Dennie Kids: November 30, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

(click here for a video of Reagan) (click here for a video of Anderson) (click here for a video of Graham) (click here for a video of Campbell)

  • Dad was in Charleston for his uncle’s funeral this morning so he spent the night in Clarksville with Uncle Les last night.  When the kids went to bed, they really didn’t understand why Dad wasn’t here and then Anderson got it and was pretty ticked that he wasn’t staying in a hotel too.
  • Belle barked quite a bit last night and while everyone was trying to get ready this morning, Mom realized that Belle had spent the night on the back deck in the playhouse.  She had also eaten a diaper some time during the night.  Mom cleaned up the mess and put her back in her yard and ran back in to finished getting everyone ready.
  • Graham was the first one up and he didn’t mind at all getting his clothes on before getting back in Mom’s bed for his milk.  Campbell was next and Mom dressed that squirmy thing pretty quickly.  Next was Anderson who woke up in a good mood followed by Reagan.  We were dressed and ready in time to have breakfast downstairs-Mom couldn’t believe she did it all by herself.
  • Nonna came by to pick up Anderson and Reagan to take them to school.  Reagan walked right in and signed in and then Nonna walked into the hall and couldn’t find Anderson.  Ms Stacy said that maybe he went to class and Nonna then had to ask where his class was.  He was in there working a puzzle. 
  • Mom on the other side of town was dropping of Graham and Campbell.  Campbell didn’t seem to mind Mom leaving but you could probably hear Graham outside of the building.  Mom became worried that they are going to kick him out of school!  Thought when she picked him up, she asked if he was good.  His teacher said “Graham, he is always great.”  Mom replied with “Graham Dennie?”
  • Nonna had picked up Reagan and Anderson and by the time Mom picked up Graham and Campbell, Dad was home and glad to see everyone.  He unpacked and then we went to Nonna’s house to look at Pops new computer.
  • When we came home, even though it was dark and freezing, we decided to put up our Santa and Christmas Thomas the Train.  It probably would have been easy in the daylight but not tonight!  The kids helped some and then they became bored and went inside to play.
  • Reagan did get so cold that she got her pants a tiny bit wet.  Dad told her to go in and change-he just meant her pants.  But she came back out in new pants, shirts, boots, even a different jacket and head band.  What a princess!
  • Finally, we did get the inflatables blown up and we are now the most decorated house on the block (some may say tackiest!)….just wait to we get the lights up!

Dennie Kids: November 29, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Dad took school to Reagan this morning and she said that she “colored a bunch” and that she “was the last one there and had to wait all by herself with Ms. Stacy”-mostly true-she did color a bunch since she brought home 50 pages and Dad was the last one there but the other car had just left
  • Anderson and Graham played trains most of the morning and then they helped Mom pack Anderson’s goodie bags for his birthday party.  He was very excited and now thinks his party is tomorrow
  • When Reagan came home, we read stories, ate lunch and everyone played more tra ins.  Campbell spent most of her day eating-first she loved the beans fo
  • r lunch and then she really liked the macaroni.  But she does not care for bananas at all. 
  • Graham ran a few errands with Dad and while Graham was eating his snack in the back of the car, he fell asleep.
       He did wake up long enough back at home to finish his snack with everyone else.
  • After nap, everyone helped Mom with the Christmas decorations.  Graham was so excited to have a tree in his room and Reagan was thrilled as well.  Anderson was a little bit interested but spent most of the time playing with the string from all of the packaging.
  • Supper and then a few movies before bedtime.  Because of the Christmas trees, Anderson is asking if Santa is coming tomorrow.  Oh, poor confused thing!  Speaking of confused, Mom can’t understand while Anderson calls Campbell “bubba”

Dennie Kids: November 28, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Church morning and everyone was ready quickly so they could have the leftover donuts for breakfast
  • Campbell went into her room with a little bit of a fuss and Graham went into his with a knock down dragout!  Reagan sat by Camryn during big church and she was so pleased.  Mom wondered how they would do sitting together but Reagan was even more well behaved than usual
  • Mom and Dad were in Graham’s class and he was a little toot!  He did get two wagon rides and only one spanking so it could have been worse!
  • Lunch at Nonna and Pops house-she had Dad and Campbell’s favorite-pizza.  The brownies were Reagan’s favorite but most of the boys brownies ended up on their clothes-so we just left them at Nonna’s house since she can get anything out
  • A short nap for Graham and Campbell while Reagan and Anderson watched a few movies and Mom and Dad also snuck in a nap.  Too soon it was time for the girls to leave for church and the boys to leave for a few errands
  • Everyone met up again and church and Reagan had fun at choir and was already picking out what to wear next week when they sing in big church again.  She said she wanted to wear the same thing she wore last time but when Mom mentioned a Christmas dress she was all about it
  • Sandwiches and bed after church!  Everyone was tired-Sunday’s are hard days!

Dennie Kids: November 27, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • We had a little time this morning so we decided that we would make a donut run this morning (yes, Mom and Dad are going to cut way back the next few weeks-they are going to start weight loss contest) 
  • When we got out of the car at the donut place, Anderson was a little confused and thought it was his birthday since we usually get donuts on birthday.  We had to reassure him that this wasn’t his birthday but we would be back soon for his birthday 
  • Campbell is my donut eater.  She ate them as quick as we could tear off pieces for her.  Everyone else just licks off the icing and then gets another one.
  • Doing a little shopping at Toy Up-everyone picked out Christmas gifts for everyone else.  Mom thought they would all be into it but actually, Mom and Dad just picked out the toys while everyone played on the train table (like we don’t have one at home)  Mom thinks her new favorite store it Toy Up-pricy but tons and tons of toys!
  • Back home for a few minutes so Campbell could have a nap and Mom and Dad could reload the car.  Next stop was a tailgate before the game.  We had to park at Pulaski Heights and did use the double strollers.  It was a little bit of a haul so I am glad that we took both.  When we arrived, we played football and frisbee and the kids could have stayed out in the beautiful weather playing forever
  • Mom gave everyone a few pieces of chicken and Reagan pointed to the whole piece and said that she wanted that one.  Mom had a chicken leg on her plate and gave it to her and that girl devoured it all!  Next up was a walk to see Tusk the razorback. 
  • As we were walking there, Anderson saw the port a potties and decided he needed to go number 2.  Mom and Dad saw the line and turned around to load up and head home but that made him think he could wait a little longer (and he did-potties are like magnets to the kids-if they see them they want to go)
  • Tusk put on a show for us-he stood up, laid down, stood up again and even walked around.  Next was the walk back-we were right near the stadium and the crowds were very thick.  And then all of sudden the crowd started shouting “Arkansas Razorbacks”-it was loud and crowded! The kids eyes were huge and they must have been a little intimidating.  Dad was leading the way holding Graham’s hand, Anderson had put both of his hands on Graham’s shoulders and Reagan’s was holding tightly onto Anderson’s jacket.  It was like we had rehearsed how to walk in crowds.  Mom was bringing up the rear holding on to Reagan and holding Campbell while constantly counting to 4
  • Home for naps while Dad watched the ballgame.  Next was supper and a few books as the game finished up.
  • Mom and Dad did a little bit of cleaning during bath time and ended up plugging back in Dad’s massage chair.  The kids must have forgotten about it because the boys just sat in it and giggled as it bounced them around.
  • After bath, Reagan and Anderson were performing.  Reagan was singing to the top of her lungs “I love Santa, I love Christmas!!!”  Anderson’s song was a little different: “I love Santa, I love Christmas, Daddy threw all my toys in the trash can and my Pops spanked his bottom!”

Dennie Kids: November 26, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Since it was Black Friday, Mom and Dad were moving around before 6 this morning.  Mom was starting to feel bad about having to wake everyone up when Graham started calling for them.  Soon all were up and putting on their clothes.  Reagan usually drags in the mornings but when we reminded her that breakfast was at Sam’s, she moved pretty quickly
  • Cinnamon rolls and chocolate muffins (Reagan’s said the muffin was the best one she had ever had) followed by a walk through Sam’s, Walmart, Home Depot, Target and then Mom ran into Kroger to grab a little bit.  They walked in the stores, rode in the shopping carts, did some window shopping, had some donuts from Kroger.  It was just a big time-and they couldn’t believe that it was still dark (kind of) outside when we left the house.
  • Home for a a few hours-Campbell had a nap, everyone else laid in Mom’s bed and watched a movie with a snack.  They had time to play and Campbell tried to get into everything (oh, last night, she pulled up for the first time at Nonna’s house-she was trying to get to the newspapers and find her a toy)  Reagan spent most of the morning at the kitchen table playing with her new paper dolls-she is absolutely obsessed with them
  • Back out for more shopping-the kids became nuts when we told them we were going to the mall.  They were so excited-in their minds the mall means pretzels!  After a bite to eat, Hallmark for Mom and a walk through Dillards and even buying Reagan a new headband (she got to pick it out so expect to see it lots and lots in the upcoming pictures)
  • Walking through the new Target on the way home.  Mom and the kids watched them build it and would drive around it every time she picked them up from school.  This was their first time to go in it.  While Mom was doing some returning, Dad pushed the kids past some toys-enough aisles for Reagan to complete change what she is asking Santa for and for Dad to decide that he wants Stinky the trash truck.  Too bad Santa has already completed his shopping for the Dennie kids…but maybe he hasn’t yet finished!
  • Playing at Grannymom’s house for a few minutes before supper at Nonna and Pops’ house.  After supper, Anderson and Jason played Trivial Pursuit, Graham and Pops played with the hospital, and Reagan danced for Campbell, Nonna and Mom.
  • Another good day (except for Dad’s wallet!)

Thanksgiving: November 25, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Everyone must have been excited about the holiday this morning since they were all up before 7.  The kids played in the den with all of their toys while Robby ran and Tara cooked.
  • Next it was time to get ready for our first Thanksgiving meal at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house.  Josh and Zach arrived shortly after we did and the boys couldn’t have been more excited. 
  • As we were eating, Robby and Uncle Les offered Anderson a dollar to eat his green beans.  Reagan decided to take her Dad up on the challenge and gobbled hers down (gagging briefly) and then reached to grab his 5 dollar bill!  Anderson decided that he should also eat his and quickly finished his
  • After playing and eating and even eating some more, Grannymom had a painting project for the kids.  They boys painted lizards and Reagan had a heart to paint.  Then Reagan opened her birthday present from Josh and Zach.  It was princess paper dolls and she loved it.  We played with it all afternoon and even took it to Nonna’s to play more
  • Campbell eventually fell asleep and took her nap in Grannymom’s room and Graham fell asleep while sitting on Grannymom’s lap.  When they started pulling food back out, we said our goodbyes and headed to Nonna’s house
  • Nonna and Pops were waiting on us and the kids were hungry again.  After eating supper, Campbell, Graham and Campbell ate as much jello as they could get their hands on.  Pops had to feed Campbell and she would still be sitting there eating jello if he would have kept feeding her
  • The kids played more after supper while we made our shopping plan for tomorrow.  Next it was time for home and bed.
  • I forgot to mention the other night about Anderson and his medicine.  I had given him some Benadryl and pulled the stopper in the sink while he finished his medicine.  When I returned, the stopper had been opened and there was medicine in the sink.  I immediately poured him more and watched him drink it.  He turned up the cup and guzzled it all and then I started wondering if maybe he had drank some or most of his other medicine because he knew it would taste good the second time and didn’t hesitate. 
  • Needless to say, after two doses of Benadryl he slept well that night.  So well that he woke up and told Mom that he was hot and sweaty.  He said he was so sweaty that even his underwear was sweaty.  Mom quickly realized it wasn’t sweat-he vehemently disagreed but Mom did insist he change his clothes.  Where was Dad during all of this?  Sleeping in Anderson’s wet bed-Dad thought it was just damp from our sweaty boy-it wasn’t sweat!

Dennie Kids: November 24, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • During Mom’s shower this morning everything seemed quite, until Anderson came with a panicked face and said Campbell is eating Reagan’s necklace and he couldn’t get it out of her mouth.  Mom jumped out, dripping wet and high tailed it to Reagan’s room.  By then, Reagan was wailing, Graham was pacing and Campbell was sitting happily surrounded by beads from Reagan’s bracelet. 
  • Mom did a mouth check but didn’t see any and by now the shampoo in Mom’s hair had run to her eyes, so she had to grab Campbell and run back to the shower to rinse her stinging eyes.  Reagan had said that the bracelet was her favorite and she begged Mom to take her back to the dentist so they could give her another one
  • We had a very busy pre-holiday day.  We made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast.  Everyone had a turn doing something and as we waited for them to cook, we reviewed our Bible verses, read a story or two and worked on some worksheets.  Campbell didn’t like sitting at the table without eating so she had to have some cheerios while she waited.
  • As everyone devoured the muffins, Mom double checked the weather and loaded up the car for out Thanksgiving trip to the zoo.  Since it was pretty warm today, we thought we would go to the zoo.  The animals were out but so were the leaves-Mom said they needed a leaf blower at the zoo for Christmas
  • Campbell loved the fish-she became irate when Mom rolled the stroller away.  The two highlights for Mom was when Reagan was watching the roosters and Anderson walked behind her and then cock-a-doodle-dooed and she jumped 10 feet high.  The next highlight was when Reagan was walking in the bat area and she moved the curtain, when she did she squealed and Anderson who was following close behind her, ran out as fast as he could. 
  • Graham, who wore his hat the entire time, told Mom as we were leaving that “me no saw penguins, me no didn’t”  Mom tried to explain that they were still working on their house and he seemed to understand.  But as we left the gift shop, there was a 3 foot stuffed penguin.  He hugged it and exclaimed “here they is!”- his trip to the zoo was now complete
  • We picked Dad up for lunch and then went to McDonalds.  The kids played on the slides and then we had to drop Dad back off at work.  Our ornaments were ready at the pottery place and Reagan had begged Mom to take her to pick them up.  Mom didn’t really want to take all 4 kids to run in and out but she decided to anyway.  She didn’t realize that parking would be a nightmare since the pottery place was in the same shopping center as a turkey place and zillions of people were picking up their holiday turkeys! 
  • After finally finding a place to park, putting Campbell in the stroller and getting everyone out, we made it inside the pottery place-in the rain no less!  We told them our name and they handed us our stuff and just like that we were done.  Mom was afraid that Reagan would be disappointed so she opened up the ornaments to show her while they were still in the store.  They were all very pleased with their ornaments!
  • Afternoon naps and then Dad came home early.  Reagan and Anderson even played a few games on Mom’s computer.  Finally, Mom and Dad decided to go out to eat.  We ended up at Macaroni Grill and the kids used their semi-best behavior.  Of course, bread, crayons and lots of coke helped quite a bit!
  • This evening, Dad pulled Anderson’s birthday invitations out of his bag and Mom showed them to Anderson.  As she read the invitations to him, he got up and hugged Dad while saying “you are the best Dad in the world”

Dennie Kids: November 23, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Graham was so happy this morning that he didn’t have to go to school and Reagan and Anderson did!  Campbell was pretty pleased to be dropped off at Nonna’s house too.  And Reagan and Anderson love school so they didn’t care at all!
  • The school van was early so we stopped by to see Pops for a few minutes.  After seeing him, Mom told everyone to get in the van but Anderson said he wanted to walk to school (and seeing how this might be the only place he can ever walk to school, Mom gave him the ok)  When Mom and Reagan were about half way there, Reagan decided that she wanted to walk too.  They thought they were big stuff walking to school-probably a 100 foot walk but made their day!
  • Reagan walked right in even though there was a sub in her class and Anderson now goes right into his class.  Mom had to walk in just to tell him good bye. 
  • Campbell, Graham and Nonna had a big time.  During Campbell’s long nap, Graham decided that he needed to sleep to and wanted Mom to wake him up when she came home.  That is what Reagan asks Mom to do when she comes home late
  • At Nonna’s house, the heat and air guy came and he had 2 little boys watching every move that he made.  He was very kind to them-told them what he was doing, showed them things and even let them wear his head lamp.  They thought they were something else (and Mom was very impressed with how nice he was). 
  • Coming home for a nap for Graham and Campbell while Reagan and Anderson watched a few movies.  After nap, Graham did get into trouble once so Mom spanked him.  When she finished, he looked at her and said “thank you”-maybe Mom needs to spank a little harder!
  • During supper, Mom finished reading “Little House on the Prarie” to everyone-sorry if you have been waiting 9 months for us to return it to the church library-it will be back Sunday.
  • Playing and posing for Dad’s new camera this evening-can you see the red kool aid stains on our lips?

Dennie Kids: November 22, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Reagan went to school this morning with Dad.  He even picked her up and she came home with a handful of papers-a hand print turkey, a painted Indian corn picture and a slew of other pictures.  She took snack and Mom threw in some of her special corn (candy corn!)
  • The boys and Campbell were at home with Mom.  The boys again asked for the beans and played with them (playing involved scattering 10 pounds of beans all over the garage).  If we ever move, the new owners will think that we really loved beans when they continually find them in ever nook and cranny…..speaking of nook and crannys….
  • While watching a movie, Anderson pulled down his bathing suit and said something is in my pants.  Mom did a quick search and did find at least one bean!  Yes, he had his bathing suit on-both boys did.  And when Reagan came home she even put on her bathing suit too.  Mom still isn’t sure why though!
  • Campbell spent the day crawling everywhere Mom didn’t want her to go.  Once Mom picks her up and puts her somewhere else-she remembers and even crawls back to where she was.  Mom had to put the gate up to separate her and the big kids little tiny toys!
  • Before rest, we drew a few pictures with markers and then played with playdoh.  By now, the bathing suits are off of Reagan and Graham.  Reagan put on her “play dress” which is really a Sunday dress and Graham had on his 3rd pair of pajamas.
  • Nap while Reagan worked on her workbook and read some.  Finally, Mom went downstairs to read and Reagan rested for a few minutes until Anderson woke up. Then it was candy and movie while waiting on Dad to come home
  • Supper and then lots of playing, reading and fighting before bed!  Graham said his favorite thing was playing in the beans 2 times (yes, Mom picked up 10 pounds of beans 2 times today), Anderson said his favorite was play doh and Reagan’s favorite was playing with Emmie at school

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Dennie Kids: November 21, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Church morning and we were all ready in time for breakfast-the big kids ate on the couch and Campbell ate at her seat.  She can sure gobble up food now-even though most of it does end up on the floor.  Campbell wear an outfit that Reagan wore when she was 2 years old at Thanksgiving (click here for a picture)
  • Church and Mom and Dad worked in Anderson’s class.  It was quite a crew-Anderson’s teachers did mention that he immediately said that he was thankful for Mom and Dad when they asked-good thing Mom practiced with everyone before they got out of the car
  • Lunch at Lilly and Cash’s house.  Everyone was so excited to see their cousins.  After supper, we even had time for play before coming home for a nap
  • Supper at church for a giant Thanksgiving meal.  Nonna and Jason were waiting on us and had our seats saved.  The kids ate their rolls…and that was about it.  But Mom and Dad loved their dressing
  • Reagan coughed during church until Dad had to take her out but they returned after a drink of water.  Before class, Campbell saw the fish tank, sat up straight and spit out her paci-she was so excited!
  • A quick snack before bed and then finally getting into bed at almost 9.  School day in the morning!

Dennie Kids: November 20, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Since time change, Anderson wakes up at around 6:30 everyone morning now and lays semi-quietly in Mom and Dad’s bed until they finally let him watch tv
  • Once the big 3 were up, Mom went downstairs to get Campbell up and empty the dishes and before long everyone else had followed her downstairs to play
  • By 9, Reagan had changed her clothes at least 8 times.  Seriously, 9 in the morning and 8 wardrobe changes.  At least she was only changing from her pajamas, into a dress and then back into another pair of pajamas.  Why you ask?  Well, because she was traveling to Hawaii and had to change her clothes for night time and for the parade.
  • Getting in the van to run a few errands and Reagan asked if we were going to the food place.  Mom and Dad thought that sounded like a good idea, so we headed to Sam’s Club.  They had a lot of food but not as much as we have seen before. 
  • Next was many, many errands and we weren’t even Christmas shopping.  The kids watched a new movie, had a bathroom stop, ate lunch at McDonalds, walked at Kroger and had cookies for snack.  Not a bad afternoon-even if a lot of it was spent in the car
  • Playing trains (that is the current obsession) until Dad and Graham ran to another few stores.  While they were gone, Reagan and Anderson painted pictures and Campbell had another nap.
  • Supper while watching one last movie on the big screen before picking up and going to bed.  Campbell was pretty squirmy for Dad tonight when he was putting on her clothes.  Mom thinks that Campbell is going to be very spirited like Graham (oh, goodness!)

Dennie Kids: November 19, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Our big goal this morning was getting everyone’s fingernails trimmed-we accomplished that fairly early and then moved on to our next task
  • Our next task was going to the library for story time.  Reagan had been asking to go some time and the only story time on Friday (our non-busy day) is at the Main Library.  We picked out our 50 pounds of books and then went to story time
  • At story time, Anderson and Reagan sat perfectly still.  Graham did very well the first half and then wanted to crawl all over Mom.  Campbell even started out sitting quietly on her mat but then decided she wanted to crawl around the room.  At the end, we made a craft-a shaker filled with Indian corn-too bad they will disappear at the stroke of midnight!
  • After craft time, they had left over cookies.  Reagan and Anderson had a turkey cookie and Graham picked out a pumpkin one.  Campbell grabbed Mom’s cookie and ate most of it-with a huge smile on her face
  • Mom called Dad on the way home and said that they were coming to pick him up.  We ended up eating at Boston’s-it was pretty delicious but the best part was dessert.  Campbell fell asleep on the way home so it was nap time for everyone when we arrived
  • After candy, milk and a movie, Dad was home and it was haircut time.  The boys had haircuts and then all of the kids had baths.
  • We at a quick supper and then started our movie night.  We moved all of the den furniture, hung up the sheet and fired up the projector.  The movie of the evening was Beauty and the Beast-the kids hadn’t seen it and since Belle is Reagan’s favorite she probably should see the movie
  • After crackers, popcorn and coke it was time for bed.  Reagan and Anderson are disagreeing over who has the most toys in their bed-she has 11 and he has 4 and it is causing quite a commotion.

Dennie Kids: November 18, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Anxious to make Disney Dining reservations, Dad & Mom were up early this morning EXCEPT they were a bit too early for the 180-day rule;  so they actually awake were before any of the kids for a change -- although they tried to pretend they were asleep when Anderson awoke first
  • Even being up early, we were still all scrambling to get ready and head to the cars for the trip to school
  • Graham being a big boy and not fussing UNTIL Dad stepped outside the door; Anderson went into his room even before Mom knew it
  • Nonna picking up Anderson and Reagan for an afternoon at Nonna and Pops
  • Mom picking Graham and Campbell with a trip to Wal-Mart before coming home
  • Graham anxiously awaiting Pops to bring Reagan and Anderson home EXCEPT Pops had a meeting so Nonna brought them; Graham was excited to see her
  • Waiting for Dad to get home (Reagan even managed to change outfits) and playing in the den with our toys
  • Dad rounded everyone up and headed to Chick-Fil-A for a night of nuggets, ice cream and playing
  • Making it home in time to brush our teeth, change into our pjs and head to bed

Dennie Kids: November 17, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Everyone slept well last night-which hasn’t happened in a few nights. 
  • Breakfast and then working on a new train layout until Nonna came over.  Everyone gets so excited about a new train layout.  Reagan even has a train that she has names with a girl name-they all now call it that name and she has even convinced the boys that it is pink (it is green)
  • Mom and Campbell spending most of the morning waiting-waiting at Mom’s doctors office and then waiting at Campbell’s doctor’s office.  She had her flu shot this morning and didn’t even cry.  She was actually to tired to cry or maybe the flu shot didn’t hurt as much as hanging out with her brothers!
  • Everyone playing train-this time with the kitchen chairs.  Mom was the hostess who passed out snacks and Nonna was a passenger.  Anderson was the train driver-there were two stops: Branson and Disney World
  • Afternoon naps for everyone-and they must have needed it.  Reagan even fell asleep and Mom almost did!  Anderson was a grouchy bear when he woke up but was soon ready to head to Cubbies
  • Twinkie turkeys for snack for Reagan and Anderson.  Graham saw Mom in the hall and she snuck him some M&Ms and then during puppets, Cubbie even told him hi!

Dennie Kids: November 16, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

(click here for a video of the book parade!)

  • Campbell woke up with a little bit of fever so she didn’t get to go to school-which meant she briefly went to work with Mom, then Dad picked her up for a few minutes and then Mom picked back up (she was exhausted from all of the shuffling around!)
  • Dad took Graham to school.  As they were getting ready to leave, he told Dad that he wanted to leave foxy at home and they did.  He fussed for a few minutes but quickly calmed down
  • Book character day for Reagan and Anderson.  They were so very proud of themselves.  After Mom took their picture, Anderson told Mom that he could go to class by himself and off her went. 
  • Reagan was dressed as Fancy Nancy.  She had her pink dressy dress (which Mom never lets her wear!)  She also had three hair bows, multiple necklaces and bracelets.  She thought she was something else.
  • Anderson was dressed as Mike Mulligan from Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel.  He had on his red shirt, overalls and hard hat.  He enjoyed the parades at school until his asked Ms. Wendylyn why they were still walking around.  He then told her that he was “tired of this”-but he did keep walking around proudly holding his book
  • Campbell was at school for the parade too with Mom.  She must have thought that she was in the parade because she kept waving at all of the kids as they passed
  • Dad picked up Reagan and Anderson and they headed home for a lunch.  Then Mom arrived home and soon it was time to get Graham from school.  Graham had a good day but he told Mom that he didn’t get to play outside because it was raining
  • Mom felt very brave and took everyone to the Painted Pig to paint Christmas ornaments.  They were great-all sat down and patiently waited on Mom.  Anderson painted a penguin, Reagan did a star and Graham did a gingerbread man.  Unfortunately, Mom is afraid that all of theirs will be a beautiful shade of brown due to lots of mixing of colors.  Campbell didn’t get to paint because Mom was too busy watching Graham (who didn’t want to paint but finally did)
  • Coming home and playing until Dad came home.  Campbell did take a late nap and then an even later nap after Graham woke her up.  Anderson and Graham also became reacquainted with Mom’s spoon. 
  • Supper, more playing, books and bedtime!  Dad got a blanket in the mail and gave it to Graham.  He was so proud of his blanket that he went to bed without any fussing!-amazing!  

Dennie Kids: November 15, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • School for Reagan this morning-Dad took her.  The rest of us stayed at home in our pajamas. 
  • Mom discovered that if you give a boy a balloon and then some beans they will be happy all of the day long.  The beans were quite a mess-they were thrown everywhere across the garage but both boys helped vacuuming up the mess.  Campbell just watched the mess from the gate-she so wanted to be in the garage with them
  • Dad brought Reagan home from school and everyone had sandwiches for lunch.  After lunch, we had time to read a story, play and then nap time for the boys.  Campbell stayed up while Reagan and Mom worked on her workbook and reading book.  Anderson had already done his workbook for the day and Mom was surprised that he didn’t know his shapes like she thought he should
  • Candy and a movie after nap-Campbell was sitting in Mom’s lap beside Graham and she tried her hardest to grab his lollipop out of his mouth.  Reagan was dancing to the Christmas music and Anderson was playing basketball with his balloon
  • A game or fifteen of Candy Land Castle and then Dad came home with supper.  After supper, Dad played another round of the game and then everyone had pudding
  • Mom and Dad were working on Campbell’s nose upstairs and then they heard clomp, clomp, clomp up the stairs.  It was Graham who had pudding smeared from head to toe and then he had managed to get it on each and every step!  He had a cold shower while Mom scrubbed the steps
  • The big 3 played in the tent for a few minutes and then they migrated upstairs.  Reagan is playing dress up which means Anderson is wearing a tiara and heels and Graham has a purse, hat and necklace.  Boys!

Dennie Kids: November 14, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Waking up for church-we even had time to eat breakfast at home….because Mom was hurrying up to get us downstairs and then get out of the house-Dad must have caught Reagan’s bug!  (At lunch, Anderson told everyone that “Dad caught Reagan’s fly”)
  • Mom parking in the new parking lot at church (it’s the little things in life)-she loved it, parked right by the sidewalk, nice little walk up the sidewalk, not crowded so it was easy to back up, made her happy!  Anderson even found an acorn for his pocket (which is now in the washing machine)
  • Campbell fussing when Mom dropped her off-hope she grows out of it before Graham who hasn’t yet grown out of it!
  • Lunch at Nonna and Pop’s house.  Sandwiches and brownies were the perfect Sunday lunch.  Everyone played until it was naptime and we even took naps at Nonnas.  But no one really took a nap but Campbell.  Anderson and Reagan played semi quietly on their mats.  Graham tried to take a nap-he laid on the floor near Pops, had Mom lay with him, laid with Pops, sat with Mom in the chair, laid with Nonna, sat in the chair by himself-he just couldn’t settle down. 
  • Everyone loading up to go back to church.  This time Graham screamed so loud and probably so long that Anderson’s teacher came to get him so he could be with his brother.  When I picked him up, they were playing happily in the block area.
  • Campbell was asleep in her swing.  She has been quite the napper today.  She even started the morning with a nap in her highchair.
  • Graham fell asleep on the way home and was out for a while and then when we woke him up, he became hysterical.  He finally calmed down after about 30 minutes of screaming.  Had some supper, milk, medicine, read a book and was as happy as could be.
  • At prayer time tonight, Mom had to work very hard not to burst out laughing.  This is just a sample of Reagan’s prayer: “Thank you God for the turtles, thank you God, just thank you God.  Thank you God that you love them even though they are slow, thank you God.  Thank you God that you love the slow turtles.  Thank you God for the people that can walk.  Thank you God, thank you God for the people that can’t walk, thank you God.”-She must be a grateful little child because the said “thank you God” probably a hundred times!
  • I forgot, yesterday on the way home we stopped in a gas station to use the restroom.  As we were leaving the quiet gas station there was a man there with a prosthetic leg.  Mom saw him and tried to block everyone’s view and immediately started reminding everyone to “quietly walk to the car”-no one even noticed but Mom sure was sweating bullets over what kind of questions were going to be screamed out for all to hear!

Christmas in the Ozarks: November 13, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)


It was a fairly restful night-until I used Robby’s bad leg as leverage to get out of bed.  He quickly woke up with a yelp!  Reagan coughed and coughed until I gave her my pillow which left me without a pillow so I ended up just sharing hers in the floor.  But we all slept pretty good.

Grannymom and Grandpa had headed out early so it was just us, Nonna, Pops and Jason left.  After getting the kids dressed and sending them to Nonna’s room one by one, we quickly got our clothes on and then rushed to load up the car while we were without our helpers.  Anderson was a little concerned that we weren’t eating breakfast at the hotel but was relieved when I told him we just had to drive a little bit.

And we only had to drive right across the street to eat at McFarlains.  We ate at the buffet and Anderson got his money’s worth out of it (especially since 3 and under was free).  He had waffles, fruit, bacon, eggs and more waffles.  Graham and Campbell were tied for our second best eaters-Graham is feeling better and has his appetite back today.  Reagan ate pretty well but not nearly as much as her brothers. 

After breakfast, they had plasma cars out downstairs to try out and of course the kids loved taking turns on them.  Next we said goodbye to everyone and headed home.  Graham noticed each hotel on the way home and tried to tell Dad that it was our new hotel house.  We stopped many, many times to go to the bathroom.  It is always strange how they can go all day without pottying except when we are in the car! 

Reagan did get in trouble on the way home.  She got mad and then acted like she was going to throw a book at Anderson.  After Dad got on to her, she cried and cried and cried and cried at least for 30 minutes.  It became quite comical to us.  She did eventually calm down when we started discussing our favorites of the trip.

We still made it home around 1.  The kids went inside to start playing while Robby cleaned the car and unloaded it.  I stayed inside and put up everything.  When we finished it was time for naps for everyone.  We were even able to take a brief one too.  Campbell and I ran an errand to Toys R Us and then picked up supper. 

Reagan and Dad were waiting at home for us-eating candy and watching football.  The boys woke up next and everyone had some pizza and more candy.  Robby migrated upstairs to watch the football game, I snuck upstairs soon after him and within minutes everyone else was climbing up the steps.  The kids all played good during most of the game.

After pajamas and a bath for sticky Graham it was bedtime!

Christmas in the Ozarks: November 12, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)


The alarm went off at 7:30 and after laying in bed for a little bit, I finally got up and started stirring.  We commented about how dark it still was and how exhausted the kids were even at 7:30.  Soon, I made my way to the sink where our phones were plugged up and noticed that Robby’s clock didn’t say 7 something it said 6 something.  So our clock had gone off an hour early-which probably helped the kids get up easier since they heard us moving around for a little bit. 

Graham and Campbell were the first ones to leave the room this morning.  With everyone right near us, we were able to open the door and send them away knowing that someone would see them before they wandered off.  Reagan was next to get ready but since a girl has so many more things to do it took her a little while longer.  Anderson kept the covers over his head until he heard that Pops had donuts. 

Everyone had donuts and more donuts (even Campbell) as they waited on Robby and I to get ready.  They were ready to go to the park but since it didn’t open until 1 we had time for shopping.  Our first stop was the Tanger Outlet.  We walked around it pretty quickly-stopping briefly in a few children’s shops and the Stride Rite store so everyone could get shoes for Christmas.  Anderson needed church shoes, Reagan needed brown church shoes, Campbell just needed more everyday shoes and Graham needed more tennis shoes. 

The mall has quarter rides every few stores so the kids were well entertained.  Of course we did have our fair share of tears when they didn’t get to sit where they wanted.  It sprinkled off and on but since it was covered it didn’t really matter.  Reagan picked out a Belle doll which Jason picked up at the Disney store and we did a little shopping for shirts for May there as well.  Soon it was lunch time and we headed back to the car.

By this time, Graham was starting to feel pretty rough.  If you remember on Wednesday his eye was starting to get yucky and since then he has started to have a yucky nose too.  But now he was just being pitiful.  We ate at Panera and Graham just wanted to sit in some body’s lap.  It had rained enough for us to be thinking about plan B instead of Silver Dollar City but the sun started to come out and we headed there after lunch.

The ride to the park, Graham just held his ear and cried that his ear hurt.  Seriously, it was the most pitiful thing I have ever seen.  The poor kids was in pain-I have never had my kids feel that bad before.  He can be pretty whiney at times but this was real.  Anyway, he felt bad for most of Silver Dollar City.  He just had a melt down when Mom tried to get him to stand up so he could get another ride bracelet.  Eventually, he did fall asleep for a few minutes. 

Reagan and Anderson really enjoyed themselves at the park today.  Not only did they have Grannymom and Grandpa with them, Jason was there too and they were delighted.  We went to the rides again and Reagan was even able to do the roller coaster by herself-who would have thought she would have liked that.  She just raised her arms and loved it. 

We also rode a few more rides and then the pirate boat.  As we were getting out, Robby was watching Anderson (who was with me) get out and I was watching Robby get out and then splat Robby fell to the ground.  He didn’t mind the gap and fell completely on his hip with a thud.  He jumped up and was fine but will be very, very sore in the morning.  He scraped his arm a tad too-which almost caused Reagan to hyperventilate when she saw his scrape.  Fortunately, we didn’t have to add broken bones to our ailments!

Graham did wake up and felt some better.  He was still pretty fussy but we were able to convince him to get on the frogs a few times.  Robby even put him on the swings but he just quietly cried the whole time-poor baby felt bad!  After the swings, we walked and played on the nets.  Graham did start to enjoy the balls and the nets.  We played for a few minutes and then headed toward Grandfather’s Mansion.  It was entertaining as always to people watch there but it was very hot so we hurried along.

Robby stopped to buy some tickets while we headed on toward the gate.  Jason went off to do some shopping.  When Robby came back, we were about to board the tram and I suddenly remembered that Jason wasn’t with us.  He almost got left!  We called him and he was on his way out, so we were able to catch the tram.  We got a little wet on the tram but made it to the car before the down pour started.

Graham was happy to be back at our “hotel house” and see Pops.  Grannymom and Grandpa headed off to their show and after reloading up, we headed to the Landing.  We questioned if we should stay once we arrived due to the sprinkles but pressed on.  The plan was the eat at Joes but when they said an hour wait and the rain came a bit harder, we opted for Dave’s instead.  We were able to be seated immediately and scarfed down our food.

Next we walked through the Bass Pro shop.  Campbell so enjoyed watching the fish, Graham liked shooting the gun, Anderson liked the slot cars and train and Reagan liked the remote control cars.  Someone even gave the kids Christmas tree shaped silly bands.  After a little browsing, Andys was calling our name.

Grannymom and Grandpa were finished with the show, so we picked up everyone’s orders and met back at the room.  The adults finished theirs quickly and Campbell ate everything that she I gave her.  Anderson did pretty well with his cup but Reagan barely touched her.  Graham didn’t eat any of his but was so excited to have his own chocolate ice cream.  I guess he was so excited that he forgot to eat!

Next up, bedtime for everyone!

Yesterday: Grannymom and Grandpa rode with us to the park yesterday (yes, it was tight squeeze but we fit)  When Grannymom sat down between Reagan and Anderson, Anderson picked up the towel beside him and showed Grannymom.  Since Reagan had the stomach virus right before we left, I thought we better be prepared.  Anderson said “Grannymom, if you think you are going to spit, you get this towel and use it”-sometimes I think they aren’t listening but they just might be!

Christmas in the Ozarks: November 11, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)


Since it had been 23 hours from when Reagan had been sick, she stayed home from school today.  So they meant that Mom would be home so all the rest of the Dennie kids stayed home too.  We took it pretty easy-breakfast, then everyone played train while Mom worked, read a few stories, had baths and generally waited on Dad to get home so we could leave for our trip.

The exciting event during bathtime was Anderson taking his bath and Campbell crawled to the edge of his tub.  Mom was around-but not in the same room.  When she peeked her head back in, Anderson had been pouring water to help give Campbell a bath.  Poor baby was soaked and the bathroom floor had an inch of water on it.  Anderson’s bath was cut short!

Campbell probably enjoyed her bath with Anderson more than her real bath with Reagan.  The water was pretty high and Mom knew that but put her in anyway.  She leaned to grab a toy and got a mouthful of water before Mom could even grab her.  She finally caught her breath and let Mom know that she wasn’t happy about it at all!  (Yes, Mom is in the same room when Campbell is in the tub)

When Robby arrived, we loaded up and were in the car a little bit before one.  The kids set in the car for a few minutes while we did our last but of loading-we can get things done quicker that way.  They didn’t mind since they had a movie. 

The trees were beautiful on the drive up here and the new movies entertained the kids.  We were only asked about 20 times when we would be there or how many Aurthur tv shows we had left (that is how we measure time-by Aurthur tv show 30 minute increments).  When we did make it to Conway, Anderson screamed “Branson” with delight.  He remembered our mini-Conway trip. 

We stopped in Clinton for a bathroom break and a tiny snack.  We had even caught up to Grannymom and Grandpa so they were there to greet us.  Nonna, Pops and Jason were about an hour ahead of us.  After our pit stop we were back on the road armed with a few new red box movies.

We made it to Branson and were in the big rocking chair in time for an early supper.  The kids enjoyed the rocking chair, getting wet at the fountain and even sitting on Santa’s lap.  Reagan and Anderson talked to him like he was real-he was only a statue.  They both told him what they wanted-different than the last time they had mentioned what they would tell Santa and different than what Santa has already prepared for them.  Graham just looked at him and then repeated back to Santa what he wanted when Mom said it.  What does Graham want you ask?  Well, he wants “lots.”  Campbell sat there but she just whimpered the entire time.  I don’t think she is a big fan of Santas.

At Mel’s Hard Luck Diner, Reagan and Anderson sat with Nonna, Jason and Pops while Graham and Campbell set with everyone else.  Anderson had mac and cheese, Reagan had spaghetti, Graham had our grilled cheese along with Anderson’s applesauce.  Campbell ate pieces of Graham’s food plus all the crackers and cheerios she could shovel in.  When the singers came around to out table, Graham would put his head down-he was quite embarrassed.

After supper, we checked in at our hotel-we have 4 rooms and are all lined up in a row on the second floor-except there is some poor person in between all of us.  We quickly unloaded and pottied up before heading out to Silver Dollar City.  James and Virginia went with us and we all piled into the van.  The kids noticed the Christmas lights and were ready to see everything.

Last year when we hear at about the same time we were surprised about how unseasonably warm it was-and we even had to wear our coats and were a little cold at night.  This year were were in short sleeved shirts and briefly needed our light coats.  It was almost hot today!  Craziness.

The kids were very impressed by the lights-especially all of the different colored Christmas trees.  Campbell set straight up in her buggy and talked on the walk through the park.  We stopped first at the flooded mine ride.  Graham hung on pretty tightly to Grandpa and might have whimpered through some of it-it was pretty dark tonight.  But when it was over, I asked if he liked it and he replied yes so that was a good thing.

When we were here this summer, Graham was 35 inches tall and needed to be 36 to ride some of the bigger kiddie rides.  I had already measured at home and he was 36 so we went right to the measuring station so they could measure him and give him an arm band to prove his height.  Graham walked up to the ruler and backed up like a pro.  We was 36.25 inches-good thing Mom made him put those pieces of wood in his shoes (kidding).  He was so proud to get his bracelet and we were relieved because they made things alot easier.

The first big kiddie ride was the roller coaster-Grandpa even went on it.  He did say that he wouldn’t get on it again.  It is quite bumpy-jarring may actually be the word.  Graham loved it-he is our rider.  He will do anything which is kind of strange because in February at Disney World he was very timid.  After the roller coaster, it was time for Dumbo, the pirate boat (Graham’s favorite), the frogs, butterflies and then the swings (Reagan’s favorite).  Campbell’s favorite was the tram ride to the park-she loves the wind blowing her hair and Anderson’s favorite was “all of it”

After we got off of the pirate boat, the man said that Santa would be coming through the gate in 5 minutes.  We just thought it would be Santa but it was the whole parade-Santa, gingerbread men, Ms. Clause (maybe but she was awfully young, maybe she was his daughter or even his grand daughter), the snow princess (who noticed our princess Reagan and came to speak to her) and there were many others too including Frosty.  The kids were spellbound watching the lighted floats pass us by. 

After the swings, it was time to head back to the front.  Anderson really wanted to sit in Santa’s sleigh so we made time for that and then boarded the tram with a little wait.  Before long we were back at our stop-poor Anderson did get his fingers pinched on the tram but he was calmed by some of Robby’s coke. 

When we made it back to the hotel, Jason and Pops both opened their doors to greet us.  They probably heard us getting out of the car.  After visiting for a few minutes and even a snack from Jason it was time to head to bed.  We changed the kids pajamas, made their beds and then said prayers.  The last 10 minutes that we were getting everything ready for bed, Graham was just begging us to put him in his bed.  They were all exhausted and have fallen asleep with out any talking!  

Dennie Kids: Catch Up

  • I have forgotten a few things that have happened around here and though I would just do one post to catch up on my list of kid funnies
  • Right before Halloween, we (Mom and the kids) came home and Graham was the first one to open the door to the house.  He climbed up the steps, stopped and then said “man” and then he said “spooky” and came back down.  I immediately asked what he said and what he saw.  I pushed the kids back in the garage and bravely ventured inside with my phone in hand.  I was a little spooked but looked around-all the doors were locked so I sounded the all clear.  Later on, I saw Graham look at his pumpkin (which is the first thing he saw when he came in) and say “man, spooky”
  • The other night, Anderson had gone to the bathroom and was re-fixing his pillow.  One pillow was up against the wall and he asked how it got there.  Mom said maybe he did it while he was sleeping.  Anderson then said in a frustrated voice “this happens every night.”  He was quite upset about it.  Poor thing doesn’t know that Dad moves his second pillow to the wall every night-we didn’t know that it bothered him quite that much though!
  • Mom has been reading the Little House on the Prairie book to everyone.  At the library, we found Little House picture books.  As we read them and looked at the pictures, Reagan saw a picture of Baby Carrie and exclaimed “that is not what Baby Carrie looks like”-Mom thought that was pretty funny since Reagan has never seen a picture of Baby Carrie. 
  • Also, when Mom and Reagan were discussing a tv show with bad guys on it.  Reagan said that the bad guys were like the Indians-we have been reading about the Indians in our chapter book.  Hope we never meet a real life Indians.
  • And finally, today while Mom was on the phone with Nonna, she briefly left the kitchen.  Campbell was at the table eating cheerios and Graham was eating yogurt.  When Mom walked back into the room, Graham had yogurt on his hands, table and the back of his chair.  He was apparently painting with his yogurt.  It was a very good thing that Mom was on the phone with Nonna or Graham’s rear end would have quickly met the spoon!

Dennie Kids: October 10, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Anderson woke us up at 3 with a bloody nose.  He and Mom laid in the hallway and waited it out while they discussed where boogers come from.  Mom didn’t really have that answer and told him to ask Dad in the morning
  • At 4 in the morning, Mom and Dad awoke to the dreaded words “I threw up!” by poor Reagan.  We changed her clothes and made her spot by Mom’s bed.  She continued to be sick about every hour until 10 a.m. 
  • Around 9, after Reagan had just finished she perked up and said “maybe I just needed a good spit-I feel better”  So she had a bath and was only sick one more time.  When Dad had left, he told her that she would need to try to stay away from the boys and Campbell today (which was fairly easy since she didn’t do much moving around until 11ish). Then she suggested just putting the boys in the garage and Dad countered with putting her in the shed
  • Breakfast for the boys and Campbell upstairs while Reagan sipped pedialyte.  We spent most of the morning upstairs (away from Mom’s new rug!) 
  • Pretty much most of the day was spent as a movie day and a book reading day.  Mom was busy trying to get all of the packing done for tomorrow.  Campbell spent most of the day acting sleepy and getting into trouble.  She can sure throw a fit when something is taken away. 
  • Lunch and then nap.  Everyone was pretty tired-even Mom.  But when everyone woke up it was time for candy and milk for all.  Mom soon put the boys clothes on so they could go to church with Dad
  • About as soon as they arrived and Dad got to work, they became concerned that Graham had pink eye so Dad gathered the boys and headed back home.  His eye was yucky this morning and after nap but Mom feels pretty sure it was just allergies.  (Graham just wanted to compete with Reagan) Anyway, after their trip the boys joined the girls back at home for another book and movie
  • Before bed, Mom asked Graham what he was thankful for.  He immediately replied with God, Jesus, Daddy, You, Reagan, Campbell and Anderson.  Not bad for a 2 year old.
  • Everyone is sleeping well (almost, Anderson is still up).  Say a little prayer that the rest of us stay well!

Dennie Kids: November 9, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Everyone to school today - both Anderson and Graham went to class without incident; Graham did take Foxy again. Reagan came home with a turkey and even a Christmas tree drawing
  • Nonna picking up Reagan and Anderson from school and spending the afternoon at her house.  They spent most of the time outside-Anderson riding the bike and Reagan coloring
  • Mom picking up Graham and Campbell and getting to come home for a wagon ride -- Campbell's first wagon ride! Mom did wake Campbell up for the wagon ride and she paid for it the rest of the afternoon because Campbell was still exhausted and quite fussy
  • Everyone packing their bags for Thursday's trip to Branson which led to lots of "trips" around the house with their back packs.  The bags were packed with all of the essentials-underwear, pants, shoes, socks, shirt, plus lots and lots of non essentials!
  • Everyone eating pizza with Dad while Mom went to Bunko.  Lots of time spent playing train and playing with legos
  • A new movie from the library, a graham cracker and some milk before bed

Dennie Kids: November 8, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • School day for Reagan-she enjoys it quite a bit.  Dad took her and brought her home.  On the way home her and Dad went out to eat-she “even had her own drink and cookie” (that is pretty huge around here).  The highlight of school was having soup for snack-she even wanted Mom to find out what kind it was
  • Anderson, Graham and Campbell hanging out at home.  They read a few books, played train, made their nighttime letter N and even made a lantern-quite busy!  Everyone was delighted to see Reagan when she came home and especially enjoyed eating the cookie that she had brought home to share
  • Reading a few stories and dancing to a CD before getting to play parachute-a few nights ago Reagan said that she wanted to play parachute.  Mom finally remembered to pull it out today and they absolutely love it.  Graham has a hard time following directions but Anderson and Reagan could do it forever.  This was the first time that Campbell saw us with the parachute since she had been mobile-she crawled under it, stayed there and kicked her legs as hard and fast as she could!
  • Naps and then Reagan woke up to work in her workbook and was soon joined by the boys.  Everyone watched a movie and then it was supper time.  Dad read a new library book-Where Did Daddy’s Hair Go?-everyone enjoyed hearing it and Mom got a big laugh!
  • Mom and Reagan running to the store-Reagan was the only one who got to go because she was the only one wearing real clothes and not pajamas.  Don’t know if a sun dress and black Sunday shoes count as real clothes though!
  • Bedtime for everyone-Anderson is still wide awake! (maybe he better stop taking naps)

Dennie Kids: November 7, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Time change didn’t affect us too much last night-it did give Dad a chance to put up the gates which Reagan, Anderson and Graham hadn’t seen in over a year
  • Time change did affect us this morning a bit-Graham was the first one up at 6:30 (not too bad)  He laid between Mom and Dad but he was too concerned about the gate being locked to rest.  He asked and asked and asked about it until Dad finally got out of bed to shut the gate. 
  • We arrived early at church-and so did everyone else.  So we had to park in the back 40.  We were working worship care and Dad went to move the van a bit closer since things were pretty calm in our class….until…
  • Ms. Olevia came to get Mom because Anderson had a nose bleed.  Mom went down to his class to get him and bring him back to her class.  She had just gotten his nose to stop dripping when Mr. Scott brought Graham to our door-he had fallen out of his chair and had busted his lip.  There were two bleeding boys and Dad was no where to be found-he was locked out of the church!
  • Lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house and playing with Lilly and Cash.  We had Mexican casserole and Campbell and Graham ate it up.  And then they scarfed down the dessert-apple dumpling and ice cream
  • Naps for everyone once we came home-then it was time for Reagan and Mom to head to church.  Dad brought the boys and Campbell to church.  Anderson has been joining us in big church the past few weeks and doing as well as a 3 year old boy can do
  • At supper after church, everyone said their favorite part of the day and Reagan, Anderson and Graham were all in agreement that their favorite was seeing Nonna, Pops, Grannymom, Grandpa and Jason after church!