Dennie Kids: January 31, 2011

A trip to the allergist!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • It was a busy morning but somehow Mom managed to make it to Reagan’s school 20 minutes early.  Dad thought she was going to Nonna’s first so he thought she was leaving at the right time.  But after driving on the new parking lot and new road twice, stopping to review our Cubbie verses and then meeting Pops so he could stand by the car while Mom ran in to take Reagan (the other 3 were in the pjs and couldn’t go in)
  • Mom dropped off Anderson and Graham at Nonna’s house.  Then she and Campbell headed over to see Beebee and Papaw for a few minutes.  Papaw handed her some candy to take back to the boys and Campbell seemed to know what it was.  She did not let go of it and then handed it to Nonna for her to open for her.
  • Mom and Anderson headed off to his allergy doctor appointment.  Dad met them there-they learned alot about his inhaler, what to do and when to do it.  They did the back test and the poor guys back just got bumps all over it.  It boils down to Anderson is very allergic to pollen, ragweed and lots of other stuff.  On a level of 1-4, he was a 4+ for some things.  She kept his meds the same but did say to do zyrtec daily.
  • Meanwhile, Pops picked Reagan up from school.  She said that he picked her up “too early” which meant she didn’t get to wait in the carpool line.  Pops said that it took Reagan about 15 minutes before she talked to him.  Then she told him that she wanted lunch and he could go and get it.  She was so proud to tell Dad that when Pops left she stayed in his office all by herself.
  • Anderson and Mom picked up Reagan and then went to Nonna’s house again to eat a bite, play a little and pick up Campbell and Graham.  On the way home, we swung by Wendys to pick up a few Frostys.  Campbell who hadn’t had a nap even stayed awake to eat her frosty.  Next up was rest time for everyone but first Reagan worked on her first grade workbook from Sam’s.  It is going to get tough quickly but she is sure excited about it
  • Next up was waiting for Dad to come home-we passed our time by watching the Disneyworld and Disneyland DVD that came in the mail today.  The kids are travelers-they remembered it all and were making a list about what they wanted to do next time
  • We had tacos for supper and then showers for everyone before taking our monthly pictures.  Everyone went to bed without too much problems-Graham has learned to stall like Reagan and Anderson.  He will just holler “Daddy? Daddy?” as you try to leave the room or will ask “what are we going to do tomorrow?”

Dennie Kids: January 30, 2011

What?  It's just a bit of blue icing!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The highlight of this morning was everyone looking at Dad’s toe (he banged it last night and it was all purple and blue this morning).  Dad had kidded that Mom had bit him.  One child didn’t understand that it was a joke-Graham later asked Mom about biting Dad.  No telling who he told at church today that Mom bit Dad’s toe
  • Mom and Dad were in Campbell’s class for worship care-there were 7 kids and just Mom and Dad.  Mom had the bright idea of letting Dad take some of them on a wagon ride.  He loaded up 4 and took them for a spin.  When the ride was over, he unloaded everyone (Campbell and 3 other girls) and they all started screaming, squalling and bawling.  Mom’s bright idea had turned into a nightmare situation.  After a few minutes and a sleeve of crackers everyone had calmed down but that will be the last time Cambell’s class goes on a wagon ride
  • Next up was lunch at Grannymom’s house-the kids enjoyed the meal….especially the pickles.  I think they could have eaten the whole jar of pickles but oddly enough they had no clue what the relish was and Reagan and then Anderson asked about the jar with green stuff in it
  • Back at home it was naptime and Dad even made Reagan and Anderson get in their beds for naps (they have decided that they don’t like naps when Dad is home)  With the dark weather outside, Anderson was out like a light (and now we are paying for it because he is going strong and has gone to the bathroom 3 times since he laid down)
  • Mom let Reagan skip choir tonight (shhh, she doesn’t like it) but Mom headed on to Bible study.  While she was gone the kids must have been pretty wild because Dad met Mom at the door when she came home and he headed to the store (we did need bread and supper food for tomorrow)  Mom fed everyone waffles and Reagan and Graham finished off the blueberries. 
  • Dad found cupcakes at the store and everyone enjoyed them-especially Reagan who discovered that when you smear the blue and yellow icing together it turns into green.  Lovely mess they created
  • Big day tomorrow-school, allergist, Nonna’s house, Pop’s picking Reagan up-everyone’s excited.

Dennie Kids: January 29, 2011

Mr. Car Cleaner Graham
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Dad mentioned donuts this morning and Anderson was getting his clothes on and telling Mom that he didn’t want to eat her breakfast.  It is amazing how quickly the kids can get ready when the word donuts are mentioned. 
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham had their plain donut along with the tops of 3 more each.  Campbell ate at least 2 donuts and properly and even a tad prissily signed “more” constantly
  • After breakfast, we walked through the new Walmart.  The kids wanted to walk through the toys, Mom wanted to check out the furniture and Dad wanted to check out the waffles-yes, we live an exciting life.
  • Back at home, Campbell took her morning nap while Dad and Mom worked on straightening the garage.  It had gotten quite messy and the kids were helping-helping by riding their bikes, trikes and scooters around Mom and Dad.  Grannymom and Grandpa pulled in and visited for awhile and even played.  Graham must have even gotten a group hug with Grannymom and Grandpa because he has talked about that all day long
  • At Krispy Kreme, they had balloons for the kids so we ended up with 3 at the house.  The kids were so excited about them and played with them for a long, long time…until Reagan popped hers…which didn’t go over very well! 
  • Soon it was time for a quick bite to eat and then everyone played until naptime.  The toy of choice lately has definitely been the legos.  They have played with them all afternoon and all evening long.  After naps (which lasted until 5) we had supper and then more playing.
  • Graham’s ear must be feeling better because he slept well last night but he sure can’t seem to get to sleep tonight.  He has needed Mom and Dad to come upstairs to turn off his nightlight, get him water because he had hair in his mouth, get him a dry shirt because he spilled his water, give him his ear drops, needed a kiss and a hug and he is still going strong.

Dennie Kids: January 28, 2011

4 in a row....
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Last night started off well until about 12:45…Graham woke up and woke up ready to get up.  After almost an hour of trying to get him to calm down, he said his ear hurt.  These simple words got him a free pass right to Mom’s bed (Dad escaped to the couch).  After a few hours (about 4:45) Graham finally fell asleep once him and Mom sat in a chair.
  • Reagan and Anderson were up first and laying around Graham when he finally poked his head up and said “where’s my milk?”  Poor Dad was lounging around on the couch thinking it was Saturday morning until Mom finally had to break the news to him that it was Friday.  Needless to say, he was very, very disappointed.
  • The next thing Mom did was make an appointment for Graham (though she debated it because he didn’t really have a runny nose, fever or anything else)  Everyone had breakfast on the couch and then started playing.  We spent the entire morning playing which included playing with each and everyone of our toys!
  • Dad rushed home so Mom could take only Graham to the doctors (yes, rushed especially since he was about 3 minutes late).  Mom and Graham were in the van and Reagan and Anderson were standing outside (questioning who would stay at home with them)
  • Graham was a trooper at the doctor and did in fact have puss in one ear and a bulging ear drum in the other.  Poor baby!  But all he was concerned about during our wait was going home and getting some milk.  As soon as Mom and Graham made it home, Dad left to head back to work
  • Since the weather was so beautiful, we went to Lilly’s park.  The kids were so excited-they slid and climbed and walked around the loop 2 times.  Campbell even got in on the sliding-but Mom never took the perfect picture that she had in her mind!
  • Back at home, everyone took a rest.  Reagan and Anderson were pretty wired though but Mom didn’t hear too much from them since she might possibly have been snoozing.  Next up was some Phineas and Ferb and then getting ready to eat out
  • We ate at McAlisters and then made our way to Sams to pick up Graham’s medicine and have an icee and possibly even more importantly was picking up lots and lots of milk.  Back at home it was bedtime and everyone seems to be sleeping peacefully

Dennie Kids: January 27, 2011

Artist in Training!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The other morning, Mom and Dad’s daily morning guest was in their bed and it was a quite peaceful morning.  Until Dad let out a very loud snore.  And then Graham let out two very loud snores.  Mom let out a very, very loud laugh-which pretty much ended the peaceful morning!
  • Graham has been doing good wearing his big boy underwears-but all he can last is about an hour and then he tells Mom that he doesn’t want to wear his underwears anymore and wants his diapers.  By that time, Mom is okay with that too
  • This morning it was another good drop off for Graham but poor Campbell was out of her routine when Ms. Clarice tried to change her diaper so she decided to fuss.  But she did calm down by the time Dad dropped of Graham.  Ms Clarice said that Graham always finds her on the playground and comes and talked to her.
  • Campbell had a good day at school and even went on a stroller ride, Reagan and Anderson went to chapel and Reagan brought her bear with her to learn about hibernation. 
  • Grannymom picked up the big two and they spent the afternoon decorating cookies and playing outside.  Mom picked them up and everyone headed to pick up Graham and Campbell.  Graham had been sleeping and didn’t wake up well-he was even upset when Reagan tried to show him the skittles that Grannymom had sent for him
  • Back at home, the kids played outside, colored, Reagan did her reading, read a few books, played trains, played with Anderson’s building truck and even sang a few songs.  Everything was going good until it was time for Dad to arrive and then things went downhill.  It was so bad when Dad came home that he offered for Mom to go to Target!  Ha!  Things calmed down after supper.
  • Then the kids played until bath time.  Bath went splendidly until Mom got out the foam soap-3 kids loved it and 1 went crazy nuts.  Reagan has never liked things like that and she still doesn’t.  Everytime she takes a bath lately her arms have gotten red but this time, they broke out into an itchy rash-nothing that a little bit of hydrocortisone didn’t take care of
  • They watched a movie and when Anderson and Reagan asked for another movie, they came down begging “please, please we will do anything for you”  Mom questioned what that meant and was thinking of what she wanted them to do…and Reagan said “we will do anything but drive”

Dennie Kids: January 26, 2011

Mom said we could!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The morning started off slow and Mom wanted a new breakfast menu so she pulled out the blueberry muffins to make.  But Reagan and Anderson weren’t interested so Graham made them all by himself.  Even though Reagan and Anderson didn’t want to make them, but they sure did want to eat them.  The kids finished off over a dozen tiny muffins and poor Mom didn’t even get one.
  • The silly nerf gun gets the most use in the house.  Apparently, if the nerf bullet gets stuck on the fan than it is hysterical.  Once the bullet sticks on the fan, someone has to turn it on and they all stare at the fan and wait for the bullet to fly off.  Campbell even got into the act.  When one would fall near her, she would grab it and then try to hand it to someone
  • While Campbell had her nap, Reagan, Anderson and Graham finished their letter S, Reagan finished her kindergarten workbook and then everyone colored on the window.  After Mom went outside to take their pictures, they all decided to go outside too.  And Mom being the excellent parent that she is she let them-one wearing a gown, one wearing shorts and a t shirt and one just wearing a t shirt.  They lasted longer than you would expect but were begging to go back out after lunch
  • Dad came home for lunch and we all ate.  Campbell stayed at her seat while everyone else played outside.  She busied herself with the xylophone and toy hammer.  She was glad when everyone came in so she could get down.
  • Soon it was rest time and then time to hurry and finally get on more than gowns and t shirts for church.  Dad surprised everyone and came home early so we all went to church together.  Nonna was already there getting our drinks.  The kids ate well but were disappointed that cobbler was the only dessert. 
  • Graham so Mom and Dad in the hall and was proud to tell us that he had pottied for Ms. Sonya.  He didn’t too well when we dropped him off but he did much better than Campbell did-she arched her back and started kicking her legs!  Silly girl!

Dennie Kids: January 25, 2011

I was hoping you would call!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School morning around here and Graham did not fuss-Dad was so happy that he skipped out of the building.  It did help that his teacher had a Graham cracker for him
  • Anderson walked right into his class but Mom could hardly leave Reagan.  Reagan hadn’t been to the bathroom after waking up so Mom tried to get her to go once at school but she wouldn’t.  She must have been fine but Mom was still worried about her!
  • Graham had a big day playing basketball in the gym, Campbell pooed so many times that the director called Mom, Reagan made a picture with the whole family including our red van in it and Anderson made a snowflake picture
  • Reagan and Anderson went to Nonna and Pops house after school. They went over to see Beebee and Papaw but all Anderson could think about was candy.  After Papaw passed out the candy, Anderson just wanted to know if Graham was going to get any.
  • Campbell was incredibly happy to see Mom and Graham was proud that he didn’t fuss and was excited to tell Mom (Mom didn’t believe him though).  Back at home, Mom unpacked and then Campbell took a nap.  While she did this, Mom turned on Mickey and her a Graham cuddled on the couch
  • Nonna and Pops dropped off Anderson and Reagan and everyone played until supper time.  After supper, Reagan, Anderson and Graham all said their Awana verses.  Mom was headed to Bunko (yes, again, two nights in a row).  Everyone got out the markers and colored for awhile.
  • Soon it was bedtime and the kids went to bed without a fuss.  Anderson had a little bit of a cough last night but it seems to be gone today and tonight. 

Dennie Kids: January 24, 2011

'S' is for Spider!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • With the holidays and snow days, it's been awhile since we've had a normal "Monday" Everyone slept good and Reagan was the last one up. She quickly got ready for school.  Dad and her took off with breakfast in hand.
  • Reagan had birthday bash at school, made a Cheerio bird feeder necklace and watched a movie about birds; meanwhile, the boys, Campbell and Mom tackled the laundry - a daily occurrence these days.
  • Soon Reagan and Dad were home and it was time for lunch - cheese 'n crackers and peanut butter 'n crackers
  • The big kids worked on their "S" letters - today's decor were spiders!  Then it was afternoon of playing and naps (or down time for Reagan and Anderson)
  • The pizza delivery man dropped off supper even before Dad got home; then it was time for quick video call from Nonna and Pops and then Mom headed out for Bunko.
  • A few games of nerf football and then Mickey and Phineas & Ferb movies before bedtime

Dennie Kids: January 23, 2011

She's a Cowgirl!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Sunday morning and everyone got ready without much of a fight.  We made it to church on time and drop off was fairly easy.  It probably helped that Mr. Ralph was dressed up like Bartimaeus (sunglasses, cane, begging can) and asked Graham to take him to Jesus so he could heal him.  Graham backed all the way into his classroom and only fussed when Mom shut the door.  Later during the day, Graham told Pops that the blind man couldn’t find Jesus cause he wasn’t there.  He added that Jesus died on the cross.
  • After church, we had lunch at Nonna and Pops house-she had corn which Reagan devoured and mac and cheese which was a favorite of the boys.  And Campbell loved it all-she is our eater.  She consistently cleans her plate and then eats what was left on everyone else’s plate
  • Back at home everyone rested while Dad ran a few errands.  Reagan and Anderson ended up watching Phineas and Ferb-which is the same show the kids in Graham’s class were talking about.  And Mom was quite surprised about that because Graham could care less about that show and only likes Mickey and Calliou
  • Mom and Reagan went to Bible study and choir tonight at church.  Reagan has decided that she doesn’t like choir which perplexes Mom and Dad.  She did seem to enjoy it tonight.  Back at home, the boys and Campbell were fixing supper and were ready to eat when Reagan and Mom arrived home
  • They played the evening away and then it was bedtime for everyone.  Graham usually has a hard time going to bed and fusses or calls Mom and Dad upstairs multiple times until he ends up getting into trouble-but tonight he must have been tired because he was quite from the get go

Dennie Kids: January 22, 2011

Happy Girl!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • It was a fairly lazy Saturday morning.  Graham was the first one up followed by Campbell, Reagan and Anderson.  Mom asked Anderson what he wanted to do today and he suggested walking to Jason’s house or going to Nonna’s house and getting into her attic to find Jason’s old train
  • Dad had spied Mom’s list for the day and soon was up and starting to cut the boys hair.  It had been awhile since their hair had been cut and it was quite an ordeal.  Graham can’t stay still for anything and twists, squirms, rubs his face and wipes his mouth with his shirt-needless to say there was hair all over including his mouth and eyes.  Anderson got freaked out quickly and cried like a baby for the first few minutes until Mom handed out candy
  • The next event was Graham and Mom running a few errands.  Graham was so very excited about “staying home” today but as soon as Mom said she was leaving, he was the first one to try to get out of the house.  He was great shopping with Mom until Mom tried to leave the post office without the box she was mailing.  He stopped at the door and said “the box, Mom get the box.”  He later told Mom that we needed to go back and get the box
  • Dad cooked up lunch and then everyone played very well.  Mom and Dad even both fell asleep on the couch while the kids played at their feet for about 10 minutes.  That never happens.  Though, when the nerf dart got stuck high above the cabinets, Reagan and Anderson decided to wake Mom up to get it.  Mom asked why they didn’t wake up their father to help.  They just looked at each other and then moved down the couch to ask Dad.
  • Mom went to a baby shower while the crew played and played (this was evident by all of the toys spread throughout the house-Mom is going to purge next week).  After lots of playing, Dad sent everyone to rest.  He used a bribe so nap time would run smoothly-McDonalds and it must have worked because the house was quite when Mom arrived home.
  • As soon as we pulled up to McDonalds, Campbell clapped her hands.  Maybe she remembered it from the other day.  The kids played well together and Graham was even brave enough to climb up the slide and stay most of the time with Reagan and Anderson. 
  • Back at home, Reagan and Anderson put on a superhero show.  Anderson was the announcer and introduced “the most beautiful superhero girl”  He even sang a song while the superhero girl danced.  He also had to stall for about 5 minutes while the superhero girl was getting ready.  Graham got into the act by running into the room shouting “incredible hulk”-though it sounded nothing like that

Dennie Kids: January 21, 2011

Everyone needs help sometimes!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Clothes, breakfast, cleaning up a bit and then playing trains for awhile.  Campbell and Mom spent some time practicing walking.
  • We thought that it would be a fairly calm morning with a quick trip to the doctor for Anderson.  Dad asked Grannymom if she could run over while Mom and Anderson ran to the doctor for just a few minutes…but it didn’t go down exactly like that.
  • Anderson has been limping for almost 2 weeks and even though it is much better we still went to the doctor.  She looked him over, ordered lab work (which the poor baby had just had his blood drawn a few weeks ago for allergy testing and he just cried and cried when they drew his blood-Mom held it together…barely), next we were sent to Children’s for xrays of his hip and an ultrasound.  We were given the all clear but were told if he still is limping next week then we will need to do an MRI.  (Mom doesn’t really understand why we didn’t get an xray of his foot/leg…anywho, hopefully his leg will continue to get better)
  • Anderson was a trooper through it all.  Except when we were with Dr. Martin.  Her exam room didn’t have a truck and this set the boy off.  He was whiney and fussy with Mom (enough so that Mom threatened to call Dad).  When Mom mentioned to the doctor that he was upset about not having a truck in the waiting room and when Martin said she had taken them our since everyone was falling on them-Anderson got really mad.  Of course, his mad isn’t too bad.  He did everything Martin asked but he closed his eyes when she talked to him and wouldn’t look at her.  Kind of funny!
  • At Children’s he was a trooper during the xray and ultrasound.  He enjoyed playin gin the waiting room and getting stickers and bubbles.  And what could be better than getting the promise that you would get your own icee.  Of course, Anderson thought he was going to get it on the way home and didn’t hear Mom say we would get it tomorrow-as we pulled onto Gamble he started crying when he realized he wasn’t getting it now
  • Nap time for everyone and then everyone woke up around the same time.  We colored in our coloring books-everyone spent awhile doing this.  Soon Dad was home and we headed out to eat.  After we finished eating, Dad said we had time for an icee so Anderson was thrilled.  We went to Sams and pushed all 4 kids in the shopping cart while they all sipped on the icees.  They must have been full or tired because they didn’t drink much.  After we toured Sams we walked next door to Walmart to stroll through.
  • When we finally made it home, the kids were tired and ready for bed.  After we tucked everyone in, we didn’t hear a peep from them.  Though last night, Dad heard Reagan and Anderson talking.  So he went in and asked what they were talking about.  Reagan said “Anderson had to go to the bathroom so I told him to call you.”  A few minutes later she continued with “sometimes he keeps talking and I just close my eyes and ignore him”

Dennie Kids: January 20, 2011

Artist in training!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • It was a dreaded school morning but Anderson was agreeable and all clothes were put on pretty quickly this morning.  Even Dad’s car made it to school at a decent time though Mom still had time to work on Awana stuff before taking her crew in
  • Around 10:30, Graham and Campbell’s mother’s day out director called and Mom’s heart skipped a beat.  She thought they were finally calling to kick Graham out-they were just closing early for the weather.  When Mom picked them up, she told the director that she had her in a panic but everyone went on and on about what a good little boy Graham was. 
  • Mom had picked everyone up before they had a chance to eat their lunch and Campbell was still snoozing.  Meanwhile, Grannymom picked Anderson and Reagan up early because of the snow.  Anderson’s teacher said that as they were looking at the snow, Anderson said “maybe you should think of calling our parents to come and get us”
  • Campbell and Graham went to Mom’s work for a few minutes while Mom worked on a few papers.  Mom told Graham that he could slide but he didn’t leave Mom’s side until she went in the playroom with him-he didn’t slide but decided to play in the ball pit.  Campbell enjoyed the ball pit and crawled back over to it when Mom set her down
  • Back at Grannymom’s everyone had their lunch and even a few snacks before playing for a little bit.  The kids were all a little bit wild…maybe, I should say alot wild!  We ventured out in the snow and went home.  Everyone played and played.  Dad came home with his lunch and everyone had a few bites: Graham sat with Dad at the table, Anderson walked by a grabbed a piece, Reagan was playing dog and ate hers from a dog bowl and Campbell ate the pieces that Reagan handed to her
  • Soon it was nap time.  Campbell and Graham slept while Reagan and Anderson played in their room.  Mom spreads out the blankets and pillows for them and when she came back upstairs, they had turned the lights off and Anderson was snoozing.  Soon after Reagan got up and watched some tv while everyone else woke up.
  • Dad cooked supper.  He said that it was “pick your own” and let everyone pick.  When Reagan said a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Dad reminded her that she had that for breakfast and she reminded him that “you said it was pick your own.”  Graham heard Reagan said pb and j and thought it was breakfast and asked for his waffle but did opt for pizza.
  • Everyone played for awhile and then we got the play doh.  The kids loved it and could play for a long long time.  Mom finally had to get Campbell off of the floor since she had eaten more play doh than you should consume in a day.  Campbell got to sit and play with her play doh for a little bit.  She liked it but wasn’t crazy about it-she got mad at Mom when she tried to make her smash it with her hand.

Dennie Kids: January 19, 2011

Double Trouble!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Mom and Campbell were the only ones who changed out of their pajamas today and that was only because one of them pooed in their pants (hint: not Mom!)
  • We had breakfast while reading a few stories and practicing our Awana verse.  The verse tonight was “Jesus said “I am the resurrection and the life” John 11:25.  But Reagan couldn’t get the word resurrection and would mix it up with “revelation” (Mom isn’t really sure where she hears that word though).  Anderson couldn’t say either and would also end the verse with “of the life”
  • The kids spent the morning playing.  They also spent a zillion hours playing with their legos-Mom loved it and will is now putting many, many more legos on everyone’s Christmas list. 
  • Dad came home for lunch and everyone ate as Mom read.  Macaroni, soup and hot dogs-the lunch of champions.  Campbell was in a great mood at lunch but that was because she had had a two hour nap.  She was quite fussy this morning-look at the pictures, Mom took a picture in the midst of one of her fits.  She appears happy but man, can she throw a tantrum!  What are we going to do?
  • Naps, a movie and then rushing to church.  The kids were delighted to see Nonna but when Graham saw Jason he squealed loud enough that everyone heard him.  When Campbell saw Pops from far, far away, she raised her hand and started waving at him. 
  • Cubbies for everyone-they all had a great time and then it was time for pajamas, teeth and prayers before bed.  Oh, Mom is so thankful everyone sleeps so well!

Dennie Kids: January 18, 2011

Our Superhero!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School morning and we were moving along pretty well this morning.  We all had breakfast and were at school early (Mom, Reagan and Anderson) and only a few minutes late (Dad, Graham and Campbell)
  • Dad tried to make a deal with Graham that Belle could come in and he could feed her tonight.  The deal fell through-Dad described it as a kicking screaming fit!  Oh, well Reagan, Anderson and Graham did fine
  • Nonna picked up Reagan and Anderson.  They had a big afternoon playing outside, then inside and then outside again.  They even went to see Papaw but he wasn’t home so they had to beg Nonna for some candy. 
  • Mom picked up Campbell and Graham. Campbell’s teachers just love her-even though this is two times in a row that she gets her clothes dirty (and I mean dirty) and she has to put on her spare clothes.  Graham was so happy to see Mom-he just grins from ear to ear.  Though in the car, Graham told Mom that he wanted Dad to pick him up and he also said that is why he fusses
  • Once everyone was home, Campbell took a nap, Reagan did her homework, the boys played trains, we all watched a short movie and then read lots of books.  Reagan and Anderson put on their “karate” outfits and karate-d around for a bit.  Their karate outfits are their bathrobes
  • Soon it was supper and we all had hot dogs while waiting on Dad to get home.  Once we arrived, it was time for movie night.  Tonight we watched The Incredibles.  The kids were pretty interested in it but Anderson gets to frightened.  At one time he jumped into Mom’s lap.  Reagan didn’t believe Mom when she told her that Dad was also a super hero.  Mom had to eventually reveal Dad’s powers: Super Dad!

Dennie Kids: January 17, 2011

DENNIE DINER now open!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • It was going to be a lazy morning around the house-Dad even took the van because we weren’t going anywhere.  But Grannymom called and who could pass up a chance to play at Rock Creek. 
  • The kids were so excited about going that when Anderson went upstairs to potty, he came back down fully dressed-that never ever happens.  He hates to put on his clothes and would leave the house in his pjs if possible.  Since Dad had the van, Anderson did have to walk there so it is a good thing he did put on his warm clothes.  Grannymom picked him up before he got to far down the road and gave him a ride.
  • Once we got there, the parking lot looked eerily empty so we checked the doors and they were locked.  The kids didn’t really seem to mind especially when Grannymom mentioned McDonalds.  Of course, since Mom wasn’t in her car, she didn’t have her money (nor her driver’s license).  Grannymom bought everyone a hamburger which the kids ate up (they only had a half).  Lilly said that it must have cost a lot of money to buy all of that food!
  • Back at home, Dad came in for lunch and Mom went out to run to Sams and Walmart.  While Mom was gone, Campbell had a nap and everyone else worked on coloring their menus for the Dennie Diner.
  • After Dad went back to work, the kids worked hard-and I really do mean hard preparing for the Dennie Diner.  We set the table and cleaned the “movie room” (otherwise known as the den/toy room/messiest room in the house)  After things were clean, Mom got the sheet for the movie to be played on.  Graham knew what was next and pushed a chair into the den for Mom to stand on to hang the sheet-pretty impressive
  • Campbell and Graham had a nap while Reagan and Anderson played upstairs in their room.  Mom eavesdropped and heard them playing with money.  Then she heard them taking turns “spitting up” (vomiting) out the money into the can.  They were having a blast so Mom let them alone…she had things to do.
  • Since everyone rested later when everyone was up and stirring, it was almost time for “Dinner and Movie” family night at the Dennie Diner.  The table was set, the candles lit and the food hot so Reagan screamed “places” and we all gathered in the living room.  Mom even had the diaper bag so it would all be legit!
  • Reagan was the hostess and welcomed everyone, asked how many we had, showed us to the table and passed out menus.  Graham was next up and he was the order taker for the drinks.  We looked through the menu and ordered the drinks-Graham delivered them and he was so proud.  Everyone chose the lemonade that we had made earlier in the day.
  • Reagan took the order for the main course.  It was a little complicated with all of the choices: manicotti, green beans, egg, cheese.  Eggs and green beans were the biggest hits though Mom and Dad enjoyed the manicotti.  Reagan was an excellent waitress and delighted in delivering the plates.
  • Anderson was the server for the desserts.  We had made ice pops and Dad and Anderson worked on making them.  It took a while to get them right but finally the popsicles were ready to eat-Anderson didn’t care by then, Reagan said she didn’t like them, Graham had a few bites and was done so that left Mom to eat them (Dad didn’t like them either-they had fruit chunks in it)
  • Next up was the Meet the Robinsons movie.  Reagan and Anderson watched it all while Graham and Campbell crawled around.  Mom and Dad even enjoyed it and everyone enjoyed the popcorn and candy!

Dennie Kids: January 16, 2011

"I didn't do it!"
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Church morning and we were all doing good and moving quick until we couldn’t find Reagan’s headband.  That led to all out hysterics.  Mom then tried to put a bow in her hair but since Reagan was sobbing so hard she couldn’t be still and Mom hadn’t yet had a shower and we were leaving in 15 minutes-the bow idea was aborted.  Mom gave Reagan a barrette to which Reagan replied “I won’t look pretty”-good grief!  It was a rough morning.
  • Once Reagan made it to church, she was as happy as she could be about how pretty she looked and was delighted to show Grannymom.  Also, she kept pointing out other little girls that had on boots or cute skirts.
  • If you remember last weeks post, we did manage to get Graham to class with 2 shoes on this week.  His teachers’ said that they had a good laugh last week about Graham and his shoe.  Even though he had two shoes, he was not pleased about class, nor was Campbell.
  • After church, we went to Grannymom’s house for lunch.  Reagan loved the roast, Campbell her carrots, Graham his banana pudding and Anderson, well, Anderson just really wanted dessert!  After lunch, we played for awhile and then headed home for a nap….which nobody took (except Campbell).  Graham did eventually fall asleep but only briefly
  • Mom and Reagan headed back to church for choir and Bible study.  On the way Reagan said she didn’t like choir but she had changed her mind on the way home-and since Mom had snuck her a cookie out of Bible Study she was very happy she made the trip.
  • Meanwhile, the boys and Campbell were hanging with Dad and eating supper.  When everyone made it home, we played until bedtime.  The highlight was acting Jack and Jill went up the hill, over and over! and over and over!
  • After drinking an entire water bottle (Reagan) and a huge cup of milk (Anderson), they still begged Mom for their water bottles in bed.  Mom and then Dad declined.  Later, they called Mom up to beg for their water bottles.  They said they “would do anything" for Mom.  Reagan said her tummy was starving and Anderson agreed that his tummy was empty and full of air.
  • The other day, Mom and Dad had a grocery list going on the counter.  Later in the day when Mom looked at the list at the grocery store-she noticed one odd item that she didn’t recall listing: CAT  (it was written in Reagan’s handwriting)

Dennie Kids: January 15, 2011

A new hiding spot?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • It was Sleep-in Saturday except not everyone cooperated.  Actually Graham slept an hour and half later than yesterday and slept til 7:30.  Anderson won the prize for being up first this morning right at 7:00
  • We played around the house most of the morning until Dad said it was time to go to Bebe's.  Her birthday is tomorrow so we dropped off our card we made plus Mom made them an Italian supper dish (part of her Christmas present to them - "Dish of the Month."  Pawpaw gave us candy and Campbell enjoyed crawling away down the long hallway.  Dad ran an errand while we were there so we eventually walked over to Nonna's but first walked across the bridge from Bebe's to Nonna's where Anderson exclaimed, "A snow creek..." where they saw snow remnants underneath the little bridge
  • Soon Dad was back to pick up Mom but we got to stay at Nonna and Pops all afternoon. Even Uncle Jason came to visit and play.  We had lunch there, played outside and cut out Valentine hearts.  No one had a nap all afternoon.
  • Mom  & Dad picked us up and soon it was time to head home.  We ate supper, drank milk and then some more milk.  Then it was bath time and we all love bath except for the washing part.  But we all enjoyed putting on our robes after the bath.
  • Then we watched a Curious George before brushing a teeth and saying our prayers before going to bed. 

Dennie Kids: January 14, 2011

My First Lolipop!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Mom had two goals today-cut 80 finger and toenails and clean her closet (which had gotten very, very bad).  Since Graham woke up at 6, you would have thought that Mom would have gotten an early start.
  • Anderson heard Graham and was ready to wake up soon after but Mom talked him back into laying down.  But soon Dad heard him trying to talk to Reagan so he joined everyone in Mom’s room.  As you can imagine, all of this noise woke Campbell up (Belle took her spot in the den so she has been moved back to the bathroom). 
  • Mom was able to get a head start on the closet and most of the finger and toe nails done.  The kids played upstairs and by the time we were dressed and downstairs for breakfast, it was nearly 9:30.  We had to eat breakfast quickly so we could make to to the library on time (we were late last week)
  • We made it on time and even made it upstairs without too much off a ruckus.  Storytime was great-Reagan is so all into it and Anderson is to but when the leader asked if we should sing a song again, Anderson shouted “no” and then sat down when she sang it again.  Graham just takes it all in until the last 15 minutes and then he puts his carpet square upside down in his lap and scoots around.  Campbell knew exactly what to do when it was time to play the sticks and even got a little bit of head action going on
  • Back at home, Dad was already there for lunch.  We had lunch and then played some until Mom turned on a movie for us while she finished her closet.  Campbell spent her time putting books inside of Reagan’s dollhouse.  Graham watched the movie for a minute and then made his way upstairs to ask Mom to go to bed.  Mom said no (since no one was sleeping until she was finished with her closet) so Graham just screamed at Mom until she was done.  It was a very long 20 minutes!
  • Naptime for everyone and then it was time to get ready to meet Dad and Sarah Ashley at Larry’s Pizza.  The kids ate/devoured their pizza-especially the chocolate chip pizza.  Let’s just say Graham had more chocolate on his face/body than one wipee or eve a box of wipees could get off.
  • After the pizza was over, the money was spent, the prizes awarded (3 lollipops, 3 chocolate kisses-not bad for 8 dollars)-the evening was over and it was time for bed.  The kids changed into the pjs and when it was bedtime, Mom and Dad never heard anything from them.

Dennie Kids: January 13, 2011

We just love to brush our teeth!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Back in the routine today-it was hard to go to school today with snow still on the ground (by the way, the drive to school was beautiful)  Anderson screamed on the way “LOOK!” Mom panicked but then Anderson continued with “A pine tree”-I guess it had been a while since he had been out of the house
  • Graham didn’t do well at drop off and when he saw Mom he confessed “I fussed, I didn’t go outside, I didn’t”  Campbell was dressed in her cute sweater vest and Mom decided to get her picture when they came home-but she had a diaper blow out so she was dressed in her pjs when Mom picked her up. 
  • Reagan didn’t mind at all about going to school.  And by the time Mom made her way to sign Anderson in, his teacher was hanging up his coat, he had his school box and was starting to cut.  Kind of makes Mom sad that he doesn’t get upset about going to class.  She has to come in and find him to tell him bye and give him a kiss
  • Grannymom picked up Reagan and Anderson and they had a big afternoon of playing, eating and more eating.  Mom picked up Campbell and then dropped her off at the Nutrition Center to meet Dad for her brain lab re-do.  She wasn’t crazy about the brain lab again but after she finished she went to work for a few minutes with Dad.  She hammed it up for Dad’s coworkers.  On the way to the nutrition center, Graham saw the capitol and kept saying “Dad work there”  He couldn’t understand that Dad doesn’t work there now and really hasn’t in 10 years.
  • Everyone coming home for spaghetti for supper.  Mom was wise enough to strip Campbell down before we ate.  The kids devoured their meal and then Mom read a zillion books before bedtime

Dennie Kids: January 12, 2011

"Y'all have 5 minutes...and
then you need to come in!"
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Our first to-do item this morning was a trip to Kroger-doesn’t everyone take 4 kids in 10 degree weather out to buy a galloon of milk.  Mom couldn’t have asked for better kids today-they wore their heavy coats inside the store without complaining and they even switched riding in the shopping cart car without complaint.  The boys were in it first and when Mom made them get out, Reagan asked if Campbell was going to get to ride.  Mom said no and then looked to see Campbell climbing out of the shopping cart (she was trying to get herself in the little shopping cart car)
  • After shopping, we headed home and everyone wanted to play in the snow.  Mom didn’t want to this time but sent everyone out while she unloaded the groceries.  Campbell was taking her nap.  Graham lasted about 2 minutes outside-it took Mom 6 minutes to put his gloves on.  Reagan and Anderson could have stayed outside forever.  As soon as Mom made them come in, they both stripped down and found warm dry clothes
  • Nonna arrived next and everyone was happy to see her.  She played for awhile and then we all sat down for lunch.  Reagan and Anderson were happy to say their Awana Bible verses for her.  Anderson needs a cue to get his verse started but then he would shout (and I mean shout) it out.  Reagan can read hers and was so very proud of herself.  Graham got mad at Mom when she didn’t let him have his turn with the Bible verse book.  So when she handed him the book he said “Santa coming soon” and grinned as big as he could
  • Soon it was time for Nonna to leave and time for naps for everyone.  The kids rested well and after snack and a movie it was time for more playing!  We worked on a special birthday card and then waiting on Dad to come home.  Dad had supper and we pretty much devoured it. 
  • We changed into our pajamas and played a game with Mom.  Then Reagan read a little bit of “Go Dog Go” to Dad and the boys.  Afterwards, it was bedtime-school day tomorrow

Dennie Kids: January 11, 2011

We'll just make it snow!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Right before Dad left he told Mom about how cold and windy it was today so she didn’t let us go outside until Campbell was taking her morning nap.
  • After breakfast, we all played inside for awhile.  Then we read a few stories, worked a few worksheets, finished our letter Rs (roads for the boys and a rabbit for Reagan).  Campbell sat at the table and watched us work-Mom did feed her cheerios every once in awhile.
  • Next up was work on snowman rice krispy treats.  Graham poured in the marshmallows and Reagan and Anderson worked on the rice krispies.  Poor Campbell enjoyed eating the treats but they would get stuck on her finger and would make her crazy.  After they were made, everyone decorated their own little snowman.
  • Campbell (who has only had her sippy cup today) went to sleep for her morning nap and we started getting ready to go outside for back yard snow play.  It only took us 40 minutes to get on our clothes!  The kids loved playing in the backyard. 
  • Before Mom knew it, Graham was climbing up the ladder with his snowy shoes on.  He made it and next up was Anderson and Reagan.  They thought they were something else knocking the snow off of the roof.  We played outback for awhile (Mom spent most of the time running in and out of the house-she was freezing today). 
  • When we decided to come around front, we saw Grannymom-she had walked over to our house today and was looking for us.  After a few minutes out front, we headed inside to warm up and eat some lunch.  Grannymom stayed and played for awhile and as soon as she headed home, we all headed upstairs for nap
  • Reagan and Anderson worked in their workbooks while everyone else went to sleep.  They played for awhile and as Mom left and told them to get into bed, Anderson was standing in the floor lifting hangars as weights.  He wanted me to fill his muscles and said that he needed to do his exercises
  • Later in the afternoon, Reagan and Anderson were watching a movie and there was a commercial for Space Saver Bags.  Reagan told Mom that they wanted her to have those.  Anderson said that you put stuff in them and they get flat.  Reagan also added that bugs, water and “something else” can not get inside-Mom has decided that maybe they shouldn’t watch any more tv with commercials
  • Dad was home a little bit early and soon we went to the other peanut place to eat (Texas Roadhouse).  Mom was a little less concerned about this trip since Anderson survived the last trip to the other peanut place.  The kids devoured the rolls (and butter), Campbell put on a show when Dad handed her a lemon, Graham almost left his shoe at the restaurant and Anderson was ready to leave as soon as the rolls ran out!
  • We shivered the whole way home and then ate our snowman treats and even saved a few bites for tomorrow.

Dennie Kids: January 10, 2011

Snow Day!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
(click here for a video)
  • Graham had an upset tummy early this morning which led to his diaper overflowing and running down his legs causing him to need a new diaper, new pants, new sheets, a new blanket, a new pillowcase, a bath for him and bath for Donald Duck.  Mom heard none of this excitement nor did she hear when Graham woke up again with the same issue (much less of a mess this time).  Dad put Graham in bed with Mom and then Dad disappeared downstairs to the waiting arms of his snuggie
  • The first thing that Anderson did this morning was check to make sure that the snow was still there.  He was happy to see that it was still there.  After homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, it was time to start suiting up
  • Man, suiting up for snow play is tough and we even added more layers today since we knew we would be out for awhile.  Campbell even got in on the act-2 shirts, tights, pants, shoes, Dad’s socks over her shoes and pants, mittens, hat and jacket-she was so proud of herself and cried at the gate until Mom took her down the stairs.
  • The first order of business today was making a snowman but our snow was not very wet so the snowman making was tough work.  Dad thought of putting the snow in buckets and it worked very well.  The snowman wasn’t too tall but he had a carrot nose just like Reagan has been talking about for months so our snowman got the Dennie kids thumbs up.
  • The driveway had melted so there wasn’t any sledding on it but the street was nice and icy.  The kids each had a few sleds down the hill but we had to stop quite often for the cars to pass by.  Campbell was getting ready to move since Mom had put her in the wagon to watch us and she wasn’t too pleased.  She wanted to be done playing in the snow
  • After we finished sledding, it was time for the big walk.  The kids have been talking about walking to Grannymom and Grandpa’s house for a while and we have been telling them that we will have to wait until the weather is nice.  We did figure that Grannymom and Grandpa would need some visitors today so we headed over.  Dad pulled the wagon with Campbell and sometimes Graham in it while Mom held hands/drug Anderson and Reagan.  Dad wasn’t too sure that we would even be able to make it there so Mom packed diapers, milk and some cookies (she has her priorities). 
  • After we made it down the big Gamble hill we were on our way.  The kids did great walking there-Anderson would get behind because he would get busy touching the snow and Reagan would lag because she insisted on walking in everyone’s yard and not on the sidewalk or street
  • When we made it there, we all undressed and Grannymom put at least 16 socks in the dryer along with lots of other winter gear.  The kids snacked and snacked-even choosing to eat a popsicle or two.  They must not have realized that it was 30 degrees outside and all of their toes were frostbitten!
  • After suiting up again, we headed home.  We seemed to make better time coming home and Dad and Campbell went in to warm up.  Everyone else played-wrestles, had snowball fights (Anderson did get his snowball, walk to the edge of the yard and waited on the couple walking by-Mom quickly thwarted his plan), made snow angels, buried each other and found the perfect snowball to save in the freezer.   Sometime in the middle of this, Mom heard Graham by the front door saying “get me out of here”  Dad rescued him from the cold.
  • Soon everyone was inside and warming up with a bath.  Next was nap time and Campbell and Graham must have been tired because they didn’t wake up until nearly 5.  Reagan and Anderson were quiet for awhile and then watched a few movies.  Then we had hot dogs for supper which everyone devoured.  Mom read a few books and Dad made snow icees.  What could be better!
  • After hours and hours and playing it was time to finally go to bed.  The kids were tired but they were excited about playing in the back yard in the morning.

Dennie Kids: January 9, 2011

First Snow of 2011!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
(click here for a video)
  • We didn’t have enough time for breakfast around here so we had to stop by Burger King for our cinna-minis (hopefully, this will just be a rare treat since Mom and Dad are on a budget).  Anyway, Mom knew Campbell couldn’t have a whole cinna-mini so she brought her a bowl to eat from.  Mom put in a few cheerios and on the way to Burger King Mom tried to get the bowl from Campbell to put in more cheerios-Campbell wasn’t happy about Mom taking the bowl.  Then Mom put the cinna-mini in the bowl and when Mom looked back on the way to church, Campbell tried to hand the bowl back to get more!
  • As Mom was looking back in the van, she saw Graham’s feet and shouted “where is your other shoe?”  Thankfully, she spotted it laying in the floor of the van and was relieved that the crisis was averted (so she thought)
  • Since Mom is trying hard to get the “bad Mom” award we didn’t wear any coats to church today (we had them in the van but putting on 4 coats to walk 10 feet and then hauling them around for 3 hours is just too much).  Anyway, Dad dropped everyone off and we all hurried out of the car grabbing our one last cinna-mini
  • Church was fine and dandy until Dad went to pick up Graham.  First there was a note on the door saying “Parents please send a sippy cup for your child each week” (Mom didn’t today-thought Graham could just drink juice from the cups there).  But the note should have said “Parents please send TWO SHOES for your child each week”-because poor Graham never got on his second shoe from the van.  Honestly, don’t you think the door greeters should have said “Ma’am, that little kid of yours only has on one shoe.”  I am sure everyone just looked at us walking down the hall and thought “that is what happens when you have 4 kids”
  • After church, we made it to Nonna’s house (with all of the kids) for a chili lunch.  The kids could hardly stand it they were so excited about the snow.  Dad left after lunch to run some errands and soon after it started snowing.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham ran around on the deck for a few minutes trying to catch the snow on their tongue.  Before long, Pops kicked us out and made us go home-or he was just worried about us getting home before the roads got too bad.  Mom ventured home without Dad and without her phone (it was left at home).  They made it fine and Campbell laid down for her nap.  Graham was completely happy with taking a nap today when Mom opened the window blinds for him to look out at the snow
  • Reagan and Anderson spent most of their nap time looking out of Mom’s window at the snow.  They couldn’t believe it and they were unbelievably excited when Mom said they could go outside later.  Soon Graham was up and everyone started dressing for the winter weather.  A shirt, sweatshirt, 2 pairs of socks, gloves, hat, jacket-times 3!  Reagan was not happy at all about all of the clothes and just wanted to wear her light coat.
  • Before Mom could even suit up, everyone was laying in the snow making snow angels.  The kids had a blast but they were frustrated about not being able to make a snow ball easily.  Mom was secretly glad because she didn’t want to get hit by too many snow balls.  We pulled out the sled (over 30 years old and borrowed from Nonna).  They loved it.  Mom would stand in the street to catch the sled, Dad pushed and the two that weren’t on the sled chased the sled down the driveway.  Of course, children running down the driveway ended many times in slips and slides.  Graham did a face plant once-thankfully in the grass and came up ready to get his snow covered hat off.  But after a sled ride he was completely happy again.
  • When it was time to come in, no one was happy but everyone was soaking wet.  Dad sent everyone upstairs for a bath (except Campbell-she missed the snow since she was napping and had a quick shower this morning-well, she was still wet after everyone’s bath thanks to Reagan and Anderson)  After baths, we all came down for supper.  Mom had made soup but no one really liked her soup-but everyone still ate her soup (needless to say it wasn’t a pleasant dining experience)
  • Next up, was watching the 3 four-wheelers from across the street.  They saw the kids and started doing lots of 360s in front of the house.  All 4 kids just stood in front of the window and watched for the longest time.  The neighbor even came over to talk for a minute-he asked if they were bothering us and was worried about the kids bedtime.  Mom told him they were our entertainment and thanked them!
  • After the four-wheeler show was over, we made hot chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate chips.  Anderson managed to spill his which ran through the table crack and then splattered onto the floor-what a sticky mess.  Soon everything was clean and they moved into the living room to watch tv with Dad
  • Everyone went to bed quickly because they were all excited about making a snowman in the morning-Campbell will even get to play some!

Dennie Kids: January 8, 2011

Junior Firemen!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Dad was really the only productive one this morning-he had the oil changed and Christmas lights off of the house before the rest of us finished our breakfast.
  • The kids started playing in the den and shortly thereafter Grannymom and Grandpa stopped by to hang Mom’s new IKEA light.  Grandpa hung it up and it looks great.  Graham spent most of the time standing in a chair supervising Grandpa’s work-he also ended up finding his hard hat, goggles and pliers to help
  • Reagan and Anderson were very interested in looking at their photo books with Grannymom.  They wanted to look at every picture and talk about each little thing.  After everyone left, the kids decided to color while Mom organized the pantry.  When they were finished Mom gave everyone jobs to do (pick up the crayons, pick up the markers and pick up the floor)  Graham didn’t want to do his job-Mom had to use the spoon but since that didn’t help, Dad came and repeated the process.  He finally finished his job of picking up the floor but will remember his spankings-since he only had on big boy underwear and not a diaper to protect his bottom. 
  • Mom had a baby shower to go to so the kids and Dad stayed at home and got their clothes on.  Next Dad dropped the boys off at church for a fireman birthday party.  They were so excited-Anderson nearly knocked Graham over trying to get out of the van.  There was a big ladder truck with the lights on greeting everyone.  After a game of putting the badge on the fireman, it was time to go outside. 
  • We looked at the fire truck, took pictures, sat in the front, climbed on the back and then the grand finale-3 loops around the church with the lights and sirens blazing!  The boys were thrilled (and a tiny bit freezing).  Afterwards, as we were about to go back inside-they realized the church doors were locked…..Mom had to call Pops to come and let everyone back in the church house.  The grandma was pretty concerned about where Pops lived-Mom should have said Conway!
  • Nonna and Pops showed up with the key (much to the delight of the party guests).  The boys were so happy to run and tell them all about the fire truck and birthday party.  Next up was cake and then presents.  Graham ate every bit of his cake-he was the last one at the table and still chowing down.  Ian’s big present was a big boy bike.  Ian’s Mom was worried about riding in the church but Mom gave them the thumbs up.  It was a good thing since while Mom was busy talking she noticed Anderson speeding down the hallway on the bike.  That boy did really good on the bike-Mom was very impressed. 
  • Meanwhile, Dad and the girls were having a date at Wendys.  Reagan had done so well at the eye doctor that she had been awarded a icee treat.  She decided that she wanted a frosty from Wendys and wanted to use her coupon from Halloween.  Reagan wanted to hand the coupon to the lady all by herself and then told what kind she wanted. She was very proud of herself and finished off every bit of her frosty.
  • Next up, Dad picked up the birthday party crew and everyone headed out to eat at the “peanut place.” The wait was crazy long but the kids just kept inhaling the peanuts (yes, even Anderson even though his allergy report mentioned peanuts-don’t worry, crazy Mom gave him so benedryl when we came home even though he has eaten peanuts many, many times before)  Finally, we ate and since it was so late the kids were starving but out of everyone Campbell ate the most.  She was so tired that she would lay her head on the table in between bites. 

Dennie Kids and Tara’s Birthday (one more time): January 7, 2011

Celebrating with Friends!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Today was literary day around here-we started off reading books even before Dad had left for work-probably because the kids had found Mom and Dad’s new book lights (they came with their snuggies-seriously)  The sun was not yet up so we definitely needed them
  • After we had our clothes on, the kids grabbed more books to read at breakfast-plus we are reading Stuart Little.  We read and read until Mom looked up and realized we had to move quickly or we would be late for the library
  • We made it to the library just in time.  We go to the downtown library and the kids immediately got their carpet squares and sat down.  Graham does just what Reagan and Anderson do.  He just takes it all in with his big eyes.  Reagan and Anderson love story time-they even speak out loud-maybe even a little too much!  Campbell started off in her buggy but then really wanted to get down and crawl around-she was happy sitting playing with her name tag.  After story time, it was time for craft - Reagan’s favorite.   She could have glued and colored forever.
  • After the library, we picked Dad up and we went to eat and then ran an errand to the book store.  The kids were so impressed with all of the books and probably have never been to a bookstore.  We had to explain that we couldn’t check them out and take them home
  • Next up was home for a nap.  Grannymom called Mom just as everyone was bedded down and mentioned the Target Christmas clearance.  Since Mom didn’t think she should leave the kids home alone, Grannymom and Grandpa came over to stay and play for a few minutes while Mom power shopped.
  • We all made some of Reagan’s snowman soup (hot chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate and candy canes).  Everyone made some and everyone made a mess but they had lots of fun
  • When Dad came home, it was time to leave for Jacob and Ethan’s house to celebrate Mom’s birthday one more time.  April had barbeque and beans and hot dogs for the kids.  The kids ate and then headed upstairs to play-they trashed the upstairs but the grownups had a great time talking!  After cupcakes and presents it was time to go home and the kids were devastated.  And Campbell was completely worn out because she spent more of her time trying to climb up the stairs.  While everyone was singing to Mom, Campbell did make it halfway up the stairs

Happy Birthday Mom!: January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • It started off as a pretty rough morning for Graham.  First he got in trouble for kicking Mom and was sent to bed.  After a few minutes, he stopped screaming and Mom thought she better check-he was standing in the middle of the floor quietly (probably scared he would get in trouble again when Mom found out that he had gotten out of bed)
  • His morning didn’t get any better when Dad dropped him off.  It was an all out fit-Mom and Dad are starting to get a little bit worried since Graham’s early morning teacher is as old as Methuselah!  Campbell is a sweet little girl at school-her teachers asked to take her home.  They were also impressed with her multiple waves and kisses.
  • Anderson and Reagan walked right into their class today.  After Mom dropped Reagan off, she had to look for Anderson.  He was in his class playing with a bucket of sand.  Poor Ms. Wendelyn thought that the sand was going to stay on the little mat she had it on-I bet sand was all over that room!
  • Grannymom picked up Reagan and Anderson from school.  They spent most of the afternoon playing inside and then playing outside.  When Mom arrived with Graham and Campbell, everyone played outside more and then went inside for lots and lots of snacks. 
  • Back at home, Campbell took a nap and the rest of us played and played until Dad came home from work and then it was time to celebrate Mom’s birthday! 
  • Mom had already been celebrating all day beginning with lunch with Dad.  Tonight at Nonna and Pops’ house we had a huge Hawaiian hamburger with all of the trimmings, fries and beans.  Dessert was brownies and a delicious chocolate pie.  Then we opened presents-money from Beebee and Papaw, a Target gift card from Jason, a shopping trip IOU and a plate from Mom’s Christmas dishes from Nonna and Pops.  Overall Mom had a great birthday-and still plans on celebrating for the rest of the month!
  • Yesterday, Reagan and Mom were talking her birthday and eating supper at Nonna’s house.  Reagan asked if lots of people would be there, if there would be a pinata and if there would be goodie bags.  The answer to all of the questions were No so Reagan thought for a few moments and then said “Mom, I will show you a real birthday party”

Dennie Kids: January 5, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Grannymom was over a little bit before 9 and Mom and Reagan were off to the eye doctor.  Reagan had failed her eye exam at the pediatrician’s office so we made an appointment.  She did great and has 20/20 vision so no glasses were needed here.  He did say that she had some allergies in her eyes (Mom wasn’t surprised because allergies are the theme of the week)  Reagan spent a lot of time deciding where she wanted Dad to take her as her reward
  • After Grannymom left, Mom worked on the house for a little bit while everyone watched a movie.  Anderson was going to watch one in the living room and Reagan asked to watch hers in the den.  As Mom was trying to put Reagan’s movie in, Mom realized that the DVD player was missing (Dad did it).  Reagan was very disappointed but was quickly distracted with Anderson’s movie
  • On the way to Nonna’s house, we had a very long discussion about Bailey (our other dog that ran away over 3 years ago).  Reagan, Anderson and even Graham told me how much they miss Bailey, how they wanted to find her and they wanted Dad to call the pound to look for her (Mom mentioned the pound).  As soon as our conversation ended, Reagan said “was Bailey a cat?”
  • The big kids stayed at Nonna’s house while Mom took Campbell to the Nutrition Center.  Campbell was not pleased when we stretched her out to measure her and she was definitely not pleased when it was time to put on her brain lab hat.  She did finally calm down and sat nicely through brain lab.  During the psych, she was the cutest baby ever.  She would try her best to grab the toys, wouldn’t give them back and would shove them away when she was finished!
  • Mom had put three car seats into Nonna’s car and then everyone met at church for supper and then Cubbies.  Mom was Zip E Zebra tonight and they had all figured it out tonight-probably because Reagan saw Mom running ahead of her class to get to the puppet room on time.

Video Round Up

Here a few videos taken the past few days:

Click here for video - Driving to Dallas (December 30, 2010)

Click here for video - Reagan (5 years, 3 months old)

Click here for video - Anderson (4 years old)

Click here for video - Graham (2 years, 5 months old)

Click here for video - Campbell (1 year old)

Dennie Kids: January 4, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • This was our first day back in the swing of things after the holiday (well most of us).  Reagan and Anderson were off of school for one more day.  The rest of us made it to work and school at a fairly decent time. 
  • Robby said that Graham didn’t fuss until after he left the room-he also said that he was about to walk back in the room and get the boy and take him back home.  Reagan and Anderson didn’t have to think twice about spending the day with Nonna.  They went to the library for story time, played with fuzzoodles and went to see Beebee and Papaw
  • Mom picked up Graham and he was so happy to see her.  Campbell’s teachers said that she had thrown one fit but also at one time during the day, the teacher was giving Campbell cheerios one at a time.  Each time she handed her one, she would put one on her pants leg for Campbell to pick up.  Later, when the teacher gave Campbell one in her hand, Campbell placed it on her leg and then picked it up to eat it.
  • While Mom was at work today, the nurse called to tell her about Anderson’s allergy test.  She started off by saying that he was allergic to quite a bit-tomatoes, corn, peanuts, walnuts, every tree, every grass, dog, cat…and there were a few that Mom couldn’t write down the nurse was rattling them off so quick.  Goodness gracious.  Needless to say, we will make an appointment with an allergist tomorrow.
  • Nonna and Pops brought Reagan and Anderson home and after they left, everyone started getting on their Razorback Red.  Mom didn’t think too much about it when Graham started talking about the razorback in his cage (we saw it last time we went tailgating) but when Anderson said that maybe Jacob would be there, Mom knew she was in trouble….the kids thought we were going to the game.
  • Mom had just showed them where the game was and where we were on the map when Dad walked in.  Dad could see the disappointment on the faces and quickly thought about getting the inflatable hog out, which led to the inflatable football man, which led to the inflatable goal post and Razorback flag.  Soon all of this led to a full blown family night.
  • Family Night-we had our hot dogs and cheese dip (football food) and even took a few family pictures.  Mom quickly whipped up a brownie in a football shaped pan (and there is a reason there are no pictures of it).  After supper while Mom and Dad cleaned up, the kids had to find 3 red things.  Then everyone had a turn throwing the ball to the inflatable football man and playing catch with Dad.  Next up, was putting on pajamas-they all had to find some with red on them (everyone did all by themselves-even Graham).  Then we devoured Mom’s football brownie.  After Campbell went down for the night, it was time for the football game. 
  • Anderson was on the edge of his seat the entire time.  When the touchdown was called back and Robby said the player put his wrist down-Anderson shouted “I don’t know what a wrist is”   He even said that he was going to be a football player when he grows up. 

Dennie Kids: January 3, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • There wasn’t a lot going on this morning around here.  Anderson and Reagan spent most of the morning building bridges and animal homes using train tracks, blocks and the animals.  Graham spent most of his time knocking down their buildings and Campbell spent most of her time crawling as fast as she could toward all of the buildings attempting to knock them down herself (Mom spent her time chasing Campbell, getting on to Graham and calming down Reagan and Anderson)
  • We read a few stories at breakfast and then read a few more before lunch.  Reagan and Anderson will sit so still for a story and Graham is really getting better at sitting down.  Maybe they sat so well today because they were eating the entire time.  We finally just sat the big popcorn bucket down in the middle of us so they could grab it easier
  • Dad came home for lunch and we all ate our spaghettios and cheese dip-the lunch of champions.  Campbell spit out her spaghettios so she had green beans instead.  Mom was trying to only let her have her sippy cup today-we didn’t do so good.  She finally finished off one cup at breakfast but had a complete meltdown when she saw an empty bottle in the dishwasher.  When Dad came home for lunch though, Mom did let her have a bottle-at least they made it until lunch…baby steps
  • Speaking of baby steps.  Graham wore big boy underwear and did very good all morning long.  But there must be something about lunch time because he then had 2 accidents.  He did take off his underwear for Mom and handed them to her while saying “I poopoo in my pants”-thankfully it wasn’t poopoo but they were wet!  We made it until lunch with our big boy underpants and then it was back to the diaper
  • Nap time and then everyone put on their clothes (yes we were still in our pajamas) to go to Nonna and Pops’ house for pizza.  The kids enjoyed playing for a bit and Mom and Dad took everyone’s pictures and did some video shooting of the kids.  We even used the ink pad to make Campbell’s footprint for her wall. 
  • Campbell found a seat at Nonna’s and she was so proud of herself sitting on it.  She was also pretty happy about letting Anderson push her around while she was on the little push toy-until he knocked her off and then fell on top of her.  When he knocked her off, he slammed his hand to his forehead and muttered something!  Later when he fell on top of her, he bounced up and shouted “I’m okay”
  • Tonight when we went to check on the kids, Reagan had put her taggie on top of her head with her headband securing it.  She looked like she had on veil-oh my!

Dennie Kids and Tara’s Birthday: January 2, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Since church wasn’t until 11 this morning, everyone had time to sit at the table and eat breakfast.  Campbell took a quick shower and then Graham had one.  The whole time Graham was in the shower, he was crying and squealing but as soon as Dad turned off the water he said “that was fun”
  • At church, the boys and Campbell went to class while Reagan went to big church with us.  She spotted Beebee and Papaw and went over to say hi and show them her new shoes. 
  • Church went long and then it took a while to get the kids and leave the parking lot so when we made it to Grannymom’s house everyone was starving.  Campbell practically ate a whole can of beans and when Mom was serving Anderson more rice, he said “I can just eat out of the bowl”-he was talking about the whole serving bowl.
  • After lunch, we celebrated Tara’s birthday with delicious pie and presents-what could be better.  She opened up cute bowls, a Southern Living cookbook, under shelf baskets and 2 boxes.  It was a great start to her month long birthday celebration.
  • The kids played for a while and then it was time for naps back at home.  Everyone but Reagan and Anderson took a nap (even Mom and Dad).  Reagan and Anderson played for awhile and then watched a few movies.  When everyone woke up, Mom and Dad spent the evening cleaning, straightening and organizing.  The kids got out all of the toys in the den (yes, all of them) and arranged them and said they were having a “hoe-down.” 
  • We had to put the gate at the bottom of the stairs because Campbell can now climb up the steps-she has only made it to the second step so far but since she is pretty strong willed it was time for the gate.

IKEA Excursion plus more: January 1, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)


After a wild night of partying, we were all sound asleep before midnight…and boy were we tired.  The hotel was a little busy so I was worried that we would hear some noise at midnight but we slept right through it.  The kids had been asleep for hours and we had been asleep for almost an hour.  Around 2, I did hear a bang and then saw Anderson whispering about his covers.  The brave little guy walked through the room he was in all the way to my bed in a dark hotel room.  I got him back down and fixed his covers and the next time any of us looked at the clock it was almost 8-we love hotel sleeping.


Breakfast wasn’t as busy this morning and Robby didn’t have to wait in the omelet line too long.  The kids ate well (not as well as yesterday) but their tummys were still full (until the moment we set in the car).  Then we went back upstairs to load up to head home.  I have taught Reagan and Anderson to do a search in the hotel rooms for anything that we have left-they enjoy looking under the beds, opening the closet and drawers and looking behind the drapes.  I don’t know how much that would really find but they seem to like their job.  When Robby had the luggage cart, he wheeled it out of the room full of our bags and full of 3 little Dennie kids hanging on for a ride. 


As soon as the kids bottoms hit the car seats, they are begging for food.  I started opening the box of crackers and turned around to see 4 little hands stretching out to grab some crackers.  We went through 3 sleeves of saltine crackers on the way home-imagine how many crumbs are in the car!  Graham saw IKEA as we drove off and got upset.  He thought that we were going back-Robby did ask if we needed to go back but our budget started on the 1st so what fun would just looking be!


We didn’t stop until New Boston at McDonalds.  The kids had been asking about a bathroom stop for a little bit and this was the first place we saw.  They forgot all about needing to use the bathroom when they saw the slide at McDonalds.  We all ate and then Reagan, Anderson and Graham slide 3 times while Campbell practiced drinking from a straw (she likes coke!).  Back in the car and just a few miles down the road, they were asking for crackers again.  When Campbell and Graham are busy eating, they are quiet…and that is nice!

We could have gotten gas when we left New Boston but thought we would drive as far as we could since we would soon need another bathroom stop.  We made it to Arkadelphia before having to stop for a quick pit/gas stop.  The kids were ready to get home but they did a good job in the car on the trip.  The movies that I had for the ride home didn’t keep their attention quite as well.


When we turned off of 630, Anderson looked around, heard the gps and said “we don’t need that gps anymore.”  He was right since we were home.  Robby and I dropped them off at Grannymom and Grandpa’s for a bit while we unloaded the car and started the zillion loads of laundry and unloaded a tableful of my IKEA purchases.


We went back to Grannymom’s for supper.  After supper, the kids played for a few more minutes and then we came home.  At home, we were able to play and then everyone went to bed…a few minutes earlier than usual (so nice that no one can really tell time yet!)


Robby and I worked on putting together our IKEA purchases.  Since it was from a box, you had to put it all together.  We are a pretty good assembly team and finished at a decent time.  We also had to rehang a picture and then opened up 2 lamps.  One is a tree lamp-that Reagan had seen and liked at the store.  I had seen it but just walked past but then looked at it again when she mentioned it and decided that I liked it too.  Once everything was assembled we were very pleased (even though Robby said that we couldn’t buy anything that we had to put together again)  Pictures to come tomorrow!