February 28, 2023

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  • I woke right up at 7:10 this morning. The ACT scores came out today so I spent the night dreaming about numbers. Of course when I did check the scores early this morning they weren't out, so I wenr right on back to sleep and slept soundly until it was well past time to wake up this morning.
  • Those pesky little scores did come back later in the day. Reagan went up 2 points and Anderson was just one point behind her. He will have to take the accuplacer tests so he can take college algebra next year like she did, so we will start on that next week. 
  • Reagan response to her score today was "ugh." However, she will have 6 hours of college credit by the end of this year, and it looks like she will take 9 more hours each semester next year so her score certainly shouldn't get her down.
  • Reagan and the big boys had comm central this morning. She is about to take her midterm in one class which really surprised me that we are near the middle of the semester. It sure doesn't seem like it, but I will certainly take it. I'm a bit ready to start fresh with new books and things.
  • When Graham came home from school, I took him driving. He drove all of the way to Nonna and Pops' house. He did very well-I did find myself holding on, but I think that I have done that with everyone as they are beginning. I sure am glad that I am teaching the first 3 how to drive and Robby will do the last 3.
  • Much later in the evening, we picked up a friend and went to Defy for quite a long time. We were there long enough that the boys were waiting on the car to return so they could go to basketball practice tonight.
  • This is their last basketball practice-they have had a lot of fun this season. I think that they will be a bit bummed that it will be over, but I'm not sure if I will be.
  • We made hamburgers for our supper tonight and ended up eating pretty late. The boys even ate later since they didn't make it on from basketball until after 9. I guess since we ate so late that we can't really have dessert either tonight-hmm, that is probably a good thing since we are completely out of ice cream at this house. 

February 27, 2023

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  • For a Monday I think that we got around fairly decently. I actually was surprised that I was able to finish all of the together reading by 9:30 this morning. I am rocking that history reading right now-I should be reading 5.4 pages a day to finish by the first of May, but I read over 7 pages today. It is the little things that make me happy!
  • Today Whitman ran up to me and asked if he could read for tomorrow too. I guess that his book is super interesting. Of course I had to say yes-who would say no to that? That did make his work last a little bit longer, but he still rocked it.
  • We are still working hard on his spelling. It is a little defeating know that the same book that we are working on now, he did when he was in kindergarten, but I guess it never took. I would like to be finished with this book and the next by the end of the summer. That is possible with the speed at which we are moving, but there are still a lot of words to spell everyday. 
  • Around noon, the kids ate while I took Bentley on a little walk. Then I did some more reading with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Reagan soon afterwards headed to work.
  • The big boys haven't been to Defy in quite a few days, so they did go with us today. We thought that there would be more people there since we went later in the afternoon, but I guess since it was a Monday. They all still had fun though
  • Back at home, Robby and I soon went to Costco, Kroger and the gas station. We picked up a few things for a meal that Robby wants to make and things for a meal that I want to make. While we were out shopping, Campbell made supper-mashed potatoes and chicken strips. 
  • When supper was over, I played a card game with Cambpell, Keaton and Whitman which has been our evening routine latley. Keaton won again so maybe it is time to find another game to play.
  • I am now covered up with a blanket on the couch and have about 50 pages of a book to finish! And I can't really decide if I want hot chocolate tonight or not. There aren't many days left that I will want hot chocolate so maybe I should make me some.

February 26, 2023

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  • I sat my alarms for 30 and 15 minutes before we were to leave this morning. Thankfully, I woke right up when I heard Robby's alarm going off at the appropriate time. I usually never hear his alarm at all either.
  • I woke up, did my walk through trying to wake people up, and then took my shower. Robby had the next walk through and was able to get everyone out of their beds. Though I later heard that Reagan did go back to bed for a little bit longer, so I had Keaton check and by this time she was already ready.
  • I left early with Graham, Campbell and Keaton. She heard worship care with her Sunday school teacher so she needed to be there a few minutes early. After getting my Sunday school room ready we found our seats for church, and Robby and the others joined soon after.
  • We did church and then Sunday school, and afterwards we all stayed until 2:30. The children had an event this afternoon-pizza, games, scavenger hunt, more games and making snow. Reagan and Graham helped the big kids, Anderson helped with Robby and I with the 2nd and 3rd graders while Campbell helped with the first graders. It was alot..
  • It was actually so much that when we all made it home, Robby and I had ourselves good Sunday afternoon naps. We always have good Sunday afternoon naps, but we don't usually sleep until after 6:30! 
  • The big boys and Cambpel headed to Rock Creek while the rest of us eventually headed to the Wilson's house for tonight's supper.
  • Shannon had a whole breakfast buffet for tonight's supper. We ate and visited for a long while. When we did finally come home, it was time to start the week-or maybe watch some tv first.

February 25, 2023

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  • Let's see we were as lazy as we could be this Saturday morning. Robby was a little more productive that I was, but I was awake earlier than him. Actually, I was awake earlier than him working on the laundry and dishes so I take that back about him being more productive than me. We were equally productive today.
  • The highlight of my morning was actually finding things to give away on this Facebook site. I am not sure if I have mentioned it before on here yet, but it is my new favorite things. You post what you don't want and people come to your house to pick it up. It is like minimalist and hoarders have gotten together and formed a happy family. I posted 10 things today, and had at least 16 people ask for them. Now, not everything will probably be picked up, but still I'm cleaning this place out.
  • Soon most of us were in the living room watching the Hogs play. I tried to help them by taking a nap and slept soundly thoughout the game. It was wonderful-but I guess maybe they needed my help to cheer them on.
  • Keaton made snickerdoodles soon afterwards, and as soon as they were out of the oven, I left to take the boys to basketball. Robby and the others came-they were about 5 minutes late, but we had already played the whole first quarter. I guess they got started early and were ready to be done today.
  • The boys played fine and had fun. The team that the played beat them by 30 points last year, and today they only one by 14. At one point, it was more like a football match-people were lying all over the court. I think that they have one more game to play next week, the boys have had quite a bit of fun this year, so I am certainly glad they were able to play.
  • Half of us headed to Costco on the way home, but that silly store closes at 6. What in the world? That was fine though because when we came home, I had my leftovers from last night and Robby made pizzas for the others. 
  • Now it is Saturday night shower time for the people! And I have time to get a little bit of reading done. 

February 24, 2023

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  • I slept as long as I could this morning, and when I finally did get out of bed Whitman and Robby were the only other ones out of bed. Bentley was still sleeping soundly which was about two hours later than usual for her. And of course all of the other kids were sould asleep. 
  • Later in the morning, I did have to start waking up the kids. I made the icing for a cake, and then worked with Whitman on spelling and coding before waking up Campbell and Keaton to read with them.
  • Anderson and Graham still had some school work to do so they had to start working on it. Reagan eventually had to head to work. When Robby returned from his errands, Graham and I decided to run down the road.
  • I knew that it had been raining, but I didn't expect to see that it was still raining and raining pretty hard when I told Graham that he could drive. He did fine-I never even had to wave my arms or grab a hjold of anything. We were able to learn where the lights, windshield wipers and window defogger were.
  • We never taught Reagan where the window defogger was so at one point she was driving down the road and needed it. Thankfully, the car was full of her siblings who worked frantically to help her figure it out-just imagine a car full of people wiping down the windows, opening windows and pushing buttons. They did figure it out, once they made it to the parking lot of where they were going. Now, that is one of the first few lessons.
  • We took Keaton and Whitman to Defy this afternoon for a little bit. I had my hot chocolate so it was delightful except I did burn my tongue I had made my hot chocolate so hot. 
  • Back at home, we soon all headed to Tacos for Life to celebrate Grannymom's birthday. Keaton had worked super hard on oatmeal cream pie cookies for tonight, and they were delicious. We ate those and cake back at Grannymom's after supper.
  • Most of us were still so full from supper that we could hardly eat any cake. Actually, I am stuff right now. I think that Robby and I are about to watch some tv, but really I probably should go and walk on the treadmill.

February 23, 2023

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  • Thursdays have always been one of my favorite days. This morning started off with Bentley waking me up to go and look out the front window. She laid there quitely for a long while.
  • Then she saw something that she thought must have looked murderous because she went nuts. I got out of bed to come and see what she saw. I even opened the front door and still didn't see anything. Finally, I saw a little dog far away in the yard. I am not sure what Bentley thought that it was, but she did not want for us to be unaware.
  • This all did make waking the kids up a little bit easier since all of this happened around when it was time to wake them up. Graham had a test today at Comm Central so just as Robby was leaving to go to the grocery store before picking Graham up, he was already writing saying that he was finished.
  • They did a bit of shopping before coming home. Anderson left next to go and work at Raymar for about an hour. 
  • Then Reagan came home and soon afterwards got her first babysitting gig. It was for in about 30 minutes, so she headed off to do that-worked for one hour and made 25 dollars. That isn't too bad at all,
  • While the big kids were all out earning money, Robby and I took the 3 littles to Defy. Graham wanted to go, but he also didn't want to go without Anderson so he stayed home. After they jumped, we ran to Sams and Sonic.
  • Soon we were all back home. I worked on baking something and even pulled out some school for next week before it was time for supper.
  • We had orange chicken for supper tonight-we are still trying to find the right noodles to eat with it, but I thought that tonight's were pretty good. After supper, I played a game with some folks, and then Campbell made some brownies for tonight's snack.

February 22, 2023

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  • School today was a bit crazier than yesterday-I don't think that I was finished with everything and everyone until 1. However, I did get most things accomplished. Actually, now that I am thinking about it, I didn't code with Whitman. That is one of his favorite things to do, and he has to do it twice a week, but he still needs my help-maybe tomorrow.
  • Reagan headed off to work while some of us went to Defy this afternoon. I had over 100 pages of a book to read today and really wanted to finish it before we went to the library. It wasn't due, so I didn't have to turn it back in.
  • I did get close, but still have 9 more pages to read in just a little bit. Keaton and Campbel joined me to take Graham to church early tonight. He had his dgroup meeting while I ran to the library-and didn't turn that book in. 
  • Robby brought the rest of the gang to church. Wednesday nights are already crazy, but that does make the time fly by faster.
  • On the way home, we all met at Arbys for supper, and then to get gas for the cars. And once we did get home, my crew was crazy. The house was loud and wild for a good little bit-thankfully they went and played on their devices so the house could be calm for a few minutes before bedtime.

February 21, 2023

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  • I think that it was Keaton who asked today if it was Monday or Tuesday. It has seemed a little bit like a Monday around here. I did let everyone sleep as long as they could before waking folks up.
  • We started on our school work-I have now figured out that I need to read 6 pages of history to Keaton, Campbell and Whitman each day for us to finish the book the first week of May. I read 7 pages today, but it did take me two different times to read. I am determined to finish that book early.
  • Anderson and Reagan both drove to church today. I hate that they both have to drive, but that is  just how their classes fall. It is really all the same as us having to go and pick up the boys, so I guess it helps Robby and I out. I am afriad that their classes are going to be like this next year as well where people will be coming and going from Comm Central at all different times. 
  • When the boys came home, they must have been famished-Anderson heated up chicken strips while Graham made taquitos. Everyone around here has a big warm lunch so there isn't too much of a need for me to feed them a big, warm supper-or at least that is what I like to think.
  • We went to Defy this afternoon for a little bit, and as soon as we came home everyone started to work on their chores. Keaton gave Bentley a bath while I cleaned the pantry. Then I moved on to organizing the paint in the school room closet. And I don't know how it happened, but I then went through all of my files-Sunday school papers that I have saved to do again or some school papers that the kids have finished and are now too big to do.
  • I did hear Reagan in the kitchen making spaghetti for herself and Graham for supper. Robby and I made taquitos, more tostados and air fryer pizzas for supper tonight. We actually had lots of supper takers.
  • Anderson and Graham had basketball tonight-Anderson drove which was kind of nice since I just laid on the couch watching tv this evening!

February 20, 2023

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  • Mondays are hard, but everyone managed around here. Graham didn't feel that great this morning. I am sure that he is just completely exhausted from this weekend. Out of all of the kids, he is the one who gets the most tired.
  • We did quite a bit of our school work today. I wasn't able to work on science, but I did make a plan on history so we can hopefully finish is before the summer time. I sure don't want to be reading about Catherine the Great and Ferdinand Drake during the middle of the summer.
  • Reagan finished her psychology book so that is one less thing for her to do his spring. Now I will see Anderson wants to do that next year or if he wants to do another elective. He suggested "esports" which is gaming, but I think that he does plenty of that so no need to add that to school.
  • This afternoon I had my doctor's appointment. It was basically just for more blood pressure meds. That all went well, then I was home long enough to organize one little cabinet in the kitchen before Robby and I left.
  • We both had eye doctor appointments. I do believe the eye doctor is one of my least favorite appointments to go do. He is fine, but I don't like people touching my eye balls. Robby had to have his eyes dialated which took forever. 
  • On the way home, I did run into Kroger to buy some tostados so once we were home, we started on that. Soon we were all gathered around the table eating supper.
  • When we finished, quite a few folks had showers while Keaton made a recipe for me. I am leading the cooking track so I am working on trying to find some recipes to make. Tonight Keaton tried out "bread in a bag." It is still in the oven, so I am not sure how it will work, but it is one that I really would like to do.
  • While letting the bread rise, we played a quick game. Everyone played except for Reagan. Anderson was the big winner tonight, but he didn't think about taking the champion trophy so it remains on the mantle.
  • The plan is to eat some bread in a bit and then maybe watch a show or two before I start reading my book for the evening.

February 19, 2023

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  • At about 5 this morning, Bentley jumped out of bed barking and pawing at our window. Obviously, she woke us up with a start. I thought we were all going to die-of fright or from whatever she was barking at. Robby looked out the window but didn't see anything. I was too frightened to leave the bed just in case!
  • Thankfully, we all survived the rest of the morning. I think though that we need better blinds or a dog who sleeps in her kennel and not in our bed. 
  • All too soon it was time for us to wake up. I climbed out of bed to turn the oven on so I could make the girls some cinnamon rolls. An we did remember to wake Whitman up in time for him to get dressed and eat a few cinnamon rolls.
  • At church, we saw the other kids-Reagan had a good weekend with the 6th graders, Anderson and Graham enjoyed helping, and Cambpell enjoyed the weekend participating. I would say they all enjoyed it immensely-Campbell, Graham and Reagan all had naps this afternoon. Reagan's nap stretched into the evening. She said that she slept for about 5 hours.
  • Robby and I also had a nap after church-I think that our naps lasted around 3 hours and we didn't even have a big weekend. 
  • Everyone did wake up in time for the 3 to head to Rock Creek for church tonight. While they were gone, Robby, Keaton and I started working on tonight's supper-chicken fingers, green beans, mashed potatoes, biscuits and snicker brownies. It was all decent.
  • We ate and visited for a while. When the Wilson's left, we cleaned up the kitchen quickly before watching one tv show while I worked on the blog for a few minutes.

February 18, 2023

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  • We tried to sleep late this morning, but that didn't happen to much. I think that the only one who did sleep late was Whitman, and I had to wake up him around 9:45 so he could get ready to leave.
  • The girls, Whitman and I left to pick up Keaton's second friend to come over. She is loving this weekend with no big brothers or sisters at the house. She actually asked while Robby and I were on vacation if she could have 2 friends over while the others were gone. I know that I surprised her with my "sure" answer, instead of my usual "we will see." 
  • After picking up Rylee we headed to Defy for them to jump a little bit. They stayed an hour and a half and were pretty sure that their color had been called, but I was not so sure. It didn't matter to me because I was getting tired of reading.
  • We headed to Sonic for a few drinks for the girls and Whitman, and then headed back to the house. There we had about an hour and a half before it was time to leave again for the boys' first ballgame.
  • Graham and Anderson met us there from church. The first ballgame wasn't too pretty but the boys did win it. When the game was over, Whitman went home with Grannymom for a little bit while Robby and the big boys went home for a few minutes.
  • Keaton, Rylee, Sophia and I went to Goodwill. I had told them they I woul buy them one thing each so they definetely found something. It took a little while though, but they finally did. Then we ran to Kohls to return something before metting everyone back at the second ballgame.
  • This game didn't turn out as pretty. However, the boys' team did stay pretty close, and I think that the only lost by 5. The other team was quite a bit larger than our boys, so much so that when it was over, Anderson said, "we did decent since we were playing men with kids."
  • Robby bought the boys Burger King on the way home while the girls made chicken sandwiches (again) and pasta for their supper. The boys ate their suppers, showered and are now back at the church house.
  • The girls are all upstairs eating their supper and probably playing the Wii while Robby and I are on the couch about to watch some tv. While Whitman is about to have his weekly shower (yep, probably it has been a week). 

February 17, 2023

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  • Fridays are my day to not have to do school, but there is usually some school to do on Fridays. For example, Anderson had 2 paragraphs for me to check along with his math, Graham had a paragraph, I read science and history with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman, plus I did spelling with Whitman.
  • This is the 4th (I think) spelling thing that I have tried with Whitman. Bless him, he just can't spell. It is strange since he can read so, so well. We are now back to what we started with on spelling-this is actually the same book that he did in kindergarten, but we are doing it again and starting from scratch. We just started it, so I decided that we better do it on Fridays too because I would like to get through 2 before school starts in August so he won't be that far behind. 
  • Now only was there peoeple to work with for school, but today is the day that I have to pull things our for next week. This year it is a bit harder because I have a few things that have to be printed each week. That takes a bit of time for sure. And it isn't as exciting the last few weeks because we have slowed down on finishing things. Pretty much everything from here on out we will work on until the end of the year.
  • Robby took the van in this morning for them to check the tires. One had a nail in it so that was the cause of the slow leak. I met him with the suburban, and he stayed to get that one fixed as well. It also had a slow leak, but the nail in this one was on the edge so it wasn't fixable. Another tire was worn to the tread so that was two new tires today.
  • When we did get home, I took Reagan to work since the suburban wasn't at the house. She didn't think that she could back up the minivan-even though it is like 2 feet shorter. Whatever. The check tire light did come back on-he aired things up again, and it was off later when I went to pick her up so hopefully that was just a fluke. 
  • Tonight, Campbell is at her Big Chill Weekend. She was pretty excited about it. Reagan is helping with the 6th grade girls and also was excited. She had thought through what all she needed-back pack, notecards. Anderson and Graham are helping with the production part of the weekend so they are also away all weekend. 
  • That just left Keaton and Whitamn. So Keaton decided that she needed a friend over tonight and two tomorrow night. They all stayed at the house tonight while we watched the ballgame with the Wilsons. 
  • The kids had chicken sandwiches and then made some massive oatmeal cream pies! They were delicious. Right now, Keaton and Sophia are in the bonus room, and Whitman is in his room to sleep.
  • Whitman has never slept in a room by himself, so I am not too sure how that is all going to go down. He wanted to sleep up there-I do have a blanket on my couch so it is ready for him!

February 16, 2023

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  • Oh, the rain was so delicious to hear this morning while we were sleeping. Bentley didn't find it that nice though and ended up back in our bed. She now starts the evening off on the couch, but when we turn off our lights to go to bed she gets in our bed. Then in the middle of the night she goes back to the couch for the rest of the night. Though the thunder today caused her to come back to our bed.
  • I again waited as long as I could before getting up. I know I just had a break, but maybe I am already ready for spring break. We did get everything accomplished today that I intended to so it was a win.
  • This afternoon I did clean out a closet upstairs so that was exciting-and I even have quite a few things to get rid of which makes my heart happy. I reminded Robby that I am doing my part-remember the other day at the antique mall that we decided to get rid of everything in the house. I am trying my best.
  • I ran to pick up Graham today after his class-actually, Keaton saved the day when she asked what time I had to get Graham. I looked at my clock and realized that the time to pick him up was right then. 
  • I was feeling brave and did let him drive some of the way home. He did fine-we made it so I can't complain. He isn't yet used to how hard to press the brake and gas pedals. He offered to pull into the garage, but I was like nah, we can just park the car right here.
  • I ran to the pregnancy center today for a little bit. I was just about there for an hour and a half. I basically just did a lot of folding clothes. Then on the way home I did pick up pizza for everyone, but first I did run into the library.
  • I had some time before the pizza was ready, but man I just love the library. I didn't have any books for me, but there were quite a few that I had gotten for Whitman. I am sure the ladies in the library wonder why I am alway grinning when I walk through the doors-I feel like it is Christmas morning. Maybe my next career should have something to do with books.
  • Tonight Reagan went out to watch a friend dance so she will be out late. Shannon came over for a little bit to pick up her laundry and drop off some snacks. And currently, I am cuddled up under a blanket trying to decide if I want to watch a tv show or read some.

February 15, 2023

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  • I stayed in bed until the very last possibly moment this morning. My rationalization was that I was trying to let the kids sleep as long as possibly; however, I really just didn't want to get up a do the adult things.
  • Surprisingly though, the adult things for today weren't that bad. I was able to mark off most of my day's list plus a few extra things. And school went fairly well-things did take forever today so I was working until almost 1 and didn't even do my second history reading that I like to do this afternoon.
  • Reagan headed to work this afternoon with the rest of us heading to Defy a bit later. Well, the big boys did stay home. Anderson twisted his ankle at basketball practice last night so it was even a bit swollen today, and Graham didn't want to go without Anderson.
  • When we came home from Defy, I jumped in the shower and just had a few minutes before it was time to turn around for church again tonight. Church is hard on Wednesday nights-the kids are tried, the adults are tired, and there is a lot of setting. So it is kind of like playing Whack A Mole but with kids. 
  • After church, I threw some fish sticks in the air fryer for those of us who hadn't eaten. Anderson made mashed potatoes, and we had ourselves a pretty good meal even though it was nearly 9 by the time that we had finished.
  • Now we have about an hour before it is bedtime for the kids. Keaton wanted to play a game, but that will have to be done tomorrow because I am not too sure that I can keep my eyes open that long.

February 14, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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Coming home days are always sad days. Now, we were certainly glad to get home to the kids, but oh the responsibility is another thing for sure. We tried to figure out a way for the kids to just hop and a plane and join us for another week or so.

We left the house this morning around 11. We didn't have much cleaning to do there-nor did the housecleaners for sure since we only slept in one bed and used one bathroom. 

We had to get gas, but then it took us only about 30 minutes to get to the airport. Dropping off the rental car was fine, but there was a bit of a wait to drop off our bags. We had plenty of time so it wasn't a big deal. We then stopped to eat our last frozen pizza before going through securtity. Robby had bought two, and since we had only eaten one he cooked the last one this morning.

We had that while we drank our last 2 cokes that he had bought. Our extra tortillas, granola bars, and poptarts were all stuffed into our suitcases. I couldn't figure out a way to bring the last few bottled waters though.

Security was simple especially since Robby had reserved us a time to go through so we only waited maybe 5 minutes. Then it was off to Atlanta. That flight was great, and soon we found our gate to Little Rock. We did get us a burger from Five Guys before boarding the Little Rock flight. 

We hadn't been on the plane too long when the captain came on. Those announcements are always hard to hear, but the word "unfortunately" quickly caught our attention. There were a hydraulic leak that they couldn't fix at the gate so they made us get off the plane. Within 30 minutes though they had found us another plane nearby so we all went to that gate. We ended up getting home about an hour and a half later, so it really did work out well.

Reagan, Anderson and Graham had to deal with rain driving to and from school today. They leave at different times so they had to take seperate cars. Tonight the boys had basketball practice late so Anderson again drove to that. We left and he was barely driving, and we come home and he is going everywhere. I guess he just needed a little bit of a push.

Campbell had the girls' night at Rock Creek-she came home with flowers, balloons and nail polish. Plus they had ChickFilA there and chocolate coverered strawberries. Since we weren't home yet, Reagan had to take and pick her up. 

We had intended to be there to pick her up, but the plane delay slowed us down. Nonna and Pops picked us up from the air port and brought us home. The kids were all downstairs, and stayed downstairs chatting with us for quite a while.

Keaton had made a valentine's day brownie in a heart shaped pan. I had boxes of candy and Robby had money for their Valentine's so we just had ourselves a little party. It was nearly 11 by the time that everyone did get in bed-I'm thinking that school may not start on time tomorrow. I know that they are not used to getting up early for sure...and neither am I.

February 13, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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This morning Robby and I went to Epcot first this this morning. We went and did the paint by number thing again-it should have been a different painting, but it was one that we had done before. That was fine though, I had just wanted to collect a different book mark.

Then we watched the Pixar short films on the other side of the park. When we were finished there, we went to get our picture made. This was a special photo spot where you do have to show your Disney Visa to get in.

Robby went to look for his wallet and nope, he didn't have it. That's not good-might need that driver's license tomorrow plus he carries around a pretty big Disney gift card. So the only option would be in his chair that we sat in during the film or in the car. We hadn't stopped anywhere else, and he was pretty sure he didn't drop it in the seat.

So we took a walk to the car-more like a power walk. And if you have been to Disney, then you know that really this walk was more like a 5k. It wasn't that far, but it was far. We made it-he searched, I searched, and then when we were about to panic, he saw it on the floor. So all was well!

After this, we walked back inside of Epcot and sat down to eat our turkey rolls ups. Soon after that they called our number for Gaurdians. This was our 4th time to ride it this trip-and nope, I really still don't like it.

When the ride was over, we rode the monorail to the ticket and transportation center and then caught the next monorail to the Magic Kingdom. There we bought a cheeseburger spring roll. It was really good. After eating that we did need something to cleanse our pallet-so frozen orange drinks mixed with vanilla ice cream was next.

We finished those while we watched a short little parade go by. Then we walked around all of Magic Kingdom one last time. From there we had the 2 monorials back to the Epcot and then the walk to the car-which we knew where it was really well since we had already walked there.

Tonight's supper was at Boatwrights in Port Orleans. Cornbread came with our meal. But we did buy 2 appetizers (it's Valentines almost)-boudain balls and some type of fried pimento cheese things. Then we split a plate that had ribs, chicken fingers, sausage, brisket, mac and cheese, mashed potatos, corn and green beans. That was definitly plenty for us.

By this time, it was 9ish so we headed back to the house to repack things and start getting things ready for our trek home tomorrow. 

The kids had a big day today-Reagan had work this afternoon, but Anderson drove the others to Defy and then Sonic. The girls and Whitman made Valentine's Day cookies, and then they had supper at Nonna and Pop's house.

February 12, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

(click for today's pictures)

Robby and I lounged around a little bit this morning and even listened to a little bit of the church service before leaving for most of the day. Our first stop this morning was Epcot where we rode Soarin. Afterwards, we sat down and ate our cheese and turkey rolls ups for lunch.

Then we walked to the back of the park and rode the Sky Liner until we reached the Riviera. There we walked around some and ended up buying a lasagna. I think the reason we bought it was because it was so cute! It was in a case that was warm so it was already heated. It was also in a case with cookies which I realized later must have also been warm-I really would have liked to try one of those cookies too. 

After eating our little snack, we waked through the Caribbean Beach resort until we made it to the next Sky Liner. There we rode the Hollywood Studios. There we did really nothing-we did take a few pictures. I thought that we were in line for a character picture, but it was just one of the magic shots.

I have decided that I am actually going to make a shirt for myself that says "Please, no magic shots." If you don't know, magic shots are the pictures where you are looking at your hand and Tinkerbell appears. Or you are scared standikng inf ront of Tower of Terror. Or like today when there were Storm Troopers beside us. I just want to take a smiling picture-not one with my hand in the air or looking surprised. I'm not sure if all of that can go on a tshirt though.

We then rode the boat halfway back to Epcot before we got off at the Yacht Club and walked the rest of the way back to Epcot. At Epcot we decided that we needed one more snack-empanadas. This time they were filled with potatoes and chirozo instead of just cheese like the ones from the other day. This was much better; however, they were spicy! Almost too spicy for me.

We then walked all the way around the countries until we made it to Gaurdians. Robby wasn't able to get in the virtual cue this morning, but he did this afternoon. So we jumped in that line to ride it for the 3rd time this trip. As we were sitting there strapped in, I did remind Robby that I really don't like the ride. 

From there, we walked to our car. We debated going to Animal Kingdom for a little bit, but opted to veg out at the house for about an hour before our supper. That was good becuase Robby was able to walk Reagan through getting gas this evening.

After watching a bit of the Super Bowl, we went to Wildernness Lodge and checked in at Artist Point for our supper. We were a few minutes early so we went and sat by my hiddne fireplace-I would stay at that spot if we stayed at that hotel.

Our supper tonight included us getting to see the queen, Snow White, Grumpy and Dopey. That was fun. Also they brought 3 different appetizers-mushroom soup (I'll eat anything in a cute little tiny bowl), a meatball on a puff pastry (the best), and shrimp (I didn't try it.)

Then we had the main course. Robby had pork shank-it was good and even came with some mashed potatoes. I had chicken. Yep, it was chicken and needed some sauce. It did come with cauliflower puree-which I would have loved, but there was only about a tablespoon of it! Ha! 

Our waiter was great and brought us a popover when we asked about them. We had never had popovers-I have always wanted them when we are in Acadia, but we have never gotten them. We discovered that we don't actually like popovers. Our waiter also kept our drinks filled, and this was the first time on this trip that that has happened.

For desserts, they brought us a chocolate filled truffle in the shape of a poisoned apple (very good and cute), an apple tart which called a gooseberry pie (super tarty and my favorite), a chocolate heart (dark chocolate so Robby didn't like it), and some other chocoalte mouse type thing called Miner's Treasure. Of course these were tiny, but I loved them all. I really wish that the entrees could have been tiny samples of everything as well. 

It wasn't a cheap meal tonight, but it was probably my favorite of our trip. Robby's favorite and my second choice was Sanaa-we would eat there again. Tonight's restaurant was a once and done type place, but I would recommend it to folks.

Campbell and Keaton had spent the night with the Crafts so they got them to the church house this morning. After Sunday school, Keaton and Whitman went to Raymar for their Lifegroup. They ate lunch, had a devotional, planted trees, and played kickball. The Hobbs were able to get them to Raymar and then the Heltz brought them home. It has taken a village today for sure. 

Tonight, Anderson and Graham drove the Sanders early to play basketball. Then Brett took Campbell to Rock Creek, and Reagan took Keaton and Whitman to hang out with Nonna and Pops while everyone else was gone. Reagan then went to watch the Super Bowl where the big boys were. 

February 11, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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This morning started our full of stress for me, and I hadn't even left the bed. First-Reagan and Anderson took the ACT this morning. I waited until almost time for them to go before I did text to see if they were awake. Anderson wrote back, but still the time ticked by, and I hadn't seen the garage door go up on my phone.

After tracking them, I was able to see that they were actually already in the car, and the door didn't show up because the house internet was down. I tracked them unitl they made it to the building, and then did my fair share of praying for them to make good guesses! 

However, that wasn't even the most stressfull part. An hour after they had to leave the house, it was time for Robby to register Keaton and Whitman for their cooking camp. These camps fill up within minutes, and we weren't originally able to get Cambpell in to the one that she wanted last year. We had a back up week that would work just in case our first choice didn't, but thankfully everything worked well.

Robby and I were able to get the Gaurdians ride again today so we went to Epcot and did the paint by number thing again. We did stop for a little snack of empanadas-they were fine, but we were expecting ones filled with beef and not just cheese. Then it was on to Gaurdians before traipsing back to the car to head to Disney Springs.

At Disney Springs, we snagged a spot in the virtual queue for Gideons-a cookie place. They wait was said to be 4 to 5 hours so our next stop was some Caribean Jerk Poutine before going back to the house for a little bit.

It took about 4 hours for our number to be called back before we headed back to Gideons. The crowds were crazy tonight, but we were able to get decent parking. The line wasn't too bad, and we quickly made up our mind of what 1/2 pound cookies we wanted.

Unfortunately, they were out of one of the ones that we wanted so we ended up with chocolate chip (not our favorite), oreo (Robby's favorite), and peanut butter (my favorite). Now we think that we like these better than crumble and have eaten 1/4th of each. They are massive. We will have to take the kids here one time and possibly try a slice of cake, but I am done eating for the day for sure.

Before we did eat our cookies, we did come home and cook a frozen pizza. We finished that off while watching the Hogs lose their game tonight. Then we came upstairs to camp out in the bed. The blog is almost finished so I might take an early shower.

The kids have had big days-first the ACT for Reagan and Anderson. She wrote afterwards asking us to pay for their lunch out since the test had caused trauma for them. I agreed, and they went to Tacos for Life. Keaton and Campbell went to the Crafts to spend the night tonight. Anderson and Graham had a basketball game this evening-they ended up losing, but it was a super close game until the end. Reagan said that everyone played well. I think that their supper was also frozen pizza tonight at home or at least that was what was on the list. 

February 10, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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The only plan for today was a last minute addition to our meals-Robby added Sanaa at Animal Kingdom for our lunch. We didn't leave the house until it was lunchtime today and drove right to Animal Kingdom Lodge for our meal.

The Hobbs ate there this November and brought us back their bread service. It was delicious and the main reason that we went back. For the bread service, you receive about 6 pieces of Naan or Pita like bread along with 9 different sauces for the bread. Of course that was a lot of fun, and it really filled us up. Honestrly, we probably could have left then and been happy. 

But we ordered food too! Robby and I split a meal-it came with basmati rice, chickpeas in a tomato sauce (delicious), butter chicken (very good), and a pot roast type of meat (I'm not a hunk of meat person, but Robby liked it.) We were already full, but this just topped us off. We weren't even able to finish it.

After eating, we certainly needed to walk around a bit so we explored both lodges at the Animal Kingom Lodge. Then we headed back to the house for a little bit. After a nap for me and work for Robby, we decided to go to an antique mall in Lakeland, Florida.

So we have read that this antique mall has lots of Disney collectibles-and it does. It also has a lot of junk. It was an interesting stop and I was glad to be able to mark it off of my list; however, we left feeling dirty. We also left with a desire to get rid of everything in our house.

This was about an hour away, so when we made it back to the house, we put on pants and headed out. Tonight we stopped at the Polynesian for some Dole Whip. That was certainly nice since after we received our ice cream, we walked to the boat and were able to see the fireworks along wtih the electrical light parade.

Then it was on to Magic Kingdom for a few little bit. We found a new stop there-in the candy store you can buy popcorn (butter, caramel, or cheddar), and have them put choolate on it (milk, dark or white) and then add 2 toppings (snicker, m and ms, oreo....). It was a lot of popcorn which we did not even finish-we have needed the kids here with us today to help us finish things for sure.

We then rode Buzz where I almost scored the perfect score. After that we ate our popcorn before riding the Little Mermaid ride and going back to our car on the monorail. We are still stuffed from lunch so we won't be eating any of the cookies or ice cream that we bought at the store the other day. (We over bought a bit!)

The kids all had a busy day as well-Nonna and Pops came over this morning and cooked breakfast for everyone. Then Grannymom and Grandpa came over this afternoon and took them to Defy. Graham drove half of the way home. He reported that he did a good job, and Keaton concurred. Reagan had work this afternoon, and Keaton and Campbell made tostados for supper tonight. 

Tomorrow is the ACT for Reagan and Anderson so pray they make decent scores-and that they get up on time!

February 9, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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Another good day here at Disney. Our first activity this morning was going to the two different Disney outlets in this town. There are both a little bit away-one we have gone to quite often and found 2 more sets of ears for their girls' room. 

The second outlet was at a much, much larger mall-we even lost the car briefly. There we did find a bag for Keaton and some pretzel bites. We had already eaten our turkey roll ups on the way to the outlets but needed another snack.

After doing our shopping, we headed on to Epcot where we had to wait for about 10 minutes before riding the Guardians ride. If you remember this is the ride that I don't really like at all-actually, I don't prefer many roller coasters much anymore. 

When we lined up, the lady put us in the very front row. There was a boy next to us in the second row who asked if we wanted the wind on our face. We quickly offered to change with him if he wanted to sit on the first row-he did and I was a bit relieved. Though I did like sitting near the front so I could see the track and see what was coming up.

Next up, we went to the paint by number place at Epcot. During the Festival of the Arts they have this massive paint by number board so we were able to each paint 6 squares on it. Then on to Nemo to do it quickly before leaving.

Back at the house, Robby did some work while I read and napped. Then tonight we headed to Hollywood for supper. We had some time before checking in so we rode Toy Story. It took a bit longer than we had planned so when we finished, Robby checked into the restaurant, and immediately they shot a text back saying our table was ready.

That would have been great except we were about 4 minutes away-and when I saw 4 minutes, I'm talking for speed walking minutes. We made it-50s Prime Time Cafe. It was a fun little restaurant. We split the meatloaf which was really good. However, we also ordered the deviled eggs. They were also good....but they gave us 4 deviled eggs (2 whole eggs) and charged 11 dollars for them! Ha! I guess you only live once!

After we ate, we thought about riding one more ride, but there was some crazy lightening happening so we pulled up the weather radar. It didn't look good so we hightailed it back to the car. It was really just a sprinkle on our walk to the car, but by the time we were ready to pull out it was a down pour. 

There was more rain on us then than we had during the hurricane here in November. It was crazy, but we made it to the house just fine and are about to have some ice cream for dessert.

I haven't really talked much to the kids today. Graham and Reagan had classes, and Grannymom picked up Graham from school. And tonight supper was the Wilson's for the kids-they had lots of yummy desserts. Reagan had her Bible study so she missed out on the supper, but the others enjoyed it. 

February 8, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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Let's see Robby and I slept in until 7:30-which felt like 6:30 to us. What is wrong with us? We didn't have any plans but were still up at the crack of dawn on our vacation. We do blame the early wakeage on the windos in this room that we are in-3 windows. Robby said that maybe we should have bought some black out curtains at Walmart this afternoon.

We still weren't in any hurry this morning-he worked, and I played on my phone and read some. Oh, I also did get us breakfast from the kitchen downstairs. A granola bar for me and poptart for him. We did eventually get up and leave for Magic Kingdom

We rode the train around the park most of the way. It was a bit slow due to a parade so we did have to get off and walk to our dining reservation. The train has not been working for close to 4 years due to them building Trom so we were glad to get to do it today.

We ate a Skipper Canteen for lunch. We really wanted to try a few new places on this trip, and we were able to do that today. We had Brazilian cheese bread for an appetizer and a delicious orange slush. Then we had some spicy beef noodles and some type of crispy chicken and rice dish. They were both okay, but not nearly as good as the bread and orange drink-like we would go back just for that orange slush. 

After we ate, we finished our ride on the train and then rode the People Mover before going back to the car. Then we stopped at Walmart to buy a few things for the week-we were at a loss of what to but. We did buy some water since water in Florida is not great. Some diet cokes obviously. We also bought some cookies, turkey, cheese, mustard and tortillas. Shopping for 8 people is hard to get out of your head-we pruchased enough tortillas that we will bringing some home in our suitcases!

Then it was naptime for me and work time for Robby. Around 7, we made it back to Epcot and walked around the world. We did pick up our passholder magnets before finding a snack at the American pavilion-a kids hamburger and a delicious brownie dessert.

Right before the park closed, we did jump in the Rataouille line. It said that it was 45 minutes, but we were already walking back to the car at 9:30. So that was pretty much our day.

The kids faired well at home today despite the rain. I think that people did school this morning even though folks didn't get up too early. Nonna came and took Whitman to Dave and Busters which was a part of his Christmas present. He was able to do a virtual reality thing and earn a cup which all thrilled him. 

Reagan went to work, but also had to leave early to get everyone to church early for Graham's D group tonight. On their way home from church, they went to ChickFilA to pick up tonight's supper. When I called to chat with Graham tonight, he wasn't too chatty-kind of like "why'd you call, we are fine." Tonight I received pictures of everyone before having to ask-in the background it looks like most of the house is still there as well so all is good.

February 7, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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Robby and I woke up a little bit before our alarms this morning. I think that we were both a little excited about our trip. The morning still started out like all of the rest with the things around the house. I was even able to help Keaton and Whitman with their school work since today's school work was a little bit different than what they usually have to do.

Soon, we were loading up with Anderson driving Robby, Graham and me. Reagan was in the other car, and we all headed to church. At church, Robby and I loaded up with Grannymom and Grandpa who took us to the airport while Reagan, Graham, and Anderson killed a few extra minutes before their classes by going to Sonic.

After the boys' classes they headed home while Reagan went to lunch with a friend and then had another class. Once the boys were home, they cooked themselves chicken sandwiches for lunch and had some downtime until tonight when Reagan took the boys to basketball practice. Manicotti was for supper tonight, and I am sure that there was plenty of ice cream eaten-I know this becuase I received a frantic text asking about more paper bowls. 

I am sure that they are not trying to use real dishes becuase that means that you have to do the dishwasher. Also, before bedtime I did receive a proof of life photo from all of the kids so I do believe that they are managing well though it has only been less than 12 hours.

Robby and I had a few minutes at the LR airport for him to do some work and finish his coke before we went through security. Then there was the hour long flight to Atlanta. On that flight I finished one book and started on another. 

Soon we had landed in Atlanta and went looking for lunch. We ate a huge and delicious box of nachos. I could have eaten more, but the idea of eating too much Mexican food before sitting on an airplane for a while stopped me.

I was looking forward to reading on the next flight, but they had one of those tv monitor things where you could watch a movie, and there was a movie on there that I really wanted to see. I did no reading on that flight! Here is the thing though-I was only able to finish less than half of the movie. I guess I can finsih some more on the way home, but then what? How will I know how it ends?  Like we may have to fly somewhere else.

We were able to get off the plane quickly in Orland and walked right to the luggage gate. While we were waiting on luggage, Robby went to check on the rental car place. As we walked past all of the rental places none of them had lines....until we got to Dollar! There was a line, a long line, a very long line.

I headed back to get our bags while Robby got in the line to wait. And wait he did-over an hour and a half! It was crazy. The employees would come out, help one person and then to go the back for 10 minutes. Thankfully, we had no schedule but it could have made a person angry-not us though.

We eventually were able to get our car. Then it was on to the house-I guess it is a townhouse. There is a kitchen, living room and half bath on the first floor. Then three bedrooms on the second floor. Our room has a bathroom, but the bathroom is nothing special. It was the same price as a hotel room.

After unloading, we decided that we needed something to eat so we went to Magic Kingdom to see if they had anything we wanted. Well, I guess since it was after 9 places did start closing. There were a few different things that we walked to because we wanted to try and they were all closed. We did end up at Pecos Bill splitting a kids burger and a kids rice bowl. They were both good so we were satisified.

On the way out, we road Pirates before walking back to our car. From there we went to Walmart, but since it was after 11 they were already closed. It has been a long day, but I still have some spread sheet work to do before I go to bed-counting the number of Disney days on this pass so far. 

February 6, 2023

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  • I am fairly sure that today is Monday! It has been that kind of day-well, not really. Actually, things have gone fairly well. Keaton wanted me to wake her up at 8 this morning, and I did at 8:10. Unfortunately, at 8:30 when I woke everyone up she didn't remember me waking her up the first time that I tried. She had only wanted to get ahead on her school work, but she still finished in plenty of time today even though she got a later start than what she wanted.
  • I read with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman-the big excitement today was that we finished a book that we had been reading since we started school. I had hopes of finishing science today along with one of Whitman's books, but those will have to be finihsed next week.
  • Everyone seemed to do their work fairly quickly today, and for some reason Whitman and I were working together before noon which rarely happens. We did his spelling-the boy can't spell at all. Bless him. We have now started again on what we used in kindergarten and I plan on catching him up-whatever we missed last time, he is going to get it this time. I hope!
  • When Whitman and I finished, I waited on all of the boys to finish eating their lunch. Then we headed to get all of our hair cut. They all look super nice with their haircuts, and I think that they were all pleased with it. 
  • Back at home, we all left for Defy. Reagan was already at work, and when she finished her real work, she had to head to church to keep kids for a few hours. We stayed at Defy until 5, and then came home.
  • Oh, yes, I did forget to mention that Graham drove for a tiny bit today. He definitely needs some practice. I did tell him that driving school begins when I get back. And Anderson drove home with his brothers from Costco after our haircuts. Robby met us so we could get gas, then we ran to Costco with the boys. When they headed home, we went on to Kroger.
  • Supper tonight was leftovers for the kids while I went out to Tazikis with some friends. The big hit tonight was the Wii at the house. There had been a broken part, that Robby was able to repair so the kids spent a good while tonight playing it. 
  • It is almost 10-and about time to start telling these kids goodnight. 

February 5, 2023

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  • We were struggling on this Sunday morning. I tried to get on up and get things moving but failed. We were all ready to leave church on time and everything except the laundry was finished.
  • Well, all but Anderson. I think he overdid it by playing in his basketball game yesterday, so he didn't feel too great this morning. So we left him at home hoping that he could get a little bit of rest.
  • Sunday lunch was at Nonna and Pops' house. They had lots of lasagna for us along with cake and ice cream. Keaton and Whitman played a round of Battleship before we did head home. 
  • I had lofty goals of taking the boys to get their hair cut today, but gracious I'm not able to do anything on Sunday afternoons. It is like my body has been trained to take a nap-well, it probably doesn't help that I do lay down. That does always seem to cause a nap.
  • Soon everyone was headed somewhere-Reagan went out to eat with her friends. Anderson, Graham and Campbell went to Rock Creek for church, and Whitman played me in Battleship while Keaton refereed.
  • We all met back up at the Wilson's house for our Sunday Supper. Shannon had two winning recipes that my people all liked-I made sure to make copies of those recipes becuase having even 4 out of 6 Dennies like something is a win.
  • Back at home, I doped up Anderson, and we sent everyone to bed. Hopefully they will get some sleep!

February 4, 2023

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  • We did stay in bed for quite a while today. When Robby did get up, he made 7up biscuits. The recipe was definitely a keeper, and we even have a few biscuits leftover for the next few days. While he worked on that, I did some things around the house and also worked on some spelling for Whitman.
  • Eventually, I decided that I would run to the library. I missed my Wednesday trip plus I am now out of books to read. Reagan does have one book upstairs that I want to read, but I am saving that as my emergency book. 
  • While I was at the library, I picked up a few books for me and about 20 different ones for Whitman. Sometimes he flies through books so I wanted to make sure that he had plenty to read this next week at school.
  • When I left I text Campbell and Keaton to see if they wanted to go with me when I returned home. Keaton wanted to get a hair cut. Campbell opted out of coming, so it was just Keaton and me. The hair cut place is running a sale over the next few days, so I think that everyone will be getting a hair cut soon. 
  • After her haircut, we walked around Walmart really quickly before heading home. They had a ton of clearance stuff, but nothing that we had to have. Back at home, all of the boys were on the couch with Robby. All of them except for Whitman were watching the Hogs play their game. 
  • I slept the first half while the razorbacks did well but was awake the second half while the struggled. They still won even though I was awake during the ending of the game.
  • Possibly I should nap during the boys' basketball games. They had one tonight, and lost just by 2 points. It was a super close and low scoring game. Anderson was able to play-even fouled out-but how sick he was on Thursday it was a wonder he could play at all.
  • After the game, we picked up pizza for supper. The kids ate and cycled through the shower. I can't figure out what I would like to eat for dessert tonight-ice cream or hot chocolate or maybe something else.

February 3, 2023

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  • Since this was Friday the kids could sleep as late as they would like, and they slept and slept. Anderson was the first one downstairs at least. He is feeling quite a bit better and even ate a few things today.
  • I was able to work on my chores plus pulling out school work for the next two weeks. The getting school ready each week completely overwhelms me, and I have to just do it a little bit at a time. I'm not so sure why I really don't enjoy this-I have made it as easy as it can be on myself, but still I dread it.
  • And let's talk about what I mean when I say did "chores." I really didn't do anything that would consist of cleaning. I guess my goal is to just keep the house decent in case someone knocked on the door. 
  • We took the crew to Defy (Reagan was at work and Anderson stayed home), and afterwards we ran to Sams to pick up a few things that were on sale.
  • We were then back at home for a little bit-long enough for me to take a nap-well, until Reagan called me. Whenever she should be coming or going from someplace and calls me, my heart just skips a beat. However, today she just needed me to open the garage door for her. 
  • Anderson had been on his meds for 24 hours and felt well enough to go to Chilis with us tonight for supper. I know that he had chicken and waffles on his mind-Robby and I did as well. However, they don't make those anymore so after our disappointment, our meal wasn't as delicious as we had hoped. Keaton and Reagan came along with us and enjoyed their meals though.
  • It was then a quick stop to Kroger for a a few more items before coming home and settling in again on the couch to watch a few shows.

February 2, 2023

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  • I usually enjoy Thursdays but this was a hard one. I did sleep wonderfully until my alarm went off this morning. I had even decided last night to let the kids sleep in a little bit this morning, but when I did get up Graham was already working on his school work.
  • I did a few chores, and then I woke Whitman. I did let him sleep in some, but he still had a full day's worth of school to work on. Anderson was awake as well and was feeling pretty rough. So soon I was calling to get him a doctor's appointment.
  • I then woke up Keaton and was able to read to the little 3 for a few minutes before I went with Robby to pick up the van. It is not fixed and no longer rattling. He headed on to the store while I headed home.
  • At home, I went to work on making meal for a friend and then one for the kids while we are gone, one for the freezer and half of one to eat tonight. This took me a good while especailly since I had to pause in the middle to take Anderson in.
  • Well, he wasn't faking it-he has strep. (I didn't think that he was.) His fever was even pretty high at the doctor's office-despite me giving him tylenol earlier in the day. Robby had given me the option of him picking up the meds or me getting them. 
  • I wanted to get them in Anderson quickly so he sat in the car and waited while I "ran" in. I first checked in to make sure that they had his prescription and then returned in 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes I offered Anderson to get him some tylenol for right then and a drink from Walmart, but he declined.
  • So at the end of 20 minutes, I returned and bought Anderson's medicine. As I was checking out, Robby called saying that his meds were ready too, so they found those for me. While the pharmacist was checking me out, I realized that they hadn't filled on of the two that the doctor prescribed for Anderson which meant I had to do the wait all over again.
  • I did deliver the meds and what all I found while waiting for the first round to the car, and then returned to wait for the second round. It did take as long as the first round, but when I did have all of the meds, I sped home and doped my boy up.
  • Nonna and Pops came over for a few minutes and watched me work on the last bit of the manicotti. Then before I realized it, I was sitting on the couch reading. I then noticed that Robby was sleeping so I decided to take myself a nap as well.
  • Supper was the 1/2 pan of manicotti, but also it is an "eat whatever you would like night." Those really seem to be the favorites around here-Campbell had chinese leftovers, Whitman had an english muffin pizza while the others did eat the manicotti.
  • After eating, we settled into the couch to watch some tv and I still have a few pages of my book to read before tomorrow as well.

February 1, 2023

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  • Another "ice day" here, so it was also another day that everyone slept in for a little bit longer than usual. Anderson kind of has a cold and slept a bit longer than the others. We did a bit less reading today-mainly because I just wanted to concentrate on the few things that I really want to finish.
  • Then the kids started on their school work. It was all fairly uneventful-and really, I am not too sure that folks finished a lot of things today. They still have tomorrow to finish up and even Friday so hopefully they will take advantage of that.
  • Though since I pretty much sit with Whitman to keep him on track and motiviated, he is moving along nicely with his school work for the week. Though when he got to the end of his work today, he had to do some coding. We usually do it together, but today it was over my head-he offered for us to just skip it, and I certainly agreed. I probably need to have Anderson figure it out with him.
  • There was no grand baking happening today. Though Keaton did make her chocolate chip cookies today. 
  • This afternoon I walked on the treadmill, and afterwards we played a game. Most of us played 20 Questions-it didn't go as well as yesterday's game. Some time people are happy, and some time they are grumpy-I guess that is life. We survived though and no one was injured during our game. 
  • Around supper time Robby heated up some pizzas for us. He made 4-all the same-and oddly enough everyone grabbed from different pizzas. Kind of strange that we didn't finish one off before starting another one.
  • The Wilson's came over as Keaton was working on her cookies. We all enjoyed a cookie along with a cinnamon roll while we watched a new to us tv show. When they left, we started our picking up for the evening and soon sent the peeps to bed.