September 30, 2023

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  • This morning started with me going upstairs to make sure that Anderson, Campbell, and Keaton were awake. Usually the girls are the ones that are awake, and Anderson is not, but today it was opposite. 
  • They left for Raymar at 7:10 or a bit before; then Robby and I left a little bit after 8. Graham, Reagan, and Whitman were all sound asleep. Campbell and Keaton had to help Anderson set everything up this morning since he was the only one there working. I think that they were a decent help since he was set up in plenty of time.
  • We stayed busy with the concession stand this morning. When the games were over, we headed home to watch the end of the Hogs game. I usually sleep during the games helping them to win, but apparently that didn't work today.
  • After the game was over, Anderson and I worked on some math. Everyone had some school work to do this weekend-Whitman and Graham are the only ones who have done all of theirs so far. Everyone did work some tonight on school work. I'm not really sure when the rest will be done, but there is always next week.
  • Around 4, we left with Campbell for her soccer game. It was in Conway, and thankfully the weather was super pleasant especially since most of the game was played after dark. Last week they didn't do that great, but this week the score was 7-1. They scored 6 in the first half, so the second half was kind of slow!
  • Afterwards, we ate at Tacos for Life-Robby told Campbell that we wouldn't have eaten out if they had lost, but I think we might still have eaten out. Then Robby had a 2 dollar gift card to Krispy Kreme so we went there and spent 30 dollars. The kids were excited to see the boxes of Krispy Kreme when we came home, but the doughnuts are sure a lot smaller than we remember.
  • Reagan left a little bit after we did to go to Ouachita to see Tiger Tunes. It is 10:30 now, and I don't expect her home for a good while. She has been busy texting, but I asked if she was enjoying the show, and she said that she was.
  • Robby is picking up the dog toys which means that it is time for bed. Whitman is having a wild streak-he is making crazy sounds and being a bit too loud for the time that it is. Campbell just finished her shower, and the big boys are playing on their xboxes-they are actually as loud as Whitman is right now!

September 29, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach

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After driving about 5 hours last night and stopping in Magee, Mississippi, we only had to drive about 5 more hours this morning. Around 7, Robby drove over to the gas station to fill up, and then we hit the road.

It was a fairly quite drive. Robby and I listened to a podcast most of the time. At one point someone was talking about a phone call, and we heard a beeping sound. We assumed it was on the radio. It happened again at just the right time. Then it happened at not the right time. By this time the beeping had woken up Keaton. 

I grabbed my flashlight since it was still so dark back there and started looking. It was the carbon monoxide/propane monitor. That didn't make me feel good-now, there was a blanket nearby which could have been hanging over it, but we weren't sure.

I hit the reset button while watching Keaton and Bentley closely and while getting a bit paranoid about how I felt. We had this happen in Disney when Whitman was hiding in front of the monitor, and Robby looked up the info on the web and knew that it would reset in 9 or so minutes. I was glad to see the clock go by those 9 minutes without another alarm.

Upon further research, the beeps could be because there was a gas leak (worst scenario), the battery was dying (it doesn't have a battery), or it could be getting old. Seven years is the lifespan that Robby found which means that it is about time for a new one.

Speaking of lifespans-we pulled in the driveway, and Robby went in to work on the dishwasher. Earlier in the week, Anderson said that it wasn't draining. Robby hoped that it was just clogged which is does occasionally get, and he has to clean the filter. 

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case today. He believes that the pump is out so that means a new dishwasher is coming on Monday. That's fun-not really, it is nothing but fun. While Robby dealt with that and caught up on work, I emptied and cleaned that camper. I would empty a section and then clean it-it really isn't that big so each section that I would do was tiny.

Anderson and Graham spent the day at Grannymom and Grandpa's house working on her flowerbeds. They hauled quite a bit of rock-it must have been quite a bit because they worked the whole day long. Reagan went to work without Graham because he stayed to keep working.

After I finished with the camper, the rest of our day has been kind of slow. We have eaten supper, most people have showered, and most people have spent some time in the living room. I finished my book, and now am going to watch a little bit of tv before we all go to bed-tomorrow starts early!

September 28, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach

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This was sunrise morning for me! Keaton had gone earlier in the week to see the sunrise when she spend the night with Rylee, but Campbell wanted to go as well. So this morning, Campbell, Keaton, Sophia, and I all went to see the sunrise.

It was a beautiful sunrise, but we didn't see the sun or see it rise. The sky was so incredibly cloudy, but it was still a fun little outing. When I came back to the camper after seeing the sun not rise, I went back to sleep for a little bit. Campbell did as well.

Keaton and Sophia watched some tv and then played a game for a bit. This morning before going to the beach, we went to Goodwill. In July we stopped at this Goodwill and were pretty impressed. Today only Keaton found a shirt, but our next stop was Simply Southern where all the girls found a shirt.

Then it was to the beach for us. Whitman was so excited to go out with the boogie board, so we were all disappointed to see the purple flags. There was no one in the water anywhere despite there being so many people on the beach. 

The flags definitely should have been purple today because jellyfish were everywhere. The kids spent most of the time on the beach looking at and catching jellyfish. Some of these jellyfish they would even pick up-so I am not really sure anymore if jellyfish sting or if just these don't sting. 

Now, Whitman had no interest in catching jellyfish. That boy knows enough to stay far away from those sea creatures. When we went back for lunch, Whitman opted to just take his shower and call his beach time done.

The rest of us had a fairly decent afternoon break-long enough for Keaton to start getting bored. All of her friends were eating out or shopping. Robby and I eventually went to the beach and joined Campbell who was just sitting watching the waves. 

We were there for about 2 more hours before we headed back to the camper. Before leaving the crew on the beach, we said our goodbyes to everyone. The girls then took their showers, and by 7:20 we had the car loaded and pulled out.

The original plan was to head home tomorrow early in the morning, but after the Fergusons left the night before just to get a few hours of driving behind them, Robby decided that would be a good idea. In about 2 hours, we stopped at Buccees-we all had sandwiches from there except for Whitman who had already eaten a poptart. He didn't even want a drink!-I think that he is super tired!

We drove have 1 more hour to drive tonight and have already driven 4 hours so that will definitely help tomorrow Keaton is already asleep, and I think that Campbell is almost asleep as well.

September 27, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach and Happy 12th Birthday Keaton!

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I quietly hung a birthday sign this morning for Keaton. I'm not sure if she saw it when she did wake up, but soon after she did wake up we started baking her birthday breakfast of chocolate croissants. They were very good and would have been so much better if we weren't having to make them in the camper stove. (It cooks a little hot and uneven-so we have to adjust times and temperatures, plus use a baking stone, 2 cookie sheets, and lots of aluminum foil).

We took her birthday candle picture with the first batch, but she noticed when looking at my pictures that here eyes were pretty closed since she had just woken up, she we took the candle picture again. This time she had less squinty eyes.

This morning was stormy looking, but it never rained more than a few sprinkles. Most everyone was going out shopping today, and we did as well. First though, we had to move the camper. To come this week, we had to get two different sites, and today was moving day.

I think that our first site was better-it was much further from the beach which is a drawback, but it had lots of shade and a pretty decent amount of space. We didn't have any problems moving sites. Campbell and Whitman rode their bikes to the new spot, but Keaton went shopping with Traci and her crew this morning. (They had doughnuts, and Keaton even bought a shirt.)

While they were out shopping, we went to Publix and then Walmart. We first found a cake for Keaton along with some Reeces to put on the cake. We also found quite a few packages of Oreos for all of our allergy buddies. And finally, we bought some sunscreen because we were completely out. I thought that I had brought plenty, but I was mistaken.

We came back for a bit. Keaton was home soon, so we continued her birthday celebration with lunch out at ChickFilA. Our meal was good, and we soon came back to the campground. By this time the sun was out, and we headed to the beach.

It was probably 2 or 3-Keaton and Campbell actually went before Robby, Whitman, and I did. They then joined the other girls and walked to the Hobbs place. They eventually showed back up. Whitman spent most of the afternoon and evening in the water. He loves the waves! Almost as much at Campbell. 

He did get stung pretty early today, and I thought that it was going to bother him. But he soldiered on-I guess it didn't really hurt too badly. They played in the water as long as possible. We were the last ones from our group on the beach tonight. 

Everyone else had left to work on their suppers, but we were having an easy supper-orange chicken. We made that while the laundry was washing. We sat outside because at 8 tonight, all of our buddies came to have cake, oreos, and even brownies made by Abigail for dessert. 

We sang Happy Birthday to Keaton and then everyone just sat around and talked until quite hours at 10. Sophia is spending the night with us tonight so that meant that Campbell had to give up her spot. She was not happy, but Whitman didn't mind since he was able to sleep on the couch which he likes. 

I better end this blog here since I hear that I am going to see the sunrise in the morning with the girls!

September 26, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach

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  • Another beach day and oh, so much sand. So, so much sand. I can not imagine how much sand is the campers that are parked right on the sand or even any closer than we are.  But I guess sand all over just means that people are having a great time which we really are.
  • This morning started off slowly with the threat of rain all day. It actually sprinkled off and on this morning, but by 10ish, we were all headed down to the beach. It was overcast most of the day with the sun peeking through just a little bit-well, enough for Campbell to get a little bit more burned.
  • This morning we stayed at the beach until well after 1. The flag was red today, but the waves gradually decreased throughout the day. The kids were out of the water today more than yesterday. 
  • Keaton was playing in the sand today, and it started itching her excema which caused her to go and change out of her bathing suit. When she got back, all the other kids were then playing in the ocean. So eventually she went to change back into her bathing suit to arrive, and the kids had left the water for the sand. This time she did wait them out, and they eventually joined her for some boogie board.
  • We eventually headed back for lunch. Poor Whitman, by noon everyday he is super chaffed and honestly, he is pretty exhausted. That is a lot of activity time and a lot of interaction time for that guy. It is good for him, but we didn't feel too bad about leaving him back at the camper tonight when we went back down to the beach around 4 for the last few hours there.
  • We had our lunch while Keaton was at Rylee's place. Then Campbell headed to the beach with some girls, and much later Robby and I followed.
  • When we arrived this evening, you could look one way and it looked so sunny, but you would then look the other way and it was stormy. It was very interesting. The weather was pretty breezy tonight, but gracious those silly flies were biting the mess out of me. 
  • Tonight when we came back from the beach, Campbell and Keaton went to get their showers. Robby had his shower and threw the laundry into the wash. Then it was supper time-leftover pasta for the girls and air fryer pizzas for the rest of us.
  • When it was time to put the wash in the dryer, we walked down the road and ate some fried oreos that Wes was making. Well, Whitman didn't try one, but the everyone agreed that the regular oreos were better than the yellow oreos when they were fried.
  • Afterwards, we walked back to fold our clothes, then we started making the beds-tomorrow is Keaton's birthday so we did have a little bit of birthday prep to do tonight!

September 25, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach

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Keaton had spent the night with Rylee, so Whitman took her spot on the couch. He told me that he did fall off of the couch, but I never heard a thump so I slept wonderfully well last night. We ended up heading down to the beach around 10 this morning.

Campbell was the first one of all of us to venture down there. Then we all went down. The water was perfect again today-there were a few more waves, but not anything scary. Whitman played a lot in the water, but not nearly as much as Keaton and Campbell.

We did have a little bit of excitement. When we arrived, the others showed us some people way off in the water. They had floated off on a big mat and were so far away that I could barely see them-like they were just a spec. 

A bit later a sightseeing helicopter made a circle in front of us almost like they saw the people way out there. Then about 5 minutes later along come with lifeguards. One jumped out on a surfboard and began making his way out to the people. And seriously, it would have taken me all day to get out there, but that guy was flying through the water.

Eventually, the guy brought the people closer to the shore. It was a man and a woman, but they were so, so far out there. Maybe it was a good lesson for the kids though, and it did provide some excitement. 

We were out on the beach until almost one when the Crafts showed up. They came to the beach as we were heading back for lunch. Of course my girls stayed at the water only coming back to the camper to eat lunch for a bit before heading back. They have been outside the whole time today, and Keaton may be a bit sunburned, but we are sun screening like maniacs. 

Robby and I headed back down to the beach around 3. Whitman opted to stay back at the camper-I think that he was pretty worn out and needed himself some quiet time. The weather had been pleasant all day long today, but it was super nice a bit after 3. The sun soon began to set, and we all took a few pictures before heading in for the evening.

Tonight was the group meal, and since we had a concrete pad behind our camper the party was at our place. Robby and I strung lights, set up tables, and blew away the sand. We got that place ready for a party. And really a party it was: Last count there were about 36 folks there, but when you look at a few of the pictures that I snapped it looks like it was mostly children! 

We had the usual group meal of taco salad-we had all of the fixings: guacamole, beans, rice, you name it and we had it. It was a great meal, plus everyone stayed a visited for a good while. Quite a few of the people took the kids to hunt for crabs on the beach. 

Whitman was so happy that his bucket was so full of crabs tonight. Campbell and Keaton helped, and they were able to find a ton of crabs. Soon the kids were back, and Robby and I went to town tearing down our party. 

Keaton helped us put everything away, plus tomorrow there is probably going to be some rain so we really did have to put everything away. It is 11:30 now, and Robby just went to put our laundry in the dryer.

My kiddos at home: Well, I haven't really heard much from them today. There were two school questions that I had to answer. Reagan and Graham went to work and then to Raymar for make up pictures. Anderson also went to Raymar tonight for football games so they all stayed busy today!

September 24, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach

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I woke up at least 3 times last night to go to the bathroom. I actually went to bed at 11, and Robby made fun of me. I told him that I would get my second wind soon, and sure enough at 12:30 just as he was going to bed, I did wake up. 

The last time I woke up to go to the bathroom, it was 7:15. I didn't want to wake Robby up climbing to the bathroom so I just waited as long as I could before getting out of bed. By 8 though we were slowly moving around. We woke up the kids and left the Bass Pro. 

As we were leaving, Campbell was surprised about where we were. She said that it looked so different at night time. And indeed it did look different at night time. Robby and I were just on a walk, and a camper pulled in to the campground. We commented how we never want to pull into a campground when it is dark. We have done that once, and it was an ordeal.

We had about a 20 minute drive to make it to Buccees this morning. We stopped and enjoyed a good walk around. We all did buy drinks, but that was all that we bought. Their food is yummy there, and I love a good gift shop, but drinks were all that we needed today.

From Buccees it was just about 2 hours to Camping on the Gulf. We stayed here in 2020 on our first big trip in the camper. We had been on 2 or 3 little instate trips, but that was the first time that we went a long ways and the first time that we pulled the car. All of that was super stressful the last time we did it, but not so much anymore. (Though don't get me wrong, there are still some super stressful moments in camping, but not nearly as many as there were when we first started out.)

We have a perfect campsite-just for 3 nights and then we have to move to another spot since we were thankful to get what we could get. We have shade and lots of it which is wonderful. We backed in and started getting thing set up. 

Just about as soon as we were done, we started seeing two families that were already here. The third arrived a bit later with the fourth, fifth, and sixth all arriving tomorrow. They were all heading to the pool because the water slide was open until 3 today. It is only open on the weekends, so our kids ran to get their suits on. 

We grabbed sun screen and towels and soon headed to the pool. The kids did the water slide for a good while-mostly Whitman actually. Then the others stopped to get lunch. We walked back to our camper to do the same. Actually, Robby and I walked back to the camper, and Keaton just came to pick up their lunch and take it back to where the others were. 

A bit later, it was time for the beach. The water was crystal clear plus it was fairly shallow with little waves so that was nice. You were able to go pretty far out. Now the last few times we have been to the beach, Whitman has been stung by jelly fish so he really didn't have any plan to get into the water. He would have been content just sitting and playing in the sand.

However, since the water was so clear, I made him go out to where Robby was. He didn't want to, but he did. Then he went back to the sand, and soon came back out to us. This time he was on a boogie board crawling all over it because he didn't want to get nibbled on by the fish that were out there with us. 

Robby and I eventually got out of the water and sat in the shade though by this time I was getting chilly and had to move to the sun. Soon Whitman was way out in the water again with Campbell so I guess he has gotten over his jelly fish fear. (I did tell him that his dad would give him some money if he did get stung by a jellyfish again-that might have helped overcome that fear.)

Keaton has friends here and will have more here tomorrow so she is living her best life. Plus there are little girls to play help entertain which she loves. Campbell doesn't have many buddies here, but she truly is living her best life as well. She has played with all of the kids, and I know that she has helped so much to entertain the two little girls. She has played football, taken Bentley on walks, and that girl could just stay in the ocean all the day long. 

We were out on the beach until 6 when the sun went down. Then it was back to the our camper for chicken alfredo for supper. We then walked to the Ferguson's camper for a little bit before taking Keaton to spend the night at a friends. Finally, it was one last walk for Bentley and now Robby is working on his shower and I am next.

Meanwhile back at home-the kids are staying busy. They had church this morning. Then they all ate lunch at Grannymom's house. Next Nonna and Pops came to pick up Reagan and Grannymom to go to Reagan's soccer game in Greenbriar.

The soccer score was dismal, and it was super hot out there, but Reagan was glad that she didn't have to drive. Then Pops even took Reagan to her lifegroup tonight-this way the boys didn't have to be late to theirs plus they didn't have to drive the white van. Since we have the minivan here, if Anderson has to go somewhere when the suburban is already gone with Reagan then it is the white van for him. So if you see him driving this week, hug the shoulder and let him pass!

Reagan's life group is at a different place than the boys. The boys made it home first, and then Reagan was home some after. I am sure that they are pretty tired today-I know that we are!

September 23, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach

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Keaton and Campbell were the first ones awake this morning. The girls have been after us to let Bentley spend the night in their room, so she did. To hear the girls tell the story, Bentley didn't sleep until 3 this morning. I am not sure how accurate all of this is, but I do know that the girls and Bentley will all sleep well tonight.

Anderson was the next one awake. When the big boys went to bed last night I told Anderson to help Graham remember to wear his retainers, and I told Graham to help Anderson wake up in the mornings. I was here today, but thankfully Anderson didn't need any help and was sitting up in bed when I went to make sure that he was awake.

I folded two loads of laundry and emptied the dishwasher first thing this morning. Then I had a laundry basket full of things to shove in the camper before we left. Anderson and the little girls left around 7 to go to Raymar, and Whitman, Robby, and I were not too far behind them.

We did have to stop at the library on the way. That was pool planning on my part. The kids could have done it this week, but we were able to save them a trip. It was 8 so there weren't many people out so Robby just stopped on the curb since we were in the camper. Then I ran to the book thing to grab our books. (I had already packed 3 for this trip, but for some reason I have super slowed down on reading lately. It is like I just can't concentrate to read.)

We all did our Raymar thing. Campbell and Keaton like going early with Anderson so they can help set things up. They also get all of the concession stand things ready and were selling things by the time that we showed up.

Anderson reffed two games today, and it was super warm in the sun. The weather was pleasant and shady in the concession stand. Whenever Anderson would come in, he would be dripping wet with sweat, and I would usually holler at him to drink some water when ever he did walk in.

This was the first football game this year that Whitman has been to. He enjoyed playing with the fan today, but he also helped some in the concession stand. We thought that he might be a bit sour about having to wake up early and come, but he didn't mind at all.

Robby took the suburban to fill it up with gas during the games. He wanted to make sure that it had plenty of gas for all of the running around the kids will do this week. Poor Anderson will even have to drive the white van some this week when him and Reagan have to be at two different places. He will do fine doing that though.

He did pick me up in the gator today since Robby parked at the building nearby Raymar since we were in the camper. We had a fairly long walk, but seriously, the gator is a bit scary to me. I made sure to hold on so I didn't fall out and to hold on to Whitman so he didn't fall out.

After the games, we got on the road. We stopped twice today for gas before finally stopping at our evening spot. Robby and I listened to a podcast a good bit of the way. Keaton and Campbell both had naps, and I struggled keeping my eyes open as well. 

I did talk to the home kids a little bit. Anderson and Reagan did some school work today, and we know that both boys did a lot of football watching. We left from Raymar today so we could get some place so Robby could see the rest of the Hog football game. I'm not sure if we are ahead or behind right now, but as of right now in the game it has been decent. 

Robby picked up lunch when he was getting gas before we left Little Rock. The pizza he got was our lunch in Pine Bluff, but then tonight we switched our supper plan and just had the leftover pizza. Keaton did have a sandwich, and I had a bagel since the others ate all of the pizza.  

This is early to call it a night for a boondocking night. However, we have eaten and the game is on. I might try to read some of my book as well.

September 22, 2023-Happy Birthday Robby!

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  • We started this morning off differently than usual. We were all leaving the house this morning by 9-and it wasn't for anything fun for Robby's birthday, instead we were all getting our flu shots. 
  • We did stop by ChickFilA on the way there. All of the people with phones had one or even two breakfast sandwiches for free. They were all expiring in the next few days so we went in and racked up. I think that we walked out with 10 sandwiches. Of course this was using 6 different phones, but this was good because Keaton was able to get one (Whitman didn't want one), plus there were even two leftover for later.
  • The next stop was flu shots for all of us. Tony was able to set us up so we weren't in the store long. Reagan did convince her dad to buy some cherry coke for this week, and Anderson didn't want to be left out so he also got himself a drink for this next week.
  • Then we split up-Robby, Whitman, and Anderson went to get a few hair cuts. Graham probably needs a slight one too, but he wanted to wait. Whitman really didn't need one, but since we were there. Everyone else went with me to go and have Reagan's new watch resized. 
  • Then it was back home for us all. Graham and Anderson had a little bit of school work to do...actually, they both still have a little bit of school work to do, but they did do some before Graham left for work.
  • During the afternoon, I made pumpkin muffins and fetticini alfredo for this next week. Though I have had to hide the muffins or the boys will eat them all. There was lots of packing, some pickleballing, and I even found time for a very short nap before Reagan and Graham came home. 
  • Tonight we all went to Cracker Barrel to celebrate Robby's birthday. Everyone was in a good mood, and dinner was quite lively. Our food was good, but there was still a good bit to bring home which Reagan will eat later this week.
  • We also stopped and claimed Robby's free birthday coffee on the way home. Actually, Reagan claimed Robby's free birthday coffee. When we came home, before the kids' pickleball game began, Robby measured everyone.
  • Basically, Reagan, Anderson, and Campbell have stopped growing. Reagan is at peace with this, but the others were not so much ok! Maybe they will grow a little bit more!

September 21, 2023

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  • Anderson didn't have his first class this morning so he left at the same time that Reagan and Graham left. Reagan and Anderson both had their first test today in their history class. Reagan wasn't pleased with her score at all-it was still a B though. I think it might have stung just a bit that Anderson scored 2 points higher than her!
  • I did my reading this morning with the littles, but we did stop to help Robby unpack the Walmart (1) delivery order. Then we went back to doing our school work. Once again Whitman was finished before noon-but somehow he forgot to eat his lunch until 1ish.
  • I guess things do get a little bit crazy around here when the big boys come in from school. They were pretty rowdy as always after school-they always are! Eventually things settled down, and Anderson and Graham started on their school work at home that they needed to do. I guess that when things quietened down is when Whit realized that he hadn't eaten lunch.
  • Robby ran to pick up a Kroger (2) order. Reagan came home this afternoon from her day at school. Later in the afternoon Anderson had to go to Raymar to paint the fields and work for his practice night. Reagan and Graham had to leave later to go to Raymar as well.
  • But Campbell had to go to a friend's near Raymar in between when they each had to be there. So Robby and I dropped her off, and then we went to Kroger (3) to pick up a few more things.
  • While they were all still gone, we came home, picked up Keaton and Whitman and headed off again. This time we stopped at Trader Joes (4), Walmart (5), and Sams (6) to pick up a few more things. 
  • We picked up supper on the way home, and by the time we made it home all the kids were home as well. After eating some folks played a few more rounds of pickleball, and now we are watching tv while I am distractedly trying to write the blog for today.

September 20, 2023

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  • It was super difficult to keep Whitman awake during our reading this morning. I think that we might should not be starting a tv show at 10 at night like we are right now. I guess I am going to struggle keeping him awake tomorrow morning as well.
  • By the time that I had finished reading today, Whitman was finally waking up a bit. I guess I should have made him eat breakfast while I was reading.
  • Even though everyone was here this morning, the day was fairly quiet. Whitman was able to finish his school work by 11:45 which was very good for him and for me. Reagan and Graham went to work early today so she could get to church early for her dgroup. 
  • As I was talking to Whitman today, we were talking about being distracted. Campbell was in the room with us, and said that she was often distracted while doing her chores. Anderson piped in from the other room saying that he was also distracted often.
  • And there really isn't nothing more accurate than that. He is a bit like Whitman in that regard-often distracted, but also doesn't mind that things take him longer. School took Anderson a bit longer today, but he did ace his college algebra test today! 
  • I managed a 20 minute nap right before church. Church on Wednesday nights is kind of crazy for sure. So, so many kids and they have sat still all day long, so it is just wild! It does make the night go by faster. 
  • Wednesday nights are actually the kids' favorite night of the week. They enjoy it so much, so I try to enjoy it as well. Anderson and Graham went to ChickFilA for a little bit after church. The rest of us picked up pizza.
  • Reagan and Graham had a little bit of school work to do tonight, so that is why we started our show later this evening.

September 19, 2023

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  • Since our last two Tuesdays have been a little too eventful for us, we did some things differently today. If you will remember, two weeks ago on a Tuesday, Reagan and Graham were in the wreck. Last Tuesday, Reagan and Graham had their tire problems also on the way to school. 
  • Robby and I both got completely ready early this morning. We were both ready to go at a moment's notice. Thankfully, we didn't have to leave the house today at all-all of the driver's came home without any problems.
  • Reagan and Graham returned from their Bible study right after Anderson left for his class. I guess I lost track of time and text Reagan to tell her that she needed to leave soon to get to school. She sent me a picture of the door at church-they were already there. Since all of the problems had happened on the a to way school, I was super relieved.
  • So really this Tuesday morning was very uneventful. We did our morning reading, and then Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman started on their school work. It was kind of nice to have a quiet morning. When the boys came in, Graham had school work to do and so did Anderson. Anderson usually has quite a bit of school, but at least today he had a little breather.
  • Reagan came home this afternoon. She went upstairs to do a little bit of her school work, and I believe that she worked or vegged until it was time for her to go to soccer with Campbell. They had fun at soccer and were pretty chatty when they made it home. They have to run laps-Reagan was first, and Campbell was not near the last so they were all pleased. 
  • The rest of us cleaned out the fridge for our supper. Then we went outside for a pickleball tournament. That seems to be the normal thing that happens in the evenings right now. Graham was the champion with Anderson in second place. 
  • When the girls were on the way home, they requested egg in the hole for their suppers-I had already made Anderson 2 and Graham 1 when they came home from school so making 4 more was not too difficult. I am getting good at being a short order cook today. 
  • The girls had their showers, some folks had snacks, and some of us watched tv. It was fairly lazy evening, but I haven't yet gotten to reading my book tonight. 

September 18, 2023

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  • For this being a Monday, it still went pretty smoothly, and I do believe that most things were accomplished off of today's lists. Graham was leaving the house to go on a run before I left the bed this morning. However, before I had finished getting ready and brushing my teeth, he was back inside. When I was taking the clothes out of the dryer I could hear him running on the treadmill. Later I asked him, and he said that the two dogs were out. (They are the dogs that often poo in our yard early in the morning.)
  • I began working with Keaton, Campbell, and Whitman, but today I had to stop at least twice to make sure Keaton and Whitman were awake. They were laying in my bed, and I think Whitman for sure caught a few zzzzz's while I read.
  • After reading, it was time for everyone to start on their individual work. I did make Whitman sit in front of me and do his math because if he saves it for last, then it takes forever. He prefers to read first, but math must come first.
  • Reagan and Anderson had some history homework to finish up, but neither of those took much time. There college classes are going fine so far-Anderson does have another math test Wednesday plus they both have a history test Thursday. 
  • They are both studying for the history test-I've been trying to encourage Anderson to watch the professor's videos because he does better hearing information while really Reagan does better reading things. 
  • Graham and Reagan left for work a bit before 1. Then they were gone until almost 8 tonight. Today was picture night at Raymar which means it is also big pay check week so that is always good. On the way home, they stopped to pick up a few burgers for their suppers.
  • The afternoon was spent a Defy. I could only convince Keaton and Whitman to go-Anderson was still working on school, and Campbell was taking a nap.
  • After Defy, Keaton and I were only home for a little bit before we left with Robby to get gas in two different cars. Then Keaton and I ran a few errands and made it home before Robby. 
  • Today was National Cheeseburger Day so Robby ran to a few places to pick up supper-Wayback, McDonalds, Freddys, and Wendys. I think that is everywhere he went; he went so many places because he was picking up all of the deals.
  • We have watched some tv tonight, and a few people are taking showers. I am sure that in exactly 27 minutes Whitman will be asking for ice cream. He is a man on a schedule-at noon he asks about lunch, at 2 he asks about afternoon snack, and at 9 on the dot he asks about ice cream.

September 17, 2023

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  • This Sunday morning Reagan had to bring breakfast for her Sunday school class. Earlier in the week, Robby had found a huge breakfast platter at Sams full of different pastries-it was so large that Reagan couldn't (or more accurately wouldn't) carry it up to her room. In her defense, she was holding a bag of plates, napkins, and water bottles. Her brother had to help her cart the load upstairs.
  • Our class was down from last week's 24 to just 13 this week. It was certainly a lot easier for sure, but with less kids it seemed to move a bit slowly-I was struggling to come up with an activity to do for the last few minutes.
  • The big boys sit downstairs for church while the girls all go to the Venue for their service. Whitman sits with Robby and me. Now this is our third Sunday that we have been behind kids that are a week bit too spirited for me to be able to pay attention. Maybe I need to sit in upstairs-they say it is dark up there. Maybe if I go up there it will be so dark that I can't see the kids around me acting a fool.
  • We celebrated Robby, Reagan, and Keaton's birthdays at Nonna and Pops's house. She had cakes for all of them along with Reagan's favorite meal-pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn on the cob, and rolls. They all had presents to open as well so it was a bit party.
  • When we came home, Robby and I took our naps. After a bit, the big boys left to go and play basketball with their buddies. They were gone for a good bit but came home just in time to shower  before heading to Rock Creek. I picked up Shannon for them, then they picked up Caroline so they had a car full of people heading to church.
  • Reagan had her life group at a friend's house. They had a good time, and even talked some about a senior trip. Reagan is really pulling for her friend's to go on a cruise, but she said that no one would probably plan anything.
  • After Rock Creek tonight, they all came here to eat supper. Shannon had made supper and brought it over here since their air conditioner is on the fritz. Supper was delicious and filling-I am actually pretty stuffed right now.
  • They visited for a while, I then took Caroline home, and at the same time Reagan made it home. Now we are watching the last few minutes of a football game, and then it will be bedtime and the end of this weekend.

September 16, 2023-Happy 12th Birthday (Party) Keaton!

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  • Robby, Keaton, and Campbell headed to Raymar this morning a little before 7:10. The girls didn't have to go so early, but I think they enjoy hanging out there. Robby and I left the house around 8 leaving Whitman, Graham, and Reagan at home.
  • Campbell and Keaton both worked in the concession stand today. There is a lot less games during football which means that there is a lot less time to work in the concession stand and earn hours for camp. 
  • The weather was nice today, and it was busy so the day flew by. We were soon all headed back at home. Pretty much as soon as I came in the house, I went upstairs and helped Graham. We went through his drawers and tried to organize. He tried to stack his shirts so he could still see everyone single one so his drawer isn't really like how I would have neatly stacked things, but we did weed through a few things so surely that helped some.
  • I then crawled into the bed and took myself a little nap. I was thinking that Keaton's party started at 5 so I probably woke up and got started on cleaning and cooking a little bit early. However, I was still scrambling to get everything warm. 
  • Anderson and Reagan have both done a little bit of school work today-Reagan more than Anderson, but I think they are all getting into a routine with their classes. Soon the school work was put away, and Keaton's friends started to arrive.
  • There was a houseful of girls tonight-Evelyn, Annie, Jolee, Kathryn, Sophia, Rylee, and Ella. Keaton had a list of activities for them to do including pickle ball. After a bit of pickle ball playing, it was easy to see that pickle ball is not the sport for most of these girls. They were quite entertaining though.
  • We had taco salad for supper tonight. Then for dessert Keaton wanted strawberry shortcake. When she opened presents, she had quite the assortment, but many of her friends know that she loves candy!
  • Most of her friends headed home at 8, and not it is pretty quite in the house-actually, that isn't exactly true. Robby, Graham, and Anderson keep yelling at the tv. Graham is upstairs so he yells a little bit before the downstairs tv watchers yell.

September 15, 2023

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  • Reagan and I once again left early this morning to see ASU. We went with some friends so they were in our driveway at 7. It was a bit, but not too long afterwards, that Robby took Campbell and Keaton to go and help Grannymom with her flower bed project.
  • Today's tour was good, and ASU is probably Reagan's top pick right now. As far as tours go (I feel like I am expert now that we have done 3), their tour was my least favorite. They didn't even have water out for us! It really is the simple things.
  • When the tour was over, we hurried back to Little Rock so Alyssa could get to her basketball practice on time. We did stop for lunch at ChickFilA, and I tried their new pimento cheese chicken sandwich. It was pretty good, but I am not sure if it was 7 dollars good. That's almost Disney prices (not really!)
  • Even though Reagan was gone today, Graham still went to work. And today he got his first paycheck in the mail. He did seem a little shocked that they took 10 whole dollars out for taxes, but he was still relieved that they didn't take out more.
  • Robby picked up Campbell and Keaton from Grannymom's house. I think that they were all a little worn out from working, but they all seemed to have had a good day. The weather was decent so I don't think that they super hot today.
  • We made it home around 3, and Robby was home for a bit before taking Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman to go and pick up pizzas and then pick up Graham from work. 
  • After we ate, we all were outside playing pickleball as Kennedy came and picked up Reagan to go to a friend's birthday party. The pickleball game is over, and Keaton is preparing the driveway for her birthday party tomorrow while I am on the couch for the rest of the night!

September 14, 2023

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  • Thursdays are still my favorite day even though I have to get up early-though not as early as I do on Mondays. Anderson was the first to leave this morning. Then Graham and Reagan left next with Robby taking them.
  • Once the school kids left, the rest of us started on our school work. Keaton flew through her work. Campbell moved a little bit slower, but Whitman did pretty good today. He even stopped to play a few rounds of pickle ball before finishing his school work.
  • The big boys came home. They had a physical science test today, but they weren't too pleased about it at all. They had lunch, and pretty immediately afterwards Anderson and Graham both started on their leftover school work.
  • I honestly can not remember what all happened this afternoon. I have played some pickle ball myself, I read a tiny bit, I worked with Anderson on some school work, but other than that I have no idea what all else happened this afternoon.
  • Later in the day, Robby and I went to pick up the Suburban so we are back to almost a full yard of cars. This did come in handy tonight when Reagan and Anderson both had to go to work-thank you Geyer Springs. Anderson went to Raymar to work his practice night while Reagan went to the church house for child care. 
  • Robby and I went out to eat to celebrate Shannon's birthday. We ate at Verona's; I wasn't too impressed, but I sure did love the fried ravioli. After eating, we stopped at Crumble for Shannon's birthday cookie. The kids have eaten almost all of our cookies!
  • I can barely keep my eyes open, but we have started a new tv show tonight-trying to find one that is decent enough to watch with the kids, but entertaining enough to keep our attention.

September 13, 2023

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  • This morning I was awake before my alarm clock. I still laid in bed until well after my alarm clock, but Graham sure didn't. He was awake, showered, and working on school before I even left my bed this morning.
  • I soon started my reading with Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman. I did have to work kind of hard to get Anderson up this morning, but once he was up, he did get things done (not everything, but we are getting there.)
  • Reagan didn't get much work done today since she went to coffee with someone from Rock Creek. I didn't think that she was gone too long, but she said it was over an hour-I guess that I was pretty busy the whole morning long.
  • Anderson had to take Graham and Reagan to work today since he was also leaving the house at the same time. Anderson went to Raymar to paint the fields and and parking lot lines. We were afraid that it might take him a long while to do all of this, but he knocked those lines out.
  • Whitman was the last to finish this morning, but he was fine with that since I gave him a long break while I was trying to finish up the other people. 
  • After lunch, Robby, Campbell and Keaton ran to the store for a few things. While they were gone, I walked the dog, watched Whitman vacuum, and put out some fall decor. I was feeling fairly Martha Stewart-ish by the time that the others came home. 
  • Anderson showed back up, and soon I was leaving to pick up Graham and Reagan from work. Reagan was home for about 10 minutes before she left again to go to church-tonight was the first night of the Dgroup that she is leading. 
  • Soon the rest of us were going to church by the way of the library. Robby left church early to do a few mystery shops-we haven't done mystery shops in quite a long time, but tonight they provided supper for us. (Though one of the pizzas that Robby had to buy was a spicy one which I was not a fan of.)
  • After supper, there was a bit of homework happening, but we still had time for some tv before bed. 

September 12, 2023-Happy 18th Birthday Reagan!

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  • Well, this was another Tuesday! I think that this birthday Tuesday started off well for Reagan since we heard her sisters wishing her Happy Birthday at midnight last night. Then she and Graham headed off to Bible study this morning.
  • Before they came home, Anderson left for school. Then Reagan and Graham came home for a bit before leaving for their classes.
  • And then, the phone rang! I love talking to Reagan but I don't ever want to see her name on my phone. Today is was car problems. She initially thought it was a flat tire, but she said she really had to press on the brake to stop, had a hard time turning, and heard a noise.
  • Robby and I jumped in the car just like last week. We picked them up and dropped them off at school. Then we came back and picked up the car. 
  • She had parked off the street when it happened, but Robby had moved it to the gas station before taking them to school. So when we picked it up, we just went ahead and took it to the mechanic man. Robby couldn't really tell anything was wrong, though he did heard a noise. He didn't want to slam on the brakes to test things out since the roads were wet.
  • Anyway, just like that we are not down to two cars for the next few days. Reagan is pretty stressed right now with school and college choices, and none of this the last few days has helped at all. 
  • Anderson had planned on painting the parking lot today, but the rain made him delay his plans. And actually, that worked better for the car switcheroo. He came home the same time with Graham. 
  • The rest of us had lunch, and then we went to Defy for a few minutes before picking up Reagan when her last class was over. On the way back home, we stopped at Starbucks for a birthday drink for Reagan, and then Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman ran in the gas station for a drink for themselves.
  • I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the boys' clothes in the attic. Anderson and Graham don't really have anything in the attic that they can wear like the kids did when they were little. However, I have saved all of their clothes for Whitman.
  • So those bins had been a bit crazy with just all boys clothes thrown in bins together. So today, I sorted everything into different sizes, got rid of a few things, put some things in a bag to give to a friend, and found a few things for Whitman this winter. It was one of those tasks that no one will ever know that I did it, but it will make things easier for me-at least I hope that it will.
  • For supper we had orange chicken, and then celebrated Reagan's birthday with Menchies for everyone. She did let me put candles in her ice cream, but all of the kids were adamant that I not light them. So there were no lit candles and no singing (but she did get both of things at Grannymom's house on Sunday.)
  • Once back at home, the house was fairly noisy until everyone settled down. Keaton is working on her school work, Whitman is making a pokemon card, Campbell is on her phone, Anderson and Graham are on their xboxes, and Reagan is probably also doing home work or Bible study. 

September 11, 2023

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  • Everyone worked pretty well today-I am not sure why but Whitman did get behind. I was probably busy helping the big boys when he slowed. Anderson worked all day long-5:30 and he was still working.
  • Now Anderson took many breaks during the day plus he works slow, but he just has a lot of work. However, it doesn't seem to bother him too much for which I am thankful. Whitman is a little bit the same way.
  • I had a check up right after lunch, so I did that, and then met Robby and the girls at Sams. Reagan has to bring breakfast for Sunday school this week, so Robby was trying to get an idea of what she can bring. 
  • I picked up the girls and then met Robby at the gas station. Then Keaton went to a store to pick up her birthday gift. We didn't shop long because I was anxious to hurry home and finish spelling with Whitman.
  • There was school work to be one this afternoon plus some chores. I taught Whitman how to use the washing machine-I think that he will need a few more lessons especially after the mac and cheese fiasco last week.
  • I walked Bentley today and even did some clothes cleanout. Graham even asked when we were going to organize his drawers again so maybe that will happen tomorrow. While we were having a fairly slow afternoon, Reagan and Graham were at work. He said he was able to do some things by himself and won't get fired yet. 
  • Tonight I made chicken alfredo for supper. Reagan and Campbell had soccer practice so they ate when they came home. While we waited on supper to warm up, we had a pretty massive pickleball match with even Robby and I played. 
  • Now I am laying on the couch, and some folks are starting to shower. Tomorrow is a busy day, and I think that it is a pretty early day as well.

September 10, 2023

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  • Today was Reagan's last day to house sit so she met us at church this morning. I think that she enjoyed house sitting, but she did say that she was a little bit bored. Yesterday was probably long for her to just be at someone's house with nothing really to do.
  • This was the third Sunday morning that I have taught Sunday school this year, but this was the first time that I didn't go to church late in the week and set my room up. Before things started, I went to make copies, and the copy machine didn't work. So I had to send Robby to make copies in the real office. He had to find the code and then came back with 17 copies. By that time we had over 20 kids who had shown up, so back down the hall he went.
  • Thankfully, I had gotten the paints and paintbrushes in the room, but I still didn't have the scissors or glue stick out-it all worked out just fine, but I was a bit stressed. I realize now I just need to go to church during the week to set things up each week especially when we have over 20 kids in our class. 
  • Campbell worked in worship care during church, and Keaton and Campbell went upstairs to the Venue so the three of them finished later than the rest of us. That was fine since Reagan had a car so they met us at Grannymom's house.
  • And at Grannymom's house, we celebrated September birthdays-Robbys, Reagans and Keatons. For lunch their was Graham's favorite too-corn casserole along with watermelon that Campbell has been dying for me to buy. So everyone let happy!
  • Once we made it home, I worked with the boys on science for about 15 minutes before leaving to take Whitman to his life group. They learned about having a Quiet Time, had ice cream sundeas, and then played with water balloons. 
  • Alyssa brought him home and left with Reagan for their lifegroup. Reagan didn't get home until after 10 and had a great time. Anderson and Graham left next for their lifegroup, and finally I took Keaton and Campbell to their lifegroup. 
  • After dropping off the girls, Robby and I tried to clean up the house for a little bit-I think that it is just hopeless. I suggested just moving and starting over in a clean and organized house, but Robby didn't go for that. 
  • Soon the Wilsons arrived, and we had our Sunday night supper. Tonight we had breakfast-pancakes, sausage and egg in the hole. Egg in the hole is my personal favorite. We ended the meal with the traditional breakfast dessert of ice cream! 
  • The kids came in from the groups, and eventually the football game that was on tv was over. We then started sending kids to bed in hopes that everyone will wake up happily on Monday morning.

September 9, 2023

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  • 6:45 Keaton, 6:45 Campbell, Anderson 6:50 were the wake up times this morning, 7:10 Anderson and Keaton, 7:45 Robby, Campbell, and Reagan were the leave times. Plus Reagan had to leave her house sitting house in time to be here by 7:45 to leave. 
  • I could have left the house at 8:10, but since I had to wake up at 6:45 to make sure that people started getting up, I decided that I might as well leave with Anderson and Keaton. Anderson had to be at Raymar for the first football game by 7:30 so I just stayed in the car with Keaton and read until it was time to set up the concession stand.
  • Soon, Keaton and I were doing the concession stand. It was a busy day-so busy that they sold out of all of the ChickFilA by the middle of the first game. 
  • Robby took the big girls to their first soccer game. Robby said that both girls did very good, and you wouldn't have known that Campbell is too young to officially be on Reagan's team. Their team won 3-0, and I really think that they had a great time.
  • Once back at home, Reagan grabbed a few things and then headed back to our weekend house. She made it there about the same time that the games at Raymar were finished, and Anderson, Keaton, and I headed home.
  • After eating lunch, I made pumpkin muffins. Robby wanted banana bread, but I couldn't find any bananas in the freezer so that will have to be another day. Keaton did make chocolate chip cookies later in the afternoon.
  • I took a nap during quite a bit of the razorback game and even some before it. Robby and Anderson slept on the couch before the game too, and Campbell snoozed during game- I think that we were all a pretty tired bunch.
  • After the Hogs won, Robby and I went to pick up supper-McDonalds for fries and a hamburger for Keaton, Taco Bell for Robby and Campbell, Whataburger for shakes and burgers for Anderson, Graham, and me. Plus Whitman had an air fryer pizza at home.
  • Tonight football is on tv, and Bentley just finished doing some painting. Yep, you read that correctly. Keaton filled a zip lock bag with a canvas and paint and then put peanut butter on top for the dog to lick off. 

September 8, 2023

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  • Since this was college visit at Fayetteville today, Reagan and I had to wake up super early. I believe that my alarm went off at 5:45 and hers went off right behind mine. We got ready, and then she even took the dog on a walk around the block in the dark.
  • We then picked up Alyssa and were at Kennedy's house before 7 this morning. I was going to stay up later last night, but after Reagan turned off her phone and went to sleep, I thought that I might should be a grown up as well.
  • We made it up to U of A despite the rain this morning. Thankfully, it never rained hard on us, but there sure was a lot of lightening. The rain stopped before we neared Fayetteville. I am so glad Jodee was with us because she knew where everything was-we drove right to the parking garage and then walked right to the building where the tour began from. 
  • The president of the college was not there shaking our hands as we came into this tour-I think this was the second of many tours happening today there. First we crammed into a room where a lady went thought a slide show. She was good and informative, but I was struggling to stay awake-maybe I should have turned my phone off earlier last night.
  • Then different students took us on a tour of the campus. Our tour has a triple major and a double minor-Ha! She was really good though. It was just us in our group so we were able to ask quite a few questions. 
  • I could not get a read at all on what the girls, and especially Reagan, thought about it all today. U of A is about 15 times larger than OBU so we have seen two different extremes. 
  • After the tour, we went to eat at Hammond Tree for some delicious grilled cheese. I was starving and would have eaten anything, but the food was really delicious. Once we had eaten, we drove on home-by this time it was nearing 5.
  • Robby went to take care of the dog today that Reagan was house sitting for. The dog was fine so Robby worked and even napped on the couch for a minute. I know that Anderson and Graham did some homework, but other than that the only thing done today was pickleball. Lots and lots of lots of pickleball.
  • As soon as we made it home, Reagan left to her weekend job. Robby and I soon left to go to Costco to pick up some water, dog treats, and most importantly pizza. We ate, and then I did a tiny bit of schoolwork with the boys. Now I am sitting on the couch happily dreaming about what dessert is going to be.

September 7, 2023

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  • I think that today is Thursday-all I know is that this week has been busy, and I don't exactly know when things will slow down. They have to eventually right? 
  • Anderson went to school first and Graham and Reagan went to school after him. The rest of us started our reading this morning. I am trying to just read our library books on Thursdays, but I did sneak in the history book this morning since I know that is one that we will struggle to finish.
  • Our school morning moved steadily along. It was soon lunchtime, and the big boys were home. Anderson had his first math test and made 90. He wasn't too pleased, but I thought that was wonderful-it is a college class after all. Reagan and he both have history tests coming up, and she is already starting to stress about that.
  • There are still quite a few daily pickleball games happening. Keaton said that Whitman is getting so much better-a sport that he might enjoy? That would be wild! 
  • I helped the boys with some science this afternoon, and then I took Campbell and Keaton shopping. First stop was Walmart for some undergarments for Keaton. While she was trying them on, Campbell left us and returned with a dress on sale for 5 dollars. It fit, so you certainly can't pass up a 5 dollar dress.
  • Then we went to Academy to look for Campbell a shirt to practice soccer in-yes, that was the main reason for the trip. She eventually found one that was even a bit cheaper than the sticker price. She had to text Reagan to make sure that she picked out the best color. I tried to tell her to get the one that she wanted, but she wanted Reagan's opinion.
  • Before we made it home, Anderson left for Raymar for football practice. Then Reagan and Campbell left for soccer practice. This was their first one to go to, and Campbell was a little bit nervous. When they came home, they said that practice went well, and I think that they both had a good time.
  • Reagan is house sitting this weekend, and I ended up coming with her tonight because we have to leave at an ungodly time in the morning. This way I will know that she is awake and not have to worry about that.

September 6, 2023

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  • I did things differently today because I started working with Anderson and Graham this morning on their Physical Science homework instead of reading to the three littles first thing this morning. We were able to knock out a few things, but I did miss my reading time.
  • Since I didn't work with Keaton, Campbell, and Whitman first thing this morning, they were finished pretty early this morning. When Keaton and Graham went to play pickleball, Whitman wanted to go and play as well.
  • Last night, I made Whitman play pickleball, and he was super sour about the whole ordeal. I ended up fussing at him and sending him in. However, today, they said that he was the pickleball king out there and even beat Keaton and Graham. So I am not sure what changed, but I am glad that something changed with him.
  • After they finished playing, he came back in and finished up a little bit more work. Anderson worked most of the day on his school work-he isn't the speediest and can be a bit distracted doing his work. He is still trying to catch up from our trip, but by Monday I do think things will slow down for him-at least I hope so.
  • I took Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman to Defy for a little bit this afternoon. And this afternoon was also Reagan's first day back at work, and Graham's first day at work! I think that he enjoyed it-he said that he just cropped pictures all day long. I know that he will enjoy getting a paycheck!
  • Tonight was Wednesday night church-Anderson had to be there early for a ref meeting, Graham and Reagan came from work, Campbell and Keaton wanted to get there early just because, so Robby, Whitman, and I went to the library and then grabbed a hamburger on the way to church.
  • After church, Anderson went to eat with some of his friends, while the rest of us came home. Whitman made himself some mac and cheese in the little container-he put it in the microwave...with no water. I was in the kitchen with Graham and the girls when I looked back and saw smoke pouring from the microwave. I wasn't sure where it was coming from at first, but eventually grabbed potholders and got the microwave plate and burning macaroni out the back door. 
  • Smoke was everywhere-it was quite entertaining and quite smelly for a good while in the house!

September 5, 2023

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  • This morning Reagan and Graham left early to meet some kids for a Bible study. They left the house at 6:40, so I did wake up briefly around 6:30 to make sure that Graham was awake. He walked down the stairs as I was about to walk up the stairs. 
  • He was awake, and I knew that Reagan was (she is the responsible one), so I just turned around and went back to bed. I then slept until I needed to wake Anderson up. He had to leave for class around 8:20.
  • Reagan and Graham came back around 9 and were home for just a few minutes before they left again. It wasn't long until the phone rang-it was Reagan. 
  • Someone hit her as she was pulling into the church parking lot. She was so close to being there. They had a big truck, and it just smashed that little car. It hit the driver's back door, and glass was all over the backseat. 
  • Thankfully, they were both okay, though they did have headaches later in the day. We haven't received the police report yet, but the policeman did say that the other man was getting a ticket. Hopefully, this means that insurance will turn out in her favor. 
  • One of the sweet ladies from church saw Graham outside and went out to stay with them until Robby and I showed up so that was a good thing. But poor Reagan's prayer request today at the Bible study had been that she would be safe driving and not get into another wreck. 
  • She missed her first class dealing with all of that, but Graham just had study hall so he was fine. Robby and I dropped off the car at Andrews and headed on home. Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman kept working even though we had to jump up and leave the house today. They were able to accomplish most things without me, but there were still a few things I skipped this afternoon since I was running a bit behind due to being gone all morning.
  •  Anderson and Graham were soon home, both chatting about their class. They had their lunch and then started on school work for a bit. It wasn't too long before Anderson left for Raymar to work for a little bit. Robby headed to the story to buy some milk and other things-Campbell tried to make muffins this morning and had forgotten that we were out of milk! She was so disappointed.
  • For supper tonight, we heated up some leftover bbq which most people ate. Reagan did have some sushi that Robby picked up the store. Campbell thought she liked sushi, but she did not like the kind that they had tonight.
  • Pickleball has been happening a lot here lately. There is about to be a pickleball tournament in a few minutes so I better put on my tennis shoes!

September 4, 2023

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  • This morning started fairly early with Reagan and I leaving on this Labor day to head to Ouachita for our first college visit. 
  • Reagan has said that she didn't want to go to OBU, but we still felt it was worth the look. We were both pretty impressed. I told Robby that some parts were impressive enough that I could have been convinced to re-enroll for another degree. 
  • We met together first and then divided up into possible majors. There was a major something like Community and Family Services so that is where we ended up going. This major is under the Christian ministries umbrella so we weren't expecting that really. However, when the guy explained this major, he kept using the words "help people" which is exactly what Reagan wants to do. She doesn't know much more than that, but she knows she wants to help people.
  • During the day, we had lunch and a campus tour. When it was over, we even asked to go and see a Freshman dorm room. I think that Reagan enjoyed it, but since this is our first college tour we don't have anything to compare it to. That will all change this Friday and next Friday since we are going to a few more places.
  • While we were gone, the kids did a lot of candy trading since our Disney candy is now sorted. Everyone ended up with 3 large ziplock bags full of candy. It is ridiculous, and as Nonna said thank goodness we have good dental insurance.
  • Anderson had a lot of homework to do today, but he even joined everyone else in pickleball. The kids played for hours today despite the heat. I even got in a game when we made it home around 4 this afternoon. 
  • Anderson went to swim at a friend's house so he wasn't here when the rest of us loaded up and went to the Hobbs house for supper. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs and then hung out there for a good while. Whitman played so hard that he had to have a shower when we came home tonight.

September 3, 2023

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  • On the way home last night, I mentioned to Robby about how Bentley is so good at traveling. Then last night, we were exhausted and slept soundly until Bentley started waking us up around 5. She was not settled and wanted to leave our room. Every time she would leave though she would end up barking at a window.
  • We brought her back into our room, and each time she would just want to leave-over and over again. Eventually, I decided that I should take her to the bathroom, and she quickly peed and came back in. After all of this continued, and her pacing in the room was almost frantic, I took her out again.
  • This time she really did some business, but her tummy was not settled at all. After this though she did go to sleep for the next 30 or so minutes until it was time for us to wake up.
  • The big boys were the first ones awake this morning, so I had to wake up the girls and Whitman. I think that it even took Robby to wake Whitman up as well. Once I did get ready, I took Bentley outside, and I could definitely tell that her tummy was not okay.
  • I knew when we left her, that I would probably have to clean up a mess when we returned home from church, and yep, I sure did. Bless her. At least she did most of her business in the kitchen, but Robby sure was not coming into the house until I had things cleaned. When I finished, Graham said, "you should probably wash your hands." You think?
  • The poor dog acted miserable all day, but so far she hasn't had to do any more business today. Campbell said that she ate her food tonight, and she is playing right now so maybe she does feel better.
  • It was good to be back in church-I know that the kids really miss church more than anything else when we travel. After church, the girls all had a pool party to go to with the all of the other girls from church. They enjoyed that, and while they swam the boys and we ate pizza for our lunch. 
  • I also did a little bit of school with Graham and Anderson-trying to catch them up on some math from their science class, but as we were about to stop, we realized we were doing it wrong. That was fine though since there will be time later this week to do it. 
  • After this I saw Robby on the couch. He looked up at me, and I quickly told him to "shhh." I didn't want him to suggest that we go and clean the camper or anything else-I wanted my nap! I had a quick nap until the girls came home from their party.
  • They were here long enough for Keaton to help me sort through some candy. Whitman helped me to do quite a bit as well-but not by his choice. Everyone has about 3 gallon size ziplock backs of candy, plus I have taken a pretty hefty candy tax to save for Halloween.
  • Soon all of the kids except for Whitman were leaving again to go to Rock Creek for church tonight. While they were gone, I tried to mark a few more things off of my to do list, but gracious, I am just not that motivated. 
  • Everyone then met back up at the Wilson's house for supper. After we ate, the kids worked on the new pickleball set and played for a good while before they all headed home. 
  • It is around 10:30 so I guess this crew should start heading towards their beds!...or at least I should.

September 2, 2023-Back to Disney We Go

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We slept with the slides in last night. It is super cozy when we do this; however, I can't get off the bed at the foot of the bed like usual. This means that I have to crawl over Robby's legs to get down, plus the mattress is just a few inches higher that I can really manage gracefully. And last night Bentley, who has been sleeping with Anderson or Graham, decided to sleep with us. 

Anyway, I did wake up at 4 this morning to go to the bathroom. I tried to not wake up Robby, but I almost killed myself in the process. After managing to get down and then get back in the bed, I was so wide awake that I didn't go back to sleep at all. Nope, not a bit. 

So when Robby started looking at his phone at 5:20, 10 minutes before his alarm was supposed to go off, I was awake. I tried to talk him in to laying there a few more minutes, but he was already up and headed to the bathroom. 

We were fairly quiet as we got ready and loaded the car. It is still just a noisy process. Keaton wanted us to move her to our bed when we got started this morning, so I know that she was awake. I do think that most everyone went back to sleep though because we didn't really hear anyone else for a super long time.

By 6, we were pulling out of the campground and didn't really have any trouble today. We did stop for about 20 minutes-we think they were putting a power line across the interstate. Robby did see miles and miles of fallen trees and broken signs due to the hurricane. (I was possibly shutting my eyes during this time.)

The kids did get out at both Buccees today to get drinks. Plus we had two other gas stops including one where Robby bought hamburgers for those that didn't get chicken sandwiches at Buccees. The boys were able to watch football all day long on the drive. Whitman and Anderson even did a little bit of school work.

Robby was hoping to get in before 10 while I was hoping to get in before 1. We made it a few minutes after 10. The kids helped bring two loads in, and Robby and I worked until 11 trying to unload as much as possible. Everyone has had their showers, and not it is bedtime for this crew!

September 1, 2023-Back to Disney We Go

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Robby woke up early to get up tickets for Tron this morning, but he did it too well because our group was called at 8:15. At 8:15, would you like to guess how many people were awake in this camper? No one! Except for Robby and I who had set our alarms just in case. Riding Tron one last time wasn't a must do especially since we had already ridden it a few times on this trip.

Keaton and I were on the golf cart doing some looping before noon. We found some pins to trade and some Pokemon cards for Whitman. (He loves Pokemon cards-I'm not sure why, but he will just take his out and look at them all the time at home.)

There was actually quite a bit of golf carting and bike riding this morning and early afternoon. It was a fairly hot morning until the clouds started coming out. It was still warm, but not nearly as warm as it could have been. Around 2, we all headed over to Magic Kingdom.

This trip we have been mainly using the bus-the stop is just as close as the boat, it is quicker, and it is air conditioned. I still prefer the boat because it is much prettier, but sometimes speed is a good thing too. Today was a Halloween party day at Magic Kingdom so the crowds were much less.

We were able to ride Buzz, Space Mountain, and then stopped for a snack-a slushy drink and a pepperjack pretzel. Next up was Seven Dwarfs followed by watching the Country Bear Jamboree. The Country Bear Jamboree is something that you definitely have to see once-not even once a trip, but more like a once a decade.

Then Robby, Reagan, and Campbell rode Thunder Mountain before we all went to Sleepy Hollow for a chicken and waffle snack. Then the boys and Keaton headed back to the camper while Reagan, Campbell, Robby, and I went to ride Pirates one last time.

This afternoon Reagan took a quiz, the boys played the xbox, Keaton did some scavenger hunting, and I'm not really sure what Campbell did. She usually reads the blog so she will tell me what she did do this afternoon. 

It did start raining as we were coming back from Magic, and drizzled most of the afternoon. Our plan was to go to Epcot around 7, but we were in no hurry because of the rain. Robby heated up our supper-bbq sandwiches and mashed potatoes. 

We arrived at Epcot around 8, and Keaton tried to buy a baguette in France, but they were all out. So we headed to ride Remy. The line was long so the park was closed by the time that we left, but thankfully Reagan was able to get her Joffery coffee right outside of the park. 

Robby has spent the last hour getting things ready to leave early in the morning. The kids have grabbed some drinks from the front and some have taken showers, and now most people are in their beds.