Dennie Kids: January 31, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Everyone sleeping until 7:25-Yeah!
  • A slow morning-breakfast in bed, cutting nails (all 60-eek!), watching Dad run, playing in the beans and a bath
  • Taking Graham's sixth month pictures and making his foot print (that is why the bottom of his foot is black-in case you see it)
  • Getting leftover presents from DisneyWorld-Anderson got a set of cars and Reagan got a pink princess purse (which she has not let go of and has carried it around for the rest of the day-even shopping)
  • Eating an early lunch while Mom ran an errand-Dad had to feed Graham his green beans
  • Helping Dad put together our newest stroller-an umbrella double stroller. Mom is obsessed with buying strollers! This is our 6th stroller (at least)
  • Afternoon naps before testing out our new stroller at the mall-we even got a compliment on the stroller. More importantly we each picked out a cookie
  • More shopping at Walmart-Dad bought us grapes, raisins and peaches and that was our supper
  • Playing until bedtime-dancing, bowling, cars and catch
  • Graham going to bed in his first pair of big boy pajamas-Handy Manny!

Dennie Kids: January 30, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham waking up at 1 this morning-but he did go to bed very early last night
  • Anderson sleeping in late this morning-he is my sleeper! (also had a 3.5 hour nap today and was still tired at bedtime)
  • Ear check-up for Reagan and Anderson-all ears are clear
  • 6 month check-up for Graham-18 pounds, 25 inches, ears clear, healthy, lots of shots and his head is growing! (now 80%-he is finally catching up with his brother and sister's big heads which are over 100%)
  • Anderson saying "my turn" after Dr. Martin looked at and listened to Graham. She obliged and he had his turn on the table-Reagan wasn't interested in having a turn
  • A major meltdown for Reagan and Anderson when we came home. They wanted candy and Mom said no so they screamed and screamed and screamed. Mom put them upstairs and emptied the dishwasher until they had quieted down
  • A great rest of the day-no more fussing and lots of playing in the beans with our shovels, buckets and cars
  • Graham eating cereal this morning, a jar of carrots for lunch and a jar of green beans for supper (he is a growing boy)
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then Reagan waking up and getting to cut with scissors (big time stuff)
  • A quick supper and then having a snack at Krispy Kreme-Graham even got a bite since he had been a good boy at his checkup
  • Trying out double strollers at Babies R Us-we had a stroller break at Disney and Mom thinks our double is too big and heavy
  • Coming home to make our letter Qs before going to bed

Dennie Kids: January 29, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • A restful night for all
  • Rushing around to get ready for school-all Anderson would say was "No Way"-but that is all that he says now!
  • Graham spending the day with Nonna and Pops-he was a good boy-he just ate and slept and ate and slept
  • Reagan playing Bingo at school and winning
  • Anderson's teachers saying that he said "No Way" today and cried some asking for Momma-he is pretty attached to Mom now
  • Eating a snack at Nonna's while picking up Graham
  • Nonna giving everyone more gifts from Disney World
  • While talking with Reagan about Jacob, Kennedy and Camryn coming to our house and us not having enough seats for all of the kids, she said "but God gave us the stool"-that He did and Anderson and Reagan both sat on it during supper and then dessert
  • Playing with Kennedy, Camryn and Jacob tonight-all of the kids played very well. We actually celebrated Mom's birthday tonight-just a little bit late.
  • Graham going to bed early this evening and still sleeping-that may mean that he won't want to sleep tonight!

Dennie Kids: January 28, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Back to reality-Graham woke up at 6 and then had a short nap before Reagan waking up at 7
  • Mom and Reagan working on the piles of laundry before Anderson woke up at 9
  • Reagan and Anderson were hungry this morning and snacked all morning long-Graham was a little hungry too: he gobbled all of his cereal and soon needed his bottle (which he can now hold fairly well)
  • Playing with Grannymom and Grandpa during lunchtime and being surprised when Dad came home for lunch too
  • Afternoon naps for everyone-Mom even snuck one in until Dad called and woke her up
  • Graham eating carrots for the first time-well, the first time he was given alot. He loved them and even signed "more"-only kidding! He did love them though
  • Reagan and Mom playing Candyland and a few other games
  • Playing with our new Mr. Potato Head from Jacob at Grannymom and Grandpa's house for a little bit tonight
  • Coming home and going straight to bed since tomorrow is a school day

Disney World: January 27, 2009 (Day Eight)

(Click here for more pictures) We woke up around 5 to get everyone up and ready to get to the lobby by 6. We did pretty good-Graham had a very messy diaper-I actually threw his clothes away!, Anderson's clothes were drenched (as always) and Reagan couldn't seem to wake up. But we made it!...barely. Once we got to the lobby, the kids watched tv and Graham took another nap. They wanted us in the lobby very early so we could wait around. We saw the bus and gathered the group to head outside. But it wasn't our bus-the 6:30 bus and not the 7:00 bus. Anderson did not understand but was happy to see the next bus pulling up. The ride to the airport was quick. We were already checked in and the bus took care of our bags so we had plenty of time to kill. We walked around, bathroomed and diapered. Then Nonna bought doughnuts and the kids ran around the fish tank. Soon we boarded our flight to Atlanta. The poor kid in front of me and Reagan and Anderson screamed the entire trip. I figure that everyone thought it was my kids-but it wasn't (that was the next flight!). The flight was smooth and soon we were in Atlanta. We were a little worried about getting home with all of the ice so Rob and I had packed all of the diapers and formula that we could fit into our bags (we could have stayed at the airport for a few weeks!-we would have been stinky but the kids bottoms would be dry and Graham's tummy would be full). We made it Memphis on time with some fog and light rain falling. Les picked up Robby and Tom and they picked up our cars. Soon we were on the road to Little Rock. The kids were asleep before we made it to West Memphis and we pressed on to Brinkley before eating a snack. We had to stop one more time for a diaper change but made it home without any problems.
We started a load of laundry, before the kids were out of the van. While we unpacked, the kids drug out every toy we have. I think that they had missed all of their toys. Graham hung out in his exersaucer and bounced while he watched the Reagan and Anderson show. The kids needed baths and a good scrub down so that is what they got. Anderson came upstairs while the bath water was running and before we knew it he was pulling off his pants. The Princess/Reagan already had on her Minnie dress and was bartering with Dad about wearing it to bed (she got to). After a warm bath, everyone was in bed by 7. Mom and Dad were doing laundry, dishes and catching up on their computer time. It was a great trip-Rob is already planning another Disney World trip in September 2010. But, we do have a trip to Disneyland in less than a month! Tara may not even unpack some of her bags!

Disney World: January 26, 2009 (Day Seven)

(Click here for more pictures) This morning the boys, Robby, Jason and Tom, headed off early to their Keys to the Kingdom tour (more on that later). We thought the kids would sleep in but we were walking to the bus stop (Tara, Nonna, 3 kids, 1 backpack and 2 strollers) by 9:45. The bus was the most crowded it had been all week long. I (Tara) could not even see the kids and Nonna by the time we made it to the park. I jumped off the bus and threw the strollers down and then hopped back on the bus to grab the kids and help them off. We could immediately tell that the crowds were plentiful. It almost seemed like they were July levels and not middle of January levels. Oh well, we pressed on. We pushed our strollers down Main Street and stopped to watch a little singing show and then off the Small World again. Anderson can sing "small world" and Reagan belts out the song throughout the ride. That is there favorite ride. Nonna and Graham stayed by the buggy since he was asleep. The lines were too long to do many rides so next we headed to the Riverboat and took a cruise. Afterwards, we planned on having a snack at Pinnochio's Haus but decided on lunch since it was almost lunchtime and the restuarant was quite. The kids had been asking about the carousel so we all rode it next. Graham didn't want to ride a horse so he just sat with Nonna. Then we played a little bit in Toontown and shopped quite a bit! Reagan was a very good help to Nonna while shopping. She found lots of things that she would like. We still have plenty of time to kill before meeting up with the guys so we rode around the park on the train. Anderson loved the train-he sat with his head almost hanging out of the window-which is probably why he is a little sunburned. After our ride around the park, we strolled to Tomorrowland in a quiet path beside the train tracks. When we made it to Tomorrowland, I looked in the buggy and Reagan was asleep. We ate a snack while she slept and then took our bathroom break. By then the guys had called and were coming to meet us. We headed on to the Tomorrowland Transit ride one last time-the kids just loved the rides. Even a little one like that, is a BIG ride to a little kid.
When the guys came back, you could tell they enjoyed their tour. They had learned many Disney secrets, had lunch, walked around the park and walked in some of the tunnels under the park. Next time, Tara and Nonna are going to go while they watch the kids. We all needed another snack by this time since it was a very warm day. We stopped and got a huge brownie sundae and headed back to Pinnochio's Haus to eat our snack. Graham was sleeping by then so Nonna and Pops stayed with Graham while we headed off for one last ride. The line at Goofy's Barnstormer wasn't too bad so we jumped in it-Reagan and Anderson need to love roller coasters. This time Reagan even "screamed" along with Mom and Robby said that Anderson enjoyed it more this time. Robby, Tom and Jason had gotten stuck on Pirates so they were given a fastpass to any ride. We used them for one last Dumbo ride which the kids loved. Afterwards, we had a few snacks to use and got orange juice slushes before heading out of the park. Anderson's favorite part of the trip was the Monorail-in fact while we were shopping, he just cried "monorail, monorial" wanting us to buy him one-Dad had already bought him one though. Reagan's favorite part was seeing Minnie Mouse.
After arriving back at the hotel, the Brocks took a nap while we working on re-packing all of our clothes. Soon it was supper time and we walked the trail to the restaurant area. After supper and our last Mickey Mouse shaped rice krispie treats, we played in the arcade until bedtime. Our morning would be early so we called it a night very early. Of course, this night of all nights, the kids were wired. Graham finally went to sleep (he has been sleeping in his bouncy in the bathtub), Anderson (he has been sleeping in the pack n play by the bathroom) played with (until he broke) his monorail (Mom and Dad had to fix it late at night with a breadtie-thankfully we had one handy)-then he just cried "monorail, monorail" until he forgot about it and went to sleep, and Reagan (she has been sleeping on the floor in between the 2 beds) just chatted and asked questions to until she finally fell asleep.

Disney World: January 25, 2009 (Day Six)

(Click here for more pictures) After swimming and a brief nap, we grabbed the bus to Magic Kingdom and then a boat to the Wilderness Lodge for a very loud supper at Whispering Canyon. The food was good but the atmosphere was...loud. People were shouting for ketchup, doing the Hokey Pokey, throwing straws, and banging and clanging dishes. Despite the noise, Graham managed a nap. Our supper reservations were at 7:40 so by the time we finished it was after 9. The busses were not running back to Magic Kingdom so we had to catch a bus to Downtown Disney and we had just missed one. So by the time we had made it to Downtown Disney and back to the hotel it was after 11. The kids were exhausted but were troopers. Graham went to sleep on the busses, Anderson tried to but Mom wouldn’t let him and Reagan was about to fall asleep. Needless to say, we all fell asleep as soon as we made it back.

After a late night, we were still up and at ‘em at 8:15. We opened the doors of Spaceship Earth which has been redone since we had been here. Then Tom and Jason rode Test Track. Tom enjoyed the ride so much that he rode it again with Tara and Robby. Next we cooled off at Club Cool with some Cokes products from around the country (a favorite spot for Reagan and Anderson-we even came back later in the day). Tommye, Jason and Tara rode Soarin’ first. Then we Jason and Tom rode it while everyone else rode the Land boat ride. Reagan and Anderson enjoyed it more this time and were shouting out everything they saw. Later, Anderson ran towards a Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkin that he had seen on the boat ride and was so excited. Next, we had lunch at Sunshine Season. We had sandwiches, rice krispie treats and juice for lunch-our meal plan is lots and lots of food. We even get a meal for Reagan even though she and Anderson hardly eat anything. The World Showcase opened at 11 so we made our walk around the world. We watched the waterfall behind Canada and ran the shrubbery maze behind England. Anderson and Reagan took a nap while watching the American Adventure movie-Graham didn’t want to sit inside so Mom and him had to leave. He enjoyed watching the birds but would jump every time one flew away. After a few snacks from France, we had made it around the World. Anderson was still asleep so we headed to get some coke to help him wake up. Next, it was time to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse again (thanks to Rob’s credit card, we were able to have a private meeting with them without a wait in line). Graham even woke up for the event. We took some good pictures and even bought a few. Reagan and Anderson really enjoyed meeting the characters. Graham could not take his eyes off of Mickey-very cute. We still needed a back picture so we climbed (illegally) on some stones in front of Epcot to take our family back pictures. We were quick and were able to get the perfect shot before the lady came to tell us to get down. Up the hill to the monorail ramp was next and Rob asked if they had any seats in the front-they did. So Reagan, Anderson, Robby and Tara all rode up front this time. Anderson’s favorite part of the trip has been seeing the monorail and shouting “mon mon rail.”

We got off at the transportation center and were about 1 hour early to the Polynesian for our meal at Ohanas. Tara was able to get us in early and we were finishing our meal by the time our actual reservations began. The meal was delicious and the kids loved the leis, maracas and doing the limbo. After supper, Tara did a little bit of shopping since the kids were strapped into the buggys. Back to the monorail and then to the bus-we were home much earlier tonight. Anderson now thinks that our state is Martinique which is the name of our stop at the hotel. “Ma ma nique” is how he says it. The playground was calling Reagan’s name and we played there until the sand throwing got out of hand. After a bath for Reagan and Anderson and a bottle for Graham, we gathered around the computer to look at today’s pictures while Tara did another load of laundry (isn’t this supposed to be a vacation?) Then we headed to bed while thinking about how we would spend our last day in the park.

Disney World: January 24, 2009 (Day Five)

(Click here for more pictures) This morning was Cinderella day and we almost beat Cinderella to the castle this morning. Main Street at Magic Kingdom was almost empty as we walked toward the castle with Anderson shouting "eat, eat" and Princess Reagan was in awe. She had on her Cinderella dress and was so proud. We took our picture with Cinderella at first (Rob will post it after we scan it). Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and Snow White visited with us at our table. Anderson was a little shy around all of the Princesses but he sure did enjoy his sword. After breakfast and after a few diaper changes (thanks Graham), we headed to Dumbo. The line at Dumbo was a few minutes but the kids ate it up. Next we rode the carousel two times while Jason and Robby headed off to get fast passes. Rob wasn't back yet so we hopped on Small World again and Reagan and Anderson ate it up this time. They just sat side by side staring wide eyed. Next was the Peter Pan ride and then Aladin's magic carpet ride. Jasmine and Aladin rode on the ride right before our turn. We waved to Nonna, Pops, Graham and Jason as we passed. The next adventure was the Jungle Cruise. Anderson enjoyed it but Reagan was a little scared in the tunnel. We were then in need of a snack and had some orange juice slushies. Tara and Robby used their fastpasses next for Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain (Tom and Tommye chickened out!-they had done it before though). We were going to ride Pirates of the Caribean but the line was a little too long and we had already done quite a bit. On the way out, Nonna had a delicious ice cream Mickey Mouse. The park was much more crowded today but by 1:30 we were headed back to the room. We donned our bathing suits and headed to grab a bite to eat before swimming. Pops ordered the largest sandwich I had ever seen while the rest of us had hamburgers and nuggets. The kiddie pool must not have been heated-it is 70ish but still a little chilly. As much as Reagan wanted to play in that pool she just couldn't-too cold. So we waded in the other pool (Mom thought it was too cold though but pressed on) with Reagan and Anderson in tow as Graham, Nonna and Jason slept on the pool chairs. Anderson and Reagan saw the big waterslide and thought they could do it. Indeed they could-with Dad to catch them, Mom to grab the first one so Dad could catch the second and Pops to haul them to the top of the slide...over and over and over. After swimming and a bath, the kids fell asleep immediately. We are trying to wake them up now to head to supper.

Our evening post and more pictures will probably not be up tonight (maybe in a few days or sooner)-our internet runs out in a few minutes!

Disney World: January 23, 2009 (Day Four)

(Click here for more pictures) We are getting a little slower each morning-we didn't leave until 8:10 this morning. We were at the gates of Hollywood Studios before the park opened and we even at the beginning of the crowd. When they opened the gates we thought we would ride the Toy Story ride first-but we were not the only ones with that idea. Robby got us fastpasses for that while we saw Minnie. Anderson and Reagan enjoyed all of the characters today. Reagan would smile as big as she could and Anderson would walk up to them and turn around for a picture (even though he never really smiled) and as he left he would give them a big hug. Play House Disney was next on the list. The kids loved seeing Mickey and the gang, Handy Manny, Pooh and the Little Einsteins. Bubbles, leafs and streamers came from the sky during the show. Next we walked around so the kids could play at the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground. Our fastpass was due next so we went to the Toy Story ride. Reagan and Anderson really enjoyed this and kind of got the hang of shooting the gun. Tom's score was the highest-over 100 thousand. Everyone wore the 3D glasses even Graham. We watched the Little Mermaid show but Anderson covered his eyes during all of the scary parts. We had lunch at the Toy Story Pizza and then walked around until finding an icee for dessert. Rob and Tara rode the Rock'n'Roller coaster which is not Tara's favorite. We had let our fastpasses for the Tower of Terror expire-but we will be back there later in the week. After a few more pictures with some characters we headed back to the hotel. Everyone took naps today-Reagan only got in a 20 minute nap.

After nap it was time for the Chef Mickey supper at the Contemporary. Reagan wore her Minnie dress and was so proud of herself. We did have a slight crisis when the headband broke in the room but Dad was able to fix it (with lots of prayers and a rubber band!) Supper was early so we took the bus to Magic Kingdom and then headed to the Monorail. We were a little earlier than planned so we rode the monorail around the loop. At supper, we had our pictures with Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, Donald and Pluto. Reagan was so proud of her dress and Minnie noticed it immediately. Anderson loved the characters too and wanted to hug and kiss each one. Graham even enjoyed looking at them. The food was good, especially the desserts. After supper, Tom asked if there was any room in the front of the monorail-4 seats were empty. So Reagan, Anderson, Tom and Jason were able to ride up front. They enjoyed that and Anderson loves telling that he rode in the front. We needed to do some laundry and the kids seemed to be fading quickly so we decided to come home on the bus. Graham slept on the bus, Reagan fussed and Anderson cried because he wanted Mom to hold him. Once we made it to the room, everyone perked up and played while Dad did the laundry. We checked out the pictures and made plans for tomorrow (Castle breakfast). The boys are sleeping and Reagan is chatting with Grannymom on the phone.

Disney World: January 22, 2009 (Day 3)

(Click here for more pictures) After sleeping all night, we were at the bus stop by our room at 8:15 this morning and quickly caught the bus to Animal Kingdom. There seemed to be quite a crowd at the park this morning but we headed to the Festival of the Lion King first since it was still a little cold. The audience was barely full. The kids (including Graham) were spellbound and maybe a little frightened by all of the activity. Next we headed to the Safari where we saw many animals-a favorite was the hippos who were laying/rolling around soaking up the sun. We walked along the Pangani Exploration trail and then walked right into the Finding Nemo Musical. Robby and Graham stayed outside. The musical was good but Anderson fell asleep and everyone but Reagan had a quick nap during it. Anderson finished his nap while Reagan and Jason played in the Boneyard and Mom and Dad rode Dinosaur and Expedition Everest. We skipped out on the River Rapids since it was still cold (warming up though). Also the Tricera Top Spin was closed so the kids didn’t get to ride much at Animal Kingdom. We had a huge BBQ lunch at Flame Tree BBQ and then walked along a few trails around the Tree of Life. While leaving Animal Kingdom, a ton of characters were at the front. Reagan was in the bathroom so Anderson became the brave one to hug them. Soon, Reagan and Anderson were running to the characters. It was great and we can’t wait for them to meet Mickey (hopefully it goes well). We had to wait a few minutes for the bus this afternoon but the kids enjoyed swinging on the poles and while Nonna and Pops hung out on the bench. We made it back to the hotel and headed for a snack-Anderson really wants an apple each time but decided on strawberries today. Reagan chose a banana which Rob gladly bought for her. It was nearing 3 when we made it back to the room. Graham wasn’t happy so him and Robby went for a walk. Reagan finally went to sleep and Anderson sang and talked in his pack n play until Mom felt sorry for him and let him get up (after almost 2 hours).

We thought we were leaving in enough time to make it to our dinner reservations at Wolfgang Pucks in Downtown Disney. But we soon started questioning ourselves when the people at the bus stop said that had been waiting on that bus for an hour. After a few minutes the bus did show up and we headed to Downtown Disney after stopping at each and every stop in this resort (which is huge and spread out-not really a good thing-but we do have an excellent spot) The bus was full when we got on and was packed by the time we neared Downtown Disney. We hopped off, not knowing there was a 2nd bus stop we should have taken, and walked to supper. We had to walk and walk but finally made it only 10 minutes late. We had reservations for 2 tables on the patio (all Tara could get). We were a little worried about eating on the patio but were delighted to see that it was enclosed. Our tables were together and were actually no where near the patio. Our supper was delicious-pecan crusted chicken for Tara and Robby. Carrot cake and key lime pie for dessert. Afterwards we were stuffed and needed to walk off our food. We looked through the Lego store and World of Disney store. Tara wanted to get the kids a souvenir and decided on the Build Your Own Mr. Potato Head. We stuffed 2 boxes with as many Mr. Potato Head parts as possible-hopefully we did good since we haven’t laid them out to see yet. Reagan enjoyed playing with the My Little Ponys but putting their clothes on and off is still too hard and Anderson said he liked bouncing the balls with Pops. Mom may have enjoyed the Potato Head more than anyone else. We walked through the Christmas Store but Tara didn’t see an ornament to buy. We didn’t have a change to look in the kitchen store but maybe Tara can find her Mickey Mouse cookie cutter later in the week. We were a little afraid of catching the bus back after waiting to get Downtown but we hopped right on the bus-after sprinting to catch it. On the bus, Reagan said her favorite part was sleeping-guess they are getting a little bit tired. The kids are still doing well and haven’t had too many meltdowns-but we have lots of bribes/candy in our bags! We unpacked and bathed everyone before climbing into bed. The boys are already asleep and Reagan is close behind them.

Disney World: January 21, 2009 (Day 2)

(Click here for more pictures) We all slept fairly well last night-Graham did wake up a few times (his bouncy seat isn’t working!). We were all ready by 8:15 and quickly caught a bus…we did remember that we had left some extra jackets in the room as the bus came but decided a bus was more important than jackets. We arrived and waited (as we shivered) for the park to open. Mickey arrived on the train as Reagan and Anderson waved with excitement. We entered the park and headed to the Buzz Lightyear ride-because it was warm. The kids enjoyed it so we did it twice. Afterwards, the sun was starting to really shine and we could tell the day was going to warm up-slowly. We did the Astro Orbito next-a first for Tara and Robby. The line is usually incredibly long but today there was not a wait. (There hasn’t been much of a wait anywhere so far-great time to come if only it was warmer.) Next we headed to the Tomorrowland Transit and then decided to warm up again with Monster’s Inc. Jason, Robby and Tara rode Space Mountain while the kids “played” video games. Next Reagan and Anderson drove the Indy Speedway (it is a bumpy ride with 2 kids who can’t drive).

We stopped for a break and lunch at Cosmic Rays. The weather was warmer when we were finished so we headed to Micky’s Toontown. Reagan and Anderson rode their first rollercoaster -Goofy’s Barnstormer. Reagan kind of enjoyed it but said it went too fast. Anderson was not thrilled at all and said “no” when asked if he wanted to do it again. They played for a few minutes on the playground while Graham ate-again. Then we met Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty. Anderson had no part in meeting them and would not even go close. Reagan wanted so badly to see them but was as shy as she could be. I don’t think Reagan expected them to talk (we met Stitch-I think-this morning and he didn’t talk). She did smile as big as she could while with them. Robby was feeling generous afterward and let them pick out toy-lightup things. They held on tightly to those as we toured Mickey and Minnie’s houses. Anderson was fading fast so we took the train back to Main Street and headed to the hotel for a snack (grapes for the kids, milk for Graham and a huge blueberry muffin for Robby and Tara). The kids all had a nap while Tara planned for the evening and Robby worked on the pictures.

This evening we caught the first bus to Epcot-we brought the jackets this time but Robby almost left his bag in our room and had to sprint to grab it before the bus arrived-it had the diapers so we couldn’t leave it.) Our first stop in Epcot was the Land boat ride. Next we rode Nemo and watched Turtle Talk. Reagan and Anderson love the rides but are easily frightened by the loud noises or scary voices. Anderson will say that he doesn’t want to do it again but he will if given the chance and Reagan will say she loved it but kept her hands in her mouth the whole time. Graham stares intently on every ride-he doesn’t know to be scared yet. Reagan sat down front with all of the other kids during Turtle Talk and Anderson stayed down front for most of the show. Our dinner reservations were for 7:50 but we were at a table by 7:30 at Coral Reef. We were sat right in front of the aquarium which covered an entire wall of the restaurant. Reagan and Anderson loved looking at the fish and Graham may have even caught a glimpse between bottles. Robby had mahi mahi, Tara had pork tenderloin and the kids had meaty macaroni. Tom also had mahi mahi, Tommye had the steak and Jason ate the salmon. The dessert choice was almost unanimous-the chocolate wave-delicious. We bundled up to leave the restaurant just as the Illuminations began. We caught a little bit of it and then headed back to our bus. Anderson still wasn’t nuts about the fireworks-he doesn’t like the loud noises since he watched fine when there were no “booms.” The bus was waiting for us-it was crowded so Graham and Anderson sat in my lap and they were as still as could be. Anderson did not tell the people to “sit down” as he did last night on the bus-not that he can talk he is becoming quite bossy. It was later than last night but the kids still needed baths (it calms them and we can unpack and get ready for tomorrow while they are contained) Overall, it was a great first full day.

Disney World: January 20, 2009 (Day 1)

(Click here for more pictures) Our morning started around 4:30 this morning. We quickly got ready and packed our last minute things before stirring the kids. Anderson’s first words to us were “me, out, car?”-needless to say they were all excited. Even Graham woke in a good mood. The Brocks had picked up Jason and were waiting in our driveway before 5:30. The drive to Memphis was smooth and we only stopped to change the kids clothes and a potty break in Forrest City. Tom and Robby dropped everyone at the airport and parked at Les’ work. He shuttled them back and we soon found our gate. While waiting on our flight, it snowed and snowed in Memphis. The flights were fairly smooth with only a little wind in Atlanta. Anderson slept the first flight and Graham slept the second flight. We landed in Orlando and headed to the Magical Express. The bus (Anderson’s favorite part of the trip) dropped us at our resort, Caribbean Beach. Check in took a few minutes but after requesting a first floor room, we were moved to a room that was much closer to the snack area (still a good walk but we don’t have to ride the shuttle to get a coke!)

We checked out our room and headed to the Magic Kingdom by bus. Reagan said that the whole day had been her favorite part while we were on the bus-and the week had truly just begun. It was very cold (35ish) as we hurried down Main Street to eat at Pinocchios. We expected the weather to be cool but it was cold. The kids were bundled up and it was fine. After our supper, we walked on Small World. The kids including Graham were spellbound by the ride. Reagan even sang along. Next was the Haunted Mansion-Reagan and Anderson were a little afraid but no tears were shed. As we were heading to see the fireworks we hopped on the Snow White and Pooh rides. There were no lines and we couldn’t pass that up. Then we watched the Wishes fireworks from behind the castle-pretty good viewing spot (enough for us). Reagan loved the fireworks and jumped up and down the whole time. Anderson just buried his head on Pop’s shoulder and would pull his hood over his face from time to time. And Graham-he just ate (like always). The line to leave the park and catch the bus wasn’t bad and we were at the resort by 9. We stopped in to grab a snack at the dining area before heading to bed. The kids had a bath while we unpacked and reloaded for the morning. They all fell asleep quickly-and we did too!

Dennie Kids: January 19, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Everyone slept all night (2 nights in a row!)
  • A visit to Grannymom & Grandpa's while Mom went to work. We ate breakfast and lunch there
  • Mom picking us up and long afternoon naps for everyone
  • Leftovers for supper and then playing and watching a quick Leap movie
  • Pulling our last Disney World chain - we leave tomorrow!
  • To bed (although everyone is still up right now in their rooms - too anxious to sleep)

Dennie Kids: January 18, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Everyone slept all night (it had been about a week)
  • Taking all of our medicine before church-we even had time to have breakfast before church (a healthy breakfast of cookies-they were cinnamon roll cookies though!)
  • Sunday school and church
  • Lunch at Grannymom's and then playing until naptime-Reagan had a blast playing school with Lilly
  • Afternoon naps for everyone-then Reagan watched a movie downstairs by herself while Mom was asleep and Dad was shopping
  • Back to church and then tearing off our chain on our Disney World count down
  • Graham was in a great mood all day long and is about to be able to sit up very well
  • Last night while driving by the capitol building, Anderson shouted "Ray ray, Castle, Eat" (Meaning: "Reagan look at the castle. We are going to eat there")-He was a little disappointed when Mom told him that wasn't Cinderella's castle.

Dennie Kids: January 17, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Everyone waking up early this morning
  • Taking baths this morning and then taking a few pictures (Graham was sleeping during the pictures so he didn't get any)
  • Running a few errands and eating a cheese quesadilla for lunch
  • Back home for a very short nap for Reagan and Anderson while Graham played with the Mom
  • More errands tonight and then home for rice and hamburger for supper (part of Mom's Fulins and Dad's Burger King)
  • Anderson going to bed early since he was fussy, Reagan helping Mom make cookies and Graham watching tv with Dad

Dennie Kids: January 16, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham waking up a few times but Anderson's cough was better last night
  • Waking up to check on our frozen popsicles we set outside overnight - what a great breakfast!
  • A quick recheck with Dr. Martin: to sum it up, 6 ear infections on 3 kids! Everyone needs the inhaler and antibiotics. Actually, she said Graham sounded the best and Reagan's ears were looking better (sounds bad but they all felt great today)
  • Graham even got his nose suctioned out by the nurse-fun
  • Running by Mom's work and then watching a movie in the van with Grannymom while Mom ran into get our medicine
  • Playing and eating lunch at Nonna's house while Mom tried to pack (she packed 2 suitcases and Anderson has already "dumped" one)
  • Eating supper at Larry's Pizza. Anderson caught on to asking for food. When the man walking by saying "cheese pizza" passed us, Anderson shouted "cheese." The man stopped, turned around and gave him a slice of pizza. Anderson was so proud of himself
  • Reagan and Anderson playing games and winning tickets while Mom and Dad waited on the chocolate chip pizza
  • Everyone getting lots of medicine before bed (Reagan did great with her inhaler-she thought she was such a big girl doing it all by herself)

Dennie Kids: January 15, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • A long night last night with Anderson coughing and Graham fussing (Mom had to feed him since he was sickly)
  • Reagan being the line leader at school, painting snow onto trees and seeing real snow out the window at school
  • Anderson have a good day at school-his favorite part is reading with Ms. Clarice when he gets there early
  • Graham being held all day by Nonna and Pops
  • Picking up Graham from Nonna's and playing until 4
  • Coming home and making popsicles and putting them outside to freeze-we will eat them for breakfast
  • Waiting on Dad to come home so we could eat supper-we were hungry!
  • Playing "pictionary" with our easel until bedtime (Pictionary was Mom's idea and it was quite entertaining. Reagan drew a rainbow, cat and a few other things. Anderson drew a ball, dad and then he would just redraw what Reagan had drawn before)

Dnnie Kids: January 14, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • A fairly good night-Anderson coughed all night, Reagan stirred a few times with her ear and Graham coughed a little bit-but we all slept pretty much all night
  • An early morning appointment with Dr. Salmon. Graham has bronchiolitis and Reagan has 2 ear infections (her first time to have one)
  • Picking up our medicine at Sams with Nonna. We had a hot dog-Mom had promised us ice cream but the machine wasn't working yet
  • Eating lunch with Nonna and playing until naptime
  • A very short nap for Anderson (coughing) and then Reagan woke up and then Anderson woke Graham up by saying "Graham wake! Graham wake!"
  • Watching a little tv with Mom this afternoon
  • Reagan working on her calendar and getting her fingernails and toe nails painted
  • Graham having a great afternoon-he sat up and played and was cheery most of the evening
  • Making peanut butter cookies with Mom and then helping Dad make pizza for supper
  • A bath for Reagan and Anderson while Graham took another nap....and then another bath for Anderson (coughing can just make you sick!)
  • Graham is now bouncing in his exersaucer and Reagan and Anderson are going to sleep-hopefully we will have another restful night

Dennie Kids: January 13, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Anderson and Reagan getting ready for school this morning
  • Graham waking up a little warm but perking up at Grannymom's house
  • Reagan having a good day at school-she was the line leader and she said that the best part of her day was "the whole thing"
  • Anderson telling Mom that he "played" and had "candy" for lunch at school
  • Picking Graham up from Grandpa's house
  • Helping Mom with Graham's clothes (switching out his 3-6 month clothes to 6-9 month clothes)
  • Eating supper with Grannymom and Grandpa-Mom and Dad had made soup and Reagan really liked it!
  • Sick day number 5 around here-Graham is still coughing, Anderson's teachers said he coughed most of the day and Reagan's ear is starting to hurt (Doctor's appointment in the morning)

Dennie Kids: January 12, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • A restful night for all of the sick Dennie kids-and for Mom and Dad (Reagan woke up at 6:30 and her and Dad went back to sleep, Graham ate with Mom at 7 and then went back to sleep and then Reagan and Mom staying in bed until Anderson woke up at 9!)
  • Reagan and Anderson playing at Rock Creek with Grannymom while Graham took a nap at home
  • Dad stopping by at lunch to play with Graham
  • Afternoon naps for the boys while Reagan "rested" in the floor downstairs
  • Leftovers for supper at Nonna's house and then a quick run to Kmart
  • Reagan is feeling better but Anderson has just now started to cough. Graham has a pretty good little cough. Before bed he had medicine, vapor rub, an inhaler, his nose suctioned out and then was put to bed in the steam filled bathroom so hopefully he will sleep well

Dennie Kids: January 11, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham sleeping back in Anderson's room
  • Waking up for church and even having time to eat a little bit of breakfast
  • Sunday school and church-Mom and Dad were in Graham's class and he was by far the best baby there (well, almost)
  • Lunch at Nonna and Pop's house and lots of playing
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then a quick bite to eat
  • Back to church and then out to eat at Chilis-Anderson must have been very, very hungry. He ate chips and salsa, corn, rice, beans, chicken, fries and more chips and salsa. Mom and Dad had to sit and wait for him to finish because he just kept eating! Mom has got to start feeding him more.
  • Tearing off our chains and counting down for our trip!
  • Graham is almost sitting up-he can do it for a few seconds and maybe a minute before tipping over
  • Reagan feeling better today but Graham still feeling a little yucky-but everyone had some medicine tonight

Dennie Kids: January 10, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • A lazy morning even though Graham woke up at 5:30, Reagan at 6 and Anderson at 6:30-Mom and Dad forgot to tell us that it was a Saturday
  • Doing a little bit of shopping this morning
  • Lunch at Community Bakery-we all picked out our cupcake after lunch!
  • Reagan hanging out with Dad and a short rest for her
  • Anderson going to a birthday party at the Little Gym-he climbed, jumped, bounced, rolled and ate a cupcake
  • Baths for all of the dirty little Dennies
  • Reading books after supper before bedtime
  • A tough day for Anderson he hit his head on Mom's bed, fell out of a chair while eating, fell off of Mom's bed and tipped over and got stuck in a laundry basket-and it all never phased him!

Dennie Kids: January 9, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham sleeping all night again (now sleeping in his bouncy in our bathtub)
  • Waking up way too early to all get our haircut
  • Ms. Tammy cutting Reagan's hair first-she even talked while getting her hair cut. Anderson's hair was next and he did okay. Mom did great while getting her hair cut and didn't even need a lollipop
  • Stopping by Grandpa's house to show them our new haircuts and then reading a book with Grannymom
  • Reagan and Anderson screaming and yelling at each other for 10 minutes this morning. Mom was downstairs and didn't come back upstairs until it was quiet. She found them both sitting at the gate side by side crying
  • More playing and then lunch
  • A drink of coke in big girl/boy cups this afternoon while Mom was upstairs. She came back downstairs to find Reagan wiping up her coke with a paper towel (which she probably found in the trash) and then squeezing her paper towel back into her cup-"So I could still have some coke" Needless to say, Mom poured them more coke
  • Waiting on Dad outside after naps-Graham took a very long one again today
  • Eating at Famous Daves-Reagan and Anderson both love the muffins there
  • Watching Mom cut Dad's hair in the was quite entertaining!

Dennie Kids: January 8, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Waking up early for school-we have to put our clothes on before we can drink our milk
  • Reagan asking for another peanut butter and jelly sandwich while getting into the car this morning-she got a cookie (Mom didn't have time to make another one)
  • Graham spending the day at Nonna and Pop's house-he smiled, kicked, sat in the rocking chair and saw Beebee and Papaw
  • Reagan and Anderson seeing each other during a fire drill at school-she said she saw him and made a face and he laughed
  • Reagan and Anderson hugging like they hadn't seen each other for years when Mom picked them up
  • A snack and riding our bicycles at Nonna's house
  • Watching Papaw's lawnmower catch on fire and seeing Pops run to get a bucket (Reagan does a pretty impressive imitation of this) Anderson will no longer ride on a lawnmower!
  • Coming home and painting our P purple
  • Playing in a big box of beans all evening long-we played and played. Graham even got in! It was lots of fun...and now we will find beans in the living room forever
  • Laying in bed watching the football game with Dad until bedtime

Dennie Kids: January 7, 2008

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham sleeping all night long (Hallelujah!) and then eating a big bowl of cereal and carrots (Mmm, good!)
  • A slow morning until the treadmill repair man called to come early-so Reagan and Anderson headed downstairs to spy on the man while he worked
  • Waiting the rest of the morning on the Terminix man-they like to follow him around too
  • Jacob coming over so his mom could pick up some clothes-they all enjoyed playing train and with ALL the rest of the toys
  • Reagan crying "It's tough being a princess" after she got into trouble at lunch
  • A little bit of laundry and then naps for everyone-the boys took very, very long naps
  • Reagan waking up after a short nap ready to eat her candy and watch her movie
  • Watching Mom walk on the treadmill and then making our letter P-we glued on pasta and tomorrow we will paint it
  • Doing a little bit of grocery shopping before bedtime

Dennie Kids: January 6, 2008 (plus HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA!)

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham being moved permanently to the den (bed and all) because he was up at 2 and 3 last night (but was sleeping soundly at 5)
  • Waking up early to go to school this morning-we did great even though we had been out for awhile
  • Reagan having a New Year's party at school and Anderson having a good day too
  • Graham spending the morning at Grannymom's while Mom was at work
  • Picking Graham up and then hanging out with Mom
  • All 3 of us watching Bambi with Mom while covering up with blankets in the den
  • Celebrating Mom's 31st birthday with Dad and helping her open up her presents
  • Eating supper at Macaroni Grill with Nonna, Pops and Jason-the waiter man even sang to Mom!
  • Coming back home and eating more cake and ice cream. Reagan and Anderson liked the frosting roses and Graham gobbled up his cereal
  • Pulling off a piece of the chain (our countdown to Disney World)

Dennie Kids: January 5, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Everyone sleeping late and listening to the rain fall
  • Anderson and Reagan playing at Grannymom's house-they told her that Mom said that could go outside and play at Grannymoms
  • Graham eating an early birthday lunch with Mom and Dad at On the Border
  • Everyone playing before naptime-even Graham was in a good mood
  • A long nap for all the Dennie kids
  • More playing and a quick bite of supper
  • Eating again when Dad came home (Mom didn't feed us enough)
  • Hiding from Dad until bedtime

Dennie Kids: January 4, 2009 (+ Tara's Birthday celebrations begin)

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham has forgotten his good sleeping habits - he took a bottle at midnight and was up an hour later; he got to visit the den again but then slept until Robby woke him up for church. We think it's his teeth & gums bothering - got to have some reason even if he is only 5 months
  • Church and then to Grannymom & Grandpa's for lunch. We celebrated Tara's birthday, which is Tuesday, with Mexican food and Oreo Delight!
  • Afternoon naps and then back to church early (Dad had a meeting but we got to play with Pops and see Grannymom & Grandpa before going to class.
  • Dinner at Wendy's and then home to bed

Dennie Kids: January 3, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • A very lazy Saturday morning-everyone was still in their pajamas at 10!
  • Bananas for breakfast and playing all over the house
  • Playing in our big Thomas tent
  • A quick lunch and then delivering Grandpa's cookies
  • Reagan wearing her Minnie Mouse dress all day long-she is so excited about seeing Minnie
  • Afternoon naps while Dad took down the Christmas lights-Reagan said she kept hearing something (it was Dad walking around on her roof)
  • Reagan and Graham running a few errands with Dad and playing at Burger King
  • Anderson running, sliding, playing in the water and sand, pushing the choo choo trains and eating cake at Owen's 2nd birthday party
  • Playing for a few minutes before bedtime

Dennie Kids: January 2, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham waking up again last night-Mom decided it was easier to feed him than let him cry (but not tonight...maybe)
  • Reagan and Anderson playing at Nonna's this morning
  • Graham going to his Nutrition Center visit-he weighs 16 pounds and 1 ounce and is 24 and 3/4 inches long. And he does NOT like brain lab (actually, he was a little fussy most of the day-Mom thinks it is his teeth)
  • The whole family taking an afternoon nap
  • Finishing out Gingerbread House-better late than never. Reagan and Anderson ate so much of the candy that it is a wonder we have any candy on the house
  • Supper at Bare Bones BBQ and then driving around town
  • Playing train and helping Dad take some video of Graham before bed

Dennie Kids: January 1, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham ringing in the New Year again with Dad at 3:00 AM (it was New Year's somewhere, maybe Hawaii!) He got to visit the den for awhile. Then waking up again at 5:30 AM to eat but then I went back to sleep. Reagan & Anderson getting up around 7:30
  • Helping Mom start making a gingerbread house - lots of steps, we only got the walls and roof on today. We'll decorate tomorrow hopefully.
  • Lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa's - hog jowl & black eyed peas plus some yummy chocolate cake. Reagan & Lilly playing in our new Cinderella dresses Grannymom bought us
  • Afternoon naps
  • Supper at Larry's Pizza with Laryn, Alicia, and Shannon's families. We had tons of fun eating and playing all the games. We stayed almost 4 hours! We almost fell into bed when we got home.