan and Anderson helping Mom clean out Anderson's closet (he has to make room for Graham)
  • Playing with Nonna while Mom worked on the boy's closet and drawers...we have lots and lots of boy clothes!
  • Nonna seeing the worst side of Reagan-she lost 2 of her chips while Nonna was here and then lost her third so she went to bed (Pops, don't worry it was just for a little bit). She screamed, cried, said she was scared, trying to break the bed, didn't like her bed, hot (so she took off all of her clothes) and then said that she was cold! Needless to say, she was pretty mellow tonight since she was exhausted!
  • Anderson loving spending time with just Mom while Graham was sleeping and while Reagan was in her room
  • Graham cooing with Mom and watching Mom and Dad organize the pantry
  • Reagan staying up late while Mom and Dad worked

Happy Birthday Pops!

Today was Pops' 62nd birthday so Jason, Nonna, Pops and all of us met for supper at Shorty Smalls. (click here for more pictures)  Pops even had a quick birthday visit from Bro. Paul who dropped off a birthday card.  Most everyone had hamburgers and then we topped off our meals with a few pieces of Milky Way pie.   Reagan and Anderson enjoyed helping blow out his candles and then open his presents. Jason gave Pops a new phone and a Barnes and Noble gift card. And from us, Pops became a member of the Dessert of the Month club. Happy birthday Pops!

Dennie Kids: October 21, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Reagan and Anderson not really noticing that the parking lot of their school was turned into a pumpkin patch
  • Reagan throwing a tantrum when Dad dropped her off at school this morning
  • Graham spending the day at Grannymom and Grandpa's house while Mom was at work
  • Reagan and Anderson having a good day at school
  • Playing at Grannymom and Grandpa's house for a few minutes while picking up Graham
  • Being very good this afternoon while waiting on Dad to come home
  • Eating at Shorty Smalls to celebrate Pops' birthday-he is old now!
  • Coming home and going straight to bed-we were tired (even Graham)

Dennie Kids: October 20, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Everyone waking up early this morning (Dad was feeling much better!)
  • Quite a bit of fussing by everyone this morning
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham going to Grannymom's house while Mom ran a few errands
  • Lunch with Grannymom and Grandpa and then coming home for naps
  • Graham staying up during naptime but watching Mom do laundry
  • A quick trip to the grocery store-and we are going back just to walk down the Halloween decoration aisle again. Reagan and Anderson were terrified and thrilled at the same time with all of the talking and moving candy dishes
  • Back home for supper and waiting on Dad to come home (and much, much more fussing-Reagan lost 2 of her 2 chips!)-Reagan become hysterical if she doens't have her chips when her Dad comes home because she wants to tell him that she has been a good girl!
  • Puzzles, baths and then reading a few books before bed

Pops' Birthday

Pops had his first birthday celebration today at lunch. (click here for more pictures) After a big Sunday lunch, we had a Paula Deen cake complete with lots of candles. Reagan insisted that we sing Happy Birthday two times and helped blow out the candles. He didn't get any presents today but we will celebrate more this week.

Dennie Kids October 19, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Everyone waking up early after going to bed early last night
  • Anderson and Reagan not wanting to go to their Sunday School class but Graham grinning at Ms. Georgia as soon as he saw her
  • Lunch at Pops and Nonna's house and celebrating Pop's birthday
  • Afternoon naps for all of the Dennie's ranging from 20 minutes to...well, one is still sleeping (Dad doesn't feel all that great-he has the same bug that we had)
  • Graham fussing most of the afternoon and evening long-he wouldn't let Mom lay him down unless he was asleep-but he would grin and coo at Mom anytime she would talk to him
  • Anderson and Reagan playing at Grannymom's house this evening (so Dad could rest-they can by quite noisy!)
  • Climbing on Dad before bedtime

Dennie Kids: October 18, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham waking at 1 to eat and staying up til 3 last night-he was ready to play!
  • Reagan and Anderson helping with the garage sale one more morning
  • Running a few errands with Dad-the kids even came home with balloons
  • Back to the garage sale and eating a snack
  • Graham finding his hands and starting to play with his fingers
  • More errands to a few grocery stores and then a late lunch at US Pizza
  • Skipping our naps and going to the Harvest festival at Wildwood
  • Driving a few tractors, listening to a puppet show, walking by the lake, sharing a cupcake and listening to some bluegrass music
  • Coming home for another quick bite to eat and then baths for everyone-Graham, Reagan and Anderson all in the tub-we need a bigger tub! (Graham doesn't get to stay long-he just gets a dip)
  • Going to bed exhausted after a long day!

Dennie Kids: October 17, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Everyone sleeping well and then waking up ready for the garage sale-Graham slept all night long again (Mom needed it too since she was a little sick)
  • Reagan and Anderson helping to sell lots of stuff
  • Reagan catching Mom's "little bug" but feeling better by the afternoon
  • An afternoon nap for all of us while Grannymom worked the garage sale
  • Anderson and Graham playing with Nonna and Pops for a little bit this evening
  • Reagan going to Avery's birthday party-she put on a pretty dress, had tea and ate every bit of her cupcake
  • Cheese bread at Nonna's house
  • Reagan and Anderson taking lots of pictures with Dad's camera. Mom, Dad and Graham sat on the couch and smiled for all of the photos.

Dennie Kids: October 16, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham sleeping all night long-he did stay up late with Mom and Dad though
  • School this morning for Reagan and Anderson-the early morning teachers weren't there so Anderson went in Reagan's room (she was thrilled that she had someone to take care of and he was excited to play in the big room)
  • Graham spending the dad at Nonna and Pop's house since Mom started back to work
  • A snack in the car after school and then more snacks at Nonnas
  • Playing in the garage until Dad came home
  • Helping Jason shop early at the garage sale and taking a walk with him
  • Drinking milk and heading to bed

Dennie Kids: October 15, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Washing all of Mom's bedding after Anderson was a little sick-but then he took a shower with Mom and felt much better
  • Helping Grannymom and Grandpa set out their garage sale stuff
  • Grannymom feeding Graham and playing for a little bit
  • Nonna coming to play and staying with Reagan and Graham while Mom ran to her work (Anderson went with Mom and sat in Reagan's big girl car seat)
  • Afternoon naps for all (except Mom!)
  • Eating supper with Dad and then playing a short game-Reagan enjoyed it, Anderson didn't understand and Graham just cried!
  • Baths for Reagan and Anderson and then bed for everyone!

Dennie Kids: October 14, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham waking up at 6 this morning-still too early but better!
  • A quick bath for Reagan and Anderson before school
  • Graham helping Mom get ready for the garage sale
  • Calling the Nutrition Center and asking for more milk for Graham!
  • Reagan painting a "gorgeous" fall leaf and a fire drill at school (even though she says she never went outside today)
  • Playing at Rock Creek after school-lots and lots of kids were there but Reagan didn't seem to mind them
  • Checking the mail and seeing Dad come home
  • Pizza for supper
  • Taking Reagan's 37 month pictures and Anderson's 22 month pictures while Graham had his milk (he gets his pictures made closer to his birthday)
  • A juice box before bed and another bottle for Graham!

Dennie Kids: October 13, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham waking up at 5-Mom is moving him downstairs...soon, just not tonight!
  • A lazy morning for Reagan and Anderson
  • Climbing and sliding for Reagan and Anderson at Rock Creek this morning with Grannymom
  • Spaghetti for lunch after sliding while Mom and Graham cleaned the house this morning
  • Graham smiling at Mom when she talks to him
  • An afternoon nap for everyone-even Graham slept pretty much all afternoon long
  • Supper and then cookies for a snack
  • Playing with Jaden while Mom and Dad visited with Jacqui
  • A quick trip to Party City before they closed

Dennie Kids: October 12,2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham waking up at midnight and six this morning-he will be 12 weeks old this week and may just move downstairs soon
  • Anderson screaming hsterically when Mom dropped him off for Sunday School
  • Lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa's house and then playing outside
  • An afternoon nap for the kids while Mom and Dad cleaned the garage
  • Back to church and our classrooms were pretty empty
  • Dad picking up doughnuts and eating them at Grannymom's before bed

Dennie Kids: October 11, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Waking up in a tent-Reagan could not wait to get in the tent to go to bed and Anderson's first night not in a bed/pack-n-play was fine too (although he isn't used to covers and would kick them off)
  • Eating breakfast beside the campfire and then going on a wagon ride around the loop to check out all of the other campers
  • Heading home with a few errands on the way
  • A bath and a nap for Reagan and Anderson while Graham hung out with Grannymom and Grandpa-Mom and Dad had to unpack
  • Playing with Graham's Christmas present this afternoon-Mom will have to hide it pretty soon
  • Seeing Grannymom and Grandpa before heading to the airport
  • Surprising Nonna and Pops at the airport-they had been gone a long, long time
  • Supper at Nonna and Pops before coming home and going to bed

Camping Tonight! October 10, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)

We planned on camping at Lake Catherine but all of their campsites were full. So we headed to Lake Degray. Most spots were taken but we lucked out with a great spot. The kids helped unload and set up the tent while Graham waited patiently. After starting the fire, we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. Now all five of us are in the tent and only one is asleep, one is almost asleep, one is wide awake shouting all aboard, and two are wondering if they are nuts for taking three little kids camping. We are having a great time and the full blog will return tomorrow.

Dennie Kids: October 9,2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • A day at school for Reagan and Anderson-Reagan painted a pumpkin
  • Lots of errands for Mom and Graham
  • Starting to pack for our camping trip
  • Going with Mom to sign some papers at her new work
  • Playing at the park-Reagan threw acorns in the water, Anderson played in the water with a stick and Graham put his feet up in the stroller and relaxed
  • Playing outside until Dad came home
  • Eating a snack outside and then baths
  • Going to bed early-we were all fussy! School days are hard

Dennie Kids: October 8, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Waking up slowly this morning-Graham even slept until 6
  • Graham's first big round of shots at the doctors. He is a little sore and fussy tonight. He weighs 12 pounds!
  • Reagan getting her flu mist vaccine-she did so good! Anderson asking "me, me?" until he received his flu shot too! He wasn't thrilled but didn't even shed a tear
  • Delivering cookies to Beebee and Papaw. Reagan talked and talked-she would tell them what Anderson was saying and even what Graham was saying
  • Playing outside until lunch time and then more playing outside and in
  • A nap for Reagan and Anderson, Graham slept all afternoon. It was so quiet in the house this afternoon, that Mom finished all of her work and didn't know what to do
  • Reagan and Mom playing Memory
  • A wagon ride in the yard for Anderson and Reagan
  • Pizza for supper and home late...we even missed bath night!

Dennie Kids: October 7, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Everyone waking up at 7:15 this morning (and I mean everyone-kind of wierd) after a late, late night
  • Reagan and Anderson walking into their classes this morning without hesitating
  • Graham staying home with Mom and Dad-he is getting a little easier-we can lay him down for a few minutes now without him fussing!
  • Letting Reagan and Anderson pick out a present at Target-Anderson did not want anything and Reagan couldn't decide and was tickled when Dad suggested candy
  • Eating their candy at Grannymom and Grandpa's house while Dad fixed their pictures
  • Reagan and Anderson playing outside and swining in the rain while Graham slept
  • Supper and then popsicles for snack
  • Anderson becoming so excited about his present from the trip-a basketball. You would have thought that we had won the lottery. Reagan was thrilled with her bear from the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory-and she couldn't wait to take off his clothes (which we paid for!)
  • An early bedtime for all-except Graham who has been smiling and cooing all evening (when he is being held-he is not too happy when we put him down though)

October 6, 2008: A Few Hoops Before Heading Home!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • One last continental breakfast before packing up to head home
  • Driving to Springfield, MA to see the Basketball Hall of Fame-Anderson asked "ball?" the whole drive down
  • Shooting some hoops after touring the museum-Reagan could hardly wait to get on the basketball court and "run"
  • Killing lots of time at the airport before our flights
  • Anderson and Graham sleeping the whole flight to Cincinnati and Reagan playing playdough
  • A short layover and then back home to our own beds after flying 2481 miles and driving 1259 miles across 4 states in seven days

October 5, 2008: Too Noisy In Merrimack!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Breakfast at Thayers Inn and then climbing to the top of inn's cupola for a view of Littleton, NH-Anderson and Reagan enjoyed climbing up and down all 6 flights of steps!
  • Reagan and Anderson picked out candy at Chutters before leaving Littleton. Chutters is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest candy counter in the world
  • Riding up to the top of the White Mountains on the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway and then walking along the rim trail (the long rim trail!)
  • Turning the van around to go and see a train for Anderson-it was The Hobo Train on a fall foilage tour. This was Anderson's favorite part of the trip!
  • Discovering the Common Man Inn in Plymouth, NH for a picnic stop
  • A game a chase with Reagan and Anderson on the State Capitol lawn in Concord, NH
  • Picking up a few Christmas gifts for Tara at the LL Bean Outlet store
  • Dinner at Common Man Grill-the kids enjoyed the large cheese and cracker platter at the front of the restaurant and Mom ate most of her Mac and Cheese Pizza
  • Checking into our hotel in Merrimack, NH-we are all in one room tonight but it is a two bedroom suite with a living area (but someone has already called about the noise we are making-and it was just 8:00!)

October 4, 2008: All 50 States!!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Waking up in Quebec City and hitting the road early
  • A brief stop at the Derby Line, Vermont visitor center and then heading to St. Johnsbury, Vermont
  • Taking a tour (hair nets and all) of Maple Grove Farms and eating all of their samples (and we mean all!)
  • Driving through Peacham and stopping at the country store
  • Eating cheese at Cabot Creamery -we circled the sample table a few times
  • Stopping at the A.M. Foster Bridge in Cabot, Vermont which was now in the middle of a field. It was the most beautiful place that I had ever seen with the fall leaves and White mountains in the background
  • Entering New Hampshire-Our 50th State! (What an appropriate state motto: "Live Free or Die!") Reagans 27th, Andersons 20th and Grahams 5th state (click here for a list of how we got to 50 states)
  • Walking around Main Street in Littleton, New Hampshire and crossing the Mill Street covered bridge
  • A lady stopping us at supper, at the Littleton Diner, to tell us that our kids behavior was "refreshing"-they were very well behaved after spending the day in and out of the car without naps and a dinner that lasted over 1 1/2 hours.
  • Donuts at Dunkin Donuts for Anderson, Mom and Dad after supper
  • Climbing to our 4th floor room at the Thayers Inn in Littleton, New Hampshire-it is a hotel built in 1843 and we have a huge two room suite all to ourselves with a queen bed, full and twin size bed.

October 3, 2008: Funeral Crashing in Quebec!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE JASON! (click here for a special message)
  • An early breakfast in Montreal and then heading out to Quebec City-the drive was almost 2 1/2 hours but we didn't stop for a break
  • Viewing the Montmorency Falls outside of Quebec along with a windy picnic lunch
  • Driving through Old Town Quebec and seeing the Fortress, City Hall, Parliament Hill, the Artillery Park and the Citadelle
  • Walking around the Fairmont Hotel where Reagan asked if this was our hotel
  • Riding the funicular down to shop along the oldest street in Quebec and viewing the walls of the city
  • Seeing cruise ships in St. Lawrence river and Anderson constantly asking "Nonna?" when he would see the boats, an airplane or even a bus (after I mentioned she would be on a bus tomorrow) Seeing Nonna and Pops at the airport has Anderson expecting to see Nonna and Pops around every corner
  • Crashing a funeral at the Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Seeing the fish and other animals at the Quebec Aquarium and playing on the playground in freezing and very windy weather
  • Canadian food for supper at a little restaurant near our hotel-McDonalds

Oh, Canada!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • A quick breakfast at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory followed by a tour. Reagan was able to pick out a bear to take home
  • A few samples of chocolate at Lake Champlain Chocolates before heading into Canada
  • Lunch in the van near the US/Canada border-it was cold and damp outside
  • Driving through Mount Royal Park in Montreal
  • Taking funicular up the Montreal Tower in Olympic Park for another great view of the city
  • Pizza at Boston's Pizza after fighting rush hour Montreal traffic
  • A swim for all of the Dennie kids-Graham even took his first swim (well, he just got his feet a little wet-the water was very cold!)

October 1, 2008: State # 49

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Leaving the hotel this morning around 8:15 and heading to Vermont-our 49th state, Reagans 26th, Andersons 19th and Grahams 4th state
  • Stopping at a Visitor's Center and enjoying cookies and apple cider from a local bakesale
  • Crossing a covered bridge on the way to Saint Gaudens National Historic Park
  • Driving to Sugarbush Farms through the beautiful fall foilage-we have seen the most beautiful leaves and are here at the perfect time
  • Having cheese and maple syrup samples at Sugarbush Farms after our picnic and feeding a few farm animals (Reagan enjoyed this but Anderson did not)
  • Our first 'family of 5' back picture in front of the Taftsville covered bridge leaving the Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historic Park
  • Driving through the pouring rain to Montpilier and seeing the State House and Governor's Mansion
  • Touring Ben and Jerry's Factory-the tour was fine but it concluded with a huge scoop of Half Baked ice cream (our new favorite)
  • Stopping by the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont
  • Lasagna at Bove's in Burlington (as seen on Throwdown with Bobby Flay)-it was delicious and Reagan and Anderson even enjoyed it
  • Calling it a night in Burlington-we had a few meltdowns by Reagan and Anderson but they did fairly well for a long day in the car-actually got a load of laundry done and in bed by 11