Dennie Kids: October 31, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • The boys were ready quickly this morning because they were wanting to eat a doughnut for breakfast.  Reagan didn’t move fast until she thought they had eaten her doughnut.  Campbell did make it downstairs for her to gobble down her yogurt as everyone loaded the car
  • Mom and Dad were in Campbell’s class today.  She would get a little cranky when she saw Mom holding the other babies.  But Nonna was there and that made Campbell happy
  • Graham found his sunglasses in the car this morning and then wore them all during Sunday school!  He thought he was so cool!
  • Lunch at Nonna and Pops’ house.  Everyone was very concerned that Jason wasn’t there and they wanted him to come back quickly.  Nonna had made everyone little pumpkin cakes.  And Campbell is the one who liked her cake the best.  She would have devoured it if Mom hadn’t taken it away
  • After lunch, everyone helped carve the pumpkin.  Well, not everyone helped.  Campbell didn’t know what was going on.  Anderson wasn’t going to touch anything and decided to wear some of Nonna’s gloves and he still didn’t touch anything.  Graham had a meltdown when he was touched with the pumpkin goo-Dad, Mom and then Reagan all helped-helped put more goo on him.  Reagan was the official pumpkin carver and she especially loved using the pumpkin drill!
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then Mom and the girls went to church.  Mom got confused on her times and everyone ended up getting to their classes late.  Well it did make for a longer nap so maybe it was worth it.
  • Church and then coming home to get ready for our trick or treaters.  The kids were so excited.  They just waited by the door and even had their supper as they waited.  The first few treaters that came ended up leaving with most of the bucket of candy-everyone gave them a handful.  Mom had to explain that each Dennie needs to give a piece to each trick or treater.

Dennie Kids: October 30, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Mom woke up to Anderson in her bed and Dad was no where to be found.  Next Graham joined them and his first words to Mom was asking if Dad was all done picking up trash with Pops. 
  • Campbell was next to get in Mom’s bed-her bed had to be moved in the kitchen and out of the den last night because it was way too cold in there for her.  Dad and then Reagan were the last ones to wake up
  • The boys went downstairs to get some milk and discovered that there had been lots of candy left on the kitchen table (Mom and Dad were too lazy to put it all back up late last night).  So Reagan, Anderson and Graham just sat around the table and looked through the candy for at least 30 minutes this morning.  Reagan eventually grabbed her candy bucket and started filling it up and Graham followed with his. 
  • Dad took everyone to get doughnuts because it had been a long time since we had had any sweets (ha!)  Campbell enjoyed her first doughnut.  She probably was allowed to have  doughnut a lot earlier than anyone else.  After supper, Mom had a doughnut and Campbell remembered it and started trying to get it.  Then when she realized Mom was getting her some, she went nuts!
  • Next we went back home and Mom and Dad started working on the garage.  Reagan watched a movie and Campbell played in her pack n play near Reagan until she fell asleep.  The boys tried to watch the movie but soon they were outside helping Mom and Dad. 
  • Graham was given a spanking this afternoon.  After Dad left the room, Anderson said to Graham “it didn’t hurt did it?”  Dad overheard this and Anderson was given a spanking to see if it really did hurt-and he then decided that it did!  (Probably hurt even more than him playing at Rock Creek with an open safety pin in his underwear like he did the other day)
  • Pops called and asked if we wanted to come up to church and ride go-carts.  We met him at church and everyone had a few turns driving around the building and even driving on the new parking lot and road.  Reagan and Anderson are quite the drivers.  Silly Graham wore his sunglasses that Pops found for him the whole time.  He was good at turning on the go cart but couldn’t go straight for anything!
  • Back home for a snack, movie and then supper.  Campbell had a little nap and then it was time to trick or treat.  First we went to Grannymom’s house to show off our costumes: a Monarch butterfly, fireman (3rd year in a row), Superman and a duck.  Dad told them that we could go to 5 houses and then it was time to go to Nonna’s house.  As we walked up to the 5th house, Anderson said that it was time for Nonnas.  He had been counting.  We did stop at a few more houses before our last stop. 
  • Campbell had fallen asleep but woke up to see the excitement and play with her bucket and candy at Pops’ house.  The kids were exhausted by the time we came home and ready to go to bed. 
  • As Mom and Dad tucked Anderson in, they talked about what a great day they had-doughnuts, gold carts, trick or treating.  Anderson looked at them and then said “when are we going to the zoo?”

Dennie Kids: October 29, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A fairly lazy morning-we took it slow since it was a Friday.  After we had on our clothes, Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a few minutes.  Everyone was excited to see them and Graham was pretty upset when Grannymom left
  • Next was breakfast-Mom cooked 4 pieces of toast and one pancake on a stick, then 2 more pieces of toast which set off the smoke alarm and then 2 more pieces of toast-2 for Reagan, 1 for Campbell, 2 for Anderson and 1 for Graham.  We read a few books as well, reviewed our verses and even read some of our Bible Story book (thought the one Mom is reading us now is hard for us to sit still during-she may just re read one of our other ones and come back to this one)
  • The library was next.  The boys could have cared less about books today and were only interested in lincoln logs.  That was fine since Mom and Reagan can fill up the bag pretty quickly with books. 
  • Dad forgot to take something to someone at work and he had lunch plans, so we ran home to pick it up and then drove downtown and back to deliver it.  Dad was walking to lunch and Mom slowed long enough to hand the bag to Dad.  He waved at the kids and Graham was very, very not happy about not being able to see Dad longer (which made for a long ride home)
  • At one time today, Mom was demanding that Anderson answer her with a “yes ma’am” and all he did was stare at her and wave his hands.  She quickly turned to fetch the spanking spoon as Anderson was still flapping and waving his hands.  Finally, he spoke and screamed “wait, wait, I am talking like Grannymom’s brother” Mom assured him that even people who were deaf obeyed their mothers and said “yes ma’am”
  • Afternoon naps and then getting ready to go to GSFest!  The kids were so excited.  And they had a great time except that Laryn couldn’t get her ride going and then her line was so long that we didn’t get to do the jeeps. Graham reminded Mom the whole way home “I DIDN’T do jeep, I DIDN’T”  Mom considered turning the car around but he was talking about the motorcycles and pony ride next so he was fine.  Reagan was disappointed about not getting to ride the ferris wheel (2nd year we didn’t) because of the line but she was adequately bribed with cotton candy. 
  • The highlights of GSFest: Reagan-fun house, Anderson-motorcycles, Graham-pony rides, Campbell-having undivided attention from Nonna inside Pops’ office.  The highlight for Mom was the kettle corn and mirror house and Dad’s highlight was probably getting to drive the golf cart!  It was lots of fun.  Mom and Nonna even drove back by the church on the way home just to see all of the lights and rides in front of the church-it isn’t something you see very often
  • Everyone coming home, drinking milk and then convincing Mom to read a few stories.  While we read, Campbell laid her head on the floor-she was tired.  Anderson had a pretty good nap today so he is still going strong thinking of reasons for Mom to come upstairs but hopefully they will be winding down soon! 

Dennie Kids: October 28, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Graham and Dad ran a few errands this morning before school-they were up and ready early.  They were home in time to share their breakfast with everyone-pancakes.
  • Reagan was pretty upset with Mom because Mom had out pants for her.  She turned on the tears and pulled at Mom’s heartstrings with her sob of “if I have pants on, I won’t be pretty for the Fall Party”-Mom got her a skirt!
  • Graham having pancakes and bananas for his lunch at school.  They were reading “If you give a pig a pancake” and it was the theme of their party.  His class went outside and when they walked out, Campbell was with her class and sitting in the exersaucer.  Graham’s class circles Campbell and were looking at/touching her.  Campbell’s teacher said that Graham used his arms to push everyone back and reminded them that Campbell’s was “my baby”
  • Dad made it to school to see some of the Fall Parties going on.  Grannymom was already at church watching the door so she went down the hall with Dad.  Anderson’s party was still going on and he was glad to see everyone.  Reagan’s class was outside playing games and Mom is sure that she felt “pretty” in her skirt
  • Everyone playing at Grannymom’s for awhile. Anderson did take a dive off of the swing but he bounced up after a few tears.  School days are pretty hard for Reagan and Anderson and they fell apart with lots of fussing and wailing.  Mom just sent them to the car! 
  • Playing at home while Campbell snoozed for a few minutes.  Then it was time to load up and head out again.  Pops invited us to test out the rides at GS Fest and the Dennie kids were ready to go!
  • First we waited and waited and began to doubt if any of the rides would go-everyone started to get a little concerned and Mom was just planning on driving everyone to Branson.  But eventually it was time and the kids were ecstatic. 
  • The favorite was the slide-everyone had a turn-even Campbell.  The roller coaster was quite bumpy but Pops and even Nonna had a turn.  There was a bear type spinning thing along with a fun house which was Reagan’s favorite.  Anderson didn’t care too much about going back into the house of mirrors after he walked into one of them!  The cars and motorcycles were going yet so they are first on our list for tomorrow.
  • Supper at Cracker Barrel with Nonna, Pops and Jason-the kids must have been hungry because they devoured their pancakes (and yes, Mom realized that Graham has had pancakes for all 3 meals today)  Next it was home for bed and everyone was exhausted!

Dennie Kids: October 27, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • What a busy day!  We started with Anderson leading everyone in saying our Awana Bible verses (we are trying to say them all each day)  Then we read a few stories including one about Jupiter (Jason has shown everyone where Jupiter is and they love talking about it)
  • Campbell has a new favorite breakfast food-toast and jelly.  She seems to gobble it up though a lot does end up on the floor but surely more ends up in her tummy
  • After some playtime, we made our mouse letter Ms.  Mom was quite impressed with how they turned out.  Next it was time to play Monopoly Jr.  Campbell was put in the pack n play to observe, Graham lasted about 2 minutes and Anderson held out for awhile.  Mom had to take over for Anderson and Reagan was the winner and she was very proud of herself.
  • Next was baths for everyone-the boys in one tub and the girls in the other.  Guess which bathroom ended up with water all over the floors and walls?  Anderson had to do a little bit of cleaning when he got out of the bathtub.  Some how Mom let time get away from her and she looked at the clock and we had 24 minutes left to leave and everyone was still in the bathtub-that is 6 minutes per kid!  Impossible!  4 kids to wash, 4 bodies to dry off, 4 shirts, 4 pants/skirt, 2 diapers, 2 pairs of underwear, 8 socks, 8 shoes, hair to comb and 4 kids to buckle in the car.  We did arrive pretty much on time
  • There was a baby shower at work….for Campbell.  It is never to late for a baby shower even if you are 10 months old.  It was for her and 3 other babies (on the way to 6 months old-Campbell was the only one that made it to the party)  Reagan, Anderson and Graham were perfect little angels.  They devoured their Olive Garden pasta and breadsticks.  Campbell had her share of pasta too.  The highlight was the white chocolate ghost and then playing on the swing, balls, slide, tool set and bike.  The highlight for Mom was a generous gift card (which all 4 Dennie kids will benefit from)
  • Coming home and naps for the little ones while Reagan and Anderson watched a few movies upstairs.  Then we headed out to meet Nonna but the garage wouldn’t close.  Mom tried and tried and tried some more (turns out it worked fine for Dad when he came home check!) 
  • Picking Nonna up at church and her hanging in the car with the kids while Mom ran into buy bananas for Graham’s class tomorrow (and they are as green as they can be) and then the next stop was Mom’s work in Benton for her to sign her name on a few pieces of paper.
  • When we picked Nonna up, Reagan, Anderson and Graham saw the rides and they were immediately excited.  Graham kept telling Mom and Nonna that he would ride on the train in “5 minutes.”  When Mom would try to explain that it would Friday night he would get mad and insist that 5 minutes is when we would ride
  • Cubbies for everyone and then home for milk, prayers and bed.  Graham’s prayer tonight was “Thank you for milk, Thank you God for Mom’s work, Amen”-he must have really enjoyed playing at Mom’s work since it ranked right up there with his milk!

Dennie Kids: October 26, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

Thanks Uncle Jason for the extra pictures from Reagan’s choir debut (click here for pictures)

  • Mom and Dad remembered to take everyone to school today.  Graham fussed, Campbell didn’t, Reagan had to sign into her class (they are practicing writing) and Anderson walked right in when he was asked to feed the fish.  As Mom left, she heard him making the teacher guess what he had for breakfast and then telling her that the plants needed watering
  • Nonna picking up Reagan and Anderson and they spent most of the afternoon playing outside.  They did make it over to Papaw’s house and asked for candy (they must have thought it was halloween already).  Papaw didn’t have any so he gave them some ice cream.  When he had to pick up Beebee, he went to the story and also picked up some candy for Reagan and Anderson (spoiled by grandparents and great grandparents)
  • Mom picking up Graham and Campbell from school.  Campbell’s teachers were impressed with her new crawling skills and it sounded like Campbell had a good day but was in need of a nap.  Graham’s teacher said that he scarfed down his lunch-Mom will have to send him the same thing on Thursday
  • Campbell taking a nap while Graham and Mom played and played.  They played outside until Graham said he was ready to go in, played trains and trucks, had a snack, played with play doh, make a sticker picture and even read books.  While they were reading books, Mom’s eyes got very heavy and she closed them-the next thing she knew Graham was lifting her eye lids and saying “hey”
  • Nonna and Pops dropping off Reagan and Anderson and things got crazy around here.  Campbell didn’t seem to notice-she was busy crawling from the front door to the train table (where oh where are those gates?) 
  • Back to the craziness-Graham destroyed the train table, Anderson bit, Reagan screamed-madness.  So Mom and Dad decided to go out to eat.  With just a few minutes buckled in the car, the kids can get very calm (Mom loves that).  They were extra calm after playing at McDonalds.
  • Ice cream and books before bed.  Everyone put their pajamas on quickly without fussing.  Reagan and Anderson went to sleep immediately and Graham keeps stirring asking for more water!  My, he will have a wet bed in the morning.

Dennie Kids: October 25, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Mom and Dad remembered at the last minute that it was school day for Reagan this morning.  She was glad it was school day but she wasn’t glad that Mom did not have a dress for her to wear.  When she came home, she made it very clean to Mom that she and one other girl were the only girls wearing pants (She has a skirt ready for tomorrow)
  • The boys and Campbell stayed at home with Mom.  They watched a movie, had breakfast, played in the garage, threw a few fits, played baseball in the kitchen and even read a few books
  • Campbell spent her time trying to crawl-she is slow but she is steady.  Mom has to watch her closely because she even made it near the steps a few times today
  • Reagan and Dad came home and she was excited to read her new book to Anderson and Graham.  After lunch, we played some more, watched another movie, worked on our workbooks and then read a few more books
  • At nap time, everyone was quiet for a few minutes and then everyone stirred at about the same time.  Campbell sat in her highchair and ate cheerios for about an hour while Mom worked on the kitchen
  • The boys waited for Dad in the garage while they played soccer.  Then it was supper time and more play time.  The boys then played cars with Dad while the girls played a card game (actually Campbell didn’t get to play-she just sat in her pack n play and watched)
  • Bedtime-and it wasn’t pretty!  Anderson got into trouble for not listening and snatching from Mom so everyone was ushered up to bed quickly.  Then Anderson called Mom and Dad upstairs after they had warned him not to.  Mom told him and Reagan that they would have to go to bed 5 minutes earlier tomorrow-Reagan was heartbroken that she had to go to bed early too.  She begged Mom to let her sleep in another room-maybe we will use that shed as a bedroom after all!

Dennie Kids: October 24, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

(click here for a video of Reagan singing)

  • On the way to church we stopped by Burger King for our cinna minis.  Campbell noticed that all the kids were eating but her and she started smacking her lips.  Mom and Dad commented about how pitiful it was but she soon stopped and they forgot about it.  When we got to church Mom opened Campbell’s door and saw why she had stopped smacking-she was busy eating her own cinna mini thanks to her brother Graham
  • Dad spending the morning in Graham’s class while Mom was in with the tiny babies.  As we were about to leave the preschool area, Graham started shouting about his shoe.  It was missing.  We looked around, Dad started scouring the halls and we eventually found it in his class. 
  • Lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house and Lilly and Cash were there.  After lunch, they played outside until it was time to go home for a nap.  Dad ran a few errands during lunch-he was going to run one right before church with the boys but opted to do it earlier
  • Dad doing the errand earlier turned out to be a good thing.  Just as Mom made it to church with the girls, the weather turned very dark.  Mom’s class had to briefly move to the hallway and the lights blinked a few times. 
  • Meanwhile, at home Dad and the boys were outside cutting up boxes when they heard the sirens go off.  Dad ushered everyone in and when he heard the words “430-630” and “Bowman” he decided that it was time to sit at the bottom of the stairs with a few pillows.  The boys handled it great-since they had skittles and milk
  • It was baby dedication at church and Laynie was right up front.  The boys were sitting with us waiting on Reagan to sing and they could hardly stand it they were so excited to see Laynie and then to see Reagan
  • Graham was sitting in big church (being very quiet and stiller than his brother).  The preacher was praying and in the middle Graham decided that he should be finished and offered up his “Amen”
  • Reagan’s choir sang and she was absolutely thrilled to see Mom and Dad sitting there on the front smiling at her (only spot for them to sit).  They sang a few songs and she was quite proud of herself. 
  • Graham snuck out with Dad when it was time for the preaching which left Mom was Anderson and Reagan.  Since we were right on the very front, there was a mic laying on the seat near Anderson-a 3 year old boy in an arms reach of a microphone is not a good thing.  He spent his time during church using Mom’s pencil as a gun and Mom spent her time during church threatening him with a spanking!
  • Mom’s thoughts from church tonight:
    • “Oh, we are way too close, how did we get up here?”
    • “We are so close it is kind of like sitting back stage”
    • “Is that preacher going to drop those babies?  I can’t look”
    • “Nothing is funnier than watching a children’s choir director sing with their choir”

Dennie Kids: October 23, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Anderson woke everyone up first and it was a good thing because Grandpa was waiting to get started working on today’s project.  Mom and Dad had already worked till 2 in the morning on it.
  • When the boys asked where Dad was and they realized they weren’t outside helping build the “house” they were quite upset.  They soon found shoes, a box which became a boat and a corn dog on a stick and enjoyed the rest of the morning
  • Mom had to finally wake up Reagan-she was exhausted and could have slept quite a bit longer but Mom had to go outside to supervise the workers!  (ha!)  Soon it was 9:10 and Mom had to go in to start getting everyone ready for church pictures
  • Taking our pictures with Nonna, Pops and Jason and then taking our directory pictures with just our family.  The kids were all great-they stood still and tried their best to do as they were asked.  But it is hard for a 3 year old to understand “put your hand on Dad and lean up”  Just like it was hard for Dad to understand “sit on the floor with your legs like this”-they had us sitting on the floor which was kind of odd but it turned out well
  • Eating pizza out, watching the ballgame and celebrating Pop’s birthday.  After cheese dip, salad and pizza, we only needed some cupcakes to eat.  And they were waiting back at home on us-they had been delivered today (thanks & Cupcake Crazy)
  • Pops enjoyed opening his gifts and Anderson really enjoyed him opening his gifts.  Anderson always guesses that every gift people open is going to be a truck-and sure enough, this time one of the gifts was Mac from Lightening McQueen.  The boys were very surprised and they enjoyed this gift of Pops the most
  • Soon it was time for more work on the “house for the lawnmower” and Grannymom and Grandpa were back over.  Everyone played with Grannymom while Dad and Grandpa worked on the house and listened to the game.  Anderson was able to help some on the door knob but he quickly lost interested and Reagan was busy modeling multiple outfits for the workers
  • When the house was finished, we loaded up to run a few errands.  Graham and Campbell had their naps in the car (Mom even had one too while we waited on Dad to come out of a store).  After our errands, we came home for supper and playtime
  • The boys snuggled under Anderson’s blanket while they watched a movie until Graham stole the blanket.  Reagan was happy that Campbell and her didn’t have to share a blanket-Campbell was busy working on her crawling!

Dennie Kids: October 22, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Nobody wanted Dad to go to work this morning-even Dad!  Everyone even ran out to the street to tell him bye
  • Mom made eggs for breakfast and we gobbled them up-Campbell even grabbed a few pieces from Graham’s crumbs.  They all begged Mom for more but since she had already washed the pan it was cheerios that they received
  • Reading books at breakfast and then playing until time to go to the library.  Everyone was pretty good at the library-Reagan did play hopscotch in the aisles, Anderson illegally pushed Campbell’s buggy and Graham did have to sit right beside Mom’s feet for a few minutes-but the librarian did not have to get on to us today!
  • Lunch and then a movie and juice.  More playing but Graham could hardly play because he kept telling Mom that in 5 minutes we were going to Jacob’s house.  This had bee the talk all day-Jacob’s house, Jacob’s trains, Jacob’s crane, Jacob’s roundhouse.  You would think we didn’t have a train table and trains at home
  • Afternoon naps for everyone.  Except everyone woke up earlier than Mom had hoped-she was just getting sleepy herself!
  • We then put on our Halloween costumes and headed to Jacob’s house.  There were lots of kids and everyone was all decked out.  Jacob was Buzz Light Year, Ethan was a dog, Kennedy and Camryn were hippies, Laynie was a clown, Reagan was a butterfly, Anderson was a fireman, Graham was superman and Campbell finally got to wear her costume-a duck
  • Campbell was very happy wearing her costume.  She smiled, kicked her feet and was possible a little mad at Mom when she took it off.  Campbell had her first chili tonight and the big kids had “mummy” dogs
  • After supper we made s’mores on the back deck and then kids managed to play on the swing and slide before coming back in.  They had lots of time to play on the train table but no one was ready to come home. 
  • Once the kids made it into the car, they realized that they were in big trouble for a few incidences that took place.  Poor Reagan does not like being in trouble.  They had to be quite on the way home, no candy, no movie and then go to bed early (they thought it was early even though it was way past bedtime)

Dennie Kids: October 21, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School morning-everyone made it (not so much on time but we made it still). 
  • Reagan and Anderson were picked up by Grannymom and after lunch they headed to Rock Creek to play.  Mom busted up their playtime by picking them up early from Grannymom’s house.  Anderson was drenched with sweat when he made it back!
  • Graham was delighted to see his sisters and brother when we picked him up.  He immediately asked if we were going to Daddy’s work-and we were after a quick change of clothes
  • Mom had a few minutes to spare and was looking for a shady place so they ended up at a park off of Cantrell to change into their costumes.  The other people at the park probably got a kick out of us-Mom getting one child out at a time and putting on their costumes and them putting them back in the car and then driving away!
  • Reagan was a beautiful monarch butterfly, Anderson was again a fireman (3rd year in a row), Graham was Superman and was very glad to tell everyone and it was so hot that Campbell didn’t even put on her ducky costume
  • Reading our Awanas and a chapter of our storybook while we waited on Dad and then going to his office.  The kids think he works at a toy factory-a big globe beach ball over his desk, large cutouts of the Axciom superman character nearby, lots of viewfinders laying around, a pinata-it is just a regular toyland up there.  Graham wasn’t too impressed with everything though-he was ready to get to the jumpy!
  • There were lots of places to stop and get candy.  The buckets were filled (helps that Dad knows a lot of the people) and the highlight was Reagan winning at the cake walk (helps that Dad knows a lot of people).  We ate rice krispie treats, cookies, funnel cakes, lemonade and even took popcorn home for in the car. 
  • There was a hay maze and as Graham was crawling out, he ran into Yoda and was terrified.  Even though Yoda was about the same size as him.  Mom had to hold him for awhile and then he said “I got my home, I go that home (pointing to the building)”  He soon calmed down with some lemonade and he was quite proud of himself with his big boy cup.
  • Before leaving, we tried the cake walk again and Anderson won this time (again, it helps that Dad knows a lot of people) and then jumped on the jumpy until time to come home.  It was so hot that the kids shed their costumes pretty quickly.  Campbell busied herself holding her empty bucket and grabbing at Reagan, Anderson or Graham’s buckets when they set them to close to her. 
  • On the way home, we drove through the Chick Fil A parking lot but since there were no parking spots, Mom and Dad switched cars and Dad took the van full of kids to another Chick Fil A and Mom headed home because she had Bunko again!
  • Chick Fil A on Cantrell was much more enjoyable so after 2 diaper changes and a potty break. the big kids headed to the play area while Dad got supper.  No one was too hungry since they were still full from cookies and candy.  They did find room when Dad bought ice cream.
  • Everyone headed home and got their pj’s, brush teeth and a few pictures for Pops since it his BIRTHDAY!  Happy Birthday!  Everyone was worn up because no one needed anything after going to bed.

Dennie Kids: October 20, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Mom letting us eat cookies for breakfast.  We were all so excited to show her our pumpkins that we made with Dad. 
  • Reading a few stories and then packing our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Mom showed everyone America and talked about how we were blessed and some boys and girls in other parts of the world didn’t have toys and food and we were going to share with them.  Then we saw what Mom was planning on putting in the boxes-we weren’t happy, we wanted those toys.  Anderson stood up, pointed at the map and said “I wish we lived here (pointing to Africa) and we didn’t have toys or bread and other boys and girls lived in America and sent us this toy train”-seriously, the boy wishes we didn’t have bread so he could have a train from the dollar store.
  • There was quite a bit of leading each other around using Mom’s bathrobe belt.  Anderson would be the leader, Graham would hold onto the middle and Reagan (acting like a dog) would be the end.  Mom thinks they have had to walk with the ropes at church too much!
  • Next was workbooks and then making our letter Ls.  We had already put lines on our Ls and now we made them into lawnmowers (Reagan wasn’t impressed with them!)
  • A nap for Campbell while everyone else played Hungry Hungry Hippos and then Elefun.  After, lunch we went outside to find 5 leaves for Reagan’s homework.  Another meltdown followed when Mom refused to walk up the stairs and get Anderson’s shoes (Anderson was upstairs and is perfectly able to get his shoes).  So we went outside and he followed shoeless (knowing that he couldn’t get on the grass).  When we all left and walked around the house to see more leaves, the wailing and weeping and gnashing of teeth began.  He finally found the strength to get his shoes and come back outside.
  • Reagan collected 1099 leaves and then we had to narrow it down to 5.  At first, she only picked broken and brown leave to take to school.  She wanted to save all of her other leaves for her “collection” at home.  Mom finally had to convince her to take nice ones to school because they would do something special with them.  And her “leaf collection” at home will probably end up in the trash (Mom did leave that last part out)
  • Short afternoon naps-Reagan called Mom upstairs enough that Mom finally decided to set the alarm for 5 minutes and lay her head down by Reagan.  Mom woke to Reagan saying “when is the EVER going to ring?”  After looking at the clock, Mom had to scramble to get everyone ready (though she knows that everyone should really be dressed for Cubbies before nap)
  • Reagan dressed herself, Campbell just needed a diaper, Graham was ready to put on his clothes in exchange for some milk and Anderson was going to have none of it!  Mom was about to walk out of the door without him when he finally decided he was ready to go (hey, Grannymom is just around the corner if he needed anything)
  • Cubbies for everyone.  Graham was happy to go in his class after Dad promised him a cookie when he came home (which he didn’t eat any of).  He saw Mom and Dad in the hall and grinned and waved so big.  He was carrying apple juice back to class so he was completely happy.  Then his teacher walked by and took Campbell to Graham’s class to visit.  He couldn’t have had a better evening!
  • Coming home and having cookies (Graham), cheerios (Reagan) and yogurt (Anderson) before bed.  Campbell never made it out of the car and is still snoozing in the garage (don’t worry, the doors are open) and Anderson has chosen to sleep with ALL of his pajamas in bed beside him.  Whatever makes him happy.

Dennie Kids: October 19, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • It was rainy and dark outside - which meant everyone slept til 7:15 so there was so major scrambling going on to get out on the road by 8:00; everyone except Campbell ate in the car. She did manage to eat some yogurt!
  • Campbell went happily to class while Graham continued his routine of being fine right until Dad leaves - it's all out scream for about 2 minutes then he settles in.  (Still makes Dad crazy!)  Anderson wasn't too excited about going to his class until his teacher mentioned helping feed the fish. And Reagan had no problems.  Both Reagan and Anderson were decked out for school pictures today.
  • Anderson managed to slice his finger today in class - he didn't see his finger as he was using his scissors. But he was a big boy and a band-aid did the trick.  It was a boo-boo day - later in the day Reagan got a knick at Nonna's and Graham managed to let the pumpkin stalk gash his stomach
  • Nonna picking up Reagan and Anderson - they had a big day and didn't make it back home until after 3:30.  Mom and Graham waited on the porch outside for a long time but enjoyed watching all the cars pass by.
  • This afternoon Reagan was standing by Mom and talking about how hot she was.  Mom suggested she change into something cooler.  Reagan told Mom that it was her hair that was making her hot.  She then continued with "If my hair wasn't so long I wouldn't be hot, I wish my hair was like Grandpas"
  • Pops did send him a big plate of mac-n-cheese so we all ate a big bowl except Reagan and Dad who had leftover spaghetti.
  • Mom headed off to Bunko and Dad kicked it into high gear with not just 1 activity but 2 activities (and now is worn out!)  First up, everyone helped make Snickerdoodle cookies from scratch (Dad had ulterior motive so he would have an evening snack!).  Then it was pumpkin decorating time - no carving tonight but everyone did decorate their own pumpkins (even Campbell) with some stickers!
  • Watching 1 movie and eating a couple of our cookies on the couch.  When Dad mentioned he would read one book if everyone brushed their teeth and pottied.  Amazing how quick they can be sometimes - if they want.  Tonight's reading:  Elmer's Special Day!
  • Everyone must have been worn out since no one has called out!  Not sure they are sleeping - did hear Reagan and Anderson discussing their pumpkin decorating expertise!

Dennie Travel Recommendations by State

We have been fortunate to travel to all fifty states and have seen some pretty cool places along the way.  We always say, “There’s always something to see – even in Idaho!”  So we’ve started compiling a list of some of our favorites – these are the best of the best!  Some are attractions while some are places to eat.  Take a look and if there’s something we’re missing, let us know and we might just go visit!  You should be able to click on the individual places to learn more.

Birmingham-Pete’s Famous Hot Dogs
Scottsboro-Unclaimed Baggage Center
Huntsville-U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Juneau-Mendenhall Glacier

Hot Springs-McClards BBQ
Little Rock-Clinton Library  
Russellville-Feltner's Whattaburger
Bentonville-Walmart Museum
Bentonville-Crystal Bridges

Holbrook-Wigwam Motel
Grand Canyon-Maswick Lodge Cabin
Grand Canyon-Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim Cabins
Sedona-Sedona Offroad Adventures
Clarkdale-Verde Canyon Railroad
Tucson-Saguaro National Park

Multiple Locations-In and Out Burger
Klamath-Tour Thru Tree
Yorba Linda-Richard Nixon Presidential Library
Simi Valley-Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Los Angeles-Pink’s Hot Dogs
Los Angeles-Hollywood Sign Drive
Los Angeles-Randy's Donuts
Crescent City-Redwood National Park
Mill Valley-Muir Woods National Monument
Yosemite-Yosemite National Park
San Simeon-Hearst Castle
Big Sur-Highway 1
San Francisco-Alcatraz Night Tour
Los Angeles-Randy’s Donuts
Napa Valley-Oakville Grocery
Napa Valley-Picnic at Rutherford Winery
Anaheim-Best Western Park Place Inn-Mini Suites
San Diego-Sea World Dine with Shamu
Coronado-Moo Time Creamery (get the 10 scoops!)
Southern California-City Pass (ultimate theme park vacation)
Desert Hot Springs-Thousand Palms Oasis Coachella Valley Preserve
Joshua Tree-Joshua Tree National Park (Barker Dam Nature Loop
Sequoia-Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

Durango-Soaring Treetop Adventures

New Haven-Pepe’s Pizza
Orange-Pez Factory Tour

Lewes-Cape May/Lewes Ferry

District of Columbia:
Smithsonian Museums-all have back door entrances
Ben’s Chili Bowl

Orlando-Disneyworld  (see Disney Recommendations by the Dennies)
Destin-Donut Hole
Pensacola-National Aviation Museum
Seaside-Food Trucks
Homestead-Robert is Here Food Stand
Key West-Kermit's Key West Lime Shoppe
Key West-Sloppy Joes
Everglades-Everglades National Park (Anhinga Trail)
St. Augustine-Downtown St. Augustine
Winter Haven-LegoLAND (best for kids 5-10)

Atlanta- The Varsity
Atlanta- Georgia Aquarium
Atlanta-World of Coca Cola
Atlanta-Stone Mountain
Atlanta-Hattie B's Hot Chicken (local chain)
Savannah-The Lady and Sons
Warm Springs-Roosevelt’s Little White House

Honolulu-Diamond Head State Park
Honolulu-Pearl Harbor
Honolulu-Leonard's Bakery
Haleiwa-Matsumoto's Shaved Ice
Kaneohe-Mikes Huli Huli Chicken

Arco-Craters of the Moon National Monument-Indian Tunnel

Chicago-Garrett’s Popcorn
Chicago-Giodano's Pizza
Chicago-Cubs Game at Wrigley
Chicago-Trolley and Double Decker Tour
Chicago-Crown Fountain at Millennium Park
Springfield-Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Indianapolis-Indianapolis 500 Track Tour
Indianapolis-The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
Lincoln City-Lincoln Boyhood Home NM

Boone-Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad


Louisville-Louisville Slugger
Louisville-Churchill Downs
Lesage-Hillbilly Hot Dogs
Petersburg-Creation Museum
Williamstown-Ark Encounter

Folsom-Global Wildlife Center
New Orleans-Camellia Grill
New Orleans-Cafe Du Monde
New Orleans-Mother’s Restaurant
New Orleans-Acme Oyster
New Orleans-Cajun Encounters Swamp Tours
New Orleans-Maple Street Patisserie

Acadia-Mr. Rockefeller’s Bridge Tour
Bar Harbor-Bar Harbor Cottages and Suites
Bar Harbor-Bar Harbor Motel

Annapolis-Chick and Ruth's Delly
Baltimore-B and O Railroad Museum
Baltimore-Fort McHenry
Berlin-Assateague Island NS

Boston-Public Garden
Boston-Inner Harbor Ferry
Boston-Mike's Pastry
Boston-Freedom Trail

Milwaukee-Lake Express
Holland-Nelis' Dutch Village
Dearborn-Greenfield Village (Tara's Favorite)
Dearborn-Henry Ford Museum
Royal Oak-Ray's Ice Cream
Mackinaw Island-Carriage Tour

Hernando-Velvet Cream

Bloomington: Mall of America
Bloomington: Chutes and Ladders Playground
Minneapolis: Mill City Museum
Minneapolis: Matt's Bar
St. Paul: Seventh Street Truck Park
Excelsior: Adele's Frozen Custard
Austin: Spam Museum

Branson-Andy’s Frozen Custard
Branson-Silver Dollar City at Christmastime  
Branson-Hurts Donuts
Kansas City-Steamboat Arabia
Kansas City-Joe's KC BBQ
Kansas City-Winstead's Steakburgers (highly recommend the skyscraper)
St. Louis-Ted Drewes Custard
St. Louis-Grant National Historic Site
St. Louis-City Museum
St. Louis-Gateway Arch
St. Louis-Fitz's Root Beer
Independence-Covered Wagon Ride
St. Joseph-Pony Express National Museum

West Yellowstone-Wild West Pizzaria
St. Mary-Glacier National Park

North Carolina:
Boone-Grandfather Mountain
Kill Devil Hills-Wright Brother's NM
Charlotte-Billy Graham Library

North Dakota:
Multiple Locations: Space Alien Grill

Omaha-Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge
Omaha-Gene Leahy Mall Slide

Lake Tahoe-Vikingsholm Castle
Las Vegas-Bellagio Fountains

New Hampshire:
Conway-White Mountain National Forest Lower Falls
Multiple Locations-The Common Man Restaurant
Littleton-Thayer’s Inn and covered bridge behind

New Jersey:
Staten Island-Staten Island Ferry
Liberty State Park-Ferry to Statue of Liberty
Margate-Lucy the Elephant
Hoboken-Carlo’s Bake Shop
Cape May-Cape May Lewes Ferry

New Mexico:
Alamogordo-White Sands National Monument
Carlsbad-Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Mountain Park-Old Apple Barn

New York:
Buffalo: Paula's Donuts
Cooperstown-Baseball Hall of Fame
Niagara Falls-Cave of the Winds (Robby's Favorite)
Niagara Falls-Maid of the Mist
New York City-Famous Original Ray’s Pizza (736 7th Ave)
New York City-Central Park
New York City-Brooklyn Bridge
New York City-Hi Line
New York City-Staten Island Ferry
Lewiston-The Silo
Tonawanda-Paula's Donuts

North Carolina: 
Asheville: Biltmore
Kitty Hawk: Wright Brother's National Memorial

Blue Ash-Blue Ash Chili
Cincinnati-Skyline Chili
Cincinnati-John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge
Cleveland-Little Italy
Millersburg-Yoder's Amish Home
Dayton: National Air Force Museum
Zanesville: Tom's Ice Cream Bowl

Catoosa-Blue Whale
Pawhuska-Pioneer Woman's Mercantile
Oklahoma City-Bricktown Water Taxi
Tulsa-Weber’s Root Beer Restaurant
Tulsa-Wilson's BBQ

Columbia River Gorge-Multnomah Falls
Portland-Voodoo Doughnuts
McMinnville-Spruce Goose
Crater Lake-Crater Lake National Park
Medford-Harry and David Factory Tour

Gettysburg-Gettysburg National Military Park
Philadelphia-The Please Touch Museum
Philadelphia-Reading Terminal Market
Philadelphia-Independence National Historic Park
Philadelphia-Dalessandro’s Steaks
Ronks-Red Caboose Motel
Scranton-Steamtown NHS
Strasburg-Strasburg Rail Road
Pittsburgh-Primanti Bro.
Pittsburgh-Dequesne Incline

Rhode Island
Newport-Newport Creamery
Newport-Cliff Walk

South Carolina
Hilton Head-Crowne Plaza Resort

South Dakota
Wall-Wall Drug
Keystone-Mt. Rushmore
Custer-Custer State Park
Hot Springs-Wind Cave National Park  
Sioux Falls-B&G Milky Way
Sioux Falls-Falls Park
Mitchell-Corn Palace
De Smet-Ingalls Homestead

Gatlinburg-Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant
Gatlinburg-Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies
Gatlinburg-Ober Gatlinburg
Gatlinburg-The Inn at Christmas Place
Nashville-Elliston Place Soda Shop
Nashville-Bobbie's Dairy Dip
Mt. Juliet-Cori's Dog House

Fort Worth-Ft. Worth Stockyards
Johnson City-LBJ Ranch
Potter County-Cadillac Ranch
Amarillo-Big Texan Steak Ranch

Moab-Arches National Park
Capitol Reef-Capitol Reef National Park Gifford Homestead
Springdale-Zion National Park

Waterbury-Ben and Jerry’s Factory Tour
Burlington-Bove’s (now closed)
Shoreham-Fort Ticonderoga Ferry
Walden Heights-A. M. Foster Bridge

Shenandoah National Park
Mount Vernon-Mount Vernon
Roanoke-Texas Tavern
Cape Charles-Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

Seattle-Pike Place Market
Seattle-Italian Family Pizza
Seattle-Beecher's Handmade Cheese-mac and cheese
Port Angeles-Olympic National Park-Lake Crescent

Washington D.C.:
Smithsonian Museums
National Mall and Memorial Parks
Washington Sailing Marina-picnic spot

Wisconsin Dells-Tommy Bartlett Water Show
Milwaukee-Leon's Frozen Custard
Pleasant Prairie: Jelly Belly Tour

Grand Teton National Park-Jenny Lake, Leigh Lake Trail
Wyoming-Devil's Tower  
Yellowstone-Old Faithful Lodge
Yellowstone-Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Jackson Hole-Town Square
Jackson Hole-KOA Campground Cabins

Nassau-Queen's Staircase

Puerto Rico:
San Juan-San Juan National Historic Park

Dennie Kids: October 18, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Four kids were ready to get their clothes on for the pumpkin patch this morning.  It was pretty hay filled last time with Mom and Reagan, so Anderson got to do his plug in breather before we came this morning
  • Campbell is feeling much better and is now sleeping all night (at least Mom and Dad think she is-they are sleeping all night though)  She was up and dressed in time to eat a whole container of yogurt and quite a few cheerios-she picks them up and gets them in her mouth as quickly as Mom can pass them out
  • Arriving at the pumpkin patch and the kids were in heaven.  They were all off to jump on the jumpy first.  When we came home Graham recalled that it was a barn shaped jumpy.  Next stop was briefly the swings and then the pedal tractors.
  • We also walked through the animal area-goats, chickens, ducks, a dog, mini horses and a few sheep.  Graham was very intrigued with the horses and even stood on the back of his tractor to see them
  • Mom made sure that we were the first ones of the hay ride and even sat on the left side so we could see the deer and bears.  They didn’t do the shootout today (Mom was a bit disappointed) but we did stop at the maze.  Anderson had been wondering about the trap door Reagan had told him about and talking about it all week long.  Mom didn’t think that he would do it by himself but after one walk through with the family, he was on his own!  When we came home, he told Mom that he went through and even helped people through the maze.  He said “they even said my name ‘follow Anderson’ is what they said.”  He was so proud of himself!
  • Reagan was into picking out a pumpkin for her and her brothers and we left with a stroller full of pumpkins.  When we made it home and especially after a few climbs in the hay, it was time for a bath for everyone.
  • Dad then went on to work and we finished lunch.  Somehow, more food than Mom had put onto plates ended up on the floor, so the kitchen was closed for a while so Mom could mop.  Mom might have even kept the kitchen closed for a very, very long time so everyone would stay in the den
  • Next we read many, many library books.  Graham was tired so he set through them all.  He was sitting close to Reagan and would even lay his head on her shoulder every once in awhile
  • Naps, then working on our letter Ls, then a movie and snack and after a little bit of play time, it was time for supper.  Dad needed to pick up something (a rather large thing) at Home Depot so the kids had to put on their pajamas for the store.  Mom even found a rug that she wanted (it is her early Christmas present)
  • Everyone lined up and watched Dad and Grandpa unload the truck and then made cookies for a bedtime snack.  The boys and Reagan helped Mom with her rug and then bedtime.

Dennie Kids: October 17, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Since Campbell had a little bit of fever last night, her and Dad stayed home from church.  Because Dad didn’t have to get ready, he was able to get breakfast ready for everyone.  This caused Anderson to be quite bummed that we weren’t going to be able to get cinna minis!
  • At church, Mom was beginning to panic about the scene Graham was going to throw going into class without Dad there.  But they turned the corner and looked into his class and Nonna was there!  Graham and Mom were both relieved to see her.  Though Nonna then started worrying about how she was going to leave without Graham falling apart.  Mom just took him to Anderson’s class so he didn’t have to go through that though
  • Lunch at Nonna’s house-pizza.  The kids gobbled it up but their favorite was her brownie dessert.  Dad and Campbell met everyone else there and Campbell was feeling good and going strong.  Dad even left a little bit early so he could go pick up a new fridge!  (We now have one in the garage-when you have 6 gallons of milk you just need extra fridge space and for $75 who could pass it up-unfortunately, Mom is afraid that our little fridge upstairs has just gone kaput!)
  • Anderson having a major meltdown at Nonna’s house-Mom took off his sock and he just fell apart.  He did pull it together so he could get a cookie as we were leaving.  At home, everyone went straight to naptime and they all slept a long time.
  • Mom had to wake Reagan up for choir.  Mom mentioned that her class was singing next Sunday and Reagan said that her teachers said “all your mommas, daddies, grandpas and grandmas with be there”-so Grandpas and Grandmas this is your reminder!
  • The boys and Campbell stayed at home with Dad and destroyed the house.  Not really but it did take a few minutes for everyone to pick up before bedtime. 
  • After a little supper it was time to ready a book before bed.  Uncle Jason has showed them where Jupiter is and they are just fascinated by it.  Mom found the book “Space Boy” in our library pile and they enjoyed reading it. 
  • Next was prayer time.  Reagan thanked God and thanked God tonight.  She listed the zoo animals and then she said oh, yeah, thanks for Mom and Dad too.  They see where they rank.  Also, in the middle of her prayer Graham decided that she should be done and just started shouting “Amen” for her.
  • For Graham’s turn he lays down on the floor with his hands clasped and said “thank you God Nonna, Pops, thank you God Jason, thank you God Grannymom, Grandpa” and then he said some more thank you Gods that Mom couldn’t catch but it was probably about that horse and its ponytail that we saw last night since that is all he has been talking about!

Dennie Kids: October 16, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A fairly lazy Saturday morning-Mom thought about making waffles, Dad thought about making breakfast burritos but neither did so the kids just had to eat cereal!  They were happy though because they were busy watching a movie
  • Loading up to go to Sam’s-Reagan was very concerned to find out if today was the day there was samples.  And she was delighted and made a meal or two out of all of the samples she had-biscuit, meatball, apple, cracker, cake, apple cider, pizza, sandwich, soup and probably a few other things.  The boys were in the cart with Dad and they had just as much-even had a bit of beef jerky but they weren’t too fond of it
  • Next was lunch at Burger King (like we were still hungry) and since they had an outside play place they kids enjoyed playing.  Reagan and Anderson stood on each side of the slide and both jumped out and hollered as soon as Graham slid down.  He was terrified!  He just stood there shaking until Anderson felt sorry for him and gave him a big hug.  Graham didn’t slide down much anymore, he spent his time at the bottom of the slide waiting to scare Reagan and Anderson
  • A walk through Home Depot and Target before coming home.  Dad was trying to wear everyone out so they slept through the ball game.  And it didn’t work!  Campbell was so tired at Target that she could hardly keep her eyes open.  She had missed her morning nap and was so tired once we came home that she only slept a little bit.  She did snuggle with Mom for a little bit during the ballgame
  • Everyone waking up for the end of the ballgame.  Graham sat and watched some of the game with Dad.  The boys did pick up a new word from Dad and walked around the house shouting it:  “phooey, phooey” 
  • After the game, we met Grannymom and Grandpa at Flying Fish for supper.  Anderson and Graham love pointing out hotels anytime we were in the car and were delighted to see the ones downtown. 
  • Campbell felt a little warm tonight at supper but she was mostly tired (as the pictures show).  Once she laid her head on the table and closed her eyes.  Pitiful! (but it was around bedtime!)
  • Graham was able to see a horse and carriage on our walk back to the car and everyone enjoyed playing on the “Rabbit Reach” statue. 
  • Dad raced everyone to put on their pajamas-and it isn’t surprising that Dad won even though he had to help everyone else!  Reagan was in second place.  During her prayer tonight she thanked God for the people sitting.  Mom debated if she should thank God for the people standing.
  • We are in such a routine around here.  Mom still wipes bottoms and when someone is done that shout in a sing songy way “Momma, I poo pooed and I’m done”  At night, Anderson is in the routine of going potty at least once after he goes to bed.  And he will shout in a sing songy way “Momma, I have to go potty”  Tonight he got everything mixed up and yelled “Momma, I poo pooed and I’m done” from his bed!  Mom could hardly make it up the stairs she was laughing so hard.

Dennie Kids: October 15, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • This was crazy busy day-Dad left for work as Mom was getting herself ready.  Before long, everyone had their clothes on and were eating breakfast downstairs
  • We checked out at least 40 pounds of library books.  The highlight for the kids is returning them into the slots and opening the automatic opening door.  Graham has even gotten into picking out books-today he ended up with Goodnight Moon (we have that one).  Anderson finds a few books and really gets into it if he finds ones with trucks-today he found one in Spanish.  Mom told him she couldn’t read Spanish and he said that he could speak it and then he showed Mom how he could speak it (he can’t!)  Reagan loves picking out books and knows how to look at the cover before pulling it all the way off of the shelf
  • Next stop was Nonna’s house while Mom ran to work for a meeting.  Nonna was getting new tile so everyone enjoyed watching the workers.  Then Nonna’s friend came over to play-she brought a duck game and the kids loved it.  Campbell decided to take her nap during the game!
  • When Mom made it back it was time to meet Grannymom, Lilly and Cash at the zoo.  The weather was perfect in the shade and the kids had a great time.  Campbell was very interested in the fish and then it was time for another nap.  Graham was very intrigued by the elephants.  Anderson’s favorite was the alligators and Reagan just enjoyed hanging with Lilly and Cash
  • At the zoo, we were looking at the Vampire Bats and another little girl said the stuff they saw was blood because they drink blood.  Anderson disagreed and said that it wasn’t blood but was “popsicle juice”
  • Next stop was back home for a few minutes.  We were home long enough for Graham to drink some milk, Campbell to change clothes and everyone to watch a few minutes of their library movies while Mom repacked and reloaded the car. 
  • Then Dad came home with his trunk full of boxes-over 1000 diapers and over 100 rolls of toilet paper-something for everyone in the house!  Anderson was a little disappointed when Mom explained that one box was for him and then he saw it was only toilet paper
  • As soon as we arrived at Kaleigh’s birthday party they were starting a relay game.  The kids had to take a cup of water to fill a teapot.  Graham was just as into it as Reagan and Anderson-he stuck with it longer than some of the big kids and he was so proud of himself
  • At cake time, Anderson and Graham managed to be right beside Kaleigh.  Mom tried her best to make sure that they didn’t blow out her candles (and they didn’t).  Next was presents and then home
  • Everyone had a few bites of chips before bed while Mom and Dad took Campbell’s temperature.  She has a touch of fever but still feels pretty good.  Graham spent a very long time telling Dad all about the zoo (most of it was unintelligible!)  At prayer time tonight, Reagan thanked God for the “people on top of the houses” (roofers?) and “all the dead people there everywhere” (cemeteries?)

Dennie Kids: October 14, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Waking up for school and making it on time-just like Thursday though, Graham wasn’t pleased about going in and Anderson needed quite a bit of coaxing. 
  • Reagan doing apple print painting, Anderson gluing on paper people for everyone in his family, Campbell going for a walk in the stroller and Graham saw Campbell and his teacher said that he was so excited he could hardly contain himself.  Graham also painted a picture during the day.
  • Grannymom picking up the big kids-they said Grannymom didn’t give them anything to eat (Mom doesn’t believe this) so when we came home they tried to convince Mom to give them candy (didn’t work-especially since it was almost 5 when they decided that were hungry)
  • Campbell taking a long afternoon nap while everyone else finished the K letters and played.  Reagan continuously plays with her baby doll she has borrowed from Nonna.  (Mom has been thinking about buying her a nice baby doll but she has some questions about it now)  Anderson had his batman skating around the living room on the remote control while Graham played trucks
  • Pizza for supper-maybe Grannymom didn’t feed them because they ate alot of supper!  Graham ate 2 pieces of pizza which is pretty rare since his attention span doesn’t usually last that long. 
  • Playing around the house all evening and then finally going to bed.  School days are hard on everyone (especially Mom!)  They are awfully screamy, loud and crazy on school days!

Dennie Kids: October 13, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A fairly lazy morning.  Reagan didn’t want muffins (well, she wanted to make them but she didn’t want to eat them) so Mom said we cook another day
  • Saying our Awana verses and reading Little House on the Prairie (way overdue at the church library).  While Mom read, Reagan had yogurt and 3 pieces of toast, Anderson had a pop tart, pancake on a stick and yogurt, Graham had 2 pieces of toast, a pop tart and yogurt, while Campbell was munching on cheerios and yogurt.  Needless to say, Mom was pretty busy getting more and more food out!
  • Painting some fall leaves and then hanging them on our tree.  Anderson and Graham were all about painting today-Reagan is always all about painting.  Campbell was going to get to paint but Mom thought she needed a nap before lunch
  • Meeting Dad for lunch at Copeland’s.  The kids loved most of the food-Graham didn’t like the spinach dip and Reagan thought Dad’s pasta was too spicy.  Mom and Dad thought the kids were a little antsy but then they realized we had been there over an hour.  Campbell did manage to twist out of her high chair buckle and later Mom looked over to see her holding on to the top of her high chair as she was slipping out of the bottom
  • Coming home for a few minutes.  Campbell actually didn’t get to come in the house-she had fallen asleep in the car and Mom just let her stay in.  Next stop was for Reagan and Mom to get their haircut.  Reagan asked which doctor we were going to.
  • Dr. Tammy was happy to see all the Dennie crew.  Mom had made sure that everyone was fully aware of how to act.  They opened up the colors and sat on the floor and were quiet little children.  At one time, Graham started trying to push Campbell’s stroller and Mom told him to sit down or Ms. Tammy would cut him.  Hey, you got to do what you got to do!  They were rewarded with lots of praise, skittles, candy corn and a lollipop
  • Coming home for a few more minutes.  This time Campbell came inside for her nap.  Graham had a nap too while Reagan and Anderson just watched a few movies.  It was too short of a time for Anderson to nap (and wake up happily)
  • Church tonight where Cubbie bear was busy telling the Dennie kids “hi” tonight.  He commented on Anderson’s blue shirt, Graham’s Cubbie vest and Reagan’s haircut.  It helped that Mom was hanging out with Cubbie and Lamb E Lamb
  • Coming home and going straight to bed-church night is tough!

Dennie Kids: October 12, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Surprisingly, everyone managed to get dressed without much fuss this morning.  Clothes were on, breakfast eaten and movie watched all before school.  Mom and Dad got everyone else done first and then they had to scramble at the last minute.
  • Graham fussing when Dad dropped him off-he tries so hard to be such a big boy and not fuss.  He did take lots of leaves from our campout for their art project today.
  • Reagan was excited to show Ms. Stacy her pictures from her trip and Anderson touched a “dragon lizard” in class today.  It had eyes that blinked and its skin was rough.  He never really says much about school so that was a big deal
  • Nonna picking up Reagan and Anderson and they rode bikes, pushed the baby in the stroller, saw Beebee and Papaw, had lunch and watched some movies before coming back home.  Nonna asked Anderson about his camping trip and he told her that he went “somewhere near his house”-they asked the entire time we were driving camping if we were still in our city.
  • Mom picking up Graham and Campbell.  When Mom walked in Campbell’s room, Campbell looked at Mom, grinned and then said “hi”-made Mom’s day!  Graham was just as happy to see Mom until she told him we were going to pick up Dad.  Then he was upset when Mom said we were going to go downtown-he thought Dad was at home
  • Dad and Graham going to pick up Mom’s car-they had to wait.  Graham was so pleased to walk into the dealership, rolling his backpack just like Dad with his backpack.  He was very good and drank some coke and then the car was ready.
  • Having a picnic outside on the deck.  It was nice outside and pretty smoky inside (Dad cooked – he fried the potatoes a tad too long!) so we moved our supper outside.  The kids loved it.  After supper, they swang, slid and blew bubbles until it was time to come inside
  • Graham got into some trouble and Dad used the spoon to spank him.  Anderson was looking on and shouted at Dad “you’re doing it wrong! you’re doing it wrong Dad!”  Dad finally decided that he had the spoon turned the wrong way and Anderson didn’t think that was right (and Anderson should know!)

Dennie Kids: October 11, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Reading late last night that Graham had a very good day at church.  His friend Ruthie grabbed his cheeks and gave him a great big kiss.  It said that afterwards he was embarrassed and put his hands over his eyes but he had a great big smile!  Dad asked him about it first thing this morning and he grinned and again put his hands over his eyes!
  • Anderson, Graham and Campbell going to Grannymom’s house while Mom and Reagan went to the pumpkin patch.  Grannymom said that they had to put on their clothes and take of their pjs to go outside and before she was finished talking Graham had his shirt over his head. 
  • Anderson and Graham enjoyed swinging and riding scooters most of the morning long.  Campbell was content just watching the boys and being outside.  She did eat some of a banana Grannymom had given her but she gagged tonight on the green beans that Mom has been given her (Mom did sneak in some peas-she has opened the can so now they need to be eaten).  Campbell is taking a while to get the whole real food thing down-though Ms. Sonya gave her a goldfish at church.  Maybe we should get our crackers out.
  • Reagan having a great time at the pumpkin patch-bouncy, slide, swing, hay, hayride, shootout, maze, snack, picking out a pumpkin.  Reagan wanted Mom to be no more than 2 feet away from her during the day.  She did forget about Mom for awhile when she was playing with her new friend Emmie.
  • Eating lunch at Grannymom’s house and then heading right home for naps.  Campbell fell asleep on the way home but by the time Mom got everyone else asleep Campbell was waking up.  The big 3 did read a story, a bible story, work on their Awana verses, potty and drink some milk before bed.  Then Reagan and Mom worked on her reading book so nap time takes awhile!
  • Reagan helping Mom clean the bathrooms and then clean Campbell’s little house.  Reagan was so proud of herself for teaching Campbell to turn on the light on her toy.  Then her and Anderson watched a movie and worked on their workbooks while Graham colored.  Next, we all went outside and played-until we were too dusty that we had to come in for a shower
  • Taking a shower and trying to beat Dad home but he beat us-which was fine because he helped out.  Next was supper and then some cleaning-one thing led to another and Mom and Dad ended up moving picture albums and books around the house.  Reagan even got in on the act-she went through her bookshelf picking out books to go downstairs.
  • Dad reading a book and then it was time for bed…Anderson said that he couldn’t go to sleep because of his shadow when he lifted his head. Mom just told him to keep his head down!