May 31, 2015

Signing the beam!
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  • I was up first this morning becuase I knew that there was a plethera of things to accomplish...mainly emptying the dryer so I could refill the swim bags and pack the bathing suits so Robby could take the kids swimming this afternoon.  I might have had a motive behind doing this because when they went swimming, I went shopping.
  • Even though I was up early, we were still hurrying around the last few minutes.  I seem to have a bit of ADD when it comes to getting everyone out of the house.  But I think my illness is probably due to the kids continuing to get more things out, ask me more questions and not do exactly what they should!
  • We were trying to get to church early today so we could sign the beam.  The "balance beam" (as Campbell called it) will be one of the central beams in the new addition so everyone signed it.  The last time I remember doing this was with Reagan.  She was a baby and we did her footprint.  This time though everyone was able to sign their name-well, Keaton was able to write her K and D.  And Whitman stood incredibly still as I traced his hand for the beam.
  • We then went to church and Sunday school and then to Nonna's house for lunch.  Nonna made Robby's favorite lunch, pizza, and Anderson's favorite dessert, key lime pie and everyone left happy.  Well, not everyone-Whitman was happy but he didn't leave.  He stayed there and played while the rest of us left.
  • Robby took the kids swimming and things went well.  They did have one bathroom incident-probably swimming on a full stomach isn't the best of ideas.  But other than that, all was well.  I went shopping mainly to buy a bathing suit and the very first one that I tried on fit (praise Jesus!)
  • I made it back home just as showers were ending and was able to help unload and unpack from the day.  Sometimes I understand why people never leave their house, it is just so much work!
  • Church tonight was the Lord's Supper.  Campbell sat by me and she was probably better behaved than I was.  As soon as the preacher stood on the stage, Campbell whispered to me "let's go and get Whitman when he prays."  Then I did cover Campbell's mouth twice with my hand and I almost fell apart when she asked me why I didn't bring back a bow of crackers when I returned from getting my Lord's Supper.
  • After church they had a fellowship and then it was home for pajamas and bed.  The kids got into bed a bit earlier than the last few nights-they are making up for lost sleep over the last few days.  

May 30, 2015

Finishing the season strong!
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  • We went to bed last night with 5 disappointed kids sleeping on our room with no elextricity.  But by the time that we woke up, things had changed drastically.  We found out that the soccer games were on despite the deluge we recieved last night and that means the kids were no longer disappointed, they were thrilled.  Reagan, who is usually my slowest at getting up, was quick to put on her uniform and then climb back under the covers. Our electricity had come on shortly after the kids had gone to sleep.
  • It didn't take us too long to get ready even though we weren't too ready for soccer this morning.  I geuss our things were ready but Robby and I were not mentally ready-we had already planned our morning of everything that we were going to accomplish!  
  • We picked up doughnuts on the way to the soccer field.  Campbell's team played first and it was something to watch-imagine eight 5 and 6 year olds playing on a muddy field.  Some children tried to stay out of the mud and only got in it to kick the ball and others would run out of their way to splash in the puddles.  My Campbell was the superstar on her team today.  She didn't score but she ran this way and ran that way and kicked the ball and blocked the ball and played her hardest.  We couldn't be more proud of how hard she played this year.
  • As you can imagine, she was soaking wet when the game was finished, so we changed her and then walked to the bottom of the fields to watch the boys play their last game.  I think that the boys won and they also did really well.  They had to play pretty much the entire game and you could tell that they were tired by the end of the game.  My Graham and Anderson both came so close to scoring today and they really had a lot of fun this year.
  • After their game, we changed them and all headed off to lunch.  Reagan and Anderson went home with Nonna and Pops.  Keaton and Whitman rode with Grannymom to McDonalds and then just Graham went with Grannymom and Grandpa to Lowes.  And then we had Graham and Campbell with us and went to McDonalds and then we ran to two different grocery stores before heading back to the field.
  • I knew watching a bunch of 3rd and 4th grade girls play on a muddy field would be much different and it was.  They would all pause before going into the puddles.  Reagan's team won, lost or possibly tied depending on who you talked to.  They had fun and did really good.  My Reagan was pretty slow on the field (she got her foot stepped on really hard at the beginning and after that, she didn't get into the fray of girls to much) but Reagan is great at telling her teammates what to do.  She has told me before that she wants to be a referee or a coach.  
  • After the games, we headed home and started washing clothes, unloading the car and trying to lay out shoes to dry them.  Grannymom and Grandpa came over to hang one more light in an attic (that should be all of the new lights I need now)  The kids finished their movie from last night while Whitman napped.
  • Before all of our laundry could finish, we loaded up and went to the pool.  The kids swam and swam.  Though Graham pulled a muscle in his neck somehow this afternoon and was pretty upset all afternoon.  During the first hour at the pool, he floated around on a noodle holding his neck.  Dana rubbed it a bit and within a few minute, he was swimming around and had forgotten about his neck.  
  • My Whitman really enjoyed watching her brothers and sisters go down the slide.  He enjoyed this so much that he wanted to go down himself so I thought that a good fast ride down the sldie and then a quick dunk under the water would scare him enough that he wouldn't want to do it again.  I was wrong!  I took him to the top and gave him a push down and even though his eyes were huge and he hung on to Lilli for dear life, he immediately wanted to do it again.
  • We had supper at the pool (sandwiches) and swam until we were almost the last people there.  Then it was home for showers, teeth and bed.  My crew was pretty tired tonight and hopefully everyone sleeps well.

May 29, 2015

Playing office!
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  • I was the first one out of bed this morning and even though it was after 7, I still decided to get on the treadmill.  I figured that since no one else was really stirring (Graham was soon up and playing on his kindle) no one would miss me.  At one point, Campbell came downstairs and I asked who was up and she looked at me blankly and said "no one."  I knew this wasn't correct since Graham was in the living room so I tried asking again.  I rephrased my question asking this time "who was awake?" and the answer was the same.  She must have been the one not fully awake because just minutes later, I walked downstairs and everyone but Whitman was up.
  • We had our breakfast and started on our normal-ish summer school routine.  I guess that I had planned on us doing a bit too much during the summer or maybe I am just enjoying the lazyish days too much.  Every day it seems that I am looking at the list of what I had planned on the kids doing and saying "oh, let's just skip this today."  I never have anyone who seems distraught over it.  Today I let them skip writing in their journal.  
  • We still did our reading together time.  I knew that we were going to go to Beebee's place and the kids would get loads of candy there so I didn't let them have their normal piece of candy during our reading time.  So I asked them where we could sit and read that Whitman wouldn't think that he should go and get some candy.  We ended up in the bonus room and Whitman actually didn't notice us all leaving.  We weren't trying to hide from him but he eventually saw me and then everyone else sitting over there and started waving at us shouting "hi" from the kids window.  Soon he had gone down the steps, across the house and up into the bonus room and was playing at my feet as we read.
  • At 11:30 we loaded up with our peanut butter tortilla lunches in hand and went to see Beebee.  The kids were very well behaved today and devoured Beebee's box of candy.  She had her nurse bring everyone a cup of ice and we had some of her Dr. Peppers.  We didn't sty incredibly long because we had to get back near the house for a playdate nearby.
  • A friend from Bible study lives near us so we went to their house to play.  Whitman had a blast-he could see horses in a nearby field, he chased the dogs and watched the chickens.  He has talked about it for the rest of the day.  Anderson was impressed with thier massive amount of legos which I thought was very funny becuase we have a ton of legos ourselves but I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. 
  • Once at home, Whitman napped and napped while I worked in my school room closet.  The girls again spent most of the day playing office.  Today they were clothes designers-Reagan, who rarely plays anymore, really enjoyed playing and they asked me over and over to come and shop with them.  My favorite part of "shopping" with them is signing my name for Reagan's store and I sign a name like "Peter Pan" and Reagan gets upset with me or when Campbell and Keaton ask me for my phone number and I give them a 20 digit number-I try to see how long a phone number I can give them until they say "that's enough."
  • Cambpell was our order taker tonight and asked everyone what they wanted for supper-chicken spaghetti, jambolaya and/or green beans.  We had our supper and then all settled in to watch a movie.  I was snoozing on the couch beside a sleeping Keaton and an almost asleep Whitman when Reagan asked about me getting them popcorn.  I was readjusting Keaton so I could get up to make that popcorn when the lights blinked, blinked again and then went off.  
  • Power off in the middle of a movie was not what we had expected.  The kids all found flashlights and I tried to read a book to calm them down but that worked none.  The eventually had a scare/scream fest while Robby worked on the generator.  We didn't really need the genrator but we did need a diversion so he turned on a lamp, fan and Wheel of Fortune.  The kids watched tv for a while and then we tucked them in downstairs in our room.  They have been sleeping on our room the last few nights so things were still pretty much like normal.  But tonight Robby had a huge fan blowing on them to keep them cool and everyone seemed like they were going to sleep soon.
  • Robby went upstairs to take a shower and I went to brush my teeth and take out my contacts.  A bit later, I noticed that it was really bright outside and then realized our ligths were back on-no telling how long they had been on!  It was a fun evening even though it was a bit unexpected!

May 28, 2015

Graduation Day!
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  • It was a busy day around here and it started early this morning.  We had our breakfast this morning and all loaded up to head to Campbell's award day at school.  She was pretty excited and the place was packed.  We were on the back road so the kids were able to stand up and see well.  Campbell sang her little heart out and was so excited about her certificate...or maybe she was excited about the trip to the park later.
  • Robby took Whitman to Grannymom's house becuase later in the day, we were going to the Powell's house to play and since he wouldn't be able to play in the shallow like at the pool we go to, we just didn't think he would be happy.  I do believe that he was more excited about going to Grannymom's house than going with us but he was NOT excited about having to ride in the white van.  It seems like all of the kids love to ride in the little red van instead of mine!
  • All of Campbell's class came to Mills Park and the kids had a good time playing...for awhile.  But soon all of my kiddos were just sitting beside me-I guess that they were tired.  I tried to urge them to go and play but I had no takers so we went down the little trail.  It was a nice walk but we didn't make the whole loop since we didn't know where or how far we were going.  Robby said that we could have finished and probably didn't have that much furthur to go.  
  • After our walk, we loaded up and went to Amber's house to celebrate our last bit of school.  The kids were happy to see each other and really happy to see a pool.  As soon as I could sunscreen my people they all jumped in the pool.  Maybe they jumped in a bit too soon because everyone is a little pink today even though I put sunscreen on them twice.  
  • At one point during the day, Keaton had her floatee off outside of the pool.  She walked to the pool and I walked toward her telling her to put her flaotee back on.  The little priss looked at me and smiled and then stepped off the bottom step of the pool and slid under the water.  I had to reach in a grab her and even though she didn't get much water in her mouth, her eyes were huge.  Hopefully she will remember that lesson and not venture into the pool without her floatee again anytime soon.
  • Amber cooked hot dogs for lunch and then Candice had cupcakes to celebrate Michael's birthday.  When my girls play baby doll, they always name one baby "Baby Michael."  After a few hours of swimming, I loaded up my tired kids and took them home.  There was a bit too much arguing, yelling and back talking for my taste today and they were made aware of it on the way home.  Though, my Anderson did stick up for Graham at one point during the day (telling someone to stop hitting him because it hurt him) so that did make me pleased.
  • Once at home, the kids watched a few movies and we watched the sky get dark and started to worry about Reagan's next to last soccer game.  It ended up being cancelled and she was pretty bummed about it so Robby brought him a yummy dessert to make to cheer her up.
  • Robby, Campbell and Keaton went to pick up Whitman and then we had supper and baths.  Then Robby was busy drywalling, hanging a shelf and hanging pictures so the evening kind of got away from us (he is handy like that!)  But we still let the kids stay up and watch a real movie before bed.  Right now it is 9:40 and their silly movie is still going.  Keaton is sound asleep on the floor, Campbell has given up on the movie and is watching my type right now even though she can not read and Reagan, Anderson and Graham are sitting motionless watching the movie.  Hopefully the movie will be over soon so they can go to bed and I can too soon!

May 27, 2015

All Grins!
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  • It was kind of nice waking up this morning with everyone around.  Keaton climbed in bed with me about the same time that I briefly thought about getting up to run on the treadmill.  I did finally get up and as soon as I climbed out of bed, the kids all followed.
  • They played for a few minutes while I did some laundry...all I do lately is laundry, laundry, laundry.  I seriously thank God daily for 2 washing machines even if one of them makes a racket so loud that you have to close the doors in the house.  
  • We had our breakfast and did a bit of reading and then the kids started on their reading.  Reagan disappeared today to read in the bonus room (excellent idea) while the boys seem to end up in the same room as Keaton, Campbell and Whitman (never a good idea).  
  • I am not really sure what we did during the morning except pretty much trash the house and no chores.  I finally did climb on the treadmill at about lunch time.  The big kids were on their kindles and Keaton and Campbell were painting, so I didn't think that anyone would miss me.  Whitman was in bed-I had had enough of his toddler-ness this morning: pulling out a drawer and spilling the content, running around the house with scissors, emptying a wipee box and spilling bucketfulls of water!
  • I woke him up at lunch time and we all finished off the leftover pizza and my next plan was chores.  But the girls were playing so incredibly well so I knew not to mess that up.  They had set their kindles up like computers, drawn keyboards, had sign in sheets and sat themselves up behind desks.  The customers (the boys and me) had to go to each desk signing in, writing down our phone number and then asking them questions.  It was almost like they were a human google.  I asked Campbell about the Emancipation Proclamation and she mumbled and talked confidently about what it was-apparently is was something that I will need to come and pick up at her station another day.  
  • Finally, it was time to clean up the place so I put everyone to work-the boys upstairs and the girls downstairs.  It probably took us over an hour to pick the house up and do our Wednesday chores but the goal was tv time so everyone worked hard and that gave me some downtime this afternoon (about 30 minutes but I will take it happily).
  • The Wilson's came over for supper and we booked most of our hotel rooms.  The kids played outside and watched a movie and we routed out our big summer road trip.  Our evening was productive and now I need to find a few more ice cream joints to prepare for our trip.  
  • Once they left, it was shower time and then bedtime for our crew.  Another late night and busy day but tomorrow, will be even busier.

May 26, 2015

Eye on the goal!
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  • I was the first one up this morning and that was kind of nice.  When I walked through the opening blinds after a short treadmill time, I found the boys playing on their kindles.  Some mornings the closet is locked and some mornings it isn't.  The rule is if the closet is locked they can not play their kindles.  You better beleive that the check that door first thing every single morning.
  • We had our breakfast and then Robby and Campbell headed off to school.  Ms. Stacy was out today and I think that Campbell was a bit excited about having a substitute teacher becuase she was going to be able to tell the teacher what to do.
  • We had a fairly calm morning with not too much excitment.  We did some reading together and when we did this, I let the kids have a piece of candy.  I put some for Whitman in a bowl and when he was finished, he ran off to the kitchen to help him some self to some more candy.  I knew this would happen so I had already put all of the candy out of reach...but he still came back with more candy.  I think that he has a secret stash of candy hidden somewhere.
  • After our reading, we loaded up to pick up some lunch-corn dogs from Sonic.  They were on sale to celebrate the first day of summer or something like that.  Then we went back to Grannymom's house to eat them and soon we headed to our dentist appointment.
  • Keaton went with us so she could watch what was happening and she waltzed back with Reagan before I could ask if it was okay.  I didn't worry though at all and knew she would be perfect and after a few mintues she found her way back to me.  
  • My Campbell was pretty entertaining to all of the dentist folks-once when she saw Graham in the hall, she just slugged him in the stomach as they passed each other and then she told the dentist that her favorite food was cotton candy.  Gracious me!  
  • Once at home from our visit-no cavities and no mention of braces just yet-the kids had a bit of downtime and then it was time to load back up for 3 soccer games.  Campbell had her game first and was the only scorer on her team and made 2 goals.  She has really done a great job at soccer this year.
  • Then the boys had their game.  I am pretty sure that they did not win but they played hard and that was great.  I do believe that Anderson and Graham were a bit timid during the game today but they so enjoyed playing tonight.  
  • Tonight, we had supper, showers and then our delayed ice cream truck from Sunday night.  The kids were tired and all went to sleep without too much drama!

May 25, 2015

Memorial Day at the Pool
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  • Robby told me last night that he thought someone would wake up at 7 this morning but thankfully he was wrong.  The kids slept until 8 or after so that was nice and none of the big kids asked about breakfast.  Anderson and Campbell usually come down and stand by our bed and say "I am starving."  Whitman was the one today who asked about breakfast. His first words to Robby were "eat time?"
  • We fed everyone breakfast and then let the kids do whatever they would like-isn't that what you should do on a holiday.  Last year we went to the Vetran's cemetary and my Graham remembered and asked if we were going to go this year.  We told him that we would try to go next year and I am sure that he will hold us to it.  
  • Robby and I went to work on another attic this morning.  It was a lot easier than the attic yesterday.  We straightened and moved some suitcases to the way, way back of that attic and then I had some space to move my memory boxes out of the toy room closet (slowly working towards turning that room into a boys room.)
  • We worked until almost time to leave for the pool.  On the way I ran into Walmart and on the way home, Robby ran into the grocery store.  We ended up spending most of the day at the Memorial day cookout at the pool.  The kids played and played and even though I sprayed and sprayed, they are all a bit pink-some more than others.  My blonde headed, blue eyed kids are the fried ones!  
  • Once we finally cma ehome, everyone had showers while Robby worked in the garage and then did a bit of work on my new mirror for over the fireplace.  (We have been productive around here lately!)  The kids then played their kindles, did a few chores, watched tv and finally had supper.
  • Of course, when it was beditme is when the storms hit.  We were pretty ertainly that we were going to have to head downstairs to the closet but thankfully (so far) that threat seems to have passed us.  My crew was worn out from the day os swimming so maybe they will sleep in a bit tomorrow too.

May 24, 2015

Cooking up breakfast for supper!
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  • The kids were up before we were this morning and Robby passed out breakfast while I got ready and then we switched spots.  I do believe that my Graham was trying to be silly this morning when he pointed to Whitman's shirt and asked if that was his-or at least I hope he was trying to be silly after wearing Whitman's Sunday shirt last week.
  • While we were loading up the car, Whitman found a coke from yesterday and tried to drink out of it so back in to the house he had to come for a change of clothes.  We still made it to church in plenty of time to see all of the grands and then take everyone to class.
  • We dropped off a squawling Whitman and then I walked to Keaton's room.  I realized that her teachers were not teaching today and it was the worship care volunteers so I asked if she would want to go to big church.  Of course she did want to go with us and was a perfect child the entire time.  She is able to sit much stiller than her big sister on the other side of Robby.   Bless Campbell's heart, she tries but she might have a little bit of ADHD that presents itself during church services.  I could hardly concentrate during church today becuase I was so worried about Keaton needing to get up and go to the bathroom-I forget to take her before we walked back into the sanctuary but thankfully she made it fine.
  • After church, we went to Walmart for Feed the Need.  The kids had their lists and were pretty serious about marking off the list.  But when I started throwing other things in the cart, I threw everyone for a loop.  We did a bit of shopping for us as well before walking out to the truck to put the donated items inside.
  • Reagan was with Lilli and was not with us.  Andeson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton were able to walk on the truck and sort their groceries.  Then we walked and saw the firetruck and the kids climbed all over it (not Anderson though, I guess that he is too big for that now.)  
  • Then we walked back to the car and Whitman would not get in.  Finally, I realized that he wanted to get in the firetruck.  I didn't get him out of the shopping cart when we were beside the truck because he never acted like he wanted to get out.  So I walked him back and put him in the truck and he was thrilled.  Then we headed back to the car and he started pointing to the other truck saying "that one, that one" so I put him in the back of the 18 wheeler to look around in there.  After he finished looking, he came down and happily sat back down in the car.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and afterwards the kids played a round of kickball.  My kids fight with Lilli and Cash like they are brothers and sisters.  This kickball game was taken very seriously and it finally ended before there was a winner.  
  • This afternoon the kids watched movies while Robby and worked and worked.  We moved a set of drawers from the toy room to the bonus room attic.  That sentence makes it sound a lot easier than it was-Robby had to take the drawers out, then we had to take it down the stairs, through the living room, up the stairs, bring the drawers down and then back up and then Robby had to put the drawers back in which wasn't too easy.  After it was all put together again, I quickly filled it up but my attic, which had become a mess, is now nice and neat again.
  • Robby and his assistant chefs, Campbell and Keaton, made supper-sausage, biscuits and eggs.  Supper was delicious and the kids gobbled it up and then they were thrilled to find out that we were going to get to watch the fireworks tonight.  
  • We could have all squeezed in our big van when we picked up Nonna, Pops and Jason but since we were going to Jason and Pops' parking garage, we had to take the little car and have a kid or two ride with Pops. We walked about the parking garage while waiting on the fireworks to start and then the kids oohed and aahed watching them...all but one kid.  Whitman wasn't too thrilled-he covered his eyes, he covered his ears, he hung tighly to my neck, he said "scared, scared" but eventually he started looking, naming colors and by the time it was over he was saying "no scared."  I do believe we might see quite a few fireworks on our next few trips so he better continue getting used to them.

May 23, 2015

Hanging out at the soccer fields!
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  • Before I even realized that Graham was up this morning, he was already wearing his soccer jersey.  My kiddos love soccer and even though I am pretty glad that it is about over, for their sakes I am a bit disappointed that it is about over.  
  • Everyone put on their clothes, had breakfast and then we headed out to the field.  Everyone else beat us there-Nonna, Pops, Jason, Grannymon, Grandpa, Anderson and Cash.  The morning started off pretty chilly with us wearing our jackets.  For the first game, we took our coats on and off depending on the sun.  We probably should have kept them on or I should have remembered to put sunscreen on the kids becuase this afternoon I realized that everyone one of them is fried!
  • Campbell's team played the same team today that they played on Monday night.  On Monday, they were beat pretty badly but today they dominated.  It was probably the most exciting game of the day to watch.  My Campbell scored a goal (all the Dennies did today!) but more importantly she kept running after the ball the entire time.
  • Next game was Graham and Anderson's game.  The other team was short one so the coach asked if Graham would play for the other team, he really didn't want to but he did.  This caused quite the confusion since our little cheering section was now routing on both teams.  Graham scored for his new team and wasn't pleased that he did-we told him that we counted it for his real soccer team and not the other.  Eventually another player showed back up and Graham was able to re-join his team.  They did end up losing but they played hard and had fun.
  • Lunch was at McDonalds and then we joined Grannyom, Grandpa and Dana at Lowes.  Dana was picking up a new lawn mower and obviously, we all caused quite the commotion in the lawn mower department-there were children sitting on every lawn mower in that place.  
  • Then it was back to the fields for Reagan's game.  They only had 4 team mates so they had to play the entire game.  This was pretty hard on them but really, Reagan likes playing the entire game.  The hustled and won their game.
  • Afterwards, the kids helped pick up the flags on the fields and then we headed home.  The way to get the kids to work hard is to tell them that after we pick up we are going swimming.  The kids worked hard and soon we were loaded up and headed to the pool. 
  • I did learn one thing at the pool today: I will not be able to go to the pool alone very often this year.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham can swim adequately and I do not worry about them at all.  Keaton wears her floatee the entire time and therefore I do not have to think twice about her.  Campbell can swim but not well so she has to be watched when not wearing his floatees.  And Whitman did fine but has to be watched constantly.  He wore his life jacket but even if he falls in the water with his jacket on, he will get a face full of water and hasn't learn to float in that life jacket yet.  
  • The kids had a blast and played and played and were exhausted when we left.  Reagan went home to spend the night with Lilli and I dropped Robby off at Sams to pick up his car (tires rotated).  We then headed home and for showers.  By the time that we ate supper it was nearly 8 so the kids just had a few minutes of downtime before bed.

May 22, 2015

Another Masterpiece!
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  • I am sure you stayed up late last night wondering how our breakfast was going to go this morning.  For starters, I had three helpers stirring, mixing and cracking eggs (only one cracked on the floor!)-Graham, Campbell and Whitman.  Despite having peaches, strawberries and blueberries in our baked oatmeal, it was not a hit with most.  I do believe that Whitman laughed at me when I put it on his plate.  Keaton and Campbell ate their mandatory bite with little fuss.  Reagan and Graham did eat two helpers and Anderson told me "no" when I told him that he would try a bite.  (That did not go over well at all and he indeed did take a bite-and gag!)
  • The kids started on their school work while did some laundry and well, I am not really sure what I did but before I knew it, it was time to read a few stories and then we did some painting.  Today we talked about Georges Saurat and the kids made a painting in his stype (pointillism).  Painting is always lots of fun for everyone and even my Whitman gets into it now.  
  • While I did my treadmill time, the kids watched a movie with me.  We learned about the Asian Carp (I think).  Then it was lunch time and I think that kids were a bit happier with me lunch choice than my breakfast choice.  I opened a jar of nutella the other day for a "special treat" and since then every day has deserved a special treat so now my speical jar of nutella is almost gone but people do seem happier at lunch with a sandwiche full of creamy chocolate spread.
  • This afternoon we picked up the house and then Graham and I worked on his newspaper chair for a bit.  That kid has been determined to make a chair that will hold him up and we are pretty much there.  It is actually just a stool now but I can almost put all of my weight on it without fear of toppling over and that is truly saying something!  
  • Then much to everyone's delight, we had another nerf gun battle.  During this battle the mail lady rang the doorbell and 6 kids and I all run to the door holding our guns.  I am sure she thinks we are crazy! (I do too sometimes!)  The game didn't end too well-actually it ended with lots of screaming and tears but that didn't last for too long because Robby was home soon after.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa showed up as well and Anderson went to the front porch and called to them "you don't have to get out, I am all packed."  I guess the boy was ready to get out of the house for the evening.  I wonder if he misses Graham as much as Graham misses him.  It is good for them to be apart a bit but wow, Graham was a bit lost without his brother this afternoon.  
  • Robby and I put together some bookshelves for a newly cleaned attic (reason number 37 why we will never move: we have 5 attics in this house.)  Then I pulled out all of Campbell's work for her first month of kindergarten and when I was finished with that, the kids had convinced Robby that we needed to go to Sonic so they could play.  
  • We obliged and had our supper at Sonic and spent a while playing-not long enough becuase we didn't make it there until 8 when milkshakes would have been half off.  Instead we went home and gave everyone showers before putting them to bed.  Tonight Keaton is sleeping in Reagan's bed who is sleeping in Anderson's bed-we will see how that works out.  My guess is that she will end up in Campbell or Reagan's bed for no reason other than the fact that she can.  

May 21, 2015

Outside Dining!
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  • Each and every Thursday that Campbell goes to school, Robby takes her and Keaton and usually Whitman ride along.  But also each week Graham asks to go but we do not let him becuase he needs to get his school finished.  So today, since we are out of school already I said that I would take Campell to school and anyone could go with me.  Everyone said they were going....except Graham!
  • We all had to rush around a bit for us all to get ready to take her to school but we did have time for a quick breakfast and our Bible story.  Whitman though knew we were going bye-bye but could not understand why we were not getting into the car.  He had to have a time out in his bedroom until Robby was finally able to get him to understand breakfast first and then bye-bye. 
  • I think that Graham enjoyed being the only one home when while the rest of us left to take Campbell to school.  Robby was home too and said that Graham worked the entire time doing his little bit of school work and reading.  Then Robby said "you make them read for 30 minutes in the summer?"  He seemed to think that was too much but Graham flew through 2 books during reading time today-he probably enjoyed sitting in a quiet house.
  • Once we all made it home, I washed Keaton's hair and then I headed outside to help Robby for a bit. He was mowing so I picked up sticks and pulled weeds from the flower bed.  And before too long, it was time to load up and pick up Campbell again....and everyone but Graham went again.  
  • The boy who had been playing outside during the morning then went inside and did a bit of kindle playing time.  When I made it home, I fixed mac and cheese and the kids all ate their lunch wearing coats while on the May!  Crazy weather day and all the kids can think about is swimming Saturday.  I keep reminding them that until the weather is in the 90s for a good while, Robby and I will not be getting into the pool with them (easier said than done with Whitman in tow.)
  • We were all pretty much inside and outside most of the afternoon.  The kids did migrate inside for some movies but both boys managed to be outside when Robby was killing a snake.  They rushed in to tell me and I told them that makes me want to move.  Anderson, while rolling his eyes, said "that is silly, moving over one little snake?"
  • After showers for everyone, Robby made his waffles (he is now adding another waffle maker to his list so we can all eat at some what the same time.)  The kids love Robby's waffles, strawberries and sausage.  Hopefully they will love my baked oatmeal breakfast that I am trying tomorrow (my expectations: Reagan will try it and probably like it, Graham will immediately say that he loves it and will eat none of it, Anderson will not eat anything and possibly will even gag, Whitman will guzzle cup after cup of milk to sustain himself until lunch and Keaton and Campbell will both decided that they do not like it at all before we have even finished making it!)

May 20, 2015

Sleepy Time!
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  • Robby and I woke up a bit before everyone else this morning and I tried to be as productive during that "bit" as I could be.  I started on laundry and folded and folded and folded clothes. When Graham came downstairs, he said "I saw all of the lights on and man, you've been busy." 
  • I washed the girls hair this morning and then served up breakfast.  Whitman now sees everythin that we have and wants it...even if it is something we know he won't like.  This morning it was banana bread and as I gave it to him he started shouting "no break"-he didn't want for me to break his bread into smaller pieces.  
  • The kids did their little bit of school work and then I made everyone do our afternoon chores this morning since I knew the grandparents were coming by after lunch.  The kids weren't too happy about this but I liked having the house straight for a bit.  
  • When the chores were over, we read some and then I headed to the treadmill for a little bit.  For some reason, Campbell thougth I said it was movie time and she told Whitman so there was no going back on that.  I let them watch a movie and while they did this, they played with their sand-it's a mess but it keeps people so occupied.  Even Whitman played some today with Anderson's sand.
  • I had exercised for about 15 minutes when Grannymon and Grandpa stopped by.  I continued on the treadmill and finished just as Nonna arrived with lunch.  It was a pretty great afternoon-Nonna and Grannymom both bringing over laundry, Grandpa putting a light in the attic for me and Nonna bringing lunch.  I could get used to this!
  • When everyone left, Whitman headed to bed and the kids finished their movies while I did a bit of housework.  Campbell and Keaton followed me around to the attic, all around the house and then helped me clean the couch (we are now out of furniture cleaner!)
  • Before too long, it was time for church.  Tonight the big three had a special magician man for the entertainment since it was the last day.  The preschoolers had the same routine but there were a lot less little kids around-which was much nicer for their workers (me!)  Once at home, everyone headed to bed after our Bible story-Robby is about to catch up with our morning Bible reading.  So right now, Robby is reading just about the same passage that we read in the mornings and it is corresponding to our Sunday school lessons too!  This drives Anderson crazy but Robby reminded him that God must really want us to learn something!

May 19, 2015

Kindle Time!
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  • The kids woke up on time and things were going splendidly with Campbell getting ready for school and about to leave.  At the last minute, things got a bit crazy around here and we let Campbell skip school this morning.
  • She wasn't too happy about this after first but when Nonna showed up and shortly after Grannymom arrived, I think she knew that she had made the right choice skipping school.  I had actually forgotten that she will go to school the first week of June so she still has 4 days left (one day is Memorial Day and is the award/picnic day so those don't count in her grand total.)
  • I eventuaully made lunch for everyone and Nonna suggested that I should add Nutella to my peanut butter sandwiches so, of course, this was a really big hit.  The grandmothers stayed until after lunch and then they both headed home.  So the kids decided that it was time for a nerf gun battle and since they had been pretty perfect all morning long, I agreed.
  • We divided into teams, passed out the ammunition and ran around screaming and shooting at each other for 15 minutes.  Everyone was pretty happy after our little war so I quickly mentioned a movie and had lots of takers.
  • They watched their movies and had a few snacks while I did a bit of laundry.  Robby brought home supper for all of us and that was wonderful.  The kids gobbled down theirs and I devoured my PeiWei.  
  • After supper, Whitman and the little girls saw a deer in the grass out back.  He eventually became upset downstairs so Robby took him upstairs to play and they played with the animal toys for the longest time.  He (Whitman) is the best little guy when it comes to playing.  The evening was fairly calm around here and when it was time for bed I don't really think that anyone was really tired!

May 18, 2015

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  • When I woke up this morning, I felt like it should still be pretty early in the morning but I was wrong and it was wake up time for everyone.  I migth have been a bit tired because of our late night Kroger runs last night-actually, they weren't too late.  But I did forget to mention them in the blog.  The peanut butter was on sale (a very good sale) and the sale was ending last night.  So after church, we drove there and Reagan and I jumped out to buy our limit of peanut butter.  She had never paid for anything before so she thought she was something else.  Then Robby and the boys went and bougth their limit of peanut butter.  Hopefully, our 18 jars of peanut butter will last for a few days!
  • Campbell went to school this morning and today at breakfast she asked "why do you want to send me to school every day?"  I think maybe she might be getting ready to graduate.  Speaking of graduating, she recieved her report cards today and apparently she is brilliant.
  • We did our bit of school work here and then watched an educational tv show while snacking on some candy.  Did you know that Georgia is trying to move it's state line?  I didn't either until today.
  • Today was a bit different in that I did my treadmill time while Whitman was still awake.  I thougth I would give him a try and he stayed on the other side of the house playing away until I had almost finished.  Then it was our lunch time and we had a bit of time to do some chores and then watch tv before heading to Grannymom's house to pick up Campbell.
  • Once at Grannymom's house, the kids played and had a snack.  We were there for a while before we had to hurry home for soccer.  Once at home, everyone through on their jerseys and we had a quick bite to eat for supper.  Then we headed to the soccer fields.
  • Campbell's team played first and they did decent-only losing by 2.  Campbell scored her first goal tonight and was so excited.  Then Reagan and the boys played.  Graham hustled tonight and ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. My Anderson scored 4 points (possibly 5) and was pretty much on fire.  And Reagan, who I didn't get to watch to much of, scored her first goal of the season as well.  She was really trying her best out there tonight.
  • Once the games were over, the kids all helped take down the flags and even pick up some trash.  Then we headed home for showers and ice cream.  I think my people were pretty tired tonight but I still here people upstairs making noise!

May 17, 2015

I Love My Bear!
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  • Church morning and the kids quickly met Robby at the bar when he mentioned doughnuts.  My Whitman sure does like doughnuts (but not chicken salad as he tried tonight).  This morning I had picked out most everyone red to wear-but Campbell, Anderson, Robby, I and possibly Whitman did not have red.  I guess not nearly everyone had red on!
  • As I have said before, every single Sunday there is a crisis over whose clothes are whose.  This morning while I was in the shower, Graham came to ask me what shirt was his.  I told him that the red and white button down shirt was his.  A few minutes later, Robby came in and said "I think that shirt is too small for him."  I, still in the shower, said that I would get him another one but in my head I was just remember moving that shirt from Anderson's side of the closet to Graham's side just a few weeks ago.  Then when I finally climbed out of the shower, there sat Graham wearing his 2 year old brother's shirt.  Robby and Graham both told me that I had said "red and white striped" shirt.  Next week, I plan on labeling everyone's clothing on Sunday morning.
  • Church and then lunch at Nonna's house.  The kids had some time to play over there and then we headed home.  You will never believe this, but instead of a nap Robby and I worked in the attics today.  We had some drywall from our addition so we roughly drywalled one of the attics.  I am going to have to move some of my school curriculum into the attic and this one is going to be the nicest attic around.  
  • We worked until almost time to leave and then we decided that we should hang a bit of drywall in another attic...basically, we did anything we could do so we wouldn't have to haul it down the stairs and then get rid of it.  
  • Then we cleaned up and headed back to church tonight.  It was old people revival at church and afterwards they had a fellowship.  They clearly invited everyone so we went to lower the median age and let me too you-they do a fellowship up right-lots of sandwiches and cookies!  What more could a family that hadn't had supper want?  While we were talking, Robby said that he liked preaching like that and Anderson added "I like fellowships like this."
  • Before leaving, we did let the kids play on the playground for a little bit before heading home and running to bed.  Though once we were downstairs for a bit, I saw the camera laying on the table so I had to run back upstairs to take a picture of my sleepy kiddos!  Sometimes it is tough having your picture taken every single day of your life but someday they will be thankful to be able to flip through the pages of their photo albums and watch themselves grow up!

May 16, 2015

Soccer Star!
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  • This morning was soccer day or was it?  We weren't really too sure what was going to happen.  In the middle of the night, Robby saw it raining some but the email this morning said the games were on.  We prepared for muddy fields-extra shoes, extra socks, extra clothes, rainboots, umbrellas and on and on but really didn't need much of any of that.
  • Since the first game wasn't until 10 this morning, Robby made cinnamon rolls for everyone and this always makes my crew happy, happy.  Well, it made them much happier than the cereal I made them eat yesterday morning.
  • The first games was Campbell on field one and Anderson and Graham on field 6 (complete opposite side!)  Pops took one the boys for the first half and Nonna watched Campbell during the first half and they switched at half time.  Whitman, Keaton and I walked back and forth and back and forth between almost every period.  
  • Graham played the entire game and almost scored twice.  Anderson scored once and both of my boys are really improving.  As I had turned to leave Anderson's field and head to Campbell's field, I heard Anderson call "Mom, Mom."  I turned around and he was running toward me holding his tooth.  I do believe that he thought he was something else-scoring a goal and losing a tooth!
  • The boys team did very well and ended up winning but poor Campbell's team.  But it doesn't really matter because Campbell had a blast.  She might even have a bit of Reagan in her-during the game, she kept telling one boy to stand up.  Campbell doesn't seem to mind getting into the mix and kicking the ball.  Now once today, the ball did fly right into her stomach.  Poor baby, doubled over and we cheered her on shouting "good blocking the ball" and "way to stop the ball."  She shed a quick tear but then was ready to play.
  • After the games, the girls went home with Nonna and Pops and Jason went with us to McDonalds. On the way, we picked up lunch for the grown ups at the Chinese to Go restaurant.  It was a complete waste of money and I would have rather eaten the McDonalds nuggets that the boys ate.  The boys played and ate until it was time to head to the field again.  
  • Reagan's game started and it sprinkled a bit but then the sun would shine and then back to sprinkling.  Reagan did well today but she was a bit stand offish but I probably would have too since the other teams players were a good 6 inches taller than her.  They won or would have won...about the 5th quarter there was thunder and eventually some lightening so they called the games.  
  • Anderson had already seen a man gathering flags off of the fields so he went to work on those and right before they called the games it really started to rain.  First it was a sprinkle and then a heavy sprinkle and then a really, really heavy sprinkle.  But by the time I could get the car loaded the sun was out and it was hot!
  • Robby and Graham had already left for Will's birthday party.  Campbell and Anderson were bummed that they didn't get to swim but playing in the rain for a bit made everything better.  Once we made it home, it was raining again here and Whitman, Keaton and Campbell played on the driveway in the rain while I unloaded and put away our soccer gear.
  • The kids had showers and soon after Graham and Robby were home.  Robby didnm't stay home too long because he ran to the grocery store with Keaton and Campbell.  They were gone forever it seemed.  I did some stuff around the house and then my brilliant Whitman and I did some reading.  If you show him letters, he often can tell you whose letter it is (A-Anderson, B-Beebee, C-Campbell, Cash, D-Dad, G-Graham, J-Jason, K-Keaton, M-Mom, N-Nonna, P-Pops, R-Reagan and W-Whitman)  He wouldn't do it for Reagan later in the day but he did for Robby before bed tonight.  If we worked with him this summer, he probably would know all the letters by the time school starts...but we better save something for the school year.
  • Once the girls and Robby came home, we unloaded groceries and as I put them away, Robby made supper.  We ate our supper and the kids played some and then, much to their disappointment, it was bedtime.
  • We had been downstairs a while after putting them in bed and I remembered Anderson's tooth.  I ran it upstairs and he was barely awake and was happy to get it.  And a minute later, he was downstairs telling me that he didn't want to give it to the tooth fairy just yet-that is a good thing because I don't think the tooth fairy has any cash tonight!

May 15, 2015-Memphis in May

Atop the Pyramid in Memphis!
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  • The kids were just as excited this morning as they were yesterday morning.  I really think that it doesn't take too much to really thrill my kiddos and that is pretty wonderful.  I just wished their excitement wouldn't cause them to wake up so early each morning!
  • Despite their excitement, there was almost a mutiny at breakfast.  The calendar says that Fridays are Mom's choice and I chose...but they didn't like it at all.  Everyone wanted a poptart but we had those yesterday and somehow we had skipped cereal day so that it what it was.  Graham said that he wasn't hungry and didn't want to eat.  I told him that was not a problem and I did not want to hear anything about him being hungry-but after drinking 3 cups of milk, he probably wasn't hungry.
  • After leaving the house, we picked up Reagan who had spent the night at Nonna's house and also picked up Jason and then we were off to Memphis.  We stopped in Brinkley for ice cream and gas and then it was on to the new Bass Pro.
  • We found a crazy close parking space which was probably intended for a mini-cooper and not our car but Robby squeezed it into the space with a minimum of work.  Once inside the kids were pretty much in awe-especially Whitman.  He thought that we had entered a zoo and had a blast looking at the animals.  At bedtime, I asked about what he had seen and he said "fish" and "gator."
  • After walking all around the place, everyone but Robby went up the tallest free standing elevator in the world traveling up 25 stories to the top of the Memphis Pyramid.  It was pretty up there and a bit windy.  (And a bit unnerving since we were standing on a metal platform and I could see nearby lightening.)  The kids could have stayed and looked down for quite a bit longer. They thought they were in heaven-especially since when we came to the top, everyone was offered a glass of lemonade.  
  • I made my people share 2 glasses of lemonade...some where not happy about it at all.  But really, 6 kids walking around holding a full glass container full of lemonade.  No, that is not a good idea at all.  So we got our 2 cups of lemonade and quickly drank them up before moving along to see the view from the top.
  • Once at the bottom, we bought our one purchase (they were out of the yummy smelling pecans).  Whitman held his little life jacket all the way to the car-he was so proud of it.  We then needed lunch and we went to eat at Belly Acres.
  • They had pretty good sandwiches there and the kids enjoyed the place.  After eating, we walked back to the car and of course, a homeless man came asking for money.  I am trying to get the kids in the car quickly and all they can do is stare at crazy man.  Robby hands him our last homeless bag but he wants to keep talking to us about Jesus.  Now, I do love Jesus but I wanted to get my kids in the car but all they could do was stand frozen listening to this man's sermon.  We occasionally practice getting into and out of the car-I guess I will have to have them practice this with a crazy person outside of their door.  
  • We stopped once on the way home for a potty stop and soon we were dropping Jason off at Nonna's house.  Once at home, the kids played outside while Robby cleaned the garage (and I played frisbee and pushed people on the swings.)  Then it was time for showers for one and all before bedtime!

May 14, 2015

Celebrating at Altitude!
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  • Thursday morning and we didn't have to rush to get Campbell to school today...she skipped! Now, this is always hard for me and yes, I know that she is in preschool and is probably not missing that much but I never skipped school...not even a class in college (I got your money's worth, Dad!)
  • The kids were as excited this morning as they would have been if it was Chirstmas morning-we were getting to use one of their Christmas cards to Altitude.  The boys were dressed and ready before breakfast and the girls weren't too far behind. 
  • The did a bit of their summer school work but pretty early this morning we loaded up for altitude.  My kiddos don't look too fondly on school buses and there were quite a few parked in front.  But still it wasn't too crowded and everyone had a great time.
  • Whitman jumped and jumped until he was worn out.  Keaton's favorite part was jumping on the trampoline and then jumping into a pool of foam blocks.  Now some kids would jump 10 feet into the foam pool but Keaton would sit and then jump about 3 inches from the platform.  The one time that she did jump a little ways (6 inches) even the worker man standing their watching cheered her on.  Campbell was everywhere and did everything that she could.  Anderson and Graham both loved the dodgeball.  And Reagan probably enjoyed the foam pit the most and spent quite a bit of time over there.  
  • The bus loads of kids all left at about the same time and that left the place pretty much deserted.  We had the dodgeball court to ourselves and Reagan and I moved all the balls to one trampoline, then organized them by color and then put them on the line.  All of this tormented poor Whitman who wanted all of the balls on the trampoline near him.  For every few balls we moved, he would carry one back to his spot so that made our organizing into quite a game!
  • Robby bought everyone drinks and then we jumped a bit more.  On the way home, we picked up lunch and the kids ate and Reagan quickly packed.  We then quietly left the house and I dropped her off at Nonna's house for the night.  Then I headed to the least favorite activity ever.
  • While I was getting my teeth cleaned, Whitman took a nap while the others relaxed a bit and watched a few movies.  The kids rushed to Robby at the beginning of their second movie (like they do when I am there) and begged for a snack.  Eventually, they were given one and all was well with the world again.
  • Once at home, it was soon time for supper and then a fairly restful evening.  We watched an alligator show and then everyone had really quick showers before bedtime!
  • Tonight, I read an article that said if you have lots of siblings then you are more likely to be more creative, more intelligent, happier, less likely to be obese, healthier and more likely to stay married-let's hope so for my Dennie six.