Disney 2011-May 30, 2011

A Fairytale kind of day...
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
Graham did end up sleeping all night in Nonna and Pops’ room.  Anderson ended up in our bed which is quite tiny if I do say so.  Around time to wake up, Campbell managed to find her way into Grannymom’s bed.  She spent most of her time telling Grannymom “hi” in the dark room but did take another little cat nap.  Reagan didn’t move and woke up in the exact same spot.  She had told Pops that other night that he would want her sleeping in his room because she is the best sleeper and that is exactly true.
We put on our Memorial Day red and headed back to Hollywood Studios.  We were there before it opened and the crowds were pretty thick today.  Robby went to get the fast pass line for Toy Story and was there near the front.  By the time we made it to meet up with him, the fast pass line was at least a 1/4 mile long-craziness.  We stopped by Donald and Daisy and then even found Minnie Mouse.  Reagan has made Minnie, Mickey and most of the princesses pictures and she was so excited to hand them out today.  We then went to see Playhouse Disney.  It is almost the same as last year except that added Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  This is one of the kids new favorite shows so they were pretty excited.  Gold doubloons even came down from the sky-after that Reagan was busy collecting the shiny gold ones and saw nothing more of the show.  Campbell stood most of the time and took it all in.  The boys were all into it-they are just the right age for this.
Next up was the Toy Story ride.  Robby and I rode together and notice the picture of the score-the high score was mine (Tara).  Campbell rode with Pops and he swore that she knew exactly what she was doing.  She is going to be one brave girl.  Graham, Reagan and Anderson could have rode that ride again and again. 
After Toy Story, we tried to go to Little Mermaid but the show had just started and we didn’t want to wait so we just grabbed some lunch.  The kids had mac and cheese and chicken nuggets and they were both very good-I snacked while I was waiting on my sandwich.  Everyone else got sandwiches from Starring Rolls.  They were delicious and huge sandwiches and the desserts were out of this world or maybe I was just famished.
We then walked back by Littler Mermaid and had just missed the next show so we decided to skip it and see it next year.  But we did need to do a ride for the boys we we went to the Backlot Tour.  Poor Graham, every thing we do at Hollywood Studios seems to have fire and explosions.  This was no different.  After it was over, we went to the stunt car show.  We had never seen it and Anderson loved it.  We didn’t have the camera but I wish I could have taken a picture of his face-his eyes were so bright with amazement.  Graham had his hands over his ears the entire time but watched it all.  At the end though, there were loud fireworks and Graham let out a yelp.  Poor thing, this trip has probably knocked a few years off of his life.  Campbell busied herself playing with a water bottle and cup during the show.  Reagan was very worried about the man that was on fire and wanted to know exactly why he didn’t burn up. 
We had one more “quick” thing to do before we left-see Phineas and Ferb.  Except our quick thing turned out to be over an hour.  When we got there, they were on a 30 minute break so we sat on some benches until the line started to form.  Then we jumped in line and sat in the sun until they came out.  When the finally made it, Phineas and Ferb moved their line pretty slow so even though we were about the 8th group, we still had to wait on them to take short break (it was probably just for them to switch out people).  The kids were pretty excited about seeing them but Anderson was still a little disappointed about not getting to see Lightening.  He was satisfied with my answer that Lightening was at Disneyland.
By the time we saw Phineas and Ferb, we were all hot, very hot and thirsty.  We made it back to the van and to the hotel pretty quickly.  I made everyone potty, take off their shoes and socks, have a snack and drink and take a nap.  The big 3 went out fairly quick but Campbell has now spent most of her naptime yelling “dada” and laughing. 
She finally went to sleep and everyone rested for a bit.  Robby then started a slideshow of all of our pictures and Anderson and then Reagan woke up to watch.  They loved watching the pictures on the screen and remembered all of the things we did.  It didn’t take too long for us to put on clothes-well, it did take a bit for Campbell to get used to her princess dress and Reagan took a few minutes to get her hair into the perfect bun. 
We soon were on our way back to Epcot for dinner at Akershaus Royal Dining Hall.  They seated us about 30 minutes before our reservations so that was great and when we walked in the girls and then the boys had their pictures made with Belle (Belle wasn’t there last year and was the one that Reagan really wanted to see).  As we sat down, around came Sleeping Beauty (Graham’s favorite-though he wouldn’t dare take his picture with a princess nor would Anderson), Snow White, Cinderella and then Aerial.  The food was delicious and all of us grown ups ate and ate.  It was the best meal so far of the trip. 
And Reagan was having a great time.  She looked beautiful in her dress with her hair pulled up.  She sat at the table like a little lady and kept telling me that this is how a princess does things (like this is how a princess wipes her mouth or this is how a princess puts her napkin).  It was the perfect night for a little girl-heck, it was the perfect night for a big girl too.  Campbell wasn’t too pleased with the princesses but she did tolerate them and would like decent for some of the pictures. 
After dinner we went to the Viking ride right there in Norway.  We didn’t have to wait and the kids loved it.  Now, Graham might have been a bit scared and Anderson was squeezing Pops’ hand like you wouldn’t believe but they had a blast.  When we were done, it was 9 and the other rides were closed and the fireworks were starting.  The boys sat in their buggies and Anderson played with his spinner.  Graham had his spinner but couldn’t spin it because both of his hands were over his ears.  Campbell didn’t seem to mind the fireworks and Reagan held her spinner and walked backwards out of the park while watching the fireworks.  Reagan probably thinks that when you see fireworks it is time to leave since that it what we are always doing.  But I promised her in DC, we will stay for the whole fireworks show-Graham will have to be medicated though. 
On our way out, we stopped by to pick out some pictures of our day with Mickey and then headed to the car.  We left as a zillion other people were rushing to their buses and monorails and I was reminded that I love having my car here, just love it and I love my AAA parking pass. 
Back in the room, the kids put on their pajamas and said their highs and lows.  Reagan’s high was that the princesses liked her pictures, Graham’s high was seeing Sleeping Beauty and Anderson’s high was riding the Viking boat ride tonight.  Then we rewatched all of the trip pictures to show Nonna, Pops and Jason.  Campbell was awake this time and intently watched the pictures go by on the screen.

Disney 2011-May 29, 2011

Tower of Terror Rookies!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
It was another restful night-Anderson slept soundly in Nonna and Pops’ room, Campbell didn’t stir until pretty early this morning, Graham ended up Grannymom’s bed again and Reagan never moved nor made a sound.  Even though the night was restful, someone made breakfast reservations at 7:30.  So we had to be up and ready fairly early.  Campbell was the only one who wasn’t sluggish this morning-she found the lightsticks from last night and started playing with them (well, it was still dark). 
In one room, Pops asked Anderson if he wanted a shower and he declined and in the next room, Graham was asking if he could take a shower and I said no.  Eventually, everyone was pleased and we all were leaving in the van.  We parked right at the Polynesian and went upstairs for breakfast at Ohanas.  They ladies put a lei on Campbell and she wore it briefly but Reagan was the one who adored having the lei on.  Anderson wore his just because Robby said so for the picture and then he quickly took it off.  Graham enjoyed his too and wore it all through breakfast.
We really like Ohanas except this time we weren’t sitting all together-we were close but still not together.  The breakfast had sweet breads, eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, a fruit tray and Mickey Mouse shaped waffles along with some type of orangey pineapple drink.  Reagan devoured our tables whole fruit plate, Anderson went to town on the waffles, Campbell at the potatoes and Graham was at the other table but I could tell his favorite was the juice.  Soon he even had Grannymom take him potty for the 4th time that morning. 
Stitch was the first character that came out.  Graham became immediately shy but he has never really seen Stitch so he didn’t know about him.  He did say that he had a scary mouth.  He did warm up to Lilo who was the next one out.  Campbell even liked Lilo for a few seconds and then she was done with her.  After Lilo and Stitch, it was time for Mickey and then Pluto.  The kids even were able to do a parade around the restaurant.  Anderson was the only one of the crew that found the maracas.
After breakfast, we hit the monorail and headed to Magic Kingdom.  We made it on time to see the train and characters come and then walked on inside through the castle and on our way to Dumbo.  By this time, Campbell had already fallen asleep-hey, it was 9 in the morning.  So she stayed down low with Jason, Pops and Robby.  The kids loved Dumbo and I will be so glad when they make it bigger like planned .  The fantasyland expansion looks really cool and you can see the new castle that they are building-we will just have to come back. 
After Dumbo, we rode Snow White and then made our way to the Speedway.  The three big kids went with Pops, Grannymom and Robby.  The line wasn’t too bad so they were done about the time Campbell and I had finished our shopping at the nearby gift shop.  Graham loved that ride and thought he was something else getting to ride it.  The Tomorrow Land Transit was Campbell’s favorite ride-she stood up and waved and waved.  
Next up was riding Pooh, then Mickey’s Philharmagic and then we braved it and stood in the Small World  line.  We moved through quickly and were soon out and on our way.  Oh, Campbell did love the Small World ride, her eyes were as big as saucers the entire time.  After Small World, we headed on back to the hotel.  The kids love riding the rides but they are getting pretty tired but it was just a short monorail ride back to the van and then we brought out food box and bag downstairs to grab us a few snacks (and yes, we have a paper box full of food along with another bag). 
After our snacks, the kids were still hungry and ate at least 4 of Pops’ beignets.  Campbell spent all of this time snoozing in her stroller.  Back in the room, we made everyone lay down and before long they were all sound asleep-even Reagan who never sleeps.  The plan is swim, shower, Hollywood Studios and then eat.  We will see how well that plan goes.
We all managed to take a quick little snooze while the laundry was washing.  When Robby mentioned getting up to swim, Anderson our heavy sleeper who is usually a bear when he wake up, jumped up and started stripping down.  Everyone was interested in swimming and soon we were all down stairs.  Graham was much better in his floatee today and Campbell even seemed to feel more comfortable in the water.  The kids slid and slid down the slide until the lifeguards blew their whistles for everyone to get out.  We heard another kid say someone was sick in the pool but don’t know that for sure.  Though it was perfect timing for us because Robby had just given everyone a 1 more slide warning.
Back in the room, Grannymom gave everyone their baths while Robby and I dressed them and folded and put away clothes.  They all went to take a walk and play on the playground while Robby and I finished getting ready.  We then loaded up and went to Hollywood Studios.  It was pretty crowded there but we didn’t really have much to do-actually, I never really feel like there is much to do for my crew there.
We did see Phineas and Ferb briefly and will try to see them in the morning.  Then we had supper at the pizza place.  Campbell must have been crazy thirsty because while Robby was ordering she started signing milk and then gulped my coke as fast as she could.  After we ate, Robby took Reagan and Anderson to ride the Tower of Terror. 
Graham was not happy about this plan at all.  Poor thing is just about 1 inch too short and it wouldn’t be bad if he didn’t know what was going on but he completely understands that they are riding a ride and he is not able too.  So he was disappointed and I was disappointed that I couldn’t ride too (baby).  Oh, well, Graham and I will ride next time we are here.  First we walked to the Little Mermaid show but then decided that Reagan would enjoy that.  Then I thought we would go to the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Playground and when we made it at 7:06 they had closed at 7.  So we walked back through all of the Toy Story Mania crowd towards the Tower of Terror.
Robby said that Reagan and Anderson were so excited on the ride.  Reagan was Ms. Brave and didn’t seem to bat an eye at the scary stuff.  He also said that Anderson squeezed his hand so hard during the drops.  Robby said that he even came out of his seat-so you can just imagine how high Reagan and Anderson flew out of their seats. 
We sat and people watched while we were waiting on the riders.  Graham had one time said “I am just sucking all of this in”-which I took to mean that he was soaking it all in or possibly even drinking it all in.  Wonder where he has heard that?  It was alot of soak in.
When Graham saw Robby he begged to go on another ride so the only other ride around was the Great Movie Ride.  It probably wasn’t what Graham had in mind.  Reagan is not scared at all by any of the darkness, loud noises or bad guys.  Anderson is a little timid but if you keep telling him what is going on he is fine.  Campbell doesn’t yet know to be scared and Graham was scared out of his mind.  He sat on Pops’ lap just shaking away.  He made Pops cover his eyes and he had both of his own hands in his mouth.  The boy was terrified but if you asked him if he liked it, he would say yes.
By now it was a little after 8 and the park was closing at 9, so we walked to the van.  We stopped briefly at the front to see a bit of the show and when we did, a huge fireworks display went off.  It was crazy loud, I know I jumped but I saw Robby, Reagan , Anderson and Campbell all stop in their tracks and jump a mile high too.  Graham hadn’t even recovered from the Movie Ride and this sent him back over the edge.  We all had a very good laugh about it---well, most of us.
Back at the hotel, we headed over to play our free video games.  Disney is so generous that they gave us 200 credits for video games (that equals 4 games-really, that is all! seriously?)  Anyway, that did equal one for each big kid and one for Robby.  Reagan picked the try to win a stuffed animal game and was furious with me when it timed our and reached and unsuccessfully grabbed something.  She thought that I had pushed the button.  Anderson and Graham picked bowling and at least had a few more turns.  Robby picked lawn darts and the boys were upset when he wouldn’t let them have a turn.
Campbell meanwhile, was giving Nonna and Grannymom and run for their money.  She ran through the corridor of the hotel and stopped at the elevator and tried to reach up and push the button-wonder where she has seen that before?  Then she ran down the sidewalk as a horse and buggy on another sidewalk approached.  This did scare her and she let out a yelp.  Then she ate most of someone’s strawberry ice cream before Grannymom finally took her back to the room.  She ran around the room until bedtime and her nap must have been too long this afternoon because she is still going strong in her bed. 
This is Graham’s night to sleep in Nonna and Pops’ room and I don’t really think that that will work but we will see.  He has been pretty fussy today (exhausted) so maybe he will sleep well tonight.  Tomorrow we are going to be back at Hollywood Studios-the goals are Playhouse Disney, Little Mermaid and Phineas and Ferb.

Disney 2011-May 28, 2011

EPCOT day, plus swimming &
a bit of Magic Kingdom!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
We all slept very well last night.  Reagan stayed in Nonna and Pops’ room.  Anderson was in his sleeping bag and moved half way across the room but he never came out of his sleeping bag. Once Campbell went to sleep, we never heard a peep out of her and Graham ended up in Grannymom’s bed.  We woke up a little before 7 and the kids could have slept for another few hours. 
We munched on my huge box of food for breakfast (and after today, I don’t feel as bad about buying so many snacks-these kids are hungry) and then we headed off to Epcot.  We were here last year and the kids really remember alot-Anderson definitely remembered the ride in the ball at Epcot.  I had everyone’s car seats in the 15 passenger van that we rented and the 3 big kids were so excited to sit in the back.  They just looked around and when they finally spotted the ball, they almost came out of their buckles.
The AAA parking pass comes in so handy-we parked in the very first spot on the very first row.  We soon made it to the line and waited for the park to open.  The kids all put on their hats and sunglasses and Reagan wore hers all day long.  Graham kept his hat on as well.  After we made it through the ticket line, Robby headed off to the front of the rope line to get Soarin’ fast passes.  We saw Daisy Duck and had our picture made with her.  Campbell would have nothing to do with Daisy.  I had Reagan taking her by the hand to Daisy but she was just pulling away.  Reagan was determined to drag Campbell to Daisy and they had a tug-o-war match. 
After their pictures, we headed on to the rope line.  We saw the character greeting and stopped there.  The line was short and we saw Mickey, Pluto, Donald, Minnie and Goofy.  It didn’t take long to make our way through the characters.  By the end, Campbell tolerated the characters if some one else was holding. 
Soon Robby had returned, moved our strollers for us and was waiting for us at the exit.  We walked on to the Nemo ride and since there wasn’t a line we hopped right on.  Campbell sat with me and Robby and her eyes were opened so wide.  She laid her head close to Robby’s arm and didn’t look too happy but she never made a peep.
We then went into see the Crush show.  I think the kids enjoyed it but since they were sitting on the floor, I couldn’t see them.  I asked Reagan is Graham did okay and she said “I guess” so that is a good sign.  They then enjoyed walking around the aquarium and seeing the giant shark while Robby went to get Test Track fast passes.
Next up was the Soarin’ ride for Reagan, Anderson, Grannymom and Robby.  They loved it.  This is the first time that Reagan and Anderson are tall enough to ride some of the rides here.  Meanwhile, Nonna, Pops, Jason, me, Campbell and Graham went to the Land boat ride.  Graham asked a few times if it was over but he really enjoyed seeing the garden area.  After a potty stop, we did a Graham and Campbell switcheroo and Robby, G-Mom and all the kids went back to the boat ride.  The Brock crew and me went to Soarin’-yes, pregnant folks aren’t supposed to ride it but I did (such a rebel).  Actually, it was pretty smooth and tame so I didn’t figure it wouldn’t a problem.
After the ride, Jason went on the Behind the Seeds tour of the garden area in the Land while we sat down and had a snack (brownie and cookie) and then walked over to the Coca Cola tasting area.  Robby had already managed to stop by here two times on the trip and the kids couldn’t believe that they would get their own cup of coke.  And when we told them they could get more they were in shock.  Campbell just managed to get her sippy cup filled with a bit of coke.  These were good little stops since it is pretty warm here.  It isn’t crazy hot but it is hot.
Test track was our next stop.  Robby had managed to get fast passes earlier so he, Anderson, Reagan, Pops and even Nonna and Grannymom went on it.  Graham just isn’t tall enough and even though we had discussed many times at home that Reagan and Anderson would get to do some rides that he didnt, he still was not pleased.  Irate would be a good word to call him.  Once he picked out his snack and ate it, he calmed down.  We then walked around the show cars and he couldn’t believe that you could actually get into them.  We even managed to see the gift shop and found a big monorail that must might could go around my Christmas tree.  Just a though, we bought a train one time but it just didn’t work.  When they got off of the ride, Reagan and Anderson just loved it and Grannymom and Nonna survived. 
We decided to try something new and have lunch in Mexico.  It was right nearby and our plan is to go to the countries on an evening that we have dinner there (we do two nights).  The food in Mexico was very good.  Campbell had two packages of grapes and the other kids favorite was the churros.  It was all good and another nice place to stop.  
At Innoventions we went and had our picture made with Mickey and Pluto.  Reagan had made pictures for most of the characters and Mickey kissed her when she gave him her picture.  How sweet.  We took quite a few pictures but I am sure that in most of mine, I was staring at the ice chest that had fallen on the floor, I was pretty sure that it was leaking away but it was fine.  We had knocked it over in the coke place and made a huge puddle-oh, we didn’t clean it up, we just scrambled as we left.
By the time we made it back to the van, Campbel was snoozing.  We made it back to the hotel despite a wrong turn.  The kids were ready to go swimming when we arrived at the room, they were all sitting on the beds in their underwear-waiting on me to find their swimming suits. We had tried to get Campbell to finish her nap but she would have none of that and had plans of her own to go swimming with everyone else. 
The pool had a great slide and the big 3 zoomed down it a zillion times.  Someone had to be there to catch them at first but by the end Reagan could do it all alone.  They all had on hats and it made it so easy to tell who was who when they came zooming down the slide-I would hate to have grabbed the wrong kid.  By the end, Graham was jumping in the pool like a fish.  Campbell enjoyed kicking her feet and would hang on to me with a death grip when I had her out in the water-but she loved it.
We made it back to the room and changed everyone clothes and had everyone lay down.  Graham finally fell asleep with Robby, Campbell played/squealed in the pack n play and Reagan and Anderson watched a few movies on tv before us all loading up again to head to dinner at Crystal Palace.  It doesn’t look like anyone got too much sun today but putting sunscreen on everyone was quite the ordeal-tears and screams (mostly from me!).  But I guess we did an okay job.
We parked at the Polynesian and walked to their monorail stop headed towards the Magic Kingdom-there is just something magical about that place.  It is all magical to the kids-even riding the monorail is pretty cool (even though it was packed).  We zoomed on to the Crystal Palace and only had to wait a few minutes for our reservation. 
When we sat down, Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eyore were all about to arrive at our table so we sat and waited on them.  Anderson is a bit too rough with the characters but after a lecture he started being softer-he just gets so excited.  Graham tries to take a good picture but he can’t stop looking at them long enough to turn and look at the camera.  Campbell is terrified but has gotten pretty good at telling them “bye bye” when they come around. 
And Reagan, she has it all down pat-as she should since this is her and Anderson’s 4th time at Disney World and they have also been to Disney Land twice.  Graham has now been here 3 times and Disney Land twice.  This is Campbell’s second trip here and has been to Disney Land once.  Pretty seasoned Disney travelers.   Graham is already planning on what rides he is going to ride with Aunt Dana next year.
The food was pretty good at Crystal Palace and the characters even came around again to see us before we left.  Though we would still pick Chef Mickey over this one but it was something new.  After supper, we headed to ride the Magic Carpets of Aladdin.  Campbell ate this ride up-she loved it.  I thought she was going to have a meltdown when it was time to get off but she did well.  Anderson really liked getting sprayed by the camel and thought it was so funny.  We then walked over to the Pirates ride.  It didn’t seem as loud as Disney Land so I think Graham did better and Campbell didn’t really know to be scared yet.  Graham did better, but he was still nervous about the whole thing.  Next up was the Jungle Cruise and Anderson really seemed to enjoy that. 
Then we had to make our way across the park to use up our Buzz fast passes-it isn’t that far but a parade had just ended and everyone was getting ready to see the fireworks.  There were wall to wall people-Robby led the way pushing one stroller and Pops pushed the other and we some how managed to stay together.  The kids all had their glow sticks so maybe that helped us keep track with each other.  We brought them from home and I am glad we remembered them.  We have light spinners too but I need to get one for Campbell before I start passing them our or I will have one unhappy little girl.
Graham enjoyed buzz the most.  He said that was his favorite ride after we left.  Nonna said that Campbell turned the spin joystick and she figured out what it was far pretty quickly and liked spinning them.  As the fireworks were going off, we escaped out of Magic Kingdom and made our way to the Transportation center monorail.  We will see the fireworks another night so we pressed on and it was worth it to get to an empty monorail. 
We only had a short walk from the monorail stop to the car but on the monorail we saw the car and then we rode and rode and rode and then we had the stop.  I was pretty worried that we would have a long, long walk to reach the car but it wasn’t that bad at all.  By the time Robby maneuvered backing out with the giant van, Campbell was asleep and I had passed out juice boxes to the big kids to keep them awake for the ride back to the hotel. 
At the hotel, we quickly changed into our pajamas and then Reagan made her bed, climbed in and fell asleep-I don’t even think anyone told her good night.  I handed Anderson his stuff and he walked on to Pop’s room and laid right down.  Campbell was still laying on the bed sound asleep after changing her clothes and was moved to her bed soon. Graham wanted to chat for a minute but after Robby laid down with him, he was snoring in just a minute. 
Good, good first park day.  Tomorrow we have a very early breakfast at Ohana so goodnight!

Disney 2011-May 27, 2011

Our van made it
to the castle overnight!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
I think that I stopped typing last night around four.  By 4:30 we had to stop again-seriously, Robby and I had to stop and go potty more times when the kids were asleep than when they were awake.   This time there was something smelly outside and Graham woke up enough to tell me to change Campbell because she was stinky.  It wasn’t her that time.  By now we were awaiting Nonna’s phone call telling us that she had woken up and was getting ready for her flight.  Pops was the one that called us-he sounded just as excited as we were and was ready to get on that plane. 
Soon Grannymom was headed to the airport early to hopefully catch the 6 am flight but she ended up on a new 6:20 flight.  This was great because then she didn’t miss her connecting flight.  Around 4:45, everyone was awake and Graham and Robby stopped for a potty break.  By 5:10 most everyone was back asleep.  We would usually have one hold out who didn’t sleep-it was never Reagan but the other three shared the job.  They were all content in the middle of the night-they just stared off into space.  Robby and I started our second movie now “The Russell Girl”-it was pretty good but a little bit slow.  We needed something a little more exciting that early in the morning to keep us going but it worked. 
At 5:45, I thought I could sneak a cookie and soon I heard Graham from the back seat of the van “I smell a cookie.”  He should have been sleeping and not sniffing out my secrets.  Before long he was saying “that sun is up, it is wake up time.”  If you haven’t guessed by now, Graham is our talker.  He has talked to everyone that has spoken to him today and has told most of them much more information than they needed to know. 
At 8:00, we had 100 miles left and stopped for another potty stop. When we were back on the road, we heard Graham crying and Anderson comforting him with “it’s ok, I am right here with you”  Apparently there was a bug (moth) in the back of the van and poor Graham was having a panic attack.  He stopped crying and started shouting “a butterfly, a butterfly!”  It was a pretty traumatic few minutes for both boys.
It took us 15 hours total from Little Rock to our hotel-Port Orleans French Quarter.  We had high, high hopes that our room would be ready even though it was many, many hours before check in but it wasn’t.  So we went to McDonalds and had a leisurely breakfast and then we came back to the hotel to scope it out.  We played on the playground, found the food court, saw the pool and even rode the boat to the Riverside part of the hotel.  The kids so enjoyed riding the boat but it was still really hot outside even on the water. 
Soon it was time to head to the airport.  We saw that Grannymom’s flight was a little bit delayed so we parked in the cell phone lot and took a little snooze.  The boys were watching a movie and the girls were napping so Robby and I both rested as well.  Finally, Robby and the big kids went into the airport to find everyone.  This left me and Campbell circling the airport time after time after time.  I promise that we made at least 25 loops.  One good thing about our adventure is that Campbell now knows the letter A very well-they were in the A terminal. 
Once everyone was found and baggage was claimed, Pops picked up the big van and we headed back to the hotel.  We did make a stop for milk and to drop off a movie on the way-of course, our stops weren’t too easy-lots of left turns across 4 lanes of traffic and a few u turns but we made it back eventually.
Pops checked in while everyone unloaded.  Our rooms are in building 3 which is a perfect location-right by the pool, food and parking lot-what more could you ask for.  We unpacked and I then Robby had a shower.  It was pretty refreshing after being mostly awake for such a long, long time.  We then headed to the food court to eat.  Campbell is definitely my spicy food eater and loved the spicy red beans and jambalaya. 
After eating, it was sprinkling when we came outside and we walked to the boat.  The boats were stopped probably because of the weather but soon it stopped sprinkling and we walked along the river trail to the Riverside.  It was a pretty walk and by then the weather was just perfect.  Though it was a pretty long walk for the kids but they made it with few complaints. 
Soon after we were back in our rooms and the Dennie 4 had baths and put on their new pajamas with Lightening McQueen and the Princesses on them.  Campbell was pretty wired and spent her time digging into everything she could find and taking it from one room to another.  Needless to say, she was the first one that was sent to bed this evening.
The rest of us went to Nonna’s room to brush teeth and say our prayers.  By the time we were finished, Campbell was out and soon after Anderson was asleep.  Graham was having a little more trouble going to sleep but finally gave it up.  This was Reagan’s lucky night because she got to sleep in Nonna and Pops’ room tonight. 
It has been a very great day and the plan for tomorrow is Epcot and dinner at Crystal Palace.  It is raining/thundering pretty hard her now so hopefully the rain will go away and leave us with a beautiful breeze tomorrow.

Disney 2011-May 26,2011

Mickey Here We Come!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

If you remember, Robby and I had a 10’o’clock goal of going to bed last night.  Well at 10 we were heading upstairs, at 11 we were doing laundry and at almost 12 we were cutting his hair on the deck.  Isn’t that what everyone does before they drive all night long the next night.  Still midnight was early for us to get into bed and we must have been pretty excited because we were both up before the kids this morning (that never, ever happens). 
Today was the day that the kids had been waiting for-trip day!  It didn’t take them long to get up and start stirring.  Reagan did have one beef with us from last night.  She said “do you know that when you put us to bed last night, it was still morning outside.”  In fact, it was still daylight but they needed their rest for the day/night ahead.  We had to explain the schedule at least a hundred times to everyone about who was going where, when and with whom before they finally grasped it.  Not too sure if Graham ever got where he was going next today.
The first stop was Reagan and Anderson’s graduation at their school.  Everyone was so excited to see Cinderella’s castle already stuck to Reagan’s window.  When we left Little Rock, we put a picture of the van filled with the family on Anderson’s window and we will slowly move it around the car windows until we arrive in Orlando (that’s the plan anyway-maybe it will cut down on some “are we there yets?")
We all came and watched Reagan and Anderson sing their songs and then get their certificates.  Anderson was so proud of his and couldn’t stop looking our direction.  Reagan was also proud but had that shy little look on her face.   We couldn’t have asked for better teachers for her and Anderson this year.  Hopefully, Anderson will move to Ms. Stacy’s class and Graham will get Ms. Wyndolyn. 
After the presentation, Robby headed off with Graham and Campbell to take them to their last day of school at Calvary.  We have been going to Calvary now since Reagan was almost a year.  It made us sad to think we won’t be going back there in the fall.  We loved Calvary and have been so blessed to have been there for so long.  (The boys will go to school at church 2 (Graham) and 3 (Anderson) days a week, Campbell will stay at home (no reason to send just 1 to MDO), of course the new baby will be at home as well and Reagan will go to Comm. Central one day a week and homeschool the other four for kindergarten.)
Graham loved getting to see and talk to Dana on Robby’s phone this morning so that made his day.  And he didn’t have a problem at all going in since Ms. Rachel was already there since he wasn’t late.  Campbell also said bye to her teachers today and she loved them as well.  They said she was always perfect in their class and never threw any fits….hmm, not exactly that way at home.
Grannymom picked up Reagan and Anderson and they both came home with bags full of stuff.  They brought home their school boxes-still in pretty good condition.  Both were out of glue sticks and Reagan was missing a pencil.  Amazing that they are still intact at all.  Anderson had a picture of him and his class at the zoo and Reagan had a bubble blower and blowers.  Anderson did have an eventful last day at school-another boy scratched him on the cheek while on the playground playing animals.  Anderson didn’t seem offended by the ordeal and said the boy apologized and also said he didn’t cry because he was tough.  He then asked if I had forgotten that he was so tough.
Soon after, I picked up Graham and Campbell from school.  Graham came home bearing gifts too-a plate, sand bucket, floatie and popsicle maker.  When we got into the car with them, I remembered that I should have taken pictures to the kids and their teachers.  I asked Graham if he wanted to go back in to take a picture but he only had his mind on getting to Grannymom’s house so we passed. 
At Grannymom’s house, I dropped of Campbell and Graham and headed home to do the final load up of the car.  Anderson wanted to come with me so he came along.  We emptied everyone’s school bags, put up their papers, took out the trash, started the dishwasher and then I put Anderson to work.  He was so excited to help fill up the ice chest-I probably let him put way too many juice boxes in.  Maybe that is what we should start drinking now (seeing as how Robby has already had one energy drink-almost 3 am est)
We came back to Grannymom’s house and every one pottied and I asked them to potty again but had no takers (I am a wild and crazy women letting Graham make this trip in big boy underwear)  We arrived at Robby’s work a few minutes early and then kids were about to bounce off of the van walls.  They were so excited when we hung up our van on the window and started the official trip.  First we had to stop at the bank and the official trip time began at 4:18 pm. 
From when I first looked back (probably while still on 630) I saw that Reagan was covered from her neck down with her blanket.  I should buy that girl a snuggie.  About 6 minutes after we left the bank, Graham said “it’s taking a long time.”  Then he continued to talk our heads off.  He wants to have the last work on everything, wants to see what I am holding and ask a zillion questions.  It is hard since he isn’t a big fan of movies and up front the toy bag is not near him so he has less toy options. 
At Forrest City, we passed out cookies and Anderson said “that was the yummiest cookie I have ever had.”  I thought that was pretty funny since he had eaten the same cookie just a few hours earlier at home.  Everything is better on vacation. 
In Memphis (around 6:42 to be exact) we stopped for our first bathroom/gas/supper stop.  The kids always seem to eat more in the car.  Campbell devoured her sandwich and continuously asked me for more and received some of mine.  Anderson ate all but his meat which Reagan ate.  She then asked for more and also got some of my sandwich.  Poor Graham asked for more but by that time, my sandwich was gone and he was out of luck.  Don’t feel too sorry for him, rice krispie treats were next up.  We just have to remember to buy more food for them when they are trapped by seatbelts. 
Our next stop was a Walgreens in Tupelo at 8:20. We rented Tangled from the Red Box, pottied and changed the kids into pajamas.  Anderson was so excited and said this is like we are in a hotel or even an RV.  Reagan said “I just can’t stop saying this but life is good.”-that it is, that it is.
Soon after the kids all had the middle of night sillies and were all giggling as we started the Tangled movie.  It is funny to hear them all laughing-Campbell joins in and she doesn’t really even know what they are laughing about.  Around 10, Graham and Campbell were asleep and we pulled into Sonic for a drink for Robby and a bathroom for me and Anderson.  Anderson must have been pretty sleep deprived because he was shouting out the alphabet for all to hear. 
At 12:05 we made it to Georgia and the time then changes to 1:05.  I love to see the hours ticking by like that.  At 1:30 it started raining and rained off and on until we made it through Atlanta.  We had another bathroom/gas stop after 2 and then another bathroom stop around 3.  And those weren’t even for the kids, they are all sleeping soundly.  Traveling with a someone who just took a diuretic and someone who is pregnant makes for lots of bathroom stops. 
I have spent the evening looking for license plates.  We bought a license plate game for the kids but since they are really too young for it now, I thought that I would try it out.  It is amazing how many license plates you see but most truck trailers are licensed in Maine.  No clue why, just a thought.  I have now seen 22 state license plates. 
Campbell is now talking quietly to us.  She is probably awake like this all through the night too since she never cries when she is ready to get up.  Robby and I are doing good and have watched most of one movie (Fly Wheel).  He has also discovered that Virginia’s flight this morning is going to be an hour late possibly causing her to miss her connection.  He tried to call the airline but the wait on the phone was over an hour (really, at 3 in the morning).  It is 3:15 and we are close to Macon, Georgia so we are doing pretty good on our time.   We are 2/3 of the way there and the kids will be thrilled about moving the van in the morning.

May 25, 2011

All Aboard Our Pretend Train!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Last night we had a little experiment: Graham and benedryl.  It worked fairly well since no one stirred until nearly 8 this morning.  Maybe half the bottle was too much (kidding).  He was probably just tired from staying up late and when we give it to him tomorrow night, he will bounce off of the walls-good thing he will be buckled in.
  • Robby went to work while we spent the day at home-most of us in our pajamas (actually, everyone but me).  Part of the reason was because the boys were out of clean underwear.  By noon though, a 75 pound load of laundry was folder and put away and everyone was at least wearing clean undies.
  • Graham was all into packing today and wanted to help me do everything.  And he did pretty much help with everything.  Though he also spent time, a lot of time, on the kitchen counter.  That is his time-out spot since he can’t get down from there.  At one point, I wondered if I could just leave him there until Robby came home but since it was just 9:30 I thought that might be too long.
  • The kids played train this morning while I was sweeping in the kitchen.  They pushed all of the chairs into the den and lined them up.  I heard they were going to Branson, Disney World and North Carolina.  When I walked in to see them, I was again convinced that they all have the Dennie travel bug.  Anderson was sitting with his cell phone (talking to “his girlfriend”), Graham also had his cell phone and a bag filled with something and Reagan had a phone by her, a camera and her laptop in her lap.  Campbell was busy eating the snacks that they had dropped on the floor from when the snack lady came by on the train.
  • Soon it was lunch and we worked on eating up the apples and some other stuff from the fridge.  I had planned on us not eating all of the apples and me having one tonight but alas they ate all 4.  They had just gotten off of the train so I didn’t think they would have been that starved since they had snacks on the train. 
  • Grannymom came over to drop off a few things and the kids were so excited to let her take home the pencils that they had gotten yesterday at the school’s birthday party.  She has a pencil sharpener and we don’t.  You forget how exciting a freshly sharpened pencil really is to a 5, 4 and 2 year old. 
  • We had nap time but I couldn’t get the sound to work on one of the game phones (Ipod) so no one could take a game phone to bed.  This caused tears and gnashing of teeth but everyone did sleep for awhile and then all wake up at the same time-I would love to understand why that happens every time-everyone waking up at the same time and everyone doing their daily bathroom business at the same time. 
  • The big kids helped me make rice krispie treats for Robby for the drive tomorrow.  I would have taken some pictures but my hands were too sticky to grab the camera but everyone enjoyed helping.  Reagan couldn’t understand why we weren’t going to cook them though.
  • Soon it was supper time and then bath time before bed.  We ushered everyone to bed a few minutes early tonight so we could get a few last minute things done and hopefully get into bed at a decent time tonight (before 2 is the goal-actually the goal is more like 11 since that is 3 hours earlier than usual)

May 24, 2011

Summer is here -
the lawn mower is out!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School morning and no one woke up until 7:25.  That is pushing it for us but we did manage to make it on time. 
  • Reagan and Anderson had birthday bash at school celebrating the preschool’s 40th birthday.  Nonna came to see the balloon release and eat lunch with them.  Anderson said that low of his day was letting his balloon go but he was so excited during the entire thing.  Robby joined them for lunch and then they had a few minutes at Nonna’s house before meeting me.
  • Graham was having a good day at school until recess.  His teacher said that she saw him playing by himself at recess and she went to talk to him.  She asked what was wrong and his little lip started quivering and he started to cry.  He was so sad that Campbell didn’t come out for recess too.  Isn’t that the sweetest thing? 
  • Campbell’s class had taken a stroller ride so they missed recess.  He must have seen her after her ride and he said that she was reaching for him.  Graham said that he told her “no, no, I can’t go with you, I can’t go to the baby class, I am not a baby!”
  • Back at home, everyone had chocolate milk (Campbell didn’t like hers) and they all played legos while I packed some more.  Campbell did have a nap and soon it was time for supper. 
  • After supper, we watched Robby cut the yard and everyone even had a turn on the lawn mower.  Campbell rode but she wasn’t too crazy about it.  Everyone else was and they even ended up having two trips around the yard. 
  • Grannymom and Grandpa stopped by for a few minutes and then it was shower time.  Everyone crashed after the big day.

May 23, 2011

Mom pulls out the bunny
cookie activity!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Reagan had to get up for school this morning and she said “only 3 more days left”  I guess she is counting down even though she really loves school.  Robby took her and the boys waved and waved from the garage while he honked at them.  Campbell sat inside and devoured a pop tart
  • We spent much of the morning packing (actually, we spent all day packing).  The boys enjoyed helping some-putting candy in bags, gathering socks and bringing up bags for clothes.  We finished the majority of it but still have a page full of things to mark off of the list
  • While I was upstairs packing some, Campbell and Anderson were in the living room playing.  As I would walk across the hall and not see her I would ask Anderson what she was doing.  Most of the time his answer was “playing,” “she’s in the kitchen,” or “drinking her milk.”  But I the last time I asked I wasn’t expecting to hear “oh, she is standing on the kitchen table”-I can still fly down the stairs and over a gate pretty quick for a large pregnant woman.
  • We picked up Reagan from school-many of us still had on our pajamas.  Then we came home and everyone was so calm that I thought I could squeeze in a few more minutes of packing.  I was wrong-Reagan was laying on the floor and Campbell just hauled off and hit her.  Reagan laid there and cried and cried.  I told Reagan to get up but she ignored me and sure enough, Campbell wasn’t pleased with all of that crying and smacked her again.  Reagan has had a hard time with that lesson-if you get hurt then you need to move.  Maybe today’s smackings by a 1 year old will help teach her
  • Things did calm down after lunch.  We read our Bible story along with a magazine and then played for a bit before nap time.  After nap, Reagan and Anderson not-so-patiently waited for Graham to wake up so they could decorate their bunny and egg cookies (that I had purchased after Easter).  They had a blast but they must not have been very good because no one finished their.  Campbell did eat more of hers but she fed quite a bit of it to Graham
  • When Robby finally made it home, we headed out to pick up a bite to eat and then to Nonna and Pop’s house for a few minutes.  We put on our pjs there (well, Anderson never made it out of his) and then headed home.  We did stop by Grannymom and Grandpa’s house to drop of some pictures but didn’t get out.  They just came out to see us. 
  • Graham is very concerned about my packing skills and has asked me repeatedly if I had his gummies and granola bars.  I do-they are already packed in the food box.  I am taking so much food that you would think we were going to be gone for a month. 

May 22, 2011

Cousin Power!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • It was raining this morning and since the kids needed baths, we just let them play on the deck for awhile.  The thunder only scared them a little-kidding, it scared them alot.  No, we opted for baths the traditional way-in the tub.  Of course, by the time we ran bath water for the first set of bathers, then cleaned and refilled the tub after Campbell did her morning business, ran bath water for the second set of bathers and I had my shower there was no hot water left. 
  • Sunday school for everyone-Campbell did come back without her shoes or tights.  I have a feeling her new shoes are getting too small.  I spent worship care with Graham in his class and almost had to send him over to the class that Robby was working in.  But his bottom survived (for a little bit anyway)
  • Lunch was at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house-we had BBQ (again-3rd day in a row).  That must have been why Graham gagged and …well, it all didn’t sit too well with him today.  But he did complete his meal with some peanut butter pie.  Campbell was a fussy little girl today and fussed most of the time we were at Grannymom’s house-she was very sleepy.  She was fussy/sleepy last Sunday but I thought it was maybe because she was getting sick, unfortunately it must be a new Sunday routine-being fussy.  But I do think her little cold/ear infections/pneumonia are much better.  It is pretty amazing how quickly the meds kick in. 
  • Reagan had a birthday party to go to this afternoon at the gymnastic’s place.  She loved it-remembered all of the rules from last time, jumped, climbed and was even braver this time.  She even devoured her strawberry cake and juice box.  Reagan said that she was her “high” today
  • Back at home, Lilly and Cash came over and climbed in the van with Campbell, Graham and Anderson and they all headed to church.  The boys went in Ms. Sonia’s room while the big girls went down the hall and Campbell went to her class.  All of the big kids played outside for a few minutes and then the girls went to church.  Everyone did great enough for us even to stop at Wendys on the way home for a burger and frosty.  Robby had them walking in a single file line to the cars like little ducklings.  Yes, we did get lots of stares!

May 21, 2011

The cousins! (Anderson was at a
birthday party; Jenna was gone too!)
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • We were all up this morning so Robby and the kids walked over to Grannymom’s house for breakfast.  Since Josh and Zach were there the boys were ready to get over there and didn’t want to waste any time. 
  • I stayed at home and straightened and soon left to pick up Anderson for her 9:30 birthday party for Collier.  It was at a jumpy place and Anderson jumped, climbed and ran until he was wet with sweat.  I should have hosed him down before he got back in the car.  At present time, I asked if he wanted to stay and watch presents being opened or go back and see Josh, Zach and Cash.  When I said that he was ready to go…but then he said “maybe let’s just stay and see one present”
  • Reagan, Graham and Campbell walked with Dad, Shelley, Zach, Josh, Grannymom, Lilly, Cash and Dana across the Big Dam Bridge.  It took them awhile to make it across and back but they had a nice stroll-apparently the highlight was seeing a three legged dog.  Good times!
  • Next up for everyone was lunch at Dana’s house-leftover BBQ from Jenna's party.  The kids played outside in the garage.  They had a blast-balls, bikes, balloons.  They could have stayed forever but soon it was time to run to Sams to pick up our medicine, milk and Robby even splurged on blueberries (he is now Reagan’s favorite).  And it was sample day there so we loaded up on samples.  As Reagan and I were walking to the bathroom, we stopped at the M&M samples and she wanted to get some for the boys but since we were going to the bathroom we couldn’t but I thought that was really sweet of her.
  • By now it was well passed nap time but we still put everyone down.  They all went to sleep and it was nearly 6 before we all stirred-that wasn’t a great plan.  Graham woke up fussy and we all were in the car ready to go before Anderson was awake enough to get up to potty.  My boys sleep hard-way too hard sometimes. 
  • The big adventure tonight was going to the car wash.  Reagan was really the only one who enjoyed it.  Anderson was a little panicked and almost unbuckled and ran to me at one point but by the end he was enjoying it.  Graham rode the whole way with his hands on his ears but did ask to go there for his birthday.  Campbell took cues from her brothers and leaned way over in her seat away from the window and whined a bit.  After we finished the car wash, we vacuumed the car.  The kids ran around and helped us vacuum while Campbell observed from her stroller.  It is quite the task taking all of the car seats out but the car is now neat and clean for the trip.  The kids will have to walk for the rest of the week.
  • We then had supper at Jason’s Deli-the kids really don’t understand why Jason wasn’t there.  They loved the crackers, muffins and ice cream.  After buying two kid meals lately, Robby is numbering the days that we can still take everyone out to eat-what will we do when everyone can eat their own meal.  Hmmm, we better invest in cooking classes for Reagan. 
  • Back at home, it was very, very late but Reagan needed a quick blueberry fix before bed and the boys needed their milk.  Afterwards it was potty, teeth, prayers and the new thing lately-singing a song before bed.  Today was This is the Day-everyone said that they sing it at school.  Need to think of some more songs we can sing (probably should make a list-might do that sometime when I spend alot of time in the car).

May 20, 2011

Celebrating Jenna's Graduation!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • This morning was the first in awhile that Campbell woke up without fever and she was going strong all day long-all day long.  She wasn’t even tired for her morning nap (but I was) so she had to go down a bit early.  Don’t feel sorry for her, she went right to sleep. 
  • We have gotten pretty good about remembering to say our prayers when we eat around here-well, the kids have gotten pretty good about reminding us.  It is funny though-right before we say our prayers, a big fight always breaks out about who will say the prayer.
  • Graham was my helper today-he saw me putting stuff in a big pile for our trip and he thinks the sooner I finish the sooner we will leave.  He helped me go through everyone’s shirts looking for Disney shirts.  He is the winner with a total of 8 Disney shirts-Robby said that means we will have to stay a few extra days. 
  • During Campbell’s first nap the big kids and I played the kiddie version of Sequence.  Reagan was the only one who figured out the concept of getting 4 in a row.  Though Anderson and Graham played the entire game and did understand how to play.  I love that we are getting closer to everyone being able to play games together
  • Dana came over to pick up a few things and this made Graham’s day.  He loves Dana the best but he also has a few other lady friends that he is smitten with.  When I asked him if he liked older women, he replied “no, I like big girls!”
  • Nap time was fairly short.  I thought everyone would sleep for hours since it was so dark and rainy.  But within an hour, Graham was ready to wake up.  I thought he would go back to sleep with me on the couch-but before long Robby was home and the house was soon stirring!
  • The kids had been waiting all day long for Jenna’s graduation party (or birthday party as Graham thought it was).   They couldn’t have asked for anything more-Josh, Zach, Lilly and Cash.  Reagan was pleased as she could be about everyone liking the craft project that we made for Jenna.  The kids painted (but their mean mom wouldn’t let them paint their face), ate cupcakes and played a bit in the rain.  It was a good day for all.

May 19, 2011

Baby Dennie #5 currently
weighs a little over 1 pound!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Campbell again stirred last night when I check on her, so she got up to play with us for awhile.  She thinks she is something else when she gets all of the attention.  This morning though, she gave me a fright.  She usually stirs pretty early and the boys were already in our room making lots of noise and I didn’t hear her yet-I quickly checked and she was just a snoozing away.  She was all curled up in a ball in the corner of her bed.  Guess she was cold since she was sent to bed with just a diaper (trust me, she was hot enough that she didn’t need any clothes).
  • The first thing Graham told his teacher this morning was that he had to go and tell Campbell’s teachers that she was sick.  Ms. Marilyn was the only teacher in his class then and told him that he couldn’t walk down the hall by himself so he waited.  And at recess, he told Ms. Marilyn that he was going to tell them then.  He did tell them and was pretty proud of himself for remembering to tell them. 
  • All of the kids have been pretty worried about Campbell being sick but she had a great day with Grannymom and Grandpa today.  You probably wouldn’t have even known she was sick.  I called the doctor about her prescription (again) this morning and Robby picked it up and gave her a dose at lunch.
  • We had the big ultrasound today.  Of course, we didn’t find out what the baby was but everything looked good.  At supper, I showed the kids the pictures.  They were very interested in the pictures.  Reagan said she wanted to see a picture of the baby’s heart.  When I showed the picture of the baby’s arm, Anderson started clapping.  And when I said “here is a picture of the other arm” he started cheering.  Kind of odd but I guess I am pretty excited that the baby does have two arms too. 
  • Back at home this afternoon, Campbell slept while everyone else helped me finish our craft project and then we watched a few movies.  Robby was working late, real late (I think 5:30 is late but he didn’t get home till 7).  By the time he came home, the kids had eaten, the house was picked up and everyone were in their pajamas….hmm, I might have gone overboard there because he just might start working late everyday.
  • The highlight of the evening was seeing a chipmunk on the front porch and then seeing geese fly by.  Well, for the boys the highlight of the evening was probably hitting the bush that the chipmunk was under with the baseball bat-yep, they thought that was pretty cool.

May 18, 2011

At the airport awaiting Grannymom
& Grandpa's arrival from Canada!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • I checked on Campbell around midnight last night and she stirred so I got her out of bed to hang out with us for a bit.  During that time, Grannymom and Grandpa called from Canada.  Campbell was so excited to see them pop up on Robby’s phone.  After the phone call, we laid sweet Campbell down and she snoozed soundly throughout the night….(surprisingly for such a sick little girl).
  • Robby went to work and the big task of the morning was clipping finger and toenails.  Reagan wanted her painted but we settled on painting her toenails.  I thought Campbell needed hers painted too-and she wanted none of that.  I had to hold her down to finish-seriously, set on top of her.
  • Downstairs we had our breakfast and started on our big craft project for the day.  We made a little something for Jenna’s present.  The boys started off interested but they quickly decided to go and play.  At first, Reagan wasn’t too thrilled with the project either but she eventually came back to work more and finished it up.  She said that girls like art and that is why she liked doing our project but boys don’t and that was why they were playing.
  • We had lunch and then waited patiently for Nonna to come-actually, the kids were so excited and screamed so loud that I nearly…well, I was pretty scared.  Nonna came over so I could take little Campbell to the doctor.  By now, even though Campbell had “some” (I hadn’t really taken it much today) fever, she had spent the morning chasing the boys through the house.
  • At the doctor, they took her temp and it was 104.8-eek, I might just have panicked if I had seen that at home.  Then we waited in a room (and waited and waited).  Campbell by now was ready for her nap and she snoozed until the doctor came in.  I might have snoozed a bit too-holding a warm and cozy baby.
  • When the doctor came in, I told about her cough and right on cue, she coughed for him.  He didn’t like it-said it sounded like a pneumonia cough and that set things turning.  Her ears were both infected (Dr. said horrible infection).  Next up was a chest xray-which I couldn’t go in with her and could hear her screaming and then we had a finger prick to check white blood cells (they were fine).  Finally, we concluded our visit with a roceferin shot (spelling is probably wrong but it is a powerful antibiotic). 
  • I then rushed home to pick up the other kids and head downtown to switch cars with Robby.  They kids and Robby were headed to the airport to pick up Grannymom and Grandpa.  They had juice boxes while they waited on the plane to land-on the other side of town I went to pick up Campbell’s medicine (at the second pharmacy since the first didn’t have it) and they had no record of it (even though I was standing by the nurse when she spoke with a person at the store).  Thankfully, Campbell’s first dose is supposed to be in the morning so we will figure that out in the morning (whatever happened to paper prescriptions anyway-that would have solved this problem)
  • Back at home, the kids were all in a good mood and ready for supper.  Spaghetti and then lollipops.  You wouldn’t know they had all not had a nap and were pretty good all evening long.  They even all played in the den for awhile without fussing. 
  • During prayer time, Anderson’s prayer was “Dear God, thank you for this day and BLESS CAMPBELL’S HEART, help her to get better.”  Yes, bless her heart!  Bless her hearts too!

May 17, 2011

Hangin' with a COW!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • And I forgot to mention that last night when we were on our walk.  Reagan ended up holding both of the boys hands.  She grinned and said “I am holding two boys’ hands.”  She thought she was something else!  Oh, my!
  • The kids were all dressed and ready, downstairs eating breakfast on the couch before 7 this morning.  Somehow we managed to skip brushing our teeth so we did have to scramble to do that before leaving.  This negated our early morning start-though it didn’t much matter for Robby, Graham and Campbell-traffic was horrible this morning and took them forever to get there.
  • Reagan and Anderson were pretty excited that they were the snack helpers today.  The excitement was over getting to use the special snack helper napkins. 
  • About 1, I got the call from Campbell’s school-the had fever.  It was 100.something.  I was in the car headed to the grocery store but zoomed over to pick them up.  She was acting pretty pitiful and was quite warm.  As Graham left his class 3 or 4 little kids told him bye-popular little boy.  We went to the store to buy more tylenol-I knew we were out. 
  • By the time we got home, Campbell was still hot but going strong.  I sat her and Graham on the couch while I ran to get her medicine. They both had their milk in their hands.  When I came back, I noticed she had moved very close to him.  And then I overheard Graham asking in his sweetest little voice “Campbell, do you feel okay?”  She replied with shaking her head no.   Pitiful! 
  • Campbell stayed up for a bit longer and then I decided it was time for her to have a nap.  Graham was busy playing with a tiny magnifying glass-so funny to watch him.  He had the magnifying glass so close to the carpet staring at it. 
  • Reagan had made a picture for Beebee and Papaw at school today and the first thing she did when she made it to Nonna’s house was deliver her picture.  Anderson had made a picture of a roller coaster on two tracks and went round and round and round. 
  • Robby mentioned Chick Fil A so we went there for supper.  Campbell was still warm despite her medicine but she felt okay (though she didn’t eat).  While we were waiting on Robby, she spent her time running from room to room squealing at Anderson, Reagan and Graham who were hiding from her
  • At Chick Fil A, Nonna’s neighbors were there so the kids enjoyed playing with them.  Soon, it was time to go home and the kids didn’t even make it into bed until 9.  No one made a peep tonight! (my favorite kind of night!)

May 16, 2011

Precious Moment with Beebee!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Bonus pictures-Robby is posting a few bonus pictures of when we went to the Nutrition Center so they could take some pictures of the kids for a new brochure or something.  I had no idea that I was going to be in the pictures.  They didn’t take too many of the girls but the boys really turned on the smiles for them. 
  • Reagan only has 6 more days of school but it was still hard for her to get out of bed this morning.  She did think it was funny when I carried her like a baby and then ended up dragging her head on the floor-I promise I will be more careful with the new baby. 
  • Reagan and Robby left and then the boys and Campbell played.  Soon, they heard me in the kitchen and came to help.  Since my egg cracker, Reagan, wasn’t there I had to crack the eggs myself.  Graham was the first one to pull up a chair followed by Anderson.  Campbell just tried to crawl up onto Anderson’s chair and soon ended up on top of the cabinet.  By the end of the day, she was busy demonstrating her new skills-pushing a chair around like her brothers (of course, this made cooking spaghetti very difficult because I had to stand gaurd by the stove the entire time)
  • When Anderson put on his tshirt today it had the Crater of Diamonds State Park on it.  We talked about digging in the dirt looking for diamonds and that you could keep them.  Anderson then said he knew what he would say if he found a diamond “thank you Jesus”   I would say that too!
  • We then picked up Reagan and headed to Papaw’s house to deliver his brownies.  He wasn’t home so we had lunch at Nonna’s house, played with her toys, rode bikes in the driveway, checked out Papaw’s garden and then played on the neighbors swingset.  This was the first time that Campbell could really walk around outside at Nonna’s house and she loved exploring. 
  • Graham was a little bit concerned that we were going to leave without seeing Papaw-he would have had a major meltdown.  Beebee did holler at us as we were outside.  They had stopped back by their house for a few minutes between their birthday lunch and a doctor’s appointment.  We hurried over, delivered his brownies and sang Happy Birthday.  Anderson was disappointed that we couldn’t stay longer and that I didn’t bring candles for the party.
  • Back at home, it was nap/milk time for the boys.  Anderson spilled some of his on the floor and when Reagan came along she said “you need some oxiclean Mom”-maybe she has been watching to many commercials
  • Everyone slept well but when Campbell woke up, she felt a bit warm to me.  Was it fever or was it the 80 degree house?  Who knows but she did get some tylenol anyway-she spit it all out-I guess I do need oxiclean.  She didn’t act like she felt bad at all and passed the afternoon scooting kitchen chairs around trying to find the perfect spot to check out the countertop.
  • We had spaghetti for supper (a kid favorite around here-especially with meatballs).  Then we headed out on a short walk.  Next up was pajamas, bed for Campbell, a movie for the big ones and then off to bed for everyone. 

May 15, 2011

The crew!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • From yesterday, while we were in the car getting ready to leave, Graham asked if Robby was going to work.  I said no and then he said “yes, he is.  He has on his work shirt.”  Robby did have on a shirt that he has worn to work. 
  • Also, we were talking about the boys both being at church for school next year and that they would play on the playground probably at the same time.  Anderson told Graham that he would “try” to find him on the playground.  Then Anderson turned to me and said “Mom, dress us in the same shirt so I can find him.”  I guess it is easier to spot a shirt the same color as yours than to just find your brother.
  • Church morning and everyone had breakfast and then got ready.  Campbell needed a shower and Robby asked her if she wanted a shower.  She shook her head no and was pretty adamant about no showers.  She just whimpers when she is in there but after she was dressed and I put the bow in her hair, she just smiled at herself in the mirror.  The bow made it to the car and that was as far as it made it.
  • After church, we went to Nonna’s house for lunch.  The kids ate decent, then had dessert and then Nonna remembered that she had cut up a huge plate of fruit for them.  They came in and devoured it-the blueberries were a huge hit with Reagan.  Hmm, that might be why she said her tummy hurt tonight. 
  • Next up was Will’s birthday party at the fire station.  That is the best place a boy could have his party-Anderson and Graham’s eyes were so wide and when the fireman slid down the pole, I thought those boys were going to stroke out they were so excited.  Reagan was all about climbing in and out of the fire trucks too.  Anderson was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to spray the fire house like we did at Owen’s party and even went up to the fireman to ask if we were going to get to.  Oh, well, they still had a blast.
  • By now the kids were exhausted and we were headed back to church.  Graham didn’t want  to go in his class but after Ms. Shirley read him the same story a zillion times, she noticed that he was out like a light.  When he picked him up, he was snoozing on the diaper changing mat.  Campbell was asleep in the stroller when I dropped her off and they had moved her, taken her shoes off and changed her diaper and she was still sleeping when we picked her up.  We had some tired kiddos.
  • Back at home, we put on pjs, had supper, watched a movie and then went to bed.  Graham did spent the evening working on his sticker page from Will’s party.  It had fireman that you could arrange on a piece of paper-he had all of his men sliding down the pole.

May 14, 2011

Want a KISS?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The kids are still waking up early and soon we were all downstairs and the kids were finishing off the donuts.  They thought it was funny that they ate them all and Robby didn’t have one.  Soon everyone was working on putting on their clothes and Robby was chasing them with the vacuum cleaner.  Reagan held Campbell’s hand and walked her to me saying that she was scared.  I don’t know if she really was but it was sweet of Reagan to take care of her little sister
  • We didn’t have anything to do this morning so we decided to run to church for the car show.  The kids were pretty impressed seeing all of the old cars.  Anderson asked why people weren’t looking at our car.  He thought since we were walking around looking at all of the old cars and people should be crowded around our car looking at it too
  • Next up was a quick stop at Walmart for me (Robby and I both needed sunglasses).  Then we all went to the grocery store.  We bought a zillion gallons of milk along with quite a few snacks for our upcoming trip.
  • Then it was home to unload the groceries-we didn’t unload the kids because it was time for Kennedy and Camryn’s birthday party.  It was at the ice skating rink-I didn’t think it was too wise for me to skate with this baby bump and all.  So that left Robby to wrangle the others. 
  • Reagan saw Kennedy and Camryn going around hanging on to the wall and she took off along the wall as well.  She went around and around and did pretty good-all while holding on to the wall.  She didn’t stop until cake time and then went right back out there.  Anderson had a bit harder time.  He also used the wall but quickly got off the ice through the hockey door.  Soon though, he was back out there and made it all of the way around.  He was so proud of himself.  After cake he did skate a bit more but I don’t think he ever made it all the way around again.  Poor Graham-skating is just hard for 2 year olds.  Robby held his hand and pretty much just had to hold him up the whole time.  They made the loop and then Graham was ready to be done.  Of course, when it was almost time to go, he decided that he wanted to skate some more (Robby’s skates were already off).  We distracted him with the video games and a few smarties.  The kids had a great time and were pretty tired when we made it home
  • Campbell took a quick nap while Reagan and Anderson watched a movie.  Graham kept asking me to work a puzzle but I was pretending to be asleep/snoozing.  Robby was next to me on the couch snoozing as well.  We stirred at 6 and quickly moved out of the house and were at Palios for supper. 
  • The kids must have been hungry because they each ate 2.5 pieces of pizza.  We are going to have to start buying more food.  They were so exhausted that they were pretty rowdy at the pizza place.  By the time we made it home, Graham had fallen asleep in the car.  They all drank some of their hot chocolate from the party goody bags.  Then it was bedtime-surprisingly Graham has perked back up and is now going strong and Anderson is snoring through it all.

May 13, 2011

Hangin' at Pinnacle Mtn.
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The morning was pretty uneventful.  We got dressed, had breakfast and read a few books.  The kids played mostly in the den while I sat in there and worked on laminating things with my new laminator. 
  • Campbell went down for an early nap and we even had lunch a bit early so we would have plenty of time to make it to my hair appointment.  Somehow after lunch time had gotten away from me and we had 3 minutes to leave the house.  I rushed the big 3 upstairs to potty and find shoes.  They really got the concept of needing to hurry-Reagan told Anderson which potty to go to and made sure that Graham made it to the bathroom.  She later even helped Anderson put on his shoes. 
  • Sometimes it is just best to get everyone to the garage so I ended up changing Campbell’s diaper down there while everyone buckled up.  Thankfully, I had already put the coloring books and diaper bag in the car so when we backed out it had only taken us 6 minutes to leave the house.  That is pretty awesome stuff-I usually plan for 20-30 minutes of “get out the door time” when going somewhere by myself. 
  • At Ms. Tammys (who Graham had been calling Ms. Candy all morning) the kids all set lined up on the floor and colored in their coloring books.  At the end, the boys just stood up and watched.  Reagan would take one crayon from Campbell every once in a awhile and give her another color.  I don’t know if she was being thoughtful or if she just wanted the color that Campbell had.  Since they were good, Ms. Tammy let them have 2 lollipops-guess that is why Graham calls her Ms. Candy
  • Back at home, we just set in the garage for a long time playing.  It was beautiful outside and the kids were perfectly content playing school with all of the kiddie folding chairs.  After a few rounds of catch it was time for naps. 
  • Everyone rested well and when Robby was on his way home, he suggested going to Pinnacle.  Reagan was up and immediately started helping me make sandwiches for everyone.  She even thought of labeling each bag so we could know whos was whos-she is a little me!  I had opened the boys doors and they stirred fairly quickly. 
  • Graham has had the runny nose gunk and today it was in his eye-which means for us that it is the weekend and we are going out of town soon and that he probably has an ear infection.  He would never say if his ears hurt and he doesn’t have fever so we will wait and see.  He started the evening out pretty puny but then perked up-he was probably just waking up from his nap. 
  • At Pinnacle, the kids explored the new playground and then we ate our sandwiches.  Afterwards, we played more on the playground and then walked the Kingfisher trail.  They were pretty impressed with the pictures of the Kingfisher bird and the Cyprus Knees.
  • At rest time I had told Graham that we would do something fun tonight.  He said that he wanted to go back to that race track and ride around it on the bus like we did at the Indy 500.  What would make him think of that?