March 31, 2012

Mini me!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Everyone was pretty lazy this morning including Robby who possibly had himself a bit too much benedryl to combat his poison ivy (and now I think that Graham has a bit of it too).
  • Since we had a 2 o clock birthday, we opted to not work out in the yard.  So Robby vacuumed the house with my new vacuum (my old one was never the same after vacuuming up some vomit and some fake snow).  The new one did pick up 5 pounds of stuff though from the floor-yuck-now Robby is required to vacuum weekly!
  • The kids mostly played upstairs and worked on birthday cards for Hayley's party.  Before the party, Robby ran in to Walmart and was gone forever it seemed.  He was gone long enough for Keaton, Campbell, Graham and I all to have a bit of a nap sitting in the Walmart parking lot.  He did return with candy and light bulbs for the kids room (unfortunately they were the wrong size though).  We even had a few more minutes and ran to Sonic for one big drink to share.  While we were there, Reagan said that it felt like we were on a trip-probably because we had been in the car so long.
  • Hayley's birthday party was fun-the kids all enjoyed playing outside and eating cupcakes and lots of chocolate covered pretzel sticks.  Graham asked me to make some for him.  Keaton sat on the blanket most of the time and took all of the activity in.  I have always said that I thought 6 months is the perfect age and it really is-so aware of everything, happy just sitting up with a few toys and can't move around yet!
  • Then we came home for a bit.  Just long enough for Keaton to take a brief nap and Campbell to try to take a nap.  She couldn't so she sat with me for a bit and I taught her how to play a game on Robby's new ipad.  Soon Reagan and Anderson were there taking over the thing from us so Campbell and I made supper.
  • The kids ate and then we loaded up to go to The Kingdom.  At the beginning, Reagan heard the music and said "it sounds like Angry Birds"-I think my kids are addicted to that silly game.
  • Graham was so excited to get to go and he constantly asked me questions during the program "is that a real shepherd?" "is that really Jesus?" "can we go home?" "can we see it again?"  Reagan, Anderson and Graham took the whole thing in and were all very bothered by the crucifixion scene.  Graham was the most nervous and I don't really know that if he understands that it was all just a play tonight-even though we tried to explain it.  
  • As we were getting in the car, Graham said "That kingdom play was too long" and then he added "We should have gone home when it was almost done."  Campbell and Keaton didn't think that it was too long-they spent the evening happily in the nursery wearing their pajamas.   I was all about saving a few minutes when we made it home.  Ms. Lisa and Campbell sang Itsy Bitsy spider and Campbell sagn it the whole way home.  Her version went something like "spider all down."
  • Though we barely were able to get Campbell into the car, she kept saying "Daddy's car" meaning that she wanted to ride home in Daddy's car.  She thought that it was like a Wednesday night when we have two cars up there.  Finally we were able to convince her to get in the van!
  • The kids were exhausted when we made it home and no one has made a peep

March 30, 2012

The only one wide awake!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Keaton was still asleep as everyone else was finishing their breakfasts.  We had emptied out our closet last night preparing for some work to be done in their due to the addition and Keaton must have liked it because she slept until 8:30ish.  I was about ready to go and check on her but heard her screaming.  I fed her during school and she was more than happy to sit around and watch the chaos!
  • As I was setting in the school room today holding Keaton who was having a bottle and holding Campbell who was fussing, while tying knots on Reagan's quilt and listening to Anderson read his reading book and fielding questions from Reagan about her work-I wondered how close I was to going crazy!  Seriously, we always hear about pilot's going crazy but we never hear about moms going nuts!  Ha!  Actually, even though things are often crazy, I know it will be too soon that my house will be too quiet.  
  • But for now things are crazy and often funny-Campbell was sitting at her school desk happily coloring when she started showing me her picture and shouting something.  Then I realized she was saying "Angry Bird"-she had drawn an Angry Bird and was so pleased with her work.  This of course caused Reagan, Anderson and Graham who were all sitting in their seats to get up and come see what Campbell had done.
  • Anderson is coming right along with his reading.  His story today was "A little fish sat on the fat fish.  The little fish said "wow!"  The little fish was not sad.  The fat fish was mom."  He was able to read it all without help.  And Graham saw the letter O today and named it and even said what letter it was.  That is big time stuff for him.  My goal a few months ago was for him to learn to spell his name.  He is pretty close (G-R-H-A-M) and I will take that! 
  • I had to run to Sams and to work for chart day and first asked Nonna to ride with me and just let the kids watch a movie in the car since I felt bad about trashing her house another day this week.  She offered to let them stay and I took her up on it.  I was a bit afraid that updating my charts might take a few minutes but I breezed through it this time.  When I came back the kids wanted to take a walk-we walked to the end of Nonna and Pops' street which seemed much shorter now that I am a grownup.  I showed them the house that my great aunt and great uncle used to live in and Anderson said "I am sorry that they moved" and then I had to explain that they had died a long, long time ago.  Later I realized he was saying that he was sorry they had moved because he was sorry that we weren't able to stop in and them give us a moon pie or cracker jacks like they did when I was little.  
  • On the way back to Nonna's house, we found some of those helicopter type seeds and played with those for awhile in the middle of the street.  Keaton and Nonna had gone down the street to see a neighbor and Nonna said that Keaton put on a show and even spit up all over the neighbor.  
  • We made it back home and Campbell was asleep so I put her to bed.  The others were playing perfectly in the toy room so I put Keaton in there with a bucket of her toys.  I was in the hallway folding laundry-lining it all up against the wall in to tens of different piles.  It was time for the cabinet man to come and take a look at things and I lectured the kids that they were not to come in the addition nor were they to ask me for anything like a snack while I was talking to a grown up.  I neglected to take Keaton with me.  About 30 minutes later when I noticed the kids were all out playing and then I remembered Keaton-she was not happy but she was still sitting up.  Poor thing was exhausted and left all alone sitting up!  
  • Kennedy joined the kids and they were all off butterfly catching again.  I can't explain how many butterflies we have here-currently I have at least 6 in a butterfly cage on a bench out front.  So imagine how many are fluttering around if the kids were able to catch that many.  Kennedy stayed with us and played until we all loaded up to go to Larry's pizza.  
  • Tonight we had the best seat at Larrys-right in front of the game room.  Not too many years ago I would have dreaded sitting right in front of the game room but now it is the best seat in the house.  The kids can go in that little game room and we can keep our eye on the door while happily (and quietly) eating our pizza.  Reagan won over 160 tickets tonight-she was on fire.  Maybe we should have had her pick out some lucky numbers for the lottery tonight!  She did save her 100 of her tickets only buying a ring pop.  Robby only spent about 10 dollars on games and we left with probably 89 cents in candy so that was pretty good!  Reagan has been saving her Larry's tickets because she wants some type of light that is there-we have seen one at Lowes and I have assured her that if she puts it on her birthday list she could get it from someone.  Otherwise was are still about 600 points short!  
  • Jodee has been raving about these gas station milk shakes so we drove to Maumelle to get us one.  Oh and since Kennedy was with us we were in two cars.  I didn't really trust Robby to save me some if he went solo and I wouldn't stop at the gas station by myself so the trip to take Kennedy home required two cars.  It was a good shake and we even stopped at Walgreens to use a coupon.  By the time we made it home, Graham was asleep and Keaton had had her power nap and was ready to play!
  • So today was one of those days that I thought nothing about the camera until bedtime.  I hollered down at Robby to bring up the camera and he remembered to bring the Easter eggs but forgot the camera.  By the time I thought about it again, everyone (but Keaton) was sound asleep.  So I took a few pictures-Campbell must be covered up in one of Keaton's baby blankets to go to sleep and her toes do usually hang out the bottom.  Reagan will not cover up unless she is using one of Campbell's baby blankets and her feet will also hang out.  I usually cover her up when I go to bed at night.  Graham sleeps wedged between the rail and the mattress.  He will never be able to sleep without a rail.  Anderson hadn't turned yet tonight but he usually turns and lays parallel to his pillow and that is a pretty tight squeeze for my not so little guy!

March 29, 2012

Butterfly hunters!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 

  • Graham was the first one up and he was ready to watch a movie this morning.  He didn't care at all about going to school or getting on his clothes-a movie was all that he could think about.  After an attitude readjustment, he changed his tune and finally was able to enjoy his breakfast while watching a movie.
  • The girls spent the day with Grannymom and Grandpa.  They walked down to Dana's house for a bit and made Easter bunnies.  Campbell was so proud of her bunny and showed it to everyone.  Keaton was a wiggly worm while at Grannymom's house and she continues to be one tonight.
  • The boys went to school.  They had a good day and even saw a beetle on the playground (it was small so it was a nice beetle-said Anderson).  And they went to chapel.  Graham said that the stage was so pretty.  I tried to explain The Kingdom to him and talk about how it was all from the Bible so true but that it really wasn't happening right now and happened long ago.
  • We came home and I fed the boys one of their favorite lunches-a muffin tin lunch-as many different things to fill up each of the 12 muffin tins for them.  It is pretty easy for me to throw stuff in there and they like the variety.  I was able to get a few things done and then the girls came home. 
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to plant a few plants and Campbell really enjoyed planting with them.  And we probably even found that elusive septic tank!  Thankfully, we didn't bust it!  After they left, everyone stayed outside and we worked until bedtime.
  • Reagan had already done 2 things from school at Grannymom's house and I made her do 3 more things outside (one of those being math).  She is so distracted always inside so just imagine how distracted she is outside.  But when I told her that she had to go ahead a finish so everyone could play in the water, she was done in minutes!
  • Anderson stayed busy helping Robby for a bit this afternoon.  He once asked if they were helping "the land" by raking leaves.  Then I remembered that they had talked about ways to help the planet in school today.  Both boys enjoyed using the big shovel to scoop up leaves and put in the piles.  And everyone enjoyed riding around on the trailer or on the tractor during the day.
  • I walked around the house and Campbell ran up to me saying "snake, snake" and I looked and saw the boys peering at something on the ground with sticks in hand.  Robby was nearby so I assumed that he a normally responsible adult wouldn't let his 2, 3, and 5 year old be that close to a snake and even poke it with a stick.  I assumed it must have been a worm.  I assumed wrong-it was a snake!  It was all twisted in a ball-possibly injured but a snake nonetheless.  
  • After the snake business, Reagan and I discovered a tree in the backyard that was full of butterflies.  It had at least 3 butterflies on it at all times.  She almost had a butterfly on her hand when Robby called me from the front of the house asking where I was!  Anyway, before long I saw all 4 kids running in the house and then coming out with their butterfly nets from a game.  I didn't think they would manage to catch one but again I was wrong.  Thankfully I was able to find Reagan's butterfly cage and they filled it with 3 butterflies. This kept everyone busy a long, long time.
  • My plants needed watering and my kids did too so I spread out a big tarp (still glass, rocks, nails and who knows what else in the yard).  They played with the hose and had a blast spraying each other, sliding and splashing.  The water was ice cold and the sun was going down so ti was a bit chilly.  By the end of the water festivities, Campbell's lips were a little bit blue!
  • Everyone then came in, dried off and put on pajamas.  We had supper and I went back out to help Robby finish up.  They watched a movie and Graham fell asleep for a few minutes before I woke him up.  We all brushed teeth and did our East egg-tonight we opened money.  Campbell was so excited because she opened it and even shouted "money!"

March 28, 2012

Yes, I'm a mess!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 

  • Another day around here and more workers to watch.  The heat and air folks were here today and the kids watched from the window some but are now immune to the business going on outside.  Graham was still happy to report that we had workers working but yesterday, Campbell didn't miss a beat as a worker walked past the window when she said "there's a worker man."
  • We had breakfast and then I sent everyone off with their trash bags to empty the trash.  It worked fairly well and saved me a bit of time.  I have Reagan's list of chores ready to start when we finish with school for the year (beginning of May).  I think that Anderson and Graham will get lists too.  That way I will have more time to lay around in my bath robe and eat bon bons.
  • Next up we had school and then played US bingo.  Anderson amazed me at how quickly he could check to see if he had any of the states on his board.  They enjoyed that and played for a few minutes before lunch time.  Robby came in for a few minutes and we did our Easter egg countdown.
  • Campbell had her afternoon nap-she can sleep through anything-even 4 men hammering and banging outside her window.  Graham lost his 5th ticket and was sent to take a nap (my rule for the day-lose all 5 of your tickets and go to bed until time to go).  He didn't mind since he was in need of a nap.  
  • Before too long it was time to go and see Beebee and Papaw.  They were finishing supper so we stood around their table until they headed back to their room.  The kids were pretty wound up but I think I would prefer that to when they are so timid they are hiding behind me.  The boys enjoyed making their lift chairs go up and down.  Campbell danced a bit, Reagan decided she was a bunny but Keaton saved the day with her smiles and coos while Beebee and then Papaw were holding her.
  • Beebee made Papaw give the kids each a dollar.  This is the second time they have given them money.  Hmmm,  I have been trying to go once a week to see them but if I start going daily, we could really rack up!  Ha!  The kids get all excited about spending their money to buy a slushie from sonic.
  • Next up was Cubbies tonight at church and the kids always enjoy it.  I enjoyed hearing Anderson's teachers say that Anderson was able to spout off lots of verses during their review time!  Whoop! Makes me happy!
  • This little 6 month old beside me has practically chased me across the floor trying to get to my computer.  She will probably be our first child to crawl.  She is just scooting, rolling and reaching-maybe I should start thinking about baby gates!

March 27, 2012

Supper outside!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Another school day and another day we had to wake the kids up.  Keaton did wake up in plenty of time for school this morning but that was probably because she was excited about this being her half birthday.  6 months old today!  We celebrated by giving her a bottle, changing her diaper and putting her back to bed for another hour or two.
  • Robby took the boys to school and Ms. Wendolyn wasn't at school yet so Ms. Lisa was filling in.  According to Graham (remember he is 3), his teacher got sick on the way to school and he went to Anderson's class.  That part is true and he did spend some of the morning in Ms. Stacy's class with Anderson.  Robby said that they gave each other a huge hug when they went to their separate way to classes this morning so I am sure that they were excited to be in the same class.  
  • I asked them each if the other obeyed and they said they did.  Graham even said that Anderson looked at Ms. Stacy the first time she said to.  He also added that he made a book all by himself in her class and Anderson wrote his name on it for him.  Sweet brothers!  So why were they throwing dirt on each other today at home?  At least they take care of each other out in public!
  • Campbell, Reagan and Keaton spent the morning with Nonna and Pops.  They spent most of the day hiding Easter eggs in the back yard.  At first Campbell wasn't too sure what was going on but she soon caught on.  And she really got the hang of it after Reagan started putting candy in the eggs.
  • I picked up the boys and dropped them off at Nonna's house and picked up Reagan and Keaton and headed out to meet Robby and Jodee to pick out tile and carpet (much easier than picking out lights).  Kennedy was there so Reagan and her tried to smash each other in the carpet samples, raided the candy vending machine and sat beside each other playing games on the phone.
  • When we made it back to Nonna's to pick up everyone, Campbell and Pops were snoozing in the chair.  Pops was enjoying having sweet (when she's asleep) Campbell cuddling with him so he offered to keep her there until she woke up.  And sleep they did-until almost 5.  Pops brought her home on his way to tuck in Beebee and Papaw.
  • By then we were all outside, Robby was burning his burn pile and mowing a bit.  The boys were in the dirt pile and Reagan was helping me plant a few trees.  We had baked potatoes for supper and then cut the boys hair before coming in.  At night it always seems to be rushed, I guess we should come in earlier because by the time we shower and brush teeth we are always rushing the kids.  Wednesdays used to be our late night because of Awana but now even though we are going to still be home later because of Awana, we will still be in earlier than our working in the yard nights!

March 26, 2012

Future President!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Graham had spent the night at Grannymom's house and, if I believe my 3 year old, had cake for supper, breakfast and lunch.  Since Reagan and Anderson were at school, it was just me, Campbell and Keaton this morning.  And if I have ever thought that Graham was my talker I was wrong.  Campbell talked and talked and talked.
  • For example, while I was folding clothes she was standing on the massage chair.  When she turned it on she was a bit surprised.  Then she looked at the chair and shouted "that man hit me."  Then she said "I hit that man back" as she pounded the chair with her fist.  There were no fits this morning only lots and lots of talking.
  • I made a phone call to RSVP to an Easter party for Campbell and she overheard this.  When I hung up she said "me shoes on? party?"  That little girl was ready to go and party-oh, she will be so excited to get to go to a party since usually this parties she goes to are really for one of the big kids.
  • Keaton seemed to enjoy the quieter house this morning as well.  She fell asleep in the floor upstairs as I had tubs and tubs of Reagan's summer clothes strewn about the room.  Keaton also is really liking her cereal-and when I put applesauce in it for breakfast and yogurt for supper-she gobbled it down.
  • Nonna picked up Anderson and he was pretty excited but was very excited about getting to help Pops till the garden.  He also played outside a bit, had lunch and a few snacks and worked really hard on an obstacle course.  And they even found a tv station that had all kinds of races-monster truck, cars, motorcycles-a little boys dream.
  • Robby picked up Graham from Grannymoms and had spent most of the morning playing ball.  When he made it home, he was pretty tired.  After following me, Robby, Jodee and the electrician around for a bit, he turned on a movie and fell asleep.  He was one tired little boy and was pretty tired tonight as well.
  • I picked up Reagan and then Anderson.  Ms. Mary was at Nonna's house and tonight Anderson asked me if she could come over to our house tomorrow.  I guess he really enjoyed her visit.  At home, everyone headed back outside to watch Robby use his new toy-a leaf picker upper type thing.  It worked pretty well and Robby used it until it was dark.
  • Anderson was ready for some yard work tonight-he got his outside shoes on, put on his tractor supply store hat and took off his shirt.  And then he was ready to work (briefly).  I thought it was funny when he was calling Robby "Rob" but now he has taken to calling him "D"  "Let's go D!" "You coming D?"  Those are the things I want to remember.  Like last night when Reagan and Campbell were running through the yard holding hands-I want to remember those I made them do it again after I had my camera-that still counts doesn't it?
  • Meanwhile, the kids picked more caterpillars, swang, played with Nonna and Pops who stopped by to see everything, painted pictures outside, pushed the wagon, had a popsicle and played until after dark.  Graham learned how to pump the swing all by himself (though he still needs to have a push to get started) but he did thiis most of the evening long.  We came in after our normal bedtime--I fed the kids supper, washed them and then bedtime.

March 25, 2012

Just a little yard work...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Last night Robby put eye drops in Keaton's eyes and then was unable to find the lid to the eye drops.  We knew she didn't have it but checked in the bed, under the bed, around the bed, in Keaton's dirty clothes, everywhere.  I knew it would show up and it did at 5 this morning while I was feeding Keaton.  It was in the back of her pajamas.  She kept moving and squirming and when I put my hand around her, felt it and took it out she went to sleep instantly.  Poor thing, hopefully it wasn't in her back all night long and had just moved there when I picked her up to feed and change her.
  • About that time Graham cried out and Robby rushed up there so he wouldn't wake anyone else up.  They snoozed for a bit and then Robby came back down.  And within minutes Campbell was fussing so he went back upstairs.  She went back to sleep pretty easily and Robby just spent what was left of the night with Graham in his bed.  It wasn't until the morning that Robby realized Campbell was so upset because her little eyes were matted closed.  Though her eyes are doing much better today and should be all well in the morning.
  • It was Sunday morning so the kids all had donuts for breakfast.  I think the newness and excitement of the Sunday morning donuts are wearing off on them but they were still pleased.  We didn't think we were running late until we made it to church and didn't make it in until after church had started.  
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and all of the kids were wired but that was fine since Dana had earlier offered for them to spend the afternoon at her house.  So they headed over there, Grannymom took Keaton over there as well.  We didn't waste much time and headed to Target (Robby bought some clothes, I bought stuff for Easter baskets), then to Home Depot (guess what we bought? rakes!) and then to Sonic for happy hour.  We picked up the kids and they must have been pretty tired because no one fussed about getting in the car.
  • Graham went home with Grannymom to spend the night.  He got a do over since his playtime was limited on Friday.  I was worried that the other kids would notice/care but they didn't seem to notice.  Funny because Graham would have quickly noticed that someone had more turns than he did.  We did get a picture of him and he was enjoying playing Monkey in the Middle (Keep Away) and I assume that he probably had Grannymom and Grandpa playing with him.
  • On our way home, we stopped by the Tractor Supply Store and Robby bought himself another piece of machinery for the yard.  It is still in the box because we ran out of daylight tonight but I will report about it tomorrow.  So when we made it home, Campbell was in the van sleeping.  It was breezy out so I unbuckled her and left the doors all open.  She slept for awhile and I asked Anderson to go and check on her.  We were all working outside and as soon as I said her name, we heard her.  She had climbed out of the car and came and found us-and was so proud of herself.  
  • Reagan and Anderson worked on catching caterpillars all evening long and then they moved to catching worms and frogs.  Campbell was quite the help because she would shout "caterpillar!" no matter what animal she saw!  I fed them supper outside and they ate in the new garage and watched Robby and I pick up the trash piles (and goodness, the workers sure are messy!).
  • Anyway, we all made it in pretty late and everyone had baths and then went to bed.  They were all pretty tired tonight so it was quite up there while I had my cookies for supper! 

March 24, 2012

How long am I?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Keaton had her bottle again around 5 and she was wide awake and ready to play when I put her back in her bed-ans she was not thrilled about being back in bed so I just let her sleep by me.  By 8, Robby was working in the backyard and everyone else was still sleeping.  Soon Campbell woke up followed later by Anderson.  Of course when they both climbed in my bed Keaton woke up to join the party.
  • Reagan had spent the night at Kennedy's house and stayed up pretty late.  She even came home talking about the Little Pet Shop pets that Kennedy gave her.  I asked if Kennedy's mom said she could and she told me yes and late tonight I emptied her bag and Kennedy had given her alot!  I better double check this transaction with Kennedy's mom.  
  • Graham spent the night with Grannymom and he really didn't get over there until pretty late and then they had to wake up early to go to Dana's for Grandpa to build some shelves.  Apparently he didn't think he had enough time at Grannymom's house so he is getting to spend tomorrow night over there for a do-over.  He asked me and I quickly told him that Grannymom needed to ask me (thinking he was making it all up).  Then he was so exasperated as he said "she told me to ask you!"
  • We worked in the yard all day and the plan was the pick up the work site a bit and start filling that dumpster-we didn't even get around to it!  Robby cleared some more in the back, tried to start the burn pile which is getting huge but is still wet, Grannymom raked some on the upper part of the yard, Grandpa worked on Robby's chain saws and tried to straighten up the playhouse.  I helped Robby some but I mostly child wrangled.  Today's broken rake count: 2! (one had been broken already and finally met its demise and another was backed into by the tractor).  We both received a rake for Christmas this past year but this year all we will need to ask for will be rakes-we have broken at least 5 since we have been out here!
  • I fixed lunch for the workers-edamame, popcorn chicken and mashed potatoes-and then passed out popsicles to all.  Keaton loved her popsicle the most and just smacked her lips-she really didn't have her own but did share with me.
  • Then I washed Campbell and she had a brief nap, I washed the boys and then we loaded up to get Reagan.  Of course on the way we stopped for a quick Sonic drink and then poked around Jodee's house looking at her showers and closets.  Reagan was so excited to see us that she hid under the bed!
  • We then went to Lowe's to browse-it is a pretty big store to expect all 5 kids to make it through without a scene.  We did pretty well-Keaton spit up all over me, we had 2 bathrooms trips, we knocked down a stack of buckets, Keaton screamed for her bottle and Campbell laid on the floor and had a fit at least twice!  I actually think the trip to Lowes went pretty smoothly though!
  • Then we ate at Texas Roadhouse-I like eating at places like that because there are rolls there from the moment we sit down.  Of course when Campbell had eaten her fill of rolls, she tried to get up while saying "all done."  I guess she was ready to be excused from the table and leave-unfortunately she had to wait for us to get  our food before we could leave!
  • Reagan was almost falling asleep on the way home but we managed to keep everyone awake until we made it in the house.  This was one of those nights that after we left their rooms we heard no sounds on the monitor-I love nights like that!

March 23, 2012

Family time...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Sometime in the middle of the night Graham joined us and I really only know that because when Keaton woke at up 5, I had to move Graham over so I could squeeze Keaton beside me so she could have her bottle.  Robby only knew that Graham was in the bed with us when he rolled over on him once!  That Graham really shouldn't be sleeping in our bed but he sure is the cuddliest thing ever.
  • Campbell almost ended up in our bed too last night.  Pretty late in the evening I heard her on the monitor saying "ReaRea?"  I went up there and she looked at me and said "my ear hurts."  I just snatched her out of that bed and she came downstairs with me for a bit.  She does have a cold but no fever and since she never said anything about it again today I didn't take her to the doctor.  Anyway, she cuddled with me and then Robby, had a sip of his drink, let us put ear drops in her ears and even asked to go back to bed.  
  • Oh and yesterday Campbell saw me unhemming one of her summer dresses.  Then she saw me hanging it up after getting it out of the dryer and she said "Momma, my dress all better?"  I was so impressed by that-she realized something was wrong with her dress, I fixed it and now it was better.  When she isn't yelling or throwing her fits, I just love that little thing to death!
  • Campbell and Reagan slept until 8 but the boys were ready to watch a movie at 6:30.  I thought I would do something for breakfast and make waffles for them.  They ate them and really seemed to enjoy them though I wasn't too impressed with them.  The kids probably just liked them because of all of the syrup on theirs.  
  • After breakfast, we had a bit of school and then I went upstairs to work on the big winter to summer clothes change over.  Reagan followed with her math pages and managed to finish them up while playing with the boys.  I was able to finish Anderson and Graham's clothes and have already done Keaton and Campbells.  That just leaves Reagan's clothes which will be the most difficult.  She would love to help me but I will try to do it when she isn't around because she would want to look, touch and try on everything that I pulled out of the box.  
  • Lately, I feel like I can't get anything much done inside of the house and feel like things are just crazy around here.  Then I remember that things really are crazy around here.  Today, their was a delivery from the lumber company, our shower floor was delivered, a dumpster was delivered, the glass from our back door was replaced, the roofing guys finished and hauled their trailer away.  No wonder I can't get anything done inside-I am too busy watching what every one is doing outside!
  • We had lunch and then they all played with legos for awhile.  Soon Kennedy came over to play while the rest of her family went to a movie.  They all played outside for a bit and then moved inside to eat the snack that Kennedy brought for everyone.  She brought M&Ms for all.  Reagan doesn't like M&Ms (weirdo) but she was so polite and held her packaged proudly and then whispered in my ear if I had any other candy for her.  I did and she was pleased and all of the candy was eaten!
  • Soon Reagan went home with Reagan and we were dropping Graham off at Grannymom's house to spend the night.  This time change has really thrown us-since it was still light we felt like it was earlier and by the time we made it to Grannymom's house it was almost 8.  The initial plan was to go to Home Depot and look around, that plan was scraped and we were going to go out to eat but that plan was also changed and we went to Walmart.  We spent quite a bit more money at Walmart than we would have out to eat but Anderson and Campbell were happy-we bought them cheese sticks and they also picked out their own package of popsicles.  And we now rank pretty high with them because we let them eat two cheese sticks and then two popsicles.  We are cool like that!  Ha!
  • Then Campbell went to bed (Keaton was still asleep from the car ride) and Anderson watched Robby spray some poison ivy spray and then watched a movie.  He even managed to get Robby to watch the last movie with him.  He went to bed pretty easily since it was nearly 11!

March 22, 2012

Will my face get stuck like this?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Robby had to get up and get out of the house on his work from home day to go to jury duty orientation.  That left the rest of us home and still lounging around at 8.  I had planned on doing some school before we left to go to Grannymom's house at 9:30.  Reagan did read a few of her work in the car on the way to Grannymom's house though.
  • I dropped everyone off and Campbell did not want for me to leave at all but when it was time for us to go home she didn't want to leave Grannymoms.  My Campbell has become quite the fit thrower.  Graham is pretty good at it but she trumps him on the fits.  It is not just the fit, it is the screaming.  Man, does that mean that Keaton will throw fits even worse than Graham and Campbell?
  • They played outside and even walked to Lilly and Cash's house to jump on their trampoline.  Of course this was made more challenging by Graham not having any shoes to wear.  He did have a pair of cowboy boots but since they fell apart, he was left with a pair of flip flops that he can't walk in or a pair of pink clogs that he chose to shuffle down the street wearing.
  • Keaton does have a runny nose and occasionally yucky eyes along with a bit of a cough.  She does act fine and since she hasn't really had trouble sleeping nor been too fussy, I think it is just a cold.  Campbell continues to be pretty snotty but her eyes are a bit better.  At least they aren't swollen practically shut like yesterday.  Anderson now also has a runny nose and Reagan has felt very warm the last two nights.  Despite all of that, everyone is still their happy selves (well, as happy as they get).
  • Back at home, Campbell slept as well as one can when there are roofers above your head.  Funny because today the kids payed no attention to the roofers.  In the past they have always enjoyed watching the roofers but not today.  Probably because they have just seen the framers build the addition and that is pretty impressive to see.  
  • We had supper outside at the picnic table and Keaton enjoyed eating her cereal but I think she really, really wanted some of our pizza.  Then everyone had multiple turns on the swing and then we came in since it was getting dark.  We had planned on cutting the boys hair but Robby and I both conveniently forgot since it was nearing bedtime and we have had a later than usual bedtime every day this week.

March 21, 2012

Graham loves his Nonna!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • What a rainy, rainy day it was.  I think I liked it because the kids were so mellow.  Very, mellow.  We had breakfast and even did a bit of school.  I let the boys slide today and didn't really do much with them and was helping Reagan.  Yesterday, she took at least an hour to do her normal 2 pages of math.  Today she breezed right through them along with all of her other work.  Maybe she heard me say that what she didn't finish before Nonna's house that she would finish after.
  • And yes, we are doing school this week even though it is Spring Break.  We aren't working too hard as we usually don't.  But I figured this was probably our only year that I could get away with doing school this week.  And since next week we start doing a bit with each of the 12 states that we will drive through at the end of May, I felt like we should press on with our regular stuff.  (And I am really trying to get my Anderson ahead in his reading book and want Reagan to press on in her math book).
  • I had lunch with Robby while the kids played with Nonna.  I think they were pretty good except Nonna did mention one incident.  Graham and Reagan got into it about something and Graham kicked Reagan.  Well Reagan kicked him right back.  Then Graham walked away and just fussed and fussed.  Then along came Campbell and she felt the need to kick that boy too!  Poor guy but he deserved every bit of it.  
  • After lunch we headed home, Keaton and Campbell had a long nap while the other kids had a "party."  They played tag, danced to some music, had a piece of bubble gum, played hopscotch and had a snack.  Apparently it was quite the party because soon after Graham fell asleep.  
  • Campbell joined us outside working (today she was donning her rainboots, shirt and diaper only).  Soon Nonna and Pops came over to take a tour and Campbell was so happy to get to go upstairs.  At one point she looked at Nonna and said "bathroom, top"-she was giving her own tour saying "here is the bathroom and here is the top of the house."
  • Pops and Nonna played with the boys for a bit and then we all went outside to wave bye.  The kids then had their tour and it was back inside for supper, a bit of playing and eye drop time.  Keaton had a goopy eye the other day and now Campbell's are pretty goopy too and along with her runny nose she just looks pitiful.  I don't think it is pink eye (it's not pink) but really don't know so we might just be calling the doc in the morning.  My eyes itch just thinking about all of it.  
  • Currently, there is quite the discussion about Playtime Pizza going on upstairs.  We saw a commercial about it today on tv and Anderson decided that he wanted to go there for his birthday.  "I am so excited about going to Playtime Pizza but it is going to be a long, long time" (especially since his birthday is in December-gives me plenty of time to take out a loan!)  Anderson and Graham are now discussing how old you have to be to drive the go carts-Anderson says 8 and Graham says 7.  They are both adamant that they are correct despite having not been to Playtime Pizza since they were tiny.
  • Graham later called me up to ask if he would get to play soccer when he is 4.  I said yes (he doesn't get to play this year and misses the cut off by a few months).  I them told him that he would be "so good just like Reagan and Anderson."  He added "I will be so gooder than them!"
  • Keaton is hanging out with me right now on the couch.  Tonight will be her first night not in her bouncy.  I really think at least one of our babies stayed in it until they were 9 months.  Growing up too fast.  The reason she is making the move-when Robby went in last night to get her in the middle of the night, she had set up, then fallen head first to her toes and then apparently wiggled enough that her little head was dangling below the bouncy.  She was fine and in no real danger but won't be sleeping in it anymore over night at least.

March 20, 2012

Everyone deserves some ice cream sometimes!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • So today has felt a bit like a comedy show.  The air compressor plugged in by our back door continually throws the circuit causing havoc outside.  Their saws, guns and my framers all stop working.  This isn't a good thing!  If it is quiet in the house (ha, ha) I can hear it when it pops off.  Most of the time today I have heard it but it seems to do it only when I reach the top of the stairs, just sit down upstairs to fold laundry or am trying to put the baby down.
  • After yesterday when the kids watched the work for so long, they don't really care that much today.  We did school, they played train track, Mr. Potato Head, watched a few movies and played a few games.  Reagan did glance outside her bedroom window and say "people are going to think that our house is a hotel cause its so big."  And I am going to feel like I am a hotel maid because it is so big.
  • My Graham did sit down in the front yard and watch the work for so long today that I thought he had gone to sleep.  He was taking it all in.  And another Graham happening-I was getting on to Campbell (I don't even remember about what) and I guess I said "why did you do that?"  Graham looked at her all serious and said "did Jesus make you do it?"
  • So tonight when Robby got home it was pouring.  We turned on a movie to appease the kids and we went to work outside in the wet, wet addition.  Anyway, Robby locked the door behind him and we were happily working away.  We were getting drenched in the house and then we heard "Daddy?"  We looked up and the door was still closed but Campbell Ruth was crawling through the window.  She had put on her rain boots, opened the front door, walked down the sidewalk in the pouring rain and then climbed in the window.  That little girl is too smart for her own good. She was drenched-like I wish that I had my camera-her standing there in those froggy rainboots soaked from head to toe all proud of herself.  
  • Campbell and Keaton seem to have the goopy eye stuff right now.  Last night Keaton's eye was all matted shut but better today.  They both still have a bit of it-so at one time or another today one of them looked a bit like they were winking!
  • It was pretty late when we headed out to eat tonight.  We took the kids to McDonalds though we really should have dropped at least one of them off at the pound!  Anyway, there were other people there when we arrived but soon they all left and the kids had the play place to themselves.  It was so nice and they were perfect-everytime that Robby came in with food, they all sat down and ate.  They ate even though they had a few distractions-one little boy just stood by our table and watched them eat.  He was standing close enough that Campbell put her hand up so he couldn't grab her food.  I tried to tell him that my kids needed to eat and they could play in just a minute but I don't think he understood me.  And his buddy just kept saying "that's a lot of kids" and "they have lots of kids in that family."
  • Next up, I ran in the grocery store and did some speed shopping.  I was huffing and puffing up and down the aisles as I pushed the cart.  By the time I had finished it was so heavy I could hardly push it.  Robby hung out in the car with the kids and I was moving along quite well until I realized all that I had to pay with was my good looks (ha ha!)  I parked my buggy, laid my coupons on top and Robby and I switched spots so he could pay.  
  • We made it home and Graham was asleep in the car.  Everyone managed to get into bed without too much of an ordeal-they were all pretty tired tonight.  Campbell turned her head before I could leave the room and Anderson's eyes were closing as I was trying to tell him good night.  Graham did call me upstairs to find out what Robby was going to do in the morning.

March 19, 2012

How 'bout a
little spaghetti

with your bread?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • First thing-look at the amount of pictures that were taken today.  The poor kids got the short end of the stick today with fewer pictures.  Can you tell what Robby is excited about?  So look at that new addition, it is certainly coming together.  Notice my huge windows in the little mudroom and apparently the bonus room is going to be huge-like bigger than the kids bedroom now.  And a garage, the kids even enjoyed it tonight riding bikes in there.
  • The kids woke up about the same time that the workers arrived here.  We had breakfast upstairs watching them work on the second floor, we did laundry upstairs while watching them work, we organized a few bins of clothes while watching them work, then we moved outside and did school while watching them work, ate lunch while watching them work, swang while watching them work and even just stood around and watched the workers work.  Things should slow down during the rain in the next few days so I don't know what we will do-will be kind of lonely around here without my workers.
  • Keaton loved laying on the blanket outside this morning and Campbell can get filthy in just minutes outside-I just don't get it.  She has started something new-screaming at the top of her lungs if she doesn't get her way.  I can pretty well ignore her but she just looks pitiful with tears streaming down her big red face.
  • Robby came home a bit early and Graham stayed outside with him while Robby took his turn at watching the workers work.  Graham talked and talked and talked to Robby.  He is so funny, we he has your undivided attention he can talk and talk.  The other day, he and I were talking about him getting married when he gets big.  I told him he would have to find a wife that loved Jesus and she would be a good wife.  And he said "cause you don't want a bad wife"-pretty insightful!
  • The workers left around 4 or a bit after and we started sweeping.  We cleaned for awhile and then let the kids ride their bikes in the garage.  This was the highlight of their day.  We also went for another tour of the house.  All but one was very cautious upstairs and wouldn't get near the edge at all-guess who was my daredevil?  Campbell-I don't think she even understood how high she was up.  We all made it down safely and then came in to eat spaghetti for supper.  
  • The kids then helped with the laundry and soon it was time for bed.  Another good, good day.

March 18, 2012

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Church this morning and the kids watched a movie while eating their donuts and Anderson was so into the movie that he had probably a dozen of those tiny powdered sugar donuts.  Now tonight he was so into finishing that movie that he didn't even touch his sandwich.
  • They were all ready before me so Robby offered to take everyone so I could have a few minutes of quiet to get ready (and he possibly wanted a sonic drink!).  No one really seemed to notice that I wasn't there nor notice that I appeared a few minutes after they did.
  • I asked Campbell tonight what her favorite part of the day was and she said "me, church" and I asked who she played with and she said "Emory, Abigail, JJ and Lisa."  It was pretty hard to figure out who she had said but I knew she was naming names.  And when I would say who she said back she would just nod her head and squeal!
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house and the kids enjoyed playing and were a bit upset with me that I didn't bring their play clothes over to their house.  But as soon as we made it home, they dug their play clothes out of the dryer and headed outside.  Campbell did fine yesterday without a nap so I let her stay up again today-hope I didn't make a mistake and her get used to no naps.  
  • Grannymom came over to help a bit too and me and her ended up with a tick on us.  We did look the kids over but I am the one who now can not stop itching.  The kids did good outside but always do better when we have company over to play.  
  • We ended the night with a few catastrophes-well, that does make it sound worse.  Robby was mowing and threw a rock onto our kitchen door shattering it.  After a loud noise in the house, we can still hear it cracking.  It will probably fall apart in the middle of the night!  Then his huge puzzle that at one time was framed fell in the shed and that glass  broke.  That along with the cracked screen on my phone makes 3 and since bad things happen in 3s we are in the clear for a bit.  
  • I came in while the kids were on their tractor ride and made their supper and filled the bathtubs.  It didn't take too long for baths and supper-we are getting good at this outside thing.  Then they finally got to do airplane before bed.  Poor Campbell felt warm tonight but wasn't acting sickly but we did manage to get her drink some medicine anyway.

March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • I heard Graham and Campbell whispering this morning around 7:30 and I went up there before they woke up Reagan and Anderson.  They must have thought it was middle of the night because they didn't try to get up until I slightly lifted the blinds and showed them the workers working on the garage.
  • Oh, let's discuss Keaton's sleeping patterns-she slept throughout the night and now she has stopped.  Probably because we have spoiled this child to no end.  We are not the only ones who have spoiled her-I have had to stop Campbell from trying to give her a second bottle just after finishing a first.  She is now having herself a bottle, laying happily between us on the couch, wearing her second St. Patrick's Day shirt.   Spoiled rotten!
  • I wish everyday was a wear a certain color holiday because I didn't even have to ask anyone to get ready and they even kept their shirts on all day long.  We had green eggs to begin our St. Patty's celebration and then we took a few pictures.
  • Before too long, Lilly and Cash came over to play.  At first, the kids all played upstairs but spent quite a bit of time watching a worker man walk on the top of the walls.  It was pretty impressive-and quite scary. I kept telling them to please not knock on the window-I didn't want that worker to be distracted.
  • Finally we let the kids outside-a little after 9.  They played outside until 6 tonight.  The stomp rocket, the swings, the tree house, eating grilled cheese for lunch, the playhouse, the dirt pile, lots of drinks and snacks, toy trucks, counting acorns, finding hickory nuts, poking worms with sticks, having corn dogs for supper and ending the evening with a wagon ride.  
  • Two Campbell stories-at one time today she fell down and came to us.  Her face was completely covered in dirt-eyes, nose, mouth.  We took her shirt off and tried to wipe her face but there was only one thing left to do.  I told Robby to splash her with the water bottle-really, that was the only way to get all of that dirt off.  She was none to happy about getting the surprise of a water bottle full of icy cold water in her face.  I kept reminding her that Daddy did it and not Mommy.  
  • Other story-Robby and I were inside and I heard someone screaming "Mommmyyyyy" and told him that someone was hurt.  I thought it was Graham but looked up and could see Campbell still screaming running to the front door followed by everyone else.  My first thought was that she was really hurt and everyone was bringing her to me.  I quickly opened the door and Lilly started with "Campbell..." and I thought for sure she was going to say fell out of the play house.  But then she said "Campbell, saw a dog in the street."  Seriously?  She saw a dog in the street about a 100 yards away?  All of this commotion for seeing a dog?
  • The boys watched the workers some and then they decided that they didn't want to be left out so upstairs they went and downstairs they came with all of their tools.  And then the hammering started on the playhouse.  They worked and worked banging on anything they thought needed an addition-I even saw a bit of hammering on my van!
  • Robby started clearing out some of the space behind our back door.  And no, this isn't really our space but why not?  It didn't take too long and it was all clear and he was able to put the playhouse out there.  The Dennie's helped quite a bit and Cash was a big worker (so much so that he even got a few dollars when he left!)  
  • I had to run and pick up a swing that I bought from craigslist.  Graham went with me and he thought we were getting a new swing for outside because I kept calling it Keaton's swing.  He thought I meant the green swing that Keaton received from Grannymom and Grandpa for Christmas (she can't use it now but everyone else is sure enjoying it until she can).  I kept saying that no one but Keaton could get on the new swing and this was really bothering him.  Anyway, he was so relieved when I explained that I was getting her a new baby swing.
  • As Graham and I were leaving the store, our case of cokes fell off the bottom of the shopping cart and one of the cokes busted.  So I took them all out of the box and put them into my grocery bags so I could find and throw away the busted one not wanting it to leak in the car.  He helped me and then when we finished he looked at me and said "we don't have to tell Daddy"-he knows his Daddy loves his coke!
  • We had the trailer keys so everyone was waiting on us for their trailer ride. They had a long ride and were begging for more at the end.  Man, this country living is fun and tiring!  The kids crashed tonight when we put them into bed.
  • But before bed, we took them on a tour of the new addition.  Robby and I stopped and started talking about something and Anderson impatiently asked "are we done? why isn't this tour moving?" They took it all in.  We have been trying to explain to them that the windows in their room aren't going to look outside anymore.  Reagan today said "but I love this view!"-breaks my heart.  They have tried everything to keep them but it just isnt' going to work.  Anyway, Robby showed them that there would be new windows in the bonus room that they can still see the view.  It will all be good!

March 16, 2012

Visiting Beebee and Papaw
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • I heard Campbell through the monitor around 3 last night.  She was trying to tell me that Anderson was calling for me-Anderson who was in the toy room sleeping-so he must have been pretty loud.  As I came up the stairs, he was coming out of the bathroom and said that his pants got wet but he didn't potty in them.  I just smiled and thought silently that yes, that will happen when you drink a grown up sized water bottle before bed.
  • I got him settled back down and then I stayed awake for over an hour-let's see, I planned school for Reagan up through the 3rd grade, figured how much money it would cost for my work buddy to redo my neighbors house, checked facebook and browsed pinterest.  I was about ready to get up and do something productive when I fell back asleep.
  • The boys were the first ones up and came to our bed for a bit and then I went upstairs and we woke Campbell up.  Sometime while those 3 were getting ready, Kennedy and Reagan woke up.  Everyone moved pretty quickly since we had donuts downstairs and were heading to the zoo today.  This morning when Robby told me that it was raining, I thought oh, the framers can't come and didn't even think about not being able to go to the zoo-that would have been awful.  
  • But it cleared up and we were at the zoo just about when it opened.  The first thing we saw was the snake and then I had brought quarters for everyone to feed the fish-this was like Christmas for my Dennie kids.  Campbell really had the most fun doing this and would jump up and down every time.  Though seconds later, she was clawing me as she climbed up into my arms after seeing the monkey swinging overhead.  
  • Next up were the penguins and there was one swimming.  The kids all chased it from window to window and said they were paying tag with it.  Campbell saw that penguin and shouted "whale" and I guess to her that black and white swimming thing did look like Shamu.  Later today, Anderson clarified for us that Campbell should have known it was a penguin because whales do not have beaks or feet.  I had assumed that she would have known the difference between them because of the 4000 pound difference not the beak!
  • We couldn't see the elephants at first, the bears were all hibernating, the zebras were too far away, the rhino is probably imaginary since I have never seen him, the giraffes didn't come near but we still had a great time.  At 9:30 they wanted a snack and by 10:30 everyone was famished so I had to pull out our sandwiches.  We ate and then quickly finished the zoo and met Kennedy's mom at the front gate.  I went ahead and snuck my crew out so we could go and see Beebee and Papaw.
  • Beebee and Papaw are back together again in the same place.  I had never been there but the kids all had and they were so pleased with themselves to show me exactly where to go.  Hank was there for a bit and ran to get them lunch.  The kids talked about the zoo and were all delighted when Papaw gave them money.  They asked if we could go to Sonic and we did even though it wasn't happy hour!  I may have to ask for me some money too next time! Ha!
  • We made it home and our framers weren't there yet and within a few minutes, Robby was there.  We all hung out until Reagan finally begged us to go outside even though they weren't here yet.  And I couldn't say no because she was planning on doing school outside.  We walked out the door and the first of 5 cars of framers drove up.  She managed to get some school finished but we spend most of the day watching them put walls up as fast as a child stacks blocks.
  • Poor Campbell, at Beebee's place she started laying her head down and acting sleepy and by the time I got her in the van she might have felt a bit warm.  At home, she just laid in the floor with Robby and finally we put her down for her nap and she snoozed until I finally woke her up after 5.  She was still a bit warm and I hate her being sick but she was the sweetest, most well behaved and huggy little girl tonight.  
  • After the framers left, we picked up a bit and then headed out to eat.  We ate at Cantina Laredo and since we told the kids that Yogurt Mountain was next if everyone behaved, we had 5 perfect children eating with us.  At the yogurt place, they were all still perfect and exhausted when we came home.