April 30, 2011

"I know I saw a fish down there..."
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • The boys were the first ones to wake up this morning-they heard Robby in Grandpa’s truck in the driveway.  After going to downstairs to check things out, they were back upstairs rushing to put their clothes on so they could go with Robby to the dump.
  • When Anderson made it back downstairs, he started bawling.  I run downstairs and he sobs “Daddy left me.”  I quickly explained that he didn’t leave him, he just moved the truck to the other side of the house.  All was well then.  The boys were as happy as they could be driving to the dump.  Anderson said that the truck was “like a dump truck”-Graham thought that was so funny.
  • During the dump trip, the girls put on their clothes, had breakfast, wrapped a present, did the dishes and even had a snack.  We work fast around here.  The boys also made a trip to Walmart and bought a new fridge for our room (our old one finally bit the dust-probably because of all of the dust!)
  • When the boys and then the van made it back home, we loaded up and headed to the zoo.  It was free bicycle helmet day and even though we had some, we probably need some extras.  You had to go to different stations to earn stickers to earn the helmets.  Anderson learned “everything is medicine”-not quite correct.  Graham was terrified in the little house that you learn about fire safety.  We just stayed for the lecture and then I left with him before the smoke alarms and smoke started-Reagan and Anderson loved getting to crawl out of the window.  Reagan just wanted to go and see the animals.
  • Reagan and Anderson had pretty big heads and both got blue bike helmets.  Reagan didn’t seem to mind that the pink one didn’t fit her-probably helped that Lilly was nearby getting her blue helmet too.  It was nice because they are fit properly.  Graham was very proud of his and wore it awhile at the zoo.  Aunt Dana was there and he is a bit smitten with her so he was happy as a lark.
  • Back at home, Robby bought pizza and Grannymom and Grandpa came over to have lunch.  Soon Reagan and I headed off to a birthday party while everyone else played and played outside.  Campbell played so much and so hard outside that her pink pants are now brown (Nonna, they are coming your way).  They boys played too until it was rest time. 
  • Reagan had a good time at the birthday party and enjoyed playing Barbie in the other room with a school friend while the party was going on.  Back at home, everyone finished their nap and then woke up for a snack.  Robby and I were busy taking down a door, moving the tv cabinet over a few feet and moving the bench out of the house.  All of this for school in a few months or for a fish tank….who knows which!  Speaking of taking down doors, I do have a project for Grandpa.
  • Soon it was time to head to Kennedy, Camryn and Laynie’s house.  The kids enjoyed playing with the girls plus Jacob, Ethan and baby Hayley.  In the car, Graham asked what the baby’s name was, Reagan asked if it was a boy or a girl and Anderson asked where the baby was….I have some observant kids!  Ha! 
  • Campbell is still my eater-she ate more than all of the other kids combined.  But between her and Graham, there were more chocolate cake in their clothes than in their little tummys.  They had a great night and we left the house a wreck but the kids had a blast.  Another late night at the Dennie house.

April 29, 2011

Brother, Brother
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • The morning began with a royal start.  We watched a bit of the royal wedding.  Reagan was all into it and would have watched every bit.  She was so intrigued with Kate’s dress.  Graham, my lady’s man, kept saying he wanted to see more of the princess.  Anderson said that he wasn’t going to marry a princess but then decided that Campbell would be his princess.
  • By the time we were done with the wedding, put clothes on and had breakfast it was near 10:30.  The kids were ready to get going-we were going to Target and going to spend our garage sale money.  Everyone had 5 dollars-even though it would have taken me 5 minutes to spend 15 dollars, it took us nearly an hour and a half!
  • Reagan picked a white rabbit because Grannymom had a bunny too.  She thought she was going to change her mind and still had to look at each and every toy asking if it was the right price.  Anderson quickly found a toy that matched his space ship set and never waivered.  Graham was just happy looking around at the toys.  I would show him something in his price range and he would shake his head and pick up a large toy and ask if he could buy that.  I would say no and he would just put it back without a fuss.  Finally he settled on a pack of cars but he set it down and I had to search aisle after                                       h
  • When we finally made it home, it was time for lunch.  But first I had to open lots of toys-it was like Christmas around here-or probably the way Christmas should be.  Oh, don’t feel sorry for Campbell, she bought some M&Ms.  I found the Easter candy aisle and we all had a little bit of a treat after our lunch.
  • Next up was playing a bit before nap.  The kids love Mr. Potato Head and played and played with it.  I am thinking I will try to get more pieces when we go back to Disney.  They played so long that Campbell finally laid down on the floor.  Then it was time for a nap for everyone.
  • Reagan was the first one up and enjoyed doing her workbook while Mom worked on her work, work.  Next Graham was up (still dry I might add), the Anderson and Campbell.  They were ready for Robby to come home.
  • When he did we had supper and then went outside to work in the yard.  Reagan found a garden hat with her workgloves and Graham found a construction worker hat for the event.  The hats were dropped pretty quick and they spent their time playing in the backyard while Robby and I worked.
  • Next up was a walk that we had promised them.  Graham constantly asks on our walks “how are we going to get out of here?.  After the walk, we all headed inside for showers-they were pretty stinky…actually we all were.   

April 28, 2011

Learning to tie my shoes
with Grannymom!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • School morning this morning and it was Z day so Reagan and her class had to wear black and white (black and white for zebra).  She was so proud to get to wear a black and white check dress even though it was quite chilly this morning in a sleeveless dress.  Her jacket probably came in handy!
  • Anderson reported about his school day and said that Ms. Wendolyn “took a little nap.”  I doubted him but he held firm to his story but did eventually say that he was kidding.  Reagan said that she went to chapel and one of the preacher men talked.  Anderson said that he was someone that talked in big church and then Reagan added but he was “real old.”
  • On the other side of town, Robby dropped Graham off and he did great. He had been doing really well for a few weeks and then went back to his old kicking and screaming ways.  He was also wearing big boy underwear (per his teacher’s request) and stayed dry all day long.  I could not believe it-even during nap.  That is pretty amazing to me-but he probably sleeps a lot less and a lot lighter on school days.  Campbell had a good day and her teachers were pretty impressed that she walked all the way across the room.
  • Reagan and Anderson had spent the afternoon with Grannymom and after a round of circus, kickball and hide and seek it was time to head home.  Graham stood in the back of the truck and said that he was going to stay at Grannymom’s house “forever and ever”  I thought that after we drove around the block he would be ready to come with us but when we came back around the bend he was still smiling and waving at us.  Grannymom said that she would bring him home in a bit and we headed home.  This caused Reagan and Anderson to get upset-but since they had spent the afternoon with Grannymom and Grandpa, Graham needed his turn.
  • Graham enjoyed swinging for awhile and then he told Grannymom that he was ready to go home so he made it back home before Campbell even fell asleep for her nap-which she never really did because Graham was insistent that he go to the bathroom that Campbell was sleeping in.  I tried to stop him but he was pretty persistent and how could you sleep with someone banging on your door. 
  • We all ended up watching a bit of a Mickey movie and I might have just closed my eyes when I heard a scream-Graham had a cushion on the steps and Campbell was at the bottom crying.  The boy was probably trying to ride down the steps on a cushion and Campbell got in the way.  She was fine after some cuddling and soon it was time for Robby to come home.
  • Since Graham had done so well at school, his prize was getting to go to McDonalds to eat and then go to Grannymom’s house.  Robby and Grandpa had lots of projects (some still unfinished) to work on while Grannymom had to entertain everyone.  When I came home from my Bunko dinner, everyone was still gone, so I drove over to where the party was.
  • Around 9:30, Graham was ready to drink his milk and climb in a lap.  Campbell even laid her head on the floor a few times.  Reagan and Anderson were still going strong.  We finally made it home about 10 and had some pretty tired kiddos!

April 27, 2011

THAT'S a BIG Burger!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures) 
  • Around midnight, Robby walked by and heard Anderson trying to wake Graham up to tell him about his dream.  Robby went in to talk to him and he said that he was dreaming about falling down the drain.  I tried to tell him that he was too big to fall down the drain (thinking we were talking about the bathtub drain).  After we closed his door, Robby mentioned that Anderson was probably talking about sewer drain outside.  I asked why he would be thinking about that.  Robby then said maybe it had to do with him telling the boys that he would throw them down the drain as we were on our walk the other night.
  • Reagan had a big morning.  She had to go and get her filling re-filled at the dentist office.  She was a trooper and even wore the gas thing without any complaints.  The highlight of the visit was getting to pick out a prize as we left. 
  • Next up was a visit for everyone to the Nutrition Center.  They wanted to take some pictures of the kids while re-enacting some of a normal visit.  I didn’t know that I was going to be in the pictures too but unfortunately I was.  The kids had a blast playing in the playroom.  Campbell squealed when I sat her down in the room.  Graham and Anderson climbed until they were hot and sweaty. 
  • After lots and lots of pictures (including brain lab for Anderson-watch a Bob the Builder movie and having a snack made it tolerable).  We called Robby and picked him up for lunch.  Since we went to see his office this weekend, all the kids can talk about is the bowling pins and ball they have set up in the aisle.  When he got in the car, Graham asked if he had been bowling today.
  • Lunch at Cothams-including a big hubcap burger (the kids weren’t too interested in the burger but devoured the green beans, corn and mashed potatoes).  Graham wasn’t too keen on the spicy cornbread.  But we were all keen on the Mississippi Mud.  A big lunch and a big dessert-you would have thought that we were celebrating something….but we weren’t!-just lunch!
  • Back at home, everyone had a nap (including me) and then it was time to wake up and change out of our chocolaty clothes.  Graham only wanted to put on his pajamas and not another pair of shorts.  And he was even less pleased that we made him wear big boy underwear-I told him that Ms. Sonja said he had to wear big boy underwear this week so he did.
  • This was everyone’s last night at Cubbies for the year (next week is a party) and Reagan is pretty excited about getting a red Sparks vest and getting to say lots of verses each week.  Anderson is excited about getting to go to Reagan’s old rooms and Graham is happy about going to games and even getting a “Cubbie bag”-big time stuff!
  • We had one stop on the way home-Baskin Robbins for 31 cent scoop night.  The kids were very patient waiting in the long line, it helped that they were getting ice cream at the end of the line.  Since the seating was limited, we rushed home to eat and everyone practically ran to the table to eat.  All of the ice cream was devoured.  Reagan said that it was like an “ice cream family night.”  Anderson disagreed and said that it was like an “eating family night.”  Robby added that every night is an eating family night around here! 

April 26, 2011

New Spokesperson for
Corn on the Cob
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • School morning around here and we did pretty good getting off on time.  We did have to pick up the house since we all went to bed in the dark last night. 
  • Graham didn’t fuss this morning and his teachers said that he had a great day.  She even said that he even told her when he had to go potty and kept his diaper dry the whole day.  She told me to send him in a pull-up on Thursday.  I’m not too sure about that at all but I guess we will give it a try.
  • Campbell’s teachers said that are getting worried about her because she likes to spend her time behind the bars of the baby beds.  They said they didn’t hear from her for a bit today and looked down and she was sound asleep on the floor.  They said she is always so happy to see them and smiles and waves all day long.
  • I forgot to mention the trouble we went to last night to get Anderson and Reagan’s snacks.  Since I couldn’t go last night after supper due to the storm and then the storm came through, I told Robby that we could just scramble in the morning and get something.  He decided that he would get out and dodge the storms-most of the lights were out in the nearby stores so he found a walgreens. 
  • Snack choices were limited so they ended up with apple juice (which Reagan doesn’t like that), raisins (which Reagan doesn’t like) and crackers (which she does like).  Don’t feel to sorry for her because she has become pretty picky about her eating.  Anderson liked his snack though and they were both proud to have the special snack napkins.
  • Nonna picked up Reagan and Anderson and they spend the afternoon playing and playing.  They played so much that Anderson came home a stinky, stinky boy.  Don’t worry, since bath day isn’t until Saturday, he did get a clean shirt before going out to eat.
  • The weather was stormy everywhere but here so we decided to go out to eat.  The kids and I met Robby at Chilis.  We made it there first and it started to sprinkle, so I decided to get everyone out and beat the heavy rain.  Well, as soon as I start unloading kids, Graham and Reagan show me they have taken off their shoes and socks.  Meanwhile, I am standing in the rain, trying to put on Graham’s shoes and socks while Campbell who is in her car seat is kicking me in the head. 
  • We made it inside and were mostly dry.  They kids were so excited when they saw Robby walk up.  We ordered 2 meals along with 3 kids meals and everyone must have been hungry because we cleaned up.  All we brought home were a few oranges. 
  • Next up was grocery shopping-we were out of many, many staples (crackers, bread, peanut butter, jelly, cheese-slim pickings around here).  After shopping, it was time to come home for bed.  The kids didn’t call us up at all-just love school days!

April 25 2011

Not sure where the hat
came from!

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • Grannymom was our visitor for the day-she came over while I took Reagan to school this morning. 
  • The boys and Campbell played around the house most of the morning and Graham kept his “underpants” (that’s what we call them around here) dry all morning long.  I think we will start putting Campbell on the potty soon-she doesn’t say much but she sure is smart.
  • When it was time to pick up Reagan, everyone had on their clothes and not just their pajamas as usual on Mondays-though they didn’t have on their shoes.  Next up was lunch and the kids asked if we could have a picnic.  So we decided that we would eat on the driveway since it might just be a long and stormy evening.
  • The afternoon was similar to our normal afternoons-naps, movie, snack, Robby coming home.  The plan was for me to go to the store after supper but the storms were already nearby so that plan was cancelled.
  • The kids played pretty near us during the evening.  They could sense something going on-so could Belle.  She was so nervous she didn’t eat her supper so we brought her into her little house during the storm.
  • After getting the pillows and hearing sirens for awhile we finally huddled up when we heard them say nearby streets on the tv.  Robby was spending his time looking outside and taking pictures.  Though he did sit on the steps at one time and when the hail started banging Robby scooted down a few steps…but all was well and we are preparing for another round tonight.
  • The lights went off while we were in our “safe place” (that is what the kids called it when they were asking if we would have to go there today).  It took awhile for the kids to calm down enough to fall asleep without the fans and music that we usually have playing for them.  And since they each had their own flashlights that were pretty excited about that too.
  • About midnight, Reagan woke and asked for her music.  I reminded her that we couldn’t turn it on because we didn’t have power.  By the time, I had gotten back to sleep, the lights came on and we must have had ever light in the house on.  It took me forever to turn off all of the lights and that included having to sprint down the stairs to turn off the alarm that was blaring for all of the neighbors to hear.

Easter: April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • Easter morning around here and the boys were the first ones up.  I had put their Easter baskets in the floor of my room and Graham saw them and just said “Why’d you bring our baskets up here?”
  • Later, Graham walked by again and noticed his basket had something in it.  Soon him and Anderson were rummaging through their baskets-everyone had bandaids, toothpaste, a rice krispie treat, an egg with a dollar and another one with a quarter in it.  The boys also had a ball in theirs, Campbell had a toothbrush and Reagan had a tiny Little Pet Shop toy.  Before long, everyone was up and eating their rice krispie treats-Campbell devoured hers and then tried to finish off Graham’s after he laid his down.
  • We made it to church on time and dropped Campbell off and then the rest of us found seats way up front.  The boys were able to come to church with us today.  Graham and Anderson were very excited about seeing Grannymom and Grandpa on the way in.  They did very well throughout church.  A little movement but fairly quiet for a 2 and 4 year old.  I had told them to watch Reagan and do just what she did and she was a perfect example for them.
  • We did have one church incident-I was trying to show Graham where Uncle Jason was standing while working the camera.  He looked and looked for him and finally found him.  Later, after standing up I tried to point out Jason again but I guess I didn’t whisper loud enough because Graham said “Jesus? Where is Jesus?”  as he was looking around the sanctuary.
  • We hung out in Graham’s room for worship care and then headed onto Grannymom’s house.  We took a few pictures in our Easter clothes before quickly changing to start eating Easter lunch.  The kids ate pretty quick because there mind was on the Easter egg hunt. 
  • Grannymom had hidden eggs for everyone to find and they even had stuff in them.  The race was on and everyone got a fair amount of eggs.  Campbell thought she was something else walking around picking up the egg that she found and she was delighted to discover candy in it which she sat down on the grass and ate!
  • After a few pushes on the swing and a few more rounds of egg hiding it was time for naps.  After naps, we had a bite to eat and then took another walk.  The neighbor girl was outside so everyone enjoyed a popsicle and then a few rounds of chase before bathtime.
  • Next up we reviewed our resurrection eggs and headed to bed.  It was a busy day but a great one.

Branson: April 23, 2011

The Mailman Cometh...
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • It was another restful night-Robby and I are always surprised when we sleep all night long with 6 people in the tiny hotel room.  No one stirred until Graham crawled in bed with us after 7.  Our plan was to go back to Silver Dollar City for the Easter egg hunt but the weather had different plans.
  • It was dreary when we got up but by the time we packed up, the bottom had fallen out.  The kids didn’t seem to mind since Robby said that we would stop by his new office for a few minutes when we got back into town.  A day filled with rides or a day filled with going to see Daddy’s work-about the same to the kids!  On the way home, if we said we were going home or almost home, Graham would become hysterical and start screaming “no, going to Daddy’s work.”
  • We made pretty good time on the way home despite the rain.  We did made a quick stop to pick up some bread.  Robby and I hadn’t eaten breakfast so he snuck back a cinnamon roll for him and a scone for me-delicious.  Normally, with Graham in the front seat he would have seen us chowing down but Anderson was up front this morning and he didn’t notice a thing.  Well, even if he would have, we wouldn’t have been able to hear him with the rain beating down so heavily on the car.
  • We stopped at McDonalds in Clinton on the way home for a potty stop and bite to eat.  Anderson and Reagan saw the Red Box and knew that we could get a movie from there-and we did.  Speaking of pottying-Graham did a wonderful job on the trip going potty.  Now just for me to get brave and make him wear his big boy underwear
  • When we made it to Robby’s work the kids were delighted-bowling, rolling chairs, a big marker board and a huge tv to watch cartoons on.  Even a basketball court to look out at that Robby told them we could come and ride bikes on some day.  They still said my work was better (the ball pit, swing and slide trumps Robby’s cool toys). 
  • Back at home, it was unpack and then rest time.  They were pretty tired so it was after 5 when we had our sandwiches.  Everyone even had mail today-Reagan had a note from Lilly, Anderson had a birthday invitation and Graham had tickets to Disney World!  Next up was a walk to Grannymom’s house-we had to deliver her bread.  Graham walked the whole way over and Campbell kicked her feet in the wagon the whole way-guess she thought she was walking too
  • After a few snacks at Grannymom’s and then time swinging it was time to head home.  No one wanted to go home but the bathtub was calling there name.  Baths were quick, then time for bed-Graham is still going strong-surprise!

Branson: April 22, 2011

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • It was a fairly restful night.  Campbell woke up at 1 and ended up in bed with me and she slept well until 5 (Robby did make sure that I wasn’t laying on top of her when he got up to go to the bathroom).  At 5, she stirred again and had to have some milk before going back to sleep-she sleeps better if you have your arm over her arms and your leg over her legs. 
  • As we were loading up the car this morning, Robby walked out to see the boys peering with their little faces pressed up against the lady next door’s room.  I noticed that old people here in Branson seem to leave their curtains open in motels-what is that about.  Anyway, she came outside and Robby apologized but she told us her life story-from south of Fort Smith, spent an extra night here due to storms, sister lives in Fayetteville, golfball size hail there, brother in law is a truck driver, going home today, went to Silver Dollar City yesterday and saw 7 shows, didn’t like the Indian show.  Now you know her life story too.
  • We had eaten some of our bread from yesterday but decided to still walk over to see what was for breakfast.  I noticed that the slogan at this hotel is “the quiet place”-ha!  We messed that up!  They probably won’t let us come back here again.
  • As we were killing time this morning driving around since we were an hour early before the park opened, Anderson noticed something.  “Mom, I saw the capitol”-who knew, the capitol of Missouri is in Branson. We didn’t see what he was talking about but I wish I knew.
  • We stopped by the Disney store and Reagan was in heaven playing with all of the dolls.  The boys even went on a walk while Reagan and I stayed and finished our shopping and list making
  • We made it to Silver Dollar City before the park opened and had a few minutes to look around.  We were the first ones at Fire in the Hole and Reagan was ready to ride.  They are all short enough that they have to have someone ride with them so first it was Robby and Reagan, then Robby and Graham.  Robby is having to do all of the riding since most aren’t for pregnant people!  Anderson didn’t want a turn on the Fire in the Hole.  He was pretty adamant about not wanting to ride as soon as we walked up-he was scared last time and must have remembered it.
  • Next up was the roller coaster-Campbell watched them go by and go by again and again and she even raised her hands up in the air just like the big kids were doing.  By now she wanted to get out of her stroller so we headed to the ladybugs and bugs.  She rode the bugs with me and Graham and thought she was something else.  Next was the swings-since Robby can’t ride the swings 3 times in a row we had to take a few breaks.  First was Anderson and Graham was busy throwing a fit because he thought that he should be on the swings. 
  • We then had a lemonade and Graham and Robby rode the swings next.  While they went on the swings, Reagan and Anderson did the teacups by themselves.  Next up was Reagan and Robby on the swings and then lunch.  The kids had hot dogs and we split some type of french fry type nachos. 
  • Usually we give Anderson Zyrtec each morning and didn’t today and I could definitely tell a difference (well, maybe).  He was much, much wilder today and could hardly listen.  Maybe that Zyrtec calms him down-everyone is getting double doses of it tomorrow. 
  • We then went to the ball area.  Graham, Reagan and Anderson started off together but soon we couldn’t see any of them.  Then we saw Reagan and Anderson but not Graham.  We did catch a glimpse of him and I tried to follow him but soon I lost him again (this was on a big rope, slide, multi level play area).  Robby found him a few minutes later, soaking wet, shooting water guns about 10 feet from Robby’s look out point. 
  • Then Graham decided that he needed balls in the pond to shoot at so he tried his best to get the balls out of the ball room to throw in the pond.  This was not okay.  I stopped him a few times and soon started playing with Reagan and lost that boy again.  We saw him running towards the pond with two balls-by the time Robby got to him he had thrown the balls overboard.  Needless to say we can’t come back to Silver Dollar City.  Ha!
  • The new attraction around here is the Half Dollar Holler.  It was a tree house (with one entrance and one exit-that would have been nice at the other area) and the kids did it a zillion times before riding the swings.  They had little swings that they could ride by themselves-they each said they were their favorite (even though they only went about 2 feet off of the ground).  There was even a carousel but no one seemed to interested in it so we pressed on towards the swinging bridge and to the car.
  • We then headed to Ozark Missouri.  We did see a Russell Stover candy place and Robby and I took turns running in.  Then we did a happy hour run through Sonic to buy a giant coke to split between 6 people-one coke now so we didn’t have to get one at the restaurant.
  • Being in Branson makes you get old real quick, we walked into Lamberts for supper at 3:30!  Oh, well we didn’t have to wait in line.  The food was so much that it was just sinful.  All 6 of us could have eaten from my plate alone.  Plus we had Robby’s plate and 2 kids meals.  Of course the highlight were the rolls.  The boys each devoured 2.  After Campbell saw the rolls being thrown, she turned around in her highchair and raised her hand trying to snag a roll
  • Branson Landing was our next stop for a quick walk around.  I was disappointed that we couldn’t find the Disney Store there anymore-must have closed.  But we did see a Build a Bear Workshop and Ridemakerz (like build a bear but build a remote control car) and Reagan and Anderson decided that they wanted gift cards to those places.  We did find Campbell some Sunday shoes and when I told her that I bought her new shoes-the girls said “yea!” 
  • We walked by the water fountain and saw the water show and touched the water a bit before experiencing a natural water show of rain showers as we rushed to the car.  Since our supper was so plentiful, we all just split one cup of custard from Andys-you have to go when you are in Branson. 
  • Back at the hotel, the kids had baths, played and then were sent to bed.  Zyrtec-less Anderson had a hard time listening so he helped move the bedtime up a bit earlier for everyone.  They are all wired when we turn off the lights but in a few minutes, everyone is snoring (well, except for Graham tonight-he is going strong and is about to be put in the pack n play-Campbell is on the bed).  Campbell is worn out because she spent her time at the hotel tonight practicing walking-she would take about 6 steps before falling-improvement!

Branson: April 21, 2011

Woo hoo! Easter Egg Hunt & Trip Time!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • After Graham waking up like a bear yesterday, he and his brother were perfect angels this morning.  They called me and then we put on clothes before leaving their room.  After Graham had on his clothes, he went and got Anderson’s milk for him.   He has even become quite the pottier-pottied for me and then decided that he had some unfinished business and went to the other bathroom to potty there also.
  • You know that we have had some storms lately when Graham’s first words this morning are “it’s not storming anymore” and Anderson agrees with “we didn’t have to go to our storm place.” 
  • It took the girls a little longer to get around this morning but the reminder of an Easter party got Reagan moving.  We got to school a little bit late this morning despite an early start.  Graham must have forgotten that he had stopped fussing at school because he threw a fit today.  Actually, I had told him that Robby was going to pick him up and that caused him to get all upset and he hadn’t really calmed when he made it to school.
  • At Easter party time, Reagan smiled so big to see me.  I did the games for her class-pin the egg in the nest and an Easter egg relay.  I showed them how my egg would break and splat if dropped and then told them to be very, very careful.  And they were, the took so much time walking around the course-they didn’t know they were playing with hard boiled eggs and theirs wouldn’t splat on the floor like mine. 
  • When I showed up to Anderson’s class, they had just begun their Easter egg hunt.  He found his 5 eggs in no time and then helped others find some too.  What a cutie he was.  Next he was able to pass out his treat bags that he brought and then have a snack.  He later told me that he wanted me to stay at his party longer-made me feel bad but I promised I would next year. 
  • Grannymom picked up the big two and they spent the afternoon eating their candy and hiding eggs.  As you can imagine that were not happy to see me when I walked in the door to pick them up.  After picking them up we headed to pick up Graham and Campbell.  Graham was on cloud 9 and was trying to tell us about his day so fast that he couldn’t get anything out.  His teacher said that he had been saying all day that his Daddy was going to pick him up but he didn’t seem to mind that it was all of us.
  • Campbell was happy to see everyone as well.  By the time we made it to the car, we had 1 dirty diaper to change, 2 Easter baskets to find spots for, 2 diaper bags to check for papers and 2 lunch boxes to empty out milk cups.  It took us about 20 minutes to get loaded and situated to go and pick up Robby.
  • We made it to Acxiom and waited a few minutes for Robby and then we were on the road.  We even hit a Sonic happy hour along the way at 3:57.  Robby later asked why I hadn’t touched my drink and it was because I had to go to the bathroom-thankfully, there was a pizza place nearby and then I was ready to drink up. 
  • We made it Harrison and ate at Neighbors.  When we drove up, Anderson said “this is a fancy place.”  The kids devoured a bowl of spaghetti-Reagan even discovered how delicious it was to dip her bread in the spaghetti sauce.  This was pretty amazing seeing as how she never tries new things.  She was so proud of herself for trying and liking something new. 
  • We had fought a bit of rain the whole way here but by the time we were unloading the car at the hotel, a downpour of rain came.  Robby and I were drenched and shivering by the time we unloaded everything and everyone.  Sure is nice to back right up to the room and throw everything inside.  Makes things easy. 
  • To keep the kids quieter I had told them that there were “old people sleeping next door.”  That worked for about a minute.  They were pretty content standing around eating their Easter egg candy until it all ran out.  Then we had baths, opened our egg, said our prayers and went to bed….well, kind of. 
  • The bathroom is too small for Campbell to sleep in so she is near the sink with a sheet hung across the opening and she is going strong.  Tossing and turning and just when all is quite, she starts banging something or talking.  Graham can see me typing so he is continuously talking to me.  Robby turned on the water to help Campbell go to sleep but after Anderson asked “what is that noise?” and I explained.  He then shouted “but that is wasting” so we had to turn it off.
  • Reagan and Anderson are pretty quiet so much they must be asleep which is hard to imagine since Campbell and Graham are pretty noise and the thunder is really booming as well.  Campbell and Graham probably have about 30 more minutes of tossing and turning….unless Robby puts them out in the van first. 

April 20, 2011

There's an "X" here somewhere!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • After a restful night, the kids woke up and Graham was in a mood.  Anderson took over our bed and our tv.  I ended up laying on the boys’ floor and soon Robby came in to.  Next Graham took his comforter off of me and wrapped up with it while shouting at Robby “don’t talk to me.”
  • He didn’t get out of his mood until spending most of the early morning in the pack n play.  The other kids didn’t seem to mind the screaming or the banging (the screaming was from Graham and the banging was my head against the wall!  Ha!)  After Graham was released from the pack n play, he was in a much better mood
  • The kids helped pack up a few things for the trip and then we worked on our letter Xs and then our letter Easter eggs.  Soon Campbell was up from her nap and we had our lunch in muffin tins.  The kids asked “is this snack” and after they were told it was lunch they were so excited.  Seriously, who knew that strawberries, cereal, eggs and cheese in a muffin tin could be so exciting.
  • Nonna came over to show us her purchases.  Graham was ready for Nonna to go home-in his mind, when she left he could get his milk.  Anderson did not want Nonna to leave and cried the whole time Reagan read a book to Nonna.  And then after she left, Anderson continued to cry and cry.  He said  that he missed his Nonna.  Poor guy, he just needed a nap
  • Reagan was the first one up and soon I had lost track of time and we were scrambling around trying to get our clothes on and get ready for church.  Robby made it home just in time for the madness.  We didn’t even have time for supper and had to stop by Sonic on the way home.  Graham said he didn’t want to eat at Sonic and that it was yucky.  Then once we drove up, he shouted “oh, oh, this place, I love this place”
  • Next up was Cubbies and everyone had a pretty good time except for Graham who has now started fussing at church instead of school.  Oh, well, that isn’t too bad.  Once we came home, it was quickly time for bed!

April 19, 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
Video Round up (it's been a while since we posted videos - click on links below)
  • School morning and everyone was up and nearly dressed at 7.  That is pretty early for us-well, the grown ups weren’t dressed yet so we still had to move quickly. 
  • Graham is such a big boy at school these days.  He was so proud to bring his eggs.  He told Mom that he walked all by himself to Ms. Maurie’s office to take his eggs.  Then he asked if I had an office. 
  • Campbell’s teachers were trying to get her to walk to me this afternoon-she could have cared less.  She was only interested in crawling out of her classroom.  They did say that she didn’t like her rice today.  Maybe we have found the first food that she doesn’t like!  Though at supper tonight, she started throwing food and had her food taken away from her-she was not pleased. 
  • Meanwhile, Nonna had picked up Reagan and Anderson and they spent the afternoon dying eggs and then having a big Easter egg hunt in Papaw’s back yard.  Papaw watched them hunt eggs and they were giving Nonna a good workout hiding, rehiding and hiding the eggs again. 
  • When it was time for everyone to come home, everyone was wilder than they could be.  Finally, I sent everyone outside to play and we stayed outside until Robby came home.  When he did, we had the options of bath or water hose.  The boys stripped and were ready to play in the buff.  Reagan wasn’t too sure but ended up playing/screaming the whole time.  The water was cold-icy cold!  Reagan was there to encourage Anderson to pour water on Graham’s head but when she got her turn-the neighbors could hear her scream!  Robby and I just stood at the door and laughed.  Campbell had gotten her feet wet and wasn’t happy at all.  She stayed in the house and busied herself closing the door when she thought they were too close to her.
  • Next up was supper, playing in the den and then dying Easter eggs.  The kids loved all of the choices of colors that we had.  The choices were probably too many so Graham’s eggs have a brownish hue!  Campbell even put an egg in the dye and Anderson was ready to get up and go in the front yard.  Anderson did his eggs quickly while Reagan would still by dyeing eggs if we hadn’t hurried her along.
  • I had bought Graham so new shoes today and they were a bit small so I returned them tonight while the kids sat outside and watched the neighbors.  Pretty exciting life, sitting on the sidewalk and watching someone cut down a tree.  The neighbor climbed to the top and cut off the branches and top.  Then he pulled down the rest with his truck-they kids were so excited.
  • Prayer time tonight and then a pretty easy bedtime.  Last night during prayer time, Graham must have been concerned about God hearing him because he was shouting so loudly “THANK YOU GOD FOR THE WHALE, THANK YOU GOD FOR WATER” He was shouting so loud the neighbors could hear!
  • I said bedtime was easy and it was for a few minutes.  It started to rain and Robby rushed out to move his car, then the rain and hail started hitting the windows and we commented that the kids hadn’t said anything.  Next up were the sirens and Graham was sitting up looking around.  They all moved downstairs quickly (we are getting the hang of it). 
  • Robby passed out graham crackers, I told a Bitsy Body story (Nonna used to tell us those stories) and we all sat on our pillows waiting on the sirens to stop.  Soon enough, they stopped and it was back to bed for everyone.  Campbell was so tired-she had just laid her head on the steps-it is tough being snatched out of bed.  Bedtime number 2 went easily too.
  • Anderson asked me about our state on the map as I was tucking him in again tonight.   He said that Mississippi was beside Arkansas.  Then he said that he hoped there wouldn’t be a storm for Josh and Zach.

April 18, 2011

An afternoon at the park!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • Everyone was ready to wake up this morning-we had big plans for the day.  Reagan was even ready before Robby and that is a rarity.  She can be a little slow moving in the mornings-actually, she is slow moving all of the time!
  • Robby took Reagan to school while the rest of us got ready and then had breakfast.  Then I noticed my phone and a text from Dad saying it was a bit chilly so we switched from our shorts to our pants.  The boys spent most of the morning playing in the garage while Campbell sat at the gate and cried (she can’t play in the garage while I am in the house working-don’t feel sorry for her! She is a drama queen)
  • After trying to pack a few snacks for the day, I decided that I had to have juice boxes so we ran through the store to pick some up.  And when I say run, I mean run.  I held Campbell and the boys sprinted behind me.  They can keep up when I have juice boxes in my hand!
  • We met up at the ball park with everyone and Anderson was so excited that he could hardly contain himself and Graham thought he was a stud muffin with 2 little girls from his classes there too.  Lots of people were at the ball game but we found a spot and settled in.  They had hot dogs and drinks for everyone and thankfully I had gotten enough for Robby and Reagan before they ran out. 
  • Soon Robby called and had picked up Reagan.  They met us and enjoyed their lunch.  Soon the kids were getting antsy for a snack.  Robby and the boys went to find something and came back with frozen lemonade and ice cream sandwiches.  The kids watched a bit of the game and we then went to the playground for them to play.  They played hard and enjoyed spending time with all of their church friends.
  • While the big 3 were on the playground, Robby took Campbell to watch some more of the game.  She had sat in her stroller the whole time and was content as she could be.  Until some boys were playing ball nearby and then “pop!”  The ball hit Campbell-Robby thought it just hit her tummy and it did, after it bounced after her little face!  She shook it off well and was happy when she returned to the rest of us.
  • I talked and talked on the way home, trying to keep everyone awake until we made it home.  I wanted everyone to sleep well for naps and they did.  Reagan never fell asleep but rested for awhile in her room before coming down to hang with me for a bit. 
  • Soon everyone was up and the doorbell was ringing.  It was a man in a suit with a name tag saying “VA Chaplain.”  My heart did skip a beat but I sure couldn’t figure out why the VA Chaplain was at my door.  He was at the wrong house!  And don’t worry too much about the neighbors, he was just picking up cookie dough!
  • Cheese and bean roll ups for the kids for supper and then Reagan and I went to a wedding shower while the rest of the crew headed to Sams to buy some milk.  Reagan was in heaven at the shower-wearing a dress, and a dress that you could see her back, strawberries and other fruit to eat, punch, Grannymom and Nonna-what more could a little girl ask for!  Meanwhile, everyone else was in heaven at Sams-icees!
  • Back at home, Campbell and the boys had a quick shower and then a movie before bed.  Graham was pretty wound up before bed tonight but settled quickly after he was shown the spoon! 

Dennie Kids: April 17, 2011

A Ride with Pops!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • I was told that I had too many poo stories in my blog yesterday and I do apologize.  That is just where we are in life!  Ha!
  • Robby and I got tickled last night thinking about Graham and his randomness.  At the garage sale, he looked up at Grannymom and asked “is your old doggie in heaven?” and the other day in the car with Robby he said “Belle won’t eat me, will she?”  He says the strangest things.
  • This morning we were getting ready for church and the tv was on.  Reagan walked saw it and said “oh-oh” and showed Anderson who said “I think we are late”-the church service was on from last week.
  • We made it to church a little early so Dad could go to a meeting and the rest of us just sat in the car for a few minutes.  The language on the movie we had on had been switched to Chinese so we were having our foreign language lesson for the week.
  • After church and Sunday school, we went to Nonna and Pops’ house for lunch.  Nonna had made a bunny cake and everyone was so excited.  Even Campbell was excited to eat the bunny-she must have thought it was one of the bunnies from yesterday that scared her so
  • Pops took everyone for a spin around the yard on the tractor.  They even all had a turn driving it-Campbell lasted for about 2 minutes and then she was done-it was a little bit loud for her
  • Next up, was naptime for everyone and then Mom put their supper in muffin tins and you would have thought that they had something really special to eat and not just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • While Mom and Dad ate, the kids played outside-they were told not to play in the dirt but unfortunately that didn’t seem to register.  Strangely enough, the boys had more dirt in their hair than you could believe.  When Graham would bend down, dirt would pour out.  Needless to say, showers were in order.
  • After showers, we opened our egg and then headed to bed.  The boys are still going strong in their room while the girls are sleeping peacefully.  Reagan had decided that she wishes our family was like Kennedy and Camryns (all girls).  She says that girls obey all of the time and that is why she wants all girls.  Mom pointed out that she was going to have two very big brothers that would take care of her always and that seemed to please her!

Dennie Kids: April 16, 2011

Get that bunny away from me!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • Last night, we had a zillion flashlights laying around and Reagan used one to look through her hand at her bones and said “wow, God sure did a good job”-yes, He did!
  • Without the fan and music in Graham’s room last night, he didn’t sleep well.  He was up around midnight and after we had both gone into his room multiple times, I let him come in our bed.  After a few minutes, there was someone back in Graham’s bed-Dad!  Graham and Mom slept peacefully until Anderson woke up
  • When Anderson climbed down the ladder of his bunk bed this morning, he looked and saw Dad in Graham’s bed.  He then laughed and said “I thought that was Graham was the one snoring and it was Daddy”
  • Soon after Mom went downstairs to the garage sale (and it was quite spooky stumbling through the dark garage early this morning), the boys were hot on her trail downstairs.  The kids spent the morning in and out of the house.  They were mostly in the house today since it was so cold out there.
  • Once during the day, Mom left the garage sale and said she was going to go wash dishes.  Reagan knew the dishwasher wasn’t going to work and she asked Mom how she was going to wash dishes.  In a few minutes, Reagan came in to watch Mom wash the dishes-she had never seen Mom wash the dishes and didn’t know how it could be done without a dishwasher.
  • Soon Mom and Dad decided to hang some pictures (don’t worry, Grannymom was manning the garage sale).  Since Campbell was crawling around Dad put her in the bath and had Anderson take a bath with her.  Remember it was dark in the bathroom and we heard Anderson scream “Eww, Campbell pooped in the bath tub and I touched it, eww”  Poor guy, but don’t worry he was soon scrubbed down very well along with the bathtub (and Campbell is now grounded from taking baths at this house)
  • Two garage sale stories: this morning Nonna asked Mom for a “emery board” and Mom who was getting dressed and wearing a towel on her head heard “extension cord”  Mom started trying to tell Nonna where the extension cord was in the garage-Nonna was coming up the stairs looking strangely at Mom, Mom couldn’t understand why Nonna thought the extension cord would be upstairs and Dad was looking at Mom strangely from the bottom of the stairs. 
  • But that wasn’t as funny as crazy Mom, Grannymom and Dana yesterday.  Remember that the electricity had been off most of the morning.  But we still helped Dana move the shop vac, untangle the extension cord and plug it in so she could vacuum out her car.  When she flipped the switch nothing happened, Mom panicked since that was Dad’s new shop vac but then someone realized that we didn’t have electricity.  Oh, the trouble we went to!
  • Campbell snoozed while the other 3 watched the power men and Mom stalled before her shower hoping the lights would be on soon.  And of course, they did turn on right after her shower (no windows in our bathrooms so she had to hang her head lamp over the shower curtain rod).  When the lights came on, the kids squealed and yelled and were so excited.  It was funny how happy they were-Mom and Dad were just as excited but did refrain from yelling
  • Campbell had an Easter party at Aiden’s grandmother’s house this afternoon.  The first activity was seeing the bunnies-and Campbell wanted no part of it.  She was none too pleased about the bunnies-kind of funny since Mom thought she would have loved it.  Then they had snacks-grown up dips and kiddie food.  Campbell ate her kiddie food and then devoured Mom’s grown up food.
  • We hadn’t had time to practice hunting Easter eggs and Mom was worried how she would do but she definitely got the hang of it quickly.  Mom was holding her hand and she was holding her bucket.  When she saw one, she would stop, put her bucket down, bend down and pick up an egg, put it in the bucket and then pick up her bucket and start walking again.  Love it!  She even stole a few eggs during the group picture time.
  • Mom had to hurry home, to pick up Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Dad for Jacob and Ethan’s party.  They had helped Grannymom and Nonna load up the garage sale stuff and even had a nap while Campbell and Mom were gone.  They were excited about the party and were ready as soon as Mom pulled into the garage-Graham didn’t even have on his shoes.
  • The kids played basketball, climbed in the tubes, ate cake and were so happy about their candy take home bags.  No one wanted to leave after the party but Dad continued the party at Larry’s pizza.  That made everyone happy and they must have all been starving because they all had a slice of pizza and most of a chocolate chip pizza.  And the highlight was getting to play the games in the game room.
  • Before we left the house, Graham had on underwear and Dad put a diaper on top of his underwear.  Needless to say, after the party and then time in the Larry’s pizza game room-his underwear was wet.  But it wasn’t only wet-we ended up leaving that pair of undies at Larrys!  When we came home, Graham told Dad that he liked those underwear that Mom threw away
  • Home for a movie, prayer time, egg time and then bedtime.  During prayer time, Graham prayed and he was definitely hard to understand tonight.  When he was finished, Reagan said “what did he say?”  Dad said he was just talking to God and Mom added “in tongues”

Dennie Kids: April 15 2011

I want the power back on....NOW!

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • The morning started around 2 with the tornado sirens.  Campbell was up bouncing in her bed when I walked in and everyone stirred fairly well.  It seems like we have had a few tornado warnings lately so it was no big deal for them even though it was 2.  
  • After the sirens, they sat on the couch for a few minutes and had another cup of milk before heading back to bed.  I did have to go into the boys' room because I heard Graham talking about monsters and was afraid he would scare Anderson.  But other than that, they all went back to sleep and slept very well until garage sale time in the morning.
  • Anderson was the first one to venture downstairs to the garage sale this morning and he was followed by everyone else.  They could not have been happier to spend the day in the garage and front yard playing.  
  • Around 8 our transformer blew due to a tree down on lines a few houses down so we did spent the day without power (still off too).  This made corralling the kids a little bit harder since we couldn't flip on a movie for them.  They did enjoy the novelty of not being able to turn on the lights.
  • Mom had a meeting at work that lasted 2 hours so Grannymom and Dana had to manage the sale and the kids but everyone did fine and soon Nonna was over with kid food and their tummies were full.
  • Campbell had a nap while Anderson rode to pick up Cash and then Graham rode to pick up Lilly.  Graham has taken a liking to Dana and constantly wanted to know where she was and wanted to sit in her lap.  
  • Reagan was Miss Helper and wanted to put the money in the bag and write stuff down.  Even with all 6 kids here for awhile, they didn't scare of customers and we still had a few customers this evening.  
  • They played outside so long that Anderson's eyes were giving him fits.  I had to put drops in his little eyes twice and you know they are bothering him when he asks for eye drops.  Surely all of this wind will blow that pollen away!
  • Dad came home a few minutes early and we ended up eating out at Pei Wei and then going to Yogurt Mountain.  Reagan wasn't pleased with her chocolate bunny ice cream but did like her gummi bunnys in the ice cream.  Campbell ended up eating more ice cream than everyone else.
  • Back at home, we handed out flashlights and put everyone to bed.  Reagan asked if we would have to get up again in the middle of the night but I said I didn't think so (so glad that all of this doesn't un-nerve the kids)  
  • Everyone was exhausted from the day and Robby and I are sitting on the couch with out head lamps on our heads and using the internet with his computer hooked up to my phone (which is about to die).  Robby thinks that we have a cheesecake in the deep freeze so that will be out next project! (we sure don't want for it to melt!)

Dennie Kids: April 14, 2011

First Water Play Time of 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • School day and everyone decides to sleep in. In a twist, the girls were up this morning and they were both in a good mood.  Dad had to wake the boys to get dressed and ready for school
  • Scrambling around and we were all out of the office by 8:05; Graham has become quite the big boy at school. This morning he requested Dad take him to his class first before dropping off Campbell (a first!)
  • Grannymom & Grandpa picked up Reagan and Anderson for lunch at their house and a little time to play before Mom, Graham and Campbell were by to pick everyone up
  • After a little bit of playtime at home in the back yard, everyone was DIRTY!  Mom decided the weather was nice enough for a little water hose time.  There was a bit of shivering going on when it was time to come inside and change clothes but all of them said it was worth it.
  • Dad was home pretty soon and it was time to eat... no one was too thrilled about leftover sloppy joe's but they did like the drink yogurt Mom picked up at the store
  • Mom headed off to Bunko and the kids talked Dad into getting off the couch to play.  A little football was order, followed by kitchen time with Campbell and topped off with a couple of movies.  Graham was tired because he asked to go to bed before Reagan and Anderson.  So he and Campbell were in bed first and the big kids finished their second movie before prayer and bedtime.  Everyone asked for Mom to wake them up when she gets home (she usually does but they are so asleep they seldom remember!)
  • Everyone must have been tired because there were no curtain calls or requests tonight (or maybe that's just because they knew Mom was gone!)

Dennie Kids: April 13, 2011

Brushing for Dr. Jolley!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Pajama morning around here and it was pretty much a pajama afternoon too.  After breakfast, we played in the den until the washing machine people called
  • When the new washer came, Reagan, Anderson and Graham sat down in the driveway to watch the big truck, watch them unload the new washer and then take the old one away.  It was like Christmas (at least for Mom) and they loved watching all of the excitement.
  • Soon Grannymom and Grandpa showed up to work on their garage sale stuff.  All of the kids “helped” but the highlight was jumping on the crib mattress.  Immediately, they found things they wanted to buy in the garage sale but Mom made a deal with them: they could take one toy back in the house or they could take some garage sale money and go spent it at the store.  They all picked the latter.
  • Grannymom volunteered to switch jobs with Mom and she came in and fed the kids lunch while Mom worked on unpacking boxes.  Later, Reagan worked on writing out price tags for us.  Anderson enjoyed jumping off of a bin onto the crib mattress and Graham was right there with him.
  • Everyone took a nap this afternoon (even Reagan-it is really odd that she is napping now-must be the new room).  Soon Dad was home and we all had supper and then hurried to put on real clothes for Cubbies.
  • Graham fussed when he went in his class and later Mom saw him in the hallway, he had fallen on the playground and scraped his knee.  As he showed Mom, his little lip was quivering.  It was absolutely pitiful, Mom even thought about sending Dad to check him out.  But he walked back to class with Ms. Sonja carrying the crackers like a big boy.
  • Back at home, we rushed to put on pajamas, eat a cracker, brush teeth and say prayers before bed.  It was a busy evening and as Reagan laid down, she asked if there would ever be a day when we just stay at home.

Dennie Kids: April 11, 2011

Batter, batter, batter.....
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Dad told Graham that he would get more ice cream if he didn’t fuss (Dad is at the point that he would buy him ice cream every day until he graduates from high school).  Graham didn’t fuss and he even told Mom that Dad said he could have “ice cream and two oreos for not fussing”
  • Nonna picked up Anderson and Reagan from school and they even managed to earn some money by helping Papaw in the garden.  They came home and were hot, sweaty and covered in dust-so Mom sent them back outside.
  • When Dad came home, we had supper and then everyone was ushered upstairs to get reacquainted with our bathtubs.  The girls in one and the boys in another-and unfortunately Campbell left a deposit in on tub which caused for lots of excitement!
  • Uncle Jason came over to see everyone’s new rooms (pictures are yet to be hung).  The boys were pleased to play with Jason and everyone enjoyed him reading a scary story to them.
  • Next up was our first night of opening our Resurrection Eggs-Anderson opened the donkey and it was quite exciting for everyone.  Meanwhile, my little insomniac was going strong waiting for Reagan to come to her room.  Campbell fussed when Reagan wasn’t giving her enough attention so Campbell was relocated back to the bathroom.

Dennie Kids: April 11, 2011

She's a walking girl!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School morning for Reagan and she was ready to get out of here and go to school!  Actually, she was pretty disappointed that she wouldn’t have time to play with Grannymom before we left. 
  • The boys and Campbell finished breakfast and played with Grannymom for a few minutes while Mom battled the rain and dropped Reagan off. 
  • Back at home, it was a pretty noisy morning.  Campbell was sleepy early in the morning and became pretty fussy.  Graham, who was wearing his big boy underwear, would become furious with me each time I would take him to the potty.  He only had one accident today (except nap but that doesn’t count) 
  • At one time, Anderson and Mom played a game at the kitchen table while Graham who was in trouble sat in the kitchen counter and screamed (that is his time out spot with Mom because he can’t get down).  Campbell was made that she couldn’t play (it was little pieces so she couldn’t get any) so she was screaming too.  It was a noisy game but Anderson won and then it was nap time for Campbell and movie time for the boys (Mom couldn't take much more)
  • Everyone hopped in the car to pick up Reagan and on the way Anderson decided that he had to go potty.  Even though he was wearing his pajamas he was sent in to see Pops and have him take him to the bathroom.  His ride home was much better after his bathroom stop. 
  • Back at home, it was lunch time and then we all worked on our letter W.  Mom had actually forgotten about the letters we had been doing until Reagan reminded her.  We painted our W’s blue because they will have lots of weather things on them.  Then we painted our card holders that we are making.  Campbell even got in on the painting and painted a streak of blue paint across Reagan’s face.  Reagan was about to lose it so I couldn’t grab the camera…the boys thought it was hysterical.
  • Next up was playtime until everyone was tired.  We even skipped our workbooks and reading today and everyone went to bed.  And everyone went to sleep-actually went to sleep.  Mom had to start waking up the crew at 4. 
  • Dad came home and we tried a new restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings…or something like that.  The kids really ate their chicken well and Dad would have enjoyed his a little bit more if it hadn’t been so spicy! 
  • Back at home, we had an oreo for a snack, brushed teeth, said prayers and then headed to bed.  After we put the boys to bed, Reagan read a book to Dad-and I must say she is getting pretty good at reading.  The boys are still going strong and can be heard all around the house.  Campbell is still moving and talking and Reagan is laying quietly waiting on Campbell to go to sleep so I can turn on the fish tank nightlight.