February 28, 2014

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Uh oh - someone left the bathroom door open and I found it!

  • At the crack of dawn this morning, the kids were working on their covers trying to remake their beds.  Yesterday, we made their beds and they just love it (I never insist on them making them and hardly help since they have bunk beds and quite a chore)  But yesterday, I helped and they were so pleased.  Robby said that he would sleep in a sleeping bag when he was little so he wouldn't have to make his bed.  Meanwhile, I have a new comforter and have become some crazy about not getting kid yuck on it that I daily spread out my old nasty comforter over my new one to protect it-wonder why I even bought a new one anyway.
  • Breakfast today is mom's choice and last night I did see a chocolate chip scone recipe on pinterest.  I thought I would just whip that up real quick-ha!  We were already running a bit late with our morning and I had the kids do some school work while I was gathering supplies.  Then we all made the scones and the kids worked more while they baked.  When they had finally baked (seemed like an eternity!) we all sat in the living room and ate peacefully (for about 10 minutes and then Reagan and Anderson had a knock down drag out about nothing!)
  • A few months ago, I had become concerned about Reagan and Graham always fussing when they were together.  It is amazing how things change though-now Reagan and Graham seem to be the best of buddies.  They are always together and I can often find him sitting right near her (today he was right next to her as she was working on her loom bracelet)  I have decided that Graham so wants to make her happy that he will do whatever she wants so that helps them get along wonderfully.  Don't worry about anyone else though Anderson has taken up with Keaton in Reagan's absence and Keaton and Campbell are also best of buddies.  This will all change in week or two and everyone will have a new best buddy but it is always interesting to watch.
  • School was manageable today but I was the one who got tired and let the kids skip their oral reports-the kids were working fine but I didn't want to have to do any work.  Those oral reports are tough this month-the path of blood, Billy Graham and penguins.  Maybe we can bang them out tomorrow...or maybe not! 
  • After school, I had promised Reagan that I would help her with a big bracelet and we were both pretty excited about it.  So she and I along with everyone but Whitman who was napping huddled again in the school room and we started on her bracelet.  It was from the advanced section but we pressed on and thought we had completed it...until after lunch when it started breaking piece by piece.  I told her we would try again (I hoped she would pick another bracelet but she didn't) and guess what-it didn't work that time either.  My nerves were shot by the third go around and it was movie time so we stopped in the middle but a bit ago, I walked by and noticed that one of the bands broke so try 3 is also a failure.  Maybe tomorrow we can try to make another bracelet-cross your fingers for us!
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to get Graham for the night.  As soon as they drove into the driveway, Graham put on his coat and backpack and wore them the entire time that Grannnymom and Grandpa were here.  He was so ready to go and could hardly wait to leave this house.  We heard he went to Rock Creek and Cash was spending the night there too so he is having a big time!  
  • This afternoon went by too quickly leaving me a list of weekend things to accomplish (or just add to next weeks list!) Supper tonight was not just Mexican but a Mexican restaurant-complete with candles, table cloth, cloth napkins (we are fancy though around here-every night we use cloth napkins!-fancy or cheap-however you look at it) and menus.  
  • Anderson took our drink and appetizer order.  After he delivered it, Reagan took the order for the entrees and sides.  And my Campbell could not wait to be the waitress to pass out the desserts (pudding or ice cream)  The kids had so much fun doing this-we really should do it more often.  We sat there talking about how nice the restaurant was, the weather, the messy little baby at the next table and about how we hoped to come back to that restaurant.  
  • Afterwards, Robby and I cleaned up the kitchen while the kids played upstairs.  We worked a bit on straightening the toy room-they seem to dump everything these days and then we watched our Let's Make a Deal before bed.  

February 27, 2014

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Sometimes they are best friends!

  • Whitman was the first one up this morning around 6.  Robby changed his diaper and then he laid down with us and his bottle. He was the cutest thing ever-at one time I was scratching his back and he started rubbing my back.  When Robby got up, I told him that I really thought Whitman could go back to sleep and sure enough he did.  I was rubbing his back and he was sitting really still, he looked up at the ceiling and then plop, he laid over on my leg and was out.  
  • I cuddled with him for a long time (until someone called me upstairs to wipe their bottom) and even Anderson snuggled with him for a bit.  But when everyone else came downstairs I did put him back in his bed.  Of course with his nose was running just a bit this morning, him waking up in the middle of the night (yes, 6 is the middle of the night) and then going back to sleep in the morning-I convinced myself that the poor baby was sick.  I sure hope not because we have to keep him healthy so that fluid in his ears does not get infected. Hopefully, that fluid is no longer there though.
  • Robby took Campbell and Keaton to school this morning.  Campbell was super excited about school because this was the day that they were to bring a stuffed animal to pretend to be a veterinarian on. Keaton was just excited to get to ride to drop Campbell off.  Those girls were pulling out their poptarts before I knew what was happening.  They had a few extra minutes after getting ready and even ate their pop tarts together in the kitchen.  
  • School was good today.  I feel like we are in a good routine right now.  I know that by saying that, tomorrow and the next week will be crazy but things do seem to be going smoothly.  Next weeks big event is putting our oral reports together for the next week and tallying up our read-a-thon totals (I'm slacking a bit on getting that done)
  • Keaton and Robby made it home and we had ourselves lunch and the kids helped pick up some.  Then they had plenty of time to play this afternoon.  Keaton did grab her milk about 30 minutes before her normal nap time but we went with that and everyone was down for a nap early!  I had a few things to do along with the treadmill but that was really it-kind of a relaxing day....
  • Until Whitman woke up.  That child is keeping me on my toes-climbing up the first step, knocking tables down, pulling dishes out of the cabinet and eating every single thing on the floor in the house.  He spends most of his waking time in his high chair, in his exersaucer or with me carrying him around.  Whitman is a little stinker too because I will sternly call his name when he is doing something wrong and he will turn to grin at me and then speedily crawl away!  
  • The kids went outside this afternoon and when Campbell arrived home she joined them.  The boys played with their remote control cars and the girls watched the neighbor girl make a bracelet.  I think that everyone played in the dirt and Anderson rode his bicycle and played basketball with the neighbor boys.  I went out occasionally to spy on all of the goings on.  Graham came inside fairly early so he enjoyed some quiet time in the house by himself.
  • We had supper-I was supposed to go to bunko tonight but so few people could come that they changed it to out to eat but it ended up that after that I was the only one that could come so it was cancelled. Anyway, I had enough spaghetti for everyone except for one plate (which would have been mine but Robby opted for a burrito instead) Though the kids devoured their spaghetti tonight and that left us scrambling fixing them more to eat.  It is nice to finish off leftovers but here lately, our leftovers aren't nearly enough to feed most of us a second time.
  • After supper, half of my crew received some type of medicine (Whitman-allergies, Graham-athlete's foot, Anderson-allergies, asthma and wart medicine)  Poor Anderson's cough is pretty bad so hopefully it will get better soon.  Everyone pitched in to straighten the kitchen and the toy room after supper and then we watched a Let's Make a Deal before sending everyone to bed. 

February 26, 2014

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Blue-eyed, blonde & precious!

  • 6:45 and this house was rocking this morning.  That was fine though because it gave all of us plenty of time to get ready before Bible study.  Robby took care of the toaster this morning and again the smoke alarms did not go off-it must be a conspiracy.
  • Before Bible study, we had time to even do a few chores-straighten the fridge, clean the bathrooms, fold the laundry and empty the trash cans.  We can be productive around here-if we really try.  The kids even had a minute of free time before we left to pick up Campbell.
  • Campbell was ready to go and told us all about what she did at Grannymom's house.  She did perfect walking into her room but when it was time to pick her up, it was another story.  Campbell is my first one to pick up after Bible study so I need for her to come so we can pick up everyone else-it didn't go that way.  We had a pretty good "come to Jesus meeting in the hallway" and that helped some.  Actually, it helped until we got in the car and she asked to play her kindle and I said no.  
  • When we made it to Beebee's place, we found Beebee leaving music and turned her right back around so we could go and eat with her. The kids did better today and didn't really play with the toys in the room that we were in but they did enjoy ringing the bells that Beebee and the other ladies used for music.  
  • A worker came in when I was taking a crew to the bathroom and she told Reagan and Anderson that they could play with the legos.  And they said "our mom won't let us."  Yep, I'm the bad mom.  Ha!  I had explained to them on the way today that we had come to see Beebee and not play with the toys though.  
  • The kids did well seeing Beebee and eating their lunch-well, Campbell didn't do good.  She was still upset from earlier so she fussed and cried the entire time we were there.  It didn't help when I told her that she was going to take a nap this afternoon-I probably should have just sprung that on her when it was nap/movie time.  
  • Back at home, I unpacked and unloaded the car-while getting Whitman and Keaton out of the car, I woke them both up which wasn't my plan but they did need new diapers.  This meant that Whitman took forever to go back to sleep and Keaton never did.  She talked, sang and called me for a long while.  I did give her 2 cups of milk which I hope is the reason that she spit up a bit on her pillow.  After that I did get her up which made Campbell's last 45 minutes of nap time pretty unbearable because she couldn't understand why Keaton was up and she was not.  
  • Everyone did survive the afternoon-barely!  Soon we were having supper and then loading up for my library run and then church.  Campbell did excellent tonight at church-going in and coming out of her class.  Maybe she did learn her lesson.  
  • While Robby and I were sitting behind the puppet screen, if we could have reached out a smack a child, we sure would have.  We could hear Graham saying "I know who the puppets are!" and "My mom is back there."  That little stinker.  
  • Back at home tonight, the kids put on pjs and then it was time for a quick snack before bed.  Only a few were happy about the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate that we gave for a snack.  Reagan didn't like that we weren't going to heat them up (too late), Anderson didn't like some part of the snack and Graham was not happy that we weren't eating candy.  Can't please everyone all the time!

February 25, 2014

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Friendly game of Monopoly!

  • Graham was up before 7 this morning making noise again today.  He is moving to the shed soon if that continues. I actually think moaning and groaning is how the child wakes up.  Campbell was up pretty early too because she was excited about her day-school, then spending the day and night with Grannymom.  We had a few last minute things to pack in Campbell's bag and soon they were on their way to school.
  • Robby did help me with breakfast this morning-toast morning.  Now I don't know how many toasterfulls of toast that he made this morning since the kids were devouring toast with nutella on top.  But as soon as he left, the two pieces of toast that I put in there failed to pop up.  Why in the world would that toaster not work for me?  Thankfully, I remembered it and jumped over Whitman and a chair to pop it up before the room filled with smoke-as is the tradition every single Tuesday morning.
  • The kids were on top of school this morning.  I think that everyone was finished by 10:30 which would be time for celebration but we still have our together work to do.  I have come to dread that together work even though all our together work consist of is Bible verses (good thing), singing a hymn for choir (not too horrible), today was singing the bones of the body song (also good), reading history (that is fine as well) but it also is science (blah, gag, groan).  I am the one that really doesn't like science-everyone says that we have the best science curriculum there is.  It is God centered which is wonderful but it can get a bit wordy since we basically have to read 2+ pages a day.  That doesn't sound like much but it could be used for a high school or probably college textbook.  And even though it is designed for grade schoolers, it is still tough some days to get through it.  Okay, I am finished venting for the day!
  • The kids had plenty of time this morning to play before lunch.  We actually had time to play a game before waking Whitman up.  Then it was lunch time-we had used all of our bread for breakfast and there were only a few tortillas left (Robby has been taking one for lunch so I didn't want to use all of his lunch food) but I was still amazingly able to scrounge something up.  Then it was time for more free time-everyone helped me clean up and my Anderson found another way to torment Whitman.  Poor Whitman is intrigued yet a bit afraid of the broom at the same time-I may or may not have taken pictures of this.  It is kind of odd though him being afraid of the broom since he is not afraid at all of the vacuum (for example tonight after spaghetti for supper I just vacuumed his legs and high chair with him in it to clean up)
  • The kids played most afternoon and Anderson pulled out Monopoly Jr to play.  I don't really know how people play real Monopoly because monopoly jr takes forever!  They almost finished when we made them clean up so we could have supper.  
  • Tonights supper was one-pot spaghetti.  Robby can be a bit picky about spaghetti so I was a bit apprehensive of this pinterest find but it was a success.  Basically you just boil the noodles in sauce and chicken broth-I was told that the recipe was a keeper.  After supper, Reagan and Anderson completely picked up the toy room while Graham cleaned off the plates and then loaded the dishwasher.  That child loves anything to do with the dishwasher-Robby said that could be his main chore until he really got good at it and then we would pass it off to someone else so they could learn the ins and outs of dishes.
  • I made us some brownies to munch on as we watched our nightly tv show and since the kids were fairly calm tonight (hmm, wonder if that was because my Campbell wasn't here?) we even watched another movie before bed.  

February 24, 2014

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Just reading in front of the heater!

  • Whitman was the first one up this morning and he wanted to cuddle with us-well, until his bottle was empty and then he wanted to crawl all over us.  Graham was downstairs soon and he was pretty excited to get to be the first to play with Whitman.  
  • The kids were playing upstairs really well today-so good that I let them play for a few extra minutes while I got a few things ready for school.  I probably let them play for too long but they were so happy upstairs.  Finally, I called them down for breakfast and to start on school.  They were able to take their breakfast when they started working since it was cereal and fruit today.  This was a win-win-they could work and eat saving time and Whitman would be able to find tasty snacks on the floor all day long.
  • I don't know if I have mentioned about where the kids do their school lately.  Reagan does most of her sitting in front of the heater in the living room.  Today though I did catch Keaton and Campbell when they took over Reagan's spot.  Graham works some at his desk but usually ends up near me in the kitchen.  I end up spending most of my time at the kitchen table when I am working with the kids.  And Anderson does everything at his desk.  He is the child that can not imagine doing school work any where but at his desk. 
  • We finished school in time for the kids to play some while I woke Whitman up and scrambled around to make lunch.  PBandJs, chips, fruit and water-the lunch of the Dennie kids lately.  I really would love to come up with different lunch items to make a lunch menu like our breakfast and snack menus but I sure can't keep of many things that are quick and easy for lunch.  The kids don't mind their sandwiches as long as I stay busy reading during lunch.  We are slowly getting through our Brighty (Grand Canyon burrow) book.  I figure it will only take us another year and a half!  Ugh!  Seriously, I do think that the end is in sight with that book.  
  • I had the kids help with the laundry after lunch.  That is always exciting-6 kids and me in my closet folding 2 baskets of laundry.  We survived and finished everything so they all could play a bit more before the little ones naps.  
  • Let me brag on Graham for a minute.  Without being asked, he opened the clean dishwasher and completely emptied the dishwasher.  And later in the day, he went and did a page of tomorrow's phonics.  Sounds incredibly strange doesn't it?  But no worries, our old Graham showed back up later in the day!
  • I did my do on the treadmill while the kids had their snack and watched their movies.  Then everyone woke up and they played legos for a long while. Then the second that Robby walked into the door, it all came crashing down upstairs and things went crazy!  People screaming, hitting, yelling-gracious me!  I am sure that Robby would have liked to turned right around and gone back to work...me too!
  • Things quickly calmed down and we all had a peaceful supper of leftovers-chicken spaghetti and cornbread-which is the favorite meal around here right now.  My Whitman ate more than Campbell-I just kept putting more on his tray thinking that he was dropping most of it but apparently not because there was nothing left in his high chair when I got him out.
  • The kids did their oral reports from earlier in the month for the video and then we watched a Price is Right.  The kids were pretty wound up this evening and Keaton's constant talking has spilled over to the bed.  She almost found herself back in the bonus room but finally went to sleep (at least I hope!)

February 23, 2014

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Celebrating Grannymom's Birthday!

  • We didn't lay around too long this morning because Sunday mornings are fairly busy around here.  The kids were ready quickly-I think because they were anxious to dig into their honey buns.  I was scrambling around this morning but we all made it to church on time with all of our shoes.
  • After church, Campbell was telling Keaton about her Bible story.  She was having Keaton repeat the names of the 2 people in the story "Adam-am" and "Eve."  I eventually questioned her about what she was saying and then she said it "Adam-am Eve."  I guess when we say "Adam and Eve" she hears Adamam.    
  • We had lunch at Dana's house to celebrate Grannymom's birthday.  Dana had fajitas and the kids loved the entire meal.  As did Whitman, who was completely covered in beans-and then spit up his beans all afternoon.  
  • The kids jumped on the trampoline and all enjoyed dress up.  Oh, poor Whitman didn't enjoy dress up.  Anderson wore Cash's warewolf costume and it terrified that child.  Terrified poor Whitman.  I won't be surprised if that child wakes screaming tonight.  
  • After Dana's house, we ran to Walmart for a bit.  We have been running out of ice cream truck ice cream so Robby ran in to buy some more.  He volunteered to run in because he knew I wouldn't buy as much ice cream as he would.  I, though, enjoyed watching the police take folks out of the store in handcuffs.
  • We only had a bit of time at home this afternoon.  Keaton and Whitman continued their naps from the car and the others watched one movie.  Robby and I unloaded the car, emptied the dishwasher and made supper for the car on the way home tonight.
  • Then we loaded up and headed back to church-we made it to church on time but Keaton didn't have her shoes this trip.  (2/3rds of the kids were wearing shoes so that was still a win and 100% had socks!) Choir was for the big 3 while Campbell went with us to the library for a cookie.  Then she went to class and the rest of us went to church.  On the way home, we did pass out that supper which was gobbled down.  
  • Back at home, everyone sat down in their pjs for ice cream truck and they were delighted with all of their many choices.  Anderson was wheezing a bit tonight so he was given some medicine and Keaton was too talkative tonight so she went to the bonus room briefly but then we put her back in her bed-we will see if she lasts up there!

February 22, 2104

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Celebrating Gavin's Birthday!

  • Saturday morning and the kids quickly found Robby upstairs running.  They hijacked his tv watching and begged to watch Shark Tank.  So he let them and they hibernated upstairs with him until time to scurry around to eat breakfast and get ready.
  • Today was Gavin's 4th birthday party.  Campbell made it very clear that Gavin was her friend and she was tickled to get to sit by him during the party.  All of the kids loved jumping and crawling around at the racket club.  
  • Afterwards, we grabbed a quick bite of lunch on the way home.  And once home, everyone put on their outside clothes and we headed out.  Robby had heard the weather man say that there would be zero wind today so the plan was to burn leaves.  We pulled everything out-I started raking and Robby lit the fire and then the wind started.  Seriously, at times it was ridiculously windy.  We would stand and watch the wind thinking it would stop but it never did.  We were pretty careful and thought we might get some leaves burnt despite the wind but before we knew it, the wind had caught some nearby leaves on fire.  So that was the end of the adding new leaves to the fire and the eventual end to the fire. 
  • Robby and I pulled out chairs and sat to watch the fire until it fizzled.  Pretty frustrating since we have so much leaves to rake and the weather was perfect today.  But with the wind we really couldn't do anything.  
  • The kids were playing perfectly though so we still enjoyed outside.  Anderson did take a mighty good tumble and scratched the fire out of both knees.  Seriously, if it had happened to another kid (and if neighbor boy hadn't been here) we would have had to call the paramedics.  Seriously, I didn't even have a band aid big enough for his scratches.  Blood was gushing out of his legs.  I poured water on it and tried to bandage it some so he could play more.  He was a trooper but did get a bit skittish tonight when we were putting peroxide.  After Robby told him all about when he got a stick stuck in his leg and Grannymom gave him a grape lollipop after she pulled it out, he was much better and proud of his "war wound."
  • The kids watched a few movies while we fixed supper.  We ate our chicken spaghetti and cornbread-then we added cornbread to the list of things that should never be served to children.  Cornbread, cakes/cupcakes and rice-you wouldn't believe our floor after a dinner with these things.
  • We all sat around and watched the Duggars on tv.  But Whitman was a bit fussy so he did get sent to bed early.  It was a big day for him because he had his first tractor ride and his first popsicle.  My boy is growing up!  

February 21, 2014

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Making Cookies!

  • My Graham wakes like clockwork just about every single day before seven.  I don't know when he really wakes up but he doesn't start making noise until a few minutes before seven-which is a no-no.  He desperately wants for someone to wake up with him.  There is no way that Reagan will be the first one up (we usually have to wake her up for breakfast) and Anderson is starting to adopt her sleeping patterns.  Campbell will occasionally sleep for a long time too so that just leaves Graham with Keaton.  And he has certainly embraced waking Keaton up and getting her out of her bed.  In return for getting her up, Keaton makes him her morning playmate and they become the best of buddies at least until breakfast.
  • After Robby left this morning, we started work on school.  On Fridays (on the rare days Fridays that we end up doing school), we don't do spelling or language so that is few less things that I have to do.  So my morning was fairly relaxing-I was able to drink my hot chocolate, read a bit to Keaton and Campbell, wrestle with Whitman and pick up some all while still helping the kids a bit.  
  • School is going fine though I think I am getting ready for summer!  I just have so many school type things that I want to do with the kids but we don't have the time because of all of the things that we have to do.  Hopefully they will begin finishing up some things and we can start on some of our fun stuff that I want to accomplish.  Reagan has started multiplying by nines.  Anderson is still slow on some of his work but oddly enough he loves, loves doing some math fact worksheets that I found-the catch is that he has to do them in one minute.  Graham is doing well in his math too and my Campbell has learned most of her letters at school.  In about 2 weeks, we will start on the reading book with her.  
  • We had our lunch...with a bit of drama.  Before lunch, I handed out everyone's list of chores and my Anderson had himself a meltdown.  Seriously, he told me he wasn't going to do any of them.  He cried, stomped his feet and growled.  I ignored him the best he could as he lamented that he had hard chores (brush teeth, empty dishwasher, clean baseboards on steps, pick up one box of toys in the toy room, clean out his valentine bag and eat a piece of candy-oh, yeah, I am a slave driver!)  I was secretly hoping that his Daddy would walk in and see him acting this way.  
  • Finally, he stomped over to the dishwasher and slung it open.  By them I had had enough and stomped myself over to him and took his hand and guided him to the mudroom.  I said "sit" and left, returning with a notebook.  I quickly wrote out a few sentences for him to write and then showed him the page that he was supposed to write his apology to me.  Gracious me.  He returned in a much better mood with his sentences finished and his apology written.  
  • As everyone was cleaning out their Valentine candy bag and adding that to their Halloween candy, Robby arrived home.  He was home so I could take Whitman, and only Whitman, to the doctor for his ear re-check.  I had planned on taking everyone but Robby was able to make it home so that was nice-just having one kiddo.  As I checked in at the doctor, Whitman would grin at the lady and then put his head down acting shy.  Cutest thing ever.  
  • The appointment didn't go as great.  The little guy still has fluid in his ears-and a lot of it apparently.  The fluid isn't infected so that is good but a cold would quickly cause it to become infected so that is not good.  And from a speech person's view, I know that fluid is affecting his hearing-even if ever so slightly.  Martin said we could go to an ENT or wait and see.  Of course we are the wait and see type folks so hopefully, we can get through the next few cold weeks without another cold and give that fluid time to go away.  
  • Back at home, the kids watched a movie while Keaton napped.  We had hoped that Whitman would nap but he didn't.  We then had our Friday nachos for supper.  Reagan was so excited about the nachos and then they begged us to let them have taco shells next week along with a menu.  Um, okay, we can do that-whatever makes them happy!
  • After supper, we let the kids finish their game of laser tag that they were playing upstairs.  Not really sure how laser tag was played-it did involve almost all of their blankets from their beds and nerf guns.  When their game fell apart, we started picking up the house.
  • Then everyone helped me make some cookies to enjoy as we watched Let's Make a Deal, then a bit of Shark Tank (which the kids got so excited about-we will have to add that to our repertoire) and finally some of the Olympics (we are very cultured around here!)

February 20, 2014

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I'm going to get you!

  • For some reason the kids didn't come in our room this morning, they all migrated to the toy room.  This would normally be a lovely thing but today we needed to get moving to get Campbell to school on time.  I drug myself up the stairs and asked Keaton if she wanted to go with Robby and she was all about it.  That child told Graham that she was leaving and not to touch her toys, told Campbell to come and put on her clothes too and told me that she was going to ride in Daddy's car.  Oh, I remember the days that she didn't talk at all.  
  • Robby, Keaton and Campbell left and the rest of us started on school.  Things went surprisingly well again today-everyone finished around the same time.  The kids even had time to play for a bit before we started on our science.  Right now, Keaton not only loves playing "dance" but she also loves the big legos.  And her playing with them involves someone else building her something with the legos and then she calls me upstairs to show me what she has made.  I was eavesdropping on the boys playing with her and they were the sweetest things ever helping her out.  She would get frustrated and they would gingerly try to calm her down.
  • The little read-a-thon is still going well.  Reagan and Anderson do have about 150 pages left and only 2 days (Sunday doesn't count since it is so busy)  I think I might just turn them into readers yet.  They all crowded around me tonight as we selected some books from the library.  I am working up the nerve to take everyone to the main library occasionally.  I figure there will be so many more book choices there than at our library.  I really should do that monthly-oh so many things I think of each day to add to my list of things to do!
  • Our lunch and afternoon were pretty normal around her.  Campbell spent the afternoon with Nonna who had picked her up from school.  They had a picnic on the deck, worked a zillion puzzles, rode bikes and even had some popcorn.  When Nonna dropped Campbell off, everyone noticed the beautiful weather outside.  They started begging to go outside and we finally relented.  (We knew that outside time meant showers before going out to eat tonight.  
  • The kids had a blast playing outside and would have stayed outside longer.  Before it was time to come in, we fed them all popsicles which kept them happy, happy!  We quickly showered everyone off and then headed to eat.
  • Whitman did wonderful tonight out to eat-I had him some cheerios but he was more interested in my refried beans.  All of our kids have loved them and Whitman was no different.  He was a mess when we left but he was a full little mess!
  • At home, Campbell ended up getting a free pass for bed.  She missed out on a lollipop before bed but was quite pleased with herself that she was still awake when everyone else came to bed.  That little turkey.  Poor tenderhearted Anderson said "I should have taken her punishment for her."  I tried to explain that she just missed out on a lollipop and had to go to bed about 10 minutes early so it wasn't that bad and she really needed to learn her lesson.  I then asked him why he felt like he should take her punishment and he said "well, she is always getting into trouble."  Yep, my little Campbell has now taken Graham's place as our challenging child!  Maybe she will get that lollipop tomorrow though.

February 19, 2014

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Tara's video debut

  • Graham came into our room this morning and grabbed his book once again and started reading.  Anderson did as well but he wasn't too pleased about the kindles being put away during this read-a-thon.  Actually the other morning, Graham was the one who went go get the kindles out of the closet.  And upon finding the closet door locked, he moved a chair to try to reach the key above the door on the door frame.  When he realized he wasn't near tall enough to accomplish this, he sneakily put that chair back in place so no one would know what he had tried.  
  • Robby was the breakfast man again this morning-I think it is because he really doesn't want me to use the toaster anymore.  Of course that toaster that fails to pop the cooked bread or waffles up for me worked perfectly for him.  He never had to turn off the smoke detector, open the windows or the doors nor grab the fire extinguisher.  I might put him in charge of breakfasts every toast and waffle day.
  • Bible study was this morning.  Reagan was super proud of her awesome brownie snack that we made for her class.  We arrived early because I had to work in a baby class so I dropped everyone off in a different order and my Keaton didn't want to go in.  She put her head down and acted all sad.  When I picked her up, I asked why she cried and she told me that she didn't cry but was sad-pitiful.
  • When Bible study was over, it was time to go and see Beebee.  We found her when she was on her way to lunch.  We had our lunch too and headed to the dining room to eat with her.  The lady said that we could go to the activity room to eat and we all headed there to eat our lunch.
  • The kids love the activity room-legos, train, checkers and even 2 balls.  I do not love the activity room-legos, train, checkers and even 2 balls!  Everyone was fine but all of those things are noisy and I could hardly hear Beebee.  After a bit of play time, I was able to get everyone to understand that we had balls and legos at home and came to see Beebee.  We showed Beebee our Baptist video and she enjoyed it and said that she is looking for the commercials.  And then the kids did their oral reports for her...which we still need to film them doing.
  • When we made it home, I unloaded the car and put Keaton and Whitman to bed.  Everyone else was playing perfectly upstairs so I let them play for a bit while I did a few things.  Then they watched a few movies before supper.  I had finished my chores and Campbell didn't want to watch Reagan's movie pick so we sat down for a few minutes and were almost asleep when Reagan came to tell me that Keaton was awake upstairs.  
  • We had supper and then hurried on to church-we had to make our obligatory library stop when I run in to check in books and check out those books that I have had them hold for me.  Then on to church and all too soon it was time to rush home for bedtime.
  • Campbell didn't want to hold my hand crossing the street going to the car at church tonight and her evening just went downhill from there.  She did pull things together a bit but then she saw where someone had written on the wall.  That didn't go over too well at all-we aren't really sure who the culprit is though I told the kids we knew who had done it.  It wasn't too scribbly so couldn't be Keaton, Campbell usually uses a pen to write with and Whitman is out of the question.  That leave the big 3 as suspects-if you looked at the markings enough they almost looked like an arrow pointing up (it was at the bottom of the steps) and it also looked like someone had tried to erase it.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham are all smart enough to think of drawing an arrow and all smart enough to realize they had messed up and try to erase it.  Truly all of them have probably written on the wall somewhere or another in this house and they all probably fell asleep wondering if we had found their markings and they were going to get into trouble.  Just a bit of magic erasering and all things were back to normal-at least on that one spot of our wall!

February 18, 2014

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Mud pie, anyone?

  • I guess we heard Graham over the monitor early this morning because it was before 7 and Robby and I were both awake (we don't like waking up before 7-we like to think we are sleep deprived and not lazy)  We couldn't lollygag to long because Campbell had school this morning. 
  • Robby got breakfast ready and everyone was pleased with his cinnamon toast skills.  There was quite a bit of complaints about not having yogurt this morning-it is after all on the breakfast menu today!  The kids don't quite understand that there isn't a Kroger in our backyard (though if there was, I would perfectly happy with that)
  • We said good bye to Campbell and the kids started to work.  I don't know what in the world happened today but both boys finished school before Reagan-10:15 and they had finished all of their boxes (not history, science or memory work that we all did later).  
  • Reagan did get a late start at school because she was busy reading.  I totaled their read-a-thon numbers and her and Anderson's totals were a bit low and they have been reading like mad today.  If they can have another good day of reading tomorrow then they should be able to make my goal of 800.  Oh Graham he is pushing 1200 already-this helps Reagan's self esteem none but she doesn't realize that his books have 1 line of text on two pages.  
  • We did our together work and then the kids had time to play before lunch.  This never really happens but Keaton knew what she wanted to play-"dance."  She begged Reagan to play and sweet Reagan did help Keaton change into a dress but then she redirected her to play something else.  I am not sure what they played upstairs-at one time I thought they were filming a horror film with all of the screaming that was happening.  I did check on them (once) and things sounds okay-enough so I kept working downstairs.
  • Whitman woke up from his nap and we all had lunch.  That child goes to the bathroom every single time that he wakes up.  It is almost comical-the kids go in his room to talk to him when he wakes up and then they all fly back out the door coughing and gagging.  
  • The kids worked on a few chores after lunch-emptying the dishwasher, dusting, sweeping, cleaning the toy room and straightening their closet.  I am always surprised that no one complains while helping some.  I am working right along beside them and maybe that helps-or maybe the promise of a  movie and snack help more than that.  
  • Since our main job this afternoon was cleaning the toy room, most of our time was spent upstairs.  There is no way in the world that Whitman can be put down in the toy room because he would make a set of legos his afternoon snack in a heartbeat.  So we set the timer and the kids would rotate every 4 minutes.  The favorite job was staying downstairs and watching Whitman.  It worked well and I only had to fly down the stairs once when Graham started screaming "help me, help me."  Whitman had found a bite to eat from the floor and this panicked Graham so I ran in and saw Graham's finger in Whitman's mouth.  Not really sure if he was asking for help for Whitman or help for his finger.  Poor Whitman probably wondered what all of the commotion was about since he probably only just ate a dropped cheerio or some other leftover food.
  • Keaton and Whitman had their afternoon nap and the others watched a movie.  Then they all headed outside to play.  Keaton was so proud that I put her t-shirt up with a hair rubber band just like Reagan does.  They all played outside with the neighbor kids-this always makes me a bit on edge since I feel like I have to see and be seen quite often when others are around-probably a bit paranoid.  
  • It didn't take too long for the kids to get tired and they started trickling in the house one by one.  Everyone had their showers by the time that Campbell and Robby came home.  I even had supper on the table as soon as the groceries that Robby brought home were unloaded.  They started eating and I high tailed it out of the house for a meeting at church.
  • Back at home the kids watched the preview of our long web commercial once or twice or five or six times.  Then they watched a bit of the olympics followed by our game show before bed.  Everyone was tucked soundly in bed when I made it home.  

February 17, 2014

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Enjoying a great day of weather on President's Day!

  • Since it was President's Day, Robby didn't have to go to work.  We had told the kids that they were not going to have to do all of their school but that was a mistake.  Apparently, by telling them this they thought we meant that they would not have to do any of their school.  Drama ensued!  My Reagan did put her head down and finished everything but 2 boxes and my Graham did the same with lots of help from me.  But everyone is different and that was so evident today because Anderson struggled to finished just a few of his boxes.  
  • Around 11, we had an early lunch and then all headed out to do some shopping.  Robby had to run into Target for something and we all decided to go in.  We had a few groceries to pick up and thought we might could get them at Target-um, nope are we paying over 4 dollars for milk.  
  • The kids and their mother have not entered a Target store in forever.  We walked up and down every aisle.  I found some tennis shoes to replace my good pair (my good pair has a hole on each sole).  Then we found the Valentine aisle all on clearance.  It was like Christmas with Robby and I piling so much stuff in the shopping cart that Keaton had a hard time staying in.  Well, it wasn't really that much but we did load up on candy for the pool this summer.
  • Once we cam back home, the kids were thrilled because it was then time to go outside.  We did have one pair of pants that suffered a causality (a tear) due to the trailer-maybe Grannymom can salvage them for a few more wearings though.  And Graham managed to go outside in his khaki shorts which are now a much darker brown due to the dirt-maybe Nonna can salvage them.  I had forgotten that I need an outside pair of clothes for everyone.  
  • The kids swang, played with their remote control cars, rode their bikes, played basketball, rode their scooters, played soccer, picked up sticks, rode in the trailer and helped drive the tractor.  They were busy, busy while Robby and I picked up sticks.  We need to have at least 3 yard days to properly get the yard nice again (dates to come so you can mark your calendars)  It was a bit windy for us to burn leaves today-or that was our excuse. 
  • When we were about finished, I did play a game of soccer with the kids-Graham and I were on a team against Reagan, Anderson, neighbor boy and neighbor girl.  Campbell started on our team but after kicking the ball once, she was done.  That was fine because she headed inside with Robby to start hers and Keaton's showers.  I had prepared Graham that we weren't going to win but we ran our little hearts out and Graham and I smoked them!  Only by 2 points but everyone was pleased with popsicles at the end of the game.  
  • Then it was shower time for everyone.  Robby made supper while the big kids read and then they finally were able to watch their movies and play on their kindles.  We gave them a big snack and hardly heard from anyone during the entire movies.  I was able to blog (early)!
  • Soon it will be bedtime and I think the kids will be pretty tired.  A few nights ago, after the kids were asleep Robby and I spotted a possum in the yard.  Since we didn't have anything better, he took a few shots with Anderson's bb gun to scare the thing.  Love this country living!

February 16, 2014

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  • Church morning here and we were ready in time for the kids to read some (the read a thon is still going on with just 7 more days left and hundreds of pages left to read-this week, I am going to have to hide those kindles) and we had time for a bit of straightening (just a little tiny bit).
  • One the way to church, we even had time for a car wash.  The clearance sign said "Clearance 7."  So I asked Robby what our clearance was and he said "I guess 7."  I was a nervous wreck through the whole thing-I could just imagine the 8 of us sitting in the van with the roof ripped off with water spraying in and everyone driving by us on the way to church.  Thankfully, we are a good few inches under 7 foot so all was well.
  • I was in Keaton's class after big church and she was a doll.  She just wanted to sit in my lap and cuddle.  I did notice that many of the kiddos in her class were pottying.  Hmm, have to work on that-maybe during spring break though I should probably do it sooner.  Robby was in Campbell's class and he said that she spent most of her time coloring. 
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house.  The kids enjoyed playing but all too soon it was time to head home for quick naps and then back to church.  Today, I told the kids that we would eat our snacks on the way to church so I loaded them up on snacks in the van to get their tummys full through church.  
  • The kids went to choir and Graham was so pleased that his choir is going to get to sing some of the songs with the big kids during their end of the year program.  While they were at choir, Campbell was with us at cookie club as she calls it.  It is really go to the church library and eat a cookie-the best cookies ever up there and at just a dollar for 3 you can't beat the price.
  • During the sermon tonight, Reagan leaned over and asked me "if he gets done early, does he let us out early or does he keep talking?"  I told her that I wasn't really sure.  
  • We rushed home to quickly change into pajamas and eat a bite of supper before bed.  The kids were pretty tired and no one really balked about going to bed.  They are a bit excited about tomorrow because Robby doesn't have to go to work and we have told them they only have to do "some" school (I hope that "some" school amounts to most of it though!)

February 15, 2014

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Rolling on the River!

  • The Dennie's love Saturdays and sleeping in today made it even better.  Then the cinnamon rolls for breakfast were just the icing on the cake.  And truly the day only got better from there.  We didn't move around too quickly this morning and it was after 8:30 that Keaton woke up and I am still not sure if that was because she woke up or Graham woke her up.
  • We had our breakfast and the kids had a bit of time to play.  During all of this play time, Robby spent his time airing up, tightening up and loading up the bikes for the birthday party this morning.  It was supposed to be at the bike track at Burns Park but it was too muddy for a party today so the party was moved to the playground.  
  • Ethan celebrated his 8th birthday with a minecraft party.  The kids loved the playground and had a great time playing and munching on goodies.  I would have had a lots better time if I would have dressed for the weather.  When Robby was working on the bikes, it didn't seem that cold but gracious it was cold out there during the party.  And silly me had forgotten the baby's coat.  He was snuggled up in the stroller with his hat and a borrowed jacket so I think that he stayed warm enough.  
  • Since we were supposed to ride bikes at the party, we thought that we might be able to ride them around the playground and that is why Robby brought them. It was really too crowded to do much riding so we never pulled the bikes out of the van.  That was fine with the kids because they stayed busying playing.  
  • After the party, we drove around to see the bike track and it was amazing.  My boys are already planning on having their parties there.  Seriously, I could see bringing a grown up bike to play on it.  The party would have been enough to satisfy the kids for the rest of the day but the next stop was Cash and Lilly's basketball games.
  • The kids sat with Dana, Grannymom and Grandpa during Cash's game and I think we cheered them on to victory (or at least a tie) and then we moved to watch Lilly play her game and I believe that her team won as well.  Now when you don't have any of your own children on the court, you can objectively listen and some of those parents are a bit too in to the game-they are just kids playing in a recreational league.
  • My boys (even Whitman) watched every bit of the ballgames and really enjoyed it.  I asked them in the van when we left if they would like to play ball some time.  They, of course, would so then I asked Reagan if she would like to play basketball.  "No way" was her response.
  • The next stop was down by the river for the kids to ride their bikes for a bit.  Since we had loaded them up and hauled them around all day, we might as well use them.  My poor Keaton was not happy at all that she didn't get too ride on her bike and had to ride in the stroller.  When we went home and she was playing in the van as we were unloading, she kept saying "There's my bike."  
  • Anyway, the ride down by the river was really nice.  The kids had never rode their bikes anywhere like that, and really had a big time.  We were a bit worried about Campbell making it on her bike but she did just fine and never complained.  We didn't make it all the way to the other bridge (it had already been a busy day) but we did get in enough bike riding for Anderson to tell Robby "Daddy, double thank you."
  • Back at home, it was time to shower and then supper.  I did make the kids do a few school boxes tonight since we are behind from Friday (and will probably get more behind on Monday with Robby off) but that didn't take long.  
  • Soon we were all up in the bonus room and the kids were playing a round of fooz ball.  I did put Whitman to bed early because he only slept in the car today for a few minutes at a time.  That poor guy was exhausted...I am too!  

February 14, 2014

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Play date!

  • Another early morning here at the Dennie house-seriously, I do not know how people are able to get their children to school on time each morning.  We struggle to leave the house by 9!  But this morning the goal was to leave at 9 and surprisingly we made it.  It did help that the kids wore the same clothes they had on yesterday-they took them off and put them in the laundry basket, it was washed and then dumped out in my floor.  Once everyone had on all their clothes, the basket was empty-that is the way I should do clothes everyday.  We could just wear the same clothes for a week, wash them and put them back on each and every day.
  • Our Valentine's party this morning was at the Nelson's house.  Reagan, Campbell and even Keaton played happily in Maddie's room with Layten.  And the boys played with Grant, Whit, Ethan, Andrew, Owen and Wyatt.  The boys far out numbered the girls but they were too busy shooting each other and playing war to notice.
  • The grown ups sat around and talked and ate until almost lunch.  My Keaton did spent quite a bit of time upstairs but she would come down to join me occasionally.  Whitman was a perfect little guy-sitting in his chair eating, crawling on the floor and sitting in my lap.  They were bird sitting and when I showed him the bird, he raised his arms and started grunting at him.
  • We went home around noon-the kids were full from their very late brunch, I was relaxed from some mom time and I mistakenly thought the rest of the afternoon would go smoothly.  Ha!  I asked the kids to do just 2 school boxes-phonics and math.  I know that I said "phonics and math" a zillion times but Anderson who was finishing his history when I walked in was shocked when I applauding him for doing history and then told him to make sure he did his phonics and math.  He was a bit upset but did calm when I explained that he was now just ahead.  (He knew that Grannymom was on her way over so that might have helped his attitude.)
  • Now my Reagan did have 3 math pages today instead of the normal 2.  One page was much shorter and on any other day, she would have immediately started working on them with no complaints but not today.  There were tears, gnashing of teeth-you just wouldn't believe.  And when I kindly explained (yes, I was still in my happy place from hanging out with grown ups all morning) that she had to watch her math video she was livid.  
  • This behavior quickly caught on to my Graham who is still having to write to 100 each day in math in his worksheets.  He had already finished his phonics by the time the drama started but he didn't want to be left out so he joined in.  Of course Keaton and Whitman couldn't be left out so at one point there were 4 kiddos fussing about something in this house.  
  • First I dealt with Whitman and put him to bed then I found something for Keaton to do.  Next I helped Graham and suggested that he run around the house after every line of math that he finished.  And then I started helping Reagan.  Today's math problems were the same thing she has been doing just phrased another way and that blew her away.  (2x=12, 5k=50)  By the time Grannymom and Grandpa arrived to pick up Anderson for his night out, everyone was calming down with some kindle time.
  • When they left, Keaton took her nap and the others read for a few minutes.  Then Whitman went down for a nap and Reagan, Graham and Campbell watched a few movies.  I finished the chores that I wanted to do and ended up reading my book in front of the heater.  And when Robby walked in, I was cuddled up with Campbell asleep on the floor in front of the cozy heater.
  • Since it was Valentine's day he brought supper-chinese food and pizza (something for me and something for him)  He had already given me my Valentine's day gift-a new calendar with all of the kids pictures on it.  Reagan ate some of my chinese and Keaton ate my chicken leaving Campbell and the men folk to eat the pizza.  
  • Then we picked up the kitchen and went upstairs to watch Cheaper by the Dozen. The kids enjoyed it-well, Whitman wasn't too happy about not getting to push buttons on the speaker so he bought himself an early bedtime.  Then we came downstairs for a snack and a bit of Let's Make a Deal before bedtime.

February 13, 2014

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Serving at Our House!

  • I knew I had to get up and get moving this morning and I had hoped to start my shower before the kids made their way into our bedroom but I didn't.  Campbell and Keaton ended up cuddling with us in bed for awhile. When Reagan came in, she asked where Graham was.  No one really knew until we opened our bathroom door and there he sat reading away.  
  • Campbell headed out for school this morning. She had a huge day with this being her Valentine's party at school.  They played games, had a cupcake and passed out their Valentines.  Campbell had Valentine's that said "Pleased as punch if you would be my Valentine" and it was attached to a juice box filled with punch.  Robby was able to go to her party-I missed another one.  Seems like all of her parties fall on our homeschool day here at the house but I am so glad Robby can make it.  
  • The kids were great help this morning helping get ready for our party.  They picked up, packed their lunches, practiced their oral reports and even helped hang their hearts on the fireplace.  All of our friends also had hearts to hang up so we could have 100 hearts to show how kind we had been this past week.  The hearts said "My act of kindness..." and then we filled the heart in with the acts of kindness that the kids had done.  They were pretty pleased with all of their good deeds.
  • When everyone arrived the kids played for a bit and soon it was time to make our Valentine's bags. Jodee had a hundred hearts for each kid to put on their Valentine bag-that is a lot of hearts.  My Graham did have exactly 100 hearts on his even though most of the kids didn't glue all 100 on.
  • Oral reports were the next thing up.  The most favorite report today was Noah's who talked about his violin and then played a song for us.  The kids all sat spell bound as he played-very impressive (his playing and the kids sitting so still)  We went alphabetically today so Anderson was the first Dennie up there.  He talked about anhingas-the birds we saw in the Everglades.  Graham talked about bald eagles. And Reagan was last again (she was last time since we went youngest to oldest) but she talked about the history of Valentine's day.  My Campbell arrived in time to see oral reports this time and I just kicked myself because she could have done one if we had practiced but I had no idea that she would have been there-maybe next month we will be more prepared.  
  • The kids then had lunch followed by some playtime.  Then Jodee had 5 jars each containing different amount of things-jelly beans, fruit loops, gumballs...  Everyone guessed which one had exactly 100 in it-and with all the kids guessing and all the adults guessing still only one child guessed the right jar-Campbell.  She was so proud of herself and enjoyed eating the candy reward.
  • Then came what everyone was waiting for-time to pass out Valentines.  The kids all sat in the living room and a few at a time passed out their cards.  My Keaton was the cutest one-I would tell her the names and she would quickly run to that person (how she knew most everyone I do not know) and then put the card in their bag-precious.  Her Valentines said "Will you be my butter cup?" and had a peanut butter cup on them.  Whitman's were glow in the dark bugs and said "Will you be my love bug?" Graham's cards said "I chews you to be my Valentine" and had a pack of gum.  Anderson had a package a kool aid and his said "you are kool, valentine."  And my Reagan had those precious heart candy canes filled with chocolate and sprinkles.
  • The crew stayed until almost time for us to leave again.  We quickly picked up what we could and loaded up to head out again.  The first stop was Nonna and Pops house to drop off Campbell, Keaton and Whitman.  It was around 3:30 and they had a bit of time to play before Campbell had a party to go to.
  • It was Adalynn's 4th birthday party.  Pops took Campbell and said that she was perfect during the party. Campbell enjoyed the games and the snacks.  And she loved her take home candy.  Meanwhile, Keaton and Whitman had a big time playing with Jason and Nonna. 
  • My crew was on the other side of town working their tails off.  Robby's work serves meals to Our House once a month and Robby signed up to serve this month.  The Kamps helped us out and it was quite an experience.  
  • We picked up the main dishes from Robby's work and added it to the other food we had purchased. Then we found the building and went in.  We walked right in to a semi-commercial kitchen and had no idea had to work anything.  Thankfully someone was able to briefly help us to get the lay of the land and we were off.  We quickly found jobs for the kids to do while Robby prepared the beans.
  • At a few minutes to 6, I walked out of the kitchen and saw the line of people waiting on the screen to be lifted and start going through the line to receive food.  And by line of people, I mean at least 60 there already.  Robby told the man we were ready and up went the screen and we crossed our gloved fingers and started scooping up the food.
  • Anderson would pick up the tray and put a knife and fork on it.  Then Noah would put a cookie and brownie on it (sometimes Lilly would help him).  Graham was next with a roll and then Reagan put a handful of salad on the tray.  Eden would put croutons on the salad and then ask the folks if they wanted tomatoes.  I was next with the green beans (which had bacon and must have been a treat because many people commented about it).  Robby served up the spaghetti or tex-mex meat and rice mixture or both. And Sara probably had the hardest job of making sure the kids had what they needed.  Now, I have never been so proud of my kiddos.  All of the kids worked hard for the entire 80+ trays that we made. They didn't complain, they didn't stop working, they didn't even talk-they just worked.  We were all so very proud of those 6 kiddos.
  • Once we served everyone, the kids walked around offering up more rolls, cookies and brownies.  I didn't think that they would want to do this but they all did.  Then we all sat down and ate.  We didn't have to do any clean up because the folks there did all of that so before long we were on our way home.  
  • We picked up Keaton, Campbell and Whitman and went home for quick showers.  The kids were able to pick out a valentine treat before bed.  My kids were pretty exhausted tonight and we never heard a peep out of everyone.  Tomorrow is another big day around here....

February 12, 2014

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Visiting Beebee's new digs!

  • Everyone was awake early this morning and clothes were quickly put on because today was Bible study day...or maybe everyone was excited because today was pancake and waffle breakfast day.  But when we explained that there was only 1 waffle so it would not be eaten, I almost had a mutiny. No one was too happy with me even though they all love pancakes.  I put waffles on my grocery list and lately it seems like I put 3 things on that list everyday.  Reagan even knows how to get onto my phone to add things to the list.
  • We did have time to empty the trash cans and do a few other things around the house before leaving for Bible study.  My kids always love going into their classes and come home knowing so much and I sometimes wonder what is so wonderful that happens there.  Well, next week I will find out-our classes have to come up with a volunteer every so often and it was my classes turn.  I politely volunteered since I had not so I guess my day of finding out what happens in their classes is soon.
  • Reagan left Bible study with Kennedy because it was bring a friend to dance day.  Reagan had a blast at dance and told me that she was very good.  Jodee said that Reagan tried hard to watch the teacher and to look at herself in the mirror to make sure she was doing it correctly.  I know my Reagan and that thing was probably looking more at herself in the mirror than anything else!
  • At home, I fed everyone lunch and had them start on Beebee's Valentine's card.  I put Keaton down for a nap while the boys glued their birds for their oral reports and then they all colored their hearts for tomorrow's 100th day of school/Valentine's day party.  All too soon, it was time to pick up Reagan from her afternoon out.
  • On our way home, we stopped by Beebee's new place.  It was very, very nice and very, very quiet with only 12 folks living there right now.  We did see one lady from her old place so the kids felt like it was home.  We saw the game room and I played Graham at checkers, Anderson worked on a train track and the girls played with legos.  Then I went back to fetch our stroller and the others pushed Beebee to the front to say bye to us.  Campbell showed up where I was, then I saw Anderson sneaking around a corner waving at us and Graham left me to find Beebee-I guess the kids are already comfortable with running around her new place.
  • We then went home for about 20 minutes and I gave the kids a quick bite of supper before we loaded up again for church.  Tonight Reagan and Anderson's class had to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up.  Reagan chose a waitress and Anderson a football player.
  • Back at home, the kids had something to drink and then it was bedtime-tomorrow is a big day around here...lots of parties (3) and lots of places to go.  

February 11, 2014

(click here for today's pictures)
Who is teaching who?

  • The kids were up early this morning.  The allure of the "read-a-thon" have left everyone except for Graham.  That child sat in the bathroom floor reading.  When my Graham reads, it is not in a quiet voice, it is in a shout.  So my morning went something like this "RED FISH, BLUE FISH"...made me want to bang my head against the wall.  But I couldn't be prouder of that child.  Though he continues to think that this is a contest and I think he really wants to win.  And he would since he has read over 400 pages already, seriously (remember 800 was the goal).  Now Graham and Reagan are around hovering around 100 pages each.  
  • Campbell had school this morning and she was pretty excited.  The first thing she asked was "is the weather okay?"  Unfortunately, the weather was perfectly fine and my baby had to go to school.  She had a blast there though and then loved spending time with Grannymom and Grandpa this afternoon.  
  • We started school this morning and the kids did really well.  Anderson took a very long time on phonics today but he was able to make up time with his other things.  But on the other hand, he has started carrying in math (regrouping is the fancy new word) and he gets it.  Poor Reagan really struggled with it but it hasn't been much of a problem for him.
  • After lunch, we had time to do a little bobsledding of our own-notice the pictures of the little ones in the laundry basket and the brothers pushing them.  And no I don't worry about Whitman too much-I am pretty convinced that God is taking care of that child.  Not only is someone always holding today I walked in to get him after his nap and he was eating something from on the school room wall.  I guess he was hungry for some cardboard.  And yesterday, I walked into the kitchen and my Reagan was holding Whitman upside down walking around with him.  Say a prayer for that baby!
  • We were able to play a game and then it was nap time.  Keaton was tired today because she open the fridge to get her own milk and started walking upstairs.  I was able to get a few things accomplished this afternoon-not nearly enough though because when Robby and Campbell came home we were working on Reagan's valentines.
  • Next year, I am going to take her to the store and have her pick out Valentines.  I was finishing emptying the dishwasher, helping her, keeping Whitman happy and fixing supper so I couldn't even snap a picture.  Poor Reagan missed another day of pictures-urgh.  Her valentines are 2 small candy canes put together to form a heart with white chocolate inside and sprinkles on top.  I didn't think they were going to work and was very worried about them.  Yes, I was so surprised when I took them off of the wax paper tonight that I went up to tell Reagan that they were perfect-even though she was already in bed.
  • The kids watched a Let's Make a Deal tonight and then a bit of the Olympics before bedtime.  Tomorrow's list is long, long but no worries we will get it all done...or maybe I will have to let it the laundry slide and Thursday will have to be naked day.