June 30, 2014

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Celebrating Ethan C. 7th Birthday!

  • The morning started early with a 6:45 alarm and then a 7:45 meeting at Kroger to pick up Nonna, Dana, Lilly, Cash and their friend Maria.  We headed to the blueberry patch and started picking blueberries.  
  • Today at the blueberry patch you could keep half of your berries for free if you let them keep the other half.  And we are all about free so I had my pickers pick away.  It was harder to find berries today on the first few rows that we were on because the bushes had been picked over well.  But eventually, we were able to fill up our gallon bucket which meant we were able to keep a half gallon.  I told my boys that they couldn't swim unless they filled up their buckets-they came pretty close but again Anderson was too busy supervising and Graham was too busy stepping in ant piles.  He got stung pretty good and I did a few times too getting them off of him but they must not have been fire ants since they didn't bother him too much.
  • We might have even had more blueberries if my Whitman hadn't figured out that he does indeed like blueberries.  He picked up Campbell's bucket off of the ground by his stroller and had himself a good old snack.  And then he just smiled at me like he knew that he had done something funny.
  • The kids were ready to leave today-the blueberry picking had lost its excitement or maybe they were just ready to go to the pool.  We dropped off Nonna and Dana and her crew and were at the pool in minutes.  I had to get on to the boys a few times about keeping their hands off of each other and sharing toys but they eventually pulled themselves together and started doing the right thing.
  • My Campbell had a few friends from church there today.  But she was too interested in swimming in the big pool with me-she is doing really good swimming but thinks that as soon as she turns 5 like Graham she can lose her floatees.  I don't remember what made us feel comfortable with Graham not having his floatees but I know I certainly don't feel that way yet about Campbell.
  • We stayed until 1 and then we came home.  The kids are getting good about helping unload the van and put things up.  We all changed clothes and then I read a few book about Lewis and Clark, Pony Express, Wright Brothers, Mississippi River-all things we should see on our trip.
  • Then the kids watched a movie while I started on the treadmill.  I didn't get very far because I noticed the potty was smelly and then saw it didn't have water in it-odd but it functioned well when flushed so we will just have to check on it later.  And then Robby called interrupting me again to tell me that he was going to need help unloaded the groceries when he arrived home.  So my treadmill time was just limited to about 15 minutes-that is better than nothing, I guess.
  • Soon it was time for Anderson and Graham to leave for Ethan's birthday party.  The girls, Whitman and I had supper and then we just had "a girl's night" as Reagan said.  We spent our girl's night packing-we picked out a set of clothes to wear the morning of the trip, 2 changes of clothes to pack, 1 change of clothes for the car and then another one for the backpack along with socks, undies, extra undies and pajamas for everyone.  That my dear blog readers is a lot of clothes.
  • Then they all had showers and we waited on the others to come home.  Whitman was sent to bed and soon the boys came home telling us all about their party which included slip and slides!  They had their showers and then all the Dennies were put to bed.   
  • It is not yet 10 and we have had to go upstairs now twice-once for Campbell and Graham (we didn't know who was fussing) and currently Robby is up there with her now.  We can't figure it out-we have the bathroom light on, the hallway light on, the closet light on-maybe she is crying because the room is now too bright!

June 29, 2014

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Keaton and Dad Selfie!

  • We were all up on time this morning-even early enough for the kids to watch 2 movies, for me to pack a few things and for Robby to work on the dvd player in the car (trying to stream netflix on the road) but all of this activity left us a bit late for church.  We skedaddled into the church house as fast as we could so we would have time to see all the grands.
  • Robby and I took the little 3 to class and left Reagan, Anderson and Graham in the sanctuary alone.  Thankfully, when we came back they were standing singing like perfect kids.  But they aren't always perfect little kids during church, sometimes you think that the kids are listening in church but then they start grabbing at imaginary flies or shooting an imaginary gun in the middle of the sermon (Anderson).
  • After church, we headed to Grannymom's house for taco pie and pecan cobbler and then it was to the swimming hole we went.  We stayed for 2 adult swims (2 hours) and then we did leave.  The kids had a huge and loud volleyball game happening in the shallow end.  They were happily playing while Keaton was sitting on an innertube near the edge of the pool.  She flipped over and managed to cause enough commotion that another mother came to help her up...she looked pretty frightened when she stood up so I am not sure if she got a mouth full of water or hit her head.  Now she was just in the 2 inch, maybe 3 inch water while wearing floatees.  Where was I?  I was busy keeping score for the massive volleyball game.
  • Once at home, we quickly had showers and before I knew it, it was time to load up for church again.  We told Campbell that she could come to big church and again tonight we were running late.  Robby went in the sanctuary with Keaton and the 4 big kids while I went to drop of Whitman.  Then he left the kids and went to drop of Keaton.  When we came back in the sanctuary, we saw Reagan, Anderson and Graham and sat down with them.
  • About 2 minutes later, I noticed that someone sat down by Reagan.  I looked down and it was our Campbell-we had forgotten about her.  She had been visiting with Nonna and Pops.  Pops said that when she heard the music start, she took off and headed to her seat.  She didn't want to miss anything.  But the disturbing thing is that we had completely forgotten about the child.  
  • At home, the kids changed into their pajamas and then Reagan and Graham started fussing.  I made them hold hands and this did not fly well with Reagan at all.  She was so upset about having to hold her brothers hand.  Robby threatened to put them in one of those "get along" tshirts-both of them wearing the same extra large tshirt with a larger head hole cut out.  But we didn't have time for that because tonight was ice cream truck night.
  • Tomorrow is another busy day here so the kids were quickly put to bed so we could get our stuff ready (and eat supper and some blueberry cobbler)  

June 28, 2014

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Making Blueberry Cobbler!

  • Oh my poor, sweet Campbell has had it rough the past few nights.  Robby went upstairs once, I did shortly after that and then Robby ended up sleeping most of the night with her.  She wakes up and then decides that she is scared and/or can't go back to sleep.  If we can just make it until our trip, then I believe she will sleep better (or at least we will since she will just be a roll away and not a hallway, flight of steps and another hallway away.)  
  • Everyone still woke up fairly well rested this morning and the first thing that Campbell asked was "when are we going to pick up Reagan."  She really misses her when she is gone.  We are pretty blessed that the kids really like/love each other (at least right now).  Reagan had spent the night with Kennedy-they swam, ate hamburgers, played doll house, watched a movie, had waffles for breakfast and swam some more.  
  • The big activity this morning was cutting the boys hair.  Robby worked and worked on their hair-it had gotten a bit long.  You would think that it would be quick to buzz their heads but they are a a bit whiney.  They need many "breaks"-hair in their mouth, hair in the eyes, move their neck and on and on goes their reasons-so Robby lets them have their breaks and hair cutting lasts a while.  After their hair was cut, then it was showers and scrub downs to get that hair off of them.
  • Then Graham and I went to a party at the jumpy place in Benton.  He had a blast playing basketball and I enjoyed a bit of playing too (my favorite is the big slide-always has been.  My favorite ride at the fair growing up was that big slide).  Anyway, Graham worked up an appetite-he had 2 pieces of cake, ice cream and 2 juice boxes!  No wonder Robby couldn't get him to eat any lunch when we came home.
  • Meanwhile back at the house, Anderson, Campbell, Keaton and Robby were picking up rocks from around the trees.  Neighbor kid likes to turn them over to see what is under them and then they leave they roll in the way of Robby's lawnmower.  They had piled the trailer high with them so after lunch Robby had to pitch them all over the fence.  (country living-you don't want it, just throw it in the neighbor's yard)  
  • Around 3, we loaded up to run a few errands.  First Campbell and I ran into Walmart to buy a few things including shoes for 3 Dennie kids.  Whitman still has a new pair from his birthday so that only leaves 2 without brand new shoes for the trip-they do have nicer tennis shoes so that is why they are getting left out.  I thought Campbell would need the same size so after searching and picking out her favorite, we tried it on and I thought we needed to go up a size.  So we had to re-search in a different section to find her new size, pick out a new favorite and then try it on.  Needless to say, we were in the store long enough for Robby to see a misdemeanor (or possibly a felony) committed in the parking lot (shoplifting)
  • Then I dropped off Robby and the kids at Grannymom's house while I ran to two more stores and then to pick up some supper.  The plan was to next go swimming so when I arrived back at Grannymom's house, the kids were already dressed in their bathing suits.  But by this time it was thundering and lightening.  We still loaded up to go and get gas and to assess the swimming situation-we finally decided it was a no-go and went back to pick up Whitman who was going to play at Grannymom's house this time instead of go swimming.
  • That left us with a car load of disappointed kids.  Yes, they understood why we couldn't go but still that is no fun, so we disrupted Nonna and Pops quiet evening at home and ate our supper there. While we were there, it poured and thundered some more so we did feel better about not going to the pool-we were a bit worried that as soon as we decided not to go, the sun would come back out.
  • When we left Nonna's house, we came home and showered and then the kids and I started working on making a blueberry cobbler like her blackberry cobbler.  As we had finished making it, Graham read the recipe back to me.  He got stuck on the word "sift" and had no idea what that meant-I don't have enough patience to sift things, so my sifter has rarely left my cabinet.  So I brought it out, put some flour in it and everyone had a grand time sifting.  Making the cobbler had been relatively mess free but after 5 kids sift flour on a stool in the kitchen, things do get pretty messy.  
  • As soon as the cobbler was in the oven, the kids headed upstairs for bed and Bible story time.  They can have some cobbler in the morning-here are my predictions: Anderson will not eat any, Campbell will also not eat any.  Keaton will hear them talking and will follow what Campbell says and does.  Graham will say he likes it but probably won't finish his and Reagan will devour hers.

June 27, 2014

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Fun Friday!

  • Whitman was the first Dennie up this morning and that is highly unusual.  The others even asked why I woke him up.  He usually sleeps until the other kids are so noisy that they wake him up and then he sits quietly talking in his bed until we come and get him (perfect baby).
  • The kids ate a variety of different things this morning and silly me, I even forget to offer them blueberries-the gallon of blueberries that were sitting on the counter drying.  Even though today we left earlier than yesterday, we still had time for our quick chores.  But really, we need to get used to leaving early-we are early morning people on trips.  
  • We picked up Grannymom, Lilly and Cash and drove to the zoo where we met Kennedy and Jodee. There were quite a few already at the zoo but they might have been a group or something.  The kids all enjoyed the zoo and the animals.  
  • I believe that the favorite was watching the tiger cubs-we watched them at least 20 minutes.  Whitman was mostly able to see them through the rails and he watched and watched-even fussed when we did finally leave that spot.  The 4 cubs raced, jumped, wrestled and splashed in the water.  And our crew would ooh and aah at everything they did.  
  • I guess because of the cooler than normal weather the animals were pretty active this morning. Most everything we saw was moving around so there was lots to see.  But as soon as they saw the playground, that was all that the kids could think about.  They played for a while on the playground and even Whitman got in on the act.  All of the bigger kids played tag and thankfully no other child was knocked down.
  • The next stop was the train ride.  If you remember, we bribed the kids with doughnuts to skip the train ride on the zoo members night.  So that meant today was train ride for everyone and they were beyond excited.  And the conductor even passed out train whistles to the kids-yep, train whistles.  How incredible loud!  That is kind of cute if you have 1 kid but not 6 train whistles blowing at your house-that is not cute at all.  That is why parents have nervous breakdowns and make their kid sleep in their sheds (no worries because no Dennie children are sleeping in the shed....tonight!)
  • After the train ride (which is just a new train, not a new route), the kids headed to the old playground for another chance to play.  And then it was the long hike out of the zoo.  Jodee ran and picked up the pizza for us while we took all 9 kids to the pool (I love looking back in my van and seeing it full with kids!)  Most of them changed into their bathing suits in the back of the van while we unloaded all of the swimming stuff.
  • We all ate our lunch and the kids swam and swam.  The water was a bit colder than I would have liked but that was mainly because the clouds would come and go.  Around 3, when we had planned to leave anyway, it got really dark and then the thunder came.  And before we could get to the car, it started raining.  Thankfully, it didn't pour until we were all loaded up and in the car.
  • Reagan went home with Kennedy to spend the night and my Whitman had his afternoon nap at home while the others watched movies and followed me around (Keaton and Campbell).  Soon Robby was home and he went outside for a bit and the kids watched him work and asked him a zillion questions about what he was doing.
  • And Robby was working on dismantling our wild animal sanctuary that we have above our porch.  I have been noticing some dropping on my bench out front and we thought maybe it was mice so we set a few traps with no success.  Today he saw the that droppings are coming from way above-between our house and the siding of the awning.  Robby decided that it must be bats and thankfully, they are not in the house/attic.  Not much you can do about bats legally (especially ones way up high) but he did spray some bug spray into their little hidey holes and out they came...1, 2, 3, 4....Well, you get the picture.  He said that it was at least 15 but I don't really know how he could know that for sure when he was probably running himself.  And no, I wasn't outside-I stayed inside and would only peek out the window at the action on the front porch.  I did offer him a scarf at one point-didn't want anything sucking his blood.  That is probably only a temporary fix but we do welcome any and all suggestions.  
  • Now the wildlife in the backyard is just fine with me.  We didn't play kickball tonight because of the rain and once when I walked by, there were 2 deer walking in the middle of our field.  They were heading to the neighbor man's deer feeder.  Even last night, we saw a deer eating from the feeder, about 30 feet from our noisy game.
  • The kids all had baths tonight after supper-baths are pretty rare around here since we are usually trying to get everyone clean quickly but tonight we had extra time so they enjoyed their bubble baths.  And all too soon for them it was time for bed!

June 26, 2014

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Blueberry Pickin' Day!

  • The kids were up early this morning and that was a good thing.  We needed plenty of time to get ourselves ready for the day...and that even gave us some time to do a few chores before we left the house.
  • We picked up Nonna and then headed to Bo Brooks to pick blueberries.  The weather could not have been more perfect, it was cloudy and not too hot though it was a bit sticky (I guess it could have been a bit more perfect but it was still pretty good for blueberry picking.)
  • The kids did really, really well picking blueberries-Reagan picked the most with Anderson picking less than her and Graham picking less than Anderson and on down the line.  That is really interesting to me.  They all worked and worked-well, Anderson did quite a bit of supervising and Campbell did quite a bit of eating.  
  • I eventually let Whitman out of the stroller and he walked to bush after bush and would squat down and look at it.  He didn't really understand what we were doing and at first when we would hand him a blueberry he didn't like it but by the time we left, he was eating them out of our buckets.
  • Nonna picked a bit less than us but the kids delighted in helping her fill up her bucket.  Robby asked me what I was going to do with a gallon of blueberries and the answer is, I have no idea!
  • We went to Nonna's house and had a bite of lunch before I took my big 4 and left.  We first stopped by the library to drop off a bunch of books.  I have about 15 more books that we need to read before our trip.  And I want to finish our 3rd Little House book-On the Banks of Plum Creek.  We are listening to that one on CDs and I think that it is my favorite.  That Laura so reminds me of one of my friends kids.  
  • Then we went to El Centro for the afternoon.  The kids did really well and enjoyed playing with all of the kids but they really enjoyed the popsicles that were handed out at the end.  And when we left, we went to see Beebee for a few minutes.  Since Keaton wasn't there my other kiddos all worked together to pick out the perfect pieces of candy to take back to her.  They always take care of each other and they practically came to blows in the van debating on who would give her the candy and the Sonic drink that we bought her.
  • We made sure that we left Beebee in plenty of time to hit Sonic happy hour before we picked up Keaton and Whitman.  Keaton was just about asleep when I walked in and Whitman was happily napping.  When we did get home, the kids stayed outside while I went inside to work a bit.
  • Robby was outside as well and when I noticed him putting up his tractor and telling the kids to pick up, I also saw the kickball bases.  So I put on my shoes and put on Whitman's shoes and out we went.  I didn't want to miss a kickball game.  Our games have become quite heated and vicious-no, not really.  But the kids have really gotten better and we all really enjoy it.  Anderson wants me to find a kickball league for the family.  Maybe they have upward kickball!
  • Once inside we showered and then made tortilla pizzas.  The man that was on Good Morning Arkansas before us made them and the kids have been asking to make them since that day.  And they intently watched Robby as he told them how to make the pizzas and then they followed his directions perfectly-even Keaton.  
  • We decided that our supper was a keeper and we would have to make it again.  Then we had a quick overview of where all we are going on our trip and then it was movie and bedtime!  Tomorrow is just as busy, if not busier than today, so everyone will hopefully sleep all night!

June 25, 2014

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Just a little mowing!

  • It is like we have a newborn baby around here.  The last few nights it was Campbell up in the middle of the night.  We did everything we could think of last night for her to sleep peacefully and she did.  But Graham didn't sleep well.  A bit before 2 he started his moaning, sighing and noise making.  He was asleep so Robby made him get up and go potty but minutes later, he was back at it.  So I went up to get him up to go and potty again-I didn't know that Robby had already made him potty but I did realize he was pretty ticked at me for some reason.  After about 30 minutes of trying to get him to hush and go back to sleep or sleep quietly, he finally did and we all slept well after that.
  • Last night before we even tucked everyone in, Keaton asked when breakfast was.  So Robby reminded everyone that we would indeed eat breakfast but they were not to ask.  I told them that breakfast would only happen after I was out of bed, after I was dressed and ready and after Whitman was up and had a clean diaper.  That did help some with the constant questioning of when we are going to eat breakfast.
  • We did eat breakfast on time and then the kids started on their chores-dishes, straightening, emptying the trash, putting away laundry, emptying the dishes and whatever else I could think of last night to put on their list.  Then they started on their school work-reading, summer journal and computer math.  And don't feel sorry for them at all, they were finished with everything by 10 and were playing upstairs and then on their kindles for the rest of the morning.
  • I spent some of the morning trying to work on packing-just gathering a few things.  Packing is always overwhelming to me, probably because I over-think things.  I really should just throw a few clothes in a bag and some cokes in the ice chest and away we go but instead I have a 3 page detailed list.  
  • We had our lunch and then did quite a bit of reading before the afternoon nap time.  Not much really happened around here this afternoon-it was a pretty slow afternoon.  The kids eventually went outside to play. 
  • My Whitman just has no fear-even of loud things.  That is probably because we use the handvac to clean him off when he is finished eating.  I was using the push mower and he just walked right up to me.  And then when Robby got on the riding mower, he raised his arm for Robby to pick him up.  Whitman did want down pretty quickly but then he decided that he liked riding on the mower with Robby.
  • The kids played outside as I got supper ready.  Then everyone came in for showers and then supper.  After supper, we picked up the house a bit and then watched a Bible story movie-the film was probably older than me but everyone watched it.  Whitman even made it through the movie-he sat on the floor trying to stack his toy cups.  He worked and worked trying to stack those cups up.  I so wanted to jump down there and do it for him but he didn't care if he stacked them on not, he was just having fun playing.

June 24, 2014

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A serious painter...

  • My Campbell isn't sleeping too well these days. Something is causing her to scream out in the middle of the night.  Last night Robby had already been upstairs a few times and later I went.  I had her potty and then climb back in bed and when I left she was fine.  But as soon as I laid back down she started up again.  Robby then made her a spot in the floor of her room and she did sleep all night.  So tonight she is going to sleep in Reagan's bed and we are going to see if that change makes a difference.  
  • We are a bit puzzled by Campbell's sleeplessness.  This all started after the night that Campbell slept in our room.  That would make you think that it is a ploy to get herself back into our room.  But she says that she is afraid of the shadows.  So we have added an extra night light.  Crossing our fingers that tonight will be better.
  • Everyone was awake way too early this morning-before 7. Graham took to his usual morning moaning for a while and then him and Anderson got up to go to the bathroom.  Last night Robby put our Key West pictures in the album and I finished it today but this morning all I could think about was our trip to Key West when Robby and I would just lay in bed and watch HGTV.  This morning the bed was full of kiddos-poor Whitman was the only one who wasn't in our bed with us at one point. He would have been but he was still in his bed and that boy is soaking wet and messy every single morning lately.  
  • Once we were all finally out of the bed, we kicked it into high gear.  The kids worked on their chores, helped me get the bins ready to start packing, did their summer school work and changed into their bathing suits all before 9:30.  I was really shocked at everything that we did accomplish (though when we made it home from swimming, I noticed that my big kids slacked a bit in the chores so they were all done again-straightening the bedroom, picking up the toy room and dusting)
  • We met the Kamps at the pool this morning and the kids enjoyed swimming.  My Whitman loves playing in the fountains but Campbell desperately wants me in the big pool so she can swim to me without her floatees.  That means that I have to hold Whitman or put him in his floatee. Since he doesn't like the floatee at all, I am holding him with Keaton hanging on to me and watching my Campbell swim and having to grab at her.
  • Campbell is really getting good swimming-I am pretty impressed.  But she will occasionally jump in or go down the slide and not be able to figure out what to do next.  Sometimes she can hear me say "put your head under" and will start swimming or other times she will just doggie paddle looking frantic.  So I have to watch her like a hawk!
  • We ate our lunch at the pool and came home around 1.  It looks like I didn't put enough sunscreen on Reagan's face but 5 out of 6 isn't too bad!  :)  Once at home, Whitman and Keaton went right to bed and the rest of us changed out of our bathing suits.  Then we all read a bit followed by some movies.  
  • After their movies, the others woke up and then I kicked them all outside.  Robby eventually arrived with supper and we ate on the patio since the kids were already soaking wet and filthy.  Robby worked a bit outside while Graham re-spray painted his desk (worked perfectly this time).
  • Then it was time for the Dennie summer activity-kickball!  My team was down by 5 but ended up winning in the last inning.  I wonder what the neighbors think with us yelling and hollering out in the yard just about every summer evening.  
  • Showers and then we let the kids stay up a bit later playing their kindles.  At one point, we saw them all laying in the floor with pillows watching a movie one of the kindles.  Then it was Bible story and then bedtime.  

June 23, 2014

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Just like new with a bit of spray paint!

  • Schedules were a bit off today as everyone was trying to get back into the routine; well, it actually started about 1:00 a.m. when Campbell decided she was scared and then got Keaton riled up.  It took about 4 trips upstairs between Robby and I before everyone was sleeping peacefully until...
  • Graham came to report that Campbell and Keaton were up and it was only 6:40.  Knowing I had lots of stuff to get done today, I obliged and soon everyone was in our room anxious to wake up Whitman. But next thing I knew that were building forts in the bonus room.
  • Robby was soon off to work and that meant it was time for breakfast and chores.  Everyone worked together pretty well and I even got spaghetti made fairly early that would be supper later in the night.  The boys prepped their school desks for painting by cleaning the tops.
  • Next thing I knew Robby was calling to say he would be home early because the lawn mower repair folks were coming to pick up his riding lawn mower.  They weren't supposed to come until July 2nd so he was glad to hear they could come early.  He'd work from home the rest of the day - most of it with his headphones in his ear as the kids played all around.
  • It was movie time and rest time for Keaton and Whitman. I even got a run in with a few visits from Campbell.
  • Keaton was up by 4:00 anxious to get her snack and join the others for the end of movies.  A bi of Kindle time and then it was time for the boys to start painting their desks. Poor Graham - he got a bad can of paint. It just didn't work right - even for me - so we figured it was defective and we decided we'd need to buy a new can.  Anderson was able to get his painted a bright Razorback red.
  • When Robby was done with work, he joined us outside for a few pushes on the swing and the kids talked to him into a game of kickball. I stayed in to get Whitman up, cook up their supper before i escaped to Bunko.  Before I knew it, I looked out and it was pouring down rain.  But the kids and Robby stayed out determined to finish their game.  (Well, Campbell and Keaton decided the rain was a bit too much.)  The rain kept getting harder and harder and finally Anderson scored the winning run and then they decided to just play in the rain.  They found the cones and started filling them with rain water and pour over their heads.
  • Eventually everyone came inside for showers and then I was slipped out while they were eating supper.  They finished their spaghetti and biscuits before a bit more Kindle time.
  • They watched a couple of short Bible story movies and Whitman got the biggest kick out of the movies and just started showing out.  He kept pointing at the tv and jumping up and down and making circles - enough to make himself dizzy.  When the short ones were over, he went to bed and the kids picked out a couple of pieces of candy for their dessert and watched a couple more movie on RightNowMedia.org site (a car movie and then a story about Moses and Manna.
  • Next up i was bed time and everyone was tired from another full day and soon asleep!

June 22, 2014

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Groundbreaking Sunday!

  • This should have been the last quiet morning around here with the boys gone.  But goodness it wasn't quiet.  Campbell decided that she didn't like the dress I had picked out for her and she let us all know about it.  I stood my ground and she did wear that perfectly cute dress to church and was the cutest thing in it.  But that child huffed, puffed, whined, cried, flopped and flailed for the longest time.
  • Campbell is following Reagan's footsteps on being incredibly picky with her clothes.  We are blessed with many hand-me-downs and I let Reagan decide what she wants and what she just wants to put back for her sisters.  So everything in her drawers are things that she has chosen but why in the world does she only want to wear the same 3 shirts and 1 pair of shorts.  (Now tonight she did pick out a very cute outfit of clothes she usually doesn't wear)
  • After finally getting my people dressed we had to scurry around to eat and leave quickly so we would have time for grandparent visiting time.  We did in face have time to see Grannymom and Grandpa and Nonna and Pops before church so this pleased the girls and Whitman.
  • Then we picked up everyone and went outside for the groundbreaking.  Robby and I think that we have been to 6 groundbreakings at Geyer Springs starting with the old sanctuary on Geyer Springs road.  Keaton found herself a construction hat and Campbell enjoyed watching "Jeff" on the bulldozer.  
  • After that, Campbell and Reagan went to Nonna's house with her but since they didn't have a seat for Keaton she stayed with us-she wasn't happy at all about this travel arrangement.  Though after a promise of candy from Walmart she quickly calmed.  We bought her one of those oreo cookie cups that she proudly carried out of the store in the bag.  Then while we were loading our groceries and Whitman up, Keaton opened those up herself and chowed down on the way to Nonna's house.
  • We had time to play some after lunch but Whitman was exhausted and ready for his nap (so was his momma)  But naps didn't last for too long because soon the boys were home from Mississippi via Shelley and then Dana.  They had the best time and couldn't stop talking about their zoo trip.  We quizzed them on everything that we could think of.  We did learn that they liked going to church with their cousins because it was shorter than our church.
  • We soon loaded up so they could drop me off at church for my class and Robby picked up pizza for the kids.  They ate and then played in the game room until church time.  And at church time, Keaton decided that she did NOT want to go to her class.  That child screamed like I have never heard her but her teachers said she soon calmed down.  
  • Campbell saw her class was combined into a younger class so she didn't want to go either.  But since she can sit still-ish in church, she was able to come with us to big church.  Graham was asleep ever so quickly when the preaching started but as soon as church was over, he was wide awake asking about ice cream truck.
  • The ice cream truck did arrive here once everyone was changed into their pajamas.  Then it was Bible story time and bed time.  The other folks seemed to have slept in our room lately, so Reagan asked to have her turn.  I am sure that she was delighted that we said yes and Robby let her read some before going to sleep.  
  • This was probably a good night not to be in their bedroom because Keaton is still going strong.  She called me up a minute ago saying that her diaper hurt (it didn't) and that she could hear me "washing the spoons."  I am not sure what she heard but I sure am not washing spoons right now.

June 21, 2014

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A swim with Dad!

  • First, the highlights for the boys in Mississippi.  They woke up at 7 and I am shocked that they didn't wake up earlier than that.  Uncle Les cooked a big breakfast and then they were off to the zoo.  It looks like they had a blast at the zoo-sting rays, a show, playing in the geyser, feeding birds. Then more swimming, supper and bike/scooter riding.  I believe they are having a blast and never want to return to Arkansas.  
  • Back at home, it has been pretty quiet here.  This morning the big activity was painting the girls' school desks.  First we had to clean them with shaving cream-this was the most fun way to clean them.  I asked Reagan to come and help and she saw what Keaton and Campbell were doing (hands in the shaving cream) and she just rolled her eyes and walked away.  My Reagan abhors getting any type of cream, lotion, soap on her hands-there is no way that she would ever do this.
  • But my Whitman took her place.  He would walk up and put his hands in the shaving cream mess and then look at me to see if it was okay.  I don't think he was too fond of it either though because he wouldn't stick around for long.  My Keaton and Campbell loved this and stuck around until the shaving cream was gone.
  • Then we taped up the top and eventually headed out to paint.  We used Pops' spray paint gun and it was so easy.  Reagan painted hers first and her blue is really pretty and then Campbell painted her desk.  I did help both of them but probably let Campbell do a bit too much on her own so she does have a few spots that needed a second coat but since we ran out of paint it is just fine.  I wish that we would have done this when we first bought our desks-they really do look good.
  • We helped Robby in the yard for a bit but we mostly the girls and I sat on the patio drinking lemonade-it was really the perfect day for that!  Then the girls and I came back inside for chicken spaghetti for lunch.
  • Soon Robby was inside and we headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things-2 buggies worth.  The kids were fine in the store-mainly because they were busy guzzling down their slushies that Robby bought to bribe them.  Whitman did get tired towards the end-he had already had his milk so I just poured what was left of Keaton's slush in the bottom of his milk cup.  So he had a milky slush and that kept him happy for the rest of the trip.
  • Once at home, it took all of us to unload and put away the groceries.  Whitman then had a nap and the girls watched a movie while Robby worked in his office and I put our camping pictures in an album.  Before too long, we loaded up again to head to the pool.
  • Evenings are the perfect time to come to the pool-no sunscreen required, not many folks, not hot.  Grannymom and Grandpa met us there and we ate Robby's grilled hot dogs for supper.  It seems like anything we bring to eat at the pool just taste delicious.  We swam almost until closing and then we rushed home for showers, Bible story and bed.  My girls were so tired that I am pretty sure they crashed!

June 20, 2014

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Anderson, Graham and Cash are visiting the Mississippi cousins!

  • My boys were the first ones up today-well, actually we heard Graham looking in his tooth fairy pillow and clinking his change (4 quarters-the tooth fairy was a bit tired at midnight and just grabbed what she could find) and seconds later Anderson came into the room and climbed into our bed.
  • Graham was excited about his last day at VBS and I really think that child has had fun and all Anderson wanted to know was how long until he left for Mississippi.  Robby and Graham left before everyone else was really awake.
  • Soon though the whole house was up and Robby did call and was able to talk to Campbell and Keaton before he went in to work.  Usually, if Campbell doesn't get to tell her Daddy bye then her day starts off pretty rocky so her Daddy phone call was a good thing.
  • I have really taken a liking to these lazy summer days with little to do-no school, few chores.  Some may call it becoming lazy.  We did read a bit and worked on Campbell's reading book.  But then we just hung out all morning and it was pretty nice.  Anderson would sneak off to the toy room occasionally to play-he enjoys quiet time after lots of activity.  
  • But at noon, our day moved into high gear.  We quickly gobbled down our lunch and headed to pick up Graham and Cash from Grannymom's house.   On the way there, Anderson asked to sit by the door of the van so he could get out quickly-yep, he was beyond excited.  We then took those boys to meet Robby who met Shelley half way.  
  • She offered to keep the crew (5 year old and two 7 year olds) for a couple of nights.  My boys were so excited-tonight we know that they have been swimming and were watching a movie before bed.  Anderson and Graham will probably refuse to come home.
  • This afternoon, Keaton and Whitman had a nap while Campbell and Reagan watched a movie.  Then when Robby came home, we debated what to do and what to eat.  Eventually, the girls voted on nachos and Reagan made them and Campbell heated them up.  Glad to know that they can make supper themselves.
  • Robby had thought about going outside but soon he decided to that we should participate in National Flip Flop day and get a smoothie at Tropical Smoothie.  The girls and I donned our flip flops and walked in for the free smoothie-they were huge.  Campbell had one sip and decided that she didn't like the strawberry banana smoothie.  Robby asked Reagan if they were the same as mine and she shouted back at him "no, way."  I will assume that means that mine are much better.  We managed  quick visit to Grannymom an Grandpa's - found them sitting out front enjoying their quiet evening. (We changed that with a quick small game of kickball.)
  • Once at home, it was time for showers and then bed.  A few minutes ago, Keaton called me upstairs and I thought all of them would still be going strong but Campbell and Reagan are both already asleep-doing nothing all day is hard work.

June 19, 2014

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A Thursday night swim!

  • Robby was up early, early this morning and had breakfast cooking when I stirred.  I woke the upstairs crew up and before I made it down stairs, I heard Graham say "Second tooth! I just lost my second tooth."  He is having a pretty good week himself and to top off his week he is sleeping in our room tonight.  (He thinks it is because he is our favorite but really, he is the only one who has to leave the house early in the morning for VBS.)
  • The 3 campers (Reagan, Anderson and Cash) loaded into the van along with the one VBSer (Graham) and the 2 tag-a-longs (Campbell and Keaton).  That just left me and Whitman here at the house.  And Whitman continued to sleep.  I worked for awhile and even stopped to listen by his door to see if he was stirring.  He was not, so I continued working but after a while, I started to get lonely and woke that boy up.  
  • He ate breakfast while I cleaned up the kitchen.  Then we started working on the laundry.  If you have ever folded laundry with a 1 year old, then you know how difficult it is.  I would fold 3 things and he would unfold 2.  I just started knocking him down into my pile of unfolded laundry whenever he neared my piles of neatly folded clothes.
  • Eventually, my girls and Robby came home and they helped divert some of Whitman's attention away from my laundry.  We read, played and worked all morning long.  Around 10, I put Whitman down for a nap since he was fussy and tired and went to the treadmill.  And when I was finished, that boy had not gone to sleep but was mad, mad at me!  I did get him up and he played a bit until it was time for early lunch.
  • I fed the 3 at home Dennies pretty early, Campbell and I left for the library and then to El Centro.  Robby later took Keaton and Whitman to Grannymom's house and brought Lilly and Graham to me.  They helped me and the others at El Centro today.  We played with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, dominoes and a bazillion other things.  The kids eat lunch there and are then there until 3 every single day.  I ended up outside and it was hot, hot, hot.  Thankfully, the air condition was just a few steps away.  I made it my duty to continue finding trash so I could step in to the cool air while throwing the trash away.
  • After we finished there, I took my helpers to Sonic for drinks.  Then we came home and they played outside until it was time to pick up everyone else.  The campers had arrived home and today they had not just cards that were their awards like the other days, they had ribbons.  I will have to take a picture of them and their awards tomorrow. 
  • And we also picked up Whitman and Keaton from Grannymom at the church and then we dropped off Lilly and Cash at their house.  The next stop was to pick up a pizza-the poor pizza people were working hard but we could have made a pizza at home faster.  It actually took so long that Campbell pottied all over herself in the car.  Thankfully, she did have on her bathing suit-though she did cry as she said "I can't swim all wet."  The car seat cover is already in the wash and she did swim in a wet bathing suit after all.
  • The kids were delighted to see the Kamps there so that was a few more folks to play with.  And we even stayed until almost 8:30 which meant that it was well after 9 when the kids were put into bed.  We never heard a peep out of them.  As I told Reagan tonight, she said "will we ever get to go to Family Farm again?"  I told her that she probably would get to go next year-you should have seen her face light up!

June 18, 2014

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Camp Day #3

  • This morning was a bit slower than the past few with our campers and VBS-er spending the night at Grannymom's house.  The girls climbed in our bed around 7:30 and laid there until time for Robby to go to work.  Soon we all had our breakfast and started our morning.
  • My girls helped with some chores, we read some books and they played a bit this morning.  Mostly, my Keaton just fussed about nothing and about everything.  I have no idea what has gotten in to her lately-almost like she is taking Campbell's place as the difficult Dennie.  (Graham was our first difficult Dennie.  And when he started improving, Campbell quickly took his place.  Now Keaton is trying to claim the difficult Dennie title and is well on her way.)
  • Soon it was time to leave to get gas and meet Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilly, Graham and Robby at Larry's pizza.  This treat was mainly for Graham since he is the one missing out on camp.  But Campbell was just as excited about Larrys.  She told me that she would show me around, she offered to point out the restaurant when we arrived and made sure that I understood that we had to pay first.
  • The kids ate and ate-well, about a piece of pizza and a piece of dessert pizza.  There eye was on the game room and when we had finished, Robby gave them a few tokens-enough for everyone to get a piece of candy with their winnings.  
  • We came home for naps and movie time and before long, I was playing ping pong and air hockey upstairs with Graham and Campbell.  Graham took such time trying his best to teach Campbell how to play ping pong (hopeless).  I was about to comment on how well he was trying to teach her but first he commented "I like teaching."
  • And with that on his mind, he and Campbell went downstairs and played a game of flag football in the living room.  This did involve me moving all of the living room furniture (even the couch) but it was worth it because they played for the longest time.  After he had successfully taught Campbell, he moved to teaching Keaton the art of football.  
  • Soon Robby was home with the campers (even Cash) and they were hot and wound up.  We quickly ate supper and then all went outside.  Now my Keaton had been quite concerned if I was going to take proper care of Cash.  These are some of the questions she asked me this afternoon and evening "You have a napkin for Cash? You have enough spaghetti for Cash? Cash going to have a chair? Even Cash have a brownie? Cash going to sleep here because he doesn't have a bed at his house? Cash sleep in Campbell's bed, that okay?"  And on and on it went.
  • Robby mowed for a while and when he was done we played 2 innings of kickball.  I didn't let Whitman out of the wagon because neighbor man said that he had killed a copper head some where.  He told me where but I didn't hear that.  My Whitman's feet didn't hit the ground again though!
  • Showers (scrub downs) were given and then it was bedtime.  We let Cash have Campbell's bed and Keaton and Campbell are in our room sleeping.  Hopefully, everyone will sleep well and be ready for their last day at camp.

June 17, 2014

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Where did all those big kids go?

  • Anderson was the first one awake this morning and after my shower, I snuck upstairs to wake Reagan and Graham up.  I thought I was being so quiet but Campbell woke up.  I let her come down stairs with everyone else and after a few minutes she disappeared.  That turkey went upstairs to wake Keaton up and bring her downstairs.
  • Whitman was even awake this morning when the others left.  But when they left this morning, Reagan, Anderson and Graham won't be back home until tomorrow night so it was good that everyone was able to say good bye.  Since we were up early, by 8:30 I had already finished my to-do list, read 4 books with the girls and were running out of things to do.  The house was so incredibly quiet-almost oddly quiet.
  • A bit before 10, we headed to Nonna and Pops' house.  The girls and Whitman stayed there until 2 while I went home to pull out school for August and I even did my treadmill time.  So my oddly quiet house was much, much quieter without the kids. 
  • I don't think that the little 3 missed me at all.  Whitman spent much of his time playing basketball.  And he remembered his hoops skills because tonight he would get our basketball, go stand under our goal, look up and then throw the ball.  Of course he was about 9 feet from actually getting the ball into the goal but he sure was a cute thing.  Keaton and Campbell had a good time playing "food" and talked about that all of the way home. 
  • Grannymom picked up my Grahammer from Vacation Bible School and it sounded like he had a good time.  He even got to go swimming this afternoon.  She also picked up Reagan, Anderson and Cash from church after camp.  They again had a good time-Reagan went canoeing and rode on a man-powered carousel (whatever that is).  Anderson did the sling shot and earned Camper of the Day.  I am pretty sure that they are still having fun and they even stayed busy tonight at Grannymom's house with a kickball game outside.
  • Our afternoon was spent watching a movie and making hawaiian dinner rolls (fail-burned them and used to much whole wheat flour (I was out of the regular kind))   Tonight we had dinner outside and then Robby mowed as I blew bubbles, took the kids on a walk and pushed folks on the swing.
  • When we came in, it was shower time and then we read another Bible story book tonight and Campbell got to sit next to Robby while he was reading it.  She, along with everyone else, usually lays in their beds during the story.  Tonight she said "I am going to ask Daddy if I can sit by him and if he says yes then good but if he says no then I will say "yes sir.""-love that girl!

June 16, 2014

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First Day of Camp!

  • Our alarm clocks rang early this morning.  I was still in bed when I heard Graham say to Anderson "I think we have overslept." Soon, Anderson was speaking into the monitor asking if they could get up.  I let them and soon there were 3 patters of feet down the hallway.  In walked Graham, Anderson and Campbell-she wasn't the one that I wanted up that early.  It should have been Reagan and not Campbell so soon I had to sneak back upstairs to wake Reagan up.  She did wake up easier than usual and soon they all were dressed and pulling out of the driveway.
  • Campbell and I went back to my bed and read a few books while we waited for the others to wake up.  We actually ended up waking Keaton and Whitman up at 7:30 because she just couldn't wait any longer.  We had already read 2 books (one of those we even read twice) and I rubbed her back for the longest (secretly hoping that she would fall back asleep).  
  • During breakfast is when I realized just how quiet it was around here-while the 3 leftover kids ate I organized my tupperware.  Then Keaton and Campbell helped unload the dishes and then they went off to play.  Most of the morning was spent with them playing "teacher."  Campbell would drop her baby (Whitman) off with the Sunday school teacher (Keaton).  This would often not work out so well because the baby Whitman didn't really want to be left with Keaton-he wanted to follow me and really do anything but what Campbell wanted him to do.  
  • I eventually turned on a movie hoping that would distract Whitman so Campbell could feel like he was playing with her or that the movie would distract Campbell and she would forget about playing with Whitman.  That kind of worked but the snack that I passed out later did work.  I even put Whitman in the exersaucer and ran (yes, ran) around the house trying to get things cleaned up a bit.
  • Before we left for the pool, Campbell and Keaton helped me cut the velveeta for our chicken spaghetti and then we were off.  We made it before Graham, Lilly and Grannymom arrived.  My Graham had a fun morning at VBS.  He told me about singing in a big group, playing a game with marshmallows, a man falling down (I believe on purpose in a skit), someone looking for a bug, seeing Lilly during snack (yogurt and fruit juice possibly), raising money for water for people in India and tomorrow being silly day.  I felt like I gleamed a fair amount of information from him about his day.
  • The kids swam for a while and had a quick lunch.  Since Grannymom watched Whitman, I did get in the big pool with Campbell and she worked hard at swimming today.  She swam from the slide to the ladder and also from the ladder to the steps so that is really big for her.  Whitman of course loved the water and even wanted me to hold him in the deep water.  And Keaton is starting to feel more comfortable in her floatees but does not like to get her face under the water - at all!
  • After a bit of swimming, Graham asked when we were going home and I told him in one and a half kid swims.  He asked if we could go home right then-Graham more than any of the other kids is the one who gets tired and needs some down time.  I was able to convince him to stay one more hour before we did leave.
  • At home, Campbell and Graham watched tv while Keaton and Whitman slept.  I had thought that Robby was going to come home after picking up the camp kids but I was wrong, he was coming home to pick us up before getting them.  So when he called to say that he was on his way, I went scrambling.  We were all ready in time so that was good.
  • We were at the church right at 5:30 and the buses were already there and the kids were already inside waiting on us.  Actually, we were towards the end of the folks picking up kids but ours didn't seem to mind.  Cash, especially, looked tired when I walked in to gather the crew.  But once they were in the van, they talked the entire way back to Cash's house.
  • Reagan and/or Anderson did all of this today: petting zoo, sling shot, sandcastle building, archery, paddle boat, canoeing, fishing, ziplining, big slide and "churchy stuff."  All in all they had a wonderful day.  They kept talking about camp and Graham continued to get more and more disappointed that he wasn't at camp.  He did have fun today but that was some pretty big stuff they did today-I am even a bit disappointed that I am not at camp!  Robby couldn't get over that Anderson and Cash got in a canoe and were able to make it go and then make the canoe come back without dropping their paddles.  He kept asking them how they knew how to do this. 
  • We dropped off Cash and then went to eat at the "peanut place" (Texas Roadhouse)  This is Reagan's favorite place to eat and eat my kids did.  They all had 2+ rolls and zillions of peanuts. Robby ordered cheese fries and after that we could have just left and everyone would have been full.  Then each kid had a 5th of a hamburger, corn, beans, fries and mac and cheese.  They sat still and quiet through all of the meal (seriously)-they were so tired and their tummys were so full they could hardly move!
  • Once at home, every one was given not just a shower but a scrub down.  We watched a quick Bible story movie and then it was bedtime for my sleep crew.  Campbell even fell asleep before we finished reading the Bible story. 

June 15, 2014-Happy Father's Day

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Happy Father's Day!

  • Father's Day this morning and Graham was the most concerned when I didn't wake him up at the crack of dawn to make Robby breakfast-like they do on Mother's Day.  I reminded him that we had already made our breakfast for Robby (rice krispy treats) so we were all good.  The kids eventually all migrated upstairs to watch Robby finish his run.
  • When he was finished, I was ready and served up cinnamon rolls (really ones that I had frozen and made a while back) and then Robby came in after getting ready.  The kids were delighted to line up in order (they did that themselves) in the hall and then present Robby with his loot.  He had the pan of rice krispy treats that Reagan dropped on the floor.  No worries on that, my kitchen floor is clean enough to eat off of (not really, but we still ate off of it.) Then there was the gift of a Dr. Oz magazine (which Robby has to order himself) and a grilling set for camping.  We had also made a book for Robby where the kids wrote out things about him and reasons that the love him.  And finally, he was handed a plethora of handmade cards.
  • When everyone was ready, we headed outside for the customary Father's Day picture.  The picture today was a big success compared to our Mother's Day picture fail.  Then it was off to church and we had time to see Pops and Grandpa and wish them a Happy Father's Day before church started.  As Keaton was walking through the sanctuary, she started asking where the candy was-I guess we missed the candy man today.
  • During church, Robby had to leave for doughnuts for dad in her class room.  She was delighted to have him in her class.  After a bit of begging, Robby did say that he would come and pick her up early.  SO after a bit we did pick her up and she joined us in Keaton's class.  
  • Soon church was over and we went to Grannymom's house for lunch and a bit of playing outside.  Then it was home for a nap for Whitman, Keaton and finally me and Campbell.  I knew she would eventually end up beside me and we cuddled and snoozed while Robby cleaned his desk area for hours.  It was messy but I sure wouldn't have thought it would have taken him hours to clean.  
  • At 5, we all stirred and sent the kids outside to play with a promise that we would be out in 30 minutes for a kickball game rematch.  When the rematch happened, we had the same teams but not the same outcome.  The score tonight was much, much lower and we were able to play 5 innings instead of 3.  Reagan/Graham's team did have big neighbor kid (polite to your face but sneaky-yes, I delighted in pegging him out with the ball) but I don't think that addition of him changed the outcome.  Hopefully, some time this week we can have another game to break our tie.
  • Inside we had showers and then I did supper while Robby had his shower and then he started the Bible story movie while I had my shower.  Bible story and then bedtime-unfortunately, the kids ended up in bed later than we had intended because tomorrow is going to be an early, early morning.  Reagan and Anderson have camp and need to be at church at 7 and we signed Graham up to go to VBS with Lilly so he will leave when the big kids leave too (he is so excited to have something to do all week)

June 14, 2014

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Celebrating Arkansas' 178th Birthday!

  • As Robby ran early this morning, I served up breakfast.  Robby really wanted to make sausage and eggs but thought since he was getting his numbers done at Sams (free health screening) so he didn't want to skew them with a delicious breakfast.  
  • The plan was not to leave to early this morning so the kids and I took it easy.  I tried to straighten up and I am not really sure what they did.  Just a few days ago, I started worrying that Whitman wasn't talking too much.  But since then, I have heard him say so many words-mama, dada, bye, go (or possibly dog), peek a boo and even some others.  I guess I won't have to get out my speechie hat and work with him.
  • Before Robby finished with his run, we had decided to leave early on our outing.  Jason had recommended the Old State House today so we added that to our list.  We quickly got ourselves ready (having one less takes a bit less time and it seems like we didn't have hardly anyone with us).
  • Our first stop was Sams for Robby to get his health screen-ALL of his numbers were great so that is very, very good.  But the line was long, long so the kids and I had to find a few things to do while we waited.  First we split 2 icees into their cups and then we walked on.  
  • The next stop was the samples.  There was one table that had 3 different kinds of cakes.  I told the kids they could each have one.  I was standing by the tiny cupfuls of brownies getting a sample for Keaton and Whitman.  Graham asked me if he could have some carrot cake.  I looked over at the tiny cupfuls of carrot cake and said "sure, get one."  Then I heard the ladies saying "oh, no" and "not that one, sweetie."  My Graham had not seen the little cups and started to grab the entire carrot cake cupcake.  The ladies had a good laugh and were as sweet as they could be to him.  We also had a good laugh but my Graham was a bit embarrassed.  He told me a minute later that he didn't want any samples.  I reminded him that he didn't do anything wrong and soon he had forgotten all about it.  
  • We had more samples as we walked up and down by Robby patiently waiting in line.  After we had looked at the toys and the books, Robby was finally finished.  Then they walked over to Taco Bell for a quick lunch while I drove the van.  The walk to Taco Bell through the parking lot was the highlight of the day for Keaton-it is hard to remember that it is the little things that make the kids so happy.
  • Then we picked up Grannymom, Grandpa and our Campbell that we have all started to miss.  We miss the excitement that she adds to the crew.  We headed to the Old State House to celebrate the state of Arkansas' 178th birthday.  When you arrived, you were given a packet that had a fictional family name and it also had a list of tasks that you must complete there and at the Historic Arkansas Museum.  
  • We ran out of time to go to both places but we did manage to find a doctor and pay him for services, order shoes for the boys, make a toy boat for Whitman and sign Reagan up to be a basket making apprenticeship.  The kids really enjoyed it and they all loved getting to make that boat-everyone got to saw some and the big girls even got to drill.   The man was so incredibly patient with the kids.
  • Then we loaded up and went to the Arkansas Flag and Banner store to take part in the singing of the National Anthem to break the record.  This place had free lemonade and popcorn and when the kids played the bag-go game they won a piece of candy.  Needless to say, the kids loved this event as well.
  • After dropping off Grannymom and Grandpa, we came home to work on Robby's father's day treat while he worked in the yard.  All the kids started helping me but by the end I only had a sticky mess, a sticky Campbell and a sticky Keaton-everyone else had left me!  Before I had cleaned myself, the little girls and the kitchen it was time for a kickball game.
  • Graham has been begging us to play kickball and Robby had told him that we would play today.  The teams were Robby, Reagan, Graham and Keaton against me, Anderson, Campbell and neighbor boy 1 (yes, he is the one who did the minor breaking and entering into our house last week but I feel sorry for him-he isn't mean but just not smart enough to know/remember right from wrong.  But he always says "yes ma'am" and I like that)  My team won-actually we stomped the other team.  
  • After 3 innings, it was time to load up for Sonic to celebrate Pops' Father's day.  The kids played until 8-half price shake time.  Then we all ate and gave Pops his gift.  Right before we ate, poor Whitman fell and scraped his lip/bit his lip and will look pitiful tomorrow but a cup of milk and ice cream made him feel all better.
  • Once at home, the kids had showers and it was bedtime.  They were all excited to read our Bible story book again since we don't read when we are missing someone-everyone knew that tonight we would start Exodus.