January 31, 2022

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  • When we went to bed last night, I told Robby that I really didn't mind Mondays. All of my people are here all day long so of course that makes me happy. However, when I was still sitting in the floor of my room at 2 this afternoon working with people, I debated changing my mind about not really minding Mondays.
  • It took a little bit of time to wake all of my people up. When we finally started working together, I had to keep saying Reagan's name to make sure that she stayed awake. Reading all of our morning books together just makes me happy-after today's library trip, I have a whole host of new books.
  • We worked most of the day long, when I finally finished with my piles of books, it was time to head to the library. This month I have my own driver-Anderson. He has to take his test in March so we have to hit it hard.
  • Here is my assessment on his drive to the library-he did great. Seriously, he really did good despite his nerves. Now, he even parked twice for me at the library and did great both times. (If you remember poor Reagan couldn't park to save her soul-still can't!)
  • Back at home, I cleaned out underneath the bar. It is still packed full of stuff, but at least when you open the doors things don't fall on your feet. Afterwards, it was treadmill time for me.
  • Campbell and I made our easy version of a chicken pot pie-this time with ham instead of chicken. We also made homemade french fries in the air fryer for the other part of supper. Campbell, Keaton, Graham and I played a few games while our supper was cooking. 
  • When supper was finally made of course I had some no eaters-so it was pizza for Whitman and Anderson and rice for Keaton. We even had to call Anderson and Graham back into the house to eat because they were out playing basketball.
  • Reagan had her Dgroup tonight. I think that she was hungry when she came home. However, she had her own, real, chicken pot pie for a late lunch so I don't think that it what she had for supper.
  • Currently, Robby and I are watching a movie while I am working on the blog. And maybe, just maybe there will be a desert tonight!

January 30, 2022-Happy (really late) 15th Birthday Party Anderson

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  • I didn't go to sleep for the longest time last night. Thankfully, even though we had been laying in bed for a while, it was still a decent time. I still slept really well though I have been waking up with a headache the last few nights. I am beginning to think that I am grinding my teeth when I sleep.
  • We made it to church on time, but our normal seats weren't there due to their covid seating. So we went up higher in the balcony and finally stopped at one pew. And it was too small for all 8 of us. In our heads, Robby and I often think of our kids as still little kids, and we forget that we have at least 4 adult sized children following behind us. 
  • This Sunday was the first time for my to use my readers. It did take some getting used to-you can't look at the stage with those things still on. However, I was able to see my Bible much better. Speaking of my Bible, I realized tonight that I have not been doing my CBS Bible study. Since we stopped meeting, I have done it each and every day with the kids. However, I have completely forgotten about doing mine-I will start catching up tomorrow.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa's house. Afterwards, we headed home. I had everyone help me straighten the house. I am always amazed at how quickly we can do things around here when everyone is working. In about 10 minutes I had run out of chores to assign people to do-now, we didn't clean the potties or anything, but the place looked decent.
  • Then it was naptime for me. Well, it wasn't really nap time since I took the dog out twice, text Reagan a few times, told the girls bye (they ran to the mall for a minute), talked to them when they came home and then watched some of the ballgame before finally getting up. 
  • At 5, Anderson's people started arriving. He had a house full of boys tonight to help celebrate his birthday a little bit later than usual. They played basketball outside for the longest time. Then they came in and ate pizza. Next they were up in Anderson's room for a bit before going to the bonus room and then back outside. It really was the kind of birthday party that we like-super easy and low key. I think that Anderson was pleased with the evening so it all worked out perfectly. 
  • Now there were three things that I didn't take pictures of today that I regret. First, every Sunday I look down beside me and see my 6 kids sitting in the church pew with their Bibles in their laps and so want to take a picture of them. I don't, however, because I know that will cause a scene. Second, Reagan and Anderson were wearing similar colors today, and I really meant to take their picture. And finally, I didn't take a single picture while Anderson's friends were over tonight. I tried not to interfere and probably should have taken at least one picture. I will do better tomorrow on my picture taking.

January 29, 2022

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  • After staying up pretty late last night, this house was pretty quiet most of the morning long. Bentley was the first one up followed by Whitman and Graham. Robby and I didn't hurry to much to get out of bed either.
  • This morning we did very little-well all of today, we did very little. I did make an egg for my breakfast. I never really make eggs-I noticed this week that Reagan and Graham made the prettiest eggs ever. So I made my egg today, and it wasn't exactly as pretty as their eggs. Now my egg may not have been as pretty because Reagan definitely uses a lot more butter than me.
  • We watched the Hogs play this afternoon. Well, Robby watched the Hogs play this afternoon, and I watched the Hogs play a bit-watching people run up and down the court make me sleepy.
  • And as soon as that game was finished, it was time to head to the next game-Graham's. It was a good game-well, other than the fact that Robby and Anderson almost got kicked out. Kidding, kind of, no, not really! 
  • Anderson wasn't disrespectful, but he did holler, "turn around" to the ref. The ref didn't like that at all, and stopped play to say something back. Not really sure what he said, but that is when Robby also said something about the ref shouldn't be talking to the fans. It was a few uncomfortable moments-ha! 
  • Afterwards, the ref did start calling a few more fouls. Graham's team was playing the number 1 seed. It wasn't a pretty game and the refs' and clocks' confusions may have helped Graham's team win which we will certainly take. 
  • They did barely win-Graham only scored 2 points, but played good defense. He even fell down hard twice and lost his shoe once. It was a wild game.
  • After the game, we all came home for a little bit. Anderson's game was next so Robby, I and Keaton went to watch his game. His team didn't do very well today-well, the last time they played this team the score was much worse. Anderson does still seem to have fun though during the games.
  • We did stop by ChickFilA on the way home today. Everyone else had eaten nuggets, pizzas, or chicken sandwiches at home. Robby and I had the nutritional supper of ice cream. I think that I might try some tea again, but I'm not quiet sure. 

January 28, 2022

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  • We went to bed a few minutes before midnight last night. About 30 minutes later, I woke up itching. First it was my hands and then my feet as well. It didn't take long before my whole body was covered in hives. 
  • I took some Benedryl and a quick shower. After all of that, I laid real still in the bed so I wouldn't make myself itch anymore, and eventually slept perfectly for the rest of the night. That has happened to me a few times before-but never really in the middle of the night. 
  • I wasn't in too much of a hurry to get up this morning since there really wasn't too much for me to do today. Well, there was plenty to do; not just many things that I wanted to do.
  • I did my normal laundry and Friday's pulling out school work. And of course there was the treadmill that I walked on. I don't like the treadmill-I only like watching movies during the treadmill.
  • Campbell and Keaton went to the Kamp's house this afternoon. They actually had so much fun that they are spending the night over there. This evening after we came home, I had to pack their bag and run their things over. They were having so much fun.
  • This evening, Robby, Graham and I ran to go and eat supper. We went to David's Burgers which was pretty delicious. Then it was on to Sams to buy some cupcakes and even a dog toy. Then to Kroger for a salad for Reagan, and ice cream for us. And then on to McDonalds to get Anderson some supper. 
  • Whitman was the only one who we didn't buy supper for. We had one last piece of pizza that he ate along with doritos and yogurt-the Friday night meal of champions. Once back at home, I ran the clothes to the girls. 
  • Then it was time for a movie and ice cream. Hopefully, we will get two movies watched tonight!

January 27, 2022

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  • It was a super nice school day today. We did our work together first. Then we moved on to other work. Again today, at one point everyone in the house was waiting to work with me. I tried to hurry, but I was sitting in my spot in my bedroom until 1. 
  • I do our school work sitting in the floor of my bedroom. I sit right in front of the window and try to stay in the sunshine all of the day long. There wasn't much sun shining today-usually it will make us hot. Bentley does sometime fight me for my spot in the sun. 
  • Campbell was going to save some of her work for tomorrow, but since she was having to wait so long on me, she decided to go ahead and finish it all. Whitman worked hard again today, and he finished in record time. And what has he done all day long? perler beads. Thankfully, Campbell is able to iron them now so that does cut out one thing on my plate. She enjoys ironing them and maybe that is a good skill to have-being able to iron.
  • Anderson does still have a few things left to do tomorrow. And really, I bet that Graham has a few things left too. Reagan didn't take her morning nap and instead was ready to work with me early-she was actually the one that caused the back up since working with her early is definitely out of the ordinary.
  • As soon as I was finished with my school work, I jumped on the treadmill. Well, I really didn't jump on the treadmill-I walked, and walked slowly. After I did finish, Keaton and I went to the pregnancy center for a little bit. We worked the entire time there-there was plenty of work to do. 
  • When we did leave, we hurried home so we could eat our supper before heading to Graham's basketball practice. I made Joanna Gaine's chili recipe. We did decide that it was better than our normal chili that we make. However, we still search for a keeper chili recipe.
  • Robby went with us to basketball practice tonight along with Campbell and Keaton. We bought bread at Costco and then a few things at Walmart. I even bought some tea to try during my movie tonight. It wasn't bad....but it wasn't good. 

January 26, 2022

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  • Robby had to got to the bathroom early enough this morning, that I happily rolled over and went right on back to sleep. It was pretty perfect-except that I knew I had two loads of clothes to fold this morning instead of the normal one.
  • When I finally did get out of bed, it was laundry and dishes for me. Poor Bentley didn't get a long potty break this morning because I was still in my pajamas. I did grab Robby's heavy jacket, but my bare legs were cold for sure.
  • Then it was time for me to start waking up the kids. Some days are easier than others-today was an oddly easy day. I went upstairs once, then I started to call folks individually asking if they were coming down, and everyone answered. It was kind of odd.
  • We did our morning reading-my goal is to finish at least one library book each day. That always doesn't happen, especially with my long books, but it is still a worthy goal.
  • Today Whitman blew through his work-like strangely. Usually if you set a timer or try to do any thing that seemingly might rush him, he shuts down. Today, he let Campbell set a timer, and all of the gears were clicking in his little head. He zoomed through things that normally take him three or four times as long. 
  • Reagan slept all morning after our work together, and then she did her work during the afternoon. Keaton always does her math the night before so she starts off ahead. Campbell worked fairly steadily through her work. Anderson likes to always save way too much work for Friday, but he usually gets most of it done. And Graham even did a bit more today because he was worried about what he had to do tomorrow.
  • Campbell had friends over this afternoon so they spent a good deal of time on the trampoline and even made some bread and cookies. I think that the highlight was probably playing a few games of spoons before we had to head to church.
  • Robby took Anderson to his Dgroup at church around 4. He even brought home some pizza for our supper. As soon as we ate, it was time for me to head to church with my crowd.
  • Despite the break, we all had decent numbers in our departments. The kids were be back at Wednesday nights. When we all made it back to the car, they were abuzz telling me all about it.
  • Anderson and Reagan had their first supper when we got home, but the rest of us all had our second supper (Wednesday nights are hard and make us hungry). Currently, Robby and I are watching a movie, and I'm planning on getting some hot chocolate soon.

January 25, 2022

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  • This is the second day in a row that I have woken up just a few minutes before my alarm has gone off. Really, that is one for the worst things ever. I still hot snooze for another minute or two before getting up. The only one that me hitting snooze affects is poor Bentley who doesn't get a proper walk in the morning. Hopefully, the kids follow through with their chores and walk her plenty in the afternoon time.
  • We did all of our school work today. Reagan had a new routine-when we are working together Robby usually runs on the treadmill. Since he is still up there when we finish, Reagan ends up in her bed....then she ends up asleep. So I woke her up around noon today asking if she was ready to work together with me.
  • I was able to finish most of my work right before 1, and I even had my lunch of cereal and yogurt. Robby and I then left to go to the library and the grocery store. We picked up a few things that we needed and came home in time for me to walk on the treadmill.
  • I did that while people were in and out from the trampoline. Graham usually plays basketball outside at some point during the day. Yesterday while I was on the treadmill, Graham and Anderson were playing with Whitman's bouncy ball outside, and I could hear it banging on the house despite the noise from the treadmill and tv.
  • I went to work on the frying up 12 pounds of meat. It took my about an hour, but supper was still ready before we left the house for basketball. Campbell did help me make some mac and cheese while the chicken patties were in the oven. So basically supper was pretty easy tonight, but it was a decent little supper.
  • Then Anderson drove me half way to his basketball practice. Well, we actually stopped at Old Navy first to buy him a shirt. Of course they weren't on sale, but Robby managed to find a coupon for us. That worked out well since Campbell also found a 4 dollar summer dress for her.
  • We dropped Anderson off at practice, and Campbell and Keaton went with me to the dollar tree. And you know what I bought there? reading glasses! Yep. I read every morning to the kids, and I can see just fine. But gracious, I sure can't see my Bible well during church! I guess I'm getting old!...I know I am getting old!

January 24, 2022

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  • It took a bit to get all of my people downstairs this morning. When I did finally get them, I did the morning reading. Then everyone started on their school work. The kids seemed to fly through their school work, and eventually everyone was waiting on me to work with them.
  • I had a line of about 3 different people waiting on me. I finally worked through everyone and was finished just as I had to run out the door for my doctor check up.
  • My check up was just fine. Then it was time to head home to pick up my mess from the morning. I made time for the treadmill even though I could have easily made time to lay on my chair and take myself a little nap.
  • Actually, I was more interested in my Hallmark movie I was watching so that is what encouraged me to get on the treadmill today. 
  • Robby took Anderson to get his hair cut. His hair didn't end up as short as Graham's hair so he seemed pleased. They were going to meet me for me to take Anderson to look for a shirt afterwards, but my appointment took too long.
  • There was trampoline jumping today and perler bead making. Eventually, I did make quesadillas for our supper. We had some chicken and all of the other ingredients so it was nice to have a go to meal.
  • We ate, and then Reagan left to go to her dgroup. It is actually at a house that is only 10 minutes away from ours-there aren't too many places that we go to that are that close.
  • The rest of us soon headed to church with Shannon. Tony Evans preached tonight, and it was all really good. Now, my children might say that it was good, but they would definitely say that it was long. Reagan was even able to meet us there after her group.
  • We didn't make it home until around 9. And since church was about 2 hours long tonight, everyone did get some ice cream before it was finally bedtime.

January 23, 2022

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  • Today we went back to Sunday school which was certainly good. My kids were certainly excited to be back with their friends. Surprisingly, we had a fairly decent number of kids so it made the hour pass by pretty quickly. 
  • After church we had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. While we were there, we were planning on getting our groceries delivered since they don't deliver to our house anymore. However, after waiting a bit they never came.
  • Later in the afternoon Robby did get a message that they were on the way. However, they never showed up, and he eventually cancelled our order. Walmart has been a lot of trouble for this Dennie house the last few days.
  • Robby did go to the store with Keaton to pick up a few things that we needed for supper tonight. Right before he left, I made mac and cheese for Anderson's life group. Reagan took him there, and then she went to her life group. 
  • A bit later, Brett came and took Graham and Campbell to church tonight. It does make my heart happy to have most of my folks at church on a Sunday night. We were talking tonight about Sunday night church, and even though it would be hard to go back, we do miss Sunday night church.
  • We had chicken spaghetti, green bean bundles, bread, a blondie dessert, and apple crisp. It was all a decent meal for sure, and there were little leftovers which was good. The Wilsons stayed and watched some football with us before they left-which signals the sad end to the weekend. 

January 22, 2022

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  • Not only did Robby and I watch one Hallmark movie last night, we ended up watching 2. That meant that we were just getting people in bed at 1 last night. By the time we settled down in our beds it was almost 2. 
  • And of course as things go, that is when Robby heard the smoke alarm battery chirping. Now, our battery powered smoke alarms are just back ups since we have a newer set of fancy dancy alarms as well. We debated if the chirping would keep us up. I didn't think that it would keep me up, but Robby thought it would keep him up.
  • He went to find which alarm it was. And as things go, it took him a good while to find which one it was. I even had to come and listen to try to help. He finally did figure it out-and as he was taking the batteries out, he put it up to his ear, and the thing went off for real. Robby went to bed half deaf.
  • Since we were all up supper late, everyone also slept super late. Robby and I were in bed until almost lunch time. In our defense, I will say that we did keep getting out of bed and keep coming back to where it was warm. 
  • It was eventually time to head to basketball-the only thing that we did today. Keaton had her last game. Her team just works well together and does really well. Keaton spent a good deal of time guarding a girl a foot taller and guarding another girl who liked to scratch. She had fun, and they won their last game. It was a fun season for Keaton.
  • We just had one hour long break today so it was soon time to watch Graham's team play. They were a little bit off today, but they still pulled out the win. And finally Anderson's team was also a little bit off, but they didn't come away with a win-they were close until the last few minutes though.
  • Robby picked up ChickFilA on the way home, and we all ate that before settleing in for the evening to watch the Hogs play their basketball game.

January 21, 2022

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  • It was a pretty quiet Friday morning around here. I think that I was the first one awake and out of bed this morning. Whitman was downstairs soon after along with Graham. It was much later in the morning before I did see anyone else around here.
  • I did take Bentley to potty this morning-actually, I think I am the only one who has taken her out today. I have my gloves and hat that I don every time I step outside. I guess that Bentley does get a little bit cold on thee chilly mornings because she does all of her business in record time. I might have told you that very same story yesterday though-sorry if I did.
  • There wasn't as much school to do today-I am not sure that Reagan did any of hers though she has promised that she will do it tomorrow and Sunday. Anderson did a good little bit, and Graham even did some of his last few things. The littles and I did our Bible study, but other than that we didn't do a whole lot of productive things.
  • Robby and I took Graham to get his hair cut and to the grocery store. Graham thought that his hair was cut a little bit too much, however, it really looks very good (and will grow plenty very quickly.) Afterwards, we did some speed grocery shopping and bought half of our groceries. A Walmart order will need to be ordered very soon though for the other half of the groceries.
  • Back at home, people started arriving at the house. Keaton had a friend over for the evening, and Kennedy came over to hang out with Reagan. Robby ran to get beans, rice and cheese dip to go along with our supper. 
  • When he made it home, we ate tacos and all of the fixings. Then the kids all went off-Campbell, Keaton and her friend have jumped on the trampoline, sewed and made cookies. Reagan and Kennedy have played with our old doll house from the attic, and I think that they are currently going through Reagan's memory box. 
  • In just a few minutes, I am taking Keaton's friend home with a stop at Sonic on the way. I am sure that I will have a car full of kiddos just so the can get a Sonic drink!

January 20, 2022

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  • Thursday is the last real day of school around here. (Even though there is still plenty of school things happening tomorrow). Anderson and Reagan went to Comm Central this morning while we were reading this morning. 
  • Then everyone started on their school work. Whitman finished a bit after noon today, but he did take a break to jump on the trampoline a little bit with his sisters. Yes, it was below freezing today, and those three spent quite a bit of time on the trampoline today.
  • Trampoline, perler beading, ball playing and wrestling-at one point today, I asked people if the internet was down. Anderson and Graham were downstairs for at least 30 minutes today rolling a ball back and forth to each other in the hallway. There was more to the game than that, but basically they were just rolling it. 
  • After they finished rolling the ball, they began wrestling for the ball. They only stopped this when they would see me snap a picture of them. I guess that was a highlight of the afternoon for me. 
  • Reagan and I did some ACT work today since one of her classes were cancelled today. She even made a loaf of bread for Grannymom and Grandpa tonight. 
  • Before I knew it, it was time for basketball practice this evening. Keaton's team was scrimmaging against their parents tonight so I brought Anderson and Campbell to make sure that I didn't have to do any work. I played a little bit barely having to touch the ball at all.
  • Then Keaton friends stayed a little bit longer so it didn't seem like long at all until Graham's team was finished and we were headed home. 
  • We just heated up some nuggets and mashed potatoes for supper so nothing fancy, but it did definitely kill hunger. I need to get a bit better about planning out our meals, but really that just overwhelms me to no end. 
  • Robby and I are watching a movie now while all of my basketball folks are showering and then bedtime is coming soon.

January 19, 2022

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  • This is our second Wednesday to not have Bible study but to have more time at home for school work. And honestly, I love it. It has helped so much in everyone getting their school work done, and really it has helped me in feeling not so overwhelmed. It is going to be super difficult to go back to Bible study whenever/if they start again.
  • We knocked out school pretty quickly this morning-well, at least some of it. Whitman was a wee bit distracted today, but overall this was a good day for him. And his school tomorrow is going to not be a while lot at all, so he will love it.
  • And speaking of Whitman, that child has been working on perler beads all day long. If you don't know-perler beads are tiny little beads that you place a tiny little peg board in different shapes. The problem were perler beads is that they can be heartbreaking when they spill.
  • So to prevent any heartbreak, I have been trying to keep up with ironing his creations. As soon as he makes something, I have tried to iron it together. Now, he alone has kept be crazy busy. However, Keaton and Campbell have been working on them too, so I have ironed more today than I ever have. (And yes, I do have an iron-no ironing board though-I have kept my iron just for these perler bead days.)
  • Campbell and Graham had an orthodontist appointment this afternoon. They both got good reports, and Campbell doesn't have to wear her rubber bands so that is one less thing for all of us to remember.
  • I had figured that they would want a Sonic drink on the way home today. I wasn't expecting them to bring their own gift cards for ChickFilA. Since they were paying, I of course dropped them off there for them to go in and order their food. Campbell got a milkshake (though she ordered fries too but the lady didn't hear her, and she said that she didn't want them badly enough to say anything). Graham ordered a chicken sandwich-he went in saying he was going to order a milkshake-but then he came home saying that a sandwich costs less and was less calories.
  • I ran by the library on the way home-like Christmas every single time. And do you know who else has loved reading lately-Reagan. She is reading all of the time now-not her school books, but still reading-that is definitely a win!
  • We had baked potatoes for supper along with leftover bbq. I pulled out the leftover mac and cheese to have as well-however, I didn't expect for some child to put the pan of mac and cheese back in the fridge with only a 1x1 square inch piece of leftovers. They will do anything to not wash out a pan!
  • After supper, quite a few of us went to Nonna and Pops' house to drop off their dessert of the month. We are kind of stretching it calling it a dessert, but Reagan made it, and we both agreed that it is a dessert.
  • Afterwards, we came home and there were some shower for some folks and a Hallmark movie for me.

January 18, 2022

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  • It is always a little bit difficult to wake everyone up each morning, but at least on Tuesdays Reagan and Anderson know they have to get up. Anderson does always wake up pretty well. They get ready for school while the rest of us are working together. I usually know that Anderson is up because I can hear him in the kitchen getting ready.
  • However, I never really know if Reagan had gotten out of bed. For the most part, she does wake on up and start getting ready. I try to listen for her feet upstairs above me, but usually can't hear her. Today I had to text her to make sure that she was awake. Often I send someone to make sure that she is awake, but then they miss out on reading for a bit. Thankfully, today she was awake and getting ready.
  • We did our school work today, then started on all of the other things-Whitman did his coding work today, Bible study with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Soon Reagan and Anderson came home so Reagan and I did some ACT work.
  • Whitman and Robby went to watch Sing 2 at the movie theater today. Earlier today, Robby ran to the grocery store with Whitman to pick out the candy that he wanted for the movie theater. At some point, Whitman become almost obsessed with it not being ok to bring candy into the theater. 
  • He had talked to me about it, and I assured him that it was fine to bring some candy in especially since Robby was buying popcorn and a drink. He asked Graham about it and even tried to google it on my phone during school. After buying the candy, he told Robby that he would just eat the candy at home. 
  • They had so much popcorn that my little rule follower didn't miss his candy anyways. He said that Sing 2 was "out of this world" so I guess that he certainly enjoyed it.
  • Reagan went to her Dgroup tonight. She drove there herself and even got a bit turned around in the neighborhood. She eventually found it and seemed like she had a good time tonight. She arrived home at about the same time that Robby and Whitman did from the movie. 
  • Keaton, Campbell and I took Anderson to his basketball practice. We first ran to Walmart and bought a few things. Then we dropped Anderson off and hurried through Kroger. 
  • We are now all back home from our different places. Most folks are upstairs eating cookies that Graham just made and Robby and I are watching a bit of basketball before bedtime.

January 17, 2022

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  • Monday morning here and we really did pretty well around here. Bentley had her walk pretty early-we didn't walk too long because I was chilly despite my hat and gloves. Bentley didn't seem to notice the cool weather though.
  • I think that Mondays are my favorite days because everyone is home. I just really like my people! We did our work together, and then slowly worked our way through everything else. Not jut is there the normal working together things, I also have Bible study to do with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Reagan and I are working really hard on the ACT so that is each day as well. 
  • Jason did stop by for a few minutes today. He dropped off a few things, and he stayed to visit for a while. When he did leave, I had just a bit more school work to finish.
  • Campbell and I made bread in Shannon's bread machine again. It turns out that we had done the wrong setting on the machine so that was indeed our problem. I am not a failure baker afterall. The bread was actually very delicious-I sent out one text to everyone, and soon all 8 of us were gathered around the bar eating bread.
  • I did my walk on the treadmill today. Sometimes I just can't understand why I am not losing weight-wonder if it could have anything to do with the bread that I am constantly trying to make? Ha! It most definitely does.
  • After the treadmill, I did steam mop the kitchen floors. I am not exaggerating when I say that we have probably not steam mopped them in a year! First I swept, then I vacuumed, then I steam mopped. It took a little bit, but the floors really look nice-well, they looked nice until we ate supper.
  • Whitman had spent a good deal of the afternoon inventing a game. He had Campbell and Keaton help him write the rules. Around 4 today, all the kids and I played his game. It was an adventure for sure-it took us about 3 rounds before some of us understood what we were doing. I really never got it, but we all did have a lot of fun.
  • Robby and Whitman watched the movie Sing tonight at home in preparation for them watching Sing 2 tomorrow night at the theater. Whitman is starting to cash in on his movies for Christmas.
  • In the middle of that, I did make supper-real mac and cheese and frozen chicken nuggets. The mac and cheese was certainly a hit. I even put in the oven with more cheese on top while cooking the nuggets. 
  • The boys finished their movie, and when it was over I made some frozen hot chocolate. It was decent-though Anderson was the only one in this house who even tried any. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't have any other takers, but I marked that recipe off my "try" list. 
  • The Wilsons came over with Annie this evening. Annie and Bentley played so hard that when they left, I thought that Bentley might just have a stroke. She laid in the floor just panting and drooling despite having had a good bit of water. She was absolutely exhausted. 
  • Shannon had been busy going through clothes today so when thy left, Campbell, Keaton and I went through the bags of clothes that they brought over. I found things for me, Campbell, Keaton, Graham and later for Whitman. There was even some pants that Anderson could wear, but when you wear shorts most days of the week, then you don't need many pairs of pants. And Reagan has not yet looked through the pile so she may find something. Not too shabby at all. I think that everyone was pleased for sure. 
  • In abut 30 minutes, it will be bedtime here. Tomorrow will be busy day around here-Anderson and Reagan are headed back to Comm Central after a break last week.

January 16, 2022

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  • I was a bit disappointed this morning when I did wake up and see that the snow was pretty pitiful. I was still glad that we were able to go to church, but a bit of snow would have been fun. However, I am not too sure that the snow will ever amount to how much snow we had last year.
  • I woke the kids up for church. As soon as Whitman and Keaton were up and dressed, they headed to the trampoline. I figured that they would need a second pair of Sunday clothes after this, and I even made them go in with plenty of time for them to change their clothes. However, they stayed dry enough and didn't have to change before church.
  • The sermon was on creation this morning which was right up my alley. After church we headed to Grannmyom and Grandpa's house after getting gas for the big van.
  • Since we were there early, the kids and I played cards some before we ate. Grannymom had one of my favorites taco salad for lunch along with carrot cake. We visited for a little bit after eating before heading home. 
  • Robby and I took a quick nap this afternoon-well, first I moved all of my school books into our bedroom. I do my part of the school work in my bedroom. So each evening or morning, I move Whitman's box of reading books, Whitman's pile of school work, my box of work that I do with Whitman each day, Keaton's pile of books that we do together, Campbell, Anderson and Graham's math books, Reagan's ACT book and the Bible study books. 
  • I move all of those books into our bedroom. Today when I was getting ready this afternoon, I decided that I need a book cart or something. Each day when we finish anything, I go and put it away in the school room. Then I can easily look around and see just how much is left for me to do each school day. All of this to say, I made a lot of trips in and out of our bedroom before I finally laid down for a my nap. 
  • Soon Campbell, Graham and Anderson headed to Rock Creek for their Sunday night youth. I didn't really have anything to do so I was bored while Robby was watching football. He suggested that I clean the potties or do something like that which was sure not an option for my Sunday afternoon. 
  • We ate supper at the Wilson's house this evening. The kids had already eaten at church so they missed out on some yummy chicken and dumplings. The kids eventually went upstairs and played a board game, but I am not sure if they finished it or not or who the winner was. 
  • We headed home around 10 and started the bedtime routine. Robby did his best to get Bentley to potty tonight so she won't wake up at 4 like she has the last 2 days-he didn't have any luck! Hopefully, she will sleep all night though!

January 15, 2022

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  • Bentley had a shot yesterday which I think might have upset her tummy-at 4 she had to potty and had to potty soon. Robby had let her out of her kennel, and then he went to the bathroom. Bentley almost wasn't able to wait on him-she paced back and forth between our two bedroom doors. I was getting up to take her outside when Robby did come back and took her just in time.
  • She then climbed in our bed, and we all slept in quite a bit on this Saturday morning. When I finally did wake up, I made some breakfast burritos for the boys. I fried up 2 pounds of sausage and scrambled two dozen eggs. I ended up being able to freeze 3 dozen burritos so hopefully that will last them a little bit.
  • After that, I really didn't do too much. I watched a bit of basketball on the tv and almost had a quick nap, but it was soon time to head to Keaton's basketball game. Anderson, Keaton, Campbell and I went to Keaton's game.
  • Her team did really well today. I think that Keaton made at least 8 points. They had fun though, and I had fun looking at the weather during the game. 
  • Reagan arrived after Keaton's game with Graham and Whitman. We were glad that she didn't have any trouble on the road-we had been watching and I had given her a list of instructions.
  • During the break between games, we all sat upstairs chatting in the comfy chairs. Next it was Graham's team's turn. Well bless, they sure did try hard.
  • The other team was pretty tough-not the best ballplayers, but they were definitely good foulers. All of this fouling quickly got to Graham's team. Some time they even had 3 kids guarding our guy with the ball. The score wasn't at all the way Graham would have liked, but I think that he still had fun. We at least enjoyed watching the game...and looking at the weather.
  • By the end of the game, we had heard that they were cancelling all of the other games. That meant that Anderson's game was cancelled. That was a bummer, but a free evening sure wasn't too sad. Robby picked up pizza on the way home which we enjoyed.
  • Then some folks started on their showers, we watched some football, Robby and I have had one bowl of ice cream (for out first snack), and we are now watching a documentary. (Well, he is-I am going to tune it out and look at some school stuff.)

January 14, 2022

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  • What a wonderful Friday. We all slept in just a little bit. Robby and I heard someone in the kitchen this morning. It sounded like they were pouring something in a metal bowl or ice in a metal cup. When I did get up, I only saw Campbell awake, and she wasn't yet eating anything.
  • She eventually mentioned the new fangled dog feeder that we have. Then I realized that what we heard this morning was Bentley's food dropping in the bowl. We made that machine pour out way too much food so it was a breakfast feast for Bentley when she did wake up. (We have fixed the machine so our 55 pound dog won't get too chunky.)
  • Campbell did go on my walk this morning with Bentley and I. She had on shorts and a sweatshirt, and no socks even. I had on pants, a sweatshirt, hat and gloves. She wasn't cold, but I was. I made sure that we walked pretty swiftly so I didn't freeze to death.
  • Once we did get back to the house, Campbelll and I brushed the mess out of Bentley. We brushed and brushed and brushed. There was so much hair floating around the patio-ugh what a mess. I shouldn't say this-we but we have vacuumed this house 3 times this week, and each time the vacuum is completely filled with hair. 
  • There was another bread attempt today-another fail. Now, the bread was delicious, but it still fell even with new yeast that I bought yesterday. I am going to do what most folks would do after 3 failures-send that bread machine back.  Good thing I just borrowed it since I apparently am not a baker.
  • Today was a busy morning at least-Whitman and Anderson both had some school work, I had the treadmill, Reagan took another ACT (did much better-still have to get that math score up though).
  • And there was a vet visit for Bentley. She needed her heart worm shot so we were just there for a few minutes. However, when we put her on the table, she started to freak out. I am not sure what was going through her head, but as soon as she had her shot, she was just fine.
  • After the vet, there was a stop at the library. And then 5 out of 6 Dennie kids spent their Sonic gift cards. Of course that meant it was a confusing order which we didn't get delivered to us correctly. I had to call back and ask for 2 drinks that they didn't give me. Then I had to order one more drink that we forgot to order. Thankfully, when we did get home the only mess up was Whitman not having nerds in his drink.
  • Robby and I then headed out to Grannymom's house for a few minutes. Then we ran to At Home and found a Christmas tree for 75% off along with some wrapping paper and a few candles. Then we had an early supper at On the Border. We followed that off with a walk through Sams where we found a few unique buys.
  • When we did come home, we organized supper. I would say that we fixed supper, but really Keaton made the chicken nuggets and Campbell made mashed potatoes. I started a Hallmark movie while Robby started a nap. Then the Wilson's called and suggested ice cream for dessert!
  • So Robby finished his power nap, and soon we were on our way to the store with the Wilsons to pick up some ice cream for our social. We ate it at our house and watched a bit of tv while eating and visiting, It was a pretty perfect end to this week.

January 13, 2022

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  • We finished another week of school-this week one did go a little more smoothly since we had a whole extra day since there was no Bible study. Well, today didn't go more smoothly for Whitman. Bless him. Reagan was sitting by him for a few minutes and wondered aloud if he needed some medicine-he certainly does.
  • Part of Whitman's struggle today was that he had a ton of his hard things left to do today. On Mondays, I have Whitman zoom through a ton of easy things leaving the fewer harder things for later in the week. Unfortunately, this has somehow left him with lots of writing to do today-not his strong suit. I did lighten his load a bit since he the major things he did finish today. I'll have to rework his schedule for next week though-or stretch his week out to Friday.
  • When school was finished today, I was pretty beat-ACT work, Algebra II (two different curriculum with two different kids), Geometry, and Prealgebra all makes me tired. I did then walk on the treadmill for a little bit though after school.
  • As soon as I finished on the treadmill, I left with Keaton for the pregnancy center. We spent the entire time working on filling bags with diapers. Then we moved on to folding clothes-we could have spent another few hours doing that, but eventually had to quit since it was time to head home.
  • Keaton had brought a gift card that she received from Christmas. So afterwards, we headed right to Sonic to spend that gift card-a drink and mozzarella sticks emptied the gift card.
  • We weren't home very long until Keaton, Graham and I left again for their basketball. I went to one Kroger which turned out to be the wrong one-waiting on a buggy, no Kroger brand things, and half of the things on my list were out of stock. Thankfully, Robby was picking up Keaton so I had time to go to the next Kroger which worked out much better. 
  • Campbell was with Robby when they picked up Keaton because she had earned herself some ChickFilA for supper. She raked all of the leaves behind the house today and made the back look so much better.
  • Pretty much everyone in the house had different things for supper-chickfila for Campbell, leftover lasagna for Robby, Chinese noodles for Reagan and I ate her leftovers, frozen pizza for Anderson and Graham, and hot pockets for Whitman and Keaton. I might be the only one though who is trying to figure out what I am going to eat next! 

January 12, 2022

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  • Graham slept well this morning. When he did wake up, Robby and he loaded up and headed to Krispy Kreme for some breakfast. They also stopped at ChickFilA at some point on their trip home. They din't have any trouble on their ride home and were back around 2ish even after stopping at Sams for gas and some items for supper.
  • They had a great time on their little Christmas present getaway. At the game, they were even given super nice Memphis hoodies. Of course, Graham would not wer one, but surely there is someone here that will wear them.
  • Meanwhile, back at the house the rest of us woke up at the normal time and started our school work. I am actually surprised that I was able to get up a decent time. I woke up a bunch last night-I usually sleep really good (even when Robby is away), but I sure didn't last night. I started out with Bentley in bed with me, but when she decided to get down after 1, I just put her right in her kennel. 
  • We did all of our work together work. Then the kids started on their individual work. I am not sure why I moved pretty slow today, but I was still working with Whitman after 1. That was all fine though because I had done other things like read, fold the clothes and straighten a few things while waiting to work with people. 
  • We tried to make some bread again today. It worked and tasted well, but the top didn't rise like it should have. My yeast could be a bit old, so we will try with some new next time. I think I have said it before, but I want to have that one thing that my kids say, "my mom made the best _______." I don't have that yet. I am not too sure if I even have the "my mom made good ______." Ha! Maybe soon though I am running out of time.
  • I took Anderson to his Dgroup at church. This is his first meeting, and I'm super thankful that they were able to meet today. I sat in the car and read some books-yesterday on the way home from his basketball, he asked me what I did. I told him that I read 4 books, and he was quite surprised that I finished 4 books. I had to explain that they were just recipe books tat I was flipping through. Today was more of the same.
  • Once at home, we eventually started on supper-ham and cheese croissants and pepperoni and mozzarella croissants. Surprisingly, we didn't have any chips so I whipped up some mac and cheese from the box. After eating, the kids and I played Apples and Apples, and I was the big winner.
  • Currently, Robby and I watching the Hogs playing, and it is pretty quiet in this house. Hopefully, it will stay quiet!

January 11, 2022

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  • Since Anderson and Reagan didn't have their co-op today, that meant that we were all able to work together this morning. Plus this gave them an extra day to do school so that is a good thing. 
  • We were all able to get quite a bit of work accomplished today, before the first main event of the day. Today was Bentley's first birthday. 
  • It is something how much that dog has changed things around here. Over a year ago, I would have said that we sure didn't need a dog, but in reality we all needed her. So we celebrated big today.
  • Campbell had her a cake plus Keaton had made ice cream. We tried to get Bentley to blow out her candle, but the kids all had to help. We did let Bentley eat as much of her cake as she wanted.
  • Then of course, there were presents for Bentley. Pretty much all of the toys that she has gotten today, she has already chewed through. She has enjoyed chewing on all of her toys today though.
  • After the birthday party, Robby and Graham left for Graham's Christmas gift. They headed to Memphis to watch the Warriors (Graham’s favorite team) play the Grizzlies.Before they got too far out of town, they stopped at ChickFilA for lunch.
  • They stopped by to see Les for a little bit, and even checked into their hotel room before the game. They made sure that they were at the game a bit early. I know that Graham greatly enjoyed the game tonight even though they weren't pleased with the outcome.
  • The rest of us had a pretty quiet afternoon. I walked n the treadmill some. We also tried out Shannon's bread maker which was a success-kind of. It didn't rise like we wanted it to, but it was still delicious-and we will try again tomorrow.
  • We played a game tonight, and then after that it was time to take Anderson to his basketball practice. This was the first time that I stayed and didn't run any errands. I was surprised at how quickly the practice seemed to be over. However, when Anderson was finished with practice he was dripping with sweat so practice must have been longer for him than for me!
  • We watched some tv when we came home and a few folks had a shower. Then it was time for bed-possibly time for a movie for me! 

January 10, 2022

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  • Here I am another night writing the blog while we are all up watching a football game. We are definitely wearing the red dress. Well, we did just get home, plus we also got word that Reagan and Anderson's classes are cancelled this week. (That's fun and all except that just prolongs the weeks that they have to go in the spring.)
  • We had a pretty good Monday morning today. We all worked together, and then everyone started on their together work. It took a good part of the day to get everything accomplished-I was still finishing with Whitman around 12:30. Then there was Bible study to do with Keaton, Campbell and Whitman. 
  • Added to our work load today was going through the ACT with Reagan. We did go through all of the reading section and started on math. I think that what we are doing will make a difference-we will see though. And really in the grand scheme of things, a number doesn't make too much of a difference in life-or at least it shouldn't.
  • Keaton and Campbell were busy today. Campbell made a cute little dog cake for Bentley's birthday tomorrow. Keaton made ice cream for Bentley along with peanut butter cookies for the rest of us to eat tonight.
  • I walked on the treadmill this afternoon-I would even walk some more tonight because I am pretty interested in my movie that I am watching. I also spent my birthday money on the Amazon. We will see if everything that I bought fits me when it arrives. 
  • We watched the game at the Ferguson's house tonight. Jennifer at potato soup, and we brought ham and cheese croissants. There were plenty of desserts which quickly disappeared before half time ever started. Everyone had a good time and certainly enjoyed the evening. 
  • We did come home at the end of the 3rd quarter. We made our folks get into their pjs and brush their teeth as we watched the end of the game. Tomorrow is a big day for Graham-he gets to cash in on his Christmas presents.

January 9, 2022

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  • Apparently, everyone in the house but me heard the stormy weather last night. I slept like a baby. Robby, on the other hand, stayed up too late watching his documentaries, couldn't sleep and then the storm kept him up.
  • Maybe that was why I was the first one awake this morning. Unfortunately, we just had big church this morning. I am thankful that we are able to do that at least, but disappointed in the choices of our church, but this isn't the place for that!
  • After church, we had our lunch at Nonna's house. It was my birthday celebration so Nonna had a few of my favorite things-bbq and chocolate chip cheesecake. That cheesecake recipe is actually the same one that I used to catch Robby when we were dating.
  • I even opened quite a few presents over there. I tried to encourage the kids that they were supposed to bring me presents again during this birthday celebration, but I couldn't convince them.
  • When we came home, I continued my celebration with a long birthday nap. Actually, I was awake for a good bit of my birthday nap. There were barking dogs and children needing me to put in my codes on the ipads. However, I still slept well.
  • After my nap, I got a few things ready for supper before walking on the treadmill for a tiny little bit-I had a movie to finish up. Campbell, Anderson and Graham headed to Rock Creek tonight for their church. 
  • The Wilsons came over for supper-lasagna, biscuits, dole whip and cookies. I thought that we needed green beans, but Robby said we did not since this is not a school cafeteria. We enjoyed our food and fellowship. The kids also enjoyed hanging out for a little bit.
  • When they left, we some how ended up watching a football game. Currently it is after 11, and we are all gathered around the tv watching the end of a football game. I guess we are once again wearing that red dress and enjoying life to the fullest.

January 8, 2022

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  • Well, let's see. This morning seems like so, so long ago. I was one of the first ones out of bed this morning. I did hear Whitman talking to someone as I was unloading the dishwasher. Soon though he did come down with Campbell and Keaton close behind him.
  • I walked on the treadmill and soon after that we sat down for a minute to watch the Hogs play their basketball game. Then it was time for me to leave with Keaton for her basketball game.
  • The other team didn't have enough players-well, they didn't even show up so it was Keaton's team against Keaton's team plus Campbell and one teammate's brother. This was the highlight of Campbell's week getting to play basketball. The side that Keaton was playing on won, but everyone did good and had fun.
  • Since they didn't play the second half, we had a good little break and ran to Sam's for a few minutes. Well, Keaton did leave with her friend for a sleepover. The rest of us enjoyed a snack at Sam's. Then Reagan, Campbell and I ran to Walmart to buy Reagan a salad for supper.
  • Next we were back to Immanuel for Graham's game. They haven't won a single game, but today was there day. We didn't trust and we couldn't see the scoreboard, so we kept our own score. This caused us to not know exactly how many points Graham did score. The game came down to the last few seconds when his team held them. Graham did foul out in the last few minutes, but he played a great game.
  • From where we were setting for us to see the scoreboard, you have to get up and walk to the edge of the court. At one point, I saw Anderson get up and start walking towards the court. I don't really know what I was thinking, but in my mind it was like I had a toddler running out onto the court and I jumped like I was trying to stop Anderson. I really thought that he was going to go and whisper something to his brother. He was just checking the score so all was well.
  • After Graham's game, Reagan drove her, Graham, Campbell and Whitman home. It was pretty rainy, but she got them home safely. At 6, Anderson's game started. If you will remember, Anderson's team was decimated by one team and barely won another game, so we are never really too sure what the outcome will be.
  • Today, didn't start off too well for his team, but they soon were on fire. They won by 10 points, but I was the one about to come on the court during this game. After the other team retrieved Anderson's team's rebound, Anderson set a screen. The boy that he set the screen on, just hauled up and shoved Anderson to the ground. 
  • I came off my seat. Thankfully, the refs saw it, and Anderson was able to shoot two-making just one. After his game, we went to get supper. We had to run by Walgreens to get pictures. On the way there, Anderson mentioned pizza.
  • The Little Ceasar's line was crazy, but we decided that I would just run in. Their doors were locked so it was back to the line we went. While we were in line, Robby ordered pizza from another place. Then I did run into the Walgreens to pick up some pictures.
  • The next stop was ChickFilA (Campbell and Graham's supper) where we were having to order at the speakers. Apparently everyone had forgotten how to do this so the line was incredibly long and slow. We eventually got our food, and moved on to pick up Arbys (Robby and my suppers).
  • Robby had been thinking about Arby's all day long, but as soon as we pulled into their parking lot, we could see that they were not open. Next up we did pick up the pizza without any problems. Finally, Robby decided to get our supper at McDonalds. 
  • He decided to go inside there, but of course their door was locked so we went into their drive through line. It was kind of surreal all of the difficulties that we had getting our food tonight-I am sure all of this was caused by covid staffing issues, but gracious we were sure glad to be home and be able to eat tonight!

January 7, 2022

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  • Last night we had Chinese for my birthday dinner. I had not even finished eating when I knew that it was not going to sit well with me at all. Usually, after a few trips to the bathroom I can be over my sensitive stomach, but that sure didn't happen.
  • I was able to sleep fine last night, but I did feel like I had been run over by a bus for a good bit of the day. I am just fine now and have eaten plenty since this afternoon. So my day was a bit slower, but this is Friday, and we worked hard on school so we could just play today.
  • The first order of business today was a little bit of school work with Anderson. He was up and working on school work before I was even out of bed. Then I made Reagan sit down and take the entire ACT. That went over well-ha!
  • She did just fine on two sections, and the two sections that she really needs to do well on-she bombed. For her to take her two concurrent classes that we have planned on taking next semester, she needs to up those scores and up them by her test date of February 12. So we will be working each week day on those two sections-she will be absolutely thrilled!
  • I had myself a long nap this afternoon. It was pretty perfect. While I wasn't napping, it did seem like my job today was taking Bentley outside. And every time she went outside with me she had to do her business. I tried to explain to her that it is cold outside, and we needed to hurry, but she is dog and didn't seem to understand.
  • This evening, quite a few of us played a game in the living room. I was able to pick out the pictures for the month as well as read a bit of my book. Then Campbell and I worked on a loaf of bread in the dutch oven-it is the one that had to rise for 8 hours. 
  • The bread turned out to be pretty good. Since it was made in the dutch oven, the crust was crispy. I pulled out the jelly, honey, butter and nutella, and we all enjoyed some. Next week-we will try bread maker bread. 
  • Oh, and yes we did feed the kids supper. I pulled out all of the leftovers-the only leftover taker that I got was for a slice of cheese cake. We did have to make some nuggets and tater tots to supplement our lack of leftovers.
  • I did eventually realize that it was time to start my Hallmark movie! So that is what is currently happening now-Hallmark movie, ipading, and playing with the dog. Pretty perfect Friday evening.

January 6, 2022-Happy Birthday Tara

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  • It was a pretty great 44th birthday day for me. I was the first one to wake up-well, that is not exactly true. Graham was in the school room as my alarm was going off this morning. Though I must not have let my alarm ring too many times, because my ringing alarm didn't wake up Robby or Bentley like it does most mornings. 
  • Graham was already working hard on his school work which made me extremely proud. I've been a bit worried about a few gaps in our schooling and have been praying for some motivation for people. So seeing him working early in the morning was quite a birthday gift for me.
  • When Bentley and I went outside this morning it was super cold. We did our walk around the block, but it was more like a jog around the block today. I didn't even give her time to do her daily business because it was too cold. I have already decided that there will be no walks tomorrow when it is even colder.
  • Anderson and Reagan went to school this morning. They were kind of hoping for a snow day and kind of not hoping for a snow day. A snow day would mean their classes would be on zoom, and the Dennies aren't fans of zoom for sure. 
  • Speaking of zoom, we found out that our Bible study is now online until the end of February. I guess I am thankful for technology, but we will not be doing zoom. We will continue to keep up with our Bible study lessons though.
  • The afternoon was pretty perfect-well, other than my treadmill walk. Anderson and Reagan came home from school safely. Whitman did some coding, Campbell did some drawing. I had some hot chocolate and read a cookbook.
  • Eventually, it was time to head to basketball practice for Keaton and Graham. (We find out tomorrow about what will happen to the games on Saturday.) I visited during the first practice and then walked the second practice. Robby spent his time running errands and picking up our supper.
  • Robby and the kids made my birthday pretty great today. After eating, we opened presents-just about everyone had something for me. Keaton had even made my lunch today and cleaned the kitchen some. 
  • The Wilsons came over just as we were about to eat our cheesecake and cookies for dessert. They stayed and visited for a while, then it was eventually bedtime for me and my crew.

January 5, 2022

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  • This was a little bit different day than I had planned. We had Bible study this morning, and Campbell stayed home. She has been a bit under the weather for a few days so she didn't get to go. She wasn't too bummed about missing Bible study but was more bummed about missing church tonight (though it was cancelled due to covid).
  • It was kind of odd going to Bible study with just Keaton and Whitman. And then Keaton didn't even come home with us. She went to Pinnacle with some friends and walked around the base of it.
  • Whitman and I came straight home. I did a tiny bit of school with Campbell and then left with Robby, Anderson and Graham.
  • We dropped the big boys off with Pops. They went to eat at Red Robin and then went to Dave and Busters to play some games as part of their Christmas presents. They had a big time and enjoyed the day very much.
  • Robby and I ran to the library, Hobby Lobby, Costco and Kroger so we came home about the same time as the boys and came home with a car load of stuff to unload.
  • I then worked on school with Anderson, Graham and Campbell. One of the exciting things today was me misplacing a math video. Anderson now needs the Algebra 2 videos, and I can't find them for anything. I have tore this place up and can't find them. Thankfully, Robby has already ordered me a second set, but that didn't stop the kids from looking some more in hopes of finding the video and the monetary reward that I promised-they had no luck.
  • I had a few recipes that I wanted to try out tonight so I made those-white bean chicken chili which was very good. I think that it was a keeper. Robby didn't like the green chilis. And I knew that Anderson wouldn't like the corn so I didn't put that in the pan-just had a bowl of it. 
  • Then we made Dole whip in the new ice cream maker. Part of that ice cream maker stays in the freezer-and what we have always stored in it has been our wedding cake.
  • Yes, we still have (well, we had) our 21.5 year old wedding cake. It was wrapped in marshmallows. At some point lately, the lid has been broken so Robby decided that it was time to be done with the cake.
  • Much to my disapproval, he tried some-and so did I and the boys. There wasn't much cake left at all-just about one square inch. I guess that it dissolved into the marshmallows since they were gooey. Anyway, the cake tasted surprisingly good still.
  • Now, I am not sure why the boys started tasting the marshmallows-but soon Graham was eating a handful of 22 year old marshmallows to win some money. He kept them down, but gracious me. When I lovingly packed my wedding cake piece 22 years ago, I probably never imagined getting it out in a kitchen full of screaming kids making bets on who could eat the nasty marshmallows.
  • The Dole Whip was good, and probably washed down the taste of marshmallows for Graham. After we ate it, I played Uno Flip with some of the kids. They play where you can keep stacking the + cards-so you could end up with having to draw 15 cards all at once.
  • I did win the game, but we were all ready for it to be over. Right now I am trying to blog quickly so I can have some time to look at one of my library books before bed.

January 4, 2022

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  • Today was our first day back at school, and for some reason things went fairly smoothly. Like they went oddly smooth. Kind of a bit spooky how things went today.
  • I woke up on time and even a second or two before my alarm sounded. Well, I still stayed in bed until my alarm did ring a few times. I was a bit confused about what exactly I should be doing this morning since my clothes were a tiny bit damp still in the dryer so they weren't ready immediately to fold. 
  • I figured things out and woke up the kids before taking Bentley on a brisk walk. We walked the whole loop today, and we were walking fast because I was cold! Once we made it home, the clothes were dry and all was well again.
  • We started on our work together as Anderson and Reagan headed to Comm Central for their first day back. I think they had a good day and didn't come home with way too much homework.
  • The rest of us plowed through our school work. Even Whitman was finished by noon today. It did help that Whitman and I had worked together yesterday so we didn't have to do that today. 
  • I was able to walk on the treadmill today before working in the camper some and helping Whitman work on his coding. And then, then there wasn't much else to do this afternoon. We just kind of hung out, and it was pretty perfect.
  • We had manicotti for our supper which is certainly a crowd favorite. Whitman, the girls and I played a quick little game that he had received for Christmas before Keaton and I took Anderson to basketball practice.
  • We ran to the Dollar Tree first. Then while he was at practice, Keaton and I ran around crazy at Walmart picking up things that we needed. I'm sure it was pretty crazy since we were walking from aisle to aisle back and forth. We finally found everything that we needed and made it back in time to pick up Anderson from practice.
  • Campbell had made cookies at home which we enjoyed while we watched the last bit of the Razorback game. When the game was over, we put everyone to bed since tomorrow is another school day for some plus a back to Bible study day for the rest of us.

January 3, 2022

(click for today's pictures)

  • Well, this was certainly a perfect do nothing day. Oddly enough Campbell and Keaton were the first ones out of bed this morning. They were both cuddled up in the living room under blankets this morning. 
  • This afternoon Robby did add the heater to the living room. That makes it incredibly cozy-also it adds at least one child sitting in front of the heater at all times. Seriously, there is always someone, and usually there is also a timer going showing how long they get to sit there until it is someone else's turn.
  • Despite the chilly weather, I did take Bentley on a walk. While we were on our walk, I got a bit chilly, and decided that we wouldn't go the whole way-my ears were cold. I did see that stray dog that I don't like on the walk so that was another reason I cut it short. 
  • When we made it back to the yard, Bentley was sniffing around trying to go to the bathroom, and that is when I started to get hot. I guess just standing in the sun made my warmer than walking briskly in the cold, windy air. 
  • After Bentley's walk, I did my laundry and dishes. Once Whitman did wake up, I did some school work with him hoping that it will make things smoother tomorrow. (I don't have huge hopes on things being smoother though). 
  • Anderson did drive a little bit today. He just drove to the little church, but he did a perfect job. We were on the way to the library, and I guess since we had driven that far, he also thought that we would go by ChickFilA which we did.
  • Back at home, most of us played Uno Flip which Whitman got for Christmas. We played that silly game for over an hour. It was a wild, wild time. Some of my children can get a little bit loud when playing games, and they certainly were tonight.
  • After the game, Robby and I watched some tv. We cleaned out the fridge again today-I am not sure where all of this food keeps coming from. We did have to supplement with pancakes and sausage though. 
  • Keaton is making a bracelet currently. Most folks have had showers tonight. And as soon as this little blog is over, I am planning on watching a Hallmark movie and reading through a cookbook. 

January 2, 2022

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  • Another Sunday with no Sunday school because of the holiday. After church we picked up pizza on the way home and ate. I actually was laying down for a nap before we are usually out of the church house.
  • This afternoon has kind of been quiet. After my naps-and yes, I say naps. There were questions, dogs and lots of noises during my nap. I still slept perfectly well though. After my nap, we did meet the couple that bought the land behind us. They have plans to live in their camper there until they build. We do have a few connections to them, so maybe they will be good neighbors.
  • The kids have done pretty much nothing all day. Well, Reagan seems to have found her non-school day routine. Unfortunately, it all ends Tuesday. She has decided that she wants to learn Spanish, read more, and learn how to play the piano so she has been very diligent on those things right now. Her routine is to read, play the keyboard upstairs, practice Spanish and then watch tv. Then she starts it all over again.
  • Keaton did a good bit of organizing today. She worked on both of her school shelves and made them incredibly neat. I guess that she inspired me because I soon started on my kitchen cabinets. I just moved things around and really got rid of nothing. My top cabinets aren't too bad. I didn't get to my lower ones which are sadly crammed and messy.
  • Whitman also has done more than just ipading today. He spent at least an hour upstairs drawing. However, if his pictures is not adequate in his mind, he throws it away. He threw paper after paper away. I tried to encourage him to keep some to see how much he can improve when he practices, but he didn't like my idea. 
  • And really, Campbell, Graham and Anderson are at church tonight so they are also doing something beneficial. Since we were gone a little bit last week during the in between Christmas and New Year's week, it has been nice to a have a few extra do nothing days. I might could just do this all of the time-well, no, I really couldn't. 
  • Robby and I stared a Hallmark movie tonight. When the kids came home from church, we pulled out some leftovers-well, most folks had pizza or ramen, but I chose an uncrustable. It was a pretty quiet evening around here with only one day to play before real life begins again. 

January 1, 2022

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  • They say that whatever you do on New Year's day that you will continue doing throughout the year. I am not sure how I feel about that-we did watch lots of football, spent time at Grannymom and Grandpa's house, I had a nap and the kids had plenty of down time. However, we sure weren't productive at all today. Maybe that will come tomorrow or Monday.
  • Yesterday there had been a sale at our Kroger on allergy friendly chocolate chips. I bought some for one friend that used them, but I didn't realize that another friend can use them so early this morning Robby went to pick up 20 more bags. That was fun-I love a good deal even if it is not for me.
  • We then met up at Grannymom's house for the almost start of the Hogs game. While we were there, Campbell and Keaton showed me to how to use my new watch from Christmas. It will be nice again that my wrist will buzz when I get a text so I will hopefully not miss as many things.
  • We had black eyed peas and hog jowl for our New Year's Day meal. I am sure that will bring us good luck, health and wealth as it has in year's past. After eating, there was apple dumplings to celebrate my birthday.
  • I had a few presents to open-a t-shirt from Magnolia, laundry baskets and a planner. I have never had a planner before so this is a new thing for me. This afternoon I spent about an hour filling things into it-that was really pretty exciting to me. 
  • I then went ahead and made my list for tomorrow and even started on a few things-then I realized that it is still Saturday and tomorrow is just Sunday. That is pretty crazy and wonderful.
  • The boys have been on their devices all day long-Whitman his ipad and Anderson and Graham their xboxs. This morning I barely overheard Whitman asking his brothers about some games. I wonder if he will ever decide that he needs a gaming system? 

Dennie Family Resolutions for 2022

This is one of my favorite post of the year. It honestly should make my feel like a failure because I look back at the resolutions from last year, but it is just so entertaining! Here are the Dennie family resolutions for the year 2022:

He said that he was not going to set a resolution this year. However, he has told the children that if he loses 50 pounds this year, we will all wear matching feety Christmas pajamas next Christmas.

-Watch 100 Hallmark movies
-Read all the Little House books
-Lose some weight (any amount will do)

-Learn Spanish
-Read more
-Learn to play the piano

-Drink no soft drinks
-Go to Disney World

-Win a basketball game

-Go to Silver Dollar City 5 times
-Get Anna to ride a roller coaster at Silver Dollar City or Disney World
-Collect 5 new pairs of Mickey Mouse ears

-Watch a movie with friends on her projector 4 times
-Bake her famous peanut butter cookies at least 10 times
-Ride every ride at Silver Dollar City

-Go to Defy
-Ride Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City
-Ride Tron at Walt Disney World

Now, here is the fun part. Last year's 2021 resolutions and our results:

-Weigh 190 by the end of the year (nope)
-15 New camping spots (yes-we spent 65 nights in the camper this year)
-Build new cabinets in the living room (not yet)
-Play 52 games with the kids (early on in the year, but after I reached 52 I slowed way down on the game playing)
-Walk/Run 30 miles each month (yes-just in January!)
-18 New Recipes (possibly)
-22 Hallmark movies by Thanksgiving (Oh yes!)
-Learn to knit/crotchet (Well, Campbell did kind of-does that count?)


-To get a phone (happened in September before her birthday)


-Get his driving permit (yes, on his first try)


-Try starfruit (no)

-Make 10 new recipes (oh for sure. Cooking camp helped that)

-Make meatballs (at cooking camp)


-Go to an NBA game (no, but tickets are bought for January)

-Get taller (probably so)

-Play basketball (basketball was back this year)


-Do a backflip on the ground (no)

-Make 10 batches of her famous peanut butter cookies (yes!)



-Ride my bike 2 miles (hmm, possibly so-we shall count it)

-Walk a mile (yes!)

-Use Academy gift card (yep)

December 31, 2021

(click for today's pictures)

  • It was certainly a nice day today-we didn't do much of anything. Well, Robby and I stopped at Grannymom's house this morning to drop of kolaches for her and Grandpa. Then we ran to Kroger for him to fill the camper up with gas.
  • He got all of the gas that he could at Kroger and then went to Costco while I ran around Kroger picking up a few things that we needed. We also went into Costco for a few minutes and found a few more things that we needed.
  • When we came home, he started working on the camper, and I headed out with Graham, Campbell and Keaton to Nonna and Pops' house to drop off their kolaches. 
  • After visiting there for a little bit, I came home and started folding laundry which seemed to take forever. Kennedy arrived and soon Reagan and Kennedy were heading out.
  • They did ask to go to Barnes and Noble which was a new driving spot for Reagan. On the way, Robby had them go by Grannmymom's house to drop some things off. They then went to the Promanade and on the way home, Robby had them stop and get ice. 
  • Some how the afternoon did get away from us, and we were just finishing working in the camper when it was time to start getting ready for tonight. 
  • We were a bit later than we planned, but made it to the Crafts in plenty of time to ring in the near year. (We arrived at about 5:30) We hung out outside by the fire, and it was just a perfect evening. 
  • The big 4 (Graham, Anderson, Reagan and Kennedy) drove home after our supper tonight. We had hot dogs and hamburgers along with quite a few desserts. 
  • The kids all played and played very well together which gave plenty of time for the adults the sit around and chat. We stayed and rang in the New Year with NYC. Then we packed up and headed for the house. 
  • We were able to watch the ball drop at home, and then I did run around the house asking the kids to quickly think up New Year's Resolutions.