April 30, 2023

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  • Sunday morning here and we were able to leave for church earlier than we had expected. When we did drive up, the parking lot was kind of empty. Things did feel up though, and soon we were in our Sunday school class with my 2nd graders.
  • We found the boys in our seats for big church. Keaton was sitting with Sophia, Campbell was sitting with Claire and Reagan with Alyssa. Things get a little bit crazy finding everyone after church.
  • We had our lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. Then most of the kids changed and headed to Grannymom's house. Campbell, Keaton, Anderson and Graham helped move a few rocks to the back of Grannymom's yard. There are more rocks to move tomorrow.
  • Robby and I did show up to help for a tiny little bit. When we left there, we took Graham to buy some shoes. I also found some for myself. Then it was on to Walmart to buy Graham a bike, and then on to Subway to pick up our last sandwich of the month, And finally, it was to Sonic to pick up drinks for everyone. Graham thought that he was never going to get home to get his shower.
  • He did make it to his shower though in plenty of time to ride with Brett with Rock Creek. Reagan also went there tonight with Alyssa while Whitman and I made blueberry muffins for tomorrow's breakfast.
  • Then we moved the party on to the Wilson's house to have breakfast for supper. The kids all showed up and we ate while Robby ran down the road for a few minutes. When he came back, we watched a video of 50 places that we need to visit so we made our travel list.

April 29, 2023

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  • I started hearing text come in this morning very early, but I decided that I would lay still for a few more minutes just in case all of those text were saying that soccer was on. When I did look at my phone I was happy to see that the games were cancelled so we could sleep a bit more, but also sad for the kids since they want to play plus sad for Anderson because he wants to make some money.
  • I guess we will get our fill of soccer this next week-scheduled mid week games on Monday and Tuesday, make up game on Thursday and Sunday, and the regular scheduled game on Saturday. It should be a fun and busy week. 
  • Robby handed me a sausage biscuit (well, it was a roll with a sausage patty in it) way before I did get out of the bed this morning. Then we shortly moved into the living room and started watching our tv show. So far we have watched about 5 today-maybe more since things are starting to run together.
  • I did stop briefly watching the show to take Reagan to get her third ear piercing. She has been asking for a long while so I took her to Merle Norman. I thought things were going well, until one ear had to be repierced since when she used the gun to pierce her ear, the whole thing got stuck to her ear. Reagan was cool during all of this and wasn't bothered by it.
  • When we did get in the car, Reagan was quick to mention that she thought the piercings were pretty lopsided. Unfortunately, they are-one is way back. So the plan is to go back Monday morning for them to fix the one that is messed up. Surely, they will fix it without a problem. I am so very thankful that Reagan is so easy going.
  • When we returned from there, Robby, Campbell, Anderson and I went to Costco-our main goal was to get gas for two of the cars. We walked around for a bit, and I did find a pair of shorts which I haven't yet tried on. On the way home, we had 2 free pizzas that Anderson and I went to pick up. 
  • Oh, I did forget to mention that between earrings and Costco I did take Keaton to a sleepover birthday party for her friend. She was pretty excited about it-she had already made the gift a month ago.
  • We all ate supper-pizzas for most but I did have a salad. Reagan and Whitman both had leftover Subway sandwiches to eat. 
  • Robby has to leave in a little bit to run down the road for a bit, and Whitman is going to finish watching his movie that he started earlier-I might read some or maybe I will work on that horrible school room for a little bit. Then more tv watching around here.
  • We are on our 8th season of a tv show-I really liked it at the first, but now I think that we are needing a break from the tv or maybe we are needing a new show to watch.

April 28, 2023

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  • I did mark everything off of my list today-though please don't be impressed because other than the normal things, the only extra on my list today was to clean the potty in our bathroom. 
  • After doing my normal chores, I did wake up Graham. Surprisingly before I woke up Graham, Reagan had already been downstairs. That was kind of odd since we usually don't see her too early in the mornings.
  • I walked Bentley and soon started working on registering Reagan and Anderson for their concurrent classes. It took me way longer than I had expected to finish that task, but I was super relieved when I did finish it.
  • Graham drove Campbell, Keaton, and me to Nonna's house. We needed to pick up a jar from her. While we were there she offered lunch, so the kids took her up on that. Graham did excellent driving-I don't think that I grabbed the handle once or waved my hands. (I tend to try not to say anything unless necessary, but sometimes trying to keep my mouth closed causes me to fling my hands around.)
  • I did get the big boys school out today for next week. I did everyone else's yesterday, but maybe I was a bit more tired today because they both have super easy weeks next week (the last week of school). 
  • We went to Defy this afternoon for a little bit while Reagan was at work. Graham opted to stay home despite knowing that Friday was Sonic day. While we were there, I was able to finish my book (it was an odd one). 
  • On the way home, we picked up a Subway-there are only a few more days left of Subway sandwiches until the month is over. The kids have certainly enjoyed the sandwiches and will miss them.
  • When we came home, we started on supper for the rest of us. We heated up some taco meat and had tacos. Reagan, who doesn't like Mexican, enjoyed the meal. While Anderson wasn't a fan and opted for leftover pizza. 
  • The Hogs are on tv playing baseball while the kids are rotating through the showers. I'm not too sure if we will go to bed early because of soccer tomorrow or stay up late and count on the rain to come.

April 27, 2023

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  • Robby woke me up this morning at the time that I would like to have started school. He assumed that since I wasn't working together with the little 3, that we were starting later. I had indeeed set my alarm, but I wasn't really paying any attention to the time that I set.
  • There are now only 4 days of school left-the little 3 (I know, they aren't that little anymore) have their summer school all lined up, but I am still waiting on the books that I need for the big 3. And I am super fighting the urge to start getting school ready for the fall.
  • Everyone did their school work today. Whitman has a new math right now that seems to take forever-adding three fractions with different denominators. He can do it, but he seems to just enjoy staring off into space more than actually doing the problems. 
  • This still makes me crazy, but that boy has breezed through his spelling book this semester. Now, to be fair, he has done this book before, but he is getting it now. Plus his handwriting has improved so much lately-there is still much  more work to be done though.
  • Graham had his class today while Reagan had hers. I walked on the treadmill, and even played one of Whitman's birthday games, Then I went to the pregnancy center for a little bit.
  • I left there early so I could go home and pick up the kids and take them to soccer practice. It looked rainy, and I wasn't sure if practice was going to happen, but we went that way anyway.
  • On our way, it rained and poured. Then it cleared up, and I told the kids I would take them, but I would just be in my car reading. We were almost there when we finally did get the message that practice was indeed cancelled. 
  • So we turned around and headed home. That little excursion was only 40 minutes, and since I had just come from way down Benton which took about 25 minutes it seemed like a lot of driving. But without practice, we had our evening back.
  • Robby made waffles for our supper. When we finished, Reagan headed to her Dgroup, and the rest of us cleaned up the kitchen. We now on the couch for the evening-possibly going to watch some tv so  we can finish up the series we have been bingeing. 

April 26, 2023

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  • We are certainly counting down the days until school is over around here. I finished my last read aloud book and declaired today to be the last work together day. The kids celebrated a little bit, but not nearly as much as me!
  • There was a good bit of school work done today-Reagan was trying to finish up her semester project, and Graham was working hard on his last lab. Whitman, I believe, was the last one finished today, but he didn't seem to care since he was still done before noon.
  • Anderson and I went to take his accuplacer reading test. Last week he was just about 3 points shy of reaching the necessary score. Today though he was 3 points over. That was super exciting since the start of his test today was a bit stressful-we didn't have his social security number which he needed. Once that was straightened out, he did super though I am sure that all made him a bit more nervous. 
  • Of course I took him to Sonic on the way home since I love a good celebration. When we did get home, I walked for a bit on the treadmill and hurried to get my shower. I thought I was going to have to take Graham to church early for his Dgroup, but that was cancelled.
  • So when Reagan came home from work, we were all able to go to chuch together. Let me tell you, the kids must have been inside all day long because they were crazy children. Thankfully, we didn't have to bring any of those crazy children home with us.
  • However, when we did get home-my children were crazy. Bentley had a new dog bed so they were all 6 laying on it and pulling the dog on it. I am sure that dog wanted us to get back in the car and go back to church. It was wild for a little bit, but thankfully, the kids have all calmed down-supper helped that. 
  • Now, it is time for a tv show before we send these people to bed!

April 25, 2023

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  • Since it was super dark and dreary this morning, it was pretty hard to wake up the kids. Actually, I thought that eveyone was up and started on our school. Usually, I do double check to make sure that Anderson is awake when we are finished with our morning work together.
  • However, today I didn't even think about it-until I heard Graham yelling, "Anderson, get up, we leave in 2 minutes." Thankfully, Anderson doesn't wake up in bad moods and was out the door in about 5 minutes. 
  • Anderson just has one more class on Tuesday while Graham still has 3 more classes. Reagan has about the same number as Graham along with her final for her math. So things are definitly wrapping up around here. We even finished one more of our read aloud books today-I just have one more that I am reading, and we should finish it this week or even next week. 
  • Though Whitman did tell me when we were working together today that we needed more books. Campbell was quick to remind him that school was almost over. He just loves books-listening to them and reading them. Though he never does just pick up a book when he is not checking it off for school.
  • Soon the three schooling here were finished, and Anderson and Graham were rolling in to the house. I took Bentley on a walk and even ended up on the treadmill for a few minutes before we went to Defy for a bit of jumping for the kids and reading for me.
  • I helped Reagan with a little bit of her homework, and then Robby and I ate supper-pizza for him and bbq and baked beans for me. Then we headed off to the store to pick up a few things-I had told Robby that I wanted to find some good deals-we did find some chicken on a good sale plus we found 2 boxes of oatmeal for Reagan, but I still wasn't satisfied with our sales. I wanted to find soemthing really fun.
  • We did splurge and buy some Blue Bell tonight. Keaton in the kitchen busy making orea balls, but I will be feasting on Blue Bell. You have to eat it the night you open it and eat a good bit, if you want to get ot have any around here.

April 24, 2023

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  • I spent most of the early morning dreaming about needing to get a set of lanyards for a friend. I went to the bathroom at least twice and continued that silly dream until I finally rolled out of bed to wake the kids up.
  • There is no one that I actually need to get a lanyard for. Though if you do need one, I have probably 20 or 30 lanyards. What I did need to do first this morning though was to wake up the kids.
  • Graham was already awake, but Anderson and Reagan were harder to wake up. Graham had to wake up Whitman after I had already been up there. Thankfully, Keaton and Campbell were down pretty quickly after I did wake them up.
  • We used to work together at 8:30 and read until 9:30 with me not being able to finish all of the things that I wanted to read with them. However, as the school year has progressed we have finished history, science and many other things. We are actually down to about 5 things to do every morning so we finish way before 9:30 now even though we don't start at 8:30 any longer.
  • Any time I had a chance during the morning, I worked on the high schoolers' transcripts, planned the big boys' English for next year, and pulled out our summer school. If I work on those things all week, I will have them done. 
  • I was able to mark a big things off of my list today, thanks to Robby. All of my planning for VBS, Camp Geyer, is officially finished. I will lead the cooking track this year which is kind of comical because the leader last year was a chef, an actual chef, while I barely know my way around the kitchen!
  • Reagan left for work before 1 while Anderson did the Raymar practice tonight. WIthout Anderson, I couldn't get Graham to go with us to Defy, but Cambpell, Keaton and Whitman happily went. We picked up Anderson's Subway on the way home.
  • When Reagan did arrive home, I worked with her on an essay that is due tomorrow-someone didn't really plan ahead there. Then we pulled out tons of leftovers for supper tonight. Once the kitchen was cleaned, we headed to the living room where I am currently trying to finish my book.

April 22, 2023-City Camping

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Robby is very aware of noises while I am usually not. He hears everything as that camper is drivng down the road. I have climbed all over the camper putting my hands differeing places trying to make the noise stop. He has even pulled over to see if he can stop the rattle himself.

Last night, I was the one just as crazy as him. We had watched two different tv shows which Robby mostly slept through. I then read before I went to sleep. When I woke up to go to the bathroom, I started hearing the sound that I had heard the night before.

I thought then that it was rain, but it didn't really sound like rain. I started moving my hand around feeling for water or trying to see what the noise was. I thought about waking up Robby because there was no way I could now go back to sleep after hearing that noise. 

I sat up trying to hear the sound better and finally discovered that if I put my hands under the mattress there were cords. Apparently, those cords were causing the sounds that I heard. I was able to move the cords around some and finally go back to sleep. 

We slept well last night and then watched some tv when we did wake up. I read for a bit, and then we did something that we never do. We put everything that we need to take out of the camper in the van and then cleaned the camper. That made coming home amazingly simple.

We caught up with the Wilsons for a little bit and took a short walk. Then we had a picnic lunch full of leftovers. When we left the campground, Robby went to get gas, and I hurried home to quickly empty and put away our camping things. 

I worked in the house for a little bit while Robby washed the camper some. I even managed to have a nap for a bit this afternoon. 

When we were laying in bed this morning, we saw that the kids left earlier than I had asked. We decided that maybe they could do things on their own all of the time-except that we did miss them, but I am pretty certain that they missed the dog more than us.

Reagan went with Kennedy to the Arts Center and then back to Kennedy's house today. She even let her friend cut her hair, but I really think that she did a good job. The rest of the kids went to Grannymom's house to eat after lunch.

Campbell went to Rock Creek tonight, Whitman had his Subway sandwich for supper and Anderson and Graham went to their Life group tonight. It was a busy evening for everyone-well, except for Keaton. I bet that she is looking foward to getting to go to Rock Creek next year on Sunday nights.

We had quasadillas for supper tonight with the Wilsons, and then watched a show about 50 places that we need to visit. Right now we are in the middle of having the kids fold laundry upstairs and get ready for bed while Robby is wondering if he can sleep in the camper one more night!

April 22, 2023-City Camping

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Let's see where did I leave off yesterday? Robby and I didn't stay up too late since we knew we would need to leave early this morning. By the time that our alarms rang this morning, Robby had already talked to the first car load of people headed to Raymar. 

Anderson had to be there at 7:15, and Campbell and Keaton wanted to go and help as well. It didn't take us long at all to get ready this morning. Robby and I were ready to leave about 20 minutes before we planned. I guess it doesn't take as long to get ready in a camper-or there are less dishes to unload from the dishwasher (none ) and less laundry to fold (none) before you leave.

When we had almost made it to Raymar I text the second car load heading to Raymar. They were also awake and getting ready. This was Reagan, Graham, and Whitman.

I will briefly recap the day: Campbell spent 3 hours in the concession stand first and then reffed a soccer game on a small field. Then she played her soccer game. And man, can that girl throw and kick the ball. When she throws the ball in, sometimes is goes out the other side of the field. Her team won 4-2 today which was great since her team didn't win last weeks game.

Graham and Reagan both reffed three games today. This is a lot of running up and down the field. I think that they both kind of enjoy it. Actually, all of the kids enjoy being out at Raymar. They would probably go back tomorrow and do the same thing.

Anderson did ref one game. If there are enough refs then he doesn't really have to ref as many games. He did even stop to watch his brother and sisters' games. I do think that Anderson really enjoys driving the gator around-I know that Keaton enjoyed driving with him after the games when they were picking up the fields.

Keaton played her game pretty early this morning. They won 3-0 I think. Keaton did score the very first gaol. She can hustle and can almost throw and kick that ball like her sister. Campbell's team doesn't have many extra people so Keaton and 2 of her friends were moved up today so they could help. She didn't seem to think a thing about playing with the kids a bit bigger than her. After the game, she had a birthday party to go to for a friend. It was a swimming party so I am sure that she loved that. I actually haven't heard about the party since on her way home she changed plans and ended up spending the night with a friend. Her sweet sisters took her her clothes so she could be ready for church tomorrow.

And Whitman. It is surprising, but he loves Raymar just as much as the rest of the kids. He is always off doing something or just sitting in the concession stand hanging out. He had to wait until 1 for his game, but put his uniform on way early. Then he asked repeatedly if it was time to put on his cleats. Finally, I just gave in and put them on for him. When it was time for his game, I started looking for him but he was already on his bench waiting. He played goalee (and never had to touch the ball) and played back 2 different periods. His team one in a penalty kick right after the whistle blew-Whitman and the rest of the kids on the bench just started screaming and jumping up and down.

After the games, we took Keaton to her party wtih a stop by Sonic first. Anderson drove home with a stop by Subway first and Reagan also drove home with a stop to drop off a friend first. Robby and I stopped by the house on our way back out to the campsite since it was on the way. I was able to unload to soccer things and put them away.

Then we headed back to the campsite. There we walked Bentley for 2 miles and then sat and visited with the Wilsons. The group meal tonight was burgers. I contributed baked beans-and there were lots of comments about how good they were. I did give up my recipe (Sams) though I probably should have kept it a secret.

We stayed out for a while, but eventually headed back to the camper. We were pretty beat after the soccer games. Robby has just had his shower, and I will probably take mine in a few minutes after we watch a tv show or two.

April 21, 2023-City Camping

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The electricity went off at home some point during the night. This cause Reagan to get up and take a shower around 5:30 this morning. Now, she could have just been going to bed at that time, but surely not. I later asked, and Keaton said that Reagan didn't feel good so she had a shower. Later in the day, Reagan said that she felt fine then. 

After Reagan's shower, I do think that the girls all went back to sleep, and soon after the power came back on. We hae actually heard very little from the kids today. Reagan did go to work all afternoon, and then went with Alyssa to keep kids at another church.

I have heard from Keaton as well today. I asked her about packing her soccer bag for tomorrow, and she said that she would after she finished drinking her coke. I am not sure what all has happened at our house! I guess the kids are having a big time.

Now, I will talk to everyone later because I have to double check that they have properly set their alarms and are ready to leave for soccer in the morning. We are meeting them there, but Anderson has to leave the house before 7 which is early for us homeschoolers.

Robby and I have spent the day doing pretty much nothing. We have take 3 different walks for 2 miles each so that has certainly helped my mileage chart. I am trying to walk 40 miles each month but haven't made it a single month this year. These walks this weekend will put me over the top for this month and help erase some of my mileage debt from other months.

I did finish a book today, and we watched three of our tv shows so really we didn't do a whole lot. Tonight was my Subway night so I had that while Robby ate his leftover Subway.

We did go and visit with some of the Rock Creekers who are camping for a little bit. We stayed until it was just a tad bit chilly, and then came home to snuggle up under the covers.

April 20, 2023-City Camping

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I was awake for a good little bit last night, but when I woke up this morning I was surprised to see how early I had woken up. However, Robby was already out of the bed.

Since our water is not fixed out front just yet, Robby's first order of business was covering it all up. Now, in this rain he may not have done any good, but he did lay a tarp down and cover it with a pallet. When Bentley did wake up, she was not happy with that tarp moving in the wind at all. I am not sure that she could have stayed at home all weekend because off and on through out the day she barked at the tarp.

We started school this morning. Robby took Graham, and by the time that Reagan was supposed to leave for her class, she had convinced herself to skip. She says she is already ahead in math-I never skipped a high school class or college class, and she is just as concerned about grades as I am. Good for her skipping!

I took the kids to Defy for a little bit. The boys had not been this week. Of course there was pressure to stop at Sonic on the way home, but I made that clear up front. Graham pushed hard on me letting him drive home from Defy-now, he could have done it-I think. He hasn't driven that far or on that busy of roads, so Robby did tell him that they would go driving anywhere he wanted next week. I can tell you where they will be driving to: Sonic.

Robby left at 3ish to go to Maumelle Park and set up for the weekend. I was pretty close behind him. We were able to walk a little bit before the rain started. We hung out in the camper for a while before going to the Wilson's camper for supper. We had chicken, and they had the other fixings.

We stayed over there as long as we thought we could be away from Bentley. She was fine out in the camper, but she really doesn't like the thunder ta all. When we made it back to the camper-she had found a toy to play with and seemed content-at least she hadn't eaten the couch!

April 19, 2023

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  • I still felt a little bit stressed this morning when I woke up. Robby got up when the dog barked for the first time this morning. He then left to make sure that Reagan's car was first in line for them to work on her tire.
  • The tire was done fairly quickly for him, and they were able to patch it. The water patch held, but there hasn't been any more progress with reinstalling the faucet. 
  • At some point during the evening last night, Whitman said that he went to use the neighbor's, who are building, porta potty. I still can't figure out why he used the porta potty since he just had to pee. Reagan also said that he did at one time look at her in a panic and ask, "will my ipad still work if we don't have water?" Reagan said that she thought that Whitman was kidding, but she wasn't too sure.
  • School went fine today-only 9 more days until we call it quits for summer which means that I will soon be able to start cleaning and organizing the school room and closet along with getting school ready for next fall. More importantly, it also  means that I am going to have to start working on what the kids are ging to do during the summer.
  • The whole morning wnet way too quickly, and soon I was heading off with Anderson for him to take the reading portion of his accuplacer test. He needed a certain score today, and I was super stressed about what his score. However, he was only 3 points away from the score he needed. I could have done a happy dance right there. We will try again next week or maybe even the next week.
  • After we left there, we ran to pick up the extra car that was at the tire place and then to get gas. Back at home, I did have time to do some school work with Graham and then walk on the treadmill for a little bit.
  • Thne it was time to load up and go to church. Reagan flew in from work, and we soon were all headed to church. Tonight the kids had pizza so Whitman and Keaton were happy about that. Back at home, folks found their suppers, and we found our spot in front of the tv for a little bit.

April 18, 2023

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  • I will quickly review the morning because I would like to have plenty of energy to discuss the exciting events of the day. Comm Central for Reagan, Anderson, and Graham. They only have 2 more Tuesdays to go to Comm Central, and I know that some of them are super excited about that.
  • The rest of us did our school work here at the house. The afternoon included some volleyball for most everyone. The boys went to Grannymom's house to work a little bit while this evening Reagan headed to Raymar to work.
  • Robby and I took Whitman and Keaton to Defy. They jumped, and we picked up Reagan's Subway on the way home. After supper, Robby cleaned his grills (he cooked chicken and a pork but today). While he was cleaning the grill the kids were happily playing wtih water guns and the water hoses.
  • I went inside to start packing for this weekend, when Anderson came in and mentioned that something was broken and Dad was turning off the water. I didn't give that too much thought until I saw Robby running with some long tool. 
  • I hurried on outside-the kids were a bit panicked. Some how Graham fell into the box and broke the pipe. This caused the water to continuously run filling the box where the hose connect and flooding the yard. Robby was thankfully able to turn the water off at the street.
  • This solved the immediate problem, but this also left us with no water to the house. Thankfully, a neighbor is a plumber so we sent a few text to him. They came down and went to work.
  • This took a little bit-a trip to the store to pick up parts and lots of digging. They had to dig almost 2 feet down to get to the pipes that the needed to get to. While this was happening, my phone rang.
  • It was Reagan-I never like for her to call me when she is supposed to be driving. I was so distracted with the water issue that I didn't think about that though, until she started talking, "I think I have a flat."
  • I did let out a sigh of relief at that. A flat we can handle. She also said that she was parked safely at the church at the end of Crystal Valley. I told her to stay put and called Pops to pick her up since he was closer. 
  • He brought her home while we figured out our next steps. Robby was still in the middle of the pipe repair so he called AAA and I headed back to Pops' house. I had time to get a cookie before the tow truck man called.
  • We met him, and he quickly took the flat tire off. Then, he tried to get the spare-however, he couldn't find the tool needed to get the spare off. Of course I don't know where it would be. The man was good and did look everywhere in the car for it, but we then had to move to plan b.
  • He tried to put air in the tire, but that didn't work. It looked like Reagan had run over a nail/screw/whatever and then it came out. So the next option was to tow it to the tire place. (We have gotten our money's worth of AAA this year.)
  • When the car left, Pops took me back to our house. I apologized for having him drive me all over creation today, but he said that they were enjoying it for sure. 
  • I made it home a bit before 10 just a few minutes after the pipe had been fixed temporarily. They had a few mishaps-broke one extra thing, but fixed that. Hopefully the new outside spigot will be fixed tomorrow. 
  • Overall, it was a fairly stressful evening; however, the tire should be an easy fix and if the spigot is fixed soon all will be well. The kids all had showers this evening since most of them were wet and muddy from the early in the evening hose/water gun battle. I will say that all of my Dennies will be thankful that we have water tonight-I certainly am.

April 17, 2023

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  • It was a fairly busy day-we started off the morning with our regular school routine. My morning reading pile continues to get smaller each day. This makes me happy, but I think that it makes Whitman a bit disappointed since he loves listening to me read.
  • After reading, it was time for everyone to start on their daily school work. Graham is getting ready for a test tomorrow while Anderson is getting ready for his big Accuplacer test on Wednesday (start praying now for that because it will be hard for him). 
  • I didn't really see Reagan today. She only has one thing that she has to do for me so I let her sleep this morning. She had work at 1 and is still there right now (7:30) taking soccer pictures. I am sure that she will exhausted and hungry when she get in tonight.
  • Around 1, Anderson and Graham went to Grannymom's house for a little bit to help her in the yard. While they were gone, I made Whitman do a little bit of soccering outside. After a quick treadmill walk, we loaded up to go to Defy.
  • Keaton and Whitman were the only ones that we could convince to go, but they stayed for over an hour so I am sure that they had fun. I read some of my book, but I also closed my eyes for a little bit as well. 
  • On the way home, we picked up Whitman's Subway sandwich. The April Subway sandwich spreadsheet is getting full for sure. He ate his sandwich while Robby worked on tonight's supper.
  • While he was doing that, Graham drove me over to Nonna and Pops' house. They brought us 2 huge boxes of candy that I am going to have to hide because people went to town on it when we did get home.
  • We ate when Graham and I made it home. Then the boys ended up outside playing basketball after Graham finished his vacuuming (that is the one chore that I can not let slide. It has to be done each day.) Whitman is out there trying out his new water gun so I am definitely staying inside. Just as I was writing that, Robby headed out towards the camper. We shall see how wet he gets!

April 16, 2023

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  • This was the first day of the new Sunday schedule so they bribed the teachers with breakfast for them and their families to get us there early-it worked. And really, I would love for it to happen every week. They had the best ever granola and the best ever yogurt which made me super happy.
  • And we didn't have to teach our Sunday school class too which made me super happy as well. I do love the kiddos but it is nice to have a short break every once in a while. 
  • After Sunday school, we found the kids and found our new spots in Sander's Hall for church since the sanctuary is under construction. The kids all found us, and we snagged our seats.
  • When church was over we headed home since Nonna and Pops were out of town. Robby and I cooked lunch-though Whitman wasn't pleased with our offerings and made himself a pizza in the air fryer.
  • I made it about as far as the couch after we ate before I fell sound asleep. I was exhuasted-from sitting at church all morning. Or maybe I was still tired from watching yesterday's soccer games-it's a tough life.
  • Before too long we all started leaving-first Whitman, Keaton and I left for their life group. They divided everyone up into groups, and we headed to see a lady from church. It was much fun-I think that the kids enjoyed it, and so did Robby and I. Afterwards, they bought everyone Sonic drinks before meeting back at church.
  • Campbell, Anderson and Graham went to Rock Creek for church tonight, and Reagan left with Alyssa to go to a friend's house. Once we were all done with our places, we all ended up back at the Wilson's house for super. 
  • We came home near 10, and some how ended up watching a tv show before putting all of these people to bed.

April 15, 2023

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  • The first upward soccer day of the year is always hard. I'm exhuasted, and I didn't even play a game. Campbell left with Anderson at 6:45 this morning to go and help set up the fields. I was not too far behind with my car full of Reagan, Graham, and Keaton. We went to set up the concession stand.
  • It was a fairly exciting start to the day-the potties began overflowing and even water coming through the floor of the concession stand. Thankfully all of that was stopped, but the bathrooms were then closed for a bit which of course then all I can think about it going to the bathroom. 
  • Eventually, the bathrooms in the new building were opened up so I was able to see inside of it. Of course getting there was a good 10 minute walk. But I did a lot of walking today, but not nearly as much as the kids.
  • Anderson only had to ref one game with Reagan and Graham reffing two. Reagan reffed with Hughey both times while Graham was on Whitman's field. Campbell also reffed a game which was her first time-she said that she really enjoyed reffing the game. 
  • Game wise we had 2 wins and a loss. Campbell's team did lose, but I thought for sure that they were going to get slaughtered, but they only lost by one point. Keaton scored a handful of goals for her team, and they won by a large margin. Whitman's team did as well. 
  • Just as I expected-we all did come home a little bit burned. Now, of course, I had sunscreen in my bag, but never thought about it until it was just too late to do anything about it. So tomorrow we will all be varying shades of pink and red at church.
  • Once we all made it home, most of the kids had showers. All of the girls had themselves a nap while the boys are on their devices. I'm trying to figure out exactly what I want to eat for supper tonight-and if I really want to eat enough to get off of the couch!

April 14, 2023

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  • You know Thursdays are usually my favorite days, but I think that I forgot how much I enjoy Thursdays so I really didn't enjoy it like I should have so I made sure to enjoy today. 
  • Of course for me to properly enjoy today, I knew that I needed to mark things off of my to do list fairly quickly. That meant I was up and going earlier than usual. This was fine though because by 11 I had finished my chores, walked Bentley and walked on the treadmlll. Imagine what all I could do in a day if we usually woke up at a decent time. 
  • At 11, I then worked with Whitman and finished one of the books I have been reading to Campbell, Keaton and Whitman.
  • Then we started on what I had been looking forward to doing today: I am in charge of the cooking track at Camp Geyer (VBS) so today we made the recipes that I am planning on making during the first and third days: homemade poptarts and no bake cinnamon rolls. 
  • Campbell and Keaton helped me, of course. Neither one of them or even Whitman liked the poptarts. Well, Whitman took one teeny bite and said he didn't. Campbell never tried them at all. Keaton did eat the one that she put cinnamon in and the one that she put cheese in. She did not even try the one with jelly-which is what we are going to do at Camp Geyer. 
  • The cinnamon rolls were fine-just a quick activity to do while the poptarts bake. They are nothing that anyone would want to duplicate at home probably-but at least the kids ate them. Well, actually Campbell had lost interest by then, so Anderson took her place. 
  • Anyway, by making those things today, I was able to make my supply list, write out the recipes and have at least 2 days of Camp Geyer ready to go-at least in my head. 
  • Then I took Anderson and Graham to get their hair cut. I always want them to get a bit more cut off than they actually do, but they were pleased. Then we met Robby and the others at Defy while Reagan was at work.
  •  Afterwards, we picked Anderson up his Subway sandwich-Robby is able to get one sandwich a day for 50 percent off. So you better believe we have a spread sheet on how many sandwiches each person has had. Also there was a Friday Sonic run on the way home.
  • Once Reagan came in from work, Robby and I left to go to Costco. We walked up and down most of the aisles and filled our cart: mostly with 3 cases of water, but also allergy meds, vitamins, a taco meal kit which was our supper, chicken sandwiches, and a super cheap blanket. On the way out we picked up a pizza which was supper for the ones that hadn't yet eaten.
  • Now, Robby is doing some work and then we shall start our tv show for the evening. Oh, we also have a brownie pie to eat for snack tonight which Campbell made while we were doing our VBS baking earlier in the day.

April 13, 2023

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  • Robby went to his D group early this morning but was back home fairly early. I was about to get out of bed on time today, but then decided that why? Everyone else was still sleeping, and thankfully, they were all easy to wake up.
  • Reagan didn't go to her class today because she is so far ahead on everything. That left Robby to take Graham to his class. I  met him in one of the vans so we could get every cent of our Kroger gas rewards. Unfortunately, we weren't able to even fill both of the vans up.
  • After getting gas, I did avoid finishing school with a few more minutes while I ducked into Kroger with Robby to pick up a few things. Of course, while we were buying things there, we were also adding things to our Walmart delivery.
  • When I did return home, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and Anderson were about to play an Uno game so I joined them for a few rounds. After the game finished (and I did win one round),  I finsihed up working wtih Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman.
  • Later this afternoon, Cambpell and I went to the pregnancy center. On the way, we dropped off Anderson at Raymar so he could paint the fields. We worked at New Beginnings for a little bit, and then stopped at Academy to buy Campbell some shorts before getting to Raymar.
  • The soccer players all had practice tonight. The weather was nice so Robby brought Bentley to walk around the fields with me. After practice, we all arrived home-Reagan had been at her Dgroup, Anderson and Campbell stayed late to lock up Raymar and the rest of us.
  • We heated up some suppers and settled in to watch some tv for the rest of the evening.

April 12, 2023

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  • In case you remembered me dreaming the other night and my hopes that I would not dream last night even though I had eaten quite a bit of deliciousness before bed-I did not dream any last night or at least not that I know of.
  • Robby had already woken up and left the bed at least once to do some work this morning when I woke up. I eventually did get up and start the day with my people. It definitely took the longest to wake Anderson up this morning. Then the whole time I was reading to the girls and Whitman, I was wondering if he was up-surprisingly, he was.
  • We did our school work and everyone finished their school work early-even Whitman-by 11. That never happens. Cambpell, Keaton and Whitman even decided that they wanted to do their second reading right then before lucnh.
  • After reading to them, I walked Bentley for a mile. Later in the day, I really didn't want to walk on the treadmill so I decided that I would walk outside for my 3 miles. Bentley did fine with me the fist mile and a half.
  • I then started to worry about her paws on the hot ground plus she was super panting so I dropped her off at the house and continued my walk. I will say that I did enjoy walking outside today, but 3 miles outside seemed like a lot more than walking on the treadmill does.
  • We did make it to Defy today. We went at 1 so it was pretty empty. I was able to read quite a bit while we were there. Once at home, I had that walk with Bentley and soon it was time to go to church.
  • Reagan was at work so she went straight to the church house from there while the rest of the big kids had to be there at 5 for a soccer meeting. Keaton went in and hung out with her buddies while Whitman and I sat in the car for a little bit before church started.
  • During church I was reminded how old I really am. Some of the children make me want to lose my religion for sure. Last night Robby mentioned that God must give us the children that we need-and I would have to agree.  

April 11, 2023-Happy 10th Birthday (party) Whitman!

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  • I woke up at 1 this morning having crazy dreams. I did get up and go to the bathroom in hopes that I wouldn't keep dreaming the same dream. Thankfully, I did move on to other dreams-I believe my first dream last night was about an animal on me-like the arm of an octopus stuck to me but also crawling around.
  • I am not sure that I slept too incredibly well because of my dreams. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that ice cream last night. However, tonight I have had 2 servings of huge cookie cake so I am certain that I will have some crazy dreams tonight.
  • We did our school stuff today. Just a few more weeks-not that I am counting down the days at all! (Seriously, I am certainly counting down the days for sure. Not becuase  I am ready for school to be over becuase I love the routine of school. I am ready for school to be over so I can massively clean the school room and the school room closet. Plus getting school ready for next year always makes me just plain giddy.)
  • Reagan, Anderson, and Graham all had classes this morning. Whitman wasn't as motivated today-he has rediscovered his magnets and played with them constantly. It is hard to write anything down when you have 7 magnets in your hands. He just about made me loose my cool.
  • At lunch Robby and I ran to pick up a few things including Whitman's cookie cake from Sams. I was able to walk on the treadmill for a bit, but soon the afternoon was over, and Robby was leaving again to pick up pizza.
  • Soon Whitman's buddies arrived for his birthday party. They all got there at 5 which gave us enough time to eat some pizza, open presents (Simon says game, water gun, and card game and a sciencey kit) and then cookie cake before it was time to leave.
  • We took the birthday boy, his friends, and the big boys to see the Mario Bros. movie. It was a fairly full theater so that added to the excitment. We passed out some water (that we snuck in) along with some popcorn. The boys must have been very interested because no one had to go to the bathroom the entire time.
  • After the movie, we dropped everyone off. The kids starting playing with the Simon Game-it seems that Anderson might be a pro at it.

April 10, 2023

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  • This Monday went well. I didn't get up when I wanted to, but when I did go to wake up the kids Whitman and Campbell were already awake. It didn't take them long to come downstairs for us to get started, but I had to wake Keaton up again and later in the morning had to wake Anderson up again.
  • Whitman zoomed through most of his school work. He will be thrilled to see that his math is easier tommorrow than it was today-I taught him something before the book so tomorrow the book will teach slowly what I have already taught him.
  • We have been working on fractions-getting common denominators. Some times he doesn't want to do it my way and just tells me the answer. I ask how he did it, and he will say something like "if it is odd, then you take half and multiply it by that number..." I then just have to ask him to do it my way.
  • Also we haven't talked about improper fractions. The answer that he got on one of his math problems was 31/30 which is correct in the book. He looked at me and said "that's not right." He then continued with the right answer- 1 and 1/30. He hasn't learned that so sometimes I just don't know what to do with that boy.
  • School went by fairly quickly, and soon I was out walking Bentley. Then it was time to do our second set of reading for the day. I am trying deperately to finish 4 different books with Cambpell, Keaton and Whitman. (Plus one more with Campbell and 2 more others with Whitman). Hopefully we can finish them all before summer break.
  • This afternoon while Reagan was at work, we all went to Defy. The boys told me last week that they were going to go 3 times this week-I know they will love me keeping them to their word. While we were there, Robby worked and I read/fell asleep.
  • We picked up Subway for Whitman on the way home-it was his turn. The rest of us ate things from the fridge. Then Robby spent a good deal of time organizing the now empty fridge. 
  • The kids played outside for a good while this evening. I think that they played basketball, but we did keep hearing the scooter go up and down on the sidewalk. Right now, we have shooed the little 3 off to take their showers-they deperately needed them.

April 9, 2023-Easter 2023

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  • It is always a scramble to get out of the house on Sunday mornings. I did make sure that everyone was awake this morning. Lately, one more Anderson was not stirring when I called that it was time to go and another time, Reagan did the same.
  • This morning I did lay eyes on all of the children, out of their beds, before it was close to time to go. Campbell and Keaton were up primping early, but Reagan, who does her fair share of primping, likes to wait until her sisters have left the room before she starts which slows her down in the mornings.
  • I also tried to comb all of the boys' hair before we left. I was able to do this, but some of my boys need hair cuts. Maybe they like their long hair, I'm fine with that too-it will certainly save us some money.
  • The kids also had their Easter baskets this morning. When the kids were little I would fill their basket with socks and underwear. However, that soon was costing me well over a hundred dollars so we scaled that back down. They did get an egg filled with money along with some breakfast items.
  • We took the kids pictures before we did leave for church this morning. That did make us leave at the normal time and not the time we had wanted so we could get seats. Thankfully, our row was still there so we didn't have to ask anyone to move (kidding.)
  • After church, we headed home to start on the Easter cooking. I had to make mac and cheese and corn casserole pretty quickly, but that all worked out. Soon Jason, Dana and Cash, Grannymom and Grandpa, and Nonna and Pops all arrived. With all of our food, we had plenty to eat and plenty to trade once we were done.
  • Once our bellies were full, we moved on to hiding Easter eggs. We had asked the kids if they were ready to stop hunting Easter eggs, but we had no takers on that. I did do quite a few less this year. However, everyone still found plenty of eggs filled with candy, and most of the kids found decent amounts of money. Whitman found the least amount of money-1 dollar. 
  • My kids love their traditions so it was then time for an egg toss. I told we could only do it once, but we did end up doing it twice. Especially since I dropped mine on the third toss. Keaton and Campbell won one game and I believe that Anderson and Graham won another game. Whitman and I never had a chance. Reagan did not want to get eggy today.
  • She was the first to leave this afternoon. She had to be at church before 6, and not long after she left, Anderson and Cambpell left for Rock Creek, Graham skipped out tonight because his stomach was upset-I'm sure he was just a bit stuffed. 
  • Robby was productive and walked on the treadmill while I was not and had my nap. I did get up from the couch briefly to empty the dishwasher so I could fill it up again with the next load.
  • Soon the Wilsons came over for our Sunday night supper-tonight's theme was leftovers. We ate and visited until it was time to finally start the the week!

April 8, 2023

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  • Robby and I had big plans to sleep in late thi smorning. However, Bentley heard the folks working next door at 7:10 and let us know that we were in danger. It took us a while to settle her down again so we could sleep for a little bit more.
  • We were up for a very long time until any of the kids came downstairs. I did eventually text everyone to tell them that we would be dying Easter eggs at 1. Everyone was awake by then, and they all showed up to dye their Easter eggs.
  • It doesn't take long to dye 4 Easter eggs each, When I was little sometimes I would beg until Nonna would prepare 2 dozen eggs for me to dye. If I did that for my kids, we would have 144 eggs to eat-I think that is a bit much. And as expensive as eggs have been lately, we could probably buy a car with what 144 eggs cost.
  • Soon after our egg dying, Reagan had to leave for church. Today was an all day thing for her with Kingdom shows at 3 and 7. She had her backpack with her-I think she had school in it, but she probably should have filled it with food instead.
  • Around supper, we ran a few errands. We first went to Sams to order a cake for Whitman's birthday party. Then to Taco Bell so Campbell could spend her gift card. Then on to On the Border so Robby could use his gift card, and finally we picked up Subway for Anderson to use our coupon.
  • We have now all eaten, and the kids are starting to take their showers. I am settled on the couch with my book, water, computer and we are currently watching a tv show. (I still have to clean my kitchen and empty the dishwasher so I really can't get too comfortable on this couch.)

April 7, 2023

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  • I was fairly productive this morning, but when it became afternoon prouctive would not be a word to describe me. I was up before the kids and started off with my morning chores before waking up the kids.
  • I walked Bentley while they woke up, and then we did our morning reading with Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman. Then Graham drove Campbell, Keaton, and I to Nonna and Pops. Cambpell and Keaton went to Nonna's for a bit this afternoon to help her with the bunny cake.
  • While they were gone, I did some spelling with Whitman before he left with Robby for a hair cut. The goal had been to get all of the boy haircuts before Easter, but Anderson and Graham did NOT want their hair cut yet. I did trim a tiny bit around both of their ears, but I did so little that no one would ever be able to tell. 
  • Reagan went to work this afternoon and then came home briefly before heading to the Kingdom. The last time she was in the Kingdom she was baby Jesus. I have posted the picture of her (and also Campbell) when she was the Baby Jesus. (Reagan is the chubby one.)
  • This year Reagan is one of the angels in the kingdom-if you blink the last second you will miss her! We decided to go tonight, they had a few kinks that need to be worked our, but it was all still wonderful. I probably could go and see it every performance.
  • On the way home, it was late and we were hungry so Robby ordered pizza-from the wrong place. That was fine even though we had to drive a bit out of the way to pick up pizza. By the time that we made it home, Reagan was already home in the shower. 
  • We ate while watching tv. I am sure that the kids will stay up fairly late tonight-maybe I will as well. Though the last few nights, I have fallen asleep with my book in my hand. Robby had to take it out of my hand one night, and the other night he had to ask me how long I was going to "read" that same page. 

April 6, 2023

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  • The other days this week, I am sure that the kids stayed up crazy late, slept in, and half way did the little school work that they had. So when today went fairly well-went to bed on time-ish, woke up by 8:30 to start on school, and completed the weeks worth of school-I was surprised.
  • Everyone had quite a bit more work today than they had the rest of the week, but that is good becuase we just have 4 more weeks of school around here. Now, we do sneak in some summer school, but please don't tell the kids.
  • Graham had his class today and almost won some bonus points. I know that he was bummed about not getting any, but really since his grade in there is a 97 he doesn't need any bonus points at all. Reagan had her class and she remains super ahead on her math right now. 
  • Robby picked Graham up, and he tried to also pick up his Sams order, but of course that came through when he did get home. Later in the afternoon, he dropped Campbell, Whitman, Keaton and I off at Defy for them to jump for a little bit while he ran to pick up his order.
  • While we were gone there, Anderson headed off to Raymar to work for a few hours. Then Keaton, Campbell and Robby went that way too for their soccer practice. And finally, Reagan left for church for Kingdom practice. 
  • I opted to stay home since it was cold outside. I realized how chilly it was when I took Bentley for a walk and then when I went outside to practice some soccer and running with Whitman. I did walk on the treadmill for a little bit, trimmed Graham's hair (you can't tell that I cut anything though-I didn't want to mess it up) and I even made some supper for all of the folks when they do get home!
  • Reagan just updated me about Kingdom practice-she was a bit worried that they may need another practice before the performance tomorrow. Hopefully, it will all come together!

April 5, 2023-The Masters Take Two

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The longer that we are home, the more interesting things that Robby and I find out about what all happened while we were gone. Reagan ended up sleeping in our room two nights because Bentley slept better there. She also commented that our bed is small and our room is scary. That wasn't too interesting.

More interesting facts include Graham bought Anderson's half of the Subway sandwich for 1.50 plus another dollar so Anderson would play basketball. There were a few knock down fights about picking up and doing chores. Campbell even took Whitman's ipad away a few times, and there was a fit about someone's drink left in the fridge. And all of the kids have discussed Whitman's lack of running skills and inability to do a push up. 

Thankfully though those were the most exciting things that happened while we were gone. When we did get home, I think that most school work had been done-though by Graham's text late last night asking when we were going to get home today, I would assume that most school work was probably finished this afternoon before we arrived.

We all left the hotel room around 9 this morning and zoomed on towards Little Rock. We stopped a few times and only had to battle the rain a little bit. It seemed that we hadn't been traveling for too long when we made it to Memphis.

When we did get home, Robby went to work, and I started unpacking everything. I think that most things are washed and put away and now I have a load of laundry to fold.

April 4, 2023-The Masters Take Two

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Robby and I had to wake up at 6 this morning, but instead we woke up at 5 to go to the bathroom. He went right back to sleep, and I did not. I do believe that I eventually did the last few minutes before our alarms starting to ring.

We had about 45 minutes to drive this morning to get into Augusta. Once there, we parked and headed into the Masters. I did a bit of research-Magic Kingdom has about 60 thousand guests a day while today some people estimated there were 50 thousand folks with us watching golf.

It was all completely well ran and other than having to walk in the crowds, you often wouldn't know that there were that many people. Now, the men's bathroom line was always funny to Shannon and me. They had to have an "end of the line" sign and usually had to wait about 5 minutes while Shannon and I just walked in the bathrooms and then walked right back out without having to wait in line at all.

The weather was supposed to get up to 80 today, and it probably did the last little bit that we were there. I was completely comfortable the whole day long in my pants, shirt, and lightweight jacker. It was overcast all day long so we never really did get warm.

We walked around the course, saw the sights and some players including Tiger, Bubba, Phil, Adam Scott, and even some old guys like Fred Couples. The most fun was seeing them skip the ball over the water onto the green. We sat there for a good while watching that.

Actually, I take that back-the most fun thing was the concessions. Now, I had joked about trying all of the food, but of course we were unable to do that. Here is a run down of what all Robby and I did have today: for breakfast he had a breakfast sandwich (croissant, egg, bacon, sausage and cheese) and I had a chicken biscuit. For snack we had an ice cream sandwich (peach ice cream and sugar cookies). And now for lunch, I had a chicken salad sandwich (fine, but not great at all), and Robby had a bbq sandwich along with a bag of bbq chips and another ice cream sandwich along with a praline. (We did not try the egg salad sandwich, club, pimento cheese, and probably a few other sandwich things)

Now gift shop experience-I believe that I said it last year, but it was Disney-ish. Long lines, but moving quickly, lots of workers and lots of cashiers. Robby and I were in and out in less than 15 minutes. Now, we barely looked around at all-there were lots of things to ses, but you had to fight the crowd all of the time. Robby just worked his way up the tshirt counter (imagine a counter 40 feet long with 20 workers taking orders) and got his shirts, and then we found our way to the check out stand (at least 50 check out stations).

Around 3 or 4 we headed back to the car. There we had to wait a good while for the parking lot to clear out so we could move at all, but soon we were on the road to our hotel. On the way we did see one gentleman from the Masters (he had on a shirt) walking in a straight line for a police man that had pulled him over. We had joked all day long about all of the cups that the people were carrying around with them. By the end of the day, Robby and I were carrying 4 aroung with us-none of them beer cups though. Some of these guys were carring a whole place setting of cups with them.

While we were in the Masters, we weren't able to have our phones, so I don't really know what all happened this morning at home. Reagan, Anderson and Graham all went to school. The big boys picked up Subway on the way home. Reagan and Keaton took Whitman to soccer pracitce tonight. Now, they are all home awaiting the severe weather coming later tonight. 

April 3, 2023-The Masters Take Two

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Robby and I slept fine last night in our separate beds. I did dream a lot and think that I slept all over the bed. I am not sure if I move around that much at home or not-probably not, or Robby would tell me about it.

We ate breakfast around 8:30-and gracious, how the Holiday Inn Express has fallen. Their cinnamon rolls used to be the highlight of the hotel. And now, it was some prepackaged thing like a cinnamon roll/pop tart. I wish that businesses would talk to real people before they make decisions. I would happily be the "real people" to tell them to keep their cinnamon rolls. But if you know of any businesses needing a consultant, give them my name! 

We then were on the road. There was a gas stop before the Buccees stop. Robby bought himself a boudin kolache and me a blueberry cinnamon roll. Other than that, we didn't really buy anything at Buccees. The people in front of us must have spent 300 dollars on their purchases. I am not sure what all it was, but there was one thing that I almost asked them what it was-I couldn't tell it was a mix to bake with or a candle. 

Then it was back on the road where our next stop was Atlanta. We ate at the Dwarf House which was the first restaurant of Truett Cathey's, the founder of ChickFilA. One half was a regular ChickFIlA while the other half was a sit down diner.

Robby and I split an appetizer-ChickFilA fries with cut up nuggets on top along with a pimento cheese sauce and cilantro lime drizzle. It was good and huge. Then we also split a burger because not many people can say that they have had a burger from ChikFilA. Our sides were fired okra and cornbread muffins. So needless to say, we were stuffed after our meal.

Then it was back on the road with maybe another stop, but I don't really think so. Soon we were at our hotel. Now, we are just at a Comfort Inn about an hour from Augusta. I have never seen more men wearing polo shirts. I think that everyone here is going to the watch some golf. Even the man standing on the street corner and asking for tickets.

Meanwhile, back at home, the kids are doing just fine. I don't think that people really got up until almost noon. I had a few questions about school so I hope that most of it was finished. Also, there were a few chores comments happening on my texts so at least some of those happened as well. I will take what I can get. 

Reagan had work this afternoon. And really I have not really heard from the kids much at all. I will request some pictures later in the evening.

The last thing we did tonight was run and eat Mexican. They had little street tacos that were yummy even though we were pretty full still from lunch. Now, I plan on finishing my book this evening while Robby watches a little bit of basketball.