November 30, 2019

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  • No one was in too much of a hurry to get moving this morning. The only thing on my list that I really wanted to do today was finish my Christmas puzzle. Yes, I have been a bit obsessed with it. Ideally, everyone would enjoy helping but they don't really care, so I have just made time to work on it the past few days. And yep, today I finished it. It was fairly easy-a tray of brightly decorated cookies.
  • We had to scurry around the house this morning to meet all of our buddies at Third Realm at 10:30. They jumped without asking to go for almost an hour-a Christmas miracle. Usually someone is always ready to go. Seriously, they had lots of friends there and enjoyed jumping.
  • When we all left, I headed to run a few errands while Robby took everyone home. I hit up Walmart, Dollar Tree, Academy, Bath and Body, Kroger and Lowes. I probably should have gone in Michaels, and I even forgot to pick up one thing from Kroger-but my Christmas shopping list is dwindling....well, it is a bit. 
  • This afternoon, Anderson and Graham worked really hard raking up a bike trail in the yard. The kids do this every year, and Whitman has been super excited about it. Robby aired up all of the bikes, and soon they were all (well, almost all) riding the trail on their bikes. 
  • I was pretty determined that today was going to be the day that Whitman rode his bike...but nope, today was not the day. And I can also tell you that tomorrow won't be either. The boy is no where close. He just doesn't get the pedalling concept-never has. Hopefully, he can figure out that and how to tie his shoes before college.
  • I pulled out school for the rest of the 2019 tonight. That was quite a challange-well, not really since we are going to be gone a good bit. The kids are starting to finish up a few things. We still have plenty left to do, but finishing a book here or there does help lighten their load. 
  • Almost everyone now has moved to their next math book. We are about a half of a year ahead so that means that they all change books around Christmas time. It seems that every time I pull out schoo, I have to go to the attic to gather someone's new math book. I know that is a good problem to have.
  • We heated up enough leftovers for supper tonight. Maybe next week we will have a real meal around here. I guess I will need to start making a grocery list or two. After our supper, we all gathered in the living room to watch the new Lady and Tramp movie. It was pretty good, but Anderson was sour through it that he wasn't getting to play his ipad. 
  • He did have a few minutes of ipad time right before bedtime. Then it was time for the crew to head to bed-much, much too late. 

November 29, 2019

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  • I can say that we really haven't done much all day long. Well, Robby and I have done more than the kids which means that have not done anything! 
  • Now, the last few days, Whitman has started playing more with toys and doing more art. This is great and all...except the more he does this, the bigger the messes that he makes. I am about to lose my mind walking around picking up after him. It is like he is 6 years old!
  • I did sneak out of bed this morning to go upstairs and work on my Christmas puzzle. Sometimes I get things stuck in my head and much finish them-like this puzzle. I think I might be able to finish it by the time we leave for our next trip..speaking of that trip, I probably should start thinking about packing.
  • I did put up my kitchen Christmas tree. We even decided to not put up our Snow Village this year. There were years and years that we didn't put it up becuase we had so many little hands. I do love them-especially all of my hotels and lodges. This year, I did put one of my churches up in the kitchen.
  • I actually got a few Snow Village pieces out so I could pick which church I liked better. Then I remembered that I just had one church-Nonna is the one with all of the churches. I am just not sure where all of my Snow Village and where all of Nonna's Snow Village is going to fit in my tiny house!
  • Robby, Campbell and I left to run a few errands this afternoon. We went to Walmart and looked all around and only left buying 3 things-one was a Black Friday special, one was something Campbell needed and the other was on the clearance shelf. We were living it up!
  • Really, we were because then we went to eat at On the Border. I am still full from yesterday but did manage to squeeze down some salsa, chips and tortilla soup. 
  • From there we made a few stops including two Krogers and picking up Keaton from Grannymom and Grandpa's house. She had spent the night over there, helped with the Christmas tree and even helped shopped for her Christmas present. 
  • When we made it home, I pulled out the leftovers and fed the people who were hungry. I again worked on my puzzle and even helped Keaton and Whitman put up a tent. We watched some football and did lots of online Christmas shopping!

November 28, 2019-Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Robby and I stayed in bed as long as we could this morning. I did even wake up a bit before my alarm clock went off-I knew that we already had more to do than time! There was laundry, dishes and passing out lots of medicine to my sick people.
  • As Robby was cleaning the kitchen floor, he suggested that we get Reagan up soom. I told him that I had seen her already-awake and dressed-it must be a holiday. Folks started arriving, and I quickly realized that I needed a double oven. We did have the toaster oven so that did help a bit. Though that takes up quite a bit of counter space so we had to store it in the school room until it cooled off.
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and today did not disappoint. Les and his crew were here along with all of our other family. The kids were so happy to have all of their cousins here today. 
  • After we stuffed our faces, Campbell showed all the ladies how to make a toilet paper pumpkin. She was pretty proud of her craft, and they certainly turned out cute. The boys were anxiously waiting for us to finish because they wanted to play Spoons. We played a few rounds of spoons-it came down to Reagan and Graham, and much to Reagan's dismay her brother beat her.
  • Everyone had a few supper snacks, and then they all packed up and headed home. Jason and Anderson worked on a lego set-it was pretty massive but took no time at all for them. 
  • Soon our house was empty again, Keaton even went to Grannymom's house for the night. I worked on my puzzle for a little bit, and then we settled in to watch the Disney holiday special.

November 27, 2019

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  • This morning was pretty nice-I was able to look at the clock saying 8 and not have to jump out of bed like a crazy woman. I have felt like the last few days I have been acting like it is already a holiday...and I love it.
  • I started to work on the house and quickly realized that I forgot to run the dishwasher last night. This squelched my progress a little bit. I had planned to work on the kitchen after the dishwasher and then get out all of my dishes for tomorrow. It took a while but soon I was back on track.
  • The kids slept most of the morning. All of my boys were up by 10, but Cash didn't stir until 11. The first time that we saw Keaton, she told us that she was only awake because Reagan had woken her up-at noon.
  • I took everyone to Third Realm around lunch time. They enjoyed jumping quite a bit-I am going to make a better effort to go a few more times next week. Robby met me and took most people home after our jumping.
  • Campbell and I headed on to the doctor. We made her an appointment because of her cough. Her cough is pretty bad, and occasionally she even acts a bit pitiful. Her ears and lungs were fine. They did do a strep test, but it was also fine. After our appointment, we picked up the rest of Anderson's medicine.
  • We did grab Campbell a Sonic drink on the way home. Her strep test earned that for her. She did just fine during it, but I would have started crying if they told me that I needed a strep test. Campbell was super relieved to see that her brothers and sisters had finished working in the yard and were inside. 
  • Robby spent the rest of the day working outside. He made a huge dent in the leaves and the yard looks really good. I served my time working in the house. We were able to get most everything ready for tomorrow-there is still corn casserole, sausage cornbread, and two fruit turkeys to make along with mopping and vacuuming. 
  • Campbell had already started the morning making her Pilgrim Hat turkeys. Whitman helped me make some BBQ crackers. And Keaton worked on her dessert this afternoon. My people were so excited to help this year-well, some of my people. Some could care less!
  • After suppers and showers, I did sneak upstairs to do some work on a Christmas puzzle that I pulled out today. My goal is to finish it by Christmas. One year we did finish our Christmas puzzle, but another year we didn't. Hopefully, we can finish it this year!

November 26, 2019

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  • I woke up in time to hit snooze a few too many times. I had to scramble around to get our school started by 8:10. The kids mostly woke up in a good mood though Campbell felt pretty crummy this morning. She has a bit of the cold that the rest of us have/had.
  • We did our reading, and then everyone started on their work. Graham had already finished his, Reagan had done a bit along with Keaton. I zoomed through working with everyone individually. 
  • Around noon, Reagan headed out with her buddies to watch Frozen 2. She said that it was okay, but she liked the first one better. It took a few more minutes after noon before Whitman finally finished his work. The only way he moves quicker is if I tell him that he can skip something if he does some things faster.
  • I ran to Nonna's to deliver some of the kids' Christmas presents. My present attic has been doing double duty as also my travel attic so it has been a bit cluttered. I was anxious to move a few boxes out of the attic for next week when I have to start packing...I should also start doing some of my wrapping.
  • Robby and I went to get gas for our cars. Then Anderson and I went for another check up. While he was still on his last antibiotic, he said that his other ear started to fill full. We waited a few days after that medicine was finished before we went to the doctor. That ear is indeed infected so after our almost 2 hour appointment, we rushed to the pharmacy for medicine.
  • It did help that we brought Cash home to spend the night plus Robby came home with some pizza for our supper. I was pleased when we came home, that Campbell and Whitman had already put up the Christmas tree monorail.
  • During a lull in the rain, Robby and I worked on putting the tire back on his tractor. He was pleased to be done with that fiasco, and he also marked off new tires for his car today. 
  • This evening we watched some tv and enjoyed a little bit of a cookie pizza! It was a pretty quiet evening. 

November 25, 2019

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  • Even though today was a Monday and a school morning after a bit of a break (we were off Friday), the day went fairly smoothly. Graham finsihed his work fairly quickly and who would believe but Whitman finished before 1. I did have to sit right in front of him for a little while so he could focus a bit better.
  • Campbell and Keaton had raked a big pike of leaves yesterday so Robby, and even Anderson for a minute, helped them get it picked up before the upcoming rain. Once the leaves were picked up, Keaton and Campbell disappeared off to the neighbors for the rest of the afternoon.
  • I am not sure really what all happened the rest of the morning/afternoon. I stayed busy working on my list. It was almost like a holiday since school was finished a bit earlier than usual. Now, since Campbell did end up outside, I didn't get to work with her until late tonight.
  • At 3:30, we loaded up for Third Realm. The kids jumped for about an hour until we ran to the library. I not have a basket full of Christmas books to read along with another basket of other books that I would like to finish by Christmas. Though when I start counting the days, there aren't that many days left until Christmas is here.
  • When we came home, Robby went to work on supper while I went to work on finishing Campbell's school. There was present wrapping, light hanging, Bates watching and school work doing. It was a busy and productive evening...even more ice cream eating.

November 24, 2019

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  • There was little clothes drama this Sunday morning. There really hasn't been clothes drama lately, but there so easily could have been today. Campbell was wearing a new dress, thanks to Layne. The new dress was also very wrinkled-Robby and I did the best we could with a gallon of wrinkle releaser last night along with hanging it near the shower in hopes that it would be fine today.
  • Thankfully, it was. I also knew that Campbell didn't really have shoes to wear with the dress. She did find some that kind of worked and by 2 this afternoon, I had bought her a pair of black flats for next time. (Who doesn't love them some 5 dollar shoes?)
  • Also for clothes drama, Anderson was wearing a new shirt. It fit well and looked nice (though it wasn't our top choice for the one for him to buy.) And I did have to make Graham change out of his pajama shirt-he was wearing it under his zip up pullover this morning. I probably wouldn't have noticed or cared, but that pjs shirt is pretty stained.
  • And that leaves Whitman-last week he tried on one pair of pants that were too short, which left his others which were too big but still worked. Today, I pulled out some that looked nice except for the whole in the knee. So I went with another pair that he wore-except the waist was so small that he probably spent all morning and afternoon with his pants just unbuttoned. I am sure that we will get this winter clothes thing settled soon-it may be spring by the time we find right pants for Whitman to wear on Sunday morning.
  • After all of that, the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Church was the same. I am not sure why though as we were leaving, Whitman asked me about 20 questions about "divorce." I heard the same sermon he did and taught his Sunday school lesson so I am not sure where those questions came from.
  • We had lunch at Granymom's house. The kids went right to playing games after lunch while Campbell snuck off with me for some shoe and burlap shopping. We returned and headed home with everyone else. 
  • This afternoon the little 3 played outside with the neighbors while Robby and I napped. And we napped well! Afterwards, I did some laundry, Christmas tree work along with some meat cooking. 
  • Then it was supper at the Wilsons tonight-it was the perfect night for chili. We finished off Shannon's pot of chili along with finishing off her bowl of candy! You wouldn't think that Robby and I would need ice cream before bed-but we did!

November 23, 2019

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  • Robby and I slept as long as we could this morning. When I did get up, I was able to mark a few things off of my list-pulling out school, the laundry, and finishing up getting my new ornaments ready.
  • It was amost 11 when we fially started on our main task of the day-getting the tree out. I will say that we have consolidated a lot of boxes and things are fairly neat, yet we still have so much stuff. That might be because I do have 2 new trees this year which make a total of 3 old trees left in the attic.
  • Those trees are left in the attic any longer-Robby took care of them this afternoon after we were sure that all of our other trees worked. We put up our tree in the living room, plus another smaller tree in the living room along with the tree in the girls room. I still have the tree in the boys room plus the kitchen which will wait until after Thanksgiving. I might wait on my Snow Village until after Thanksgiving as well. 
  • Shannon came over to help me do my burlap around the big tree. She made it look perfect. When we were finished, I decided that I wanted some on the other living room tree as well. We didn't have enough leftover. Robby even went to look at Hobby Lobby tonight but couldn't find any so the decorations on that tree will have to wait until Monday at least.
  • I put as many ornaments on my tree as I could today. The only one who seemed interested in helping with this was Whitman, and he just really wants to put the monorail up around the tree. That will be tomorrow as well. 
  • Graham had a birthday party tonight. When he and Robby left, I noticed that they had left the gift (at 20 dollar bill) at home in the mudroom. I wrote Robby and told them that we could bring it when we picked him up. They didn't need that-they MacGyvered a gift-zip lock bag, piece of paper and another 20 dollar bill. 
  • This evening everyone had their showers, and we turned on the Hogs game. Keaton's comment during the ballgame tonight right after an LSU touchdown was, "we should have just turned it off because we know that we are going to lose." She didn't stick around long enough to see the ending so she may not even know the final outcome.

November 22, 2019

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  • The first thing that we did this morning was our together reading. We haven't been too consistent on this lately, so I feel like I am scrambling to finish things-yes, I do know that it is still November and not yet May. 
  • After we worked together, I sent everyone make their beds, get ready and then practice their reports once again. It wasn't too much longer before our buddies started arriving for our homeschool day.
  • The kids' reports today were all about "how tos." Reagan explained how to shuffle cards, Anderson showed how to make snickerdoodles, Graham demonstrated how to make a paper popper, Cambpell made a fabric pumpkin, Keaton showed ow to make slime, and Whitman made ice cream in a baggie.
  • Even though it was raining today, the kids weren't too crazy in the house. I guess that they are starting to get a little bit bigger. Things were fairly calm, and the house wasn't destroyed so overall it was a pretty great day!
  • After everyone left today, we quickly cleaned the house. Robby had an adventure in the yard-he backed the car up a little bit too far up...and got stuck. Tony had some rope so they were able to pull it out. It took all Robby's car had to pull that van out of the mud. Once the car was out, Robby worked until he was pretty wet getting the ruts out of the yard.
  • We watched a short film and I may or may not have had a short nap, then it was time to load up for the McGuires. We had a delicious supper over there. Amber's dessert was a carmelly brownie thing which was wonderful. The kids had fun playing, and Whitman even did a bit of hoverboarding.
  • When we came home, it was time for bed for the kids and a Christmas movie for me! 

November 21, 2019

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  • I have pretty much been gone all day long so I am not too sure that I have much information for the blog. I knew that we were leaving early this morning, so we skipped our work together and their working with me-the kids were thrilled with this.
  • They still had all of their other work to do so there was plenty left. Reagan and I figured out how to graph circles and ellipses this morning-not that either of us will ever need that information. I never ever remember doing that in school. Both of the boys finished their math before we left which helped quite a bit.
  • The Wilsons, Robby and I headed to Morilton to eat lunch today. We ate at Elias; it was super delicious. I could have made a meal on the chips and salsa. However, I had a chicken and avacado roll up along with a turtle pie.
  • We hurried home because we all had real work to do as well. Robby's afternoon was full of meetings. When I came home, I sat with Whitman who was working on the same page as when I left. Gracious, I have no idea what to do. We quickly knocked out all but two of his pages. He just needs someone to sit by him and point to the next problem.
  • It wasn't too long before I left the house again for my volunteering in Benton. I fought the rain the entire time there-it wasn't bad, but had to deal with that silly rain for the rest of the day. The kids worked on my second set of chores that I left for them. 
  • I returned just long enough to pick up a few kids (Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton) and head to basketball pracie. I dropped off Cambpell for her practice and Keaton to watch. Then I took the boys to the dollar store and quickly hurried back for their practice.
  • Sara brought the girls home while the boys did their practice. I ran to Pennys to pick up a present and made it back to watch the end of the boys' practice. We came home and ate supper that Robby had cooking. Then there was quite a few RV shows that we watched before straightening the house before bedtime.

November 20, 2019

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  • Wednesday morning so our first activity was getting ready. Then emptying the trash cans were the next item on the agenda. I was able to empty the dishwasher before we left, but had to leave the laundry for the maid. (Kidding, I really left the laundry for Robby.)
  • Nonna and Graham were waiting on us on our way to Bible Study. We grabbed him, and the kids devoured the doughnuts that Pops had sent. Off we then went to Grannymom's house to pick up Whitman. He had loads of fun and told us all about what he did on the way to Bible study.
  • Even with all of our stops, we arrived before our buddies so the kids decided to sit in the car for a bit. Then I dropped everyone off to their rooms and changed some snack dates. The kids absolutely love bringing snack. I think that might people would bring snack every single week if possible. Campbell brought her half of the cookies that she made yesterday as her class' snack today.
  • After Bible study, Sara, Candice and I got stuck in traffic trying to get out of Immanuel's parking lot. We were there for about 10 minutes just waiting. Surprisingly, though our kids weren't the only ones left when we did arrive.
  • We all headed to the park to play for a little bit. As we drove up to the park, we were shocked to see that every single parking spot was full-the park was crazy, crazy full. It was almost comical. Half of the people were Bible study people and the other half were poor mommas of little kids who were terrified when we showed up with all of our bigs. 
  • Robby brought us pizza this afternoon for our lunch. It was pretty delicious or maybe I just starving from not having breakfast. After we played for a while, we drove to our dentist appointment. I did make the kids brush their teeth in the parking lot. I wasn't even going to make them use toothpaste, but before I knew it there was toothpaste flying and people were spitting on everything and everyone.
  • That extra bit of toothpaste didn't help our visit too much-Reagan and Campbell have cavities. Not too bad though there are a few spots in Keaton's mouth that they are watching, Urgh! So we left with 2 new appointment for the cavity girls plus 6 appointments for in 6 months along wtih 6 more appointments for the kids' visit in 12 months. So yes, I made 14 dental appointments today!
  • From there, we ran home for just long enough to empty the car, for me to bag up some clothes to donate, for everyone to practice their reports, for me to wrap a present, and for me to take a shower. At the park, I got something in my eye, and it hurt and watered all afternoon. The dentist probably thought that I was crying when he was talking about the girls cavities but it was just my silly eye watering. 
  • I had to come home and take shower which seemed to help some. I did get a new contact but it does still feel like something is in my eye. I probably scratched it with all of the rubbing that I did today. 
  • We then met Robby at church for supper. Reagan and Anderson were having their Thanksgiving feast tonight at church so they brought cookies. They had turkey, lots of side dishes (even ChickFilA mac and cheese) that the big kids brought and tons of dessert from the 7th and 8th graders. The rest of us just had baked potatoes-which were delicious. I am always reminded of college when I have baked potato. I pretty much had one every day for 4 years.
  • After church tonight, the kids played on the playground for a long while. Then it was time to head home. Some folks had a snack and some didn't. Anderson is still taking his medicine at night and is hopefully on the mend. After those snacks and medicine, it was shortly bedtime.

November 19, 2019

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  • Another school day around here. I did wake up about 5 minutes earlier which did help with the smoothness of our morning. I do think though that I might just need to wake up more than 5 minutes earlier for things to be perfectly smooth.
  • Most of the kids had their breakfasts in my room before I had even sat down. I was pouring Whitman some milk-he thinks he can do this himself, but I do disagree since milk is pretty messy to clean. 
  • We did our work together. Then I worked with Graham. He was ready to get everything marked off of his list so he could tell Pops that he was ready. Keaton and Campbell had worked on some of their work last night so they were finished right after Graham.
  • The girls made muffins for their breakfast-of course this breakfast wasn't really finished until almost 11. About this time, Nonna and Pops came over to pick up Graham. The rest of us worked on finishing school. 
  • Around 1, Grannymom came over to take Reagan out for some driving practice. They drove around the church parking lot a few times. Grannymom did say that Reagan is improving, and she has more confidence. Though I still think that it is going to take a few more lessons!
  • Grannymom did say that Whitman could spend the night at her house tonight if he finished his school. By this time, he only had his math left. Now, this made him pretty anxious. He even asked me if I would let him go if he had just a few problems left. I had him do 5 problems, then do something else and then return for more problems over and over. He was so happy when he was finally finished-and so was I.
  • Campbell and Anderson both needed to take cookies tomorrow (Campbell to CBS and Anderson to tomorrow night's church). They made a double batch of Snickerdoodles. They did great working together. Though Anderson was not going to crack the eggs at all. He had Whitman and Keaton do them for him.
  • We went to Third Realm after the cookies were finished. We took some Heltz with us well. Graham showed up to jump with us and Reagan came back from her lesson while Whitman left wtih Grannymom. It was a bit like musical kids!
  • Once we came home, it wasn't long until we left again. We left Reagan and Anderson making chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes for their supper. Robby and I got gas for our cars and then we headed our own ways. I went off to Walmart and then Bunko while he took Keaton to her basketball practice. He also had to help coach tonight!
  • When I made it home, the kids had a bit more time before it was finally bedtime. It looks like tomorrow will be another busy day.

November 18, 2019

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  • I was about to say that today was a pretty good Tuesday...however, I do believe that this is not Tuesday. So that actually makes today a really good Monday. We were up at a decent time but still had to scurry around to get our school started.
  • The kids all got right to work on their school. Whitman was even a bit focused today-he finihsed by 1 which is much better than on Friday when it took him until Sunday night to finish his school work.
  • Lunch was at a decent time this afternoon. After everyone ate, we did some more reading. I am working hard on finishing my books-Reagan told me today that maybe when we finish the books in our box, I shouldn't get any more from the library. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I have about 30 in the cabinet plus 30 more at the library waiting on me. 
  • The snack this afternoon was ice cream in a bag. Whitman is possibly doing a report about that recipe, plus Reagan has been wanting to make it for a while. So there were 6 kiddos shaking bags of ice and rock salt all around my kitchen-incredible mess! It took a good while to clean up, but everyone enjoyed the ice cream. I even had some which was actually pretty good.
  • The girls and I left the house at 4 today. We ran to at 6 different stores. We bought a few Christmas gifts and even added a few things on Christmas lists. I was pretty pleased with what all we accomplished.
  • The boys had their Trail Life meeting tonight. They made squirrel feeders and talked about home maintance. I think that they had fun and gosh, those boys sure were cute in their uniforms tonight.
  • The girls and I watched our second Hallmark movie of the season right before bedtime. I guess that it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

November 17, 2019

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  • All of the boys were awake before we were this morning. Anderson had on his one long sleeve shirt that fits (I was relieved that it fit!) Whitman on the other hand first put on one pair of pants that were too small. That left him with the next size up which seemed a wee bit big. Same thing with his shirt-the other size is too small and this size is too big. Hopefully, he will grow a bit before next Sunday!
  • Church was fine. Whitman did sit in my lap the entire time. This makes things a big crazy since he is holding his Bible-or really, I am making him hold his Bible while I am trying to write in my Bible. 
  • After church we ate lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. They had pork tenderloin which is the kids' favorite. She also had mashed potatoes which Anderson raved about. I questioned him asking if he liked them more than mac and cheese, and he said that he did with that meal.
  • Nonna and I worked on her Christmas list this afternoon. We were able to make some progress but gracious, some of my people are difficult. I guess that Robby and I are difficult too since we don't have anything on our lists.
  • The rest of the afternoon was spent resting. The kids played while Robby and I snoozed. It was wonderful! I did have to jump up and head to church for a playground meeting. While I went there, Anderson and Reagan went to their Lifegroup.
  • I was home in time to eat with the others. Anderson and Reagan came in soon after that. Then we all huddled upstairs to watch a Hallmark movie. Well, Anderson didn't join us and Whitman was only around when the had the popcorn out!

November 16, 2019

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  • I had told the kids that they could sleep in this morning. However, by 9:45 I figured that they had had enough of sleeping in, so I decided that it was time to clean the house. As you can imagine, there were a few folks that weren't too happy with this decision.
  • Soon everyonew as on board with our cleaning, and things went smoothly. We were able to clean upstairs along with most of downstairs. We didn't get to straightening the kids drawers or sweeping the kitchen floor. We can do that tomorrow...or maybe another day.
  • By 11, the house was clean and everyone was ready. We picked up Grannymom and Grandpa and headed to the Wheel of Fortune event. They were trying out people to be on the show-none of us made it. That is fine though because I wasn't sure that I wanted to be on the stage-at all!
  • We eased our Wheel of Fortune disappointment with pizza at Grannymom's house. Robby worked on some pictures while I took a quick run to the grocery store. I took the girls with me so the grocery store run was not quick nor was it cheap! 
  • Back at home this afternoon, the big boys went to Brett's house to ride on his 4 Wheeler for a little bit. I was productive for about half of the time that they were gone. The other half I wasn't productive at all-I had a nap!
  • The Wilsons came over for supper. We had ourselves a Chinese smorgasboard-chicken and pork dumplings, general tso chicken, orange chicken and veggie fried rice. Thanks Trader Joes! 
  • Our meal was so yummy that after supper, the grownups headed to Trader Jors to check everythin out. The Wilsons had not been so we showed them around-though they were out of one thing that I wanted for Christmas nor could I find cookie butter! 
  • We all bought a snack, but also stopped at Kroger to buy ice cream for the kids. We ended up eating ice cream so we didn't even get to our snacks. I bought chocolate hummas-I'm not sure what I will eat it with, but I know that I will find something! 
  • While we were out shopping, the kids played hide and seek tag in the dark. I am not sure what that entails, but they kept tellimg me all about it tonight. When we did arrive back, they were anxious to eat a bowl or two of ice cream. The Wilson's stayed until almost the end of the ballgame. When they left, it was soon bedtime for the crew.

November 15, 2019

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  • Winter mornings are not my favorite. I know that it isn't officially winter, but we are running our heat and that makes it winter. I love the lights, the dreariness and even the chill of winter, but I do not love the heat. In the morning, the heat blows right on me-I wake up sweating every morning. It is just dreadful. I could normally stay in bed longer, but in the winter I have to get out of bed because I feel like I am about to burn up. Ok, enough complaining!
  • School went well-ish today. We skipped our first bit of working together. This usually lasts about an hour, but we were leaving at 10:30 so I needed everyone to have time to finish. Skipping our work together did help, but still not everyone was done.
  • We went to the Nothing Bundt Cakes store because they were giving away free mini bundt cakes this morning. That was fun! We ate our cakes as soon as we sat down in the car. Then we continued the fun with a trip to Trader Joes. Today we bought orange chicken, fried rice, and dumplings. I can not wait to try to dumplings.
  • We came home for about 10 minutes before Campbell, Keaton and I left again. We met up with Nonna and Pops and they drove us to Des Arc for the Christmas sale. Now, last year I did buy a few things-even my blanket ladder. This year I didn't find anything that I couldn't live without. Honestly, things just seemed to be very expensive-and what wasn't expensive I just didn't need.
  • We still had fun though so it was still worth our time. When we arrived back, we met up with the others at Third Realm for a little bit of jumping time. The kids enjoyed dodgeball and weren't ready to leave.
  • We had to leave though because the boys had basketball tonight. It has been a few weeks since they have had the opportunity to go so I think that they were excited about going. I worked on school work and a bit of Christmas work. 
  • When the boys came home, I had supper ready for everyone. I kept making chicken roll ups until I ran out of chicken so we will even have a few extra for tomorrow. Robby worked on the tires for the cars-they all seem to need more air. 
  • Our evening was fairly uneventful-pouring medicine for Anderson (who does seem to be on the mend-though I think some of his medicine is making him a bit wild...or maybe he is just starting to feel better.)

November 14. 2019

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  • This was our first day back in a normal routine, and it went surprisingly well. Whitman did run through our room at 7:10. There are only two reasons that he now comes into our room in the morning time-his brothers aren't awake and he isn't sure if he is allowed to be up, so he comes into our bed or his pants are wet. Well, his tummy was a bit upset last night, so his pants were indeed wet (but not with just pee.) Bless. This caused for a shower and a sheet change/mattress scrub fairly early in the morning.
  • We started on our school work and everything went well. I have a huge pile of books that I really would love to finish by Christmas. Plus there are at least 25 at the library waiting on me. I know that I can't possibly finish them all...or can I? My schedule will have to slow down a wee bit to finish everything.
  • At noonish, we ate our lunch and even did some more reading. The highlight of the day was drawing names for the kids Christmas gifts. They were all so excited to pick their names. They have been sending me ideas for what they want. It is just making me a bit stressed-my friend says that she buys in October, wraps in November and enjoys December-man, I want to do that...but it is already too late. Part of me is afraid to do shopping for them now in case they change their minds. 
  • This afternoon I spent running around working on clearing out some of my piles from the trip. I finished a few of them, but even ended up in the attic going through bins. I should have gotten on the treadmill, but there just wasn't time. 
  • This evening I left for Refresh at church. As always, I had a good time there. Robby made supper for the kids (Disney leftovers). I made it home just in time for bedtime so it was a pretty quick evening for me.

November 13, 2019

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  • I woke right up at 5:30 this morning-would that be 6:30 in Florida? I think that it would be which is when we had been waking up each morning. Now, I should have done the right thing and gotten on up, However, I did what made the most sense and went right back to sleep.
  • Though I probably shouldn't have slept for another 2 hours. That made my morning a bit rushed to say the least. We still managed to get out the door for Bible study with a minimum amount of yelling. I didn't get the laundry folded before we left, but Robby had finished it just as we came home this afternoon.
  • Bible study was fine. All of the teachers had missed the kids, and I am kind of glad to be back in some type of routine. At least I think that I am.
  • After Bible study, went to Third Realm for about an hour. The kids enjoyed jumping though I think they have lost some of their stamina-they were tired pretty quick.
  • We had a fairly good amount of time this afternoon. I was able to mark a few things off of my never ending list. 
  • At 3, Robby took Anderson to the doctor. We had debated wheather to take him or not. He has complained of his ear, but said it didn't hurt. He hasn't had fever, but continues with a cough for about 2-3 weeks now. Overall, he says that he feels fine....
  • However, I guess that he has been sick for so long that he has forgotten what feeling good and breathing well feels like. The doctor said that he is wheezing, has one ear infection, has one ear drum that is retracted, gave him oxygen and a breathing treatment, along with 300 bucks worth of medicine! 
  • After Robby and he picked up his medicine, they stopped at Sonic for a drink before coming to church. Anderson seemed perky and was a bit proud that he was sicker than he thought. After church was over, I came straight home and gave the boy all of his medicine. Hopefully, he will feel better quickly.
  • Robby ran to pick up Grannymom and Grandpa from the airport tonight so he was gone during bedtime. When he is gone, bedtime is a bit later than usual. I was able to get everyone in bed before he came home and even had time to request some library books (one of my favorite things to do!)

Disney Trip 2019-By The Numbers

Total Days: 15
Total Nights: 14
Nights in a cabin: 2
Refills on Popcorn Bucket: 12
Nights in a camper: 8
Nights in a hotel: 4
Lunchables Bought: 25
Days at Disney: 9
Skyliner Rides: 2
Dole Whips: 5
Times the Time Changed: 3
People Soaked from the Rain: 2 (Robby and Graham)
Total in our Group: 23
Mickey Pretzel: 1
Toilet Paper Rolls Bought: 4

Pins Traded: 23,000 (at least)

November 12, 2019-Disney Trip Day 15

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I do think that this was the best hotel bed yet-or maybe we were just tired. Whitman laid his head own last night and was asleep in just seconds. He was one tired little boy. Anderson continues to cough, but thankfully he didn’t really cough any last night so maybe he is on the mend.

Our alarm went off around 6:45, and soon everyone was stirring around-well, most everyone. Campbell was moving pretty slowly; she must still be quite tired! As soon as we were ready, we went down to load the car. I was behind everyone else and wondered why they were all still standing in the hotel hallway. 

As soon as I went out to help Robby, I quickly found out-it was freezing! Graham was trying to help but was shivering to much, and Reagan was digging in the laundry bag to find her only pair of pants. When the cart was empty, I couldn’t even touch the poles because they were icy cold!

We warmed up inside eating our breakfast. This hotel was the winner-a bagel and flavored cream cheese! My favorite breakfast yet. I actually would have eaten anything that was warm because I was still chilly from loading the car. 

In the car, we turned on a movie and headed on our way. Robby said that it was so cold, that he was just going back to Florida. Unfortunately, we did have to head back towards home and fought the wind much of the morning. 

I drove a bit of the way, and the wind was definitely something. It was a two hands on the steering wheel drive. When I wasn’t driving, I was trying to work on the kids’ Christmas lists. That is coming up all too soon. 

We stopped a few times for the bathroom and a stop at McDonalds for lunch. There wasn’t much exciting happening in the car-just lots of movie watching. Just as we always do on a trip-we didn’t take any pictures on our journey home. 

We made it home by 3ish and went right to work. Before too long, we were fairly settled with most clothes in the wash (though I didn’t realize that the kids had a load and a half upstairs waiting to surprise me.) It was a shock to our systems having to unload the car in the cold temps. However, the warm house that we came home to was sure nice.

Shannon had supper for us plus she had a big bag of clothes for the boys, so it was a nice end to our vacation getting to hang out with our framily before we journey back in the real world tomorrow.

November 11, 2019-Disney Trip Day 14

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This morning started like any other morning lately-I had to get up and go to the bathroom! My bladder isn’t what it used to be. I am not too sure if Robby was gone already to take his shower, so I decided that I should get up to take mine as well. 

Unlike Robby, I wasn’t walking down to the showers to take my shower, I was going to use the drippy, tiny camper shower. It wasn’t too bad, and I might just have been getting used to it. As soon as I stepped out of the shower, we started zipping up bags and throwing them out the door of the camper.

We cleaned that place up in a hurry and were soon on the boat. Well, the kids and I were on the boat to Magic Kingdom. Robby took the car to park in the parking lot. We rode the boat because the security line is nutzo at the parking lot, but when you get off of the boat the line is very short. 

It didn’t take long for us to find our spot to head to Peter Pan. Robby barely made it to us before the park opened. Today, they did have a bit of pre show with Mickey and the princess’ before the park opened. That made things extra special on our last day.

We hurried to Peter Pan and pretty much walked right on. By the time that we left, the line was 40 minutes. What in the world? I mean, it is something that you have to see, but a 40 minute line just after the park opened-gracious. 

After Peter, we walked right the Small World. The kids wanted to so of course we did. I love that they appreciate some of the nostalgia of Disney. After Peter, we headed towards Dumbo-not for the ride but just for the playground. This ended up being the second time that we stood in line and then left. Today the playground wasn’t open yet. Whitman took it well, and I promised that we would come and play again on that playground.

We did stop and get some popcorn. We have been using the mess out of the popcorn bucket. It is just 2 dollars a refill so those popcorn bucket refills have been flowing pretty freely. The other day, Robby didn’t even had to pay for his refill-that was our first bit of Disney magic.

Next up, the kids rode the Barnstormer. Whtman doesn’t like it though because he says that it is too short. My 6 year old is a thrill seeker! We then went to meet some characters-Minnie, Daisy, Pluto, and Donald where all in one section. As we left there, Anderson found himself a cookie that he wanted. It was a giant Mickey head-so he had one and so did the rest of us.

Our first FastPass of the day was Seven Dwarfs. That is always a fun ride. Then we spent the last of Keaton’s money-she bought herself an autograph book. It has a picture spot on each page so I am not wishing that I had bought Campbell one like that instead of the one that I just gave to her.

We then headed over to Space Mountain to ride it one last time. It is always fun, but I am always a bit worried that our car is going to come right off of the tracks during the ride. I am sure that couldn’t happen, but it sure sounds like it could.

I did forget to mention that the other day when we were standing in line for Pirates, the man behind us started saying “Whitman” over and over again. I smiled at Whitman, and we just assumed he was talking to someone else. Finally, Reagan told me that he had our Whitman’s magic band in his hand. He had found it, read the name off of the back and was trying to find the owner. After we thanked him, Whitman told him that he thought he was calling a family member.

We stopped at Pinochio’s restaurant this morning for a little snack. I pulled everything out of my bag while Reagan got waters and Keaton and Campbell saw the Fairy Godmother. We rested there until it was time for our last Disney FastPass-Winnie the Pooh. It is a fun little ride. When it was over, we sadly walked down Main Street back to the car. 

There is nothing worse than the end of a vacation. The only thing that makes it a little bit better is planning the next trip, which we did on our long drive to our hotel. Robby drove for a little bit in the beginning. Then I drove most of the rest of the way until supper. 

We ate at Arby’s in Tifton. The worker was so nice that I came to the car and emailed the company. We did have a few bathroom stops but eventually made it to our stopping point for the night. It did seem like it took forever tonight to get to the hotel. The rain that came didn’t help things either. I think that most everyone except for Whitman and Anderson took a nap. We were fortunate that time changed to give us a few more minutes tonight-however, that will make tomorrow morning come early.

November 10, 2019-Disney Trip Day 13

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I really have no idea what we did this morning. That was so, so long ago and so, so many steps ago. Let’s see-yes, when I woke up this morning, Robby was gone or leaving. He had to return the golf carts which wasn’t that easy. First he had to meet a man to get his truck and trailer, and then he had to drive back to the campground to load up the carts. Finally, he delivered the carts and met us at Magic Kingdom.

When I woke up, I hurried around getting everyone ready and making their breakfasts. When I say “making breakfasts,” I really mean more like pouring their cereal and heating up their poptarts. 

Casey took us to the boat dock this morning. Robby could have picked us up this morning and brought us to the Magic Kingdom, but to avoid the huge bag check line we decided to ride the boat. The line for the boat was crazy long, and Graham was doubting if we should try to catch another boat. However, we were all able to fit on the boat, and off we went.

The bag check line was minimal there. Then we had to decide where we were going to go for our first ride of the day-Space Mountain or Thunder Mountain. We checked our FastPasses, and they would take us the Space, so we opted for Thunder.

We were near the front when they opened the park, but after following the kids down all of the least common paths, we were in the front of the line. We rode once, met up with Robby and rode Splash Mountain. Anderson and Keaton opted to stay behind on that ride. I think that they were worried about getting wet, but surprisingly, we didn’t get wet at all today.

After Splash, we walked over to ride the Teacups. Then we jumped in the Dumbo line. Not so much so we could ride Dumbo, but because Whitman really wanted to play on the playground. We weren’t near the playground yet when the Crafts text saying that they were ready to ride Seven Dwarfs.

By the time we all met up, the ride was shut down! That was fine though because we went to the Mermaid ride to fill up our time. The line was fairly long, but the kids all had fun in the line-it did help that I passed out some candy at the end.

Then it was Seven Dwarfs-that is a fun little roller coaster. I had forgotten about it, and as always the theming at Disney is just amazing. After the Dwarfs, we had some of our snacks-a cinnamon roll for Robby and me, a cinnamon roll for Graham, and tater tot mac and cheese for Keaton and Reagan. 

By this time, we had to hurry to our Space Mountain FastPass. We rode that and then fought the crazy crowds all across the park. Campbell, Whitman and I stopped to replace Campbell’s Magic Band-it was kind of coming apart. Then we had to find the others who had just found tables and gotten their food at Pecos Bills.

Yes, we brought in even more tortillas today. Robby didn’t get the chips and cheese dip today and only bought a side of cheese dip-even more economical. It was an awesome meal which hit the spot. We finished off a package of 20 tortillas!

Then we rode our Pirates before meeting the Crafts as they were walking out. They stopped to shop, and we headed on to the campsite. It is kind of sad since all of the buddies pulled out today. We also don’t have our golf carts anymore either. 

We spent a good deal of the afternoon packing up. And yes, I do have tons of room in the car this time. I could buy some more things! We did take the 3 littles to the pool briefly. This was the first time that we have been to the pool that it wasn’t raining. I will say that the pool was crazy crowded though-just like everything the past few days.

We made spaghetti for supper. It was delicious-we had cooked the meat at home, boiled the noodles here and made some cheese bread in the microwave. After we ate, we loaded up for Hollywood Studios.

Once we arrived there, we rode the SkyLiner to Epcot. Then we walked through some of the countries. We didn’t get too very far before we stopped-at France Campbell and Whitman had some ice cream. Robby bought an ice cream sandwich macaron, and a bit later I bought a baguette. We did a pretty good job of exploring France tonight and can mark that country off of our list.

After France, we made our way down by all of the other countries. We would stop to look at their food and read a few menus. In Mexico, the last country, we rode the Three Caballeros ride again. 

Then we went back to Norway. A bit earlier, the Frozen wait had been 40 minutes, but on our walk back, it became 15. We jumped in the line and were soon riding the ride. It was a really great little ride. The technology is pretty amazing on the ride. I think that it might just be one I would really like to do again.

We walked right out of the ride to see the fireworks. They were pretty cool-one part had boats pulling these kite like fireworks. I had never seen anything like it at all. We didn’t stick around to watch the fireworks because we were trying to get to the SkyLiner before the crowds.

We didn’t make it because the fireworks ended before we made it. We didn’t have to wait too long on both of the SkyLiner rides. We were soon back in the parking lot spotting our car. Back at the camper, we had time for a little snack before it was lights out for the kids. 

The car is pretty much packed and ready to go. We just have to load our bags and double and triple check this camper. Then we had some Magic Kingdom time followed by the beginning of our drive home. 

November 9, 2019-Disney Trip Day 12

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When my alarm went off at 6:30 and Robby was still in bed, I woke him up. He has been walking to the showers each morning and has always been the first one awake. Not this morning though. I jumped in the tiny shower here and then started waking everyone up.

We left just as the Crafts were pulling out in their car and the Heltz in their golf cart. We were a bit later than we had been before, but we still headed off to Smuggler’s Run, the new Star Wars ride. Keaton and Campbell went up with Traci’s parents to ride Rock N Roller Coaster. 

They were able to ride their ride twice while we waited in line and only rode our ride once. We were still out o there in 45 minutes so that was good. Anderson was the gunner in our cockpit. Whitman really wanted to be the engineer so I traded my pilot token for him to get engineer.

We could definitely tell a difference today in the crowd levels at the park. There were people everywhere-and not just a few but lots. It is a holiday weekend plus this is the end of Jersey week here. And just what is Jersey week? Well, we hear that people up North have a week off so they come down here. Who knew?

After our Star Wars ride, we met up with the girls and then walked back through Star Wars land to look around some. It was so crowded that we couldn’t really look around too much. When we come back, it will be super crazy because they are supposed to have the second new Star Wars ride open. 

Our first FastPass today was Toy Story. That is always a fun ride. This time I did beat everyone else which made me super happy. From there, we walked over and had our last set of lunchables. We have way too much food on everything else, but we could have bought one more day of lunchables. Oh, well, no one will go hungry. 

Then we met up with the Heltz for our Frozen Sing Along show. It is always super cute. And yes, I did close my eyes for a minute or two during it. Whitman didn’t sing at all during the show which made Reagan frustrated, but he did take it all in.

Next up, everyone but Reagan and Robby rode Star Tours. It was a different simulator ride than the last time, and I really enjoyed this one. We did leave Anderson’s hat on the ride. He remembered it as soon as we left the building, so we were able to retrieve it with little trouble.

After waiting on the hat, Anderson and I had to hurry over to the Disney Jr. Dance Party. It was okay. Whitman seemed to enjoy it but didn’t care at all about dancing. It is one that I will certainly not have to do for a long while. Ah, yes, we also did the Muppet Vision 3D today early in the morning. It is also one that I will not have to do again for a while. It probably needs a little bit of updating.

After the Dance Party, we had ourselves a snack or two. The funnel cake was pretty good-though I haven’t found my perfect Disney snack just yet. Cambpell did really like her cinnamon pretzel bites the other day from Disney Springs, but they weren’t really Disney food. I guess we will have to keep sampling.

Then it was back to the car and then the camper. This afternoon was fairly busy-I worked on our bags and did some packing up while Robby went to the office to pay some bills. Then we loaded the golf carts up full of kids and headed off to explore.

First we dropped off some laundry, then I returned yesterday’s ornament for a better one. Then we drove around some loops to look at the decorations. It is just odd-these people not only have lights or a blow up, but most people here have lights and multiple blow ups in front of their campers. They go all out!

We then went to let the kids play on the playground for a little bit. We didn’t last too long because by then, we were cold! It was downright chilly this afternoon and evening-and yes, I know that it was about 20 degrees colder at home.

The first thing I did when we got back was to change pants, and I even added “warm clothes” onto my master packing list. Soon Robby returned with the laundry, and I had BBQ sandwiches warmed up for everyone.

We weren’t in a rush to get back to Magic Kingdom tonight, but we did hurry over there as soon as supper was finished. That park was nutzo! They were filming the Christmas special which was neat to see. Now, we don’t know any of the performers but will still enjoy watching it Thanksgiving Day.

We rode Buzz Lightyear followed by our long awaited ride on the People Mover. Then the kids really wanted to go to the Laugh Factory show again. When Robby was on the screen and it said, “will buy churros for everyone,” Reagan thought things were bad. However, when he was on the screen, and it said, “feels the urge to get up and dance,” and her father got up and danced, Reagan asked to leave! Of course, all of this tickled me and I probably laughed the loudest during the show.

Afterwards, we went to ride the Magic Carpets before standing in a really long Starbucks line for a drink for Campbell and me to share along with one for Reagan. Then it was back through the crowds towards the camper. 

On the boat, Whitman fell sound asleep. He was exhausted. Actually, when we told him that we were going back to Magic Kingdom tonight, he replied, “but my legs are so sore.” I totally agree! Just 2 more days of walking and then we can get back in our normal schedule and take a break!

November 8, 2019-Disney Trip Day 11

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Once again it was super nice sleeping last night. We had told the kids to be quiet as long as possible. Robby did hear Graham a bit after 7, so he delivered ipads to everyone’s beds. I didn’t hear anything until Whitman came in our room at 8:30 asking to go outside. We mentioned that he could play his ipad, but he was anxious to get outside to use his bubble wand. 

Keaton was in our bed soon after that. She was asking to get her breakfast. This was kind of funny because Keaton hasn’t really cared about eating most mornings. Some mornings she has only eaten because I have insisted. Today though, since we weren’t getting breakfast out for everyone, she decided that she was hungry. 

After most had stirred and had their breakfasts, they started heading outside. It wasn’t long until they found all of their friends to play with. There were lots of golf cart drives around the loop. Robby did a load of laundry and I folded it. We also ran to the camp store to buy some more RV toilet paper...and I may have also picked up another ornament. 

We really did a lot of nothing this morning and on into the afternoon. We did get to the pool just as it started sprinkling. The kids didn’t mind and still swam for over an hour. Well, the big 3 didn’t swim but they did come down to see what all was happening. 

The pool had some activities happening-a hula hoop contest, bingo and some type of dance party. Whitman, Campbell and Keaton loved all of this. They participated in these things for almost an hour. At 3, they had kickball, and Reagan and Graham came flying in from the camper once we told them about it.

The kickballers, my big 3, Keaton, Caroline and Alyssa, were all on the same team so the score was pretty lopsided. They acted like it was no fun but I know that the loved winning the game. Then we hurried everyone on back to the camper to change clothes for tonight.

Our first stop tonight was Hollywood Studios. We walked right to the Dinosaur ride to use our FastPass there. Whitman wasn’t scared, but I know that in his picture he will look terrified. I can not wait to look at it. 

Then we ate supper at Flame Tree BBQ. We had been looking forward to this meal and it did not disappoint. We bought two orders of BBQ nachos with everything on the side plus one order of BBQ mac and cheese. We scooped the meat off of the mac and cheese plus used the meat from the nachos to make ourselves 7 BBQ sandwiches plus one set of BBQ fries. Then we all split the rest of the fries and beans. We had eaten plenty, but after the kids, who had eaten the mac and cheese, continued to rave about it-Robby went and bought one more order of it. So for 30 dollars, we fed our family supper at Disney-not too bad.

The kids all rode the Kali River Rapids. They were expecting to get soaked which is why Robby and I didn’t ride with them, but we guess that they were too light to really get splashed. They were a little wet, but not too bad. It was already chilly enough that we had to wear our jackets tonight so a little wet would be too wet for me. 

Graham really wanted to do the rapid ride again, but there just isn’t time. Whitman saw the playground at Animal Kingdom and put that right on the top of his return list. Our Everest ride was next-it is one of the best. I enjoyed riding it especially in the dark tonight.

We then walked through the Pandora section of the park to see it all lit up. I do enjoy seeing everything all lit up, but I also don’t like the dark as much. It is so hard to keep up with everyone. I am a bundle of nerves walking from place to place with the crazy crowds. I don’t plan on coming back here with a stroller until I am pushing my grandkids, but it sure was easier to keep up with the kids when they were all strapped down in a few strollers.

After seeing Pandora, we headed to the car for Disney Springs. They just put out their Christmas trees-there are at least 20 different trees. Each tree is decorated like a character would have decorated it-Snow White tree has flowers on it, Cinderella’s tree has pumpkins-it was really neat. Santa was even there, but since he had a 90 minute wait, we also decided to wait until we could go to the Bass Pro to see Santa. There is little wait for that Santa and since he knows our names, it is that much better.

On the way back to the car, a 5 minute walk took almost an hour. All the kids could do was trade pins. They are loving it. Reagan and Anderson have specific collections that they are trying to get. Campbell has some things that she is interested in. Graham is enjoying trading but hasn’t found specifically what he wants to collect. Keaton is only interested in getting pins for her others. And Whitman could care less. 

Once we were back to the car, we zoomed back to the camper. Robby dropped everyone off at the showers where we started on our showers. By this time, it was raining pretty good so he had to make a few pick ups so we could get back dry. The kids had some downtime and a drink before bed. Then it was bedtime for everyone-tomorrow is another early day.