July 31, 2011

A little house cleaning is in order....
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Sunday morning and cinna minis this morning.  We weren’t late but cinna minis sure are alot easier.  We actually ordered 5 boxes but they only had 4 left (which was perfect-I guess I didn’t need breakfast anyway).  But what would we have done if they were completely out.  Wonder where the next closest Burger King is?
  • Campbell walked right into her class and Graham tried really hard to walk in his class but didn’t cause too big of a scene.  Anderson though, just runs in his class.  Reagan’s teacher asked me in the hall where she was going to school and Reagan just answered “I don’t know.”  We’ve got to work on her answer-that is the reason that she is going to Comm Central so she will have an answer to that question. 
  • We had lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house and when the kids saw Dana’s car they screamed “Lilly and Cash” even though we had already said twelve zillion times that they were at the beach.  Sometimes it surprises me that no one seems to hear us.
  • Next up was afternoon naps and again we all had a nap-well, all of us except Reagan.  During the week the kids wake up fairly early but today and yesterday we had to wake up the crew.  Graham was not happy with me because I have told him for a few days that we could play playdoh but we just haven’t had the chance yet.  Needless to say, he did not want to go to church tonight-he wanted to stay home and play playdoh.
  • The kids did fairly well at church other than Graham almost knocking me down, Reagan insisting on loudly tearing a page out of her notebook and Anderson, who has no volume control, trying to show and explain every page to Reagan.  But other than that we were fairly quite.
  • Back at home, we tried to finish off our strawberries and bananas and then let everyone watch a movie before bed-and we will not have glow sticks in bed tonight!

July 30, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • The morning was pretty uneventful.  The kids played with Graham’s new birthday presents and divided up the leftover donuts for breakfast.  We put on our clothes and started to leave for a day of shopping but first Robby suggested that we clean the pantry.  This was fine with the kids because they were playing happily.
  • We picked up our medicine at Sams and spent our wait time sampling all of the samples that they were passing out.  This was Reagan’s favorite part of the day and the boys are not hesitant about walking up to a table and asking for something. 
  • Next up was a few grocery stores and then lunch at Tazikis-very good.  Then we finally came home for naps and everyone had a nap this afternoon.  We then had leftovers for supper and soon even though it was bedtime we loaded up and headed out again.
  • We had tickets to the Traveler’s ballgame tonight at 7:10.  The kids were very excited about it.  Everyone plopped down on the blanket and sat for awhile.  Campbell was the entertainment though.  She would sit on the blanket then walk to the gate and turn around and stare at everyone.  She would also dance a jig and clap along with the organ.
  • As we tucked everyone in tonight, I passed out glow sticks.  We had them left over from the party and Graham had been asking me about it all day long so they finally had their chance to have them.  Often we let them have their left over glowsticks in bed at night-maybe not anymore….
  • So as we sat down tonight with the kids all tucked in, we heard screaming coming from upstairs.  It was pretty intense so I was the first to hit the steps and Robby was right behind me.  I knew it was Anderson and my first thought was that he had fallen off of the bunk but since I didn’t hear a thud, I knew that wasn’t it. 
  • I opened the door fully expecting to find him hanging off of the bed by his feet but he was screaming like a mad man trying to get out of his bed.  I couldn’t understand what he was saying from all of the blubbering and gesturing but just assumed that there was a bug or rodent in his bed. 
  • Soon we were able to figure it out-his glow stick had burst and gotten in his eye.  I grabbed him and took him to the bathroom and started pouring water on his eye.  Of course, he was still screaming so most of the water went into his mouth which he would then spit back on my shirt.  Of course, this caused Graham and Reagan to get out of bed and were standing in the hall with their hands over their mouths.
  • The poor boy was still sobbing and shaking like a leaf as Robby read the package and discovered that all was fine even though “it might cause temporary discomfort.”  These words were foreign to Anderson who then screamed “IS IT POISON?” 
  • After a few more douses of water and then some visine, Anderson finally stopped shaking.  He said he needed to sleep in my bed but I offered him a new glow stick instead-he shivered when I mentioned it and will probably never touch a glow stick again.  As we retucked Reagan in, she had her glow stick laying on the floor-she was going to take no chances. 

July 29, 2011

Graham Turns 3!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Graham woke up this morning and he was all grins-he knew that today was going to be a big, big day and it truly was.  Anderson and him raced to the mini fridge to get their milks and handed one to Campbell.  After they guzzled that it was time for us to get ready to go.
  • Our first stop this morning was Krispy Kreme (Reagan had asked me last night if donuts were healthy and if we should eat something else for breakfast instead of donuts-I don’t know who she has been talking too but that healthy business must stop!). 
  • The kids all picked out their donuts and then we passed out the hats, lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday to our little 3 year old.  He was so proud and soon had ladybug donut all over his face.  Campbell spent her time eating the glazed, Anderson ate 1.5 any was too interested in playing to eat more and Reagan only licks the icing off of the top.
  • When everyone was finished eating and played for a bit, we let Graham open up his present from us and he was thrilled with his new rescue vehicle book.  Next up was Wonderplace.  We were the first ones there and had the place to ourselves for a few minutes but soon it became pretty busy.
  • This was the first time Campbell has been there since she could walk so she was in heaven.  Seriously, she was so happy-of course, I had to watch her the entire time (notice the picture with her feet in the air as she was playing in the water and once she dipped her hair in just so she could get her ponytail wet).  Reagan constantly wants for me to play with her so I have to drag Campbell with us (and often she didn’t want to leave the water area).  I was able to do this a few times but this still left the boys mostly unattended.  I was able to play with them some but was spread fairly thin. 
  • The boys were so excited to see Jacob and Ethan show up too at the Wonderplace.  They played for awhile but mainly Graham and Anderson stuck together while playing.  Though every once in a while Anderson would come running to find me and would say “I didn’t know where you are”-funny because I would always tell him where I would be and really, how could he miss me (remember that very large belly that Reagan drew me as having yesterday)
  • After playing for awhile, we met Robby at McDonalds for lunch.  The kids devoured their nuggets and were still going strong when we left lunch and headed to the library.  I had a few books on hold so I had to pick them up.  Since we had quite a few books checked out already, I told them that they could only get one-but I am a book softy so we ended up dragging our library bag back out to the car full of books-my goal is to finish them all before the beach
  • When we finally made it home, Campbell was asleep and I was about it be.  Since today wasn’t a school day, everyone went down for a nap.  I was able to finish getting most things ready for Graham’s party, get school ready for next week and even sit down for a few minutes.  Soon everyone was stirring and we finished straightening upstairs and the laundry (so nice that they are getting big enough to help….some)
  • Since downstairs was clean, I didn’t want anyone to get out any toys so I did what any good parent would do-I kept the DVDs playing and the snacks coming.  And before long, it was 6 and the Rock N Roll birthday party was starting and the house was still straight.
  • Graham had a very small guest list and was very adamant that we didn’t invite anyone else.  Thankfully all of his favorite folks were there (even though one of them had spent most of the day in the ER).  He was so thrilled to see everyone there.  The first event was eating and while at the kid table all of the kids sang Happy Birthday to him on their own. 
  • Next was presents and our saying thank you sessions must have paid off because he was all about telling/shouting thank you for everything.  Reagan was so thrilled to give him the bracelet that she had made for him along with the card.  He ended up with quite a few toys-a guitar, spacemen, a car wash and cars, blocks, books, undies, paint and some other things. 
  • Then we had the traditional pinata and everyone was so excited.  Anderson did take a few whacks at it and knock the hanging part off so Robby had to hold it and the scene from Misery briefly crossed my mind as Reagan almost whacked Robby’s knees with the baseball bat.  When the candy finally spilled out on the deck, the kids rushed towards it and started grabbing candy like they had never seen candy before.  And yes, this kind of made me feel a little bit guilty since it was all candy from our candy bin-they were scrambling to grab their own candy. 
  • After the pinata, it was cake time and Graham was so cute watching everyone sing.  He blew out his candles and then the kids all started telling us exactly which piece of cake they would like.  I just got a brownie for Campbell but when Grannymom put it in front of her, she shook her said and said “un uh” so apparently she also had an opinion on what piece of cake she wanted. 
  • When everyone left, we cleaned up, opened most of the presents and finally everyone went to bed.  A few minutes after they went to bed, I went in Reagan’s room to hand her a glow stick that I had found but she was already sound asleep.  You can definitely tell who had a nap around here-the boys were still going strong.

July 28, 2011

The boy is SO excited
about his birthday cake for tomorrow!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • It was work morning for us and surprisingly Campbell and Graham were the only ones awake when it was time.  Anderson was sound asleep when Robby finally woke him up.  I sure don’t understand why they don’t sleep in when I can sleep in.
  • They all had a great time at Grannymom’s house though it was reported that Graham might have been a little ornery.  Anderson did try to convince us that Grannymom yelled in his ear (we checked these facts with Reagan and she disagreed).  Finally when Robby offered to call Grannymom to see if this really happened (and to see what he had done wrong) he quickly recanted that story.  Little booger!
  • Back at home, it was nap time for Campbell.  I don’t know if she is just teething (has just gotten 4 new teeth) or if she has a cold.  She is constantly drooling with a runny nose and now has a pretty good cough.  But since she doesn’t feel bad, we aren’t too worried.
  • Graham and I were practicing what to say when you open a present.  I asked what do you say when you open something you like and he replied “I’m sorry” which is what he is usually being required to say.  Then he quickly remembered that “thank you” was the right answer.  Next I asked “what do you say if someone gives you a present full of broccoli?”  And that boy quickly replied “no, thank you.”
  • Graham thought he wanted to take a nap and I silently rejoiced that today at school there would only be 2 there but as soon as Graham finished his milk he called that maybe he was ready to get up.  Everyone was fine at school and I am quite surprised at what all they can memorize-even Graham. 
  • After supper, the boys needed a hair cut so they headed to the back deck.  Anderson was first and the neighbors probably called scan over his whining and Graham definitely noticed because he followed suit with the same sobbing.  They did quite enjoy Robby hosing their head and shoulders down so they could play outside with a gobs of hair on them for a few minutes
  • Next up was bath time and then I ran to the store to pick up a few more things for Graham’s party.  When I can home, I started working on his cake.  Graham was right by my side the whole evening.  He supervised everything that I did.  It was quite entertaining-he was quite complementary of everything I did and even said that I could sleep in Anderson’s bed tonight and he also said that I did so good that I would get a hug.
  • Yes, we forgot to take pictures so I did have to bust in on Campbell to take her picture.  I think she was pretty asleep but started giggling by the time I left.  These pictures that Reagan drew show the progression of our family-Robby, me and Reagan, then adding Anderson, then adding Graham and then adding Campbell and the latest picture shows the 6 of us and my huge belly-I took her crayons away!

July 27, 2011

3 year old brain lab visit
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Busy, busy seems to be the theme of the month so we continued with it today-Graham had his 2 year old check up at the Nutrition Center so we loaded up and took Campbell and Anderson to Nonna’s house this morning
  • Reagan was quite a busy little girl over at Nonna’s house last night and this morning.  She had the idea to make Beebee and Papaw a fruit tray and take them some strawberry lemonade and then she helped Nonna make breakfast and she surprised Nonna by making breakfast for Nonna too.
  • At the Nutrition Center, Graham was the perfect little boy.  He grinned, smiled and made the ladies up there swoon over him.  During the hour long psych testing, he did good and even worked hard-until he got tired and then shrugging his shoulders (I would have too after an hour).  Next up was lunch and playing in the playroom until it was time for brain lab.  He did very well but quickly became tired and after an hour was restless too.  (And again I would have been too). 
  • I have heard him tell others about Reagan, Anderson and Campbell but as he started to say their names he realized they wouldn’t know who he was talking about and started calling them his “big sister” “big brother” and “little sister”-it was so cute.  He talked and talked about them.
  • Graham and I picked up the other 3 and even stayed at Nonna’s house to have a few bits of cake before heading home to put Graham (who asked to take a nap) and Campbell down for a nap. 
  • As we pulled into the neighborhood, I saw Frontliners from church and was telling the kids that I hoped they hadn’t been to our house so we could invite them in for a few minutes to cool off and use the potty.  But there was a group of them across the street when we pulled in the garage, I walked over and invited them in…
  • and soon we had 15 using the potty.  When they left, Graham and Campbell laid down and 8 more rang the doorbell.  After they left, Graham decided he wanted to join the party and we started school.  But before long, the doorbell rang again and more potty-ers stopped by.  The kids just sat on the steps and stared at all of them-they loved having everyone here.  Anderson didn’t quite understand why they couldn’t stay and play with him though
  • We finally finished school, just as Robby came home and after supper we loaded up and headed to Dana’s house.  The kids were hoping that we could jump on her trampoline but it had already been moved so they were content playing with Lilly and Cash’s toys.\
  • When we left and turned out of the neighborhood, Anderson and Reagan said they wanted to go home and not anywhere else.  They quickly changed their tune when they saw that we were stopping at a sno cone place.  Everyone enjoyed their icees and they needed to be hosed down at the end of the evening (that didn’t happen)

July 26, 2011

Nine cousins sitting on a wall...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • The kids were ready to start the morning and were pretty happy to see me leave for work because that meant that in just a little bit they were headed swimming.
  • Robby handled breakfast for everyone and then suggested they put on their swim suits and they were ready in no time-I was quite surprised to see that they had all found different swim suits than I had laid out for them (I was afraid that someone was not pleased with my choice but they didn't see them)
  • They all arrived at the swimming pool to celebrate Lilly's 7th birthday.  Josh, Zach, Lilly, Cash and my crew were all there.  As soon as Robby unloaded he realized we had forgotten to pack the floaties so he loaded Campbell back up to go and get them from the house-except Campbell was going to have NO part in getting back in her car seat.  She was livid with him but calmed when she saw they were turning right around when they came home.  
  • After swimming for quite awhile, it was time for lunch, presents and cupcakes.  Dana and I arrived just in time for lunch and the kids seemed to gobble everything down.
  • Next up was a bit more swimming and since Campbell was laying her head on my shoulder while we were in the water, I thought it was time to start everyone heading to the car.  Grannymom did have one person ask if all of those kids were mine? (all 8-my 4 and the 4 cousins).  That lady had probably thought the Duggars had come to visit Woodlands Edge!
  • Thankfully, the juice boxes kept everyone awake until we made it home.  It is pretty hard to get a sleeping Campbell from the back of the van without waking her up, falling or dropping her.  I was almost able to lay her down and convince Graham that he needed a nap instead of doing school.  But once he had finished his milk, he was ready to come down for school-so he did which made for a very long day for this 2 year old-notice the picture of him asleep on the couch at 5
  • Reagan and the boys did school and Nonna arrived just as we were finishing up.  Reagan was so excited to show Nonna everything-she tried to show her every piece of paper that she had worked on for the last 2 weeks.  She is so proud-hope that continues.  Nonna and Reagan soon headed out-Reagan is spending the night with Nonna and Pops tonight and the boys are pretty excited that they get a turn too soon.
  • Finally, Robby made it home and we all headed out to eat supper at Chili's followed by me running in to pick up Graham a pinata for his birthday party.  Graham was so tickled by his guitar pinata and thanked me a zillion times for  getting it for him.  He went overboard with his thanks but if I do ever need to hear that I am the best Momma ever, I will go and buy that boy another pinata.
  • We made it home and Campbell went to bed and then the boys watched one last movie before bed-they look pretty tired so I bet they will be asleep in no time (fingers crossed)

    July 25, 2011

    Is there a doctor in the house?
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • It was a slow and noisy morning around here and took me a bit to get back in the swing of things but soon we were all working hard and cleaning the upstairs (probably cleaning isn’t the right word-straightening might be a better word)
    • Once we made it downstairs we had our breakfast and then everyone played for a few minutes.  I had the grand idea to do school this morning while Campbell was awake.  The other kids grabbed their little chairs and all lined them up and she climbed in and I thought it would work-it did not!  ha!  It failed and failed miserably.  Just her being there caused both of the boys to get into trouble and sent upstairs and soon Campbell was sent to her bed (it was morning naptime though).  As everyone but Reagan were upstairs, Reagan said to me “wouldn’t it be nice if it was always just us” but soon the boys were back downstairs and all was good again.
    • After school, we woke Campbell up and had lunch.  The boys gobbled down their pb and js and went to the den to play.  They all played fairly well until naptime.  Everyone rested well and then Reagan made a Lilly a little birthday present and Anderson didn’t want to be left out so he painted something too.
    • I woke Campbell up and soon Graham was downstairs too.  We heated up a pizza and Robby took over when he came home so I could go to a meeting for Reagan’s school.  It starts Monday and meets each Monday.
    • Campbell had the last cup of milk in the house and I grabbed enough milk for an army as I left the meeting.  When I returned home everyone had something to drink and then all headed upstairs to bed.

    July 24, 2011

    Let the birthday celebrations
    begin - here comes  #3!
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • Everyone woke up fairly early this morning-early enough to even have breakfast at home.  I had laid the clothes out for church so everyone was dressed with a bit of ease.  Though Robby had a bit of difficulty with Reagan’s ponytail so they ended up with a headband
    • Graham had a fit going into his class and quite possibly had a fit during his class because he wanted more juice.  Ms. Kelli did get him more juice so hopefully his fit wasn’t too horrible
    • At Nonna's house, everyone enjoyed spaghetti for lunch and then Graham was delighted to see that he had a birthday cake-an orange birthday cake and one just for him.  His smile was huge and he couldn’t have been happier.  Robby sent me a video of him and his cake so I could see it while on the way home. (click here for the video)
    • Soon it was time to come home for naps and everyone was pretty tired but Reagan stayed up to welcome me home.  She spent her rest time making a Welcome Home sign for me.  And then waited by the door when Robby told her I was close by. 
    • Soon everyone was up and happy to see me.  Graham was quick to tell me that today was his birthday and I tried to tell him that his real birthday was Friday but he assured me that it was today because he had a cake earlier in the day. 
    • We decided to go to church and started getting ready.  Anderson, Reagan and I changed into our church clothes while Graham was on the potty.  I checked on him a few times and even flushed the potty to help with the smell-but soon I realized what the smell was.  His tummy had been a bit upset (catch my drift) and he didn’t make it on the potty and made a mess on the floor.  So he used the towel to clean it all up.  He had actually done a very good job cleaning it up but the bathroom now needed a quick clean (by a grown person) and Graham also needed a quick clean!  So Graham and Campbell had a bath and Graham received an A for effort!
    • By now, church had already started and Robby ran a few errands while I passed out supper.  Then it was play time and everything was going fine until Campbell fell and hurt her lip.  She came walking into the den, crying and bleeding everywhere.  But it was nothing that a few kisses, hugs and a cup of milk couldn’t help
    • We read a few books until Campbell went to bed then we put on pajamas and read one more book.  Robby came home in time for prayers and everyone was sent to bed.  Reagan was pretty tired but I can hear the boys with their toy drill right now-so things are pretty lively up there now.

    July 23, 2011

    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
    Cash came to swim! A pool full!
    • With Tara off to Dallas for a girls' trip this weekend, it's Robby and the kids fending for themselves. (Well, we actually have lots of help.)  All the kids stirred just as Grannymom was getting to our house at 7:00 AM.  Robby was off to help Dana move into her new house
    • The kids had breakfast and were having a big time playing dress up with Grannymom when Nonna arrived to relieve Grannymom who headed to help with the move
    • More playing, lunch, more playing and then Grannymom was back over to relieve Nonna. Cash came this time and even more playing ensued.  Robby made it home to find Grannymom, Cash, Grandpa, Josh and Zach and he brought Sonic slushes for everyone.  G-mom and G-pa, Josh and Zach headed home but Cash stayed to play some more.
    • To try to cool off (& as an incentive to clean up all the toys), Robby decided to let the kids skip naps and go swimming and more swimming and then Popsicles helped woo everyone out of the pool
    • Then it was milk and movie time, before everyone got hungry. So we got our shoes on, Robby put the extra seat back in the van and we were on our way to Chick-Fil-A.  Everyone ate a good supper, saw Ethan and Avery and played on the slide before it was time to take Cash home to his new house
    • We couldn't pass up the chance to check out Dana's new place (plus the previous owners weren't coming to get their trampoline for a few days so that meant  we could all jump for awhile since all the cousins were here.
    • Graham was about to fall asleep on the trampoline so we headed home, had another snack (Do we have more snacks when Tara is away?), more milk and soon Graham was asking to go to bed.  After prayers, we headed straight to bed and Robby hasn't heard a sound since.

    July 22, 2011

    Thanks Mom for our special notes!
    (Dad thanks you for the extra
    cookies and treats!)
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
    • Everyone must have been caught up on the sleep today because the boys and Campbell were up before 7:00 a.m.
    • After Robby left for work, I let the kids decide if they wanted to go to the library first or school first - of course, Reagan really wanted to do school first but the boys out voted her so off to the library we went
    • We found more books and even some new movies (a Tractor movie!) before making it home for school (and a nap for Campbell)
    • Lite day for school since it was Friday and soon it was lunch time.
    • It was time for to make snacks not for the kids but for all 11 girls going to Dallas this weekend; plus a nice bribe for Robby for keeping the kids over the weekend
    • The kids pitched in and we made a slew of snicker-doodles and rice krispie treats
    • Soon we were headed to Nonna and Pops - we got to go play, eat dinner and a snack while Robby was helping Dana pack up for her a big move tomorrow
    • Robby picked up the kids - Reagan & Anderson were NOT ready to go; they had just started a snoopy movie but after a bit of screaming at dad, it was soon time to go
    • Made it home for another glass of milk, bathroom, and then we found special notes from Mom in our beds. The kids could not have been more thrilled.  They were so excited Mom had left each of them a note. So the kids quickly wanted to call her and everyone got to say hi.
    • Worn out again I guess because they have not made a peep after going to bed around 9:15

    July 21, 2011

    Friends over for lunch and a play date!
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

    • Worn out from swimming yesterday, no one stirred before 7:15 this morning - well Campbell might have been awake a little bit but didn't get up until Robby got her out of bed around 7:30. He then woke the other three up - all were quickly out of the bed when he mentioned it was time to go to Grannymom and Grandpa's house
    • Kids couldn't understand why Robby was taking them (he's done this before but it must have been awhile) but all were in the car and at G & G's before 7:45.
    • A morning of playing, snacks and a little hummingbird watching and soon Robby was back to pick everyone; I needed a few minutes at home after work because company was coming
    • The kids were thrilled to see Ms. Sara and Ms. Candace and their kids already here and soon it was lunch time - peanut butter & jelly for the kids, chicken salad for the grown ups and strawberries, watermelon and brownies
    • After lunch, the grown ups talked about school (Reagan, Noah and Alyssa Kate will all be starting Comm. Central in a few weeks) and all the kids preceded to destroy the house.  Nothing that couldn't be picked up a little later after they were done playing but we did have to make our bedroom off limits after a little screwdriver incident
    • After our company left, it was time to start our 4th day of school... with a bit later start, it meant everyone stayed up for school except Campbell so no naps and we just barely finished before Robby made it home
    • Supper time right before I left for Bunko; think the kids were already getting tired with no nap earlier in the day but they managed to play a little more, watch a movie and have a Zebra cake for snack with Robby
    • With the promise of one more movie, no one had trouble getting their pajamas on and were soon back downstairs when the satellite decided it was time for an update right in the middle of Max & Ruby which delayed our bedtime by about 15 minutes
    • Not a peep from anyone tonight - think they were all worn out from today and still resting up from the big swimming party yesterday

    July 20, 2011

    Discovering the diving board!
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • As we were eating breakfast today, Campbell heard a truck and shouted “daddy” with a big grin on our face.  Unfortunately, she was just a few hours too early and was only hollering for the trash truck passing through the neighborhood
    • I had told the kids that we would go somewhere special if no one would say “uuunnnhh” at me-the boys are in a bad habit of saying that in exasperation when they are told what to do.  They managed to hold it in fairly well so after a few chores (mine, not theirs-their chores are on my October goal list) 
    • Finally, I clued them in that we were going swimming at Amber’s house and they were beyond excited.  If they could put on their bathing suits every morning then I wouldn’t have to help anyone get dressed.
    • At Amber’s house, the kids were ready to get in the pool.  After putting sunscreen, hats and floatees on everyone it was time to climb in.  Graham, of course, was the first in and everyone followed.  Campbell is quite the floater now and can mostly manage by herself though I can’t really see her face due to her hat, I keep a hand on her. 
    • Graham was the first to discover the diving board.  He climbed up and then climbed back down.  And then he did it again.  The next time, I held his hand, counted to 3 and gave him a tiny push.  He came up with the hugest grin on his face.  Next Reagan and Anderson decided they wanted a turn.  They could have jumped all day long….
    • And Campbell would have jumped too if I would have let her.  She did see others jumping and took a leap off of the edge of the pool into the water.  She went under and then popped back up as happy as she could be.  She jumped in a few times and some even remarked about how well she did.  Though she did cause quite a stir when she tumbled down the pool steps into the water but when she popped up, you would have thought she meant to do that
    • We had a few snacks there, Sara had watermelon which was a hit with Reagan and even had a popsicle before heading home.  The kids all did well and listened fairly good.  Getting everyone to leave was work but not too crazy.  We stopped on the way home for a hamburger and they devoured it.  Campbell was already asleep so she missed out on lunch
    • At home, I put Campbell in bed and told the kids it was almost school time.  Graham has become my little school helper-he was busy downstairs setting up the table and then when I was finishing unloading, he was sitting in floor waiting on school to start.
    • After school, Anderson was almost asleep but then jumped up to say “I thought I was going to get to read” so he did his first day of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  Then it was movie time while waiting on Robby.
    • We had Amy S.’s recipe for breakfast burritos for supper and they were delicious.  And afterwards, we had a quick errand to run at Walmart.  Robby let the kids vote on a snack to eat and Anderson lost out.  But he didn’t care because a Little Debbie is a Little Debbie and he was just tickled that everyone was able to eat the snack when we came home. 

    July 19, 2011

    Fun evening at the Penningtons!
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • Work morning around here and everyone was off to Nonna’s house for a morning of playing outside and bike riding.  Graham was so tickled to hand out his birthday invitations that he was beside himself with excitement. 
    • The kids went over to see Papaw, destroyed Nonna’s house and sweated gallons while outside playing-they had a blast. 
    • I had my doctor’s appointment around lunch (click here for the update) and then made it back to pick everyone up around 1.  They were just finishing lunch and then helped me clean.  When Nonna passed out cookies to the ride home, Anderson asked if we could save them for school.  Reagan was so excited about having a snack during school. 
    • We came home and Campbell was already asleep so we unloaded the car and started school.  Today went well and probably more smoothly than yesterday.  Graham was pretty irate when I didn’t have him a worksheet to do.  I had to go and quickly find one.  Reagan was confused that she wasn’t watching her math video today (finishing up yesterday’s lesson) and Anderson couldn’t wait to get to the last box-making jello (even though he doesn’t eat jello)
    • Eventually, I offered Graham his milk in exchange for a nap and he took me up on it.  So we finished school and then had time to spare before Robby made it home.  Reagan said tonight that she really loved school because we were able to miss nap-I had to break it to her that that is not my first choice.  School in the morning and afternoon naps is my first choice. 
    • We then loaded up and went to April and Jaymie’s house for supper.  The kids all played-10 kids is not quiet, not quiet at all.  But they did all have a blast and no bones or furniture was broken.
    • When we made it home, Anderson was the first one in the house and he was thrilled to see that Grannymom and Grandpa were there.  They were working on the boys light that has stopped working but they were able to fix it and the boys feel like they are sleeping in a new bedroom

    July 18, 2011

    The girls love some watermelon!
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • This was the first crazy day of this crazy week.  So we started it off with a bang or actually a flash: pictures!  We had our breakfast, read our stories and then started getting ready for the day. 
    • Our doctor’s office had asked the kids to take pictures at a local photographers so they could hang the pictures in the office once it is redecorated.  So we were out the door almost on time-we were only late because as I was leaving, I snagged my pants and tore a big hole in the knee so I had to change.  Reagan reassured me that it was okay because Grannymom could stitch them up.  But unfortunately, the hole is large enough that it can not be stitched-oh, well, I’ll have to buy more pants just for 10 more weeks.
    • The kids did very well at the photographers.  Well, they did as well as could be expected.  Campbell was a wild card but when she smiled, she really put on a show.  Anderson was as stiff as he could be, Reagan was pretty shy but Graham was Mr. Cheese and Mr. Conversation.  That boy is something else.  She will put the pictures on the web in a few days
    • We made it home for lunch and the kids even had a few minutes to play before we started school.  Today was the first day of school for Reagan so Anderson and Graham also tagged along for the journey.  Reagan was pretty excited and things went very smoothly-probably because Campbell was napping most of the time.
    • After school, Reagan and Anderson watched a bit of a movie and I woke everyone else up.  Then it was time for Robby to come home and a hot dog supper.  We had dinner and then went swimming in the back yard and ate a watermelon to celebrate Reagan’s first day of kindergarten. 
    • Soon it was time to come in and another movie before bed.  The kids again must be tired because it is quiet upstairs-blissfully quiet.

    Reagan's First Day of Kindergarten (07.18.2011)

    Today was Reagan’s first day of kindergarten. (click here for pictures)  We decided to start a little bit early because we will be out of town soon for the beach and probably off a few days for baby 5’s arrival.  Reagan has been so excited about started school.  She picked out her outfit last night and was ready to go as soon as we woke up.  We did have to start in the afternoon even though I mentally have the perfect normal morning schedule planned for us to do school.  But since we won’t have a normal day around here until 2013, the afternoon will work.  And it probably was the best way to start school because we started school while Campbell was taking her nap.

    So here is what all we did today:  First we did our calendar which was my favorite subject in school.  Then we did our calendar board (I don’t really have a better name for it).  But it includes skip counting, the first few verses of our Bible passage we are memorizing, a count of the days in school, a clock, our thermometer, our weekly character trait as well as a few other things on it.  We also found a state on the map, worked on our books of the Bible and also practiced the Star Spangled Banner.  That sounds like alot but we zoomed through all of this in a decent amount of time.  Most of these things will stay the same throughout the week but some days we will do a few different things.
    Reagan was as serious as she could be during all of this and taking it all in.  She was trying so hard to be the perfect student and she was.  Anderson and Graham were also working hard at listening.  Graham played along for over an hour and then he told me he was ready to take a nap and I sure wouldn’t turn that request down.  After Anderson was finished with his work, he snuck over to the train track and played quietly which was also wonderful.
    Next up was Reagan’s work boxes.  She had her daily notebook which has her dolch (site) words, her own calendar, a weather and birthday graph and work on tally marks.  Then we did her first math lesson (Math U See-Primer).  She watched the teacher on the tv and was all ears.  She was even a bit stressed out that she wouldn’t know what he was talking about-but it was not a problem and she breezed through those sheets.  Next up was spelling (All About Spelling-1).  We reviewed all of the phonemes and though she knows most sounds, we still have more to learn (like all 4 sounds that o makes or most of the other vowels since they make so many sounds).  By now she was breezing through her boxes-read a short story, did her phonics work (Explode the Code-1), did a letter search, a lesson in our yellow book (Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons-we are on lesson 70 but just do 1/2 each time), sight word writing, another worksheet and picture search for fun.  Finally we finished up with working on her first day of school book. 
    The boys had things to do-cutting practice, coloring, making a letter A with magnets, Anderson read a story to me and things went fairly easy. 
    Finally, we worked on scratching off letters onto our rocks.  Reagan and Anderson were all into it until they realized how hard it was and a bit time consuming.  So I ended up finishing off the letters which was fine-they had worked hard during the school day.
    Overall, it was a pretty good first day.  I have a few things that need to be tweaked but that will be after this week.  Figuring our how we will do school with Campbell up will be another challenge but it will all work out.  Reagan is just as excited about tomorrow’s school because she peeked into her boxes and saw that we are making jello (got to start off with a bang!)

    July 17, 2011: Dennie Family Get Together

    9 Grandkids and Counting...
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • We slept fairly well last night-oh, who am I kidding-they slept fairly well last night.  Here is a run down of my night: Anderson loudly dreaming, Graham losing his taggie, Anderson needing me to fix his covers, Graham needing me to fix his covers, my having to go to the bathroom, Anderson thinking his nose was bleeding and Robby snoring like a freight train but other than all of that I slept well!
    • The kids helped finish off all of our leftover snacks while the grown ups cleaned up and loaded up.  Then we had the annual group picture.  The kids must be at a fairly decent age because they all seemed to look at the camera. 
    • After saying our good byes to all of our cousins (and let me tell you, Campbell LOVED Cash, Josh and Zach).  We headed home but we did need a little stop first-at Shipleys.  The kids had donut holes and Robby and I had the chocolate filled donuts (why does Krispy Kreme not have those?)
    • Soon we were home, unloaded and even had the car vacuumed out.  Campbell took a little snooze and then we had more leftovers for lunch.  The kids played (dumped all of their toys out) and then cleaned up before nap.  And since such a mess had been made earlier, everyone was told to lay in bed and everyone fell asleep (even if it was for a short time)
    • After rest it was time to get ready for church tonight.  The big 3 went to big church with us and before church they all saw Nonna, Pops, Grannymom, Grandpa and even Jenna (Graham was so excited to see Jenna-she might be taking Dana’s place in his little heart).  They did well during church but Graham probably did the best sitting still and being quiet
    • We saw all the family again and then headed out to eat at All Aboard.  The kids had a blast watching the train come and deliver the food to our table.  I seriously thought they were going to pass out they were so excited.  We will have to go sometime when it is busy and the trains are continuously working.  They were so engrossed in watching the trains that they devoured their food. 
    • At home, it was bedtime and it must be nice to be back in your own bed because no one has called us up there…..yet!

    July 16, 2011: Dennie Family Get Together

    Make your own caption...
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • We slept until 7:30 this morning and the kids probably only stirred because Robby and I were talking-or it could have been because this room has probably 15 feet of wall to ceiling windows in it and it was pretty bright!
    • It didn’t take too long for us all to get dressed and head to The Pancake Shop.  Surprisingly, it didn’t take too long for our party of 16 to be seated.  We were the first table and as soon as we sat down, Campbell started being a little toot and threw her spoon-thankfully, it didn’t hit anyone.  Everyone used to be really good out to eaters but I am afraid that we are in a little slump
    • The pancakes were very good-I had apple, Robby had blueberry and the kids had an order of plain pancakes with lots and lots of syrup.  I also ordered sausage which came with two sausage patties the size of hamburger patties.  They were huge and Campbell thought she was something else getting to eat them
    • We walked through the Mountain Valley Spring Water plant on the way back to the car and then came back to the house and sat for a few minutes before getting our bathing suits and walking down the path to the pool.  Campbell had fallen asleep and missed out on the first bit of swimming but soon she was awake and ready to jump in the pool.
    • After swimming, we came in and put clothes back on and then let the kids snack while we worked on eating the leftover bbq.  The kids played for awhile and soon it was nap time for all of this Dennie bunch.  I told Reagan to come take a nap when she finished her “go fish” game that she was playing but she never came and we never came to find her so she did luck out on missing a nap.  The boys though crashed and it didn’t take Campbell long to fall asleep in her closet.
    • After our naps, we woke up and Les was working on supper.  After cooking the potatoes for 2 hours he discovered that the oven wasn’t on but that didn’t delay our meal too much.  Most had steaks or hot dogs, along with baked potatoes and left over baked beans.  I tell you I always cook way too many baked beans-this was our second meal of them and we could probably have them for the next two days. 
    • Next up was more swimming and really swimming once a day is plenty for me.  The swimming part isn’t so bad but the changing into and changing out of the swimming suits is the pain.  The kids have been really good and fairly patient while waiting on us to do everything we needed to do.  After seeing her cousins swim so well, Reagan decided that she wanted to learn to swim so she took off her floatees and worked a bit kicking.  Swimming lessons will have to be in our future next summer….probably should even sign me up too.
    • After we were all in our pajamas and sitting on the couch having our bedtime snacks, Robby remembered that we forgot the watermelon.  Maybe we will have it for breakfast.  I whispered and told Reagan and she didn’t seem to mind-especially when I told her that if we didn’t eat it here we would take it home. 
    • The kids all sat and played on the itouches, iphones, and other electronic devices while watching a movie tonight.  I just don’t think we had all of these gadgets growing up.  But it is quite the sight to see-I wonder where they get that…could it possibly be that must of us grownups were busy playing with our phones too. 
    • After a long day, Campbell and Reagan were the first ones asleep and the boys eventually followed.  Robby and I are doing laundry and then plan on finishing off the ice cream-can’t take it home!

    July 15, 2011: Dennie Family Get Together and 11th Anniversary!

    Fun with the cousins!
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • We celebrated our 4017th day that we have been married today (or 11 years) with breakfast from McDonalds, swimming at Magic Springs and supper from McClard's.  What could be better?  And yes, we now count days we have been married-why not?  Cause really every day is a celebration.
    • Here is the breakdown of the day:  The boys were the first ones to wake up around 6:30 and I let them read books from their beds but all I could think about was Anderson reaching over his top bunk to grab another book from Graham and falling out that I couldn’t go back to sleep.  So I told them they could play in their room and overheard them discussing that today was trip day and they were so excited.
    • It didn’t take too long for everyone to get ready and we were out the door before 9:30.  This gave us plenty of time for our McDonalds breakfast stop and we even made it to Magic Springs in time to watch the rain pour down.  It rained for about 30 minutes before the park opened but it did stop which was nice.  However, the rain did make everything very sticky-actually, I don’t think I have ever sweat so much before.  Seriously.
    • We made it into the park with Lilly, Cash, Josh, Zach and Jenna along with the rest of the fam and headed to the log ride.  Campbell and I were the only ones that couldn’t ride it-she’s too short and I’m too round!  After the log ride it was time for the kiddie roller coaster over and over and over and probably over again.  Graham and Robby rode the old timey cars while the others rode the larger kiddie roller coaster. 
    • After that we split nachos, a taco and a burrito before heading to the water park.  The clouds were intermittent so it could have been worse.  They all enjoyed the kiddie area and the 3 slides there.  Reagan and Anderson were even able to do a large slide.  Though when we got there, it was just Virginia and me.  I couldn’t go down with them because you had to lay on your stomach and Virginia wasn’t going to do it.  As we were standing there telling them they would have to go along or not go-some nice man came and offered to take them.  He looked honest enough (and I could see them) so up they went.  They came down and seemed like they kind of enjoyed it-oh, Graham had walked over with us and no, he wasn’t tall enough and it did NOT go over very well.
    • We rode the lazy river and it was just as entertaining figuring out how everyone would get on.  First a lady helped Robby get on his tube with Graham and before he knew it, he had floated away leaving us to fend for ourselves.  The same lady was walking past and over heard me tell the other 3 that we could not do it-since I couldn’t figure out how to get Reagan and Anderson on the tube while making sure Campbell didn’t float away.  So she volunteered to help us.  She got us on and off we went.  We must look like we need alot of help. 
    • Next up was the wave pool-Reagan and Anderson couldn’t wear their floatees in there (a lifeguard told me they weren’t safe-um, ok).  Anyway, Reagan just wanted to go deeper, Anderson wanted to sit in the shallow and this was all fine.  Except for Graham who could wear his floatee (different type) and didn’t want me touching him.  He was as happy as he could be being sloshed up and down with the waves but since his little head was under the water half of the time, I had to keep grabbing him and he would raise up, look at me and say “let go of me”
    • By 3:30ish we left the park and headed to the house-first we had a few stops-bank, McClards, grocery store and gas station (someone needed a quick bathroom stop and it wasn’t me and 2 kids were sleeping and 2 kids were watching a movie, oh Robby??).  This gave time for everyone to cool off, Campbell and Graham had a nap, all the kids had a snack and I even changed out of my swimsuit.  It was so much easier to change while driving along the road than going in a hot yucky changing room at the park.
    • The house is very nice and we snagged the master bedroom.  The kids have plenty of room for their sleeping bags and Campbell is sleeping soundly in her walk in closet.  We unloaded, played, the kids checked out the swimming pool, had our McClard's supper and all of the cousins played-but mostly they heard things like “don’t climb on the couch” “don’t run” “don’t touch that” “you can’t go outside”-my thought was to stay on our kids pretty hard today so maybe tomorrow they will remember some rules (like that will happen)
    • Around 9 we put all of our kids in the tub.  It is a big Jacuzzi tub and Robby turned on the jets a bit early and water sprayed everywhere.  This caused all of them to stand up and start trying to climb out.  Anderson was the most hysterical and was shouting “get me out of here”  Robby quickly turned it off to calm them down and then turned it on again just for laughs.  If we had gone around telling our highs of the day like usual tonight, that would have been one of mine.  Seriously, I laughed until it hurt!
    • Bedtime was next and they were out very quick.  And I will be too!

    July 14, 2011

    No Diving! It's a deck pool!
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    Click here for tonight’s swimming video
    • This morning we headed to Grannymom’s house for the morning while Robby and I went to work.  The kids must have been hungry because before I left everyone was sitting at the table waiting on their food.  Campbell has graduated from the booster seat at Grannymom’s house and just plops herself down at a big girl seat.
    • When I arrived to pick everyone up, things seemed calm but within a few minutes Reagan was having a Graham sized fit because Anderson had moved a piece of paper and Anderson was screaming at Reagan.  And before long, Graham was starting to kick his feet and holler….so I just left! 
    • All things did calm down in a few minutes and we headed to Barnes and Noble to pick up Reagan’s free book.  I hadn’t been to Barnes and Noble in a long time and was surprised at all of the toys they were selling there.  Anyway, the kids were good and I let them play for a few minutes on the train table but since Campbell didn’t have a paci we had to move quickly.
    • We looked for her book ourselves, then went to the front desk, were told to go to customer service, followed the worker to the children’s area, followed him out of the children’s area, followed him back to the children’s area and finally were shown the book we were looking for.  Reagan was so pleased with herself for reading her 8 books and getting to pick out a book for herself.  She changed her mind about 10 times but finally decided on one and walked to the cashier and handed him her book and forms.  She was so proud (should have had my camera)
    • Next stop was the library for books for everyone else.  I set a limit of 5 per person but I am the one that some how always ends up putting more than my limit of books in the bag (not books for me but kid books).  All was well but Campbell had had enough and found a nice spot to squeal in the library so she could hear her echo.  I told them kids to pick out their books quickly so we could get out of there before we were kicked out
    • Back at home, the kids asked for something to eat.  I asked Anderson what he wanted and he said an apple-so of course, I had to let him have an apple before bed.  An apple for him, strawberries for Campbell and Graham and the rest of the watermelon for Reagan.  We soon had naps and everyone was quite until 4:30. 
    • Of course, right before naps, the kids started playing and they were playing so well together.  And what would my Dennie kids be playing: hotel clerk.  Reagan was the clerk, the boys had credit cards to pay and then she gave them room keys.  She showed them their rooms and the bathroom, even passed out a flyer for a movie to them and reminded them about breakfast in the morning. 
    • Supper and then Robby came home and I headed out to Bunko.  The next event was swimming in their clothes.  They had a blast and thought they were something else getting to swim without their bathing suits.  They went to bed fairly easy after a busy day and need their rest for the big outing tomorrow.

    July 13, 2011

    Look at my beard!
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • 8:30 seems to be our time that we can manage to get downstairs to start the day-probably surprising since we are up well before that.  We had more fruit for breakfast and we are going to have to slow down on the fruit because Campbell’s digestive track/bottom is paying the price
    • Reagan on the other hand has almost successfully eaten our whole watermelon from the other night.  My folks, Jason and I probably ate 1/4 or less of it and she has just about finished it off.  Reagan has also started drinking milk-she overheard Dr. Martin telling us to slow down on the boys’ milk and some how she left thinking she was told to drink milk.  It is kind of funny-she hasn’t really touched milk in a year but today she had 3 cups full
    • I worked mainly on getting our stuff together for our Hot Springs weekend and let the kids play legos by themselves.  Legos are the thing they love to do and can do it for quite a long time-all 4 of them-and things that they can do for a long time is pretty rare.  And yes, Santa is already storing a huge box of more legos for them.
    • We read a zillion books at breakfast (3 actually-it just seemed like a zillion since I was trying to eat too and clean while they were eating).  But they still wanted to read more at lunch-we did squeeze one more in but the highlight of our leftover lunch was everyone getting to talk to Robby on the phone.  Graham was so proud to tell him that he had tried his edamame and liked it.  Still can’t get Anderson to try it-probably just like Robby when he was a little boy (and I was pretty picky growing up too)
    • After lunch, it was nap time.  I was out in the garage working on school stuff and couldn’t hear that Reagan and Anderson were out of bed sitting on the steps having a big time waiting on me to come back in.  I eventually let them stay up together in her room and play-kind of nice since Anderson is almost asleep now and he has just been in bed for about 10 minutes.  He is my stay awake boy and usually is awake for an hour after bedtime.  He’s always good but must get bored just laying there
    • After naps, we watched a movie and then took baths.  Robby came home in time to assist with the “get out of the bathtub” stage-bath are quite a chore.  That is why we only do them bi-monthly (kidding-kind of).  We do now have a girls tub and a boys tub and can you imagine whose tub makes the biggest mess.  The boys did have a blast playing with soap foam today while Reagan would have no part in it and Campbell whined when I put it on her.
    • Grannymom came over during supper and Robby and I went out to eat to celebrate our 11th anniversary a few days early.  We went to Palios and Orange Leaf-big night out and even home by bedtime: 7:30.  The kids had a big time playing and weren’t too disappointed to see up come home.  They finished off the evening with a snack and movie and then everyone headed to bed.

    July 12, 2011

    Fashionista in the making?
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • The boys were the first ones up this morning and I guess they have figured out that 7 is when they are allowed up so we don’t hear from them until 7 these days-it is bliss!
    • Reagan’s thing these days is that she will try to put on her clothes before we ask.  She goes to great lengths to hide what she is doing and has even put her pajamas back on top of her clothes.  Of course, on most days I have already laid out their clothes but she sneaks some out of her room, so she has had the same set of clothes laying out for days
    • Everyone played at Nonna’s house all morning long while I was at work.  Reagan made a picture for Beebee so they went over to deliver it and Campbell nodded to Nonna that she wanted to come but when they made it over there, she changed her mind.  Anderson was sad that they didn’t get to go out and play but since my car said it was 106-it was probably best that they stayed in. 
    • When I came to pick everyone up, they had completely trashed Nonna’s house-I promise there were at least 1000 toys on the floor.  Anderson hesitated picking up but eventually joined in (with a little bit of cajoling from me).  He has gotten a bit better about picking up but it must just be something about boys because his brother is just as aloof when it comes to picking up. 
    • At home, it was nap time for everyone this afternoon and Anderson took a nap today which aloud me to get more accomplished.  Yesterday, him and Reagan took turns calling me to see when they could get up so all I did was run up and down the stairs.  I guess that might be okay for my waistline though!
    • Reagan spent her afternoon coloring on a tshirt that Robby had from work.  It says you can use these special markers, wear it and then when it washes you can color it again.  Even if you can’t do all of that she had a blast today and spent at least an hour coloring on it.
    • Robby came home with supper from Sams and we even tried edamame (Click Here for a Picture).  Reagan and Campbell were all about it but the boys were fairly picky-though they did like the cinnamon bread I had bought earlier in the day
    • The big 3 took turns taking pictures with a real camera, Reagan read a book to me and Robby and finally Reagan and Anderson watched a movie, Graham was sent to his room for fussing at me and Campbell and Robby ran to the store for a few minutes. 

    July 11, 2011

    Are these my shoes?
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • It took awhile for us to get moving this morning but we finally made it downstairs, after putting on our clothes and straightening the upstairs.  We had our apples that Graham bought with his money, watermelon from Reagan’s purchase and cereal from Anderson’s shopping trip along with a pint of strawberries-which we finished off at lunch
    • The kids played with most of their toys all morning long but the highlight was helping me touch up paint from taking the gates down (no one has fallen yet-though Campbell did fall out of Graham’s bed tonight over the bedrail though Graham could not let her outdo him and he later fell out of his bed after we had tucked him in-again, they fell out over the bedrail). 
    • Also, we helped put together a set of drawers for Reagan’s school and then waited on Campbell to go to bed for her morning nap so we could play Memory.  The kids were so funny, they would all get so excited for each other when someone made a match
    • After lunch, Robby came home to do a little repair work on the potty (constantly running) while we ate our lunch we read a few books and then everyone played while I cut a few coupons and folded laundry before nap time.
    • Reagan read another book to me at nap-she only has 2 more before she can go and pick up her free book from the bookstore-she is so excited.  Though today the book was a bit long and she asked if we could just finished it tomorrow-we only had one more page so we pressed on. 
    • After nap, we watched a movie and then the kids played/ran/screamed until Robby came home.  He had a few more fixes to the potty and then we were off to eat.  The kids were decent at the restaurant but Graham almost had meltdown but the sight of the spanking spoon calmed things down. 
    • Back at home, we headed to bed and before I had made it downstairs, Grannymom, Lilly and Cash rang the doorbell-the kids thought they had hit the jackpot getting to stay up late and play with their cousins.  Everyone played and played until they headed home and then it was back to bed for the Dennie crew-and that must have worn them out because we never heard from anyone again for the evening

    July 10, 2011

    Pink umbrella, chocolate cupcake
    & punch - pretty good night!
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • Church morning and since we had missed last week it took us a few extra minutes to get ready.  So we had to stop for our cinna minis on the way-Graham was so happy to see the “cinnamon roll place” (also known as Burger King).
    • At church, Reagan’s class had everyone pick someone that they could tell about Jesus.  Reagan picked Belle (our dog!).  I guess that we probably have never explained the gospel to Belle so that will Reagan’s job this week
    • We were in Campbell’s class for worship care and she could take any of the little girls in that class.  Seriously, we were kind of afraid for them-Campbell is a chunk with a temper and that might not be a good thing for her friends!
    • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops’ house and then kids ate most of their food and were very intrigued by the purple hull peas.  Maybe we should grow some next year-ha, who am I kidding-we will just have to buy some at the store.  Nonna had a fruit tray and the kids devoured it.  Nonna had a yellow meat watermelon and Reagan gave it a good try but at nap today she told me that she liked the red ones better
    • At home, we had nap-a long, wonderful nap and then hurried around to get ready again for church since we had forgotten that it was at 6.  Love the new time but sure can’t remember it.  Robby did take down the gates this afternoon since Campbell goes up and down the stairs as she pleases now.  I don’t know if the kids feel this way or not but it kind of makes me feel like I am going to fall down the steps without the gate there anymore.
    • After church they had cupcakes so they kids were very excited about that.  On the way out, Mr. Ralph honked at us and some others as were going down the steps.  Anderson shouted “that scared my underwear off”-I should be glad that is what he said!
    • Back at home, while we were putting on pajamas, Graham touched Robby’s head and said “Daddy, you no have lots of hair.”  Robby was quick to remind him that all of his hair will fall out too. 

    July 9, 2011

    Swim Time!
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • Every morning when Robby leaves for work, at least one child throws a fit because he is leaving, everyone waves from the windows and blows kisses-but this morning when I was the first one to leave-no one noticed.  I finally walked back to the steps to tell them bye again and just heard a chorus of “byes” but no one seemed to miss me.  I was only gone to Old Navy for about 15 minutes so they probably really didn’t even miss me at all
    • Next up, Robby ran back to Old Navy to finish my shopping and the kids seemed to notice a little more when he left.  But we were finishing getting ready for our day so they were pretty distracted.
    • We met the crew at the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse and Mr. Chad was there.  Graham was pretty terrified that he was there but eventually gave him five as we left.  On the other hand, Campbell loved Ms. Alicia especially since she let her play in her water glass.  Wonder why Graham is scared of Mr. Chad-could it be that we always mention that he will have to live with Mr. Chad if he is a bad boy and even tell him that he is coming to pick him up because he heard him screaming
    • We stayed at breakfast until it was almost lunch time.  The kids were at a table by themselves and did very good for a 2.5 hour breakfast.  They finally entertained themselves by playing on the back deck and even splashing around in our cups of water-it was getting hot out on the back porch by the time we finished our breakfast.
    • After breakfast we ran an errand to the mall, Sams and then to Target.  We picked up a shirt for me, shirt for Robby and pants for Anderson.  The kids were happy about getting to ride in the buggy and eat their pretzel from the mall so we were able to shop for quite awhile at Target.
    • Next up was naps at home and then waking up watching a movie from the library.  After that it was time for pb and j sandwiches and then not so patiently waiting on Nonna, Pops and Jason to come over.  Earlier in the day, the kids saw Robby blowing up the swimming pool and they all screamed and watched everything he was doing-they were so excited.  And Reagan was so excited about getting to eat her watermelon tonight that she had bought with her own money. 
    • Robby had a date with 5 other women tonight so he was gone.  Graham asked if he was going to where I have bunko and it was just as easy to explain that he was going to bunko.  Reagan wanted to stay awake until he came home so we will see if she makes it-of course, she is tucked in her bed while waiting!
    • The kids splashed, played, swallowed gobs of water (especially Campbell), jumped and even played baseball.  When they got in the pool, Campbell could barely walk it was so full but by the end of the night she was able to sit on the bottom.  They only took a break for watermelon and Reagan was really the only one who ate any.  Campbell did like carrying hers around with her but she ate mostly the green. 
    • Finally, I coaxed everyone into the house with some juice and they played for awhile with Nonna and Pops and then it was finally bedtime after a few stories from Jason.  Surely they are pretty worn out…I am at least!

    July 8, 2011

    Balloon Release!
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • Reagan continues her camera lessons - first six pictures courtesy of Reagan
    • We were up and getting ready this morning for our trip to the library.  I really want to try to go every Friday.  But it seems like we check out more books that we can read in a week and then I end up taking something back late.  Anyway, we’ll get a good system and start going.
    • After the library, we went to Campbell’s 18 month doctors appointment.  Apparently she isn’t our child-she is tall.  Almost off of the chart tall.  34 inches and 33 pounds (oh, okay, I guess she is ours by the weight!)  She does have a cold but other than that she’s fine.  Dr. Martin did say that most 3 year olds weigh about 35 pounds so Ms. C will now be drinking slim fast (or maybe some skim milk)
    • Robby was with us at the doctor’s office and then took us to McDonalds to eat.  The kids grazed but mostly played-and unfortunately now Campbell can climb up with a boost or two from her siblings.  Of course, this takes forever for them to coax her down.
    • As we were leaving, Reagan looked at the McDonalds Happy Meal box and said “why don’t we get a toy?”  I replied that we used our money to buy food and she responded with “but it comes with a toy and everyone else gets one.”  Who told her that?  I guess my happy meal toys can no longer be Christmas stocking gifts!  And no, she didn’t get it today-those are really my trip bribes. 
    • On the way home from McDonalds, the kids started talking about heaven.  I mentioned the streets of gold and then Anderson said “I sure hope there are pop tarts in heaven”-me too buddy
    • Soon it was nap time and after nap, Anderson must not have been as awake as I thought because when I said that we were going to meet Daddy in a little bit.  He looked at me and shouted “we are going to EAT Daddy?”  He truly had a panicked look on his face. 
    • After this happened, Graham must have thought since we were going to eat Daddy, he needed to make sure he knew where his tattoos were that Robby has had in his wallet for over a week.  I do not know how he can remember things like that but I had to text Robby to make sure he still had them.  He did and all was well
    • We watched one movie and then loaded up to meet Robby.  I met him across the street from his work at the post office and some one backed out as I was driving by.  I stopped so suddenly and they did too that I didn’t know if we had hit each other or not.  No telling what I said but Reagan exclaimed “well, you finally bumped into someone”-like I had won a contest.  I did park and get out and look and all was fine.  We were probably a few inches apart but oh, my!
    • We toured the Historic Arkansas Museum for the 2nd Friday Arts Night.  They had a few interesting things to look at but the kids were more intrigued with the lemonade, crackers and cheese.  After snacking and more gift shop looking for me, we headed to Walmart to pick up a few things. 
    • When we made it home, Anderson who had thrown a few fits during the day was sent to bed and as he was going, Reagan hit him so she was also sent to bed.  This left Graham up who thought that he was going to get to stay up all night long.  He didn’t get too!

    July 7, 2011

    Uh oh!
    Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • Robby took Anderson, Graham and Campbell to Grannymom’s house to play and then he took Reagan to meet Kennedy and play at her house for the day early this morning
    • At Grannymom’s house, the crew rode bikes, got hot and went in the back to swing.  Campbell wanted to swing first but she had her turn second.  Grannymom also let them drink water out of big, big cups-this report comes from Graham so I am not sure about its validity but it sounds accurate. 
    • At Kennedy’s house, Reagan and Kennedy played all day long in Kennedy’s room.  They played dollhouse and even pretended they were going on a trip.  They ate a cheese stick in her room and had lunch and jello but weren’t allowed to eat those in her room-this report was from Reagan
    • Robby picked the little 3 up from Grandpa and they came home to play before lunch.  When I made it home, they were all 3 sitting quietly, playing in the den.  So I hid as long as I could before I was spotted.  They soon picked up most of the toys because they wanted to play legos and played legos until lunch
    • It was a bit after 12 when I started getting around to lunch but Campbell must have already been hungry.  While I was working on lunch, she got the pop tarts out of the pantry, put them on the table, climbed on top of the table and started eating one.  I think I may have to get a pantry lock-but I still let her have her pop tart for lunch-after all, she worked so hard for it.
    • Soon it was nap time and everyone slept.  Usually Reagan doesn’t sleep so she gets up earlier than everyone else.  But without her here today, I had already finished my list and didn’t have anything to do until the kids woke up.  I am sure Baby V will change all of that.
    • We loaded up right after naptime to pick Reagan up and then headed to Staples.  The kids were great following me around up and down the aisles-until Campbell started screaming.  It wasn’t pretty but we made it out of there without too many stares.
    • Next up was meeting Robby at Sams for supper and to buy a few gallons of milk.  The kids enjoyed watching themselves on the video camera while Robby was researching printers.  Graham did some how manage to cut his hand pretty good but he is one tough boy-wouldn’t let me put a bandaid on it, wouldn’t let me wipe it with a wipes and just held it against his shirt.  He finally let me put ice on it-I think it was just a pretty good paper cut from cardboard or something. 
    • Soon it was bedtime-Reagan was able to take a few pictures with her camera before bed and conned me into letting her take it with us somewhere tomorrow.  She is so pleased and must feel like a big girl…because she then asked us if she can have a phone!…She’s 5, who would she call?