Already making a few purchases for Baby #2

With Reagan, we think we have a lot of things we'll need but, of course, there will be lots of extra things we'll need with two. We had a little extra money at the end of the month, so we decided to buy a TANDEM stroller! We'll have two little ones to cart around here in just a few months. Of course, we still haven't told anyone we're pregnant so we're hiding the stroller in the garage.

Visiting the Bavarian Alps

We travelled to Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. Click here for pictures from this trip.

8 &1/2 Weeks Pregnant and Traveling Through Europe

We are spending 8 days traveling through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Tara hasn't had any sickness or trouble while traveling. She gets hungry every once in awhile but on this trip we are snacking and eating quite a bit anyway.

Dr. Phillips confirms we are having our second baby!

Tara dropped Reagan off at Mom & Dad's so she could run some "errands" and met me at Dr. Phillips office. Right after getting off the elevator, I see the back of my sister, Dana, standing at the check-in desk of Central Clinic for Women. (She is expecting her 3rd child, a little boy, in September.) Tara & I were waiting to tell family and friends until we had confirmation of the pregnancy. So what do I do -- I run into the bathroom. Why? I don't know but I thought maybe we could avoid her. So Tara goes into the waiting room and, naturally, sees Dana. Dana asks, "Are you really just here because you are pregnant but don't want to tell me?" Tara says, "No, if I were pregnant Robby would be here." By this time, I've decided I've got to come out of the bathroom. As soon as Dana sees me, she has a huge smile on her face and we let her in on our secret. She promises not to tell until we are telling.We soon meet with Dr. Phillips who first asks, "Are you ready to do this again?" He performed a quick ultrasound which confirmed Tara was definitely pregnant! The ultrasound predicts a due date of December 17th so at this point Tara is about 8 weeks pregnant. We're leaving for Germany in two days but Dr. Phillips said Tara shouldn't have any trouble traveling and wished us a great trip.